19 May 2016

The madam and the maid taking the dog for a walk

The madam and the maid in the golf cart taking the dog for a walk

By Mike Smith
19th of May 2016

If you want to know the liberal mindset we are up against then just look at the picture above that was taken yesterday by one of our long time readers.

The picture was taken at the luxury security enclave in Eastern Pretoria Silver Lakes Golf Estate also known as “Lower Mamelodi” and shows the lazy white madam taking her dog for a walk in her golf cart and the equally lazy maid sitting next to her.

Now isn’t that just typical?!

Problem is should you laugh or cry?

This is the reason why South Africa will never come right. Everywhere the whites go, they drag the blacks along.

They don’t want to live amongst the blacks, but they also don’t want to live without the blacks. Whites love the blacks who are murdering them in their own homes. Story of South Africa. Whites would rather be murdered in their own beds than to make it themselves.

My friend who took the picture says she cannot believe the amount of busses and taxis transporting the black maids and gardeners in and out of Silver Lakes every day.

I mean what is the point of living in a security complex or village when you invite the enemy into your home every day?

And too damn lazy to pic up her dog's shit


  1. We should be happy when you see this. It clearly demonstrates the two camps of whiteys.

    Lazy useless whites and ones like the loyal reader.

    That is when you know you are at the end of the civilizational cycle. When apathy, gluttony, and all round laziness have manifested themselves firmly - but not in all whites.

    These are the weeds. And the good stuff has being growing alongside it to Mike. Look in the gym, look at the runners, the cyclists amongst many other sporting/exercise disciplines.

    You can see the strong and the week next to each other.

    Happened in previous white civilisations.

    The harvest is almost ready. Only when you have two camps of whites, ones that want to move forward with civilization building and those lazy arses fully formed will it all fall into place.

    So get excited folks. Keep disciplined with your diets and exercise amongst other things. It's about time to feed these useless whites to the parasites. They were always our real curse, not the monkey heathens. Blacks are just doing what comes naturally to them.

    But whites like this need to go. They really are a waste of space.

    1. Anonymous10:51 am

      Im a lazy fat fuck too.

      But I have started cycling in the gym. Hopefully my 40 year old carcass can keep up in the upcoming zombie apocalypse :)

    2. Anonymous11:25 am

      I blame the French Huguenots who came to South Africa, amongst them were many ex-aristocrats. The Huguenot emigrants were different from the Dutch and German settlers who made up the average population of the Cape Colony. These were especially poor wretches living in desperate circumstances or mercenaries who had been unemployed since the end of the 30 years war. The French protestants, on the other hand, who had fled because of religious persecution, mostly belonged to the bourgeoisie and what’s more, a quarter of them even had typically aristocratic names, judging from the passenger lists. Blignaut (Blignault), Cronje (Cronier), de Klerk (Le Clercq), Visagie (Visage), de Villiers, du Preez, du Plessis, du Toit, Fourie, Fouche, Giliomee (Guilliaume), Gous / Gouws (Gauch), Hugo, Joubert, Jordaan (Jourdan), Labuschagne (la Buscagne), Lange, le Roux, Leonard, Lombard.

      You will see the verligte Afrikaners and Broederbonders have a preponderance of those surnames, they still have that "entitled" attitude and religious "fucked-up-ness" as well.

      Whats needed in South Africa is a French revolution type purge, sharpen the guillotine and chop off their friggin heads.

    3. Anonymous7:32 am

      Anon 11:25AM Jys heeltemal in jou bliksem in?...DOOS!!!

    4. Anonymous6:13 am

      "We should be happy when you see this. It clearly demonstrates the two camps of whiteys.

      Lazy useless whites and ones like the loyal reader."

      Brilliant comment. I really love this comment because just like there are two types of White people, the truth is the same for Blacks.

      Not every Muslim is a terrorist
      Not every Black person is a murderer
      Not every White person is racist

  2. Anonymous4:19 am

    Fuck me. No words to say to this shit.vaalpens

    1. Adrem5:55 pm

      A bit rough the way you express it, but you are absolutely correct and I agree with you...

  3. My question is; what the fuck must the fat-arsed nanny go with for when taking the dog for a walk!?!?

    Why isn't mommy actually "walking" the dog and getting some exercise? Sorry, that's question number 2, but I didn't say, "my only question is".

    No, really, I have no sympathy for these fucking libtards. Their stupidity fails to evoke any emotions in me whatsoever, any longer. They deserve to be massacred. They beg for it.

    And just an aside to CWG in case you missed my comment on the previous blog. I'm back Kiddo. You can't keep a good man down? But, conversely, onkryt vergaan nie?

    1. Anonymous6:03 pm

      The crazy mommy is giving one pet a walk and the other pet a ride.

  4. Anonymous4:56 am

    Having a maid = great way to compromise your own security and that of everyone else in your estate/neighbourhood.

    A lot of robberies and break-ins are inside jobs. Either they're paid or get a share, volunteer the deal with the local robbers in the local squatter camp, or are coerced but usually still paid...

    Also, you're having someone in your home, go through all your stuff, knows what you have, and where everything is, AND your movements, schedule and when you are away on holiday etc.

    Having a maid is suicidal.

    1. Anonymous12:14 pm

      The maids actually take video footage of your interior on their phones.

  5. Anonymous5:15 am

    Yes, really, I cannot understand it either. Another reason why people get murdered in these "security" complexes as it is always an inside job. I guess it is what some call a "natural selection" process. Naturally liberal people like Winnie Rust, who's maid's two sons murdered her are also always also probably lazy. They think all is well is South Africa, cause all is OK at the moment, nothing to worry about. And please do not talk to those about the state of "things" currently because you will be the one that are being branded as negative, paranoid and all kinds of words like racist etc.

  6. Anonymous5:33 am

    It does not stop here either, whites employ them in their businesses, industries, agriculture,mining, forrestry, virtually everywhere, whites economy are so dependant on cheap black labour, cannot do with out it unless you automize a lot of lt but a lot industries still need cheap manual labour. How do you get around it? As you say you have the enemy infiltrating, just takes one to ba a bad apple and you are done.

    1. Anonymous12:15 pm

      Whites should stop employing them until they stop voting for the ANC.

    2. Anonymous3:03 pm

      Not so cheap for the output. The cost of Bonuses and 4 weeks leave and time off striking burying of all family members etc. The cost of damage to equipment , tooling etc. THEN THE TIME TO TAKE OF REPETITIVE TEACHINGS and its still not absorbed , in one weekend all is forgotten , then Monday start again. No F that no more with this LOT , they are not cut out for it. Automate Machinery ( Rotators , Column and Boom , robotics etc.)
      They way we being shoved aside today , our people that built this country and still made sure the blackman was well fed for his mathondo to work overtime , and breed like there is no tomorrow, to have these un disciplined Spawn that havent even contributed to SA , Burn and Destroy infrastructure and Loot and run amok . Then Seeing the example of their great Leaders getting away with Crime that no other country on this Planet would tolerate. How are they gonna see any better ? It all starts at the Top. If the Leadership were a true Leader with no Bullshit , things would be different.
      I must say though it worked out pretty well the way this Gang got to become the Leaders of SA with the help of the Commie Lexicon and the Twisted Left and the Brainwashed PC Western World (and man they are reaping today) .

  7. Anonymous6:36 am

    Folks, this goes right back to 1838 when the liberal Piet Retief was also apparently very trusting of Dingaan and was slaughtered with his whole party. Nothing has changed!

    1. Anonymous10:09 am


      True - very true.

      He must have either been a liberal or loved those naked Zulu breasts, how any man/women can be dismayed by these things tells me they are blind.

    2. Anonymous6:48 pm

      Naked Zulu breasts. Yuck!

  8. justice seeker7:29 am

    It's always the rich whites that are liberals. I know a 34yr old in potchefstroom with 2 kids she lives in a house without walls or a fence. She believes if you got a wall or fence people will break in.then she has a maid that she practically worships and I detest. These fuckers look down at whites. How do I put sense into her head.

    1. Anonymous6:43 pm

      Are you the same justice seeker who posted this in the 'In South Africa good deeds will get you killed' thread @ 11:30 AM?

      "I've started to agree with kill whites majority in my path deserve death. Bring it on.haha"

  9. Anonymous9:12 am

    Decadent Rome is burning...

  10. Anonymous10:08 am


    Een woord - Skiet hulle!

  11. Anonymous11:31 am

    That's not in South Africa, that's somewhere in America. The maid is sitting on the right hand side. I don't know any white who is so liberal that she will let the maid take over the driver's seat - presuming the maid even knows how to drive which is highly unlikely.

    1. Look at the white car on the right. It drives on the left hand side of the road and has a Gauteng registration plate. All golf "Club cars" in South Africa are imported from the USA and therefore have left hand drive steering. See here.


    2. Anonymous1:56 am

      Anon 11.31. jy's maar lekker dof ne. Van die soort wat begin argumenteer maar nie n situasie goed deurdink het nie.

    3. Anonymous5:18 am

      How do we know that the person in the GOlf Cart is not DISABLED ?
      Are YOU sure that this is indeed a case of lazy white "madam" ?
      Where is the background ?
      We know that -- ONE picture covers any number of lies.

      Just the normal SOP here -- jump to conclusions NO careful checking of the situation to constuct a complete picture.
      Intelligence -- a quality UNKNOWN here !

  12. Anonymous12:21 pm

    So the expression used on Sunday arvies thru skief lips "meet me in the garage" is no longer expressed in gated properties?

  13. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Dis twee woorde

  14. Anonymous3:07 pm

    i wonder if that golf cart is fast enough to outrun these zombies? somehow i dont think so, i can already see some zombie driving that gangsta style after he liberates it.


  15. Anonymous3:09 pm

    BTW in the Northern suburbs we even have the Gardenboy or the Maid take the Dogs for walkies.

  16. Anonymous6:21 pm

    These libtards, suck ups, ass kissers, hypocrites and traitors should be tattooed or branded with a visible mark so they can be avoided like kaffirs.

    1. Anonymous3:16 am

      They are all white kaffirs. Kill 'em all.

  17. Anonymous6:26 pm

    It's not dog shit in the picture, it's muck from the stinky maid.

  18. I knew a woman once used to go to movies with her maid. (WTF?) - How lonely must one be? Well that didn't work out. Used to complain the maid was lazy and didn't want to work. Duh! And I've seen servants walking dogs. Clearly laziness has rubbed off on the libtards. Skande!

  19. Detroit Refugee1:37 am

    Why would one allow the enemy into their home? Looking to get raped, shot, throat cut, robbed?
    No way in Hell, do my realist friends this side even consider allowing Detroit Negroes into the homes/businesses.