21 May 2016

“Black Excellence” – University of Fort Hare turns 100

By Mike Smith
21st of May 2016

A hundred years ago the Scottish missionary James Stewart founded the Fort Hare University in Alice in the Eastern Cape for blacks...two years before the University of Stellenbosch was founded in 1918.

From the start it was aimed to educate and uplift blacks. Many prominent black leaders studied there including five heads of state, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda, and Seretse Khama, first president of Botswana. Other famous alumni are Josua Nkomo, Desmond Tutu, Mongosuthu Buthelezi, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and Oliver Tambo.

In short it can be seen that the University of Fort Hare has always been a nest of Marxist black vipers, but what it proves is that it is a myth that whites barred blacks from learning institutions or prescribed what they should learn.

Nevertheless, the university on Friday 20th of May held its centenary celebrations and Mugabe and the illiterate idiot Zuma gave some speeches.

Fort Hare celebrates centenary despite protests

Said the Great Mugabe… “Fort Hare has for the past 100 years been the center of anti-colonial and anti-apartheid regimes. I was politically born and formed my African identity at this iconic institution.”

Added Zuma: “The University was an example of “Black Excellence”.

Then after a session of reciprocating ego masturbation and pats on the back, these old terrorists started singing so called “Struggle Songs” like “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer”, “Bring me my Machine gun”, “Go well uMkhonto we Siswe as you kill the whites”...etc.

Unfortunately nobody watched the food...

As Zuma, VIPs sing struggle songs, Fort Hare students swipe their food

On the menu was grilled kingklip‚ lamb curry served with sambals‚ roast chicken‚ samp‚ beans‚ basmati rice‚ bean curry and other delicious treats.

“I am stressed‚” said a Fort Hare staff member who didn’t want to be named. “I don't know what these people are going to eat.

The students also destroyed a services provider's property worth R6-million. “I have lost so much money on this thing‚” the person said. Public order police had to stop angry students from entering the university’s main hall. Shouting “Fuck off Zuma, fuck off Mugabe”… Singing "Asinamali" (we don't have money) and holding placards reading "Centenary my ass".

Voetsek Mugabe, Voetsek Zuma – Fort Hare students try to force way into main hall

Yes…what a demonstration of “Black Excellence”.

So what has this prestigious University of Fort Hare actually accomplished over the past 100 years except producing a string of Marxist terrorists and psychopathic dictators who took their countries to hell and ruin?

Considering that...the question to ask is, “Should Fort Hare have been built at all?”


  1. Anonymous4:47 am

    Here we go again
    Half hatched history and analysis

    Some of the ruins of the fort are still visible today, as well as graves of some of the British soldiers who died while on duty there.[3]
    Missionary activity (James Stewart) led to the creation of a school for missionaries from which at the beginning of the 20th century the University of Fort Hare resulted. In accord with its Christian principles, fees were low and heavily subsidised.



    “Fort Hare has for the past 100 years been the center of anti-colonial and anti-apartheid regimes. I was politically born and formed my African identity at this iconic institution.”

    Why not have a look at those that taught there
    After all the black leaders were students
    WHAT were they taught ?
    By WHOM ? ( whitey of course and probably a few of those -- "Chosen" fellows

    "Inside African Anthropology: Monica Wilson and her Interpreters"

    BTW; Have you been there Mr Ostrich Smith ?

    1. Anonymous5:21 am

      Anon 4:47 AM. You missing the point numbnuts.

    2. No...the thing is referring to the JOOOOS...there is one behind every bush, remember. In fact the sinking of the Titanic was all a Jooish conspiracy. The main culprit was a guy called Iceberg.

      Oh and don't worry that the founder of Fort Hare, James Stewart was a Scottish Calvanist and Presbyterian (like the NG Kerk)missionary and that the University was found on Calvinistic Christian principles...if you dig deep enough you will find a JOOO.

      The Frenchman and “reformer”, The Pope of the Protestants, John Calvin (Johannes Calvyn) real name Jean (or Jehan) Cauvin was a humanist lawyer at first and…you guessed it…a Jew. A thoroughbred hooknosed, Levite whose real surname was actually Cohen and an agent of the Prieuré de Sion. Oh yes and Martin Luther was a Freemason and Rosicrucian.

      Was John Calvin a Jew?

      John Calvin was a Jew

      Actually John Calvin was extremely anti- Jewish, but this is what the Joosh say about him. “In short, the total effect of Calvin's anti-Jewish preaching resembled that of the ancient prophecy of Balaam. The Geneva reformer, too, set out to curse the Jews, but in the end turned out to have blessed them.”

      John Calvin

      Also read here:

      The Shocking beliefs of John Calvin

    3. Here this is the man you need to follow. He has a website and writes books too.

      David Icke insists that British Royals are shapeshifting reptiles

      Just get the fuck off my site

    4. Anonymous7:05 am

      @ Anon 4:47 AM

      Now stick Mike's rebuttal in your pipe and smoke it, you bloody prick.

    5. Anonymous12:21 pm

      You hate the truth Mr Smith

    6. No I hate ignorant idiots like you who think they know it all, but in fact haven't read a tenth of the books I have or experienced a hundredth of what I have seen or where I have been.

      Idiots like you come on here as Mr. Know-it-all-have-done-it-all-at-least-twice but when prompted I always find you wanting. When I present you with the truth you scatter. Let me tell you something, smart ass...my truth starts where your brain stops.

    7. Anonymous2:07 pm

      @Anon 4:47PM

      Why don't you reveal your identity if you're going to keep calling Mike an ostrich?

    8. Anonymous9:32 pm

      Listen anon 4:47, if Mike were an ostrich he would still be employing kaffirs even after his close shave.

      The only ostrich here is you, so why don't you go and bury your head in shit and ignore the truth about SA.

    9. Anonymous12:32 am

      Ja Mike and your name is Goldsmith go figure.

    10. Yes:-) מִיכָאֵל ....Mee'cha'ayl Goldsmith. Dig it!!

    11. Anonymous1:30 am

      More to come
      Yet more debt may be in the pipeline. AC has learned that China is believed to have made as yet undisclosed loans to SISE, which has undergone significant expansion in recent years. SISE reports directly to the President. Last Wednesday, Mozambican independent newspaper CanalMoz reported that Chinese company ZTE provided the intelligence service with an extensive telephone surveillance suite in a deal which netted Guebuza's son Mussumbuluko an 8% commission, equivalent to $11 mn. Security sources also report two new training centres outside Maputo,
      where Israelis are also assisting.


      Yes Mr Smith -- Ostrich indeed
      The chosen ones can do NO wrong can they !
      Hand in hand with the horrible Chinese communists
      Not word of this anywhere on your blog
      Then you wonder why I use the monniker -- Ostrich
      Please tell me I am wrong
      Seems for all your great and wise experience you still have a fatal blind spot ...
      Go look up ZTE -- and discussions with ZUPTA !

    12. @ 1:30 AM, You should rather use the monniker "irritating doos", fits you better.

      Well I didn't know about the article that is why it is not on my blog. Maybe if you sent it to me and asked me nicely to comment on it I would have, but seeing that you are such an irritating cunt, I decided to dump it, ignore it.

      BTW I see every man and his dog is involved in Moz. Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Sweden...Why are you so concerned about Israel being involved there. When last have you been to Moz? I go there quite regularly to Scuba dive. Do you know how many Afrikaners have businesses and properties there? Why are you quiet about that?

      Further,I have decided to dump your boring ass. If you cannot contribute in a respectful manner then you can go and fuck yourself . Bye...You are the weakest link.

  2. Anonymous8:27 am

    Christianity seems it benefitted the blacks like the white missionaries here but Mr Mugabe who recieved a Christian education should be doing the Christian thing again but I guess it created the devil inside him just like a whole lot of them as well. So what kind of people does Christianity create, righteos people in God's eyes who want to help the disadvantaged as the Bible instructs or sadistic devils who are narcissists, deceitful,liars who steal, kill , destroy and murder for their own personal gain?I don't want to knock Christianity down because then I am falling for satan's trap but what are we to do?

  3. Anonymous8:28 am

    Is it the good seed bad seed thing that the Bible talks about?

  4. Adrem9:58 am

    So, what are you talking about, except copying from hyphenated sources available to anyone? What about the vandalizing and burning of universities and schools? What about something positive - if there is anything at all - or at least relevant and related to the learning process other than the never ending rape- and sex stories from these places?
    Has MS been to UFH? I don't know, but my guess is yes, he has been. Again, what relevance does this question have to the article?
    Except of course, I totally misunderstand you...

  5. Anonymous10:52 am

    burn it

    1. Anonymous3:34 am

      They'll burn it down themselves. It's what they're good at.

  6. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Anon 4:47, Mr Doos Anon, you use Wikipedia as your source of reference, wow... Intelligence comes screaming out of your post. BTW, you seem to know your shit, give us the link to your blog, muppet.

  7. The simple answer is no....why would one build a university if you had (like we should have) wiped out the zot, to the last one...it would have been a superfluous act, and better spent on a cattle kraal.

  8. Anonymous2:03 pm

    And naturally, this university is bankrupt. Why? Black, yes, specifically BLACK AFRICAN ineptitude.
    And further, that useless so-called Minister of Higher Education, Nzimande let slip to the Sunday Times on 25 October 2015 that eight Universities are on the verge of bankruptcy and will require bailouts and simply left it at that.
    The destroyer of an entire country, Robert Gabriel the sociopath, shuffles in to boast about his anti-colonial stance while Thief Numma Waan - currently in the process of also destroying a once-thriving country - joins in with the tired old anti-white songs.
    The WHITES created every vestige of excellence in southern Africa but these defectives and their mob-followers cannot bear to acknowledge it.
    How can they explain that one of their young idiot followers received an education in Oxford courtesy of a white man whom he professes to hate?
    Really, a disgusting and pathetic nation; break, burn, loot, rape destroy. Your fatuous glee and knuckle-headed behaviour over these last decades will come to an end. You mock the white man at your peril.

    1. Anonymous12:33 am

      @ Anon 2:03 PM

      Touché.....good comment.

  9. Anonymous8:46 pm


    Zikka now in Africa - I give it 6 months & it spreads like wild fire in Central/North Africa, entering Southern Africa in 12-18 months, perhaps sooner. We will see mass vacinations now. AIDS didnt work fast enough, they have to make something work faster now.

    You can contain Ebola, this thing you cannot contain in the tropics. The Vaccine is a sterile injection = no more 20 kids per family, finally someone is sorting out this parasite.



    Here is the quote from the TED talk (04:33 to 04:50):

    First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3.

  10. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Anonymous10:52 AM
    Good comment mate ... short ... sweet ... and to the point!

  11. My comments earlier are addressed to Anonymous @ 4:47 AM
    Just want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.

  12. Anonymous1:03 am


    "Zuma’s government working with British military to stay in power: report"

    How accurate is this, why would they support the ANC and not DA? Because they want to ensure SA stays becomes poorer and more corrupt?

    1. Anonymous7:43 am


      Thats all smoke and mirrors.

      Dont be fooled, they always fund both sides. That way, you always win.

    2. Anonymous11:13 am

      You know it Ninja!

  13. Anonymous1:03 am

    How convenient - Con artist extraordinaire Nzimande absent as varsities count the cost of student protests - http://city-press.news24.com/News/nzimande-absent-as-varsities-count-the-cost-of-student-protests-20160520

  14. Anonymous3:52 am

    The alumnus illustrated in the second photo graduated at the top of his class.

  15. Anonymous4:17 am

    Well we can see their EXCELLENT Performance and Result ! since they studied at University of Fort Hare ! Well recommended for those hellbent to see HELL !!

  16. Just too prove you reap what you sow.

  17. Anonymous8:04 am

    Here we go again Mike, the effing savages and their bloody witchcraft - Two White Lions Poisoned Heads Chopped Off - http://dillydee.blogspot.co.za/2016/05/two-white-lions-poisoned-heads-chopped.html#links

    1. Anonymous2:19 pm

      The natural beauty of South Africa is ruined by the existence of these vile sub-human beasts.

    2. Anonymous10:41 am

      The libtards poop their pants about Cecil the lion and the world gets to hear about it, they (libtards) are truly demented.

    3. Anonymous1:01 pm


      @Anonymous2:19 PM

      I hope in time many more will see them for what they are, sub-human. Wipe out = the only solution.

  18. Anonymous1:08 pm

    My favourite band as a kid was Slade.

    Watching The Voice tonight was such a blessing. Black Excellence you may call it.
    Yip, the black did what they do best, fall out....!!!
    It is without a doubt that Richard Stirton would win. His voice is so much better than anyone else. Especially after singing that Simon and Garfunkel song last week.
    The Bed of Roses and Don't stop Believing didn't work for me. Me thinks Bon Jovi and Steve Perry would have been pissed off hearing that.
    But now the backlash. All white male finalists.
    Geez. What a train smash.
    But don't despair. Universal Music has come to the rescue and the black females have a recording contract, according to this report;
    I tell you. Even the loser is a winner. My dad always said, you just never going to give enough. That's black excellence at its best.

    So let's all swing together my oh my
    We can all swing together my oh my
    You've got troubles on your own, no need to face them all alone
    We can all swing together my oh my


    1. Anonymous6:22 am

      Noddy dont know if you picked up on it but they tried to level the playing field by only allowing one minute to vote for Gavin Edwards but it was cancelled and they used the previous week's results because it was to obvious.

  19. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Whites will never learn.
    Just like Schweitzer they will always feel it their burden to educate the black man to their own downfall, stupid, dumb libtard whites.

    1. Anonymous2:52 am

      Hear, hear, well said, give that man a Bells. Libass whites are the majority among us and therefore whites will never be able to stand together, too many traitors.....

  20. Anonymous3:56 am

    I lived my life in the township. I thought it was because we were too poor to live in the leafy suburb my school was in. It actually took me-and my school mates-a long time to realise that I was fundamentally different to them. Instead, my classmates would ask how I got my hair to be like soft cotton wool, would ask how I got such a lovely tan when they would go pale white after a while. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that when we go to the rural Transkei every December, we put Milk of Magnesia on to actually escape the darkening effects of the sun. Dark was NOT lovely in my world!

    Then I realized I was in the township because I was black. It had nothing to do with individual choice but to do with my looking like others of this continent. I was part of the black mass, and I had to live where the white people said I should live. The only way I got to be in ‘your’ school was because it was private, it allowed me in, unlike the other private ones, and I managed to stay there because of a partial bursary.

    My mom couldn’t take me to restaurants not because I was a naughty child, not because she’d pilfered a sachet of tomato sauce, but because we were part of that group-those scary, black people. I laughed at the irony of seeing photos of my children playing at Blouberg beach when because I was black, I was not allowed on it at their age.

    I am part of the black nation. I am hated, mistrusted because I belong to that group. They have called my children, “blackies” because we are part of that one homogenous group. I was called the k-word, because I look like ‘my’ people. I was pushed down a flight of stairs because I am black. And so, I started identifying with ‘them.’ I became a black person. Not Thandi, not a Christian mom, not a homeschool teacher…I am black. That is the identity forced upon me, especially in the Afrikaans living spaces we are trying to carve a life in.

    So, now that you’ve lumped us all into one group without getting to know us. Without ever asking us about our home life, our dreams, our aspirations, don’t try and take me out of that group. Don’t make me the token ‘good black person.’ Don’t make me the ‘better black.’

    When you hear my accent and ask me, “You speak so well! How come the others don’t speak like you, are they lazy?” what you are doing is trying to take me out of your preconceived box and make me different, better. And I resist. It is YOUR fault the others don’t talk like you do, because you gave them no choice. (By the way, I don’t speak well, I speak like you. How boring life would be with only one accent.)

    When you ask me if I’m foreign because I act more like you than like them, you’re reminding me that my people were educated (or rather, were un-educated) through Bantu Education, or currently by teachers who went through that un-education, and never got the chance to learn the social niceties you deem to be so important.

    You view life through your lens, your values. And because I escaped into your world, you think I’m better. I’m not. You’re worse for not having given all of us the chance to be in your world. You never taught us how to bath indoors, when you forced us to have cold water baths outside while you had running hot water in your houses. You never taught us how to tip in restaurants because you never let us in.

    I am not better. I hate you using me as the token “good” black. You are the one who is worse, worse for not getting to know and love my people who speak differently to you. For judging them according to your standards of acceptability.

    I am black. I identify with black people. I am not a better black person. I am Thandi. Maybe if you removed the box you put us all into, you’d be friends with a Xoliswa, a Puleng, a Thabo. And you’d see that there is no box. There is no better. We are all the same. We love, fear, cry, hurt.. all the same.


    1. Thandi you are completely wrong when you think whites despise blacks, because their skins are black. That would be silly. It has nothing to do with your skin colour and all to do with your culture. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to change your culture. All I want for you is to admit that your culture is totally incompatible with mine. Then kindly separate yourself as far away from me as possible.

      I don't want you in my school. I don't want you in my restaurant on my beach or whatever. Stay at your beach, go drink in your pub and I go drink in mine. Go to your restaurants and I will go to mine.

      Why is it so that wherever whites go you MUST interfere? During Apartheid you had your beaches and we had ours. We never interfered on your beaches, yet you lot always wanted to be on ours. Why?

      It is in section 18 of our Bill of Rights part two of the Constitution..."Freedom of association".

      Do you understand that? I DON'T want to associate with you. Leave me alone.

      Why do whites despise blacks?

    2. Anonymous5:43 am

      Maybe if blacks and the ANC and EFF stopped verbally attacking and threatening whites on a daily basis there would be more harmony.

      Perhaps if blacks agreed that racial laws against whites should be stopped then there will be more harmony.

      The current situation, made clear by the ANC regime is that whites are the enemy, we are not wanted here. This creates conflict.

      The Rainbow Nation could have worked but the ANC regime lied, they are white-hating racists whose sole aim is to destroy and impoverish whites.

      They also want to destroy sport, a part of the attack on white culture.

      The ANC and their blacks supporters hate whites, they are racists and their party is a corrupt thieving group who are viewed by most of the world as pariahs. They are not only corrupt, but incompetent.

      The ANC and their blacks supporters, the farm attacks and the brutality and murder-rate against whites, and the collapsing economy and infrastructure has justified every the old right wing had said.

      Everything the so-called right-wing whites warned about has come true.

    3. It really is the strangest thing Mike and inferiority complex' sums it all up.

      Whites have no issue with blacks being on their own, but blacks have major hick-ups when we want to preserve our tribe.

      Moral of the story - total-non-subsizised-segregation.

      Let them do their kul-cha on the other side of a wall.

    4. Anonymous6:17 am

      " how I got my hair to be like soft cotton wool".... WTF? I almost pissed myself right there.

      Thandi check this out https://youtu.be/7a7IaS3ml4g

    5. Anonymous8:43 am

      Thandi, why it is always up to whites to educate blacks, for once can they not do it themselves?why do whites always have to feel that they are the guilty ones for all the mess ups? Time to look in the mirror, own up and take charge.All you ever hear is white priviledge this and white priviledge that, what a load of nonsense, your own kind is holding you back with your mindset.

    6. Thandi, yo are completely missing the point. You think that White people want you as a 'token Black'. You are wrong. You are free to be whatever or whoever you want to be. Free to enjoy your culture and your way of life.

      By the same token,leave us alone to be who we are and to enjoy our culture. It would be more beneficial if you did not copy our culture, as you do. The very clothes on your back and the straightener in your hair, as but 2 examples, testifies to the fact that you do.

      You write on how apartheid constrained your way of life and culture. We Whites will be happy to have all the things that the Blacks in SA freely received under Apartheid. Like a HOMELAND. We will gladly use a dompas if we have to visit SA, or whatever it will be called. Happy to be isolated from SA. Happy to enjoy our culture as an independent nation. Free from the violent Black race who do little but steal from other cultures.

      The truth is, should it happen that we get a homeland, in no time at all there will be Blacks begging at our borders for food and for work.

      Here's a question for you. If it were possible that ALL the Whites had to suddenly disappear from SA, would the crime increase or decrease?
      If all the Blacks had to suddenly disappear, would the crime increase or decrease?

      If apartheid was such an evil thing, please explain why the borders of the country were there to keep people out. Is it because there was work, and very low crime in the country? The stream of Blacks into SA was unprecedented.
      After all, no-one in their right mind immigrates into North Korea!

    7. Anonymous9:59 am


      Thandi unfortunately this is what happens when your former chiefs/kings spent more time fondling breasts & raping women.

      Let me correct you on a few points here, just in case you dont know.

      If this were true, there would be no need for 11 kings and there would be no 11 official languages.

      Seems like the education you received has not taught you to do research or perhaps you can speak all 11 official languages but I highly doubt that because if you could speak those languages, then you would know that the fallacy of a BLACK NATION is just that - fantasy, more warped than Lord of the rings - in fact Lord of the rings has more truth to it.

      Getting to the township issue - Why did your mother not decide to stay in the bush? No one dragged her to the township - if you asked her what was easier, getting water from a tap or pump or walking for Kilometers with a drum on her head, she would tell you life under a roof, with roads (paid for by the white man) running water - courtesy of the white man, is a lot better than fetching water from a river miles away that is filled with bacteria and cholera.

      I have no clue why you are on here, you seem to think we are all racists, perhaps you should look at the policies the ANC have put in place.

      Without the whites, there would be no jobs, no economy - these are #truly the results of white privilege, the descendants of Jacob would be a blessing to all nations but the blacks continually tell us we are a curse.

      Until they take the land and turn it into present Zimbabwe.

      I wonder how far your accent, language, dress code will get you when this country is delivered and turned into the African utopia to the likes of Malema.

      You hate whites but want their education? Drive cars? Use the internet?

      I have one work fuck off!

      Your people are a curse on this planet, a plague, I hope the WHO new world order eradicate this parasite that walks upright, that has never invented a single thing yet calls the shots because it can now read.

      Fuck OFF!! Go get fucked & get AIDS please, problem with you lot is you THINK you know it all because you read what we have taught you, go back to your traditional clothes (leopard skins) and go back to the bush but you will not be happy there or perhaps you can learn Mandarin and see if the Chinese will accept you as their own.

      Seems like you have an inferiority complex. I dont hate blacks, I simply understand them. I understand that if you teach the African to fish for a day, you starve him for ever.

      Best thing would be to be happy living in the bush! Because you are not happy living in a civilized world. You have an inferiority complex hence the need to try sort your hair out, you are not happy that without the whites, these luxuries you have, the phone, the roads, running water, electricity, the internet, the car - BASICALLY everything is from a white man.

      Perhaps that painful lesbian in denial Gillian Schutte has a babysitter position for her 2 half jobs! You two can debate this all day long.

      Please FUCK OFF!

      I come to this site to be far away from you parasites. I will sponsor you on one mission though - I will fly you to Cape Verde to bring a few Zikka laden mosquito's back here to be observed and studied, I believe they will find many useful hosts here to feed on - oxygen thief parasites.

      We can speed up the decolonization of bantu Africans that ARE NOT from South Africa either. Mother nature has a cure or we will have to assist her in the end, either way, the parasite must fall, once and for all!

      Now fuck off and please Mike dont let these parasites comments be seen, never argue with these things - I visit this site to get far away from these things.

      I have much love for the bantu.....

      When the only place you can find them is an underground museum!

    8. Anonymous11:11 am

      @Anon 5:43 what did you expect of a Terrorist organization?

      @JP It's the only way.

      @Mike well said, in essence that is the answer to the issue.

      @Anon 6:17 HAHAHA I know, right?

      @Thandi Kindly FUCK OFF!

    9. Anonymous11:33 am

      I have wondered the same thing. Why do they always follow white people around demanding to be let in? First us then Europe. They hate whites but they desire to follow us around like love sick puppies.

      IT is African jealousy methinks.

    10. Anonymous12:16 pm

      Hey Ninja do not come here and tell Mike what to do.He makes the decisions who comments on this blog.That is his decision and his alone not yours.

    11. Anonymous12:17 pm


      @ Thandi, jammer om van jóú kak te hoor, hoor? Ons stel regtig nie belang nie, julle tyd is verby.

      @ Ninja, you just made my day, thank you.

      Ons is klaar gepraat met hierdie nasie. Nes jy sê, laat hulle verder gaan parisiteer op die liberaliste!

    12. Wielneus12:32 pm

      Thandi, the following except by Lord Antidem explains it perfectly:

      "I don’t care about black people. Their problems are not my problem. Their enemies are not my enemy. Their concerns are not my concern. I feel no need to understand them or their ways, and I don’t care whether or not they understand me or my ways. I wish them well – in fact, I know not a single white person, no matter how outwardly racist, who does not wish that blacks were doing better than they are, if for no other reason than that we must all live with the effects of their failures. I hope that the issues that seem to ceaselessly dog their community all get solved somehow. I have no desire to do them and theirs injury, except as punishment for injury done by them against me and mine. But I don’t care about them – there is nothing more I want from them other than to simply leave me alone, and in exchange, I will gladly leave them alone as well."


    13. Anonymous12:58 pm


      Grumbleguts9:41 AM

      Great reply, well put.

      Unfortunately wise words wasted on something that 50 years ago still didnt know what century it was.

      I would any day of the week give anything to use a dompass to leave our areas, I would do anything to have our own homeland but we must think bigger.

      Such a beautiful country spoiled by mud huts & parasites. Why settle for a homeland when you can take half the continent?

      From the Cape to the Equator and everything in between and no parasites, being kind to them will always lead to them being a thorn in your side.

    14. Anonymous6:30 pm


      @Grumbleguts9:41 AM

      They will always miss the point, let me give you one example of a point made by one of these things to Afriforum

      Video below - during this discussion this month regarding racism, the television hosts is speaking about racism and how they can end it

      when they have a white face on the background - bingo - subliminal messaging, the talk is about ending racism and they connect the dots for the viewers - whitee in the background.

      Ending racism is ending whitee - why did they only put a white face on the background here? Where was the race issue brought up when that kaffir had that T-shirt during the riots in stellenbosch that mentioned "kill whites"?

      Why was another blacks face not put on television? Only whitees face.

      What about the racism against other blacks from other African countries - ah they have a code name for that, its called Xenophobia.

      They /Roodts/this other thing and smart jackie the interviewer is debating with this thing that can hardly string a sentence together in English but he says that some races think they are superior to others with their language and culture.

      Well how do we debate the fact or even debate a subject based around fact? Every fact you will provide will be construed and taken to be racist.

      He is basically saying that everyone is equal but exams do not show or prove his argument, that is until you mention it and he brings it up that whitee is behind the fact that blacks cant read in the first place - you then ask, what about the rest of Africa, the answer....

      You guessed it - colonialisms fault, they were all literate before we arrived and had great inventions.

      If we all are equal in intelligence, then why lower the barrier to pass an exam BINGO - mention this and voila, you are a racist.

      Mention stats, facts & any figures which do not fit their agenda and BINGO - you are a racist.

      Racism is self preservation. It is about the strongest that survive, we once knew this but decided through intellectuals to put away our instinct and simply try discuss this in a logical friendly manner with things incapable of even stringing an intelligent sentence together.

      But you cannot argue with them - there is nothing more insulting when the slave becomes master.

      It will always resort to colonialism and apartheid / the past, when whitee arrived.

      They will say they were held back but from which time period? Did anyone hold them back before 1652?

      Look its pretty simple, whites in this country need to get this through their skulls, perhaps if they switched the rugby off they would.

      1. SA is to be the headquarters of the global communist agenda.

      2. It is being fought over by the likes of China/India for the headquarters of Africa, hence the AU appointing Mugabe - it is MO but we can see it happening. They actually think it is already theirs.

      3. They dont want whites around.

      4. The racial agenda is being put in place for the ANC to implement transformation faster, they will say " in order to promote a more racial South Africa, it is necessary to transform all areas of society, in order to promote peace & stability"

    15. Anonymous6:32 pm


      @Grumbleguts9:41 AM

      This racial problem is just that, a race to survival! It always has and always will be.

      They know it, we have forgotten about it. Seems like the more educated whites get the more doff they become. Education to a degree strips one of their natural instincts.

      The natural instinct is to survive.

      No matter what argument you try to bring up, they will bring up the past either apartheid or colonialism to justify their stealing, incompetence, inability to get anything to work.

      Trying to debate with them, is like trying to debate with a teenager who thinks they know it all.

      You get annoyed & the teenager accuses you of being old fashioned & being out of touch with reality and how time has moved on.

      It is futile, it is not worth the effort. We WILL debate properly when we are united and armed - then we can negotiate with the barrel of the gun, until then let them strip us of everything.

      This is not what I want, this is what they want hence all these laws, they want to push whitee to the edge to egg him on into a racial civil war - this is where they are pushing us, the more you try to negotiate, the weaker they perceive us.

      Really you could not pay me any amount of money to debate with them, let them debate us on subjects they have invented but then again - eish apartheid, colonialism.

      The only peace they will have is when we are stripped of everything and kicked out this country. Their is their ultimate goal, this is not me talking, just watch what they do, the laws they implement - If you could speed up their 22 years of rule in SA you would see it unfold like a flower under time lapse photography.


      We gave them a chance to build a non racial society & they have, by getting rid of us and making it unbearable to live in this country.

      Never again!

      Next time, there will never again be a next time. 22 years is nothing in the grande scheme of things, nothing, not even a fart in the wind. Let them blow in the wind and enjoy their final years.

      The white western world is catching a wake up and when they do...

      My only hope is my great great grandchildren can one day walk down a few steps in an underground museum where we can show them from Naledi to present day homobantu...

      Show them how this country once was and then the experiment of handing it over - this time we have video footage to prove we were always right.

      Racism is self preservation, the race to survival. Never debate with them please, only if you are doing it by the barrel of a gun.

    16. Anonymous8:39 pm

      LOL ouch Thadni, looks like your little black victim charade is wearing a little thin. Don't you think it's time for another story? Hehehe, actually, don't bother, we've seen it and heard it all before, like a million three hundred and eleventy times before. :)

    17. Like in Thandi’s world, black community’s hatred of whites is strong. It is not resentment or mere anger. It is hatred. Things are lousy, and it is Whitey who did it. Life is going nowhere; people live meaninglessly and don’t know what to do about it. There are no jobs. The economy doesn’t need them. They do not know why they are in the mess they are in, so, they blame whitey. Everything is always someone else's fault. Whatever is wrong in their lives, whatever woes and miseries they bear these are the fault of whites. The impression is of an angry people who, in isolation from historical reality, weave a world that isn't there and then live in it. The sense of grievance, of being owed, seems as central to their notion of the world as God was to Bernard of Clairvaux. It is not a condition but an identity. Without it they would be unsure who they were, and might have to look within for explanations of their problems. And so they protect the grievance, shield it from thought; cherish it as others cherish their children. To suggest that blacks need to solve their own problems brings cries of racism. When blacks demand reparations, a white, acting in the European tradition of logic and analysis, is likely to point that he has never owned slaves, that blacks under 30 years of age have never known discrimination, that he never supported grand Apartheid, that his ancestors arrived in SA in 1923 from France/Poland /Wherever. None of this makes the slightest impression on blacks. They can't look at their position rationally because it doesn't hold together rationally, and would threaten the grievance.
      On the other hand, whites are giving up on blacks. Ritualistic talk continues about poverty and ‘closing the gap’, and AA/BBB, etc. is accepted as entitlement, but no one does anything or knows what to do or has much interest. Many whites are quietly angry while others revel in flagellating themselves over White Privilege, but chiefly for the joy of narcissistic self-abasement. It has little to do with blacks. First-world countries are brain-intensive. Automation eats rapidly away at the low-end jobs for which blacks are usually qualified. In a technological society, people at the bottom at some point become economically unnecessary, unemployable for anything at any wage. This happens now to blacks, and soon will to unintelligent, dumbed-down whites. The unnecessary will need, do need, to be kept in custodial care, however disguised. The alternative is starvation.
      But things are getting explosive. Black extremists have often called for it, thoughtful blacks have worried about it, and a lot of whites think “bring it on.” The media carefully will call it “civil unrest” when what is meant is “race war.” They don’t really grasp that the human animal is savage, cruel, vindictive, and murderous. This diagnosis may seem excessive if you are well-fed, content, and more or less in control of your life. It is not excessive. History, and especially present day Africa, are full of groups butchering each other for reasons of race, ethnicity, and nationality. The real danger in South Africa is that blacks, favoured by the media and liberals, accustomed to intimidating whites, may push too far and find that they have made a very serious mistake.

    18. Excellent comment mate.

    19. Anonymous1:08 am

      Wow White Oak! Excellent! Good show old chap.

    20. Anonymous1:28 am

      Thandi, the last time I looked the rand was at R15.83 to the $. I don't know whether you realise it, but this is a bad thing. It means that you can't import machinery to produce goods any more. It means the economy will go bust. The ANC will keep Zuma in power, Pravin Gordhan will eventually be forced to resign, and the rand will become R60 to the dollar.

      The markets do not care about your past grievances because the markets do not "feel". What they see is a typical African kleptocracy where an elite of blacks in power strip the country of all its assets rendering them useless. This has overwhelmingly been the experience in the rest of "liberated" sub-Saharan Africa.

      Yet you will vote ANC in the next local elections because you are upset that your Afrikaans neighbours want nothing to do with you, let alone apologise to you every day for apartheid. You seem like a very touchy-feely person. You don't realise that other people just want to get on with their lives. Your hurt feelings of victimhood - never mind that your circumstances have changed far for the better over the last 20 years, which cannot be said for most white people - will impel you to continue voting for the ANC.

      And therein lies your entire problem.

    21. Well said Oak.

    22. Anonymous6:55 am

      Thandi sharing the multi-culti joy at a McDonalds in her Afrikaans neighbourhood.


      I kid you not, I have seen black women behaving like this in white run establishments in South Africa.

    23. Anonymous2:43 pm


      You've got the country and preferential treatment. What more do you want?

      Not everyone in this world wants to associate with you and you can't force them to. It's called freedom of choice.

      I suspect that there are blacks from other tribes who also don't want to associate with you. Why aren't you bothering them?

      Also, how would you feel about associating with people that you weren't keen on?

      With reference to accents, you have contradicted yourself by criticising whites for other blacks not having the same accent as you, but then stating that life would be boring with only one accent. For your information, most blacks speak with a black accent because they are black and don't want to talk "white".

      Nobody here thinks that you're a token "good black" or "better black", just a black.

      Were you pushed down the stairs because you were black or because you are annoying?

      Just be grateful for the libtard whites who probably do want to associate with you and leave.

    24. Mike and please do away with those blavk maids that are looking after your children, cooking for you and cleaning your houses. Those who are wiping off the kaka from your aged grandparents in old age homes. Hope their culture is different to yours as well.So, do the right thing and rid yourself from them as far away as possible and start wiping kaka from your aged parents yourself. Thank you.

    25. I don't employ Kaffirs at all. Wipe the "kaka" from your eyes and stop typing on the white man's computer in the white man's language on a white man's blog. Piss off.

  21. Here's a chirp from The Donald.

    DONALD TRUMP ~ “There Is No Shortcut To Maturity, Africa Should Be recolonizedbertie
    Africa is a continent of people who could not emancipate themselves from mental slavery.
    speaking yesterday in Nebraska, Trump said that Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land yet they claim they are independent.

    Trump was responding to a question by a South African journalist on whether he thinks African leaders were right to seek mass withdrawal from the Hague based International Criminal Court.

    “It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery. Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favour so that they can be life presidents. They are all greedy and do not care about the common people” Said Trump

    “When I saw them gang up against ICC yet they can’t even find an amicable solution for the ongoing quandary in Burundi, I thought to myself these people lack discipline and humane heart. They can’t lead by example. The only thing they are interested in is accumulating wealth from poor tax payers. Before they think of exiting from ICC, they should first restore peace in Burundi and other war-torn countries rather than gathering like hyenas with the aim of finishing the poor "

    1. Anonymous10:01 am


      I think this will be the one who will be here sending ships to our assistance. Hmmmm the America which is about to emerge will not be fucked with, I see them going back to a time where they took no shit, the old America.

      They can see what these things do.

      Is there a video of this?

    2. Trump is a german name originally - Drumfp. His old man was a Germnan. I am optimistic when he talks about things like western civilization etc. I rate he must know what is going on. He has said before regarding those sub-humans invading Europe that so many are men - like an invasion. He is spot on.

    3. No, Ninja, there was no video. Let JP or Mike forward you a copy of "The Open Letter to All Kaffirs." I sent them. I wrote it in a mood of frustration and gatvolness and didn't plan or think. I just wrote it from emotion.

      As White Oak mentioned above, Whitey is getting more and more gatvol by the day. The Kaffir keeps pushing, but there will come a limit to how far we will allow ourselves to be pushed. And, when that day comes, we will exterminate them.

      Cheers, My Brothers-in-Arms.

    4. Anonymous2:42 pm


      In the next 4 years we will moerse change in the world, you can feel it.

      Here with this lot.
      Europe with the nationalists.
      The US in the middle east.
      China with its arming.
      The EU issues.

      Within 4 years we will witness upheaval like never before.

      Just look at the world and the way it is moving.

      Tom boet dont let them get you hot under the collar, we should be putting that frustration into our people and waking them up, I know its tough just dont land up in shit in the heat of the moment, I know it difficult, put that into your nation/people.

      You have heart, wish more would have more heart like you!

      Ignore them, they are not even worth it, time will prove it.

      Thanks take care!

  22. Anonymous12:48 pm



    I love it!

    Transform teams but soccer has how many white faces?

    Where are the international sanctions against this racism now? Hmmm all quiet.

    Stripped of everything & humiliated.

    I hope all our white rugby players eventually face off against the all black South African team while playing for other countries.

    That will be the nail in the coffin, I will NEVER EVER again watch Rugby or any bullshit sport under the ANC govamunt.

    Let them stuff it up like everything else they touch.

    I hope they strip us of everything, perhaps then the whites will stand together.

    What are all the sponsors saying now? The same sponsors who promoted a free and fair South Africa yet buckle under the ANC - who the fuck is the ANC?

    Do they really have this much power to be able to throw their weight around like this?

    Why dont businesses tell them to get get stuffed? What are they so scared of? Why not take the ANC to court of racialism and show them the constitution?

    1. Yip Ninja. I can tell you as a big rugby fan what pisses me off most is the fact that the whites wont boikot the international games or even the Super rugby games.

      Should SA play NZ with an empty stadium the sponsors and international rugby community would recognize the racial significance of the situation and maybe take action. Even the NZ coach Hansen has hinted many times about this but we the whites are to gullible to make a stand.

      We dont have quotas in the stands and we all know it is 90% whites who attend. Nobody is forcing the whites to attend and we know the blacks wont attend because it is not part of their cultcha.

      I dont actually care anymore. The sooner the rugby-god disappears the better. The ANC might think they are pushing us down by interfering with our beloved sport but actually they are doing us a favor by killing this superficial god that is holding us down from waking up to the genocide of our nation.

    2. Anonymous4:17 am

      Let's hope their is a wide-spread boycott of SA sport.
      I will, and will be encouraging every person I know to do the same.

      Don't even watch the channel, they can see how many viewers there are and this affects advertising.

      Also, don't buy any merchandise.

    3. Dony, the Kaffirs don't attend rugby matches because it's not free. It is the White man's sport and therefore the Kaffir is entitled free entry to the game? Like all the other free-stuff it expects Whitey to provide it with.

    4. Anonymous6:08 am

      We need empty stadiums to make the news headlines, which will probably make headlines overseas too.

      'Boycott because of racial laws in sport'.

    5. Yip Tom and you know what. When a quota black or a colourd player comes on the field it is the white crowds that make him feel like a superstar not his own race.
      Anon 4:17 Yes we must try and boycott sports, all of us, even watching it on tv. I have thought about running a (fb)campaign on it but my free time varies to much to maintain all the pro-white activities i am tending at the moment.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Afternoon. I am new here, but have been reading this blog for over a year and have informed my children overseas about the blog so that they can get the truth about what's happening in the new South Africa. I have found new interest's that is less stressful than watching rugby. Die anc & co kan maar sport vat en dit totaal en al opmoer, my gesin en ek put baie meet genot uit ander belangstellings.

  25. Anonymous6:29 am

    Ninja, correction, you said... go back to your traditional clothes (leopard skins) ... Think about it a second. Maybe, only maybe, did the strongest bossy call it their king if you like wear a leopard skin. The masses only used to wear a pease of rabbit or rat skin over their siphilistic genetals. The 'kings' best comboti tswalaing mates were lucky to keep the springbok skins they stole from whom ever happend to came acros a not so rotten carcas in the field.

    1. Anonymous2:34 pm


      @Anonymous6:29 AM

      Lol you are right.

      I was being kind again, giving them a little credit.

      Probably a couple of leaves strung in there as well.

      If I said this, then of course Im racist. We removed all their clothe factories when we arrived, this is why they bad to resort to using animal skins, we made them wear animal skins and degraded mother nature by covering their savage asses.