14 May 2016

Our Navy and Dept of Fisheries in the Chinese trawler circus

Brand new Chinese trawlers illegally fishing off the Wild Coast of South Africa
By Mike Smith
14th of May 2016

You know what I cannot understand?

Next to the South Africa Navy base in Simons Town is IMT (The Institute for Maritime Technology), the Denel scientific arm of the Navy. About 52 scientists work there. They have three underwater wires running out into False Bay and they can listen to any ship passing by and can tell you not only what type of main engine the vessel has but also if the main engine has a bearing knock on number three cylinder or a loose tappet on #5's exhaust valve.

These top nerds have state of the art sophisticated equipment. They have cameras on the roof of their building that takes infrared pictures of hotspots on ships and make plans of how to cover it up. They have an 11 meter deep tank where sophisticated underwater experiments are carried out in.

Yet they seem to be unaware of any Chinese Trawlers raping our fishing resources in our oceans.

Not a single navy vessel, navy station, air force plane or whatever picked up an entire fleet of nine unmarked, unidentified Chinese fishing trawlers off the coast of Transkei.

No, it was up to a bunch of sport anglers with smartphones and ship-tracking apps to alert the South African Navy and the Department of Fisheries about the arrival of the Lu Huang Yuan Yu fleet.

A Facebook post on Salt Fishing SA by Mark Hicks showed that the Chinese vessels switched off their AIM monitoring beacons at night whilst illegally fishing off our coast.

There’s Something Really Fishy Going On Off The Transkei Coast And People Want Answers

Navy probes fleet of Chinese trawlers off Wild Coast

According to the Navy they are not allowed to protect our waters and our fishing resources. That is the job of the Department of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries who own the patrol vessels that are supposed to be our “Coast Guard”. Funny isn’t it. South Africa with a 3000km coast line has no Coast Guard and a tiny navy.

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries spokeswoman Palesa Mokomela said their inshore protection vessel, the Ruth First, checked nine vessels and found them to be "brand-new and en route from China to Congo".

Spokesperson Bomikazi Molapo says the vessels were traced yesterday after South African patrol ship, Victoria Mxenge was dispatched to search for them.

Chase on for suspicious Chinese vessels in SA waters

Eventually they caught them and wanted to escort the nine vessels to Saldanha with ONE patrol vessel (I kid you not). However during the night the vessels started dispersing in different directions and ducked. Of course nobody foresaw it.

Only one trawler was caught and taken to Cape Town. Fog keeps seized Chinese trawler outside Cape Town Harbour

You would think that if you are going to seize nine ships the Navy and Dept of Fisheries would collaborate and send more than just one naval or Coast Guard vessel to do the arrest. Not our illustrious ANC idiots.

However, we can all sleep better now, because there were no fish onboard any of the vessels anyway…

"Our inspectors inspected them and found no fish or fishing material." Said Palesa Mokomela.


John Rance, environmental officer for the Border Deep-sea Angling Association said: "No-one is naively believing that."

Sure! We all are! The ANC is convinced we are all idiots and when we don't believe them we are "racists".
Nine Chinese trawlers in the middle of the sardine run and they didn’t find a single fish or fishing net/line on board. Wonder what they were doing there then?

Anyway…we bought sophisticated German submarines to protect our people from sharks in rivers.

Why South Africa has submarines

“When we have to communicate to people on the ground to make them understand why we need submarines, for for example, if…Can we take a risk of people going into the sea where the river by the sea is full of sharks? We can’t do that. Number one…The submarine he can provide deterrence. For us to have the submarine…people, they globally understand that the South African Navy, or SA, SA, SAFrican in general…they know. They know their road. They know exactly why they do it.”


  1. Anonymous7:15 am

    Another good story to tell by the ANC. Our natural resources pillaged by their Chinese masters. But what can you expect from the department of fisheries? After all, the minasta who is planning to bankrupt us by the nuclear deal left that department devastated when she was in charge there.

    1. Anonymous1:34 am

      Here is another gem from the ANC; Gordan is about to be arrested by the Hawks. Allegedly because of a rouge SARS unit. WE ALL KNOW the real reason behind this move is because Pravin is the only line of defense btw Zoomer, his crony minastas and tenderpreneur buddies and the treasury. Fucked me, how stupid can these cunts be, hundreds of bilions were wiped from SA's stock market value because of the not so long ago fuck up regarding finance ministers! !! Our economy is on the brink of fucking junk status! On another topic, I read that the EFF stopped afrikaans singing groups at participating at a singing event at Tukkies because they are to white. Really...REALLY! !!!!???? This is it manne, the yoke of liberalism is finally of my back. My eyes have finally opened. Fucked these ANC and EFF cunts, and fuck the DA as well. Our democracy is suposed to be a constitutional democracy, whereby the rights of minorities are protected against majority rule and abuse. I am not a converted right wing extremist, but I will from now on support the cause of the white minority of this country in a non-violent way.

    2. @anon 1:34AM, in a very short time you will be armed and fighting a totally different battle to what you think today.

      The only way forward for us white minority is blood and bullet.

      I aim is not to bleed for my cause but to make the enemy bleed for his.

      Words do not win wars, action does.

    3. Anonymous11:25 pm

      Anonymous1:34 AM

      Welcome to the other side. Please do read Mike's Pandora'box on the right of the screen. It might take 2 days depending on time but it is worth it. Now along with your new outlook you will see that you carry part of the brunt, you need to prepare, join groups and wake more people up.

      Start with your home and start with Intel. Keep safe.

  2. Anonymous7:18 am

    Just another way of plundering and ruining the country that our forefathers built. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, but boy can they do the evil!

  3. I believe that one day I will open this blog and get fucking great news.

    Maybe something like, suit up you doos the party has started, or millions of munts mysteriously dissapeared in UFO fly over, " I am dreaming they would not think of snatching these fucking retards"

    Maybe the government is dead and so are all the shit for brains that voted for it.

    Fuck I really hope one day comes soon.

    Mike, you're very good, but shit! good from you leaves one very angry, disillusioned and more hateful towards these retards.

    I cannot just blame the governmunt, the other munts voted them in and allow the shit to happen. So I must hate all of them.

    1. Anonymous2:19 pm

      You certainly are dreaming. The foul smell in the space ship would knock the aliens unconscious causing it to go off course and crash.

    2. @anon2:19PM, thank for the reminded, I forget how they stink. I also do not have a maid like some bloggers do, so I am not reminded of the stench.

      I suppose they keep a maid so that they can remember that the pet smells and breaks things and steals.

      I prefer my dog, it just takes dumps on my lawn that I throw over the wall on to the dark sides lawn.

    3. Anonymous11:54 am

      You throw your dog poop at your neighbour? Remind me not to live next door to you. Or build a Cecil John Rhodes Statue near by :D

  4. Anonymous7:48 am

    These blacks are fucking useless. I bet you the Chinese government told them to let them go. Nothing but a coverup. Blacks really are our curse.

  5. Anonymous7:48 am

    This is not new 15 years ago whilst taking a stroll between Mazengwenya and Rocktail bay I could see a trawler dragging nets, it certainly would not have happened in the old days because not far away used to be an SAP bosberaad camp not to mention the military testing facility at Hellsgate.

  6. Adrem8:26 am

    Un-effing believable...

    These brainless goons are the laughing stock of the world - but the world does not laugh at them, because that would not be politically correct.

    I could scream of frustration!

    1. Anonymous10:08 am

      No the world does not laugh at them. This is what the globalists want. It is not you, you armchair rambo, that will walk into the base and tell them to fuck off. It will be the globalist's police force that will do that to you.

      Why do you think they are purging militaries of all nationalists? Because of Apartheid? ROFLMAO.

    2. @Adrem8:26AM. Have you noticed how nobody speaks out anymore? Nobody steps up anymore to correct a wrong, its like it just not the thing to do.

      Nobody says, its my fault and sorry I was in the wrong or that was my responsibility.

      Do you not wonder what has become of integrity and honour.

      I am old but not that old and I clearly remember a different world 40 years ago. I remember my dad been such a disciplinarian and dishing out leather strap to backside in helpings that backside really did not enjoy.

      I remember going to shop with mum and everybody having manners and nobody trying to screw somebody else over. Shit today it just seems like the only thing that is guaranteed is that somebody will try screw you over and nobody will say anything to stop it.

      If we start with ourselves practising what we have lost maybe the now generation will be able to pass that completed cycle to their kids.

      But I doubt it because as you say its just not politically correct.

    3. @ Adrem…Weißt du was Kumpel? Was ich nicht verstehen kann ist wie diese ANC Idioten mit einem Poker Face da stehen können wenn sie einen Kommandowechsel machen. Ich meine wie die Besatzung auf dem U-Boot Deck steht und der alte U-Boot Kommandeur in seinem Boot weg gerudert wird. Was ich eigentlich meine ist dass die niemals einen ausgehöhlten Baumstamm gehabt haben, aber heutzutage wollen sie Schiffskapitäne sein. Was kann man sagen…einfach Dummschwätzer! Nieder mit der ANC!

    4. Du hast völlig recht Mike, und das ist nur ein Beispiel von vielen. Hier passt das Cliché, eben dass man gar nicht so viel fressen kann wie man kotzen möchte...
      Absolut: Nieder mit der ANC, wir können uns von solchen in jeder Hinsicht unfähigen, kriminellen Gangstern nicht länger bevormunden lassen!

    5. @ LTMA Yes I know what you are referring to regarding the decadence that has befallen our societies and you are correct.

      However, 'they' are still the laughing stock for anybody with brains, but the majority out there either does not know what's really going on in South Africa; or if they do, they don't want to be brand-marked as 'racists' or they are plain ignorant, admittedly often with a purpose.

      It depends from which window you look into the house...

    6. @ Anon 8:26 I fail to see the relevance of your comments to my frustration over the pretentious stupidity of the great unwashed ones who pose as submarine commanders to keep 'the people safe from sharks'.

      If you portray me as an armchair rambo, then we have one thing in common: we are colleagues!

    7. Anonymous12:59 am

      @LTMA 11:34am you are lucky those strappings were not on a bare bottom they would have stung more like hell.

  7. Wow, this is bad, heh. But this also means that if the civilized people in the republic decided enough is enough, we can simply walk into army and navy bases and tell the blacks to fuck off, without even firing a shot. Does anybody know what they do all day on the army and navy bases. I sometimes see soldiers and they look a bit fat to me, I don't know...

    1. Anonymous10:21 am

      You can walk into any police station in the early hours of the morning and help yourself to all the guns lying around while the fat cops snore.

      Someone commented on this blog with a link to an article highlighting how blacks are much, much closer to bonobo apes than whites. This is very plausible. Sometime or other even the dullest libtard will have to acknowledge that all races are a different level of human. There is no shame in being close to a bonobo ape; it is just a fact that has to be dealt with realistically. You can't put bonobo apes in charge of army and navy bases. A spaza shop is about the limit.

    2. @Phoenix 8:45AM. Those are not soldiers, they are fat retarded wogs in uniform with guns.

      Soldiers are proud, neat, proud, alert, proud, fit, proud, ready, proud, disciplined, proud you get the message?

      These things that wear unifoms in SA are vagrants and thugs, stupidity prevails in their presence and all they want to do is eat, rest, eat, fuck, eat, drink, eat, you get it.

      Please do not insult soldiers by calling retards soldiers.

    3. Anonymous9:07 pm

      @Anon 10:21 AM

      Bonobo apes would be far more effective at police work than these lazy kaffir slobs.

    4. Anonymous9:22 pm


      Even a bunch of 5 year olds playing soldiers would be more disciplined than those things.

  8. Anonymous10:01 am


    Things are going even more backwards at the speed of lightning.

    Siener van Rensburg het gesê dat dinge baie skielik vir ons sal gebeur, ek glo vas dat daardie tyd nóú hier is. Ek het ook vandag gehoor dat die grondonteieningswet nou goedgekeur is.

  9. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Please look at the Rhino poaching... I think the ANC are selling it to China...

    1. Anonymous1:54 am

      its already been sold you just dont know it yet

  10. Anonymous5:45 pm

    South Africa has a lot more problems than fish poachers. China has been planning to take over South Africa for a long time. Why else did they support the bush wars against Rhodesia in the 60's? Now the Chinese have military installations in Walvis Bay. Well I'd go on but I'd be repeating myself...

    Anyone who doubts that the Chinese Communists are moving in for the kill in South Africa should google “Chinese naval base at Walvis Bay” or read this link.

    China Looks at Walvis Bay Naval Base, Namibian Reports

    China's Next Move: A Naval Base in the South Atlantic?

    As much of a problem as the baby Communists of the ANC are for the whites of South Africa, you should really consider the intentions of the international Communists of China or the Great Game imperialists of modern day Russia.

    Anyone who doubts that China has already moved in and taken over much of what used to be white ruled Africa should read this:

    PETER HITCHENS: How China has created a new slave empire in Africa

    The Communists were able to evict the European powers from Africa by using the black Africans as their proxy forces, but their intention was never the so called “Liberation” of Africa but the creation of a new Gulag Archipelago, a Gulag that may someday include South Africa itself.

    1. Anonymous5:13 am


      Very true, Siener mentioned China would be sending its naval force to SA when they are stopped by the US during the fighting, as well as Indian naval ships that the Chinese warn to keep away.

      Thank the Lord curry & the Hindu vegetarian thing is big in India or we would have them on our high seas as well.

      I listened to a very interesting thing regarding how the central banks, nova Scotia, few powerful finances funded the entire communist/social block as an experiment.

      China I think is going to see its ass, the America which is going to rise up now, with a disobedient Russia & China is going to lead to a huge future war.

      Russia mentioned that the new Missile shield being put in the former soviet states is a direct threat and they now consider it a provocation to war.

      What ended 22 years ago, is now resurfacing both in the west vs East and here in this country.

      The war never died, it just went underground.

      I just hope readers of this blog begin arming, training and uniting. These things are going to unleash on us soon here.

      I am hearing so many reports of peoples dogs being poisoned and whites being murdered that I am considering putting up a blog for whites to list their family, friends murders because the ANC / Media / Police dont report it.

      We need to start assessing country wide how many of our brothers & sisters are being murdered on a daily basis.

      We are in deep kak this side and everyone just keeps going on.

    2. Anonymous8:15 am


      Ninja, check this out, it is more or less what you want.

    3. Just to compliment what BoereNija said.

      I know we love our dogs and pets but be safe. If you should find one of your dogs sick- Dont go in to a pampering , feeling sorry for your pet state of mind.

      We had this as part of our training.

      It closes of the mind. It robs you of your alertness and this is exactly what the terrorist wants.

      Do not go outside to see what is wrong. Keep the lights of inside and the lights on outside. First monitor and inspect the indoor perimeter while alerting a family member or friend and that you will contact them back shortly.

      You should have a tried and tested contingency plan in place for something like this. If you dont you need to start asap.

      You can even make a day of it. Get 4 buddies to try and enter your home for a practice run and work from there. It will show you what works and what doesn't.

      Keep safe

  11. 12:20PM, of course they are, we all know they are but they lie so well that the retarded governments and rest of the world believe that they are the ones protecting the Rhino.

    An example for you, Zambia has a couple of rhino, Zambia has a couple of Chinks as well, ok a bit more than a couple.

    Zambia's rhino do not get poached, Zambia is not nearly as well set up as we are, be on foot in their rhino area without a wildlife officer, you will be despatched to the ethers as if you were a poacher.

    Try it go to Livingstone, take the kasangane road and at the first check point leave your vehicle and trapse through the bush in every increasing circles till you get spotted. I think that learning curve would be a bit permanent.

    Point is this ANC is not interested in saving rhino, they like Zimgabe do not see the revenue tourism generates, they do not know how many people want to foot it after rhino, big cat, Ely and buff. They only see and feel the greed of their insatiable hunger.

    If we really want to stop rhino poaching its going to need more than bumper stickers saying I support the rhino fund. Rather put bumper stickers of resistANCe,a bold old SA flag and the old coat of arms on your vehicle.

    That sends a clearer meaner message, it tells wog that you've had enough of their shit and you're doing something to stop them.

    We support rhino stickers just tell them you're an arm chair warrior prepared to donate money, that to them means you're a soft target. Then what else happens is most rhino stickers have stick family depicting how many, dogs, cats, horses, kids, grannies, maids, garden boys there are at home and what they all are into, so soft target now becomes a known target, bad move.

    You put mine and mike stickers on your car and when it gets noisy I promise you I will fight for your rhino as well.

    1. Anonymous10:07 am

      @LMTA I do not see how Zambia can be an example it is a real fucked up place my Uncle was shot dead on his farm outside Choma almost two years ago.Yes while he was watching TV at night.They killed him with a shot gun by putting it against the window pain of the lounge window and firing a shot in his direction killing him instantly. Due to the trauma my Aunt suffered she has passed away in 2015.So forget about Rhino poaching they kill white people there instead.There is no justice in that fucking hell hole they call Zambia. They arrested 3 of them but the watch boy who worked for my Uncle was part of the murder plot to this day he still eludes the authorities in Zambia.

    2. @anon10:07AM, I am only using Zambia's rhino protection program as an example to show that more could be done here to protect the rhino. Our rhino have been poached out by the fuck nuts that rule this country because they do fuck all to stop it.

      Zambia's wogs are no different to any other wog, understand that clearly. To me any black skin is a useless pieces of shit, so do not think that I would praise them for anything more than moving targets.

  12. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Well, the submarines are probably not ready yet. BEE companies are probably still busy welding wheels on the bottom of the subs at Rbillion per submarine.

    1. I like this type of comment, it helps keeping my sanity in trying times!

      Shows you how far we have come...

  13. Anonymous2:39 am

    There goes the rand to R1,000,000 to the $.

    Gordhan could soon be arrested

    Cape Town – Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan could soon be arrested after the Hawks reportedly handed a docket over to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for his involvement in the SA Revenue Service’s “rogue unit”.

    The Sunday Times reported that the top police investigating unit wanted Gordhan and eight others to be prosecuted for espionage for the unit allegedly spying on taxpayers during his time as Sars commissioner.

    Sources at both the Hawks and NPA claim authorities are waiting for “political go-ahead” before going through with the arrest. However, the NPA officially denied the claims.

    In April, Gordhan said Sars had a legal mandate to perform enforcement and criminal investigations, Fin24 reported.

    The finance minister said according to information provided to him by Sars there are 1 599 enforcement auditors who conduct enforcement investigations, and 381 criminal investigators.

    Gordhan told the Hawks in March that the unit was an essential part of Sars’ enforcement strategy “as it is with most tax and customs administrations globally”.

    The Hawks and Gordhan have been engaged in a very public war of words that saw his office, just days before his budget speech, receive a list of questions from the investigative body over the Sars unit.

    Gordhan is also said to be at odds with current Sars commissioner Tom Moyane.

    In March, News24 columnist Max du Preez revealed that a “dossier” at Sars headquarters contained “dynamite allegations of corruption, fraud, front companies and foreign bank accounts against prominent benefactors of President Jacob Zuma”.

    The allegations are the findings of the rogue unit under Gordhan.


    1. Anonymous4:04 am

      To top it off, Zoomer is adamant that van rooyen is qualified for the job of finance minister, because he is a "loyal trained ANC comrade", and because van rooyen is black people don't want him there. Seriaaasly! !!!! Never mind that van rooyen Fucked up the financial management of a small minicipality, never mind that the Guptas ordered mamba one to get rid of Nene (who is black and capable), never mind that our economy was om the brink of financial collapse. No Sir, van rooyen is a loyal anc cadre, the only qualification needed in the eyes of the former goat herder.
      I suggest that people that has little savings left in the banks go invest in gold. Our rand, and thus you savings and retirement, is going to go up in smoke soon the way this fucking goat herder and his ignorant cronies are destroying the credibility of our economy.

    2. Anonymous8:50 am

      Remember this story from two months ago?

      The Sars dossier that could spell trouble for Zuma and friends

      Max du Preez

      One of the keys, perhaps the main key, to the Sars hostility towards finance minister Pravin Gordhan is a dossier in the safe at Sars headquarters containing dynamite allegations of corruption, fraud, front companies and foreign bank accounts against prominent benefactors of President Jacob Zuma.

      Several billions of rands are at stake and Zuma would be extremely embarrassed if the alleged dossier were to be acted upon. It could well open him up to prosecution himself and/or to a massive income tax bill – at least for evading donations tax.

      The investigations were conducted by the crack Sars investigative unit established during Gordhan’s reign at Sars. Sars actually sent a letter to Zuma’s lawyer asking the president’s response to the allegations. The dossiers were eventually handed to the new Sars commissioner now in a public spat with Gordhan, Tom Moyane.

      The Sars investigators, I’m told, came across several foreign bank accounts that raised serious questions.

      I was told that the minister of State Security and Zuma loyalist, David Mahlobo, had personally involved himself with the safeguarding of the dossier.

      I was also told that at least one member of the ANC Top Six was briefed on the contents of the dossier.

      Among the Zuma friends investigated by the Sars controversial investigations unit were super-wealthy businessmen Thoshan Panday of KwaZulu-Natal and Jen Chih "Robert" Huang, a Taiwanese citizen operating in South Africa.

      Huang is a close business associate of Khulubuse Zuma, the president’s nephew, and is a key middleman between South African and Chinese business interests. His company, Mpisi Trading, also stands accused of paying Swaziland politicians many millions. Netwerk24.com reported on 19 February last year that president Zuma involved himself personally in the settling of a R540m Sars claim against Huang. Huang has apparently on occasion flown from Durban to Nkandla with Zuma in an Air Force helicopter.

      Huang supplied the ANC with R118m worth of T-shirts before the 2014 election, but the delivery was stopped by Sars because duties and taxes were not paid. The Mail & Guardian reported in December 2014 that this move “was one of the factors that fed into the leadership purge of SARS”.

      A PriceWaterhouseCoopers forensics investigation alleged that Panday had paid vast amounts of money to senior police officers and manipulated tenders the police then awarded to his companies. Charges of corruption and bribery against him and Colonel Navin Madhoe were controversially dropped in 2013.

      It is widely accepted as uncontested fact that Zuma had ordered the clearing out of the SARS top structure and appointed Moyane, an old friend and MK comrade and former head of prisons, to take over the leadership.

      It is virtually a carbon copy of what he had done at the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority. In both cases he wielded his machete after these two bodies started investigations against him or his close friends.

      Gordhan, the one man who could prevent a downgrade of the South African economy to junk status, is now demanding that Zuma fire Moyane – it is a presidential appointment – or he would resign.

      There can be little doubt that the economy would verge on total collapse if Gordhan were to resign or was fired.

      News 24

  14. Standby for Zuma's take over, watch for deployment of military and police and prepare yourselves for crap.

    He is moving towards it now, the economic instability and political uncertainty has created his opportunity.

    1. Anonymous11:41 am

      Dafuq you talking about? What are your sources?

  15. Oh Mike the man is clearly smarter than you, he's making an analogy, he's not saying subs protect people from sharks, he's saying foreign vessels coming into waters with Subs is like swimming into shark infested water.

    1. Anonymous7:05 am

      ????? Can someone please explain to me what the fuk this dude is trying to say?

    2. Just by the name,its clear that you're a flat nose, with flat nose logic.

    3. @anon7:05AM, dude he is of the dark side, not even he knows what he is trying to say.

      Eish! Lezi mlungu le! They not understand eee muntu logik, eeh he.

    4. Anonymous10:19 am

      Really? Really? Did you forget to drink your Domestos this morning Mohau you utter retard.

      The mind boggles at the totality of stupid these blacks say.

    5. Anonymous11:25 am

      @Molotov Cocktail

      No, he clearly isn't smarter than Mike. The "Naval officer's" talk was just incomprehensible drivel.

    6. Anonymous8:43 pm

      That naval officer is speaking incoherently and just mumbling a bunch of bollocks, how does he even give orders to subordinates in clear and coherent language that someone can understand let alone the public understand that he is speaking figuratively or literally?

  16. Anonymous5:05 am



    We know these things, these parasites are in bed with the Chinese. 14 years ago I was in Mozambique watching & I kid you not, you could not site on the beach at night for more than 20 minutes watching either Russian or Chinese trawlers go by.

    We were told they have these huge suction ducts under these trawlers that such up anything, from dolphins, turtles anything but anything.

    That same fishing spot was fished by friends of ours before the civil war broke out, they said you could throw a line in and have a bit within 20 mins at the most.

    Now the ENTIRE 2 weeks there (Im not bullshitting here either) we never caught a single thing off the coast. No fish, we went out about 10-15 kms off that beach, not a single bite!

    Day after day we went out for about 11 days, we never caught anything. Perhaps our fishing was shit but the locals told us that before those trawlers arrived from China and Russia that the locals could find food in the ocean within hours, enough for a family to live on for a week.

    Now they have to go out for an entire day to feed their family for a few days. They raped the coast with these trawlers.

    I dont know Mike/Readers what is going to be more tragic, knowing what the ANC are doing or finding out what they were doing when they are gone.

    This country is so stuffed, it would take us a few decades just to normalize again.

    What about the Rhino poaching? At one stage we had the largest Rhino population in the world, then they opened the fence at the Kruger park today they too are dwindling.

  17. @anon5:05AM, the Chinks and Ruskies fished out the African great lakes, no fish, no more 7kg bream, no 200kg perch,now its a trophy to haul an 80 kg perch.

    These retards do not understand sustainability, the dumb shits are only interested in the next meal.

    Africa would have starved out long ago if these fucking wog loving liberal white cunts did not intervene and feed and treat them.

    Earth is fucked and busy dying, we have over bred it, gang raped it and totally stripped it, I say we because i stood by and watched.

    Best we let all the retards starve out and disappear maybe we can then do something to re establish fish, game and white populations on this continent.

    1. Anonymous1:00 pm



      Thank goodness they dont think further than tomorrow - goodness, imagine if they used their brains constructively - would be in worse shape.

      When an African uses his brain, you get Africa in its present state.

      Dont worry, we will deal with the liberals in time and cut off aid to these parasites. What I dont get is they say "colonialist/imperialistic" this or that but when it comes to hand outs always take the food from the "master" who mistreated them or beat them?

      Things dont have a bone of decency or pride in them.

      When the world goes to shits with the US vs Russia, would like to see how this lot survive.

      The white man is the reason they have a population explosion. Providing aid, food, removing mother natures natural cures aka Malaria, yellow fever, ebola - these are mother natures antidotes to sorting out this thing, only wish something that cant be treated comes around.

  18. Anonymous11:06 am

    That Navy kaffir's explanation was complete and utter bollocks.

  19. Anonymous11:46 pm

    I see the one suspect that was caught in the killing of a farmer by 15 men armed with AK 47's have been found murdered in his jail cell.

    Like I said before this was a terrorist attack by trained gorilla militia. This was no farm robbery gone wrong. Nothing stolen.

    My problem is I see people responding on FB like...

    "good, one more dead" "bring back the death penalty" "He got what he deserved" Kill the bastards"

    It makes me furious that our people are so naive. Cant they see the attack on our nation? Are they so blinded by apartheid guilt? I still try my best though to wake as many up every day but we need more like minded people to turn our lost brothers to our cause.

    We have millions of brainwashed brothers and sisters who will be caught napping along with their children and babies when the time come. I want a clear conscience. You guys know how they pick up white babies by the feet and slam their heads against walls in front of their parents.

    Dont get me wrong. Liberals need to be wiped off the face of this earth but i want to be able to tell my children one day and their children that I did try my best to wake people up so that they could at least attempt to save themselves.

    I know this probably sounds like keyboard worrier one o one but it is better than doing nothing at all and we are living in the info age so why not use this tool.

    I have joined groups. We are preparing. We are uniting and growing but the time is nigh and many will suffer. Join in lets wake as many brothers as possible.


    1. Anonymous11:37 am

      It isnt the liberals. It is the globalists that do this.

  20. Anonymous2:15 pm

    I'd rather take my chances with the sharks than travel in any submarine that he's in command of. The damn thing would run aground.

    1. He is not a sub commander. He is not even a combat officer.

    2. @Andrew... I think he was refering to Lt.Com Thomas Mahlangu of the Queen Modjadji.

    3. Why, he is a rather competent commander.

    4. Compared to whom? He will never be a Gary Kretschmer.

    5. Anonymous4:58 am


      There's competent and then there's outstanding.

  21. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Something tells me that the white run government and navy would have chased those trawlers back to china or would have sunk them all with torpedoes!.

    This must be zumas vision of operation phakisa:The illegal side of it at least. Allow the Chinese who will eat anything to take the sardines,game fish and anything in between with long lines and nets and ensure they get away with ease.

    These incidents keep happening as a result of the ANC/Chines complicity in raping South Africa and sheer stupidity.

    The ANC allow the Chinese to plunder our game reserves,mineral resorces and allow the Tik trade to flourish as its exhanged with the chinese for abalone.

    This may only be the beginning,next thing we know we get invaded by other countries. This wont surprise me much as the SANDF,navy and government would be no match for the invading nation. What bothers me most about the attitude the current Cancer regime has,is that they have no pride in trying to preserve the country and its resorces for the people of this country and future generations, but will sell it off and allow the country to go downn the drain for a quick cheap bribe. Its disgusting to see and one of the main reasons why the old goverment held on to power for as long as possible.

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