10 May 2016

Judge Mabel Jansen is 100% correct

Judge Mabel Jansen

By Mike Smith
10th of May 2016

In defence of the black racist idiot Ntokozo Qwabe who bragged about racially humiliating a white waitress, self-hating LWB extraordinaire Gillian Schutte, posted comments made to her by white High Court Judge Mabel Jansen a year ago to “expose society’s hypocrisy”

We will expose the REAL hypocrite shortly…but let us first look at what the judge actually said. The full text of what Judge Mabel Jansen said can be read here:

High Court judge under fire after black rape culture comments

Here are some extracts:

“In their culture, a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. It is seen as an absolute right on a women’s consent is not required”.

“I still have to meet a black girl who was not raped at about 12”.

“We are being hit by a veritable Tsunami of rape cases”.

“Mothers are so brainwashed that they tell the children that it is the father’s birthright to be the first”

“Gang rapes of baby, daughter and mother a pleasurable pastime”.

“99% of the criminal cases I hear are of black fathers/uncles/brothers raping children as young as 5 years old.”

“They do it to their own children, sisters and nieces, etc”

“Apparently sex is simply to be had when required. And five years old, by the way, is old.”

“Apparently it is not regarded as rape but the exertion of a male’s right”

In frenzied fits, some blacks claimed in the comments that they have never raped anybody and started calling for the judge to be fired.

Yes, some Afrikaners do not play Rugby, but you cannot deny that it is not part of their culture.

When Gillian Schutte doubted Judge Mabel Jansen’s integrity and said, without proof I must add, “But the majority of black fathers, husbands and uncles do not rape 5 year olds” and “Mable (she can’t even spell the judge’s name correctly) throwing figures like 99% in the context you have created is dangerous and the fuel that feeds the hardened white racial attitudes”…The judge invited her to have a look at her case files.

Of course Gillian never did and never would, because the truth may disturb the preconceived bollocks she believes and upsets her confirmation bias that all black men are innocent goody-two-shoes and all white men are evil scum.

In the entire hullabaloo nobody asked whether what the judge said was the truth; only if what she said was “racist”. (If you take their narrow-minded definition of what “racism” is).

I scrutinized the Judge’s comments and there is nothing there that is not the truth. Judge Mabel Jansen is a 100% right! Of course she is.

Instead of crying “racist”, all Gillian Schutte had to do was ask herself how SA became the rape capital of the world or ask Sipho Singiswa, her black MK terrorist husband, what uKuthwala is.

Literally it means to “carry away”. It is the hunting, abduction and rape of young girls by much older men to force the girls into marriage. It IS part of their culture and even acknowledged so by the ANC government and several cultural organizations.

Several studies have been done on the African (Bantu) way of life, their initiation rites, their marriages, etc. All you have to do is read the book The Bantu Speaking tribes of South Africa and you will see how marriage is seen not as something romantic between two people, but more like a marriage between two groups and before you cry “racism” by white contributors to that book, read Vusamazulu “Credo” Mutwa’s, “Indaba, my children”. Same there.

You will see that it is quite common for Bantu men to sleep with their wives’ sisters and the daughters of their brothers. Incest is not only rife it is endemic and part of their culture.

Xhosa men have told me themselves how their father’s have the right to sleep with their wives first and that when men go on long trips it is the duty of his brother to service the wife. Children from such unions are classed as the same as your own, because you and your brother have the same blood. Same with when your father impregnates your wife.

These men have also told me how they spend their weekends in drunken debauchery in the townships. Friday and Saturday nights they BBQ a goat slaughtered in the back yard, alcohol flows freely and music is loud. Whenever you want sex you just take a woman and shag her behind the hut. Her consent is not needed and it is not seen as rape. Widows are seen as "Any man's women" and are free game. Raping them is considered doing them a favour.

Do I condemn their culture? No. Do I want to change it? No. Blacks have the right to practice their culture and their laws, no matter how abhorrent we find it from our White Western perspective. They must just do it separately from us, because our Roman Dutch laws and White Western cultures are incompatible with theirs.

I have touched on this subject before:

Cultural separation is the cure for discrimination

…Where I mentioned these two cases:

My stepmom sold me for two cows and R2000

Man jailed for marrying, raping 14 year old girl

You can see how this man Jezile believed that he did nothing wrong. It is his culture. He was only practicing his constitutional right to uphold his culture and traditions. The Judge from European descent, practicing Roman Dutch Law, sent him to prison for 22 years.

Bantus buy their wives with cows, they sell their daughters into slavery, they have initiation “schools” where children get taught how to have sex without deflowering (basically with a soft goat skin over the vagina or anal sex) and girls are regularly inspected for virginity by their mothers and aunts.

Studies have shown that it is actually not the belief that raping a virgin will cure AIDS that is the cause of the rape pandemic in SA. Behind the scourge of child rape in South Africa

It is part of their culture. Fathers feel entitled to rape their daughters when their wives are away from home.

“Children as young as two were groomed in the minds of the perpetrators, practically considered to be adults, and often blamed for their own abuse because they were allegedly “seductive”. On the other hand, their vulnerability and gender often positioned them as powerless objects to be abused in the eyes of perpetrators.”

This is the stuff Judge Mabel Jansen sees every day. This is what she was talking about. It is the truth.

The state of rape in South Africa is shocking. An estimated 500,000 rape cases take place in the country, every year Bear in mind that there is a moratorium on crime statistics and only 1 in every 9 rapes are reported and only 14% of perpetrators of rape are convicted in South Africa.

In 2001, it was reported by the South African Police Service that children are the victims of 41 percent of all rapes reported in the country and of that about 15% of rapes are children under the age of 11.

More than 25% of a sample of 1,738 South African men from the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces admitted to raping someone. The amount who did not admit to rape is unknown.

Then we're not even talking about the practice of “Corrective Rape” where blacks feel entitled to rape lesbian women to "correct them".

Where is feminist Gillian Schutte now? Why is she not condemning these heinous cultural practices of blacks against women? Her silence is deafening.

Judge Mabel Jansen was appointed by Jacob Zuma…himself a rapist. There is nothing “racist” about her at all. Everything she said came from her own experiences and the court cases she heard and it correlates 100% with crime statistics and facts about tribal culture.

Gillian Schutte is dishonest liberal idiot and deliberately turning a blind eye to the cultural violence of black men against girls and women in South Africa. Who is actually the hypocrite here? How are you ever going to solve the problem by ignoring it and shouting “racist”, Gillian? That is if you want to solve it.

Like I said, for me personally I do not see it as a problem at all, as long as it does not spill over into our culture and our way of life. If blacks believe that it is their culture and their right to rape their women and girls then they should carry on doing so. As long as they stay far away from our women and our girls, I am not going to stop them.

According to moral relativism we cannot judge people outside of their own ethical beliefs. It holds that a tribe of blood-thirsty cannibals and rapists is not morally worse than a civilized, peaceful nation. It holds that Stalin’s mass murdering USSR was the equivalent of the United States or Western Europe.

Multiculturalism manifests itself as anger at those willing to compare cultures. It claims that any culture is as good as another, as long as the culture does not claim its superiority. Any culture that believes in absolutes and is willing to measure itself to the rest of the world is evil. Mutliculturalism accepts slavery and freedom as equals. It accepts murder and rape as the equivalent of peace and prosperity.

So according to multicultural idiots like Gillian Schutte…in South Africa none of the two cultures (black or white) are “better” or “worse” than the other. I am not going to argue with that. They are simply incompatible. In fact the moment you try to convert blacks or want to change them into the other, you are a “racist”, because you are saying to them that their culture is wrong and yours is right and better and they should become more like you.

People like Gillian Schutte maybe want it the other way around…that whites should integrate with blacks, because their culture is better. Surely that should then be equally “racist” to tell whites that their culture is wrong and they should be more like blacks.

Gillian Schutte is the worst racist I have ever come across. In fact everything she writes drips of hatred towards whites and white men in particular. Maybe it has something to do with her father who drank himself to death while he was still in his 40’s or her equally loser stepfather...God only knows what he did to Gillian that she hates white men so much. Gillian Schutte wants to be raped by filthy black men .

When Isaac Mutant of rap band Dookoom sang “Larney jou poes” (loosely translated as Boss you’re a cunt) inciting hate speech against whites (especially farmers) and calling on black farm workers to go burn down the white farms Gillian Schutte went a step further when she almost orgasmed in the Mail & Guardian and said that white women secretly have “darkest, deepest, anxious fantasies” about having sex with the “unwashed body of the worker “…“the black murderer, rapist and wild man”.

She reckons that Mutant is a “Dark Prince”:… “the fantasies of aristocratic girls and good women trapped in the sanitised world of whiteness.”… and that his “physicality resonates perfectly with the quintessential literary construction of the dark man of the libidinous colonial fantasy – swarthy, dangerous, scowling, barefooted, vulgar, in your face, looking back at the world in poetic defiance.”

It is not white girl’s fantasies. It is HER twisted fantasies, but like hypocritical liberals …They always think others are just like them.


  1. Anonymous7:28 am

    I spent 3 years of my life as a state prosecutor many moons ago. What struck me in rape cases was that none of the rapists ever showed remorse for that they had done. One night I went to a holding cell as it was the first gang rape case I would work on. I spoke to them individually. I asked them if they wanted a lawyer and they declined. They saw nothing wrong with what they had done.

    I remember that night going home thinking of what I had been told. The attitude was that its a woman and they fall under us. They don't have the same rights as us. We can do as we please. When I asked him why he did it the reply was simple - because I can. It was that night that I had my Damascus moment with the blacks. I never looked back. Got into the private sector for many years and left. I gave up on the country.

    Gillian Schutte is just a useful idiot. Why they give her so much airtime I do not know. One thing I can tell you is that South Africa is doomed and will be worst off than any other African country mainly because of the existing tribal clashes which others dont have.

    Its a one way road and it is down.

    1. Anonymous10:54 pm

      I would like to think that the "they" you continously refer to is black men.

    2. Anonymous11:47 pm

      Liberals will hang. Vaalpens

    3. Anonymous. "you gave up on the country". I am a black male in South Africa, I have studied missionary history and I am a christian. I am aware how white man raped Xhosa, and bushmen women in the Cape Colonies, but I will never "give up on Christianity" because of some crooked white man who thought they can release their passion on slaves. In a similar manner, I will not give up on you, Mr Mike Smith and others who wrote on this blog. One day you will see the light...I hope. For your information, because upto 85% of the population is Black African in South Africa, the majority of cases dealt with in the courts (i guess except for divorce) will be Black African. Similarly most sexual slavery crimes in the west (Germany for example) are committed by white Europeans males, since Europeans are in the majority. Simple arithmetic.

    4. How can you be a christian? Christians are white not dark, I think youre confused, you're Satan child made from mud, the hewer of wood and the bearer of water.

      And check the stats retard most convicts in the world come from black stink holes.

    5. Anonymous9:13 am

      Xhosa and bushman woman still throwing themselfs at me every single day. I cant fucking take it because they are ugly and they stink. Must have been some pretty desperate white dudes.

      Dont try to do maths please its not african and you just fucked up your equation on your first attempt.

    6. Anonymous11:29 am

      Even if a black woman throws herself at a white man, she is deemed to have been raped in the mind of a black man. Probably because he feels like an inferior reject

    7. Anonymous11:50 pm

      I think we should engage black women of the township's and see what they say. As for the reporter, don't twist people's words just so that you can cause sensation. It' s despicable. Get a life.

    8. Can culture be used as justification for Ukuthwala?

      Culture as a way of life for a group of people, is given a place in our Constitution. But no culture is above the law. The Constitution is clear that cultural rights are protected subject to the Constitution. Section 31 of the Constitution recognises cultural rights of communities and groups provided that such rights are not exercised in a manner inconsistent with any of the provisions of the Bill of Rights.

      Ukuthwala and the cruelty it inflicts on the girl-child by denying her of her right to be a child, among other things, are further inconsistent with the African value of ubuntu.

      It must also be borne in mind that culture is dynamic and communities sometimes discard practices that were seen as benign in the past as they develop as a people. In this day and age, the kidnapping and abduction of girl-children that have barely reached puberty cannot be reconciled with the ancient practice of Ukuthwala, which was condoned by communities but subjected to delictual sanctions.

      It’s often said that some apparent victims of Ukuthwala feign crying when they are happy and have tacitly consented to their “kidnapping”. As is the case with modern law on rape, the law requires consent, not a second guessing of the girl’s wishes. The Recognition of Customary Marriages Act also requires consent.
      - See more at: http://www.justice.gov.za/brochure/ukuthwala/ukuthwala.html#sthash.KUVpfZ9I.dpuf

  2. Anonymous8:07 am

    It's interesting that it's the DA which laid formal complaints with the JSC, not the ANC. Typical liberals thinking they are doing the right thing, when in fact the people they patronisingly feel sympathy for don't care and no damned well that it's true.

    Either way, it should be another red flag for many who seem to think the DA actually represents their interests.

  3. Mike, bloody brilliant article again, thank you.

  4. Anonymous9:24 am

    I'm so tired of these foods like Brett Fish who go on about whites. He himself is a white guy. Simply report his Brett fish Anderson twitter account with his 4000 followers and it will get taken down. I make sure to report it every morning when I have my coffee. Same goes for his Facebook page and his 4500 following there. Report it and it will eventually get taken down. It's a war of social media too now. Clear concise articles like Mike's are like 10 cannons on the battlefield. Please report that liberal that. Andre

    1. Anonymous12:20 pm

      Good for you Annon 9:24 most people think that they can't make a difference but each little shot fired adds up and counts. Now we need to open facebook pages garnering support for people like the good brave judge who spoke the truth and is now being hung out to dry by a traitorous LWB.

      I would but I am like a blind bull in a china shop when it comes to social media! I'll definitely add my support though.

  5. The Judge is 100% correct, I agree. When I was working in that black township, an old woman told me one day: "The only pure girls you will find around here, is a girl who just came out of her mother now. Except for those, there are none."

    Black girls also compete with each other on who will have a baby first and afterwards who can have the most babies. They definitely don't think of the consequences and afterwards they struggle for the rest of their lives, because the men are simply not interested in supporting the children.

    People who were never in a black township or who don't have knowledge about blacks, will be shocked at how young some mothers are. Amongst the blacks themselves, it is simply seen as a normal part of life. The women themselves are good mothers, though...

    1. "The women themselves are good mothers, though..." I question that. They might take good physical care of their babies and young children, but that is not all that motherhood is about. Why, if they are such good mothers, is rape, peadophilia and incest being perpetuated in their culture in such large measure? That cannot be blamed solely on the (absent) fathers, can it?

    2. It is true what you say, Willemus. The thing is that you must take into consideration that women and children are on the same level in black society. The women have as little say as the child has. And yes, the women don't accept this, there are black women - anties, ou maat, dik, vet anties - that will beat any man to within an inch of his life if she find him raping a child. But all of them are not like that. The women are most of the times the ones who work and the men and boys are at home. That is the time the rapes happen.

      But this doesn't take away from the fact that most of the women I know of, will do everything possible to take care of their children to the best of their ability. I mean it is just logical; if they weren't good mothers there wouldn't have been billions of them, would there...hehe...

  6. @anon9:24AM: Brett Fish Anderson and Valarie Anderson are one and the same. Check the last articles of Mikes, we suddenly have Valarie Anderson posting the same shit he was posting 5 articles ago.

  7. Anonymous11:09 am

    This schutte is a totally blinded mole , with the concern of the Judge that the RAPING is totally out of control and these VIOLATIONS are beyond comprehension , schutte condemns the outrage , how sick is that ? Even the remote controlled ancwl are also condemning the outrage on Baby and women Rape, how f-up are they ? do they like it or simply except it.
    We are outraged by these Violations on Females that we had the Death Penalty and man was there Law and Order and respectability.

  8. Anonymous11:13 am

    Mike, let's put this Judge Mabel Jansen thing into perspective.
    as i understand it, she posted this specific comment about rape about 12 months ago.
    You can debate the political correctness, truth about her statement (personally i believe that you are targeting a certain race, and i know i will now be branded a liberal poes that needs to be eradicated yada yada yada by stating this).
    But why did that Zim bitch only made a big hooeehaa about Jansen's social media post now?
    What is the real story behind it? Was Judge Mabel Jansen about to reveal some extremely damaging info regarding a desperate political party that wants to cling onto power, and now they brand her as a whitey supremacist to deflect it's fuckups once again by pointing out a whitey racist?
    Is this "party" showing her that she must shut up?
    Some of your blogs are brilliant, dont always agree with the posts, but it seems sometimes the okes reacts ignorantly when you really put emotion into your blogs , but i will really like to hear your take on this matter from a political perspective (excluding the "obvious" look at the racist whitey judge), can you do some digging on this matter?

    PSS..i tried not to put my post into a "block" for easy reading for less educated fans
    PSS...my english is not perfect as i am afrikaans
    PSS...please manne, refrain from threatening me with eradication because i am a "liberal" (read Mike's definition slowly to understand the word), you are really pathetic to talk about such things as you dont understand real violence
    PSS... some past comments on some of Mike's blogs can and will be seen as classic terrorism so think before you post stuff...

    bliksem.. nou gaan ek ' sterk dop gooi...

    1. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Annon 11:13 I'm sure no one is going to attack you for being a liberal poes but you seems to have some doubts about yourself haha.

      Actually no comments here I think amount to terrorism classic or otherwise. No one has said they'll do anything unless the first move is made against them. If they start a genocide like they have been promising then all bets are off. Who is the ter in that case?

    2. Anonymous1:24 pm

      Your spelling is really bad,you left the U out of pss a few times.

    3. Anonymous2:14 pm

      Who cares if you are afrikaans you liberal poes, you need to be eradicated off the face of the planet for defending this particular race while my race gets killed in their tens of thousands. And who cares what your definition of violence is, it makes no real difference, just as long as we eradicate you. And your little PSS disclaimer is written like a real scared doos. Go and drink some more you fucking "thing".

    4. Anonymous10:40 pm

      @ANON 11:13

      Terrorism? You speculate about terrorism here in your drunken stupor? I'll tell you terrorism facts in our daily lives we all can see and feel and not have to speculate like an imbecile on alcohol.

      Terrorism when the ANC sings about killing whites with machine guns. Terrorism when EFF banners clearly state one should become a cold hard killing machine to clear the country of whites for which the honeymoon is now over. Terrorism when groups of blacks limits my freedom of movement with their illegal roadblocks. Terrorism when our cars gets pelted with rocks driving on the freeways and roads. Terrorism when groups of blacks roams around with pangas and other weapons brazenly displayed. Terrorism when groups of blacks burn down police stations and fire stations. Terrorism when black Malema threatens the ANC with an arms struggle. Terrorism when black Zuma steals taxpayers money without any real consequence. Terrorism on my CPF radio everyday of blacks breaking into houses and hijackings are rampant. Terrorism happening in the streets of Europe and spreading everywhere in every white country by non whites.

      So before you open your mouth about perceived terrorism on blogs you should have good hard look in the mirror, you sir, are a hypocrite and very much in danger of being eradicated by people who now have to fight for survival. The choice will be very easy. You or me/us.

  9. Mable Jansen has the moral high ground unless she postures as an advocate for women's rights. She violated the socialist hierarchy where blacks trump women. So politically she's toast.

    1. Anonymous12:25 pm

      Pheoenix what your saying is that her intersectionality is all fucked up? lol

      I so love these libtwat made up words hell Jesse Jackson couldn't do better himself.

  10. Thank you Mike, very well written and researched all thumbs up

  11. Anonymous11:39 am


    Lets play hangman.

    L _ B _ _ _ _ _ must go!

    @LTMA 9:56 AM: You might be correct, one can easily pick up on anothers writing style and grammar if you are focused.

    1. CWG & LTMA, why do you guys even bother reading Vrotvis se kak?

    2. Hey TT, please let me carry on my war with this white liberal retard, fuck! I would love to meet him in a contact and redirect fire at his white and shiny black arse.

  12. Anonymous11:55 am

    Tyd dat ons mense soos daai teef hang onder die lamp paale.

    1. Anonymous9:15 pm

      Smaak jy is reg soos 'n roer by broer. Ek's in.

  13. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Mike, once again spot on. By the way, I see South Africa's kaffirs have broken the world record for the most schools destroyed in the shortest time. 50 and counting.

    Me thinks their culture don't like schools.

    Maybe Gillian Schutte can let us know why the kaffirs don't like schools. Seems like she is a fundi on kaffir culture, being married to one.

    I don't think that any country in the world can break this record.

    Mabel Jansen, you are an awesome judge. You are right. Don't let them fuck with you. We, all the followers of Mike Smith, are with you all the way.

  14. Anonymous1:18 pm

    This whining little cocksucker goes on and on and on how it isn't fair the waitress he insulted got all that money. Whites stand up for each other! That's wrong! That's raaaaycist! White people are sooooo unfair! And he's such a struggle hero for socking it to Oxford! They're really gonna take that statue of Rhodes DOWN! And all because of HIM!


  15. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Where are Laager and Citizen Kane? Loved their comments.

    1. Anonymous8:05 am

      @Anonymous1:56 PM - Laager still comments at amren.com from time to time. He certainly is a smart and knowledgeable fellow. I also miss his comments. Pity he lost interest in this blog...

  16. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Even animals don't have sex with their own offspring. Kaffirs are the lowest form of life on earth.

  17. Gillian Schutte pollutes my tribe with the use of her maiden name. She should adopt her husband's name. She shames all of the white race with her continued existence. I truly hope she meets a gruesome end when the night of the long knives manifests.

    1. Anonymous9:02 pm

      This Gillian Schutte is worse than a kaffir. They can't help being what they are, but she chose to be what she is.

  18. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Another gem Mike. Putting into words what a lot of people think. By the sounds of it Gillian Schutte or Gillian Singiswa , why doesn't she use his surname or does she believe her surname is superior to her husbands, is as loopy as they get. It also looks like she is trying to escape the self created hell by wanting to change the rest of civilisation. Maybe its a call for help? Bottom line is she is stuffed, no more coming back. She belongs to them now, so she must bugger off and go and make some pap or something useful.
    A last note on the Judge, I just hope and pray that she does not apologise for anything. Its what the libs want , once she does apologise, she is toast. Game over.

    1. She needs to read this:
      if she wants to survive. As you said, NO apology.

    2. PreatorianXVI11:51 pm

      Yes, never apologise to a SJW ever, it's like blood in the water for Sharks.

      Donald Trump is a good example, attack them where they least expect it and expose their hypocrisy.

  19. Willem Wikkelspies4:44 pm

    Outstandingly accurate analysis Mike . Truth hurts liberals & bantu

  20. Anonymous5:38 pm


    Gillian is actually a dyke! She is of the most twisted kind. Take one look at her and you know she is a dyke. She knew daddy would let her be and probably forgive her for being a dyke, which is why she had to take it one step further and marry the local gardener.

    Gillian should be hung in the end - her and every liberal. She thinks this country will remain like this forever but it wont. This is all a test, let the wood worms come out and when the party starts, we start with the liberals first.

    They stand between us and our freedom, not these parasites.

  21. PreatorianXVI7:06 pm

    Ok, it is Wikipedia and this tells you all you need to know.

    The Western European culture that I subscribe to and originate from is totally incompatible with other Savage cultures and if that is how they [the others] view it then I gladly accept the Racist label with Pride and will rub it in their faces, even other white apologists.

    Just know when the tables turn on them no quarter will be asked nor given.


  22. Anonymous9:39 pm


    Go read this article on The New Observer. These liberal motherf...ers, what is wrong with them!
    All white liberals should be sent to HELL !!

    1. They get what they deserve, but the children have to suffer for the folly of the parents.

      If it's not white, it's not right?

  23. Anonymous11:57 pm

    This minority of people who hate their own race and culture are projecting their own self-hatred and unhappiness of themselves onto others.

    They are obviously looking to deliberately generate discord, racial tensions and fame for themselves.

    They are self-centered people but filled with self-loathing and believe that having a voice, of their own self-hatred projected onto others who can (for them) hopefully feel the same and make them feel better.

    These obviously have mental issues and are not rational.

    They are filled with hate against themselves and everyone.

  24. My question is, what is an obviously intelligent person [Mabel Jansen] doing even communicating with dreck like Schutte?

    Meng jou met die semels en die varke vreet jou?

    Please God, just don't let her apologise for speaking the truth?

    1. Was thinking the same thing Tom.

  25. Replies
    1. Show it to Gillian. She will find a White man to blame for this behaviour.

  26. Stupid LWB hypocrite - everything the judge said was already intimated by this LWB - this is racial baiting, period.

    1. Yes a hypocrite of note. Thanks for the link.

      I love how she says: "the silence of the majority of men about the reality of this war on women implicates the male collective."

      Generalising that all men are rapists. Yet she has the audacity to take on Judge Jansen about "generalising".

      The thing is completely KooKoo. She knows about all the rape going on in all the black countries of Africa, yet blame it all on White western capitalists...Please!

  27. Anonymous1:19 am

    What she wrote is of course true but she was stupid to post it on Facebook. The ANC is looking for excuses to deflect their failures onto whites. She gave them an excuse. Whites are not welcome to express any opinion. You can only post pictures of kittens on social media, and even that is politically incorrect because real Africans don't keep pets, preferring to beat goats to death if the beast does not want to give sexual pleasure to the black man.

    1. Anonymous2:35 pm

      The "Social Media" Crap Known As "Facebook" Is A Spy Program: Blacklisting Of Right-Wing Stories More Proof That "Facebook" Rules The News!

  28. Here's another doos for The List:


    1. Anonymous8:19 am

      The DA know that Afrikaners have had enough of them by now so that is their parting shot. Who is still going to vote for them? Cape coloureds and readers of Mail & Guardian?

  29. Anonymous1:25 am

    This Hi light of Racism seemed to have backfired and since screaming Racism pricks everyones Ears , it has really Hilighted the true nature of the Blackman and his Practices in SA.

  30. Anonymous1:52 am

    Heard this Schutte serpent women who speaks with a forked tongue on the radio this morning and unfortunately my portable radio end up in the bottom of the pool.

  31. Anonymous2:04 am


    Just saying.

    We need to make reparations and now.


    1. Compensation and restitution…Aah yes, about time whites get compensated by blacks for all the theft and destruction over the last 360 years.
      I once addressed Bishop Tutu on the issue. The Sunday Times published the article.

      Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa

      Read here about how blacks stole white people’s livestock and murdered them over the last four decades. Read about how the ANC destroyed everything whites built up in this country. I fully agree. About high time blacks start paying up!

      Blacks must pay restitution and compensation to Whites

    2. I agree wholeheartedly that the fuckers should pay for everything they've fucked up. Whatever they touch turns to shit, immediately.

  32. Anonymous2:04 am

    If we are to follow the same logic as Mike and Mabel it would be an undeniable fact that all whites especially white Afrikaners are racist, supremacist, separatist and murders of blacks when considering south Africa's colonial and apartheid past and how apartheid racism was embedded as a culture in Afrikanerdom. Now let's see all you whites deny this.... Oh let's also not forget to add thieves and rapist to your many accolades considering that when whites came to Africa they didn't bring any land or colored people with them.. Accept it.. It's historical "fact" of the "true nature of the white man and his practices" in SA... Now let's here you all you "denialist" spit fire... The long winter has finally arrived..

    1. "Now let's see all you whites deny this"

      Read my series called "Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box" and go educate yourself you simpleton.

      You get upset when Whites generalise about blacks, yet you have no problem generalising that all Whites are "racist, supremacist, separatist and murders of blacks" or that they are all "thieves and rapists".

      Your hypocricy and anti White racist retoric stinks to high heaven.

    2. Anonymous6:08 am

      Anobody 2:04 Which useless Balls and Country did you originate from ?

    3. Anonymous6:12 am

      there are better ways to spend the afternoon than to read another of your historically and politically skewed apartheid apologist columns who's sole purpose is to give racist whites cosy comfort and deniability for their evil deeds, which might I add continues till this day (see what British soldiers are doing in Kenya).....No matter how many flowers you heap upon it, you will never convince us that you shit doesn't stink.
      I'm glad that even in your little rant, you haven't denied what I said. I take it as quiet acceptance with a "ja but" in the end.

    4. Anonymous6:47 am

      Anonymous6:12 AM
      GO KILL youself

    5. @Anon 6:12AM who is also Anon 2:04 AM

      So even when you are presented with proof, you refuse to read it, because you already made up your mind that we are mindless "racists"...

      You, my friend is the proof of the narrow-minded liberal and black idiots who troll this site...unable to have an intelligent conversation, unable to look at proof presented to it, generally with its head up its arse and ...crying "racist" seems to be the only intellectual weapon in their simplistic foolish brains.

    6. BTW...if you supply me with a definition of a "racist" and the criteria you use to judge one, I can maybe tell you if I am one or not.

    7. @anon6:12AM. Retard, do me a favour, get your retarded species to declare war on us whites, let's get this comfy zone noisy and busy.

      You're all a bunch of fucking cowardly retarded evolutionary forgots.

      I hate talking I like doing so come and put me in my comfort zone.

      Reading happens to be a white mans invention, Bantu why do you want it in your retarded culture!

    8. Anonymous7:51 am


      Anon 2:04 AM

      Listen you Fucked Mental Left Retard, go educate yourself before puking another word of shit on this blog!

      Funny how your own species have been murdered in the past 22 years under your Black elected government. Don't even get me started here.

      You are correct, the long winter has finally arrived, for your species, yes, dead on!

      We do not and will not negotiate with you anymore, klaar gepraat.

      Phase 4 = extermination.

    9. Anonymous8:27 am

      Ooooo I'm soooooo scared @LTMA. I bet you tell all your friends you once wrestled a buffalo for shits and giggles. But I bet the reality is that you were the guy in high school on his knees and the school bully's dick down your throat.. Stop pretending to be though. The jig is up.

    10. Anonymous10:01 am


      @ Anon 8:27

      Dankie hoor, jy maak ons net nog meer Regs, ons like dit kwaai, net waar ons wíl wees. Dink maar aan jou eie woorde vandag die dag as jou kafferboeties jou afmaai, tensy een van ons jou vóór dan kry.

    11. My you brave little black retard turd. If only you knew the truth China.

      Come and show me the game is up. I will meet you in and around the vaal anytime you want.

      You fucking retarded black stink, your game is up the only game you know is isolated farms and lots of retards.

      Go crawl back into that black stink hole you call your mother, maybe you have already, knowing your kind I wouldn't put it past you.

    12. @CWG, this thing is a darky, its retard dark stuff.

    13. Anonymous11:19 am

      we never denied being separatists

    14. Hey retard turd.now my day is done, let me ask you.

      How do you know so much about sucking bully dick? I bet you were the one getting it everyday from the bully boys and I bet you loved it. You cock sucking, stink.

      I bet you were every bully's whore in school, you were mouth fucked and arse fucked and now you're just an aids infested queer retard mincing around trying to find acceptance.

      Bantu boy, this is white man land,fuck off of it or come and take it but I am not giving it to you. So until you grow a set, go back and play with your bully boys.

      Fuck! You really are retarded to admit that you were bullied and a lesser being, how embarrassing!

      BTW, I never let anybody bully me I rather went down fighting than bent down sucking. You cowardly species.

    15. Anonymous1:12 pm

      @Anon 8:27 AM

      Abusing animals (especially goats) is what your lot do. Dicks down throats and rape happens at your schools because again it's what your lot do. Also, how can LTMA stop pretending to be though?

      And finally, the jig isn't up, the jig is you.

    16. Reenboog4:05 am

      LTMA. Ek sien julle is steeds besig na 30 jaar met julle grootpraat. Jy skiet alles heir uit die heup, maar ek sien nie dat jy een bewys ooit gee vir enige van die stellings wat jy maak nie. Baie intelligent? Elke keer as iemand, selfs leier vermoor word, dan skree julle, nou gaan julle sien. Maar jare verder en duisende bottels brandewyn verder sien niemand niks nie. Net nog so paar grootpraat stories van internet recces.

      En asb probeer bietjie minder vloek, dit gàan jou nie help om n argument te wen nie. Net nou dink ander mense wat hier lees, dat alle afrikaners sulke swak opvoeding soos jy gehad het

    17. @ Reenboog...Jou niksseggende tjol en kinderagtige beledigings begin nou te irriteer. óf jy kom met 'n argument òf jy is weg.

    18. @Reenboog. You white piece of fucking trash, you call yourself an Afrikaner, where the fucking are you.

      Come on aresehole tell me where you are so that I can come to you.

      You fucking sit behind your screen now let's see you stand in front of me. You traitor POS.

      Maybe you should read you dumb cunt, I am English.

    19. Anonymous9:24 am

      Reenboog. Jy is nie `n Afrikaner nie. Gaan check maar jou ouers se geskiedenis op. Ek ryk daai Bantu in jou asem tot hier. Jy hou seker daarvan as jou vingers vas steek in daai ousie se kroesies en sy kyk jou so skamerig terug en dan se jy vir haar toemaar, toemaar dis okay ek sal maar eerder jou nek vas hou.

    20. Anonymous4:12 pm

      lolz anon 9:24

  33. Anonymous3:10 am

    Hey Mike
    Congrats, your blog is in the news with a link!

    1. Anonymous4:02 am

      Hits on this blog should go up quite a lot today. Let's see. Comments should stream in too.

    2. Yesterday we were already at 9000. Today I think we will hit 12,000.

    3. I dont even have to see the hits i can see all the liberal doose posting on here today which tells me it gained quite an audience.

  34. Anonymous3:50 am

    Lekker Steve en Dan. Hou so aan.


    1. Anonymous5:09 am

      You REALLY need to rally the troops
      This Roodt "expert" needs his arse set on fire
      Götterdammerung -whatever / whoever that is ?
      Speaks about ..
      It seems that the EFF benefactor who paid them R9 million in 2013 is Nick Kirsch - billionaire from Swaziland (funny that heh?)

      WHAT is really hilarious is that the person in question is actually ...

      Then, at the age of 54, a deal between Kirsh Industries and Sanlam turned sour — and Mr Kirsh packed up and moved to the US.

      One of the things the ANC Youth League highlighted in recent press statements as supposed evidence of Kirsh's "ulterior motives" was that he is the biggest shareholder in Magal Security Systems in Israel, a company the league says is "complicit in the construction of Israel's Illegal Apartheid Wall".

      But what the league did not say was that Magal is the world's leading perimeter-security company, which Mr Kirsh bought in 1976 when he started Jetro in the US.

      Magal operates in 75 countries around the world. It does borders for Israel and perimeter security



      Sorry Mr Smith ( one of your untouchables )
      I keep on hoping that one day you will see the light and repent and read Henry Ford's

      "The International Jew"

    2. Now if you were wondering why I originally censored your post...it is because it is rubbish. Plain and simple.

      If only you spent five minutes reading the article to the end you would have seen the correction to the speculative drivel.

      First of all his name is Nathan, not Nick.

      "Kirsch has since indicated that the document was indeed a fake and that he does not bank with Absa and has not donated to the EFF."


  35. Anonymous4:21 am

    I don't believe the aids stats anymore because all they do is fuck, fuck and more fuck. Oh yes and then steal and murder.

    1. Anonymous12:50 pm

      Also drink, sing, dance and commit arson.

  36. Anonymous4:22 am

    Hi Mike

    Have a look at this link also a good article

    1. Excellent article! It actually goes deeper. Gillian's brother has been in the Scorpions/Hawks for many years.

    2. Anonymous8:55 am

      The filthy, twisted skank. Glynnis Breytenbach also behind it. I used to have respect for Breytenbach. Not any more.

  37. Anonymous4:37 am

    Hi Mike here is a link to what you were referring to Ukunthwala and what the Government says about it


    1. Yes...send it to Gillian Schutte. Let her see what Bantu culture is all about.

  38. Anonymous4:38 am

    A petition on Amandla.mobi, which called on the JSC and the department of justice to remove Jansen had reached over 5 700 electronic signatures by Wednesday morning.
    So brave GV's
    WHERE are all YOUR signatures ?
    Media War -- indeed !

    Having Stave Hofmeyr and Dan Roodt singing your praises is like Maimane saying Malema is an OK guy
    It just cements the stereotype

    NOW -- IF some honourable member of the bench came out in support of Mabel Jansen -- BECAUSE SHE IS A GOOD JUDGE
    THAT would be a million times more valuable
    Mabel ????
    Just never did it for me !

    1. @anon3:48AM, stop gloating man.

      For Fuck Sakes! The retards that signed that petition are the same weak, spineless and useless fucking trash that couldn't remove that criminal for running the country.

      You fucking cunts gloat over signatures on a piece of paper while the president of this country has and is fucking it up and getting away with it and his followers allow it.

      You spineless twats.

  39. "Studies have shown that it is actually not the belief that raping a virgin will cure AIDS that is the cause of the rape pandemic in SA. Behind the scourge of child rape in South Africa" Which studies?

    1. The main link was supplied in my article. Here it is again: Behind the scourge of child rape in South Africa

      The source of which were these studies:

      An examination of perpetrator explanations for sexual abuse of young children in South Africa: Lekalakala, Esther Kgauhelo, Ph.D

      The case of David Potse who raped and sodomised 9 month old baby Tsepang after her mother went shopping. He was HIV negative

      “although the
      idea of a virgin sex cure is familiar in
      some African communities, evidence
      from service providers working with
      cases of child sexual abuse and from
      ethnographic and epidemiological
      studies of child rapists and their
      victims suggests that it is very rarely a
      motivating factor in these cases“

      Source: The myth of the virgin rape myth, Helen Epstein and Rachel Jewkes

  40. Anonymous5:56 am

    People must understand. Education about culture is important.


  41. Anonymous6:05 am

    "Blacks must pay restitution and compensation to Whites"

    On the Button Mike , they can compensate us with a Homeland .

    1. The whole of South Africa is my homeland. I don't settle for anything less.

    2. Your own land can not be compensation they need to pay up and beyond land and for what they broke during their stay.

  42. Why are we defending the judge, she is a self proclaimed anti aparthiedist, she even admits that she fought apartheid.

    Anyway, that's what MSN says. There so many lies, bullshit and retractions, denials, apologies and accusations these days that I get confused with who is who. The only thing that I do believe is that this is a bloody good blog and we mustn't defend those that do not deserve defending.

    As for that other piece of trailer trash, there must be some dirt on her that will turn the dark side against her, we just need to find it.

    1. Anonymous7:09 am


      You should play this fun game... don't be a racist. If you need help with your privilege its okay, we were all there once. It really is time to make reparations.


    2. Anonymous7:12 am

      "i Church", go read it to educate yourself.

    3. @LTMA...I am not defending the judge at all. She is quite capable of doing that herself. I also couldn't care if she is a liberal or not. All I wanted to know if what she said was the truth or not, because how can the truth be "racist"? It is like saying Pythagoras' Theorem is "racist".
      If somebody is uncomfortable with the truth, she should ask herself if she is not maybe in denial of the truth. If she screams "racist" she is definitely in denial and an idiot to boot, because then she admits that she ran out of intellectual backup and the only further defence, the trump that trumps everything is pulling the "racist" invective.

    4. @ Brett Fish...You know what mate? I was a liberal idiot myself once. A bad one. Worse than you. In the ten years that I have been blogging and after by Damascus moment, I have seen thousands of people convert away from liberalism. I have seen commentators on news columns on IOL, News24, Daily Maverick, etc change from completely left to completely right...to the point where the news columns shut their comments sections down. You must be the only "racist" who got "cured" and converted to the left. Seriously, Boet, did you bang your head or what? Did someone shove it up your arse?
      No man. Get your head out of your arse and check around you. Check how the ANC stuffed up the country and crime is skyrocketing. Check how black unemployment is growing and blacks are starving all due to the ANC's socialist policies.

      You call yourself a Christian, yet you are in love with Communist Satanists, Blacks who believe in demonic forefather spirits and the criminal ANC.

      Get out of here!

    5. Mike, I am not directing at you, I am just asking. I understand your motive.

      I am rubbing noses that are trying to be the crusader of justice here and trying to defend the judge.

    6. Anonymous8:36 am

      Apparently she and her husband raised two little coons...


    7. @LTMA...The judge raised two black kids, she speaks fluent Zulu and she has done a lot for blacks...Why do they thank her like this?

      As for Gillian...well I am just surprised that people take her so seriously. When her cousin visits from overseas they all have a few joints together. They are all goofballs and smoke Dagga in front of their children.

    8. @ Fish. You narrow minded, naieve, sick silly twisted lame excuse of a white skin.

      Do you really believe you will make a difference?

      There were greater men before you that couldn't and neither will you.

      Before Christianity and religion were born, our ancestors fought with each other because they were wired to fight.

      Nature has naturally designed us to fight and kill, think of it before white man found wog, he was warring with his neighbour

      100 years ago we were engaged in the first world war, yes exactly 100 years ago today man was killing each other wholesale for the first time.

      Shortly after this episode, 23 years to be more or less spot on man went at it again, only this time killing figures doubled.

      Since then at any one time in the years up to today man has been at war with themselves.

      First it was your idols the Russian commies, then it was the Korean Commies now its the Islamic extremist.

      You see little boy. We are made to hate and fight and kill. We are made to live in disharmony for it is our instinct.

      We here in Africa have our own enemies, we do not have to travel to find them.

      Black stink retards hate intelligent white innovative intellectuals and vice versa.

      Now you and all your liberal retarded idiot mates think that you can change evolution, FUCK RIGHT OFF, you are not bigger or better than creation.

      Leave us alone go fuck around with your white, black retard arse sucking mates and your black retard friends that will one day chop you to bits.

      You fuckwits just do not grasp freedom of association and freedom of speech.

      If a retard can tell other retards to kill the whites and drive us into the sea, I can also say my say and have my hatered voiced.

      Now go fuck yourself.

    9. Mike, think of Africa North of Limpopo.

      Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Congo, Rhodesia. Those the whites got thanked the sameway only theirs thanks was permanent.

  43. Anonymous7:03 am


    I see this thing has gone international


    1. Anonymous11:00 am

      BN It hi Lights it big time , that even a High Court JUDGE is exasperated by the amount of RAPE going on in the new SA.
      Thats also not the only Raping going on in SA.

  44. What a load of tripe! How can you condone another culture raping and being incestuous? "Blacks have the right to practice their culture and their laws, no matter how abhorrent we find it from our White Western perspective. " Truth is that there is no difference between them and us. Humans can be cruel no matter the colour of their skin or where they came from. You need to open your eyes, the world has changed and we are no longer in the dark ages. It is this kind of hatred that fuels division in our country and keeps us from moving forward. I cannot believe you still buy into this crap.

    1. Martin, that is the problem. Blacks don't see it the same way as you. To them it is their culture. Raping and being incestuous is not wrong in their eyes. No matter how wrong it is in yours, it is not in theirs. Here...read this...http://bhekisisa.org/article/2015-10-01-diepsloot-where-men-think-its-their-right-to-rape#.VzM0ARSRvvI.twitter

    2. Anonymous10:33 am

      Anumb 7:22 Do you know what condone means ? anyway there is a f big difference between us and them. Perhaps you should open your eyes , and see how we regressing into darkness. Our resistance to this evil will divide us in Good and Evil .
      So catch a wake up and take your head out of .... you decide.

    3. Anonymous12:33 pm

      No Martin, the ANC is keeping you from moving forward.

    4. Anonymous1:45 pm

      Martin, you have contradicted yourself.

    5. It has nothing to do with black or white, it has to do with power and education. Culture is not a thing that is fixed, it is something that is dynamic and ever changing. The story of South Africa is nothing new, it is the story of the ages and of humanity. Cultures merge and evolve, if they did not then we would never have progressed to the modern era. Anyways, I'm not going to write an essay here, there are many history books and it is quite evident.

    6. Anonymous5:57 pm

      Hey Martin, will you let your mother, aunt, sister, daughter or whoever you know be left alone in and around any black areas? Granted anyone can get raped, murdered, sodomized or robbed anywhere in the world but what is your chances of it happening in South Africa with the majority? So who is holding the country back? It is not rocket science.

    7. Hey Martin. Culture is not fixed correct. But genetics is. Its not about black and white you are correct. You can put a white skin on a black even give him real hair and blue eyes. The major difference is not in the skin colour it is in the genes.

      Genes determine 80% of mental characteristics including psychological. 20% is determined by immediate environment. You can not change it with books and teachers.

  45. Anonymous7:28 am

    You must read this article - Diepsloot: Where men think it's their right to rape

    here is an extract:

    One evening, about five months ago, when Naledi returned from work, Thuso complained of constipation. His mother wanted to help him by using a "traditional cure" of inserting a stick in his anus "to loosen up things".


    1. Yes...show the world!

      "No remorse"

      "Mostly, rapists here don't think they've done anything wrong. They think it's their right to rape. They argue, 'What is the problem if I have given this child or woman money?' "

      See? The Judge was right.

  46. Anonymous7:28 am

    8 steps to help me ally better

    “How can i be a good ally?”

    Well one of the ways is to definitely do some work. Read, research, listen, watch, don’t expect people [especially black people] to spoonfeed you all the answers.

    But i did come across this which was created for Americaland but has some strongly helpful overlaps for our present situation and context.

    This is from a list put together by an activism camp called ‘Localise This’ and it’s a list of 8 commitments for White Allies.

    You can see the original flier it was adapted from here.

    Take a read through and reflect on which one you need to work at?

    [1] I commit to reflect on topics that may be uncomfortable.

    [2] I commit to promote cooperation over self-interest.

    [3] I commit to recognize the concerns of people different from me.

    [4] I commit to educate myself on issues that contribute to oppression.

    [5] Even though I may unintentionally say or do something racist, I commit to view mistakes as opportunities for learning.

    [6] When challenged on racism, I commit to working on my own defensiveness by calmly listening even if that is not my first reaction.

    [7] I commit to including the interests of oppressed groups while making decisions that affect them.

    [8] I commit to disrupt the status quo in order to share power and privilege with all people.

    Which one of these felt particularly helpful for you? Can you add a way that you have found works in terms of helping you to be a better ally?

    Is there anyone you know that this would be particularly helpful for?


    1. Load of liberal bollocks. Get the fuck off my forum.

    2. So in short you commit yourself to be a 'people pleaser.?

      Tell us Brett. How many people have you pleased since our last conversation and cleaned their toilets.?

      Do you really think your Socialist bullshit counts for anything on this blog.? Your a typical liberal, shitting on a doorstep and running away. At least have the balls to make and defend a point.

    3. Anonymous9:58 am

      Brett fish Anderson, hows your blog going? you get more readers than mike yet?
      Come here to learn how to do it?

    4. Anonymous11:50 pm

      Mr. Fish you really are brainwashed and hypocritical, you tell us to see the other sides points view but you haven't even bothered to look at ours. The day will come when you realize why we are right.

    5. Brett Fish should put his money where his libtard mouth is: Sell everything he has, give the money to his pretty wife Valerie and tell her to go and distribute it in the township...woman alone at night. I am sure they will appreciate the effort. Anything else and he's a hypocrite.

  47. In my beskeie opinie is hier 'n verbete poging aan die gang om die opbouende woede van die swart massa in die rigting van die wittes te draai - die ANC is duidelik baie bekommerd dat hulle die eerste teiken gaan wees wanneer die kruitvat ontplof. Hulle probeer nou verbete om die witmense voor die aankomende trein in te druk met praatjies van rassisme, te min "transformasie" in sport ens.

    1. Anonymous11:39 am


  48. Anonymous8:16 am

    Spend time looking into the picture of inequality and imagine what your life would be like if you were not born on the side of the "bush" you were born on. What would you believe about people like you if you observed the world from the other side? Would you be jealous? Would you be angry? Would you be afraid?

    This picture is of Masiphumelele and Noordhoek in Cape Town, but is also a picture of most of South Africa... a middle income country where 57% live in extreme poverty, where just two people have the equivalent wealth of the bottom 50% of the population. A country with the third highest levels of inequality of any country in the world. Next time you hear these stats remember this picture.

    When you look at this picture can you see why people are angry when they hear people say...
    - we must be colour-blind;
    - we must put the past behind us, it is time to move on;
    - we must just forgive and forget
    - we are all equal now; or
    - any other of the platitudes that leave historically created structural and institutional injustice in place.

    The reality portrayed in this picture is as much the seedbed of prejudice as it is the seedbed of increasing levels of anger.

    What do you think the biggest questions we need to be asking are as we look at this picture?


    1. I lived in Fish Hoek a stone throw away from Masiphumelele. Friday afternoon you see the blacks with trolley loads full of booze on their way from Long Beach mall to the township. Friday nights the sirens start going up and down Kommetjie Road...police, fire brigade ambulance and it carries on until Monday morning.

      The biggest Question to ask? Why do they always have money for booze, but never for food or education?

    2. Anonymous10:37 am

      Was in Coffee Bay in 2012. Met a Jew tourist there who pointed out that the blacks always have money for booze. Saw it myself. Bottle stores do brisk business

  49. Anonymous9:30 am


    Oh boy - Mike Get ready for a flood of traffic now


    I see a hashtag there with MS blog mentioned.

    Well done Mike! Its good, more and more people can read your opening pandoras box apartheid series.

    You my friend, have been more loyal to your nation than 90% of all our politicians going back to the Boer war.

    I hope one day, their either put a monument up for you and your efforts or award you with something.

    Blogging is a full time effort, you have paid the highest price! With your time, we can all make more money but never get our time back.

    Your efforts to speak the truth will pay off, you will go down in history. You have done more for the whites than all those previous white leaders.

    You are a selfless person, giving your only true God given asset. Your time.

    We solute you Mr Smith.

    May God bless you and your writing! May you be blessed beyond the riches of the earth.

    Thank you for all your posts!

    We shall continue until the parasite is extinguished from these lands, we showed mercy but they repaid by suppressing us and stealing from us.

    May we learn from this failed experiment, thank you for pointing out the facts as usual.

  50. http://www.fin24.com/Economy/sa-no-longer-2nd-largest-economy-in-africa-on-weak-rand-20160511

  51. Anonymous10:44 am

    I wonder if the Blacks ask themselves 2 Questions , was I conceived through RAPE ? and/or where is my Father ?

    1. Anonymous1:35 pm

      You make the mistake to think that abstract thought occurs to them. It doesn't matter to them.

  52. Anonymous11:46 am

    Watch this youtube clip, Ex-KGB agent explains how they create, control the liberal idiots and what happens to them, once the objective is achieved.

    1. Anonymous12:41 am

      Thanks - that was really interesting. I think we are in the 'crisis' stage. We were never prepared for this type of warfare. We thought that the enemy would come with guns as a military force.
      Marxist subversive strategies have made tremendous progress in SA and there is no stopping this train now.

    2. Anonymous12:45 am

      This explains why this judge is now being brought down. The 'liberals' eventually become the enemy of the 'marxist' agenda and must be destroyed.
      Mabel was acting against Malema and therefore needed to be removed.

    3. Anonymous1:04 am

      This video by the same guy is also good:


      Interesting that we will reach the 'normalisation' stage where a dictator government will emerge.

      Mike, I am sure that you have covered this topic many times but we need to be made more aware of this 'marxist' strategy. The masses in SA are oblivious to what is actually going down here.

      What is happening in SA in not random. It is well planned and directed.

  53. Anonymous12:00 pm


  54. Anonymous12:01 pm


  55. PreatorianXVI9:42 pm

    This is 6 years old and the information also gets repressed, not allowed to talk about it or discuss it in the open. The Japanese and Asians in general know way better than to allow these savages into their lands.

    Progressives, Liberals are a serious danger, they should get the KGB treatment well in advance.

    Sweden Opened Its Doors To Muslim Immigration, Today It’s The Rape Capital Of The West. Japan Didn’t.


  56. Well done once again Mike. Was hoping you would clarify this story. Gillian Shite does it again. She is creating, once again, HUGE bad karma for herself. Pass the popcorn. What a bitch. She WILL get her come uppance. And judge please DO NOT APOLOGISE! WISH these libtards would see the light. Blind. And stupid.

  57. Anonymous12:13 am

    For Brett Fish.
    Though likely I am wasting my time.

    Blacks breed themselves into oblivion, so why should my children suffer because of blacks lack of restraint and inability to listen to any reason?
    Blacks insist on making their beds their way, against all good advice, so why should we whites be forced to lie on them?
    Why do blacks want white lifestyle and benefits, but refuse to live within white rules that help create an orderly and successful society?

    You already know the answer Brett, but refuse to acknowledge the truth.

    Blacks wants everything the white man has, but minus the responsibility, hard work and good moral code required to achieve it.

    Your mental block condition has a name Brett.
    It's called cognitive dissonance.

    1. Anonymous1:18 am

      lazy dumb fucks

  58. Anonymous1:20 am

    I am smiling so broadly now at all the comments on this site including the drivel that Mike wrote.
    It proves, without a shadow of doubt that I am light years the intellectual superior to the people on this site.

    1. Falling to knees and bowing down to your greatness muttering "We are not worthy, We are not worthy!"

    2. Anonymous3:19 am

      I am Laughing hysterically now.

    3. hehe...I am sure you are not our intellectual superior. Proof you are, by taking only one sentence of Mike's article and show to us that it is drivel. If you are really superior, take a whole paragraph and proof it is drivel. You current comment has no substance to it and anyone can write that.

    4. @anon1:20AM, being so intellectual is not such a good thing, you have placed yourself above us and therefore you feel that you need not lower yourself to our level.

      Question: where will you turn when noisy starts, what will you do when your intellect becomes your downfall and the retards come looking for you, where will you turn when you are out numbered, out gunned and knifed?

    5. Anonymous11:00 am

      Yeah Satanists are always sociopaths who think they are above God and everyone else.

    6. Anonymous11:40 am

      @Anon 1:20 AM

      I wish that you were light years away from here instead, you grinning fool.

    7. Anonymous12:08 pm

      @anon 1:20. "I am smiling so broadly now..." - Did someone give you a Chelsea Smile?

  59. Anonymous2:53 am

    Targeting individual whites like Mabel Jansen, who naturally burst out in public their private prejudices, enhanced by the power and privileges afforded to them simply on the basis of their race, is a cowardly way out, if at the same time there is no anger at the gross inequalities reproduced by the same system that allows Mabel Jansen to hold the bigoted views she holds. Whites are in a position to think of blacks in the most despicable of ways, as rapists, dirty, lazy, intellectually stunted, precisely because of the economic and cultural domination whites have over blacks, whose roots are in the systematic and structural architecture of our country. Getting momentarily angry at these individuals, as was the case with Wouter Basson, with the judge who ordered the parole of Janusz Walus, and now with Mabel and others, does not help us tackle racism.

    At the centre of this nation-building quest, and of constructing a truly sustainable rainbow nation, is the notion of justice. Justice, as cardinal as it is to the development of progressive societies, was sadly demoted in terms of importance in the discourse on reconciliation that was so on everyone’s lips as the country was intoxicated by the idea of freedom. Very few dared ask: can there really be true reconciliation without justice? Could we have developed a set of values that define our new nationhood as South Africans, without dismantling the social, economic and cultural impediments that have characterised our country for more than three centuries? How do we construct a country out of the mess that colonialism and apartheid created without uprooting the fundamental characteristics that made apartheid what it was, the concentration of wealth in a few white hands, the ownership of land by a minority, the cultural domination of a minority across all sectors of our society?

    The current social and economic inequalities render political freedom, and the fight against racism, insignificant if these do not bring about the radical changes needed to free the majority of black South Africans of their perpetual and economic enslavement. What does political freedom mean, after all, if the land that was a rallying point in the fight for liberation is still mainly in the hands of our white countrymen and women? What is this freedom we talk about if, 20 years after we achieved freedom, the captains of industry are still wholly white? Is it freedom if young black South Africans are still taught under trees and often without books and on hungry stomachs? What kind of a rainbow nation are we talking about if the beneficiaries of colonialism and apartheid are still dictating the terms of existence of everyone in the new South Africa?

    After 22 years of freedom, perhaps we should acknowledge that the path we have taken as a country may not necessarily have been the right one. We put reconciliation and the notion of a rainbow nation above addressing what would have been lasting solutions for the sustainability of our country as a truly cohesive and united South Africa. That, I argue, entails the return of land to its rightful owners, the ownership of the economy by black people, and heightened cultural awareness to demystify the myth of black inability and white excellence. Only through a systematic annihilation of the system that makes whites feel superior will we be able to deal with racism...

    Check your privilege...


    1. @Brett Fish…I am starting to get the idea you are here simply to try and blog-bait for that pathetic little liberal blog you are running. I am not going to allow that. This was the last one I allowed through.
      You are a liberal twat who believes that 22 years of enslavement under a Communist yoke by a group of Marxist terrorists namely the ANC is somehow to be called “Freedom”.
      You believe that blatant racial discrimination of the 80% black majority against the 9% white minority of South Africa through the Employment Equity Laws such as BEE, AA, quotas in university entry and quotas in sport is somehow called “White Privilege”.
      You come here with bollocks such as “the beneficiaries of colonialism and apartheid are still dictating the terms of existence of everyone in the new South Africa”….Utter rubbish mate! Pull your head out of your arse and have a look around. Who is politically in charge of the country? Who is militarily in charge of the country? Economically, Look at Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe, and the entire ANC on all the banking and mining boards. You are fucked in your head if you think whites are in charge of anything or have been in charge of anything since 1994. They handed it all over. Now the ANC and your beloved blacks are destroying it.
      BTW Apartheid benefitted blacks far more than whites. They got more land, grew economically and demographically faster than anyone else in SA. Read my Pandora series and see how blacks benefitted from colonialism and Apartheid.
      So you can take your “nation-building quest”, your Kumbaya–singing Rainbow nation bollocks and all your other liberal sycophants and fuck right off. We are not interested. The time for reconciliation and nation building is OVER. We are fighting back and I suggest you better get out of the way.

    2. Anonymous3:54 am

      Your post gave me cancer. Fuck you and your privilege. In 22 years everything blacks(anc) have done is to fuck everyone over. Get a CAT scan as i think there is something wrong upstairs. Vaalpens

    3. Anonymous4:06 am

      You contradict yourself Brett. You are the one who feels superior over your fellow whites.

      You need this blog. In fact you are addicted to it. Possibly even Mike's biggest fan. You waffle on about the same shit that we've all read about before.

      You clearly suffer from a god complex; Thinking yourself to be the white messiah that's going to convert all the readers of this blog to your line of thinking. Yet you are nothing more than a realist and reality is itself an illusion, just an appearance, accepted by those whose eyes shun what might lie beyond.

    4. Hi Mike. none of these posts are written by me. Clearly someone trying to make it seem like i'm writing here. i blog for who i blog for and am certainly not trying to click-bait people from here into my space.

      All the best
      brett fish

    5. Anonymous6:02 am

      "White messiah complex" that's exactly what he has.

      And 'privilege' exits in every society, go have a look at the UK and USA and get a wake up call.

      You'll see real privilege there.

    6. @ Brettfish...Thanks for the info. I had a suspicion it might not be the real Brettfish. From now on I will only allow Brettfish comments through with your avatar. The other ones I will delete. Trust this serves.

  60. Anonymous3:43 am

    Yes Fish, we acknowledge we went down the wrong path.We should never have gone down this path at all.We can look down on blacks because we know every negative quality is true and inbred, not a result of social constructs.We ordered the system and constructs to suit our civilised outlook on life. We built a western capitalist country to suit our needs to live like modern human beings and to ensure a future for our future generations.Your mob just imitated, lied cheated and stole.You only saw the benefits of our civilisation and because youe are uneducated ,illiterate and primitive you were totally unaware of the effort and sacrifice we made. The basic denominator between blacks and whites is that we understand and practise delayed gratification.

  61. Reenboog3:51 am

    Aaaa nog n blog waar die amper uitgestorwe regse afrikaners kan kla en kerm en hulle gebrek aan intelligensie en opvoeding aan die wereld kan vertoon. As jy wonder oor hoekom hulle selfs deur die oorgrote meerderheid van hulle eie volk verwerp word, lees maar net deur die comments.

    Al is daar dalk n saak dat daar n heksejag op Mabel Jansen uitgevoer word. Sal reddenasies soos hier gevoer word, net iemand van die wal tot in die sloot help. Snaaks hoe een van die intelligenste en beskaafste kommentaar hier gelewer was deur n swart persoon. En die reaksie was vloek en beledig, want n dom idioot kan nie terugslaan met n intelligente stelling nie. Vloek en beledig is al wat die brandewyn gestopte ondier in sy arsenaal het.

    En laat ons dit nou nie oorsien, hoe hulle nou weer hulle godjie hier insleep en vertel ander is van modder gemaak deur satan nie. Hoe belaglik. Snaaks hoe hulle god se uitverkorenes heeldag vermoor word. Beskerm hy nie sy uitverkorenes nie? Hoe idioot moet jy wees om nie eers een en een bymekaar te kan tel nie.

    1. @ Reenboog. Hoekom Noem jy jouself Reenboog? Is dit oor die Reenboog Nasie of omdat jy 'n moffie is?

      Ja ons is 'n spul dom onopgevoede onbeskaafste regse rassiste. So nou dat jy ons klaar beledig het het jy miskien 'n Argument? Om iemand 'n rassis te noem is nie 'n Argument nie. Is dit die manier waarop jy intelligent wil debatteer?

      Skoert liewer terug na jou EFF intelektuele eweknieë toe en gaan gooi bollie op die standbeeldjies. Shoe-shoe...

    2. Anonymous4:21 am

      Reenboog, jy is die dom etter met die gebrek aan intelligensie. Dit is deur jou en jou ewe dom geloof aan "reenboog nasie" dat ons sit waar ons sit. Jy is so dom dat jy nie kan sien dat ons nie n plek in die nuwe SA het nie. Jy is een van twee dinge: Jy is liberaal gefok of jy is bitter jonk en onkundig. Nie een van bg kwalifiseer jou om op hierdie blog jou kak mening te kom lug nie.

    3. Reenboog4:24 am

      N naam word baie noukeurig gesoek Mike. Jy kies n naam vir n rede en vir n situasie. Ek het mos nou hier gelees en gesien met watter opvoeding en reddenasievermoe ek te doen het. En geweet ek moet darem n naam kies wat die onintelligente kan help met met sy aanval as sy reddenasievermoe tekort skiet. Jy is toe die eerste wat val vir die naam. En toe jy die hoek gryp, weet jy nie of jy moet moffie skree of reenboognasie. Thanks Mike, my 20sek wat ek moes dink vir n naam was nie verniet.

      Agrgument? Het jy hom gemis? My argument was, dat jy nie n argument/bespreking kan voer en natuurlik ernstig opgeneem kan word. As jy nie eers die basiese beginsels verstaan hoe om n argument te voer nie. Deur te vloek en beledig bewys dit jy het geen teenargument nie en is kwaad daaroor, nou vloek jy maar.

    4. @ Reenboog...Jy weerspreek jouself. JY is die een wat net beledig. Ek wag nog altyd vir jou argument. Al wat jy tot dusver gedoen het is om lae opvoeding en lae intelligensie te skree.

      Waarom begin jy nie deur ons 'n definisie te gee van wat jy beskou as 'n intelligente bespreking of argument nie? Is dit dalk alles wat verskil met jou argumente? Ek bedoel nou maar die argumente wat jy tot dusver nog nie geopper het nie, want jy het geen.

      So...laaste geleentheid of jy is uit.

    5. Stephen5:01 am

      Reenboog the reason why we seem so crude , is because we've had it with you lot . We are over trying to be extra nice with you , ag shame poor kaffirtjie.

      You just carry on believing your own thing , be even more self assured in your clearly selfrighteous stance ,
      and put your foot in it some more , talk about een en een , ha !
      Tell me oh rainbow , who made you ?
      homany strands of hair is/was on your head?
      Or maybe you know how this earth was formed and who stretched out the expanse. ?

      Oh I thought you knew seeing you refer to 'godtjie' must mean you know more than Him.

    6. Anonymous5:01 am

      Gaan terug skool toe en leer om te spel. Laat hulle toe om jou in te lig omtrent sinsbou aangesien jy waarlik daaraan tekortskiet Reenboog, jou filosofie omtrent argumente en teenargumente is net so kak soos jou redenasie omtrent jou verwronge politiek.

    7. @Reenboog, read this carefully.

      I cannot believe that you are an Afrikaner, I definitely do not believe that your specifically your, (you in person,) forefathers trekked from the Cape of Good Hope into the hinterland, fought the savages and disease and hunger, hardship and Africa.

      They would be ashamed of you, you're a disgrace to a race and culture that was not die hard, they were kannie dood nie. Those trek Boers were the founders, the pioneers and the builders of the hardest, most disciplined and progressive nation.

      You insult a culture, you bring shame to a people and you betray your brothers.

      I refuse to believe that you are a white Afrikaans South African born male, I think you're a plant, you are a pseudo antagonist, your attempts to bait me will fail and your cowardice I shall expose.

      Go back to your employer and inform them that your enemy is stronger than you and them and that you are weak and feeble.

      Put your dirty little tail between your legs and run home, come now shoo, shooo, or stand up and be the man that you see in me and meet me and see if I shoot from the hip and if I am a coward and just talk.

      I challenge you.

    8. Anonymous5:45 am

      It is so very rewarding watching these rainbow priests squirm and defend the indefensible without any counters or any substance to backup their own little claims. Please Rainbow continue.

    9. Rëenboog – ja, ons amper uitgestorwe regse afrikaners wat kla en kerm moet sekerlik maar n gebrek aan intelligensie en opvoeding het. . Ek sal moet bieg soos Amerikaner Fred Reed... ‘Today I come before the public to bare my soul, confess the evil I have done, and make a clean breast. I will state my crimes as plainly as a drunkard at a recovery meeting, who says, “I am an alcoholic.” In honesty only is there surcease. My mea culpa: I have, for all my long life, thought some cultures superior to others. I was wrong, deeply wrong, perhaps unforgivably so. Cultures are all equal, as our great and reliable mainstream media and liberal do-gooders have told me. Cultures are just different, not better or worse. How can I have doubted it?
      The blame for my error rests entirely with me. I will no longer attribute my error to those false gods of the Right Wing: observation, common sense, morality, and an inability to escape the obvious.
      For example, I find from Reuters:
      “BENI Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) - A crowd stoned to death a young man in northeast Congo on Friday before burning and eating his corpse, witnesses said, in apparent revenge for a series of attacks by Ugandan rebels.”
      Here we have (I now see) a case not of grotesque animalism, as I once would have said, but of cultural versatility. Moslems eat beef but not pork, Hindus eat pork but not beef, but Africans eat both, and each other. They are simply freer spirits, not constrained by dour Eurocentric conventionality. This dietary quirk may be an evolutionary adaption to life in a region afflicted by famine. There is nothing wrong with cannibalism. In it we simply see another way of looking at things. I concede that my tendency to regard anthropophagi as barbaric was reprehensible Euro-supremacist bigotry. I recognize now that Congolese culture is as admirable as any other, such as Swiss. In penance, I will carry packets of garlic and other seasonings in case I am hit by a truck. If I cannot serve my fellow men, I can at least let them serve me.
      I have read of a tribe living on the banks of the great, grey-green, greasy Limpopo, all set about with fever trees - OK, I stole that from Kipling, but he won’t notice - whose number system consisted of one, two, three, and “many, many.” How simple! How clear! How democratic, how accessible to the masses! Surely this is preferable to Euroheterosupremophallic etc. notions like computational fluid dynamics. All airplanes do is pollute the environment.
      In my uncharitable days I reflected that if we Eurowhatsits have a decimal system because we have ten fingers, then a one-two-three many-many system would suggest evolution from the three-toed sloth. There is no evidence for this. But the point here is that having fewer numbers is not inferior to having many of them, just different. When you have only a few, you get to know them better.
      Now I shall build me a house, of clay and wattles made, and lie in it, reflecting on my new and welcome cultural humility.’

    10. Anonymous8:04 am

      Reenboog3:51 AM

      Vir jou het ek net een woord: FOKKOFF!!!

    11. Ag nee wat reenboog. Hoekom moet jy jou opinie kom lewer as ons dan so in die minderheid is. Wat pla jou so erg dat jy jou tyd hier moet kom spandeer. Lyk my iets pla jou in jou agterkop maar jy wil dit nog nie erken nie.

      Maar ek moet tog se Mike is reg. Jy klink soos `n moffie. Dis die eerste ding wat jy afskei wanneer jy komentaar lewer. Nogal walglik.

      Net nog `n ding. `n Christen bid nie Sondag in die kerk en slag Vrydag n` bok vir voorvadergeeste soos jou troeteldier bobbejaantjies nie. Die Bybel se vir jou Moffies is `n walg in die oe van die Here. Hy moet gedood word dadelik. So as daar Moffies in jou kerk is dan is dit nie `n kerk nie dan spot jy met God in sy gesig.

    12. Anonymous12:26 pm

      Reenboogy, you really must catch a wake up and step into reality. Shake your head to get the blood flowing in there. Watch the video listed above from the ex KGB and get with it man.

    13. Anonymous4:08 pm

      Reenboog, is dit jy Rian van Heerden? Jy begin stink soos menslike afval as jy van vooraf kom.

  62. Anonymous6:33 am

    Argumentum ad hominem Reënboog? Toe kom sien jy jou gat hier op Mike se blog sonder ñ spieël. Gedink dié van ons wat hier kommentaar lewer op die ware stand van sake in die siek Suid-Afrika is tipiese 1-2-3 mannetjies né?

    Soos Mike sê - kom met jou argumente. Speel die bal, nie die persoon nie...

    1. Reenboog9:28 am

      As jy se speel die man nie die bal nie, het jy al die inskrywings hier gelees? Of wil julle nog baas speel en julle het een reels en die ander het ander reels? Gaan Mike my afgooi? Soos in ou SA as iemand nie saam stem?

      Ek het mos n argument gemaak? Hoe moeilik is dit om te verstaan. Bewys my verkeerd dat opgevoede mense sal vloek en skel as hulle n punt wil oordra? Gee ons bewyse dat die manier van gesprekvoering n positiewe uitwerking sal he
      Kyk hoe kwaad word die manne hierbo. As iemand twak praat dan lag almal hom uit vir die idioot wat hy is, kry hom selfs jammer. Maar as iemand die waarheid praat, en jy het geen verdediging nie, dan word jy kwaad en vloek. En soos die enetjie hierbo wil jy sommer begin donner. As dit die aanvaarbare kultuur is waarvoor so hard geveg was, soos hy hierbo beskryf, sal geen opgevoede, intelligente persoon ooit wil deel wees van die kultuur nie.
      Lees weer bietjie van die kommentaar hierbo, dan sien jy hoe barbare, ander wil uitwys as barbare

    2. Luister doos...wat is jou fokken hang-up met 'n gevloekery? Het Mammie en Pappie jou nie genoeg gebliksem nie of het hulle jou nie genoeg aandag gegee toe jy klein was nie en het hulle te veel op jou geskree toe poepies jy in jou panties?

      Luister nou, kont...van die oomblik toe ek in driee aangetree het vir my basics tot die einde daarvan was ek op geskree en gevloek. Dit is wat gebeur waneer koeels om jou ore vlieg en kartetse naby jou ontplof. Jy roep nie manne tesame en vra wat hulle dink en of ons moet stem oor wat gedoen moet word nie.

      Nee...Jy skree en vloek en beveel manne om dit te doen of dat. Daar is nie tad vir mooi broodjies bak nie. Teen daai tyd is hulle al gekondisioneer daarteen en nie so sensitief soos sagtehandjie idiote soos jy wat sou opkrul in 'n bondeltjie en skree vir sy mammie nie.

      Jou moerse hangup is, julle vloek, julle vloek, julle vloek....Wat is jy? 'n Fokken sissie of wat?

      Ek het jou gewaarsku. Of jy kom op met 'n argument of jy waai. Tot nou toe was daar nog geen argument nie. Net mindless namecalling.

      Jy beter vining bykom boetie, en konstruktief begin bydra of ek skop jou moffie gat van hier tot by jou mammie se huis en weer terug.

    3. Anonymous1:47 pm


      Reenboog, why dont you find another blog to fly over, the last I have seen the rainbow nation has faded as well as the future for whites in this country.

      You sound like a moffie or houtkop

      Find some other blog.

      Traitors will all be dealt with.

    4. Fokken moffie die ding ek se jou mos. Moet net dalk nog uit die kas kom

    5. Anonymous4:06 pm

      Bhahaha Mike, you forget rainbow abortions across the world need their safe spaces now, away from cussing, violence and big strong scary men. They need to be sheltered from reality and the truth, they need to hide themselves from all this righteous whiteness.

  63. Hi Reenboog.

    THX a lot for the laughs. You clearly demonstrate that there are worse forms of poverty than a lack of money. And you, Sir, are a very poor man. I hope you are some sort of a closet-warrior-keyboard-nasty, because if your views are known to those in the real world, your poverty will extend to the kindness and the help of your own people. Do not look to the blacks for a handout, they are very poor people, and even poorer friends. And you, the useful IDIOT, will be their first target, as they will never trust your ambivalence. But alas, shit floats. People like the ones commenting on this blog will be the ones who raises a nation from the cANCerous rubble that is RSA. I rather doubt you will be so keen to assert your opinions then.

    Love and Regards


  64. @Dony,mate have you started writing that novel yet?

  65. Anonymous9:37 am

    Did you guys know that a man spent two years in jail for using the 'k' word? This is the future for us if legislation is passed criminalising racism. Any criticism against blacks will be prosecuted and more and more whites will have to keep quiet or end up in jail.

    'Andre van Deventer, who was convicted last February of assaulting and calling his ex-girlfriend’s domestic worker a "kaffir", was sentenced to two years of house arrest and 70 hours of community work in the service of black women.
    He violated his parole conditions and was sent to Pollsmoor Prison for two years instead.'


    1. Anonymous4:00 pm

      They'll never silence us, if we have to call them "kings" and "queens", "The best", "the only real people left on the world" everybody will still know who and what we are talking about. And those that does not understand? Well I say mission accomplished then.

      It's 11:59 on Radio Free 'South Africa'; this is Uncle 'you and me', with music, and the truth until dawn. Right now I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: "the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall", "john has a long mustache, john has a long mustache". It's twelve o'clock, 'South Africa', another day closer to victory and 'freedom'. And for all of you out there, on, or behind the line, this is your song.

  66. Anonymous9:54 am

    Reenboog...is iemand wat jy ken of liefhet al verkrag?vermoor?met n mes gesteek vir n fiets?of is daar dalk al by jou huis ingebreek en jou eiendom (waarvoor n mens jouself afsloof) gesteel?is jou kar al gesteel?is jy al gekaap?is jou vrou of meisie(of kerel) se handsak al gesteel?Voel jy nie die pyn in jou hart as hulle teen Jou Wit vel (hopelik)diskrimineer of se Afrikaans moet weg nie?
    Het jy vensters by jou woning wat GEEN diefwering het nie?Dalk n veiligheidshek in jou gang?Luister jy aandagtig as jou honde blaf in die aand?
    Mnr/Mevrou of watookal jy is....as jy vir my se dat jou antwoorde Nee is, sal ek defnitief glo jy is ongelig oor die situasie in ons land of jy is so liberaal dat n moord op een van jou geliefdes deur n Swarte jou nie eers gaan draai nie...
    Jy gaan eendag wakker word en besef dat die arme verkrampte Regses nie so verkramp was nie. Het ons nie n reg om n veilige bestaan te voer nie?Om in jou bed te gaan rus na n lang dag se werk omdat jy EERLIK jou geld verdien het nie?
    Geen samelewing funksioneer soos ons s'n nie...Ons het nie die reg om asem te haal nie want ons wit en in SA.
    Ek as n Wit vrou is te bang om die blok te gaan stap met my kind in sy stootwaentjie want ek kan geen verweer bied nie. Nie vir my nie en ook nie vir my pragtige seuntjie nie.
    Al ons vryheid word ons ontneem...tot ons Vrede!!
    Reenboog...die werklikheid is dat daar vir ons Wit Afrikaners en Engelsprekende mense in SA geen gevoel is nie.En jy kom en trap ons nog verder die duisternis in..As jy vanaand gaan le...los jou voordeur oop asook jou veiligheidshek...dan lewer jy more weer kommentaar....dan se jy eerlik of was jy rustig?

  67. Anonymous10:19 am


    Ek wil begin aanval.

    1. Anonymous4:14 pm

      Hou vas, hou vas. Nog so bietjie staan.

  68. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Mike, off topic, but please bear with me for now, Question: why do you you represent yourself as a some purple dog/animaltype thing when you can choose anything in the world?

  69. Anonymous1:15 pm



    die rede hoekom niemand jou wil debateer nie, dis tydmors. Ons kan nie n debat voer met iemand wat so gebreinspoel of onnosel is dat die persoon die basiese beginsels nie kan verstaan of begryp nie. Suka wena!

  70. Anonymous2:18 pm


  71. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Reënboog, dalk is ñ forum soos Litnet ñ beter opsie vir jou. Daar vloek hulle nie en verduur die liberaal-progessiewes mekaar tot die wederkoms.

    Hierdie blog kom al langer as 8 jaar saam en voor dit was daar die beroemde South Africa Sucks blog.

    Hierdie blog is beslis nie vir die verfynde tipe soos jy nie. Soms vloek ons, maar meestal rapporteer, dokumenteer en analiseer Mike die verval van die goeie ou Suid-Afrika onder die juk van die Marksistiese ANC en hul kommunistiese trawante.

    Nadat ek jou kommentaar hierbo weer noukeurig deurgelees het, is ek oortuig dat jou "beef" met regs-denkende Afrikaners is - nie soseer die gevloekery nie. Jy ag jouself as ñ persoon wat moreel en intellektueel verhewe is bo ñ groep mense wat, volgens jou, jou sosiale stand nie waardig is nie.

    Wel, dis fine met my. Enige persoon is seker maar geregtig op sy eie opinie. Die wonderlike ding van ñ opinie is dat dit is soos aambeie. Elke tweede poepol het een.

    Laastens, ek dink nie jy het enigiets om by te dra op hierdie blog nie. Lewer eerder jou kommentaar op Netwerk24 - ñ wonderlike forum vir poepolle soos jy.

    PS - dankie dat jy kom inloer het. Kom loer weer in nadat jy jou Damaskus oomblik gehad het.

    Drolletjie 3 in sy Ford Capri

  72. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Kan reënboog tog net leer hoe om die kolletjies bo sy naam te maak? En iemand moet hom leer hoe om "redenasie" te spel. Met sy "reddenasie" wonder ek hoe red -mens-so-'n-nasie. Hy kan nie eers redeneer nie, wat nog van reddeneer? lol