05 April 2016

Vote or Coup: How South Africans are planning to get rid of Zuma

By Mike Smith
5th of April 2016

The list of ANC heavyweights calling for Zuma to step down is growing by the day. Spin doctor supreme, Themba Maseko – Government Communication and Information System, charged with managing public communication of government actions and policy, is the latest to add his voice to the #ZumaMustFall brigade.

Ja, well...what do you do when the elephant in the room grows too big and no amount of spin is going to change that?

Nevertheless, his voice joins that of “struggle heroes” (former terrorists), Ahmed Katrada, Denis Goldberg, Mathews Phosa, and Mavuso Msimang, all MK Veterans.

Without naming any names, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan basically called Zuma greedy and selfish and accused him of breaking the social contract with the people.

Even the ultra leftist editorial staff of the New York Times said it is time for Zuma to step down.

Big business is also trying to put as much distance between themselves and the Zuptas, before the massive stink-bomb drops.

The Dutch auditing firm KPMG who was for 15 years the auditor for all Gupta-owned and -controlled businesses and performed a variety of other services for the Guptas, basically ensuring that no fingers can be pointed to their dirty dealings and state capture, have now abandoned the Guptas, KPMG cuts all ties with Guptas. Belated attempt to end reputational damage

Close on their heels jumping from the rotten, stinking and sinking ship followed Barclays and investment bank Sasfin

They were all in bed with the Guptas having a massive perverse orgy at the cost of the taxpayers and now that Zuma farted under the duvet they want to get out of the room as quickly as possible lest someone accuse them of being the culprits. All corrupt bastards I tell you. Scum of the earth.

For years we have been calling for Zuma to get rid of… Now, all of a sardine everyone has an opinion on how to remove Zuma saying a 100 ANC members need to vote him out along with all opposition party MP’s

That…is not likely to happen. As I have mentioned before, the pillars of support need to be taken out from underneath Zuma and co-opted to the opposition side. Most notably the armed services (police and army). When that happens you have reached the yielding point or point of no return. Then you will witness the dictator’s spectacular fall. He won’t even have time to step down or the power to resign. He will simply fall.

That is why I witnessed with interest how the SANDF union (SANDU) decided to strike, protest and call for Zuma to step down.

Defence Minister says defence union planning a coup d’etat

Defence and Military Veterans Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has called on the South African Defence Force Union's Pikkie Greef to be criminally charged.

The minister obviously crapped herself… She worriedly called for a political solution not a military one

However the SANDF itself said they would not get involved in petty party politics and condemned SANDU’s mobilization against Zuma

However if they are not going to get involved, they basically declared themselves neutral…at least for now. Besides what can they do to stop SANDU members? Nothing. If they strike and protest are they going to get fired? You will first have a palace revolution in the SANDF and then a revolution against Zuma

Zuma, however embarrassing it must be for the generals, is still their boss. Whether they will take orders from such a corrupt peace of shit will have to be seen.


  1. The answer to your heading Mike is clear when we realise South Africans are spectators blowing smoke and have no deciding power.

    Like you say Mike, revolutions are externally guided. ANC thought they could counter the Revolution with the race card earlier this year.

    Now the internationalists are using the media to tighten the screws and shift''public opinion' - whatever that is. They are playing all tribes against each other now.

    This is going to get out of hand quicker than most think...

    1. Anonymous10:44 am

      The globalists worldwide are playing incompatible cultures off against each other in order to justify a global police force.

      7 years of hell coming our way

    2. 7 years of hell? WTF do you think we've had for the last 22? Bring on the 7 and let's get the show on the road and get the bullshit over and done with and get rid of the filth contaminating this land!

    3. Anonymous7:36 am

      The last 22 were just to get you used to living the third world lifestyle. Once the world looks like Brazil then the elites will hold power forever.

  2. Anonymous8:59 am


    During the debate, from the ANCs lips.

    "Impeachment is an imperialist/colonialist word".

    We can see where this is going...

    Parliament will be in session when our troubles start...Strikes, drought, Europe, Crumbling Euro - we were warned its happening right now before our eyes.

    No more waiting now.

    1. Exactly, Ninja. If they pay no heed to the constitution in this case, they won't when it comes to trying to wipe out the minorities. Somebody mentioned that the constitution isn't worth the paper it's written on. I agree.
      The only guarantee or safeguard we have is ourselves. Die Boere moet nou begin saamstaan and put aside their petty shit, or else it's moertoe with those who won't listen and see what's going down.
      Has Maxie had anything to say yet about yesterdays farce in parliaMUNT?

    2. Anonymous4:16 am



      What I think is going to happen is the murder rate of whites living in JHB closest to JHB will increase rapidly now.

      By the time it hits the further suburbs out of JHB, it will only be then that the whites wake up but it will be amidst this blood bath.

      Zuma was always behind strikes & chaos during Umkontwos days, he is doing the same thing today.

      From the day he was let out of prison, he went on the offense.

      Imagine a high command officer in charge of his enemies, the same enemies he wanted to wipe out before and then picture Zuma.

      His role was to militarily defeat us and is now in charge of SA, funny how the 2nd transformation came in during his term, his singing of the song - this is what he was training others to do back in the day.

      Imagine for one moment that Dingaan could be ruler of the Afrikaners? This is basically what we are sitting with in re to Zuma.

      No one in their sane mind would have allowed Dingaan to rule the Afrikaners 100 years back but today its as if all common sense is out the window.

      We forget about their war, their war "the struggle continues" - not us, but the other whites will wake up when it is too late.

  3. I watched a bit of parly today. The opesition was asking for a secret vote but was denied by the speaker. It shows the split with in the ANC.

  4. Anonymous9:52 am

    If the jesuits says go...you must go zumi

  5. Anonymous9:58 am

    My reaction when I saw that fat pig of bitch at the end was:
    "You fuckin cunt" "You fuckin ANC cunt"

    Which I think is an accurate description for every ANC criminal in parliament and anyone who votes for them.

    My reaction when I saw that white piece of shit so-called deputy 'Minister of Justice' was:

    "You fuckin white cunt"

    Black or white, anyone with the ANC is a fuckin cunt piece of shit lower than an animal.

    1. Anonymous11:53 am

      Please please what is it with the word ANIMAL.Damn it animals are beautiful creatures. Stop using the analogy animal. Kaffirs are not animals they are fucking barbaric savages, the evil missing link.

    2. Anon 11:53 I agree 100%. How can you equate this fat-lipped, flat-nosed Brillo-padded skulled thing to something beautiful and graceful.

    3. Anonymous3:32 am

      That's why I said lower than an animal.

    4. Anonymous9:54 am

      "Blacks" will suffice, everyone will know exactly what you are talking about.

      Kaffirs, zots, zuptas, tyre-lips it's all the same cretin, they are indeed in a league all on their own.

  6. Anonymous9:59 am


    1. "The judgment shows that in South Africa nobody is above the law – our democracy has institutions that function effectively. This is something that all South Africans can celebrate"

      Very funny.. He just walked away, basically clean...for now.

      Has anybody asked where's the money coming from to pay back for the upgrades.?. From your pocket, you reading this. Does SA really think he was going to use his own stash.?. That's 1 more reason for his arrogance and him laughing at us because he knows that regardless of the court judgement you're still paying the bill...

      Then the statement about the seperation of powers.? Bullshit.! It's 1 big Mafia syndicate from the bottom to the top and everybody's on the payroll..

      There's no business like monkey business.

  7. Anonymous10:12 am

    Jy ook?...n jesuit

  8. Anonymous10:15 am

    I wonder what all our white fucking liberals have to say now. Idiots traitors scum that they are. As I write this I am sitting in hospital ICU casualty got her yesterday morning. Why am I here two fucking kaffirs changed my life as the they were pissed and drove head on into my car at one he'll of a speed. 11 am in the morning while I was going slowly in traffic and flew into to me from opposite direction and wrote of my ISUSU twin cab 4×4. That's why I am alive now writing this to you guys. Several cracked ribs later and my head injured. This country is now 100 % lawless. I hate kaffirs no words can express. Been driving since 1972 never had an accident. Kaffirs kaffirs bloody VERMIN.

    1. Anonymous10:42 am

      Did anyone else die?

    2. Anonymous10:48 am

      Glad to hear you are ok.hope you get better soon....The white liberal scum still believe that somewhere in this rainbow nation of them there is a kaffir messiah that will turn this CUNTry around...I have one of them as a colleague.When she opens her mouth all I hear is Mmusi this Mmusi that...such a leader blah blah blah and then my ears start to pain.I am very negative at the moment.I am not always like this but this kaffirkak is getting to me...What I do hope will happen is that they start killing each other.Where it will leave us whites though I don't know.

    3. Anonymous11:51 am

      Anon 10:15 Glad you are OK buddy, speedy recovery.

      No words to add to your closing line there, spot on !!!


    4. Anonymous2:03 pm


      Get better, stay positive, watch some funny videos or funny content, will speed up the recovery.

      At least you walk away to live another day.

      Take care!

  9. Anonymous10:28 am

    why do I get the feeling that the globalists are pushing to get Zuma out?

    1. Anonymous12:35 pm

      Anonymous10:28 AM
      Easy answer Zuma is now too hot to handle so they have got some other crooked black zot in mind to take over!

    2. Anonymous5:37 am

      He's been in three New York Times articles over the past week. No doubt something is going on behind the scenes.

  10. Anonymous11:25 am

    @ Anon 10:15AM

    Get well soon boet. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    1. Anonymous12:51 pm

      Thank you all for your wishes. Much appreciated. Baie dankie.

  11. Anonymous11:27 am

    Dankie mike dat jy ons almal elke dag herrinner in wat se kak ons voorvaders ons gedompel het.
    Ek vra jy bietjie idees gee om ons uit hierdie gemors te kry...of iemand soek
    Ek is gatvol vir al die slegte nuus(ek weet ons moet weet wat aamgaan)maar soek nou oplossings waarmee ek my kan besig hou.
    Hou aan om mense in te lig wat aangaan

    1. Prepare it will help dim the nagativity.

      Ek weet hoe jy voel oor die nuus. Elke dag se moorde en gesteel van ons land. N 72 jarige tannie se ooglede en ore af gesny. Ek sien die angs en vrees op haar gesig die paniek as ek my oe toe maak. Dit maak my ook kook. Soms wonder ek of ek moet wag of net alles op gee en die goed gaan afmaai.

      They say cooler heads prevail, maar my meter begin nou in die rooi hardloop. Hoop ek kan myself beheer dat ek iets kan beteken vir ons doel en nie net nutteloos soos n aleen siel val nie.

      Familie en gesin ook om aan te dink.

  12. Anonymous11:45 am

    This is the beginning of serious kak. This is the darkies seeing how far they can push this and get away with it. Today they said we don't give a fuck about the constitution or morals or right or wrong. Expect things to continue getting a whole lot worse. The liberals must be gobsmacked, they thought living in the rainbow nations constitution was so solid nothing could possibly go wrong.

  13. Anonymous1:41 pm

    The vote was 233/143,therefore if just 46 fat fucks had voted For would not the count been 187/189?
    Eeeeeeish I am sure 46 Jumbo size Kaffirs Favorite Chicken (KFC) could have done the trick,bugger, should have thought of this sooner.

  14. Anonymous10:30 pm

    How the hell are they going to impeach Zuma,buy a bag of peaches and moer him over the head with that bag of peaches,even a crowbar will bend like putty if you hit him on his dome.Julius has a similar dome, a tyre iron will bend on his dome.

  15. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Change...the symptoms we have can only be rectified down the barrel of a gun.

    Voting is just a waste of time in or out of parliament. Democracy is a majority rule, the majority of people in SA vote for the ANC, the majority of people in SA are black. The majority of blacks are criminals. See we are being governed by criminals.
    The NP were light years ahead, this is obviously one of the reasons the ANC were banned, to prevent a plague of criminals running the country.

    Guys this was a victory for the ANC yesterday, normal kaffir tactics...see how much they can take...when nobody notices...they take a bit more. We noticed but we cant do anything about it except quote from the constitution which they feel fuck all for. They will become a whole lot worse and aggressive...be careful.

  16. Anonymous12:07 am

    No one is asking how with his Presidential salary he is going to be able to pay over 250 million Rand....?

    1. Anonymous10:38 pm

      250 was full cost. Treasury will decide a paltry amount for the hoenderhok and a few other additions!

  17. Anonymous3:19 am

    Leading up to the 2014 election it was some mission to get the blacks at work to vote for Zuma I really had to apply the tribal logic, the thing is even the dumb Zulu manual labourer had begun by then to see Zuma and his ANC for what they were, and most of them were not going to vote anyway. Well I went on to explain they had a cultural obligation to vote for a Zuma and no vote for a Zulu would mean a vote for a Pedi, a Tswana or a Shangaan, further more in regards to corruption once I got them search out their black thieving hearts they agreed that had one of themselves been in the presidents shoes they would have behaved no differently.
    So you may ask what is in it for me? It is to watch Zuma destroy this hated new South Africa and bring it to a condition where the only avenue will be a bloody civil war and the redrawing of the borders. It may be that this video relates to the USA but I think it will ring true for many white SA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws-_PEkZT4w&nohtml5=False

  18. Anonymous7:38 am

    Does it really matter? Even if Zuma is gone with more than 60% of the vote the ANC will just take power again in the next election and again and again and when they've been whittled down to only 49.9% they'll "find" boxes of "misplaced" ballots that put them up to 50.1% in the vote and keep them in power.

    "That is why I witnessed with interest how the SANDF union (SANDU) decided to strike, protest and call for Zuma to step down."

    Why would you need a union for soldiers?