12 May 2016

Liberals and their terrorist God

By Mike Smith
13th of May 2016

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me." -- Exodus 20:3

"The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze,its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay. While you were watching, a rock was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold were all broken to pieces and became like chaff on a threshing floor in the summer. The wind swept them away without leaving a trace. But the rock that struck the statue became a huge mountain and filled the whole earth."--
Daniel 2:32-35



  1. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Nelson holy-gaga mandela to them. Fucking terrorist should have been hanged.

  2. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Hey Mike, who is those bunch of tits surrounding the statue? There is some in maids uniforms, but the white ones. They seriously need a klap

    1. Anonymous5:43 am

      They on the payroll.

  3. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Even for someone who is non-religious, that is quite shocking.

    Furthermore, this is someone who ordered terrorist bombings to kill fellow human beings and the burning of thousands of people alive.

    How can people worship a murderer? It doesn't matter how 'noble' the cause might have been (depending on people's opinion), innocent people were deliberately killed and mutilated. This is a fact.

    1. Anonymous10:48 am

      In the same way a Christian is ashamed to tell a lie and get caught, so a satanist/luciferian is ashamed to be caught telling the truth.

      The same applies to every other trait.

      They are ashamed of Christ and find it glamorous to worship false gods.

      Christians are ashamed of fornication. Satanists boast about it. And so on and so forth.

      Thus one can conclude that they were proud to bomb and terrorize while christians were appalled by it

  4. No man Mike, since when do you post such offensive, vulgar and disgraceful photography on your blog.

    There are white cunts bowing there as well, FUCK! We need to get this party started, there is culling to be done and idols to be broken.

  5. https://youtu.be/QkWS9PiXekE

    Notice the liberal traitor at 52sec. Then the correct way to negotiate with a Communist.. You Don't.!.

    1. What or who you referring to by "at 52 sec", Bru?

      They're all fucking traitors, actually just arseholes.

    2. TT. The chap who want's to go the diplomatic route is part of the Spartans and is a politician of Greece. He planned on betraying Leonidas and the Kingdom and hand it over to the Persians.. Sounds familiar.?

      Look at the Kings reaction when his politician suggests diplomacy, he puts his people 1st and refuses to negotiate.

      If we end up trying to negotiate for anything further in the country we're fucked.

    3. OK, with you now.

      No, you can't negotiate with godless savages. We have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt over the last 22 years.

    4. Anonymous10:51 am

      That scene. Never gets old :)

  6. Anonymous10:59 pm



    1. Noddy, mate, he has fallen. Hy's poeskas toe, as we would have said in the old days.

  7. If those white liberals had just to do 1 operational border duty and 1 active township tour they would know why they are still in this country.

    If it wasnt for people like myself and contributors to this blog and you Mike and the other rascist minority hard line, hard arsed whites left in this country, there would not be a country today.

    The fucking terrorist that those cunts in the photo bow their heads to wanted to fuck up this land.

    He was not interested in developing it he wanted it to rot and decay.

    He was a murderer of his own, he was responsible for so many of his followers deaths that he now occupies the hottest spot in hades.

    These twats that are so up retards arse need to travel through Africa and see what the black retard has achieved on this continent.

    I support retard leadership all over Africa because they kill more of their own than I ever could.

    I just do not support in my land and over my brothers and sisters.

    1. Relax Boetie. Don't get angry, get even.

      You're getting more and more the moer-in by the day. Hee hee hee! Can't blame you, but I have resigned myself that there is no cure for kaffirs and retards and now just patiently await the day that the turd hits the fan.

      Fuck, there is no point in letting these fuckers upset you. Rather just laugh at their gross stupidity.

      Cheers Boet.

    2. TT,I just cannot believe white people can be so stupid. Die donkerkant is net Dom oit gespoog Mawr n wit men's, never I cannot get my noggin around it.

    3. It's pointless, they are lost, never to be found again, Brother. They'll die.

    4. Anonymous7:45 am


      Let them chase after their falsehood, it will not last. The rainbow nation is dead and the white man here has lost everything.

      That statue will not feed the poor, nor will it bring the rains, it will not clothe the poor or put food on the table.

      let them pray all they like, God will laugh and give them the opposite of what they pray for.

    5. TT & BN, I would really like to climb into these retards and sow a bit of my own reconciliation there way.

      Reconcile then with the mud that they came from.

      Its just taking so damn long to kick off and I am getting older, slower and more decrepid by the day.

      I do not want to go to battle in a wheel chair.

  8. Anonymous11:43 pm


  9. Anonymous11:48 pm

    The World Honors Nelson Mandela, a Communist Terrorist


  10. Anonymous12:01 am

    Saint Mandela? Don't Believe the Hype - He Was a Communist Terrorist & Murderer


  11. Reenboog12:03 am

    One person's freedom fighter is the other's terrorist.

    For a non believer it is funny how relegion is viewed here. I thought your god made everything? He decides everything that happen to you?
    So how can you complain, is it not his will? And why dont he protect you?

    1. No, doos. The cliché of "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" is utter bollocks. The Geneva convention spells out the difference quite clearly. Terrorists deliberately target civilians.

    2. Another fucking Bonehead surfaces?!?!

    3. Anonymous12:59 am

      It is His will that we have free will. Through mans free will this world will come to an end because of mans evil ways. I dont think you will understand this but its worth a try anyway......

    4. @Mike, please let me have my full go that this rainbow motherfucking traitor.

    5. @ LTMA...at first I didn't want to because it is a bit heavy, but I published it.

    6. justice seeker1:54 am

      Well said mike well referenced. I had very same argument in uk assholes I spoke with said mandela is a hero I said terrorist then they wanted to fight. I then said IRA freedom fighters they said terrorists still wanted to fight.

    7. Thanks mate, these fuckers only understand one thing and that is direct and aggressive.

      They are weak little arseholes that want to talk shit to the masses and sell us out.

    8. Stephen2:56 am

      Gaybow you thought wrong , you yourself decide what happens to you , stop blaming God for everything.

      I see we struck a cord with someone that needs to hide behind a fake name , wiseass don't even have the balls to state his real name , weakling.

      You see you had to think for 20 seconds to find a fake name and all you proved is that your a common liar , because the truth comes out straight away , we don't haveto think about our names ...I'm Stephen, he is Mike
      and Tom and so on..

      Were not trying to convince you about God , you'll find out for yourself soon..ha!

      Mandela was a terrorist plain and simple .
      You can try swop the label as much as you want we all know the truth ...would satan be a demonds hero ? But to us he is still satan.same dif.

      By the way , forgiving you is up to God , but there a few here that will like to arrange the meeting.

    9. Anonymous5:53 am

      In Ireland the Tango is lauded as a Freedom fighter and freedom songs are sung , he is even honored over Christmas.

    10. Gister het jy gebitch oor vloekery en oor hoe ongodelik dit is. Vandag is jy godlasterlik. Wat wil jy wees?Lyk my jy so deermekaar soos n verkleurmantjie op daai reenboog van jou.

    11. Dony his ass has been kicked into touch. I welcome debate from anybody even from blacks, however some people are only there to troll, insult and stir shit and then call themselves far more intelligent than us. Sorry, but I am not going to spoil this blog with idiots like that.

      Believe me no blogger will willingly ban commenters because the comments are what makes the blog. However, I will give anybody a fair chance to prove him or herself, but when it comes down to the rubbish we saw from "reenboog ogies" then I will ban his comments. Sy draad is geknip. hy kan op sy eie blog en iewers anders loop kak. Ek laat dit hier nie toe nie.

  12. FUCK! I am angry now, really fucking livid. How fucking stupid can a white person be? Please tell me that these liberals are not exactly the same as a black retard.

    Reconciliation is a nice word and a nicer ideal but it stays that, there is no physical reconciliation practised anywhere in the world. If there was there would not be wars and there would not be governments.

    The only thing that sorts out differences is war and battle, the victor prescribes the order that will be followed but only after he has crushed the competition.

    A retard is not a god, never was never will be, in all earths history there has never been one black god recorded, now these weak, feeble, lame, oxygen thieving, stupid white liberals want to make this terrorist bantu a god. Annihilate these fucking traitors, obliterate there presence from our land.

    Like the EFF I will sound now, this country needs to be taken by bullet and blood as it is becoming the piece of shit that these retards are pushing for it to become.

    All you scientific dudes and engineers out there that want better, best you boys get busy for your skills are needed. There is a place for everybody because everybody that wants to can contribute to the impending battle.

    1. Anonymous5:54 am

      They have to make him their God because they have nothing else , and thats why they Cursed.

  13. This is a good demonstration of how the communists and socialist twist everything in life to fit their narrative. Good is Bad, White is Black, Dark is Light etc.

    The nice thing about it, if you catch on to their game, is that the things they accuse us of, is actually the things they are guilty of, or wish to do. They should be called out on everything they do wrong, everytime. No arguments, because they cannot argue. They only know how to shout, sling shit and burn.

  14. Anonymous2:36 am


  15. Rainbow, I want you to know something, in my opinion you are a cunt a useless mule cunt, you're not even worth lawn dog shit.

    I hope that these retards fuck you up properly one day and show you the error of your ways.

    I will take special breaks from my work just to have a go at you, so please continue with your shit, I so look forward to mind fucking you, when I an done with your mind you will be like a wore out street whore, just hoping to find shelter from the next storm.

    You useless white trailer trash arsehole.

  16. Anonymous7:44 am


    Im still going to take a kak in that things ear or mouth - watch.

    1. Anonymous10:58 am

      Just take a shit on its feet. It will still count haha.

      I want to melt it in a fire

    2. Anonymous2:42 pm

      Don't bother shitting on its feet. That spineless twat Adriaan Vlok will only come along and wash them...oooh, please forgive me. Definitely take a dump in its stink gob then melt the bastard down.

    3. Anonymous1:20 am

      Gee hom 'n halwe kans en hy eet die kak af van mandela se voete

  17. Anonymous10:38 am

    Mike who are those people bowing their heads down to the statue?

  18. Anonymous1:45 pm

    An army will march into Transkei, an unlikely army, and that army will dig up Mandela's grave, and mix his bones with carrion and manure as a feast for earthworms, so that what's left of Mandela, will finally leave this earth via the good stuff that comes from an earthworm's arsehole ...

    1. @anon1:45PM, why do you want to keep the curse of our land within its borders?

      There must remain not one speck of that terrorists remains on our land when we take it back.

      No photo, no statue no grave no fuck all, obilerate means exactly that. Build sewer plants over and on everything that, that retard owned. Build a space craft, curse the terrs remains and send them into the expanding darkness.

      I personally cursed him in life and the day that he expired, I want that dark energy to exist forever in torment and confinement.

  19. President Barack Obama has compared him to George Washington. Others have christened him “the greatest man of the 20th century.” Many revere him as “the savior” of South Africa. School children worldwide read books, write essays and sing songs about him, and watch movies extolling his virtues and heroic accomplishments.
    I remember this SOB for:
    • Church Street West, Pretoria, on the 20 May 1983
    • Amanzimtoti Shopping complex KZN, 23 December 1985
    • Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court, 17 March 1988
    • Durban Pick ‘n Pay shopping complex, 1 September 1986
    • Pretoria Sterland movie complex 16 April 1988 – limpet mine killed ANC terrorist Maponya instead
    • Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, 20 May 1987
    • Roodepoort Standard Bank 3 June, 1988

    Hope he is spinning so fast in hell that Lucifer uses him as a fan in the kitchen.

    1. Anonymous4:14 pm

      Both Mandela and Obama were put in place to serve the same master.

  20. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Liberals in need of a good slap. I hope that monstrosity falls on top of them. The silly sods would deserve it.