27 May 2016

SABC censors violent protests from news.

By Mike Smith
27th of May 2016

There comes a time in every revolution that the dictatorship censors the news. Censors the truth.

South Africa is no exception. That time has now arrived for us.

The SABC will no longer broadcast footage displaying violent protests

SABC: Decision on protest broadcasts is not self censorship

Footage of blacks burning schools down, blacks burning trains down, blacks burning other blacks down…will not be broadcasted by the SABC anymore.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago says although some people will view this move as self-censorship, the public broadcaster believes it has made the right decision.

“You can call it whatever you want to call it, we’re clear why we made the decision. It has got nothing to do with self-censorship. People will have their own interpretations of what they want to interpret it to be.”

Funny how they will still broadcast all the footage of white vigilante farmers, white “racism”, and blacks burning statues of white colonial leaders down.

Oh well. T’was bound to happen. News24, IOL. Daily Maverick...all shut their comment sections down already. This is just another chapter in the attempts of the ANC to hide the truth of their utter misrule and corruption…and of course the simian behavoiur of their supporters.

The ANC so desperately wants the world to believe their bullshit propaganda. They want the liberal idiots of the world to believe that they are still in control, that they are doing a great job, that they “have a good story to tell” and that we are all holding hands and singing Kumbaya together in this wonderful “Rainbow Nation” of God Mandela even if it is burning down all around us and the economy is on the brink of junk status.

The more things change the more they stay the same. 40 years ago they were burning schools down during Apartheid and had no problem with it being broadcasted on SABC. Now after 22 years of misrule, theft and corruption they are still burning schools down…just now they don’t want the world to see.

This is blatant political suppression of the news. I must admit, I love it. You can almost smell the desperation and fear of the ANC. This move by them is ridiculous. Protestors can take pictures and film footage with cell phones and upload it to the internet and blogs like these within seconds. The ANC will still discover that you cannot suppress the truth and the more you try the more ridiculous you look.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights under sections 16 and 32 guarantees our freedoms of expression, press, media and access to information. It is the job of the ANC government to defend our freedoms in that constitution, but that is not what they are doing. They are undermining our freedoms. The useless ANC wants to pick and choose what freedoms we can have and what not, which freedoms they will defend and which ones not. You cannot do that. You either defend all freedoms or you are against all. There is no middle way.

If there is no free press, then why buy newspapers? It is just going to be full of lies? Same with television. Why watch SABC news if it is censored? Why listen to bullshit and lies? You know for a fact your government is deceiving you. What more info do you need?

When Slobodan Milošević tried this shit in Serbia, the people came out into the streets and stood on the balconies of their flats and banged pots and pans for the entire duration of the news. They made sure nobody listened to the news and made sure the regime knew it.

Like Johannes Kerkorrel said: “Sit dit af! Sit dit af!”…. Just switch the damn thing off. Back then it was P.W. Botha...now we have Jacob Zuma ten times worse.


  1. Anonymous5:12 am

    Ja, the thought police at work here.

  2. Anonymous6:39 am

    This is not altogether a bad thing. Thugs and terrorists thrive on publicity.

  3. Ek doen dit al lankal wanneer Jacob op TV verskyn. Kan net nie meer die klomp se gevrete en leuns hanteer nie! Dis nou tyd dat iemand die liedjie weer opneem en PW se naam vervang met Jacob of ANC. Ek is seker Johannes sou dit ondersteun!
    Keep up the good work and let's see what the next couple of weeks brings. Interesting times are ahead.

  4. Anonymous10:46 am

    Like in all other communist regimes, this doesn't work, actually it makes things worse, and will backfire terribly. People will talk more. Incidents will make more headlines.

    When a regime starts resorting these desperate tactics, its the beginning of the end.

    Lets just hope they don't completely burn everything down before they leave.

  5. The fuckin poor bastards dont have to watch TV they know exactly what they are doing, what they do best and that is to destroy

    1. Anonymous3:28 am

      You would be surprised how many of these poor bastards have tv or watch the gogo's tv. They don't even have hot water geysers in their homes but they will have a flat screen tv on the gogos tv licence. Or a stolen tv. Even if they don't have access to a tv they know who is behind the cameras directed at them. The more publicity they get, the more the youth will rise up and burn everything down. Half of the 18-34 age group are unemployed. The devil finds work for idle hands.

  6. Anonymous10:52 am

    Well I think it is only fair!
    SABC has not shown whites burning schools for a long time!
    Cupid stunts!!

  7. Anonymous11:53 am


    Ja Mike!

    We are here now, a very dangerous period in the history of the whites in this country.

    We are in serious shit, this is a full scale revolution.

    We are in the midst of a very serious revolution and we know all revolutions have blood shed, some more than others.

    Scary shit, very scary to think this is where we are.

    The racism issue is to pass new laws in parliament, when they are finished stripping us of everything then they will go for our throats!

    Best of luck to everyone, all you can do at this stage is unite, arm, prepare and work together.

    When the thing collapses, they will blame everything on us here, they are already blaming it on us and apartheid.

    The furnace period is here.

    Siener mentioned it, a total news blackout in the hands of the communists.

    24th April 1923: A yellow paper (Indian influence)
    appears in the Union with something written on it which fades
    (my writing) (the Language of the Boers—my writing and
    everything connected with it is now being denied and trampled

    All the protests of the Boer fall on deaf ears and he can only watch helplessly as the official status of his language ‘disappears’).

    Important news reports are deliberately and openly being witheld
    from the public, and there is total ignorance about events in the
    country, for news coverage on TV and radio is now in the hands of
    the enemy with strong Communist ties:

  8. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Fuck johannes kerkorrel and the rest of his lefty "voelvry"chommies. Punting him is like clapping for malema when he gives numma waan a verbal pekkie logic poesklap. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

    1. Look mate...give a man his due. Liberal Moffie or the not, the boy was a good musician. What are you going to say when I tell you I am a big fan of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker?

    2. John Lee Hooker?? Susan!!!

      an now Susan,
      if you told me babe,
      jump... inna river,
      you know I can't swim....

      Best one liner ever and best Johnny Winter backing ever!!!

    3. What you mean Muddy Waters & John Lee Hooker? Shit, I am a fan of all those old Bluesmen!

  9. Anonymous8:01 am

    Nah,Muddy Waters ? JLH ? Blues, rather listen to Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Thorogood. That pos johannes kerkorrel has tried to outdo maxie du preez with his weekly column (read if you feel like puking). He hates himself so much I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself yet....still hoping though...

  10. Anonymous10:47 am

    SABC will probably also censor fighting and sleeping in parliament.

  11. Anonymous12:24 am

    Wow, racism is alive and well on this blog...