20 May 2016

The why we had Apartheid cronicles: Stokvel and No-Panty parties

By Mike Smith
20th of May 2016

For those who do not know what a Stokvel is, allow me to explain.

Blacks don’t trust white banks, so they created their own saving system called a stokvel. A group of say 20 or 50 people will get together and decide on an amount to be paid into a pool on a monthly or weekly basis. Then every month on a rotational basis one person gets the lump sum and he/she can then use it the way they want. Some buy a new fridge, some buy a new car, etc…It is estimated that today every second black person belongs to a Stokvel.

It wasn’t long before some enterprising blacks discovered that they could double their money overnight by using the lump sum to organize a party and sell liquor illegally. To attract patrons they organize Mavuso and “No panty” parties. Also called “Stokvel Parties”.

Mavuso is the black cultural practice of giving a woman some money or something to eat after a good night’s romp in bed. This is not seen as prostitution, but men who refuse to give anything can quickly find themselves charged with rape. Problem is that there is no fixed amount that should be given, so the girls will demand more and the guys would feel ripped off.

However at the Stokvel party, usually at the end of the night, the organizer will announce a going rate for the night…R300, R200, it always differs. So everyone knows and everyone agrees on what the girl should be paid in the morning. They like it, because now there are no arguments.

Although it is acknowledged that some women are just there for the money, it is very important to note that this is NOT considered prostitution. The organizer is not a pimp selling the girls to patrons. He makes his money from selling booze to everyone. This is just normal boy-meets-girl-at-party fun. The payment afterwards is part of the culture.

Now if you want to know what your maid and garden boy get up to when they are amongst their own people in the township watch this Shocking video of Mavuso

Or read here:

Sex stokvels gaining popularity

Mavuso, no-panties events shame dignity of liquor trade

Sex stokvels must fall

Those ones getting upset are the ones losing money.

What I find ironic is how they always have money for booze and Mavuso payments, but then cry they are poor.


  1. Anonymous5:22 am

    If someone really wants to make money at these parties gooi in a couple of showers and sell beetroot and garlic, no worries about getting aids then. Fuck, you will make millions!!!

  2. Anonymous5:28 am

    Perhaps I am colour blind, but that guy on the front page of Daily Sun looks white

    1. No...just the angle of the light.

  3. Anonymous5:30 am

    Ugh gross, I just had a vom in my mouth.

  4. Anonymous5:49 am


  5. Anonymous6:20 am

    This is not much different than a man asking a woman out for dinner and expecting sex in return. Some women would rather take the money and forget about the dinner and the small talk.

    1. I don't know, maybe I am just old fashioned, but I have never taken a woman out and expected sex in return. I mean, what does such a man think of the woman? She is that cheap? If a woman gives a guy sex after buying her a meal, she is a cheap slut...seriously.

      I take a woman out, because a) I want to get to know her better b) share her company c) catch up on old news, etc...

      I have several female friends I occasionally go out with and we are 100% just friends. Sometimes they pay, sometimes I pay, sometimes we share the bill, it is never an issue and nobody expects anything from the other.

    2. Anonymous7:50 am

      Not to mention that it can be extremely awkward going for dinner on a first date. I once climbed out of the ladies toilet window to make my getaway. The guy was a pig, flirting with the waitress and being generally appalling. He even had the cheek to phone me the next day telling me how bad mannered I was to disappear like that.

      Every woman has had an experience of a lousy dinner date (and very likely a lot of men too) which is why you should only eat out with friends. Who needs angst in their lives.

    3. You dont buy a woman. If the reward is not satisfaction of the experience and entertainment of the date for her then you are obviously doing something wrong or she is a gold digger.

    4. Anonymous8:58 am

      I only take women out on a date thats fuckable. If tou don't you either don't gave balls or a small cock. Just saying...

    5. Anonymous11:05 am

      I once went on a date with a guy who preached to me for 2 hours straight. I only had 1 cocktail and he had a whole dinner. I paid for my cocktail but all his cards were declined so I ended up paying for his meal as well. His words were "I expect my wife to pray me back to life because the bible says we are not suppose to die".

      When I got home he asked for a naked selfie...needless to say we didn't speak again.

      The only man I've ever taken money from is my Dad, and that is just because he insists and feels horrible if I don't.

      I've never understood women dating or marrying for money. Get off your ass and work damnit! If you're a home maker taking care of the children great. If you're just lazy???? I have no respect for you.


    6. Anonymous3:43 am


      It would have been fun if you had caused a scene in the restaurant and flounced out after paying for your cocktail. He would have been marched off to the nearest ATM to draw money to pay for his meal.

    7. Anonymous9:29 am

      @anon 3:43 AM

      I'm not one to cause a scene, admittedly it would have been fun and I probably would have done it if I knew what he would do afterwards. Alas, I live to date some more ;)

      Should have sent him a dick pick of lady boy and told him to suck on this.


  6. Anonymous6:39 am

    watch this Shocking video of Mavuso

    So I watched the "shocking" video
    Apart from it being boring I have no idea about the "shocking"
    If Ostrich Smith thinks that this is the most pressing issue for the end of the white man in SA then I really have to wonder.

    Have a look at every small town in SA,
    Look at the "non-white" township section especially in the Cape.
    Look at the demographics
    Majority population = "coloured"
    Look at the names of the coloured inhabitants
    Ask youtself how they got those names

    Skynheilige bliksems !

    1. Yes...just like I thought. You got off on that video, right? You wanted to be there, right?

      What the hell are you talking about in the rest of your comment? Why are we "skynheilig"? (Hypocritical)

      Do you mean tpo say that coloureds came about from white South Africans mixing with blacks? Jeez you must a total dumb fuck.

      Coloureds have names like Plaatjies, Toonjies, Jacobs, Adams, Williams, Davids, Daniels or months of the year, January, February, April, not white Afrikaans Surnames like Botha, Joubert, Müller, Van der Merwe, Du Plessis, etc.

      Think about sailors rounding the Cape and shagging the Gentoos in Long Street and you will understand where Cape Coloureds come from and the "Geelbekke" from the Taiwanese trawlers. Not from white South Africans.

      Get your facts straight, onooslike bliksem.

    2. Anonymous7:38 am

      Anonymous6:39 AM
      Maybe you are one of them with the surname Tieties and probably why you are so pissed off!

    3. Anonymous9:11 am

      What were Antarctic gentoo penguins doing waddling around in Long Street? Weren't they a bit out of their natural habitat? And why were they raped by sailors? Is this where the South African rape culture originated?

    4. Anonymous1:22 pm

      Not from white South Africans - Oh dont tell lies. Andries Pretorius was a Coloured. I dont think his father was in Long Street.

    5. Anonymous2:40 pm


      Anonymous6:39 AM

      But I bet you read his blog everyday!

      If you dont like it, go read news24 or IOL.

      At least Mike has/is/continues to make a contribution, more so than 99% of the whites in this country!

      I think anything other than an Ostrich, what the whites do in this country is the Ostrich, what is being/said/covered takes balls!

    6. Anonymous4:25 pm

      @Anon 6:39 AM

      "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
      Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      Nothing about these kaffirs is too small or insignificant.

    7. @ Anon 1:22 PM. Say what? Pretorius a coloured? Well I'll be damned. Never knew that. Really? Where did you read that? I would like to see your proof of that.

    8. The old argument of my forefathers was raped by white settlers? Lets entertain this argument for a second on behalf of all the colords who always want to bring this up.

      What we can know for sure is.

      1. My white forefathers could have raped koisan or maybe not. There is no proof so we can only speculate.

      2.On the other hand the forefather of the colord was a raper because the colord of today stand as evidence in itself.


      The one group of people's forefathers was indeed rapers.

      The other group we cant be sure of because speculation is not proof.

      Stop klapping yourselfs with this argument.

    9. Anonymous7:56 am

      Yes...just like I thought.
      You got off on that video, right?
      You wanted to be there, right?

      Been there , seen it all -- no need to go back
      All your "immersing" cr@p
      Please tell me how you get to know your "enemy"
      The one you go on about here ALL THE TIME !

    10. Anonymous6:49 am

      Andries Pretorius was not coloured trust me I'm a desendant and it's been confirmed through my dna no kaffirs in my blood

    11. @Mike

      Stop being Mr Know-it-all. Throughout history we came to know that Andries Pretorius, a voorttekker leader was not white but just a coloured from Indian slaves ancestry. In fact, most white South Africans do not carry a pure Caucasian genes and that would include you. Mike, you are not as pure Caucasian as true Europeans and that's a fact.

    12. If you follow the history of Pretorious you will be told that his face or skin was not as those of other whites. It was reported to be more brownish than white.

    13. Ag just fuck off you ignorant doos.

      His father was fifth generation Dutch settler Marthinus Wessel Pretorius and his wife Susanna Elizabeth Viljoen was from Dutch French descent. He grew up near Graaff-Reinet

    14. Laager12:43 pm

      Well lets shift the discussion to Natal. Here you will find large cans of Farewells, Fynns and Kings. Not exactly Dutch, German or French names are they?

    15. Yes, Mike you are just an ignorant DH who doesn't know that your hero Andries Pretorius whom Pretoria is named after was a descendent of the Indian slaves. Does that taste so bitter for you that you cannot eat?

    16. Ok I give up. What is a "DH".

      Still waiting for your proof that Pretorius was Indian.

  7. Anonymous8:11 am

    Anon 6:39 you believe the cuck media rubbish 'Afrikaans coloured surnames - cause Afrikaners miscegenated with coloureds' that was put out a few years ago.

    For your information:

    Coloureds are descendants of mainly Khoisan, plus Indian black with a small admixture of white.

    In the past the Khoisan, not naturally having a surname back in the day, often adopted the surname of the family for whom they worked, who were mostly ascendants of Afrikaans speakers.

    Remember there were many ships that docked in the Cape containing sailors from other countries.

    A single pregnant female usually gives her own surname to her child.

    So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    1. Anonymous7:52 am

      Cape Town and the West Coast is a small area ( along the coast )
      I suppose these "sailors" made it all the way inland just to go and find a bit of loose to shag ?
      Then dash back to Cape Town to catch their ship before it left ?
      Waste of time trying to reason intelligently with -- Stupid !
      GO do a proper genealogical search looking at -- "stamouers"
      You may then learn the reality
      GO look up what happened to Hans dons De Lange the "famous" Voortrekker
      Every "Boer" had his bit on the side ....

    2. Anonymous12:45 pm

      Professor A.M. Grundlingh of the History Department at Stellenbosch University and an expert on Afrikaner culture, told International Business Times that according to estimates, about 6 percent of so-called “white” Afrikaners are actually of mixed blood.

      Allegedly, one of the greatest of Afrikaner heroes, Andries Pretorius, the leader of the Great Voortrekker, was himself descended from East Indian slave women on both his maternal and paternal sides.(Van De Kaab was her surname)


      Blood River

      Pretorius could call on some 472 men plus 200 grooms of mixed race (Coloureds) and 130 wagoners.

      (Zulu Kings and their Armies) Diane Canwell


      Hans dons De Lange (Hans 'Dons Doos' De Lange)


    3. Oh really? Why don't you mention Prof. H.F. Heese's book "Groep sonder grense" where he looked at the archives at the Cape and found more than a thousand whites who married coloureds. Incidentally I was at school with his son. Poor lad always took flak from the Afrikaans teachers for what his father wrote. I guess some people can't handle the truth.

      Many people know that one of the very first marriages to take place in South Africa after Van Riebeeck landed here, was between Eva, the Hottentot girl who grew up in Van Riebeeck's house, and a Dane, Peter Havgard, better known at the Cape as Pieter Van Meerhof.

      BTW if your surname is Pelser or Myburgh or if you have Pelsers or Myburghs in your family, you are fully coloured ;-)

      Oh and it doesn't stop there. If you are English speaking and have forefathers or family from Natal, you are probably coloured too. Have you ever heard of John Robert Dunn ...He was a busy Scotsman. Besides his white wife he had 48 Zulu wives and fathered 117 children. A large proportion of those genes were passed on to the English speaking South Africans.

      Like I have always maintained...I don't mind if people want to class me as Coloured. Just show me where I should line up for my BEE and Affirmative Action benefits.

      In fact I fully support that train of investigation, because it makes a mockery of the ANC government's racial classification and it will lead to the scrapping of all BEE and AA bullshit policies and laws. I have been saying it on here for the last ten years and I see some people are slowly catching on. Look at this article.

      If most Afrikaners have coloured ancestry doesn’t this make them eligible for BEE?

    4. Anonymous4:00 am

      Ah well go claim the black ancestry as your own then. If the shoe fits wear it.
      I know my ancestry and there are no blacks innit.
      Just because some one wrote a book doesn't mean its correct.
      I never said all coloureds were sired by sailors Stupid.
      We all know that there was some race mixing as is the case today. Most of those bar a few grew up as a coloured with the mother.
      Ask yourself if a wife would adopt her husband's by-blow into her family?
      Go and read it again klutz.

  8. There is nothing "shocking" about the video, and this would have made a poor excuse for apartheid.

    1. Read again. The 'Chronicles' of why we had Apartheid.

      plural noun: chronicles
      a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence.

      Not 'the' reason you idiot, just 1 of many..

      Clearly you're soul is corrupted if a video like this doesn't bother you.. The people interviewed got the intellect of bricks, with no intelligence whatsoever. No skill set, no work expierence, no education...... Just a bunch of lazy people who's life consists of drinking and fucking a different man or woman everynight.?*! This particulat party was held on a Mondag night.. And you idiots ask why you're poor and got nothing in life..

      You're comment is very 1 dimensional. Rather go find another blog and take a shit there..

    2. Anonymous1:27 pm

      You're a fan of Frantz Fanon. His Wretched of the Earth is one depressing, fatalistic read. The man was a monomaniac.

    3. I liked the video.. had a smile on face... spread that aids... spread it good and fast. SA should endorse this behavior because we know what tribes will be affected... infected.

    4. Anonymous1:37 am

      And then you get the Herpes, Aids, Gonnorhoea, Syphillus and whatever else, that they are not thinking of untill they have it. And they have it! SIES!

  9. Anonymous9:30 am

    When men, women and alcohol get together the panties are going to come off. These Sotho women just want to get paid for a one night stand which is fair enough if they are unemployed and desperate. If it were up to me prostitution would be legalised.

  10. Detroit Refugee11:34 am

    Over here these disgusting displays of depravity are know as "blind pig" or "after hours parties". Occasionally the DPD will raid one, arresting 30,40,50 apes, and seizing guns, drugs, and cash.

  11. only a zot or a libtard would want to breed with this species...

    1. Anonymous8:53 am

      Muke jy is clueless, tipiese joburg wihtey. Stokvel kom van die boere af. Kaffers het hom net n tree verder gevar. Cheers, Blackie

    2. Anonymous9:35 am

      thx for proving the point anon 8:53 hahahahaha

  12. Anonymous4:28 am