20 May 2016

On Guerrilla Warfare

By Mike Smith
21st of May 2016

Following is an excerpt from a French perspective on the experience of Napoleon’s forces against Spanish “Guerrillas” during the seven years “Peninsular War” (1807-1814).

Guerrilla warfare differs to conventional warfare in that the guerrilla does not attempt to acquire and occupy large territories of land as quickly as possible, but rather to destroy the manpower of the occupying enemy over a drawn out period of time.

It is largely a twofold psychological war aimed at increasing popular support amongst the locals on the one side and destruction of the enemy’s morale and will to fight on the other. The aim is to harass and feed off the enemy like mosquitoes on a host. The host slaps around, but he cannot see what he is slapping at. There is nothing there to slap, but an irritating whirr in the ear . Eventually he realises  that the only solution is to stop fighting and leave on his own accord for staying would mean the commitment of too many resources and funds. It is simply not worth it anymore.

Robert Taber, says in “War of the Flea; The classic study of guerrilla warfare”, page 20:

“Analogically, the guerrilla fights the war of the flea, and his military enemy suffers the dog's disadvantages. Too much to defend, too small, ubiquitous, and agile an enemy to come to grips with. If the war continues long enough--this is the theory--the dog succumbs to exhaustion and anemia without ever having found anything on which to close its jaws or to rake with its claws.”

The question is, after reading the excerpt below, “Is this the kind of war we should wage...or is this kind of war being waged upon us at the moment?" - - You be the judge.

..................Start of Excerpt:

Such was the system Spain used against us.

One hundred and fifty to two hundred guerrilla bands scattered all over Spain had sworn to kill thirty or forty Frenchmen a month each: that made six to eight thousand men a month for all guerrilla bands together.

The order was never to attack soldiers travelling as a body, unless the guerrillas outnumbered them. But they fired on all stragglers, attacked small escorts, and sought to lay hands on the enemy’s funds, couriers and especially convoys.

As all the inhabitants acted as spies for their fellow citizens, the guerrillas knew when the convoys would leave and how strong their escorts would be, and the bands would make sure they were twice the size.

They knew the country very well, and they would attack furiously in the most favourable spot. Success often crowned the undertaking; but they always killed a lot of men, and the goal was achieved.

As there are twelve months in the year, we were losing about eighty thousand men a year, without any pitched battles. The war in Spain lasted seven years, so over five hundred thousand men were killed…but that includes only those killed by the guerrillas. Add the battles of Salamanca, Talavera and Vitoria and several others that our troops lost; the sieges,…the fruitless attack on Cadiz; add too the invasion and evacuationof Portugal, the fevers and various illnesses that the temperature caused our soldiers to suffer, and you will see that we could add a further three hundred thousand men to that number during those seven years…

…From what has been said, it will be apparent that the prime aim of this sort of war is to bring about the destruction of the enemy almost without him noticing it, and as a drop of water dripping on a stone will eventually dig a hole in the stone, patience and perseverance are needed, always following the same system.

In the long run, the enemy will suffer more from this than he would from losing pitched battles.

“On partisans and irregular forces” - J.F.A. Le Miére de Corvey, (1823)

Boer guerrillas. Deeply religious, the Boers used to go to war in
their best Sunday church clothes.
Look at those faces. No hint of retreat nor surrender.


  1. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Those are REAL men not these pansy ass bastards we have today. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous10:06 am

      Like in 80% hansoppers 15% joiners?

    2. Anonymous1:35 am


      @ Anon 10:06 AM

      Start having a bit of faith.

  2. Anonymous12:32 am

    I love that photo. There is always one village idiot in every culture. The dude in the background is on his own mission, kinda like a Jeremy Clarkson waving his gun around like a kid


  3. Anonymous12:53 am

    If we are the victims of a criminal guerrilla warfare campaign, then why do our women (and some men) hire them as spies in our kitchens and gardens?

  4. Anonymous1:18 am

    Powefull message this.
    We used to be masters at this art.

    1. Anonymous5:31 am

      Such masters that you lost the ABW
      Your party ( NP ) gave the country away !

      IF the French under Napoleon found it so hard and were forced to relinquish the peninsula ( actually with the involvement of the English )

      The difficulties facing the French commanders, Joseph and Jourdan, mounted as their armies became increasingly pinned down by allied regular and guerrilla forces. In May 1813 Wellington returned to the offensive, striking northwards towards Burgos without allowing the French armies the chance to concentrate. From Burgos, Wellington outflanked Joseph by wheeling through the mountains to the north. Joseph finally took up a defensive position in the valley of the Zadorra river, only to see his forces routed on 21st June in the Battle of Vitoria.


      WHY then do people still blame Kitchener for the scorched earth policy ?
      One fights a war to WIN
      WHAT else could the British have done in order to compel a victory in the guerrilla stage of the war ?
      ( Seeing as Napoleon gave up )
      Perhaps Mr Ostrich Smith will give us examples of when -- the "flea" gets crushed / exterminated

    2. FredBarbarossa2:12 pm

      "WHY then do people still blame Kitchener for the scorched earth policy? One fights a war to WIN"

      If that's the case, why the fuss over Hitler's camps in Poland?

    3. Anonymous1:40 am


      @ Anon 5:31 AM

      And, why then the fuss over Apartheid? (Natural segregation which allows optimum growth for any nation/tribe in their best interest)

  5. Anonymous1:54 am


    This is what they are doing to whites throughout this country. Taking out a handful of us each day throughout the country and when the violence around the country escalates, it will increase to perhaps hundreds per day.

    Because no records are being kept and the media controlled, we will only hear stories until much later on when we add up the numbers to see they have wiped out tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of whites in the end.

    This is why it is so important for our men to arm, unite, train to protect their families in the coming darkness.

    If we are not armed, trained, we will not survive.

    This is why long ago they established laws about not killing/shooting criminals, it was a warfare they were preparing for long into the future, so we would all be desensitized to crime & think its simply crime.

    Arming, training, uniting, keeping in contact and making sure our areas are protected is the only way we are going to survive this thing.

    It will seem random, just like the burning of these unis & schools but it is all orchestrated, confuse the people, cause so many problems that people cannot focus and then drop their guard.

    When their guards are dropped, they will be attacked en mass but at different locations not too alert the whites, until the final onslaught which will seek to do max damage in the shortest possible time probably trying to take out hundreds of thousands of whites. It can happen, its happened in other countries & this lot have learned from the mistakes made there & can improve their attack with modern day communication.

    If they do this too fast, they will alert us but if they pick off a 100+ whites per province or more per day, mainly whites, where the police dont do their jobs, its not reported in the news, burning of schools, fights in parliament, the people simply cannot focus on all these problems.

    Perhaps this is what will cause the whites in parliament to discuss the various problems in the country like Van Rensburg spoke about, when he said " nothing will be right in the country" when they discuss the many problems.

    I mean even now, I hear many whites shrug their shoulder "Ja what" they say....

    Ja what, another strike, another school burnt, another cop implicated in robbery, another ANC member involved in a huge corruption, another parliament fight, another farm murder, another hijacking, another mall robbery, another trawler in our ocean, another Rhino poaching, another varsity issue, another racial issue, another farm issue, another anti white comment, another monument destroyed, another road renamed, another BEE law, another school fraud, another municipal collapse, another state owned company failed, another power failure, another Rand issue, another pension issue, another another, another, another, another.

    The human mind can only focus on so much.

    Confusion, deceit is their game.

    All I would love to see in my lifetime is for this nation to come together & unite - perhaps wishful thinking but thats all I pray for.

    1. Anonymous6:10 am

      Boer, the polarisation of the SA population is increasing at an exponential rate. Not a month ago I was still a liberal, but due some nasty racist experiences with me as the victim changed my view very quickly, basically I was brutally reminded that I am seen as an invader, a colonist, and not welcome in the new SA. A lot of my family, and my friends experienced the same eye opener. We realized that to survive we need to stand together. , as there is a clear and present assault on our right to belong on this country.

    2. Anonymous8:37 am

      so in other words you are liberal who got mugged? lol!

    3. Anonymous10:06 am


      @ Anon 6:10 AM

      Ek is baie bly om te hoor dat jou oë oopgegaan het, ek is jammer om te hoor van die insidente wat met jou en jou familie gebeur het.

    4. Anonymous11:05 am

      Welcome to the club of the sane people.

    5. Anonymous11:20 am

      BJ set yourself free stop trying to counter act like one of Napoleon's generals and start to think, plan and initiate as a Spaniard or like those bitterenders in that photo, I am more fortified in mind and spirit now that I see myself as an enemy of the state. Your good comrade from Pavlov's house

    6. CWG, please talk to me at: aquamarinetechnc@gmail.com re am impending visit to your town in about a month's time.

  6. Anonymous2:23 am


    @ Ninja 1:54 AM

    I definately also want to be here and actively involved in our victory, which wíll happen! These days all I have on my mind is our nation, and I constantly pray to the Lord for my nation. It has really taken over my mind.

    Ninja, if I do not have a gun, please tell me, with what can I successfully arm myself?

    1. Anonymous1:48 pm


      There are a few ways. First of all, I will not tell anyone to make one, that is up to them - I dont see though why criminals who are never caught for attacking whites should be able to roam and attack us while gun laws being shoved down our throats - each man to their own but I rather be protected by something than be a sitting duck.

      I know now of several people doing this because you cannot rely on getting a license and their attempt to reduce licenses fits into their communist manifesto, disarm and then destroy - like they have done in numerous communist countries.

      Depending on your access to materials, the process doesnt take more than 3-5 hours, I dont see why citizens should be shunned from arming themselves when the police who are there to serve & protect are either arming the terrorists or robbing us themselves.



      I have heard + seen that this thing can take out in close distance 3 attackers in close range with buck shot - again check your state laws ;)

      The other options is a paint ball gun with high pressure gas, I have seen one shoot straight through ply wood (not too thick though), this would kill someone pretty much instantly if they were hit in the head.

      A high pressured paintball gun firing not paintballs but a Teflon ball.


      I prefer for close up - the shotgun - but the legalities are an issue, you cant call the police but will have to dispose of the parasites in some other manner.

      The painball gun when using high pressure is deadly, you can kill someone and you can fire many rounds, probably as many rounds as some machine guns.





      A high pressure paint-ball gun is a good option for indoors but make sure its high pressure & make sure the balls are either filled with pepper spray or laced with some poison/deadly shit like Ebola :), so upon hitting the attacker it does some lethal damage.

      I have a family member with a paintball gun that can kill someone with one hit to the head at about a 10-15 foot distance, I like them because of the amount of balls you can put in the gun.

      Hope that helps.

      Again check your local laws & handle your weapons in a safe, secure method. Uniting first as a nation should be the goal of us - unite & uplift one another.

    2. Start with electrifying your burgeler bars, doorhandles, gates and fences.You can do this yourself with your own electricity supply but be safety contious.

      Secure your home first. Home made traps and alarms. You can eve put little bells up in certain places like on windows doors, fences and gates. They will alarm you and give you time.

      Also a good idea is to put lights in all the dark areas and corners. Leave one hiding spot for them but make sure you trap it.

      Then arm yourself. The people here hunt koedoe with arrow and bow... deadly. Get yourself a couple of pepper spray canisters put them in strategic places throughout your home. Do the same with knifes, lighters, underarm spray, Place under bed, tape under all sitting chairs anywhere a basterd might want to tie you up.

      Read up on attacks. The time of day, method, average number of attackers and start with this in mind when preparing but also allowing for deviation rom the standard.

      Use your imagination but try and get yourself a gun.

    3. Anonymous10:56 am


      @ Ninja & Donycero, thank you very much for both posts!

    4. Anonymous11:46 am


      @Donycero1:35 AM

      I agree, solar lights for motion detection. Just purchased 3 of them & they are bright, get the 6 LED light ones. Little bit on the pricey side but worth it, never know with Eishkom

      Also put these panic alarms on doors, if you open the door they go off. The other thing I got was a remote controlled battery alarm, I put them in each room, when no one is in those rooms at night, I turn them on. They are about 110 Db, loud enough.

      Put one of these on your front doors or around main areas, provided there are no dogs around these but they seem to help.

      Also got a 8 camera CCTV camera set, day/night vision. You can pick all this stuff up now at a reasonable rate - 1-2 pieces per month.

      Keep an alarm, like these battery operated ones in your car as well. Keep a button alarm on your keys.

      These things cant handle noise, the lights on the outside powered by solar, the alarms in strategic places all help.

      Very good to keep knives in different places of the house as mentioned.

      And try if you can put your security gates on the inside of your house, not the outside of your house.

      This saved my mothers place from being hit, they tried to break down the kitchen door but if you hit the kitchen door, it is then protected by the layer of security on the inside.

      If they can see the gate protecting the door from the outside, they can make a plan but if they hit the door not knowing their is a security gate on the inside it stalls them + makes too much noise.

      This happened to my fathers place about 6 months back, they took a pick axe and ripped the security gate off, had they hit or got through the front door only to find it did not move due to the security gate on the inside, he would have not had all his shit stolen.

      Intrusion prevention & detection.

      What they cant see can save you & your possessions.

      Stay safe people.

      Good luck

    5. Anonymous1:38 am

      Good Info

  7. Anonymous5:19 am

    You asking the madman "Ninja" for advice ....
    The idiot whose "prophecies" never seem to come about !
    The madmen leading the dom onnosel

    A gallon of petrol and a box of matches
    Might be of use to you ?

    1. Anonymous10:58 am

      You seem like a sad bitter old soul. OG is that you?

    2. Anonymous11:51 am


      Funny, and it's the truth!

    3. Dude one thing that Ninja predicted on his site last year did happen. I was also waiting to see if it would. And then the ANC started complaining about the US and regime change. I cant remember the other predictions that well but dont be a dick.

  8. Anonymous5:58 am

    The Boers, and later an inclusive white minority, defeated two of the mightiest empires this planet has ever seen. First the British, who had to invent the concept of concentration camps to stop the Boers, and the USSR, who was basically bankrupt after sponsoring communist indoctrinated forces to wipe out the SA white minority. The Boers perfected the art of guerilla warfare, and later defeated communist forces who used guerilla warfare. Point is, don't fuck with the white minority, we know how to crush an enemy.

    1. Anonymous8:34 am

      But you lost to both... Who is in charge now?

    2. Anonymous5:36 am

      kaffirs and it is showing

  9. Anonymous6:25 am

    Arm yourself with the Sword. Our battle is not against flesh and blood Ephesians 6:10-17

    Yes, we all want to fight this enemy in the flesh but this is not the will of YHWH. Our Kingdom is not of this world. Our father is the one who appoints rulers and we must remain set-apart in this wicked place and not compromise.

    We may not like the rulers neither understand why but YHWH wants our hearts even if it means bringing discomfort and suffering our way to draw us closer.

    Just like Daniel in Babylon and the Israelites under pharoah, they didn't try and overthrow the rulership and remained true to YHWH. He will protect us and will eventually deliver us from this mess.

    Nothing happens that YHWH does not allow or control. He is over all things. All that one should be concerned with is maintaining a righteous relationship with our King.

    And yes there will be some who reject this wisdom but so be it.

    The hour is late. Let's focus on what is eternal.


    Faith walker

    1. Anonymous10:57 am

      It is awfully hard to stand by and watch as these demons break all the work we did under our Father. It is very demoralizing to see piece by piece of our "flesh" being ripped away by these evil beings. I'm losing this battle to stay focused on Him and stay balanced... Where will our salvation come from?

    2. Anonymous11:53 am

      @faith walker

      Do you and ninja take turns to sermonize?

      Just asking.

    3. Anonymous1:51 pm


      Faith walker, you are correct. This battle can and must first be won in spirit. This is why uniting first as a nation, bending the knee before the Lord is the first and only step we need to make.

      The Lord is our shield, if we unite & come together as a nation first under the Lord, then victory will be ours but it will have to be a genuine bow before the almighty.

      I agree, first pray, unite, arm, train, be sensible & do not provoke a war - the war is coming whether you provoke it or not - we can see the signs now all around us.

    4. Anonymous3:11 pm


      What is your point?

      All I hear from you and these other "staunch" South Africans is division.

      If you dont have anything to contribute, rather keep quiet.

      And yes, we take turns - if you dont like it, dont read it!

      But the day is fast approaching! You will wish you had said a prayer for what is coming.

      If you have nothing constructive to say find another forum or site. If you like to cause division, find another site.

      People beware of these fellow countrymen of yours who seek nothing more to cause division, seek to cause issues among you, they are even worse, even worse than the enemy we face.

      Better sit with your enemy, than sit with one who causes strife and division.

    5. Anonymous7:44 pm

      FW, it seems like we are living in in end times as depressing as it sounds, the signs are definately there, I think staying positive and motivated is the key to this whole sad state of affairs. yes you can arm youself to the teeth with weapons but if your mindset is not right, no point going to war.Anon 1153 am any suggestions from your side to keep people positive and motivated, just asking?

    6. Anonymous12:08 am

      Anon 11.53
      Sermonize?? nah, that sounds like mainstream religious, 'churchianity' stuff to me. I'm no 'pastor' and have no hidden agenda either.

      I am like a man sitting in a deck chair on a beach having become aware of a great white in the water. My conscience prompts me to warn those coming down to bathe of the looming threat.

      Of course there will be those who ignore the warning and go and swim anyway.

      Faith Walker

    7. David did not sit in the bush with his sheep and said God will deliver us lets stay in the bush. He went up to Goliath and cut his head off.

    8. Anonymous7:31 am

      Donycero, Y'Shua revealed many unknown Truths through His teachings. He is the 'Greater Light'. Please don't quote passages to suit your own agenda out of context. One needs to understand the Scripture through the lessons of Y'Shua - the living Word.

      He taught us to love our enemy. Did He call on any army to save His life and defeat His enemy - NO. In fact He reprimanded Peter and called him 'satan' for suggesting a carnal way. satan is the adversary i.e. the one who functions in opposition to the way of YHWH.

      We must overcome this 'carnal' nature and 'desire' to behave like the heathen.

      I also battle with this but as tough as this is we must strive to become an 'overcomer'. Read Revelation - the promised 'inheritance' is only for the 'overcomers'.

      If you are happy with your 'free gift' of being saved (John 3:16) from the Wrath, which is greatly misunderstood in churchianity, then carry on with your carnal thoughts and lack of understanding. There is much more to our walk than being 'saved' - which is actually just the new beginning.

      Narrow is the way and few there are who find it - Matthew 7:14.

      I am not criticising you, only trying to be helpful. And I know that I would not be allowed by Mike to burst into a full blown teaching on here either.

      Faith Walker

    9. Anonymous11:39 am

      FW I'm the guy who pegs a big sign into the sand "swimming for whites only" and then watch as thousands of Kaffirs horde themselves into the sea as an act of defiance. Men start to think differently and we will win.

    10. @faith

      Quoting passages is all we do including you and everyone else, i do not entertain that argument at all because i could dismiss any teaching of anybody with "dont use parts or quote parts that suit you."

      You can try your best to give me a teaching on here about your perspective on the scriptures but i would not take it to heart because you are a blogger. No disrespect intended nut that is the reality of the situation.

      I am also mot critisizing you but i have to intravene when people try and teach or influence others to just sit and take it on the chin and die in the most horific ways because i dont share that believe.

      God help those who help themselfs. Now you are free to sit and wait and take on the chin but i wont be joining you in that regard.

      Friendly regards.

    11. Anonymous4:31 am

      Point taken Donycero. I guess that's the beauty of individualism hey - each entitled to our own view.

      I just pray though that when the Two Witnesses (two groups) come on the scene, which I believe to be just around the corner, proclaiming the 'Truth' for all to hear, that I am open to 'hear' their message and will not be one of those calling for their demise because they seem to be talking rubbish. (wow that was a long clumsy sentence)

      Their message of 'Truth' will sound strange to most believers and will be rejected.

      Anyway we both share a common faith.

      Faith Walker

  10. Anonymous6:47 am


    Get a licence for an appropriate gun for yourself. Be trained in the use of your firearm. Not just a one off training session; you need to keep up your skills. Do not believe that it isn't ladylike to arm yourself. More women are raped in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. You have a right to defend yourself against attack.

    1. Anonymous8:33 am

      You are third behind lesotho and Sweden.

      But yes, take up sport shooting as well to get plugged into access to training with former Spec ops guys from the USA. They come to SA from time to time.

    2. We are third if you can trust the ANC statistics on crime, but dont let it fool you.

    3. Anonymous11:42 am

      @cwg what type of training self defence or pre emptive.

    4. Anonymous9:38 am


      @ Anon 11:42 AM, I am sorry, I would not know, I am a girl...

    5. Anonymous11:57 am

      Then try get a .22 LR pistol, I am being serious easy and cheap to train with and certain models can be modified. You will be putting eyes,nose and smile on a paper plate in no time, and the big plus it has a low flash signitures in the dark and can be shot in confined spaces without bursting your ear drums this is very important in a home invasion situation, so do your own research and see if what I have said is practical then you can deside for yourself.

    6. Anonymous9:21 pm


      @ Anon 11:57 AM

      Thank you, will definately take into consideration.

    7. Anonymous1:56 am

      You are all talking about a CRIME situation where there is still some form of law and order.

      What happens in a Zimbabwe land re-posession scenario when there are 100 zombies and the police / army stand and watch as they destroy you and your property
      Should you lift a hand to protect yourself and your property you become an -- enemy of the state and now suddenly the cops and army step in -- to take YOU out.
      All of your advice is for normal crime
      You are not addressing the far more likely scenario -- 100 zombies ( or perhaps a few thousand )
      Get out of the cities or get somewhere where you can form a protective / defensive enclave.
      SOMEONE has to draw a line in the sand
      So far it has not been -- Agri-SA / Afriforum / TAU or PRAAG.
      No line in the sand -- just keep on getting boiled slowly.

  11. Anonymous7:27 am


    You can get here to this site
    WHY can you not get to the many others
    That actually post helpful information
    Like this one


    Unlike Mr Ostrich Smith ( and the mad Rasputin "prophet" ) that just post -- work up your emotions cr@p !

    1. Anonymous10:25 am


      @ Anon 5:31 AM; 5:19 AM and 7:27 AM: oh you are an irritating little prick. Nor I, neither my fellow bloggers are at all fased by your insignificant brabble. You do not belong here. You clearly have pearls in your eyes. Before you go however, go read Anon 5:58's comment again.

      @ Faith Walker, I do fully agree with you and I am fully grasping your message, but I still think we must arm ourselves.

      @ Anon 6:47 AM: Thank you, agreed. Yes, ladylike will not count in anyones favour in the future.

      @ Ninja, hopefully we meet in future.

    2. Anonymous12:18 pm

      Oh, it's the Wikipedia trawler again. Got any more trash from Wiki for us today?

    3. Anonymous11:34 am


      Having faith in the Lord, Joshua though still had to arm and literally, physically do the Lords work. You cant win it without the other, the 2 go hand in hand and having the Lord, always results in victory if the nation is obedient.

      Arming is a must, it must be done & acted with responsibility, forming groups or joining groups is also a must.

      There is strength in numbers but beware of groups who want to go half cocked and think they can mess around and start something.

      We must not, NOT initiate anything. Arm, unite, train, prepare, work as one nation, with one common goal.

      A war is coming to SA, the signs are all around us. It might not be black vs white, but likely blacks vs blacks but in that vacuum we will be in danger - all pillars of society will have eroded and we will then face serious danger during these events.

      I hope I am wrong, I pray that I am wrong but knowing Africa, living here, knowing this lot - I will take my chances preparing, arming, uniting, working for the safety of my family and fellow country men.

      Starting a war is something fools rush into, patience and it will come to you and through preparation and sound judgement, a nation will be once again united.

      I hope one day I can shake all your hands! You guys are great people, part of a great nation with a bright future.

    4. Anonymous12:12 pm

      I suppose you never even read the link ?
      All you do is reinforce my opinion of your ignorance and lack of any real knowledge !

      Cuss away -- it means nothing to me.

    5. Anonymous12:42 pm

      Precious seeing as you are the -- "Trash"
      NO -- no wiki today

      Try these ( you can READ ? )

      The South African Intelligence Services: From Apartheid to Democracy, 1948-2005 (Studies in Intelligence Series) 1st Edition
      by Kevin A. O'Brien (Author)

      Guerrilla Warfare: A Historical and Critical Study
      by Walter Laqueur (Author, Introduction)

      You can ask Ostrich Mike about his quoted source

      “On partisans and irregular forces” - J.F.A. Le Miére de Corvey, (1823)

      Where he got his copy from ( I assume he has one ? )

  12. Anonymous8:08 am

    MASS IMMIGRATION IS ORGANIZED to exterminate the white race


    1. Anonymous12:10 am

      has anyone else watched this/ This is spot on.

    2. Anonymous12:23 am

      This is the 'synagogue of Satan' mentioned in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9

  13. Anonymous11:03 am

    We will not even be allowed to talk about our killing.


  14. Anonymous12:58 pm


    @ Anon 11:03 AM, not to worry, we will kill you before we publish it. Jou bang gat!

    1. Anonymous1:51 am

      I'm on your side here, just merely pointed out that the beast system is going to try and silence us. Silence everything that is anti-propaganda propaganda.

    2. Anonymous9:04 am

      @ Anon 1:51

      Sorry, misunderstood you.. Friends?

    3. Anonymous1:35 pm


  15. Anonymous2:01 am

    Guerilla warfare is happening in this country in multiple forms-there is a lot of hit and run tactics being used in crime in general and the genocide targeting whites.

    What can we do to re- gain the fighting spirit of the Boer guerillas in the photo?What would they have done in todays situation?.

    Seems that the blacks are utilising guerilla tactics by picking the whites off or compelling them to go into exile and not vice versa for the most part.

    Its about time for some resistance, or eventually their guerilla tactics will prevail. Perhaps a new form of white Gurilla warfare will help counter this?.However what will it take for that to happen, if we carry on like we have, as evil prevails when good men do next to nothing and fail to take action.

  16. Detroit Refugee9:33 am

    Guerilla warfare sounds like what one faces upon crossing Outer Dr.
    The gas stations in the D are the modern water holes. Predators stalk unknowing prey
    running out from bushes or from behind a dumpster. Robbery, car jacking, murder, awaits those naive enough to fuel up after dark.

    1. Anonymous2:27 pm

      It's hard to believe that Detroit used to be called the Paris of the West.

  17. Anonymous11:15 am

    The Fraud of Multiculturalism "Cultures are not Equal"