25 April 2016

South African medical students in Cuba making a name for themselves

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2016

Readers of my series about Apartheid will know how I mentioned that the unique medical university of South Africa (MEDUNSA) qualified 200 black doctors of world quality every year as well as paramedics and nurses.

The ANC renamed it to Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU). Ironically the black students rioted in 2014 against this name change, but also against lecturers failing them.

Of course when the ANC came to power they thought they could do better than the Apartheid government and as could be expected with everything the ANC touches, it was a total balls-up.

Instead of investing in South Africa’s already excellent medical schools, in 1995 the ANC signed an agreement with Cuba to train “disadvantaged” blacks as medical doctors at huge costs of $60,000 (R840,000) per student…and in Spanish. There is currently 1200 of them over there. They are also flown home annually for a holiday.

Nevertheless…from the outset there were problems. Sexual immorality, pregnancies and partying…The Cubans complained that students would arrive late for classes, if at all. Some failed due to bunking too many classes. They would frequently go on drinking binges and then get involved in fights with the locals. One was stabbed to death by a group of Cubans after a street fight broke out when Cubans wouldn’t allow them into a bar saying they were full of themselves and always getting into fights.

The South African students then complained about the food (too much pork and not enough steak) and their stipend of $200 that was too small to buy booze and fast food. They demanded $700…the same as what the children of diplomats got. When this was refused they started smuggling Cuban cigars to South Africa to earn extra money.

Department of Health spokesperson Joe Maila claimed that the students wanted to buy “goodies and party” and were “spoilt”.

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande – who is also leader of the South African Communist Party and has close links with Cuba was ouraged. "I condemn it in the strongest terms," Nzimande said.

He added that the "sense of entitlement and lack of gratitude" was "totally unacceptable".

With the bit of money that the studens had they flew in a pastor from a Christian sect in KZN called the “Threshing Floor Bible Church” ( I kid you not).

When Pastor Sipho Maduna arrived he started blessing and anointing the students ordaining them into “disciples”, “prophets”, “evangelists”, etc.

It didn’t take long before the Cuban government complained to the South African government that the students had become a “nuisance”, disrupting traffic and stopping cars and by preaching in busy streets trying to convert the locals.

KwaZulu-Natal’s Health MEC, Sibongiseni Dhlomo, and a clinical psychologist jetted off to Cuba to try and get the students back on track, but they were laughed off by the students.
Praying students laugh off Health MEC

It was not the first time. In 2013 the health department dispatched a team including a social worker, psychologist, human resources manager and doctor to “assist the students”.

To crown it all, according to the South African medical journal these students who “qualify” as doctors in Cuba are completely useless when they come back to South Africa and do not even trust themselves to do a Caesarean section. They can hardly give a safe anaesthetic or treat fractures let alone treat complicated TB and HIV cases. They are more trained in preventative primary health care instead of the curative health care needed in South Africa.

They have studied in Spanish and need to be retrained for 12-18 months to learn the English terms. After five years they still have to write their South African final exam. So far, the local failure rate of Cuban-trained students is nearly double that of those trained in South Africa.

Of course if the ANC governed properly and didn’t allow crime and corruption to get out of control…if only they didn’t start Affirmative Action and racial quotas for medical students at our local universities, the country would not have had a shortage of doctors in the first place. The ANC chased them all overseas.


  1. Anonymous8:09 am

    Right on Mike and it is yet another blatant example of black ANC leadership inefficiency. “NextWorld” is a documentary TV series that explores the future of technology and science over the next 20 years, with new inventions such as bionic suits, windships, hoverbikes, and somatic sensors. It is a mind boggling program to say the least and is an in depth revelation as to what and where the white man’s remarkable technological inventions/achievements will be taking this world to in the very near future. The white nations around the world are vigorously and passionately moving forward at a phenomenal rate with new first world technological inventions whereas the ignorant black nations in Africa are forever moving backwards. The devastated, dilapidated, and crippled poverty stricken state of affairs in Africa is blatant proof of what chaos the blacks have produced from a once thriving and self-sufficient continent. It is therefore blatant proof of the black African nation’s irresponsible and negative attitude towards all constructive development and future progress in Africa. Malema and his EFF are aiming to capture this country and nationalize everything within it. He has also stated that the EFF will rule Africa. Well so be it Malema you can rule Africa with the greatest of pleasure but from what “Nextworld” has revealed your EFF will never rule the white nations of this world. Your single brain cell just isn’t large enough to generate the essential amount of superior brain power needed to move anywhere in the future except backwards. That TV series was produced in 2008 and it was a true revelation of the white nation’s superior invention capabilities and supreme brain power. Shame the poor new black South Africa! First the terrorist and ANC puppet Mandela ruled the country followed by the spineless Mbeki that ANC coward and failure. Thereafter “showerhead” Zuma and his ANC cronies cunningly maneuvered Mbeki out and he (Zuma) took over. Now another fat loud mouthed ignorant black idiot is striving to get his share of the taxpayer’s money and stuff up the country with “nationalization” even further. Mandela tried desperately to place himself a par with Mahatma Gandhi and the rest of the black ANC and EFF idiots as well but failed dismally to do so. Ahem! Ahem! … Rule the white nations of the world Malema? NO NEVER!!! Not even on your best black day kaffir! The dumb ignorant black arseholes just haven’t got what it takes within them.

    1. Anonymous11:01 am

      I was watching the Al Jazeera interview with Malema; this thug is an Idi Amin/Robert Mugabe in the making. Of course he says he doesn't want to be president, hell no, he wants to be dictator. He says any black who disagrees with him has been intimidated by white people into hiding their true opinion. Which is outright racist; but that's what black dictators are all about, grinding the boot into the masses while only they live in luxury.

    2. Anonymous11:40 am

      Anon 8:09

      Well said!

    3. Rogue1:10 pm

      Your comment might or might not be interesting - but from my point of view a block or wall of text is unreadable.

      Use paragraphs in future.


    4. Anonymous7:08 pm

      Blacks are becoming more and more redundant.

    5. Anon 7:08 "becoming more and more redundant."? When have they ever not been redundant???
      The world would be a paradise if a Kaffir or Raghead had never set foot on this planet.
      They are all, and have always been, redundant. Actually worse than redundant, destructive in the extreme.

    6. Anonymous12:27 am

      @Rogue 1.10 pm

      Thanks. I was hoping someone would point that out. Whenever I see these massive blocks of text I just pass them by.

      I wonder how much interesting comment I have missed.

    7. Anonymous4:18 am

      Anonymous: 8:09 AM
      Well the ANC can go down in history for at least achieving something albeit it a negative achievement. Yes it was a world first to which no one ever gave a thought to before the General elections were held in South Africa on the 27th April 1994. On the following morning ( 28th April 1994) the majority of sober South Africans awoke to discover that South Africa’s first world status had plummeted to that of a third world status overnight. No other first world country has ever been demoted in such a swift and deliberate manner before. The reality of the matter at the time was and still is of no consequence to the black leaders and their black followers. But at least give them their due they did achieve something that no other first world country has ever done before. They can’t blame Apartheid for this one no matter how hard they may try because South Africa was rated as a "first world country" during the Apartheid era. Within only a few hours of the ANC receiving the country the first world status was removed. Perhaps it was unpredictable and unexpected but it has turned out to be good foresight by the world body and a very wise and true decision was made by them indeed!

    8. Anonymous12:13 am

      even though the white man thinks he is so superior, we have turned you motherfuckers into a stepping stone..pay your taxes and let us be eductated for free...if you are not happy you can fuck off to where your kind came from..or wait for us to be ready, to exteminate your kind in AFRICA..

  2. Anonymous8:52 am

    In the 60's a South African made history by transplanting a heart..now we are sending people to some shitty 3rd world commie country to study medicine...

    1. Yes and don't forget South African Alan McCleod Cormack who won the 1979 Nobel Prize in physiology for inventing the CAT Scanner.

    2. Yes.... Hamilton Naki, wasn't it? ;o)

  3. Adrem9:16 am

    It would not surprise me if future black 'disadvantaged' SAA pilot trainees would be instructed in the Congo, and that in French of course...

    Mind you, this might be happening already.

    1. Anonymous12:30 am

      All pilots worldwide are all instructed in English.

      English is the language of aviation.

    2. Adrem7:23 am

      I know this and you are of course correct.

      Pity that you missed my irony...

  4. Anonymous9:42 am

    exactly according to plan by Soros and co.

    Get us diseased with GMO food, flouride, poisons and toxins in our food and water supply. BPA in plastics and tainted vaccines etc etc

    Then cart us off to an ass clown for a doctor to ensure our death.

    Then send

  5. Right, let's try something positive for a change. We all bitch, insult and criticise the poor black chaps, we never ever want to listen to their side of the story and I see now that we are slating our hard studying students from Cuba, shame man, those stooges had to leave this beautiful land and travel to that hell hole to go and study.

    We whites over here could not even design a course on medicine that they could successfully fuck up they had to go all the way to Cuba to fuck that one up. You bloody bunch of racists how could you?

  6. Anonymous10:41 am


    Watch and see, soon these Cubanos will not even allow them out of their dorms, aka apartheid Cuban style.

    I just cant believe whites still sit back and say nothing about the ANC and the sports bullshit and everything else.

  7. Anonymous10:48 am


    The fun is going to begin


    We can only hope Malema goes full out, changes the constitution and then we can make it known that we only agreed to the old constitution and are in full right to do what is necessary

    Remember from the Cape to the equator, all parasites must go! ALL, show no mercy!

    1. Thank you this news of treason, Court case, ANC,Juli Arse and EFF makes for a dream come true. Hopefully shit kicks off in a big way.

    2. Anonymous7:10 pm

      Non will be given BN.

  8. Anonymous10:55 am

    Gotta love these fcking savages. Thats why this country is getting it up the ass. Vaalpens

  9. Anonymous11:33 am

    How is it then that these dumb ignorant black arseholes are in charge of the country
    the white nation’s superior invention capabilities and supreme brain power.
    Have left him begging in the gutter ?

    SOMETHING seems to not be right ?

    1. Anonymous12:20 pm

      The Gloablists are telling you that there is nothing to see and to move along

    2. Anonymous12:49 pm

      Numbers mate, its called the tyranny of the majority,


      South Africa's constitution is meant to safeguard us from it but the ANC uses it for toilet paper, Most South Africans are too busy trying to make a living or just staying alive to give it much thought but its been a fuckup from the beginning, the ANC NEVER meant to keep its side of the bargain and anybody who has ever tried to make a deal with a zot would have known that would happen. Its the reason I left 11 years ago, the only solution to the problem is not one most white Saffa's are prepared to contemplate so I decide not to waste my life waiting for a "leader" or the time to be right. You only have one life mate, and time waits for nobody.

    3. "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
      "For the traitor appears not a traitor–he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear." (Cicero)

    4. Mike, spot on as usual...“Cadre deployment” was a driving force behind the exodus of young doctors from the public health sector, the SA Medical Association has warned.


    5. Anonymous7:11 pm

      That something you are looking for is the Negro gene, it's defective and must be eliminated before it can contaminate this world any further.

    6. Anonymous4:25 am

      Anonymous7:11 PM
      I said so a long time ago but so far the black plague is still around and freely infecting!OBLITERATE THEM!

  10. Anonymous12:18 pm


    @ Anon 11:33 AM

    Yes, the SOMETHING that seems not to be right is the shitload of libtards among our nation who betrayed us.

    We need those black South African 'doctors' from Cuba to come and do "some good" work within their own communities.

    1. Spot on as usual CWG. Let them practice genocide on their own species. Ek sal nie toelaat dat 'n Kaffer dokter aan my vat nie. Ek het al, voorheen, toe ek nie 'n keuse gehad het nie. Toe 'n with dokter die werk sien toe se hy dis moeilik om te glo dat 'n plastiese chirurg dit gedoen het. Ek het toe maar versuim om hom te verwittig dat dit 'n Houtkop was.

    2. Anonymous12:46 pm

      lol TT! You and me both, you and me both. :)

  11. eish what the heck, recall them to SA, give them all degrees, ama-white coats (like the white people get), nice cars, house, etc, and let them practice at baragwanath...after all, they say "practice makes perfect"...let stem start at the maternity section, and after a few weeks, to brain surgery...

    1. As hy houtwerk in matriek gehad het kan hy kwalifiseer as n kop dokter om aan sy houtkop pasiente te werk..

    2. Anonymous9:39 am

      @ BoereLaCosaNostra 5:19 AM: Dis nou mooi. Ek like dit.

    3. 2 hout beitels n vice en n hammer, dan kan ons begin werk. Dis n natuurlike harde hout so die beitels hou nie lank nie, verkieslik 3 stelle beitels sal aangeraai word..

  12. Anonymous1:33 pm

    I couldn't get a post at the medical school where I worked for years because I am white. My track record, CV , skills and experience are far better than the black staff in the same department. I could tell you about the inefficiency, incompetence and complete disintegration of standards but it wouldn't make any difference. Whites are are only allowed 2% of places and transformation is relentless and vicious.And the few whites that are left are actively encouraging this.

    1. Anonymous4:46 am

      Anonymous1:33 PM
      Believe it or not many of the whites in business are a disgraceful bunch of cowards and have proved to be their own worst enemy and puppets in the hands of the ANC. Their money means more to them than a black on white genocide being waged against their own white nationality. Not one iota of "RESISTANCE" has ever occurred and the standards of everything has deteriorated unabated.

  13. Anonymous6:12 pm

    How bizarre and strange to have medical students studying medicine in a foreign country fly over a pastor from church to try and convert the citizens of their host country, does not make sense. Who paid for this pastor's flight ticket and expenses? Why would a bunch of loud mouthed boozers who are partying all the time and are supposed to be studying to improve their education bring over a christian pastor to spread the word, just does not make any sense.

  14. Anonymous6:17 pm

    so Mike, now that rugby and cricket have been slapped by the ANC for not transforming enough, and cannot tour overseas or have visitors to play, do you think that the afrikaners who are so rugby/cricket mal, will finally start to see the light once the reason that they voted yes, is now finally taken away from them?

    1. "Men will always be mad, and those who think they can cure them are the maddest of all." - Voltaire

    2. Anonymous9:59 pm

      This is no doubt a retaliation against Whites for challenging Zuma and intended as a distraction against Zuma.

      Typical Communist approach.

      And now the 'Yes' voter pieces of shit won't even have their sport. What a joke.

    3. Anon 6:17 They had a poll on RSG this morning asking whether people would now boycott the sports and a large percentage [80%???] said yes.
      So, fuck 'em, let them stick their watred-down kak teams up their black arses.

    4. Anonymous4:13 am

      Logic would normally dictate the following, if there are no sports teams then what's the point of having a sports minister? Hopefully the finance minster can see that his position is no longer required and fire his ass!

    5. Anonymous9:42 am

      Watch Multichoice's shares fall to zero because who is going to pay R700 to watch Super Sport now?

  15. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Excellent post Mike, if it wasn't for you, no one would even know about this enormous waste of tax payers money. As it all gets hushed up.
    What I don't understand is that 80% plus of my friends and family are now going for the DA. Isn't it just the ANC watered down? If the DA wins, nothing will change or am I just an eternal pessimist (who have serious misgivings about blacks capabilities and ethics)?

    1. No you're not pessimistic. Nothing will change under the DA. They are just another version of the ANC.

    2. Anonymous12:32 am

      Dingo make peace with it, it'll never get better with blacks and libs at the wheel. These 2 groups of people are the cancer of society.

  16. And it must have been one of these idiots that told my daughther who was suffering from appendicitis that should her appendix burst its not serious and would only make her a bit sick but she would be finr for four days.....!!!!

  17. Allow me my outburst please. I must applaud the ANC, somebody has eventually woken up and sipped the cold skinned capped coffee. Well fucking done you retards.

    A case of treason and sedition, that's what I like to see, you retards taking each other on in a long tedious and expensive law suit, we know that it will cost us tax payers big bucks but we are ok with it because while the court is deliberating, perusing, arguing and contemplating the facts of the matter, you retards are going to be fighting each other wholesale in the streets.

    Please do believe me that I will pick a side, my own, and retards, I love watching wog fights, for every 1000 rounds 1 confirmed kill and 999 total misses confirmed.

    So please hurry up and get the circus show extended for I am looking forward to the amusement.

    As for that retard Ndlozi of the EFF that will not be monitored by a white boy, boy I would like to tell you that, that which you spoke of is not a white boy, that is a retard arse sucking liberal, he does not fit white boy criteria. He sucks at the arse of your retard brothers and thinks that they will not do to him what you would.

    So you retard of evolution When you want to get smart and cocky with a white boy, come get smart and cocky here, let me show you the meaning of master, while I teach you what slaves are for.

    As for your DA buddy please don't insult the white population by referring to white.

  18. PreatorianXVI2:51 am

    Even compared to other blacks the South African variety is really a whole different ball game, they must be the most useless waste of a Humanoid being on this planet.

    The Cubans should realise now why they lost so badly in Angola with their ANC cadres....

    1. "they must be the most useless waste of a Humanoid being on this planet" That is 100% correct. That is why they migrated down to the arse-end of the continent. The stronger tribes forced them out.

      No, Manne, this shit has got to come to an end. Have we got no self-respect. Malema's treason charges I believe is the start.
      These fucking Kaffirs actually think they're doing us a favour by "governing" the country, albeit to rack and ruin. Their posturing and parading would actually be laughable if it wasn't so destructive. A fucking bunch of baboons couldn't do any worse. They have no clue whatsoever. The thing thinks if it wears a suit and tie it is now a meneer.

      They have never disappointed me, simply because I expect nothing from them, but they have pissed me off beyond the nth degree.

      How much longer can they be allowed to carry on? How much more can the economy take? I hope the banks tell them to fuck off, in no uncertain terms, with regard to their Gupta-begging exercise.

    2. Anonymous9:49 am

      Would be nice if they closed Jacob Zuma's bank accounts as well. FNB owe the ANC no favours after being threatened with treason for putting up full page ads in the press urging the public to support accountable government. Karma is such a bitch.

  19. Anonymous4:19 am

    They seem to have done this across the board regarding professional training. I was indentured in 1999 as a apprentice, the guy told me how lucky I was as the anc stopped subsidizing companies to train apprentices. (I forget the figure he quoted however it was in the tens of thousands of apprentice positions that were done away with) Then of course we now have a shortage of skilled tradesmen.

    One should have a look at the home affairs website you would be amazed at what jobs are available to foreign people applying for a critical skills visa.
    More good stories to tell! They couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery.

  20. Anonymous5:24 am

    Take up the White Man’s burden—

    Send forth the best ye breed—

    Go send your sons to exile

    To serve your captives' need

    To wait in heavy harness

    On fluttered folk and wild—

    Your new-caught, sullen peoples,

    Half devil and half child

    Take up the White Man’s burden

    In patience to abide

    To veil the threat of terror

    And check the show of pride;

    By open speech and simple

    An hundred times made plain

    To seek another’s profit

    And work another’s gain

    Take up the White Man’s burden—

    And reap his old reward:

    The blame of those ye better

    The hate of those ye guard—

    The cry of hosts ye humour

    (Ah slowly) to the light:

    "Why brought ye us from bondage,

    “Our loved Egyptian night?”

    Take up the White Man’s burden-

    Have done with childish days-

    The lightly proffered laurel,

    The easy, ungrudged praise.

    Comes now, to search your manhood

    Through all the thankless years,

    Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,

    The judgment of your peers!

    Rudyard Kipling- 1899

  21. Please, when we take our country back, remember to erect huge statues to honor Janis Walus and Clive Lewis. Those 2 did the world a favour and the world wiped its arse on them.

    Oh! Also get rid of all the statues of that terrorist retard that so many idiots think was such a wonderful saint. I wonder how many murders he comitted before they put him in the slammer. If one looks at his ex wife one gets the idea that those two were SA's Bonny and Clyde.

  22. Mildred Oliphant is giving White-owned Companies 6 months to conform to BBBEE, or get an enormous fine.

  23. http://www.politicsweb.co.za/news-and-analysis/white-group-has-tight-grip-on-upper-management--mi

  24. Anonymous1:54 pm

    And these are the people that we should so afraid of, they are allrounders in uselessness. We don't even need them to dig holes in the ground anymore there are 360° excavators that can do a faster, safer and cost effective, just don't put a pekkie to operate the machine if you want dont want it Brocken.

  25. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Negro Pendejos & putas.

  26. Anonymous3:46 am

    I am a black South African citizen by naturalisation. I get angry at Zuma and Malema but when I read the messages here, I realise I had rather have Zuma and Malema than you racist bastards. So what if we are fucking up the country, it is ours to fuck up!! You can leave if you don't like it ... But no, you don't leave ..you choose to stay and keep complaining online.. What a bunch of cowards. You can call us kaffirs or whatever you want, but what is a fact is that we will forever rule South Africa.., we have the numbers.. So keep complaining and cursing..coz nothings gonna change!!!

    1. We call you Kaffirs because you call us “Racist Bastards”, "raping dogs" and sing "Kill the Boers; Kill the Farmers" so fuck off.

      The country is yours to fuck up? What makes it yours? Look around you mate. Who paid for and built the airports, the dams, the bridges, the highways, etc? Tax paying Whitey. You kaffirs were just a fucking side show and source of cheap labour like a donkey is used to plough a field.

      You drifted down from central Africa into South Africa like filthy sludge in a glass of dirty water. You are NOT indigenous to South Africa. You came knocking on the white Baas’ door for a job and food, because you are too stupid to build or produce anything yourself. Now you have the audacity to tell me to leave my country???

      I tell you what…Why don’t you go and sign my petition where I have asked the governments of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Nigeria to allow all you South African Bantus back in to your original countries?

      Allow the Bantu tribes of South Africa the right to return to their ancestral mother countries

      That is right, get your stinking carcasses back to the equator before we chase you up there.

      You think you have numbers. You will rule South Africa forever, because you outnumber us ten to one??? BWHAHAHA.

      Do you think that is enough? I have news for you Sparky…Numbers mean NOTHING in a guerilla war. To successfully counter a guerilla war you first need BRAINS and then you need well trained soldiers with a high level of motivation and morale. Once you have that, you will need to outnumber the guerillas at least 100 to one. Experts in Counter Insurgency reckon 250 to one and then you are still not guaranteed of success.

      So keep dreaming of your “rule forever”. Once we get going we’re stopping at the equator. So go and familiarize yourself with the N1 over Beitbridge, because shortly you will be well acquainted with it. That road is going to be choked up with you lot streaming north once we get going. Then we will see who the real “cowards” are.

  27. Anonymous2:08 pm

    what's your name mike smith? what a poor article, clearly you dont havr a clue what you're talking about or undertood what was reported in SAMJ. 1st no student in south Africa perfoms a Csectio, anaesthetics or treats fractures in an academic hospital affiliated with a medical faculty of a university. Infact u get hands on skills as qualified Dr under supervision. Have u ever been at south African medical school?, students commit suicide, succumbe understress and quit and the beinge drinking dat u talk about is the only effective therapy we have.white student dont fail and feel at home while being taught in afrikaans while black students have to smile trying to scrap knowledge from a registrar dat treat you as if u trying to be friends with them. Self entittlement how poor was you research i think you got it from Wikipedia ne? come to Tygerberg campus and do investigative journalism not repeat wat some1 wrote and didnt understand. And i see yr bros commenting as if they have a single clue,laughable indeed!