05 May 2016

Church wants to take former Border War soldiers to Soweto for reconciliation

By Mike Smith
5th of May 2016

Makes me sick to the stomach these false prophets and Ba’al priests.

Church wants to take former Afrikaner soldiers to Soweto for reconciliation

An Afrikaans army chaplain Pastor, Dr. Pieter Bezuidenhout had a brilliant brandy idea… Why not have an unbiblical Ecumenical feast with the spawn of Satan and invite as many of the former Border War soldiers as possible so that the terroristic “16th of June generation” (referring to the 40th anniversary of the Marxist Soweto uprisings of 1976) could meet the “Conscription generation” (that is us) of course all in the name of “reconciliation”.

The only thing that prevented me from choking on my puke was the comments below the article. Seems only a few lost LWB's think it is a good idea. The rest are all long past reconciliation bullshit.

I remember when I was a young boy at school in 1976 and the riots started. How our teachers taught us to hide under the tables and desks when the blacks attack our school and throw rocks and petrol bombs through the windows. Funny enough I was not scared at all. I hid a small pair of paper scissors in my pocket and was ready to fight the bastards to the death. It worked me so up that I couldn’t wait to get into the army.

The NG Kerk Dominees preached a different tune back then. Telling us what an honour and privilege it was to fight for our country and against the Communist Forces of Darkness. At school and church we regularly donated money for Bible distribution behind the Iron Curtain by brave missionaries risking their lives. We were told horrible stories about how Christians were forced underground, persecuted and tortured in these Communist countries.

Then suddenly they changed their tune and started holding hands with these Communist scumbags. Now they want to reverse their own bullshit propaganda and want us to turn 180 degrees and believe these murdering terrorists are our friends?

Problem is they have a lot of followers. I cannot believe that some of my mates who stood shoulder to shoulder with me now forsake their Lord and feast with the spawn of Satan.

Fuck that! Pastor Bezuidenhout should shame himself.

I for one will NEVER go to any of their Ba’al feasts, false prophet potato farmer, mighty mouse bullshit…EVER! I will rather be in the pub reminiscing about the good old days with some real men if anybody is looking for me.

So what is going to happen when these Ba’al Priests fill up a stadium full of blacks and no whites pitch up? Of course the whites again will be blamed for not wanting to “reconcile”. It will cause more division than reconciliation.

Nevertheless...I for one do not apologize for ANYTHING I have done in the past. I have nothing to “reconcile” about with anybody. I want nothing to do with these disciples of Beelzebub. The further they stay away from me the better. I just want to be left alone for now…at least until the big fight breaks out that is, because although I am much older today, I am not helpless. That mindset I had as a little boy hiding the pair of scissors in my pocket is still there.

As I once told a former East German Navy officer and Stasi agent who was also in Angola…”The only thing I am ever sorry about is that I did not kill enough of you bastards! “

What can I say, I was young. Back then I hardly knew what Communism was. If I knew back then what I know now I would have personally pressed the button and wiped out the whole of Soweto. Maybe we would have had peace today.

The only one I have to apologize to is my God…for not carrying out his commands as he says in 1 Samuel 15:3…”Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

I pray every day…not for reconciliation…but that God will spare me long enough to grant me a second chance...and I can assure you of one thing, I won't start in Soweto. I will first cleanse this country of these sycophantic Priests of Ba'al.


  1. Aw! Come on Mike, let's all join hands with comrade commie and general Tokyo and brigadier China and the rest of the retard mob. Shit sakes mate its reconciliation day.

    We can all say we are mates and proud ex soldiers of the non existent struggle that the retards all got medals for.

    Then when they close their eyes to pray we stab the fuckers in the back the way they do to us. All in the name of reconciliation.

    I cannot believe that there are white cunts that think we will reconcile with this fucking black Bantu trash.

    This white priest needs to be given to IS for a bit of enlightenment on religion because he definitely does not listen to the god he professes to believe in.

    Enough now. Please Mr Smith with your superior knowledge on these matters answer me this question. Was this Jacob Zuma not a member of the IFP? Did he not walk across to join the ANC and are we certain that he was in exile as an intelligence officer?

    Fuck he cannot count, he cannot speak and FFS if that is intelligence! Brothers I tell you that I am fucking super duper intelligent.

  2. Anonymous8:31 am

    Thry are not 'born-frees', but rather 'burn-frees'. They burnt 23 schools. Thry hate it when we call them burn frees, but it's true, they want it all free free free and then burn burn burn.

    Civil War is coming soon it seems. They keep going on about land, the losers. We need the western Cape independent or we need to barricade our communities and wait until they all kill one another and then emerge to a better South Africa.


    1. Wayne, the destructiveness of stupidity knows no bounds. I was there in 83 when the retards started the shit that just ate away at us because of political leaders not being willing to crush it immediately.

      These retards burnt everything even there own species, fuck! I hate these fucking black stinks so, they burnt schools, churches, cars, police stations and anything that would burn, they burnt.

      Sad part is that Magnus Malan, Jannie Geldenhuys, Pik Botha, P W Botha and other white South African politicians allowed it. Burning a state building is an act of treason and treason is punishable by death.

      Those politicians were to busy lining their pockets with gold and silver while our country burned. Those politicians sold your birth right to these retards that now continue to burn something that they believed was theirs.

      Let them burn this land for we the white people pay the taxes and generate the income so that they can build more to burn.

  3. Yes, Mike...yes...yes..oh yes, now we are talking. It should be a priority right across the civilized world to first get rid of the liberals. In a very unapologetic, very blatant way. Once the world is rid of liberals, blacks and muslims won't be a problem any more. It will be like magic. When civil war breaks out in the republic, I myself will go straight for the liberals closes to me. I can taste the pleasure on my palate already...Blacks are easy, the danger is the liberals...

    1. Anonymous11:06 am


      @Phoenix8:35 AM

      Yes you are so right! The liberal is our true enemy, they should be hung - all liberals are traitors.

      The parasite issue in this country can be resolved overnight, its the liberals that are the problem.

    2. Anonymous7:52 pm

      shoot every last fucking liberal in the head & hang their buddies

  4. Hulle moet maar lekker versoen, voete was en wat ookal. Dit is omdat hulle sien HKGK dat die dominees nou allerhande bokspringe uitvoer. Een ding staan soos 'n paal bo water: Die "Nuwe" Suid-Afrika is een groot ef-op net soos die "regses" voorspel het. Die regses was altyd reg...

    1. Anonymous5:15 pm

      But willempie don't you know you are a "racist" for telling the truth? Get with the program man, the truth has become racist, how dare you speak the truth? See? Just look in what utter evil country we find ourselves in! It is our duty to destroy this evil system, Babylon church and all.

    2. Anonymous11:08 am


      @willempie8:41 AM

      How can any of us actually trust a church who marries gays? I mean, really? The reason they allowed this is because so many of these priests are actually moffies - You can be a moffie, just not in my fathers house.

      I cant accept a church that allows such detestable things.

  5. Anonymous8:44 am


    I can see parliament descending into chaos like this soon

    The ass creeper liberals trying to suck up before the slaughter thinking this will spare them.

    Our salvation lies in abandoning this world system, all political parties will lead to our destruction.

    We must go back to the old ways, this is when we had something.

    1. Ninja, my mate, I can't take anymore of this liberal bullshit anymore. I'm about to crack and go ape-shit!

      Fuck me, the Lord knew what He was doing when He let them dispossess me of ever owning a firearm every again. I'm likely to pull a "Barend Strydom" on liberals in the mood I'm in, thanks to this Doos Dominee.

    2. Anonymous1:28 pm

      Zuma and the ANC in parliament are an absolute joke. Honerebble this and Honerebble that. They talk a load of crap (especially Zuma) and f#ck all gets done.

  6. Anonymous8:59 am

    You know Mike, I said it before, I just don't understand this.
    Our people are being brutally murdered, every day. Yet this reconciliation thing continues. And don't leave transformation behind. Take a look at this thing. His name is Khaya Tyatya. Kallis actually has a development programme to try and teach these creatures cricket. After reading the article, I sincerely hope, Kallis shuts it down.
    Now back to the reconciliation. I was absolutely amazed when friends told me around a braai that in their hearts they AWB, but they vote DA.
    That's it. That sums the whole situation up. I think my dad was right. These boere need to loose everything, before they going to realize it is time to stand together and take back what is ours.


    1. @anon8:59AM. Another example of how the retards inability and failure to achieve success in 22 years will be blamed on the white man. This retard wearing white mans clothes, lives in white mans house, drives white mans car, wants white mans woman and him wanting to be white, is just so embarrassed and ashamed and retarded that he needs to redirect the to truth so he blames a white for his and his species failure.

      The real truth is that retard wog wants to be white, they are envious of white people, actually of any people because they themselves are not people. They are a forgotten species( I know I say it all the time

      Digress with me quick, let's look at mammals they are trainable and retain memory, Now retard, train him and he remembers fuck all, how many times have you had to tell a wog everyday what to do? You teach them something today, tomorrow when they arrive for work, what you trained yesterday is gone only thing that wog remembered was the way to work.

      Am I wrong? This Tati that wrote a letter to Kallis, look at his pic, FFS! He so wants a white skin, fuck the desire for white acceptance is so great that I bet his dreams are filled with images of him being white.

      Face it, all the stink black retarded species wants is to be white, they prove it daily, just look at the crows nest nylon wigs worn by madame retard, fuck! The desire for white overwhelms the mirrors image playback, they do not see how hideously fucking ugly and laughable they look.

      Let's look further at their desire to be white, look how they want to get into everything that white people do, they want homes like ours, want to eat in white food restaurants, want to be in the movies and TV and want to be models in white peoples clothes.

      I hope I am making sense? These wogtards are always going to blame us, kill us and be at war against us because we are everything they are not. We are progressive, intelligent, ordered, disciplined, brave, courageous, clean, innovative, successful and have standards.

      They are stupid, ignorant, in disciplined, retarded, failures in their own lives and in creations order, they are cowards, fearful and cannot maintain or set a standard, they steal, break and just fuck everything up.

      In 1994 when SA went wog, their aim was not to create a nation of progress and innovation and something to be proud of, their aim was to take SA back to the mud age, yes the mud age these fucking retards never reached the stone age.

      So my friend, bully for Kallis because he is to blame himself alone, he should have known better than to extend help to a wogtard for wogtards do not believe in help they believe in abuse and destruction.

      God made no creature equal to another, humans did that. There is a structure to all things in the universe and that structure manifests itself in creation. Wogs are wogs for a reason, nature made them that way, we are white for a reason, nature made us this way. White people need to realise this then they shall realise their strength. Read the bible verse about a time for all things and my point is proven.

      Now I must go and get ready to reconcile in Soweto.

    2. I forgot, never criticise a retard, they do not see it as constructive, to them its insulting.

      When a white criticises a wog he is a racist, you see their perception is that racism is anything that doesn't pat them on the back and lie to them about their retarded fucking non ideas or tell them that they're good.

      Wog is so fucking stupid that he cannot see that criticism is a means of correction and the false praise is destructive.

      These wogs just want to be told how fucking wonderful they are.

      Well wogs on this blog you're wonderfully stupid, ignorant, dumb and retarded. Shit I forgot to say that you also stink so wonderfully that no even skunk can hang around you for more then a second.

    3. Hierie News24 sal ook enige iets doen om witmense in n slegte lig te plaas, vol van die kakstook propaganda. Skryf dit ook sommer in die "klein swart boekie"!

  7. Anonymous9:18 am

    Mike it is funny that you never written about the NG kerk masons before?

    1. Anonymous5:18 pm

      After I began to realize what was happening with these false teachings I havent been back to the ENGEE kerk in about 15 years now.

    2. Anonymous12:38 am

      Kyk Die Vals Priesterdom deur Eben Swart.

  8. Anonymous10:25 am

    Hi Mike.

    Your second chance, will be an excellent guide for my first chance.

    Was the other day at a show / fare where they had bumper cars. The laaitie (6) was driving and I could not understand why he was avoiding the blacks in bumper cars and actively pursing other white kids.

    I told him stamp die donnerse goed and he looked at me all funny and said maar Pa hulle stink.

    In his world he wants nothing to do with kaffers.

    Asseblief onse Vader, laat die moeilikheid kom sodat ek my kinders die kak kan spaar.

    1. Anonymous1:08 pm


      That is one smart kid!

      I now ask for our deliverance on daily basis.

      We will get it but we have to first ask! When we do, it will be delivered.

      Time is now moving very fast, things are going to speed up very fast.

      Siener said - look to parliament, thats where the problems will come in.

      You see today, the pension issues they are having, the riots etc etc - this is what he also saw.

      I wish this little nation will simply wake up, they are so confused they just dont know what to do.

  9. Anonymous11:46 am

    These cunt preachers, Angus Buchan et al, can all kiss my arse.

  10. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Mike if this so called Theunisswn wrote this then pigs will fly from now on. By reading it you can see it is fake and a setup. Do these people think we are such idiots??? Please, pull the other one. An open letter of apology from #MattTheunissen - http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/western-cape/an-open-letter-of-apology-from-matttheunissen-2017866

    1. Shag my ol' hound-dog!I agree with you. That letter is pure, unadulterated bullshit.

  11. Anonymous1:17 pm


    I rejected church completely the day I realized who Israel was. The church preach Israel is the land, the Jews but nothing can be further from the truth.

    When I found out, via historical books, researching, digging who the literal 10 tribes were it changed my entire life.

    Now when I hear one of these idiots speak, I want to throw up on them.

    Ask any pastor, 99% of them cannot distinguish between the house of Israel or the house of Judah.

    They dont know the difference between the two, then how can they preach since this is the foundation of the good book and the restoration, the new heavens can ONLY happen when they are re-united.

    Ask your pastor who these people are and they will tell you they are the Jews but then why were there different tribes.

    The greatest discovery is knowing, through the history book and looking at the nations of the world, that the 10 tribes can be found in western Europe, America and are the western, Caucasian nations.

    The Afrikaner form part of those nations. When you know this, when you know the covenants of the Lord to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, to David, Solomon, it should give you a relief because in this time of trouble, all we have to do is ask our father who brought us up out of Egypt.


    This is a great little book - This Afrikaner nation might be small but it is a very special nation, more special than we realize. If you think out of all the nations, this nation for its size I believe was THE most faithful nation - in terms of nations for its size.

    The names of our roads, monuments, our covenant/vow attest to this.

    We were brought to this land. I cant listen to anyone speaking about the bible who cant make these distinctions for the entire bible from Exodus to Revelations is simply about these tribes.

    I cant listen to liberal pastors, the church will say anything or allow anything to survive.

    1. Anonymous10:49 pm

      And THAT is exactly why we are sitting in the cactus right now... We did what Edom did... We DESPISED our birthright that the Almighty God gave into our hands and handed it over to the blacks...

      The time of Jacobs Sorrow is coming soon to ALL of the tribes of Israel. South Africa is merely the "Canary in the Coal Mine".

      The anglo-Saxon (Israelite) west has despised their God and He will sift them like wheat and refine them like gold.

      The KAK will hit the fan globaly. South Africa is just going to be first...

    2. Anonymous11:39 pm

      Yes BN, as the Bereans did, we must test everything we are told by these 'church leaders' - and test against the Scriptures for truth:

      Acts 17:11
      'These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

      Many become disillusioned by this misrepresentation of the Word and sadly leave the faith altogether.

      Faith Walker

    3. Anonymous6:03 am

      Yuu do relaise that you are now sounding JUST LIKE a British Israelite ?


      However -- it seems some do not like the British ?

    4. Anonymous9:37 am


      @Anonymous10:49 PM

      Very true - I believe though that South Africa will be the first out of it. I believe we will also be the first to go back to our roots.

      Through us, many nations will see the miracle. If we will unite & pray, we will see something happen here which will be a witness to the world during Jacobs trouble.

      These Canaanites/Cushites, they should have been dealt with the same way Joshua dealt with them.

      But we disobeyed and as a result, here we sit.

      But if we will really go back to our roots and pray, then 1 man shall chase 1,000 and as a nation we shall drive them all out.

      Amen to that!

  12. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Amen, Mike!!! God tier polemic. Salute!

  13. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Hallo boet. Kev/Knorrig hier

    Ek dink daaraan om n nuwe SAS oop te maak.

    Het jy tyd?

    Post asb nie die comment. Inbox my asb jou antwoord op /boerchan/ op 8chan.


  14. Anonymous3:50 pm

    These Bezuidenhouts and Liberal com commie sympathizers get killed , raped just like they did in the past , trying to change the cannot be tamed Savages. They just hardened everybody up with their actions, at least there was respect when the Death Penalty put the hateful ones in check.
    This Pastor should first demand all the Murderers and Rapists, BABY Rapists to gather together in Swetoe and insist to be arrested and hanged, once that is accomplished will I go and reconcile with the Older Blacks that worked hard.
    In the mean time bezuidenhout can go and wash dick, ass and kiss feet .

    1. Anonymous8:39 am

      Anonymous3:50 PM
      One thing for sure is that the ANC blacks and their anti white or pro black policies with enforced checks and imbalances have even got their miniscule brain cells tied up in a complete knot. Everything that they have done so far has backfired on them and in the long run there will be nothing left of them and even for them except a tragic inglorious memory and a wrecked country as the shameless proof of their dire leadership and administrative capability’s. Junk status is only just a mere step or two away and the ANC arseholes are still too blind to see that the ANC’s blundering, fraudulent and ham-fisted political days are definitely over and Zuma won’t ever be coming back. Thank God for that!!! Let’s all stand together now and at least throw this black son of Satan into jail where he belongs. Personally I strongly believe that a death penalty should be given without a doubt to every communist ANC cardholder.

    2. @anon8:35AM, Maybe junk status is not a bad thing, it will bring the country to a conclusion, a noisy conclusion but still a conclusion.

      I am no siener but we all know its heading down the road to war, we will lose some good people but believe me we will post more bad people to the dark side than what the bad people think.

      I am resigned to the fact that we are about to start a brand new era in SA history and I welcome it because these fucking retards have just had to much their own way for to long.

      Any white man in the country that thinks we are going to have a happy reconciliation day is definitely smoking black arse fumes and shagging his maid. So dominie doos which one is it?

  15. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Pastor Piet is busy in the photo.

  16. Anonymous5:41 pm

    "How our teachers taught us to hide under the tables and desks when the blacks attack our school and throw rocks and petrol bombs through the windows."

    What white school did you go to that had blacks that close under apartheid? Sounds more like you went to a Coloured school.

    1. Anonymous11:29 pm

      I was in a boarding school in 90 to 92. We had an armory locked and loaded with military issue rifles. Cadets was taken very seriously, more like 'mini military' compared to the 2 other high schools I attended where cadets was just a bunch of pissies pretending to be tough. We were trained to use these rifles, we were trained specifically to deal with any black attack. The ANC was our enemy, we were told to be on permanent alert and for those 2 years I always wished we would actually be attacked so I could apply my training against the kaffirs. This attack by the enemy is still going to happen, albeit some 2 decades late. Shit is about to get real here, sooner than people think.

  17. I just hope the old soldiers dont go. It would be like treason agaist their volk and country. What a farce.

    1. Never fear Jamie. I am an OLD soldier and I would never commit treason by doing that. It would be a kick in the arse for all the good men who paid the ultimate price in the Bush War.

      Fuck this little cunt preacher. Who the fuck does he think he is? What must the parents of those boys who died up there think? That their son's were no better than common murderers and got what they deserved?

      Fuck, fuck and fuck him again! You see it's all about themselves with these liberal cunts. Nobody else's feelings count.

    2. @ Jamie, old soldiers like Jeremy Mansfield and others turds who sat back in barracks in the states pushing pen and paper and those idiots the did the border thing but never ever left the safe zone of Grootfontein, they might go but I doubt that you will see any true ou manne there.

      Those who wore bush faded browns and koefoet camo, they are not partial to arse licking, kumbaya singing, rub shoulders with retard type conciliation.

      Somethings never change and I am very sure that the ANC and any other retard fraternity that wants to remove us from our motherland remains one of those never changing things.

      BTW their armed struggle or struggle is all a part of their delusional imagination, they cannot mention one operation where they actually confronted us in battle.

    3. @TT, you're so right mate. Let's reconcile these fucking retard cunts and white liberal black arse sucking cunts with a long dirt nap.

      That's a good reconciliation party in my books.

    4. Anonymous2:58 am

      Ja I would love to visit the townships, smelly squarer camps and the new rdps again but this time in a Caterpillar D8 Israeli style. That is exactly how we should have treated the Kaffirs for bad behaviour, riots burning, protest OK here come the bulldozers, instead we wasted white taxpayers money on patrols, nothing in the world smells worse than a township/squarer camp at 3h00 in the morning.

  18. PreatorianXVI9:37 pm

    There is nothing to reconcile, any old troep that even entertains this would be allowing himself to enter another Dingaan moment.

    Let the priest go, seeing his faith is that strong I am sure he will be protected by some divine power.

  19. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I'm all for harmony.Harmony fuckers can I take out before they get me.If they can.

    1. Anonymous9:28 am

      Out? On a date? SIES JOU MOFFIE! ;-)

  20. Anonymous11:02 pm

    The BIGGEST problem between black and white is one of culture. This is the ROOT of everything that is going down.

    Blacks want an apology because Aparthied (or the lies they believe about it) happened to them by whites. Whites are like "WTF? I had nothing to do with that. Fuck Off!!!"

    For example. If you fall or stub your toe. Blacks all go "Eish, Sorry"... While your white buddies just laugh at you.

    Blacks apologise because something bad happened to you whether they are responsible for it or not. Whites apologise because we are personally responsible for something against you.

    So... We have a shitload of blacks beleiving every lie about aparthied slowly getting more and more resentful against whites because they are the supposed purpetrators/supporters/apologists of this massive invented "crime against humanity" who never said "Sorry". In the minds of the munt, these makes the whites criminals/rapists/murderers/etc. who must be punished.

    How to fix this??? I don't know. Maybe it is beyond repair already.

    1. Anonymous11:45 pm

      The word commonly used and accepted nowadays to describe the time of apartheid is 'genocide'. Why is this accusation not strongly challenged by whitey. We just accept everything that is said. Now most of the blacks believe that they were murdered en masse by the whites. This have been made into a historical fact.

    2. Anonymous11:56 pm

      Ephesians 5:11

      And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

      Faith Walker

    3. Anonymous12:18 am

      These reports are hard to bear and weigh heavily on ones heart.

      Please take a moment to be uplifted - crank it up and close your eyes. For you Boere Ninja.


      Faith Walker

    4. @anon 11:02PM, these retard cunts got their fucking apology in the witch hunt fucking TRC straight after the white traitor cunts gave my country away while blowing smoke up our arses.

      These black stink retards got so many fucking apologies that eventually people were apologising just because it felt good to fucking apologise.

      These retard cunts did not apologise to anybody, if they fucking did I was definitely sleeping when it happened.

      These black stinks claim they were in a struggle, a war against oppression and white people, if that is so then why the fuck should we white people apologise, we did not declare war on them.

      They actually never declared war on us, do you know that in all their struggle the ANC never accepted responsibility for any actions against the SA government and there was never ever a declaration of war pronounced by them.

      So their struggle constitutes an act of terrorism and terrorist are not protected by the Geneva convention, so in actual fact these fucking wogs should apologise to us for engaging in terror tactic against a duly elected government.

      The only apology that these cunts will hear from me is the one I give to myself for wasting rounds on a miss.

  21. Anonymous11:19 pm

    You know the blacks are actually not that bright except for a few. If the whites United, we would be formidable. I have noticed that we have two main enemies.

    1. Liberals. These guys who keep going on about white privilege. Yes, we are privileged with high iq and resourcefulness, but that inherently leads to success. These liberals will betray us and sell us out along the way. Thry generally intelligent, but they feel they would rather die than be above anyone. Natural followers and losers. These are our worst enemy.

    2. Distraction. Sport promotes rivalry among English and Afrikaans. We need to have only a SA team, or privatize it and make it one team. I believe this gives us a false sense of battle victory as we live vicariously through the Rugby players. Whike we are watching these games every weekend, others are plotting our downfall in student dormitories and government boardrooms. The fact that one sorts minister can take it all away shows how much power we've given them. They have powerful psy ops weapons against us with this. The fact that he can stop all games is not about the games, but the power. Privatize it or give up on sport watching for now.

    Civil War is coming. Have you stockpiled food and water? You need a lot of water. Are you prepared? At best we would need to last a month and then emerge. Barricade your house, street and neighborhood. Even your bedroom with a trellidir. Multiple layers of defense.

    The most important us comms. Thet have us all RICA so they can cut us off at the service providers with the press of a button. How will we Internet or what's app or phone? Sitting ducks.

    I am not very fluent in English but please do a proper article on planning and preparation.

    English and Afrikaans must unite like never before before the night of the long knives. This night actually refers to zero comms. No water no food, no electricity. The blacks are more used to living like this so will fight us on their territory. We need to prepare or get the he'll out if this place. I'll be preparing...

  22. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Mike and Readers, I will not attend, and herewith want to warn you not to go. Remember, they still fear the White man, more even us that were trained back in the old days. Call me befok in my kop, but why would they want to gather all of us like sheep, ready for the big slaughter, and in Soweto of all places???? They sure know how to play their game, "come all ya Christians, gather before me, and say sorry for your sins of the past". I say fuck you, seed of Satan !!!

    Pray and be ready, be alert and stay alive.


  23. This is how you handle a 'gat kruiper'.


  24. Anonymous12:03 am

    There is an actual Temple of Baal being built in New York City

  25. Ek was gister ongelukkig weer in die pis-stank Pretoria middestad vir besigheid en het met drie van die blacksams te doen gehad. Almal het noggal semi-professioneel voorgekom (vingers was nie vol warm pap nie) maar oo bliksem hulle het nog nie gehoor van n tanneborsel nie weke oue menskak kan nie so erg stink nie. Die een kon ek nie eers van af wegdraai nie want ek was vasgevang in die hysbak saam met hom, bliksem dit het so gestink dat ek vir vier vloere my asem moes ophou! Ek is seker mens kan vigs daardeur kry!
    Anyway, oppad terug huistoe bel my 64 jaar oue ma my met die nuus dat sy op daai oomblik amper gekaap was by n verkeerslig in Middelburg. Sy het in die proses die lafhart kaffir met die een arm probeer afveg en met die ander hewig op die hooter gedruk vir hulp. Al wat die arogante bliksem sê is: middag maddam, middag madam terwyl hy die deur probeer oopruk...Gelukkig kom daar n medemens (wit want swart is nie n medemens nie) tot haar hulp. Die blacksam en sy tjomma loop glo rustig weg assof niks fout is nie...

  26. Ek weet ook nie wat is nou eintlik met die woord Kaffir verkeerd nie. Jy kan tog nie vir my oortyg dat n kaffir in iets grooter as homself en sy kaffir-voorvaders glo nie. As hy het sou hy 10teen1 so ordentlik soos ons wees, en sou ons hulle nie kaffirs genoem het nie! Geen iemand wat in God glo kan so boos wees nie! Daarom die woord!

  27. Any Border War soldier who attends that kak is a traitor. I'll bet, not one will. Fuck, we know what a Kaffir is.

    I'm at a loss for words due to this little piss-ant's sheer fucking audacity to even suggest something like this. Who the fuck gives him the right to insult us in this manner?

    It's an insult to every one of us who laid our lives on the line and to those who gave their lives. How dare he! He is no man of God. He worships fucking Satan, the cunt!

    On the brighter side, I quickly scrolled through the comments on the article. I don't think he's going to meet with much success going by those.

    1. @TT, come now, I will see you there, we can hold hands with commie retard and afterwards you can tenderly run your fingers through madame retards nylons locks.

    2. LT, my mate, I have only read this now [Monday a.m.]. Just the thought of running my fingers through Beauty's nylon locks nearly had me puking!

      The only gathering I'll be going to is on the 16th December at the Voortrekker Monument. I trust that you'll join us? JP, CWG, BN & Mike [?]. Let's get a crowd together.

  28. Anonymous1:28 am

    Watch: First white vs Black Road Rage Fist Fight:


  29. Anonymous1:35 am

    Quote from AWD:

    "I speculate that the prevalence of clean-cut blacks in all ads, TV programs and Hollywood productions is just liberal media operatives engaging in wishful thinking. I treat the topic like fun and games. Yes, black murder and illegitimacy are, statistically speaking, up in the stratosphere, while black test scores and income are miles below sea level. But I conjecture that the pop media Bizarro World, in which all blacks are gallant fighters, dedicated dads or driven geniuses, is not necessarily an attempt to hide the ugly truth. It is just a form of white lib charity. Baby boomer squishes want to make blacks, and themselves, feel good.

    That was what I thought when I pondered the topic in “The Black Hole of Equality” (Chapter 5 of Under Bastard Christianity). The reality, I have become convinced, is much more sinister."

    Source: http://angrywhitedude.com/2016/05/iq-destruction-media/

    1. Anonymous11:02 am

      Well yes, Bill Cosby who for decades played the benign Dr Huxtable in the Cosby Show turned out to be a serial rapist of white women. Why are we not really surprised? All those young black actors and actresses turned out badly. It's genetic.

  30. Just check out this fucking idiot. JP, add him to The List.


  31. JP, add Niel Barnard to The List.


    Too many questions - no smoke without a fire?

  32. Anonymous4:36 am

    Seriously Mike that pic is alot prettier than what pastor fucktard wishes to accomplish haha. Vaalpens

  33. Amen Mike , I will gladly join You - So sick and tired of all this bull shit liberal crap .

  34. Anonymous5:48 am

    Ek het n vraag vir almal net n simple vraag hoekom is dit so belangrik vir julle om kerk toe te gaan en na hulle politieke geinfluencede kak te gaan luister vir n uur of 3 wats fout met by jou huis sit en jou bybel te bestudeer en bid net n vraag want ek voel eerlikwaar dat die hele kerk ding nie veronderstel is om so te werk soos dit deesdae doen nie net
    Ek vra nie omrede ek n bakleiery soek nie vra maar net om so n biekie meer insig te kry

    Hurr Durr

    1. Anonymous10:57 am

      Omdat mense doodbang is vir die dood en dink dat as die Here hulle elke week in die kerk sien dan is hulle ware Christeners en gaan direk hemel toe wanneer hulle uiteindelik vrek.

      Ek vra gereeld vir Christeners wat 10% van hulle geld aan die dominees oorhandig, hoekom maak hulle so as hulle niks oor het om vir hulle oudag te spaar. Dink hulle regtig dat God hulle in hulle oudag met geld sal help? Hulle kerke beslis nie.

      Dis alles net eintlik "mass hysteria" en domheid.

    2. Dink dis dalk vir meeste mense makliker om kerk toe te gaan as om self die MOEITE te doen vir bybelstudie..

    3. Anonymous2:28 pm

      Ek weet nie wat's nou so lekker om op 'n Sondagoggend vroeg uit die bed te klim om kerk toe te gaan nie. Ek het ook al opgelet dat mense wat gereeld kerk toe gaan maar min weet van wat daar in die Bybel eintlik staan.

  35. Anonymous6:08 am

    BRENTHURST Foundation

    Ever heard of it ?


    I imagine Mr Smith can enlighten us
    Friends of Israel -- and all that.
    Wonder what David Kilcullen has to say
    About the situation in SA ( and what it means for the jew blood suckers )
    What say Mr Smith ?

  36. Anonymous6:45 am

    Do you understand what "repair" looks like ?

    I am always amazed at the BS here
    GV's going to take over -- so easily , so quickly
    HERE is what "repair" looks like
    NOW -- imagine that this is Gauteng


    Which I can PROMISE you it WILL look like when all your wet dreams come true.

    1. Anonymous10:50 am

      Big T you POES. Is that you?
      Well all I see on that site is maps.
      Is that meant to be something we give a fuck about?

      And whatever you are imagining, does not look any worse than white farmer's kids being chopped up by farm killers.

    2. Anonymous11:19 am

      Ek verstaan jou nie?

    3. @anon6:45AM, another retard arse fucker I see, you wouldn't know a GV looked like you piece of shit. You fuckers are all to shit scared to do something, you would rather arse fuck retard and madame retard than put yourself out on a limb.

      You will die a coward and not at the hands of the resistance but at the hands of your retard buddies.

      I bet you're still so fucking wet behind the ears that your mom has to use dry wipes and baby powder to keep you from leaving a spill.

      Go fuck yourself, your maid and your retard connection. You haven't the nature or the manhood to be here, boy.

  37. Anonymous4:48 am

    Nothing there but crap. Looks like you had a wet dream arsehole and it went to your head.

  38. When did blacks attack your school Mike?

  39. @ Sello Puo. I bet they didnt because in those days you retards would have stopped some FMJs in a quick hurry.

    You see retard, we dont take shit and we believe in law and order and we enforce it, fuck you retards are going to celebrate our enforcing that law. You wogtards call it reconciliation day.

    I call it retards lesson day, we made one fucking mistake there, we stopped shooting to early.

    You cunts are needing another lesson I can tell by the shit that is following out of those stink holes that you call mouths.

    Now boy, go and work in the bosses garden and stop trying to be white you will never be white you retarded black stink Bantu.

  40. Anonymous4:49 am