02 April 2016

Why Zuma needs to hang on for dear life

By Mike Smith
2nd of April 2016

Lying SOB Jacob Zuma survived another day after delivering a spin-doctored speech on live TV that was reported on the BCC, Euronews and other world senders. Beautiful. So now the whole world knows what a lying, thieving idiot we have as a president. How embarrassing. It is people like him that give other South Africans a bad name.

Lots of people were hopeful that Msholozi Showerhead would resign. Even ultra leftist and polezniye duraki, Max du Preez had to put his bottle of champagne back into the refrigerator after it became clear to him that Zuma had no intention of resigning.

Meanwhile the elephant in the room became too big for yet another Rivonia trialist and former terrorist. ANC stalwart Ahmed Kathrada urged Zuma to step down

With me there was never any doubt; Zuma was not going to resign, step down, or retire, ever!! He can’t. His dilemma is 783 suspended charges of fraud against him. If he ever resigns he will be ripped apart like wild dogs rip a baby impala apart.

Problem is he cannot stay on either. He is dragging the ANC down with him every second he remains in power, but they can’t fire him, because never forget that Zuma was the head of ANC intelligence when they were in exile. Which means, although Zuma is an utter embarrassment to the ANC and they would really love to see him go, he has enough dirt on all of the big wigs to take them down with him. That is why they now have pulled a laager around him. The ANC top brass had no choice, but to support Zuma

It is a desperate situation for the ANC. At the moment they are hanging on the end of a rope which is fast approaching the yield point as in Young's modulus of elasticity. They're praying for a miracle. 

Their answer was to get the idiot to apologize based on their knowledge of African culture. Allow me to explain:

In traditional African culture there are no old age homes, no mental asylums and no prisons. Punishment for crime, whether it is stealing a cow or stealing an apple is simple. It is either death (by being clubbed with a knobkerrie) in the former case or being beaten to within an inch of your life (by being clubbed with a knobkerrie), in the latter. Then life goes on as if nothing happened. It is in the past. It is gone. It’s over.

There is also no such thing as rape. If the sexual encounter was a bit traumatic for the woman, she is urged to put it behind her and… life goes on as if nothing happened. It is in the past. It is gone. It’s over.

Sleeping with another man’s wife is surprisingly a minor crime. You just give him a small gift like a bottle of Whiskey, apologize and tomorrow you are brothers again…life goes on as if nothing happened. It is in the past. It is gone. It’s over.

This is what the ANC hopes will happen after Zuma’s apology. Whites will say it is not enough, he still needs to go to prison, but the blacks will forgive him tomorrow. Life will go on as if nothing happened. It is in the past. It is gone. It’s over.

The ANC is banking on this popular support to keep Zuma in power for as long as possible by sheer numbers.

However I do not think that this time it is going to work so well. The opposition parties, the media and big business along with the mining bosses and Rand Lords are at his throat like predators at the throat of an old elephant bull and as I once observed in the Kruger Park when an elephant got attacked and severely wounded but survived and made it back to his herd, his own herd pushed him out and sacrificed him to the lions who shortly afterwards killed him whilst they carried on.

So what are the options to Zuma.

I doubt it if Zuma still has it in him to go full Mugabe and silence any and all critics and opposition. Not legally anyway. He tried it in the past with cartoonist Zapiro and Sunday Times and failed.

Malema said that the Guptas and Zuma arranged a R6billion drop off in Dubai . Zuma claimed it was a state visit to Saudi and UAE to improve relations and market SA as a tourist destination. However he never took Derek Hanekom, the Minister of Tourism along. I think Malema might be right. Zuma is setting his contingencies in place.

To me there is no doubt and I have mentioned it before. If I was Zuma, I would keep Inkwazi fuelled up and on ten minutes notice at all times whilst I try to steal the last few billions in the state coffers. When those pitchfork and scythe carrying proletarians come for my ass, I will gather my four wives and extended family and fly to some friendly African, Caribbean or Arab country like Dictator Idi Amin did.

If he takes that option, I am pretty sure that the ones who supported him and pulled laager around him will also flee. If the shepherd goes, nothing will keep the flock together.

However, before he goes he should make sure that he has a sympathetic successor who will allow him to live out the last days of his miserable life under a palm tree somewhere, because I tell you what I would do if I ever came to power in SA. I would immediately reform the CCB and C1 at Vlakplaas and release them on the heels of these bastards to hunt them down wherever they might be hiding in the world. Whatever money they can recoup, will be their reward and they can keep. I will consider it money well spent on JUSTICE.


  1. "Whatever money they can recoup, will be their reward and they can keep. I will consider it money well spent on JUSTICE."

    I know a few people who don't need any more encouragement. Interesting times ahead ...

    1. Anonymous10:29 am

      I'm one of them, let me loose. Please let us loose? Retribution awaits.

  2. On second thoughts, this whole constitutional court decision was the biggest April Fool joke ever - nothing changed for Zuptazania.

  3. Anonymous7:06 am

    A great post Mike. Thank you. But how long will it take for Zuma to go? Also, who could succeed him? Ramaphosa? Malema said he will organise the masses if Zuna did not resign.

  4. Anonymous7:15 am

    Mike, again you have hit the nail on the head.

    I stand to be corrected here as I don't know much about law, however as I understand it how is zuma allowed to leave the country when he had a court case against him?

    I have a copy of the constitution and it is less than 200 pages, surely any president of SA should know this like the back of his hand, in actual fact they should be tested on the contents of it before taking up the job.

    In other words it would be like hiring a qualified lawyer that cant represent you in court as he doesn't know the law and simply apologize when you get sentenced as "sorry man I didn't know about that law"

    My prediction is this:
    He is going nowhere, the eff are going to cause kak (They said it already, and they now know they cant get man handled out of parliament) the anc also said they will get their masses...be careful guys the time is coming because if the eff and the anc mobilize their masses to meet head on it will surely boil over into serious major kak.

    It really is sad that these sick fucks have done this, they could have made a huge change in SA but they chose to fuck it up they are ultimately responsible for this mess.

    I hope the fleas from a thousand camels infest zumas crotch and anyone who supports him, may their fingers turn into fish hooks.


    1. Anonymous2:57 pm


      Remember Siener said, look to parliament when things start going south. He said parliament will be in session & we must be on a look out for a nationwide strike.

      And he said a fatal stomach disease will break out.



      See how cholera and new strains of cholera are being brought in by El Nino - now you can see connect the dots as to what will bring in this fatal stomach disease.

      The EFF will be in parliament and cause it to go in session, they will not be able to hold one session because they will continually stall it.

      This will happen as our country slides into a recession and many whites will be losing their jobs as Siener said. Their hats over their eyes, their backs against the wall as their language vanishes fades into the background.

      We have seen their language now fading, we can see their rights being eroded, we can see their future diminishing & we can see how the whites & farmers are being murdered in cold blood.

      But they will not get us down, this time we will fight differently and there are more of us this time.

      Unite your fellow brothers & sisters, pray, arm and prepare for die vierkleur is going to be flying soon, sooner than most people will EVER have thought but it will first be dipped in blood.

      You must, if you are willing to live among your people and if you wish to have a future in this country put differences aside, pray and come as one people.

      We already see the liberals waking up, Siener mentioned the two (liberal + right) come together fitting so perfectly, this will happen he said either during a furnace or war troubles - I think both.

      God bless you all and may we stand as one nation, before our God.

    2. Shit, you can see it's Monday! Of course I meant'Amen, my bro".

  5. Anonymous7:28 am

    So the Guptas want to skip town. They will use Zuma and give him fuck all in return. Typical Uttar Pradesh gangster trick. Let the mob rip him apart. Party's over for you, fuckface.

  6. Anonymous7:40 am

    You would not kill him as that would be counter productive. You would milk him and let him keep his money on condition that he tells all the secrets. That way you can control the rest of the idiots still in the country.

    1. Anonymous11:32 am

      Anonymous 7:40 AM: Do you really think so? Do you think it's possible to control the rest of the idiots by letting Zuma keep his money? If a citizen of communist China got up to 1,000,000th of these shenanigans that citizen would be put up against a wall and shot dead. I don't know whether some liberals put an end to the cutting off of hands for stealing in the Arab countries, but when they used that system, by golly, it worked.

      ALL of these ANC fucks are complicit and guilty. They should, strictly speaking, ALL die. However, if Zuma gets taken out that would be a far better display of how African democracy works than anything Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng or Concourt has to say. If the Guptas were victims of a bloody massacre at their Saxonwold enclave that, too, would send out a clear message. These Guptas were little nothings in Uttar Pradesh until 1993. Send out the message.

    2. Anonymous9:23 pm

      Anonymous 7:40 AM
      You got to be joking! Are you for real mate??? ALL OF THEM ARE GUILTY SO HANG THEM ALL FROM THE HIGHEST TREE IMMEDIATELY AND RETRIEVE THE STOLEN MONEY. Case closed! No more ANC criminals in power to rob the poor taxpayers or create political hassles and no worthless control will be required it's as simple as that. END OF ANC AND END OF ZUMA CRAP!

    3. Anonymous2:48 am

      Once the thing is milked you can still dispose of him....you are not going to needbhim when the milk runs dry

  7. Ja - dis soos die bliksems wat my gereedskap breek en dink "Hau, sorry Baas" maak alles reg...

  8. Anonymous8:20 am

    How this abnormally stupid ignorant sick fuck of a criminal could ever become President and stay for two terms is just unbelievable and still beyond comprehension!

    1. @ Anon 8 : 20

      I peg to differ. His rise to power was engineered by financial criminals that are exploiting the situation. Zuma represents the value system of a majority of voters that are also criminals when the opportunity presents itself.

    2. Anonymous11:35 am

      It's simple. You have a nation of abnormally stupid ignorant sick fuck criminals voting their own kind into power. And they don't just do it once. They keep doing it.

    3. Anonymous12:22 pm

      Ja,en nou moet ek loop hondedrolle kou om beter te voel! Fok, wys jou nou net hoe het standaarde moer toe gegaan!
      Omgeploeg is nie eens die woord nie man!
      Fok hierdie slawe wat koning word!!!
      Wrede fokken goed omdat hulle nie mense is nie maar diere! Diere van die veld regeer oor ons!!
      Fok die verraaiers FW en sy makkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Anonymous10:37 am

      @ anon 12:22 it is such a shame that our once proud country has sunk to these levels of depravity. FW and his little zupta kaffir pets have killed a whole country...

  9. This "country", this state. The only reason why we have South Africa after 1994, is because 4/500 000 poor and lower-middle class Boer republic descendents haven't yet made the Second Great Trek back to the Cape(No British Rule anymore) with the Korana, Griqua and Cape Creole communities. That is the only reason. Yes, to a SA state, NO to a Unitary State! How the hell can you have a state where power is concentrated in the East, in Azania. Tshwane officials who have no roots in the Cape of Good Hope are making major decisions for the West such as quotas, AU border integration(the berbers and arabs won't agree to such a crazy idea). Only solution is a confederal/federal state like Belgium, Azanians and Capemen will have to have their voting rights restricted to local and national elections when residing in the East or West, so regional and provincial election outcomes won't be tampered with. Also, would mean in the CGH, Tswana, Sotho and Xhosa would have to have minority language rights and protection, same goes for Afrikaans in Azania. Mike we need a MASON-DIXON Line like in America, based on Khoisan-Bantu historical territory, it's a starting point. The Great Fish River(which is not 1819 Amarharhabe ceded territory) and the Modder River(1843 Napier Treaty with East Griqualand and the Sothos)are the borders with the N6 highway that divides the North-East Estern Cape and along with the non-Bophutotswana Northern Cape. Long Live Cape Unification and it's Big 3(John Molteno, Paul Kruger and Hendrik Witbooi). Paul Kruger was born near Steynsburg(Cape territory, he's a son of the soil). Jan Van Riebeeck is the first and only white man who became a Chainouqua Khoi after being adopted in 1660 as a Son by Soeswa, the King of the Chainouqua Hottentots and who commanded control over the 3 peninsula Khoi groups and the senior chiefdom Cochoqua and the Saldanah Khoi group, Gariguriqua. Jan Van Riebeeck's remains or lost grave must be repatriated back from Indonesia/Malaysia to be buried in the castle where he belongs!

    1. Anonymous10:47 am

      Wall of text, try paragraphs. I'm not going to struggle through that. :)

  10. Anonymous8:35 am

    It is impossible for a slave to become a good king! Now this one takes the cake, but when he is gone ten other idiots will compete for the job,the one worse than the other! God help the whites in this place!

  11. Anonymous9:05 am

    There is now too much opposition from business, all opposition parties and media. His days are numbered.

  12. Stephen9:50 am

    Hi Mike

    I fully agree with you , small things,em uses small minds.
    In their warped backwards mentality , saying sorry makes everything okay.

    And Willempie yes that's basicly what zuma said...'sorry baas , sallie weer nie baas , ja die kaffir is dom baas , moenie my slaan nie baas''.

  13. Anonymous11:05 am

    This arrogant Zuma and the 'big six' will rely on the vote of the rural masses to keep them in power. This is 'democracy' - a numbers game. The dumb masses are coerced and dictate the vote. Minorities have no voice. The lunatics are running the asylum.

    Read this article wherein Malama suggests that the vote should not be about numbers but rather 'superior logic'. Heh? coming from Malema.

    Malema suggested that while the opposition was in the minority in Parliament and could not successfully push for Zuma’s impeachment, the issue could no longer be about numbers but superior logic.

    “Numbers don’t work! Listen to superior logic and not the arrogance of numbers. No one there is honourable; they all failed.”


    1. Die uiteinde van Malema se suggestie is apartheid. Hy is nie baie slim as hy nie daardie uiteinde kan sien nie.

    2. Anonymous6:52 pm

      Dawid, ultimately Apartheid is the only viable solution worldwide.

  14. Anonymous11:52 am

    Zuma studies BCom‚ wants to outdo Malema

    President Jacob Zuma is to do a BCom degree‚ apparently to hit back at political rival Julius Malema‚ who graduated with a BA from Unisa this week.

    Zuma has enrolled at the little-known College of Uttar Pradesh‚ a correspondence university in India‚ and is expected to graduate by the end of this year.

    The course takes three years at regular universities in South Africa.

    A source close to the president said Zuma had been irked by Malema's recent graduation. "The president views Malema as a boy and he cannot stomach the fact that Malema is more educated than he is."

    College of Uttar Pradesh rector‚ Professor Rapil Koje-Gupta‚ insisted the president was receiving no preferential treatment. "We can confirm that Mr Zuma has registered with us‚" the academic said in an email. "As president of South Africa‚ he effectively earns several credits in first- and second-year subjects including economics‚ accounting‚ corporate governance and public (sic) administration.

    "That means he is entitled to go straight into final year. His two majors are Micro-Economics and Ethical Leadership."

    Koje-Gupta declined to say if he was related to the controversial Gupta family in South Africa.

    The source close to the president said Zuma was eager to continue his studies beyond the year.

    "He's already talking about getting an MBA and a doctorate‚ perhaps as soon as next year. The president is even thinking about becoming the most qualified politician in South Africa."

    – TMG Digital

    1. Anonymous1:24 am

      Happy April Fools Day!

    2. Anonymous1:50 am

      This circus is never ending

    3. Anonymous2:35 am

      With a Bcom he can officially design numbers such as "eleventy" etc.

  15. justice seeker11:54 am

    Well here's what I am going to do and stupid liberal whites should do the same. Take my british passport go back to europe when their any black I see I will tell him to go back to africa as it is his...if he doesnt I will lay charges of harrassment and stalking as he has followed me from africa and will not return.

  16. Anonymous12:36 pm

    This apology was knowingly orchestrated so "life goes on as if nothing happened. It is in the past. It is gone. It’s over."
    A clever, free ANC pre-election ploy using our TV licence revenue for this propoganda farce.
    The audacity of these people never ceases to amaze. It might even be successful in the short term to keep the ANC in power but their days are numbered and all those skeletons will soon be dancing that ridiculous ANC politician boogie. What a party it will be!!

  17. Anonymous2:47 pm


    He is not going to go. This is what I personally think - in fact this is part what I saw in Dec.

    The ANC/The New SA was a power sharing deal. The US/West fooled the world by having De Klerk & Mandela sign an agreement to make the world happy but the world didnt / doesnt understand the complicated tribal landscape.

    After the first power sharing deal, it was going to be shared between the Xhosa & the Zulu - this never happened but landed up happening in the end - Mbeki was ousted by a Zulu.

    So we had a tribal faction start & a rift in the ANC. The ANC like a coin has 2 sides and an edge which no one can see unless you know what they have always wanted to accomplish.

    The 2 sides are - 1 they would tell the whites what they wanted to hear and the other side of the coin was to play Marxist/communist.

    By playing the whites long enough they thought they would eventually be able to get their Marxist utopia right but they failed and underestimated the whites & how strong the economy was here.

    The very constitution which Mandela "helped" put together prevented them from doing so. This "constitution" was designed by America to prevent the ANC from doing what the whites claimed they always wanted to do - hence Clinton handing over the peace prize & being a Rhodes scholar - imagine that, the only Rhodes scholar to land up handing a peace prize - what are the changes??

    So the other side of the coin was to form a faction because they know that the ANC cannot continue to operate as a democracy. That faction is the EFF. The edge of the coin that wants what the other side cannot get due to this "democracy" imposed on them by the imperialist but the former colonialist still wants its pot of Gold.

    This is why Siener said that the British will be against the US. We can see how weak the UK economy is, this is partly why they want a BREXIT & why they want part of SA - they are hiding their financial problems as Siener mentioned.

    1. Anonymous1:03 am

      "imagine that, the only Rhodes scholar to land up handing a peace prize - what are the changes?"

      WTF changes are you talking about?

      Do you mean chances?

    2. Anonymous10:50 am

      Anon 1:03 What a pathetic little mind you have!

  18. Anonymous2:47 pm


    Part 2

    So they will support this faction of the ANC to get what they want but what they fail to understand or comprehend is that they are a "former" colonial power and the new power does not want that.

    The new democracies of this world are all setup by the US and the first thing these democracies get is a flood of US dollars and central banks - you can see for yourself, every country that gets a democracy gets a central bank funded by the US.

    This is what happened here and each time there is a new central bank, there is a new democracy. This is why there is a growing spat between the ANC and America and why I believe the MSM is hammering the ANC like they are.

    Its because they are attempting to jive to their own beat, that was not what was agreed upon and this I believe is something Siener saw when he said America will be led by the nose by this kaffir.

    The blacks led the US into believing they would uphold their democracy and conform to their new constitution, which is why Malema is calling Mandela, the one side of the coin a sell out.

    He had to sell out in order to win the larger battle, the other side of the coin which was Marxism/communism but that side of the coin as mentioned found the bounds/controls of the US too powerful, so they created the edge - the EFF.

    The EFF faction is the radical ANC faction. That faction is the faction that the NP/old SA never wanted to get in charge. This is why Mandela had to meet in secret with the whites.

    If you recall in the film & in his book, his comrades, long standing comrades almost left him in the lurch because he secretly created/negotiated deals with the Afrikaners.

    So the one side of the coin won by getting into power. The other side of the coin has been growing ever since but was stunted by the capitalists - white minority capitol which has ties to the US who helped broker the deal and created the constitution.

    The EFF is put in power by the one faction of the ANC, this faction of the ANC was and is tribal in nature. This is where the tribalism will come in. The Zulu did not get his turn in power in the ANC as agreed. He should have been 2nd in power after Mandela but instead it went to Mbeki which is why he was violently over thrown.

    There is also sneaky little political games being played in the ANC by tribal kings. Which is why the Zulu king is the highest paid - there is no other reason for this other than Zuma being on top - if it was Xhosa, he would be the highest paid king.

    This is where the real game of thrones are going to begin. If Zuma goes, so does ama Zulu kings salary, if Zuma stays this pisses off all the other kings bitching about their meager salary and inflation eating into what little they do get.

    Then you have the EFF who need to complete what the ANC started and promised & are being funded by the British during their financial problems coupled with the flooding of Europe by migrants, the EFFS/ANCs plans were always 1. Kill the whites 2. Nationalize SA 3. Expel the whites - their greatest, biggest wet dream.

    Then you have the elitists who need SA for the trade and who work with the white minority capitol in this country. The older blacks I believe will look the other way as Mike mentioned, the younger generation are gatvol, the more education they get the more they hate the whites.

    They will vote for Malema - Malema will gain the vote big time and we will see huge upheaval and the beginning of tribal violence now.

    If Zuma stays he loses investor confidence since the constitution is not being upheld and shows us the rainbow abortion nation is no longer in tact - its a failure - the last thing the ANC want to do but remember they dont need to show anything at this stage because the edge, the EFF has been put in place to do what they always wanted to do.

  19. Anonymous2:48 pm


    Part drie

    A communist morphed into another party. If you have 2 parties operating in a "democracy" calling for nationalization then you can in a "democracy" say this is what the people want.

    If it was just the ANC, then the whites would have said "see we told you, this is die swart gevaar"

    The EFF/ANC same thing, the EFF are the faction of the ANC that always wanted to and promised the blacks of SA they would free them from whites, nationalize and take from the whites and also get rid of the whites.

    The whites now are in the greatest danger, from this vacuum we will get caught in a back draft and get badly burnt unless they wake up, unite, come together and prepare.

    The time is running out. Last year I said (back in September) people will be left spinning and think WTF when they see how fast this ANC are thrown out of power, they will not believe it.

    What replaces them will be another imperialist gov formed like Siener saw but things will be the same possibly even worse, they will not even function. Imagine the ANC going tomorrow, can you imagine what upheaval that will cause.

    Do you think anything will function during this transition? They will be 10 times worse while the gov tries to fix this country and then world war 3 will begin and during this time the union as Siener mentioned will face its greatest danger. This is happening before our eyes, the US is now putting more troops in Syria as Russia has left and Obama has been seen as weak in response to Russia in the middle east.

    If Trump is elected, he might on TV claim he likes Russia but let the US get involved in Syria and he will take a tougher stance. Combine this with Turkey/Russia spat - we face dangers here because when no one is looking or even thinking of us, they will then have put everything in place to attack us.

    There will be no structure, it will in my mind be like it was before we had a Government in this country, only difference being a modern, built up country.

    This is when the attack will happen.



    If you think SA is bad with Zuma in charge, then you must know it will be even worse with him gone. Each one replacing the previous and it goes further back in time.

    1. Anonymous2:58 am

      Anonymous2:48 PM Boere_Ninja Part drie

      Like I have said so many times before Boere Ninja the righteous stable minded whites must remove the chaff from the corn. So the righteous in this world must unite and totally remove the unrighteous scum in total from the face of this earth. Whatever it takes it will have to be done.

    2. Anonymous9:25 am


      I pray they do. Time for us to stand up, if we keep quiet for too long we are going to be seen as very weak.

    3. We are already seen as being weak, Boere_Ninja. Blacks only understand the strong man concept, which is why democracy is a joke in Africa. They vote for the guy in power, because he is the strong man.

      We need to start preparing for the dark days ahead. As JP and others have stated before, get involved with people who are preparing for the inevitable race war/genocide that will come as it is only a matter of time.

      Those of us who, like me, are trapped in the cities, need to make an exit plan, even if it is only to run to family that is in a safer place. Sitting still with no plans at this stage is inviting disaster.

    4. Dawid, join Suidlanders. I don't know which city you live in, but there's a lot of space out here in the Kalahari where I am, brother. You're all welcome.

  20. So the real problem is the stupid uneducated cunts who get bought for a sack of mealie rice and a t-shirt every 5 years and return the bastard to power

    1. Thats true, and those that created this situation

  21. Anonymous10:57 pm

    The anc inner circle is banking on zuma being impeached by the eff/da. That way they can get rid of him and still say: "look, our hands are clean, we had nothing to do with it...".

    1. Anonymous6:54 pm

      The cANCer is toxic, they cannot wash the blood from their hands anymore. They are tainted for all eternity.

    2. Unfortunately the DA/EFF don't have a majority so that won't happen. The solution is, as Maimane asked for in the last no confidence vote, that it be by secret ballot. It will be interesting to see how many of the cANCers the vote the doos out.

  22. If i was the ANC and scared of the dirt Zuma had on me i would take him out.

    ....A prominant black leader falls over backwards(dies a violent death).... Siener

    I am sure Ramaphosa and others are looking forward to their piece of time in the sun by being elected president.

    I am sure they realize that the ANC wiĺl fall if they leave Zuma at the head.

    Leaves them with one option.

  23. Anonymous1:39 am

    Watched the movie ’Chappie’ last night, quite by chance.
    It has a SA born director Neill Blomkamp. It is set in JHB South Africa and portrays SA as a crime-ridden hell-hole.

    The film ridicules South Africans and even has a scene with policemen at a presentation stuffing their faces with what looks like chicken nuggets.

    This film reflects SA in 2016 in total anarchy. The film has a few big name actors – Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman but then again has the SA duo from ‘Die Antwoord’ as gangsters just to show how degraded/mindless South Africans have become.

    This film is a total mockery of South Africa and makes one embarrassed to be associated with SA.

    If you have a good broadband then you can watch it on-line.


    1. Anonymous4:34 am

      Good one mate! At last the whites are coming together and fighting back. The world has started to realise that the ANC democracy is a black racist communist dictatorship and hypocrisy. Viva our revolution and get much more true info out there to them. That's the way to go and keep those movies flowing you dedicated guys and dolls and remember our motto ... In hoc signo vinces!

    2. Anonymous9:06 am

      I will watch that movie.

    3. Anonymous10:53 am


  24. Anonymous1:43 am

    Well, it's simple. Dictators do not resign. They are deposed. However, I am firmly of the view that 'Namba Wan' has already plotted his own exit strategy. Do not be overly surprised if we wake up one morning only to be informed that the affable Mr Zuma has absconded to the Cayman Islands. Remember, revolutions eat their children... These kaffirs will sort themselves out. Mark my words. That's when we have to strike...

    Drolletjie Drie

    1. Anonymous9:13 am


      Very true mate! Somewhere like the other dictator who left Uganda. Idi left for Libya, then Saudi - where did we see Zuma fly to just 2-3 days back

      Saudi & UAE

  25. Anonymous2:45 am


    @ Donycero 11:56 PM

    Agreed, I also think Zuma is going to be wiped out.

  26. Stephen4:37 am

    Hi Mike

    So much has happened in a matter of days , I'm sure we are all rather positive seeing Zumas pillars crumble .

    I for one , would like to thank the Lord , call me old-fashioned but I do firmly believe that this is devine intervention.

    For how long have we been shouting against a wall , yet every time Zuma just gets away with it , just like he siad sorry but didn't resign.

    But now low and behold , the cries against him have piled up to heaven , and many of us know the meaning of these words.......
    ''Mene , mene , tekel Upharsin''

    Were gonna see zumie in a orange jumpsuit boys . They might even give mbete a colour-coded hat.

    Max must keep that bottle close.

    1. Anonymous9:09 am


      Stephen yes it is divine intervention. 100% correct -

      The drought, the conditions all part of the Lords plan for this nation.

  27. Anonymous5:27 am

    The chances are that Zuma and the ANC will see it's ass very soon.

    Does it mean that Jesus has also come back?

    1. Stephen12:44 pm

      Anon 5:27 , either way its a win-win for us.
      And believe me , you will know all about it when Jesus comes and wouldn't have to ask.
      If there's any one we should be carefull not to offend , its Him .
      All good , just carefull when you use His name .

  28. Zuma's fate will be decided at the municipal elections, coming up very soon. If he can maintain black solidarity behind the ANC, he will be allowed to stay. If not, he will be ousted.

    The DA are targeting 4 municipalities outside the Western Cape: Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Potchefstroom. If they win any one of these, it will be in part because of mass defections of black voters from the ANC to the DA. Then the high muckety-mucks of the ANC will surely hand Zuma his walking papers.

    If Malema's EFF win even a single municipality, then I think Zuma will get the boot. If the ANC really want to rule until the second coming of Jesus, then they must maintain black solidarity at all costs, and prevent any leakage to the right or left.

    Forget, for a moment, the miasma of corruption surrounding Zuma and his underlings. The real benefit (to whites) of his ouster would be the possibly permanent splintering of the black vote along ideological, and even more importantly, tribal lines.

    Zulus would be outraged if their boy Zuma was ousted, and even angrier if he was replaced by a Xhosa. This would confirm, in Zulu eyes, that the ANC really is the 'Xhosa Nostra' and that their proud nation, the largest in SA, has no place in the party.

    Zuma's greatest accomplishment, in electoral terms, was bringing the bulk of Zulus into the ANC camp for the first time. He also helped engineer a split within Inkatha, so that conservative Zulus no longer have one major party that represents their interests, but two minor ones.

    Zuma's ouster would reawaken Zulu nationalism in a big way, which could be used to push for a reorganization of SA into a loose confederation (rather than a centralized state as it is today), with provincial borders redrawn to more accurately reflect the country's tribal/linguistic divisions.

    To make this a reality, anti-ANC voters should consolidate behind the DA in urban areas and municipalities with a high percentage of whites and other non-blacks, and behind the EFF in blacker and more rural municipalities.

    If Zuma is removed from the presidency (and, even better, if he faces criminal charges for corruption etc.), this could lead to the permanent estrangement of Zulus from the ANC. Which could in turn lead to a fundamental reorganization of the country to the benefit of whites and other minorities. So vote wisely.

    1. Anonymous3:26 am

      jeppo7:07 AM
      Don't give the black ANC criminal Bastards another chance. Due to blatant black ANC fraud and corruption right throughout Zuma is forced to pay his worthless hangers on bribery money for their silence and protection and vice versa. The God damn racist kaffir shit will just continue. It’s time to reverse the genocide to white on black and make sure that our white race never becomes threatened by an inferior communist inspired black again. That goes for any other colour that supported the black on white genocide as well. Obliterate them all and remove the scumbags off the face of this earth! I have said this before. So don't procrastinate you might just find out when you do eventually decide to apply the obliteration action that it will be too late. Now is the time for decisive and devastating white action. "IT IS NOT THE TIME FOR FURTHER DELAY AND PAMPERING"

  29. Anonymous9:04 am

    The New York Times has now called on Zuma to step down.

    This is now global news, repeated on all the news networks, everyday.

  30. Anonymous9:43 am

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could wrote: Why Zuma must hang! Not for life though!

  31. Anonymous11:27 am

    If South Africa fails to have Zuma removed then it will confirm that it is a de facto dictatorship, and that democracy is dead. All the bullshit about SA having the most progressive Constitution in the world will have been for naught.

  32. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Check out Zuma's nephew - Clive Zuma - and his involvement in offshore money kak. Showerhead claims to know nothing.

  33. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Grovelling like a pathetic monkey. Typical.

    Isn't this black fuck the one who sings "bring me my machine gun" to kill all whites? Well, I'm singing bring me my chainsaw so that I can dice these black fucks into countless pieces.

    1. Anonymous8:46 pm

      Good one mate and feed the bits and pieces to the sharks. Don't leave a single piece/trace of the kaffirs on S.A. soil.

    2. Just watch out for aids with all that blood spatting everywhere.

  34. On a slightly different topic. I am a bit pissed off. I have a "Resistance" sticker and a "You can't scare me, I was born in SA" on my bakkies tailgate and I haven't managed to raise the ire of even one uppity nigger who I could dish out a snotklap to.
    Being the inherent cowards that they are they probably won't confront me, but resort to slashing my tyres or something along those lines.
    I piss upon the whole lot of them. They are beneath contempt.
    I like the guy with the chainsaw's idea. Never thought of that when I bought an axe.

  35. On a slightly different topic. I am a bit pissed off. I have a "Resistance" sticker and a "You can't scare me, I was born in SA" on my bakkies tailgate and I haven't managed to raise the ire of even one uppity nigger who I could dish out a snotklap to.
    Being the inherent cowards that they are they probably won't confront me, but resort to slashing my tyres or something along those lines.
    I piss upon the whole lot of them. They are beneath contempt.
    I like the guy with the chainsaw's idea. Never thought of that when I bought an axe.

  36. Anonymous2:24 am

    Hi Mike, can you shed light on the Paul O'Sullivan story, there's rumour that he was going to drop a bomb shell of some sort in the U.K. re S.A.

    1. I think the chick in the Daily Maverick has got it right. She says he wanted the Hawks to put him in the spotlight and the suckers fell for it.
      Let's see what transpires now. Going to be interesting I think?

  37. Anonymous2:47 am

    Anonymous 8:46 PM
    You will have to rather incinerate them in a live volcano mate. We definitely don't want our sharks poisoned or our oceans fucked up.