04 April 2016

Zuma’s Goon squads on the loose

By Mike Smith

4th of April 2016

In my previous post I doubted if Zuma still had it in him to go full Mugabe and let his goons loose on his critics and opposition. Seems I was mistaken. My words were hardly cold or he had the Hawks (which has become his personal goon squad) arrest Paul O’Sullivan on bullshit trumped up charges for trying to leave the country with his Irish passport when in fact he was taking his two daughters back to school in the UK. Sad to see that private investigator Mike Bolhuis, has now sold his services to the corrupt idiot, Zuma.

I mean, please…Everybody knows that PI and forensics investigator Paul O’Sullivan who was responsible for getting Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi behind bars, has uncovered a nest of mafia corruption in the police, Hawks and ANC politicians with the Guptas going right to the top including several murders. Since the ANC took over various different Mafias and crime syndicates (Czech, Serbian, Italian, Greek, etc.) have been given a free rein in SA working together with government spies like Cyril Beeka, who was assassinated in a drive by shooting.

O’Sullivan’s attorney said: “It is common cause that our client has opened criminal dockets against many senior police officers, including the acting Commissioner of Police, the Head of the Hawks and erstwhile Divisional Commissioner, Detective Services.”

Yesterday the media reported that O’Sullivan threatened the ANC government in emails that he would speak to the UK media and tell all about the corruption and rot as well as the murders he uncovered. He also wanted the world to introduce sanctions against the country. He sent copies of the emails to The Star, Rapport and the Sunday Times. Paul O’Sullivan tells Zuptas: “Stop me if you can”

O’Sullivan called The Star after his arrest, saying he was waiting for his wife to fetch the children at the airport.

“They arrested me in front of my children. They planned this, a Friday night, so that I would spend the weekend in jail,” he said.

Paul O’Sullivan also supplied the Helen Suzman Foundation with information Hawks head Berning Ntlemeza, acting police commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane and head of detectives Vinesh Moonoo.and they then called for the removal of Ntlemeza.

The Helen Suzman Foundation then suffered a highly orchestrated robbery stealing only eleven computers and a printer.

To me there is no doubt that Paul O’Sullivan has been harassed and intimidated by Zuma’s goons, but now they have gone after my best mate, Julias Sello Malema, who recently graduated with a BA in stand up-bullshitting (Philosophy) after he couldn’t crack it at woodwork.

12 Zuma goons pull guns on Malema

Malema has become more and more vocal about Zuma’s perverse relationship with the Guptas. Big Papa Msholozi Showerhead does not like it when boys like Malema show disrespect and mock him, so he must be taught a lesson.


  1. Seems like Paul O'Sullivan is legit and the main mafia bosses in the ANC are running scared. Cant wait for the next part of this horror comedy to unfold. I must say following the ANC is more entertaining than following any soap. They dont give you a breather before the next story unfolds.

  2. On 15 March Paul O'Sullivan emailed Hawks spokesperson, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, about the Hawks' delivery of 27 questions to Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan. O'Sullivan was not polite.

    Three paragraphs into it this:

    “I have today started a process that will see Ntlemeza go to prison and spend a very long time there. There will be a lot of other dirty cops joining him there. Of this I am 100% certain.”

    And then much later:

    “One thing’s for sure, I’m meeting in Whitehall on 2016-04-04 and I will hand a detailed report of the levels of corruption that this country has sunk to, with a request that it be shared globally, and this rot can be brought to a halt, by targeting the Zupta’s and his dirty generals. Remember, DON’T even dream of sending dirty cops to raid me like was done by that crook Moonoo last year, I will tear into you all, like a rabid dog.”

    Now, anyone reasonably well acquainted (as I am, having agreed to help write his book) with the occasionally unorthodox nature of the Irish-born investigator's work will know he is the ultimate trickster. He enjoys it.

    O'Sullivan is a seasoned detective and investigator. It's what he does, it's his life, it provides him with energy and oxygen. It's the hunt. It's his thing.

    During his investigation into Selebi, which took up years of his life and cost him millions, O'Sullivan often resorted to email provocation to unsettle his targets. In November 2007, after months of threatening Selebi with “outing” him at various Interpol regional conferences, O'Sullivan pulled off the coup de grâce of his campaign at the Interpol 76th General Assembly in Marrakesh Morocco.

    Selebi, who was then head of Interpol, was set to present an opening speech to some of the world's most senior law enforcement officers. During a tea break, O'Sullivan, snuck into the conference room of the five-star, luxury Espace Hotel Mansour Eddahbi Palais des Congrès and placed a 12-page brochure titled “How the Mafia Have Infiltrated Interpol” on every seat. He left the top table, where Selebi was to be seated, clear. Then he then made a dash for London.

    O'Sullivan has been investigating several high-profile police officers and has let them know, in no uncertain terms, that he is doing so. He has forwarded affidavits to the Hawks demanding investigations into these corrupt police officers.

    It is unsurprising then to learn of reports on eNCA suggesting that a task team has been investigating O'Sullivan for conducting illegal surveillance.

  3. Anonymous5:18 am

    Well I really hope that he's emailed his report to his wife, to take care of this matter in the mean time! There are a few good men standing! Thanks Mike, knew you would write about this! I agree, this is more entertaining than a soapie! Just a pity it affects us all. Regards!

  4. Anonymous6:09 am

    King Goodwill Zwelithini says he is fed up with the ANC and that the country was much better run under apartheid and is full of praise for the Boers.

    Another of Zuma's nephews is at the centre of another corruption scandal, this time in the DRC.

    More info to follow.

    1. Anonymous11:50 am

      That would be that fat monstrosity Khulubuse Zuma listed in the Panama Papers. Money diverted from the Congo into illicit offshore accounts. Shit but these kaffirs know how to steal.

      SA Reserve Bank believes continuing to push up interest rates will save the rand.


      They are too stupid to realise the rand is a one way bet and nothing can save it.

      Let the entire economy collapse and have done with it.

    2. Anonymous4:49 am


      Anonymous11:50 AM

      I said it before, why is it that this parasite can put its brains to use in the most criminal way but cannot grow a millies?

      I mean they can figure out how to break into anything, steal anything in the most creative ways but when it comes to progress and uplifting themselves they are the most pathetic thing.

      I am thoroughly convinced when studying where these things came from they are from Satan. This thing is from Canaan, you can trace ALL the bantu tribes to Phut & Canaan.

      There is ample historical evidence of this with maps, names, places, monuments, linguistics, folk lore all confirming this...

      Completely destroy them--the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites--as the LORD your God has commanded you. Deuteronomy 20:17

      Hmmm & we wonder why we have problems. Maybe we should go back and find out where all these people settled. I have done research & all western enemies can be traced to these people, they have not vanished but their names & settlements/locations have changed.

      We are living in the same world, with the same people just under different names. If you identify them everything makes sense, this is a biblical battle - until one understands who the Afrikaner is, where is is from (and many of the western white nations) then world affairs seem confusing.

      If only the Afrikaners will wake up to their identity. They used to know, many of the older generation during Krugers time knew it.

      May they go back to their roots and uproot this parasite once and for all. No more sympathy, we can clearly see what happens when the parasite rules. When he rules, we cry out and are oppressed.

      The Israelites Oppressed

      1 These are the names of the sons of Israel who went to Egypt (now South Africa) with Jacob (Jan Van Riebek & countless whites from Europe/Israelites), each with his family:

      2 Reuben (Modern France),
      Simeon (Whales),
      Levi (scots) and
      Judah; (Original tribe scattered among British/Western nations, original Jew profile looks no different from Caucasian)
      3 Issachar, (Findland)
      Zebulun (Holland) and
      Benjamin; (Normans/Iceland)
      4 Dan (Ireland/Denmark) and
      Naphtali (Norway/Sweden);
      Gad (Switzerland) and
      Asher. ("Royal Dainties"Belgium and Luxembourg, South Africa)
      5 The descendants of Jacob numbered seventy[a] in all; Joseph was already in Egypt.

      6 Now Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation died,(all from the old South Africa) 7 but the Israelites (Afrikaners) were exceedingly fruitful;

      they multiplied greatly, increased in numbers and became so numerous that the land was filled with them. (7.5 Million at the height o apartheid, more than any single black tribe)

      8 Then a new king (leader/Zuma/Malema), to whom Joseph (The Afrikaners) meant nothing, came to power in Egypt (Canaan/Africa/South Africa). 9 “Look,” he said to his people, “the Israelites (Afrikaners) have become far too numerous for us.

      10 Come, (ANC/EFF) we must deal shrewdly (BEE/AA/Nationalization) with them or they will become even more numerous and, if war breaks out, will join our enemies (US, NATO), fight against us and leave the country.” (or we remove the parasite)

      Rule #1 - Know thy enemy.
      Rule #2 - Never think thy enemy is thy friend.
      Rule #3 - Know thyself.
      Rule #4 - Follows Gods commandment or it WILL come back and bit you 4,000+ years later and bite you in the ass.

      Now was Asher subject to invasions and pillaging etc...but if they stayed faithful to God, God would protect them as the prophecy says? Yes. Many raids by the Zulus migrating into South Africa trying to kill the whites were thwarted by God. After the murder of the 300 women by the Zulu’s. Almighty God produced a miracle that God promised His people he would do to their enemies. He said, “And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword.” (Lev 26:8)


  5. Anonymous6:13 am

    The sad white future, by sponsored by ANC/EFF
    On 12 August 1998 a Congolese loyalist army major broadcast a message urging resistance from a radio station in Bunia in eastern Congo: "People must bring a machete, a spear, an arrow, a hoe, spades, rakes, nails, truncheons, electric irons, barbed wire, stones, and the like, in order, dear listeners, to kill the Rwandan Tutsis."

    In modern South Africa, the President sings "kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer!" "Bring me my machine gun" Many other genocidal statements were made.

    Looking at the pattern af the Rwanda Genocide and the two Congo wars, it seems RSA will follow the same path.

  6. I support Paul O'Sullivan big time but he's playing a dangerous game . These kaffirs have all stashed bucks away but Paul is onto them . The bad thing is Boris Beresovsky threatened the same to Putin . Two weeks later Boris was "strangled" and found dead . Malema has threatened to physically remove Zuma from the Presidency but sounds like hot air . Waiting for the contents of the docs which surfaced in Germany last week . Besides our VIP Kaffirs stashes being flushed Putin is also believed to have money in the same banks . Time will tell us the truth

  7. On the subject Johan Booysen was cleared in Court but Ntlemeza has reopened the docket . Same with Glynnis Breytenbach.Zuma and his cronies must be flushed whatever it costs .

  8. Anonymous7:18 am

    Nevertheless we must still carry on with our fight. The very fact that now even some "uitlanders" are spending large sums of money and risking their own lives to reveal the truth about the massive on-going destruction within S.A. is wonderful encouragement for us and the truth will set us whites free from black genocide and racist bondage. May the living God of our fathers bless Mike and his devout "RESISTANCE" supporters on this blog for what they have achieved so far. Now that the world is beginning to realize truth we will have to draw the laager closer together and be prepared for storm/or hard times before we will eventually see the rainbow.

  9. Anonymous7:44 am

    Even if the ANC did attempt to remove Zuma they would have to bribe him out with a hefty financial “bonzella” and also a bulky regular guaranteed financial pay packet with full governmental benefits every month from the corrupt ANC puppets up front in government. Zuma has got them all hijacked, naked and tied over a barrel so he will still be in control of the ANC and the country. The only guaranteed solution to this massive black racist and political problem right throughout this country is to wipe the blacks out completely. Then we must continue to apply the selfsame action in Zimbabwe and Namibia and in the rest of Africa as far as it is necessary. We must not rely on the Yanks, British or European cowards and betrayers for any support whatsoever but must do what needs to be done ... “THOROUGHLY”!

    Nevertheless we must still carry on with our fight. The very fact that now even some "uitlanders" are spending large sums of money and risking their own lives to reveal the truth about the massive on-going destruction within S.A. is wonderful encouragement for us and the truth will set us whites free from black genocide and racist bondage. May the living God of our fathers bless Mike and his devout "RESISTANCE" supporters on this blog for what they have achieved so far.
    Now that the world is beginning to realize the truth we will have to draw the laager closer together and be prepared for the storm/or hard times before we will eventually see the rainbow.

    1. @ Anon 7:44
      Does it not seem odd to you that 2 of the very few
      people that have done something effective against the ANC Commie destroyers ( Walus and O 'Sullovan
      are " uitlandres ". Pray tell where will you get the manpower for your clean up operation from ? Surely not from the local whites that voted 70 % YES to the disaster we are in now.

    2. Anonymous9:46 pm

      ZIPF7:19 PM
      Under the circumstances at the time they had no option. Unfortunately the free, fair and equal democracy that was promised by Mandela turned out to be a blatant hypocrisy and a vicious racist black on white genocide. Apartheid was fiddlesticks to what the black ANC anti-white racist government has enforced. However let us not dwell in the past because the ANC were given the chance to prove their worth and they fucked up badly. The world has eventually seen through their disguise and propaganda and we have a job to do now that the tide is turning. The first major priority is to stick together. "UNITY" is strength and unity is our foundation. Pointing back to the past with fingers of blame and judgment will not help us to solve our present problem. We made a costly mistake for sure but believe it or not it was a necessary mistake and proved our reasons for the former white Apartheid system. WE NOW HAVE AN IMPORTANT JOB TO DO SO LET'S GET ON WITH IT AND DO IT WITH GOOD FELLOWSHIP! "UNITY IS OUR STRENGTH" so let's keep it that way!

    3. @ Anon 9:46
      To achieve " UNITY " seems rather difficult for whites simply because many of us were brought up to see ourselves as individuals with individual aspirations. By the way : If you do not understand the past you have no real basis to quantify realistic future options.

  10. Look at this report, Mike. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/people-having-sleepless-nights-plotting-my-demise-zuma-20160404 The old poe...uh, president says there's a white man going around speaking about him. He did not say who the white man was. Wouldn't it be funny if he's talking about you...hehe...
    But I think the end is very near now. Maybe the Paul O Sullivan arrest and the Julius Malema attack will one day be major items in the history we teach our children in our peaceful Republic of Good Hope.

  11. Anonymous9:16 am

    is this the same Irish cunt that brought up trumped up charges against legal gun shop owners?

    1. Dont know but some where i read that he voted ANC at one point. Regardless of the fact.. as long as he can shame and show up the commies i will give him his due.

    2. Anonymous11:42 pm

      You have got to give the Irish due credit though. They know how to structure a 'proper' resistance. They did not sit back and winge on blogs now did they.

    3. Anonymous2:01 am

      Anonymous11:42 PM
      Is that why you are also reading and using it fuckface? Try stirring up your shit somewhere else arsehole because this blog has reached and opened the eyes of the whole world to the truth and reality about the ANC destruction. That's something you could never have achieved in your whole miserable God damned lifetime ... and a very good day to you to Sir!

    4. Everyone does his bit in his own way. Just don't let anybody ever tell you that one man cannot make a difference. You can.

    5. Anonymous3:29 am

      Not when you are Irish and vote ANC,and the likes of Gerry Adams who honoured Nelson the Saint Mandela no siree.This Saint was also given the freedom of Dublin in 1990.The Irish can stick it where the son does not shine

    6. Anonymous4:43 am

      I make a huge difference. I don't pay tax to this corrupt government anymore. And anon 2.01, you are clearly a very small man who possibly drives a big car to make up for it.

    7. Anonymous2:46 am

      Anon@4:43 Take your leprechaun and go fuck him in the arsehole if you please,if you do not get the message the first time maybe you will get it the second time.Your Irish Christian brothers fucked young boys in their assholes in every country of the world now please fuck off.Go look at their(Irish Christian Brothers) abuse in Australia and the Uk schools and even South Africa as well as Argentina.You should be ashamed to call yourself Irish.Now fuck off.

    8. Anonymous8:01 am

      Including the Zulu boys in Endwedwe the paddy pappist priest had to eat humble pie when he was rescued by the old apartheid security forces from being killed Kaffir style.

  12. Anonymous10:23 am

    Mike, what were you saying about the final pillars falling and the army rising against the dictator? Old Pikkie is doing it as we speak. The minister of defense is labeling it a coup de tat. What say you?

    1. Anonymous11:28 pm

      I rather suspect that there is some "fiddling" with the telecommunications structure.
      Some "tests" for when they close down all outside communication.
      All in preparation for the REAL state capture.
      Perhaps they are not prepared to take a chance on the elections this year ?

      Not sure what kind of take-over ?
      Maybe Mike can tell us ?

    2. Anonymous11:48 pm

      I am not sure if the local elections will take place ?
      I am fairly sure that if the ANC lose a lot of support especially any of the big metros they will NOT go peacefully !

      Here are the links




      Is it the rank and file of the ANC supporting Zuma ?
      The SACP -- "vanguard"

    3. Anonymous4:23 am


      @Anonymous11:28 PM

      True, very true.

      They have already captured the state in terms of the media with their curry buddies who are all in a hurry to strip whitee from his possessions.

      Then when they do this, they will block out everything from us.

      I believe last year I had a dream regarding this. We were on our way to the UN when we were suddenly stopped. We are lead to believe that it is just the country falling apart, electricity, police, services when it has all been orchestrated.

  13. Anonymous10:42 am

    Anon@9:16am This Irish cunt sounds like an arsehole at times and has a big mouth.

  14. Anonymous11:35 am


    Zuma will not fall! Not this easily.

    He will sit in power like those others on our Northern borders.

    He will sit and the people will not be able to do a thing.

    1. Anonymous1:11 am

      Will there be local elections this year ?

      Bapela said about two-thirds of registered voters currently had partial, or no address details on the roll. She encouraged voters to confirm their addresses during the next voter registration weekend on April 9 and 10.


      Will they be free fair and transparent ?

  15. Hi Mike, SA is really turning into a banana republic. Makes one think if the constitution is even worth the paper its written on.
    Big news yesterday here in Australia is called (I think) the Panama Report. Huge wikileak type info about financial wrong doings from 1987. I will pay a lot of money to find out exactly how much money FW got for his final sell out. Apparently there is some big wigs thats fallen already. Prime Minister of Iceland is one. The bunch of the ANC we know won't feature as placing money in overseas tax havens is above their "vuur maak plek", they just spend it on clothes and cars and bugger tomorrow.

    1. Anonymous11:44 pm

      Hey Dingo. See the SA involvement in the Panama saga:

  16. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Just heard Zuma on the radio singing Elton John's song = 'I'm still standing'

    1. Anonymous12:07 am

      Zuma said were black people to vote in large numbers, the government would be able to address their concerns about land restitution, which he said needed to be reviewed.

      He said the current system had not benefited black people.

      However, he said were black people to vote, the government would change the system to fast-track land restitution.

      He said the constitution mistakenly recognised 1913 as the cut-off date for land claims, whereas the repossession started in 1600 and continued in “1700 and got worse in 1800”.

      Although he did not spell it out that the constitution should be reviewed, he said it had wrongly documented the land dispossession.

      “Constitutionally speaking, would we be able to deal with poverty without land ownership, the destitute? Are we going to be able to create black industrialists without land ownership?”


      Quite obviously Zuma only sees the constituion as a bit of paper to legitimise what he intends doing anyway.
      He is found to be in contempt by the highest court in the land
      NO problem ; here he is suggesting changing the constitution -- by encouraging the poor ignorant peasants to keep on voting for him ( which it appears they will do ? )

      Maybe the mad Boere_Ninja is on to soemthing ?

    2. Anonymous4:20 am


      Anonymous12:07 AM

      Let me spell it out to you.

      Zuma + the ANC want to completely get rid of the whites. It is why they had their ceremony in the cape 2 years back.

      I mentioned it - they bring up their spirits just before the war begins.

      But I have seen it, we are too strong still in this country for them. Siener was right, this time there will be more of us and they will not get it right.

      And we will look North to conquer more lands when the time comes, this parasite here and on the Northern borders must be pushed out - All of them on this continent are conspiring against us, working with the ANC to remove the whites from this land.

      India is influencing the ANC in the background to win the race & beat China. The UK government are banking on the EFF & hiding their financial crisis which is why they want their sunny side of South England aka South Africa - they think this is South England when you speak to them, like they have the authority & might right to this country.

      We are 20 times larger in numbers than former colonies and they are more divided among themselves than we realize.

      Zuma is going to do his best to get rid of the constitution. This is all part of an Indian/Chinese/Russian - BRICS idea/plan.

      If they bankrupt SA, they can refinance SA with the BRIC banks using the gold as collateral in this country.

      They then start their new currency & bank. This in their intention. See Zuma was in Saudi the other day, then a few days later the Indian prime minister - something is going on.

      Remember Siener said there will be Indian intervention here. The Guptas are connected high up even in India.

      Their plan in SA is to get rid of, strip everything from whites. This is what I believe Siener said when he mentioned we will be humiliated and then it will be the beginning of the end FOR THEM because we will fight like never before.

      Siener said - what was above is now below, everything ploughed under. How many of us even recognize or feel we are living in the same country - the roads, provinces names changed, the police - if someone could transport us back in time or in a future time and we could do it in a few minutes, one would get the impression this is a different country.

      Total but total reform has happened and is still going to happen.

      When we as a nation realize & see how their plans develop we will be left humiliated.

      Humiliated to think we handed over in the hope it would work out, their plans were always this and as a result we will be humiliated in front of the world.

      God will humble us, again the heathen will try his best to get us down but this time round, I pray we dont have any soft leaders like we have had for the past 100 years.

      We need someone tough, someone who does not care and someone that will fumigate and remove these parasites, the only good one is a fumigated or sterilized one.

      Siener also mentioned there would be another white vote in the future. I think the time is coming where this nation will have to unite & get a referendum going.

      This man is just simply using anything to hide his corruption but again, this all goes back to trying to remove everything the whites own, including homes, farms, etc etc.

      Remember they have to also counteract the EFF - so they have to pick up the ANTI white campaign.

      Things are moving so fast I cannot believe it, Im exited really. I thought this was going to happen far into the future, things are happening so fast now that people, when I tell them we will have a republic sooner than they think they will laugh....

      The wheels on the bus fall off fast now, we see a new president coming to power in the US, the EU falling apart, Merkel going to be dropped - it will not be too long before Europe looks our way.

      When we take it back, no mercy, take no prisoners and this time no more compassion. These things only settled in this land to get trade from the Europeans, they are not from here, they must be removed from this land for peace and prosperity.

      Israel cannot dwell in this land while the heathen is here.

    3. Anonymous12:22 pm

      Anonymous11:51 PM
      I have just listened to it and it ends in a loud crescendo of fanfare music and his very last words were 'I'm still standing ... BUT NOT FOR LONG'! Then a scream of agony and the sound of a cheering clapping crowd with a final drum roll and a single thump on the big bass drum. Hallelujah!

  17. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Numba 1


  18. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Hi Mike seems like all is forgiven , anc , nwc, ancwl etc. the masses applaud zumi like he is some kind of hero . Makes one notice that they all have many things in common. Think like one and act like one even if it costs them. Masses living on HOPE .
    The draining will continue , one mine after the next , the keys for the Vaults are in the wrong hands shamelessly .

  19. Anonymous12:11 am

    To conclude

    Shamelessly... That means that if the Head gets away with his Crimes, others will expect the same . Criminals will expect to be forgiven after their VICTIMS have been payed the price for being good. One can only imagine if it isnt happening already , the way they carry on with their Evil like they know all will be forgiven like there will be a open back door. No paying for Murder with a life threatening punishment , OH No ! that might just put these in Check. So if the Head gets away with it it sets a V bad precedent.

  20. Anonymous1:49 am

    This feels so simple and yet so necessary a point to get. The BOTH and the AND… over the need to EITHER and OR it.

    Is it not maybe possible and likely that the president and the government has some a lot! of work to do and much to be held accountable for and also that you and i have some a lot! of work to do and much to be held accountable for.

    i think the EITHER/OR is huge launch into defensiveness. i think in this whole race conversation that so many white people have been so ridiculously defensive and i don’t understand it, to be honest. It feels so simple to me to admit that apartheid was a heinous evil thing. Then to suggest that only twenty years down the line there is still work to be done in dismantling what was brilliantly set up to be so destructively effective. That seems straightforward – i would be surprised if it was any different. Figuring out how i have benefited from apartheid seems to be where many people struggle, but again that one you can join the dots on pretty quickly, without too much effort.

    Which leaves us with the “Well what now?” which is the question that i am so stoked to see so many people of all races, shapes, cultures and forms are wrestling with in so many different ways. What i long for is for more people to join in. Not feel bad or carry white guilt or give up everything they have or anything like that. Just recognise and acknowledge and say, “How do we make this better?”

    Which doesn’t seem like the hugest thing to ask, does it?

    Oh, and also a bit of proof that Jacob Zuma did not kill all the unicorns...


    1. Anonymous3:58 am



      1st of all not only did we benefit from apartheid we created it like everything else in this country.

      What you see 22 years down the road now, this country would have been a banana republic in the 60s had it not been for apartheid.

      Now why would whites build an economy, country, pay taxes and not benefit from their hard work, you and the black parasites in this country seem to think that whites must just keep on paying, paying, paying.

      How were blacks going to benefit at all with no education? Before we had our referendum to exit and leave the union under British rule, how many blacks could read back then? Write? Who stopped them from learning to read/write in 1652?

      You seem to point out that whites are the solution to the very same problem. So without whites they are left in the bush to starve, so then it is their fault for not uplifting them and not apartheids fault.

      When they uplift them, then they must give everything they have worked for in order to uplift them and become 2nd class citizens like they are today in their own country.

      What now? This country goes to shit under the ANC -

      I still want some liberal or munt to answer me on this, why do they rely on whites to educate, feed them, why didnt they have their own banking or financial system?

      When whites arrived here there was none of that, they uplifted themselves. So if you want to say whites benefited from apartheid, blacks benefited even more.

      They got free housing, schooling, roads, electricity (which today they have to pay for and are burning the townships down), the best hospitals in the ENTIRE AFRICA which were the envy of even western countries, all off the backs of the whites

      - to the tune of R250 billion, which in todays limp dick rand terms & inflationary terms could be closer to about R5 trillion or more.

      Not even Europe or America invested this amount into the negroes or the colonies.

      Blacks should get on their hands and knees and kiss our asses for handing this country over to them on a plate and uplifting them from the stone age.

      I dont want to hear liberal crap.

      It is coming in this country where the blacks will beg the whites to rule this country again, just like they beg ALL their farmers they kicked out of Africa - already Zimbabwe are crying out for farmers to come back - when that thing dies, you will see them give back land to farmers.... its coming.

      I benefited from every innovation today, all from the hands of various white nationalities and races, 99% of todays inventions which the blacks use come from whites - time for them to thank us.

    2. Anonymous4:51 am

      Brettfish, you stay off the bottle before you make comments here. Either that or you are seriously mentally retarded.

    3. Anonymous4:53 am

      Brettfish, the benefit of apartheid for me was to live within and retain my culture.

    4. Anonymous4:54 am

      Brettfish, maybe Dingaan was before your time. He would have liked you.

    5. Anonymous5:02 am

      HUH !!

    6. Anonymous5:40 am

      Anonymous1:49 AM
      Sorry Stoked Blowfish we will try harder for you when Malema and his motley crew take over. He loves unicorns and will be glad to know that Zuma has left a few around. Have you ever tasted a unicorn burger? Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh DELICIOUS!!!

    7. Anonymous6:44 am

      Bretfish, you are a fucking idiot. hc

    8. Anonymous6:56 am

      Anonymous3:58 AM
      Good comment Ninja my mate! Now let's see what this crack head has to say further and how he answers your straightforward questions!

    9. Yes, they live among us...

    10. “How do we make this better?”

      Well if you meen rainbow nation and all.... then

      I want to smoke that shit you are having because it's not gonna happen.

  21. Anonymous6:01 am

    Daar's n hoender wat n eier nie kan le....Brettfish

  22. Anonymous7:40 am

    Given that the ANC leadership can't take Zuma out peacefully but will go down with the ship if Zuma keeps making them look bad how likely is it that Zuma will suffer an unfortunate accident or maybe a "crazy guy" like the one who conveniently killed Hendrik Verwoerd will conveniently appear to kill Zuma?