01 May 2016

Arrogant porch monkey gloats after racially humiliating a white waitress

Big shot Ntokozo Qwabe
By Mike Smith
1st of May 2016

I couldn’t help but smile when I read this:

Ashleigh Schultz (23)
“In a Facebook post on Thursday Ntokozo Qwabe - a co-founder of the Rhodes Must Fall movement at Oxford University - gleefully recounted how he and his group (actually they were just two, Qwabe and his transgender girlfriend Wandile Dlamini) had reduced a waitress to tears at Obz Café in Observatory Cape Town. He then launched into a racial diatribe against South Africa’s minority white population saying they must not be allowed to rest – or get any tips apparently - until they have given the land back.”

You can read his full text here:

‘African Hitler’ scholar gloats over race humiliation of waitress

Why did I smile? I don’t get upset anymore. I want to thank Qwabe. He just cured another hundred liberals or so. Seriously I want more Ntokozo Qwabe’s to open up and speak their minds.

So here is the challenge for all the "tough guy" Ntokozo Qwabe’s out there...Come on you petulant fucks. Don’t hold back. Don’t make small talk. Show them all exactly what arrogant bastards you are. Show them what a farcical joke this “rainbow nation” rubbish is. Show the whites of South Africa and show the world that you were never interested in “reconciliation”.

You want land back? You’ve got the land already. All of it. The country is yours. Your leaders are in charge and fucking it all up for the whole world to see. What more do you want? You want land? Go ask Zuma for land. Don’t come with bullshit and bully 23yo white waitresses. Speak the truth. You don’t want any land. You want the blood of whites to flow in the streets. That is what you want. Bring it on.

Just the other day in PE your president Zuma joined the Transnet choir in singing "Awuleth' Umshini Wami. (Bring me my machine gun). What does he want to do with that machine gun? Kill blacks? I don't think so.  So hurry up. Go get your machine guns. Let's do what we should have done 25 years ago.

Anyway...Ashleigh Schultz the 23yo waitress got her tip... R18,000 in fact. After reading Ntokozo Qwabe racist rubbish people from all over the world donated money for her tip. Of course the liberal Afrikaans media had to downplay the incident as a once off when they reported that Sihle Ngobese, the black spokesman for Albert Fritz, the MEC of Social Development in the Western Cape was “the first to donate R50”.

Afrikaans media: Waitress' white tears brings her no tip, but R18,000

The coloured owner of Obz Café, Rosco Arendse said the childish idiot Qwabe is an attention seeker and a liar. (No surprizes there). The waitress did not “start to shiver” and did not “cry typical white tears” as infantile Qwabe said and in fact handled the situation very professionally. So did the other waiters. She definitely did not cry at all, but I am sure big shot Qwabe wanted her to.

Muppet, guttersnipe, troll: Internet turns on Qwabe I hope he realises that he will never be able to go to a restaurant in SA ever again. The waiters will spit in his food or worse. What I cannot understand is why these things always happen when I am not there.


  1. Hey Qwabe you retarded black stink, it looks like you have a slow puncture there. You look a bit on the thin side. Hey and you look like a real BANTU in the 50c garb of yours.

    Now boy get back to the garden and turn some soil, slave.

    Please do not forget my response to your Rhodes must fall. I will give it to you again. " black will fall, stopping a white round" but alas. I think you will be deflated by the time the white round comes.

    1. Did u think the word BANTU offends us! Shame pink pig! We are BANTU and that's us.

    2. No you stupid retard its not suppose to offend you but it must, because of your reaction that I surmise it does. Are you another stink retard trying to show your non existing intelligence.

      Fuck! Retard there are so many of your evolutions retarded and forgotten species these days that think you're clever, yet so fucking stupid that even oxford has had to look at the word stupid and think of giving it a new meaning.

      Go climb back into your mud hole.

    3. @LTMA...the thing can't debate intelligently, just fling poo at statues and shout "Rêssist" in his unintelligible monkey chatter that he calls a language and then is surprised that he is called a monkey. Doos is so vague he cannot realise that a pink pig is still higher on the evolutionary chain than a stinking chattering baboon and then only comes the Bantu...and that is his best attempt at an insult. Shame...really showing his inferiority.

    4. Mike, totally agree with you. Is it not a fact that these stink retards always try associate and mingle with us and hope to achieve a status of belonging by saying that they have white friends.

      Take this retard now, he has to come onto a whites blog and attempts to debate. I have never invited myself into their discussions or asked to join their associations and or had one of them as a friend. Why does this stink think he can just come and blog with us?

      Just so he knows, I am not embarrassed by the colour of my skin, I am proud of my birth right, I have no guilt about apartheid but I have an abundance of praise for the old system. I do not whisper my beliefs behind closed doors in my house but I shout and exclaim my utter hatred for these retards and their stupidity in public and lastly I fear them not for I am not born coward, I am born soldier and leader. So retard when you can match me in equality come forth a show your courage, for I await you.

      Mike, thank you again for a bloody fantastic forum to air my views and my beliefs.

    5. Anonymous4:21 am

      If oyu whisper your beliefs please reveal your true identity, infact post your racist crap with your facebook account for all to see.

  2. Anonymous12:25 am

    I'm sure her lovely dog would love qwabe as a tip.

  3. Anonymous12:47 am

    Ek sal daai klein kaffertjie se fokken kop in sy hol druk. Letterlik. Weet iemand waar hy bly? Ek wil vir hom gaan kuier.

    1. Anonymous7:58 am

      gaan kuier eerder by max de preez of ton vosloo of kopkont crouse of so iets. eers voor ons deur vee!

  4. Anonymous2:41 am

    Blacks are cheap and never tip anyway. They try to weasel out of paying the bill by complaining about the food when there's half an unchewed chicken wing left on the plate. They are noisy and shout at each other in conversation as if they are standing on separate hill tops in what used to be their bantustans. Heh heh heh heh! Every waiter, whether black or white, shudders when they see black people enter a restaurant.

  5. FredBarbarossa3:22 am

    Would be nice for this black bastard to go round to her house to intimidate her... I own a dog like the one in her photograph... The end result will please me no end!

    1. We won't have to come to your house, you will bring you self to us together with your dog.

    2. Anonymous1:31 am


      The point is for your Qwaboon to go round to her house and have the dog set on him, not for Fred to go round to your mud hut with his dog.

      Stop posting crap and piss off.

  6. This porch monkey has delusions of making White people cry.I bet he wanks furiously imagining Whites crying and begging for mercy at his feet.But he forget the fact that when White men becomes angry,there is no stopping our wrath.Whites may be the most compassionate creatures, but when we lose our cool,apocalypse will follow. See Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    1. Shame! What does Hiroshima and Nagasaki has to do with smelling pink Afrikaner pigs in AFRICA? Wanna compare yourselves to Americans now? Pigs you got no power!

    2. Anonymous2:03 am


      White Americans and Afrikaners have something in common - being white, and the only ones with an odour problem are your lot.

      Piss off and take your crap with you.

  7. PreatorianXVI3:42 am

    Contrary to the blasting the idiot is getting, he will be seen as a hero by the silent black majority, just like every black African leader quietly supports Uncle Bob.

    This is good,as he won't be punished in the true African way, it will make them more brazen in putting their true feelings on full display for everyone to see, which will be great for when the eventual backlash hits them, then they will simply get what they have been asking for.

    1. Anonymous10:09 am

      That's right.

  8. Die brieke is duidelik los en die trein is besig om spoed op te tel - die arrogante, swart rassiste raak by die dag meer selfversekerd. Hierdie betrokke papaja is nie meer baie ver van die waaier af nie!

  9. I hope he realises that he will never be able to go to a restaurant in SA ever again. The waiters will spit in his food or worse.

    Ha, good point. He'll end up with a plate full of fecal coliform, as restaurant workers of all colours are unlikely to forget such a well-publicized insult to one of their own.

    This case gets to the heart of the white liberal blind spot when it comes to blacks. They assume that if blacks are given money and power they will happily join the dreamy liberal 'Brotherhood of Man'.

    Who could be more privileged than a Rhodes Scholar, especially an affirmative action one? And the lifetime earning potential of a Rhodes Scholar has to be in the tens of millions of dollars, minimum.

    Yet all this privilege has only turned young Mr Qwabe into an angry, bitter, hateful asshole, so much so that he feels the need to humiliate a perfectly innocent waitress with an anti-white diatribe (and no tip), then brag about it later. How much 'land' does he think a 23-year old waitress has to redistribute to the black mob anyway?

    If anything, all the money and power wielded by the post-1994 black upper- and middle-classes has only made them hate white people more. Their sense of black inferiority is so acute that they even feel the need to lash out at working-class whites for their supposed 'privilege'.

    Contra the liberal fantasy, if there is any group of blacks that will ally themselves with whites and other minorities in an anti-ANC coalition, it will be the rural, traditionalist and tribalized blacks without two rand to rub together.

    They haven't been contaminated by the anti-white indoctrination that passes for higher education these days, and they don't have the inferiority complex that comes from being part of the artificial, BEE-created black middle class.

    Rural, tribal blacks are comfortable in their own skin because they live a genuine African lifestyle. It's the urban blacks who try (and usually fail) to succeed in the Western-created modern world who end up hating whitey with a passion.

    And paradoxically, its usually the wealthiest and most powerful blacks who have the biggest chips on their shoulders. That's why 'Black Diamonds' like Ntokozo Qwabe take out their anger on poor waitresses like Ashleigh Schultz. All his unearned privilege has only made him feel *more* inferior to ordinary white people like Ashleigh.

    1. Anonymous8:46 am

      Absolutely. I found most high net worth urbanised black clients to be insecure, fickle and prone to being manipulated by false flattery and thus taken for a royal ride. When we finally sold our house in Johannesburg to move to a rural area the maid had to get her final shot in by calling me a racist for retrenching her. There is no right way of dealing with this mentality.

    2. Anonymous9:02 am

      It is true, the houts that live in the bush despise the urban and educated ones. I remember working in Natal years ago and working in the rural areas between Eshowe and Greytown and I met this black guy who was educated and travelled the world to return to Natal and he thought he would be welcomed back with open arms so that he could help his local community. Surprise, he was complaining how his own people shunned him and that he thought that he was mr smarty pants with his la di da education who was better than everyone else.

    3. Anonymous9:47 am

      This little bastard is from Estcourt KZN.

    4. Anonymous10:49 am

      Anon 8.46
      serves you right for employing a maid. Get of your 'imperialist' arse and do the work yourself. Are you of noble blood that you should have a maid? your type is causing this race battle to continue.

    5. Anonymous12:20 am

      @Anon 8.46 You are the kind of Mississippi wind chime that can't even get a job as a maid because your previous black madam got enough of your laziness and cheek. Yes, blacks have problems with useless blacks like you too.

  10. "What I cannot understand is why these things always happen when I am not there. "

    He is too scared to even get a real girlfriend. If there was a real man around he would be his normal bowing, scraping self. "People" like him only know how to imitate real people.

  11. Anonymous4:35 am

    Notice how he gives the satanic sign with his hand in the pictures in the articles.

  12. This black is a total idiot. How on earth can you brag about something like this? Now he can see for himself what a total idiot he is as everybody hates him now, even his own blacks. Black are the only people complaining about racism, but they are more racist than anyone else on the planet. And they are blatantly in your face racist. I am glad you were not there, Mike. You being present there immediately makes me think of George Orwell combined with Judge Dredd. A boot stamping on a face - forever...hehe

    1. Anonymous11:55 am


      You mean kaffir! Thats what kaffirs do, bully, prey on the weak...

      Yes kaffirs are the most racist, they dont like Indians, coloureds, blacks from other countries, they dont like whites and they dont like other black tribes within SA - truth is they dont like it when they look in the mirror and then watch the discovery channel.

      They see themselves, how we have always seen them and this pisses them off.

      Wouldnt you be pissed off if your saw yourself in the mirror and looked like them?

  13. Anonymous5:03 am

    This little shit is a professional law student freeloading for the rest of his life on a Rhodes scholarship. In the UK as well as here, but he got chucked out of the UK. There are too many unemployed and unemployable black lawyers in South Africa. Black people don't use the services of black lawyers; they go to white lawyers because this is the kind of shit you can expect from most black lawyers.


    "Mr Qwabe, a South African masters student, was funded by a Rhodes scholarship during his undergraduate law degree at Keble College.

    "Last year, Oriel College said it would conduct a ‘listening exercise’ after he and other students campaigned for the Cecil Rhodes statue to come down.

    "Eventually the college refused their demand after donors threatened to withdraw funding over the reputational damage the row had caused."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3566362/Oxford-student-Rhodes-Fall-campaign-boasts-refused-tip-waitress-white-left-floods-tears.html#ixzz47P7iKSSV
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    1. Anonymous8:04 am

      Actually that's wrong, he hasn't been kicked out of Oxford's Oriel College - yet. He's not attending any local university. But he soon will be. Oxford told the Rhodes-must-fall stirrers to leave if they are not happy with the statue of Rhodes. This stunt was intended to get him kicked out of Oxford so he can come and stir up trouble here. He would never have cut it as a lawyer in the UK and he knew it.

    2. I recall a letter from one of the Universities to this member of the retardus velcrocapitus species which said "you have nothing to teach us but everything to learn from us." Couldn't have said it better meself

  14. Anonymous5:11 am


    1 word

    KAFFIR Baboon

    Wipe out all parasites.

    And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:

    1. Kwaaaaa! Stupid pig even wrote the word KAFFIR IN BOLD! hoping we get offended! Shame ! You don't get to define us no more! Pink pig retard!

    2. Why do you assume we would want to offend you. We simply want fuckall to do with you. Fuck-off out of our country back to the equator and climb back up the tree your ancestors jumped down from, idiot. Haven't you noticed this is a white man's blog. Piss-off. We practice Apartheid here. Your constitution calls it "Freedom of association". We do not want to associate with you. Now scoot. Suka wena! Gajima, gajima. Voetsek!

    3. Anonymous8:57 pm

      En nog n' "VOETSEK" van my kant af jou swart commie bliksem!

    4. Anonymous3:35 am

      @Blackanist! 2:11 AM:

      We couldn't be bothered to define you. We can see what kind of shit passes for brains in your heads by the chaos and destruction your lot causes wherever you find yourselves. You know you are incapable of running even a small dorpie. So go back to the northern lakes where life is a lot less complicated.

    5. Anonymous2:28 am


      Nobody gives a shit about your childish rambling. Piss off and don't come back.

  15. Anonymous5:56 am

    Perhaps the most terrible mistake of the white man have been providing any kind of education these blacks. They should always be left handed their natural savagery.

    1. Anonymous8:50 am

      Nothing more dangerous than a half-educated African. Does this troll realize that 99% of waiters in SA are black people? A large portion of them could go un-tipped because of this moron. Does he think he will find employment anywhere in the world? But then again, people suffering victim hood and entitlement don't expect to work for a living! There is no pill for his sickness, only stark reality over time will cure him.

    2. Anonymous10:07 am

      Or a bullet to the brain. By the evil expression in his eyes he would be better off out of this life than in it. Can only get a transgender girlfriend, can only hang out with the lowest of the low, what a loser despite all the advantages handed to him.

    3. Anonymous10:55 am


      Give a kaffir a fish and feed him for a day, teach a kaffir to fish and he will starve his entire family and country - look at Africa, all sitting in suits & ties aka Muntgabage.

      If the kaffir is my equal, then why does he need my white forefathers education? Why didnt it teach itself? I want these baboons to show me a map of their lands from the 16th century and I want them to show me evidence it was their land - monuments? roads? Markings? Maps? Books? Historical evidence please -

      Its a fucking monkey that thinks because it walks upright that somehow its my equal - it will never be, he knows it, I know it, the new world order knows it hence the mixing they are enforcing onto the world via their filthy television shows.

      All parasites must be WIPED off the face of South Africa and the world.

      When the world party starts, we will see.

      Mense, you must unite, put away your shit BEE quota sports, put away petty infighting, my brothers & sisters this party is soon going to be rocking - Read the signs.

      You have really one choice, some will think they have 2 choices.

      1. You can unite - stand as one nation.

      2. You can think you can sit this one out, but that is exactly how they want to find you, like those old farmers sitting out in the open being picked off one by one.

      It is time to arm, it is time to prepare, it is time to unite, it is time to go back to the war books of our ancestors in Joshua, numbers and Deuteronomy listen carefully how to deal with your enemies by reading those books.

      It is time once more to go back to our Lord & ask for the enemy to be delivered into our hands where we will & shall follow EXACTLY WHAT THE book says - we know it will work, because it ALWAYS does....

      And when the LORD thy God shall DELIVER them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and UTTERLY destroy them; thou shalt make NO COVENANT (like De Klerk) with them, NOR SHEW MERCY UNTO THEM - Like they did in other lands they conquered.

      Cause I can promise you now, they will NOT show our women, children and elders any mercy coward, just ask our victim, tortured farmers by these forking baboons, no thats an insult to baboons, to these parasites.

    4. Anonymous2:29 pm

      What do you expect? He's got shit for skin and shit for brains!

  16. Anonymous6:19 am

    Why is this little pikanin eating at a western style cafe.
    Should the useless little fuck not be eating pap and derms at a kaffir tavern.
    He is proudly african then, but enjoys living like a white man.
    Useless little retard baboon.
    And by the way, tell the chief baboon Zuma to bring his machine gun.

    1. Anonymous11:52 am


      Why is he even wearing the white mans clothes? Speaking his language? Driving on his roads? Answering phones? Posting on Social media? Browsing the internet? Writing on paper? With a pen? Sitting on a chair? In a restaurant? With electricity - which they cant get right? All inventions of the colonialist & racist white man.

      But you know, kaffirs want their bread buttered both sides and when their parasitic paws get greasy want to complain.

      I would say dip him in his dik lip but we know those dik lips are there already, helps them drink every last drop of that white mans drink called coffee.

      At least when we chase them in the sea, they can use those dik lips and float far far far away and if not we shoot the things while they floating.

      Then they can call me racist.

      IF they think apartheid was racist, they aint seen nothing yet! I accept I am dead in this thing but do they?

  17. Fuck! Guys please stop calling these retard Bantus, baboons and monkeys. You are insulting creatures that progress daily and it is exceptionally racist to primates to liken them to Bantu retards.

    You guys all know that the primates do not like to be called Bantus and retards and the other list of names given to these retards. That's why primates do not hang around these darkies they know what shit smells like.

  18. "What I cannot understand is why these things always happen when I am not there." - that's funny :0

    1. Anonymous6:28 pm

      These kind of things ONLY happen, when those like QWABE have checked everywhere VERY carefully to make sure there is no one around who would DO something about it.

  19. Anonymous9:13 am

    I am so happy the minister of sport has hit back at white capital with his transformation demands, lets see the blou bulls, sharks, cheetahs, etc transform to 100% black.
    Will whites then still go to soweto to watch rugby & cheer on their kaffir colleagues ?

    1. Anonymous1:52 am

      No, but Multichoice will go bankrupt so you niggers won't be able to watch your nigger teams getting trashed on your stolen tv's. Just as well, because you would blame your shit nigger team's lousy performance on whitey not training your kids. Rugby is not a sport for niggers, it's a white man's game, whites have the right build for it and the ability to work as a team. You niggers are only good at running - running away from the police.

      As the country carries on its downward trend of de-industrialisation, Soweto's sports fields will be covered by squatter camps.

  20. Anonymous9:24 am

    This is the Rhodes Scholar's real social level. From his Facebook page. By the fat ugly bitch Tshegofatso (sic) Mathapelo Monyobo who wrote that note on the restaurant bill.

    Charlotte Corbett @Tshegofatso Mathapelo Monyobo, do you know the waitress? How do you know she has been "treating blck ppl bad for years"? Or are you making a racist generalisation? Do you judge all individuals by their race, or only whites?
    Like · 5 · 39 mins · Edited
    Tshegofatso Mathapelo Monyobo
    Tshegofatso Mathapelo Monyobo look last week der were students pouring pee on blck students at uofs n this crying person is felt sorry for i said wat i said n i meant it racist generalisation nah im jst shocked dat now dat da tables are turning some ppl dnt like der spots im not racist im jst seeing it da way i see it
    Like · 1 · 35 mins · Edited
    Charlotte Corbett
    Charlotte Corbett So I take that as a "yes" on race solidarity trumping all considerations of common decency, and judging ALL whites as a group. And to think, some claim that black people are incapable of being racist.
    Like · 5 · 28 mins · Edited
    Tshegofatso Mathapelo Monyobo
    Tshegofatso Mathapelo Monyobo u see u call it how u see it no hard feelings u say wat u thnk i say what i thnk ...no human is incapable of hate i dnt knw y now that blck ppl are capable of it its da end of mankind ,whts happening now is jst a reflection of what is n has happened nothing big...ppl are jst fighting bck i mean evry mnth blck ppl get told go bck to ur mothers land n we dnt run off crying now do we?! look at how this has become last year wit da monkeys issue u stood up for dat lady n justified her way of expressing her hate towards blck ppl ...but did u see us droping da soap?!nope u didnt

  21. Anonymous9:51 am

    Does anybody know anything about his buddies that were with him? Suspect weird characters.

  22. Anonymous10:11 am

    You need to check your white privileged . We can help you to understand your privilege. If you in denial and need to come to terms with understanding it, we can help you. Brett fish

    1. Anonymous12:52 am

      You are privileged to use our written language.

    2. Anonymous2:00 am

      @Anonymous 10:11 AM Lee-roy! Git your black ass outa yere!!!

  23. Anonymous10:19 am

    Just had a great conversation with someone trying to understand their white privilege more. i have hours and hours to give for those. Nice change from the usual denial/defensiveness and misdirection. When we learn to listen and engage more and be open to where we can learn then we will move forwards so quickly and beautifully.

    Black activist treating a waitress like a piece of crap to make a point = Not cool.

    The crazy amount of money people are raising to tip said waitress is also not cool. Particularly in the light of all the abuses, racist incidents, etc etc that people don't raise a finger slash wallet to help out with and THIS was the incident that got people reaching for their money.

    It is important that we are able to see that both incidents can at the same time be not cool for different reasons.

    We need equality for all. It's nor tight that some live in big houses while the poor live in Shacks. If we need to tighten our belts and sacrifice for the greater good then so be it.

    It's also good that white people don't multiply as this is Africa and if we live here we are guests.

    We need an equitable society where a white man cleans toilets in black people's houses. Where a white man is told by the black lady to trim the hedges. If this sounds strange you need to stop and check your privilege.

    Brett Fish

    1. You are an idiot. Why dont you go and clean up shit in black toilets first before asking others to do so? I will then at least give you credit for being real.

      As for cleaning shit out of toilets regardless of race it is not the job of someone with an IQ over a 100. If you then clean any toilets you are a lazy ass doos insulting your mother and father. You spit on your own legacy and selfworth. It is not Whit-P it is selfregard.

      What you liberal idiots fail to realize is that whites average over a 100 in IQ and blacks average in the retarted range of 76 which is not even suited for cleaning toilets because they will fuck that up as well.

      If this sound strange you to stop and go look for conversation in your own mental range with people who share your own selfloaving believes.

      TRY MAX DU PREEZ. Just a tip. You might orgasm at the same time.

    2. Anonymous11:46 pm

      @Brett fishy

      Jy moet nou fokof doos!

    3. Anonymous12:53 am

      Just admit it. YOu hate whites and you want to start a race war or something.

      You are privileged to use our education and language and computers.

    4. Anonymous12:57 am

      I cant wait to see the life drain from the eyes of your type when the time comes. Either by the hands of right minded people of this country or by the hand of the negroid savage, who incidentally will NEVER be my equal. I really cannot wait to see you fucks perish like a fish out of water...

    5. Anonymous1:06 am


      @ Brett Fish you fucken idiot!

      It is not white privilege if your own nation have accomplished in life! Why dont you go and sell all your belongings, your "land/property" as well and go give it to the poor kaffirs and at the same time start living among them, you piece of shit! Fucken traitor!!!

    6. Anonymous1:11 am

      What's the big deal about cleaning your own toilet anyway. A splash of Toilet Duck and a dab with the toilet brush and you're done. And what's the deal with trimming the hedge, you can easily do that with an electric trimmer and an extension cord. We don't need niggers for this so go swallow your Social Justice Warrior membership card and when it finds its way out of your anus either wipe your arse with your fingers or use toilet paper. No newspaper.

    7. Mr Fish,,

      "this is Africa and if we live here we are guests."

      As Dony very well said: you go 1st, and once you've cleaned the toilets take you passport and piss off seeing that you're a guest..

      I clean my own toilets, thanks for the tip..

      Kind Regards

    8. Way too many liberal/ social justice warriors commenting of late, go to daily maverick and ask them to open the comments, don't spew your equality crap here.

    9. Anonymous11:50 am

      Let me just get this right Fishy, it's not cool when hundreds of people donate out of their own free will to this lady. but taxation is cool? So why when someones chooses to redistribute their wealth it's not cool. but when the state gets involved and forces you to pay taxes (which is wealth redistribution) it's cool?

      I'm glad that white waitress got a nice kickback all from one kaffirs attempts to feel like a big shot. it's funny that this qwebe guy made this chick money with his rants.

      FISHY You Troll. Keep talking. nobody sends more people to our side like the arguments that cant even hold their own weight.

      heres what i understand about white privilege. It's that because im white, im born and bred in the ways of my ancestors before me. They live on through me. from my proud Viking Heritage home of the greatest shipbuilders and engineers ever seen 3000 years ago.

      3000 years later here I am. the product of the greatest culture, greatest philosophy, greatest warriors, greatest artists, Just is General THE GREATEST GOD DAMN RACE IN THE WORLD. except for you fish. your ancestors cry when they look down unto you. The meager minded, kaffir lover fish.

    10. Anonymous11:26 pm

      Lead the away by example bratcommiefish.

      Throw your own possessions into the insatiable black hole.

      Go and clean black toilets yourself.

      You truly have pus for brains.

    11. Anonymous4:54 am

      If we are guests in Africa and shouldn't multiply, are blacks guests in Europe? Its clear from abundant news reports that they feel entitled to be there and are doing a damn good job of "breeding" themselves into a majority.
      Whites are forward thinkers and planners, blacks struggle with that.
      The only country in Africa that is still a semi success happens to be the one with the largest population of whites. Is that a coincidence?
      I grew up in the 70's and 80's in SA and I cant remember there being as much racial hatred as there is now, 22 years after freedom.
      It's so obvious what is going on, they are failing and need to blame someone, and creating us as the enemy will (they hope) ensure that voters will keep voting for them no matter how many times they get lied to.

  24. Anonymous10:59 am

    1 He can walk upright
    2 He stinks
    3 He is black
    He he he is a kaffir

  25. Anonymous11:01 am

    All very brave posts from a bunch of keyboard 'bandits' - toothless whitey. Even the bark is like a little Chihuahua.

    1. Anonymous2:03 am

      Listen carefully. We have fucked you up before. We will not just fuck you up in the near future; we will annihilate you from the face of the earth.

  26. Anonymous11:34 am

    Rhodes Must Fall, Patriarchy Must Fall - but if you're fucking a transgender woman you're still a bum tripper. Wandile Dlamini, the freak's freak stirs up shit at UCT. All those nice photos of Ntokozo Qwabe with his mother wearing her traditional Zulu headgear at Oxford. What must his humble Estcourt KZN mother think of her son the faeces fucker. Shame hey. Zulus don't really like gays, they tend to kill them.

    Following the formation of #PatriarchyMustFall (PMF) on September 8th, the intersectional movement has taken strides in ensuring safe spaces for transgendered women, cisgendered women, gender non-conforming people and intersex people at UCT.

    On September 15th, a gathering was hosted at Baxter Hall to conceptualise the movement, discuss politics of the space and map out a way forward. Since then PMF has been working on laying down objectives and setting their plans into motion.

    Wandile Dlamini, a member of the PMF Movement, addressed the issues concerning the progress of the movement and the issue of ambiguity in identification within the LGBTQIA+ community, stating that the issues of identification continue to be emotionally charged, specifically when it comes to refugees, who do not have a movement which speaks to them, and transgendered people, who are constantly forced to confront the politics of identity.

    Dlamini said that the movement faced a number of stumbling boxes in the beginning, but has since been made aware of the issues and learnt to interrogate politics of the space.

    Questions of inclusion and exclusion have been a major focus for the movement, specifically with regards to leaving out members from the LQBTQIA+ community who identify as male. Dlamini stated that a distinction needed to be made between exclusivity and creating a safe space. Dlamini went on to clarify that exclusion is when you leave out groups of people for no justifiable or legitimate reason.

    “Apartheid was exclusion because there was no reason for black people to receive the lower end of services, but safe spaces, particularly in a feminist space, recognise that there are psychological aspects to certain bodies being in a space,” explained Dlamini.

    In light of this, Dlamini stated that PMF is not exclusive but rather understands which bodies it intends to protect and empower. Dlamini notes that the LGBTQIA+ community is commonly treated as one homogenous group, assuming that all individuals within it experience the same level of oppression. According to Dlamini, this assumption is “a massive mistake” and there is a need for the idea to be interrogated.


  27. Anonymous11:47 am


    How To Prepare For The Onslaught Part 1.

    How To Prepare For War Like The Lord Commanded Israel - The whites in this country ARE the literal sons of Jacob, Israel - They are from western Caucasian stock, you, we are from the lost tribes of Israel that spread Christianity & uplifted this world.

    This is the time of Jacobs trouble, let us then see how Jacob dealt with his troubles during his time. This is a spiritual fight, without the Lord we shall never win, bending our knees and asking & it will ALWAYS be done. Amen!

    Remember this lot are from Canaan - see for yourself first hand how to deal with them. Even on the government website they say they are from North Africa, North Africa is the land of Canaan and Cush.

    This is a historical fact and a biblical fact.

    Thabo Mbeki doesnt like this, he says this is nonsense, forking drunk ... needs to read a history book, I heard the drunk parasite several years ago in parliament say that " we (whites) call them kaffirs from Cush and say that this is what the bible says" - No Thabo, The arabs called you a kaffir, we simply took the word and yes Thabo your people do come from there, the names, cities, places can be found as they were in the books... We have the internet now and can do our research at the typing of a button.

    Blacks dont like facts that interfere with their liberation struggle - now sip it up Thabo, its a fact, you dont like it - ask the ANC to remove the fact that they say the bantu is from North Africa -the land of Cush.

    Gods law is eternal, it is time for our nation to go back to our heritage, time to call on the almighty like our forefathers did at bloedrivier. I sincerely wish, hope & do pray day and night for this nation to all pray for our salvation - if they did this, it will be over & many will think WTF were we doing under this lot for 22 years but we were told, from the Lords lips to our ears...

    Israel were always a stiff necked people! They never listen, so they must suffer - how much longer do you guys plan on suffering? Another 22 years? How long?

    Read them, prepare your minds, pray and unite.

    1. Anonymous1:33 pm

      Dis alles goeden wel B-N... maar hierdie Boere sal NIE ophou rugga kyk op Shabbat nie. Dis hoekom El die K2 gaan gebruik omhulle van die gras af te maai.

    2. Anonymous7:15 am

      How do you keep blacks out of your back garden?

      Hang one up in the front garden.

  28. Anonymous11:47 am


    Preparing For The Onslaught Part 2

    27 And Zepho fought Angeas king of Africa and all his people on that day, and the Lord gave all the people of Angeas into the hands of the children of Chittim.

    28 And the battle was severe upon Angeas, and Zepho smote all the men of Angeas and Lucus his brother, with the edge of the sword, and there fell from them unto the evening of that day about four hundred thousand men.

    29 And when Angeas saw that all his men perished, he sent a letter to all the inhabitants of AFRICA to come to him, to assist him in the battle, and he wrote in the letter, saying, All who are found in Africa let them come unto me from ten years old and upward; let them all come unto me, and behold if he comes not he shall die, and all that he has, with his whole household, the king will take.

    14 And Jacob prayed to the Lord for his sons, and he spread forth his hands to the Lord, and he said, O God, thou art an Almighty God, thou art our father, thou didst form us and we are the works of thine hands;

    I pray thee deliver my sons through thy mercy from the hand of their enemies, who are this day coming to fight with them and save them from their hand, for in thy hand is power and might, to save the few from the many.

    15 And give unto my sons, thy servants, strength of heart and might to fight with their enemies, to subdue them, and make their enemies fall before them, and let not my sons and their servants die through the hands of the children of Canaan.

    16 But if it seemeth good in thine eyes to take away the lives of my sons and their servants, take them in thy great mercy through the hands of thy ministers, that they may not perish this day by the hands of the kings of the Amorites.

    17 And when Jacob ceased praying to the Lord the earth shook from its place, and the sun darkened, and all these kings were terrified and a great consternation seized them.

    Read it my brothers & sisters, there is NOTHING new under the sun!

    May the God of Israel be with you, your family & our nation as he was for Jacob and Joshua!


    Learn from the war books




    http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/apo/jasher/61.htm (Deals with fighting the African)

    (Deals with fighting the African)

    (Deals with fighting the African)





    1. Anonymous11:07 pm

      Mr Smiths RASPUTIN !
      Jeez do you never get tired of sprouting CR@P

      You are a dangerous virus
      Infecting everyone with your PARANOID RELIGIOUS DELUSIONS ( they are of course already susceptible )
      Please before they come to take you away go and get some help
      Although your well known mental condition has a name it is curable.

    2. Anonymous12:53 am

      Anon 11:07 fuck off you twat! I want to hear what the man has to say. Besides there aint a god-damned thing you can do to stop him. HAHAHA that must really eat you up inside. Futile cunt.

      @ Ninja excuse the riff-raff please, carry on my man. You just carry the fuck on.

  29. Anonymous11:51 am


    @ Boere_Ninja 5:11 AM

    I am só with you, wipe out all parasites!

    Ek soek hulle nie meer tussen ons volk nie, moeg gepraat. Die lááste een van hulle moet uitgewis word, tesame met al die liberaliste natuurlik.

  30. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Hi Mike, Readers;

    On the topic of crowd funding... It is really sad to read articles like this about the living legend Willem Ratte - http://www.netwerk24.com/Nuus/Algemeen/recce-ratte-te-platsak-vir-sy-volksmuseum-20160430.

    If anyone here has the know-how and reach to set up a similar campaign for Commandant Ratte, I would love to make a contribution, and I'm sure there are many others out there that share my sentiments.

    Many thanks.

    1. Anonymous1:14 pm

      Ratte is a pothead. That is why ge got arrested.

    2. Hey Doos 1:14. I dare you to say that to Willem Ratte's face? He got arrested because he stood up for what he believes; morals and values.
      What have you ever stood up for? Does your dick even stand up?

  31. Mustafa12:32 pm

    In the South of America, uppity niggers like it are known as Mississippi Wind Chimes.

    Think about it.

    1. Anonymous2:08 am

      Good, man. How about Cape Point Wind Chimes?

    2. Anonymous1:16 pm

      How 'bout Woodstock Wind Chimes...???

    3. Mustafa2:45 pm

      "Moon cricket" is another good one.

  32. Where can we make a donation to this lovely young waitress?

  33. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Clone his card and buy stuff. :) hehe

  34. Detroit Refugee1:35 pm

    Upitty Skunk Ape. Hope all the service industry folks remember this fool.

  35. Anonymous2:20 pm

    It amazes me how everyone does the knee-jerk thing
    YOU are NEVER going to defeat YOUR enemy this way !

    Here is what the lovely innocent Ashleigh looks like ( when she is not POSING.)


    How do you know that they are not "friends" and this whole thing was COOKED to make a few bucks ?

    NEVER trust a sweet innocent young woman -- especially one with tattoos.

    NEVER fall into the trap of first impressions
    NEVER underestmate your opponent
    NEVER make the mistake of thinking that old grannies and young innocent things are what they at first glance appear to be,
    You are ALL much too easily conned !

    1. Anonymous2:14 am

      Oh really, such an elaborate confidence trick. In my experience blacks, except for Nigerians with their own brand of scamming, are not so subtle. They prefer to blow up ATM's for ready cash.

      Tattoos can be removed; stupidity, never.

    2. Anonymous2:55 am

      Yep, blame the victim. Your tin foil hat is too tight, I think.

    3. I don't know, Anonymous. I checked the photo in the link and it also looks posed to me. It even looks like a selfie, which means it definitely is posed for. So apparantly you know this whole incident was cooked to make a few bucks. Where is your evidence? What makes a girl with tatoos worse than one without? Where does she claim that she is sweet and innocent? I mean someone who is sweet and innocent is not going to be a waitress...at least not for longer than one shift. Waitressing is one tough job. Explain how we have all been conned in this matter, I don't understand.

    4. Anonymous2:32 pm

      I mean someone who is sweet and innocent is not going to be a waitress...at least not for longer than one shift. Waitressing is one tough job. Explain how we have all been conned in this matter, I don't understand.
      Did you have a careful look at the surroundings ? ( from the images posted )
      Look like a very poor persons house to you ?
      Did the huge dog look half starved ?
      Did the young lady look as if she was battling to make ends meet ?
      I think not
      WHY was she waitressing ?
      Maybe YOU can tell me ?

    5. Anonymous
      I was commenting on the photo in the link given and not the photo in the blog article.
      I see that you comment on how the waitress in question is not poor and her dog is not half starved. And then you ask why she is waitressing.

      Well, because I don't know her, I can't tell you why she works as a waitress. But I can tell you this. There is no requirement that one has to be poor, living in a shanty, to be a waitress. She will not be battling to make ends meet, because she has a job. (Obviously) Waiters receive a nice salary plus some very good tips. (From civilized patrons.) My niece is a waitress on weekends and she makes more on tips than salary. She has a small dog who is definitely not half starved, because his boss is a waitress.
      But, really the way you ask: WHY was she waitressing, makes it seems as if you know why. And it seems to be some dark and sinister reason. Please enlighten us. In these stressful times I myself and I think other readers of this blog likes a good laugh now and again.

    6. Hehe, I see your hero turned his story 180 degrees around now...hehe...so typical. En sy pa wag vi hom byrie hys...mettie sjambok...sy eie pa se hy's n moegoe en moet goed geneuk word...hehe...oh my gad, it must be so terrible to be a black person...

  36. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Mr Smith
    YOU who are apparently supposedly so cautious and woman wise

    Fail to notice that this woman has pretensions
    To some sort of modelling / acting / fashion career
    Sorry -- the sweet innocent don't wash with me !

    1. Anonymous1:21 am

      And so what??? Something wrong with modelling, acting, following a fashion career?

      At least no white woman will sink to THIS level. Disgusting!


      All you niggers think about is fucking and eating and insulting white waitresses.

      You should stay away from the internet. It's a white man's invention and shouldn't be fouled up by your kind.

  37. Karma...she is a bitch you know. Cause and effect is something that is important to understand, as the return or effects might be very quick, or it might take a long time. But return it will. K4s don’t seem to understand this. Primate Qwabe should enjoy his 5 minutes in the spotlight with his ‘victory’ over an unsuspecting white waitress because sure as daylight tomorrow, this energy will return in a variety of different forms. In fact, it already started.

    He initiated whatever is coming his way by acting with such an unbeneficial response, with anger and hatred, and a desire for revenge & compensation.....or maybe he was just being a K4.

  38. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Another thing. What's this piece of shit doing in Cape Town, a place that was settled by Whites at least 150 years before any Nguni zot arrived there? And then it demands the land back, FFS! It was never theirs in the first fucking place!!! Skietdiefokkenbliksems

  39. @Anon11:01AM, Retard! Tell me where I can meet you, this is a toothless whitey. Come you fucking stinker. Show me that you have some guts.

    Let's see how fucking toothless I am, you piece of mud hole shit that crawled out if a black stinking hole and claimed it to be a birth.

    I dare you, let me know, pick a nice quiet spot, I will be there.

  40. Anonymous11:24 pm

    I thought the kid was ten and was dressed for a funeral.
    The waitress shouldn't feel bad. It was NEVER their land and black people don't tip... he can't even spell country - yet he was at Oxford. this halfwit should lose his degree for that alone.
    Keep flapping your gums, skinny guy. There are more of us than there are of you, and if you think you're accomplishing anything worth mentioning, check and see whether the Rhodes statue is still there. Oops ... you're irrelevant!


  41. @ Brett Fish, cunt, do you suck retarded black arse? I think you stick your dick into as well.

    Listen you fucking piece of shit, go drown yourself in a black retards toilet. You obviously have a guilt complex, tell me where you are let me help you get rid of it.

    You're better fuck right off from here if you live in my country because if you are here when the noise starts, my dear little retard arse fucker you are going to be very sorry.

  42. I would rather donate money towards Willem Ratte or some cause then to this girl.

    I would like to see a return on my investment.

    Propably not long now then N24 will post an article on this girl where she will be washing black feet and proclaiming her white privilege.

    I do not want to judge the girl but when the mainstreem media is posting pro-white articles you must always ask yourself....Why?

    1. Anonymous2:18 am

      Donycero11:30 PM
      You definitely got a good point there Donycero and I am sure that the pro black propaganda will soon be forthcoming in the near future. Lies and deceit again as usual because nothing is above board when it is associated/related to the news about the insane arrogant blacks these days. The local and international DSTV stations have clearly also become s launch pad for pro black propaganda.

    2. Anonymous10:57 am

      Dude, Willem Ratte is a groot doobie pot smoker. That is why they arrested him some time ago in Balmoral near Witbank. Nothing about weapons as there were only some licensed .22's & windbukse at the time. Niks om oor huistoe te skryf nie.

    3. Anonymous10:17 am

      Anonymous @10:57

      Willem Ratte is a man amongst men. What is your claim to fame?

  43. @annon2:33PM. Do I detect jealousy creeping around those timid little fingers tips.

    I hope she is a fucking successful and world renowned model, at least she works for its, its not another fucking hand out, like these fucking black stink retards get.

  44. Anonymous11:52 pm

    It should go back to the bush where it belongs.

  45. @anon2:20PN, you apparently do not believe in an injury to one is and injury to all. This girl could be the biggest retard lover in the universe, it matters not.

    If we allow retard to mistreat one white person then they think they can mistreat all. Use the incident to strike hard and fast. Squash these fucking retards and annihilate the virus.

  46. Anonymous12:07 am

    This guy is a satan worshipper, what do you think that "mano cornuta" hand sign is about? Google image, Anton LaVey-devil's horns. It means "I swear allegiance to satan" and is pictured making this hand gesture on the back cover of his first edition of "the satanic bible".


  47. Anonymous12:47 am

    So many have not checked their privilege in so many ways. Thry do not understand what it must feel like to have land stolen from them. This young man did get it wrong by acting out in this way, however he was obviously angry and frustrated.

    We as guests in this county need to do a collective white privilege check. I would recommend a once a week workshop to understand and check our privileged way of life. Inequality exists. Inequality exists. Inequality exists.

    One need only look in hour bay to see the wealthy and the poorer indigenous people live in squalor.

    What is needed going forward is for white people to adopt black children and raise them and educate them. For whites to continue having children it only sews more racial divide. We need to adopt or intermarriage. Black men with white women.. White men should return to Holland. It's the only way to multicultural equality.

    Everyone should be in the same sized house and earn a salary of R10000. The biggest earner should have R20000. It's important that domestic workers get paid more as its longer hours than say an accountant.

    Going forward we need to always check privilege. We are guests here. A guest doesn't overstay his welcome.


    1. Stephen7:45 am

      What? ..'we are guests here...' what the hell , how are you a guest where you've been born ?
      Oh wait , maybe if I was born here with a black skin you'd say I can stay.,.so its because I'm white that you think I'm a guest.....hmmm...but that's not racist hay you lousy piece of shit ?

    2. Anonymous7:46 am

      Bf12:47 AM

      Fuck you ape!

    3. Anonymous7:47 am

      Very funny. Stop trolling here, ass hat.

    4. Anonymous10:14 am

      @ BF

      Howz about you post some pics with YOU doing everything you mentioned or are you expecting everyone else on your insane behalf to do so.

    5. You may be guest here, but I am not. My ancestors made this country and I did not receive anything on a platter. To salve your conscience you may make a monthly deposit to my bank account, and I will consider a pardon for your crimes.

    6. Anonymous11:13 am

      How are people going to afford a R10k if they only earn R15k?

      This munt fish is clearly gone Stockholm.

      Anyone who tells me to "check my privilege" will tell me more about the kind of person they are than anything.

      For instance i can deduce with relative accuracy that you are delusional.

      Maids must be paid more than accountants? Because it's more hours. You must be a Delusional Marxist if you think only the amount of time it takes to do something is the complete indicator of value. all My fucking maid does is sit on her kaffir arse all day and pretend to work when im home. A maid Deserves Not even R2k per month.

      If the biggest earner in SA got R20k all the skilled people would leave where they can get more monies for their skills. No businesses would want to operate here and there goes all the fucking jobs. WEll DONE FISH you just showed us that your a pathetic whitey who loves the black cock.

      Hope your white guilt is all consuming and drives you to cut your wrists clean open to the bone.

    7. WHKCCP10:29 AM - suck my piles

    8. Anonymous12:47 AM you inscribe the rambling of a blithering idiot . Visitor ? What utter shit are you sprouting . Visitor dont be a liberal cunt all your sad life . Please name the black person who signed Jan van Riebeeck's visitors permit in 1652 . You cant you cunt . Because the bantu had only gotten as far south as the Kei River by 1820 dickhead .

    9. Anonymous1:31 pm

      Just another black troll.

      Another coward snake.

      Thankfully, these cowards are doing more damage to themselves in international media than could have ever been achieved by blogs such as this.

      The ANC is on the verge of collapse and discredited internationally and local blacks now look like complete cunts to the rest of the world.

    10. Anonymous3:11 pm

      White privilege check? You need a sanity check.

      The land was not stolen. Afrikaners and Boers have been in South Africa for generations and are not guests. F#ck your weekly workshop. What about poor Afrikaners e.g. in Coronation Park, Joburg? Stop having children and adopt what? Inter f#cking marry? How can people return to Holland when they're not from there? And finally, f#ck multicultural equality and f#ck you.

  48. Anonymous1:19 am

    Jealous pig. You'll never be white, you idiot! Because that is what it is all about. You hate your own skin and you wish you were white. It's got nothing to do with what we have. It is what we are capable of. Something your kind will never have.

    1. The coont can always pray to be reincarnated as a dogs turd . In 3 hours he will be dry and no longer stepped on . In two days he will no longer stink and after a week will turn white

  49. Mr Mister1:56 am

    He's not man enough to pick on a guy, so he picked on a waitress instead.

    1. Anonymous3:29 pm

      I'd rather quit than serve shit!

  50. Verwoerd made maths and science difficult so the blacks could not understand it.


  51. Anonymous2:00 am

    We need to understand that the days of white rule are over now. In the referendum it was white people who saw the overwhelming dominance of the black males and hence voted to share the country and hope they forgive us going forward. It is only now that the younger black males have been educated and now see the wrongs of white privilege that we should more actively seek their mercy and forgiveness.

    If you own more than 1 acre, it really is unfair and you should allow homeless or disadvantages individuals at least the use thereof. Vacant land should be utilized.

    Why is it wrong for a white male to clean a toilet in a Township? It happens all the time in areas of white people.

    I accept my privilege and that I need to pay back. I have cleaned toilets on the past and actively seek forgiveness.

    We don't need that extra car or TV. We don't need to drink those beers watching Rugby and wasting time. We should be volunteering that money and time to make a mends.

    We are dominated now by black males. Women also desire them. And hence the jealousy from. White men. Look at USA and other countries where the black make physically dominates. If we do not mend the fence and fix our privilege we may need to leave here. Thry may even request white women remain and we go. After 50 years we will see a multiracial SA.

    White men are only interested in Rugby, and even this is now going to be black dominated soon.

    We need to ask forgiveness and fast. If you having trouble coming to terms with your privilege you need helpimg hand in the right direction going forward. Google white privilege.

    We are all equal. We need equality. We need the same houses, cars, salary even if you are a cleaner or an accounting professional. Or for example cap it at 20k. A cleaner or a domestic helper should receive R10k and a qualified person R15k.

    We need to tighten outer belts and accept that change must happen. Roles will be reversed. A young black man could ask a white man to wax his Mercedes. The white man will be glad for a job. Role reversal.

    While many bury their heads in the Rugby, the black men are studying and surpassing us. Their intelkigence is the same and thry have more drive because of inequality.


    1. Somebody, please let me know where I can find this barbel.

      Quick one. Why did evolution create barbels? To show these black retards what they look like as mermaids.Wa hahahahaha hahahahaha,

      Another quick one. Why did creation make albinos? So these black retards could see what they would look like as whites. No fucking wonder they hate us so much. Imagine a white being that fucking ugly. I bet fish's mother looks like that albino retard, maybe she is one. Wa hahahahaha hahahahaha.

    2. Fish, you retarded arsewipe. You're fuckng good at fishing because you have hooked a whole fucking ocean full of sharks that want a piece of you.

    3. Anonymous7:01 am

      Hey Fishey, How about you stop pretending to be white. I know deceit is in your nature, but this bullshit is just too obvious.

      Stop being a coward and try being a man for once.

    4. Anonymous7:43 am

      Anon 2:02 Fish or whatever you call yourself:WTF are you smoking arsehole? You have the cat by the tail troll! You seem to be a complete IDIOT!

    5. Anonymous7:49 am

      What's that saying again, a fish rots from the head?

    6. Anonymous9:39 am

      @fish, jy is n halwe poes, want n heel poes kan jy nog gebruik!
      Jy is foken verlore!

    7. Anonymous10:10 am

      I cant wait to meet you on the battlefield...

    8. Anonymous10:52 am

      This guy makes me want to shoot myself. Your white guilt is a disease and excuse us if we wish to remain clean. your bum-hole must be an Aids infested Kaffir Cum rag.
      I heard that when AIDS gets into your brain it fucks up the logic and abstract regions of the brain. Keeping that in mind you must have the New kind of Super Aids.

      Sorry FISH :'( Hope you go painfully in that dark night with a boon kaffir blowing his load into your cum rag of an arsehole.

    9. Anonymous11:18 am

      Which Women find kaffirs attractive? EW bestiality.
      Let them suckle their balls if they want. and mother their children. Who really cares about kaffir lovers anyway

    10. Anonymous3:55 pm

      What the fuck did i just read.....

      Nee wat (ek wou se broer maar toe besef ek hierdie is geen broer) so nee wat jou doos....time to get your head out if your liberal ass


    11. Anonymous4:54 pm

      Fish, is jy baber of n karp vokit ek dink n goudvis het meer verstand as jy jou onnosele drol!

    12. PreatorianXVI9:33 pm

      Fish, did you read too much of Uncle Karl Marx and his buddy English, you sound like a real Commie bitch.
      Please note the dominance you speak of is Racial discrimination of the highest degree.
      FFS get a gun for yourself and use it....

    13. Anonymous10:10 pm

      You are a coward and a weakling. I have never ever heard a white person or any person talk so pathetically.

      Don't project your own failure and personal inadequacy on everyone else.

      However, you must be a troll because no one with any self respect, dignity or intelligence would talk like this. You are a joke.

    14. Mr Mister1:12 am

      Ha Ha Ha, You're taking the piss right ?

      Why is it wrong for a white male to clean a toilet in a Township ? Heck I wouldn't know where to find one in the townships.
      Forgiveness for what ? What I have done wrong ?
      Actually I do need that extra car. What if my girlfriend needs to go somewhere while I'm at work ?
      If I was jealous of white girls chasing after black men, I'd simply paint myself black. I'm guessing there must be many white guys wanting to sleep with Kim Kardashian these days. Perhaps Nicole Brown Simpson would still be alive today had she kept to her own people.
      Who the hell are you to call for a cap on salaries ? I work harder and longer than my workmates, am I not entitled to getting paid more
      for more work and productivity ?
      Let the domestics demand R10K a month and let's see how long they can hold onto their jobs.
      I agree we should tighten our belts - we should start by firing the domestics and replace them with robots. Think how safe SA roads would be with Google driverless taxis.
      A young black man could ask a white man to wax his Mercedes ? Have you not heard of a white owned valet service ?
      The black men are studying and surpassing us ? Oh my ! When was the last time a black man designed a microprocessor or a computer operating system for that matter ? When was the last time you saw a black person swim, climb Mount Everest or reach the South Pole ?

    15. Stephen11:41 am

      @fish - we are NOT all equal , created equal with the same abilities but what we then do with these abilities are total polar opposites.

      Kaffirs use their abilities to steal-kill-destroy.
      We use our abilities to build-create-progress.

      You see fishie , wickedness desires the opposite of righteousness
      And Light has no fellowship with darkness.

      You probably don't even know where that's writen do you
      ...nah didn't think so.

    16. Anonymous5:02 pm

      Slaat hom met n nat vis ag ek bedoel fish!

    17. Anonymous2:33 am

      Damn Fish, Syphilis is a dangerous disease and needs to be treated.

    18. Anonymous2:22 pm

      I know what kind of fish you are...Blackened Catfish.

  52. Anonymous4:28 am

    With the ANC stink government in power, Qwaboon believes that he is untouchable and can do whatever he wants.

    The tip would have only been 10 lousy cents anyway, so no big deal there.

    Yes, return the land so that they can do exactly what their ancestors did with it 400 years ago, absolutely f#ck all.

    I'd rather hear her dog bark than listen to his b#llshit.

    Also, the dog is a lot easier on the eyes.

  53. Anonymous8:52 am

    @ Anon 2:00 AM

    Oh you are a fucked up fish indeed!

  54. Anonymous8:58 am

    Anonymous2:00 AM
    Mr Fish you are out of your depth here in fact you are completely out of the water and gasping for your survival. You had better return to your mental hospital as soon as possible and try your mad scientist kaffir arse kissing deductions in there. It looks like the kaffirs have already fucked your arsehole to pieces and contaminated your tiny brain with aids. Your best bet in life would be to buy a one way ticket to the moon. Enjoy the ride IDIOT and give the man on the moon our best regards when you arrive there. After 22 years of blatant black misrule here in SA your suggestions are absolutely diabolical and the sooner you fuck off the better. ADIOS LUNATIC!

  55. Anonymous9:27 am

    Seems like the tip is now R44k.

  56. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Brett Fish Anderson i believe his name is. Language style of his blog matches this SJW Cunt.

    Lives In Capetown, and "owns the world's most famous stuffed dolphin called No_bob."

    SMELLY FISH Wrote the book i,church.

    Gives talks at churches and students organizations.

    Alright So Not A clever guy if his nomenclature was so poor.

  57. Anonymous12:43 pm


  58. Fish , raise the bar you insignificant cunt full of cold piss

  59. Anonymous12:59 pm

    brett fish Twitter @brettfisha
    Anyone in Capetown Got his Cell Number?

    I mean brett anderson you used your own quotes from your blog and a poor nomenclature. You must be Brave or STUPID Kid

  60. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Here is another 'penny sparrow' incident. Created out of thin air to keep the racism threat alive - it's vote time. Does this guy even exist??


  61. Ah guys, these things are beneath contempt. Save your energy for more deserving things; unite and prepare.

    My only question is; was there no White man with balls there to slap seven kinds of shit out of the piece of excrement?

    As Mike says, "Why do these things always happen when I'm not around?"

    1. Mustafa9:01 am


      I wondered the same thing myself. I'd like to give that coon a good hiding.

    2. Anonymous11:23 am

      A while back I stopped at a red light and this drunk filthy black harassed me at my car window.The more I ignored him the more agrivated he got...luckily there was a white guy in a bakkie behind me.He got out of his bakkie and yelled at this thing at my window.As soon as the filth saw this Afrikaans Boerseun he ran like Hussein Bolt.I did not get a chance to thank my helper but just to show you these porch monkeys are such cowards and bullies!And some White guys really do care about their fellow White women

  62. Anonymous7:13 am

    The timing is just too suspicious... any thoughts?


    1. Anonymous3:21 am

      He was made to apologise because he is in the wrong for being white. Expect no apology from the black retard spewing far worse stuff.

      On the other hand it could have been a put up job and this Mattheunissen does not exist.

  63. The first thing to "check" when it comes to privilege is who bestowed it and why. European South Africans ("whites") were privileged (verb, not noun) because it suited certain interests. Put another way, the mantle of privilege was bestowed on whites so that they were able to fulfil what was required of them. It wasn't so much that they arrogated their privilege to themselves as that it was granted in exchange for doing the bidding of the rich and powerful. True, many whites didn't fully understand that their privilege was just that: privilege, and let their assigned roles go to their heads, imagining, as they did, that their privilege reflected something particular to themselves, whereas the reality is that privilege is really more like a uniform. If you're wearing it you can do certain things and if you're not wearing it you can't.

    When the powerful and wealthy had no further use for whites, and particularly Afrikaners, manning the desks and giving the orders, they chucked them under the bus and installed Africans in their place. Apparently some people, such as the mewling infant Brett Anderson, seem not to have noticed that whites lost their privileges at the stroke of a pen in 1994, if not earlier, because some people know nothing about power and how it works.

    1. Anonymous1:32 pm

      Your Bollocks shows that you must have been BRAIN Washed by some Propaganda. Privileged my wholesome ass.
      If the Old Blacks could have the BALLS to tell the truth about what happened in the past your whole mindset would sound different. If these did tell they would probably be Killed if they havent already for being in the way. The Old Black Men are discarded and shoved aside , to make room for the young arrogant lazy new wannabe Generation.
      If they did they would tell a very different story of being employed and busy , getting their 4 weeks leave and Bonuses to take to their Rural Wives and many children leaving their Scabarash or Magoshas (mistresses) behind.
      We as Employers employed as many as possible to keep these ever so multiplying Lot off the streets. Creating all kinds of Jobs and Improvising methods so these can earn INCOME. Garage attendance, garden labour , house labour, cleaners etc. Then Engineering , my field, Grinder Boys , Welders , Benders , Rolling and many more.
      The Government of the day made great effort to force us to Employ , employ , employ.
      Many learnt and some just didnt learn. With all the Sanctions upon us from our so called ALLIES was just that all lies, as you redux are hypnotized with, and we made it , and the Uk clans just couldnt take it with our success. The anc also couldnt take it and Bullshitted everyone how brutal we were supposed to have been , it was all LIES.
      These in charge today are only in it for self gain , and AND the funny thing is they are still Hypnotizing their Followers with Bullshyte .
      So Dioscuri Redux dipshit go do some research and see the LIGHT !

    2. Anonymous4:59 pm


    3. Anonymous @ 1:32

      Yeah, I know. Nobody wants to be told they were privileged when they had a shit life. Forget about fairness. The problem is that we are CALLED privileged. I am just pointing this out. And the reason that we are called privileged is because we were in fact privileged, in the sense that certain things were expected of us. It doesn't mean we were living in clover. It means that we were expected to hold down a responsible job and go fight on the border. You can protest and say that you are misunderstood or that those who accuse you are ignorant about South Africa or that if only older blacks would speak out about how the country worked for them, then people would see the light including brainwashed people like me. Forget about it. Good, decent, hardworking South Africans can't understand why they have been cynically kicked to the kerb. They can't come to terms with the fact that whites everywhere in the world are being dispossessed. So I'm saying ask yourself why that is.

    4. It's called Critical Theory Redux, commie plan to change world into thier infantile view.

      I have a feeling the plan could be to mix the whites into a lessor race of halfbreeds with a few select white families, perhaps even some jews to create an oligarchy of sorts that will rule over the world. Communism is the best chance they have of achieving that. Notice that the families like the Rothchild's and whatnot don't interbreed with other races from what I can see, they seem to be trying to keep thier line pure. This is just a theory of course.

      What is not a theory but a fact is that most whites don't realize it's whites that are causing the most damage to the white race.

    5. Anonymous2:41 pm

      Exactly Nevyn - These whites causing damage to our race are fucking kaffir and muslim loving libtards. One day when it all goes to shit, they are FIRST on my list. Fucking traitors.

  64. Anonymous10:04 am


  65. @ Brett Fish and the other retards that want us out of this country because of apartheid. Read this well and let it sink in deep, for what you read here and now is the truth and you will most probably never hear the truth like this again

    Be thankful for the Afrikaner and apartheid, praise him and his system that allowed you to multiply and live a peaceful life until your people decided to disrupt the peace.

    If I had been born to that era I would not have applied apartheid, I would have annihilated all over you, I would have obliterated your presence from this land. I would have burnt your carcasses and I would have mulched your remains and plough what remained into the soil.

    You retards must thank people like Hendrik Verwoed and DF Malan, be thankful for the whites that ruled this land in those times for in that age it was possible to have annihilated all of you.

    You retards must rejoice in your fortune for one never knows when fortune will be replaced with anguish and terror and just plain hard luck. Be thankful that I was not there in the years that you believe social injustice was born, for you have no idea what could have been and I am not an Afrikaner but I am a South African.

  66. Anonymous11:41 am

    There is definitely racial hatred in the media and its awfuly suspicous, given the ANC/Eff plan to throw stones and stir up hatred against the whites. The signs have been coming up over and over. The blacks must understand that they were dominated for so long for good reason and cannot just claim whatever they want without reaistance. It is generally a daunting task to serve black people in restaurants which is why they should pay mandatory service fees. I mean what kind of a turd demands land and insults a hard working,young waitress who had fuck all to do with the past?.Im sure he will get what he deserves...

  67. @Brett Fish, I see you and I know you. I ask you now, are you not the one that was caught sodomising those young black boys in the township while you were spreading your words of love and wisdom? I am only enquiring for I somehow recall a name similar to yours been mention. Just a question that I would like clarity on.

    As for your white men wanting to sleep with black females. Let me highlight something for you quickly. These retards are so retarded that to tell the difference between male and female they have to undress, they themselves get gender confused when seeing each other.

    They all look the same, Neanderthallic Jawbone's, Australopithic sloping forehead, broad flaring nostrils, some forgotten species imitation of hair. Should I continue? You see the whites that want to sleep with this retarded species cannot find somebody of their own race and they have a inferiority syndrome that drives them to this retarded species for there they are accepted because the retarded species wants to breed out its defects and hopefully become an intelligent and progressive race.

    Just imagine what that black hole must stink like if these retards breath is so bad, FUCK! Only sick, inferior and seriously outcast whites will want that, I am of the opinion that you are one of the aforementioned.

    Think of it Fish boy, these retards females even wear those diabolical nylon crows nests on their Australopithecus head to try make themselves distinguishable from their males counter parts. Then of course they have to use Plascon, Dulux or some other paint to roll over those fucking nasty ugly features and they call it make up. Fish go fuck yourself.

    1. LTMA, my mate, are you serious about this douche-bag, Vrotvis, sodomising little Kaffirs or are you just having a dig at the doos? I must admit, I wouldn't put it past him. It is the modus operandi of that type.

      As for the "diabolical nylon crows-nests" [fuck it, nearly pissed myself laughing at that one! A mate of mine calls them Pep Stores Pruike]. Shit, can you imagine running your fingers through that in a moment of tenderness!?!? . . . vomit . . . spew . . . puke!

      I'd rather screw a dog!!!

    2. Anonymous5:54 am

      Why did the Garden Boy want to be reincarnated as a dog turd?

      'Cos after a few days the smell disappears and it turns white.

      The old SA jokes are still the best.

    3. TT, that's why I am asking this fishy fella, I have a mate involved with missionary work, fuck knows why because it does not work for retards, Moffat, Livingstone, Murray devoted their lives to converting the African savage, alas they all failed.

      Back to what I was saying, this mate of mine was telling me that they had an incident where the local pop almost tore them to pieces because some supposed christian saint spreading love and the word, had sodomised and molested young boys.

      They name Anderson was mentioned but I am not saying it was this Brett Fish Anderson but yesterday when I Google the name and saw the shit that this fishy boy has on there, the penny dropped, so I asked.

      I see he has disappeared since somebody discovered his true identity yesterday, so I suppose my question remains unanswered.

      To answer your question, yes I do dislike this Fishy boy, he is a traitor to his own kind and hides behind his supposed social justice, fuck him and his liberal shit.

      Fuck mate! Stop with the fingers in the nylon head, it gives me spine shivers its so revolting and repulsive. I always wonder what a flame in that crows nest will look like, forget the good year necklace, we could see the flaming retard bush running around.

  68. Anonymous6:56 am

    Die useless kaffertjie is nog vrot van die VIGS ook. Gaan nie lank hou nie, dan sluit hy aan by Peter Mokaba in die hel.

  69. I see the use of the K word is appearing to irritate some dark skins again, I myself cannot imagine why.

    The K word means non believer so the my reasoning is that the K word is applicable to be used here in SA freely

    Reason is that these retards defintely do not believe in the morals, values, integrity, religion and rule of law that most white South Africans believe in, so they must be non believers,

    Quetion, If I called one of these retards a stinking retard non believer would I be guilty of a crime against humanity? They have proven that they are not human by my standards anyway.

    1. They can ban it as much as the want, we will find other words. Spiesgooiers, Papvreters, Marmite Monsters, etc...words that are ten times worse. They cannot stop it unless the ban the whole language.

  70. Anonymous9:44 am

    The comments here make my eyeballs hurt

    1. Then don't look at them.

    2. Anonymous12:19 pm

      Funny guy. I cannot tell they will hurt unless I look at them

    3. Anonymous1:51 pm

      @Anon 9:44 AM

      The comments here make my sides hurt...from pissing myself laughing!

    4. Anonymous4:55 pm

      Anonymous9:44 AM
      Shame! My heart bleeds for you! Try using a few eye drops but don't expect us to pay for them or put them in for you!

    5. @Anon 12:19 PM...Yes mate...Like the blonde who saw a banana peel on the pavement and said: "Oh look. A banana peel! Now I am going to slip and fall!"

    6. Anonymous12:25 am

      The poor lamb with the sore eyes needs to go to a safe space before they do permanent damage to those poor little peepers.

    7. Anonymous1:47 pm

      If you don't like what you see here get the funk out!

  71. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Hi, my name is Valerie and I am a recovering addict and racist.

    I am addicted to receiving preferential treatment and privilege on the basis of the colour of my skin.

    I am addicted to walking into a room and expecting people to acknowledge and respond to my presence.

    I am addicted to being served by persons of colour at restaurants, at banks, at shops and at garage stations. I am addicted to expecting to be treated by them promptly and with deference at all times.

    I am addicted to my job, my wealth, my access and my social capital – all afforded to me in measures incommensurate with my talent, skills, or deservedness.

    I am addicted to being the product of a welfare state – benefitting from statutory procedure and social effort designed to promote my basic physical and material well-being at all times, even and explicitly to the detriment of others who don’t look like me.

    I am addicted to having my opinions listened to, and to having my feelings validated.

    I am addicted to feeling comfortable in public settings where I know and understand the social code and “fit in” because everyone looks, speaks, and thinks like me.

    I am addicted to avoiding feeling uncomfortable in hard conversations. I do everything I can to maintain my emotional and mental comfort when confronted by the truth of my addiction, my privilege and my racism – denial, anger, offence, transference, deflection, justification and desertion.

    I confess my daily complicity in racist attitudes and systems. I confess I support this system in what I have thought, in what I have done and in what I have failed to do. I confess I have not stood up or spoken up when the actions and words of family and friends and others in my circles have supported this system – through jokes, slurs, prejudices, stereotypes, paying of unjust wages, accumulation of unjust profit, narratives of “blessing” and deservedness, and the myriad vocal and tangible tactics which reproduce these unjust systems day-by-day. I have been silenced by my cowardice, valuing their relationships and opinions of me more highly than I value justice, righteousness and shalom for all.

    My name is Valerie, and I am a recovering addict and racist.

    #IAmARacist #IAmAnAddict

    1. Anonymous2:27 pm

      Oh dear me - if your post is for real then someone really did a good job on you Valerie. My advice is, get a reality check, and fast. Filthy kaffirs don't feel sorry for people like you. They rape, rob and molest you at the first opportunity.

    2. Another unfortunate 'white bornfree' whose parents brought her up to believe in the 'rainbow nation' so that she wont accidentally say or do something to upset her (racist kaffir) black school mates. Sweetheart, their intentions were pure but believe me, they only did it out of fear and for your own protection while you were growing up and not because they truly believed that blacks could ever be rehabilitated. You can wake up now and start smelling the coffee. Seriously. There is no hope for this species. They should be exterminated sooner rather than later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hCyBtMOHO0 It doesn't even make a difference when you GIVE THEM an education FOR FREE, they are still useless pieces of cow dung, in fact I think cow dung is more useful. Now there is an outcry from the blacks over the money raised for the waitress who suffered abuse at the hand of this educated black thug. Here is my response to the black babies who feel jealous that whites threw money at the waitress: you should stop to think of the alternative,you should go on your knees and thank your forefather spirits that whites are too civilized to retaliate with violence and instead use the only tool still available to them: blogging, throwing money at injustice and signing petitions against the perpetrators. White superiority and advanced mental and spiritual maturity is the only thing that prevents every black face on the planet from having to swallow a bullet with their eyebrows.

    3. Anonymous1:54 pm

      Valarie, you sound like an utter clown.
      Recovering from addiction and racism? Go drink some more of that kool aid that you are addicted to.

  72. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Man I can't wait until that little kaffir boy cops it.