13 May 2016

Report on Zuma's lightning quick visit to Winterveldt

By Mike Smith
14th of May 2016

As the ANC is losing support by the day, Zuma appears to be a worried man…and desperate. Yesterday in Winterveldt north of Pretoria, he desperately pleaded with his Gauteng supporters to take the ANC back.

Desperate Zuma: ”Vote for us again. Take us back”

Zuma’s visit was quick. He made some pathetic excuse that his plane was delayed in Uganda and he had to get back to the Union Buildings to go and work…Ja, right….

Zuma arrived surrounded by an army of bodyguards (some of whom were white) and these goons had their hands full trying to push the angry residents off who wanted to moer Zuma.

Zuma’s vist to Winterveldt gets mixed reactions

“Some residents expressed anger with the way they were treated and being pushed around by security. They questioned why they could not engage with him if he had come to see them.”

We were pushed around like dogs, but they claim he was here to see us. He said our votes were important, but the treatment we received did not highlight that importance," said a heavily pregnant Pretty Dlulisa.

Nevertheless he managed to make his speech before he hurried off.

Apparently, according to Zuma, there is no other party, but the ANC that can take the country forward.

Said Msholozi Showerhead:

“They have been telling the wrong story of South Africa for a long time. The achievements of our movement are unparalleled. You can look at our history and Google it if you want. No country in Africa delivered in 20 years what we delivered.”

Of course Zuma is right.

Just Google “Mike Smith Political Commentary” together with “Useless ANC” and see what the ANC delivered in South Africa in the past 20 years. See how the achievements of the ANC have been “unparalleled”.

The ANC is the worst party that ever ruled South Africa. They have the worst leaders this country has ever seen. What previous governments built up over 360 years, the ANC destroyed in 20.

Fire Zuma…now there will be a good story to tell.

Alas and although the Mail & Guardian was speculating that Zuma was willing to step down ANC head of elections Nomvula Mokonyane told supporters in Winterveldt, Pretoria on Friday that only the party can remove President Jacob Zuma from office – and he is not going anywhere

Last week Zuma appointed a new spin doctor…Dr. Bongani Ngqulunga…it’s going to be interesting to hear the lies that will be coming from him in the next months ahead of the election. If the ANC is so sure about how good they are and how much support they enjoy, then why does Zuma feel compelled to walk around with an ever increasing amount of goons around him?


  1. Must say those BG,s would make me more nervous if they had to protect me.

    They look like over weight dj trying to find a gig spot.

    What is it with darkies that they think a big belly and fat is a good thing.

    Have a look back at the two photos of the Ratel's, look at our guys, slim, alert and paraat.

    Wogs boys, fat, hanging around and fucking clueless.

    1. Anonymous9:45 am

      Country up for grabs?

    2. @LTMA it's a darkie thing to be fat, it's a 'sign of wealth', more like a sign of no discipline.

  2. Anonymous12:34 am

    Achievements of the ANC:

    Piggy backed on the achievements of the previous regime, such as infrastructure, power, food production, but slowly but surely the ANC is fucking this up. Then blamed that the previous regime only catered for the minority, refusing to admit that they are responsible for the current mess.
    Stole close to ONE TRILLION RAND through corruption, tenderpreneurs, and outright thievery.
    Fucked up the education system, with hundreds of billions wasted on lenas each year that is basically uneducated when they finish with school. Then to top it off, free education for political science and other useless degrees at universities.
    Fucked up the public health system, with again hundreds of billions stolen and wasted.
    Fucked up the SANDF
    Hundress of thousands of people murdered since 1994, even surpassing hot spots such as the middle eastern civil wars.
    millions of rapes since 1994.
    systematic genocide of the Boers. Systemic destruction of the Afrikaner minority culture.
    implimented reverse apartheid laws, with the irony that these laws are destroying the country, not building them up.
    Made SA a welfare state, with a few million private tax payers sponsoring a useless bloated civil service, and millions of freeloaders a.k.a voting fodder..
    built of few schools, clinics, couple of shitty rdp houses, and now they have a good story to tell...give me a fucking break.

    1. Anonymous4:46 am

      @Anon 12:34 AM

      You have summed it up 100% accurate but it is still an understatement, because words cannot describe this total calamity!

  3. Anonymous1:07 am

    Maybe the ANC kick him out before elections, in fear of their own salaries and theft network.

    The ANC are definitely in crisis mode.

  4. Anonymous1:33 am

    My house maid told me that only the old people im mamelodi supports the anc (read grants). The majority of the young people will be voting EFF, and the rest DA.


    1. @anon1:33AM. You have a what? Did I read housemaid?
      Shit! You do believe in slavery and good will.

      You are following in that terr Mandelas footsteps.
      A housemaid!

    2. Anonymous6:52 am

      Slaver... Somebody free that house meid...

    3. Anonymous11:11 am

      Anon 1.33 why do you have a maid. Have you not been paying attention you lazy racist, imperialist twat. Get rid of it immediately. Exploiting the indigenous - really give yourself a slap man.

  5. Anonymous1:36 am

    BTW eskom's maximum generating capasity as of now less than 26 gigawat. So demand dropped from close to 40 gigawat down to below 26 gigawat. Says a lot about the state of the economy.


    1. Anonymous6:27 am

      What amount was lost to independent/private suppliers using alternate sources of enerby ?

      Probably very little I'm guessing.

      That's quite a scary drop though.

    2. Anonymous6:52 am

      Get rid of your house meid. IT will save you a bunch of kilowatts and sugar too.

    3. Anonymous1:47 pm

      @Anon6:25am get rid of yours first.

    4. Remember one thing, we look after each other here, pull the piss out of each other but watch your brothers back.

      Have your maids, fuck I hate cleaning house and I am the only inhabitant. Do not let your maids know the stuff that can hurt you, no security codes, no door keys.

      Remember white Afirca has lost lives to house boys, maids, gardeners and trusted servants.

      Africa tells a story listen to it.

      All your maids and servants that tell JZ must go Juju he is bad, hau baas! I want you to stay.

      Those fuckers attend the ANC rallies some are in the inner circle others cheer Juju on when he speaks about driving us white into the sea.

      There is an ANC and EFF because people follow it but those people need to work and eat, who says they do not work and eat off of you.

      Anon1:33AM I was pulling the piss out of you, so do not take it personally. If you were in the forces you would know about ragging and ribbing.

  6. It's obvious and has been for a while that the game is over for this idiot.
    A Thousand bucks says his ex wife is our new president.?.

    Let the games begin.. Any takers.?

    1. Anonymous4:48 am

      My friend, if that " woman" takes over it will be an even worse disaster, if that is at all possible!

    2. Anonymous5:15 am

      no betting needed, obviously that useless thing will made the puppet prz of SA. But I wonder btw this ex, and zoomer's current skrop, JoumasepOesPieterson, which one will win the fight for his spear of the nation? Word is that the latter was a wolskoeter muncher, but showerhead applied some cultural correction. .

  7. Anonymous4:35 am

    Hey Mike, you must see how ape shit crazy they are performing at the moment at their Free State Manifesto launch. They are a about to burn a pile of DA t-shirts which they cut and tore off some hired female cows to make it look like they now have switched from the DA to the ANC. Of course their was a conveniently placed ANC t-shirt under the DA one, which displayed shower heads mug face. Disgusting to think that these bipeds are running this country.

    1. @anon4:35AM, wait until a flag burns then we see the reaction.

  8. 22 years of ANC misrule summed up in 2 charts:



    White South Africa was the economic powerhouse of the continent since at least the 1890s, if not earlier. But under ANC rule first Nigeria and now Egypt have passed SA in GDP. Who's next, Congo, Ethiopia, Morocco or Algeria? Whites handed over an economic gold medalist to the ANC, who quickly turned it into a bronze, and soon to be out of the medals altogether.

    In terms of the Human Development Index, SA under white rule had a standard of living roughly equivalent to that of Latin American. But since 1995 SA's HDI has nosedived, unlike every other part of the world where the standard of living has continued to rise. Even in Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole the HDI is rising, albeit very slowly, meaning SA is virtually alone in the world in having a rapidly declining standard of living.

    So on the 2 key measurements of governmental competence, national power and standard of living, the ANC has failed miserably. I'd like to see these 2 charts get a lot more publicity, since images tend to be more powerful than words, particularly to sub-literates like the typical ANC voter.

    1. Anonymous10:42 am

      These SA blacks along with their Zim brothers are the worst kind of creature on the whole planet, bar fucking none. They are so hell-bent for their MSM perceived injustices that they have killed themselves.

  9. @BLCN 4:01AM. You think there will be another president?

    This fuck just went to Uganda to ask the son of the man from the seventh, How he did it and to find out if he will get backing from Uganda. Museveni is the second longest ruling leader in Africa at present.

    Remember Museveni is a true rebel leader, he fucked up Amin fighting along side Obote and then he fucked up Obote and took over Uganda.

    He is not afraid to use his army and he trains them well, they are funded by the UN. One of the reasons he never wanted to get rid of Joseph Koni is because Koni allowed him to rake money and supplies off the UN.

    Also note that this retard showerhead along with Museveni and Kagame have wealth interests in the Congo so there is a financial reward in them supporting each other.

    All conspiracy but when you are mulling it over ask yourself why SA, Uganda and Rwanda always have troops in the Congo.

    To conclude, this msholozi is going to attempt a Mugabe and hold the title by fear and the gun. Just my opinion.

  10. Won't be suprised if he does Mate. There's a string of shit waiting for him if he doesn't.

    Then on the flipside you have his ex who just stepped down from heading the AU. There's a plan there as well cause they wouldn't have groomed her for nothing...

    Either or, it's him or the ousie.

    1. BLCN your thoughts on Pravin/Zuma, Zuma making a grab for SA.

      Me thinks and only thinks that we might have a party to attend. Shit I hope so, this waiting is frustrating.

      Give me your opinion.

  11. Anonymous11:07 am

    Soon there will be a law againts this racist chatting

    1. Oh yes, please bring it on. I have been waiting for this law for years. Let us finally define "racist" and see what criteria one has to fulfil to be branded and convicted as a "racist".

      Tell you what...The moment you lay down that definition you are going to have to imprison the entire ANC.

    2. Anonymous10:51 pm

      Social Justice Warrior #568 "Big daddy, big brother, those bad people said a vewy vewy bad word, quickly, kill them now!"

      Big ANC DAddy MALEMA bruv "Good, good little warrior, for that we will kill you last."(Hmphh hehehe, tag useful idiot #568 for the first round on extermination and let the Genocide of a people steamroll ahead)

    3. The Blacks in South Africa are eager to describe themselves as “victims”. The fabled ‘Rainbow nation’ does not exist. Neither does ‘Ubuntu’. The ANC regime takes full advantage of the situation. ANC propaganda makes it someone else's fault. Things are lousy, and it is Whitey who did it. Life is going nowhere; people live meaninglessly and don’t know what to do about it. There are no jobs. The economy doesn’t need them. They do not know why they are in the mess they are in, so, they blame whitey. And the black community’s hatred of whites is strong. It is no longer resentment or mere anger. It is hatred. Whatever is wrong in their lives, whatever woes and miseries they bear these are the fault of whites. The impression is of an angry people who, in isolation from historical reality, weave a world that isn't there and then live in it. It is not a condition but an identity. Without it they would be unsure who they were, and might have to look within for explanations of their problems.
      I drive on freeways full of patches and bumps. I encounter people who are absolutely not interested in working or improving their country. I’m confronted by individualism, by egotism. I see people who clearly dislike each other, but pretend that they are full of concern and courtesy. But one wrong move, and hatred and explosion would follow. I see a country where basic positive human instincts and values have already collapsed. I’m not expecting much from people living in a country that is murdering thousands, but the arrogance that I encounter, is mind-blowing. It’s not just the arrogance from ANC politicians: it’s the arrogance coming from the ordinary citizens. South Africa is finished, its culture dead. What is left is unattractive, even horrifying. There is no heart, no compassion, and no creativity. What law will protect you against this?

  12. Mate, had you told me 30 years ago that I would ride through the streets of SA and see posters of the garden boys and cleaning maids tied to lamp post, soliciting votes for government. I would have wet myself in hysterical laughter, then I personally would have taken you to groen dakkies.

    What a sad and sorry place SA has become. The pride of the African continent, the envy of so many countries that never had the balls to do what we could and did.

    Now its just another nigger place caught in corruption, thievery and crime.

    1. @LTMA...ditto mate. When I was at the end of matric in 86 and heading off to basics I truly believed we would rule for a thousand years. That is what PW and Pik told us and why we had to go to the border.

      Little did I know at that age that they were already having secret talks at "Bosberade" (luxury bush lodges) sipping whisky with the ANC and Mandela to hand over the country to the Marxist ANC terrorist we were apparently fighting.

      Like a doos I allowed these clowns to intimidate and threaten me with a four years prison sentence if I did not go.

      Today I fight with myself about it. Was I a traitor to my nation because I have gone? Would I have been a hero if I refused? Back then we considered ourselves heroes for fighting the Communists and the End Conscription Campaign as cowards. Today...who was eventually right? Do you know how it feels when reality sinks in and you realise you saluted a treasonous president and served a treasonous regime? Sure I tell myself every day that I fought for my family and my people, yet reality stares me in the face every day...The ANC is in charge...You know how that makes me want to puke every morning of every day of my life?

      Do you know how it makes me feel when I see idiots like Kenny Kunene eat Sushi of white girl's bodies and sipping Champagne that he bought with my tax money?

      You know what hatred is my friend? THAT is hatred, but I want it to get worse. I want the whole of South Africa to see how we suffer whilst these bastards sip Champagne on the balconies of Nkandla, because only then will we start to do something.

    2. Mike, quite honestly I joined out of a passion for the job, I loved my flag, my emblem, the creed and my country.

      I saluted the badge and never the person, I gave my all because I know no other way, I gave 12 years not to nothing, to a passion and a country.

      I saw traitors and cowards, I saw hero dead and alive but fuck I never gave up on myself.

      I remember MM talking to me personally one winters morning in 83 while I froze standing in a cordone thrown around Soweto,

      I was young but I remember looking at the cunt and thinking " you doos, you would be the first one I shoot when the shit hits the fan" he was a fucking Poes. We had been standing fucking 24hours and this Poes shat on me because I was sitting down and never stood to attention when he arrived

      Never short of words I told him exactly what I felt for attention in combat zones and operational areas.

      Needless to say I never did make it pass NCO, thank fuck for that

      Mate a bit of chin up for you. If you never went you would not see the world today through those eyes, you would not be able to operate the way you do and you would never have the self respect and determination that you have.

      Look at the white boys that missed the NDP era, the most of them are lazy, home living, ever wanting, self serving little brats. Be proud mate, you were part of the elite, you made it elite and today you are elite.

  13. Anonymous12:13 am

    Lately, I've been feeling disillusioned.

    It doesn't feel like I belong to a country anymore, it's like I just live here.

    There's no sense of common cause or unity in anything.

    Another thing I've noticed, whites are now divided into class as there is no other unifying force anymore. Everything is about money only now. Arrogance and snobbishness has also gone up.

    1. We whites will pull together in a time of crisis, chin up mate, we will unify I promise you.

    2. Anonymous11:11 am

      Listen you delusional cunt, at what fucken stage of the proceedings are you going to realize the time of crisis has been dragging on for 20 or more years? 32 years ago I warned another delusional cunt like you he would have a black president and I was told verbatim,--"nooit, nooit in my vokken leeftyd nie"--I dont know where THAT delusional cunt is today, probably in a white squatter camp somewhere.

      People like YOU are the reason thousands of people like me left South Africa, you can be a nation anywhere in the world, its not about a piece of ground,---ask the Jews. The person at Anonymous 12:13 AM has it right and I'm glad your eyes are opened, make a plan for you and your family mate, this fucken GV LTMA will be nowhere to be found when the shit hits the fan, just like he has been nowhere for 20 plus years, NOW he catches a wakeup and comes and sits day and night on blogs like this telling you what a fighter he is and how he will win the war all on his own, with just his boere, brandy and some other bullshit.

      LTMA, jou poes, skrik tog net wakker, jou dom kont.

    3. Anonymous11:42 am

      @Anon 12:13 AM

      No, you don't live here, you exist here. You can not 'live' under this corrupt ANC stink so-called government.

    4. Anonymous12:41 pm

      @Anon 11:11 AM

      Has this got something to do with LTMA's criticism of SA runners? People like LTMA are not the reason why you left South Africa.

      Blame liberals world-wide and the western hypocrites who condemned Apartheid in public, but approved of it private.

      Blame the western governments for imposing economic sanctions and companies for pulling out of South Africa.

      Blame the traitor De Klerk and National Party who released the dead terrorist, and held secret talks with the ANC about handing over power.

      Blame the ANC for their incompetence, corruption, embezzlement and anti-white policies.

      Do not blame LTMA. You chose to leave, he chose to stay.

    5. @anon11:11AM, my little runner man, you coward you, shouting from your foreign lands, shame on you, blame the world for your decision, use any excuse to justify your running man.

      You're a tough boy in another country but I bet you were a coward in your own, you will be the type that comes tail wagging back after the noise becomes a melody.

      I know your type, I see your type, you are the nanny shaggers,the minglers, the traitors, you sit at the last supper just so you can betray the host.

      Are you angry with me because I am all you couldn't be or because I see through people like you and let you know that I do?

      You're so fucking blinded, you cunt that you think I blog with a brandy in my hand. Bad news shit face, I do not touch the stuff but you're welcome to come cycle my 60 kms with me a day at a speed of between 29 and 31 km per hour then join me for my 7 km walk in one hour. You see jou droe droll I am not like you that went to braais and drank my b&c and spoke of war but dreamt of nanny. I have integrity and I have passion.

      I do not pack my suit cases at the smell of approaching shit, I unpack my shovel and I get busy.

      Go shag the nanny now and stay the fuck out of my country, you cunt.

    6. @anon12:41PM, thank you for the support.

      The runner must blame himself, if all of those whites never fled we would have more say today and been a strong group. They must carry their own responsibilty as I carry mine.

      The energy of the man is bad, he thinks its ok to be disillusioned and negative.

      Letting oneself go to those levels only creates the negativity that these retards want, because when all hope is gone and we do not care anymore then they can do as they please.

    7. Anonymous9:25 pm

      Like I said, delusional GV cunt.

    8. @anon11:11AM, did you run from SA because you impregnated the maid and you didn't want your vriende and family to find out?

      Did you leave your caramel offspring behind for us stayers to have to support.

      Does mommy know that you and ousie did a bit of fitting and turning in the garage?

    9. Anonymous10:35 pm

      This negative fuck-face sounds just like reenboog coward cunt. It would not surprise me if these fucks are paid shills to sow discord. They cant stop this wave getting bigger worldwide. Let the first few thousand libtard/traitor bodies rot in the sun, they'll quickly change their tune.

    10. This GV cunt is going to mind fuck you, till you take your gun to yourself, you useless cowardly nanny shagging little runner boy.

      That yellow stripe that runs down your back is luminous.

    11. Anonymous1:48 pm

      @LTMA 8:38 PM

      You're very welcome.

  14. How can Zuma say that we have done the best when Nigeria is listed as no. 1 now and 3 days ago Egypt ranked no.2 while SA is now no. 3 . We were light years ahead , about 3 times stronger than the next one 20 years ago and now ? Its not because Nigeria and Egypt are growing , its because we are rotting economically under this bunch of thieving Marxist terrorists . And thee average darkie keeps voting for the baboons who promised that they wont steal anymore from our garden of Eden . Wise people hey?

  15. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Mike: Someone just sent me this. I thought your following might enjoy. As one of the commenters posted, 'factually accurate.' Regards, Besoeker