07 May 2016

The Devil came to fetch the Purple Witch?

Hell be ready, Margot Honecker is on her way.

By Mike Smith
7th of May 2016

Margot Honecker, the Communist witch with the purple hair and wife of Erich Honecker departed for hell yesterday. An unapologetic hardliner Communist to her death, she lived in exile in Santiago Chile behind her own two metre high wall in fear of the proletariat, just like she did in the former East Germany. The fact that she was allowed to cash a German pension of €1,500 a month to her dying day (that she complained about) boggles the mind. The bitch should have been put up against a wall and shot.

They ambiguously called her “Miss Education”, “The Blue Wonder” and the “Purple Dragon”,

She was once the Minister of People’s Education (Ministerin für Volksbildung) and escaped charges that she kidnapped and separated children from their parents and gave them up for forced adoptions by others simply because the parents were seen as enemies of the state or tried to flee he Communist Utopia to the West.

Margot Honecker with her favourite black cock,
Communist dictator of Mozambique Samora Machel
on his state visit to the GDR in 1983
Margot Honecker was also responsible for sending severe enemies of the state to prison and their children sent to forced labour prisons called “Jugendwerkhöfen” where they had no rights, were militarily drilled, brainwashed and were basically worked to death or driven to self mutilation and suicide. Survivors of these “discipline schools” still suffer from post traumatic stress disorder to this day.

She openly supported Communist North Korea, branded Mikhail Gorbachev “a traitor” for his reforms and called victims of the brutal East German regime “criminals”.

According to this psycho bitch, people had an excellent life in the former GDR (East Germany) and there was no need for them to try and climb over the Berlin Wall and be shot doing so.

Tja…Problem is that some former East Germans to this day defend this diabolical system. I spoke to one a few months ago who told me that the schooling system in the GDR was “far better” and “far superior” to that of Western Germany and that after the wall came down in 1989 the West Germans “stole” their excellent schooling system.

So I asked him how a country with such an excellent schooling system could produce only “Trabbis” (that you had to wait ten years for) when the West with their inferior schooling system was mass producing Audis, BMW’s and Mercedes Benzes?

How could it be that in a country with Margot Honecker’s excellent Communist schooling system there was always shortages of everything from strawberries to clothes and you had to cue up for three hours to get a ration of bananas?

How could it be that with such an excellent schooling system people had to be imprisoned by a wall (of course to protect them from the evil western capitalists), forbidden to travel outside of the country and thousands shot for trying to escape the wonderful Communist Utopia where the only freedom people had was to lie naked on the beach?

The mind boggles than any sane person can still defend such a system, but yes… the GDR was wonderful, everyone had a job, the Communist Party was always right...and nobody had the intention to build a wall.


  1. Never heard of this twisted bitch, thanks for putting me in the know.

    Did Jacob Zuma and Juju Malema crawl out of her stink orifice that she called a vagina?

    It sure sounds like they are related to her. Maybe the new model for SA was designed and concepted by her.

    Satan have your beast that you call child.

    1. Mr Mister5:50 am

      She had an affair with her future husband Erich and fell pregnant, all the while he was married to someone else.

  2. Anonymous3:01 am

    I have relatives in Fulda and just after the Wall was taken down I had to see what it was like in Commie utopia , so on a visit in 1993 to drove over the border , one could clearly see that nothing had changed since 1945 , the Buildings Railstation and Houses still had the same infrastructure standing there derelict.
    The only thing standing out like a sore thumb were the numerous Mines with Towers and conveyer Belts , and Mine Dumps one after the other, clearly the land being drain of every ounce for Mother Russia.
    There is one thing for sure that the Commie Lexicon is superior in and that is to Brainwash People into Hypnotic state.
    Merkel grew up in this Ideology , so hence her actions , almost to punish her nation and rubbish her flag .

  3. Anonymous3:55 am

    Very interesting but what has this got to do with South Africa?

    1. Well lots. The ANC were trained by these East German Communists. Many of the ANC MP's can still speak German. The ANC has made no secret of it that their model for a Socialist South Africa is based on the East German model.

    2. I'm not from SA but...all over the world the pattern repeats: Leftists take over and set about gutting people who don't do everything they command. Studying the factual history of places like East Germany helps you recognize the pattern in other countries.
      The average person literally can't believe how ghastly life was in East Germany--or is now in North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela or...South Africa. And even if you show 'em they think "oh that could never happen *here*. But of course. ..
      Thanks, Mike.

  4. Anonymous7:56 am

    It says Die Linke. You could just as well write SACP. Same shit different country.

  5. Anonymous9:04 am

    An oldie but shows you how clueless some people are.


  6. To all the commie black stink retard wogs that monitor, read, follow and try and infest this blog with your fucking dim witted stupidity that you were born with. Hear me, hear me and hear me again.

    Your fucking recovering rascist addict shit post that you keep posting all over, its not working. We know what you're up to and its not working. Your propaganda machine is failing, your psyops is dismal and your stupidity is truly fucking astounding.

    The best way for me to recover from my rasicism is to bury that which creates it, so start the party that I may begin my cure.

    1. Anonymous3:22 pm

      Burying the ANC stink "government" would be a bloody good start.

  7. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Another clueless or useful idiot that does not know the difference between communism and capitalism.


  8. Anonymous3:05 pm


    I think more people march for weed than for our rights.

  9. Anonymous3:53 pm

    She probably thought that West Germans climbed over the wall to get into East Germany because it was paradise on earth.

    Kaffirs and Communism - dangerous apart, lethal combined.

    1. They make the ideal cannon-fodder - too dof to realize that being cannon-fodder is dangerous, breeding fast enough to keep up the supply of fodder under normal conditions, and easy to put away when finished (they will keep numbers down when not looked after). This is the very definition of cannon-fodder.

      I think we should allow them to meet their destiny.