05 April 2016

Lying Zuma

By Mike Smith
5th of April 2016

Look at this lying sack of shit, Jacob Zuma. Zuma said in parliament, and I quote: ”Firstly, there is no money that I am going to be paying back”

Here is the video:

Then after the Constitutional Court wacked his peepee, he came out saying: 'I never said no to pay back the money'

Zuma has said in a televised address to the nation that he was always willing to pay back money used for non-security related upgrades

See?? Whenever this twit opens his mouth it is all that comes out… Lies, lies, bullshit and more lies. How can any right thinking person take this moron seriously is beyond me. Yet that is exactly what the ANC did. It is all forgiven. His insincere apology hardly cold, or they all cheer for him and back him again.

Even arch liar Mbeki said: Stop lies and propaganda becoming part of national discourse

Now Mbeki is a lying thieving bastard himself, but not nearly as bad as Msholozi Showerhead. Zuma is the Numzaan, the ultimate champion


  1. Anonymous6:21 am


    Brilliant video!!

  2. Detroit Refugee10:49 pm

    Kwame K's uncle.