20 May 2016

Never forget this day 1983

By Mike Smith
20th of May 2016

If you wonder why I hate the ANC so much, then this is it. Cowardly Marxist terrorist scum killing innocent people.

Pretoria Church Street bombing 20th of May 2016

Mbeki. Zuma and Maharaj must be charged with murder for church street bombings says former police general

He described the bombing as "nothing but an act of terrorism".

“All of them were, in terms of our law and the principles of common law, guilty of murder." Said General Johan van der Merwe.

Van der Merwe said the decision not to prosecute the three was in stark contrast with Provision 9 of the Constitution, which provides for equality before the law.

Picture by fellow Blogger: TIA MYSOA


  1. Anonymous5:49 am

    The liberals will off course shout "but the ANC had no choice but to do this". Their esteemed armed wing, MK was to kak to fight like real men.

  2. Anonymous6:29 am

    Sorry for posting others stuff here mike but here we go
    http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.co.za/2013/06/nelson-mandela-bombs-amanzimtoti-23-dec.html?m=1. No government targets just civilians never forget

    Hurr Durr

  3. Anonymous6:47 am

    And ALL these terrorists have been rewarded by naming streets and other places after them. I am bitter about it and I think many other whites are too. I guess the hero worship for these terrorist scum is partly the reason for racial tension as well as the scum prez and other politician sing for the killing of whites.

  4. Anonymous7:24 am

    I was in Matric that year. My best friend's dad perished in that blast - father of six. Awful memories that changed our lives forever...

  5. Anonymous9:00 am



    Nice to hear whites standing up, speaking the truth not afraid of this bullshit of a farce rainbow demonic nation.

    My prayers for those who suffered during this loss & were injured.

  6. Anonymous9:17 am


    Here you can see this baboon continues to sing umshumi wami again - was this song not banned in court?


    We were fucking idiots to think a man in charge of the arm wing would ever want piece, under him the EFF formed and while people are being blinded by their fights in parliament they are redistributing land.

    If you appoint a general in charge of a nation, dont be surprised if your nation goes to war - this is what generals do when in charge, they are war minded.

    Zuma was a general or in-charge of this war & his + the Indians go waaaaaaay back - his relations with them go far back!

    While your eye is on the fight, they are stealing behind your backs.

    Baboon continues to sing songs about shooting whites - wont be long now. Murders are escalating in this country, we are in the early stages of a civil war here.

    Ghandi started this revolution, I also mentioned it a while back, I think might have mentioned it as well Mike.

    But here you can see them speaking about their struggle and their struggle see`s Zuma open up about shooting the whites.

    And we wonder why they are murdering us, poisoning our animals!

    1. Anonymous5:36 am

      Do us all a favour
      GO and start a blog of your own ...
      Where you can rant on with your bum prophecies all day long
      Not pollute the neighborhood

    2. Anonymous8:36 am

      Anon 5:36
      Please start one of your own. Show us how and then maybe you can start contributing as much as ninja.

    3. Anonymous11:07 am

      Please anon 5:36 fuck off and go dictate on another blog where we don't have to see you cry like a little bitch about every little thing. Everyone here can see your little agenda with Ninja, who's next? Fuck off cunt face.

    4. Anonymous11:12 am


      Ninja stays.

    5. Anonymous10:44 pm

      If you say so
      Seems he already has his own blog
      Reads like his mad utterings

      Police officers Jaco Sherman, Frik Steenberg and Dannie Binnemann plus others plan and carry out all farm attacks across South Africa.

      In addition, Mandela has been buried at Giants Castle, which is only a few miles from Estcourt and Mooi River.


      I am suprised you have not yet worked out the way this plays out !

    6. "At Cathedral Peak and Cathkin Peak, the Free Masons and Broederbond meet in secret caves and do midnight rituals."


  7. Anonymous12:06 pm

    The fuckers are screwing us big time while laughinh all the way to the bank, togther with their London masters!

  8. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Mike we shall never forget , EVER ! and we shall never forget the Traitors that supported this and were Hypnotized in believing the Propaganda. Now the Thunders are on the top in their Ivory towers. While the country is just being drained and discarded while we who built it must just watch.
    Those in the British Isles and Euro can now jubilate that we no longer by pass them as a Power House , but can be dictated to by them and their vrot lazy socialistic welfare states. They couldnt take it , us being a SUCCESS , even their Embargoes and Sanctions made us stronger and we Improvised.
    Now we just stand by and watch the MESS pile up higher and higher.
    They are cursed and they will REAP !

    1. Anonymous10:16 am


      @Anonymous12:25 PM

      As surly as the sun rises & sets WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

      We will have vengeance, wait - time is a funny thing.

      Russia will give them a wake up call.

      Look already.

      Britain who forced war on us, had war forced on her! What little she took from us, she had taken from her - think colonies, she lost them all, She turned our republics into a union, she has been forced into a union!

      She forced us to accept majority rule, now she is being forced to accept minority multicultural rule!

      Do not do unto others, as you would not have them do unto you! What she did here to our women + children will eventually be paid back to her but not through us.

      They are all prodding the bear, when the Russian bear roars & fights back they will be left vulnerable and in despair.

      We will never forget & we will have the final say. We are still here, albeit in a dormant state, when it starts - we will fight even more intensely than we did on our borders.

      And there will be more of us as its in our backyards, the liberal here is an endangered species, they will vanish in the coming months - probably the only one left will be that dimwit slut lesbian Gillian Schutte... She and all traitors will be dealt with in time.

      There are unfortunately many traitors, you dont know who to trust.

      If I really had to say what is on my mind, Mike would not allow me to post here. I will save that for the end & hopefully many of you`s will support it. There has to be a complete utter cleansing of this land - no mercy whatsoever.

      That will be in honor of our friends, family, farmers and the thousands upon thousands of whites who have been murdered in cold blood.

      We will never forget.

  9. Anonymous11:34 am