27 May 2016

Where does the inequality between white areas and townships come from?

Beautiful Hout Bay destroyed by the Noble Savage

By Mike Smith
27th of May 2016

There are few things that I detest, loathe and abhor more than lying feel good liberal idiots. I don’t know exactly what it is about them that gives me such a pain in the butt and make me cringe, but maybe it is not just their lies, but the fact that they believe their own bullshit and love to masochistically flagellate themselves about slavery, colonialism and Apartheid and therefore expect all other whites to do the same and when you refuse you are an insensitive beast and a “racist”.

I come across them every so often and a few weeks ago I was watching a three part German documentary about South Africa from Van Riebeeck until today with some German people.

It just again showed me that one should never assume that other people know history or show logic and common sense, because, take it from me, they don’t.

When it came to the subject of Apartheid, on which I consider myself a learned scholar, the penny dropped. These people were all idiots.

The documentary created the impression that Whites came to South Africa and found blacks living in perfectly well built cities with perfectly developed infrastructure and right from the start, with the arrival of Van Riebeeck, tricked blacks out of all their cattle and possessions.

In fact Harry the Strandloper and his compatriots rolled out the red carpet for Van Riebeeck and his Dutchmen all the way from the Duncan dock up the middle of Adderley Street past the statues they made of him and his wife Maria de la Quellerie to the Company Gardens where they had tea feeding squirrels under an oak tree next to the observatory and the National Museum . Then they proceeded to Greenpoint stadium and watched a soccer match between the Khoi-Khoi and the San before they went to watch an Elton John concert at the Bellville Velodrome before retiring for the night at a hotel on the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

About two years later the white Dutchmen chased the poor Strandlopers out of their cities, stole all their houses, stole their livestock, their wealth, their wives, the clothes on their backs, their Nike shoes, their Rolex watches, their…everything…even stole their dignity. Bad, bad Dutchmen.

Without anything left and so poor that they only had loin cloths of animal skins to cover their private parts, these poor Strandlopers were forced out to the outskirts of their former cities where they set up corrugated tin shacks and were forced to work as slaves for the evil white man…And it has been like that ever since. That is how townships were created in South Africa.

Don’t laugh, because I was watching the faces of these shocked Germans during the documentary and they were lapping it all up, shaking their heads in disbelief at how cruel these evil white South Africans could be.

Problem is, like with this stupid documentary, every now and again an idiot liberal or black comes along, creates more bullshit and feeds it to his fellow idiots and is normally fawned over by the one eyed liberal media and its lapdogs on talk radio and other news platforms.

Takes this set of drone photos, taken by one Johnny Miller, apparently showing “Real Inequality” in Cape Town.

These photos show real inequality in Cape Town

Now this Johnny Miller comes on a forum (News24) where there are no comments allowed and says, “I hope that this conversation, similar to the Rhodes Must Fall conversation of last year, contributes to an opening of dialogue and reflexivity on the part of the privileged. “

Where then Johnny? Where should we debate when the comment section on your article is closed? Oh yes…and in your unbiased view… The “privileged” is of course the whites, right?

Continues our “Johnny”…” I’m just saying, “Here it is”, totally unbiased. This is the situation. The photo was taken by a robotic machine 300 meters in the sky. How can that be anything but objective?”

That must be a rhetorical question then, right?

But our Johnny is shocked…very shocked…says he, “This is what shocks me, actually shocks me. That people can actually defend this behaviour as somehow natural, or that it is a choice on the part of the poorer communities (actual comments, multiple times, on the Facebook posts). Of course it’s not a choice. And of course it’s not natural. It is shocking and impossible to defend as a status quo.”

OK…I tell you what John-boy…I like your pictures. Really I do. Three of them caught my eye, namely The Strand, Houtbay and Fishhoek. I am not going to defend the “inequality” or the pictures. I am just going to tell you the truth of what they show and I can assure you it is NOT your bullshit “inequality”.

You see mate. I am old enough to know how these places looked like before the ANC came to power. As a young man, I surfed at Noordhoek Beach and Strand’s Milkbay, I fished and scuba dove off Hout Bay and Kommetjie before you were born.

Back then in the bad old Apartheid era, 1980’s up until 1994 Lwandle/Nomzamo in The Strand were almost nonexistent. There were a few hostels and that was it. There lived maybe 500-1000 migrant workers if that. Now today, there live about 60,000.

Read about Nomzamo and its history here

Where did they all come from, Johnny??

During the 1980’s Masiphumelele between Fish Hoek and Kommetjie did not even exist. Towards the start of the 1990’s there were about 400-500 people living in Masiphumelele and the name did not even exist. Today it is estimated that about 16,000 to 38,000 people live there.

Read the history of Masiphumelele here

Where did they all come from, Johnny??

The same with Imizamo Yethu/ Mandela Park in Houtbay. Oh how I have fond memories of the beautiful Hout Bay without all those shacks we see today. At the start of the 1990’s there was NOTHING there. I even dreamed of one day buying a house and living in Hout Bay. Today I drive through there as quickly as possible, because if you stand still at a red traffic light for too long your tyres will be gone. Nevertheless today there live about 34,000 blacks there on 18 hectares…the size of 36 soccer fields.

Read about Imizamo Yethu here

Where did they all come from, Johnny??

Allow me to enlighten you, Sparky.

Prior to the 1994 elections, the ANC bussed in thousands upon thousands of blacks from the Ciskei and Transkei to Cape Town and dumped them in these places with no regard to their health and safety.

Kindly tell me where should all the toilets sewage systems water, roads and other infrastructure come from overnight? Fall out of the damn sky?

Up until 2009 the ANC ruled the Western Cape. They never built anything for these people. To the ANC all that mattered was winning the elections so that they could come to power and steal the country into bankruptcy. They don’t care how many people die of TB, HIV, Typhus, etc…The name of the game the ANC is playing is “Power forever”.

Now today they want to point fingers to the DA who is trying to repair the damage the ANC has done.

So tell me Johnny-boy: Who is responsible for the creation of these townships next to white areas? Who created this inequality you see in your pictures? Nobody but your beloved ANC scum.

However I am very interested in finding out what your solution to achieve “equality” between these two groups is.

Here are some real pictures of Bygone Cape Town Notice how clean the streets were.

Hotbay today
Gordons Bay 1950
Strand Lwandle/Nomzamo today


  1. Anonymous3:00 pm



    Mike I believe they knew full well why they were transporting those people there, they knew that if the whites ever got gatvol of the ANC & the "new" South Africa they would claim the Cape as their own land (as it rightfully was) and therefore lose the tax revenue aka their personal bank accounts, if those whites decided to take the province - which is actually theirs.

    They knew that in order to ever prevent whitee from living in South Africa they would need to create an environment, that no matter where they go, what province they go to, they will and can never have a home without removing the blacks.

    They know the game, they have thought about this and we know that anything devious, anything that is wicked, they have a mind that can construe it in such a way as to win - all this is stealing.

    Cheating the history books, cheating the whites, getting votes and taking over the Cape. They could do it in the rest of the country but not in the Cape, so bingo - they moved them there.

    This was all part of their long drawn out process to get rid of whites in this country.

    Just imagine if we got this country back, wouldnt we do anything possible to make sure they never got hold of this country again?

    Well I have a plan, only this time one will not find any parasite from the Cape to the equator. Hopefully things get so shit here in the end that this is the only alternative, anything less is just asking for the same shit we have had for the past 360+ years.

    We now know without a doubt what they are like, we know first hand that those former "colonialists" were right in what they told us of how they were treated.

    Dont you guys find it a little ironic that the ANC mention that there will be no more power outages yet they go and censor the news sites? My alarm bells are ringing, I can see their plan in action.

    No media = no reporting on ANY violence.
    No Power Problems = We are really in a position to manage the power supply & can switch it off when we feel like it.

    Again, we can see their evil unraveling before our eyes.

    This week the townships, next month the suburbs.

    They are also hiding the tribalism starting in this country.

    We were warned there would be censorship of the news & power cuts will play a role in a future massacre in JHB.

    How the whites are so blind, so doff, all these racial slurs, racial news lies are all there to pass laws - if whites disagree bye bye you are a racist.

    These laws are there to strip us of everything here.

    These liberals are such a bunch of idiots, can you ever get away with them being around and lying? We should also not forget they are paid to promote the bullshit agenda of the Indians owning these news sites/papers and the ANCs agenda.

    It pisses me off something when I hear one of these ass holes open their mouths.

    As for those Germans - let them eat those refugees!

    1. You know what BN? I dream of the day we can tear down all those shacks on the Cape Flats and restore nature the way it is suppose to be and the way it was.

    2. Anonymous3:20 am

      Maybe if the DA win the Eastern Cape and restore law and order these Xhosas will go back to the Ciskei and Transkei where they belong. But it will take a lot of work to get there. In the meantime more of my friends are emigrating from Cape Town to America and Canada (why anyone would want to emigrate to Canada I wouldn't know, much too cold there and Canadians are boring; no wonder it's a hate crime in Australia to call anyone a Canadian).

      The Cape coloureds are not a joke with their tik fuelled murders. People I know were murdered in Cape Town just visiting friends in the southern suburbs. It's not all that safe to live in the Cape nowadays.

    3. Anonymous2:44 pm


      The parasite has to be eradicated, anything less will lead us down the same path long term.

      We see with these youth parasites that they have the best opportunities in this country, they never lived through the past yet they are the most radical.

      History repeating itself. We have exhausted all available options! Education, free housing, free jobs, free hospitals, free this, free that actually makes them hate us worse.

      There is only one solution and it is the one everyone has not done, something different has to be done. They are free now with more rights than ever before yet they carry on.

      There will come a time when we will either have to say, we move or ...

      The two species cannot live together. They are never happy and their happiness is the result of making us unhappy. They get joy from stripping us of everything and killing our people.

      Pure evil! Im sorry, anyone who thinks anything less is insane and we know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result.

      So sometimes we should just follow our good book and see what Israel were told. We can ignore it but then be content with our situation.

  2. Mike. Thanks for the really good reads, I miss my daily dose of Smith and his followers. Its 0039hrs and I have been doing some catch up since 2030hrs.

    Mate you are good.

    All you other like minded rascists know that I miss being in the mix but duty calls.

    As for you liberal cunts, yellow runner boys and nylon headed flat nose retarded stinks, go fuck yourselves and I hope that the ARVs run out soon.

    As for this stink arse sucking Johnny Miller, well boy you best hope that AIDS, siff or one of the other nasties from your wog shagging, gets you before the noise starts because there is a bigger shock awaiting you.


  3. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Go fuck yourself, Mike. You enable Jews and cover for them even thou they are the ones that essentially ruined SA.

    1. Oh really? How many Jews are torturing and killing white farmers in their homes? How many Jews have stolen white people's property and hi-jacked their cars? Waiting for your answer.

    2. Anonymous1:57 am

      @Anon 10:03 PM

      You really are at the top of the arsehole hierarchy.

      Has any Israeli PM ever misappropriated public funds for "upgrades" to his residence?

      Has any Israeli PM ever sung 'Kill the Boer, Shoot the farmer' or 'Bring me my machine gun' in public?

      Has any Israeli PM ever been incapable of speaking coherently and intelligibly?

      Do you Israeli MPs have undignified scuffles in parliament?

      Is the Israeli government incompetent, corrupt and anti-white?

      Are the Israeli armed forces now inefficient and ineffective?

      Does the Israel Electric Corporation appear in the search results when you google 'load shedding'?

      I shall also await your answers.

    3. Anonymous2:50 am

      There is always some Zionist butchers behind all Communist Marxism. Not all Jews are bad, but you have to be realistic. What is Jews like Rob Davies still doing in the ANC government today if it was not a Zionist organization? The Jew is pulling the strings behind the scenes and countless Jews like Gill Marcus, Joe Slovo, Ronnie Casrils etc. have been and are involved. It is like trying to tell me Rothschild, Rockefeller,du Pont, Morgan and Bushes are not Jewish and are not the richest families on earth today and ruling the world. As if it wasn't Rothschild that financed the Anglo Boer War and are still funding the ANC and EFF for that matter. How is the Marxist Communist Jews not involved in the demise of South Africa? Who do you think is funding the black migrants into Europe? Who was behind 9/11? Who is ISIS? Look who started the ANC!

      You can curse me all you want for bringing the truth because "the truth hurts and sound like hate to those who hate truth". Ain't that right uncle Mike?
      But I understand why you are doing it uncle Mike. Now you don't want to end up right there with the likes of Lincoln, Kennedy, Verwoerd and others, do you?

      Jews don't do dirty work like torture and kill white farmers, stealing cheap property from whites or hi-jack their stupid cars. No, they have put the blacks in charge a long time ago as they have fuelled the racial wars against whites. They don't need the cheap stuff that whites have worked for all their lives as they have made everyone else slaves to their criminal banking cartell world wide. They are the real rich people of this world as they control the world. Even Jews ask whether Judaism is a Satanic cult. Judaism is defined by Cabalism. They are using central banking and Freemasonry as their instruments in persuing their NWO.

    4. "Look who started the ANC?" Pixley ka Sema, John Dube and Sol Plaatjie were Jews? Damn my eyes boy...I never knew that.

      "Who was behind 9/11?" ...Difficult one. Osama bin Laden was a Jew? Damn...never knew that either. I though he was a Muslim. Stupid me.

      "Who do you think is funding the black migrants into Europe?" ...Uhhh...Merkel? She Jewish too? Damn...I must be stupid. Never knew that.

      "Jews like Rob Davies"...Really? I would never...He is so anti Israel that he wants to relabel Israeli products with Palestinian labels. The Israeli Times called him a Label whore.

      Tell you what, for every Jew in the ANC I can name you ten Afrikaners, including former NP members like Pik Botha, Renier Schoemann, Johan Gelderblom, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, etc...

      "But I understand why you are doing it uncle Mike."

      Why do I do what? Support Israel? What should I do? Support the terrorist Hamas like you? Terrorists who put bombs in schoolbusses and blow up children? Fuck off. I greatly admire the Israelis for first kicking the Brits out of their country and then the sand niggers. I think Afrikaners can learn a lot from them. Israel is the only democratic country in that region. Six million surrounded by 200 million Arabs and they still hold out. You want to tell me you don't admire them?

      Your comment is so full of conspiracy bollocks that it is laughable junk. All I read is, NWO, Freemasonry, Zionism, 911, ISIS, Rothschilds....JA,JA, it is clear. Shapeshifting lizards right?

      OK you had your daily crap...now bugger off. I FULLY support Israel.

    5. @anonarsehole2:50AM. Thank you for starting your shit, I have so missed a good mix up that the withdrawal symptoms almost paralyzed me.

      You dim wtitted dumb fuck, get off your little pedestal and go help the Palestinian rag heads fuck up Israel, you hate a Jew so much go front line against them.

      Ja! I thought so, you fucking yellow bellied little rock thrower, you mouthed off over here but you will not go and swop your rock for Israeli lead, will you now?

      So stop accusing and start doing, fuckface as my ol daddy would have said, " boy, walk the talk ".

      You already have just smeared you own smelly brown stuff over your mug with the shit that you spewed above.

      Go now set an IED or wear a vest but fuck do it better than you do mouth shitting.

    6. Keep cool, Anonymous. I never read anything on this bog where Mike 'enable' Jews or cover for them. The Jews never ruined South Africa, they help built it into what it was before 1994.

      If ALL the Jews in the world come together and they decided to take over the world, I can assure you it won't take hundreds of years to do it, they will do it in a few years' time. In short; there is no Jewish Conspiracy.

      There are good Jews and there are bad Jews, just like in any other nation, even the black nations included.

      But when push comes to shove, I tell you I want as many Jews on my side as possible.

      Look at the history of the world and you will see in most good things that happened in the world, Jews were on the forefront. And I agree, Jews were also involved in very bad things that happened in the world. This just makes them human and is hardly proof that they want to take over the world.

      The problem we have in South Africa are liberals and blacks. Open any newspaper and start reading and you will see this is so. And yes, many liberals are Jews and they will have to suffer the consequences when the revolution starts. But not all Jews are liberals.

      So keep a cool head and don't come and attack Mike here on his own blog...

    7. Anonymous12:09 pm

      @ anon 2:50

      Your psychosis can be treated, but sadly not cured.

    8. Anonymous1:10 pm

      I see all you little sock pup apologists for the -- chosen ones
      Encouraging Mike SMith in HIS psychosis
      One wonders how much it takes to get him to see the truth ?
      Not will he gets encouraged by all his -- chosen ones !
      Try this for some "psychosis"

      “Michelle Obama’s cousin is Rabbi Capers C. Funnye, spiritual leader of a mostly black synagogue on Chicago’s South Side. Funnye’s mother, Verdelle Robinson Funnye (born Verdelle Robinson) and Michelle Obama’s paternal grandfather, Frasier Robinson Jr., were brother and sister.

      “Funnye is chief rabbi at the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation. He also serves on the Chicago Board of Rabbis.

      “The rabbi is known for his efforts to bring together the mainstream Jewish population and smaller black Jewish congregations - commonly referred to as Hebrews or Israelites. He has repeatedly called on the larger Jewish community to accept more non-white Jews.


      Now go watch Katy Perry and -- DARK HORSE
      ( You do nkow who she is ??? )

    9. Anonymous11:28 pm


    10. @anon1:10PM. You apparently do not know the difference between Israeli Jew and common Jew.go educate yourself boy.

      As for Obama's well the world also believes the Mandela wanted the best for SA. You see its about belief and who can spin the best.

      I could also be a saint with the right spin doctor.

      You need to wake up and start realising white mans world is shrinking, who would you rather be in bed with, a retard or an Israeli?

      I know where my loyalties lie.

      We say the world doesn't support us, they don't because we are to proud to cry our pain, imagined or real.

      We are to proud to ask for help.

      We are to proud to admit we need it.

      We are our own destruction but fuck you and all who stand against me, I will try make the difference and even if I sacrifice all I will be the difference.

      So take your logic and fuck off with it, you are defeated before battle.

    11. @Anonymous 1:10. So now I'm a sock puppet, because I don't agree with you? Are you the only one in the world who is allowed to have an opinion? Is anybody who disagrees with you a puppet or part of the conspiracy itself? Now lets see; you said the Jews are the cause of the ruin of South Africa, without providing any proof of this. Now you are telling us about Michelle Obama and her Jewish rabbi and whatnot. That is not South Africa, that is the USA. Frankly, we on this blog, are at the moment much more concerned about what is happening in the republic above anything else that happens in the rest of the world. We should concentrate on the liberals and the blacks, because they are the problem. Not some unproven theory that holds no water...
      This blog was never about Jews or being apologists for Jews, it is about the decline of South Africa...if you say the Jews are the reason for the decline of the republic, give us proof, so that we can check it out...

    12. Israel raped South Africa and that you can never deny Mike. They are as well accountable to have further deceived your forefathers for perpetuating apartheid whilst at the same time milking them dry of any money this country ever made. How many Jews relocated to SA during that era because the apartheid government then made SA their land of milk and honey. Can you see what ANC is doing with the Guptas was nothing compared to the corrupt relationship that Apartheid government had with Israel. They exploited South Africa and ensured by all costs that they would always have their lion share on the budget of South Africa and built their country with it. They have only started in 1948 but today are far developed than us for all the money they shipped out of this country.

    13. hehe, Sello, what is this? Israel raped South Africa? South Africa and Israel had a corrupt relationship? Are you using one of those Internet word-generators which just put words together or do you actually mean what you're writing?

      What exactly are you refering to? Israel built their country with money they received from South Africa? Huh? Ben Gurion and Golda Meir must be spinning in their graves after this revelation you just made. Are you sure you didn't suck it out of your thumb...oh, you sucked out of your ass...silly me, hehe...

      Where is your proof for all this? Give me some references so I can check it out. Ask someone who can actually read with comprehension to help you.

    14. Anonymous12:51 pm

      Why are you lot so vociferous and insulting behind your keyboards do you not have the balls to arrange a meeting and insult someone face to face?

      Mike himself did an article about how Mandela got away with the lesser charge of Sabotage etc because the State Prosecutor in the Rivonia Trials was a Jew and would have had to have sent six fellow Jews to the gallows.


      and I quote:

      "Problem was that of the 19 arrested, Goldberg, Bernstein, Hepple, Wolpe, Kantor and Goldreich were Jews, Kathrada and Nair were Indian, and Sisulu, Mbeki, Motsoaledi and Mhlaba were Xhosa, while Walter Sisulu had a Xhosa mother and a white father.

      If they were all convicted of high treason, Dr Percy Yutar, a Jew himself, would have sent six fellow Jews to the gallows and the National Party of South Africa would have hanged six Jews which would have been a PR disaster and would have caused an outcry and possible accusations of “Nazism” against the SA government. Add to this that communism in itself was engineered by Jews. The Bolshevik Revolution was engineered by Jews which resulted in over 70- Million Russians being murdered. I think this emperor has no clothes.

      So Mike? Who were the architects and actual brains behind the ANCs "Freedom Charter"? Mike Smith himself tells us that is was two Ashkenazi Jews? Who were the Architects of the SACP? Who were the folks without whom none of these communists could've found two brain cells to rub together?

      Go and do some fucking reading and save your pathetic insults for the face looking back at you in the mirror.

      Bunch of clowns insulting people for their researched views from the safety of your keyboards. I can think of a few Walter Mitty types that keep on popping up with their bitch lips flapping. I'll guarantee in a face-to-face you'd be syrupy sweet and docile with none of the bravado you display on these pages.

    15. Come on Anonymous 12:51, these forums are not for sensitive people such as yourself. You must expect insults. This is not a blog about Jews and their sins. I am sure there are blogs like that, but not this blog.

      With every wrong you assign specifically to Jews, I can give you ten things where the Jews did good. If you are interested you can also check up on Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Max Schactman and Emma Goldman.

      Communism was thought up by a Jew and many Jews were communists, true. But some of the greatest capitalists in the world are also Jews.

      On the other hand the greatest communist country in the world is China. How many Jews are living in China and forcing them to be communists? What about North Korea? How many Jews are living there and influencing them to be communists?

      I can see how some European countries,the USA, as well as some other sinister organisations wanted to break the power of the Afrikaner in South Africa, but I can see no reason why the Jews - as a people - would want to do that.

      As a matter of fact those same European countries, the USA and some sinister organisations also want to break the power of the Israeli's (whom are mostly Jewish) in the Middle East. So far they failed miserably, because the Israeli's are fighting back with all they've got.

      If the Afrikaner did the same, we wouldn't be in this mess.

      All Jews in the world are not stinking rich and those who are rich worked extremely hard for what they've got. If there was a Jewish conspiracy then there wouldn't have been Jews struggling like everyone else.

      Now turn to the real problem in SA. Look at the blacks today. Look at the rich blacks - super rich blacks. Do some research and see how many of them worked hard to get that money. And suddenly you have the culprits who are causing the decline of South Africa.

  4. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Hi Mike

    Once again for all your hard work, much appreciated. I have printed out you opening pandora box on apartheid for my kids to read when they get older. Print why just scared all will lost on these fancy computers and internet etc....

    Anyway what I was actually wanting to say, cant some of you clever guys create a news site on the internet where a guys googles in news 24 this site pops up.

    Example: News24/7 - where the truth hurts.

    Something like that.

    And there you post all your good stuff, but then again if people are willing to search the truth. They will find your blog.

    Anyway thanks a million for all your hard work and to all others who contribute to your blog.

    1. No, I thank you.

    2. Anonymous2:46 pm


      To this day, I have no idea why this book isnt being sold. IF I could, I would print them for you.

      It needs to be translated & distributed on all forums throughout western Europe.

      It really needs to be translated, printed and distributed. The fate of Europe hangs in the balance of that book & the truth of it.

  5. I also forgot to mention, you Jew haters out there. Go fuck your mother's.

    When you can show the strength and determination of the Israelites then you can start slinging your shit their way.

    You toss head cowards could never match up to an Israeli that why you are jealous and envious of them.

    Now climb fucking back into your black boxes before you get totally fucked up by a Jew.

    1. Exactly! Tell them!

    2. Anonymous2:16 am

      Welcome back LTMA. That stink Thandi will regret posting another pile of crap now.

    3. Anonymous2:11 pm

      You respect jews? Well listen to this JOOOOO!!!!



    4. Get off my site you miserable brommer.

  6. Anonymous12:51 am


    @ LTMA, so glad you are back!

    @ Mike, you make my day, everyday! I love hearing the truth. I also wanted to say that when all this shit is over, I cannot wait to be at the forefront of bulldozing all these lokasies down and and clearing all their shit off the face of South Africa!

    1. Anonymous2:41 am

      wait...wait...wait, before we demolish and clear, I ouwld like to remove my belongings there and everybody elses that was taken without consent. Then and only then can we scrape the earth clear of the undesirables...

      Keep up the good word Mike

    2. Anonymous7:19 am

      Yeah! Look for my bicycle while you're there please bru!

    3. Anonymous10:19 am

      And my pure and innocent soul has also been stolen by these animals. Burn their whole mother-fucking place down.

    4. Bird, you're a beaut!
      Anon 2:41, 7:19, Shit Boys do you think your stuff will still be usable? Don't be ridiculous, you know it's been stuffed beyond repair long ago,
      10:19 Yes, they have indeed stolen our souls. They can steal anything. If they can't screw it or steal it, they break it.

  7. Anonymous2:22 am

    Thanks Mike. Great article as always.
    Please keep it up you have a lot of supporters and followers out there looking for the truth.

  8. Anonymous2:42 am

    This overwhelming plague of kaffirs carve a path of destruction and devastation wherever they go. They are an unnatural disaster.

  9. The blackening of the Cape is the most significant demographic development in post-apartheid South Africa. It's hard to compare population statistics with the past because the Cape Town metropolitan municipality was only created between 1996 and 2000, but the major black influx only began in the 1980s and really accelerated after 1994.

    Up until about 40 years ago blacks were only a very small minority in metro Cape Town, but as of the 2011 census blacks made up 38.6% of the population, compared to coloureds at 42.4% and whites at 15.7%. It's likely that today, in 2016, blacks have already passed coloureds and are now the largest population group in Cape Town for the first time ever.

    And it's not just the racial makeup that's changing so quickly, but the entire linguistic and cultural character of the city. Since the days of Jan van Riebeeck Cape Town has been a primarily Dutch- and Afrikaans-speaking city, but as of 2011 Xhosa-speakers number 29.8% compared to Afrikaans at 35.7% and English at 28.4%. Xhosa will soon be the most widely spoken language in Cape Town if it's not already.

    So the Cape Town of the near future will have a population that more resembles the Transkei and Ciskei than it does to its historic coloured and white, Afrikaans-speaking self. To say this is a demographic disaster is a huge understatement.

    Politically, how long can the DA hold on to power in Cape Town in the face of such rapid demographic changes? The ANC are of course the big beneficiary of this ongoing black influx, and its hard to see how they won't eventually rule Cape Town as a one-party fiefdom just like they do in the rest of the country.

    It's for this reason that I don't think Cape independence is a viable option anymore. There was a window of opportunity for it in the 1990s and 2000s but that time has passed. The Bantu-ization of the Cape has proceeded too far, and what made Cape Town unique in SA (a coloured and Afrikaans-speaking majority) is gone forever.

    We need a new plan.

    1. Anonymous5:54 am

      With Zuma holding onto power this will make the anc a party that serves the Zulus, the Xosas will feel disenfranchised and will either try to retake the anc or will gravitate to a political party dominated by xosas. And with the last election I was telling the Zulus at work to support Zuma because they will receive nothingh if a Tswana or a xosa becomes Pres.

      People we have got to sow division amongst these tribes as a strategy to take or areas and cities back. If you look into the Lebanese civil war 75 to 90 we will get a fair idea on how to go about the business.

    2. Cape independence from the rest of South Africa is still a viable option. The number of blacks are no problem. They are not good fighters and are cowards at heart. They can even have guns, it won't help them. If a small, determined group of civilised humans take them on, those huge numbers of blacks mean nothing. Try to get a video of real blacks shooting with guns and you will see what I mean. One can see they are scared of the sound the gun makes. And remember, the Cape is not only the Peninsula - the Cape is much wider than that. Plus the old Cape Province included the whole of the Eastern Cape, plus the Northern Cape. So, like my hero likes to say: ITS HUUUUUUGE...

    3. As you know, I am a huge supporter of an independent Cape (to start off with). Everything South of the Orange River and West of the Kei river is ours (whites and coloureds) there is no place for any Black in that country. I also believe that a group of Cape Guerrillas can take it easy. Chè Guevara said you need a group of about 30-50 fighters to start a successful guerrilla campaign. When the group gets to 100-120 it should split up. The guerrilla should also never forget that the enemy is his source of weapons. No new recruit will ever be given a weapon. He first has to go and get a weapon from the enemy by other means such as a knife, ambush or whatever. Think about all those small police stations in Napier, Struisbaai, Bredasdorp, etc. Then you spring all the bridges across the Orange and the Fish or Kei Rivers and declare Cape independence.

      If the ANC invade they will find nobody and nothing to fight. Out of frustration they will turn against civilians searching farms, homes, etc. This will create more resentment and you will have more recruits. They think they have numbers...it means fuckall in a guerrilla war. Even if the outnumber the guerrillas 100 to one they will still not get them all and will be forced to thin out their numbers...Then you take them out one by one. Eventually they have no choice but to retreat to the smaller and larger towns. Then you strike the towns and they have to retreat to the cities. Eventually the political embarrassment is to big, the cost of the war to huge and they will have no other choice, but to leave. Once the guerrillas have the initiative they stay on the initiative and chase these fuckers all the way to the equator.

      The question is...how do we get the first 30-50 guys together?

    4. Chaps, you both make strong and totally true observations, so let's sow division and get determined.

      These retards need a good bit of culling and then a bit more to sort them out.

      I like the way you think. Let's get going with it.

    5. Anonymous9:45 am

      I have read in the past (it might have changed) that the Coloureds were the fastest growing group in the Western Cape.
      Their birth rates are also high.

      Most of them, have no time for blacks or the ANC. Especially the more conservative and traditional Coloured communities.

      They also don't care about 'integration' and other BS, they just want to be left alone.

    6. Anonymous10:27 am

      Mike, more than we need already read you question of where to get them...

    7. @Mike, we have the numbers, we just need to get together.

      I personally am a promoter of what you have just said. I would love to kick it off like that.

      You are well versed in the art of warfare, it is apparent in your script.

      We both know that we are older and slower than we were back in the day but we are wiser and more experienced too.

      We really need to meet and just chat and compare some notes. We have for too long swallowed the shit these retards have pushed at us.

      I believe we need to start pushing back and the time is right.

      Everybody in our ranks is not a fighter but fighters cannot fight without support or food or transport.

      Those that are not fighters are the curtain to our movements, the food in our bellies and the supplies in our packs.

      We talk of December 16 at the monument, I do not believe we have that much time. We need to decided where our stronghold will be and we need to start making it that and drawing the forces to it.

      We need to start making the enemy pay and the enemy must be to afraid to come into the territory where pain is a physical experience and mercy is a myth.

      We need to start singing our own song of kill the virus that infests our land, let's us bleed the black blood into the sand.

      Everyone of you followers of this blog that think like me, know we can beat this curse just with intelligence and experience. Guys, girls, men and women let's do it, let's get it going.

      I have said before the mountain goat herders in Afghanistan held off organized armies and beat them, Ethiopia has done the same.

      Those tribes people never had a tenth of the intelligence that is available in this blog. Think of what we can do, realise what we can do, do what we can do.

      I am old school I like the ground and rough stuff but you chaps out there know the technology and can make the difference, I will just keep your backs.

      Just my thoughts.

    8. There was a political party advocating Cape independence, the Cape Party. They ran in the 2009 national and 2011 municipal elections. Both times they received only about 0.1% of the vote and have since folded.

      They were led by a group of enthusiastic and intelligent activists, mostly in their 20s, mainly white but some coloured. They positioned themselves to the right of the DA while demanding an independent Cape republic, and did a pretty good job of attracting publicity for the cause.

      But it didn't work for the simple reason that there was and is very little support for Cape independence among the general population. Unfortunate but true.

      Mike is right that a small band of well trained and highly motivated guerrillas could defeat, at least initially, the ANC's useless army and police. But without the support of the surrounding population they would eventually be ground down and crushed, exactly what happened to Che in Bolivia.

      The anonymous commenter above said:

      People we have got to sow division amongst these tribes as a strategy to take or areas and cities back.

      This is already happening with the school burnings in Vuwani. The Venda are protesting incorporation into a Tsonga-dominated municipality. Tribalism is always lurking just below the surface in the black population, and is the biggest threat to the ANC's monopoly of the black vote.

      The initial goal has to be the removal of the ANC from power, everything else follows from that. The most likely allies we have in the ANC-removal scheme are the Zulus, the largest and most nationalistic of SA's Bantu tribes.

      If Zuma is removed from power following a poor showing for the ANC in the upcoming municipal elections, then it's game on. The Zulus will be outraged at 100% Zuluboy's ouster, and will be very receptive to forming an anti-ANC alliance in the next national election.

      Then we can start talking about redrawing provincial borders along tribal/linguistic lines and reconstituting the country as a loose confederation of semi-sovereign states. And from there who knows? Maybe in time we could stop and reverse the migration of blacks into the Western Cape and the possibility of an independent Cape would become a reality.

      But the first step has to be defeating the ANC.

    9. No, once the oil and the gold markets merge (since they're separated by the US Dollar) there will be major war in SA.

      East and West will support their proxies upon those rivers of blood that's gonna flow through this country.

      Once the oil and the gold markets merge, this verse will become more than just an apt metaphor.

      "I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them splendidly attired, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them wielding swords." - Ezekiel 38:4

      Europe left Africa, but this event will bring them back.

    10. Mike Smith 8:33 AM "The question is...how do we get the first 30-50 guys together?" Especially in the light of how easily infiltrated these groups get. Boeremag as an example...

    11. Anonymous1:25 pm

      That Ezekiel prophecy is about the war at the end of the 1000 year reign. False Prophet.

    12. @Jeppo11:41AM. Mate, consider why there is the drive to get ex Mrs Zuma into the drivers seat. She is the day when translated into English.

      These stinks know that they will gave eternal tribal conflict on their hands if Zulu is removed so they will keep Zulu in.

      It does not have to be old grazer boy, any retard Zulu can hold the kraal just as long as it is Zulu.

      I myself, let these other darkies know that their weakness allows Zulu to piss on them and their culture and that Zulu will take all that they want and these weakened tribes will have to eat Zulu shit.

      I see in the blank expressions that they understand what I tell them is true and that their time here is as limited as mine if they Do not start stopping Zulu.

      Tribalism is one of our greatest advantages and we should not just use it but we should fucking abuse it to get these retards to carve each other up.

      Check what's happening in Burundi, tribal lines and loyalties bringing the chaos into being.

      Think of the day that we can watch our home grown retards in full savagery at each other. How fucking joyful my heart will sing.

    13. Anonymous1:52 pm

      LTMA - Agent Provocateur.

    14. Anonymous2:00 pm

      2 years ago I was driving in Mitchell plein I said to the coloured driver where do all these children come from his reply "meneer those are Mandela's kinders" I said what do you mean, grants, the the mothers get paid to make babies.

    15. Anonymous2:04 pm

      "The question is...how do we get the first 30-50 guys together? "

      here are your first 4 or so guys -->


    16. Anonymous2:55 pm


      @Mike Smith8:33 AM

      The question is...how do we get the first 30-50 guys together?

      You mean 29/49 more guys. Im in, problem here is we need the rest of the world to be involved in some form of war, especially the Brits who think South Africa is South Britain/England.

      Im in, in fact like I mention (OK) first the Cape but a 20-40 year goal should be no parasites from the Cape to the equator.

      None! Nothing! Zippo!

      If there were enough of us, I am there already. Again Mike, goes back to your previous posts.

      1. Either we get sold out by our OWN people-liberal traitors.

      2. The women sell us out, snitch on us to the enemy.

      Soon there is going to be a catalyst that happens in this country, some event which will awaken the whites. It will not be too long now, with their land distribution program, when they run out of money, they will just take what they like in Zimbabwe.

      They will say the racist whites dont want to sell their land and we need to take it all.

      This is going to happen any day soon. Siener mentioned that when the news is censored that soon afterwards (or at the same time) the government will have financial problems.

      This is why I believe they are rushing in these new laws. At first they will pay for farms but offer a lower amount. When the money problems start, they will then just take the land & either take all the land or make a spin shit story and nationalize everything saying whites still dont want to give up power/land.

      Its coming. The news is on that same shit story the whites have the most fertile land like Zimbabwe but that same fertile land today in Zims sits dry, nothing on it - now the MSM is again onto the "most fertile land" more like the most productive land.

      Yet in many parts of the country, you can drive for hours and not see anything but bush, just like in Zims

      The catalyst is coming, any day soon.

    17. Anonymous11:56 pm

      We don't fight back, they'll kill us and we lose.
      We fight back, we might get killed but we win.

    18. In guerilla warfare there cannot be infiltrators, when we form our squad no man leaves until death departs him.

      No cell phones no contact with the outside world, our world is our mission.

      The facts never spoken about are the ones most heinous, those of terror on your own kind.

      When we are at war, the motto is " if you're not with me, you're against me".

      Can we get enough men to commit to the mission, are you men ready to kill your own kind, will you intimidate the whites to such an extent that they fear you more than they fear your foe?

      Will you be able to loot and take forcefully from your own race?

      I am not fighting my brothers on this blog, I stand firm with you. I am asking you if you have what it takes.

      If you do come let's do what needs to be done.

      There are no apologise in war. The ROE for guerrilla warfare are not drawn up at a convention around a table, they are made on the ground in the moment.

      And you fucks that talk of psychosis, well now you need to consider how deep LTMA goes, there is a point in life where fantasy meets reality some of you wags consider that point insanity. I call it life

    19. I am also in and I will add a couple of guys.

    20. Anonymous12:43 am

      There is a bit of a property boom in the Western Cape due to more people from Gauteng relocating and moving to the Cape Town area.

      A lot of head-offices of the largest companies have moved and are moving to Cape Town.

      Businesses are already moving to this corner, the last bastion of a modern state on this continent.

      A bit like Saigon when South Vietnam was invaded by the Communists. As thinks get worse around the country, more white people and businesses will probably move to the Cape.

    21. Anonymous3:11 am

      @jeppo 4:30 AM

      Thanks for the info on the Bantufication of the Cape.

      I live in KZN where the ANC membership has dropped from 3,000 to 1,500. Now imagine all the clans in KZN supporting different factions. There has been an influx of Xhosas here too. Some Zulus don't mind the Xhosas, others are traditionalists and do mind the Xhosas being here. This is not going to end well.

    22. Anonymous10:17 am

      LTMA, would not like to go war with a character like that, a real yapper.

    23. Anonymous1:47 pm

      10:17 rather a yapper than a black and liberal cock sucker.

    24. Anonymous4:58 am

      Chè Guevara said you need a group of about 30-50 fighters to start a successful guerrilla campaign.
      This dude was a joke
      Read his diary of his experiences fighting in Africa -- in the Congo
      Yeah -- Cubans have a long history of shit stirring in Africa.

    25. Well, he fought a successful campaign in Cuba. His failure in Africa was mostly due to the ill discipline and un-trainability of the South Saharan Noble Savage.

  10. Hey CWG, danke.

    Thandi, oh Thandi you foul smelling piece of retarded stink. Come hither! I want to aquiant myself with you and the shit you spew on this blog.

    I have read you cries of injustice and I hear the anguish in your soul that you were create in a stink mud and were spewed from such stinking orifice into this unjust world. Shame I bleed internal tears for you, you poor stinking, stupid retard.

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    Now if you not going to do that introduce yourself to me so that I can spread some hate on you.

    1. Anonymous7:27 am

      To: LTMA.4:38 AM
      EXACTLY! Well said my mate but the crux of the matter is that these black sons and daughters of Satan don't possess enough grey matter to truly understand and accept the reality of anything. The commies are going to crap all over them and they still can't see it coming.

    2. Anonymous10:15 am

      LMFAO LTMA! ROFL! FUCKING LOL! hehehe, we missed you Major.

    3. @LTMA

      You are truly a corrupted system indeed and I don't think there is any antivirus programme in the world that can be able to fix your malfunctioning brain. Only nature can fix you through a process of decaying because anyway we will all die someday.

    4. @sello puo, I am corrupted to you in the ethers, meet me in person.

      Your worse nightmare has not yet materialised until that day.

      I live to destroy the virus that corrupts my land.

    5. Anonymous12:26 pm

      @Sello 3:41 AM

      LTMA isn't a corrupted system, the ANC political system is.

      He does have a virus problem though, about 40 million of them. And no anti-virus software in the world can eradicate that because it doesn't work on parasites.

      Finally, to wish death upon him just shows what you're really like.

      Why don't you Sello-tape your arse shut and piss off?

  11. Great article, Mike. The area where you live, reflects the people who live there. In 1991 a black guy told my one friend -the owner of a garage in Gatesville - that soon the blacks will take over in Rylands and they(the Indians will be forced to move to Khayelitsha. My friend laughed and said: Yes, but give one year, then Khayelitsha will look like Rylands look now and Rylands will look like Khayelitsha looks now. This always stuck with me and if one looks around the country one can see it is true.

    1. Absolutely mate. Everywhere Europeans go they recreate Europe. Everywhere Kaffirs go, they recreate Africa.

      That goes for just about all nations. Maybe that is why the Bo-Kaap and Rylands look so nice and the Chachies...well, you know how Mannenberg looks like.

    2. Anonymous9:50 am

      That is only if their fucked up Africa continent has anything of any worth left after they have finished plundering it Mike. I have yet to see a worthless lazy kaffir make an effort or an attempt to create anything. They are beyond ignorance and don't even realise that they have organized their own destruction.

    3. Mate I have been to Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica...believe me it is worse than our Khayalitsha.

    4. Anonymous3:22 am

      Liberia was created from the ground up by freed slaves, no colonialism, look at what it looks like.

      They can't blame colonialism or Apartheid or white people.

      That's a what a 'pure' African state looks like without any outside interference.

      This is Liberia:


    5. Anonymous7:04 am

      Anon 3:22 Its a Joke , they self destruction , after all the Years of us trying to instill properness they just dont get it. They turning into Zombies that is their curse.

  12. Anonymous7:12 am

    It is hard to believe that logic, common sense and reality have so easily and indifferently been cast aside by the majority of what is supposed to be some of the first world’s most foremost and highly intelligent nations. As long as such stupidity prevails the blacks will gleefully and cunningly pluck away upon their tender heartstrings and take them to the cleaners with their black lies and propaganda. Communism has only survived upon this planet because of the stupidity and cowardice of the so-called free western world. Their hearts are softer than their ignorant minds and as long as they are in this never-ending immature state of senselessness the blacks will drag them by the nose right down the proverbial garden path. Communism only thrives because of the overall lack of human common sense to the hidden truth, reality and dangers of what the genuine intentions of the ANC blacks will ultimately be … “WHITE GENOCIDE”!

    1. And the stupid Austrians voted in a Communist leader... they must really hate themselves...

    2. 50% did not vote for the Communist leader and he only won because of media manipulation of the results as it was released. Austrai is moving more and more to the right especially after the assassination of their beloved Jörg Haider.

    3. Anonymous5:05 am

      Mike, spot on again, another great leader is Ewald Stadler
      telling it like it is.
      Macht dass ganse Haus zur Sau.
      und was die Tuerken sich erlauben....


  13. Anonymous8:15 am

    Everyone I mean everyone in SA knows why those from the EC , that have plonked themselves down next to an Industrial area or a expensive suburb , have nothing .
    It take years of hard work paying off a Bond/Loan from a Bank in order to buy a House in a decent area around Capetown. Those that have slugged off most of their Lives in Johannesburg contributing toward the Country to finally be able to RETIRE in a House at the Sea in CT. Those that were living there already , some inherited from Fisherman Background got lucky due to the Housing boom valuing their Coastal Houses 10 fold.
    Pam Golders and com selling shacks for Millions , without mentioning the Blue chip estates and other.
    And what do those that aint making it do they come over from the EC and swamp and camp where ever they Like under instructions from those Leading this Country into Hell not knowing how to run a Business let alone a Country. Consuming is the easiest on this Planet , but building up is another thing.
    Anyway then we have a not so Bright spark , taking pics and saying look at the Divide , they have nothing , and you have everything.
    He probably has nothing himself and hangs out in the squatter , smoking pot and drinking Kaffir Beer and talking shlt.
    The shit can lie a metre high and it wont get cleaned up , planks will get put on top to walk over it rather.
    Even the Blacks know the reason for their demise , but will pretend and say and LIE big time , it being other reasons, like the Whiteman....... Hell I could write about this all day long.
    But what really gets me is when dickheads like this try to high light this as everyone elses fault , but not the Rape Breeding and kaffir mathondo working over time .

    1. Anonymous10:13 am

      Well said man.

    2. Agree. Good comment. We have building laws in South Africa. If you build anything without an approved building plan the government will force you to tear it down. Why are the blacks allowed to build indiscriminately? All those shacks are illegal. Every single one should be torn down.

    3. Mike are you now irritated that the world can now see the legacy of apartheid and imperialism. The legacy of inequality created by apartheid is now all in the open for all to see. You see what happens when you only concentrate public funds on one side and ignore another. That create imbalance which you see today and it will not take 10 years or even 50 years to correct the resulting imbalances which had been perpetuated for 300 years nonstop. Now you find yourself in a society which suffers from disingenuous decisions taken by its past leaders whom many of them have died and are now resting in peace.

      We wouldn't have found ourselves in this mess today if only our leaders would have been wise enough to treat people as they are regardless of colour or religion. If only they could have not been driven by illusions that God is for white people and blacks have been created by Satan and so they must be thrown to ashes and perish. That is not your place to judge and remember "Do not judge so that you be not judged".

      Jesus ate with sinners and shared with them everything he had and the Pharisees who are your like minded despised Jesus because they thought they knew God better and never imagined God opening His heart for sinners.

      I now find it very amusing that some of you are still glorifying that demonic rule of the past that you would even go to the extent of writing extensively about Pandora of Apartheid box or whatever you call it, just to ensure that the ideology of glorifying the devil rule is perpetuated forever. Some have even commended you that they will take your art work of Satan to pollute the minds of their offspring to continue the work of Satan. Remember, the world is of God and everything in it and that would include Kaffirs as well. God loves them and if you hurt them you hurt his creation.

      My brother in law who is a white man from Europe is shedding tears profusely every time he visits South Africa and looks at what damage a white rule has caused South Africa. A country he says had resources which were enough for all the people to have enjoyed.

      Now, the likes of Mike take pleasure when the poor who are landless are being harrased by the Government when they are being evicted in an inhuman manner. Mike doesn't know that those people have been boarding with their shacks on the backyards of their landlords ever since apartheid. They have babies and have no place to live. If you evict them where will they live? And what of their children. The government because is dancing to the tune of the middle class does not listen to them because it claims that all the land of South Africa is somehow owned by somebody somewhere whom they need to consult first with the aim of seeing if he/she would not be able to sell them a piece of land. The ANC that you despise so much is as well dancing to that tune and does it even better than DA.

      The DA at least is willing to expropriate property in the interest of the poor, but ANC is scared. The moment anyone proposes it, Zuma will excrete on top of their head.

      So, Mike the poor have no option but to occupy any land which is at least under control of municipality and the only land in control of municipality left is the only one on the neighbourhood of suburbs which is reserved for the middle class and is sold for a piece of gold. The municipality wants to make profit out of that piece of land by selling it R500 000 an ERF. So, do you have solution on this problem? Or do you only enjoy seeing the poor being harrased just because they are black?

    4. Anonymous5:49 am

      Sello Puo3:33 AM
      Yes lets see a good few poor whites do the exact same thing as your poor blacks and see exactly what happens!

    5. Mike Miller6:00 am


      Inequality came before apartheid, or Jim Crow laws or sundown towns.

      Don't confuse effect for cause.


    6. Anonymous6:03 am

      The ANC is destroying South Africa, it is in a state of DE-INDUSTRIALISATION, half of farmers compared to 1994, unemployment at highest in history.

      Corruption and looting at highest, RAND at weakest ever and sliding, ECONOMY at weakest ever.

      CRIME at highest, HATE speech from Black RACISTS against Whites at highest ever.

      LAWS as most Communist as ever, rating agencies and IMF giving advice and warning but these Marxist-leninist racists not bothering to listen.

      At least the NP gave blacks Homelands, the ANC is ruining the entire country and not giving whites the opportunity to form successful free-market areas based on MODERN civilised countries.

      The ANC and black rule in SA has been a failure.

      The foreign media acknowledge this, they view the ANC as a corrupt and incompetent regime. Fact.

      When I'm overseas people tell ME how bad the ANC is and how they are damaging SA. Times have changed!

      Black Elite Enrichment (BEE) is a huge failure which the world condemns and is hurting foreign investment. And Affirmative Action to impoverish and destroy whites is illegal according to the UN.

    7. Stop talking then and declare war on the whites..

    8. Anonymous1:33 pm

      @Sello 3:33 AM

      The world can now also see how corrupt, incompetent and racist the ANC government is, and the economic collapse of the country.

      If whites received all of the public funding and blacks received none (ignored as you say) then why are there 40 million of you?

      What about the public funds that were concentrated into your President's back pocket and that he refuses to pay back in full?

      Apartheid was introduced in 1948, so where have you got this 300 years nonsense from?

      Your cry-baby libtard brother-in-law should realise that the country is being damaged by the useless ANC government, not white rule.

      Your ANC government is harassing and evicting the poor because it doesn't care about them. The ANC only cares about itself and just uses you all as voting fodder.

  14. Anonymous8:55 am


  15. Anonymous9:36 am

    Thankfully, the ANC lost the Western Cape just in time as they viewed Hout Bay as a "model" town for "integrated communities" and wanted to erect low-cost housing in more upmarket areas.
    They even wanted a law that all new developments should have so-called "low cost housing".

    Basically, they wanted to reduce the entire Western Cape to a cesspool squatter camp and destroy the value of property, spike up crime and destroy the province.

    Hopefully, they lose Gueteng the DA next as it will bankrupt their looting facilities.

  16. Apartheid is the cause of townships. Stop trying to shift the blame and face reality. The truth will heal you. The sooner you start to admit it, the better the process of healing and acceptance of reality. Apartheid is the cause and you can never derail us from that reality.

    1. @ black stinking mud hole spewed cunt sello puo. You fucking inbred black stink that rapes your own mother and sister because its your culture.

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      I want heal you black boy, I want to end your pain that you impose so willing on yourself.

      You ignorant twat, you just do not get it, I am not talking to intimidate you I am promising you what is to come.

      The only healing coming from me is your decaying body in the street one day.

      You people sing your kill the Boer, kill the farmer. Bring my machine gun and chant your hate white speech.

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      You still hang around here after we tell you to fuck off, you lot are retarded, fuck! I do not know how people insult primates by comparing you retards to them.

    2. What was that? You want to suck my racist what?

    3. Anonymous11:51 pm

      Like a parasite you blacks saw a free meal ticket and our wealth and innovation and came to us. That is how your filthy townships came to be. Look at the rest of Africa, it is as filthy as your filthy townships. You blacks are parasites. And still you cannot stop over breeding and still you come, you will suck everything dry in this world and still give the blame to anyone but yourself.

      You kneegrows came to us, you fucking imbecile parasite.

      That is something you can never change.

    4. Uncontrolled breeding assisted by white medical care is the cause of townships. Just ask yourself why have the townships doubled in size post Apartheid? But we know you lot are about feelings and need to feel better about yourselfs, so believe in what ever rocks your boat. We are past being manipulated by your feel sort for me cries

    5. Anonymous12:32 am

      I don't care about the rest of the country, but in the Western Cape most definitely not.

      The reason was illegal immigrants and setting up shacks in areas not designated for development.

      They made their own choice to come to the Western Cape with nothing and set up shacks in the middle of nowhere. Or as mentioned the ANC regime bussed them in.

    6. Anonymous3:30 am

      @Sello stink of Poo...Oh yes you do

      You really talk and shit out of both ends don't you.

    7. When will you change from your evil ways. During apartheid you were bitter and even under democracy you are still the same. That hatred you are harbouring will not kill any of us but yourselves. Denialism kills the host. You're bitter because you expected a black SA man whom you have oppressed for 300 years to remain your slave forever. You want him to come and work for in your farms and make you a lot of money in exchange for 50Kg Maize meal. You now hire foreigners without IDs and mistaken them as the locals only because they don't ask much. Now you have invited yourselves that problem of farm attacks because in every farm attack there are foreigners. Many of whom are well known to their victims either as farm workers or former farm workers who knows ins and outs of the farm. Stop hiring foregners just because you want to save money.

    8. Anonymous7:09 am

      No Sello

      We expected a better economy.

      If the ANC weren't damaging the country, no one would have a problem with them.

      They are actively ruining South Africa. This is the the problem, we, and world have with the ANC regime.

    9. @sello puo6:32AM. Your are the dumbest mother raping motherfucker to open that shit spewing hole that you call a mouth.

      Why the fuck are the foreigners here, you dumb cunt stink?

      They come South to get work, you ignorant fucking retard.

      We do not bring them here they come of their own. Free will.

      I have lived in Africa, you retard. Those blacks there are living below the bread line and starving.

      They come here to feed themselves, because the white man is still here.

      You local retards think you're to fucking intelligent to work so that is why we hire immigrants, they at least work for a wage.

      You local retards believe you're entitled to a good life, the only thing you're entitled to is what we will be giving you shortly.

      You must climb back into your mud hole and stink away, because the shit that comes out of your mouth is truly moronic turd splashes.

    10. You know what Sello? I do not employ a single stinking Kaffir. It irks me tremendously every day when I see a farmer still employing blacks. It irks me when I see a white housewife still employing one of your unthankful species.

      You don't deserve to be employed by whites and frankly I cannot for the hell of me understand why the White South Africans still do. You are lazy, accident prone idiots. employing you lot is not "cheap labour". It is "expensive labour" because in the long run it costs more.

      You Kaffirs hate the white man, yet you stand on every robot crossing and beg for work from the whites. When you are hungry you know you can always go into a white neighbourhood and knock on a door and you will get food and money in no time from some stupid liberal. For THAT the white man is good enough, but when it comes to elections you always vote for a black.

      You know what mate? Go fuck yourselves. From me you get fuckall. I stopped employing blacks 13 years ago. I don't tip a single black waiter, petrol attendant or car guard. Black beggars are shunned by me. You want to vote for the ANC, don't complain when you are poor.

    11. Anonymous9:24 am

      @Sello 6:32 AM

      You're the one in denial if you think that farm attacks and murders are not committed by South African blacks. Why on earth would blacks from other African countries travel all that way to find work only to kill their employer, and put themselves out of a job. We all know how xenophobic some of you are towards them. These farm attacks and murders are the result of domestic hatred.

    12. Oh and Sello you said "You're bitter because you expected a black SA man whom you have oppressed for 300 years to remain your slave forever."

      300 years? Where did you get that from? The first time whites met blacks was in 1770 at the Fish River, 1000 km east of Cape Town. About 250 years ago. What wiped out the Xhosas was the Xhosas themselves. Nongqawuse told them to kill all their cattle. Who oppressed them? Not the whites.

      The Zulus were basically sovereign until 1879 when the British invaded the Kingdom of Zululand and defeated them at the Battle of Ulundi and divided Zululand. That is only about 140 years ago. The Sothos, Swazis and Tswana got their independence from the Union of South Africa in 1910. So they were under colonial rule for only about 30 years. However in the 1960' the National Party government gave all the blacks the opportunity to be independent and rule themselves. The Xhosas got two homelands. Transkei and Ciskei. The Vendas were independent and so were the Tswanas in Bophuthatswana even though they already had a country called Botswana. The Zulu's opted not to make Kwa-Zulu independent.

      So please tell me where do you get 300 years of oppression from? How is it "oppressing" to grant every tribe its own country with their own police and army where they could vote for their own people? You call that "oppression"?

      Tell you what you do. Why don't you "oppress" the whites in exactly the same way as they "oppressed" you blacks? Give them a country where they can rule themselves with their own police and army. Please bring in Apartheid the way the NP did. Please keep to your beaches and we will keep to ours. I promise you I will.

    13. @LTMA

      Please, when you reason use your head and not those two little pale mountains at your backside. Foreigners have always been in South Africa even during apartheid. I mean black and white foreigners.

    14. @Anonymous 9:24

      It seems as if you have little info about farm attack. Do some little research and you will see that in every farm attacks taken place there were foreigners involved. Even Oupa Terry was killed by a Zimbabwean because Oupa Terry thought by hiring foreigners he would score big because he was broke. Little did he know he was inviting trouble to himself. Those foreigners do not want to be owed. They also do some welding job in the townships by erecting some devil forks and security gates as well as putting some security doors for the locals. They mean business and do not want to be owed at all.

    15. @Mike.

      You know what brother in law always tells? Who happens to white man. He says it is always sad that a history of a black man in Africa is always told by a white man. A white man tells it the way he wants it to be told not otherwise. That history is full of lies. At one point it will tell you that the Portuguese met blacks on their first visit in South Africa. They reported to have seen Africans having cattle living in a fully established settlement. It is all lies that a white man met a black man for the first time in 1770. It is all a lie. White people invaded the territory of Africans knowing well that Africans live there and they came as beggars to ask for food with nothing, without land, cattle or even dogs. Their only possessions were guns.

    16. @Mike

      We cannot bring apartheid back because we are not you. We are not as evil as you are and there is no South Africa that will be shared along racial lines. We are not racists.

    17. You are not "racists"? Bwhahahhaha...so why stil classify South Africans according to race? Why have BEE and AA? N0, no, please do...please introduce Apartheid against us whites and give us our own homeland . It won't be viewed as cruel at all.

    18. @Mike

      AA and BEE is there for a reason and that is to redress the imbalances of the past that the previously disadvantaged suffered for 300 years. You enjoyed WEE for the past 300 years and now BEE is already in existence for a mere 15 years but you are already shedding tears. BEE does not take your businesses away but it only empowers previously disadvantaged groups.

    19. Anonymous1:40 pm

      "We are not racists" Hahahaha! Oh my soul, these blacks lie without even realizing it anymore. I've noticed this sick and evil black trademark for a while now - They lie on the fly. This is another reason why we don't want you around us. You sick fuck.

      Pitiful race, this sub-Saharan Negroid.

    20. Anonymous1:41 pm

      Careful Sello, you are starting to sound desperate for acceptance. So predictable you lot.

    21. Anonymous2:28 pm

      @Sello 11:18 AM

      So what you're saying is that all farm attacks over the past 22 years have been committed by foreign blacks and that South African blacks had nothing to do with any of them.

      "Foreigners involved" - This does not necessarily mean that they were all foreigners.

      "Do not want to be owed" - Do you mean that they want to be paid in advance? If so, that's not usually how it works.

    22. Anonymous3:05 pm

      SP,ask your brother in law to explain mfecane and what happend there?

    23. @sello pua. You're mistaken, sello. I do not reason with you retards and libtards and my considered enemy. It would be a waste of time.

      You live in a Hollywood influenced world where everything ends ok, you need to understand this, in my world, yes the one I live in there is no reasoning, happy all live together ending.

      When we go noisy and time comes to despatch retards and libtards, I will not reason with them or talk to you, I will do what needs to be done and continue doing so until the job is done.

      So my advice is enjoy the reason that you think comes from my arse because its the only reasoning you will ever get from me.

      Enjoy me while you hear or should I say read me, the time is coming for a different type of exchange, I personally cannot wait but I know that you will be one of the first to jump on a plane to those libtards in foreign lands.

    24. @Anonymous 2:28AM

      I mean majority of such attacks involve foreigners.

    25. @LTMA



    26. @sello puo 10:29AM. You truly show your true racist self now.

      So you fucking retards can mouth off at us and say what you want but I must be institutionalized for giving you what you retards want to dish out.

      You little retard cunt. Know that you will not intimidate me and quiet my voice.

      Now that I have your true nature in play and I have revealed the true darky in you.

      Know this darky I will not let you rest, you will have me as your burden and your nightmare until we get noisy.

      Then I will come for you.

    27. Anonymous7:59 am

      @Sello 10:23 PM

      So now you've gone from saying "in every farm attack there are foreigners" to "majority of such attacks involve foreigners".

      Therefore, South African blacks are actually involved after all.

      Please support your claims with proven statistics. Since 1994:

      1. What percentage of farm attacks and murders involved only foreign blacks?

      2. What percentage involved both foreign and local blacks?

      3. What percentage involved only local blacks?

      Also, how could farmers mistake foreign blacks for locals when their accents are different?

    28. Anonymous8:10 am

      @arsello 10:29. Are you a qualified psychiatrist? If not then shut up. And what the hell is "YOU NEED A SERIOUS HELP"?

  17. There is a section or should we call it a percentage of negative useless whites out there that like sowing their negativity on this blog.

    These losers are always at us telling us how the country is lost and we are dreaming and how we will never get our shit together.

    Resistance, blog followers, good men, good woman and then the rest of the shit stirrers that read this blog, lend me your ears.

    You lot of defeated losers, please keep your shit in your bowels, we really do not want to hear about our cowardly countrymen, we do not need your negative cancer spread on our electronic pages, we do not need you influencing those that are not strong enough to see through your yellowed cowardly fear that you call reasoning.

    When you lot feel the fear approaching and washing over you rather catch a plane and run to another country or go wash TUTUs feet and dry them with your wife's fanny hair.

    Don't come onto this blog and smear your shit here in false bravado and supposed intelligent reasoning. I see through that shit and smell it through the ethers for what it is. Its the stench of fear and messy underpants that permeates your outbursts.

    So my little intellectual runaways and fear controlled defeated wags, listen to uncle LTMA and keep your fear locked in your bowels and leave us men and soldiers of old and of course the brave and positive woman that contribute to this bolg to do what you are to yellow, afraid and cowardly to do.

    So now go shag a nanny or play with your fearful self while we fight this battle and win this war.

    Come cowardly wags bring your replies, I am waiting you lot of yellow bellied,spineless, intellectual reasoning fear filled cunts. I bet you are 1992 yeses.

    1. Anonymous12:11 am

      Imagine 50 diversionary fires breaking out in the Amazon at the same time in a given place. Now imagine 50 more breaks out in the same area and all the monkeys goes to watch and try and put out these fires. Now imagine a 100 primary trees get lit up all at once on key strategic locations just as all the resources are already dispatched. I guess we won't be seeing many books for a while to come. On to the next one. The millions of trees left will have to submit to International Firefighting regulations. Brazil is a big place, pity to have it all burned down, scorched earth style.

    2. Anonymous12:16 am

      You really should go back on your meds mate, you are the living embodiment of a low IQ redneck fuckwit.

    3. Anonymous1:43 am

      Don't you know the saying that intellectual war is better than a physical war.

    4. @anon12:16Am and 1:43AM. I see your nerves run shallow and my aim is true.

      You fucks now need to work out if I am that low IQ end non intellectual or have I achieved my aim.

      Fuckwits, you really need to take that intellectual shit into the hot zones.

      Let me know when you do, I want to watch you burn.

    5. @ intellectual farts and wars.

      Problem with your intellectual wars is that you sell your culture and brothers out to enrich yourself.

      Then you run and hide from the mess you created.

      Look at the intellectual war that the fuckers who sold us out fought.

      You quick buck cowardly fuckers only want to talk while men bleed.

      Go fuck yourself with your intellectual war and send your wife to mean real men.

      Fucking dumb wit cunts that cannot see this enemy doesn't understand intellect, they only understand brutality and power.

    6. Anonymous9:58 am

      LTMA, are you and Malema related?

    7. Anonymous1:27 pm

      LTMA, you know mate I have defended you personally a few times previously on this blog but really,it seems we havev reated the monster that is you! You are over the top and totally out of it now! No need to be so extravigantly dooslik all the time. And really, we all swear but you are just taking it toooooo far ou! You are clearly a follower and that is OK but don't push it the way you do because it becomes a real pain in the arse! BIG TIME! STOP!

    8. Anonymous1:36 pm

      Anon 9:58 are you retarded or what?

    9. @anon9:58AM. Wahahaha wahahaha wahahaha. Thanks mate, good early morning laugh is always needed.

      A you one of those blondes in the photos I have seen sitting on JM's lap?

    10. @anon1:27PM. Mate, thanks for your observations and the support when needed.

      I do appreciate the honesty and the integrity that you display by letting me know.

      Just to clarify. I am totally aware of the fact that what I post here is offensive, hate, uncouth, racist, almost demonic propaganda to the edge of psychotic rage.

      I do it with intent, I do it to rile the opposition and fuck with their minds.

      I want to wear these retards and libtards down and reverse their psychco propaganda against them.

      You know that I can play both ways, here I talk to you as a normal person in a normal day, tonight I am the raving, depraved lunatic cursing, swearing and attacking on Mike's blog.

      I know who I am and my capabilities but that is me, these retards and libtards do not know me, they do not know what I am capable of and I want them to know that I am definitely thinking of different things to what they hear from their white liberals friends.

      You see everytime I let a retarded wog spew hate shit out of his mouth, I empower 3 dumb retards to believe he is telling them the truth and they need to do his bidding.

      Every time I allow a farmer to be killed I eat away at my own culture and nation for not doing anything about it.

      Every time there is a hijack, violent crime or black murdering white I allow it if I do not stand up and fight back.

      I am guilty of the above for in times past I shrugged it off and carried on my life. Never will I be guilty of betraying my kind again.

      I am not a Mike Smith, White Oak or JP viljoen that have the ability to script well and get a message across to intelligent and understanding folk.

      I am the rough neck that tackles the uneducated and dim witted, I want to fuck these liberals up and I want to annihilate retard but right now I cannot, so I use the abusive, degrading, insulting and provocation tactic to lure my prey.

      So I ask you mate, bear with me, I do not believe in fighting my brothers in arms and I will never run on you or sell you out. Just stick with me, the plan might confuse you but am I absolutely aware of what I am doing.

      Thanks again for your remarks.

  18. In the long run, this shyte won't work.
    Racial integration is a failure. Racial diversity is a failure. Multiculturalism is a failure. These only bring non-White crime, social problems and miscegenation to once safe and, yes, pure White communities. And, Whites are not only victimized physically by these failed social experiments, but we are also victimized by being made to pay for services and benefits for people unlike us. To be racially sensitive and not “racist” we Whites are expected to just accept being made into second class citizens and give up college seats and job opportunities and promotions to less qualified Blacks. We are expected to bend over backwards to understand and be sensitive to the needs of people unlike us. This is stupid. We Whites shouldn’t waste one second of our time or burn one calorie in such efforts. There is no profit in this for us. Blacks are not our kind. They are not our people. We owe them nothing, other than leaving them alone to their own separate destinies.
    The laws that we Whites have written over the years are based on the innate outward manifestations and expressions of the White genetic code that makes us the people that we are. They pretty much work for us, as a separate people living among our own kind, but they fail to work in racially blended societies. We Whites, for example, can expect certain levels of violent crime from our own people and our laws are written to protect us from these crimes of our own kind. However, the crime levels of some other types of humans–Blacks in particular– are naturally far higher from our own levels, and our laws do not protect us fully from these higher levels of violent crime brought into our White communities by Blacks. The laws that most of us Whites naturally obey, but which the Blacks don’t, often work to actually put us in more danger.
    Let’s be very clear about this. Blacks are not Whites. They look different because they are different. They have different internal codes than Whites just as they have different external appearances. This is true no matter what some dim-witted weak seed politicians and elites try to tell us and force on us.
    No one has the right to have us sacrifice our safety, our pursuit of happiness and our very existence in order to please people unlike us. We do not have to please them at all. We also do not have to support them, or take a back seat so they can have the front seat, or give up our dreams of education and better jobs because they are admitted or promoted based on their skin colour. We do not need to sacrifice ourselves, our children, our jobs our future, at all. We have a right to be and to be more and we need to assert these rights in every way big and small or we’re going to continue to be victimized and picked off one by one.
    Blacks are not our responsibility. We owe them absolutely nothing. Again, they are not our kind. They are a burden to us. We do not have to carry such a burden. We have enough burdens of our own to carry. We have a right to be White, to think White, to stay White, to evolve White. And, we don’t need anyone’s permission to be as we were born to be.

    1. Anonymous4:51 am

      White Oak, you write very well, and I love reading your comments.

      As one of the commenters said on one of Mike's prior posts, however - A block of text is really hard to read. Please use paragraphs to properly showcase your great comments.

    2. Anonymous7:36 am

      He does use paragraphs. He hasn't got round to spaces between paragraphs yet.

    3. @ white oak. I absolutely love reading your comments.

      Please continue to show your intelligence and intellect here for those that are supposed to be the supreme intellectuals posting here could learn so much from you.

      And yes please break it up so that dumb twats like myself can also read without having to ask you to draw pictures.

    4. Well said White Oak and I can only second what LTMA said. Your comments are excellent.

      However, the benevolence of the white man is part of what makes us white and therein lies the contradiction, for that is why Apartheid was wrong. Whites felt themselves paternally responsible for blacks and wasted their tax money on blacks instead of on themselves.

      If whites were taxed less, they could have had more children and would today not be numerically and demographically outnumbered by the blacks.

      I always maintain that Apartheid was way too good to blacks. We should have simply shunned them and let them be. If the rest of the world wanted to uplift them then the rest of the world should have given them the money, not us white South Africans. Every time we built them a school they burned it down. Then we built another one and they burned that down too.

      The problem is in the psyche of the Christian White South African. When they employ a black they think they are doing something good. They are feeding a black family. They think they will get to heaven for being so good to blacks. All they are doing is creating hell for themselves. It is a path of self destruction. If they are not there anymore then who will look after the blacks then?

      You are absolutely right. Whites owe them nothing. Whites should not feel responsible for blacks. Whites should simply have nothing to do with blacks. Let nature take its course. It is when you interfere with nature that she hits you over the head.

    5. Anonymous12:16 pm


      First of all, lets go way back.

      Which white person decided that blacks needed education? I still have a difficult time grasping this. Today they say blacks lived in poverty & were uneducated.

      So! Not my problem. Apartheid started in the 1940s, they had ample time to build their own schools here before apartheid and if they really were from South Africa, then they must show us their classrooms.

      I have only seen one old classroom of theirs, you can find their work on rocks...rock art!

      Lets tackle poverty - They were (if we accept them as our equals) put on this earth at the same time as us, they had the same amount of time to educate themselves.

      They are to blame.

      Their very system, in terms of finance was never about finance. It was a barter system. So how is it possible for whites, a minority to be able to uplift a larger population, with zero skills, no understanding of economics to be able to uplift them.

      In one breath they say "You whites didnt educate us" and in the very next breath they dont want our "colonial/apartheid " education.

      How can the same whites be the cure & the problem at the same time. Thats like anyone going to a restaurant, complaining that the food is shit but then thank the manager at the end for a great meal - it just doesnt add up.

      And if after complaining, eating the meal and I order my next meal the manager decides not to serve me I then call them a racist & burn the restaurant down.

      My great grandmother put it down to a few words. They were happier in the bush! Plain and simple. We never invited them to move to towns, where they built townships.

    6. Anonymous12:16 pm


      I have family that work in high places for these things & they tell me, even after building them a house now 2015/2016, if you go back to the same house 3 months later, it is almost in the same condition their shack was in.

      I hear the education debate all the time, " all they need is education" but why did they not educate themselves and is it not equally racist saying that they need western education?

      The problem lies in western education, we think they need our education and they do to a degree, we need to start asking them to make up their own syllabus but when you do this, then they distort your history books & simply cannot do it.

      There is only one solution and that is to have a society in the end, one for whites & one for blacks. If they dont like it, tough shit.

      They cant blame us for all THEIR wrongs and yet expect us to provide a free service of uplifting them.

      The truth is, all this racial crap is psychological bullying. When they dont get their way, they call you a racist, to get their own way, they call you a racist.

      The best thing to do is ignore it & not let it effect you. When calling racist no longer has an effect on people world wide, this will be the end of racism. We really should shrug our shoulders and say "So?"

      There is no win win situation to this issue. If you leave them alone, at some point in time, you will have to step in and rescue them. This is the problem, the Christian folk think it is their responsibility to uplift them and so, like wild animals that get used to someone feeding them, they come to rely on them.

      Hiring, working, uplifting, educating them are all huge, huge mistakes, mistakes that now are biting us hard in the ass. Now they control everything, use the same whites to enact laws against us.

      The solution is not to have blacks in a white society but can this ever truly happen? With the liberals & doo gooders I can never see this happening.

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions & right now we are at the gates of hell, the entire western Christian world will in the end be destroyed unless someone stands up, a strong leader & basically says no more but how many will want to shut these leaders down.

      By educating them, they learn from our history book and actually hate us more.

      Not only do whites not owe them anything but they owe whites for uplifting them! We have NEVER been thanked for uplifting them or anything we have done for them.

      The proof is in the doing, no blacks provide aid to other black countries, not during famine or disaster and they do not care about their own people so why should whites continually be made to feel sorry for them, when they dont feel sorry for themselves.

      Psychological bullying, Marxist ideology at its best.

      If you dont help them, then you are a racist.
      If you help them but not enough in their eyes (giving them everything for free) you are also a racist.

      This is a dead end for us if we continue down this road.

  19. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Mr johnny Miller with his Masters degree that he completed in 2012 at UCT should go and swope his creature comforts of a former white suburbia and go and live in one of these squatter camps.But is this libertard up to it, I do not think so.The p****sss has a very big mouth.Does he realize you get run down suburbs the world over.The p***sss should go to Brazil and preach to them,see if he can fix their problems he is so bloody clever.

  20. Anonymous12:13 am

    The other thing Mr Johnny Miller does not take into account is how many refugees or aliens are still living in these squatter camps.Alot of them just cross the Limpopo river and live here without any documents.See if one of us whiteys can get that right in NZ or Aus.Just another liberal c***nt that should be banned from using a camera,he just wants to fuel the fire more to cause more hatred towards us white people.

  21. Anonymous12:58 am

    Hi Mike. For a laugh. I don't know if you have seen this Chinese ad?
    Looks like China is now in for some 'racist' flak. Hope the ANC get to see this..... https://youtu.be/Xq-I0JRhvt4 Nik A

  22. Anonymous1:01 am

    Hi Mike, me again. And here is the Italian version - https://youtu.be/gVlsB-Jvmjc Sick..... Nik A

  23. Rogue1:33 am

    As a Capetonian, I suggest this Jonny Miller arsehole go take a rough shit.

    Whenever I see Blacks in the Western Cape - in large numbers, that is - my attitude is: piss off you foreigners!

    Munts are not indigenous to the WC, and I hate to see so many of them here.

    What utter fool, back in the day, allowed Eastern Cape Blacks to settle in large numbers in Hout Bay?

    Shit! The mind boggles!

    They bring nothing positive, except what everyone knows the Coons will bring: criminality and degradation.

    And I say this as someone who is a total non-racist.

  24. Anonymous2:06 am


    1. Anonymous11:26 am

      Very informative link. Thank you Anon 2:06 AM. Thank you also Mike for another excellent article. Tom

  25. Anonymous4:27 am

    Mind you this could be made up propaganda , because anyone sane let alone a learned person would have logic as to the situation. When it was first wiped on in news24 under friends bla I gave my bit and the answer was the same parrot fashion it being Apartness and apartheid. Now who would come up with an answer like that ? listen to sello pusta malaka same answer.
    or Thandi mathondo .
    One can publish anything these days . The LIE gets Bigger and Bigger as it gets exposed . Man I hate LIARS , they are WEAK.

  26. Anonymous4:40 am

    For Xhosas to live in shacks is natural for them, they have no problem with it. Give them an RDP house and they will rent it out and go back to shack living. Sanctimonious morons like Johnny Miller don't understand this.

    1. Oh really. That is why I always say that you white people live in Disney Land. So, do you mean that Xhosa's have suffered that much that they have now grown used to poverty. Good life is what everyone aspire to achieve, that's why people are so desperate to at least get an RDP house irrespective of how small it is.

    2. Anonymous7:34 am

      Sello, what are Xhosas doing in the Western Cape in the first place? They come from the Eastern Cape. They were bussed down by the ANC. Why did they allow themselves to be intimidated by the ANC into moving? I am beginning to believe Malema about ANC intimidation. Everything that the ANC does is designed to cause trouble and hardship for everyone except the ANC themselves.

      These squatters have now ruined large swathes of the Western Cape when they could have kept on ruining large swathes of the Eastern Cape. They are clearly not one bit better off than they were in the Eastern Cape.

      RDP houses are mostly rubbish that fall apart. If you want anything decent, you either have to earn the money to buy it or build a house yourself.

    3. Anonymous8:31 am

      @Sello 6:39 AM

      Well, at least Disneyland is a lot safer than the new South Africa.

    4. @sello puo6:39AM I know your type, retard.

      You live in a white suburd behind high walks with security patrols and panic buttons.

      You hypocritical arsehole, you are more afraid of your own species and you don't want to admit it.

      You have hid behind the white curtain for so long and you now know what's coming that why you are here in this blog.

      You're just another retard wanting to be a coconut. Shame on you.

      Your black brothers will carve you up to one of these days.

      Remember Rwanda, it kicked off because of the disparity between have and have nots.

      Sello my little retard your fellow retards are going to be looking for you.

    5. Anonymous9:08 am

      SP, how did xhosa's suffer if they were living on their land, transkei and ciskei for years where the first whites made contact with them a hundred years after the landing in cape town. When the industrial age started to boom,( white mans economy) with innovation and invention in Europe and America, a lot of resources was needed and this created a massive boom in creation of jobs and this in turn created towns and cities ( another whitemans invention) and in the case of south africa labour was needed which attract blacks including xhosas to move to cities where there was work.

      Now it has reached a saturation point where the industrial age has slowed down and we are more into the information age and thus job creation has hit a celing because the economy has slowed down.Now do you still think it is viable to build rdp houses if the economy has slowed down? Where is government going to get the money from? Tax payers(majority whites) in south africa is also drying up since they are being killed or pushed out the country so blacks will only have their black government to some how build them houses.
      Aaah, there is always the IMF (UN) can give a loan at goodness knows what interest rate which will put everyone in deeper financial debt.

      Does this make sense?

    6. @LTMA

      It's true I live in Sandton because I am now part of the middle class. I am one of the lucky ones to have survived the claws of poverty which was brought upon by the past regime. The legacy of apartheid has now damaged our people's logic and has literally made them criminals. Do you think they would have been criminals if they received all the favours that a white man enjoyed in this country? I don't think so.

    7. Anonymous12:19 pm


      Blacks lived in mud huts for centuries and still do in Africa, they need to go back to the bush and live as they lived.

      Electricity, running water are not for blacks and blacks cannot tell me or anything, this is racist, that is colonialist, from apartheid while enjoying any benefits from the white man.

      Either you piss off back to the bush or you shut up and conform when living in whitees world - plain and simple!

    8. Anonymous1:35 pm

      HAHAHA Sello is starting to see he is very much wedged between a rock and a hard place. Guess what Sello? The squeeze about to befall us all will make the past 25 years look like kindergarten. Hope you had fun, because you are now rejected not only by whites but also by your black brothers. Get lost you fuck, you will never belong with us. NEVER!

    9. Anonymous1:43 pm

      Sello please clarify what wealth you had that was "taken" or "stolen" the time for random unsubstantiated statements designed to sway the opinions of the ignorant is over. Unless you are a wannabe Malema. You see he still has millions of the ignorant that he can persuade with bullshit like that.

      Why the fuck should blacks have received any "favours"? From who? From whites that brought everything to this country? What are we your fucking parents? Why is it that you want to be treated as "equal" yet need everything to be given to you. You present as being dependant and need favours. You had stuff-all then started to urbanise and prostitute your labour to the white man even after white taxpayers built schools for you you burned them down. Why? Because your mentality dictates that you have some sort of right to what others have got so you can also thrive. Well guess what? You were given what was essentially a first world country and what did you do? Destroy it through pillaging and murder and now you still want favours? WTF?

      And yes. They were criminals long before all this. Prior to the white man arriving you were genociding each other en mass to the tune of millions of lives. Favours? Sheesh.

    10. Anonymous2:50 pm

      SP, living in Sandton, the upper class area and you here on this site preaching how bad whites are because they impoverished blacks, you are a hypocrite and a liar, you want the fruits and the rewards for free but not want to work for it. So how did you get to live in Sandton, how did you acquire your wealth? On your own or someone else's back?Did you bulshit your way like your ANC government does? You will never change who you are.

    11. @Anonymous Ninja

      Don't think with your assets and start to think with your head. Do you think that if a white man never arrived in South Africa we would have never had electricity? You must be dreaming because the rest of Africa today has electricity and houses built with bricks. Not everything comes from a white man. Have you think about Japanese technology as well as Chinese and Indians who were willing to share their ideas with us. Stop dreaming and come to the real world. South Africa somehow would have been developed without a white man. Why did Ethiopia had electricity, beautiful houses and businesses today, without a white man ever setting his foot in that country. It is not that when you go to Ethiopia you will only find a bush. Wake up and come to the real world.

    12. @sello puo 11:43AM. I am not sure why I do respond to your shit, what really happens is that my finger starts itching and gets an instinctive need to squeeze something cold and smooth.

      So instead of being instinct obedient, I rather tap my fingers on a keypad.

      Before any more black propaganda brainwashed crap comes out of that unwashed stink hole that you call a mouth, check the stats on world wide criminals see who most fills the cells of the worlds prisons.

      Stop blaming somebody for all your deficiencies and hereditary influences and genetic make up, start accepting responsibility.

      You are still living in a world where you think that you are owed something. You're not owe a thing but I would like to give you something, something a lot more permanent than what you have now.

    13. Anonymous9:13 pm

      Sello Puo6:02 PM
      Just your name alone told me where and what you are. You should change it to "Sello Pooh" and just maybe you could become more infamous than "Winnie"! However I have one comment to add and seriously your kind are actually not developed from the same strain of humanity as the white nations upon this world. An Anthropologist has previously discovered that fact but the white liberals worldwide have shut him up for fear of the racial contraversity it would cause to the pride of the precious black ancestry. Look it up Mr. Pooh and then you can also tell us that he is wrong and that blacks originated from their ancestors. The question of who came first you or your ancestors is never going to be answered so pooh to you ... you black "IDIOT"

    14. Anonymous12:26 am

      @ Sello Puo 6:02pm.You mention that Ethiopia had houses and electricity before the white man ever set foot there.You are talking F***king bullshit,the French built a railway line in Ethiopia starting in 1890 and finishing it in the early 1900s.You need a lesson in History you dumb shit.

  27. Anonymous5:03 am

    This is what South Africa needs https://liberland.org/en/about/

  28. All these liberal intellectual cunts and retards that can write and the SJWs that post on this blog just show their true colours.

    When they start getting a good fucking bashing on their comments they drop their shit and run for cover.

    You fucking spineless bastards are true to your nature.

    You want to talk the topic to death but only in company that agrees with you.

    You fuckers are the reason we are in this shit that you want to defend.

    Now we have to shovel your shit to restore order here.

    Know this cunts, when the noise starts you will be shown no mercy, your lilly white skin will not fucking protect you.

    1. Anonymous1:30 pm

      Traitors and collaborators will be killed in their thousands. Any dissent from what is right and proper is a death sentence. We need to get back on track now. Later when we have balance we can think about feelings and shit. But first we need to secure our survival.

    2. Anonymous1:32 pm

      LTMA Spinelessness is something that is typified by someone that spews out threats and insults from the safety of his keyboard. This line coming from you strikes me as particularly hypocritical:

      "You want to talk the topic to death but only in company that agrees with you."

      You not only insult the libs not that I care in the least but you verbally attack those that are on the same side that have differing views from behind the safety of your keyboard nogal. I can see a Walt from a mile away. Believe me I have met enough wannabe BTDTs that the signs jump right out. Talk is very cheap, money buys the whisky. In my experience its the big talkers, the blusterers that are nowhere to be seen. Now why don't you simply shut up you and your type are the reason why the right leaning folks can never get on with actually mounting any type of credible opposition.

    3. Anonymous2:32 pm

      Het jou ma nie jou mond uitgewas met seep nie?

    4. @anon1:32PM, I must strike a nerve somewhere shallow with you.

      I attack not my brothers here, I attack the fucks that post and when invited to respond back, they suddenly go quiet.

      If you are one of those then you have the right to come at me, I will entertain you, any day.

      As for keyboard warriors, we are all keyboard warriors because we cannot be any other warrior at present.

      You may and will form an opinion of me, you will never know if you are right or wrong. I know myself and therefore do jot have to justify myself or prove myself to anybody.

      My friend if I may call you my friend, as you claim to be credible opposition to the chaos that we face.

      If I am defeating your movement with what I post here, then I am to inform you that your movement is already defeated. I see no point why you should continue to try resist.

      I one of your own have beaten you through a couple of post, set specifically to bait, lure and test the mettle of what's out there. My friend your cause is lost, give it up.

      I am nothing to what you are facing, these retards mouth off to uneducated masses about killing us off and taking our homes and raping our woman and you think that I am bad.

      Mate, wake up I bait you to see if you have what I consider will be necessary for us to win what we are going to have to fight. You have the full right to bash back at me but bash back at me with courage and rage, don't whimper and cry man. FFS.

      Remember you have an opinion use it don't try sell it, rather enforce it.

      Now dry those eyes man up and fight your fight because I am not going away. I will antagonise and bait for as long as my host allows.

      Live with the language, I never got an English degree.

    5. @ anon3:32PM Hey dude leave my mother out of this, she wasn't around long enough to raise me I grew up in NG kerk foster homes and National Party children's homes.

      Please I have never picked on your mother, don't start on mine.

      Dis net fokken onbeskof.

  29. Graeme11:46 am

    Sello, I applaud your conviction for commenting on this thread as open debate is often healthy. You are entitled to your opinions as we all are, moreover for the most part you have done so in a civil manner which I find endearing and commendable, what I cannot comprehend is how each and everyone has missed the point, yourself included.

    None of these informal settlements need exist as correctly stated South Africa has an abundance of wealth.

    Nelson Mandela made a pledge in 1994 to provide a million homes in 5 years, if Nelson Mandela had committed to his plan none of these settlements would exist, without wanting to apportion blame for someone who is no longer here to defend himself let us focus on the real issue which is one of distraction, this is an age old ploy and is being played out on the very stage in front of all of us.

    Those who profess to be in power will use any means to distract their electorate from their inherent failures which in this instance are enormous in scope and size.
    If their time was used constructively they could focus on serving the populace which is what their prime function is.
    With exception of Tito Mbeweni, Trevor Manuel, Praveen Gordhan and perhaps Thabo Mbeki there appears to be a drastic skills shortage, this is so often the case with populist liberation movements.
    Those voted into power generally have the intellect of their electorate, this is no slur, I am merely stating fact, as bitter a pill this is to swallow accept it as such.

    Tearing down statues, finger pointing, blame, mass action and the favourite whereby one raises accusations of racism or decries the impact that Apartheid had on the Country.

    These people who claim that their governance bodes well for those who committed themselves to the struggle are defrauding everyone and all to enrich themselves, the vast majority of Africans in South Africa are considerably worse off now than they were under Apartheid.

    I need not delve into this, research a few facts at your own leisure:

    ○ Life expectancy
    ○ Gini coefficient
    ○ PPP 1994 versus PPP 2016, please remember to factor in inflation and also the impact of a devalued currency

    Speak openly and honestly with black South Africans and ask them their opinions, you are probably already aware, they have had enough!

    Foreigners from East Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and a handful of West African nations have great contempt for South African blacks*, I know this first hand as I deal with them on an almost daily basis.

    We all need to take a long and introspective look in the mirror!

    The author of the article is not known to me, my assumption is that he wants to have a sensational article. Objective achieved.

    His article should have been addressed to the ombudsman representing the government, he must demand the following:

    "Where are the tax contributions of Sello Puo going to? "

    Sello, let me answer that question for you, the author of the article and the ombudsman representing government:

    Google Nkandla, if this doesn't answer your question then I apologise for over-estimating your intelligence.

    Do have a pleasant evening.


    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    *This is a generalisation, these are not necessarily my personal views, these comments are as stated to me. I know South African blacks who I will gladly interact with.

    1. Rogue1:24 pm

      Nice comment Graeme.

      I cannot take Sello Puo seriously when he infers that Malema and the EFF would uplift the Blacks - what with the latter's bullshit Marxist rhetoric and policies.

      Also, crime is caused by criminals! Not due to: these conditions, those conditions, such-and-such circumstances etc. etc.


      We are not automatons. We are human beings. CRIME is caused by CRIMINALS!

      Do you get that, Sello?

    2. Anonymous1:27 pm

      You still don't get it? These blacks cannot be helped. They do not want help, they want to take over what is yours.

    3. @Graeme

      Thanks again for your comment which was informative and free from insults. However, I back to differ with you in number of points you raised concerning the life of a black man under apartheid which you assert was better than in democracy. Do you have any idea that during apartheid a black man;
      -Was not supposed to move freely without a Dompass?
      -Was not supposed to own land?
      -Was not supposed to own a corporation or even partake actively and freely on economic activities.
      -Was not allowed to study certain professions, and that would include trade and engineering.
      -Was not entitled to receive public services. It was not his right but just a privilege.

      What I have mentioned above is just only a drop in an ocean among other inhuman treatment that a black man had to endure under apartheid. Blacks never had tarred roads, sewage, water and many others and it was not their rights to demand all those. So, now tell me how was that any better than today?

    4. @Rogue

      If you would have studied criminology you would have understood that there are certain conditions that can encourage people to commit crime. Such conditions might as well be historical just like an abusive father in the family might cause his children to adopt the same character in future. Thieves usually comes from poor families. Serial rapists usually suffer from mental conditions and the list goes on.

    5. Anonymous1:09 am


      See Liberia, no colonialism, no apartheid, no whites/asians/arabs/indians. Independent from the 1800's and set-up by freed slaves.

      That is what a 'pure' black African state looks like without any foreign interference.

      The ANC are a colossal failure, I think black rule can however be successful but only if they accept free-market principles and globalisation and emulate other modern states (As those of the ex-Warsaw Pact countries have done).

      But if they stay in the past, with Marxist-Leninism and keep their racist policies, they will continue to fail and prove that blacks are 'incapable' or ruling a country.

      This is not set in stone, they just need to follow and learn from other countries that have made a success of themselves, like the Asian Tigers and Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

      But the ANC regime are obsessed with destroying whites and the wealth of this country for their own agenda of staying in power at all costs.

      The world now condemns the ANC regime, it is only their memories of Mandela which is restraining some punches, but this is fading too.

      If economy is strong, and people feel safe and not under threat by the government due to racist hate speech, then everyone will be happy.

      Why would a Jew support the Nazi Party?

  30. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Enjoy your future kaffirs and libs.


  31. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Mike and my fellow ResistANCe freedom fighters, we are going to see more and more of this "Let's be civil" "Let's have manners and talk nicely to each other" tactics as these ANC and EFF terrorists and these Afriforums and Solidariteit stooges plays for time and try and consolidate more power while playing with people's lives. And don't forget all these so called Christian homosexual churches and their "feel guilty" tactics.

    We cannot be deceived any longer.

    We have kept silent for the past 25 years of all these atrocities and crimes against humanity committed against us.

    I say now it's our turn to talk. We will speak up, we will say "no more" - even if it takes another 25 years.

    Long live the Resistance.

  32. Anonymous12:11 am

    To summarise everything here the the ANC supporters:

    The reason whites don't like the ANC is because of the ANC's extreme incompetence and their very hostile policies towards white people.

    The ANC is increasingly becoming more of a blatant Communist regime, silencing freedom of speech, and their economic policies have sent SA into DE-industrialisation.

    The Rand has also been declining on average at 7% a year, though almost 30% was lost in a single year.

    The corruption is also extreme, Zuma buying a new jet, palace upgrades, cars for his wives, family members as CEO's of Black Elite Encrichment (BEE) projects etc.

    The ANC is DESTROYING South Africa.

    This is why whites have a problem with them and why even many liberals are now too.

    The hate speech and blatant racism from blacks has also stepped up and become openly hosltile, even from so-called 'government' workers and 'ministers' of the regime.

    How can whites support a group who wants to actively destroy them?

    The ANC regime also tried to make the Western Cape 'ungovernable' and when they were in control wanted to destroy the value of all suburbs by putting low cost housing in them, and spiking crime everywhere.

    The ANC are evil and condemned by the world.

  33. This Sello Puo sputnik leaves me stunned. I am at a loss for words. How on Earth can you debate with something with that mindset? I haven't even bothered to read all its comments and your guy's replies. I cannot. It frustrates the hell out of me. Nothing you tell them and substantiate with facts will ever let them see the light. "Seeing the light" is obviously not a kaffir thing. Seeing what it can steal, break, rape and destroy is. I take my hat off to all you guys who actual argue with this dingbat, but for the love of me, I can't understand why you even bother. You're wasting your time and effort.

    As I have physically withdrawn from having any interaction whatsoever with the parasites, I am now also withdrawing mentally.

    They even foul one's psyche and I want absolutely fuck all to do with it. Merely by dragging you into debate with them, they debase us.

    I merely smile and patiently await the day that the party starts. There is no other way out of this shithole they keep digging deeper and deeper and dragging us down into it with them.

    1. Anonymous2:39 am

      TT, I hear you my Brother. This Sello freak's lies and ignorance must be balanced with truth and facts for the benefit of our International Brothers-in-Arms.

  34. Anonymous1:43 am


    @ Tomkat, I totally agree with you! Let's move foward with force! Let us not be bothered by the dark and set our sights firmly and only on the light for our nation.

    Moenie enige energie aan gemors mors nie. Die wiel is besig om al hoe vinniger te begin draai, kom ons infesteer slégs in ons eie volk.

    Dankie in elk geval aan almal van julle wat die tyd ingesit het om die gemors te geantwoord het. Hulle is nie opvoedbaar nie.

    1. Bird you better agree with me. I'm keeping an eye on you Kid. Ek's jou oppasser?

  35. The Germans should be extremely concerned about their country given what is happening their now, and not shake their collective heads re south africa, their troubles have only just started.

  36. Graeme12:08 pm

    Good evening Sello,

    What I need to stress at the outset is how the spelling of my name differs from that of the name Adrian, yes a couple of vowels and consonants are similar but no, not the same!

    Adrian Vlok chose to wash the feet of the Reverend Frank Chikane for whatever sins he committed,  I on the other hand needn't offer anyone an apology for anything!

    Your observations that relate to inadequate sewage networks, tarred roads and other matters are noted and indeed correct!

    Again I will be washing my own feet and no one elses!

    What must be emphasised is that white South Africans voted overwhelmingly in favour of change during a referendum held in 1992, this to redress imbalances such as unpaved roads of the past, this referendum was initiated by a white President named F.W. de Klerk.

    Without wanting to drag the name of the Maponya family into this debate I can assure you that Mr. Maponya's son attended Marist Brothers College in 1981, he was the only scholar who drove a BMW 535iM.
    St. John's and St. Stithians had noted elite black students at the time, these people chose to uplift themselves out of the ghettos unlike the others who possessed neither the wherewithal or the gumption.

    Barlow Rand Group,  Anglo and de Beers all had black representation on their respective boards, none of these were token figures placed into their positions as window dressing. They each owned equity in their respective Corporations.

    Maponya Senior owned a BMW Dealership in Soweto in the 1980's, he owned a Kwikfit franchise in Soweto in the 1980's, he owned several Walmart sized Hypermarkets in Soweto in the 1980's,  his Corporate Head Office was at the time located in the office tower of Sandton City in the 1980's.
    Many of his achievements overshadowed white and Indian entrepreneurs of the day by a substantial margin, at the time I was in awe of this black South African and 35 years on I still applaud the role that he played.

    To digress slightly the most prestigious office space in the 1970's and 1980's was in Carlton Centre and/or Sandton City office tower. Blue Chip firms such as Grey Phillips Bunton Mundell and Blake chose to pay premium rates to operate out of premises of that calibre.

    Please contact the Maponya Group and ask them to verify or dispute my claims, my only error may be the year that his son matriculated,  this could have been 1983? I cannot clearly recall?


  37. Graeme12:19 pm


    Most of the Cane furniture in South African homes in the 1970's and 1980's was made in Pietersburg in a factory owned by a black South African entrepreneur who marketed and distributed his products throughout Southern Africa and abroad. He was a multi-millionaire at a time when the ZAR was stronger than the U.S. Dollar.
    The pantechnicons that delivered his products were his, in other words there was no outsourced Supply Chain.

    Caesars Palace bottle store in Tembisa was owned by a black South African multi-millionaire,  this was in the 1980's.  He had no white or Indian equity partner and was the sole shareholder/owner.
    40ft SAB tractor trailers were calling in 4 at a time to deliver malt/beer products to his doorstep.
    At the time he drove a fully imported 230/280CE Mercedes-Benz and a 735i BMW, his home/mansion just down the road had multiple split A/c units, this was an uncommon feature in the homes of wealthy white South Africans.

    These are just a few examples.

    MEDUNSA produced many graduates as did the University of Fort Hare.

    Trade qualified Africans only became prevalent in the 1980's,  again the Technical College in Tembisa stood vacant most of the time as threats to burn it down (by the ANC) were thwarted by a 24 hour vigil of armed SAP/SADF personnel both black and white.
    This College far exceeded anything that whites had in terns of its facilities,  it was largely a white elephant in view of the Liberation before Education policy of the ANC.

    Correct, many blacks who could not study their chosen field invariably studied abroad often at the largesse of white South Africans.

    I am starting to blush now with all of the apologies that I have succumbed to,  now its your turn, let us hear more about BBBEE and the countless tens of thousands of murdered white and Indian South Africans.

    This is starting to look like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Part II.

    Finally the Dompass was instituted to prevent mass migration of people into areas that couldn't sustain or support them, the concept was well intended, as we all know good intentions often fall well short of expectations, this is the crux of this whole discussion. Unmitigated influx of a mass of people to the Cape Peninsula, the Masters of this plan couldn't care less for the welfare of the migrants/refugees!

    Williston Court in Johannesburg was one such case, the electrical current being drawn off the circuit breakers was more than the original design criteria allowed for, the sewage network could not cope, finally the "Red Ants" had to forcibly evict the tenants as the structure had been compromised to such an extent that it posed a hazard for the inhabitants.
    One single room apartment had 16 people living in it, had this occurred under Apartheid headlines the world over would have decried the appalling living conditions and labelled it a gross violation of Human Rights.
    Thankfully this matter arose under the (mis) rule of the ANC and like so many other things it merely gets swept under the rug which is an apt metaphor for what I would like to do with you.

  38. Graeme12:23 pm


    New York,  Detroit, Chicago and greater Philadelphia have all suffered as a result of a net influx of migrants.
    I can assure you this as first hand knowledge as I have visited 3 of these 4 cities within the past 2 years. Harlem, most of Queens and the Bronx are all veritable turd holes!

    At the outset it seemed as if you were a reasonable man, as time progresses you appear to be taking on more of the persona of Julius Malema whose full name has a remarkable likeness to that of your own.

    I am now almost at the point where I will not respond to any of your threads as they are seemingly beneath me, moreover I am starting to question your intellect?

    You are intent on deferring blame, this matter has been fortuitously timed as I was honoured to attend a graduation ceremony last night in Bur Dubai where 17 of the 32 graduates were Kenyan.

    Not a single one of them made mention during their graduation speech of the Mau Mau Rebellion, none of them blamed Imperialist Colonialists for their inability to achieve in life.

    Whilst you are licking your wounds they are getting ahead, good for them, none of them will end up in Khayelitsha or its ramshackle equivalent.

    In 1994 you were afforded the opportunity on a golden platter to fix the sewers, what happened?

    Bonn, Ulm, Berlin, Hamburg and London were in ruins in 1945, 22 years later in 1967 they could have lamented how terrible Hitler was and it was for this reason they could not rebuild their Cities.

    Can you now see what logic you are trying to apply to this discussion?

    I am going to take a leaf out of your book and forcibly remove Elizabeth von Saxe-Coburg und Gotha from her "stolen" residence at Balmoral and banish her and her family to eternal damnation back to Sachsen Anhalt.

    I can then occupy Balmoral as my own being the parasite that I am.

    DNA swabs taken and recorded on the NHS will be used to intimidate and extricate all those bearing Roman genes, they will be summarily murdered and raped.
    The same for Normans, Goths, Huns and you too!

    I have declared that South Africa is for the San the Khoi and the Hottentot, you will be on the next train back to the Rift Valley in East Africa where you came from.

    Can you see how banal your inferences are?

    1. @ Greame: Thanks for the excellent comments. I have also addressed these black billionaires before:
      The ultimate secret of how blacks can become rich

      In there I mention, Khotso Sethuntsa (who died in 1972) managed to make his millions during the Apartheid era. On page 104 of the book, “The extraordinary Khotso. Millionaire medicine man from Lusikisiki” by Prof. Felicity Wood, Khotso is quoted to say that he liked his white customers far more than the black customers, because the whites respected and obeyed his instructions far better than the blacks.

      Maybe blacks who are jealous of other black’s wealth should also ask themselves how Jomo Sono of Jomo Cosmos F.C. became a millionaire soccer king during Apartheid without the help of BEE and Affirmative Action.

      And what about Herman Mashaba with his “Black like me” products? And what about the hundreds of Taxi millionaires?

      Then there are the musicians like Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela,
      Or how about all those Indians in KZN who also “suffered” under Apartheid and despite it they became extremely rich. Maybe they became rich “because” of Apartheid, not “despite” of Apartheid.

    2. Anonymous1:33 am

      Indians are horribly opportunistic, they'll play both sides of the conflict if they think they can profit. For them it's just part of the game, no hard feelings.

  39. Anonymous1:33 am

    Anyone else annoyed by the graffiti in the first picture?

    Graffiti like that is made by American niggers, why is America nigger culture being exported worldwide to make the niggers of the world into ghetto American niggers?