06 May 2016

Is the time right to Resurrect South Africa Sucks?

By Mike Smith

6th of May 2016

There was a time in South Africa about ten years ago when I (liberal doos that I was) reached the end of my attempts at reconciliation with the Rainbow Nation and the New Kumbaya South Africa and some like minded friends convinced me to join their group of right thinking rebels.

A bit naively, a bit nationalistic, I spoke with my friend the Uhuru Guru...

Along with a well known SA Journalist we started a website called SA Sucks to chronicle the demise of a once First World country into the slippery slide of a Marxist Third World  black hole.

Bunch of dumb whiteys we were

At first we only wanted to chronicle the demise of the once first world Atomic power South Africa with a space program into a third world hell hole. We never realised what monster we created. Suddenly I realised I was not the only naive one at all. There were thousands of people supporting us.

In the days of South Africa hugging the Bullshit Rainbow nation...We at South Africa Sucks were the only ones speaking the truth.

In our glory days we were feared and admired alike. On my watch...18,000 hits per day.

We were shut down ...and resurrected nine times.

Our leaders had other interests. Basically South Africa did not matter that much anymore. I personally ran SA Sucks man alone for nine months all by myself. Eventually I went man alone.

Today I run my own site ...for the last eight years I must say . I have produced more than 1600 articles, If that does not convince you of my commitment nothing will.

When the day comes that my daughter and my seventh month old grandson in Holland ask me. “But grand-dad why did you not ever fight back”. Bearing in mind that his father is in the Dutch Special Forces.

What should I answer my grandson? How will I look him in the eye?

All I can say is, “My boy, I fought, your dad fought, now you fight.”

I am here and l will fight alongside of you until the day I die”.

However, I know for sure that we can grow stronger than this. People who know me, like my personal friends in Fish Hoek my friends in Pretoria like J.P. Viljoen whom I met at the >Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria Know that I am not just an ordinary person. I am Mike Smith. JP and I stood in front of that eternal flame and I recommitted myself to my duty to my people and my God. Just like I do every year when I visit the Voortrekker monument..

The question is....”Shall we continue to congregate here or shall we relaunch SA Sucks with a vengeance?

I held the flame for eight years now. My arm is slowly getting tired

So here is a call to all our former SA Sucks contributors...Knorrig, Grumble Guts. UhuruGuru, Dark Raven, etc. ....tree aan julle sleg fokkers.. tyd dat ons volstoom gaan teen die korrupte ANC.

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  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Hell yeah! I say yes - as long as the Uhuru Guru-stalkers Ingrid Denzin and crackpot Keith Ainsley Smith are kept from commenting on the revived SASucks blog.

    But yeah, South Africa now sucks more than ever before... I'm all for SASUCKS return.

  2. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Behind you Mike, get the ball rolling ad we will contribute and help you get the flame going.....

  3. Anonymous8:14 pm

    I dont want to pop your bubble, but some of those people you mention are deeply flawed individuals. The UG for one suffers from several mental disorders. For the most part you seem a decent enough chap, perhaps a bit closed minded to your own foibles, but then none of us are perfect. Your friends UG and Dark Raven on the other hand are very far from leadership material.

    I say this as someone who has passed an officer selection board, been in charge of engineering departments and run my own business. Should you wish to resurrect and expand a site to give people a lighthouse in the gathering darkness I would recommend some focused psychometric testing and screening of whomsoever you bring on board.

    Your life and liberty may depend on it.

    1. That is your opinion. However when the time mattered those individuals made a difference. Without them there would not have been a Mike Smith or Uncle Cracker today.

    2. Anonymous1:18 am

      'Psychometric testing' and 'leadership material'...?

      These people are blog writers, its their writing, arguments and research which matters.
      They're not forming a SWAT team.

      For 'screening', they get a chance to contribute, if the material is not up to standard, it doesn't get posted or they get replaced.

    3. ...officer selection board... and ...some focused psychometric testing...

      WHAAAA!!! Is the no end to your humility. The advantage that this blog has is that it's run by ordinary people that are gatvol by the criminals in charge and are severely limited in having any say in the way that the tosspots in parliament run the show.
      'deeply flawed individuals' indeed!!!

    4. @anon8:14PM, no disrespect intended, passing selection and been an operative or officer are 2 sides of a coin, completely different when you look at them.

      Not all officer are leaders and not all leaders are officer.

      I can name a leader for you, Frederick Courtney Selous, he lead men from the front and never considered himself an officer.

      Officer I can name from more recent times, any of those lieutenant and Captains that were indesivive about where the RV was and which grid we were in when having to send a sit rap.

      True leaders and officers, Jan Christiaan Smuts, Winston Churchill two that immediately come to mind. They led men into battle and controlled the situation at the same time.

      So before you slate the man's leadership qualities by the nature of his character, put him to the test. Thats what selection is suppose to do but it never has achieved its purpose 100% that is why operation is required to follow selection so that the mettle of the graduate can be assessed.

      Most Pip and star wearing men in uniform got there because of diplomas and degrees, I see a lot of graduates today and have see in the past that are wind officers, fuck! They were and are still not even piss.

      Had you seriously been operational and spent time hiking around mopane scrub, soft desert sand, sleeping under a twinkling Sky's, waking to breathtaking sunrises and sweating litres out in hot days you would know that the toffee only went uh, ummmm, uh well what do you think sergeant?"

      You see an officer is an officer but a NCO is the leader, he was the face of battle, he was the inspiration and he got the job done.

      So let Mike's friends do their job because their job is to get the job done, not be the post mortem voice of battle and wear the shiny shit.

      I see you like polishing your marble, bloody good on you for being in charge of engineering departments, did you ever thank the people that kept you there?

      Sorry Mike but I need to do this.

      You are so fucking full of yourself and wanting bling and shiny shit that you have to tell the world about your achievements, you are the typical toffee nose that I refer to up above

      I would take 1000000000 of those" mental disorders" as you call them, into battle with me before I allow you to lead me, those boys would have my back, you would be selling me out behind my back.

    5. Anonymous2:49 am

      Jaaaaa Swaer,--I merely stated some of my background, no need to shit yourself. I'm just as anonymous as you and would like to keep it that way. I've had off-line contact with some of the bloggers who ran that blog and if you are willing to take them at face value based on a few blog posts and make decisions based on that, -then good luck. Its probably the reason you never made officer. Its called having good judgement, enjoy yourself with the other boeremag maatjies when you get stabbed in the back by the people you believe "have your back".

      ps, you sure do TALK a good fight.

    6. @ Grumbleguts, your reaction attests to experience of similar nature to mine.

      Fucking Toffee were always looking for a reason, a route, a detour, a delay, always wanting to avoid the confrontation and lead swop.

      Fuck! Call me insane but I was never a coward and never will be a coward.

      Another one of those retard arse lickers that voted yes in 92.

      Quite a decent chap, I do fucking say. Cunts! The lot of them that want to mince the truth in a hamburger patty.

    7. Anonymous3:40 am

      First of all, SA Sucks is a bad name for a blog. It reeks of sour grapes from people who have left and have no intention of ever returning.

      South Africa doesn't suck; the ANC and crime suck.

      I think Mike Smith's Political Commentary is a far better name because it's neutral and is an established brand. You don't just throw out an established brand and invite bloggers known for creating personal agendas which have nothing to do with the real agenda - the ANC and crime - and the blog gets taken because somebody has been hunted down, had their computer hacked and been harassed with death threats.

      What you said about only sleeping a couple of hours a night, we all understand, it's not good for your health. Post less frequently then. But please don't bring the loonies back. You don't owe any loyalty to plain nasty, destructive fucks.

    8. @anon2:45AM. You should see me in the thick or it.

      Then you will say I fight a good fight.

      I friend and countryman, I allow you you're opinion and I thank you for allowing me mine.

      We can trade insult for I love a good fight.

      You as an officer should know that an army cannot choose its soldiers.

    9. Anonymous9:07 am


      Since the Union we have never had a good, solid leader.

      They all became intellectuals and the situation we find ourselves in, is not intelligent.

      They have all been spiritually blind. They have tried to build SA up intellectually, while attempting to govern, rule with nations we should have chased out a long time ago.

      If by the grace of God, we had this country back, doing and running it intellectually will land us in the same shit.

      I have no problem with intellectuals, so long as they stay in universities. You cant govern a country from a text book, it has to be something more.

      These new breed of politicians are all weak, all spiritually blind and in order to govern, you have to be part of the new world order.

      It will be the heathens which turn us or destroy us.

    10. Anonymous11:38 am

      The globalists are in leadership position.

      Some how you have no credibility with such rubbish comments

    11. Anonymous1:34 pm

      @Grumbleguts,--Do you remember how that blog ended? It was precisely due to the personalities involved,-hence psycho testing and screening. South Africans biggest problem has always been that put 3 of them together and you get 4 opinions, 6 leaders and at least 2 traitors. Recce's were successful PRECISELY because of the mental and physical testing and having small teams. It only takes one rotten apple to make the barrel vrot.

      @LTMA,-everything you say leads me to one inescapable conclusion, in the old days we had a phrase for you guys, " Agter elke bokkop sit n vokkop". Cannon fodder, that's all you're good for.

      @ Anonymous 3:40AM,- THANK YOU,--I still have hope when people like you comment on this blog with well reasoned and thoughtful commentary. Its thinking that will win this war, not emotive running around our own arseholes.

      @ Boere Ninja,--You need to focus mate, You're all over the place, running off at the mouth, responding to everything. I don't have a problem with your God or with spirituality per se, but you need to tone it down. The way you fire off hundreds of long winded comments on each and every thing gives the impression that you are very highly strung and non mentally altogether either.

      Off to polish my marble, silver and gold now, so use it, dont use it. I don't really care any more.

    12. @ anon1:34 PM. After elke bokkop sit n vokkop. Maybe so but we did the stuff that needed to be done.

      We didn't stop ccaring,because we had to make sure the arseholes that did were safe, so Mr officer polish your shiny shit and I will take the responsibility for your fight that you're to fucking scared to fight.

      Why the fuck are you still here, you should have fucked off long ago because youre just another bitching, moaning, complaining, infighter that we do not need.

      You're one of the reason this country went to shit because you stopped caring and never fought for fuck all in your life.

      I fucking hope your black retards will listen to your fucking non emotive thoughts as they are busy cutting chunks out of you.

      Now go do some more non emotive thinking while we do the business here that needs to be done.

    13. @anon1:34PM. Good morning Toffee, I am not quite finished with you yet.

      Tell how you measure success, you say the recces we so successful, come give me your measurement of success.

      Their pshcyo metrics were not that fucking great mate. Considering that the ones I know are fucking alcoholics, fucked up in the head and generally are Glory's boys waiting to somebody to come and praise them.

      If that is your measurement of success then how the fucked do you measure life? You see life is a challenge and success is measured in my books as to how you overcome that challenge.

      So leave the bokkoppe out of it, you do not know what the fuck you are talking about, most of those boys were put there because they were needed there.

      I suppose as the creed of this blog states " where the truth hurts" I come to the " inescapable conclusion" that I hit a nerve with you. Uh uuuum uh so what now sergeant, ring a bell?

      You so fucking focused that you are looking for any excuse to fucking run aren't you, you're another of the 92 yes boys, I bet.

      I also bet you make up the 4 opinions and 2 traitors, so why don't you go and fuck yourself with your non emotive mouth and leave us here to sort out what you cannot.

    14. Anonymous4:00 am

      @LTMA: The recce's coming back mental wrecks, alcoholics, fucked up, delusions of grandeur .. they were bound to secrecy about what they saw and did in Angola. Severe, unfixable, post traumatic stress disorder for the rest of their lives.

      My own parents were captured in Java and incarcerated in Japanese POW camps in Burma for several years. They came out totally fucked up. Their children had a horrible childhood with drunk, violent parents throttling each other and knocking out teeth in the lounge to the strains of classical music.

      Tell me about it.

    15. Anon 1:34 - I was / am a Bokkop [do you ever stop being one?] and fucking proud of it. No, we definitely weren't canon fodder. We made canon fodder of the opposition.And what is a Recce other than an infantryman with a bit more lattitude and scope of operation. I trained with the original 30-odd, Alpha Group, at the Infantry School in Oudtshoorn in 1971 when Col.Jan Breytenbag was still a major. I had no choice. I was seconded from 1 SAI to them, more as a guinea pig. And I can promise you, among that lot, there were quite a few who you could call drop outs from society.

      Conversely, I have a few ex-Rec mates who are pillars of society today, but they came from all walks of life.

      And LTMA is correct. The section leaders and troepe, the manne on the ground, fight the wars. I have had young platoon commanders who we've told that they are the boss in camp and on the parade ground, but out in the bush one of us, older and more experienced guys, will take over.

    16. Let me clarify myself here, I am not digging at the SF guys, they are a breed apart and they are tougher, nastier and just more efficient than most. They are still human and also have nightmares and memories to deal with.

      I am actually having a go at the Toffee that defended the other toffee, he used the recces psycho metrics as an example, I just wanted to high light the fact that those psycho metrics were it as successful as he thinks.

      I hate negativity as much as I hate retard, there is no difference between negativity and retards, they both eat away at you insidiously, only negativity is an inside job that tries to feed on others as well. Retard is an outside job that just infuriates.

      And the original Toffee was negative and could not find a light. So please chaps do not think I do not respect SF guys. I do.

    17. Anonymous2:03 pm

      LTMA. There is a big difference between healthy scepticism born of experience and retarded thinking. Think first. Then talk.

      Do you know what the dead and the stupid have in common? The dead cause grief to those left behind who miss them, but being dead they are oblivious. The stupid are the same. They irritate the hell out of others while remaining oblivious themselves.

    18. @anon2:03PM Toffee, come now is that the best you can do, all that education and you come up with this shit, shame man.

      Let me give you another version. You're the one that's irritated with yourself, your scepticism and fear and uncertainty, drives the irritation within you so high that you frustrate yourself.

      You're not man enough to grab the bull by the horns so you pull on its tail but through the safety of the coral bars.

      You envy the men that will stand up and fight the fight and will lay it on the line, you know you never could and never would so this knocks your self esteem.

      You will try and satisfy your ego by posting a comment that one irritates you by their responses rather than throw yourself into the fight and join the union.

      Listen, Toffee. I do not give a shit who the fuck I irritate my aim here is to get rid of the scourge that infests my land. I really do not mind irritating a few toffee and libs if in the end I can achieve my goal.

      The one thing you must realise is that there is no time to play master now, the time is quickly approaching where even masters will need to bend their backs into the cause. So decide where you want to be, because the are no free ride passengers on the bus.

    19. Anonymous4:24 am

      LTMA: You bluster like a burst bagpipe.

    20. I hear you, I am not going to argue with you. Its a pointless exercise. I will leave you to your opinion and I shall retain mine.

  4. What do you need from me?

    1. Your commitment is already enough.

  5. PreatorianXVI8:29 pm

    A Definite YES!!!

    As part of the postings, keep on educating people on how these communists use their Socialist creep to gain total control over people / country and draw on some international contributors who can let South Africans know how people outside South Africa currently see the place and perceptions from abroad.

    Any takers on releasing your book - Pandora's Apartheid Box ?

    Does not matter who you vote for or who the president is, they will not change anything for you or anyone, you do it yourself.

    1. Anonymous1:26 am

      Jeeez. The book has been released already... Just move your mouse a few inches to the right of your comment and click on the cute blue text on the screen.


    2. Re: trying to improve a government by voting: We've had a saying in the States for 40 years or so: " If voting could actually change anything it would be illegal."

    3. PreatorianXVI7:06 am

      I have read it electronically TX, all of it, I was asking about a nice Coffee table paper version, so I can send unsolicited gifts to people....

  6. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Go for it Mike, here is a bit of inspiration to get you started...

    1. Anonymous1:27 am

      Ek was n geharde soldaat en is nou al lank in die tand, maar jy het sopas vir my n taan laat stort.

    2. Inspiration indeed.

  7. Willem Wikkelspies9:09 pm

    Hell yeah

  8. Gawd, it's like raising the dead Mike ;)

    1. Yes. That is why I asked the question. Some people want to see SA Sucks back and others don't. Some want a new name for it. Personally I have been bothered by several people to resurrect it, but I am heavily two-minded about it.

  9. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Good Luck! I however think it should be SA Fucked.

    1. I suggest "Commies stole our country and turned it into Hell." Might have to shorten it to an acronym but...

  10. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Yes Mike, you are providing the best service possible of one man, but I think you should now enlist the power of many. With much gratitude for your excellent blog. Tom

  11. I'm in. Send the link to my mail address.

    1. Never doubted that you would not be back ;-)

  12. Anonymous11:30 pm

    I was just thinking the other day that you might end up like Uhuru Guru with a SWAT team raiding you :)

    1. Let em try. This blog will go from 6000 a day to 100,000 a day.

    2. Anonymous4:29 am

      Why would you want a readership of 100,000 who are really only rubberneckers looking at a train smash inside a lunatic asylum?

    3. Anonymous8:41 am

      Anon4:29 am, makes great entertaiment in some sick way.

  13. Anonymous11:34 pm

    They can also contribute here too. What difference does it make where you go?

    Just exercize your free speech. Feeneeesh en klaaar.

  14. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Yes! Do it! But find a way so thry don't have it taken down. Also allow an upload section to send photos and our own anti and graphics.

    1. In the mean time you can send all articles and pics to my e-mail uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

      I cannot comment on everything. Not enough time, but I will try my best.

    2. Anonymous10:34 am

      Raise it Mike, Raise the banner. What was that old American war of independence phrase, "Shot heard round the world". Well let your blog be the one "read round the world", and may the first salvo be at those arsehole liberals that got us into this mess. I see Londonistan has just elected its first slum oue mayor, kry vir jou lekker.

    3. Anonymous12:26 pm

      "... don't have it taken down. Also allow an upload section to send photos and our own anti and graphics."

      A chan board would be perfect. Will discuss with Mike and UG.


  15. Anonymous12:05 am

    I would suggest wait till after the elections. Although I firmly believe that no matter what happens over the next few months, Zuma stays president.
    Malema has threatened to take up arms against the ANC, then there is a province (Mpumalanga ??) that want him to join the ANC again. Either way, he is going to take a couple of votes. And with his party getting man handled in parliament, he now has to put his money where his mouth is.
    So I say wait, with a bit of luck these guys are going to start taking each other out.
    Important you know your enemy. Right now we not to sure on who it will be after the election. Our "democrazy" could change to a dictatorship.
    Which is quite normal for Africa.


    1. Anonymous4:26 am

      Oh for sure, Zuma will hang around until at least 2019. The downgrade is for sure too, it might even happen next month that's why the rand is so weak and what can you expect when Zuma sends his minister of finance to try to persuade the banks to continue to have dealings with his money laundering pals. Shit for brains.

  16. Anonymous1:22 am

    Aaah. Memories... Memories

    I remember that Richard Caitor Satanist as well :-)

    1. Anonymous4:21 am

      Richard Catto isn't a satanist. The boy is a bit dim though.

    2. Anonymous11:42 am

      ooohhhh.... Sure he isnt anon 4:21 AM


    3. Anonymous3:29 am

      Ag, that's just silly nonsense, like dressing up for Halloween. Richard Catto is pure marshmallow, a harmless guy.

  17. Anonymous1:37 am

    Mike, ek se gaan voluit. Ons is leierloos, besluiteloos en geknak tot in ons siel. Jou voorstel is die doepa wat ons miskien uit die donker gat kan help. n "woordeleier" soos jy is wat ons nodig het om die volk nader aan mekaar te bring.

  18. Anonymous1:46 am

    Pielstywe post Oom!!!
    Eli the Bearded.......... :-)

    1. Howzit Boet? Stroh still?

    2. Anonymous3:39 am

      The STroh would have fried his liver by now

  19. Adrem1:49 am

    I too support your suggestion, based on the fact that you have a much deeper insight into the heart of the matter than I now have. Trust is something very important and that is why my confidence in you Mike stays were is has always been: right on the top. If I can be of help, do let me know.

  20. Anonymous2:05 am

    Honestly, with what is happening with Europe, America and basically the whole northern hemisphere, perhaps it is necessary to have all hands on deck

  21. Anonymous3:30 am

    White_African: I was devestated when sasucks was shut down, I had just been become a contributor too! If it ever goes up again would love to be a part of it again! Daily reader but hardly comment Mike, been following you since 2010!

  22. Stephen3:38 am

    Hi Mike

    Allways admired your continued diligence .
    I remember how refreshing it was finding this site, was so glad hear that 'lone voice crying in the desert ' , made me realise I'm not alone and ever since your site has become a fortress .

    I'm sure all of us are onboard Mike .
    Maybe in the future we can all physicly get together , wouldn't it be great to not just have 6000 - 10 000 hits,but 6000-10 000 men standing with you , just like we do on here.

    1. Anonymous6:32 am


      Amen to that Stephen.

      I would like in the end an entire nation coming together, 4.5 - 4.7 million - oh it will, I know it and it will not be too long either when this economy tanks and we are attacked.

  23. Ek is nuut op hierdie blad hou van die manier wat Mike die spyker op die kop slaan.
    Daar is egter een probleem almal praat en my oorlede oupa het my geleer dat van te veel gepraat word daar niks gedoen. Dit is nou die tyd om almal wat ONS LAND wil red bymekaar te kry en strategie te praat, ek stel voor ons raak eerste ontslae van die verdomde bliksemse witgatte wat saam met die parasiet die land droogsuig. Hulle is al breinkrag wat die dom kaffers het, daarna kan ons soos ons voorvaders oorgaan na aksie en ontsla raak van die bliksemse gespuis

    1. @ Vic Steyn. Please, seriously, lets get a rally point where we can all go for a weekend and stand together.

      I will asist in organising it, but we will need help.

      Are there any Farmers that would welcome us to camp out for 2 nights somewhere on their land?

      The first steps towards a definite unity.

      What do you say?

    2. @ LTMA. Spare me some travel duties and organize it in the Karoo. Will see you there no probs

    3. @Dony, mate considering the amount of followers of this blog and geographical distances. I would say we would need at least 8 country wide venues to start with.

      I am going to have a Google into the matter, first things first is to find land owners to allow a large gathering of a totally new order followers fellowship to meet on their land.

      So if you know of any please send the info, not via this media though. I will set up something that allows such information to be passed on less blatantly.

      Like reconciliation day and May day and Freedom Day and fuck knows what other day I do believe we need a "Smiths" couple of days where we can celebrate our unity.

      So anybody with helpful, hints, tips and advice please assist in making Smiths days a reality.

      The negative, doom gloom and fucking sad can keep their shit. This will take a lot to get right but it can be done and can be done in 4 to 6 months, once again it relys on all of our team work, willingness and unity.

      It simple chaps, I cannot see us meeting in a rugby stadium for "Smiths day", rugby stadiums are to Quota orientated, soccer stadiums are just too one colour and have a hanging stench about them.

      We are not Angus type fellas so we will not be filling the venue with rainbow colours, our fellowship is whites only/ slegs blankes.

      Like everything in the universe, if you really have the passion and the desire to make it happen, you will.

      I hope I get your buy in. We need the unity and we need to know who we are because we know the enemy but we do not know ourselves as a combined unit yet.

    4. Anonymous11:06 pm

      Any sign of a lib trying to infect gets tagged for execution right there and then.

    5. I am fully behind you on this, LTMA. I hope we have your 4 - 6 months to organise. I think the first priority is a secure communication channel. Anybody that can assist LTMA with that, please help.

    6. Guys for me personally most people do not understand the power of FB. Yes i do spend a lot of time on various websites and blogs but on fb your audience is a lot bigger.

      Look at his page Miljoen Stemme Vir Steve- Members 201,680

      BOIKOT ABSA KKNK & BEDMAATS - Members 40,947

      Boere Krisis Aksie (B.K.A.) - 150,853 Total Page Likes

      Many others like these. All people we can influence. They are looking for something and they will find it on sites like these

      I personally do not have the time to manage a proper blog or FB group but if someone do have spare time on their hands just start of with a closed fb group.

      With a regional closed fb groups we can organize meetings.

  24. As ek dit so goed soos jy kon doen sou ek aantree...

  25. Anonymous6:30 am


    Mike was it not on the same lines as this blog? MS commentary?

    SA is amazing, but its the parasites that suck us dry.

    Not sure, what happens to this one and what will the tone be?

    It was a good blog though, I thought I was the only one seeing this country fall apart until I found that blog and then said thank the Lord!

    We will unite in the end, hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

    1. Anonymous7:54 am

      It would be nice if you could start your blog again about Siener Van Rensburg. I think then all the areas are covered.

  26. Just remember that SA Sucks was discontinued by Google several times. This never happened with this blog, so I would suggest that the others just post on your blog under their own names. Mike Smith's Political Commentary. Perfectly legal in our democratic society where Freedom of Speech is guaranteed.

    This blog is already legendary and I'm sure mention will be made of it in our new, black-free republic's history books.

    I would also suggest that this blog don't act like a liberal blog and not allow other people their freedom of speech. Everybody has his/her own opinion and should be heard, even if we don't agree with it. In the real world I see that more and more liberals are changing their points of view. The way things are going is clear to see to any person with intelligence. So if we can change some liberal views through this blog, it will also be great. Remember if they are commenting, means they are reading the blog. And that is exactly one of the purposes of a blog - to teach.

    Keep up the good work, Mike.

    1. Anonymous3:21 pm

      Agree - SA Sucks were blocked a lot. This blog is working.
      Thanks Mike et al for tellng it what it is. I am just amazed that most in SA are not aware what is goung on. Nor do they know about this blog. We need to spread the word. The sheeple are not informed. That is what we all need to do - spread this site

  27. Anonymous8:33 am

    Bring it on, UG wrote great entertainment articles.

  28. Detroit Refugee8:58 am

    My grandfather went fishing for Great White
    sharks off S.Africa coast @ 1970-71.
    I'd like to visit as well someday. However,
    crooked black cabbies, muggings, assault & murder aren't that appealing.

    When you guys right the ship, tourism will increase. I recently convinced a lady friend not to let her beautiful daughter accept a teaching position in S.A. They had no idea what a 22yr old blonde could face there.
    I.E. rape capital of the world! A young, impressionable recent college grad, would be easy prey.

    1. Anonymous11:03 pm

      That was a very good idea, she would have ended up in some ghetto, raped and cut up into little pieces for black heathen medicine. Well done, warn more people of the evil that has infested SA since the release of that anti-God man mandela and all his demons, thanks in part to our globalism money masters.

    2. Detroit, it was still a country when your dad came fishing. It was paradise then, not anymore. I have a friend, from the little town of my birth, who lives in SF. Her mom is going to visit her sometime now and I've urged Roz to keep her mom there. Her dad died a year or two ago so what on Earth would her mom want to come back here for.

  29. Mike please add me . I am old but I have a good aim.

  30. It would be a great idea to resurrect SA Sucks (see my email) but consider the concentrated attacks on the site, you should include warnings to contributors to speak the truth but moderate the "i hate kaffers" stuff...the nignogs get quite tense, as does the lefty catto faggy brigade...maybe redact the obvious without deleting the contribution?

  31. And why not.?.?

    Take it up a notch Mike. With collective effort and some elbow grease we can build something to the likes of Alex Jones' Infowars, Prison Planet.com and Drudge Report, but with our own model unique to the RSA situation. A totally independant alternative media platform, packing enough punch to challenge the liberal mass media. We've lost the fight, but let's make sure we win the war.

    Currently 3000-6000 hits a day.? Then sure we have website developers, software experts, historians, and all round smart guys on board who can help manage this...

    Get a vision and a dream so big that it 'scares' you. 100'000 hits.? For phase 1 yes..
    We can build something spectacular, something to be feared by the Communists. If well organized and disiplined we will stand unmatched by counter efforts from the Kaffir Government because we will build on 1 solid foundation,, the truth.

    Mike. You say how high and how wide you want to go, and I say you have a legion of people who will commit. You're a bit tired, but this is where you're gonna have to push even harder. You're not alone.

    We're stepping into the twilight zone and this is where it gets interesting,,, or just dies a quiet death.

    Talk is cheap, I know. But I'm in.

    Fratres in armis

    1. Anonymous5:00 am

      Jones is another disinformation agent financed by the Zionist cabal. When will you lot get it?

    2. Anonymous11:25 am

      Anon 5:00 AM Put forth your evidence or suspicions.

  32. Anonymous1:42 am

    Dont flog a dead horse. Rather create something new

  33. I think it (ZASUCKS) had its time thanks and it was wonderful in its day. What I enjoy about your blog is that it is so humorous; much lacking in politics. However asides from the satire, you also have a genuine intellectual and historical component. Much appreciated. Mike, maybe you could have readers guest articles from time to time? Okayed by you? Even I have written some funny/true ones....

    The important thing is also that we all don't have to agree on everything, just that we are all in the same ballpark. In fact sometimes contradictory analyses are simultaneously true...

    Love yr blog Mike and LOVE yr insults.


  34. Commenting is too complicated.

  35. Anonymous9:39 am

    Hell bloody yes, Mike! Please don't abandon your blog, however. The two complemented each other very nicely.

  36. Hi Mike

    We had some serious fun on SA Sucks! I look back on it with mixed feelings though. Met some fantastic people, many of whom remain good friends to this day. Sadly, we also got exposed to the worst scum imaginable as one of your commentators pointed out. It was the best of times but it was also the worst of times. I remember screaming with laughter at some of the comments during the morning, then almost crying with anguish at some horrific anti-White hate crime later that evening.

    In our private correspondence you've raised the SAS revival issue a few times over the years. Not only you - lots of people have asked.
    The real question is, why SA Sucks again? Brand equity? Infamy? Its been dead for almost 7 years and although most of your readers remember it, I doubt it has the brand equity of "Mike Smith's Political Commentary". You've single-handedly run with the torch for the past six years and built up quite an estimable presence. Nobody else from SAS has done this so if anyone deserves to be saluted, its you.

    To answer my own question though, I suspect its probably to recapture the spirit and maybe even the "esprit de corps" we had on SAS. Having several different bloggers offers readers divergent opinions - multiple channels, so to speak.

    Logistically, it takes the pressure off you and spreads the load. On the down side, it reintroduces the internal 'behind the scenes' politics. Very few readers know about the intense infighting and reprehensible back-stabbing that went on...

    Getting raided by the NIA & anti-terrorism units was a bit of a downer. Having to flee SA in fear of one's life not too cool either, although that was a given. I knew the risks but was a selfish doos for exposing my family to it.

    Curiously, what surprises me is why SAS got shut down 9 times, yet your blog hasn't suffered the same fate even once. OK, so we occasionally used the kaffir / jiggaboo / jungle bunny slurs, we posted horrific pics of murdered people, dead piccanins slaughtered for muti, Tom Shelley's Niggermania cartoons and a slew of seriously tasteless but hysterically funny imagery...but we also wrote some hard-hitting articles that cut through the PC bullshit and negated the Ministry Of Truth style MSM propaganda. Which do you think scared them more? Or was it the cumulative product? And in the same vein, what exactly was it that attracted the crazed stalkers (like that geriatric coprophilic c*nt Ingrid Marit Denzin, when she can detach her wrinkled, smelly carcass from the doorknob) like flies to a fresh turd?

    So would I blog again? Hell yes! I've been dying to, for the past seven years Mike but let me qualify...thing is, I have more important and pressing stuff to do right now. Business is booming and I'm beyond manic busy. My IT company has taken off like a home-sick angel - I've landed a few lucrative contracts that in SA would have only been in my wildest dreams. So anything that detracts focus from that will cost me dearly. During the SAS days I sacrificed massively for the benefit of the blog, something that cannot be quantified into a figure but it was astronomical. Earlier, one of your readers (probably that loser from NZ whose horny wife needs a service) questioned my mental health and to be fair, he can't be blamed for thinking me as nuts for investing so much time and effort into SAS. Looking back, I agree with him albeit for different reasons entirely.

    To conclude, yes I agree you should start something like SAS, but call it something else. The SAS brand became toxic. I'll happily contribute as & when time allows. Get Knorrig and some other good people on-board (Eli's videos?)and it could be a winner.

    1. Thanks for the comment mate.

    2. Anonymous6:17 am

      Oh sheezus it's like owning a Mercedes but wanting to get the guy who invented the wheel on board out of gratitude. A broken wheel, too.

    3. Anonymous11:35 am

      Glad you're in Mike, ditto UG.

      I spoke to DR, she's too busy at the moment, unfortunately.

      We'll do it on a chan board this time round... for it is impossible to be yanked by Mandeadlatopian SJWs like Rendier &ilk.

      Plus a chan board guarantees anonymity - for those who want. (see the legendary /pol/ and /b/ ... the true power behind the American AltRight (and Trump)

      PS.the founder of the Dark Enlightenment (#NRx), Mencius Moldug, was an avid SAS reader. He particularly liked your stuff, UG :)

      Gimme a week to set everything up ;)

      Mike, will email you.


    4. Hey Kumpel Knorrig K (shall refer henceforth to you as KKK :) thanks for the heads-up on Mencius, will check him out.

      Ons Saak is Reg.

  37. Perhaps keep this blog but also publish other contributors? A burden shared is a burden halved. Mike your insight is a light in the darkness. But share the load. Perhaps all getting together for a weekend not a bad idea. My cuz has a plot outside Potch. How many people are we talking about?

  38. Jamie, talk to your cuz, thank you for coming back. I will get numbers, it will be the vaal chapter that meets there, for want of a better word.

    I think that this Smith fella has too many followers of this blog to get together in one hit at one place.

    It could rival ZCC, I will keep you informed on numbers.

    Thanks again, mate.

    1. LT, I'm in mate. Wherever you organise it, its never going to be near me anyway, There's no place "near" here.

    2. TT, have you guys got cars where you live, does GPS work where you live? Just kidding you mate.

      Let's see if we can,get you to something that is civilised.

      I have started working on it already.

    3. LT, we are civilised where I [and Donycero] live. It's you guys in the cities we worry about. Stay close with Suidlanders, Bud.

  39. Anonymous12:04 am

    Hi Mike, the alt-right movement in the USA has been hugely successful thanks to a few dissident sites and forums.

    If you do start a new version of SAS (I would also recommend a different name) , please consider adding a forum. I'm sure there are many IT guys on this blog who would be willing to help.

    Examples would be "therightstuff.biz" and MyPostingCareer (mpc).

    Forum members would collectively decide on different MSM sites, and anti-white "activists" to target on a weekly basis; create and distribute funny memes; band together on twitter to convert (red-pill) libs and cucks, etc. They even have weekly podcasts with different interesting guests.

    These forums have been at the center of the nationalist revival they are currently undergoing.

    It would be great if we could have something similar in SA.

  40. Anonymous12:46 am

    I never knew the SASUCKS blog but I cannot get enough of this blog so I support you all the way and would help in any way I can!

  41. It is a good idea in theory but not in practise in my humble opinion. There is a lot of euphoria linked to the SASUCKS blog as with many struggles due to the shared burden carried by the writers and the shared haven for like minded readers and it served its purpose beautifully!

    Yet its purpose was for filled and it was an invaluable learning curve for not only contributors and supporters but also enemies of which there were no shortage. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link and in my opinion that was the reason for the SASUCKS brand faltering in the end where this blog succeeded. Correct me if I'm wrong but my impression was that certain individuals were targeted more then others to not only find the weakest link but also to divide and after a show of force with the raid on UG it all fell apart as everyone felt isolated and vulnerable.

    What makes this blog strong is not only lessons learned under the SASUCKS brand but also firm leadership as you have a single dedicated individual managing the initiative which makes all the tactics developed by the enemy to bring down SASUCKS obsolete with no redundancies to fall back on. SASUCKS was an invaluable step as it not only developed the knowledge for such an undertaking but also created the platform for writers like yourself to come into your own and develop a following which ultimately led to the creation of this blog and all the success that followed. I also agree that it is time for you to share the burden and provide a guided platform for other contributors to have their voices heard and opinions published to not only help carry the torch but also have it scrutinised as to collectively enlighten not only the bittereinders but also the lost souls of which there are many still waiting to be saved from the clutches of liberalism and the MSM.

    You've established a respected brand with this blog and I would strongly urge you to rather build on this using the best of the SASUCKS concept but avoiding the weaknesses by opening your blog to other contributors under your experienced guidance thus not only cultivating new talent but also giving you some breathing room. I for one would be honoured to have the privilege to contribute to this blog instead of maintaining my own thereby consolidating the readers into one trusted bastion of resistance and truth instead of having many blogs which ends up robbing readers from like minded opinions based on the truth.

    Consolidating under a trusted brand like yours also shatters the perception that you are alone in your thinking and completely isolated because of your limited exposure with multiple small blogs.

    That is my two cents worth, keep up the good work Mike!

  42. Mike, don't know what to say. Whatever you decide, but I am inclined to go with this blog, with contributions for "outsiders"?

    Just be sure to please include me in whatever you do though.

  43. Smelt...fully agree. Makes sense.
    LTMA...will talk to cuz and revert.

  44. Anonymous5:24 pm

    No. You publish well researched articles with links to sources. SAS was infamous for publishing poorly researched articles, often without links to the original sources and frequently false. Your brand is more polished and professional, and as a consequence you probably have a better class of reader. In other words, you have more of a chance of being taken seriously. SAS? Never.

    1. Oh bullshit, what a vexatious lie. Articles were carefully referenced, sources attributed and cited facts verifiable. On the rare occasion that something proved incorrect, we either withdrew the article or posted an updated correction.

      At its pinnacle we had 12 contributors and roughly 8 000 daily readers. Editing posts and comments became a full time job. Sometimes stuff slipped through the net, including a few contributors who turned out to be a massive embarrassment, like the black crack-whore loving welfare parasite Neo-Nazi who called himself Marwinscum.

      Then we had the bull-dyke land whales like Nkonkoni and Lara Johnson aka Johnstone / Braveheart / negro murderer groupie, the deranged sexually frustrated past-their-prime stalkers like Ingrid Marit Denzin and Agnes Stasi Sieg fucking Heil whom I'm told still suffer from massive penis envy, amongst a range of other serious psychiatric disorders.

      Also worth a mention is the horde of white race traitors who "self-identify as black" like the Jew pornographer Greg, the utterly deluded multi-cultural virtue signallers Keith "Brain Tumour" Ainsley Smith and their swivel-eyed cohorts Richard "murder all White Afrikaner children" Catto.

      Add to this toxic mix the wanker assholes I fired from SA Sucks, who then ran off to create their own facsimiles (all of whom miserably failed) like I LUV SA and a ton others.

      Between this lot and the Auschwitz-fixated national socialist "SA Sucks is a Jew false flag operation" readers, we had no shortage of detractors. In fact it almost compares to the hate hysteria around Donald Trump...So your stupid comment comes as no surprise.

  45. Anonymous2:05 am

    "A bit naively, a bit nationalistic, I spoke with my friend the Uhuru Guru..."

    I don't mean to gloat but I was only 17 when I awakened to nationalism, while you were at least older than 35. But we all should become nationalists at some point; you can only love humanity if you are a nationalist.

  46. Anonymous2:25 am

    No more running, now is time for fighting for real.

  47. Anonymous9:48 pm

    I just cannot forget good ol' SASucks. New in SA I was sitting gobsmacked in Durban reading about the Uhuru Gurus merting with the Eischcom inspectors who came to read his meter... After he had changed to prepaid. It really opened my Scottish eyes for the backwardness and awkwardness of the majority population. Also I remember the detective work involved in finding it again every time it was taken down. Yes, please rise from the ashes! Eric, Debban