30 May 2016

This is a declaration of war

By Mike Smith
30th of May 2016

Now there you have it. If you see an EFF bastard; Kill him. Put a bullet through his forehead. You have the fullest right.

This is a declaration of war! Malema: We are at war with whites

“We are at war with whites who took our land and we now want it back. We want our land and we want our wealth; if you stand in our way we will crush you,” Malema said to cheers and applause.


  1. Imagine if 'whities' were making such racist comments? Yet as usual, these swines get away with it while the MSM and libturds just ignore it. The double standards in this country is nauseating and sickening.
    Hope it all rolls out soon so we can get it over with one way or another. How much longer of this shit must we take???

    1. Agree with you LITR, time for talking is done. The time to walk the talk is at hand.

      Bring it on you fucking fat little blabbermouth Kaffir!

    2. Anonymous12:54 pm

      Wow. What year is this? You guys talk like its the 70's.

  2. Anonymous2:25 am

    Two arrested for 14 sheep carcasses found in car - http://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/north-west/two-in-court-for-14-sheep-carcasses-found-in-car/

  3. Anonymous2:57 am


    They want to have it all in just 22 years, after we built it up and paid it up in a lifetime. In 22 years they can show buggerall with our taxes, only destruction.

  4. Mr Mister3:00 am

    Wat die hart van vol is loop die mond van oor.

    Juju Malema can go to hell.

  5. Another round of bullshit. The hall's not packed. There are open spaces towards the rear, and besides, show us the whole area. The camera angle is propped just to show the filled spaces. Mostly 200 in the hall. Different if it was a stadium, but this looks like a school hall.

    More importantly, the ignorance of this man is never ending. Does he seriously think that in a time of civil war he will be immune from the fighting? He'll be in the crosshairs of a 50cal Barrett before a drop of Ulwazi reaches his gut.

    1. Grum

      Dont underestimate the size and growth of the EFF. My business takes me in to communities where i see excitement when they talk about the EFF. I see ANC supporters as well as former DA supporters praising Malema. Even people who would not have participated politically if Malema wasnt in the picture. They love what he is saying.

      And i for one would bet on it that they already have weapons and some military capabilities and foreign support. Malema is wishing to show this, it is dripping from his mouth. He doesnt want to show his hand but he looks like he cant hold it any longer.

    2. We have settled these bairn lands for over 300 years building it up in to a first world civilization. Our forefathers did not come to loot but to evade religious persecution and so the creator planted this light in the southmost corner of the dark continent and blessed them with the biggest gold deposits under their feet.

      He gave them their own language and culture. He turned them into a worrier nation fighting the mightiest army on earth costing them their most expensive efforts receiving blood nose after another and eventually succumbing to inhumane tactics and after a white flag became a republic May 31, 1961.

      Being kindhearted, polite, gullible and easily manipulated they were forced to uplift and take care of the savage that moved in from the north.

      This is our land our heritage our creation. We don’t need to feel sorry for the savage. We don’t ow them anything in fact they ow us more than they are ever capable of paying back.

    3. GG, yeah, I don't know why we haven't started a Snipers Club nationwide and started taking these fuckers out one by one. Every time one of things makes an anti-White utterance, you stablish where its next public appearance is going to be and,"Bang", it's gone. You let it be known why it was taken out.

      Put the fear of God into them and terrorise them so that they are too scared to ever talk kak again. .

    4. @Donycero:
      Yip, I understand that he has a big following in the country. No doubt about that at all. My point is that in the media article they give the impression that the place is packed out, when in effect, that's not the case at all.

    5. Anonymous6:40 am

      In contrast, there would have been sod all progress under 300 years of black rule.

    6. @TomKat, A snipers club would be ideal. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Lets do it already!!

    7. Tyrone, yeah, you have a few guys spread all across the country and you target them when they're addressing the rabble in open air stadiums.

      If you're shooting from a K out the projectile has arrived long before any noise might, which at that distance is irrelevant and can never travel that far. The sniper is long gone before they even realise what has actually happened.

      But it's not just a case of pitching up and making the shot. Withdrawal routes and alternatives have to be planned in advance. You have to pick a decent spot as a "hide". All manner of planning and preparation. There is no point in being caught for shooting one of the fucking things.

      And you need people who can shoot. I did a Sniper's course at the Infantry School in '72 [which was madness. Afkak de luxe. And I asked to do it!!!], but that was a century ago.

      Any volunteers for Snipers Anonymous out there?

    8. @TT, TMI, in the ethers mate. Keep it close.

    9. Anonymous10:16 pm

      Count me the fuck in !!!! I'm drooling at these cunts

    10. Anonymous2:52 pm

      Keep me in the loop.... I have springbok colors..... id love to be part of it.....

  6. Anonymous3:06 am

    We all knew it was coming. This little puppet is just keeping the timetable his British money and bankster overlords gave him up to date.

    1. Anonymous5:11 am

      This exactly what the international money powers want for this buffoon to take over and make everyone's life even more of a misery than it is already and be the tjerrie op die koek of total anarchy and chaos. We need a hitman.

    2. Anonymous5:48 am

      Nevertheless Malema is another mad dictator and preparing to encite and support the mass murders of blacks on whites to take full control of the entire country. Never underestimate this glory seeking mad kaffir especially now that he has the financial support from his British money and British bank overlords. It is also openly and fully supported by the massive communist block of Russia and communist China. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Europe and America are also standing there in the background somewhere as well. So we whites here now have our backs to the wall and our first and major priority is to assassinate Malema and those that follow him. Talking and reasoning with Hitler got the victims of his madness nothing and nowhere. Malema has openly declared war on us so then take him and his mad followers out with a bullet. Other than that the whites here SA will live to regret it. YOU HAVE BEEN OPENLY THREATENED SO THERE IS NOW NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE BUT TO KILL MALEMA BEFORE HE OR HIS EFF FOLLOWERS MURDER YOU.

    3. Anonymous10:25 am


      @Anonymous5:48 AM

      He will be taken out by blacks that will then blame us whites.

      No if we assasinate him, we are asking for an all out war.

      During this critical time, we have to prepare and unite. We need arms, weapons and most of all agree.

      Total irradication, they think this mal doos is mal, my friends I am not radical!

      I know of many whites far more "radical" than me. When it comes to surviving, you do whatever you must do.

      I dont want to see a single parasite from the Cape to the equator in 20 years time.

      Until such time as the whites can agree on this, then I cant support anything. I will only get involved if they can agree on a total irradication plan.

      Anything less and we will find ourselves in this same position in 50 years time.

      No never again. Been there, dont that!

      This time, we have to do what we have never done before. This time, we need to do what should have been done before, we need to follow what others have done in other lands but learn that you never create a reservation or provide any form of education/upliftment for them.

      I will uplift them to Satan, that will be my contribution to send these things back to hell.

      Whats the diff between Malema saying it how it is and Zuma singing "bring me my machine gun".

      Same thing, same situation!

    4. Anonymous10:54 am

      That is the plan Ninja. Total.

    5. @anon 5:11AM. You have hitmen.

      Read the pages of this blog.

    6. Anonymous10:21 pm

      Fuck.....pitty i only stumbled upon this conversation now.........How can i get u guys to contact me ? I also had enough of this fucking moaning , nagging , wining bullshit !!!Time to get a couple of small things in their heads

  7. Anonymous3:17 am

    Once more my dear friends, once more...

    Cry havoc!

  8. Anonymous3:29 am

    If you have not already done so, please read the long-winded Black Agenda Manifesto launched in May in Soweto. You will find it on www.blf.org.za

  9. Anonymous4:01 am

    Well fuck him and his useless idiotic followers....Malema moet skoffel in die tuin!!En ek glo nie eers hy sal dit reg doen nie.Our time has come to lift our arses and fight back.

    1. Anonymous7:50 am

      Hoor Hoor. ons moet net wapens kry.

    2. Anonymous10:20 am

      @@Anonymous7:50 AM

      And fast!

  10. Anonymous4:05 am


    En, dink die liberaliste regtig dat die kaffers hulle gaan spaar?

  11. I asked myself Saturday morning. “what can I do to make the people of my nation realize what is happening to them” I spend ours a day trying to wake people up and even convert liberals in to conservatives. I see them and yes they are waking up and starting to see the light.

    You see more and more people giving up on this rainbow- multiculturalism crap but even then they are numb to the reality of it. My family, friends and acquaintances included, unwilling to take action or even entertain a stand.

    I hear them agreeing the shit is coming(Atleast now they are seeing the farce of the rainbow shit they were sold) but they do not realize how they are being robbed, how they already have been robbed and how they are going to get robbed.

    This was not part of the agreement, not part of the shit story the NP sold in order to get the yes vote too abolish Apartheid. They guarenteed safety, protection and that we would not be dominated over by another group.

    Is this what we have today?

    Where are we headed?

    Epropriation bill – The ANC communist regime can take your property whether it be farms, money, sheep , business, car, food anything you own and redistribute it to others in the name of “social interest” This is very important. You have been robbed of your heritage, of your land, and of your rights, you have become a stranger in your own land without a say, a leader, a platform.

    You are being pushed in to poverty. The white squatter camps will become the home of the white majority. Communists will occupy your old homes in the cities and the luxury farms fighting like crocodiles for ownership.

    Those whites that can flee will flee leaving behind a retired nation pushed in to the slums of poverty being persecuted, murdered by violent rebels looking to rape a blue-eyed blonde girl fighting for their peace of empty promises of enrichment the ANC promised but can not deliver.

    Yes you will hide your daughters under the ground when their vehicles pull up in your street. You will beg them for mercy, for food. They will spit you in the face, pissing on you while you beg for mercy. This is our future if we do not act.

    As much as I appreciate the Suidlander's initiative... What if the night of the long knifes dont materialize? What if their is no major attack on Joburg? What if this communist regime keep on with this ever so slow tactical annihilation of our nation. Are we then indeed doomed as the frog in the boiling pot.

    Like I said before I am in. Lets start something proactive because before long we will not be in such a privileged situation to start anything.

    1. Anonymous5:19 am

      I don't think this slow decline can go on for too much longer Donycero. Money, money, money....it's so funny...in a rich mans world! When the people can no longer afford taxi fare to work or food for the table then we will see action. It really will boil down to survival. When the money runs out, the blood will flow in earnest. We are on that edge right now. Let's see what happens on Fridays credit rating announcement from S&P. Not long now guys, it's almost time.

    2. Anonymous5:48 am

      Donycero, I think that is their strategy, a slow-burn approach. When things are gradual, when changes or misfortunes are gradual, people notice it less or at least are affected less, that's just the way our minds work.

      Only if the EFF come to power, then I think we will see outright attacks. The aim of the ANC is a slow economic and cultural attack, aimed to demotivate, demoralize and lead to further immigration. Until all that are left are the poor, the young, uneducated and old.

      I have been saying this since the early 2000's.

      The difference is that no one would listen to me then, now many liberals I know are even more vocal than I am about it.

    3. Anonymous6:17 am

      Vee eers voor uie deur. Maak huis skoon en raak opslae van die verraaiers. Naspers wemel van hulle die broederbonders en Vrymesselaars ensovoorts. Dit sal nie moord wees nie net selfverdedging.

    4. @Dony4:25AM. My friend.

      What can we do? We talk and talk, we get slammed and dunked if we are to harsh or to offensive.

      We are so spread out that we cannot even get everyone together to find out who is the real deal and who is not.

      I would love to see chapters being set up in different areas but that to seems to be impossible.

      I am on the East Rand and I would offer my services as a gathering place for members here.

      We need more of these little nests, nothing to big but yet not to small.

      I totally agree with you, we need to get something going and very fast.

      These retards are getting training, that why this Melema cunt is pushing for conflict, I think its a fucking good move on his part. If he springs it we are forced to band together and pull our fingers out.

      I am so tired of talking war, I want to go there and do it. So let's get proactive and do something even if its just training for what is to come.

    5. Anonymous8:02 am


      We might be 4.5 million but we can out think them any day of the week. With Europe moving faster to the right, it will not be long before they look our way.

      We will get our weapons, we will get our support and we will take back EVERYTHING, from the Cape to the equator.

      This time, leave no parasite alive. EVERY SINGLE one of them! If you dont like that, simply give up now. This is our fault, the parasite should have been cleansed from this land centuries ago.

      Now you see the ramifications of it.

      We have been brainwashed to accept peace, while they promote war & racial hatred. But its fine, Siener mentioned this will be the quiet before the storm.

      No nation, however large or small can stand before the Lord. If we as a nation will go back, get on our knees and simply pray, arm, train, 1 man will chase 1,000 men and do the maths, 100,000 will chase 100 million.

      So if we will simply arm, unite, train, prepare, wake our people up and say NEVER, ever ever again.

      Every parasite from the cape to the equator must be wiped out. They declared war! Not me!

      Now I look to my good book and it says...

      Wipe them out, women, children and all, show them no mercy. That is what I intend to do. Let one fucken person tell me when this shit goes down that this cant happen, I put my rifle down and fuck off out this place forever.

      I am not letting my great great grandchildren ever live through this. It is either the parasite or us plain and simple.

      Total eradication, this bliksem has got a groot mond. Wag, let him see, he has not seen anything yet.

      Until we can agree on total, complete 100% utter eradication I will not get involved.

      I want nothing less than total but total but total eradication, like I have said, the only parasite left will be in an underground museum and I dont want to hear bullshit about " some are good, some are bad"

      They are all fucking satanic evil bastards.

      They declared war... so be it.

      Total but total eradication or Im out of here. Everything, a total cleansing. This isnt anything new, I said this in 1994 when I was still young, that if they stuff this new SA and attack us...

      Total eradication. I dont want to see a parasite here in 20 years time, not a single one.

    6. @anon BN 8:02AM.

      Total annihilation, I am with you.

      You pray for me, I am with you. I will fight alongside you and I will bleed with you but it can only be them or us.

      We in our life time do not pass by one of them without deleting them from this place we call home.

      We leave no male, female, child or infant. There is no mercy there is no reasoning.

      Only then my friend do I stand with you.

      If you want peace, prepare for war.

    7. Anonymous10:45 am

      Si vis pacem, para bellum

    8. Anonymous11:53 am

      Conservatives, as proven in the USA are part of the problem.

      Nationalism is the way to go.

    9. All comments noted.

      @ LTMA
      You see the problem is i do not know you and you do not know me and i do not want to fall in to that boeremag trap and i am sure you also dont want to either.

      The thing is we have agents and spies and i am sure they come around on this site as well. You wont know them they might sound like the biggest racist in the world with every second word kaffir this and kaffir that but just remember they have license to do that.

      They have license to infiltrate and make statements, statements that can land normal folk like me and you in prison for treason.

      Never-the-less we need to find or create a smart way of uniting like-minded people.

      @ Ninja
      You are spot on with the eradication. If you have a cockroach problem you dont just kill or chase some of them away, you need to eradicate everything including the eggs otherwise you gonna sit with the same problem in the near future.

      I do not want war i am a peaceful soul but i know i have what it takes to take care of the dirty side of the business.

    10. @Dony 12:08 AM. Caution can never be disregarded in a resistance environment. I agree with you.

      As for infiltrators on this blog there are plenty, they swarm these pages. I will give you an example. While I was busy and off line.

      A certain Thandi visited these pages. I read her scripts when I got back from duties. Thandi is the same wag that posted as Brett fish, Valerie fish and sometimes as anon, the writing style and word usage is so similar as to be almost exact.

      So yes we are being monitored and watched.

      The entries here on ways of assaulting the enemy need to be read careful, if they come from anon posters, nothing like a lured bait to entrap a careless prey.

      We must look after each other but we need to dress each other down as well.

      What I post here is opinion and belief, I have stated so and that covers my right to freedom of speech, you cannot prosecute somebody for their opinion no matter how racist or hateful it is.

      But the fact remains that we still have to glue ourselves up because at present we are just splinters spread over the impact zone.

      We have been betrayed by our own and will continue to be betrayed by our own until we take the hard line.

      Let's devise a smart way of communicating and incept it otherwise we are truly lost.

    11. Anonymous7:51 am


      @LTMA.9:09 AM

      I am praying for everyone here. I will only get involved if, as a nation we agree on a total parasite cleanse. I mean every single one of them, anything less is asking for shit in 50 years from now.

      I dont want any race issues in the future. The only way to prevent this from happening is, the strongest survive.

      Until there is someone, some leader that can agree on a total but total parasite cleanse, well then I might as well sleep in my cave.

      Im not interested in anything less. Whats the point? What was the point of a border war, when the terrorists are running the country now?

      What was all the lives wasted for?
      All the white murders for?

      No, If 70% or more agree on total irradication, then I will join in, anything less is being foolish and doff.

      Time to do what should have been done. Just unite, train, arm, prepare, pray and be calm to the build up of this, preparation is key.

    12. @ anon 7:51AM, BN.

      To you I pledge my services and will honour the pledge in the times approaching.

      I will not rest until annihilation is complete or my life is spent.

      That is the most I can offer.

  12. Anonymous4:34 am

    Surely, he can be taken to court for incitement to commit murder, commit grievous bodily harm, theft and damage to property, hate speech, and 'racism'?

    Imagine if a white person declared war on blacks?

    Such double standards, there is no justice in SA, it a lawless state led by criminals.

    When people no longer respect or care for the law, and view the ruling group as illegitimate and laughable, the state crumbles.

    When no one respects the law, we are living in a 'state of nature', a free-for-all where no rights are truly protected and it is a perpetual state of war. This is as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke would argue.

    States can fall out of statehood, particularly when crime becomes uncontrollable and there is no longer respect for any higher authority.

    The Western Cape is the last enclave of a developed state in Africa still holding on.

    1. Anonymous6:53 am

      Unfortunately, I don't think the courts would do anything. They'd probably call what he said a "Struggle" statement even though it is blatant racism.

      They use this bloody "Struggle" crap to justify almost everything e.g. Kill the Boer, Shoot the farmer.

    2. Anonymous10:03 am

      Like they took Zuma to court for his violations...never going to happen unless you're white.

  13. Anonymous5:31 am

    @Anonymous4:34 AM
    "Surely, he can be taken to court for incitement to commit murder, commit grievous bodily harm, theft and damage to property, hate speech, and 'racism'?"

    Afriforum has already taken the ape to court for singing "Kill the Boer", but he still does what he wants to anyway as he has the license by the courtesy of his London masters.
    "Imagine if a white person declared war on blacks?" That is just it! We have been pushed out and do not have rights in the country that our forefathers built.

  14. Anonymous6:29 am

    This so-called Rainbow Nation has a crock of shit at both ends. A Zuma/ANC crock and a Malema/EFF crock. The crocks overflow and pour shit onto this once beautiful country whenever these two ignoramuses open their dirty stinking mouths.

  15. Malema, being so full of shyte, probably did not notice that it is the year 2016 and the way White self-hatred goes, one side of the isle is always wrong, the other always right. One side can do anything it likes, the other side – no matter what it does, no one is allowed to like. The Black is always the victim, the White, eternally the oppressor. Slavery never ended, it is eternal. One side always has the right to speak, the other, can only listen, and is always obliged to do so. Challenging any of these precepts can cost a life. No rights to self-interest. No rights to self-love. No rights to survival. No rights to choose where you live. No rights to choose your children’s school. No rights to speak. No rights to think. No rights to choose who works for you or who you work with. Whites cannot breed, for fear of the world into which they bring their children, and hence they see no value in creating and maintaining stable families. They cannot produce their own people to clean their own streets, build their own homes, or police their own streets. They no longer have a right to do so, because they no longer want themselves to exist. From the conquest of half the known world, to a conquest by the savagery they failed to emendate off the face of it.
    Newsflash Malema... Once the lights go out for Whites, they will be out for everybody. It will be Darkness at Noon, worldwide, literally, and genetically.

    1. @WO6:42AM.

      If you could only explain that to these retards. If you could get that message across mate, you would have achieved more in your life time than what thousands failed to do in a 1000 years.

      I have lived in Africa and these fuckers starve and live in absolute poverty. They see a white man and they treat him as if he is a god.

      They rely on NGOs and aid orgs to give them work and food, yet when their bellies are full, they start the same shit that took them into their forlorn state to start with.

      You are right the white mans time is spent world wide, ours here has past it sell by date in 1994, the fact that we have hung on so long just proves our tenacity and endurance.

      Unfortunately tenacity and endurance has run its course, we will now have to start showing aggression, skill and ability. If we want to survive in this country we need to realise that we are going to bleed and some of us will die.

      Not all will die, a lot less will die if we fight than what will die if we don't.

      These black stinks only understand agression, power and pain.

      Before the lights go out I want to at least have the opportunity of trying to keep them on.

  16. Dmitri6:50 am

    Us whites will NOT stand together. We are too fragmented. The Afrikaaners will not tolerate a English Leader to unite us and the English speaking whites (sorry to say), are apathetic to everything. Not to mention, the Italians, Portuguese and others who can leave in a hurry with their foreign / dual passports.

    I will go so far as to say that even the Afrikaaners will fight each other. The commies have done their job well. Planting traitors amongst us. They are more than a step ahead. We can talk and moan and groan all we like. We need action from the international community to put the brakes on the continued destruction of SA. Trump is better than Clinton. Merkel has sold out to the Muslims. The UK is pretty screwed. NZ and OZ might (and it is a big MIGHT) assist in a small role. Israel will not as the current cANCer hates Israel.

    Any suggestions?


    1. @Dimitri6:50AM.

      If the truth be voiced, you are right. We whites will not stand together, our racist extends beyond colour. There is classism, culturism, languagism, likeism, dislikism fuck, there is so mush ism that its all about him.

      So mate in a nutshell, leave, face the music solo or intimidate the whites into your way of thinking.

      Three quarters of these retards just want to live and get on with what they have. They are intimidated, threatened, beaten and killed to enforce solidarity and unification.

      Its still happens, we just do not hear about it.

      So are you prepared to band up with a group of terrorists and enforce your wishes on your own.

      Are you prepared to execute a white skin and put it on media and display the corpse to achieve your aim?

      I am asking?

      Because if you are then you will get the unification that you are looking for. Fear is the most effective control tool ever discovered.

      We are on the truth hurts, let's face the truth.

      These retards rule by fear, they win elections by fear they dictate fear. Do not look at a first world country and think Africa is at that standard.

      Are we willing to do the same? If not well then freedom of association is against us. We lose.

    2. Anonymous5:37 am

      This war is going to evolve into a holy crusade, if you do not believe in Jesus you are going to have three choices, run, be sent to your master Satan or accept Jesus. People will try to deceive but they will fail and be put down immediately. God says himself he hates those that do wickedness. I show my enemy love by praying for his conversion so I do not have to kill him. Enough of this love them all Christianity, it is false. They have heard of Jesus, his gospel is in their language, they have free will, so does everyone white or black. Liberals, sodomites, Islamists, traditionalists, evolutionists all of them are antichrist. Whites are part of that group. People have one decision to make. The rest is already foretold in scripture, I choose Jesus, I choose crusade, I choose life, I will lay down my life for a fellow believer, I will take the life of heathens even them that don't pissith against the wall. This is my commitment to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Now you all know who I pray to all day, I ask him to bless us with a crusade. We as a people will first be tried by fire to humble us and prove our worthiness for God. So prepare and repent, confess your sins one to another, humble yourself to God, respect no man for his station. Pray for your government as commanded to and God will change it, he can do all things. God bless each and every believer. 1000's may fall at your side, 10000 on your right side but it will not come near you and you will see the reward of the wicked.

    3. @anon5:37AM. Mate you are most probably not versed in African missionary history.

      Just a reference, Congo, Uganda,Kenya, Rhodesia, Zambia. Those missionaries were still praying while they were being raped and sodomised and tortured.

      You pray I will shoot, let see which works better.

    4. And I forgot to mention, the Jesus that they were praying to is the same one you mention and the savage that was busy with them is no different to the one that's preparing to get busy with us.

    5. Anonymous7:08 am

      remember David vs Goliath, bring your nuke, I come to battle with God. Yes missionaries are murdered, these people have no God, look at how they murder rape steal, we all are angry but To unite under some man made desire will fail, let's do it right first time. Boet, brother, I would lay my life down for you too, even for your kids. I am not the enemy, you know and I know who they are. There is only one place to seek help. Believe or don't there is time to prepare your soul as well as mind. Trigger happy I'm not, I train every day. Boet I've gone as far as improvised weaponry, David's sling, I cast a three ounce sinker 250m, am capable of hitting a rugby post from 150m away in three casts. I make bows, I hunt, I make and mine clay for pottery, make turpentine from pine tree sap. I don't sit on a Saturday watching rugby then lighting the alter and sacrifice a steak and boerie to the sports gods. I read scripture, I prepare the mind with knowledge, the soul with living seater and do not fear man. What gave you been doing.

    6. @ anon7:08AM, I am not fighting you or arguing with you.

      I want you to pray for me I don't know how, you do the praying and I will be the shooter of these heathen breeds.

      No disrespect intended. I mean that.

    7. Anonymous8:50 am

      brother, i will pray for you more than once, you could start with "our father". LTMA no fight was in our words, no worries however if anything i said offended you please forgive me. May the Lord bless you and guide you in your ways. TO THE EQUATOR WE SHALL MARCH.

    8. Anonymous10:09 am


  17. Anonymous7:24 am

    Let him come, along with his hyped up followers. It is one thing to talk all tough about war, in reality war is not something that you want. Believe me, when bullets start ripping into your buddies around you, with body parts, brains and derms flying all over the show, these red beret wearing muppets will cry for their mommies. I suggest this malema idiot go and have a chat with the esteemed MK veterans, they will inform him that you don't fuck with a cornered man protecting his family, friends, brothers in arms and his property.

  18. Anonymous7:25 am

    Bullshit. Julius Malema is in no position to "forgive" Jacob Zuma's thieving nor is he capable of taking land away from anyone. It is the ANC that has land at its disposal to give away, but it doesn't.

    1. Anonymous10:09 am

      Correct, the traditional "liedas" have millions of hectares of very good agricultural land to farm on...but no, they want a Boer's land....Can anyone tell me how many land claims were/are imposed on these traditional liedas' kingdoms? I bet you fuck all. .

  19. Let's see if this retard can fire the first bullet to back up his declaration.

    Let's see if he can crush us as he threatens.

    These fucking cunts think that they can intimidate and harass and threaten us.

    As for wanting to protect yourself with the legal process in this circus, fuck! The law is a joke. They cannot even prosecute the most blatant of criminals in the country, now you want them to try take Malema on.

    I understand when a jihadist dons a vest and walk into a crowded mall, I now understand why a man takes a rifle and deletes a couple of Muslims or Christians from his community.

    I now understand why the time is coming that shortly individuals in this country will be doing those exact same things.

    Somewhere, someone has to make a stand against the shit that goes down in this fucked up world.

    We are getting so pushed to our limits now that the bough is going to break and we ourselves are our own undoing because we are still not unified.

    We are still worrying about paying bills and buying cars and moving into that dream house. FUCK! Are we as White South Africans so stupid?

    My brothers, friends and comrades in arms there is no South Africa left for a white man. Wake up.

    Are we going to take it back or not, are we going to fight for our survival or are we going to let these retards slaughter us in our slumber?

    Come tell me, answer me now so that I know if I must do what has to be done as an individual or must I tree aan with my brothers and fight the good fight.

    I am tired of black stink retards ruling me on their whims.

    This fucking Malema cunt has chosen his way I need to choose mine.

    1. Mike Miller8:33 am


      'Something' will happen that sends events and people moving in the right direction. Until then think Food,Water,Ammunition. When 'IT' happens,you'll be better off for the foresight in preparing. Did not Paul Kruger buy so many arms secretly that corruption was suspected?


    2. Anonymous10:18 am


      The parasite, every single last one of them needs to be irradicated, all of them.

      Best we bite our tongues for now, in the long run hmmm we will see.

  20. Anonymous7:49 am


    Very interesting.

    We have the SABC censoring violence now, we have the gov promising electricity will not be shut off.

    Siener mentioned that when the news is censored, shortly afterwards there will be a huge state collapse or the gov run out of money, more or less the same thing.

    He mentioned that Germany will experience severe violence during this period. Today I heard that the UK is expecting a nuclear war with Russia, the time line of events is HERE.

    The whites will be attacked, their land will be taken away, we will have blacks clashing with blacks, just prior to WW3 breaking out.

    We will be stripped of everything he said. See the land issue, the sports issues and then we will have this severe violence.

    I am willing to bet we get hit with downgrades and the violence will continue.

    We are in deep danger now as whites. We really need to be working together & preparing for what is coming because IT IS coming!



    1. Anonymous10:03 am

      Correct me if I am wrong, Germany will eventually crush Russia according to Siener?

    2. Germany will reign supreme in the end....

  21. Anonymous8:17 am

    Those who live by the sword must die by the sword! There are no two ways about it! Mad murderous Malema and his ignorant EFF criminal cronies will definitely have to be eliminated as soon as possible. His evil mind stinks higher than the rancid shit that he spews from his putrid mouth. To know that our own former white kith and kin are in full support of the murderous intentions that these ignorant black bastards have planned and intend to execute is beyond belief. I am sure that we are soon going to become the victims of the largest BETRAYAL of a fellow white nation ever to be supported and thereafter recorded in future first world history! No words upon this earth will ever be able to describe their loathsome betrayal.

    1. Anonymous10:44 am

      The ultimate betrayal already happened to us 22 years ago.

  22. @BoereNinja, I have Sieners book, I read it all the time, I bought it just before mandela died, it had said he would die and be displayed in a glass casket,and what happens it came true!! Whats happening in Europe now? Being over run by 'refugees' who are mostly young men, just what Siener said. I am a believer! All this happening because people turned away from their belief. Liberals and commies have no belief system. Its all materialistic. The only issue is why the West goes against Russia. I think America well their government is the Evil magog. Russia dont start wars, they always seem to be on the defencive futting against America. And yes whites must Unite, Prepare, and arm up. I actually have a chance to go overseas. But my heart says and wants this battle against these zots now. We have had enough!!

    1. Anonymous12:45 pm

      You dont have sieners book. You have Adriaan Snymans book.

      You never read Sieners prophecies. You read Adriaan Snyman's vile and incorrect interpretations of Siener.

      I tried cross referencing Adriaan Sleezyman's book against the original writings of Siener, and holy fuck, there is some SERIEEEAAASSS embelishment.

    2. Anonymous2:11 am

      You are quite right about America and their corrupted NATO allies frustrating Putin at every turn.

    3. Anonymous6:57 am

      Tyrone, all what is going on is in the bible, a reliable source, ask and I will enlighten

    4. Anonymous7:55 am


      @Anonymous12:45 PM

      Where are the originals? Provide a source of the originals, I have no idea why Adriaan would want to chance any of his work.

      What ever is in Adriaans book is happening, so either he is right or he is so wrong that it is happening.

      So far, since reading Adriaans book, I have seen many things happen as mentioned. How do you explain that one?

      Also Adriaan gives dates of the original visions, so and cross references them with others who he interviewed.

      Either way, that book was published more than 10 years back and many of the things mentioned are happening just like he mentioned.

      Luck? I dont know

      Either way, we see them happening - what are we as whites doing?

  23. Anonymous9:15 am

    Could any legal person respond on this issue?

    Has Malema declared war on whites, and unless a truce/ceasefire has been arranged, it is within our rights to assume that any EFF person is hostile and may be shot?

    Since Malema has declared war on whites, the ANC should surely be obligated (in terms of the constitution) to declare war on the EFF, since they are constitutionally responsible for the protection of all its citizens, irrespect of colour?

    Should the ANC does not respond in such a fashion, have they once again shat on the constition, and we are therefore no longer obligated to support this country, and no longer have to pay taxes, and that none of the SA law now apply to us?

    1. Anonymous10:42 am

      Very valid points and questions.

      So does anyone know if a De Facto state of war exists now?

    2. Anonymous12:44 pm

      Anon 9:15 AM

      We as whites are on our own in this hellhole called South Africa. We have no choice than to fight back. Just don't be caught fighting back!!!

    3. @anon10:42AM. Malema, declared on international media That he would remove the ANC from power through the barrel of a gun.

      That's is an act of terrorism but also the right for freedom of speech. Fucking twisted and convoluted society we live in.

      There was absolutely nothing done to him.

      He has just declare war on white people but again he exercised his freedom of speech, so no there is no de facto state of war.

      It is merely the right to say what he wants that has taken place.

      There will only be a state of war once an act of war has been perpetrated, now in this country what is an act of war?

      The fact that whites are targeted and killed daily does not constitute an act of war, it is explained as criminal activity by criminals.

      The fact that we as whites have publicly been threatened and vocally harassed and victimised is not considered an act of war even after these retards declare war on us.

      So if any white out there is hoping that a state of war exists then best you go start that war by perpetrating an act of war.

      Then again if you do that you will stand alone because the other whites I talk of the majority will turn against you and persecute you for trying to defend and regain your birth right.

      So what ever you are hoping for will not happen because retard will not act in the manner that is considered to be an act of war, they will carry on what the liberals and rest of the world consider as crime though.

      And if we do go into as state of war now, we are totally screwed, fucked, beaten, defeated or lost losers we have had 22 years to organise ourselves and get our shit in order. We still have not and cannot.

      We cannot even pick a leader and if we do pick one everybody wants to tell him how to lead, we cannot carry out an instruction because we all believe we should be issuing instructions not executing them.

      My fellows on this blog, let's face the truth and stop the bullshit, we are not going to compact our shit into a solid turd. We will carry on with our gippo guts and we will be taken apart by our foe.

      SL and other organisation do not want a pro aggressive strategy even when faced with aggression, their exit plan that they promote is questionable and to me constitutes an mass evacuation which is what we can all do by ourselves, and what most runners have done already.

      So, if we are not going to face the enemy head on and become twice as aggressive as he is.

      If we cannot pick a leader and support him even if to one of us his decision does not make sense.

      If we cannot unify and determine a group strategy that favours the group.

      If we cannot get use to carrying out instructions, commands and orders.

      Then my fellows we are fucked. Somebody needs to say the above because everybody knows the above is true.

      Just to add, guys bear with me hear me out.

      You overweight, bass bellied and unfit guys that contribute here. How the fuck will you fight a war?

      I see the obesity in the white men, fuck! Most of them battle to walk across a road, how the fuck do you think you will do a running battle.

      Guys switch the fucking rugby and sports off and rather get to the gym and train your bodies into shape.

      Lastly those fellows that enjoy the B&Cs and castle and wines, quit it. There is no place in resistance for ill discipline.

      If you are soldier and you wish to conquer your enemy you need to be better, more disciplined, better prepared and know yourself before you can beat your foe.

      Now you're all fucking welcome to take me apart and call me a poes and a doos but guys I am here to win and I will do what it takes to win. I am not here for fun and games those stopped when the traitors gave away my country.

    4. He will just simply change his words and say he was speaking figuratively about white capital monopoly.

      We know what he means and his followers know what he means.

    5. Anonymous3:26 am

      Maybe I am wrong, but is the Boeremag boys not rotting in jail for far less than what Malema did or say?

    6. They did plant bombs though.

  24. Anonymous10:02 am

    I saw a war. I fought in a war.
    I wonder if the fat little fuck Juju and his band of ill disiplined followers have ever been in a war?
    Bold statement if you have never been there.
    Come my little kaffirs. Bring it on!

  25. Anonymous10:18 am

    Why was this not on all the news channels this morning? Where is Fuck FW now, where is Cunt Kallie now? What does the Mulder Motherfuckers say now? What does all those people say that think we are all verkramptes and right-wing lunatics? Sello? Max? No one?

    It's us against the whole fucking world it seems. Even some of our own kind as bowed down to the Beast system.

    1. Anonymous11:38 am

      So true, this morning on a very popular Pretoria radio show the only thing you heard on the it's news bulletin was "conti amin" proclaiming whites stole land from blacks. ..but nothing about this overweight cunt poes declaring war on the white minority. .The host of this paluka show entertained this mad genocidal cunt, singing songs with him, and then labeled it as satire when a large portion of the white audience complained about his stupid liberal effort to promote cunt ammin's war mongering proclamations. In fact, this very same host entertained another self proclaimed communist, a few days ago on the very same radio show. point is, open your eyes people, the propoganda indoctrination is subtle, but effective, I would know, i was one of those idiots that was brain washed...not anymore, thank God.

  26. Anonymous11:06 am

    Where is the good doctor when u need him?waar is die spesiale bakterië.no parasites spared

  27. The silence of the liberal voice is deafening.

    I am amazed that we hear not the words of the intellectuals defending the utterance of savage.

    I would have at least expected some form of explanation to defend the poor oppressed and downtrodden off spring of slave.

    Yeah, I know, you guys have to go ply your hard earned skills in some other venture at present.

    I bet if LTMA had put on FB that Malema was a monkey and behaved like a baboon, you lot would have been swarming this blog, baying for blood and demanding apology.

    But hey the bright side is that if you're white and liberal you will buy us time because the dark side will take you first as you lot will be closest to them.

  28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9v_XxUtMlI

  29. Anonymous11:40 am

    He said " Kiss the babies and grannies"

    When he sand kill the boer, he was cornered by the media and he said "no no, I said KISS the boer"

    Seems like as if he wants to go for the vulnerable members of your tribe

    1. Anonymous1:23 pm

      I'll kiss Malema...Glasgow style!

  30. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Boycott Rugby and prepare. It's that simple.

  31. Anonymous12:16 pm

    From what I hear in the Western Cape, the Xhosa blacks don't like Malema.

    I think the ANC and EFF might have some tribalism problems in future, especially with whoever Zuma's successor will be.

  32. Willempie12:22 pm

    Bedaar mense - dis aan koelkoppe eerder as aan heethoofde dat ons ons seuns en vaders toevertrou in tye van oorlog... (Met erkenning aan C von C). Dink kos, water en ammo. My oupa het altyd gesê: Talk is cheap, money buys the whiskey!

  33. Anonymous1:04 pm

    IT is partly your fault. Stop hiring these types. Invent a fucking machine to make your bed if you are too lazy to make it yourself.

    1. Spot on. Whites need to get past the notion of job types, meaning, all work if done diligently and honestly is noble. It doesn't mean a white man mopping toilets is bad, it means he has a job and provides a service. Unfortunately its a South African thing that must stop. Thank God for Orania, you do all your own labor there. The problem with starting a Volkstaat is that most will want to bring the ousie. After 30 years you sit with the same problem again. Black people are different, the developed differently to Europeans, we have small families , they breed like rabbits due to their environment during their evolution, or lack of it..

    2. Anonymous5:23 am

      Doing the menial labour intensive jobs is below the white man, always with the mentality, dis n kaffer se job. Now the whites are sitting with their fingers in their ass, since it benefitted the blacks. Look at America and Europe, to sweep and clean streets or clean houses or gardens is contracted out, usually the immigrants that do those kinds of jobs but they do make money,. If you want a job as a white person in sa, do the jobs the blacks do not want to do and you will make money.

  34. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Craptain Scarlet is the one who will be crushed.

  35. Faith, belief and 100% trust in Our God and the motto of the Boer's in the past, EEDRAG MAAK MAG, has always been a win recipe.

    Corinthians 4:8-9
    We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. God’s promises help us to see that no matter how dark and difficult our trials become, God will see us through. Let's unite and fight the devils creation.

  36. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Tyrone W9:04 AM
    The only issue is why the West goes against Russia. I think America well their government is the Evil magog. Russia dont start wars, they always seem to be on the defencive futting against America.

  37. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Where is the ANC now? They ban violence on SABC but this hatespeech is okay?

  38. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Let's get one thing straight. When Malema says he wants the land back for 'his' people, what he actually means he wants wants the land PLUS the houses and any development/improvement to be handed over to the blacks. Any vacant land will be totally useless to any black because they won't know what to do with it it!

  39. Ons mense moet maar net onsself bewapen en by plekke betrokke raak soos die kommandokorps vir militere opleiding om ons families te beveilig en n nood stelsel soos die suidlanders wat al trek by n miljoen lede.

    1. Say what? Kommandokorps? Hehehe You are not serious are you?

      You are far better off with these guys. At least these instructors are former SA Police Task Force members, not a bunch of palookas.

      Tactical Training in Cape Town

    2. Anonymous3:37 am

      You see Mike now you come with a gebakte Pere
      WHO can afford R34,000.00 PER course for training
      I really think that you are sending people into a cul de sac
      Who of use can afford helicopters to go flying around the kuntry ?
      Making blood suckers richer

      WHERE are the REAL patriots who will provide proper training for love and just enough to cover expenses.
      THESE are the people we need -- NOT your cr@p !

    3. Oh please don’t be so negative mate! You want what? “Patriots” to train you for nothing? For free? Mahala? HAHAHA…Do YOU work for free? Don’t be silly man. Nobody works for free. Training costs money and quality training costs even more. Believe me those guys are worth every cent of their time.

      Now I tell you what you do. R30,000 is too much for you, right? So how are you going to raise the money? If you cannot even work that one out, I don’t want to train you, because you have already failed the first test, that of ingenuity in the face of problems and hardship.

      Ever heard of “’n Boer maak ‘n plan” and “Where there is a will there is a way”??

      OK I tell you what you do…You get 30 guys together. Form a sports club or something. Advertise in the paper, online or recruit from amongst friends and family. You let each guy pay R1000 membership fee. Then you have a fitness and selection program and select the best guy from amongst yourselves. This guy then gets sent on the course. Whilst there he takes notes and keeps a diary of everything being said and done. When finished he trains the rest of you. Then you send somebody else on the next course, the advanced one, etc.

      You keep on practicing your drills you have learned every weekend. Within six to twelve months you will have a core group of 30 well trained guys. Enough to start BIG shit.

      Then you come and call ME ;-) !

    4. Anonymous5:26 am

      By cover expenses was implied an instructors fee

      I doubt very that the exploiters you referenced even offer a course that is of ANY use to the situation we are in.
      In any case they have a BLACK director ( the enemy according to you )
      THIS is the company you are recommending ?

      I rather suggest that those thirty guys go and find a proper combat experienced teacher with some REAL military training preferably military college educated.

      Much like John Mosby that I referenced earlier
      He at least puts all his work online for you to make up your mind.
      Pity we do not have more of him and less Mike Smiths

    5. @anon3:37AM. Mike allow me please.

      Let's be objective about this.

      95% of today's so called effective and able bodied persons are to lazy to do a physically demanding course like the one mentioned here.

      Today people do not want to put physical effort into anything, they want the paper but the don't want the effort.

      So even those who have the bucks 80% would grumble, moan, bitch, swear,curse and demand lower standards be set because they are paying.

      If you had to get given the course people would just not come back after the first day of rigorous effort.

      So in all when we look at it the course is so expensive because that ensures that only serious people enroll.

      The new way is a lazy way and the crap of work smart just makes people more lazy.

      Now if you are ex SADF you would know, we had the best training, most of the conscripts just did not commit to it and it was bitch, moan, grumble,complain and downright fucking NAAFI ness all the time.

      So if you are ex police or SADF you have only yourself to blame if you do not have the training and skill necessary to contain a situation and get yourself out of the shit.

      Or otherwise get off your arse and do that course.

    6. AAwwhhh...shame...you cannot see the wood for the trees mate. See what I mean? That is why it is useless to train idiots like you.

      This crowd does training for the military, big security companies and the police. You cannot get any business in SA nowadays unless you are BEE compliant. Where the fuck have you been the last 22 years? Get your head out of your racist arse, bite the bullet and get the training done. Then after that you can be as racist as you want. Set your priorities straight, mate.

      Military training? What kind of military training do you want? Military training is highly specialised. Do you want Pantzer training, Driver training or do you want to be a cook or signaller?

      No, let me guess. You want RAMBO TRAINING, right?
      Go buy yourself a video game, troll. You are wasting my time.

      I gave you the best solution to your training problem that will be of most benefit to you, but you don't want to accept it. So fuck off then. Don't take my advice. Go knock on somebody else's door.

    7. @ LTMA...Yes you are fully right. They are too lazy to do the physical training. They think you can swallow a magic pill and then you are Rambo overnight. I have seen this many times. I have trained thousands of people in my life. This cat above is a typical example. Fuckin nitwit, who plays too many video games and wanks off to too many GQ's and Maxim pages. They want "Bullet Point training"...just add water instant expert.

      - Five ways to please your girl tonight
      - Seven exercises for a flatter stomach
      - 10 things to do when being hijacked

      etc, etc, etc

      This is the problem with the younger generation. No more hard work and dedication. Drink a magic pill and you are a Ju-Jitsu MMA expert overnight. Stuff training three times a week for six years.

    8. @ Mike, thank you for publishing my late one on the farm attack Parys blog. I do appreciate it.

      I hope that jerk off has the balls to read that one.

    9. Anonymous7:13 am


      If R34K is too much, you should have a look at some of your local gun clubs. My local club regularly gets outside instructors for training courses that cost between R1K - R6K. There have been courses for handguns, rifles, night fighting and fighting from a vehicle. This is not that expensive and I have learned a lot.

      Also taking up a sport shooting discipline helps. Even though it is not "tactical training" it does help improve your fundamentals.

    10. Anonymous12:59 pm

      Urban hell.

      Learn to use gas cutting torch, angle grinders, chain saws, learn how to construct barricades, APC trap's, gear up on good tools that will assist in urban warfare, try find old ww2 manual's, from axis or allied perspective, read up on battle of Sarajevo, Beirut, Stalingrad, prepare your homestead against mass home invasion or trained hostile forces stacking outside your front door, and if you have a firearm start building up a supply of ammo with good penetration rather than controlled expansion. That's right start turning your lovely home into a urban hell for those who dare to come over the walls or through the gate, oh yes roll out a spike chain across your driveway every evening.

  40. It is absolutely sickening and nauseating to see how many dumb-ass liberals are wishing the new rugby squad well for their tour of Ireland. Wake up and smell the roses you suckers it is time to boycott sport and start prepping for the big fight that lies ahead.
    Min dae.........

  41. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Morning Mike,
    I don't have your email, so just contact you here.
    You know things are going radical wrong when a sucker like Max thinks the only reason JZ wants a junk rating is to get rid of Gordon.

    1. Anonymous2:03 am

      Max du Preez reads too much into the situation. Last I read by him was where he was all ecstatic about the Concourt ruling on Nkandla. Zuma hasn't paid back a cent to date.

      Zuma would of course be very happy to see Gordhan lose face, but R4m spent on his wives' cars is small change in the scheme of things. There is no new data for S&P to take into consideration. The economy has not tanked yet. Sovereign debt is in any case only 10% of total debt; however a downgrade would wipe 40% off the JSE. Most people watching the downgrade agree it's more likely to be postponed until December or next year. S&P have a very pessimistic view of South Africa in the longer term. The Zupta's like to buy cheap shares which in the long run will become even cheaper. The dumb Gupta's are Mickey Mouse characters, but even a Mickey Mouse is a rocket scientist compared to a retarded Zulu with Standard 5 education.

  42. Anonymous11:17 pm

    It's come down to either sit and watch rukkkby and drink beer getting fat and lazy... Or prepare. Rukkkby is the opium of the whites, makes us lazy with false bravado.

  43. DIE KOEëL IS DEUR DIE KERK – NOU VAT HULLE ALLES. Die nuwe wet op grondonteieningis gister deur die Nasionale Vergadering goedgekeur en wag nou net vir Zuma se handtekening. Die feit dat dit deurgevoer is met 208 stemme ten gunste en slegs7 daarteen, slaan andermaal die persepsie dood dat‘n “almal moet saamstaan teen die ANC”-argument doodgebore is.

    This makes you think about who is representing the DA on your behalf if all the opposition parties could only manage 7 votes against the bill.

    This tells you that all these parties are against you and me including the DA that the liberals love so much. The DA says if you dont vote for them you are wasting your vote and the whites eat this shit up for breakfast, lunch and dinner with pudding.

    Of all the millions of white votes only 7 people in parliament opposed the expropriation bill.

    We should forget about politics. Even Front National promising an independent homeland for Afrikaners will come to nothing even should all whites vote for them. This is Africa, we are ruled by Africans, outnumbered by them. The political way will not work with communists ruling over you changing the laws to suit them. It is a pipe dream. WE will have to fight for what is ours. Talking isnt gonna do it.

  44. Anonymous1:26 am

    Please do an article on the "black kid" who fell into the Gorilla Zoo pen, and his father who is a convicted drug dealer and kidnapper and has a long criminal record. Then blacks claimed "white privilege", but it was a BLACK KID. So bored with blacks and their #blacktears. Like I need to buy them nappies or something.

    1. Anonymous7:07 am

      Anonymous1:26 AM
      Yeah and a sloshy pile of shit fell out of the sky and hit the Gorilla in the eye. Couldn't see after that and impaled itself on a fence spike. Black kids criminal father was released on bale and the ANC Gestapo wanted to wipe him out. A lightning bolt struck him and only a little pile of dust remained after that. Very tragic indeed for SARS who are now demanding outstanding death tax from the black kid who cried black tears and demanded white privilege. It failed because white privilege doesn't exist in the black system and now god is sending Judas back to sort out the racial problem in SA.

    2. @ anon 7:07 AM. Seriarse?

      Good story mate, thanks for a good chuckle.

      You would be able to write fairytales for black stink retards.

    3. Anonymous1:42 pm

      @Anon 1:26 AM

      Then they blamed Jan Van Riebeeck.

  45. Anonymous1:28 am


    DA = ANC, they are definately not getting my vote. I also wish and hope for the whites to wake up and smell the coffee. I don't like Vusi Maimane and have no respect for his traitor white wife as well.

    1. @CWG,White women that fraternise with darkies and white men that fraternise with dark female gender types are exactly what they are displaying.

      They are traitors and sell outs, they are the ones allowing our demise as a race and culture.

      Consider that those white skins have not been forced into that way, it is a choice they make.

      They choose to dip milk straw into diesel tanks and have diesel pipe dip into milk tanks.

      Its their willingness to cross breed that has killed off our culture, it is the weakness of character that erodes our foundation and it is those same types that call for our eradication because we remind them that they are the weakness that we are not.

      So CWG never ever respect a white that plays in the dark or allows the dark to play in them they are traitors to your kind and do not deserve your respect.

      Rather spit on them and curse them and their offspring to eternity.

  46. Anonymous4:24 am


    So, what must be done? We want a way forward.

  47. Anonymous6:44 am

    Mike, please allow me to copy the following onto your blog - your readers deserve to know who all are against us.

    Black First Land First (BLF) salutes the stunning victory of the landless people of Hamanskraal who have through their principled militant struggle forced the Provincial Chairperson of the ruling party to concede their land rights. The people of Hamanskraal have shown that the land belongs to the people and that land occupations is the only viable means to access land.
    The people of Hamanskraal must also be commended for rejecting political hyenas who wanted to cash in on their struggle like they have done with Marikana.
    The victory of Hamanskraal shows that the political elite is currently very vulnerable because it is elections time. The politicians are desperate for votes. It’s time for the landless across the country to occupy land not just for housing but also land in thr hands of land thieves otherwise known as white farmers. The politicians at this time will not be too quick to call the police. Let’s put pressure on white land owners because the only way to take back the land is through land occupations.
    All land in SA was stolen from black people and therefore any black person who needs land must occupy it. BLF calls on the landless to organise and occupy! Land before votes, that’s the answer to landlessness. Elections time is land occupations time!

    1. @ anon 6:44 AM. These BLF retards get sponsorship from runner girl Charlise Theron.

      I am not bullshitting you, I saw her standing on a podium addressing these arsewipe liberals and the BLF insignia on the front of that lectern.

      She fucking sponsors a lot of the retard orgs.

      Just another runner to deal with.

    2. No mate...Charlize Theron is a disgusting LWB and second rate low class tramp, but those photos you saw are photoshopped.


    3. My apology for incorrect information.

      But I totally agree with your sentiment on that stupid bitch.

    4. Anonymous11:08 am

      anon 6:44 AM
      It would be interesting to know if someone is funding them. The thing that really worries me though, is how it is possible for them to publically launch the manifesto which they did, without the government, iec or minister of national defence saying anything about it... All eyes are on eff only, while blf openly stated how they are going to overthrow the government and how whites will live or leave on their black dictatorship terms... I would not be surprised if what we see happening at the moment is already their work of overthrowing government.

    5. Anonymous9:36 pm


      I also cannot stand Charlize Theron with her kaffer kids. The day she told Mandela "I love you so much" I could catch a fit.

    6. Anonymous9:26 am


      Anonymous6:44 AM

      Correction, they are not against us, they are against God! We followed the law of segregation, its mentioned throughout the old testament.

      It is Europe/Liberals/blacks against Gods law. Who do you think will win in the end?

  48. Anonymous12:06 am

    One tactic of an enemy, even a large army, is to never meet you head on directly in battle, especially if they know that it is battle that you want.

    They will keep making you think a pitched battle is near, then pull away, and repeat the process. This type of action can be draining for those who want to a decisive battle to settle the issue once and for all. It is also a form of psychological warfare.

    This is an example from Robert Greene's excellent "33 Strategies of War".

    He gives the example of Napoleon, an aggressive confident and confrontational type against the Russian Czar. The Czar knew he was of this character and the constant promise of a battle that would never materialise while him and his forces were always preparing would be psychologically draining, burn them out and lead to rash decisions.

    The enemy should never control the 'frame' of a discussion or argument. Constantly responding and being on the defensive will only lead to losing ground, chasing and burn out.

    Arguably, it seems whites and the opposition parties are always responding, and never creating the frame of discussion.

    By responding, and defending terms created by an enemy, you legitimize their argument and terms.

    Ignoring the argument, and creating a completely different one or bring a different issue up then pushes the enemy back on the defensive.

    1. I have all Greene's books. This strategy is called "Chasing the Void".

  49. GENTLEMEN!! I'm in. Can someone please contact me? The time for talking has long since passed. If we don't take action and TAKE back our country, the white Afrikaner will become extinct, an echo that will soon fade to a dim memory.

  50. Gentlemen, if you are serious, then contact me. I'm in. The time for talk has long since gone. Taking action is long overdue.

    1. @ WN. How,do we contact you, Willie?

    2. You can use my e-mail. jacobusnel4@gmail.com

    3. Anonymous4:59 am

      Gents, we need something more secure. Too many spies and traitors amongst us. However, I do not have a solution (yet).

  51. Anonymous3:09 pm

    There are many of us who can shoot,and shoot well. The sniper idea will work. Only a few hick-ups with it though. Firstly,properly trained snipers are rare. Good,hard men who wont loose sleep over a target. Guys who can work alone and keep it to themselves. So,for starters,have a recruitment and training program and properly screen the possible candidates. Secondly: Funding. A proper rifle and setup costs about R100k. And thats starting cheap with basic equipment. Then you need to get these guys around. Cant operate in one place for more than a day.... thirdly: The shooters themselves. Ex-army guys who fought in the border war are the obvious 'go to' kind of guys. Question is,how many are willing to sign up for an almost certain suicide mission? If you can start up a regiment like that to provide proper sniper training for both urban and field situations,provide proper equipment and arms,be able to finance such an undertaking and be able to keep it secret....then im in. As a 30something white male who was raised right,i am willing to be a martyr for my God and my white brothers who believe like me. With years of shooting and hunting experience,and a lot of anger and helplessness in my heart,i believe that training a few men like myself will not be a very difficult task. I have no wife or children. I have no future as a white man in SA unless i make one. And i want to. Not only for myself,but for all my people being killed,oppressed and interbred with others. I want to do my part to leave a white legacy. If anyone out there wants someone to start up a sniper regiment,i am an eager,willing and hopefull man to report for training. contact me. goues.1.gd@gmail.com.

    1. Hoekom is jou email fake is jy n fokken spy want as jy nou in jou dertigs is was jy seker in n doek op die grens gaan fok iewers anders rond

  52. Anonymous4:44 am

    Step 1. Stop paying ALL taxes immediately
    Step 2. Get as much ammo as you possibly can
    Step 3. Plan it carefully, there is no mid way (all out)
    Step 4. Prepare for it. At 40:1 we are going to be busy

  53. Rickus10:39 pm

    Hier is wat ek waarneem uit al die komentaar hierbo. Daar is duidelik dieselfde gevoel by almal dat ons moet iets doen en almal het baie goeie planne en idees. Hier is die probleem. Wie sal regig iets doen as dit is net vir die gedagte daarvan. Ek weet dat ek sal virseker my wapen vat en my en my familie se lewe beskerm, maar om uit te gaan en 'n lewe te neem wat my nie in gevaar stel nie is dalk nie so maklik nie al dink jy jy kan dit doen. gaan probeer net bietjie sit en dink daaroor en maak by jouself die idee wakker dat jy ies kan doen maar jy moet baie seker maak dat jy wel in staat is daartoe. Ek is seker dat ek dit sal kan doen maar met dit gesê sal ek ook baie sukkel om myself te vergewe want daai slap siel het niks aan my gedoen nie. Ek verstaan dat almal haat in hulle het, ons net soveel soos hulle, of dalk het ons meer, wie sal ooit weet. Die punt is, wanneer die oorlog uitbreek sit ons met 'n probleem want ons is ontwapen 'n klomp jare terug met die wete dat ons nie weer sal kan daardie wapens weer vervang nie. Hierdie weermag wat ons nie het nie is meerderheid swart. Wie dink jy gaan hy beskerm. Hulle het al die vuurwapens wat hulle moontlik kan dra. Die weermag gaan ons wat niks het nie doodeenvoudig uithaal en ons kan niks doen nie want ons wit slim mense het daardie voertuie en strategiee geskryf so hulle gebruik dit teen ons. As ons nie die "core" uithaal nie gaan ons op ons moer kry. Vergeet van 40:1. Ons is 40:1 met "1" wat niks het om mee te veg nie en "40" het alles. Begin nou al om jouself reg te maak om die die 40 aan te vat maar jy sal moet weet dat jy gaan hard veg teen daai 40 en as jy daai 40 uitgehaal het gaan jy moet reg wees om nog 40 te vat vir jou buurman wat nie kan nie. Daarna gaan jy nog 40 moet vat vir jou ma wat nie kan nie.

    Wat sê ek nou eintlik? Manne, ons gaan moet mooi mik om nie ammunisie te mors nie en sal moet 'n manier kry om teen ons eie tanks en kaspers te baklei wat ons so flippen ordentlik gebou het.

    Ek is reg. IS JY ??

  54. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Forget bullets, you need a disease and a cure. Keep the cure and give the disease away.