07 May 2016

How the ANC regime is lying about Land Reform, BEE and everything else

By Mike Smith
8th of May 2016

The ANC is doing their darnest to steal the land of white farm owners and claim that this is what “the people” (read ANC) wants. They do the same with white businesses through the Employment Equity laws, BEE and Affirmative Action.

The common lie perpetuated by the ANC is that blacks want farm land, but this is false. They want jobs and they want the best person to get the job not BEE or AA.

Like I have said many times in the past, Black Economic Empowerment has nothing to do with empowering blacks economically. It is all about de-empowering whites economically.

To a Communist there are basically three hills to conquer on the battlefield; The Political one, the Military one and the Economic one.

The ANC already conquered the first two, but they feel that the last one is not fully in their power yet and therefore their “revolution” is not complete.

That is why they don’t care if SA is relegated to junk status or the currency collapses. It is all part of their ultimate plan. The revolution will only be complete after the total and utter economical destruction of the whites and they don’t care if they bring the entire country down with it and how many blacks will suffer because of it. It is all just collateral damage to them.

People make the mistake of thinking the ANC care only about blacks and not about whites. They don’t. The ANC care only about themselves. To the ANC blacks are just pawns and voting fodder. Blacks are just a means of keeping them in power forever so they can steal as much as possible.

The only way they can do this is to play on black’s emotions about whites who have stolen their land, their wealth, etc. Of course all lies, but it works.

However the truth is much different. Last year during September, the South African Institute of Race Relations did an elaborate survey amongst South Africans and the results are now out and published by Dr. Anthea Jeffery

BEE doesn’t work, but EED would

EED (Economic Empowerment for the Disadvantaged)

Here are some of the surprising results of the survey that exposes all the lies of the ANC about BEE,AA and land reform:

78% of blacks said that more jobs and better education will improve their lives and only 2% felt that more Land Reform would.

85% of Blacks felt that the best person should be given the job regardless of race and only 54% felt that AA has helped black South Africans in general. 37% believed it improved their own communities and only 17% felt that they personally benefitted from AA.

In Municipal appointments 93% of blacks felt that the ability to do the job should be the main criteria and only 1% felt that these appointments should be based on race.

In the appointment of senior jobs in Business, 92% of blacks felt that the ability to the job should be the main criteria and only 3% felt it should be based on race.

94% of blacks felt that people should get government tenders based on their ability to do the job and only 2% felt it should be based on race.

88% of blacks felt that they have personally benefitted from Land Reform and given the choice between Urban and Farm land only 40% would prefer farm land.


  1. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Mikey it seems over the years our situation has tendency to spark up the possibility of G-day and then it slowly dies out again.
    Judging by the EFF war rhetoric how long do you think it will take for things to finally kick off?
    Or are we in for just another year of ever mounting farm murders and social media rants?

  2. "88% felt they have personally benefitted from land reform"

    How can this be if 88% of them still live in squater camps and is worse off than during Apartheid?

    Must be some mass mindfuck going on in the locations. I think it is that word "feel". They feel to much and grasp to little.

    1. Donycero, you are right about "feel". Too many people cannot think for themselve and go around rationalizing their feelings. Trying to teach them to think is an excersize in frustation.

      The funny thing is that today, people have direct access to much more information than previously, but instead of analyzing the information and reasoning about it, the information is ignored if it hurts their feelings.

      They are starving among plenty.

    2. Dawid right on mate. So frustrating but at least the readers on here get a taste of reality

  3. There is one thing I don't understand about all these land claims: in the eighties, an uncle of mine was looking to purchase some land in nortern Transvaal. This was tribal land, but has been lying fallow for something like 30 years, because the balck so called farmers completely exhausted the land. The land swapped was 3 hectares for every hectare that they destroyed.

    This land swap also consolidated the area under each tribe's control, so they were much better of after the swap than before. This land reform is a very cynical land grab, profiting only tribal leaders and the ANC.

    If they were really interested in land reform they would start with tribal areas and give that land to who-ever is living on it at present. That would mean the end of tribal control and the power of various headman and kings, so it will never be implemented. There are also plenty of land that the government holds in trust that they can use if it really was about the land only.

    1. Anonymous4:19 am

      It is about domination and proving to us that they have bigger penises and proving that they are alpha males.

      It is like those Afrikaaners who lack a bit of self esteem, who get drunk and start bar brawls to prove their masculinity over others.

      With them, this attitude is viral and its their existentialism

    2. Anonymous6:39 am

      The rights of tribal chiefs and kings are a big problem. Strictly speaking King Goodwill Zwelithini can confiscate Jacob Zuma's Nkandla compound because it is on his land.

    3. Dawid.

      Play along with their land theory an ask yourself. If you baught a farm in the last 30 years after Apartheid why should you have to give half away to workers or be limited to a certain hectar.

      They do not want land. They only want what you have because it is all part of the plan

      Best whites start waking the fuck up because even i have farmers around me so liberal that they think it is a good idea to give away half of their farms. But ask them to invite some white unemployed people to come and work for them and they lift their noses while giving a snork.

      We are in for some tough times.

  4. Anonymous4:24 am

    Why should They be given land? I am a South African and have to pay for the land I have.

  5. Anonymous6:26 am

    Farmers shot dead in front of children

    It was reported that as many as 50 shots were fired at the Van Rooyen home in what farmers have described as a brutal terrorist attack.

    The brutal double murder that recently brought Vryheid to its knees has evoked a wave of sadness and anger within the community.

    Local farmer Billy van Rooyen (37) and his father in law, Ronnie Lombard (62) were ruthlessly gunned down on the night of April 19 in a savage farm attack which left two people dead, one injured and two families devastated in its wake. Lood van Rooyen, Billy's father, was viciously assaulted by the attackers and required hospitalisation. He was discharged the following day.

    According to Neighbourhood Watch, who responded when the call for help came through, 15 attackers armed with AK47's who had been hiding among some trees on the property converged on the Van Rooyen home in the Swart Umfolozi area shortly after 8 pm on the night of April 19 and opened fire on the family.

    Billy was shot in the chest when he stepped outside to investigate why his dogs had started barking. He was mortally injured in the attack and succumbed to his injuries in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

    In the hospital Ronnie Lombard is said to have pleaded with medical personnel to save his son in law Billy van Rooyen's life. Within the next few hours Mr Lombard also succumbed to his injuries.

    Morne Potgieter, head of a private security organisation for farmers in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, said 26 farm attacks were reported to him in April alone. "We set up a roadblock and managed to apprehend six of the men involved in the attack," said Mr Potgieter. "There doesn't seem to be any real concern about these farm attacks. No one cares, not even the police. No one is protecting our farmers."

    The six men were taken into custody for questioning after what has been described as an act of terrorism and a military style attack on the Van Rooyen farm. Among those detained was a security guard who had worked at the farm and a former employee of the Van Rooyens.

    Due to an alleged "lack of evidence", however, the suspects were released.

    The blatant disregard for human life exhibited by the attackers is another nail in the coffin of the economy, with farmers being brutally murdered on a daily basis and nothing being done by those in power to curb the violent attacks on the farming community.

    AgriECO Northern KwaZulu-Natal, May 2016

    1. Anonymous9:59 pm

      Rhodesia style terrorist attacks on white farmers?

      Except this time there is no official recognition of a war and an army to fight back.

      Their strategy is officially one of gradual attribution but stepping up lately.

  6. WTF Mike check this crap out - If people fail to Vote for ANC, there will not be peace in South Africa – President Jacob Zuma - https://polotiki.com/2016/05/01/if-people-fail-to-vote-for-anc-there-will-not-be-peace-in-south-africa-president-jacob-zuma/

  7. Anonymous9:43 am

    Intellectual conversation with communists.

  8. Anonymous12:05 pm

    In Limpopo NW, EC Mapumalanga etc. they buy Land 1 acre for R3000/ 4000 from the local chief , which they fence off as theirs before its resold. Then they build in their own time , some of them MANSIONS I might add. FACT ! Blacks have told me themselves.
    Anyway the sqatters you see all over the place are their next dwelling in waiting, the other property they have back Home is being LET out for income. So Land reform has been NO 1 , A 1 .
    If you are in Doubt have a look at Google earth and see whats gone up in those areas , when you drive to the Kruger Gate , arnt the Houses Lovely ?
    They certainly arnt Bonded , the same Mansions or Shacks will cost us MILLIONS from Pam Gold.. and com.
    So the we want Land is basically to just to pressure the Farmers for their own Greed to have more , and it is insatiable , because the Breeding and Rape Breeding is Proliferating big time.
    The Big dick thing is because there is nothing else to think of but Fucking, if these were working hard there wouldnt be time to think of pussy all day.

    1. Funny that you mention this, but several of the blacks at work has informed me that they are waiting for their RDP houses so that they can rent it out. Come December, they all go to their real homes in the homelands they come from.

      I guess we YT's are just too stupid to game the system that way. Think about having your beach house subsidized by government...

    2. @ Dawid, us whieys still have integrity and we know that tomorrow is another day and the future is something our children inherit.

      These retards have no concept of the future, its today and today only. They also think that we make money while we sleep, that's is why white people have it.

      These fuckers do not realise that we work slave and save for our money, they do not see my 16 to 18 day work hours. They are not there at 0300hrs when I am up and preparing my day.

      They do not see me paying my suppliers and working out their wages. No this mlungu just makes us work and work and work, he exploits us and uses our money to drive his fancy car.

      So as long as we are here striving and ambitious and productive and industrious, these fucking retards will carry on taking.

      That is one of the reasons the ANC will not declare a war on white people.

      The reason they chop up farmers is because they can, you will not see them chopping up CEOs and business men because they know those chaps keep the economy ticking. They think that farmers don't and that farmers are racists and land thieves. But you know all the above so, thank you for allowing my vent session.

      Oh fuck! I get so angry with the ignorance and stupidity of these retards.I really do hate them and their stupidity.

  9. What do we do? Come guys be straight up, what do we do?

    We cannot fight this war on a blog? You chaps don't know me I do not know you.

    I call for a unity gathering, I get 2 respondents.

    I hear a lot of bitching, moaning and whining but that's all.

    One follower of this blog once said, whites have more power than they realise.

    I agree but without unity, without action, without hard effort that strength is meaningless.

    I am not being negative guys, I am only observing.

    If Billy Van Rooyen had employed proper home security measures he would not have suffered his fate, but his attitude was as I see all over. " it will not happen to me"

    1. It will take something special to organize a gathering for our cause. The majority of our people have been branded as racists and even though they find themselfs attacked by other racists daily the branding have caused a psychological scar that can only be removed by an extraordinary, creative and psychological remedy.

      I too ponder daily how we can swing the people to join our cause. Maybe I or you or someone will find that something special that can unite us, but for now the best is to join groups prepare and swing more people to our side. Mike have done a good job and JP is on it, but we need at least 30 or more sites like these to make a proper impact.

      We need momentum and now our only tool is to blog.

      As for Mr Van Rooyen. Dont be to hard on him. The best security can be breached by 15 AK47 wielding terrorists. Man power and guns would have helped but alarms and fences are useless against 15 determined terrorists.

    2. @ Dony, I am not been hard on the van Rooyens, I am hitting at the mentality. I know that these fuckers with AKs breach the best security systems.

      But there are systems we need in place, let me give you an example.

      A trained and expert assesment of your farm house by a security specialist. Hidden ooutward lights infrared cameras, vicious dogs that when they raise rhe alarm, do not open the door to look, kill all lighting switch to infrared cameras.

      Safe room for family with anti breach facilities.

      PNVs are available in the country, purchase them and your defensive position within your abode should always be low and make your assailants channel to you.

      I am not an expert so do not listen to me,I am merely pointing out the minimal options available.

      White farm help whether young or old helps do not build their house 1 km away keep close and keep in the fence, three defensive position are a great deterrent even to the most hardened.

      No Dony, it is not Mr Van Rooyen mistakes, it is the faith that he had in his government rather than himself that got him dead. Like a true citizen he relied on the duly elected to protect him, alas they failed as they always have since before 1994.

      We have forgotten the farm murders of the 80s they were just as bad. They government of those days also did not give a fuck about the farmers.

      Believe me I respect and admire our farmers for continuing with their passion because a farmer in this country at present is blamed for fucking everything, from dropping rand values to stealing land. These fucking retards focus their hatred on the sector that is the most important in the survival of any country.

    3. LT & Dony, I have advertised the 16th Dec at the Voortrekker Monument repeatedly. JP, CWG BN?, Mike?. Let's get it together there or maybe see what the Suidlanders have planned.

      Dony, unfortunately you're going to have to travel, Boet [like me- I also stay tussen nerens en fokkol].

    4. TT I will see you there, look for me I will be wearing the EFF red beret.just do not fucking shoot me, check the colour of my skin.

    5. Anonymous5:28 am


      @ Tomkat 2:24AM

      I am still in for the 16th of December. I do however hope that the Suidlanders will organise an event as well.

    6. I hear you guys. The Suidlanders do usually do something for the 16th of December. Ask in your groups.

  10. Anonymous12:14 am

    Hi LTMA
    On the FARM Attach business. I must agree with you, the farmers do seem to be very "Don't Care" about safety. I have driven arount between the farms and noticed the number of gates standing open, doors standing open, nobody in site. Their attitude is generally, "We have never had any trouble". I just don't understand them.

    As far as getting together, yes, we must. Forming an underground CELL network could be a way to start to co-ordinate a resistance effort. How to go about starting and controlling such a network? I have no idea, maybe somebody out there can give us direction. I can not be too difficult, it was done during both World Wars. Probably the most difficult and important part will be to screen members to try keep "Pimps" out.
    Possibly getting involved with the local neighborhood watch may bring one in contact with like minded individuals.

    Any one else got some suggestions?


    1. @Bob, give me a little time to figure secure comms lines and we will start putting things together. Your underground cell idea, mate food thinking , now start think of how we do it, how will we communicate and how do we grow it and expand it.

      Come my friend, get that creativity flowing, even a bad idea is better than no idea.

    2. Anonymous5:49 am


      @ Anon 12:14 AM & LTMA 1:38 AM

      I just want to come up for our farmers here. Although I hear what you say about some farmers (maybe) not being safety orientated (enough); just remember that we as a nation have a very hardworking ethic instilled in us which is a wonderful trait, so I reckon that in the city as well as on the farms, we just want to keep moving forward at all times (met ander woorde ons laat nie die kaffers ons onder kry in ons daaglikse lewens nie). I actually wish that the farmers can bring back the commando system with immediate effect and to hell with what the ANC thinks about it! The farmers are not the aggressors here, they just want to work like the rest of the whites in the cities. It is really of highest concern that the continuous genocide on the whites are carried on daily. I really feel nothing for the blacks that loose their lives under this government, they need to be trimmed out harshly and then the rest exterminated after that.

    3. @CWG, you welcome at my fire anytime, without an invite.

      I do agree with you on all your points raised and your responses.

    4. I had an idea to write a " fiction" novel on how Afrikaners try to take back SA. Now this was meant to be cover for the real deal so that I can not be perused for high treason.

      Before the book can be published lots of "info" and "research" would be needed. Also lots of "collaboration" with individuals like yourselfs. Even "experiments" would be entertained to see if certain things might work for the sake of the "book" .... read between the lines....but like i said just an idea.

  11. Anonymous12:28 am

    Let me tell you something we all know.Nothing will ever work as long as any of them are involved in anything. They don't want to work,they don't care about anything except themselves and just want to destroy everything. What they do want to do is sit in front of a straw or mud house drinking beer and and making offspring

    1. @anon12:28AM. Let's make things work again, come let's get life into ourselves. We need not the retards.

      Let us whites that want to stand together, let's create an environment of trade and business amongst ourselves.

      We do not need wog, we need each other more, you need to watch my back while I watch yours.

      We do not need to agree with everything the other says and does but we need to look after each other and stand together.

      We can, we are strong enough and we are most definitely intelligent enough. We just do not have enough glue, YET.

    2. Anonymous5:55 am


      @ LTMA 1:35 AM

      I agree with you 100%. We should have never even tried to uplift the wogs and we should have never been good to them, but guess what?; that is just another wonderful trait instilled in us, but we can most definately start to only invest in our own nation and our own children. I definately do not want them amongst us anymore, and as we have said in several prior blogs, die tyd vir praat is nou verby.

    3. Anonymous12:25 am

      CWG and I in turn agree with you as well.

  12. Anonymous7:36 am

    @LTMA & CWG
    For what it is worth, I only employ Whites with Christian values as far as I can.
    I have also stopped giving Petrol attendants, car guards etc tips. Stuff them All.

    Please post any links you may come across, regarding Resistance Cell Formation etc.

    As for the farmers and the "Dorpenaars", it is an attitude change to the way of living. Nobody can afford to Not Lock the Gate behind them as Zotty will "Begruip" you "van Agter". It is the nature of the beast.

    Communication is VERY important, 2 way radio is top of my list.


  13. Anonymous9:13 am

    I am in on the movement! Im a young white man in my 30's,no wife and kids and no future. What i have is faith and passion for my boere broers. My own kind. Im tired of crying for those being killed everyday,and i have my own ideas as to when and how to start. I am ready and willing to serve the cause if you will have me. Please send me an email if you like... goues.1.gd@gmail.com lets start. Havent whe seen enough?

  14. All these comments about kill the wog, drive them over the equator -- makes me think you've lost the battle because you're playing the game according to the rules defined by the ANC roolas. Surely you guys with ops training remember that to choose the field of engagement takes you halfway to victory. Well now the war has shifted to the psyops realm but the same principles apply: you let the enemy define the terms of the debate, you're fucked before you begin and relegated to a defensive/reactive role.
    My first thought from readin the stats above was: wow, we actually have far more in common with the average black oke than we realised! they don't really have a problem with us and our success and us running things - as long as they have their place in the sun.
    So who is the enemy? Obviously the leaders of the ANC and the Communist brains behind them, as well as all their "useful idiots" and traitors in our midst mainly the journos and academics, but also the church leaders who lead the lambs to the slaughter.
    There was a brilliant passage in one of that idiot Michael Moore's books where he first described a liberal (in the classic sense of the word ) utopia and lists all sorts of amazing facts and statistics before asking of the (presumably American) reader: wouldn't you love to live in a country like this? then the kicker: "You do!"
    He explains: if you formed your opinion of your country purely based on what you see & hear in the media, you'd think you were living in a bigoted, racially-riven, crime-riddled basket case of a country - totally at odds with the actual facts.
    You and your views would constitute that of the majority, but from what you see & hear you'd believe that you were holding minority views.
    The exact same thing holds here, and the stats from the SAIRR bears this out: the vast majority of South African blacks are moderate, like us. But if you listen to politicians and journos, you'd think the vast majority of blacks are baying for our land and our property and our jobs. Not so.
    (Maybe I should start my own blog, instead of hamming it up here on Mike's dime)
    The point for me is: we should look to form a broad consensus with moderates of all colours, something which not one of the political parties are doing. They are all pursuing divisive, polarising, provocative politics.
    And we should keep a laser focus on the minority of blacks - and whites - who are really the enemy of the majority of south africans.

  15. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Hi Mike - more horrific atrocities by these primitive, savage bipeds - Attack On Farmers Livestock - http://stopwhitegenocideinsareports.blogspot.co.za/2016/05/attackonfarmerslivestock-sa-farm.html?spref=tw

  16. Anonymous3:36 am

    Hey Mike. Have you seen this?? Maybe consider posting it on your blog if you think it may be of some value to somebody out there. THE NEW F22 RADIO - http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/paper/?p=48638

  17. Anonymous5:51 am

    I wonder what South Africa will look like in another ten years...

  18. Anonymous6:16 am

    South Africa’s neighborhoods are still sharply racially and class segregated and this is no wonder. Apartheid was in large part upheld by the spatial engineering of physical space and geographies. Land was zoned according to ethnicity/race and groups were assigned demarcated areas to live in. Buffer zones of natural landscape features and man-made infrastructure were employed as physical barriers to keep people apart. Transportation, electricity, and water infrastructure as well as centers of commerce were by extension inaccessible to many persons of color who were often assigned land on the very outskirts of cities/towns.

    In South Africa, we don’t have metaphorical walls keeping us separate and disconnected; we have physical demarcations of division. Train lines, roads, rivers, mountains, and scrubland are still the tangible expressions and reproductions of our separation.

    Apartheid was not only a political, legal and economic dispensation – it was a spatial dispensation.

    The inequitable distribution of resources, services and access in South African communities is still largely one of the physical legacies of apartheid. As Edward Soja puts it, justice has a geography. Injustice is graphically manifested. Our spaces remain imbued with the remnants of the historical project, with power and with privilege or with the lack of both. We are positioned and continue to re-position in ways that reproduce and reinforce inequality.

    How can we begin asking the hard questions about the socio-spatial distributions of wants and needs in our cities – access to job opportunities, to health care, to good air quality? How might we begin to recognize that the morality of place and physicality of space – accessibility, walkability, transport equity – is not solely the mandate of government; it is the explicit remit of the church.

    “Seek the peace of the city where I have sent you.” Jeremiah 29:7. The peace that is required here is shalom. Not merely the absence of conflict but the flourishing of life. From the dust of the land we were created and to the dust of the land we will return. Our beginning and end is with the earth, place, space. The use of land not only reflects equitableness, but our relationship to it imbues our sense of placement, home, rootedness, safety, flourishing, and survival. “In whose image is space created?” asks David Harvey. Does space in South Africa reflect the image of God reconciling mankind to one another? Is the Kingdom reflected on earth; is “thy will be done” mirrored back to heaven? Does place and space reflect our shalom imperative?

    If our separateness had such an intentionality and physicality behind its formation, then surely our reconciliation has to be both intentional and physical. We cannot be content with merely reaching over the invisible walls; we have to begin crossing the visible streets. What are the tangible ways we can spatially re-engineer our lives to create geographies of justice? How would we tread if we really believed that this ground, the ground, is holy ground?

    Val Anderson

    1. Are you from those Fish types? There is a smell attached to your post that shouts, BRETT FISH ANDERSON. Am I right?

    2. Anonymous12:50 pm

      Stop with trying to sound intellectual, you're just waffling and not proposing any solutions.

      Privilege, inequality and historical injustices occur in every society and nation. Most nations and borders came into being from war and violence.

      There is no equal society and life is unfair, if you go out into the real world you will learn this. The world is unjust and people are motivated by greed, self interest and self delusion. This is called reality.

      Take the plank out of you own eye before you try take the speck out of another's.

  19. Jamie, just keep following the days and post any news on whatever day it comes.

    I will pick it up, just started a new project so time is not mine anymore.

    keep in touch.