22 April 2016

Losing patience with the status quo leads to war

By Mike Smith

22nd of April 2016

Is it hate whitey week or what? I see the ANC now wants to move the parliament to the iconic Boer War and SADF soldier memorial Fort Klapperkop

Parliament could be held at Boer War fort

Of course it is all in the name of “transformation” and “building a united, inclusive nation”.

I don’t mind if they move parliament. The sooner they get out and stay out of Cape Town the better. The Western Cape should be independent anyway, but “Fort Klapperkop”???

That is a clear Kaffir provocation of the Boers. Why don’t they just come out and declare war on the Boers? It is what they want to do anyway. Since 1994 they have been dreaming of that day that they would come for the Boers. Typical cowards first want to disarm the Boers and demoralize them through relentless terrorist attacks on farms. All part of the softening up process, like a boxer softening his opponent up with body blows, before delivering the knockout to the head.

Now I see that “Kiddie Amin” told Al-Jazeera that the EFF is going to run out of patience with the ANC very soon if the ANC keeps on sending soldiers to intimidate them at their demonstrations.

‘We will run out of patience very soon and we will remove this government through the barrel of a gun‚’ Malema tells Al Jazeera

Personally I wish he would. It is long overdue.

Malema and his EFF are actually not so much concerned about the ANC. Their real enemies are the whites. The ANC is just in the way. The EFF wants in on the action. They ANC have fleeced the whites to the brink of death. There is hardly anything left for the EFF. They are getting impatient and want to take from the whites what is left over.

Said, Malema…“We are not waged in a war against Zuma and the ANC. We are waging a war against white monopoly capital. Zuma is not our enemy. The ANC is not our enemy. They are standing in our way to crushing white monopoly capital‚ which has stolen our land‚ which controls the wealth of our country. As we are in the process of crushing the white monopoly capital‚ there will be some of those irritations that we have to deal with. Zuma represents such an irritation; the ANC represents such an irritation."

Come Malema. Please, please run out of patience. Show us what you’ve got. Do us a favour and get rid of the ANC. Clear the way. Then you can come for us, because we are also out of patience. That day we will see who of us more out of patience than the other is.

And please come with comfortable running shoes. You will need it, because it is a long way to the equator.


  1. Free Oom Leon! Or lock up this seditionist! Oh well, had to say it. Now back to the braai, watching the black world implode...

  2. Oh, please, roll on the day, the hour. I'm getting old and running out, not of patience, but time! I pray for one last bang-them-up, fuck-them-up and shut-them-up, forever, this time.
    Europe has started the "Sons of Odin" vigilante groups to deal with the ragheads. I think we must start "Seuns van die Bokkoppe" to deal with the houtkoppe?

    1. Anonymous10:50 am

      YOu will spend and eternity in hell with them side by side if you are not saved.

    2. Anonymous5:11 am

      And roll over and let them kill us without fighting back? You must be one of those Christians who wants to hold hands with the heathens, exactly the reason why we are sitting where we are sitting. Stay out of the way before you get trampled...

    3. Anonymous11:40 am

      Eventually you will die of old age. They will be waiting for you on the other side.

    4. The gods of the afterlife allow nothing black, stinking and stupid through the portal.

  3. Anonymous3:57 am

    Dear Father in heaven, thank You for the white privalage we received from You and only You, for their is no knowladge that does not come from You dear Lord. Dear Lord, please send judgement on to the nations that so demand a right to enducation to the knowladge that thee gave to us whites as eternal heratage. Amen.

    1. Anonymous6:29 am



      And may I inject here

      And Lord please turn their hearts, turn them from their evil ways for the spirits which afflict and oppress use them against the children of Israel.

      Forgive them Lord, show them mercy! This time Lord, we shall follow your commandments as you told us to do in Deuteronomy

      Forgive this nation for their transgressions, we turned our backs on you & followed worldly gods, worldly things. May you remember your covenant with our nation at blood river & may you remember your covenant with Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

      Turn their hearts & forgive them for their time is near.

      Send your holy ones to guide us, protect us & be with us when we drive out the enemy like the children of Israel did in the land you gave them.

      & then we shall follow the Lords commandments regarding Israel and how they should settle a land with heathens in it.

      And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:

  4. Let all these fuckers come, ANC,EFF, SACP and the rest of the wog trots,

    Come you fucking cowardly isignficants, come do your best.

    Remember my clan and I when we bleed together our bond is unbreakable.

    Cedere nescio.

  5. I still maintain Malema will be the first to run when the actual shooting starts.

    Nevertheless, I have some good news worth sharing. I picked up another one of my firearm licences today. The more the merrier I always think.

    But get the story behind it. I handed in the papers last year September. That's right last year! It was approved on December 22 and now it is the end of April.

    They misplaced the licence card and I had to apply for a reprint, then they reprinted my first self defence firearm licence???

    I mean WTF!! Then had to get another reprint which was again misplaced and had to hand in another request for reprint.

    Keep perservering no matter how many you are getting, every gun counts and the type!

    At least if you go down you go down fighting not begging for mercy.

    PS: the long way is a waste of time. If you have backdoor access to CFR and can make a plan, do that unless you are hardcore and have a 'stash' under the garden shed or whatnot.

    1. The time will come when those weapons will all come in handy from the Cape to the equator. Like David Ben Gurion (Israel's first prime minister) said, “every attack has to end with occupation, destruction and expulsion.”

      We can learn a lot from the Israelis.

    2. Anonymous7:12 am

      What happens when there is the knock on the door at midnight ?
      They now know exactly where you live and how many firearms you have.
      What happens when the gung-ho idiots are killed and their firearms taken from them?

      How many innocents are killed with firearms stolen from careless WHITES ?
      ( who let the maid know where the safe is and what is inside it ! )
      Rather give me home made grenade launchers mortars and explosives.
      Take a few even on your way out.

    3. Anonymous8:05 am


      You go JP.

      If we only had more guys like you.

      We need to unite, re-group, train, arm, prepare, go back to our roots.

    4. Anonymous9:58 am

      Agreed wise words those are

      Hurr Durr

    5. Anonymous10:30 am

      Take it from me, you are naive and stupid if you broadcast your "licences". Nothing good comes from it.

      Besides, our gun control law basically means we get to rent the right to keep and bear arms from the government.

    6. Anonymous12:11 pm

      Indeed we can learn from the "Isràelies: "By way of deception thou shalt make war" and by deception thou shalt deal with the goyim! Ja Mike, DECEPTION!
      It tells me a lot about you!

    7. Anonymous2:04 pm

      Congrats start reloading if you got time,

    8. Anonymous3:17 pm

      Mike, unfortunately the Israelis now find themselves in the same dilemma as we ended up in, and will probably end up in again. The world now condemns Israels treatment of Palestinians and feels sorry for Palestinians, even though they dont realise the palestinian is not to dissimilar from the kaffir. I've seen it when I went to Israel. Palestinian neighborhoods, ugly looking, unkept buildings, litter in the streets, everytime I walked into one of their neighborhoods I just turned and went straight back to the jewish areas, as they were nice, clean, cafes, street musicians etc. Israelis built up and created, Palestinians did sweet f'all with the land. Now the world feels sorry for them. Very similar to our story in SA, this is something the "blame the jew" crowd doesn't really get.

    9. @ Anonymous 3:17 PM. Exactly. That was my experience as well. Forget these "blame the jew" idiots like 12:11PM above.

      @ 12:11 PM. Yes and it tells me a lot about you too. You are a Hamas terrorist supporter. What is your problem with "Deception" when you are using an Anon?

      You know what? I love to take you ignorant Nutzi idiots apart.

      A commonly circulated internet myth incorrectly attributes the motto; "By way of deception, thou shalt do war", to the Mossad.

      It comes from the book by Victor Ostrovsky "By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer."

      I have a copy of the book. Trust me and believe me, you can take that rubbish with a pinch of salt.

      The original motto of Mossad comes from Proverbs 24:6. Mossad's original motto was be-tahbūlōt ta`aseh lekhā milkhamāh (Hebrew: בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה, "For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war."

      This was changed about ten years ago when Mossad decided to have a more open and public image to another phrase from Proverbs...Proverbs 11:14 "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety."

      be-'éyn tahbūlōt yīpōl `ām; ū-teshū`āh be-rōv yo'éts (Hebrew: באין תחבולות יפול עם, ותשועה ברוב יועץ, )

    10. @anon 12:11PM, are you still drinking tit milk from your mommy? I think you must be. Everyday you are deceived, deception is modern living.

      That car you drive, did you not buy it on deception, somebody told you that it is so fast, so safe and so cool. Deceived China.

      Those clothes you wear somebody's deception told you how good you will look in them.

      The food you eat somebody is deceiving you into believing that its not filled with chemicals and growth hormone.

      Fuck! Wake up. This fucking retard government is deceiving you hourly, so what's your problem with deception. If my enemy wants to use it I will use it better than he does.

      My aim is victory and victory is the only aim that has kept Israel where is has been since 48 because people like you would have sold out a proud nation long ago because you have not the backbone or nature for war or victory.

      These same retards that are fucking this country over are the ones shouting loudest for the downfall of Israel.

    11. Anonymous4:45 am

      I'm also sick of the Jew bashing.

      Who at Sasfin told the Guptas to take their money and bugger off? David Shapiro. Who has gone to the SA Reserve Bank to try to get the idiots there to cool it with the interest rate hikes that are crippling the economy? Stephen Koseff and Brian Kantor from Investec.

      We can be glad we still have Jews left. And what do you Jew haters do? You run to your "prosperity" churches and throw 10% of your money at bullshit preachers. And then you come and tell us we are all going to hell when you are there already. Misery loves company.

    12. Anonymous11:25 pm

      Proverbs 24:6 - War is carried on with generalship,and aid is supplied to the heart of a counsellor. Septuagint LXX.
      Proverbs 11:14 - They that have no guidance fall like leaves: but in in much counsel there is safety. Septuagint LXX.
      The Septuagint is the oldest and the most original of the Scriptures. Hebrew was a bastardized language between Aramaic and Phoenician. Hebrew did not have a alphabet before 124BC. The Masoretic text was only set up in about 900 - 1000AD. The Septuagint dates back to 285 BC when the translation was done from probably Phoenician to Greek by the 70 Israelites in Alexandria by orders of Alexander the Great.

  6. Anonymous5:41 am

    They will be fiighting each other over the goose that lays the golden egg. It is scary but funny at the same time to show just how greedy they are, destroy each other, maybe it is a good thing after all.

  7. Anonymous6:10 am

    And now for Zuma's tax surpise. Like Al Capone, if you can't bring them down use a taxation route - same as Mal-emmer.:


  8. qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum

    1. @Willempie: for without war and blood to wash this land there will never be peace. Let blood cleanse the hatred for there can only be one victor in this land. Slaves are not born masters and masters are not born slaves.

      Let us set the order right for humanity and perceived rights have unsettled the order of creation.

    2. Anonymous11:39 am

      Death is of service to satan. Life is of service to Jesus.

      Lucifer loves death.
      Christ gives life.

    3. @anon 11:39Am. What life are we having at the moment, please fucking tell me. My country men are being murdered daily. We are being taxed to death here, food is so expensive that it is unaffordable and prices still climb. Fuel is beyond a joke and then there is still all the other bullshit that we have to pay for.

      The life that we are living presently is a life fuelled by Satan, if you cannot see that fact, you have then been blinded by your religion and no longer can rationalize between your faith and your mania. Even the nation of gods chosen, god who is the scriputured father of Christ, fights for its right to retain its sovereignty.

      So if you are not wanting to fight for your right to inhabit the piece of earth that your god allowed you to settle on then you do your faith injustice, for the beast that rules this land calls upon your religion in mockery and circumstances of self need to lull your sense. You are dealing with the anti Christ.

  9. Anonymous6:21 am


    Yes its coming to it. Lets connect the dots.

    They did a consensus a few years back on the SADF soldiers, there was that release about them coming forward to collect money.

    Not long afterwards we had blacks training in different areas, then we had the formation of the EFF.

    They know that the former SADF soldiers are approaching their "elders years" and wont be able to fight back - so they think.

    See how coward, conniving the ANC are - never think the EFF/ANC are two separate parties, separate heads on the same body with the same cravings for the white man to be crushed.

    The ANC are letting the youth get their revenge while they sit back. The world cannot accuse the ANC of a massacre & genocide. We were so dof.

    The ANC know the world doesnt understand our complex country, with its complex nations inside its borders. They just see black & white - the ANC`s hands will be clean in this regard.

    They will attack each other though.

    Mike I really think you/we/the readers more than ever need to be doing more on uniting this nation and getting us to work together. If we dont, we are in deep shit.

    Our backs are against the wall, no weapons, no leaders - this is not a bad thing! We need a new generation of whites to step forward.

    The white man has been too soft, we have to go back to our roots.

    We must go back to our roots, our good book, unite our nation, pray as one nation once again and then follow the commandments regardless of what age or century we live in, there can be no peace with this parasite around.

    We must NOT make an agreement with any black tribe here, not even with the Zulus.

    Utterly destroy - Deuteronomy 7:2

    And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them:

    But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee:

  10. I want to note some facts here, in the previous session Mr Smart retard, claimed we stole the land from the weak, I never responded on that because I wanted the dick to open his dim witted brain through his finger so I could point out his lack of intelligence.

    The fact is that the species we discuss here are weak, they know it and are trying to hide behind bravado and numbers. They think that by changing town and city names and renaming roads that they are intimidating us, the white population of this beautiful country that our fore fathers built and that we defended. They are trying their utmost best to impress upon us that they are our equivalent or that they are superior to us.

    These retards knowx that they could never match us in any endeavour and they know they possess not the discipline, order or will to maintain a standard, so they will take what ever we have and use it break it and destroy it, then they will blame apartheid and racism and white financial monopoly to excuse their behaviour.

    They want to bring us to a point where we retaliate and they are getting close to achieving their goal, we must I ask, not demand get these retards to take a shot at us first, they must deliver the first blow.

    I have been thinking how we can unite all the farmers and get cohesive front organised so that we can mobilize against these farm murders and attacks. No body ever claims responsibility for the farm attacks but you people and I know that this is the work of certain political parties aimed at intimidating the whites.

    We have agri what the fuck that does nothing they talk and talk they most probably have the finances but have never actually take the ruling party to court concerning farm murders, it can be done because the ruling party is charged with the safety of its citizens. Farm murders are wrongful deaths and there have been so many wrongful deaths here but nobody has been held responsible.

    I am not a lawyer, advocate or even a learned man, I would not know how to begin this but I do know that it can be done, when the government fails to protect its citizens then its citizens have the right to use their own means to protect themselves, these facts have never been tested in court and it looks like nobody is prepared to try test them.

    The fact remains that Mikes header is the truest fact that you people will read today, because when the pen is no longer mightier than the sword, the time comes to draw the sword.

    Please chaps pull me apart here, do not hold back or give me advice because I aim to get something going here that will stop the slaughter of good honest people by retarded thugs. Cedere nescio.

    1. Anonymous7:54 am


      Lets refer to them as parasites.

      They cant live without a host.

      You can see it in Zimbabwe today, no whitee to suck, bleed dry = no parasite.

      Im happy with the drought, whitee always makes a plan.

      All we need is some water born disease, bacteria which cannot be treated with antibiotics, Zikka or some other shit.

      In fact the drought alone is going to make them war against us and each other.

  11. Anonymous6:41 am


    Its just a little too coincidental that the new parliament is being moved there and the EFF came back from the UK in December.

    Seems like the perfect setup.

    ANC are moving it there to provoke but using the EFF to do the provoking. This is the British influence if you ask me Siener mentioned.

    EFF----- See how they use the constitution when they want to.
    The other day I included a link where Malema said the constitution was nothing, it was a white thing, a European/colonial thing - this was said at the rally in Soweto.

    Now he changes his tune - these kaffirs are sly, sly bastards, they pray on the ignorance of the west.

    Now the kaffir dog tells this guy the following.

    “This regime must respond peacefully to our demands, must respond constitutionally (not the constitution is OK to go back to when it suits them) to our demands. And if they are going to respond violently - like they did in the township of Alexandra, just outside Johannesburg, when people said these results do not reflect the outcome of our votes, they sent the army to go and intimidate our people - we are not going to stand back. Zuma is not going to use the army to intimidate us. We are not scared of the army. We are not scared to fight. We will fight."
    These things make up the rules, the pick and choose. They want to slag us that is the main thing.

    OH please bring in phase 4, I really hope by now there will be enough of us to usher in phase 4. Its the only way, fumigate from the cape to the equator.

  12. Anonymous8:03 am



    We need to sign this, we need to get rid of this lot.

    Its important for whites now to make a noise, to show that we will no longer simply keep quiet in this country.

    This is not to cause shit but to show them, that we are not simply going to be pushed around.

    They use the constitution like they want, we can then use the same document and if it does not work, then their AA/BEE policies, name changes can be overturned since there is no constitution and they dont follow it.

    We need more whites to say "stuff this new South AFrica"

    Sign it, whether anything comes from it, I dont know BUT according to Siener, when this new black consciousness movement comes up, there is going to be a new referendum.

    Watch now with them moving parliament to where it is going to be, watch it be destroyed, statues removed & then the referendum will come when Zuma wont step down, election violence, EFF anti white racist speech - our freedom is closer than many will believe.

  13. Anonymous8:24 am

    I don't know why they don't move parliament to Nkandla. KZN will be the only province where the ANC will still be in power. Zuma can use the rental income to pay off his arrear taxes and the raft of other Nkandla money he has to pay back.

  14. Anonymous9:42 am

    I bought 2 litres of milk yesterday, paid R28.00 from R22.00 a day before. The point is the big bolts are being torqued heavily, looks like they may shear off soonish.

    1. Went to Pc/pay yesterday in Utenhage R96 a braai chicken. Did not buy it or anything else because i could not except the prices. I had more than enough money but it feels like someone is trying to take you for a doos.

      Wont be long now before tha famin sets in and the munts go hungry.

    2. Anonymous4:34 am

      Yes it's horrible what everything costs. But try and get an income from an offshore investment if you are retired and need a fixed income, and see how far that gets you. Then you are still better off putting half your money in local investments that pay high interest and dividends and put the other half offshore in shares as a rand hedge and because the stock market in SA is kind of stuffed. Just saying.

    3. Anonymous5:19 am

      These prices are out of control.

    4. Got my own business as well as growing vegies nd keeping live stock. Also investing smart. Check amtv. I will be okay but the price increases just show what is coming to the land of milk and honey.

    5. Anonymous12:03 am

      Prices are terrible right now because of the drought. It will not last - unless we have another drought.

    6. Anonymous2:04 am

      Let's hope that Whitey Basson is right but the rand/$ has jumped up to R14.48 this morning and a lot of our maize is being imported. At Spar chicken is being sold at R50 a kilo, bones and all. Got a tiny chicken for R65 which still had to be roasted in the oven.

      Buy your bread at Shoprite.

      Shoprite warns food price doomsayers

      Cape Town - Shoprite CEO Whitey Basson on Monday cautioned against those pushing unnecessary price increases “fuelled by the frenzy emanating from recent reports about spiralling costs”.

      Shoprite Group cautioned against “food price doomsayers” in a statement, saying Shoprite will “act strongly in the interest of consumers and not tolerate food price increases which are not based on fundamentals”.

      This warning comes after Minister of Agriculture, Senzeni Zokwana last week warned businesses suspected of profiteering from a drought by raising the prices of staples such as bread would face the wrath of competition authorities, Reuters reported.

      "What we are witnessing is a pattern of profiteering in the basic food manufacturing sector that is now causing untold suffering to our most vulnerable citizens," said the Consumer Action Network and the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign.

      In reaction, Shoprite said on Monday that it will lock the price of brown bread across the country at R4.99 - less than it cost a year ago.

      Food costs have gone up by 9.8% year-on-year (y/y), Statistics South Africa revealed last week, with vegetables (18.7%), fruit (18.7%), oils and fats (18.1%), bread and cereals (13.3%) and sugar and desserts (11.7%) increasing the most.

      Overall, Consumer Price Inflation decelerated from 7% (y/y) in February to 6.3% in March.

      “While the drought and weak rand have undoubtedly pushed up food inflation, there are signs that upward pressure on food prices could be starting to ease,” Shoprite said.


  15. Anonymous10:20 am


    Mike/Readers not sure if you got this one.

    This PROVES blacks are settlers from the governments own mouth - take a screen shot of this and keep it for reference before they change it.

    People are also encouraged to learn about and respect different spiritual practices. This is part of democracy. The major faiths practiced in South Africa are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, traditional African religions and Judaism.

    European and other foreign settlers brought most of these religions.

    Traditional African religion is very popular and arrived here with our North and West African ancestors. It is often combined with elements of Christianity and Islam. The most important thing is that in the new South Africa religion and spirituality are used to create greater understanding and harmony rather than to divide people as was done in the past.

    Traditional African Religion What is traditional African religion?

    Most of the "traditional" groups of people living in South Africa arrived here from West and Central Africa about 1 500 years ago
    Europeans are settlers -
    Indians/Arabs/Malays just foreign settlers - why couldnt they just say settlers from Europe & Asia/Middle east? They had to stop and say European SETTLERS and then other foreign settlers.

    Bantus have been here for 1,500 which is bullshit.

    The Portuguese have records that this place was empty and the only people here who traded with them on the borders of Mozambique were the Zulus.

    They arrived here in different parts of the country at more or less the same time.

  16. Anonymous11:57 am

    I am so sick & tired of kaffir bastards.

    Personally I couldnt give a fuck what that kaffir Malema has to say.
    He is being funded by London.

    The ANC signed a negotiated settlement with de Klerk & Oppenheimer so any kaffirs that want to take my belongings better be armed & ready to fight.

  17. Anonymous1:25 pm


    Snaaks genoeg, alhoewel ek wel Pray, Arm and Unite, voel ek huidiglik heel positief en rustig vir my volk vir die toekoms. Hierdie houtkoppe is net daagliks meer en meer besig om in 'n sirkus te ontaard met als wat hulle doen en kwytraak. Ek glo wat die siener voorspel het; hulle gaan mekaar nog lekker en verder en al hoe meer uitroei, hulle gaan nié beheer kry oor ons rykdomme nie, net so soos Anon 5:41 AM sê, en ek wág vir die groot besem om te kom vee, want ek gewaar al hoe meer die simptome onder die volk... (houtvolk).

    1. Anonymous5:20 am

      Hierdie swartes is actually besig om te de-evolve.

    2. Anonymous12:24 pm


      @ Anon 5:20 AM

      Haha! Ek glo jy slaan die spyker op die kop!

  18. The question should be. How will Malema take the country through the barrel of a gun if the ANC owns all the firepower by government resources?

    Unless the EFF already made provision for arms.

    The white people in this country must wake up.

    How many busses have been intercepted with weapons and even bombs. This is happening right under our noses while we are obsessing about pitty things like which mall to go too or whats on the menu at McDonalds.

    1. Anonymous11:19 am

      McDonalds? FUCK... You bliksems still eat that kak GMO cardboard food?


  19. Read yesterday. 15 masked and ak47 armed farm attackers kiĺl 2 farmers near Vrede. Motive is unknown nothing stolen.

    This should not be reported as farm attacks. It is not. This is a small terrorist guarilla group carrying out an assasination.

    This is terorism. I mean 15 masked men with ak47's. Any other country will report it as an terorist act but our media even farm murder watch is so dumbed down that they report it as just another farm attack. This did not even make the mainstream news.

    Where did they get ak47's as it is ilegal. They did not steal it they had to buy it.(from who?)

    No motive for the killing.(who is paying them) They arnt doing this as a hobby. It dangerous business. Someone must be paying them.

    Like i said. The whites need to wake up and quickely. September is around the corner.

    1. Anonymous7:56 am


      Agree, this is what was happening in Angola/Mozambique before the civil war broke out.

      Shows you how close we are.

      These are organized groups.

      We need to unite, pray and wipe out the parasite off the face of South Africa, then from South Africa to the equator.

      I hope many of you will agree to this, with enough agreement a leader will step forward and this can be accomplished in the years ahead.

      You cant trust them, work with them, educate them - they will always try kill you or get rid of you.

    2. Anonymous11:17 am

      I keep hearing of "September"

      Kindly enlighten me? Facts please?

    3. I do believe the leader is already there. He is coming of age watching, preparing maybee even reading this blog.

      It all needs to happen like everything else happened the way Siener predicted.

      Everything Siener has predicted have come to pass. So will the leader, we just need to support him no matter what. He will present himself shortly because we are in that timeline presently.

    4. Anonymous12:53 am

      That leader is gone be one special MOFO. To unite the boere is gone take one hell of lot divine intervention

    5. Stephen2:44 am

      Hi anon 11:17
      Well I'm not sure which September you are refering to ' but I can tell you I'm watching September 2017 , yes next year.
      Revelations 12 speaks of a sign that will apear in the sky,well we never understood this sign , how can a woman be clothed with the sun and have a crown of 12 stars ? ..
      Turns out that exact sign will indeed apear 27 Sept 2017.
      The constilation virgo (woman) will be next to the sun and the moon will be at her feet ,she will have a crown of 12 stars ( leo + 3 wondering stars,planets 1,2,4.
      The king-planet Jupiter will be passing through her womb and yes it will take 9 months.
      Now once you read Rvl.12 and realise the immenence thereof , you'll also be exited about Septemger 2017.

    6. Anonymous7:00 am

      Yes September the 27th. a special day for me in remembrance of a beautiful lady. Very fitting it would be.

      It's also around the time when Germany has her elections. Scheduled to take place between 27th August and the 22 October. When all right thinking Germans will vote to boot out the cdp Hag and vote in the afD.

    7. Please provide the article or website or paper that reported this attack, I would like to read it.

    8. I read many sites LTMA but i see it is on praag as well.


  20. https://youtu.be/Vv5VWqg0mck

  21. Anonymous12:11 am

    The ANC is trying to remove as many traces of white history as possible.

    They will piss on and destroy,just as a ragged dog marks their supposed territory.

    You think they will come out and declare war... Why? This is like a war already and desecrating white historical monuments,forts and statues is a feflection of what stage they are at.

    Julius and the Eff are stirring up racial hatred amongst the mostly uneducated and impoverished masses who were mostly left out of the ANC gravy train.

    All this during a drought crises that puts millions at risk of starving,poverty and death.

    Whitey and farmer has not got much left for them this time and will fight back!. Its not their land and they are just jealous and weak in the face of private security,the police, army and ANC who may necklace them just as they did to their black oposition previously if they ovetstep the line.

    The ANC is playing the race card, re-opening land claims,wrecking the economy, infrastructure and basic services etc, albeit somewhat unintentionally. They are mostly corrupt,lazy and incompetent and cant help it!

    They target white south Africans of European ancestry because they were the so- called dominant oppressor.This is why they cannot stand white monopoly capital and business as they know they are not fully in power or in control which is obvious.

    They will try resist, loot and destroy. They best be careful as they may be left without much of an economy and international sanctions again just like Murgarbages Zimbabwe.

    The EFF will hopefully be crushed like an insect under the shoes of those who really control the economy and all their puppets!.

    The government does not want to lose all their tax money and jobs for their people.Do they now? The Wealthy dont want to lose profit.Those who threaten these interests will surely lose.

    Some think that written agreements mean anything to this black bunch. They have just wiped their arse with the constituton and all other human,cultural and racial rights. Think again and good luck defending your material crap thats not worth your life history and future and those of future generations.

    1. Anonymous7:51 am


      This is war.

      An enemy that fights a stronger opponent has to come up with a strategy to defeat him.

      What better way to pretend to share power during the 1st 4 years, then yield more power in the following 4 years.

      Today they are in full control and we feel like lepers in our own country.

      They are waiting for their youth to take out our elders who "oppressed their people", this is why the EFF has been set up.

      For revenge.

      The African as Mike pointed out is all about revenge.

    2. Anonymous5:01 am

      Ah Anonymous12:11 AM

      Don't for one second think it is only the impoverished and uneducated blacks that are being stirred up and influenced by Malema.

      I was speaking to a relatives teenage kids just last week who attend a government school in one of Joburg's posher suburbs. They say that up 'til now all these kids from well-off middle-class black AND white families could talk about is how great Zuma was and how he is sticking it to whitey.

      According to them now the hero is Malema and when I asked why they said "because the other kids at the school think that Malema is going to REALLY stick it to whitey and that's what they all want". This straight from the mouths of kids in their mid teens.

      Now where do these kids get this idea from unless their parents feel that way and are supporting Malema vigorously?

  22. Anonymous12:14 am

    Interesting Mike.

    It looks as though the greedy locusts want regroup in the Transvaal where our mines are?

    Since when is the anc concerned about saving money? As per their excuse for moving parliament.

    I recall in Adriaan Snyman's book on Siener v Rensburg that parliament flees to the Transvaal after the three blue letters arrive. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    We all know we only get fed censured news.
    Could something be happening that we don't know about?

    I would be interested on Boere Ninja's and others take on this.

  23. Anonymous1:17 am

    Further to my comment as anon 12:14.
    I just looked up the passage on the net and I see that the locusts run to Vereeniging specifically. Most likely to their brothers and sisters in sharpsville. Not the same area as Klapperkop.

    Angela Merkel will first have to be voted out before any blue letters could arrive from Germany, which i think is imminent in Germany's 2017 elections and the afD voted in. "A woman looks our way in Europe".
    According to the book on Siener, zuma is the last elected black president.

    No time for them to build their hell hole in Fort Klapperkop in that case.

    1. Anonymous11:15 am

      CAll BS on Zuma. Maybe Snyman said it. Dont recall Siener saying it.

    2. Anonymous5:12 am

      He may be the last "elected president" that does not mean he'll be the last despotic African leader occupying the seat of Government.

      There are many ways to skin a cat in Africa and "Democratic Elections" or the illusion of them in the least are only one way until the illusion is no longer needed. After that "Big Man Ruler" tactics are more desirable to them.

  24. Anonymous1:22 am

    ...further to the above the locusts will not be capable of building a new parliament at Klapperkop without the white mans help anyway.

  25. Anonymous1:57 am

    Malema sal maar eens moet huis toe gaan en 'n kospakkie pak, dit is meer as 'n dag se werk om ons te kom aanvat.

  26. To all the whites who voted for change in 1992, I hope you are now happy with the state of RSA.

    1. Where? No white ever voted yes in 1992. Just ask around, you won't find anybody who ever voted "Yes" in 1992.

    2. Mustafa4:06 am

      @ Mike 3:15 am

      Now THAT'S funny!

    3. Anonymous4:47 am

      I couldn't vote in 1992 because I don't have SA citizenship, I'm a permanent resident, but I did snigger at the optimists who all went to vote yes.

    4. Anonymous5:21 am

      Krokodil Z.A2:08 AM
      That's all in the past now my mate and we can't change it. However we must still look forward and make good plans to rectify and prevent any further mistakes in the future.

    5. Anonymous5:26 am

      My parents voted yes 94 and till this day it is their biggest regret. I often ask them about it, they said they wanted a better future for all, a peaceful future. But these White traitors/bankers and kaffir ANC terrorists instead brought the bushwar right into our homes. The people were lied to, this current regime is illegal. The biggest con of our times.

    6. Anonymous7:48 am


      Lets rather use 1992 as an experiment to test whether the blacks could be trusted.

      We have the answer now.

      Now what are we going to do?

    7. Good question BN. I like that comment.

    8. Anonymous10:34 am

      Yes an excellent comment Boere Ninja.

  27. Anonymous3:47 am

    Hi Mike , here is some reality truth

  28. Anonymous5:06 am

    Oh! All of a sudden this crafty fat cowardly Malema kaffir declares that he and his EFF political thugs have got nothing against Zuma and the ANC and that their actual intention is to get rid of the white monopoly. Therefore it just goes to show that these ignorant but cunning EFF commie kaffirs have not altered their cowardly political strategy since the days of the Boer war when the lily-livered kaffirs were attacking the Boer farms and murdering defenceless white woman and children. All of a sudden the Malema kaffir has no hate or evil intentions against the ANC?
    WHY NOT SO WHEN THEY HAVE EVERY REASON TO DO SO? So this proves that the Malema kaffir is a bare faced liar and is now definitely using a deceitful plan to capture the ANC vote for the benefit of the EFF. He will vigorously continue to do his utmost to gain control without a civil war because as Mike has previously stated there will be nothing of any worth left for the EFF political thugs to plunder. So far not one black ruled country in Africa has managed to successfully recover after a civil war erupted there. Some of them are still at war almost a full century later without an end to it in sight. The crafty lily-livered Malema needs the majority black vote and of what is still left of the treasures in the punch drunk and terminally wounded country.

  29. Anonymous5:30 am

    Nevermind hate whitey week Mike, everyday is hate and kill whitey day the world over.

  30. I am surprised at you guys, you are alarmed and astonished and bewildered by these wetsuits. One day they say one thing next day the opposite. Come on guys you're all adults and know the buzz. These wetsuit retards of nature only lie.

    Juli arse has got everybody so mind fucked now that even he doesn't know who enemy is anymore, so he is lashing and slashing as he goes. Have a glance back over the last 2 weeks the idiot has changed his target daily. His own fucking idiot followers are so confused that they do not know what day it is anymore.

    He is fucking with everybody's mind, your position should be listen but do not absorb, carry on your preparation and be ready, for it is the best prepared that will win this war. Remember the ANC is also trying to tame this retard. He is untameable but he is predictable and that is a weakness. Let him believe our weakness is fear and being unprepared for the art of war is deception and knowledge. Juli arse only knows one type of deception and we know how to counter that. Knowledge is beyond an idiots comprehension.

    1. Anonymous6:06 pm


      Very true.

      Unite - dont worry about numbers, malema, the ANC or anything or anyone.

      With our Lord on our side, there are no armies or nations that can stand before us but we have to go back to our roots.


      Here is Mal lama speaking to Al Jazeera.

  31. Anonymous9:09 pm


    Had a strange dream last night.

    Was asked in the dream if I had seen or heard about an earth quake to hit South Africa.

    I was surprised & shocked by the question and said no, the person in the dream seemed even more surprised than I was to even ask this he said, one large and several smaller tremors/quakes after the main quake.

    From what was said, it was a quake the entire country felt, even felt in neighboring countries.

    So large it will be international news.

    1. En hoor jy die magtige dreuning?


      Wanneer ons eendag gaan opstaan, sal dit wees soos 'n aardbewing, en die wereld sal stil staan en luister!

    2. Anonymous3:34 am

      I had a weird dream where I was driving down the road and I saw ice and snow there and a SWEDISH kid was praying to allah in the snow on the road and I yelled at the kid to get off the road and he just looked at me.

      I continued on and reached some sort of Army base where fighting broke out and I found myself stuck in this fighting where I gained an upper hand in the fighting because I could see in "slow motion"

      Then I had to wake up to take a piss.

      I am going nuts here...

    3. Anonymous4:09 am

      Nationalists and globalists are at war with each other.

      So we need to support black nationalists and get them to respect our nationalist qualities and ambitions.

      Just saying...

    4. Anonymous12:10 pm

      @Anonymous 3:34 AM The ice and snow was a warning from your bladder to your brain to wake up because you were about to wet the bed. Your brain just looked back at your bladder. Your bladder started praying to Allah for you to wake the fuck up and tightened its muscles which made you uncomfortable enough to wake up and go take a piss.

    5. Must be the season for strange and ominous dreams!

      My dream, the other night, was about menacing and hostile UFO's.

      Let me tell you, it was hideous.

      A great, monstrous spacecraft came flying over South Africa, towards Cape Town or Johannesburg - I can't be sure - and it was a sight to behold!

      It had huge wings, a long fuselage, an enormous tail-fin and what looked like large turbo-fan jet-engines slung under the wings!

      Frightening eh? But, believe me, that's not the worst of it. Now, get this, the words "British Airways" were clearly discernible on the side of the aircraft (using binocs)!

      I wondered long and hard about the significance of this dream - until finally it hit me! British Airways only ever fly from South Africa, and never towards it!

      Wow! So it was a UFO, after all!

      This must mean all kinds of things, though I'm just not sure what exactly ...

    6. Anonymous11:39 am

      You got it all wrong


  32. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Isn't the Voortrekker Monument and Fort Klapperkop being bought out by white Afrikaner business men - thus in private ownership hands?

  33. Anonymous1:22 am


    When I watch something like this I feel like I loose hope. Why is it the ones who are twisting history have the loudest voice and get to make huge Hollywood films like this??? And we just talk on blogs. I feel like we losing atm. What's crazy is when u read the comments about the trailer, majority ppl think whites are so evil, then there are so many blacks that go on about them being the true "chosen people".

    Can you imagine the anti white shitstorm this movie is gonna generate!! And I bet it will win all the oscars.....

    1. Anonymous7:42 am


      I hear you but dont be concerned.

      The Hollywood Film industry as we know it is virtually dead, if it doesnt have special effects or isnt 3 hours long it goes to dvd in about 3-4 months.

      Whites in the US are more racist today than ever and see through this shit. This world is now social, we can see what happens in any black neighborhood or country.

      I wouldnt be too concerned about it.

      People with all their distractions, smartphones, 300 TV channels, blogs, youtube, news sites, please the film is already forgotten.

      Some agitator trying to stir but those times are now gone for good.

      We will see a resurgence of white nationalism throughout the earth now, nothing they can do will stop it.

      I really do believe though that communism triumphed after world war 2, all the signs point to it.

  34. Anonymous1:28 am

    The ANC are probably dreaming that some whites will be baited into launching a preemptive attack and then this will allow them to follow the American strategy on the 'War on Terror' which they will use to milk sympathy from the international community and use as an excuse to limit civil liberties and attack whites even harder because of their 'threat'.

    Another strategy of the ANC is perhaps to keep the war going guerrilla style, with no direct attack and just keep attacking from the side-lines and gradually whither white numbers, jobs, and their stake in the economy. This I have argued as been their tactic. BEE and AA is designed to weaken whites economically and gradually but continuously over time in order to prevent this as a threat to the ANC.
    The aim is for a complicit class of middle-class Blacks who owe their wealth to the ANC and who will support them financially.

    However, the ANC is no doubt realizing that their time is running out and they might not last as long as they thought. The DA will take a lot of votes and cities and perhaps even Gauteng in the future which would be catastrophic for them. Many blacks will be defecting, the one's who also want to live a prosperous middle-class lifestyle in a free-market modern system.

    If the ANC becomes desperate they might be forced to step things up against Whites at a more rapid pace but which ironically would probably make them collapse even faster.

  35. Anonymous7:04 am

    My China your time has run out
    Two weeks -- Six weeks -- SHIT all has happened
    Best go and sit in the corner and cry yourself to death.
    FALSE "prophet"

    Now I will say something
    August elections are cooked

    WHEN do we discover this ? ( September / October ? )
    WHAT gets done about it ?
    WHO are the cookers ? ( Mike will obviously not like this one )

    Let's see who talks and who BS's

  36. Do not believe the DA (darky alliance) is any better that the ANC, those DA,s will be eating white meat shortly as well. These retards hate whites, understand that. Whites are just to fucking stupid to realise it.

    Watch the space and see how the wogs show there colours. Everybody in Europe thought that Bob of Rhodesia was such a nice fella, they gave him power and his name changed to Robert of Zimbabwe, none of the fucking idiots that put him there have stood up to take him down.

    Here in SA its our own race that is empowering these retards and when the country is in tatters they too, will be do nothing except run from the bloodshed. Its the fucking Zilles and co that have created the Darky Alliance and that should never have happened.

    If any of these dark skinned viruses were going to side with us why haven't the stood up and voiced their support. Forget DA and the blacks for whites campaign and ek soek my baas terug, booi,s club.

    If we do not star getting our own side right chaps we will face at least 1000 to 1 when things get noisy.

    Remember chaps during the drought we are the protein source for these retards.

  37. Anonymous8:58 am

    Mike: Totally unrelated, but I thought you might enjoy this article and link:


    Regards, Besoeker

  38. Anonymous10:55 am

    and on Al Jazeera Malema went on talking so much kak..
    For example he replied to a question about where he got the money to build his Sandton house..by saying " Aww nooo... the house was built by a group of comrades even though it was registered under my name.." FFS!
    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPEmMbWQ5bE

  39. Anonymous11:13 am

    Of some interest:


  40. Anonymous11:53 am

    'Do you know,' he asked, 'what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age?’

    ‘Well, what is it?’

    'It will not be Hitler and the Second World War; it will not be the release of nuclear energy; it will not be the menace of Communism.'

    These negatives seemed very comprehensive. He put on an expression of extreme severity and turned down the corners of his lips: ‘It will be the abdication of the White man.’ Then he nodded his head up and down several times to drive home his proposition."

    * The Prof’ -- R.F Harrod, McMillan, 1959. Page 261/2. A Personal Memoir Lord Cherwell

  41. Anonymous12:04 pm


    My liewe volksgenote, ek het dit al gesê en ek sê dit nou weer, ek is lief vir julle, ons gáán hierdie vyand oorwin! Staan dig teen mekaar, staan saam, níks en niémand mag ons ooit weer verdeel nie. Ek sóék Boere_Ninja se Fase 4 in hierdie land, dis ál wat ons voortbestaan gaan red! Ek sóék hulle nie meer tussen ons nie!

    My boodskap is natuurlik bedoel vir my Engels sprekende volksgenote ook.

  42. Anonymous12:37 pm

    The only thing white men in SA like is Rugby. They will think they big men after winning the game and repeat next week. All vacuous and vicarious victories. Eventually the team will be better black players (yes many are actually good players) and then what? Rugby Rugby, beer, and braai is all they live for. This is why they will be big talk and on Monday it's back to work. Eventually it will be white men bowing to their ANC masters.

    The point is to stop being side Tra ked by Rugby and start doing business with you peers, say no to Etolls, resist the domination and tyranny. Or pull our a klippies and coke and have your false victory. Watching young guys play with a ball. What have the men become. What would the voortrekkers think. Since that kamp staaldraad I've often wondered about the straightness of many who like Rugby so. Very suspect. Watch the other men and you will become a slave. Bread and circuses.

  43. Anonymous6:42 pm


    I mentioned on one of my previous (thousand) comments that the ANC think that because they liberated the Africans that they would be in power for Africa.

    They think the blacks in SA are like the previous blacks in other black countries that simply allowed dictators to remain in power for ever.

    I mentioned the blacks who got BEE/AA free shit will turn their backs on the ANC, especially having tasted the high life.

    But like all things, their hunger has not been satisfied, they want more now. With fear the ANC will lose power and their jobs, they will rally around Malema in the hope they will get MORE free stuff like the ANC gave them but this time, they hope to get even more FREE stuff.

    Malema confirmed what I mentioned - the ANC think the blacks will forever vote for them. We are going to be shocked come election time and if we are not, then expect a shock when the violence begins because if the other parties dont get the votes they expect, they are going to accuse the ANC of vote rigging.

    There is no win to this now, the clock is now counting down. Ticktock ticktock we have a few weeks before the bottom falls out.

    For the ANC to make up for lost votes, if they dont rig the votes we can then expect drastic action. They will begin implementing what the EFF propose.

    As the will of the people - the majority votes. These are dark times now for the whites in this country.

    Zuma will be out, probably living in some other country with immunity. The ANC will then push as hard as they can to strip the whites of everything to make up for the vote and to appease the masses but it will be too late.


    Listen to how the ANC is standing in the way of the EFF taking what the whites have. White monopoly capitol = white owned.

    Malema says they/he will literally take arms against the ANC, literally. This is where the tribal shit is going to start.


    Listen carefully, a government in waiting, we will be in power by 2019.

    I suggest you guys watch this.

    Know your enemy!

    Unite your people!

  44. The time for talking has passed. They haven't and will never listen.
    It's time that the threat [Malema & Co] is removed and an example made of anyone who propagates violence against Whites.
    Any suggestions, anybody?

    1. Anonymous7:45 am


      First we should unite before anyone takes any action.

      Unite, go back to the good back and then tell them our demands.

      If they refuse, then action is taken.

      Unite first, we need to unite 80% or more of our nation.

    2. Ninja, we need a few snipers. You put the fear of God into them. They must be so scared that they desist from saying anything anti-Whitey.
      I was thinking, maybe you,JP and I should go and relieve the EFF of some of those weapons you say they have stashed? I take it that would be in Hillbrow and Melville etc?

  45. Anonymous6:15 am



    On Monday Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula announced that Athletics South Africa (ASA), Cricket South Africa (CSA), Netball South Africa (NSA) and the South African Rugby Union (SARU) are suspended from bidding for or hosting major international events due to them not meeting their transformation targets.

    Can you believe these bastards?

    How they can control an area of sport! Any white person playing sport for this country is a traitor.

    In 1994 these bastards were given too much control and whites just said zippo.

    1. Anonymous7:30 pm

      Ninja, you know it, I know it, everybody knows it. Our biggest enemies on the battlefield will be these white traitors and black appeasers. Bring on the crucible, I can't wait to get me some traitor scalps as trophies.

  46. Anonymous3:38 am

    It is time we remaining whites united against a common enemy. I want to go and get my son and I trained in armed combat. Is there not some groundswell underground Afrikaner movement happening. Surely we can't have given these baboons all our weapons back?

    1. Anonymous1:11 pm

      What Government agency do you work for?