31 May 2016

Steve Hofmeyr's address to the Dutch cancelled

By Mike Smith
31st of May 2016

Tomorrow the 1st of June 2016, South African actor and musician, Steve Hofmeyr was scheduled to address the Dutch public about farm murders in South Africa and the genocide of whites in SA in general.

His address has been cancelled. Ironically not so much by the Dutch, but by South Africans living in the Netherlands and mostly through the work of one Afrikaner called Johan de Villiers who has a website called African European Indaba : Bringing Ubuntu to Europe

Hofmeyer’s Dutch dis-courage

According to Johan de Villiers of the African-European Indaba – a community for Africans living in Europe – the Hofmeyr talk was cancelled after he appealed to Studio Dudok in The Hague“not be associated with his racially provocative statements”.

Weeks earlier, de Villiers had warned of Hofmeyr’s impending visit.

On their Facebook page, Studio Dudok explained their decision to can the Hofmeyr talk.

“We as Dudok have always taken a stance against any kind of discrimination and racism. We like to be a place where everyone feels welcome as a guest or employee.”

Yeah. What a bunch of hypocrites. “Taken a stance against any kind of discrimination and racism”...My arse...

Why don’t you idiots take a stance against Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, racial quotas in sport the brutal killing of thousands of white farmers in South Africa, the expropriation of white land, etc?

And as for the liberal twat in Holland, Johan de Villiers...if everything is so nice in SA why did you and your followers/petitioners leave South Africa? Why are you now living in Europe and not in a township in South Africa. Tell you what you do mate. If it so OK in rural SA for whites, why don’t you buy yourself an African farm and live there without a gun, with burglar bars and without alarms? Let us see how long you last.

Anything else...and you are a hypocrite.


  1. Anonymous7:43 am


    Thats fine! We must stop looking to other nations & actually take our destiny into our own hands. Those fuck ups, will never, ever understand our situation.

    Leave those assholes alone, instead focus on uniting us here in South Africa.

    Its fine, when Russia goes through those countries THEY MUST not think they will settle her with us in the new republics.

    As for this doos, I say we take him out when the time is right. Anyone who speaks shit about white South Africans is an enemy of the future state.

    Its going to be poetic justice in the end when Europe is a toilet bowl & they want to run from Europe. They must not think they can sommer catch a plane and be buddy buddy with us here.

    We must keep score! We must take note! We must remember, all these people and their stances towards us here.

    Fuck them! Johan de Villiers, well its ok, the doos wont settle here in the future, never again! If he does, we feed him to a great white in the cape!

    Im so sick of these damn liberal wankers, I am more scared of liberals than I am of radical blacks.

    I have also met these "rainbow loving, Madiba loving" liberal South Africans in London, they all say how shit South Africa is now & how great Mandela was, how bad apartheid was....

    Ask them why they are living in the UK now, under a free, democratic South Africa & why they didnt move over during the height of apartheid and they cant answer you!

    That is a liberal for you! Backward, assholes - Its ok, it will either be the Russians which destroy them all or the Muslims that rape their children and wives.

    We really must not look for any sympathy in Europe, they should be looking to us for sympathy because we might have it bad now, they will have it 100 times worse in the coming months/years ahead.

    I feel nothing for these liberals, Johan de Villiers should be shot for treason or hung, lets find his address and post it on some hard core Muslim sites - let them deal with this prick

    1. Anonymous8:29 am

      I agree with you. Although I admire Steve and the work he is doing, I feel he should do the work in his own country. Sure, there are a few right wing elements in Europe, but as you mentioned, Europe is currently feeding and breeding its own problems.
      There will be a day when the whites from Europe look for safety in other countries.
      That day, people like Johan should be left where they are, so they can experience the hell we currently facing.
      My condolences to the family and friends of Hanlie Lategan.
      These kind of murders will be revenged.


    2. @ anon 7:43 AM, BN.

      Mate, why do you want to feed shit to the sharks? Nee man! That's not on.

      Bring him, I have the right corrective cure for his illness,its not a FMJ or anything so fast.

      Mr J de Villiers is just another coward, like most of the runners.

      I have a special love for cowards, so please don't feed our beautiful sharks this horrible walking piece of shit, let's correct his ills for eternity, when the times come.

    3. Brilliant idea.

    4. Anonymous11:00 am

      I have to Europe on many occasions. Actually now Europe is largely liberal and they won't dare listen to anyone like Steve but will see him as just another lunatic who suffers from narrow conservative ideologies.

    5. Anonymous11:00 am

      I have to Europe on many occasions. Actually now Europe is largely liberal and they won't dare listen to anyone like Steve but will see him as just another lunatic who suffers from narrow conservative ideologies.

    6. True, Boere Ninja. The civilised people of the republic are on their own. These European countries are soon going to have racial problems of their own. Plus, they won't help us in any case. It is clear what is happening in SA and the civilised people should start going underground. Talking and writing about the crisis is over. Blogs like Mike's and other similar blogs should now be used to mislead the enemy to what is really being planned. But the time for action is near. The planners will have to keep in mind that the European Union plus the USA under Obama is going to send help to the government if there is civil war in SA and should plan accordingly. With such a lot of very angry people, this might just be the bloodiest war ever fought on this earth...I don't even think the blacks are going to be a factor, they will be decimated in week's time. This will be white on white at the end and might lead to many other conflicts...

    7. The big question is, what will Putin do given the BRICS connection? If the USA & the EU side with the Zots could we possibly expect any assistance from Russia?

      I would rather have Putin on our side than the other wankers.

  2. @ the yellow bellied runner boys, congratufuckinglations.

    You type just proving the raving psychotic lunatic LTMA right.

    Thank you you bunch of traitors bastards.

    I told you before you come on to the blog shout your shit and then hide in foreign lands.

    You lot of runners are all the same " when we, turd talkers"

    I bet you tell everybody what brave social justice warriors you were over here, then you get onto the blog and spew the opposite shit in our direction.

    You lot cannot hide your true colours.

  3. Now watch these fucking liberal cunts attack this one.

    Absolute silence on the Malema issue but now you have served their dish.

    Mike, seriously thank you for my daily bread. I can now start salivating and drooling again.

    My favourite prey will be serving itself up for my pleasure.

    Cannot thank you enough, Mr Smith.

  4. Anonymous8:04 am

    Body of Afrikaner estate agent, Hanle Lategan has been found - search is over - she was murdered..... http://stopwhitegenocideinsareports.blogspot.co.za/2016/05/another-murder-body-of-afrikaner-estate.html

    1. Anonymous1:29 am

      I am so sad for her loved ones

  5. Anonymous8:28 am

    Strange how a fellow white South African is always at the centre of the antiracist double talk Mike. And like you said what is this kaffir loving cocksucker doing cosily settled in Holland. Whites are never allowed to speak out about a blatant black on white genocide that is in total operation but the highly racist blacks are given a full blown red carpet welcome. This kind of double talk and acceptance is nothing short of astonishing. It cannot be ignorance to the true facts because the truth has been spread worldwide. So they believe it is better to live in complete denial to the their huge previous racial fuck ups that they made against the whites. Denial is a weak but effective face saving venture when the rotten egg has burst right in their face. Furthermore the Dutch are known to be a very cowardly nation and personally they wouldn't be an asset to our fight of RESISTANCE for white liberation from black oppression.

    1. @ Anon 8:28 AM

      Yes their hypocrisy is stinking to high heaven. Apparently they are anti-discrimination, but have no problem discriminating against Steve.

      However you are missing the point just as Boere Ninja and LTMA above.

      Steve is doing excellent work in Holland. He is not looking for sympathy, neither is he asking for help. He is there to INFORM them and in so doing the rest or Europe and the world.

      The world knows that when the Boer wakes up, stands up and starts fighting, he does not need help from anybody; He simply wants the rest of the world to stay the hell out of our business when the fighting starts, because it is not going to be pretty. That day the world must not cry foul and ask "Why?"...where were they when thousands of white farmers were killed and we were discriminated against with BEE, AA, etc..?

      No Steve is informing them so that they cannot say they didn't know. And that is the point. When the Big Fight starts they must just stay the hell out of SA...We need to clean house.

    2. @ Mike, no way, my friend. I have no issue with what Mr hofmeyr is doing

      He does what I cannot so I will not throw a stone in his direction and if he supports us in our mission, I have his back.

      Its the fucking white runner trash liberals that are my bone to chew.

    3. Anonymous10:30 am

      I respect Steve he could done what most of the others have and taken the money. Had a good career singing inane songs but he chose to stand up and become a target.

  6. Anonymous9:21 am

    Thank you Mr Smith great article once again!

  7. Anonymous9:25 am

    I was recently in Germany and I was welcomed with the same animosity. It seems like the world hates us because I was told that we white South Africans like to complain too much and cry like babies. I also tried to raise issues about white genocide and I was told that I will first have to understand the meaning of "Genocide"before I can make such claim. They have also told me that blacks are in fact dying at a greater rate from crime than whites but they also do not make such claim. They insist that South Africa is crime-ridden and it shows that criminals kill indiscriminately especially where opportunity avail itself irrespective of whether the victim is black or white. What I only got was that we are just only attention seekers who are still by far enjoying better life than than the aborigines. I was told than if we want to win South Africa back we rather come with better strategies than the so called "White genocide thing" because it still shows our racist nature. They claim that everyone is dying in South Africa, not only whites and if indeed there was a genocide against whites, the weather could have been obvious for everyone to see. They claim that we actually are racists and do not want to be ruled over by blacks and we now want to make every murder of a white man an issue.

    1. Anonymous9:51 am

      Go back in 2 years time after their 2 million Muslims have shown them how things are in Africa and the Middle-East.

      I too was there and the one German guy said they take their own trolleys back to the supermarket as the "don't have slaves in Germany", referring to the car guards and trolley guys. I was shocked and could not respond.

      The Germans will soon learn the hard way unfortunately and then they will see what we've been dealing with for 350 years.

    2. Anonymous11:40 am

      That is unbelivable because it is exact same treatment I received while I was also visiting Europe. The moment I started opening my mouth to introduce myself that I was coming from South Africa I was told how racist we were in South Africa. Some claim to be following blogspot of white South Africans such as this one of Mike Smith and what they see there written about a black men is unpleasant and racist to the core. They described the same Steve as the biggest racist in the universe, worse than Spaniards. I wonder why Europeans hate us so much. Maybe is because there are millions of black people living in Europe. It is said that they will become majority in Europe by 2050


    3. Adrem1:36 pm

      Anon @ 9:51
      That 'one German guy' you are referring to who made that stupid comment about taking back supermarket trolleys can only be a dumb liberal idiotard who was once in South Africa and knows about the intellectually demanding job of trolley pushers.

      Don't be shocked by his remark, he probably reads Johan 'The Traitor' de Villiers' website...

    4. Very true. The progressive left has moved so far left that even being middle of the road is considered right wing. The last thing on the lefts mind is facts and reality. Seriously they dont want to deal with it. They are borderline or fanatically opposed to reality. Europe is starting to wake up with the migrants, starting. Think about South Africa, you have people being slaughtered like sheep and still have white people denying it. These are people who sees the news, who gets the stats at work, who knows someone who has been raped and murdered , yet still deny anything is wrong, and this is in South Africa. Now go overseas, to say here in Australia. No blacks around, only a couple. So the only interaction with blacks is what they see on TV, coupled with the bullshit the media spews out, mixed with years of lies the education system pumped through them, obviously they dont know or understand and will be biased with the South African situation. Hence the first reaction you will get will be racist , new nazi etc etc. They have been conditioned that way.

      Last week I had to take my birth certificate to get some documents notarized. The woman took it and sneeringly pointed out that they had race as a description. With the condescending look she gave me I really just wanted to smash her face in. However, I just said to her, that I wish my forefathers did what hers did, reducing the aboriginal population to now only be 3 % of the total population. We would also then act all humane with the remaining few , go to smoking ceremonies and make apologies . The look of hatred I got back, I think it went through.
      The situation is messed up, what can be done about, I dont know. When it comes to this de villiers doos, there will always be people like him. Unfortunately. He should be ostracised and only send viruses to his website.

    5. Anonymous11:41 pm

      In the UK, my experience was different, understanding and sympathy for whites from not only local whites but also Indians. Some of the Indians and their family members or friends fled from Idi Amin, so they understand.

      They also documentaries which are quite scathing about SA, crime in SA, Marikana and the ANC.

      I was really surprised, as people were basically lecturing me on how bad Zuma and the ANC are.

    6. Anonymous7:55 am

      Never go to Italy and ever mention you are a white man from South Africa. You will regret of ever doing that. Don't ask me why.

    7. Funny enough I have been to Italy several times and nothing happened. I actually had an Italian living across the road from me in the Cape. We got on well together. I used to give his son boxing lessons ;-)

      Maybe what you are saying has something to do with my grandfather who kicked the Italians out of Abyssinia in WWII. Those Italian prisoners of war built Chapmans Peak drive and the R44 between Gordons Bay and Rooi Els. They liked South Africa so much that after the war they decided to stay and move their entire families to the Cape.

      BTW did you know that the Paul Sauer Bridge over the Storms River was designed and built by the famous Italian civil engineer Riccardo Morandi?

  8. Yip, Johan devil Ears seems to have the same mindset as the rest of the liberal media. No use having a debate on his blog, just turn the comment off. In that way he can convince himself that everyone agrees with him, and all is well in SA.

  9. Anonymous9:30 am

    Its happening on all sides. The ANC with its slow-fry method of squeezing us and the EFF with its threats of war. Then there are the libtards like Brett Fish and others that want to to be a shame to call yourself white. They want us to divide up our homes or even leave them to the blacks. War is in the air... More and more whites are leaving. The later a war starts, the worse it will be for those who are left here.

    While they are burning schools, plotting and planning, stirring trouble and looking at us sideways with hatred more and more, the white boys sit back at the rugby and drink their beer. They talk only of whether the try was forward or offside or about how poor the referee is. They talk about the coach and worship the rugby god. But even this could get taken away at the stroke of a minister's pen. The one think whites hold dear. While the people are distracted they plan our downfall.

    We need the following:
    1. Boycott the rugby immediately - don't give them anything to take away from us. Use this beer money and time and talk to start planning. Buy food, help your neighbors and friends and family. Stockpile everything you need. Prepare as your life does depend upon it.

    2. If the EFF and ANC unite we're all toast (at least those who have only six packs of beer in the fridge for the rugby). Work on ways to divide our enemy and conquer them.

    3. Spread the news on all overseas media and social platforms under a range of aliases. Maybe someone might help us, but don't count on it - maybe the USA is our only hope.

    1. Anonymous10:38 am

      They look accross at each other with even more hate. The ANC and EFF won't unite they'll be murdering each other wholesale within the next year or two.

  10. Anonymous9:43 am

    We also need ECONOMIC FIREWALL.

    Why are people employing blacks and workers when there are white people who could also do those jobs? It brings thousands of them into the area. They keep bringing more. This is the plan in the Western Cape. They know that its geographically the best place for whites to defend, wall off and advance. Once its gone, we will be defeated.

    Stop watching the fucking Rugby and get on with planning. So tired of people complaining about the ref or captain or a silly game. When we have our country back or at least Western Cape Independence, we can play rugby again.

  11. Anonymous9:49 am

    Ways to counter the insurgency on social media:

    1. Download an IP hider program such as IP-Hider Pro or similar. This will help to make you more anonymous.

    2. Open up 5 email addresses Gmail, Yahoo etc..

    3. Open up a few fake Facebook profiles, set the privacy to only you and post on overseas news sites where there are hundreds of comments. Do the same for twitter.

    One could also create flyers, put 6 on an A4 page and print or photocopy a few thousand. Drive through coloured neighbourhoods at night and drop these off - Anti-ANC and Anti-EFF. Show them how much they're paying for the welfare and for the blacks.

    F..k I get so worked up and annoyed at how the whites are so complacent.

  12. Anonymous9:52 am

    This B Fish libtard has a website br__fish.co.za, a twitter account and a Facebook profile and a few others. He is actively promoting white guilt and similar in order to weaken the resolve of the white people. I am shocked at how prolific his attack is. We need to counter this rubbish on social media.

    1. @anon 9:52 AM. "When troubles come they come not as single spy but as battalions." I quote.

      The bible speaks of wolves clothed as sheep. Beware the preachers that preach against their own.

  13. @ anon 9:30 AM. Do not lose faith in yourself, be the difference to make the difference.

    You have the right stuff, I hear it in your dialogue, just get the message across to as many as possible.

    The runners will run but those that stay will be the ones to carry on the fight,our situation won't change if the runners leave now or later. A coward is born not made.

    Start your preparation and hone your skills for you will be needing them.

  14. Anonymous10:17 am

    I am more irritated by white libtards than the blacks actually! I am also annoyed at the boytjies who watch the rukkkkby and pretend to be so tough - they will be the first to listen to their black masters. The white people who will betray us are the ones to worry the most about.

  15. Who is that arse wipe that had the balls in my absence to take me on.

    I will remind you, LTMA is butt hurt, something about friendly fire in a war zone?

    Shit face, you know who you are, go back to your comment, I left a special message for you there.

    You cowardly dick wart, pick on somebody in there absence, fuck I know retards that have more guts than you.

    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      Listen mate, not everything in the world is about you or your opinion. My bet is you are probably living in a boardinghouse somewhere in Boksburg/Alberton with absolutely fuckall to show for your life's work. Its reflected in your stupid, inane and insanely repetitive comments. I've known guys like you in the army and in life, they all come from places like Danville, Rossettenville or Goodwood, most of them are bastards who never knew which one of their mothers customers were their fathers and very few of them made it past standard 8.

      So please shut up and sit the fuck down so adults can talk. You are increasingly becoming a prime candidate for a poesklap.

    2. Anonymous1:19 pm

      It was me. I am right here. What you wanna say?

      yes, I could not trust you with a gun. You will wind accidentally shooting more of us by mistake than the other side.

      You need to stay behind and be kitchen help.

    3. @ anon11:47 AM at least I know who my mother is, you're still trying to figure that out, you're totally confused by the make up of the sperm donars aswell due the all those hues in your skin colour, go shag the nanny an play your ancestral games, you fucking cowardly cunt.

      @ anon1:19 PM, what I want to say is posted below you comment, you stink arse sucking retard.
      Come and make me stay behind. All voiced up you are, man up and show up, you cowardly heart.

    4. @anon11:47 AM, you are definitely related to the retards that we deal with daily on this blog.

      I see you also like to threaten, come and deliver that poesklap you fucking little worm, I invite you come.

      You are the coward personified, your yellow streak is running down your fucking leg. Best you climb back into your black box.

    5. @ anon 11:47AM. Why do you dispise the poor people so, why do you comment and mock the residential areas that are not affluent and opulent?

      Is it because you were poor and the same as them and you are ashamed of your past and hide behind your present facade?

      Do you resent the fact that you youth was spent in the backwaters while your desire was to live the glamour?

      Are you just another wannabe parading in front of your artificial friends in an artificial society.

      Are you not just as artificial and fake as they are.

      I know you're a loser, a runner, a coward, you will beg mercy and cry your tears on the day of your reckoning.

      Is it that the poor and unfortunate have characteristic that you crave and admire but that you yourself could never attain?

      I bet I am right and you are the poser in society, you are the armchair SJW and all your retard buddies hang around you you because you say in your cowardice what they want to hear.

      I have found you and you know it, you lie to yourself to be accepted by your society.

      Remember his FF when I arrived on this site, attrition got a new name. This is guerrilla warfare keyboard style.

      Now go dry your wankers tears and man up I await you.

  16. Johan Sloet de Villiers
    Kijkduinstraat 105-3
    1055 XT

    1. Mike. Send your son in law go visit...

    2. Anonymous1:18 pm

      hey Mr. Trump...The cunt squatting at this address recons you are a big loud mouth red neck...time for you to sort out your itchy fingers near that defcon 1 button...A 2 Mt fussion bomb will do dude, wipe out the entire liberal kaaskop nest in one go.

    3. @BoereLaCosaNostra...I was invited to attend by Martin Bosma (whom I personally know)and would have loved to be there, but unfortunately I am preoccupied with something and cannot get out to personally ride shotgun with Steve this time. However next time I will definitely be there. Come hell or high water.

  17. Anonymous10:58 am

    This is absolute madness. This business is seriously not on.

  18. Anonymous11:06 am


  19. Anonymous11:13 am

    Im no fan of Steves music however that's my choice. I have respect for the man as he calls a spade a spade. I enjoyed his reply "blacks were the main architects of apartheid"

  20. Anonymous11:31 am

    Mike, please excuse my ignorance.... Who/what is that?

    1. Anonymous12:07 am

      Go back to sleep man.

  21. Here is the contact details of that baster brak. Steve also found another venue and his speech is going ahead. N Boer maak n plan.mooi steve

  22. Anonymous11:46 am


    Johan Sloet de Villiers jou fokken liberale kont! Jy is gemerk en ons sál jou jag!

    Het die grootste Kumbaya-kak op sy Facebook profiel ook.

    Het selfs 'n "Refugees welcome" image. Sloet jou fokken onnosele sot; be careful what you wish for!

    Ek dink dis hoogtyd dat ek vir ons 'n Liberal hitlist-register begin byhou!

    1. We need to give that list another name. Like kiss list or you think of something.

      JP had a hitlist but they made him take it off his site.

      But even if we do not have a list now we can sit down in future meeting when we are empowered and make a sophisticated list where we even go after the small fish for treason.

      Have a commity that track and hunt all liberals down using aĺl resources like social media and what not.

  23. His speech was not cancelled. Only the venue was changed as Dudok was influenced by this Sloet cunt.

  24. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Let us not forget, today is 31 May, the day we told the English to fuck off and declared independence :)

    1. Anonymous12:12 am

      There in lies the problem you see. YOU boers think that you told the 'English' to f-off and declared independance. The English only yawned and left it for another day - such as now. The 'English' have always been in control - for those who have eyes to see.

      The term 'English' is used loosely here - it does not refer to the common man but the powers behind.

    2. Anonymous3:29 am

      Just shows us all what Cunts these english lords really are. These english monsters are selling their own people out as well. I hope someone turns The City of London into glass.

    3. Anonymous6:05 am

      You say the Enlish only yawned. Fok jou. Hulle was die magtigste weermag in die wereld maar het hier goed op hul moer gekry deur n handjie vol boere

    4. Anonymous10:56 am

      @anon 6.05
      look at you...getting all heated and red in the face. Keep it up, we need this anger to surface.

    5. Anonymous10:49 am

      nO actually the Crown did yawn. They merely like water took the path of easiest resistance. They won the war even if by cowardly means then they got their bum chums like Jan Smuts to start Anglicizing South Africa. They (to use a popular term now)captured the state then captured industry and education. Then when Verwoerd turned out to be smarter then them they had him killed in the meantime they had been grooming the hensopper NATS.

      Be very wary of them they are the hidden hand behind SA.

  25. Adrem1:04 pm

    I am immensely upset too because of villains like traitor Johan Sloet de Villiers. OK, the IQ 67s are what they are and we know what we are facing, but someone with the name of Johan de Villiers, living in Holland, mixing with a bunch of Africans who live in Europe and steering the 'White guilt business' from there, that is miles beyond what I can tolerate.

    Shame on you Johan de Villiers, you are traitor of your vaderland and of your people and you bet someone is waiting to pay you, in good time, the well deserved reward for your Judas services.

    Again, shame on you forever!

  26. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing his email address. I hope it will be inundated with messages conveying to him what a POES he is. Mine is already there.

  27. justice seeker2:24 pm

    Where are all the whites standing up with steve..no wonder the world don't take us seriously. I've tried to inform and was beaten down...so fuck whites in sa spineless idiots. Where has anyone demanded apology and reparations for boer war...whites in sa scared of english...so I say fuck the boers and whites in sa. I support thailand better

    1. Anonymous9:07 pm

      @justice seeker 2:24 PM

      I don't know what to make of you at all. You say that you're white, but you keep posting anti-white shit like this. You really piss me off. And what the fuck has Thailand got to do with anything?

    2. Anonymous10:18 pm

      Here is a more concise version of what Justice Seeker is saying: "I like ladyboys".

    3. Anonymous3:31 am

      Justice Seeker u r so ghey hey!

    4. Anonymous3:40 am

      Look at the recent political history of Thailand and you will see what he means.

      They are a capitalist, nationalist, militaristic and right-wing society.

      Their 'Red Shirts'and their (deposed) government are quite similar to the ANC, paying off illiterate voters while the government pillages massive amounts of money.

      They also have low taxes, low vat, and almost zero unemployment as state benefits do not exist.

      They have it right, the West has become a joke.

    5. Anonymous10:57 am

      Before spitting out your butt-plugs consider that JS 2:24 is correct. How many white South Africans can you have an honest conversation about the current state of affairs or the past for that matter? Virtually fuck-all that is how many. They have been brainwashed by years and years of liberal propaganda and will now tell you that you are a fucking insane racist that should be diseboweled and fed to pigs because your views are slightly more conservative than theirs.

      So actually the MAJORITY (not all - did not say all) are fucking hensoppers who will smile sweetly for the bravo at the traffic lights and spit on their fellow white South Africans.

      Believe me if the shit ever goes down the white line will be very very thin. This is not an Anti-White rant, this is an Anti-Liberal Fuckhead rant of which sadly the majority of whites belong.

  28. Anonymous8:05 pm

    This vile De Villiarse has forever lost the right to call himself an Afrikaner and should now bear the mark of a dirty traitor for all to see. The bastard should go and crawl back into the stinking kaffirs' arse that he calls home.

    This fool doesn't realise that the kaffirs won't thank him for this because they're never grateful or satisfied with anything. The blood of his former people is now on his hands.

    Studio Doos are a bunch of hypocrites for not allowing Steve to speak the truth. They would have bent over backwards if he were a kaffir though. Well now they have bent over forwards with their pants down and the ANC directly behind them.

  29. Anonymous9:13 pm

    This de Villiers cunt is probably Sello's brother-in-law.

    1. Anonymous12:35 am

      Probably. But you can't fool the Chinese with "political correctness". The Chinese put blacks through the wringer.

      Asian laundry detergent ad says it like it is.


  30. Let's have a look here, my bait caught its prey, there were 2 responses to my little niggle.

    Now when Mike posted Malemas declaration of war, none of these cowardly arsed liberals posted anything on the blog.

    Amazing how the liberal cunts hide in the face of adversity and sell their culture and people out.

    Then they want us just to open our arms and welcome them back when everything settles.

    Our greatest threat is not retard its retards white liberal friends, they are the reason we sit here with this shit.

    I can never understand a man that sides against his own, they must really have been bullied and fucked up in school, only because they were weak then and they are still weak now.

    1. Anonymous1:12 am

      Agree with all you say and unfortunately the majority of whites in South Africa are either the walking dead under mind control or full blown libasses. Too many of them and too little of us. Mix together with all the blacks that want to skin us alive and wonder what chance do we really stand.

  31. Another thing followers of this blog, I see this one liberal prick attaches living areas to his distinction of people.

    People that live in Boksburg, Alberton, Rossettenville, Danville or Good wood are a subspecies to this intellectual cunt.

    He thinks that because white people cannot afford to live where he lives they are below him and unworthy of acceptance by his standard.

    This fuck face cunt, forgets that this country was built on the sweat of poor people that left their homelands to come and make something for their children.

    This man wants to enforce class distinction on people that are willing to defend all they have because they have nowhere else to go.

    Money and wealth does not buy you the right to think you are above your fellow man.

    I see it does buy you the right to vacate the shit as quickly as possible and punt your shit from safe distances.

    People when the shit hits I care not if my white brother comes from the gutter, as long as we have a common foe he is welcome at my fire and I will fight with him and I will honour him.

    This dick must remember his scathing attitude of the less fortunate whites and his love for their stink retard enemy, for the day will come when he will beg their mercy.

    As for me you prick, come and find me, I am in Benoni/ Boksburg I am easy to find look for the SA flag and "unitate ex vires" that is me.

    You useless piece of trash, I am sure you grew up in boarding homes and homeless shelters while your mother worked the streets, that why you are do sensitive about them.

    Now fuck off or man up.

    1. Anonymous12:30 am

      most of your comments are now becoming offensive and are counter productive to a constructive dialogue. Try and direct your disgruntled feelings towards the just cause.

      A 'Stallone' style approach should be left for the movies.

    2. Anonymous2:07 am

      @ 12:30 AM, he/she/it's as thick as a post mate, suffers from keyboard diarrhea and only reinforces the stereotype of the the stupid redneck KKK meme. OR its an agent provocateur from the usual suspects. Best to just ignore it.

    3. Anonymous2:44 am

      Anon 12:30

      If you're 'offended' then just ignore his posts.

      He can say what he wants, even if you disagree with him or he annoys you.

    4. @ anon 12:30 AM. Thank you, I will take that as constructive critism and attempt to correct it forthwith.

      Much appreciated.

    5. Anonymous3:08 am


      @ LTMA 9:38 PM

      Ek stem heelhartiglik saammet jou, mense moet ophou om verdeeldheid te saai. Daar is blankes wat bitter swaar groot geword het, hulle is nogsteeds ons volk. Wanneer ons een doel voor oë het word niemand van ons oorgekyk of misgekyk nie, as almal van ons saamstaan maak jou agtergrond werklikwaar nie saak nie. Dink ook asb aan die derduisende blankes in die wit plakkerskampe, almal ons broers. My hart gaan uit na daardie mense.

    6. Anonymous3:33 am

      Carry the FUCK on LTMA. These people getting offended by mere words? What weaklings, they ain't seen nothing yet. Fuck `em.

    7. Anonymous5:25 am

      This character (LTMA) is just a yapper like a chihuahua stoep kakertjie brakkie that always yaps but when he gets a fright and it is easy to scare them, they run with their tail between their legs, tjanking looking for a place to hide, thats all.

    8. @ all that those that I offend, hear me.

      You offend me with you cowardly nature and your negativity, you think I will back off and lie down because you are offended. Wrong, life is not about backing off its about perseverance and survival.

      Mr anon the one that started this shit, with his telling me to wake up that the whites in SA cannot pull together, you offend me.

      Because you ran from a fight does not mean we will, you wanted to attack me that day so you must now live the consequence.

      It is through people like you that we do not have support, you who ran off should be fighting the fight for our support but no you would rather attack me when I try and motivate a brother.

      Then you lot of scavengers hit me when I am not able to defend myself. Mr I will not back down for you, I will not apologise to you and I will not change my view for you.

      I stayed in SA because I have a passion for this land and this continent, it is my duty to support, uplift and defend my brother in this land.

      You have no right telling me otherwise. I am here, you left, you lost your right to speak for SA.

      If I offend you do not read my posts, if you do and its offensive rather tell me in a manner that I will accept as constructive critism and I will tone down, I realise that I am a guest here and I appreciate Mike's efforts and commitment to us.

      So I will only shut up if Mike tells me to as once again he is the host and all of us are guest, just know that I will not desert my brothers, my country and my right to be heard.

      Now you decide if you want this exchange to carry on, because I will take it all the way if you push it.

      Lastly this is not about me its about getting into my enemies face the way he gets into mine and my fellow country mans face.

      You decide how far you want to take this.

    9. Anonymous7:30 am

      LTMA. = Let The Man Argue.

    10. @ LTMA. if I can give you some Blogging advice:

      1. Don't feed the trolls.
      2. Don't wresttle with pigs.
      3. Bad language and swearing should be used sparingly and only to emphasize a point for clarity. Otherwise it loses its strength if used too much.

    11. @ Mike,thank you, I will ensure I use it wisely and also I will reduce on the foul language.

      Thanks again.

    12. @ anon 5:52 AM. Your remark is so old that stale is deficient in expression.

      I have heard it all before, I am just the talk you are the doer.

      I am scared you are the brave.

      I will run in the face of danger you will be the saviour of nations in your superman suit.

      I am a moron, a red neck and ignorant, you are the intellectual and genius.

      I am dangerous and careless, you are the expert and the trainer.

      All of that BS I have heard recently on this blog from your type.

      I would like to let you know, your silence is deafening and really putting the fear of god into your enemies.

      You are the saviour of nations, you are the hero and you are the leader, you have saved your people by finding the quickest, easiest route out of the country in the fastest time.

      You're so brave that you have gone ahead and cleared all danger in peaceful lands.

      And you are the intellectual and genius you have made sure that when shit flies you're nowhere to have to put up and fight or do the washing.

      So I am not worthy of your magnificence and I bow before you and all Like you, please forgive me oh mighty one you of such great courage, strength, intelligence and voice. I beseech thee come forth and save our white nation.

      Now that should make your day oh mighty one, I shall follow Mike's advice henceforth and not waste my time on you godly types.

    13. Anonymous11:45 pm

      @LTMA 9.54
      Hey mate the one you are replying to i.e. @ 5.52 is actually your own previous post.

      Please take a double dose of your medication pal as they appear to not be working well.

    14. Try be intelligent and work out misprint and figure it out yourself.

      Let me help you it intended for 5:25AM.

      Thanks for the advice send me your invoice and I will settle the bill.

      Oh you godly figures I have stated already I am unworthy.

  32. Well I was following Dr Dan Roodt's movements last week and he did some pretty as some work lately.

    I am also of the point that we should focus on SA but he attended an international pro-white conference in the U.S.

    The feedback was excellent. You can read it on Praag on the Afrikaans page. He says they are aware of our situation and watching with hawk eyes.

    They have this conference once a year and said that this was by far the biggest and that something is happening. There is momentum.

    They don't know whether it is Trump or the migrant crises but something is changing world wide blowing wind in to the sails of the right.

    This is important. Even though we have our own battles to fight we need to form allies because should we moer these savages they will get international liberal support.

    It is important to build foreign allies.

    1. "awesome"

      This is a professional take on our situation strengthening foreign ties. They do have senators and big names attending as well at these conferences with well established journalists.

      We should take what we can and as for me I truly appreciate his efforts. You can argue that he fights with the pen only but not all of us are gladiators and we should fight with whatever the creator endowed us with as long as we fight passionately.


    2. For those that are interested. Suidlanders will be slowing down on recruitment efforts. I believe they are doing this for security reasons as well as other reasons but they they can organize training and link your individual groups to their initiative if you are interested.

      Die Suidlander Noodplan het oor die jare gegroei tot op ‘n punt waar koördineringsvermoё nou uitgerol moet word na alle volksgenote in hul bestaande organisasies en splintergroepe.

      Daar is voorheen gereeld melding gemaak van die onvermoё onder ons volksgenote om saam te werk. Tot en met nou was ons druk besig om ons eie noodplan en bestuursvermoё deur middel van opleiding en oefeninge te finaliseer. Dit was dalk die rede vir ons beperkte skakeling met ander groeperings, en die inisiatief wat ons nou loods, dien as bewys daarvan.

      Om effektiewe koördinering tussen die Suidlander inisiatief en ander groeperings te bewerkstellig, is dit belangrik dat alle groeperings oor die nodige bevoegdheid beskik om effektief te kan koördineer. Om hierdie bevoegdheid te bekom, het die Suidlander bestuur oor die laaste maande ‘n inisiatief saamgestel wat ons nou aan alle volksgenote in hul groeps- of organisasieverband aanbied. Hoe kan verskillende groeperings koördineer as elke groepering nie op hoogte is van elektroniese kommunikasiemiddele, digitale kommunikasie, logistieke bestuursprosedures, toepaslike internasionale humanitêre reg, en vele meer nie.

      Ons stel aan u ‘n reeks kursusse bekend wat ons aan u organisasie of groep sal kom aanbied. Na afloop van die kursus ontvang u erkenning vir bevoegdheid op hierdie vakgebied.

      Suidlander Bestuur sal geen studente van ander organisasies toelaat om by die Suidlanders aan te sluit nie. Indien Verre Noord kommando of die Ratelgroep argumentsonthalwe so ‘n module-kursus wil volg, sal daardie individue nie toegelaat word om by die Suidlander inisiatief aan te sluit as lid nie. Die rede hiervoor is dat koördinering met daardie opgeleide individue binne sy organisasie vir ons belangriker is as om hom as ‘n lid te werf. Suidlander bestuur is ook van plan om in die nabye toekoms aansluiting van lede by die Suidlander inisiatief te staak, slegs elektroniese aansluiting sal toegelaat word.

      Die proses wat gevolg word om lede van u groep deur die onderstaande opleidingsmodules te sit, is as volg:

      Kies ‘n module wat u aan u lede aangebied wil hê. (Navraag rondom die besonderhede van elke module kan gerig word aan navrae@suidlanders.co.za)
      Rig ‘n versoek aan Suidlanders by navrae@suidlanders.co.za vir ‘n module-opleiding en ‘n datum – ten minste agt weke kennis is hiervoor nodig.

    3. Anonymous9:19 am


      @Donycero10:08 PM

      Remember this is how events pan out, 1 vision about multiple events

      1. When the censorship happens in SA, soon the government run out of funds. Note the coming downgrade. He mentioned Germany becoming violent, there will be violence in Germany.

      We see just last night Germany had more women molested by Pakis.

      See France, Siener mentioned civil unrest and a brewing civil war. We can see this is on the cards there in a number of different ways, the nationalists, these new guys opposed to social change because the gov wants to increase pension age + also reduce working hours - just like Venezuela.

      These financial reforms I have no doubt have to do with accommodating the millions of illegal scum Muslims.

      I do not think it will be too long before someone either throws a grenade into a crowd of Muslims or shoots them with a machine gun. It will not surprise me at all.

      Then we see the spat between Turkey & Russia. Just yesterday they accused Russia of bombing in Syria.

      Something is happening, Siener warned that "white racism" will increase WORLD wide to everyone`s surprise, it will just happen, it will just occur when the Europeans start waking up to the fact they are being destroyed.

      Something is happening, the spat between the US & Europe, especially the UK is growing. Siener said the English would eventually sell out the US.

      He mentioned the severe multicultural issues in England.

      America & Europe will look our way soon & these things should be concerned when the world turns. We will have millions, perhaps tens of millions looking our way, taking up our cause there in Europe + The US.

      I personally believe the tide turns now very fast world wide, like a raging veld fire. Multiculturalism is now dead, people are waking up fast around the world.

      See Sweden introducing womens only swimming pools because they are concerned about women being molested + raped.

      The tide is now turning BIG time and fast. I only pray our weapons come sooner rather than later, I hope we as whites unite, I hope the liberals open their eyes. I think here in SA they will open their eyes a lot faster than those still in Europe.

      But by biggest prayer should come when we decide to destroy all these parasites, send them all back the equator and make sure not to leave a single one alive. No mercy this time. We cannot survive with them in this country.

      All parasites must fall. Keep this in mind when voting or selecting a leader in the future in this country. Any leader which does not do this, is committing suicide for this nation once again.

      We have exhausted all means of trying get along. When whites were in power, did you ever hear whites shouting, singing about killing them, declaring war on them?

      Yet they do this to the whites. All parasite, the entire damn lot must be removed and terror must come over them. Anyone who employs one of them should face 6 months in jail and any liberal shouting for them should be hung for treason.

      Some might think this is radical, then just think of the present. Is the new SA not radical? Is not singing about killing whites radical? Is not killing farmers who feed this nation radical? Is not the murders, attacks, hijackings, theft radical? Is not BEE/AA radical?

      No mercy this time, no parasites, anything less is pure suicide.

    4. Anonymous6:04 am

      @ BN 9:19am with you 100%

      I believe that the whites in SA are standing together. Picture this, a family with children. The kids will fight with each other but if an outsider picks a fight with one of the kids. ALL of the kids (us whites) will turn on the intruder.

    5. Anonymous11:24 am

      i have been reading siener for 10 years. I have noticed how Boer ninja keeps altering and panel beating the prophecies to fit the current paradigm

  33. Anonymous10:20 pm

    I ahve a question for Johan Sloet De Villier; Why is he not living in South Africa as it seems to be such a wonderful country to him?

    1. Anonymous1:33 am

      Yes and why is he not living with some refugees in his house...??nooi hulle in jou huis in drol!!

    2. Anonymous6:37 am

      @ Donycero11:31 PM

      The Suidlanders is an interesting topic and I would like to year what other people have to say about them.

      Not too long ago they where quite adamant that nobody JOINS the Suidlanders. They only offer a plan.

      Now, the latest article on their webpage says that they will no longer be accepting new members, only members that register electronically. So now I am completely confused about what is going on.

      The training they are talking about I believe is essential for as many people as possible to attend but now this also seams to be limited to a select few. Now I am more confused.

      The confusion may be their HIGH Afrikaans and my English upbringing. Maybe not.

      I feel they are a subject that we should investigate carefully to determine if it/they is/are a viable Allie or are they just a bunch of Weekend Worriers heading for an other Boputatswana in they old Mercedes Benz...

      Lets discuss.

  34. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Maybe Trump could be sympathetic? Especially if he becomes future US President/

    He seems to hate the ANC, judging by his comments on social media in the past.

    He even said he thinks Africa should be 're-colonized'.

  35. The criminals have once again shown their true selves.

    Gupta's have screwed South Africa over and can continue to do so because the ruling party is allowing it.

    ANC has shut down the probe into state capture allegations and Gupta, Gupta, Gupta and Zuma may now whole heartedly fuck SA over.

    1. Anonymous4:41 am

      What else could one expect? But the local elections lie ahead. ANC can lose in Gauteng and PE which will be a game changer.

    2. @ anon4:41AM, this ANC will buy the vote with food parcel and T shirts, that is the worrying factor here.

      The masses are so fickle that they forget the injustice that has already been served and cannot see what lies ahead, so a food packet and a T shirt swings them.

      I do not know if you saw the pic of Zuma dancing at the pay out of the Krugerpark land claim, strategically timed to win the masses.

      Now everyone is going to be awaiting the big cheque.

      I really hope they do lose a couple of constituencies but I can never gage what will happen next with this species.

  36. Mike, I am looking for information on the African-European Indaba, such as members, funders, directors etc and Google search reveals nothing. I live in italy and I want to know who these liberal iudiots are. Does anybody have info on them? and let's target them like they target people like Steve and the Boere instead of calling them names and lowering our standards.

    1. Anonymous8:16 am


  37. Anonymous4:53 am

    Have a look here Mike...


    Refugees my ass.

  38. Anonymous5:28 am


  39. Anonymous6:24 am

    I looked at this Johan Ploert De Villiers's facebook page. He seems quite interested in the goings-on here in SA and doesn't always post favourable articles about the current regime - however careful so as to not over-step the politically correctness line - so I could not fathom what his problem could possibly be with old Stevie having his say about the farm murders of whities in SA. First I thought; could it simply be jealousy? I looked at his fake puppet smile and wondered some more .... Why would it be any of his concern what Steve has to say? And it’s not like Steve ever have or ever will break into song calling for his rifle to be handed to him so he could go “kill some flops” like what Zuma and Malema are doing at every opportunity with their "bring me my machine gun to kill the boer kill the farmer". So then I wondered...what is Ploert's agenda? And who is he working for really? Why make such a huge hoo-ha if not perhaps to create more awareness for Steve because since this post went to press there has been another update and Stevies talks are apparently continuing as planned (or with new plans to a bigger venue) with seemingly more support than what was previously the case. I for one didn’t even know Steve was planning anything abroad until everyone started spewing venom at Ploert. So perhaps we should say: Thanks to Johan Ploert "de villains" at least now we all know.

  40. I wonder what this incompetent idiot, Mbalula's got to say now after the poll that proves that 77% of people of all colour want sports teams picked on merit.

    The arsewipe thought he was gatkruiping for votes and now it's backfired on the turd.

    1. Anonymous11:26 am

      On the ball Tomkat my mate! That must have been a blow that caught him square on the jaw. However the question is does he accept the truth or does this arrogant black kaffir son of Satan still prefer to remain in his denial stupour forever?

    2. Anonymous1:20 pm


      Tom its about mocking us, showing us whos boss nothing else.

      You can prove, convince, show them that everything they touch is a fuck up and they will not care. I heard R14 billion again is missing in the education sector today - they said misappropriated funds but we know its plain old theft, African style.

      They dont care if this country burns to the ground, so long as we suffer - they want to show us, its a war! Psychological and physical.

      I mentioned dog poisoning 2 weeks back, now mass murder is happening in that area. Spoke to my father tonight and the parasites shot another white guy dead, took nothing!!!

    3. The only way is to boikot all sports. We are paying these fuckers to mock us. How stupid do you get.

      Here is a link that need to go viral on social media for rugby enthusiasts. Share it on fb maybe they will wake up.


    4. Dony, the link has already been blocked / removed. I just tried to go in now.

      Anon 11:26 - Yes, its already sprouting rhetorical bullshit against Solidarity & Afriforum's intentions to take him to court.

      Ninja, yes bud, I know that's what it's all about. Look at the Graham Joffe saga? He had to flee the country in fear of his life for exposing the thieving scum in the sports administration in this cunt-tree. They steal all the money then the sportsmen and women have to pay their own way???

      Absolute fucking scum!!! I am not even interested in a negotiated settlement for a White homeland any longer. Nothing short of the total eradication of this vermin will do.

      Maybe Woolworth's can use them in their pies? ha ha ha

    5. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009130966400&fref=nf. Check last status

  41. Anonymous8:16 am

    His dox is on /boerchan/


  42. Anonymous12:35 pm


    Go and take another look at Johan Sloet de Villiers facebook profile, and go look for comments by his libtard friends, what a shock and shame to see most of them are living amongst us.

    In vandag se tyd in Suid-Aftika waag jy jou lewe om 'n liberalis te wees en om hulle te ondersteun, duidelik het die geweld so 'n persoon nog nie te nagekom nie, maar dit kom nou vir ons almal wat nog nie hard geraak is nie baie vinnig nader.

    Ek het ook gewonder, wat het dit met hom te doen dat Steve daar praat?

    The twisted mind of a liberal.

  43. I have the idea that we have no support out there, the world is so blinded by the prevailing darkness that the specks of white that want to create lights are lost in the waves of black bullshit.

    The retards run around crying foul and apartheid, racism, oppression and inequality, people like this de Villiers carry that propoganda on and more and more ignorants swallow this daily dose of well spread lies, misinformation and bullshit.

    We the ever decreasing whites that try to defend our stance just get ignored and are made out to be the extremists, nothing is extreme when these retards shout " FUCK THE WHITES", one bullet, one settler, one bullet, one white infant, bring me my machine gun, we are at war with whites, just the well known few utterances.

    Then of course there is the defacing of white statues by retards, the burning of art, literature and other material that contributes to history and culture and this is also ignored.

    My comrades here, we are going to lose this war, if we continue in this vein we will lose. We need to alter strategy, we need to find support.

    Governments are not going to support us, we need to start flying another flag. I note that if you're a terrorist you get support. Just look at how the world supported the terrs that now govern SA.

    Maybe the time has come for us to be terrorists?

    I also believe we are looking for support in the wrong places, we need to start soliciting support from hard liners, organisations that want something in return like mineral rights or monopoly investment. Rather give it to capitals war mongers than have it stolen by retards.

    Rather get a full on support system for whites going than try solicit weak voiced support from rubber spined individuals that cannot understand the violence that we face.

    I believe we if we want to win this war we face, we need financial support and we need to let our investors know that when we win we will give off certain rights that will benefit them substantially.

    We will need to buy support its simple, the world supports darky because they know darky is greedy and can be bought, let us just be wiser and manipulate what we fight for into a shared return.

    Every white SA male older than 45 knows that we need weaponry to win a war, supplies to feed an army and numbers to clean the enemy out hard and fast. Protracted wars will not suit our goal.

    Mercs and dogs of war boost an effective campaign efficiency so much more, the effective merc is I would say is more efficient than 10 properly trained conscripts, that is my opinion I have no facts to prove it so don't ask.

    Imagine a group of mercs fighting along side us against retards, it can only be devasting for retard.

    I do believe we are soliciting support in the wrong places we need to start finding the right places, civil wars in Africa remain civil wars and country unrest. Useless Nations sends out observers and sits tight in bases.

    We are presently in the smelly stuff with no support so what can we lose by trying a different approach?

    1. Anonymous1:21 am

      Funds, we need funds.

    2. @ anon 1:21 AM, who do we pay the funds to?

      Who will manage and distribute those funds properly and be held accountable?

      Can we get something like that together?

      I am asking, because every time resistance or a white movement or deployment of paramilitary brigades gets mentioned. Only excuses, reasons and problems arise from the mouths of the recipients.

      It also easier for most to highlight the problem but never find a solution.

      Yes we need funds lots of it but I am a soil and stone man, I earn my living working construction.
      I am not accounting and financial.

      Who would be want to take on the task of financial control of those funds.

      I am not finding excuses I am trying to find a solution.

      The big accounting firms will distance themselves from that due to client base and government interference.

    3. Anonymous3:07 am

      You know what needs to happen LTMA, either we have to wait for the phantom that is the `night of the long knives` or total economic collapse for the people to choose sides in unstoppable numbers.

      But looking at the artificial markets and the slow burn brainwashing of this calamity of multi-culti bullshit, these evil fucks have all the time and printing presses they need to prop up this system. We have to interdict these plans with our own timeline to accelerate the masses into their own camps.

      It all comes down to, I have a family and I don't want to die or sit in prison for a cause that will ensure my kid's future.

      Broad Example: We need a neutral place where people come to with balaclavas already on and no one knows the identity of the other guy. The freedom fighters gets their objectives from there and moves out. Something like that. Any ideas?

      Food, water and electricity is all that is keeping this turd afloat at the moment.

    4. @anon3:07 AM, I agree with you, we need to meet but people are afraid or to lazy to put the effort in.

      I do not have a family and I only have myself to be concerned about so I wouldn't understand those that do.

      I have tried to imagine family ties but I am useless at that.

      We do not even have to meet in cover, I can set up a paintball game or a day hike and put it on the blog and have people attend a function like that. We will soon see who fits and who doesn't.

      I just find that the effort is lacking on behalf of people, nobody wants to make the effort to achieve the end.

      I am daily trying find new ways of influencing people and exposing our plight out there but I get stonewalled with excuses and reasons and more excuses.

      We need something to kick off here to make people realise that we are not the doom and gloom parade but that what we have warned about is a reality. Then we will see a bonding and cementing of like minded people.

      I do not hold it against anybody to protect themselves and family first but for people to do nothing to me is a sinful mistake.

      The shit is coming and it will affect the entire household not just the male members. We need to make all that we do a family concerned exercise because when we mobilise we move families along but we also expose them to greater danger but I do believe the danger is halved if the family is prepared and versed.

    5. Anonymous7:51 am

      Shut up and pay your taxes, Greek

  44. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Its people like Johan de Villiers and Gillian shit for brains that are the Danger of a Moral Society, they the ones that cover up Murder , Rape and Theft , and betray everyone , and AND there is nothing worse than a TRAITOR.

  45. Anonymous12:08 am

    Is there hope?


    Germany - Refugee Thief in a supermarket. See what happens next!

    Germany - Arnsdorf

    A refugee doesn't want to pay in a supermarket and doesn't want to give back 2 bottles (of wine?) to one of the supermarket employees. Instead he argues and argues and argues in his native language and holds tight to the 2 bottles.
    The supermarket employees tell the refugee thief multiple times to hand over the 2 bottles. He refuses.
    Someone tells the employees to call the police and the female one answers that the police was already at the store 2 times that day.
    Then a couple of germans of a local neighborhood watch group enter the store and take away the bottles from the refugee thief and try to throw the refugee out of the store until the refugee gets physical and catches some well-deserved punches.
    One of the germans or more yell: "Huh?! What do you want from me? Huh! What do you want from me?! Pigs! Get out of here! Pigs! Piss off."
    The woman at the end says: "It's sad that we need to rely on a neighborhood watch group".

    1. According to the German media, the guy was a 21 year old Iraqi refugee and a patient at the psychiatric ward in the town. The time was about 18h00 when he started arguing with the lady about a phone card that he bought the day before. Due to the language difference nobody could understand him. He then grabbed a wine bottle and threatened two women who work there (probably to hit the two women) and refused to put the bottle down after several requests. The police took almost an hour to arrive. During this time four men removed himfrom the Netto shop and because he was so aggressive they tied him to a tree (they used cable ties) and waited for the police. The police are investigating a charge of intimidation against the Iraqi and a charge of kidnapping against the four men who removed him from the shop.

      Alleged neighbourhood watch attack refugee

      Interesting is the comments. The bastard should have known better than to try his shit in East Germany. The East Germans don’t take shit from rapefugees.

  46. Anonymous12:14 am

    just another angle, this ubuntu shit isoriginated by one Michael Tellinger based in Waterval boven. He believes in all sorts of idiotic shit about the annanuki and gold and some fucking planet that sent these fuckers here .so they cloned their genes with the primitive apes running around to do the hard work-ergo , we have kaffirs. So this Sloet is obviously a representitive .Join the dots.

  47. Brothers, never give up. David defeated Goliath. The Voortrekkers defeated Dingaan. History is littered with underdogs coming out on top.
    Whenever I get dragged down, I read some of the old stuff of like minded people that was posted long ago. Like this piece by the famous Uhuru Guru:
    ‘While some people believe the prophecies of Nikolaas (Siener) van Rensburg that the white man will one day rule over South Africa again, most dismiss it as superstitious nonsense and have a more pessimistic point of view. They say the time of the white man is over and they will never again rule South Africa.

    I am no believer of Siener’s prophecies, but I am certain that the whites will one-day rule over South Africa again. My reason for that is my close observation of Mother Nature. The current situation that we have in South Africa is unnatural and therefore cannot last....’
    Read the rest here:

    1. Good read, i share the same philosophy.

  48. Anonymous7:05 am

    My own family member shout me down when I try to wake them up to the reality we are facing, so much so that sometimes I wonder if it is I who wondered too far down the rabbit hole. They say stuff like "there are too many good blacks for this long knife massacre thing to ever happen" and "stop reading all this negative stuff on the internet" and "there is no such thing as a white genocide" and I cant help but wonder what f-king planet are they from? If I go this thing, I am going it alone.

  49. @WO. Thank you for your post and the encouragement.

    It sometimes is a lonely battle to keep positive in amongst all the negativity that circulates in the present.

    But we never surrender.

    Thank you.

  50. I like Steve. He stands up for his people and he is well known which helps spread the message. He could have easily just adopted a baby munt and be even more famous. But he is not spineless. Strange that saffas in the netherlands trying to boycott him. Maybe trying to look good? In. all fairness I dont know why we even bother with Europe and America? After they sanctioned us and everythingelse. One day they all be running to us. We might have dumb zots but they have it worse. But suppose spreading the word helps. I say lets look toward Eastern Europe for spreading the message. Most of their countries are still in the 80-90% range of whiteness. Sure they have commie backgrounds but they havent let the libtard disease crab a hold.

  51. Anonymous1:31 am

    A good book to read is "Minderheid in Eigen Land"

    The right wing Dutch are well aware of what happened to the Afrikaners might happen to them as well

  52. Anonymous1:06 pm

    The left liberal marxist SA media will not report the truth that the meeting was relocated to a better venue and was a roaring success. As was Steve's presentation to the Belgian and Dutch parliaments. So much for the pink softy's feeble attempt at silencing the truth.