15 April 2016

Transformation DOES eqautes failure

By Mike Smith

15th of April 2016

One thing that irks me tremendously, is when the most racist bastards this world has ever seen (the ANC) call other people “racists”.

Take Zuma “gatkruiper” and crony, our illustrious Minister of Sport(s) Fikile Mbalula, the man who was in charge of Zuma’s election campaign in 2009, for instance. He now got his knickers in a knot because cartoonist Zapiro drew a cartoon with the new coloured Springbok Coach Allister Coetzee having to choose between two balls of “transformation” and “winning”.

Personally I think the cartoon is brilliant. It is the truth. It sums up the ANC’s stupid quota policies 100%, but Mbalulu never asked himself if the cartoon was the truth. No he asked himself if it was “Racist”.

However in 2007 this racist twat likened the University of Kwazulu-Natal to “Bombay” complaining about too many Indians there. Not once did he ask himself “Why?”

Maybe it is because Indians study more and work harder to get into university than blacks. It is not racist; it is the truth, but the first thing the minister saw was race.

He once called the coloured and very competent Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel, “arrogant” and an “attention-seeking drama queen”.

This coming from a man who told the Springboks at a media conference ahead of their overseas tour, “Donner hulle...bliksem hulle”…(Basically “Hit them…fuck them up”).

When the rector of UNISA, Dr. Barney Pityana dared to criticize Mbalula’s boss, Msholozi Showerhead, about his “flawed character in his moral conduct” and that “he has been indicted for serious crimes that involve corruption and dishonesty”, he called Pityana a “clown”, an “ignorant reactionary” and an “ivory-tower academic”.

In 2011 Mbalula who is married with two children, was accused by model and career slut, Joyce Molamu, that he made her pregnant at the Gupta’s house and that he was only one of her many lovers. Her 27yo ex boyfriend dumped her skank ass after he discovered she was dating soccer stars, rich old men and losers like Fikile Mbalula.

Nevertheless, last month, March 2016, Mbalula admitted that his appointment from Deputy Police Minister to Sports Minister was announced to him by the Guptas. Now he wants to rinse his mouth about Rugby, a game he doesn’t understand and will need two lifetimes to learn and understand the rules of.

Mbalula’s party imposed racial quotas in Rugby player selections. His word “Transformation” means never selecting a single white Rugby player ever again and have only black players.

Ironically, in January 2014, after the South African national soccer team “Bafana Bafana” (all blacks) was eliminated in the first round from the CHAN competition, Mbalula said that the national team was "a bunch of losers".

The mind boggles…What does he think is going to happen when the Springbok team is all black? They are going to be winners? If black South Africans cannot make it at a simple sissy game like soccer, how does he think they are going to crack it at a man’s game like Rugby?

So here is it straight Fikile…Zapiro’s cartoon is spot on and you are right. “Transformation”, the way you do it, does indeed equate “losers”.

As long as you are going to pick players, coaches and assistants based on RACE instead of MERIT, your beloved Springbok team will NEVER EVER again win a World Cup trophy. Forget it. They won’t even be able to “Donner and Bliksem” a dent in a castor oil turd.

Due to your ridiculous racist quotas you are choosing players who are 5th or 10th best in their position simply because they are black and the better qualified whites play oversees. That is why you see nowadays a “Straus” and a “Nel” in just about every Six Nations team. Where is the logic in that?

Your party, the ANC had 22 years to “transform” Rugby in SA. If you invested in black children’s Rugby talents 22 years ago, and “transformed” from the ground up instead of from the top down, you would maybe have had a reasonable pool of qualified black players to choose from today.

And you know what? Whites would have FULLY supported them. But no, your racist party chose to waste money on useless black soccer players who cannot even win against impoverished Zambia and little Guinea Bissau yet get paid ten times more than the Rugby players.

No Fikile. You and your racist ANC don’t want “transformation” in Rugby; you want destruction of Rugby. You don’t want to develop and empower black players, you want to destroy white players. To communists, nationalism is the arch enemy and Rugby is one of the strongest pillars of white nationalism in South Africa. Hence your rabid obsession to destroy it.


  1. I for one cannot understand why as a black person who is clearly not merited to such position would actually be stupid enough to step onto the field say against the all blacks.

    In my mind I know I would get mowed down. But I'm white, I can think ahead to such consequences, they can only 'think' in the present.

    Of course they are hell bent on destroying anything white. They even push quotas for the swimming team for shit sake!

    If that doesn't show you the anti-white mindset you are up against, let alone given the fact many people are still bambozzled about the 'atrocities' of apartheid' which are merely spook stories, then there is no hope that such people will ever wake up.

    Time to start from scratch and the sooner the better!

  2. Anonymous6:38 am

    There is, unfortunately, no cure for "STUPID". Just another ANC idiot.

  3. Anonymous6:55 am

    It it not about transformation. It is the jealousy of seeing competent whites and loser blacks. It is that mirror reflecting back to them the ape. They must destroy it by all means because that ape is ugly.

    They will come with statements such as look at your white stats against teams like NZ and last year's WC. You are losing so now we can transform because your white argument does not carry merit. You are still losing with whites.

    What they fail to understand is that from school level quotas are implemented. This degrades the grade of rugby because now you are not competing with the best but third or forth best.

    Many white boys fall out of the game at school level already that would have pushed the other white boys that do make it to the top to their limit. Now they are getting pushed or rather massaged by blacks to become mediocre players.

    Now days you dont get guys like Mannetjies Roux, Du Plessis, Frik du Preez and Danie Gerber because the boys are diluted with blacks in their teams just to make the numbers.

    Better competition makes better players but like anything else the whites must always lower their standards to accommodate the poor, shaken, sorry-feeling-for-himself black negroid creature.

    Same with pass marks in school. Lets drop it. Lets get rid of proper maths.....

  4. Mustafa6:59 am

    You are spot on as usual Mike. When these bastards don't get their way they always cry "racist." I wonder how long it will take before they give up on this mantra and deal with the substantive issues.

    I visit this blog first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

    Excellent writing and analysis Mike.

  5. Anonymous7:23 am

    I have said it a thousend times before and will say it again. Rugby players with skill,go play overseas where you will get paid much better specially with our shit exchange and all the whites, players and spectators say fuck springbok rugby.

  6. Anonymous7:35 am


    Anyone who watches, partakes, participates, sponsors or plays rugby is a sell out A TRAITOR.

    You cant tell me that in 1993 when they wanted to play international rugby, they dropped the whole "racial thing" for a black government, to only have the same thing now applied to them BUT they keep quiet.

    Where is Australia & New Zealand now that we have to choose people based on color and not merit, the lofty, holier than though sheep shaggers are too busy playing with Maoris and Aussies ?

    I say fuck anything to do with this government.

    The real question is, why do these businesses, sports franchisers take the ANC seriously? They follow this transformation process because its.....

    Why do they follow policies when the ANC dont follow the constitution?

    If I was one of these larger companies, I would join forces with others and say no more with transformation until Zuma steps down.

    Until Zuma steps down, no company or business should be told what to do, so long as the ANC play their own little game.

    I love it - you see this is what is going to happen.

    We are going to have an ALL black SA team and they are going to be up against lower ranked teams who have a large selection of white players.

    They will be knocked out after 3 matches by South Africans.

    God told the Israelites to wipe out these kaffirs, they are canaanites, you can see why this was said 4,000 years ago.

    Just like Zimbabwe imports food from white farmers now in different countries, so South Africa will play, lose rugby to whites now playing for other countries.

    Any white person who wears this jersey is a traitor, anyone who supports it is a traitor.

    In any case, the government dont own business, so why or how did this transformation thing get so out of hand in this country? You will see fewer and fewer businesses comply with the ANC

    When we are losing rugby all the time, we will see.

    The ANCs days are numbered now, we are in the final count down.

    1. Anonymous4:31 pm

      BN the white man and the white woman is tagged for extinction, that is the reason for these blatant double standards.

    2. What I cannot understand is why Australia and New Zealand are not complaining about the South African quota system in Rugby. It must be a terrible insult or a slap in the face of the Wallabies and All Blacks to push a mediocre team onto the field against them. It is as if you tell them, "You are not good enough to play our best. Here, play our mediocre 5th team."

      If I was an All Black I would bluntly refuse to play the Springboks.

      The Springboks are constantly playing with a handicap. It is the equivalent of a boxer fighting with his one hand tied behind his back. How can any team be proud of beating the Springboks when they know for a fact the Springboks can never put their best team on the field?

      I had a discussion about it with one of my British (Rugby mad) friends. He reckons the Australians and New Zealanders don't care. They are only too happy to be able to beat the Springboks, but I refuse to accept that. I have too much respect for the All Blacks to believe that they want to test themselves against a mediocre Springbok squad.

      I am actually surprised that even playing with a handicap for the last 22 years, the Springboks managed to win the World Cup twice. Can you imagine what would have happened if they were allowed to choose players purely on merit and there was no political pressure for "transformation"? They would probably have won every single World Cup and every single Tri Nations.

      No, sorry...every time I see New Zealand, Australia or England hoist that William Webb Ellis trophy the word "bollocks" drift past my brain. Carry on masturbating your fragile egos. You can never call yourself "World Champions" unless you have played a proper Springbok team picked on merit and not race.

    3. Eventually they will play us less and less. Its already happening in the what used to be trinations.

      Just Look at the new Super Rugby format. They are literally kicking us out.

      I wont lie. I am pasionate about rugby, but i can not watch this shit.

    4. Dony, as usual I agree with you [and Mike]. How can you support substandard teams. On Friday my son asked me what I thought was going to happen in the Bulls/ Reds game. I said I don't watch rugby any more and couldn't care less. It's a farce.
      And as for Alistair Coetzee, well, what can one say? Thankfully I'm not interested at all. I agree with the guy who said let them remove the Springbok emblem as well. The Boks had a proud history and all they're going to do now is blemish that.
      Nee wat, laat Kaffer-se-kind alles opfok nes hy wil.

  7. Anonymous8:41 am

    Like all of them, he's a doos.

    I'm going to get one of my black friends to make his face white.
    I'll make mine black.
    We will stand together with arms across each other's shoulders and have our picture taken.
    I will post it on facebook and ask who's the racist now.

    The reaction should be quite interesting.

    1. Anonymous4:29 pm

      "one of my black friends" Just stay far away from me, my children and my people with that shit. It is your type who import these parasites into our midst.

    2. Anonymous12:18 pm


      Anon 8:41 AM: Ok, I get your plan and blah blah blah, but for fuck sakes, mingle with your own nation!

      My fellow Afrikaner Anon 4:29 PM is so correct, reinforce segregation, they bring our standards down and you are causing damage which you clearly cannot see! Do not make them home between us! No! Sick and tired of whites mingling with them and trying to be controversial!

      We will show you controversial the day we start to exterminate!

    3. Hey CWC [CWG}. See I have renamed you CWC. You are now Cool White Chick. Do you live in Bloem? If so you and your husband must have a beer with me at The Bush Bar at Bain's Lodge. I'll probably be there towards the end of June.
      Mike I apologise for using the blog as a notice board.

  8. Anonymous10:18 am

    These kaffir zuptas can do what they want with rubgy, I'll be silently enjoying SBK and MotoGP where there is not a single black fuck to be seen.

  9. Anonymous10:20 am

    Oh yeah Mike I forgot to say that you are spot on, they are only in it to destroy "whiteness" and nothing else. They are indeed the destroyers the good Book has warned us about.

  10. Anonymous11:03 am


  11. "but Mbalulu never asked himself if the cartoon was the truth." - enough said just there..

    It's like they've kept this 1, our game of Rugby for last, as some kind of trophy.?.

    To them it's a personal issue, driven by hate and jealousy towards our passion, progress and achievements in life. Our Rugby history is one of the greatest ever and the pedigree of our players absolute world class. They hate this because they just cannot and never will achieve that... They cannot achieve it in their own sport, so in the very infamous 'African Way' they believe they can just take another group's success and make it their own.. That's like printing yourself a Masters Degree Diploma in Engineering at home and believing you've cracked it.. 100% tipies pik giet swart kaffir styl.

    I've never in my life seen worst Soccet players than white Afrikaans guys and everyone would agree, but we couldn't give a shit because it's not our game, and we've never said a word about an all kaffir soccer team..

    Rugby is Afrikaner culture, it's not part of kaffir culture and never will be.. Funny how we should piss off from Africa but our culture of Rugby must stay.? Double standards..

    In my opinion one of the most Racist moves of the ANC in 22 years.. So we're looking at the 'all blacks' against the 'All blacks' for here on out.?

    You Munts who are reading this, take note. Maak alles pik swart, en as jul klaar alles opgefok het gaan die tyd aanbreek, en die dag sal gekies word waar ons julle gaan verwoes en uitroei. Begin solank bid aan julle voorvader kaffir geeste. Sterkte.

    1. Anonymous4:24 pm

      "They cannot achieve it in their own sport, so in the very infamous 'African Way' they believe they can just take another group's success and make it their own.. That's like printing yourself a Masters Degree Diploma in Engineering at home and believing you've cracked it.. 100% tipies pik giet swart kaffir styl."

      Hehehe well said Mafia, that pretty much sums up blacks worldwide. Lock and load bitches.

    2. Anonymous5:10 pm

      Ja All Blacks vs all blacks, who is going to win? My money is on NZ, hands down!

  12. Seattle11:35 am

    This is unfortunate as I recently started watching SA rugby as a calmer alternative to the increasingly obnoxious U.S. offerings. I can no longer watch American football or basketball because it has been overtaken by loud, crotch-grabbing blacks, many of them thugs and criminals. There was a recent NBA basketball game in which no white players participated - it was 100% black vs. black. All the media and sports broadcasts slobber unending praise over black players, their families, and their supposed lifelong 'struggle' to escape the ghetto and succeed in a white privileged world. Naturally, there's no mention that blacks get free university scholarships, lowered admissions standards, preferential placement, and if they're good enough to become pro, corporations lining up to hand them millions upon millions of dollars first. Nobody talks about teams being 50%+ black players while blacks only represent 12% of the population. Rant off. Perhaps I should look at cricket, or better yet, the Tour de France.

    1. Have you noticed that there are no blacks in Formula 1, or swimming, and tennis ?

      Why is that ?

      Regarding the rugby, it's only going to get worse.

      The Springbok must disappear from our rugby gear before its proud history is totally blackened ... both literally and figuratively.

      But South Africa isn't the only country with this problem.

      France is turning darker and darker by the year. England is not far behind.

      Ireland seems to be holding out.

      About the only countries who consistently field white teams are Argentina and Georgia.

      There are others, but these two impressed me.

      If you look at the rugby history of SA before it came out of sanctions/isolation in 1992, you'll see that we were the only team that had more victories than defeats against any international team.

      We even had the All Blacks beaten.

      Since then that crown has been taken from us, and the reason has more to do with divine disfavor than anything else.

      South Africa's rugby history after 1992 was typified by the first game we played after the ban was lifted.

      We lost 27-24 against the All Blacks. Both teams scored 3 tries, but the All Blacks led by a penalty, and had James Small not fumbled the ball with an open try line in front of him, we would have won.

      "Almost, but not quite" ... that's the typical SA phenomenon.

      Divine disfavor.

      Look at our loss against Japan in the World Cup, and our two point defeat against the All Blacks in the semi-finals.

      "Almost, but not quite."

      But all is not dark, after we lost to Japan, our supporters got high praise from journalists.


      Kind regards.

    2. Why doesn't your NFL/AFL loan some players to your national rugby team in the year of a World Cup ?

      I'm pretty sure that the USA would reach the quarter finals with this system.

    3. Anonymous4:26 pm

      EBT, Affirmative Action, black association this, dindu association that, etc etc. Yeah they got a piece of the American dream for free and yet, still they fuck it up. Primitive parasites.

    4. Seattle, to me basketball is a fucking mindless game only fit for mindless Zots anyway. I mean it goes from one end of the court to the other where the one team scores. Then the other team gets the ball and they go and score and so it continues; mindless and pointless. Boring! It's like watching paint dry?

  13. Anonymous11:42 am

    FUCK RUGBY... Lets watch some nekkid bitches playing volleyball rather.

    1. Careful with the name calling mate...even if said in jest.

    2. Anonymous12:18 am

      sorry buddy noone wants to see your mom play volleyball we would rather prefer to see beutiful woman play

  14. fighting against the "will of the peeepol" is a waste of effort...their 50 million against our 4 million voters say so...they will destroy SA's once mighty Rugby team, like they have destroyed everything else. That is their nature..

    1. Recent figures that i saw is that we are currently at 2.7 m whites.

      I could be wrong but the last senses was in 2011 and with the mass exodus of whites moving out this could well be true.

      This make BEE policies even harder to explain. This is merely a tool by the government to blind and fool their own black masses with the white boogieman.

      You can not justify bee policies with 2.7m whites to what could be close to 60m blacks.

      This realy shows how weak they are. It is not like boxing with one hand tied behind your back. It is more like having both hands tied up with a chain around the ankles.

  15. Anonymous12:22 pm


  16. There are two darkies in the tour, who put them there? MTN South Africa, sorry mate. Mike's mate Mabululu or what ever his name is, most probably had something to do with it. I can recommend Jukskei, bowls or chess I do not think Mabululu has had a look into those sports yet.

    1. Anonymous11:38 pm

      LTMA......you took the words right out of my brain! By that I mean, when did you last see a blek world chess champion? Why no "Affirmative Blacktion" with our national chess team? Wee bit TOO revealing perhaps?!

    2. Anonymous10:55 am

      How about pretend-pretend hanging using Russian roulette stakes? Last one not dead is the world hanging winner.

  17. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Mike correct me if I am mistaken but in previous articles of yours you said It serves the afrikaners right for handing over South Africa to the terrorist zots. 70% voted yes in referendum so they could play international rugby. Their rugby is their religion. Fuck their country let's rather play rugby and loose and sacrifice our land. I am sure you wrote about this year's ago. Now we are upset and surprised. Really. We knew this was coming. Destroy rugby. The kaffirs knows how we love our rugby. Yes they hate us and know if they take rugby away that will hurt the whitey. Sorry I don't feel upset in the least. The white afrikaner asked for it. Remember 1995 we won word title in Ellis Park. Remember the Dutch men and liberals celebrated with the great saint Madiba. The euphoria. Rainbow nation. Enough said. I wonder if the boere will now stand up and do something. This is sacralidge. Don't hold your breath. Know the afrikaner will now support the new South African all black team.

    1. Oh make no mistake. I couldn't give a toss about Rugby. My own sports are Ju Jitsu and scuba diving. My spectator sport is female beach volley ball.

      I am not upset about Rugby. I am upset about the hypocritical racist cunt Mbalula who call people speaking the truth about the ANC "racists".

    2. Anonymous8:35 am

      Yes! Calling whites racists when they {the blacks)are in fact the true/real racists is just all part and parcel of the ANC's communist propaganda.

    3. Anonymous10:40 am

      Welcome to the party Anon 8:35! Where have you been?

      I am joking with you my brother, still people cannot see this tactic right before their very own eyes.

  18. "My humble opinion is that if such a biased system continues to be implemented, true sports fans must push for an international ban just like before. The quota system goes against all international sports policies and simply put, we cannot mix sports and politics. Major teams such as the Wallabies and Indian cricket team should boycott tours and series involving us. Our players should officially strike or boycott matches themselves and fans should stay away from matches. A form of tough love in order to wake up our administrators once and for all."
    Extracted from a sober overview. Read the rest here: http://thoughtleader.co.za/readerblog/2016/02/25/why-quotas-in-south-african-sport-must-fall/

    1. This Oak for president!

    2. Maybe we should sponsor an all-white team chosen completely on merit and let them compete against the All-Blacks and Wallabies. It would be easiest to sneak it in the u/19 and u/21 series. I bet we can find more than enough quality players to win any other team.

  19. Check this clip.. Skip to 2:05 turn up the volume and enjoy 1 of the best tries ever scored in Rugby history. The man was a legend.. Mr. Danie Gerber


  20. Once again your article is spot on, Mike. EXCEPT: Soccer is a game for sissies???? Mike, really do you want to unlease World Three and Four now by making such unfounded claims. Look at the top soccer players in the world and then you look at the top female soccer players in the world and then you tell me if you see any sissies there. Our blacks don't play soccer properly. Soccer is a team game - I would say THE team game. When played properly its poetry in motion. Its the beautiful game that will bring tears to your eyes.
    Our blacks play one on one soccer. They have no intelligence. They are...blacks...
    On the other hand the greatest soccer player of all time is black, so blackness is no excuse to play soccer like our blacks do...
    If our players are chosen purely on merit all our teams would consist of White and Coloured players. Any black chosen then will be of exeptional quality and might be world class. But the current system goes for mediocrity and is based on the colour of the player's skin.

    1. Maybe you haven’t read my take on soccer yet. Enjoy. Mike Smith: Stuff Soccer

    2. Oh Mike! But in any case, lets first fight the common enemy. Once we are resident in our own secure and glorious republic, I will take you on point for point on your very misguided article about soccer. It seems somebody was never chosen on a team for a game of street soccer when he was little, mmh...hehe

    3. Phoenix, I like you, my mate, but I'm with Mike, as far as soccer is concerned. Sorry China.

  21. Anonymous2:45 am

    Anon 3:06 pm: You say there are no blacks playing tennis.
    What about those two kaffir boys playing in the womans pro tennis. Call themselves the Williams sisters. I guarantee you, hold them down and pull the panties off their fat asses, there is a peester under it. Fucking repulsive creatures.

    1. Serena and Venus were sitting around the table having a coffee,Serena says to her sister,hey sis do you think dad might have given us hormones when we were kids? She replies back and says,whys that sis,she says Im starting to grow hair in places were Ive never grown hair before.She said wheres that sis,she replies my balls.

    2. Anonymous5:12 am


    3. Anonymous10:47 am

      GRoss... Dude... JeeeZ....

      Are we talking Caster Semenya here?

    4. Anonymous6:27 am

      Being a tranny and wearing a skirt has its upside - there's less to pull down when taking a dump.

  22. Anonymous11:47 am

    Never one to fail to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat... Oh god you get so tired of this shit spewing moron.

    A vote for the ANC is a vote for the Constitution - Zuma

    Port Elizabeth - A vote for the ANC is a vote for the Constitution, ANC President Jacob Zuma told a lethargic crowd, some of whom left during his speech, at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.

    Zuma's address at the ANC's manifesto launch was peppered with references to the Constitution.

    This comes a few weeks after the Constitutional Court found he had acted inconsistently with the Constitution when he failed to comply with Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's report on non-security upgrades to his Nkandla home.

    "The ANC is guided by the Constitution of the Republic in all the work it does to improve the quality of life of the people," Zuma said.

    "A vote for the ANC is a vote for a united, non-racial, democratic, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa. It is a vote for the Constitution of the Republic."


    1. Anonymous1:50 am

      That should read, snatch further defeat from the jaws of defeat. The Xhosas in PE don't like Zuma and didn't turn up; the stadium was only half filled with Zuma supporters, a lot of them from other provinces. If PE goes to the DA East London will follow.

    2. Anonymous2:03 am

      Even more hassles for motorists. Is there anything the ANC doesn't stuff up? You can only renew your vehicle licence online in the Cape. Natch.

      No car licence renewal notices for South African motorists

      The annual renewal notice reminding South African motorists to renew their car licence disc may fall through for 2016, according to The Power Report in the Sunday Times.

      The report states that motorists are “now on their own” this year, after the 20-year-old notification system has faltered.

      The licence notifications include relevant registration and VIN numbers of a driver’s vehicle, but have failed to be sent to motorists this year due to the Department of Transport not paying their SA Post Office bill.

      “While the Department of Transport concludes a payment regime of outstanding fees, notices won’t be sent,” stated the report.

      The Power Report asked the department when the matter will be settled, but it did not reply to questions on the issue.

      The department advised drivers to “continuously monitor disc expiry dates and use the provisions of the 21-day grace period to make their annual payments”.

      Where to go, and what you need

      Car licences can be renewed at licensing offices, municipal centres, and designated post offices.

      Motorists will need an application form for the licensing of a motor vehicle (available at a post office or licence office), proof of address, and ID.

      Also read: How to renew your car licence online: City of Cape Town


    3. Ag, you know what. They know their days are numbered and are starting to panic. The average Kaffir is gatvol of their lies and empty promises and are beginning to see through them. A friend of mine's maid said to her that the cANCer's popularity in the location here is rock bottom. But, come voting time, for a T-shirt and some chikkun & pap they'll vote for them again/
      I hope I'm wrong because I truly believe we're going to experience quite a radical change in the local elections. PE will go to the DA and possibly Jo'burg as well.

  23. A typical day in the working-life of Fikile Mbalula:

    Gets to work 2 hours late, having been busy eating breakfast. Sits in his reinforced chair, copiously spacious enough for his blubbery backside.

    Now he starts thinking about what he's gonna have for breakfast (even though he's already eaten enough for two people), then starts wondering what to have for tea, then lunch, then more tea! It's coonfusing, even for a ministuh!

    His brain clouded with conflicting choices, he lifts one hefty bum-cheak and lets rip. The secretaries know that to enter his office now is most unwise, and prudently stay away.

    Thinking more clearly now, he decides that after a well-deserved snack (couple of pizzas, and family meal from McDonalds - on the taxpayer's dime, of course), he must further see how he can screw Whitey over. More quotas, that's the answer! It worked for him, got him his job, so no argument there. And it screws Whitey, which is what matters.

    He muses how his porfolio was originally meant to be called "Minister of Racial Revenge due to Colonialism and Apartheid and Soothing Black Inferiority Complexes - and Jumping up-and-down Like an Idiot", but has to admit it's a little bit too long, so "Ministuh of Spot" is what it is.

    He rubs his fat hands together and chuckles, causing dangerous squeaks and tremors from his chair, as he thinks how he's managed to screw rugby, cricket and all other team sports for Whitey. But especially rugby, his crowning achievement. How he hates the Boers for exposing the racial ... er, "shortcomings" of South Africa's Blacks! Still, it's not all fun and games being an ANC stalwart like himself. He grinds his teeth thinking about South Africa's success at many different sports - yet almost all of them are Whites! This really pisses him off. New rules for Swim SA are on the cards...

    Some idiot once actually asked him if being Ministuh of Spot was about helping the Blacks to be better sportsmen - sorry, sportspersons. How he laughed at their naivete. His job as a loyal ANC parasite was simply this: "stick it to Whitey - everything else is secondary!"

    Anyway, exhausted from all these decisions and musings, he leaves work a couple of hours early, after gobbling down several trays of cream cakes.

  24. Anonymous11:05 pm


    Nuff Said !!!

  25. Anonymous11:37 pm

    "Eqautes" You spelt it wrong. :(

    1. Anonymous8:23 am

      Anonymous11:37 PM
      SHAME! What a huge disaster! With the country on the brink of a civil war and you pointing out a miniscule spelling mistake is going to help tremendously to rectify the tragic matter. "FO IDIOT"!

    2. Anonymous10:03 am

      Hey Anonymous8:23 AM, can you imagine people like this communicating in a war?

      There is Mike giving order to invade Paris... or is it Parys? Jeez....

  26. What these fuckers have all missed is that there ain't no black in the rainbow! Maybe they've finally woken up to this fact and realised that they can never be a part of anything, least of all a civilised society.

    1. Anonymous4:00 am

      Tomkat's Tribulations1:52 AM
      Right on Tomkat that Fikile Mbalula is basically just another common ignorant arrogant and anti-white racist ANC kaffir. He is also a total political failure who thinks that his arsehole doesn’t stink and that every black skinned power hungry criminal has a right to do just as they please. He is hoping that his name will go up in bright lights some day and thereafter forever be marked down as a black hero in the anti-white genocide history in the future. He is an ANC cock sucking criminal who has blatantly distorted the original ANC constitution laws to stand for black empowerment only and to hell with a true fair and equal democratic society. At the time of its grand conception that which was originally falsely promised to the people of S.A. (and to the world) has all just been completely and deliberately discarded and replaced by a black power dictatorship which is based entirely on communism. Fikile Mbalula should rather change his name to “Fickle Bulala”. On the other hand and after all said and done he is nothing more than another ANC powder-puff and is just one of Jacob Zuma’s in-house bum chum fairies.

  27. Well it's typical of "Negroes in Negroland". By Hinton Rowan Helper American Southern critic of slavery during the 1850s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinton_Rowan_Helper

    Truly an inferior race, intellectually, morally and culturally.


  28. Ouens I have been watching developements in the sporting environment specifically toward bringing sport down a peg . You see sport is a huge money spinner with TV rights etc . So by promoting non nationalist events is a move away from representing ones country in favour of this global diffuse nullity species . Just look at IPL Cricket . My concern here is RSA has always been a contender and to sabotage that would be in someones interest . We have prior to the immediate past had exceptional athletes . Now we are promoting a freak show with this Caster Semenya who sounds like a lady with some serious testicular fortitude . I believe this will blow up in saffer faces sooner or later . We have not had such a freak show that I can recall but I am aware of a disgraced Soviet Medic well placed in Athletics RSA . Caster seems like one of this disgraced medics creations calculated to reduce RSA Athletics to more than the freak show it already is