24 May 2016

What is really behind the Hate Speech Bill?

By Mike Smith
24th of May 2016

You know…we live in a funny country where the most useless Black President ever sings “Kill the Boers, Kill the whites” and “Bring me my machine gun” at almost every event he presents his useless, stinking carcass at, but when whites take offence to it, it is not classed at “hate speech”, because in the ANC culture it is just a “harmless Struggle song”.

Every time he sings that song he calls whites “Scared cowards” and “raping dogs”, but when the white Judge Mabel Jansen said that blacks have a rape culture she was hung, drawn and quartered by the ANC.

English translation of Aw Dubul'ibhunu

Penny Sparrow called blacks who made a mess on the beach, monkeys and was crucified, stoned and burned at the stake, yet the ANC’s Velaphi Khumalo called for whites to be hacked and killed like Jews and everything is swept under the carpet. The same with Kabelo Mahlobogwane who openly called for the mass murder of all whites

It doesn’t take much to notice that there is a definite racial double standard when it comes to what is considered “hate speech” and what is not in South Africa, because as thousands of whites are being killed in their homes by blacks, the politicians and the one-eyed leftist media practically ignore it, but let a white person just call a Black person a “Kaffir” then all hell breaks loose.

These hypocritical bastards now want to pass a law criminalizing “hate speech”, the so-called “Hate Crimes Bill”. Law to criminalize hate speech almost ready

So no more apology and/or fine…Jail time for using insulting words. It cannot get more absurd? Yes it does, because the ANC thinks we are little children who cannot handle name-calling. I really find it insultingly patronising that these useless stinking excuses for politicians think that I am not grown up enough to handle these words and they need to babysit me with their bullshit laws.

Incidentally the word “Kaffir” comes from a province in western Ethiopia, “Kaffa”, and is also the root of where we get “Coffee” from. Arabs used to call people from “Kaffa” “Kaffirs”, which became synonymous with “unbelievers”. The word came to South Africa via Muslim indentured workers in the Cape and Natal.

However the word is not universally offensive.

The African Buffalo also known as the Cape Buffalo is officially known under the genus “Syncerus caffer”. In German it is known as Der Kaffernbüffel and there is nothing offensive about it. Incidentally the flash of the most decorated SADF fighting unit, 32 Battalion was a “Syncerus caffer” and ironically proudly worn by the (mostly) black soldiers of that unit.

Besides, if calling someone a “dumb kaffir cunt” is an unacceptable insult, do they have a list of acceptable insults? And if so, does that not go directly against the point of an insult?

You see? And that is the problem. Just because a word might be offensive to you doesn’t mean it is offensive to someone else.

To us the word “Bimbo” means a stupid (usually blonde) woman. In Germany the word “Bimbo” is what they call our “kaffirs”. To them a “Tussi” is what we would call a “Bimbo”.

In fact in Germany a person might be terribly insulted if you use the informal “you” (du) instead of the formal “You” (Sie). A coloured in South Africa is something different to a colored in the USA just like what we call a bum, the Americans call a “fanny” (a simple word even children use) and for us a “fanny” is a vagina and a bum can also be a homeless person.

Australia is the only place I know of that you can call a friend a cunt as in "G'day, cunt" or call an enemy mate as in, "listen, mate. I don't wanna punch ya teeth through the back of ya head but you're pissing me off".

Only a dick would use the word cunt as a derogatory slang in Australia. In Australia if you want to insult someone you call him a “Canadian”. Takes a lot of balls if you ask me, because an Australian politician says use of the word 'Canadian' as derogatory term will no longer be tolerated

Then…Why is it that in the UK calling someone from Britain a “Brit” is seen as acceptable, but calling someone from Pakistan a “Paki” is not? What about Jap? Or Yank?

Do you know that the word “Ikey” is a derogatory term for a Jew and synonymous with words like “Yid” or “Kike”?

In South Africa the word “Ikey” is someone who studies at the University of Cape Town and the university has many Jewish students who are not offended by it at all.

In the USA a “fag” is a slur for a homosexual person. In the UK a “fag” is a cigarette. In the UK “faggots” are bundles of twigs used for a fire or British meatballs commonly made of pork offal.

A “Wog” in the UK is a black person, but in Australia it is somebody from Southern Europe like Italy, Greece or Spain.

The Danish word "perker" refers to Middle Eastern people like Arabs, Turkish, Persians, Pakistanis, etc. To us it has no meaning…just like the words “Hairy Backs”, “Rockspiders”, “Soutpiel” and “Japie” have no meaning to them.

Then there are all those words that are officially part of the Afrikaans language like “Hotnotsvye”, “Hotnotsvis” and “Kafferwaatlemoen” that will now have to be deleted from the dictionaries.

In the English language you won’t be able to call anybody Mick or Paddy anymore, because the Irish may be offended. Jock…then you offend the Scots, Taffy the Welsh, Dick the English and so on…And forget about “bogtrotter” and “bawbag”. Oh, and no more “Coolie creepers”, “Chinaman” or “Chinese cut” in cricket and no more “whitewash” or “shady deal”. Don’t call a spade a spade and be careful when you say “hip-hip-hooray”, because it actually means “Let’s go kill the Jews”.

Don’t believe me? Look it up.

So let the PC brigade and the ANC ban words, we will just invent new ones. “Spear chuckers”, “Papvreters”, etc. They want to ban those words too? We just invent more. Never a shortage of creative namecalling. Eventually they will have to ban the entire language and you can only do that if you ban the entire people who speak the language. Now isn’t that maybe the real motive behind the “Hate Speech Bill”?


  1. "The real motive . . ."

    Makes you think, doesn't it?

  2. Anonymous8:13 am

    Yip it's going to be one sided.
    Too frustrate the shit out of us.
    I will open a blog to list the new names for them.

    Well done Mike u keep me focussed on the real issues.

  3. Anonymous8:16 am

    Kaffir culture in Sri Lanka


  4. Anonymous9:02 am


  5. Anonymous9:08 am

    Call a Georgian a motherfucker. RIP

  6. Anonymous9:40 am


    These laws are there to bring transformation about, if they can arrest you for being racist and make bullshit laws up, then how many whites are going to object to their continual stealing?

    It is seriously time for a new vote in this country.

    This white nation is as large as Ireland, Albania, and other European nations - why are we taking this?

    Have we forgotten how large we really are? We DONT HAVE TO BE part of this new shit south Africa if we have a vote.

    This is finalize the 2nd phase of the transformation - keep whitee quiet before they strip us of everything and to make certain we wont say anything, they will make bullshit laws and arrest people claiming they are racists for speaking up.

    As simple as that, also just before he goes back to jail, to keep whites quiet.

  7. Anonymous9:54 am

    I have often pondered on these Words:

    'Except Those Days Be Shortened No Flesh Would Be Saved'.

    It seems that we are in the stage now where war is being waged against western 'christian' white folk - their culture/religion and values. And who is behind this planned strategy???

    Matthew 24:21-22 – 21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again. 22 If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.

    Faith Walker

  8. Anonymous10:15 am


  9. Anonymous10:26 am

    Looks like they preparing for a roundup of whites, smells like a genocide on its way

    1. Anonymous2:57 pm

      UN Seeks to Criminalize Free Speech, Citing “Human Rights”
      Alex Newman - 31 December 2014

      Under the guise of advancing what the United Nations refers to as “human rights,” the dictator-dominated global body is waging a full-blown assault on free-speech rights by pressuring governments to criminalize so-called “hate speech.” Indeed, working alongside radical government-funded activist groups and anti-liberty politicians around the world, the UN and other totalitarian-minded forces have now reached the point where they openly claim that what they call “international law” actually requires governments to ban speech and organizations they disapprove of. Critics, though, are fighting back in an effort to protect freedom of speech — among the most fundamental of all real rights.


  10. Anonymous10:34 am

    Well die Hoofkaffir in die land moet eerste sy bek skoon kry voor hy mense wil tronk toe stuur maar soos jy se dubbele standaarde geld...

  11. Anonymous10:34 am

    Well die Hoofkaffir in die land moet eerste sy bek skoon kry voor hy mense wil tronk toe stuur maar soos jy se dubbele standaarde geld...

  12. They certainly are on course with their 'get rid of whitey agenda'. One step at a time. Very sly. No big moves - just one chip at a time.

    As the saying goes:

    We have the clocks, but they have the time...

    1. Anonymous12:19 pm

      Their time is running out and we still have all the clocks...

  13. Anonymous11:02 am

    Wow everyday I learn something new.


    1. Anonymous11:43 am

      Until they drop a smart bomb on you'd doorstep. .then you will shout "eina poes"

  14. Anonymous11:02 am

    Another name is Dindu. Very descriptive.

    1. Anonymous11:50 am

      Fucking Dindu nuffin gone steal some more sheeet.

      fucking Dindu chimping out again at Mcd's.

      Stinking Dindu burning their schools again.

      They'll never silence us.

  15. Anonymous11:16 am

    mind blown ...............

  16. Anonymous11:44 am

    The names will stay, till the last white leaves this country or is killed, fuck them

  17. Anonymous12:28 pm

    The same thing is happening in the USA where they are banning the word man/woman because it offends the trannies.

    It is the Globalists that are trying to control every aspect of your life.

  18. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Interesting, your explanation of the word "kaffir". I thought it was a Muslim word for non-believer of Islam. The word is spelled Kafur. When the missionaries from the Wesleyan Church (Dr Phillip and others) came to Southern Africa two and a half centuries ago to spread the word of Christ among the natives, they referred to the natives as "kaffirs" ie non-believers. If "kaffir" means non-believer of Islam, then I am also a "kaffir" despite the fact that I am white. Muhammed Ali and Judge Hlope who converted to Islam recently will therefor not be "kaffirs".

  19. justice seeker1:49 pm

    As much as I want to help whites they are spineless retards..show me one decent white person including white woman they are all treacherous scum. I am throwing in the towel helping whites I'm practically bankrupt because I helped fellow whites woman mostly. Only alternative is for full scale bloodshed of all whites while I will be safely tucked away in europe earning proper money. I am white and a true conservative but I have had enough of talk talk talk

    1. Anonymous9:04 pm

      Have you ever heard of colloquial usages?

    2. Anonymous9:06 pm

      For anon 12:57^^

      Oh? Fuck-off then justice seeker, Europe will need your help very soon.

    3. Anonymous10:55 pm

      "decent white person including white woman they are all treacherous scum..." So, you say men are persons and woman not? You helped white woman mostly? I think you were trying to get something from them, but they saw through your bullshit plan...

    4. Anonymous12:49 am

      This is your comment from the "In South Africa good deeds will get you killed" thread where you were berated by LTMA.

      "I've started to agree with kill whites majority in my path deserve death. Bring it on.haha"

      No true white conservative or white ex-pat would ever post this crap. Only a white traitor or a dirty kaffir would do this. Which one are you?

      I think I know who you're really seeking "justice" for.

    5. Anonymous6:03 am

      Assnon 1:49 Delusional comment filled with contradictions about being white , you nothing but a black trying to rowel things . Justice seeker is so black and doesnt cut it any more. We learn nothing by these comments.

    6. justice seeker11:20 am

      Sorry guys I am all white and conservative. South africa full of complaining whites yet nothing gets taken to to the hague no wonder the world don't take south africa serious it's like petrol and inflation people just accept yet they have cheek to call names like soutie and englishman. Prove to me serious shit in sa...get every white to complain to hague

    7. Anonymous12:42 pm

      The Hague? Bwhahahaha hahahaha bwhahaha! Go back to bed kid, you know nothing.

  20. Anonymous1:51 pm


  21. Anonymous1:55 pm

    The bonobo has landed

  22. Anonymous3:35 pm

    It's called retribution. They're out to punish those (whites) who hold up the mirror to them. SBG inferiority. Shame...

  23. Anonymous5:05 pm

    How about tshwene, one zuma himself


  24. Anonymous7:06 pm

    No matter how hard that the ANC tries to point a finger of accusation at the previous government for the full failure of this country they will only bullshit the ignorant black masses, the spineless white liberals and of course themselves. Their ignorant worthless political attempt at governance and their complete destruction of the financial assets of the country is blatantly evident and all-embracing. The blacks fought for it when the whites fought against it. They thought that they were going to be far better off with one of their own uneducated monkeys sitting in the driving seat. Well the wretched truth has been clearly revealed and they certainly have failed dismally. This former thriving country is now also definitely heading for a place on the African junk heap with the rest of the failed black African countries. They all ignorantly and arrogantly thought that they could govern a country better than the whites and look where all of them are standing today. TOTALLY USELESS AND WORTHLESS! … But actually that is not the real “black” issue here is it? No! So therefore it is of no significance at all here today because it is more important to concern one’s self with being called a common lazy black kaffir.

    1. Anonymous9:08 pm

      I wonder why if Apartheid was so bad were we the powerhouse of Africa and also why did these apes come crawling to us in their millions? Useless parasites, all of them.

    2. Anonymous9:51 pm

      The truth is though that the only people bothered with South Africa now becoming 'Africanised' are the whites. To the blacks things are ok or still better than before. Whitey is the only loser in this transformation.

    3. Anonymous12:07 am

      The common black is also the loser and to dumb to notice. They gona die like flies. They have numbers becouse food was cheap and plentyful. But it changed now

  25. So, when you don't want to give money to a beggar , he says you called him a kaffir. If a pikanien doesn't want to keep quiet in class and the teachers punishes him, he says the teacher called him a kaffir. If a manager does a annual salary discussion with his staff and he tells him they reason that he isn't getting a increase is because he is basically useless and doesn't deserve on, he says the manager called him a kaffir. Argument at the bus stop, speeding ticket, fire the maid for stealing (if you are really so thick as to still have one), every single aspect of life in South Africa. You called him or her a kaffir. This bill needs to be killed as the consequences far outweigh any positives. The charge, unless video or any other proof is presented, will be based on the person who lays the charges integrity and we all know, blacks think integrity is something you eat with samp.

  26. Adrem9:17 pm

    Fascinating read Mike, and certainly a noteworthy collection from the obvious to the bizarre!

    I am a collector of cycads and more specifically the genus of Encephalartus which is native mainly to South Africa. Among my collection is a Eastern Cape Dwarf Cycad, found in nature around Humansdorp, Albany and Bathurst, with the scientific name of Encephalartus Caffer. To the best of my knowledge, no-one has as of yet suggested a name change. If ever it had to be done, I have some very politically incorrect suggestions.

    I can assure one and all that this is the only caffer seen and kept in my surroundings and for that I count my blessings!

    1. Well if it is from the Eastern Cape then it is simple where the name comes from. That whole area of the Transkei, Pondoland and Thembuland used to be called British Kaffraria also commonly known back then as Kaffir Land. I guess the British and German missionaries from 200 years ago weren't very PC then or maybe it just wasn't offensive to refer to blacks as Kaffirs back then.

      Interesting is that today a lot of those small towns around East London have German names, Berlin, Hamburg, Stutterheim, etc.


      As for a name for your dwarf cycad "Encephalartos Caffer"...I am afraid "Syphilitic Kaffir" is not going to be received very well ;-)

    2. "Syphillitc Kaffir"!
      Indeed Mike, good one! They are most syphilitic in any case.

  27. I am puzzled as to why racism is thought to be a terrible thing, rather than entirely natural and often reasonable, and why people allow themselves to be brow-beaten about it. Maybe we should stop. Domestic tranquillity would follow in torrents. As nearly as I can tell, a racist is one who approves of rigorous education, good language use, civilized manners, minimal criminality and responsible parenthood, among other things. I am, then, a racist. I see no reason to grovel about it.
    I decided long ago that if someone told me, “You a racist!” I would hesitate as if puzzled, and say “…So what?” This would add immeasurably to the planetary supply of stunned silence. The expectation is that anyone so charged will fall on his knees and beg for mercy. It would be a lesser offense to be caught sexually molesting autistic three-year-old girls while attending a Nazi torch-rally. Herewith another and yet worse confession: I do not see, or care, why it is thought my duty to like, or dislike, groups because of their race, creed, colour, sex, sexual aberration, or national origin. Nor do I think it their duty to like me. I especially do not understand why the ANC government should decide with whom I ought to associate or what I should think.

    Let us, improbably, glance at reality. A characteristic of human groups is that they do not like each other. The greater the difference between the groups, the greater the dislike; the closer the contact between them, the more open the friction. Is this not obvious? The instinctive rancour between disparate groups accounts for most of the world’s problems. Moslems and Christians dislike each other, Tamils and Sinhalese, Cambodians and Vietnamese, blacks and whites, Americans and Frenchmen, men and women, homosexuals and the normal and, as frequently pointed out, “…everybody hates the Jews.” Humans like to be among their own kind. This can mean many things. It can be political. White liberals cheerlead for diversity while spending their time exclusively with other white liberals. Similarly, smart people enjoy the company of smart people. Their own kind. So what? It isn’t snobbery. If left alone, people will naturally and peacefully form such associations as seem to them desirable. If left alone. So what?

    The Chinese cluster together in China Towns because they want to be among their own. So what? Jews have yeshivas because they want to preserve their culture. So what? Some can do this. Yet as a white African of European extraction, I too want to preserve my culture. This involves (or did) respect for law, studiousness, the production of children within marriage, self-reliance, honesty, sexual restraint, and so on. Another part of my cultural package is the literature of Milne, Milton, Twain, Galsworthy, Gibbon, and others at length. I want my children to read them. However, I do not want to impose my values and culture on others. A reason for letting people associate as they choose is that, while groups naturally do not like each other, they overlap in curious ways. Left to themselves, people sort these matters out like water reaching its level. Today of course we are admonished de jure not to choose our own friends and neighbours as if our lives were our own business. No. Instead we must follow the social directives of the ANC Communistst, whether anyone wants to or not. Few do. In Pretoria, on the Hill, upper Cape Town, the inner suburbs, the outer suburbs, everywhere, clubs and restaurants are either almost perfectly white or perfectly black. So what? It is how people want it. If freedom of association is racism, I am for it.
    So what?

    1. Hear, hear! Another profound statement of plain common sense. But the Nigger cannot elevate himself to our level of civilisation, but wants to drag us down to his.

    2. Anonymous5:49 am

      White Oak11:41 PM
      White Oak my mate you are a man after my own heart and I agree with you all the way. If people of another colour/nationality don't accept my refusal to assosiate or cajole with them then "SO WHAT" and with my compliments they can go and get stuffed.

    3. Another excellent comment White Oak. Thanks.

    4. Anonymous8:19 pm

      Dr. DF Malan: “Bring bymekaar wat uit innerlike oortuiging bymekaar hoort.” 

  28. Anonymous12:11 am

    So a person, and a fake or lying witness or two, can say that another person used 'hate speech' against them and have them sent to jail.

    Serious loop-hole in this so-called 'law'.

    Going to jail for name-calling, 'he called me bad names', and hurting people's feelings. Are these adults or little children?

  29. I truly hope these boers arnt gonna start backstabbing each other.

    Parys farm attack apparently never happened
    2016-05-24 22:00
    Iavan Pijoos, News24
    (File, Saps)
    (File, Saps)
    Multimedia · User Galleries · News in Pictures
    Send us your pictures · Send us your stories
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    Underberg farmer in serious state after attack
    Farmer shot in the face by teen
    Police track down farm attack five
    Parys - The alleged attack of an elderly Free State farmer near Parys, which led to the vigilante killing of two men in January, apparently never happened, Netwerk24 reported on Tuesday.

    Loedie van der Westhuizen, 73, apparently hit and injured himself with a broomstick while trying to chase two men off his farm, before he pressed a panic button.

    Some of the 40 men, most of them farmers, who were present when Van der Westhuizen’s two alleged attackers were beaten to death on January 6, had made statements to police.

    “I’m not going to jail for someone else’s actions,” one of them reportedly said.

    On Tuesday, another three farmers were arrested in connection with the murders.

  30. Here is a link if some of you guys want to turn some liberals and uninformed and young conservatives to our way. Info bomb them.


  31. The commies are getting desperate now, good, we must have them cowering in fear if this is the extent they going to go to to protect thier useless savage hides form the truth.

    1. Anonymous5:47 am

      Oh but the Zupta ANC are going for the communists as well now.

      First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist;
      Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a socialist;
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist;
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew;
      Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    2. They just doing what commies do, ousting the potential problems within thier ranks.

      First they came for the useful idiots and I gladly did not speak out because I am not a useful idiot, then the commies came for me and they died.

  32. Anonymous5:39 am

    The only realistic solution is for all whites to be removed from SA and provided with their own region - possibly Western Cape area. This way we can be totally separate and start afresh. It would be difficult but in my opinion well worth it.

    This racial argument will never be resolved. It will continue to heat up and will only end in disaster. Yes, there are some 'cowboys' who would rather have the conflict but they don't seem to care for woman and children and the consequences.

    We must start again on our own turf and then we will see who becomes the better off. The SA economy will totally collapse without whitey around. We would on the other hand make a fortune selling into SA.

    Like it or not this is the only solution. And I believe most whites who emigrated would return as well. We can not win this argument or reach an acceptable way forward with this ignorance.

    We are being continually pushed and provoked.

  33. Anonymous6:07 am

    There is a Very Good reason some have Velcro tops .

    1. Anonymous5:00 am

      It Saves on seatbelt in taxis because you only need to sew the part with the hooks onto the backrest of the seat .......see hard problems made easy

  34. Anonymous6:14 am

    Whites Shouldn’t Be Forced To Live Among Non-Whites


  35. Anonymous6:35 am

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe and the global roll-out


  36. Anonymous1:06 pm

    We'll just call 'em "non-kaffirs".

  37. Anonymous1:32 pm

    More stupidly thought out laws that sound great to the unwashed but will be impossible to enfoce. Imagine liberal Judge Mable Jansen being put on trial for "hate speech" Then with cameras beaming the trial across the world her mediocre advocate (because there will be no need to spend big buck on a brilliant one) unravels evidence after evidence of rape actually existing in black culture including pages from the Dept of Justice and Reconciliation

    (Posted in one of MS previous blogs)

    See how they cannot even name a department without giving it a totally misleading and euphemistic tag-along "reconciliation" when its mandate is clearly nothing of the sort.

    Anyway this is another "feel good" law. A threat like "Dragging the Racists To Court." Well guess what we are still waiting, so either Penny Sparrow is a NIS fiction or the government realises that if they "drag" her to court difficult questions will be raised in public around why none of the black racists have been subjected to similar treatment. I see a storm in a tea cup. Another short term bid for popularity.

  38. Anonymous1:15 pm

    There is a Houtkop Road in Vereeniging... why oh why did somebody even go to the lenth of giving a road this name!!!???
    I kid you not.

  39. Anonymous1:24 pm

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." -- Voltaire

    1. I honestly do not mind when people quote famous "enlightenment" philosophers, but kindly check and double check the sources of your quotes. One of my pet hates is misattributed quotes. Normally I just delete them. This quote above is an infamous one and all over the internet. Voltaire NEVER said such a thing.

      The quote comes from Kevin Alfred Strom, a Neo-Nutzi who pleaded guilty to the possession of child pornography and was sentenced to two years imprisonment of which he served four months. He uttered these words during a radio broadcast on a channel he runs.


      Another famous one is the misquote attributed to Dr. Albert Schweitzer who never said such a thing. I have read all Schweitzer's books and I can assure you that he LOVED blacks, but not in the way liberals do. His love for blacks was more like that of a person's love to his dog or cat. Or maybe the love a parent has to his retarded child. He never tried to change them or convert them. He simply accepted them for who and what they were. Every time they stole from him or broke his equipment or destroyed his property he just shrugged his shoulders and basically said, "it's what blacks do".

      The false quote I meant is this one.
      “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let White men from anywhere in the world, who come to Africa remember that you must continually retain that status: you the master and they the inferior like children that you help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    2. Anonymous10:27 pm

      Interesting. But does the source change the truth of the statement one bit?

    3. Of course it matters. Why attribute the quote to Voltaire (a famous philosopher) instead of the original person (a pedophile and Neo Nutzi) if it didn’t?
      I go to great lengths to bring the truth to light, to expose the hypocrisy of the leftist liberals and as far as I can do thorough research and quote my sources to the best of my ability. I check and double check my facts.
      The fastest way to discredit yourself is to spread bullshit quotes, false facts and lies from nobodies. Our enemies love it and frankly we do not need to do it. Just the truth. Nothing more nothing less.

      That quote is meant to be anti-Semitic. The JOOOS rule over us and the JOOOS are not allowed to be criticized. Fuckin bollocks mate. The quote is absolute bullshit. Ask that question in Russia and you will see that you are not allowed to criticize Putin. Ask it in Turkey and you can see you are not allowed to criticize Erdogan. Ask that question in Zimbabwe and it is Mugabe. Ask that question in North Korea and it is Kim Jong-un. In South Africa the ANC/Zuma.

      BTW. National Socialism, (neo-Nazism) is a leftist ideology that eventually leads to a one-world (white only) autocratic dictatorship. It does not protect nations or cultures; it destroys them.

      It has nothing to do with true Nationalism. Nationalism is neither right nor left. It is central...central to existence. It is the most natural form of politics and government. It follows the path of nature. National Socialism is unnatural.