16 May 2016

Radical Black movement wants rich whites to share rooms with blacks

“For a colonized people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the land: the land which will bring them bread and, above all, dignity.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

"The look that the native turns on the settler's town is a look of lust, a look of envy; it expresses his dreams of possession all manner of possession: to sit at the settler's table, to sleep in the settler's bed, with his wife if possible." ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

By Mike Smith

16th of May 2016

Five years ago during the census of 2011 I questioned the motives of the ANC, because on the census forms they wanted all sorts of personal information such as your income, the size of your house, etc.

Having knowledge of what Communists did in Hungary and the former East Germany I predicted the following:

“Further, one should not forget that the ANC was trained by socialists from the USSR and the East German GDR. In these countries such as Hungary, Poland and the GDR, we saw the true nature of Socialism. Properties were measured; rooms counted and for each person a living space of around 10 sq.metres was allocated. If a house had only two people living in a 100sq.metre house, then they were forced to take in squatters who would then live free of charge in their homes.These laws were allegedly passed to prevent squatting around big cities. You can read about it on page 98-100 in “Social and economic rights in the Soviet Bloc”

“When the ANC implements its full blown communism plan they will take their Lumpenprolitariat from the black squatter camps and put them in white households. And if someone has a double garage, they will divide it into two rooms and put another two squatter families in there, all in the name of combating squatter camps around the big cities. These people will live in your house, use your kitchen and bathroom. Watch television with you and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it. With the census statistics and the housing plans from the municipalities they will know exactly which houses and families to target.”

Looking beyond the 2011 census by Mike Smith

Bear my prediction in mind when you read this: Andile Mngxitama says whites in Sandton must share empty rooms with homeless blacks

A devout disciple of Franz Fanon, Mngxitama is a self proclaimed “Marxist-Leninist Fanonian” and is the man who wrote that “Blacks can’t be racist”. He was so radical that he was expelled as a member of the already radical EFF and is now heading up the “Blacks First Land First” movement.

Andile Mngxitama


  1. Anonymous1:52 am

    One cure for this demented demon...a 9mm in the front of his head...

    1. Anonymous12:58 pm

      Anon 1:52

      Ja my broer! DANKIE!!

    2. Adrem5:34 pm

      This wannabe SA version of a Marxist Che Guevara can only be dealt with as you rightly suggest. It just needs to be done, there is no other way.

    3. Anonymous10:17 pm

      .45 ACP? Lol

  2. Anonymous1:56 am


    They are begging for a war, they will get a war.

  3. Anonymous2:09 am

    .." the native turns on the settler's town is a look of lust, a look of envy; it expresses his dreams..."

    - what he forgets to write is that it is by looking at this that the black man knows he is inferior and that he cannot achieve it. Now add on the liberals aka communists who tell them that we are all the same. Now the black man wonders -- if we are all the same why dont I have this. The liberals will tell him that it was stolen from him.

    The downfall of the black man is not only his low IQ but also liberals who will tell him that it is not so. This creates confusion and destruction. What we see today in South Africa is that frustration boiling over between reality and lala land.

    1. Anonymous10:44 am

      I agree completely.

  4. Anonymous2:16 am

    Public enemy number 3.

    1. Anonymous10:57 am

      Who is 1 and 2?

    2. Anonymous9:03 pm

      1 mal-emmer

      2 zupta

  5. Mustafa2:34 am


    I have posted on more than more than one occasion and you choose not to publish. My comments are reasonable and heartfelt, yet you bin them. Am I wasting my time?

    1. Ag Mustafa just fuck-off. You post once in a while and I have posted 99% of your drivel. If you come to stir shit and troll instead of contributing to the debate I will delete your ass. The comment you just left is such. Either say something intelligible or get the fuck off my forum.

    2. Anonymous10:44 am

      lol after a long monday i feel the same (ag mustafa just fuck off) please

    3. Anonymous5:34 pm

      Mike is a Jew lover. This whole site is nothing but hallow propaganda by a judeophile punk.

    4. Mustafa10:05 pm

      Heh heh. Now I know you read my post, you fucked up mongrel.

    5. Anonymous4:36 am


      He reads every post he receives you dumb black idiot.

  6. I have been watching them for a while now, they have a far-fetched vision / illusion of the near future. Their threats are not to be taken too lightly, though. If you dig a little and see their links in the black agenda, black opinion etc. you will realise just how far they actually want to take things. What specifically struck me, was their open letter to the white people of SA.

  7. Anonymous2:50 am

    Flck That !!, In the 80s we were told as Employers to employ as many Blacks as possible right up to Tea boys and cleaners , petrol attendance ( which no other country has) etc. before 94 we had to train blacks to do the Jobs we were doing, the Till Jobs were replaced , eventually replacing us after 94 , Government Jobs (post,rail,airways,lectric etc) were given to Blacks , only to sneer at us after hoping we would never appear. We all see the neglect that they are creating with every single one of those institutions.
    We couldnt keep up with the GIVING in relation with their Breeding and so they have swamped everything and still breeding. In their frustration unable to cope they go on rampages , burning , looting and destroying.
    As the need to feed they will eventually attack each other more violently than is happening today. Like the hyena pups , when the mothers milk dries up , the strongest pup will kill its siblings to be able to feed.
    Regarding sharing our rooms , perhaps the rich Blacks would like to show us how to share by example , and divide their sudden gained Loot.
    We have done our Share by giving them everything we have built up in SA. What they do with it is just plain and simple "impoverish" .

    1. Anonymous11:11 am

      We are doomsday preppers and have been so since 1652. They are marauders who are praised by Satan for raiding our compounds

    2. Wahhhhhhaaaàaaa, whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa,whaaaaaaaaaa. You fucking dirty black stinking piece of crap, you never had a fucking compound in 1652 you did not know what the word meant.

      Today your coumpound is the filthy, squallor and stink that you call home. You despicable retards of creations.

    3. Anonymous11:34 am

      LTMA... Have you gone senile or something? Stop sniffing pigeon crap.

  8. Anonymous3:24 am

    Mike: Unrelated, but thought you might enjoy, or use the Ivan Fallon's 'CIA admits: We sent Mandela to jail' piece for a story here.


    Regards, Besoeker

  9. Then we are at war, they will do it because it is not an outright declaration of war but it is an invasion, we will then have the right to bear arms against the invader.

    A blessing in disguise, Mike they act, we react. If my memory serves me right force invasion on a culture is an act of war.

  10. This one is a dangerous one.

    Mike/ readers you will have to confirm this for me as I am not 100% sure.

    Maybe my reasoning is off and this is an old wives tale, but a pure negro cannot ever grow facial hair???

    Have you heard of this before. Is it a FACT???

    So a negro with facial hair has some arab/white blood in him.

    Those mongrel ones are the most dangerous because they have the greatest inferiority complex of them all.

    They fit in neither here nor their. Not fully black nor fully white. But any non-white blood excludes them from our camp and so they seek to drag us whiteys down to their level to make us all 'equal'.

    But like I said I need to confirm the facial/ body hair thing.

    1. Could be. Not sure myself.

    2. Anonymous10:55 am

      I don't know JP but this thing just looks like a scruffy dog to me. Besides our other enemy has our blood and looks just like us. Any and all who defends this system is the enemy now.

  11. Anonymous6:31 am

    Have a look at this. Its an animated GIF of our president shapeshifting. Maybe you can use it for whatever purpose. Just click on save as.


    We need all the help we can get and this took about an hour. But it was worth it as I've already scared a few ANC followers when I show them this on the cell phone.

    1. Great work, Gifs are just the best!

  12. Anonymous6:34 am

    The socialist dream... and SA is well on route too.


  13. Anonymous7:22 am

    Ja fuck I'll hijack a block of flats and become a slum lord. Get the Red Ants to throw the cunts out if they don't pay.

  14. Anonymous9:55 am

    Another good read:

    Herman Griessel: White settlers never stole any land from Africans


    1. Anonymous2:04 am


      Brilliant but there is only one problem...

      You really need a brain to understand his concepts, see these things might walk on two legs but their brains are like a chimp drunk on amarula.

      You cant explain it to these things because the reality is they are the fucking thieves. They want, want and then dont want to work.

      Proverbs mentions - The diligent hand will rule, but laziness will lead to forced labor.

      They think if they perform communism that they dont have to work, but then who maintains everything? They cant do it today with the best country in Africa with trillions thrown their way, pissed down the drain or should I say in swiss bank accounts and fancy cars.

      The soviets, those trapped by the system all had to work and had to work hard.

      That is how it kept going, now these things dont want to work. They are stuck with an ideology which requires more work but delivers less than capitalism.

      If we vanished today from here, 50 years from now they would be eating each other and their population about 1 million if that - Look Zimbabwe 30 years, another 20 their population will be 1 million.

      You cant debate something with these things when everything they have learnt is from a white man, the fact that they read is from us, the book, the print, the binding, the pages, how the book got to them etc etc.

      Now the slave rides & the master walks.

      Arguing with them is like taking a lecture from a chimp, no reasoning. My great grandmother left me a great inheritance, it saved me a lot of strife.

      Never argue with a kaffir, wisest words.

      They know only one language - violence.

  15. Anonymous10:27 am

    They control who your business partners are (BEE)
    They control who lives with you in your house (read article)
    They will control who you get married to and who your life partner will be. Go ahead and laugh. One day the state, like a cult movement, will appoint for you a wife.

    Think they cant do it? They already did it to you with business partners.

    1. @anon10:27AM. They do it to you and other weak, like minded cunts like yourself.

      I piss on you, your fathers and your forefathers. Fuccking yellow bellied cunts.

    2. Anonymous10:59 am

      LTMA. By your own admission you had a maid. I never did.

    3. @anon 10:59AM. Apology, I read it as if you were rubbing it in that these retards will do as they please and us whiteys will not stand against them.

  16. Anonymous10:33 am

    So this is how the Van rensburg invasion will start.

    State will pass a law allowing this, and it becomes a free for all invasion. Kinda like a sick version of Black Friday in 'Merica where fat people trample each other to death to get Black Friday specials.

    IT is only worse now because it is mahala.

    Brace for impact when they pass these laws or make the rhetoric mainstream.

  17. Anonymous10:51 am

    Even if we all packed up and trekked to the desert and left everything to the blacks they will just follow us and stand outside the gates with their little puppy eyes and open hands going "Plis bas, gibme job. Ai will neva crook you boss. Plis bas, lemme in." Once in and they start breeding they will demand you give everything to them and fuck off. And so the cycle continues. What a pathetic bunch of people.

    1. Anon 10:51 that is why we have to clean them out, from the Cape to the Equator. Never another Kaffir allowed within rifle range.

      Forget about Kaffirs, let them be invisible as Mike says. To me they simply do not exist. I look through the things and see nothing. I want absolutely fuck all to do with them. Luckily, I had a bit of an accident and have no sense of smell anymore, so that most offensive trait of theirs doesn't even assault my nostrils any longer.

      Every cloud has has a silver lining, no?

    2. Anonymous11:56 am

      LOL TT, I'd pay good money to be sitting around a campfire when we are on RR and have a listen to that story of the smell. You are right, nothing but the total cleaning of our spaces of these vermin will do.

  18. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Mike – this has to be one of your best articles ever.
    It’s hard to say THE best, because the good have been so many, it’s hard to choose.

    It’s in the nature of the white race to be generous, altruistic even, “pathologically altruistic” as some say, and that may be the downfall of the white race.

    But it is an instinct that white people are generous, so even if they know it is a suicidal instinct when applied to those poor unfortunate blacks in their life, they still have to be “pathologically altruistic”, they can’t help it.

    The only way that whites can remain true to their nature, still be generous to those around them, and not end up extinct as a race, and literally dead as individuals, is if they can be separated completely from blacks, from all other races actually. That means NO APARTHEID. No contact between races whatsoever. It means that if white people want to survive, if you want to survive, if you want your children and grand children to survive, then South Africa has to become a white nation-state for white people only, period.

    1. Anonymous8:59 pm


    2. Anonymous1:47 am


      It says in the good book, they would be blessings to the nations. Without these whites, these things would not even number 1 million if it was not for the whites feeding, clothing, providing sanitation, education.

      what do you get in return.

      Eh wena you er e recists, give me, give me, give me.

      There can be no racism with closed borders & no other nations living among you.

      Racism only popped its head up when we started mingling with such foreign nations, aliens, true aliens, check the shape of their heads.

  19. Anonymous2:06 pm

    When I that happens I will run the garden hose. From my car exhaust into their bedroom window, lekker slaap kafferkies.

    1. Anonymous1:44 am


      Lol - just dont turn your backs on them while doing it, before you know it, your car, hose pipe will be gone.

    2. Anonymous8:14 am

      BJ you are probably right, and besides an old Boer once told me that if a Kaffir sleeps in a room you can never remove the smell even if you re paint the walls, so better to take the Rorkes Drift approach.

    3. Anonymous10:12 am


      Its true - My fathers van could never get of the animal smell.

    4. Anonymous2:46 pm

      Even exhaust fumes are no match for that foul kaffir stink.

  20. Anonymous2:52 pm

    I would rather demolish my house and the whole neighbourhood than have kaffirs move in. You'd be better off living in the bloody zoo.

  21. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Fuckin' A


  22. Ai, hehe. Ek dink die zotte steel al die beste idees om die land optefok van jou blog af Mike. Kan mos nie dink nie net naAAP..

  23. My little runner man that shouts so loud from foreign lands, where are you?

    What does it feel like to be a coward, how do you look at yourself in the mirror while shaving?

    What do you tell your children and grand children when they ask you why you live in foreign lands?

    What does it feel like knowing the blood of the murdered farmers and hi jacked whites comes from your hands?

    Tell me oh fearful coward cowering far away, will you ever be man enough to be called master of your house.

    I bet your wife longs for a real man a man the would fight to keep what is his. I actually think she might just be having numerous affairs trying to find that real man.

    1. Anonymous2:49 am

      Why get angry at people who left the country? Maybe these people cannot find work here. Maybe they emigrated so their children can have a better future. It takes a lot of courage to emigrate to another country, far away from South Africa. Life is not easy anywhere anymore. It's hard settling into a new country. That's why countries like Oz and NZ don't accept people over the age of 45. You need youth and strength to resettle. Nobody is obliged to stay in South Africa. It's a free world. To each their own choice. Oh, and quite a lot of black professionals have emigrated too. Nowhere else in the world do students set fire to universities and schools. The next thing is that businesses are burned down. Who wants to live with that when there are other options?

    2. @anon2:49AM stay out of this, the person that this is aimed at asked for what he is getting. So you are not included in this war.

      When you leave this country to settle else where you lose your right to have a say in how we are going to take it back.

      Now leave me to deal with my adversary in my own way.

    3. Anonymous5:18 am

      You love south africa because you love the blackman and his cheap labour. Now scoot along and let Philemon polish your shoes and do your garden and Precious can do your laundry and housework. People like you would not make in a foreign land because there the uitlanders are now the cheap labour unless you really have a set of skills that is so short in need which I doubt you have judging by the amount of intelligence you have loser.

    4. @anon5:18 AM. You seem to know all the names on an intimate basis.

      You see I would allow them to do those things for me but these retards, steal my stuff, break my stuff and then the stench of them is just so, so bad.

      I have offered them doom as deodorant but their stench even kills doom. You see these retards are the Chuck Norris of steal, break and stink.

      You must be a runner, so you are also scared of the retards, you ran from a fight before there was even an argument, now you want to tell us, those that remained how its should be done. You fuckers are everywhere spewing shit.

      I bet your favourite saying is" when we were in SA" then you mouth off about how fucking great you were. Just like you have mouthed off now, how hard you work in foreign lands. You lot of runners share a common streak, its called yellow.

      Stop bullshitting yourself and get back here to face the noise, then you can pitch your shit.

    5. You runners must and I use the words of the blog host from an earlier article " choose the post where you want to pin yours colours"

      In school and in basics, I was refered to as a sout piel, meaning I had a foot here and a foot in the UK and my dick lay in the salty ocean. I never mingled in UK affairs as SA was my birth place, even if English was my language.

      You see I chose my post early in life and I will still not falter at the call.

      You cowards have faltered and run, now you want to talk from distant lands while we stand our ground.

      Some have never learnt the meaning of quit, others no not the meaning of win.

      So fuck all of you in distant countries that challenge my anger, hatered and passion, you have no right here.


    6. Anonymous10:52 am

      I get a slighting feeling that maybe LTMA is slightly miffed off :D

    7. Anonymous11:22 am


      @ Anon 5:18 AM

      Listen you idiot, we work much and way harder than any munt in this country, not to even speak about the behind the scenes brainpower which we must always invest as well. And just to be informative enough, we do dirty work all the time, we have never been scared of work. And... you are so wrong, we are one of the few nations that can and will and do make it work in a foreign country.

      Actually, why don't you keep your nose out of our business? If you currently reside in Europe I would be very concerned if I were you.

      Hou jou neus in jou eie sake!

    8. Slightly is an understatement but it will pass.

      I cannot appreciate the fact that these retards fuck us over daily and we just have to take it.

      They know that we will not strike first and they know that picking us off one by one is easy. Then I have to hear that I am delusional from people that left our shores but still want to tell us were idiots for staying here.

      Africa is in my blood, I know nothing else. Whether I am an idiot, stupid, ignorant to be here, I do not know but I do know this is my home.

      I will respect the people that left these shores if they can respect my choice to stay here and win back something that is more than just a name on a map to me.

    9. Anonymous5:25 pm

      LTMA, you call us runners and cowards and slapgatte you show us how it is done, mnr grootbek, you put your money were mouth because, tough guy. No, no you love the black cheap labour too much, you probably have one to wipe your ass when you are done . You talk about fighting and shooting, who are you going to fight and who are you going to shoot? What is your plan and what is your back up plan mr big mouth.Also judging by all your swearing and profanity, sounds like you are not the sharpest tool in the shed, duhh lights are on but no one is home. I would not like to go to war with someone like you , you have no clue.

    10. Anonymous10:14 pm


      @ Anon 5:25 PM

      Yes, we will put our money where our mouth is when the time comes. Do you really think anyone will lay out a plan of action on a blog? Are yóúr lights on? In the meantime, stop dividing people that has already formed a unity.

      There is nothing wrong with LTMA's intelligence.

  24. Anonymous12:29 am


    Apparently the UK is 'trying to keep ANC in power' but ANC says they are trying to do regime change and get ANC out.

  25. Anonymous12:49 am

    When you have to make laws so that people "must" like you, "must" share your work environment, "must" share your money,
    "must" share your property...you just reinforce the fact that you are a inferior species!

    Its like the kid at school that no-one wants to play with, because he ads nothing to the group, always wanting. Then goes to the headmaster and whines! Headmaster says you have to play with the little idiot.....FTW moment!

    As the saying goes. When you mix ice-cream and shit; the ice-cream does not improve the shit, but hell the shit f-cks-up the ice-cream!
    W Etdo

  26. Anonymous1:38 am



    Very important update its under the radar but we can connect the dots.

    I am told by solid, solid reliable sources that within the de deur/Walkerville area in JHB over the past 3-4 weeks over 40 dogs have been poisoned. The exact figures are not known, but from what they say its between 33 and 42 dogs over a very short period of time.

    I say its not 100% known how many because each time I speak to different people from the area, the amount of dogs poisoned keeps increasing.

    En masse - no breaking's, just massive dog poisonings.

    I would like to know if other parts of the country or JHB are experiencing the same problem. There is no mention in the media about this & I know these sources are reliable.

    If anyone knows of information please let me know.

    I think this is in preparation for something, remember they said electricity is now sorted, think the opposite. Tells me those were all test runs.

    Anyone know please let me know.

    Think we should begin raising the alarm if this is true & happening in other parts as well, this is not normal at all and if this is happening in other parts, then we know we are at the beginning of this thing for sure.


    1. Anonymous10:48 am

      Electricity is sorted thanks to a downturn in the economy. Demand is low.

  27. Anonymous7:37 am

    I am sure the banks are going to enjoy this one (not). People will simply move out and stop paying their bond.

    I have known about this for a while and I have mentioned it a while back on your blog.

    The next thing that is coming is conscription again. All males will do military service.

    I for one will leave my home, why? (Use your imagination)

    Where did I get the information? Lets just say loose lips sink ships.


  28. Anonymous8:15 am

    I was given some advice on how to poison proof your dogs by a dog trainer: Purchase one of those doggy electric fence energizers, connect it up and earth it, but instead of connecting the "live" to the fence, rather connect it to some type of steel skewer (Coat-hanger perhaps)

    Place this "skewer through a nice juicy piece of meat or sausage and place it on a rubber mat. The idea is that your dog not believing his good fortune makes a go at the meat he completes the circuit (the mat must be small enough so the dog is not completely on the mat) and gets an almighty jolt. Not enough to really harm him but enough that after you've done this a few times in random places by the gate, by the fence etc etc he will only take food from where he knows it is safe from you for instance. (Do not be around when he gets shocked or he might associate you with the shock which obviously you do not want.

    I never actually got round to trying this myself but I did rig one up across the stoep to protect the wooden furniture from being chewed, a single looped strand of flimsy braided wire certainly taught them after only a few days. They still don't cross that wire ever, and the energizer has not been switched on for about five years now. I hope this helps save someones dog.

  29. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Keep your dogs indoors at night,not always convenient but the safest option,even the biggest most aggresive dogs can be poisoned without you knowing.outdoor security systems can be expensive but are well worth it- perimeter beams,motion detecting spotlights,electric fence etc.some solar panels on the roof,battery backup,inverter system incase eishkom cuts the power,with a buzzer or sms alert where you sleep or if you are out.your dogs inside will alert you if any of these systems are breached and the negroids are at your windows/doors.also burglar bars of course.