30 May 2016

The "Why we had Apartheid cronicles": Animal slaughter on the beach

Strand beach during Apartheid

By Mike Smith
31st of May 2016

I grew up with Apartheid signs that read “Strand en see net blankes; Beach and sea whites only”.

Liberals used to get a fit about these signs, but seldom asked why these signs were there.

The day in 1986 when the signs on Strand beach were defied
I remember the day in the late 1980’s that Reverend Desmond Tutu, Ds Alan Boesak and the rest of the scum came along and defied the signs and marched on the beach and invited us all to march along. I also remember how they were told to “fuck off” in no uncertain terms.

I wonder what those liberals will say now…

Animal slaughtering thwarted on popular Cape beach

A group of blacks led by a female Sangoma wanted to slaughter a goat and chickens on the beautiful Strand beach. Right on Milk Bay. Fortunately a neighborhood watchman saw what was happening and alerted the authorities after one chicken's head was already chopped off.

“The lady sangoma was very upset because she said it was an open beach and we can do what we want.”

Traditional ceremonies were most commonly conducted out of the public eye and in homesteads, said Xolile Ndevu, general secretary of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa.

The slaughtering of goats and cows was linked to ancestral beliefs and commonly used for thanks, honour or cleansing, said Ndevu.

The animal was speared in the stomach so that it bellowed.

“Everyone claps hands and ululates when it bellows because then it means the ritual is in accordance with our custom.”

They killed the animal soon after and did not cause it much pain, said Ndevu.

“We do this once in a while so it is nothing to do with animal cruelty.”

He believed chickens were most often used by sangomas for “quick-fix interventions”.

Strand beach and golf course next to the Lourens River today.
Incidentally , the golf course was built on top of the former chemical mud dams
from the AECI factory to the right out of picture.


  1. Its a damn shame Mike. I made a trip to Plettenberg bay a few weeks back, from Durban, ended up travelling through Eastern Cape, through Bizan. I have never travelled this route, it was a nightmare. A real shithole place. I turned off near Kokstad to carry on down the N2, the whole place just crap, not much to describe. I got excited to be passing some small towns but to my surprise they have been over run, Mount Ayliff,Mount Frere,Buterworth all just deserted of whites. I got to East London, things changed for the better. It was amazingly a lot more cleaner than Durban. Same with P.E, I will never travel this route again. The biggest surprise and highlight of the journey was entering the Western Cape. The sheer beauty of the landscape and no shacks along the freeway like in KZN and EC. But Eastern cape and Kzn south coast are lost. So the Western Cape is the last hope in SA.

    1. Not difficult to be cleaner than Durban

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm

    The Durban beaches and the ones up the north cost look shocking with all the recent medical waste on the beaches but who cares anyway.They should have left it that way maybe the koolies and Ks that swim there will die faster.What has happened to that p****s face Alan Boesak one does not hear much about him these days.

  3. If you leave the African in charge it will become African. It is a different species. Look at America. Former white cities over-run by negros turning in to squatter camps. The African gene will make the African African every time.

    You can not change genes with books and education.

    1. Anonymous3:03 pm

      genes or culture, it's irrelevant either way because the sheer amount of money needed to bring africans up to european standards would be prohibitive and end up dragging europeans down

      And this is ignoring the part where the africans would start complaining about whites thinking that white culture was superior to their ooga booga culture

  4. History exposes the origins of this peculiarly South African political and social dichotomy. A Dr. Andrew Smith arrived in South Africa in 1921, aged 24. In addition to being a medical doctor, he was a botanist, an historian and a student of zoology and natural history. He was sent by the British government on a mission of discovery.

    In 1824, Major Henry Somerset, commander of the Cape Corps, posted Dr. Smith to Fort Wiltshire as medical officer of this frontier post, with specific instructions to make friends with and study the customs, attitudes and way of life of the African people.

    The huge volume which resulted from his assignment included details of his explorations throughout South Africa as far north as the Tropic of Capricorn. He had no political agenda, and reported on what he saw. If anything he started out with a rather magnanimous attitude towards the African people.

    He identified two genetic types, the Bushmen and the Africans. In a nutshell, he saw they had achieved little by way of self-generated development. He was then posted to the Eastern frontier. He traveled from there and met the Zulu chief Dingane. His observations were not politically correct, a phrase not in use at the time. Many chapters are devoted to the state of the tribes, their dress, their habitation, their wars and their attitudes. What is manifest is that there was no inquisitiveness to find out more, no spring within to change anything, to make something better. Land was simply there, to be used or plundered. Tribal warfare was endemic. He found the lack of a desire to improve matters strange, coming as he did from a European civilization on the cusp of great exploration and discovery.

    He sketched what he saw- clothing was in the main animal skins and rudimentary, dwellings consisted of huts where women ground their corn and men hunted with spears. Trees fueled fires and Africa for them was a land to be used and taken and moved across. Private property was unheard of. There was no wheel, no written word. A clash of civilizations was already underway and it continues today.

    While Mr. Mashele’s Africans today avail themselves of everything Western civilization has to offer in South Africa (including expensive European cars for the president’s five wives), the mentality is not Western.

    Perhaps regression is on the cards for South Africa, a return to the African way. Mr. Mashele says people who talk about the “end” of South Africa are misled. “Analyzed carefully” he declares, “the notion of SA coming to an “end” is an expression of a Western value system, of accountability, political morality, reason and so on. All these are lofty ideals of Socrates, Kant, Hegel and so on. They are not African”.

    Under all of this lies the tectonic plate which threatens to erupt as an African mindset seeks to impose its will on the first world value system it inherited and which it now desires to “transform”. Who dares, wins. South Africa’s future as a first world entity is at stake.

    1. It is the African way. They just have more high tech toys to mess up and destroy now. Regression is the best way to describe it. Well said. The only reason this country stays afloat are the whites who have stayed. Catch 22. Id like to see it implode, be easy pickings for when we gain power again.

    2. @Dony1:05AM. Mate if you have the opportunity travel this paradise of a continent, it must have been a wonderland in its untouched state.

      Wherever you go this black stinking virus has just destroyed and decimated.

      I fortunately have lived in various African countries and lived among the people not in cities but in the rural settings.

      I have experiences them on ground level and at the basics of the cultures and habits.

      I call them retarded for that very reason, they are contrary to everything I am and you are.

      I eventually woke up to the fact that nothing is of value to them, you cannot take from someone something that they have never had.

      All these, houses,cars, nice clothes, cell phones, tvs , name it they're whitemans geejaws.

      In the mind of the retard he does own it,its white mans stuff, nice to have but never his. He doesn't understand economy that if you pay for something its yours.

      If he pays for something it allows his tribe to have access to it, simple.

      Land, he understands land because in the deep and far buried psychology he was told the the tribe fought for that land and they took it by force, so they killed the opposition to attain the rights to live there.

      That's is why land is such an issue here, with land they think they hold a monopoly.

    3. Anonymous4:11 am

      Dr. Andrew Smith arrived in South Africa in 1921, aged 24.
      I am sure you mean 1821 ?
      Anyway WHERE is the reference for the "Huge Volume" ?

    4. Sorry about the year you are correct. Just copy "Dr. Andrew Smith" and "bushman" and "journal" in to your browser. It will direct you to the book. It costs $20 to download or you can read it free by giving them your email.

  5. In an incident hushed up by the MSM, three visiting American professors or “tenured radicals” were shouted down by black South African students in Cape Town who told them they were white and therefore not worth listening to. Apparently the black students “confiscated” the microphone and would only give it to other blacks as white opinions were considered irrelevant.

    The visiting American radicals, “queer theorist” Judith Butler, as well as Wendy Brown and David Theo Goldberg, were from the University of California. Together with the Camerounian author Achille Mbembe, currently at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, they were supposed to give a lecture on the “University and its worlds” at the formerly coloured University of the Western Cape.

    Although not reported on, details of the disruption by radical South African black students have emerged in two columns published by local “tenured radicals” and admirers of the American academics. Writing respectively for Netwerk24 and the Independent Group’s IOL, Professors Amanda Gouws and Xolela Mangcu, complained of the black students’ disruptive behaviour. Gouws politely states in her column that they engaged in “anti-intellectual behaviour”.


    1. Dony, are you anywhere near Orania.

      LTMA, I suggest you look to Orania, if you at all can.

      They are today giving a presentation in Pretoria [?] on expanding the town to city-size and are looking to recruit people.

      I'm going to go and check it out, for sure. It's worth considering?

    2. Anonymous3:38 am

      Dony 1:08 They want it their way because the tide running into the self destructive ABYSS cannot be stopped anymore and they feel its easier than going against that evil tide, like " if you cannot beat them join them".
      Just like Malema , he goes along with the tide and what their itchi ears wanna hear, hell man its easier to take , take , take, than to uphold life building values.
      Treatments we had to administer , in cases where Sangomas were given first try on remedy utterly FAILED and the limbs turned Rotten . We then had correct the Corruption , to the delight of the patient.
      These Voodoo , sangoma ideas are a curse to which they pay the price. HELLBENT !

    3. Tom no i am about 5 and a half ours away from Orania but will look in to it. Let me know because as far as I know you have to be quite wealthy to get property and be able to retire so to say. But let me know. I'll see what i can find out.

    4. @TT, Thanks mate, my Afrikaans in not that good so I might be known as Sout piel, but it worth a shot and a Google.

  6. Anonymous1:47 am

    Funny how the American gorilla recently shoot in zoo looks identical to the child's mother!

    1. Anonymous11:51 pm

      Anon stop it!That poor gorilla was urbanised against his will!

  7. Anonymous4:36 am

    In East London on new years day in 1992, it just so happened that every boxing day and new years day the kaffirs from the township of Mdantsane and other parts of the Ciskei would be bussed into city in their thousands.

    They would all converge on the Eastern Beach on East London's beach front. This was standard and happened in Durban & Cape Town as more of a political statement against us whites.

    On this particular day the local authorities were not expecting an obscene number of savages to arrive and local law enforcement was completely under staffed. In effect they could not control the estimated 30 000 savages that arrived that day. These guys came with real live meat in the form of sheep, goats and chickens that they tied onto roof racks on cars and had roped onto the roofs of buses.

    They proceeded to chop away acres of vegetation along side of the beach for their fire wood, destroyed and looted a local tea room and slaughtered their beasts on the beach; ensuring that they buried the entrails in the sand. local experts reckon that it would take at least 22 years for that stretch of coast line to recover from the ecological damage done to it from these parasites.

    Of course justice is always served to our local black retards, as the under staffed life guards who were on duty that day could not control the bathers. Effectively with the push of thousands to get onto the beach, they started forcing their comrades into the sea. At least 15 kaffirs drowned (that was based upon the bodies recovered and does not take into account the ones that were probably washed away with the current) and a few hundred were injured as they could not swim and could not get out of the water.

    From a vantage point up on a hill overlooking this beach it looked like a colony of black ants on a piece of white bread. No amount of education can make these sub-humans civilized.

    1. Anonymous6:19 am

      Oh, that's nothing. Not far from where I live in northern KZN a black street vendor was found decapitated with his head neatly placed beside his body on the side of the freeway. His genitals had been cut off for muti.

    2. Anonymous2:11 pm

      @Anon 4:36 AM

      That poor contaminated beach required environmental cleanup, but never fully recovered from the shit slick. And where was that damn tidal wave when it was needed.

  8. Anonymous5:49 am


    I am 16 years old and I follow your blog on regular bases. I now truly believe what my Oupa told me that Kaffirs come from ape family of baboons who evolved into humans. Now you told us to kill them. Wow.

    1. No, no my boy. Your Oupa was deadright except for one thing. They evolved, but not into humans [Homo Sapiens], but into some form of savage, known as Homo Erectus. It learnt to walk upright and that is as far as it evolved. Since then they have not progressed one iota.

    2. Is that you Thandi?

    3. "I am 16 years old".... To play the child card and arouse feeling of guilt

      "my (O)upa" .... Why start in capital (O).. .. Refering to the creator or what?

      "(K)affirs" .... Why start in capital (K).. .. Refering to the creator or what?

      "come from ape family" ..... should be "from ((the)) ape family".. sound like monkey chatter to me.

      "kill them"..... Where did Mike mention this

      "Wow." ......... word to highlight something or to play on feeling.

    4. @ Dony. The playing field is narrowing for these players of games.

    5. @ Dony, check anon 1:47 AM. Spot the mistakes.

    6. Anonymous12:11 pm


      @ Tomkat, haha, I like your very decent answer.

      @ Dony & LTMA: I totally agree with all the errors and yes, definately monkey chatter as you said. Hierdie goed is moes aangelê in fokken niks in die lewe nie! Also funnily enough I know so many white kids at the age of 16 that does not know a thing about politics, not interested in the least and totally focused on their schoolwork.

      @ 5:49 AM Ek is bly jy dink so min van jouself en voel so sleg oor jouself en jou nasie! Ons leer nie vir ons kinders sulke kak nie hoor, dit wat ons hulle nóú leer sal jy wel in die toekoms uitvind!

    7. Anonymous3:11 pm

      @Anon 5:49 AM

      "Regular bases" should be "Regular basis". Also, replace the word 'kill' with 'shun'.

  9. Anonymous3:43 pm

    For fecks sake. What is it with these bloody kaffirs and goats? Leave the poor animals alone and slaughter each other instead.

    They'll most likely piss and shit on the beach too because they can "do whatever they want".

    They are worse than locusts and bring misery wherever they go.

  10. Anonymous4:55 pm

    I think it is great that they coming into civilzation and doing what is natural to them, the more the better so that can show these demented white liberals who they really are, kill a couple of liberals as well, I Say great, awesome, show the world what the jungle bunny is really like.

    1. Anonymous11:46 pm

      Anon 4:55
      The libtards still won't wake up. I mean one can see the chaos that reigns here daily and these stupid fucks still think everything is just great. Unfortunately I think the stupidity is irreversible.