25 May 2016

Questions arround the farm attack in Parys

By Mike Smith
25th of May 2016

You will probably remember the report I made in January about farmer Loedie van der Westhizen (73) who was attacked on his farm Biesiesbult by two blacks who were then taken out by a large group of farmers after he pressed the panic button.

Farmer attacked in Parys. Two savages taken out by 40 farmers

Well now the same media is reporting that the attack on Loedie van der Westhuizen was no attack at all and he hit himself with a broomstick when he tried to chase the two “workers” away and that they were innocent.
Parys attack: It is shock upon shock

Say what?? Sorry but a few things are not gelling here…

In the original report they said the two savages pressed a gun against his head, demanding money after hearing there was a large amount of money in the safe on the farm. Loedie wrestled with the one, but was pistol whipped against the temple and blood streamed from the wound.

Now they say these two were workers who did not work for Loedie, but for his son Gert (Boeta) vd Westhuizen who owed them wages.

Further, Loedie is a widower who lives alone on the farm. He said he didn’t know them at all. What were these two doing on his farm when they did not work for him and it was not him owing them money? Why did they not go and try get the money from Boeta, the man they worked for?

Further, if they were peaceful, why did Loedie try to chase them off with a broomstick? Look at the old man’s injuries. How does a person hit himself like that trying to chase off two innocent blacks? You have to be a total clumsy moron in order to do that?

Further...Henk van der Graaf, the assistant CEO of the Transvaal Agricultural Union said there is a very simple process to follow when a worker does not get his salary. There is no reason or excuse for them to attack farmers when they don’t get paid. Wage dispute leads to farm attack

On top of it, farmers from the area say their livestock get stolen, hacked to pieces while still alive, their properties damaged and dozens of farm attacks have occurred in the area, four of which were fatal with the victims tortured to death. The police are doing nothing. People are constantly stressed and living in fear. There is a severe drought in the area and people’s emotions are running high.

Be that as it may and all things considered, the one-eyed leftist media will now milk this incident for every bit of racial propaganda they can, whilst totally ignoring the white farmers being attacked, tortured and brutally murdered in these terrorist attacks on their farms, because that is what it is. That is the truth behind all these farm attacks in South Africa.

F.W. de Klerk unbanned these terrorist organizations and allowed 4000 of them to return to South Africa. All they are doing is continuing their Marxist terrorist guerrilla war they were waging in  Namibia and Rhodesia.

Their rural terrorist techniques are classical tactics used by the likes of Mao, Võ Nguyên Giáp and Ché Guevara. Anybody with the most elementary knowledge of Guerrilla warfare and Counter Insurgency techniques will be able to spot it. Why can’t the Police?

So were these farmers wrong in the way they dealt with this incident? Bear in mind they did not kill the two blacks. They assaulted them. The two died later after they were taken away. Who said they were not killed by the police to serve an agenda?

Personally, when I think of all the farm attacks and how old people are tortured to death and little children like 3yo Willemientjie Potgieter (who got picked up by her red hair and shot in the back of her head) are killed, then I find it difficult to muster sympathy for any trespasser on any farm.

The purpose of terrorism, Lenin wrote, is to terrorize.

The terrorist succeeds when his or her target population succumbs to fear and is dominated by it.
However farmers should be careful that they do not play into the hands of the terrorists with massive assaults like these. The terrorists love such attacks so they can use it to play the media and justify their campaign of more terror and recruit more members.

You don’t attack two field mice with a panzer brigade. A cat operating in the dark is a better option. To stop terrorism...you have to terrorize the terrorists. The cat has to be more brutal than the mice.


  1. Anonymous7:49 am

    Very good article Mike.

    And remember, cats usually hunt under cover of darkness...!!!

  2. Anonymous9:45 am

    Cats are actually crepuscular
    LEOPARDS ( and owls ) hunt at night

    I do however think that Mike MSith meant ....

    The MICE must be more brutal than the cat
    After all
    At the moment whites are the mice.

    1. @ Anon 9:45 AM - "Crepuscular" - Now there is a word hey? I learn something new every day.

      Nevertheless What you say is not what I meant. I meant it as I said it. For clarity...

      Whites are neither cat nor mouse. Whites are the owners of the home. The mice is the plague, the infestation multiplying exponentially, attacking and destroying your food supply and terrorising you in your home day and night. You want to get rid of the mice, but don't know how.
      Are you going to attack the mice with a bulldozer? No...You will destroy your own home and still not get a single mouse.
      Better to use a cat or two (operating under dusk or dawn for pedantics like you).

      The cats take out the mice one by one, even go after their children. The cats terrorize the mice into submission. Soon they will be too scared to come out of their hiding spots and when they do they are dealt with quickly, severely and brutally. The tide has turned and here is the beauty...the cats don't have to kill all the mice. Just make an example of a few. Suddenly you will see that the rest will leave all on their own.

    2. Anonymous10:36 pm

      Mike, how do you do it? How do you stay so balanced? Anything these days I construe as an insult I attack with deadly intent. What is your secret, is it the Martial Arts you practice? Oh yeah, are you Dive Master? I'd like to go on a diving expedition with you and all the boys here one day.

    3. When I was younger I used my strength a lot in Ju Jitsu, but that was contrary to what Ju Jitsu actually is all about namely using the other person's strength against him. Nowadays I find that the older I get I don't have so much strength anymore and I have to conserve my energy, because I am not that fit anymore. In fact it becomes a waste of energy to attack when it is not neccesary.
      The stance of the guerrilla fighter is neither defensive nor offensive; it is evasive. Fight only when neccesary and when you are sure of a victory.

  3. Anonymous9:50 am

    Farmers are losing the political battle against the ANC terrorists and leftist propoganda. They must change tactics, hit the country economically. Just stop farming completely for a few months, every one of them. No more food on the racks, nice KFC and bread, nothing. And to top it of hundreds of thousands of jobs lost. The subsequent unrest because of food shortages and job losses will very quickly wake up this fucktup government. If it doesn't work, move on to countries where they are appreciated. They have nothing to lose, accept their very lives, and It is not worth it to sacrifice their lives for these clueless cunts. Oh yes, next time they catch terrorists attacking and killing farmers, don't call the cops, just let these scum dissappear.

    1. Anonymous11:39 am

      You need to use your brain before you talk. This will bankrupt them and close the industry down.

    2. Anonymous3:05 am

      The industry is allready closing down due to less farmers producing food due to them being murdered by the thousands. Go check the stats you fucking idiot.

    3. Mike Miller8:57 am


      Shut up.


  4. Anonymous10:19 am

    Here we go, here comes another thing from these bipeds - Real Concern as more lions are hacked to death - http://dillydee.blogspot.co.za/2016/05/real-concern-as-more-lions-are-hacked.html

  5. Spoednick10:19 am

    Hi Mike
    FW did not do anything on his own, the majority of white south africans mqde most decisions.

    I hear rumours that some farmers involved, themselve is coming clean and saying they not going to take a fall for their fellow farmers. So I hope when the truth finally comes out, you will write an aricle apologizing if you were wrong?

    1. Apologise for what? Commenting on the way the media reported it? No. The media can apologise, because as I commented in this article it seems as if they are again bullshitting the public by saying the old man hit himself with a broomstick when he is upset about the hawks not trying to find the weapon he was beaten with. I am just interested in finding the truth. I will keep on reporting on this incident and give regular updates until the truth has come to light. That I can assure you of.

  6. 15 Valke ondersoek die saak! Waar is hulle met die ander plaasmoorde? Double standards. Why did the police take the bastards to the hospital and not get ambulances? The states case is weak......just stirring up shit again

    1. Anonymous10:39 pm

      The police are part of these murders. The ANC still has their death squads roaming about. Bet on it.

    2. Anonymous2:27 am

      That's f-all. A contingent of 30+ Valke , video unit and a cnt by the name Col Vorster ( ex Marikana & 'openbare polisiering' Pta ) - ransacked a woman farmer's homestead in Citrusdal. Would only disclose that they're acting on a 'tipoff'. Locked up over a weekend for being in possession of a Baby Browning. She handed this over with papers indicating it belonged to her deceased father's estate. Regardless this cnt ( with egg on his face in the presence of his drooling Darkie instructors ) thought to carry this through with 'kragdadigheid' - by chucking her in a van to be locked up cometh Monday. 4x mnths later the case was nolle prosequi'd.
      These fcn white 'lakei/skoothondjies' really get to me.

  7. Anonymous10:49 am

    I am SICK AND TIRED to see the abuse of our people in this country!! I can promise you that the very reason for the witch hunt on these farmers are vindictive and malicious because those two terrorists are nothing other than the buddies of the guvamunt! The so-called " police" is nothing other than the paid gangsters (togther with the narysec soldiers and other terrorists ) of the guvamunt. Our white tax money is what funds this terrorism against us and our food producers! It is not long before there will be nothing to eat and then you will find how this current anarchy and mayhem turns into a full blooded and bloody war!!!

    ...and if I hear another case of racism against whites again, I will amongst other things kak in their shoes!!

  8. Anonymous11:00 am

    "Terrorize the terrs into submission"

    I can already see a libtard sneering and saying "We arent LAAAIK them"

  9. Anonymous11:26 am

    There was just a twenty minute report on Sky News covering the shocking state of Venezuela brought about by their socialist driven government.

    Apart from the name this could easily be SA in 2 to 3 years time. And we just sit back and watch? We are going the same way.

    I hope Malema watched the report.

    1. Anonymous10:56 pm

      Here is a part of the report:


    2. Anonymous11:23 pm

      That's a very optimistic view. Remember Venezuela does not have tribes like we do and they are also not black like we are. They also didn't have apartheid to fuel their anger like we do. No, we are on the precipice, months at best. Here they will kill people like the Venezuelans are killing dogs and cats to eat. Very different ball game here. Get ready now, you don't have 2 or 3 years.

    3. Anonymous4:52 am

      oh thank goodness for that. Oh wise prophet Gordhan has put our minds to rest. We can now watch the rugby again in peace this weekend without worrying about trivial threats:


  10. Anonymous1:12 pm

    'At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes [that is, the ones which allegedly look like people] … will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian [Aboriginal] and the gorilla’ -- Charles Darwin


  11. Anonymous1:59 pm

    The kaffer was put in charge to serve their overlords. The white male is the greatest threat to the Cabal's - New World Order.

    1. Anonymous9:28 pm


    2. Anonymous11:00 pm

      Exactly, and this is why there is little we can do about the situation unless the NWO group is recognised by the majority of citizens in the world and resisted. But the majority remain fast asleep.

      Once the white race has been dis-empowered the longer term goal is to then reduce numbers of human goy down to 500 million as per the Georgia guide stones proclaimation.

  12. Anonymous3:12 pm

    I have absolutely no sympathy for the two vile kaffir beasts and hope they burn in hell for eternity. The same goes for that bastard who shot poor little Willemientjie Potgieter. These bloody kaffirs have no conscience, principles or moral values whatsoever, and should be corralled.

    And that frigging Thandi wonders why she was told to fuck off.

    1. Anonymous9:07 pm

      In all truth mate they should all just fuck off and do humanity the greatest of favours. THE SOONER THE BETTER.

  13. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Truly the parasite killing its host.

  14. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Mike is a God damn coward Jew lover.

    1. You say it almost as if you mean it as an insult.

    2. Anon 9:53 PM - And you? Just a plain poes?

      What are you doing here if you don't like what Mike says? Challenge his statements, by all means, but back your challenges with facts and proof, but don't come on here and make inane remarks indicative of your IQ level.

      In other words, why don't you just fuck off?

  15. A lot of people keeping their eye on September.

    Daar is ‘n paar risiko-situasies wat nou voor die deur lê. Eerstens het kenners duidelike waarskuwings uitgereik ten opsigte van die voedselsekerheid situasie in SA.

    Volgens kenners gaan ons die volle impak van voedseltekorte, en daarmee gepaard, hoё voedselinflasie hierdie komende September sien. Einde van die jaar voorspel hulle, gaan gewelddadige protes en hongersnood drasties toeneem.

    Terselfdertyd sien ons meer en meer waarskuwings dat die afgradering van SA se kredietvlak na rommelstatus onvermydelik is. Die effek daarvan is ‘n R17 teenoor die dollar verswakking, 200 000 mense sal die jaar nog hul werk verloor, 400 000 families sal daardeur geaffekteer word. Die ekonomie sal einde van die jaar in ‘n resessie ingaan.

    Dan waarsku politieke ontleders dat die ANC hul wankelende strukture in takt sal hou tot na die verkiesing. Dit beteken dat, sodra die verkiesing afgehandel is, en veral as die ANC nie na verwagting gepresteer het nie, die nate sal begin losskeur en faksies baie aggressief teen mekaar sal begin meeding.

    Hierdie is alles ekonomiese, sosiale en politiese hoogtepunte wat blyk nou op een tydstip bymekaar te kom om ‘n groot rippel-effek te vorm. ‘n Klimaks wat teen einde van die jaar en opbouend na vroeg volgende jaar grootskaalse onstabiliteit kan ontketen.

    Suidlander bestuur en strategiese beplanningsafdeling mag nader aan die tyd weer ‘n risikotydperk aankondig as ons sien dat stabiliteit afneem in lyn met ons projeksies.

    1. Yeah, Dony, a psychic on OFM this morning also predicted that he sees "something big" around about Sept.

      Let's wait and see? SL have their fingers pretty much on the pulse.

    2. Anonymous1:19 pm

      To Suidlanders. You cannot claim to be a Christians if hold to the visions of a false prophet, you must understand that Jesus Christ is the end of all prophecy, on the cross be said it is finished that means there is no need for anymore prophets, go read the writings of John Calvin and other reformed theologians and you will find the same answer.

      And 2ndly what's with the Jim Jones madness with packing your car boot full of stuff and driving off to the bush,our best defence is to take back our suburbs declare them no go zones for any state institutions and slowly build them up as nests of opposition against the state, many examples come to mind like the casbah in Algiers during the 60s, Jennin and Gaza, and numourous areas during the 1st and 2nd Yugoslavia wars,the Donbass in East Ukraine, Grozny, and should the Kaffir try to destroy from the outside because he won't be allowed inside we will have nothing to fear because we all now how useless he is in planning, executing and sustaining siege warfare.

    3. Anonymous1:19 PM

      I dont like to debate the scriptures as almost every other man carries his own version of interpretation.

      Read the bible not books that interpret it for you. Revelations was written long after Jesus when John was over 90 and he received the visions of the revelation at Patmos in Rome.

      Thy shall know a true prophet when his prophesies come to pass as the truth.

      The two witnesses must also come and they will deliver prophesies, so no everything did not end on the cross.

  16. (Gordon) Miljoene stroom na SA op soek na kos
    Deur Nico van Burick
    25 Mei 2016
    Die SA Leër het inligting by Agri SA oor die droogte gevra en is ingelig dat miljoene mense uit buurlande na SA stroom.
    Weens die droogte begin miljoene mense na Suid-Afrika stroom op soek na kos en werk en Agri SA is versoek om die SA Leër se bevelstruktuur oor hierdie en ander gevolge van die droogte in te lig.
    Mnr. Christo van der Rheede, adjunk uitvoerende direkteur van Agri SA, het by ’n fondsinsamelingspoging vir droogtehulp by die Leriba-Hotel en Spa in Centurion die sluier gelig oor sy gesprek met lt.genl. Lindile Yam, hoof van die leër, en ander senior offisiere. Yam wou onder meer weet hoe die droogte bestaansboere raak en wat die leër kan doen om hulle te help.
    Van der Rheede sê ’n ernstige gevolg van die droogte is dat letterlik miljoene mense na Suid-Afrika begin stroom uit lande soos Malawi, Soedan, Zimbabwe en Mosambiek.
    Suider-Afrikaanse probleem
    “Die droogte is nie nét ’n Suid-Afrikaanse probleem nie, dit is ’n Suider-Afrikaanse probleem. Die res van die streek se welsyn hang in ’n groot mate van Suid-Afrika af. As ons nie voedselsekerheid het nie, hou dit ook ernstige gevolge vir ons buurlande in.”
    Van der Rheede het die offisiere meegedeel dat uit die 60 miljoen mense wêreldwyd wat voedselhulp weens El Niño nodig gaan hê, 32 miljoen in Suider-Afrika is. “Suid-Afrika produseer 42% van al die mielies in die Suider-Afrikaanse Ontwikkelingsgemeenskap (SAOG). In 2015 het plaaslike somergraanproduksie jaar-op-jaar met 27% gedaal en vanjaar kan dit met ’n verdere 29% daal.”
    Hy waarsku dat vir minstens die volgende 18 maande daar nie genoeg graan uit eie produksie en oordragvoorrade gaan wees om die streek se mense te voed nie en groot hoeveelhede sal ingevoer moet word.

    1. Anonymous6:53 am

      Excluding this year of drought we see the percentages of grain production going down 27% year on year...
      Christo vd Rheede forgot mention this year on year decline is the result of white farmer genocide by bonobo's and so called "land redistribution."
      Bonobo reciprocates don't have the mental capacity to farm on a large scale.

      A message for the parasite:

      What ye sow - so shall ye reap.

  17. Anonymous1:06 am

    And Breaking News on the cANCer mouthpiece News24 now.
    Live:Parys farmers in court for vigilante attack.
    There have journos in court reporting live.
    Fucking repulsive bastards. Farmers het murdered by the day.
    A few bite back and it is a massive racist incident.
    Poor pikanins were just on this Ooms farm doing nothing wrong but are attacked by 40 farmers for no reason at all.
    And then the Oom suddenly develops munchausens syndrome and self injured himeself to make it look like a farm attack.
    Hope those two fuckers rot in hell.

  18. Anonymous1:19 am

    I was wondering the same thing. How could Mr. vd Westhuizen have injured himself in that manner with the broom.

    Freaking dindu liars.

    They really think we are dumb no?

  19. A country deserves what it tolerates. And gets more of it.
    In the country where I grew up, if you woke up and found a naked intruder headed for daughter’s bedroom with a machete and a hard-on, you shot him and arranged to have the rugs cleaned. The station commander wasn’t greatly interested and the local prosecutor didn’t see anything to prosecute. The scum floating on the gene pool wasn’t a protected species. It wasn’t the driving engine of the culture. It was just scum. Today you would be charged with the use of excessive force. The cadaver’s family would sue. They would end up with your house unless they just ran you broke with legal bills. The outcome would depend on the racial make-up of you, the intruder, and the judiciary. Your daughter would be married with grandchildren before the courts reached any conclusion.
    In this new country of course everything is somebody else’s fault, unless you are a white male, in which case everything is your fault. Never mind that if it weren’t for white males everybody else would be living on low-hanging fruit and saying “ugga-wugga” because they couldn’t figure out how to make a big-block hemi to crash into things with. Or figure out how to make anything else. In the Old Country, the government was pretty much benign or actually useful. It built roads and largely left you alone. The public schools were not great but neither were they terrible. People ran their own lives. The government tended to be somewhere else, which was a splendid place for it, and you mostly didn’t notice.
    In the country that is now where South Africa used to be, the government is the cause of most major problems instead of a solution, however inefficient, to a fair number of them. The government keeps you from educating your children, holds standards down, prevents you from hiring the best people you can find to work in your business. It won’t allow local jurisdictions to control crime, prevents localities from enforcing such moral standards as they see fit, virtually illegalises the religion of most of the population, and generally won’t permit people to live as they like.
    Free? South Africa is controlled, watched, and regulated to a degree unimaginable even in Apartheid era. Speakers on subways admonish us to watch other passengers for suspicious behaviour. We dance barefoot in airports. Cameras read our license plates and mail us tickets.
    Freedom of speech? Say anything interpretable as a “racial slur” and you lose your job. Truth has nothing to do with it. Except if you are the President or a rap singer: “Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha”(“Kill d’White People”; Apache, Apache Ain’t Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.)
    Nah. I miss the old country...

    1. Anonymous5:05 am

      Yes White Oak. I miss the old SA every day.
      Crime wasn't an issue anywhere. Even in boog territory.

    2. Anonymous11:46 am

      So you finally figured out that the elitists use the justice system as their own whipping stick against us. Congrats for finally waking up

  20. Any strange Kaffir found wandering around on a farm should immediately be arrested and charged with trespassing.

    What's so difficult about that?

    1. Anonymous6:15 am

      What you smoking bud?
      5.56 "Skerp Punt", right between the peepers.
      Then you make like a "Boss Kak", dig a hole and bury it.
      End of discussion.

  21. LTMA?

    Get your ass back here, buddy!!!!

    Tree aan!

    1. Anonymous5:27 am

      He's probably on medication and lying low from a nervous breakdown.

    2. Anonymous5:51 am

      Tomkat's Tribulations3:10 AM

      Nou moet LTMA terugkom na daai afranseling nou-die dag...? Het seker nog nie weer wind in die seile opgebou nie. Hy probeer sy bes maar word gevloek. Dis maar ons nasie se mense.

    3. Anonymous7:44 am

      Anonymous5:27 AM
      "He's probably on medication and lying low from a nervous breakdown"
      And we all know why. This Joy Knob and others really came down on him like a ton of bricks hey.

    4. Anonymous11:49 am

      LTMA is butt hurt.

      He is one of those guys that would inflict friendly fire if he was given a gun in a war.

    5. @anon11:49AM. I am bored so let me have fun at your expense, you dim witted arse cunt.

      I hope you get this message.

      You seem to be well verse in butt pain, is that because you bend for black cock and all your liberal friends?

      I bet you're a queer whore, those masculine queer buddies of your pump cum up your arse till your nose runs white stripes into your panting mouth.

      I thought so, little dandy queer queen you are.

      As for friendly fire, I do not consider you my friend so its not classed as friendly fire. You are a really ignorant dumb cunt. I bet your folks are really proud of their little queer creation.

      Fuck face I have held more than one AR in conflict and I know I have been into more theatres than you have had breakfast.

      So come and take me on you little dick swallower, you name it I will be there what ever game you want to play. Let's see if you can man up or are you just a voice up?

  22. Anonymous3:21 am

    Yep you need to fight fire with fire.Thats the only language these black c*nts understand...if they try to kill you,you need to fucking shoot them right infront of their eyes...that will cure them of all evil thoughts and actions...

  23. Anonymous3:29 am


    @ Tomkat, ek mis ook vir LTMA! Ons petrol op die vuur! Daar is 'n paar nuwe ouens wat ek ook baie like, White Oak onder andere.

    1. White Oak is not new. Been arround for years.

    2. Yes, Bird, White Oak always makes such profound and astute contributions m.a.w. hy praat nie kak nie en LTMA moet net sy gat in rat kry.
      Mike, I also only became acquainted with White Oak recently. He must have been quiet for some time.

    3. Hulle se jy moet pas-op vir daai stil ouens hulle is gewoonlik die gevaarlikkes.

      His got some writing talent there.

  24. Anonymous3:31 am

    Back to my school. It’s only in 1991 that I learnt there was a national anthem. At my school, we sang Nkosi Sikelela iAfrika. One day, at the carol service, we ended with it as usual. We were having a picnic on the lawn, sitting in our families, and if your class wasn’t singing, you’d sit with your parents and watch the others.

    My father stood up while the rest of us sat down. He raised his arm and fist in that famous salute. I didn’t know what to do. Stand with him? Hide because now I was very visible in my Blackness? I sat. We sang that song with my father, the only black man there, standing up, fist raised.

    He didn’t do it because he hated white people. He did it to protest that he, his wife, his 4 children and his daughter-in-law had to live in a small, two-bedroomed township house. He did it to protest against the fact that my childhood consisted of having to run indoors almost daily, trying to find relief from the searing tear gas that policemen were using. He protested how as the original citizen of the continent, he was forced to carry documentation that even a child was permitted to ask him for. He raised his fist in the air, standing tall while the rest of us sat on the grass because he was asking for freedom. He was begging for a time when he and his children would be viewed as human. He was praying for the hatred to end. For us to be allowed to walk anywhere, to eat anywhere, to enjoy the sunset at any beach, to be allowed to sit in any part of the train. To be able to sit on a bench when tired. He didn’t hate, he hurt. He grieved. And he prayed.

    Why do people tell us to forget what we saw? To ignore the scars on our backs? Remember Sarafina. Violence for no good reason. We were hurt when all we wanted was peace. Freedom. We wanted equality, not revenge. And that is why I do not hate white people, even though too many are still talking and acting like they wish apartheid was still legal. All I want is true equality. To be seen as a person walking down the street, not a threat. To be viewed as a human, not a monkey. I don’t want to be defined by my skin (and then viewed as less than) instead of by my heart and soul. I want my hopes and dreams to matter more than the stereotypes and assumptions. I don’t hate. I pray. I hurt. Arm raised up to show the struggle within. Begging for my children and their potential children.

    What I saw and lived. The fear I felt… How can you tell me to get over it when you don’t tell other victims of trauma to do the same? Where are the posts saying Britain should get over the war? Where are the comments saying that victims who were raped as children should not report their abusers today? When they tell us to get over it, to move on, they are saying our pain is not the same as others’ pain. And they are reminding us that we are less than, that we aren’t as human as the Queen who cried at a war memorial. Our experiences, emotions, mental and physical scars don’t matter as much as others’ do. This was our Holocaust. Let us grieve over it. We cannot forget. We lived it. It decided our present situation. It made us ‘who’ we are today. Don’t tell us what to do. Learn. Think of Sarafina and ask yourself how you would want to be treated if you lived like that for decades. Please don’t hate us anymore. And know that I don’t hate you. The hurt I feel is nothing I want anyone else to experience. You’re just a stranger. Someone whose heart and soul I want to get to know. I wish instead of hurting each other, we viewed each other as hearts and souls. Then and only then, could we build a rainbow nation, different but one. All hurting over the past but determined to never forget. Determined to learn from the past. Determined to heal what was broken. One rainbow. Beautiful in its differing colours. That’s what our fists – metaphorical and otherwise – are raised for.


    1. Anonymous5:55 am

      Thandi, you just don't get it do you?

      We never hated blacks. We just wanted to live separately (i.e. apartheid). We are culturally very different.

      If you are old enough then you should be able to see the differences. Take JHB city/Hilbrow/Berea/Yeoville. Once beautiful places and now drug dens full of squaller and criminals. We had apartheid to protect ourselves from this.

      Must we accept this? Are we the cause of this decay? No, we have a different set of standards and living discipline.

      We don't continually destroy. We strive to uplift and improve. You were burning schools in 1976 and 40 years later you are still at it. You will be doing the same in another 40 years.

      Why can't whites feel safe to walk into a township? we would be murdered on site. Why can't we just sleep at night instead of having to guard against thugs. Your government is in power, which we sought of agreed to (shared power was the expectation). Why after 22 years are you still accusing the whites for everything.

      You blacks must wake up and realise that the ANC keep pushing the 'apartheid' button and 'racism' to keep you masses distracted and not realising that they don't care about the 'common' people but are enriching themselves - the privileged minority. They are all stealing the tax revenue dry. You people have a price tage on your heads - a free t/shirt and some KFC. Stop accepting this - your vote is worth more.

      You people must show how smart you are and dethrone your useless government and empower someone who cares about all South Africans well being - black or white.

      Everywhere we go we have to watch our backs. Cars stolen, highjacked, mugged, scammed, wallet stolen, mobile stolen etc etc etc. Not one of you can keeps your hands off. You have no respect for the law. We don't piss wherever we want in full view of the public. We consider rape a terrible crime.

      You see, your culture is different to ours. And we accept this and always have - hence separation I.E. APARTHEID. NO HATE, JUST SEPARATION.

    2. Anonymous6:32 am

      Fokkof Thandi!! Gaan skryf jou kak op na ander plek!!

    3. I remember 1990. I used to see blacks walking past my house from and to work(Apparently they did not have jobs back then) but anyways.

      Even at that age i would watch them and think to myself.. thank God i wasnt one of them. They were so ugly to me. When ever i encountered an adult Naledi I got this eerie feeling that something nasty, evil and two-faced was hiding behind those black eyes.

      I thought to myself that the creator must have created them like that( big nose, fat lips, steelwool-hair and the stink) so that we will know them, doesnt matter how much they pretend to be like us.

      Thandi probably doesnt know this. I believe blacks think we make it up or it is just a roomer but we whites can smell you. We dont like the smell. Liberals might sit in class with you pretending that it isnt their but believe me all whites know this.

      My cousin in America says blacks have that exact smell over there too. My nose cant be racist. Either you like a smell or you dont.

      So Thandi next time when you walk in the mall and you see that funny look on a white person's face, you know that racist look, it isnt racism it is the repulsive smell making their noses twitch.

    4. Anonymous7:13 am

      @thandi, I know you poor thing , you were chased and harassed by the Law of the day when you were having the time of your Life at the STOKVEL and No panty parties, when the Illegal shebeens sold drink and Magosha were plentiful spreading their shlt.
      You must really miss those days when you could run amok and burn and loot stuff play hide and seek from the Law. Plotting evil through township talk etc.
      Today its so boring because you lot can burn and Loot and nothing happens to you and your Leader is tainted with Crime , so no worries.
      Just do me one favor , you and your useless un employable LOT , dont cry when you`ve destroyed everything Functional.
      BTW I also saw what happened in the Past. Its even on you tube, so your Bullshlt doesnt stick with us , and I think the World TOO. So F ON !

    5. Thandi, do you know what Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the greatest and most intelligent statesman this country has ever known, called "Apartheid"? Aparte Vryheid [Separate Freedom] is how he referred to it. There was no intent to oppress anyone, but merely to encourage the separation of irreconcilable cultures while uplifting everyone. Can you say the same for your criminal ANC government? If your dishonourable president is innocent, why doesn't he go to court and face the 783 charges against him and prove his innocence?

      You well know why because he is as guilty as sin. That is the ilk of your kind and can you blame us for wanting to have nothing to do with you?

      On the day Dr Verwoerd was murdered he was going to make a momentous announcement to parliament. What that was we will never know because he never spoke from notes and never made any. He possessed a photographic memory and even when he lectured at varsity never used notes. He was brilliant. Those before him had invented the idea, but he was fine tuning it and making it a viable and workable system and, for that he had to die. The NWO couldn't accept that he was going to succeed in making it work.

    6. @Thandi - You watch too many bullshit movies like Sarafina, written by a racist doos called Mbongeni Ngema who wrote a hateful song about Indians called " Amandiya". First banned by the court and then got an age restriction of 18.

      Out of 40 million black people only 20,000 "victims of Apartheid" appeared at the TRC. That is 0.05% of all blacks. You would think that there would have been more seeing that they were paid R30,000 each to come and tell their shit stories. Why weren't their any more "victims" of Apartheid?

      Further their anecdotal bullshit would never have stood up in a court of law if they were allowed to be prosecuted.

      You come here and pull out your intestines about how bad Apartheid was and call it a "Holocaust". You must be a special kind of stupid.

      Let us analyse your drivel:

      Let us look at Max Coleman’s (head of the Human Rights Commission HRC) book and the findings of the TRC.

      In the 46 years of Apartheid (1948-1994) 21,000 people died in political violence in South Africa. An average of 456 deaths per year.
      14,000 died during the transition period from 1990-1994 and were mostly “black on black” violence between Inkhata and the ANC and the ANC murdering so called “collaborators”.
      During Apartheid the security forces caused 518 deaths throughout this entire period of 46 years. Now under the ANC 900 people die in police custody every year!
      About 18,000-30,000 (mostly blacks) are murdered every year by other blacks under the ANC.
      The ANC with their failed AIDS/HIV policies their destruction of the hospitals, chasing doctors and nurses away with racist policies of Affirmative Action, BEE, etc, cause 300,000 deaths (mostly blacks) every year.
      You want to talk about a “Holocaust”…go get your facts straight before you come and kotch your verbal vomit on my blog.
      Here: Go educate yourself about the killing fields of Post Apartheid South Africa

    7. Anonymous7:48 am

      Thandi, just fuck off fast! We never wanted to hear your whining in the first place and you have a real cheek to come back here! Babale thathaza, suka wena!

    8. Thandi.. No point in posting all your 'cry me a river' nonsense and not backing it up. At least man up and challenge us with the facts. Why not go fetch all your buddies, tell them about this blog and let's have ourselves a good old debate.? Seems like you thought we were just a bunch of uncultured, dumb, rightwing racists.?

      Let's start with a question, 1 you would probably not anwser. Have you read Mike's book.? The 1st few chapters are called 'rationale for Apartheid'. Do yourself the favour please. Why not give it to your whole family to read, I challenge you..

      Reading the rest of your comments 1 thing is clear. You are very one sided in your argument and are obsessed with self pity ( like 95% of blacks ) and completely stuck in the past. Not once did you mention the shortcomings of your own people.. Not once did you think and ask BUT WHY did we have Apartheid.?. Just look around you, the reasons are everywhere..

      What baffles me is this. What are you people trying to protect when there's so much blood on your hands.?. That's what cowards do. You lot rape and pillage this country into oblivion but what matters to you is that you want to take a piss in the white mans toilets and swim on his beaches.. WOW.! Deep, very very deep stuff.! Here's a good 1 for you, please answer me honestly on this 1 question.. Will you take your kids and go to Durban beach over Christmas and New years.? Will you feel relaxed and safe.? Remember now, that's YOUR own people, the victims of Apartheid who struggled for 40 years to enjoy that beach and fuck it up completely..

      You lot despise your own kind, but because of your arrogant pride and the 'free ride apartheid ticket' you will just play along and turn a blind eye. Pathetic.!. In our culture we root out the 'white kaffirs' very quickly and get rid of them no questions asked.. What are you lot doing to rid this country of your raping, stealing, corrupt kaffir brothers who will kill you as easily as they would a white person.? Oh,,, you think they'll spare you.? Shame..

      Now, another question. Please can you bring me the white men who go into your neighbourhoods and rape your 80 year old grandmothers and torture them with a hot iron..? Please bring me the white men who holds a 3 year old black girl by her hair and shoots her point blank in the face while his buddies are taking turns raping her mother.?? CAN YOU FUCKING BRING ME THOSE WHITE MEN.? I'LL PERSONALLY KILL THEM WITH MY BARE HANDS.. JUST FOR YOU THANDI.!!!

      But your obsessed with eating in our restaurants and pissing in our toilets.? Those farmers YOUR black brothers are killing in the most inhumane ways are the ones putting that pap and steak on plate missy..!! Do you even know about the farm murders.? Guess not.. Too obsessed with your God Mandela and being stuck in your self pity victim mode. Don't cry when that piece of chuck you kaffirs love so much costs R500 a kilo.. A bag a maize R1500..

      YOU lot are allowing this Communist scum to destroy SA but yet you remain quiet.?? Cowards.! Suprise suprise.. They hate you just as much and their coming for you, and your children.. Good luck, you're gonna need it.

      Your 'bold n beautifull' soapie bullshit won't work here, rather take a hike..

    9. Anonymous11:52 am

      once again Thandi wants us to hand over our civilization to her. If he was living in a 2 bedroom townhouse, it was better than the mud hut before we came along.

      Typical black male, playing the alpha male, unable to earn his way through life and uses abuse and threats to get what he wants.

      Thandi, your father sounds like a bully. Not a hero.

    10. Anonymous11:56 am

      what is this Thandi whinging about? We gave her and her lazy assed father the ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRY... and yet they still fucking bitch and moan.

      Fuck off back to the DRC.

    11. Anonymous1:25 pm

      Eeeek! I got serious indigestion after reaning one half of Thandi's tearjerker.
      Not worth a reply as surely a useless troll.
      Pull the other leg.

    12. Anonymous2:06 pm

      Please don't think you can change us. Your kind of rhetoric has been been preached to us adnauseum and we are not buying it.We have been bitten once and never again by your kind.Please exit the left wing and let us hear the door slam shut!

    13. Anonymous2:38 pm

      @ Thandi Quote. He didn't do it because he hated white people. He did it to protest that he, his wife, his 4 children and his daughter-in-law had to live in a small, two-bedroomed township house.
      So if life was so bad why did your parents have 4 children+?
      It's as simple as that.
      Look at the statistics
      Waiting for your reply

    14. Anonymous5:28 pm

      Dony, even the Chinks get it.


    15. Anonymous9:25 pm

      And now everything that the 'racist' white ring-wing has warned about is happening.

      If the blacks had come into power those years we would have been a communist dictatorship. Now we are anyway, it's just been a more gradual process.

      Unemployment now is highest in history, economy weakest, Rand weakest, black racism and attacks on whites and government hate speech the highest ever, industry has DE-INDUSTRIALISED, farmers are half from 1994, we have to import food even before drought, crime and rape highest in history.

      Where is the outcry from blacks against the attacks on whites?

      Where is the outcry about the internationally illegal Black Elite Enrichment (BEE) and Affirmative Action race laws?

      The only time non-racial classification and no races laws existed was in 1991-1994 under white rule.

      The ANC is destroying South Africa.
      They are not only severely incompetent, but are lying racists who hate whites. They are also extremely corrupt and follow outdated and failed leftist ideologies especially for the economy.

      The world condemns the ANC, as well as financial experts who provide advice but the ANC refuses to listen.

      They know they are a regime on the down-swing and are now panicking, therefore whites are the scapegoat for their failure and inferiority complex.

    16. Anonymous11:01 pm

      @BLCN 11:05 AM

      Excellent comment! This annoying Thandi needed to hear the truth.

    17. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Mate that is the coolest commercial I have seen in quite a long time. It says it all and they do it without being afraid of being branded racists because we know only whites can be racist right. Well facts cant be racist.

    18. @11:01.

      Thanks pal..That's the beauty about truth.. You can't argue or debate about it, and no matter what happens it never goes away...

      Waiting for your reply Thandi...tik - tok..

    19. Anonymous12:10 am

      Hey Thandi you Homo Erectus no one buys your shit anymore.

      All I read when reading your tripe was Me Me I I Me, I I victim. You you you you racist, I I Me Me I Me victim. You you, you you You you Apartheid. Me Me Me I I I. You are one sick puppy.

      That shit does not fly anymore, given all the evidence and happenings we have all witnessed for the past 20 odd years, you are a fucking liar.

      Typical black I suppose. Typical NON-WHITE. Typical.

    20. Anonymous5:24 am

      Thandi, classic example of the victim mentality, the world owes me something.

    21. Anonymous7:44 am

      Thandi, the anc did not take the country from us, they were not strong enough and also far too useless. We gave it to them while we said lets give each other the hand and lets build together. What happened? they murder us apIy AA BBEEE and they rob us of our taxes. Therefore never will we trust any blacks ever and shit is going to happen and we shall laugh last.

    22. That was quick...


    23. Anonymous1:48 pm


      Holocaust? What Holocaust?

      Almost 28000 Boere men, women and children died in concentration camps during the Second Anglo Boer War (1899-1902). And at least 20000 of your own people also died in separate concentration camps.

      The suffering was immense and many died of starvation, disease and exposure.

      They didn't have a small two bedroomed house to live in. They didn't even have a pass because they weren't allowed to leave the camp. All they had was suffering and death.

      Your comment is an insult and I hope that it's your last.

  25. Thandi, I wanted to write a long and informative reply to your "broken-wing" bullshit, but have decided it would be a wasted effort. Suffice it for me to say this in response to your "For us to be allowed to walk anywhere, to eat anywhere, to enjoy the sunset at any beach, to be allowed to sit in any part of the train. To be able to sit on a bench when tired." Your wonderful scumbag government are now in charge and you have your much desired "freedom" [more dom than free, I would venture to suggest], but show me where you can, today, do all the things you so longed for then and mentioned now?

    Try that now and the odds of being raped or murdered are 10 to 1. No, Thandi, you had freedom then. You don't have it now. You are enslaved to the government you so desired. Enjoy it. We just want no part of your kind or your slavemasters.

  26. Anonymous6:11 am

    @Anonymous3:31 AM
    1. You are NOT the original inhabitants of this part of this land. FACT.
    2. If you were behaving like civilised human beings, the police would not have been useing tear gas on you. FACT.
    3. MAN UP to your flaws. They are NOT the fault of Jan.

  27. Anonymous6:28 am

    These farmers are guilty as charged. They staged this whole thing and make it look as if it was a farm attack.

    1. 6:28 So you are now judge, jury & executioner?

      What were the fuckers doing on private property???

    2. Anonymous7:25 am

      It was a Farm attack, "To much Stupid" Can you not see what the Madalla looks like ? or do you think he painted it on himself ?
      Some just think we cannot see, but this the beginning of long conflict, because when the whites are out of the way , you LOT will start with each other and then you will wish the whites back. You musnt forget ever that you just another Blackman in AFRICA, and your skin means nothing. So you better pray that the Whiteman stays.

    3. Anonymous7:50 am

      And who are you, you fuckin dumbshit either a witgat veraaier or a kaffir go shit yourself and fuck off from this site

    4. Anonymous8:22 am

      The cruel bastards and yet life continues in South Africa as if nothing is wrong. How and when will this all end? - No Mercy for Land Owners -

    5. Anonymous2:36 pm

      @Anon 6:28 AM

      Stop talking out of your arse!

  28. https://youtu.be/SMQVLkZ1at0

    Adam - Hebrew meaning - to blush or rush the face with blood. Only one race can do that.

    1. Anonymous8:57 pm

      Donycero8:47 AM
      So true my mate! ... that is why the kaffirs being created by the forces 0f darkness are unable to do so!

  29. Anonymous12:16 pm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exnrXHXFV10 well according to her we were here first lol

    1. Good laugh for the morning mate. Yes she is confusing Van Riebeeck with Jesus. Says a lot on how they view us subcontiously

    2. Ja...stupid is as stupid does.

    3. Regte fokken shebeen myt...

    4. Anonymous8:14 am

      well technically, it is true if you count the phoenecians

  30. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Full blown civil war in our future, no escaping that.

    1. Anonymous9:23 am

      too right, it is coming, soon......

  31. Anonymous8:15 am


  32. Anonymous8:16 am

    Should we be reading a bit deeper into this?

  33. The press lie in most countries, I suppose they feel that in the end they were....just doing a job...think again.

  34. Rooi Elf7:04 am

    Dit is net jammer dat daar so baie verraaiers onder ons is. Die katte wat in die donker jag is baie goeie idee