18 April 2016

Melema says he’s coming for the whites after Zuma

By Mike Smith

18th of April 2016

Whites should thank Zuma. He is our protector. He is standing between us and the EFF. When Zuma goes, the EFF seems sure they will be taking over and will then come for the whites.

Said “Kiddie Amin” Malema at the University of Pretoria: "Zuma is standing between us and our enemy. Move out of the way. Zuma must pave the way because they [whites] are the one who stole our land."

Zuma is not our enemy; He is standing between us and our enemy (whites)

"Don’t think that Zuma is our enemy. Zuma is not our enemy, it’s just that he is standing in the way, and we must remove him to get our land back," said Malema.

The Economic Freedom Fighters were glorifying the life of Solomon Mahlangu, an MK terrorist and murderer hanged by the Apartheid government in 1979. Malema reminded those in attendance that white people had killed innocent blacks during apartheid.

Foaming at the mouth this porch monkey continued, "White people are going to return our land the same way Zuma will return our money. White people must never think we have abandoned the land question. We will never abandon it. We are the land, our identity is our land. We are nothing without our land."

"We are coming for you. Zuma must pay back the money, the Guptas have left South Africa, and our land must come back. ABSA bank must never think that by closing the Gupta bank account, you are our friend. You are our enemy in SA," he added.

"White monopoly capital is the primary enemy of the EFF. Who is white monopoly capital? It is the Rupert, the Oppenheimer, and all those who benefited illegally from our land. This land is going to be returned, whether you like or not. There is no white man who came with a piece of land," Malema the Mugabe “Minie Me” said.

Anyway…I would like to see him try. All the more reason to get rid of Zuma as soon as possible. Time to get the road on the show and call Malema’s bluff.

EFF denies knowledge of “All whites will go” poster


  1. Anonymous5:53 am

    Cocked locked and ready to rock. Hope you likeminded gentlemen are aswell. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous7:26 am

      Pay your Money for TAXES MALEMA...then you can start talking about the whites, because when i last checked you STILL OWE 20 MIL TO TAXES (SARS). PRACTISE what you preach to and about zuma. HE IS THE ONE THAT gave YOU A JOB, WHO KNOWS WHERE YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN ONE, IF IT WASN'T FOR zoompie and the ANC YOUTH LEAGUE. PAY YOUR TAXES FIRST, AS WE CANNOT SEE PAST YOUR EGO. Be careful when that burst, it usually is very painful.

    2. Anonymous7:31 am

      Julius FOR someone that doesn't DO MUCH BUT TALK WAY TOO MUCH you rather attacking behaviour of RACIAL dependence is boring the @#$% out of people with intelligence. It was never YOUR LAND. You are definitely not that SPECIAL, even though you are the only that think so....whahahahahha!!!!The EARTH WAS CREATED BY GOD for all human live, no matter what race or Culture. Maybe start reading your BIBLE that is usually the BEST book (with respect) to start with, when one wants to know more. GOD made the earth and everything in and on it, but I did not read that it said God made the earth for Julius.

    3. Anonymous7:36 am

      EVIL will MEET Evil, when the enemy plan to let someone else stumble, THEY USUALLY STUMBLE like the ANC currently do. SO this little man with a big mouth is just too much of a muchness for his own good. He should not threaten us as WHITES, cause we WILL sue his threads and destroy his EGO. This is the BIGGEST RACIST in South Africa, and shame he has nothing else to USE to get VOTES. He has not given his own people a THING but EMPTY PROMISES. No buildings, no work, no nothing, all he can do....shame is to take from other. To satisfy his people, how sad.

    4. Anonymous7:38 am

      Do not forget the whites are called White Supremacy by the jaleousy of those that cannot create or do anything for themselves, so do not be intimidated by their theories as those are full of emptiness.

    5. Come to Australia! Sth Afr JEWS are now here undermining everything! Say 'we are here to fight racism like we did at HOME'. Then admit they all migrated to SA from Lithuania after the Holohoax.

  2. I am glad you and I share the sediment. Let's rock this retards world.

    1. Anonymous10:23 am


    2. Typo, sentiment. Thank you. I might take up writing speeches for Malema if I carry on with these typos.

    3. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Sediment = different layers in river bed that washes down. "as in you and i are made from the same stuff Share same views , believes or ambitions."

      Even if she meant sentiment dont be a doos ne. We are not in spelling school here

    4. Hey guys no offence taken, I am just glad I can write a full sentence with bad spelling, if I was Foxtrot November, I would be intellectually challenged, intelligently deficient, fragrantly offensive, visually repulsive and totally despised, hated and abused by the followers of this blog. So hey fuck! I am ok, even with the ocd dude that spell checks for me. BTW dude I really need a good pa, interested?

  3. Anonymous6:01 am

    So why isn't this twat locked up for racism? Or at least get a fat fine - but this is not exactly Penny Sparrow stuff. The ANC are still trying to track the Sparrow down, poor thing. They think she actually has R200k to her name. But then white people are all rich, according to the melanin rich. We pull the stuff out of thin air.

    1. We covered the Penny Sparrow issue previously on the blog. There is no such person. It was all an ANC ploy to incite racial hatred. It's all the munts' pathetic [like everything else they try] attempt at smoke and mirrors.

    2. Anonymous4:38 am

      If a black person made up the Penny Sparrow story, then it proves that even kaffirs don't want to be with other kaffirs on the beach. And it's all whitey's fault.

  4. Anonymous6:09 am

    Zimbabwe here we come. You see, destruction of the country is the plan. Then the ruling elite can rule without resistance for many years as does MacGarbage.

    EFF: Zimbabwe remains an inspiration to the SA liberation struggle


    1. Dont let it get you down. This needs to happen for our people to put off the rugby, put down the beer and chase the house maids and gardeners away.

      It doesnt matter if Malema brings it. Even if he doesnt we will still become a Zimbabwe. It will only be a more uitgerekte affair and the boers wont get an opportunity to unite.

      Let them bring it.

  5. Anonymous6:17 am

    Malemmer really needs to bring his women in line with his thinking though - they just want to be white. This is hilarious man. How much more revolting can one look?

    Black women copy their white counterparts when they wear long synthetic hair and bleach their skin "to gain jobs" and "attract men".


  6. Anonymous6:49 am

    Locked and loaded.

  7. "White people must never think we have abandoned the land question. " Thank the Lord! Thought this filthy kaffir parasite was pulling softies going after Zuma the whole time.

    I honestly wonder when they will make their move???

    Few more months. Takes time to get the cockroache that acts as these monkeys frontal lobes to get back on the bicycle once fallen off, that's why they are always picking their noses, to put the cockroach back on the pedal station...

    1. Anonymous12:12 pm

      JP Viljoen6:57 AM
      Ha! Ha! A good one JP and they also remove the dried up shit from their blocked arseholes by using that exact same finger. Commonly known to the ignorant EFF blacks as the "MALEMA ALL PURPOSE FINGER"!

    2. HAHA I love it!!!

  8. Anonymous7:06 am


    We know this but they will not succeed.

    We have so many blacks which hate the EFF more than they hate whites, we have so many whites which hate them. He must explain and show us from which black nation the whites took.

    Election time - time for votes, time for radical statements.

    Let them do their thing.

    All I can say is, this time I will, hopefully with many of you guys make sure that the biblical version of dealing with Canaanites is completed, as was mentioned in numbers & Deuteronomy.

    Complete, utter, removal of the parasite from the Cape to the Equator - anything less is just asking for more of the same and another 360 years with this parasite.

    It can only survive with us here yet seeks to destroy us. Time to do what needs to be done.

    1. Anonymous12:10 pm

      They won't succeed, they'll just cause a civil war between them and the ANC.

    2. I read somewhere else what you posted a few weeks ago about them stashing arms. Apparently some of their fb accounts have been infiltrated by spies a long time ago already.

      The piece claimed them using young black woman in neat 4x4's to transport weapons and ammunition too various places.

    3. Anonymous11:43 am

      Link please?

  9. Mustafa7:46 am

    Senor Mike,

    A couple of my posts have been dropped in the past few days.

    What gives?

    1. Haven't noticed any. Try posting them again.

  10. Anonymous8:12 am

    I find it strange that the eff / anc run to the courts to lay charges of whatever against whoever but why oh why do they not simply lay a charge of theft against white people that "stole" the land? Surely its that simple or is it because they have to prove it, again land claims haven't really been that popular with all the blacks.

    He also says that blacks should have more kids, I have never seen a majority that is so shit scared of a increasing minority. Thanks for the sign of weakness julias.

    1. Anonymous12:09 pm

      Whites aren't even increasing though, whites are just being made to return from the UK and other countries due to new visa rules. Whites were 9% of the population in the early 2000s and are now 8% of the population.

      In any case blacks aren't having as many kids as they used to because they're all afraid of catching the AIDS

      None of it matters anyway, Malema's policies would lead to total economic collapse for the blacks while the whites would have transferred their rands for dollars and euros and yen when they saw things collapsing. Blacks would claim that whites "tricked" them into screwing themselves and try to start a civil war, causing the entire system to collapse. 10-30 million blacks across Southern Africa (mostly in SA) would die in the ensuing transition from a nominally first world society to a fourth world society as they died of starvation, getting shot or of disease.

      If you thought the collapse of Zaire was bad the collapse of Azania will be even worse. And of course it will be the fault of the man-apes.

    2. Blacks arent having less kids mate. The stillbirth rate is sky high because of aids and also their mortality age have dropped.

      I work with this. They are chasing child support.

    3. Anonymous2:26 am

      The child grant is R350 compared to the foster child grant of R890 per month. So do you think the gogos are going to tell their daughters to stop screwing? No way, those R890 grants are their lifeline long after the daughter finally drops dead of Aids. This is how they are, that's the way the melanin rich operate.

  11. Anonymous8:18 am

    Right...I trolled this blog a few times and got the manne moerig. Let me get serious. This malema idiot is just grootbek and hyped up, the fat fuk will the first to run when the lead rounds starts to sing around his ears. Same will happen with his supporters, they are cowards. It is one thing to talk war, it is a different story when it is real. Killing unarmed old people on farms made them feel all tough and invincible. if there is a few brave ones among those red beret wearing idiots who is actually stupid enough to try and take my property,threaten my life or that of my family, they will get a painful and very unpleasant suprise.

    1. The problem with us whites is that many/ most of us own firearms, but (correct me if i'm wrong) 90% of people dont know how to use their own guns! In fact they might even be shit scared of their own firearms.
      People need to train at least once every two months with their firearms, and also teach the woman and children...
      Also, theres no use in having a firearm if youre not carrying it with you (hidden of course).
      I'm carrying mine every day because I refuse to become a victim.
      Waar is die ou harde boere met die rollie op die sy!??

    2. Anonymous9:57 pm

      Waar kom jy aan die 90% ?

    3. Anonymous5:18 am

      GG, if you use your firearm in self defence, you will go to jail!

  12. Anonymous9:56 am

    Be real guys. What white people are going to lock and load. A hell of a lot have fucked off over the 22 years and more leaving daily. What's left. Old men and women, white youth that grew up with black vermin at school. No military discipline and military training skills. Boere that are so fucking schoep still. Many boere lick their black masters arses. That's the way I see it. Don't for one moment think the boers and afrikaner are on our side on this site. I have found this out years ago.

    1. Dont devide.

    2. Anonymous1:03 am

      You don't have to be a soldier to defend yourself against these black monsters.

  13. Anonymous10:03 am

    @Anonymous 8:18 AM: Rather make it a lethal surprise. Bury the bodies. We should all start digging graves NOW. Planning is everything.

  14. Anonymous10:45 am

    Ah, finally the British money master's little black pawn makes his and their intentions crystal clear. Any doubt what we must do to secure our future?

  15. Anonymous10:50 am

    Malema : "Our children cannot even afford to buy sanitry towels.At that time of the month they cannot go to school.Give them dignity." Yes Mr Julius take out that missing ten million you have misappropriated and buy the f***king things you bloody thief.Talk about stealing you are the same as Zuma and that Mugarbage.

    1. Anon 10:50 ask the fuckhead what they used before the White man invented and gave them the sanitary napkins. They are too fucking stupid to have even invented something so basic.
      You see, this is typical Kaffir. They have never had anything, but then they demand everything.

    2. Anonymous4:45 am

      What about dry sex that increases the chances of getting Aids? Must whites do something about blacks engaging in dry sex?

  16. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Head_of_the_United_Nations_call_for_the_self_determination_of_white_South_Africans/?copy

  17. Anonymous11:36 am

    I'm glad he was dumb enough to attack Rupert and Oppenheimer.

  18. Anonymous11:53 am

    It is a very atypical inbred characteristic/trait that is born within the blacks that is creating the ignorant black on white envy and jealousy. The envy or jealousy thus inevitably develops into a blinding hate and the hate becomes their primary obsession. So much so that they are actually willing to destroy all signs of what they could never become or ever hope to become in the future. The only success that they have managed to achieve in the modern world so far has been entirely through the kind courtesy and the large freebee financial cash donations given to them by the whites. Based on the shocking and dilapidated condition of almost every former thriving country on the vast African continent at present one would not expect the SA blacks to make the same mistake. Malema is a typical ignorant and arrogant SA kaffir and robber Mugabe is his god and tutor so we know exactly what crap to expect from him and his EFF cronies. But there is still a chance to save this country and I have said it before and I will say it again. OBLITERATE EVERY SINGLE FACET OF THE MINDLESS BLACK PESTILENCE UPON THIS EARTH ENTIRELY AND FOREVER!

  19. Anonymous12:05 pm

    This kind of shit is why the American founding fathers believed that only people who actually worked the land and made it valuable could have a claim to it

    Otherwise you end up with screeching apes going on about how their semi-nomadic ancestors totally would have built the fantastic city of Johannesburg if only those mean whites hadn't come, nevermind that the entirety of Gauteng is situated in what was a no man's land between the Matabele kingdom and the Zulu empire that was settled by whites because the blacks didn't want it

    They'll destroy everything and then claim it was the fault of the whites and try to migrate to Europe claiming that Europe stole their wealth and needs to pay

  20. Anonymous12:16 pm

    I like Malema. He is possibly the most pathetic form of parasite you will find. Because he has no history, he is now claiming whites came to SA without land. And now he will take their land. Yet he forgets that his ancestors came from central Africa; they where weaker tribes running from the dictators.
    I don't do much restaurants, movies, etc. I prefer good programmes like Gold Rush on Dstv. How whites dig gold in the Klondike. Interesting that you will not find one black there. Here you need brains and perseverance to make a couple of bucks.
    That's what we need in SA. We need to realize we have been feeding this parasite, and it has been breeding. Now we sit with people like Malema who cannot come up with a viable economic plan for SA, other than taking what they didn't work for. And after 6 months then everyone has nothing.
    The sooner he comes for us, the sooner we chase him and all his type back to the equator.


  21. Anonymous1:28 pm


    I am fuming over this (and...), but that is good. We all need to start fuming more and more and more! However, I do agree with Boere_Ninja, it aint gonna happen kaffir!!!

    Yes, Anon 8:12 AM, I also cannot believe they are so shit scared of a hardworking, peaceloving minority! Dankie kaffer, jy gee vir ons 'n pluimpie hoor! You ar boesting our sef esteeeemmm!

    Persoonlike boodskap van my aan alle kaffers van hierdie pragtige land:

    1. Blankes werk vir wat hulle het, nog áltyd! Dis nie in 22 jaar gou bymekaargeskraap nie, dit het dekades en eeue geneem! (Ek het nou sopas bo hulle intelligensievlak gegaan want hulle kan dit eenvoudig nie begryp nie!);

    2. Blankes is nie 'bevoordeel' uit die minerale rykdom van Suid-Afrika nie! Geen wit gesin het 'n fokken vrag goud of diamante weggesteek by hul wonings nie! So no, we did not benifiiiit!!

    3. Dink aan al die eiendomme in ons stedelike gebiede, blankes het verbande by die banke geneem, en gewérk om dit maandeliks af te betaal en doen nogsteeds! Wanneer 'n huis natuurlik verkoop word word daar wéér 'n verband uitgeneem, en daar word wéér gewerk om dit af te betaal oor 20 jaar! Wanneer jy wins maak is dit jou geluk en kan jy dalk die volgende keer 'n beter huis gaan koop, nog met my kaffer? Verstaan jy dit kaffer of nie? Mettertyd en oor die jare heen word die huis mooier en mooier onder die blanke se versorgende hand, verstaan jy dit kaffer?

    4. Julle kan nie eers goed wat julle verniét kry oppas nie, maar besteel ons van dit wat ons voorvaders en onsself opgebou het!

    5. Gaan kyk na die fokken karre wat julle ry en dit maar nét na 22 jaar!

    Ek gaan nou eers voordat ek ontplof.

    1. CWG aka CWC, jy mors jou tyd. Die gespuis het nie begrip vir wat jy probeer se nie. Their sense of entitlement makes them believe it is their due.
      No, My Girl, the time for talking is verby. Be patient and calm, think clearly and be prepared; their time is near.
      I'm with P & the Ninja on that. I reckon Aug / Sept after the cANCer has received a nasty shock in the elections.

    2. Anonymous1:45 am


      @ Tomkat, you are correct, the time for talking is really long gone.

      I will be patient and calm, but I really believe what the Siener said that things will happen at an aggravating speed. I do believe that time is NOW, and we are in it.

  22. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Thats all well and good for you and your family, if you reckon you can defend against them. They are stupid enough and are trying to take your property,threaten your life and that of your family,so please deliever that very unpleasant surprise as the lord knows we all need your support! The problem with us whites these days is that we are not fighting back enough and so many are talking and talking. Where are the vigilante groups secretely fucking with the ANC and Eff and what will it take for all these talkers to take some action? If its a rise in white murders you have got it, if they are destroying your childrens future you have that too and so on. These parasites are not going to suddenly declare war as they are already slowly at war.The problem is that the whites are now such a minority that we cant fight them openly and need to start picking these blacks off in secret, otherwise we risk a full scale retaliation by millions of blacks all at once. If you are in a position to help counter white genocide and do your part against them now is the time or else it may be too late soon. Its a tricky situation but resistANCe is more needed than ever. If we all used our minds properly and all did our part it would make a massive difference, but big talk is futile. Look around what is holding us back? Are we just to decent and moral to fight fire with fire? or are people waiting for a war to start thats already started? If only the white mans fore fathers lacked the mercy that is resulting in our current decline, only then would The land be clear of them.

    1. Adrem2:25 am

      You are absolutely right.

    2. Adrem2:26 am

      Agreed, you are absolutely right.

    3. I say give them the land and they will starve to death in a short while.

    4. Anonymous11:39 am

      sounds like an agent provocateur what what..

      Remember! If we get sucked into a race war, the globalists will win. EAch time Germany gets provoked, we end up in a World war. And after each world war we end up with a bigger U.N/Global clan

      Now Germany is being provoked again... Not jsut germany but all her decendants, scatterlings and cousins far and wide across the US, Europe and here.

      Dont get sucked into a race war. The globalists will steal your sovereignty, your manhood, your mine, your soul, your DNA, your health and everything else that they can get away with.

  23. To try and reason with that idiot will be trying to reason with puddle of water. Reason , meaning explaining to him that, no the whites did not steal the land. There was no blacks to steal it from. Blacks came from up north.
    On another note, I wonder what the whites who joined the eff brigade is saying now?

    1. He knows this very well but it is the card he will use to get in to power. Dont even bother arguing the fact with them.

    2. Dingo, I agree with you mate. It is totally pointless trying to reason or debate with a thing that possesses no brain. All this talking is useless. The only talking we have to do now is over the barrel of a rifle. That is the only language the fuckfaces will understand, opr have ever understood.
      Mercy and tolerance is wasted on the savage parasite. Separate Development was too good for them. They should have been exterminated then. The Nats should have let Wouter Basson have free reign. The problem was; too much Bible and not enough Voorlaaier.

  24. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Hey Mike

    It's starting to become clearer and clearer that the fight for the future of white South Africans is getting close.

    Just a few ideas:

    1)I've offended wondered why disillusioned whites who have been affected by Bee etc. and are gatvol, don't get together and start kibbutz's? The Israelis made a great success of them, Jews from all over the world banded together and started them up from scratch. Surely the boers can do this 2, there must be some farmers out there who have lost their farms who would be keen?

    2) Gathering of the former generals/kommandants. I know you mentioned that many are disillusioned, but there must be some out there that are still yearning for the chance to put our country back together again. I often wonder what happened to them all, we had some of the greatest millatary minds around. If the kak hits the fan we will need them.

    3) Gathering strong investment support. We know that there are some super rich boer out there. Just the other day I read that one of the richest men in the world is a Pretoria born Canadian worth $13 billion. I know if I had $13 bill I would be building sanctuarys and secretly arming our ppl. Just as the Rothschilds (ooh shock horror brommers) were vital is establishing Israel, surely we could find our own elites sympathetic to the boer/white South African cause?

    Just some ideas, maybe as it gets closer to the end of the current sa and potential genocide of our ppl, your blog can be a source of us all connecting and beginning the resistance?

    1. I do not want to trample on your parade but remember one thing , those old military leaders that you now want to lead us, they are the fuckers that helped Fuck Wit de klerk and his cunting cronies sell us out.

      I was military in those years and those dumb uniformed cunts sat back and bought into Fuck Wit's plan and backed him. We were ready , able and more than willing to fuck up any retard that wanted to take us on.

      In 88 we got fucked up in Angola because Fuck Wit, Geldenhuys and the rest of that cowardly scum would not mobilise the old soldiers sitting at home, they used the NSMs to fight and get fucking hammered.

      We had tons or reserve forces in country but those fucking politicians and military bosses were talking away our future. So do not hold your breath for the old generals, colonels, brigadiers and what ever to come and lead us because when they should have they chose the cowards way.

      Now you have the biggest traitors writing books about their glory days after they let young vital men go to their deaths for nothing.

      I get really angry when I think of the above because I loved my Flag and my coat of arms and I never put a price on defending and protecting it.

      The rest of your proposal is good, I agree we need big funding, massive fund and the way to get that is the way the retards did it, play on emotions and beg for funding from weak hearted misinformed people and steal it from these fucking retards the way they steal it from us.

    2. Anonymous2:38 am

      Tomkat's Tribulations1:20 AM
      GOOD THINKING MATE! I have bought a good telescopic sight and my buddy who is a qualified machinist is making a silencer for my hunting rifle. Why have I done that you may ask??!!! My answer is plain and simple ... "TO SHOOT OBNOXIOUS FLIES WITH LOUD MOUTHS" of course!

    3. Anonymous10:25 am

      I fully agree LTMA Its a lot easier being a brave soldier when you have the full support of the state behind you, remove all that, then its easier just being a business man and part time author, Maybe its a way of clearing the conscious reminding the rest of us what wonderful soldiers they were during the 80s because they had to keep their profiles low during the 90s in case of political backlash, Only Col Ratte was brave enough to stand up.

  25. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Who is financially backing the eff? Brics or West?

    1. Anonymous1:03 am

      Is an eccentric billionaire funding the EFF?


    2. Anonymous1:15 am

      It does not matter. All political parties are formed by the same group of financiers. They are all established to implement the 'elites' global plan. Having different parties only appeases the dumb masses into believing in political competition - false hope.

      And this keeps ones eye of the ball. Instead of establishing your own political resistance the ignorant masses resort to selecting one of the established parties to vote for. This is the 'punch and judy' show. Get off your spectator seats and walk behind the stage - you will find the puppeteer.

      The end game scenario will be achieved no matter which political party is voted in by the dumb masses -the goyim.

      Freedom and justice is not found by voting for a political party.

      Real resistance groups will be simply wiped out.

    3. Ag please…what a fucking load of rubbish from another fucking idiotic brommer. There is even a picture about the Transfer of R 8 978 000.00 from Mr N Kirsh on the internet. Obvious forgery. Kirsh said he does not bank at ABSA. Never has and never will.
      Kirsh denies funding EFF

      The Jew in the headline

    4. I wish you disgusting pieces of Nutzi vermin would just fuckoff from this blog.

      Why don't you write the truth? You just discredit your own cause. Are you so fucking stupid that you cannot see it?

      The article you Quote even Ends with this correction from which it can be seen what the Agenda is.

      "Kirsch has since indicated that the document was indeed a fake and that he does not bank with Absa and has not donated to the EFF."

      "Correction: Initially, the headline of this article referred to Kirsch’s Jewish religion. As this is not relevant for the point the author is making, the reference has been removed."

    5. Mike, let's these fucking ignorants rant about the Jews, they speak with no knowledge of what the think they know. I truly believe it is infiltrators trying to divide the unity and they know that using the black card here will not work so they use the Jew card.

      As you know I love the Israelis and respected them second to none because they have never waivered in their belief of there god and their commitment to their country.

      Don't let these ignorants draw you out, it is plain to see who has the facts and knowledge on the subject and who is sucking thumb.

  26. Anonymous10:24 pm

    I do hope aids or cancer removes this infestation of the genepool if not i hope some angry person with a panga does.

  27. Well, all I can say is that, the picture above is a complete photoshop from those who misunderstood Malema. The EFF does not seek to push all whites to the sea or neither does it seek to take their business. Their primary enemy is white monopoly capital. Not all whites have such privilege of being in that league of having to put the show alone by controlling the means of production. Not all whites own the land but only few. Malema is fighting those who only want to eat alone, who parade themselves as economic gluttons looking up to eat everything without thinking about others. White monopoly capital appears to have exploited SA governments for many years both under apartheid and ANC using it the same way Guptas had done under the ANC. "State capture" is wrong because it goes the same way as monopoly capital.

    1. China, take your blec bullshit and feed it to the fucking libtards that listen to you liars, stop trying to put our minds at ease so you and your filth can sneak up my arse at night at cut my throat.

      This is a fellowship of white men that has seen through you black arse shit spewing retards, we have learnt from Africa's history and your lib crap will not work here.

      Take a message back to Malema from me, as I see you can read, well done for that by the way, oh yes reading is a white mans thing so why the fuck did you embrace it. Malema cannot read so tell him from LTMA to show me what he is made by leading his followers into battle and not standing behind them and using them as canon fodder.

      Fuck you,Malema and the rest of you evolutionary retards that under estimate me and my fellow whites.

      Another thing there was never a black South Africa, we White people found it mapped it and named it, so go fuck yourself on your blek South Africa as well.

      You dickheads have pushed this whitey to far now.

    2. Anonymous1:19 am

      And what about those red banners that read; Honeymoon over for whites, in order to take back the land you must become a cold hard killing machines"? What about those Sello? We do not need you to come here and infest one of the last remaining black free pages and come and try and convince us you blacks actually just want peace. You are a liar, and you will not be allowed into our lives, bet on it. You will be hunted down not only by us but by your own murderous black brothers. It's no use Sello, there will never be peace. Face it you black, the little comfy life you have imagined living between successful whites will never happen. Never.

    3. Anonymous1:29 am

      LTMA, they cannot listen to reason, I have this black at work totally overpowered and still this black dog laughs at the world from his little corner pretending he is still the boss there. No, they can't listen to reason, the only thing they understand is to be driven away with extreme prejudice.

    4. The primary enemy? and the secondary? You said it yourself not me. I dont know if you are black or a stupid white.

      If you are black i will forgive you for being stupid.

    5. I know how difficult it always have been for a black man to convince a white man of anything since white man always sees himself as superior than a black man. Even sometimes when I deliberately put aside issues of race, it is always a whites, particularly those who live in SA who would remind you about your blackness as if it is a taboo or abomination to be black. People never chose to be black, green or yellow and if that irritates you, then you will have to blame it on nature for not keeping us to the same standard. Racism is a cancer that eats those who harbour it. This is the same reason why you always distort what Malema says. I may not be his fan but he never branded white people as enemies. He highlighted white monopoly capital as his primary enemy and perhaps that little "white" is what makes you a bit uncomfortable. Now, you will tell me if you are white or white monopoly capital. So, who are you?

    6. @Saxon.

      There is no secondary. By primary it means it is basically the objective upon which the movement was established, that is, to fight monopoly capital be it black or white. If there was anything secondary, then will be about fighting poverty, unemployment, et al.

    7. Stop smoking that "Crack Pipe" Sello. Not good for your debating skills... Just saying..

    8. You are an irritating little black fly, fly and go sit on Malema's shit and eat it, do not come crying here about your blackness, get this straight you black maggot. I hate you fuckers so much that I dream of annihilating your whole genus.,

    9. Anonymous6:09 am

      Sello Puo

      Malema is not the answer, his economic policies would destroy our economy and make our currency worthless.
      The reason being that it will completely scare off investors.

      Marxism-Leninism has failed everywhere else in the world, a dictatorship of the proletariat is not the answer, fat cat elites use it as an excuse to keep total control over an impoverished population. They WANT the population to be poor so they cannot rise up.

      The East Germans, with all their intelligence, work ethic and determination couldn't even get a socialist system to work and had to be continually supported by Russia.

      It's not a question of race, personally I don't care what colour the person is in charge as long as they are serious about providing a prosperous, developed, modern and safer society. And do not preach hate and violence against me.

      Both the ANC and EFF are constantly verbally attacking whites and stoking hatred. It is therefore impossible for a white to support the ANc or EFF.

    10. Anonymous10:03 am

      Ag selo cry me a river.

      You watch any black movie or comedian its always about race. The fact is we dont even care we just want to be without your kind.

      Mandela was a terrorist. Killed innocent people and is burning in hell so did Zuma and all your struggle heroes. They even killed more blacks than whites. Evil fucking creatures this black vermin.

      All of you fuckers are scum in the end. Yes we think of ourselfs as superior because we are. So what? Call a duck a fucking duck.

      Tel your wife to take of those braids and fuck a proper monkey tonight.


    11. Anonymous10:17 am

      I believe Kiddie Amin said "white capital" which to me mean That any capital or asset (physical or imaginary) that a white has. Not all whites see themselves as superior to blacks, just the ones with eyes. and noses for that matter.

      Rasism is a TOOL to force other cultures to conform to a set cultural belief. Its a choice. you either want the city, or the jungle. you cant have both, you must choose one. It's the cultural equivalent of a shit test. And the african culture failed. It continues to fail to even recognise that racism is a test. Do you hold them to the same standard as europe and watch them fail at it and proclaim its rigged and systemically racist or do you hold them to a lower standard so they can actually learn something (like a special needs school). You say you want equal rights but i never hear equal responsibility, the opposite infact, all i ever hear is blacks displacing responsibility for all of their cultural, social, political and economic failings

      youre right about not choosing to be born black. but everything from that moment is a decision, some people play the game of life choices better than others. dont hate the players, hate the game. Hate the Game? well dont play. simple as that.

      "blame it on nature for not keeping us to the same standard" So you admit it? white are better by the gift of god and mother nature. we just have it and you dont, whatever "it" is.

    12. @ everybody

      Without doubt, Julius Malema is spot on. He is fighting white monopoly capital, and not "white capital" as you put it. I thought that being white and as intelligent as you assert, you wouldn't go about distorting vital information just like you are doing now. By "monopoly" we mean those who are owning natural resources such as minerals and land. There is no factory anywhere in the world that produces land so that those who are in need of it can simply come and buy. Ownership of land involves two aspects, one being the ethics and the other the legal part of it. Legality does not mean something is ethical.

      Same as in the past when slavery was legal, yet it was unethical for better part of its existence. Slavery was legalised for over 600 years but people knew that it was wrong for people to work for you without being properly remunerated for the work done. We must all remember that while it is legal to own land, it is equally unethical. During apartheid it was even worse as people could even be allowed to own rivers and streams irrespective of whether communities on the proximity needed water or not. We do not care about any person who repairs cars, sell computers, vehicles, goodies, koeksisters, or produces dairy products for business. We want those who own part of that land that streaches from Jo'burg to Durban or from Cape to Kimberly or Bloemfontein. Tell me how does that person get it right to own something which he does not know how did it come about. Owning the land is tantamount to owning oxygen and the sky. All that we want is that the land should be transferred to the people and be leased back to those who work it. South Africa should never have someone who goes around boasting that he owns thousands of hectares of land. The land which was produced by who? All the land must belong to the people.

    13. @ Sello Puo. You are not very bright and have no idea how farming works. For farming to be profitable and effective your land needs to be a certain size otherwise your farm will run at a loss and collapse. Your cattle need to graze on a certain size of land; you need to scientifically alternate the land being used. One year you plant wheat, next year you plant lusern (alfalfa) to put the nitrogen back into the soil, otherwise your soil will be depleted and you won’t be able to get any more crops. People will starve. The size of the farms is there out of a necessity, not to brag about it. You dumb fuck Communists and Kaffirs want to chop the farm up into little pieces and call it collectivization. This led to starvation in the Ukraine and China. Millions of people died. Now you want to try that crap in SA. Go educate yourself first on how farming works before you come and attempt to argue.
      Look at African small subsistence farming. A few mealies to last a whole year…then comes a drought. No mealies. Starvation in their millions. Commercial farming produces a surplus so you can stock it up in a granary or silo. When times of drought come people don’t starve. Read the Bible and see how the Egyptians did it 4000 years ago already.
      To say that blacks cannot farm is one thing, but here is some news for you Sparky: 95% of whites also cannot farm. Modern commercial farming is a science. It is computerized and automated of which you have no cooking clue. Farmers with all the knowledge and experience still send their children to university to study a B.Agric or B.Sc degree in farming. The modern commercial farmer is a highly skilled and qualified person and one of the most important. They feed the nation. SA has some of the best farmers in the world who get no state subsidy like in Europe and other parts of the world and still manage to produce a surplus. Yet you kaffirs kill them in droves or chase them off their land. Why? Do you want to starve like in Zim? You must have rocks for brains. 4000 farmers killed since 1994 and the ANC is doing nothing about it. It is just ordinary crime. Fuckoff. If 4000 lawyers or 4000 architects or 4000 prostitutes were murdered you would say a certain section of professionals are being targeted. Why is it different with farmers? Farming is a professional career just like any other.
      Besides, who made Julias Malema in charge of the land so he can decide what happens with it or not? Where does he get the authority from to even rinse his gob about taking farms and property? I suggest Julias go and work on a cattle farm in Natal and see what a farmer goes through to put a piece of steak on his plate. The ignunt cunt has no idea.

    14. Anonymous6:25 am

      Sello Puo, you have learned nothing from your expensive economics lessons if you believe that endemic corruption and Zupta state capture have anything in common with capitalism. You want to do away with capitalism and replace it with socialism, if not outright communism. Socialism has not worked anywhere in the world except in wealthy Scandinavian countries with a homogeneous population. Socialism is a recipe for disaster in a poor and furthermore, corruption riddled country with terrible political leadership like South Africa. Rather tackle corruption and poor leadership before you start shouting the odds against capitalism without which South Africa is totally up the shit pipe.

    15. @Mike

      I am not against agriculture and farming for it is vital for the economy and the wellbeing of people. All I am against is the ownership of land. The land should belong to the people and should be leased to those who have the skills to work it, such as those who produces food, milk and meat but the land that they use should be only acquired though lease agreement. It doesn't matter what size of hectares they need, but should be allowed to own land. Nobody should be allowed to own land, the same way it is done in Europe.

    16. @Anonymous.

      EFF does not advance communism.

    17. Sello, haven't you got a school or a varsity to go and burn? Your type is so clever you don't Need education. Yes please carry on trying to be white, intelligent and intellectual, you failing dismally but I need the laughter.

    18. @ Sello...Oh really? Funny that on their website and in their constitution (full of spelling mistakes)they say, "EFF is a radical, Left, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist Movement."

      And further

      "The EFF draws inspiration from Marxist-Leninist and Fanonian schools of thought on its analysis of the State, imperialism and class contradictions in every society."

      And further:

      "5. The EFF takes socialism as the theoretical basis guiding its thinking and development of its political line and in this respect identifies itself as a MARXIST, LENINIST, and FANONIAN organisation."

      And still further:

      "Members of the EFF are accordingly expected to:

      1. Study and apply the theoretical line of the organisation being Marxist, Leninist and Fanonian philosophical thought and tools of analysis in a living way."

      Here is the link:


    19. @Sello 8:30...You are against ownership of land by whites only. What is your definition of "the people" as in "The land should belong to the people and should be leased to those who have the skills to work it, such as those who produces food, milk and meat."

      What you are saying is this: "The people" are blacks. They should own all the land and lease it to whites who should work for the blacks as serfs or slaves.

      Now how do you expect a white farmer to invest into a farm that he does not own? It is not going to happen. Forget your silly Communist ideas.

    20. @ Sello. You say that you and your EFF tribe do not mean all whites? Well what the fuck is printed on that EFF banner that Mike has posted on the header of this particular blog session. I am sure it says " All whites will go".

      You really do think that we are as retarded as you lot. You think that you can come with you dim witted nonsensical excuses and we will buy them.

      Listen and listen well, this is one white man that you will not lull into your stupidity. Your species think that you can get away with anything , well I have taken your favourite slogan and adapted it, mine goes" An injury to one white man is and injury to the KKK and WPLA" you see we might be a minority but we are the master race, we have intelligence and we are disciplined and ordered and the above make for very interesting times ahead for you and your tribe that think we are all packing and getting ready to run.

    21. @ Sello, is Floyd on ARV? He is looking a bit bloated lately, typical side effect of ARV.

      If he is tell him that those were invented and perfected by a white man.

    22. @Mike

      Identifying yourself as Maxist-Leninist movement does not translate into you being a communist. It simply means that you subscribe to socialist philosophy. Do you think that the world can ever function without socialism of some kind. How do you think SA would have been if you needed to pay for everything. If there were no public hospitals and clinics, public schools, public universities, public wi-fi, etc, how would the poor could have survived? The rich should provide for the poor, that's what we want.

      When it comes to the land, we want the land to be owned by the people, meaning the people of South Africa as a whole as Black, White, Indians, etc. Those who want to use the land should pay the rent to the government. There are many agricultural companies who will be willing to rent that land and produce food. We do not want those who will want to hold on to the land by owning it. Where in the world do you find factories which produces the land? The land is one of the scarce resources and should never be allowed to be monopolized by the few. Never, you should pay for it on contract bases. Those times of thinking that you could own rivers and streams should be over. The land is for all of us to live on, that's why in Europe they are so strict when it comes to anyone who would want to own the land. Why are we not doing the same here in South Africa?

    23. @LTMA.

      At least, I am so fortunate to have had a special computer program which can detect if a picture was Photoshopped or not. I can even show you the same picture and write on it "ALL BLACKS WILL BE KILLED" complimented by FF+ logo but at least I am not that kind that incite violence of race like many Afrikaner websites do. When I was in England, I came across one and show it to fellow English men who laughed it like hell. It comprised a gallery of photoshopped images and claimed genocide against Afrikaners in SA. What a joke……

    24. Sello. Wake up and smell the bullshit please..

      Seems like you fell for the sweet words of that houtkop Malema without taking time to properly think about it..

      Read the next article and you'll find 1 common denominator.. That is, you blacks live by bullshitting and conning. That's the only way you people can ever cut it in the real world.

      The jokes on you mate.

    25. @ Sello who wrote "we want the land to be owned by the people, meaning the people of South Africa as a whole as Black, White, Indians, etc. Those who want to use the land should pay the rent to the government."

      Jeez, boet you are fucked in the head. How can all the people own the land and then rent it back from the government?

      Either the people own the land or the government owns the land. Make up your mind.

      Further the poster was not photoshopped. The link is provided at the bottom of the post. It was displayed at Wits. The EFF denied that they had anything to do with it however it echoed the words of Malema at the University of Pretoria.

    26. @ Sello, what the fuck were you doing in white mans land? You fuck yourself up time and time again, you have studied white mans education, visited white mans country, have a white man invention shit sakes darky! Youseem to love the white man and his gadgets, I suppose you have a white girlfriend as well.

      You are so fucking dim witted that you contradict yourself every time you respond on this blog. But I suppose your type has no pride, self respect or dignity so its ok to do the above, there is no shame in it for you.

      Your little detection computer please give me the make, model and programme that you are using so that i can verify the facts and prove you a liar again.

      You can argue till you are die but I see you love the white man and you so what to be white that you ruffle your own little black skin into an itch.

    27. @Mike

      When I refer to the people I refer to the government. The government is owned by all.

    28. @LTMA.

      My home is in Ireland. That is where my family house is.

    29. "When I refer to the people I refer to the government. The government is owned by all."

      So when do you suggest this will happen.?. If I put your puzzle together I conclude that according to you this will take place after land redistribution and once the EFF has implemented Communism.?. Your very funny Sello... You hear that Mike.? Julius is gonna share.

      "The rich should provide for the poor, that's what we want."

      You see there's one of your people's biggest downfalls. It's called 'Self Entitlement' or in Afrikaans "Jy's te vokken kak sleg en lui om dit self te doen".. Tell me quickly.. Do you realize that SA will have 18,5 million people on welfare by 2028.? Do you know that with current Gov spending we will by 2026 need R41 000 000 000 000 ( R41 trillion) for the annual budget. The Gov salary bill and social grants will make up most of that.. And you suggest Communism.?

      The bulk of you lot are dead weight, dragging the economy down.. Lazy and 'victims of history, believing the world owes you something,,, like constantly. Your self entitlement attitude and lifestyle are destoying other people's hard work.
      Your ignorance and pride has been your downfall and it's gonna destoy you blacks eventually from the inside out..

  28. Soos ek dit sien was die boere maar nog altyd vlugtelinge van konflik, selfs van Riebeeck en sy generasie het van Europa af gevlug vir hul geloof. Nie lank nadat ons voorvaders in Suid Afrika gevestig was nie het hul weer gevlug, MET GROOOT MOEITE OOR DIE BERGE GEVLUG! Dit was slegs in daai tyd toe ons in 'n hoekie gedruk was en geen kans was vir vlug nie (by Bloedrivier) wat ons iets reggekry het. Verder met die Boereoorloë was ons mense ook maar vlugtelinge weg van die stede af en toe van die plase af, WANT ons was nog altyd in die minderheid! Toe die ou kak FW die land weggegee het was dit ook om konflik te vermy (en om Rugby te kan speel), was dit nie?
    Vandag is maar nogsteeds dieselfde almal vlug nou oorsee, die wat kan tenminste. Dis jammer (glo my ek wens ek is verkeerd) maar ons mense sal nie sommer saamstaan en baklei nie want ons word nou gesin vir gesin aangeval en vermoor in ons huise en op ons plase. As iemand vermoor word hoor ons maar net van dit en nie eers in die nuus nie, dit raak ons nie persoonlik nie (dit gebeur gelukkig darm met iemand anders). As een persoon dan vir sy regte opstaan word hy vervreem deur die ANC, die MSM en selfs sy eie mense.
    Ek is jammer om te sê maar hierdie neiging om altyd te vlug is maar in ons ingedoktrineer van kleins af deur die NG mense wat die Bybel vir ons voorlees. Ons geloof sê mos vir mos om die ander wang ook te draai. Dalk as die ANC en die sotte wat oor ons regeer eendag ons kerke en geloof begin vervolg soos hul nou met die universiteite maak sal ons verantwoordelikheid vat en verplig voel om saamtestaan en te baklei.
    Ai, dalk vlug ons maar dan weer soos in van Riebeeck se tyd...

    1. GG, waarnatoe gaan jy vlug? Kaap Agulhas is die mees suidelike punt van Afrika. Na dit is dit swem sonder 'n bestemming, Boet. Onthou, Die Boere, het nie gevlug uit vrees uit nie, maar liewer opsoek na 'n bestaan sonder oorheersing en om vredesredes; om konklik te vermy. Hulle was nooit die aggressor nie. ie Britte wou die rykdom van die Boere Republieke steel. Dis so plein en simpel soos dit.

    2. TT, glo vir my eks self nie vanplan om te vlug nie! Ek is hard besig om rontes te laai :)

    3. Anonymous5:14 am

      GG, ek self het lus en pak op en gaan, en dit gaan nie swem wees nie,maar met n vliegtuig. Hier is geen toekoms vir kinders in hierdie bose plek nie! Ons is nerens meer veilig nie en as jy terugskiet gaan jy tronk toe. Die polisie en regering is groter kriminele as die gewone kriminele.

    4. Ja jong, en wat gaan gebeur is hulle gaan als van ons af wegvat een vir een stukkie grond soos hul nou met die plaasaanvalle doen. Mens sal ook net gerugte hoor: hiers n plaas gevat daai ou het sy huis verloor, die gesin is uitgemoor, daai klomp is oorsee en as ons ons oëge eendag uitvee gaan ons skielik baie eensaam voel hierso.

    5. Stephen10:55 am

      GG and anon 5:14 , relax boys , waar is julle geloof ?

      We're not vlugging anywhere , all you guys need is a little encouragement , you know Van Riebeeck also thought he was vlugging but actually came to '' ..prepare a place in the desert ....far behond the rivers of Cush...''

      The day you guys read those words it will start making sence , and youl find the encouragement you need.

  29. Anonymous12:13 am

    I agree with anonymous 1:43. We whites are all talk no action.

    whilst it would be great, the possibility of a full blown civil war in our country is highly unlikely. At best we may see minor civil unrest with blacks looting and pillaging shopping malls and of course attacking whites in near by neighborhoods and in the CBD. These would be sporadic and would not last for very long.

    The Globalists work on the concept of time in order to control the environment. Most of us white males who underwent military service and saw action in the early 1980s are either old like myself, or are pushing up daisies in cemeteries around the country.The upper echelons of power know this and so they will play a waiting game while encouraging and supporting criminal elements to kill off whites and convert our youth into liberal zombies.

    Unfortunately we do not have armed terrorist organizations like Boko Harem, ISIS etc. operating against our govt. Our forefathers in the boer war were the inventors and masters of guerilla warfare and yet we no longer seem willing to apply the same tactics in our country today. And let's be honest here guys this site is surely being monitored by various govt.security agencies. Anything that would be seen as a threat to national security would be brought down very quickly.

    What is needed guys is brain storming and ideas in order to fuck these black parasites over within the legal framework of the law. Each one of us can contribute an idea and solution to various problems that we currently are facing. If we put all of these together and can influence others within our communities, we will have a means to an end. There are many ways to hurt these parasites both in a conventional and unconventional way.Remember we created these demons and we continue to create these demons every day. We do things that support them without realizing that we are doing it. This goes beyond gardeners and maids. At the very least as whites we will be working together which is a start.

    Bitching and moaning is not going to change our circumstances,but sharing solutions and information just might.

  30. Anonymous12:55 am

    What needs to happen in this country is that all should become part of their neighbourhood watch groups and response companies. This participation can be used to establish an independent armed/trained force which can be used in time of need.

    The problem though is that in my neighbourhood watch area most whities lie asleep in bed while some patrol the streets in the dark hours. I am actually sick and tired of the lack of white unity. We have actually become a pathetic bunch and deserve to be where we are today.
    We have sat back so far and let everything be taken. I used to believe that the Afrikaaners were a people to be respected but now the truth is out and I see clearly - whities in SA are a bunch of losers (well of course we are in terms of the dictionary meaning):

    - a person who accepts defeat with good or bad grace.

    - a person who is disadvantaged by a particular situation or course of action.

    1. Eendragt Maakt Magt we use to say....what utter bollocks.
      Whites are not seen, especially us whites in South Africa, as a unitary force. To call whites a homogeneous group is an oxymoron. We are just too different. That whites are the fiercest of warrior when it come warfare is no secret, thus I guess, it pays to keep us fighting with each other. To illustrates: #Afrikaans must fall was greeted by utmost silence from the English speaking community, except of course people like ‘our Mike’. Now this Mad K4 is saying he is coming for ‘whites – inclusively...different story. Same thing with people saying the ‘Afrikaner is slapgat’ etc. Well, the difference between Boers and Afrikaners can be illustrated this way: A Coloured will readily agree with the definition that he is an Afrikaner, but will emphatically deny being a Boer. If Boers and Afrikaners are the same thing, why the differentiation in the view of other groups?
      By forcing the Boers into the Union of South Africa, the British made them co-responsible for the policy of racial segregation, which had of course been established and legislated by the British colonial government. The new "Afrikaners" - in fact a coalition of Cape Dutch, British and some Boers - tried as best they could to come to grips with the racial and geographic legacy left to them from the British colonial times - and it was from this disaster that the policy of Apartheid was developed. It is of utmost importance to note that the Boers were dragged unwillingly into the Union of South Africa - and at the first opportunity which presented itself they tried to extricate themselves by force of arms. This was the unsuccessful 1914 Boer rebellion, which ended when some Boer war era generals were killed or imprisoned by the pro-British Union of South Africa government. It is a little known fact that the manifesto which was issued by the 1914 Boer rebellion leaders contained as its primary demand the restoration of the Boer republics and the dissolution of the Union of South Africa. It is thus unfair of the international world to regard the "Boers" as having been responsible for what happened in South Africa during the second part of the 20th century - the Boers were just as much victims of the colonial powers as were any other indigenous people of Africa. Milner's words were true - by forcing the Boers into the Union of South Africa, he was forcing them to be subjugated by the broad South African British colony, and this has led directly to the situation the Boers find themselves in today.
      The Boers have not disappeared - the British Empire and their unitary state merely tried to define them out of existence - in vain. The existence of the Boer nation has nothing to do with racism or apartheid - the Boers existed long before Apartheid, and continue to exist after Apartheid, for that matter. The Boers are a well established indigenous grouping who fought the first anti-colonial liberation wars in Africa. If the Boers were, as the world might like to view them, just "white racists" then they would never have come into conflict with the White colonialists! The subjugation of the Boers does not however negate the fact that they are a people all by themselves - they have their own unique history, their own traditions, own festival days, political dispensation, political philosophy, they had their own territory (state),own symbols, own flags, anthems and so on - all developed in Africa...and fight they will. I know, cause I’m one of ‘them’.

    2. Anonymous3:42 am


      Well said Oak.

    3. Anonymous4:34 am

      oh white oak go grovel somewhere else. Are you now superior to other whites. Just causing division again. You boers can't make your mind what you want to be. And no, you had nothing to do with apartheid did you. You better run and tell malema then.
      Terblanche was one of your 'boers' was he not - actually your boer leader?

      Whites must have a common goal here is SA so stop trying to be the tall self-righteous poppy.

    4. Cheers, White Oak, fight them we will, Brother, I am also "one of them", despite my polyglot heritage, and proud to be.

    5. Anonymous5:10 am

      If you have religious nutcase neighbours who leave their gates open because they rely on Jesus to protect them, it is difficult to imagine oneself doing anything communally. Far, far too much religion in this country which actually ends up isolating people. We have our own security up to the max. I would be quite willing to join a community watch if only people would shut the fuck up about their Jesus and their sodding Bible.

    6. Anonymous5:23 am

      Look at what the below 70 IQ dumb fucks are doing in Namibia.

      Namibia violates United Nations sanctions against North Korea

      The Namibian army has been exposed for violating United Nations sanctions against North Korea since 2006, severely denting Namibia’s international reputation as an exemplary African government.

      President Hage Geingob, in his State of the Nation Address to Parliament last week, defended Namibia’s ties with North Korea, saying their soldiers fought alongside Swapo during the liberation struggle years.

      Geingob’s deputy and Minister of International Co-operation Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah found herself in a diplomatic minefield two weeks ago after she confirmed a wide-ranging military co-operation programme with North Korea – but she repeatedly claimed this co-operation had been a thing of the past since 2005.

      This turned out to be somewhat short of the full truth, as the United Nations’ Panel of Experts on North Korea noted in their February 22 report on international compliance with sanctions against Pyongyang.

      Read the rest here: http://mg.co.za/article/2016-04-14-namibia-busts-n-korean-sanctions/

  31. I just heard on the news that Zuma's spoken has criticised ABSA & FNB for their handling of the Gupta issue. He says that the banks' decisions were not based on sound economic considerations, but rather because of sensationalism and it shows who still holds the power.
    Fuck me, when will someone shove a sock in these idiots mouths???
    They are quite right about who holds the real power though. They fucked with Big Boys, as Mike mentioned, and Johan Rupert came and put the Kaffertjies in their place.

  32. Again ouens on this stolen land BS. The marxist revolutionary kaffirs must produce the name of the velcrocapitus who signed Oom Jans entry permit on 06.04.1652 or shut the fuck up about stolen land

    1. Anonymous4:55 am

      Willem Wikkelspies

      Ja wragtag, ek stem!!

  33. Anonymous2:11 am


    I did a little personal study on the racial make-up and an eventual race war in SA.

    Mike maybe you can write a thesis on this topic.

    It could be a bit off as i am not an expert at it but will give a guideline on more or less what can be expected. Just some extractions to consider below.

    We have about 19.5 million blacks(SA Africans) in the fighting range age 15 to 45. The rest are either to young or to old to make a significant contribution in a full blown war effort.

    We can half that number to 9.7m to be left with only males of which 22% in this age range are sitting with HIV. In a war situation with lack of proper medical and nutritional assistance their numbers can drop to below 8 million in the fighting range.

    Then you can take out those that are sick and disabled and just simply pathetic and useless and not trained. You can also take out those that do not wish to be involved in a war and the numbers will shrink even more.

    Throw in some spanners like blacks turning on blacks and coloreds, foreigners and Indians also playing some part then we are looking actually pretty good.

    My point is that if we can unite as an Afrikaner nation and bring the fight to them we wont just simply survive we will dominate and thrive in the war but we will have to use all resources available.

    Maybe this is why Malema is calling on blacks to make more babies.

    Now i know they are sitting with state resources but it wont be difficult for a group of ex SADF members or a bunch of recces to take over a military base or two or even a gun shop and weapon distributor facility.

    Dont always look up at this big number of 50 million against 4 million. It wont play out like that.

    Just stay alert, prepare, unite and join groups.

    1. Anonymous4:38 am

      the problem is not the number of blacks, the problem is the number of willing and able whites.....a few hundred maybe if lucky.

    2. Look at the stats on white population, remember to factor in the liberals that like blacks more than whites, the JW that believe fighting is wrong and will rather run away and come back when he doesn't have to worry about anything and also the white HIV infection rate because I see there is a lot of young whites that like dirty diesel tanks and diesel pipes.

      Just be interested in seeing what the figure looks like.

      Remember to that there are lots of clandestine orgs that do support white rule and like people do with IS and BOKO and the old Taly boys these people will send not huge numbers but numbers to join in. There is also the option of mercs a few bucks buys good killing machines when the need arises.

    3. I know there are plenty of white liberals.

      My point is that if we can unite as an Afrikaner nation and bring the fight to them we wont just simply survive we will dominate and thrive in the war but we will have to use "ALL RESOURCES" available.(including man resources)

      The Suidlanders are apparently 800 thousand strong.

      Loads of people get put off by the 50m black number but my moto is to rather be on the side of a 100 whites than on the side of a thousand blacks in a confrontation.

    4. Anonymous7:37 pm

      Are The Suidlanders actually out there & how does a person join them? I know many whites, English & Afrikaans who have had enough of this shit & we are willing to fight back. How do we contact The Suidlanders?

    5. Check suidlanders website, google.

    6. Anonymous6:38 am


      If we will do the following, we will never EVER lose.

      1. Go back to our roots, our Christian heritage.
      2. Unite.
      3. Pray for the land to come back to us.

      If we will do all 3, I can promise you the land, the country everything will come back to us FAST.

      The best thing is if we unite and pray, this alone will result in the enemy being delivered into our hands.

      The Lord said, 100 of you will make 1,000s of your enemies turn and run.

      Blacks cant even grow 1 potato or even corn, they cant organise a school or anything.

      Let them try their shit. I know oupas who are in their 70s which will out shoot, beat them any day of the week on the field.

      Let one bomb or noise go off around them and its like firing at baboons in a tree, they shit, scream and then scatter.

      I have no doubt that we will win, I have no doubt that it will come back to us, what concerns me is when it comes time to slay the enemy, to totally destroy the parasite, to feel no mercy like the bible says/show no pitty or remorse, then those white liberal assholes will want to stop us.

      Solution - send them to the firing line.

      I want a South Africa with no parasites in it NONE, perhaps in some undergound museum or in caves to entertain tourists but other than that, I dont want to see a parasite first here in South Africa and then eventually from South Africa to the equator.

      Im 100% dead serious! Thinking there can be peace while this thing lives among us is wishful thinking. It has to go, the bible specifically mentions driving out these people aka canaanites - you are looking at them here in this country, these ARE those peoples children.

      Complete complete cleansing, I hope many of you will stand by me and support this in the future. I hope so, it will be for your future generations or you can just keep on doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

      We call that insanity and no thats not a workout.

      Im talking about living this new South Africa forever and ever - Nope, either that way or a cleansing....Or they will cleanse us which they have now repeated over and over on walls, T-shirts, songs, rallies, gatherings - they have told their people what is going to happen to us.

      We are at war and yet whites blinded by the rainbow nation.

      With the Lord by our side, we can cleanse this place! They mock our God all the time, they love to ask whites on farms "wheres your God now" before torturing them....

      When we as a nation can unite and agree upon this and begin making plans on how to do this, then we can move forward, until then enjoy BEE/AA rubgy, that is if you can afford a TV license thanks to no job, thanks to this lovely rainbow nation.

  34. Anonymous2:16 am

    White privilege again - a superior brain


  35. Anonymous4:54 am

    Ja, honestly, this kaffer needs to fuck off, fast, or else he is going to run!

  36. Anonymous5:29 am

    Perhaps it is time to rather tackle the real culprits sitting in London that are financing and inciting this turd!

  37. Anonymous5:31 am

    The day his London Masters have been gotten rid of is the day this crazy fatboy will run.

  38. Anybody for Russia?
    Too cold for me, thanks!

  39. Anonymous7:09 am


    It seems the time is fast approaching.

    1. Anonymous11:18 am

      its called making CT ungovernable...

  40. Anonymous7:38 am

    Hey Mike ,check this out http://www.fin24.com/Economy/sa-imports-us-white-maize-for-first-time-since-2004-20160419

    This Malema is not part of the solution , he is just repeating what the anc started off with , with no positive results but chaos. Hell knows , how the dummies could even listen to him let alone follow him, is beyond me.

  41. Anonymous12:09 pm

    99 percent of white boers and about 80 percent of english are so obsessed with rugby that they will keep going as long as the rugby is on. Its 1. on their list, then God then beer then women then their country.

    What is needed is a mass unification before each game - we all stand together and sing only the old anthem. Or we remain silent. Whatever it is we must do it together.

    Its pathetic that people value watching some grown men play with balls and touch each other in the scrum over their country. Maybe they don't deserve it, and they deserve to lose and be slaves to the future black leaders.

    1. Anonymous6:17 am



      Its coming.

      Really, when I say this I mean it 110%

      All these parasites must go, we need a total cleansing in this country like never before, we start here and we end at the equator.

      It is time for us to unite.

    2. Stephen9:39 am

      Anon 12:09 , ..'deserve to lose and be slaves to black leader'..? Excuse me mister get back into your self-pitty box.

      And what's this about rugby being afrikaners god ?
      Bollocks man ! ..I know rugby players that are truley men of God .and I'll tell you this much - they got a whole lot more backbone than what you portray .

    3. Anonymous11:29 pm

      @ Stephen

      Which god is this, Stephen?

    4. Stephen4:18 am

      Hi anon
      wow I see your arogance and pride - God resists the proud , and that's why you don't know Him.

      You ask ..' which god' ? ...there is only one , the same one that allows you to live , but carry on mocking Him if you want , I'm over people like you agnostic blaspheming
      ,instead of offended , I feel sorry for you

      You'll know what I mean a couple of seconds after you die....the same time the muslims realize there's no virgins for them and flappies realize their anc member card is useless , at that same time you'll realize the folly of your words.
      think your up againt me? Wrong,I'm small-fry.but as small as I am , I feel a whole lot bigger than you.
      Funny , must be because I know only one God.

  42. Anonymous12:31 am

    Is that so??? Come try it Jub-Jub. Please come try it. Some of of us are waiting.......

  43. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK5gxux1FE0

  44. Anonymous10:50 am

    Probably not a good place to ask this,but how does one contact Mike personally?

    1. Mike remains incognito for his own safety. Would be nice to have an email though. But suppose he would be inundated with mails. He is a busy guy and even finding the time for this blog is appreciated and a blessing :-)

    2. uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

  45. Anonymous11:27 am

    @boere ninja that sounds like the only solution,but what are the chances that we will succeed?anyways i'm in when the day comes

  46. This group should also have a PRIVATE FB page. Get on only by proven members recommendations. OTHER things can then be discussed. A thought.

  47. http://www.biznews.com/leadership/2016/04/21/azar-jammine-why-malemas-more-black-babies-call-is-absolutely-appalling/ you looking at the future its just not widely dispersed yet before it becomes nag

  48. Anonymous12:55 pm

    And if we indeed start driving the fuckers back to where they came from,would Britain,the U.S etc not come to the poor noble savages' rescue?

  49. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Yes, all whites should go...and kick Malema's black ass.

  50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK5gxux1FE0

  51. I just wish I could tell this fucker, that a great WHITE man once said, "Id you want something, it does not make it your right"...those words were spoken by the true freedom fighter, and his name is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. And just like him and his brotherhood being only a few against many, we too will win this kaffir's war that he so desperately wants. My brothers and sisters, we have something they do not, we have an actual IQ, it's not about numbers, it's about how you win the war. Look how we made the Brits run with their tails between their legs! And the Brits have a much better IQ than these moegoes. The barbairians were also huges numbers, yet King Arthur, with only his few men, defended his realm and drove them off... I have read all the comments here, it is time to mobilize, form a resistance and start teaching our youth how to fight, away from prying eyes.

    Just remember, they are making one very big and fatal mistake...they are underestimating their enemy badly and that I can tell you now, will be their downfall

  52. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa9PoZ8pGNk

  53. Malema, word asb wakker, jou voorvaders was nog nie eens hier toe die 1ste witman sy voet aan wal gesit het nie, hulle was nog daar iewers in sentraal afrika, daar was wel die boesman en hotentotte, jy van alle mense, kan nie reg le op enige eiendom of grond soos wat jy jou mense opsweep om "terug te vat" nie. Jy lei an parkesons want jy het nie n clue van waar jy is of vandaan kom, so hou jou groot bek toe, en gaan verbeter jou skool simbole, want al wat jy kan onthou is die volgende simbole op jou skool rapport: EFF!

  54. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Head_of_the_United_Nations_call_for_the_self_determination_of_white_South_Africans/?preview=live