11 April 2016

Is Mbeki trying a comeback?

By Mike Smith
11th of April 2016

What is with Thabo Mbeki lately? The media is full of his longwinded rubbish. It is as if this paranoid conspiracy dingbat of a former president thinks he is eligible for the job again. I honestly wish he would just STFU and STFD before he embarrasses himself any further.

There was a time when Mbeki was the darling of the liberals.

A pipe smoking Sussex university graduate who speaks English in poetic tones, quoting Yeats, he fooled all of them. They were convinced he was going to prove all the conservatives wrong once and for all and show the world that a black man can indeed govern South Africa. They even made him an honorary Knight of the Order of the Bath and a Knight of Malta.

Oh how the wheels came off.

Hardly did he take over from Mandela or it was clear that Mbeki was finished with the reconciliation politics of Mandela. He was out for revenge on the whites and delivering their jobs and property to the blacks. He introduced Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and told whites to shut up, because the ANC could have exercised the “Jacobin Option” on their asses, but didn’t.

Of course the Jacobins were known for the “Reign of Terror” during the French Revolution and when the Guillotine was not fast enough, loaded their enemies on barges; man and woman tied together in a “revolutionary marriage” and sunk the barges in the Loire River.

That is what Thabo Mbeki wanted to do to whites.

Mbeki is the idiot who went and wrote an AIDS denialist letter to the White House, 10 Downing Street and other world leaders. It was such laughable junk and conspiracy bullshit that Washington had the letter verified to check if it was a hoax. They then tried to keep it under wraps to not embarrass Mbeki, but the letter leaked out.

According to Mbeki AIDS doesn’t exist and it is all a lie told by white Nazi eugenicists who want to depopulate Africa and steal its riches from blacks.

His crackpot Minister of Health, Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang not only believed South Africa’s AIDS pandemic could be treated with easily accessible alcoholic beverages like Kaffir Beer and vegetables such as garlic and beetroot, she went to an AIDS conference in Toronto, Canada and opened a stand there promoting her quackery.

This is the woman who went on booze binges in a hospital when she was in Botswana for a shoulder operation and after stealing another patient’s items was deported from Botswana and declared a prohibited immigrant.

In May 2000 Mbeki’s spokesperson Parks Mankahlana criticized Glaxo Welcome for poisoning pregnant black women with AZT. Seven months later in October 2000 Parks Mankahlana, died of AIDS at the age of 36. Mbeki was at his death bed at his parent’s house in the Eastern Cape.

Peter Mokaba, the ANC Youth League leader, known in the 1990s for his use of the slogan "Kill the farmer, kill the Boer”, died of AIDS on the 9th of June 2002. Mbeki attended the funeral of this outspoken AIDS denialist.

Yet in 2003 at the Plaza Hotel in New York, where Mbeki was attending the opening of the United Nations General Assembly this lying sack of shit said in an interview with the Washington Post: "Personally, I don't know anybody who has died of Aids".

Asked whether he knew anyone with HIV, he added quietly: "I really, honestly, don't know."

Nevertheless…Peter Mokaba died of AIDS along with 365,000 people on Mbeki’s watch. The ANC named a football stadium in Pietersburg (Polokwane) after him.

It is fairly well known and was even acknowledged by Mandela himself that during the Mandela presidency, Thabo was running the show. During that period and during the presidency of Thabo himself, Eskom warned him several times that we would run out of electricity by 2008. Thabo chose to do absolutely nothing. He just sat back and for the next seven years we experienced rolling blackouts and load shedding stuffing up our way of life, our businesses and people died in our hospitals.

In 2000 when Mugabe seized white owned farms, Mbeki praised him and supported him. He called this “Quiet Diplomacy”.

When people started complaining about skyrocketing crime, Mbeki called them “White Racists who want to see the country fail”.

Instead, Mbeki put a moratorium on crime statistics and gave instructions to the police to massively massage and fudge crime statistics before releasing it six months later.

When the newspaper The Citizen, and other commentators challenged the apparent fall in crime, Mbeki described them as “pessimists who did not trust black rule”.

In 2007 the Head of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Vusi Pikoli, was suspended by Mbeki after Pikoli obtained an arrest warrant for the corrupt Commissioner of Police and head of Interpol, Jackie Selebi, whose best friend was Mafia Boss, Glen Aglioti.

In 2008 when the local blacks started fighting with the foreigners in Xenophobic attacks, Mbeki downplayed it and did nothing.

He also believed in a bullshit conspiracy theory based on an affidavit by the former ANC Youth League leader, James Nkambule that thre prominent ANC leaders, Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa wanted to assassinate him. At the time James Nkambule faced more than 70 charges of fraud. Paranoid Mbeki’s inner circle became smaller and smaller the more he went off the rails.

No, it cannot be said enough. Mbeki was an embarrassment of a president just like any and all presidents the ANC produced so far. Mandela was a puppet who knew nothing about governing a country and left it all to Mbeki to do behind the scenes whilst he went around smiling and saying “Viva my people!” to all and sundry.

Mbeki I described above.

Now we have Zuma…the worst President in the history of presidents on planet earth and Kgelema Motlanthe who was interim president for seven months supports and protects Zuma.

In the Sunday Times of March 2012 the paper stated that Gugu Mtshali, Motlanthe's partner and wife since 2014, was involved in a R 104 million bribe to obtain support for a South African company that attempted to sell helicopters to Iran in violation of sanctions.

See what I mean? How can any sane person still want the ANC in charge of South Africa? They must go.

The ANC has shown over and over that they cannot govern South Africa. They have proven to the public and the world that their so called “leaders” are nothing but corrupt, racist, lying and thieving scum out to enrich themselves and a small elite at the top. They should be kicked to curb as soon as possible. South Africans cannot allow them to misgovern the country a single day longer. My advice is…Get rid of the ANC. Start new. The sooner the better.


  1. Anonymous10:23 am

    Mike I fully agree. Perfectly said but I ain't gonna happen. The apartheid so called regime said it in the 50s and 60s when I was a young lad. Die Rooi gevaar Die swart gevaar. The ANC will not hand over power ever you should know that better. The whites will have to take up arms and fight the evil kaffirs and that too isn't going to happen. Not many old troepies left and we are getting on in age. Our young white guys generally are liberal weaklings and didn't do national service. Please Mike convince me I am wrong please. I wished I were. Not to mention half the whites have already left SA and many are leaving daily.

    1. Anonymous9:28 pm

      "Liberal weaklings..." Where I am from this is not the case. Ask any ex-mil instructor how much he can trian intelligent young white guys.

    2. Anonymous12:27 pm

      There is also the argument that when the rand is at 200 to the US dollar most of the remaining whites will have left. The melanin rich will drop dead in their tens of millions from war and disease. This can happen sooner rather than later. When whites return we will call all the shots. We won't mind at all if the remaining blacks live in mud huts without tar roads and lie around drinking kaffir beer because they will only be able to do this in reservations with no access to medicine, except for sterilisation.

  2. Anonymous10:27 am


    If blacks could rule a country by now, there would be JUST 1, just 1 out there. There never has been and never will be 1 country in Africa governed by blacks.

    They have never written one governing principal based off their own principles because 1. They didnt know how to write 2. They have no principles - you can only have principles if you have organisation & structure - have you ever seen an organised black society without the intervention of other cultures?


    What we are hoping for is a country that functions, a country can only function in terms of governance when it is governed by European standards, this is what we are hoping for with SA - to have a country ruled/run efficiently.

    Can never happen under blacks.

    When they lose or are challenged they will pull the race card. When they want to do things the African way, they will feel chained to paper ie our constitution.

    There is a reason Israel was told to be separate, we are seeing it now. What we want requires our own country, state and ruled by a white brain...

    Each black leader that takes over from the previous is simply worse. Every year under black rule means IQ goes backwards not forwards - in the end it cannot function, it goes back to the way it was prior to the white man arriving.

    This time, there can only be 1. Either we go, or they go or you get used to these conditions because they will never get better under ANY black government or politician.

    If blacks could govern, they would have done so by now.

    Just ask a black person to try describe a painting to you or describe some artistic thing - they cant find the words, ask them to describe it in their language, they cant find the words.

    That brain is only capable of learning so much - like a parrot. Knows how to say this or that but nothing much more going on. They are short term thinkers, think of the now, tomorrow at most - nothing further than 5-10 years.

    Which is why we need whites to start planning the next 200-500 years, stretching these borders and removing the parasite completely from among us, for good AND EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM - no exceptions.

    Imagine if one of our previous leaders just planner or mapped out a something for this nation 500 years into the future - one thing I have learnt, a half decent plan is better than no plan.

    50 years is too short term thinking, even 200 years very short term thinking - think 200-500 years...

    Im happy these guys rule so long, means the population dumbs down, they have no clue about history & are bound to repeat the same things - they will fall in our laps again but this time, no exceptions - This is war & fumigation time.

    SA will be the first white territory to fall back into whites hands & then the process will start again, we will take back each and everyone of those parasite infested lands.

    1. Anonymous10:52 pm

      Liberia? Haiti? Nuff said.

    2. Anonymous12:20 am

      The problem with us whites is that we sit and criticize the way the country is governed now - from a western cultural perspective. But in reality the blacks want to live their African way according to their culture. The way SA is today suits the masses. They have their king (president) who is above the law and he rules supreme. Zuma has even declared that the law should be resisted. The point is that whites should either get used to living in an 'africal' country with african culture or we must leave. Simple as that. We are a minority. Those who don't accept this and think that they can change this with armed aggression are dreamers and just plain frustrated right wingers - we have seen it all before. And these radical right wing extremists have caused the whites a lot of embarrassment to say the least. Our own homeland is worth the legal battle yes but the whole of SA we must forget.

    3. Anonymous1:32 pm

      Anonymous12:20 AM
      Just watch us mate! Keep a good eye on us because we have learnt the hard way and we now don't strive for or accept half measures. Its all or nothing from this day on I can assure you. People with your kind of molly codling pussy foot attitude got us into this racist political mess in the first place.

    4. Anonymous8:15 pm

      When they come for you and your family with machetes please stay where you are and don't come to where the rest of us are fighting for our and our family's survival. You're one of the liberal weaklings they spoke about above.

    5. Anonymous7:24 am

      Go back to Europe and govern with your European rules, why are you meddling in African affairs ? Who asked you to come here? Who asked for your European rules/laws who? You are unwelcome here, go back to your ships and sail back home. Go rule over there not here you do not belong here the sun burns you here because you are not from here. Leave us with our African way of doing things we are fine with it.

    6. Anonymous10:06 am

      Anonymous7:24 AM

      We are Gods un to you. We can go everywhere even the moon havent you realized this? on our way to Mars and who knows what beyond.

      Do you know the chances of you existing today is only because of the white gods who brought medicine here.

      We tried to uplift you from you miserable existence but animals cant be gods. We had to learn the hard way you become evil devils.

      You are animals beneath us and we should treat you as such. Everything belongs to us and we can go everywhere. You as an animal dont have a say.

    7. Anonymous11:21 am

      Anon 07h24 not before you African blacks fuck-off out of America and Europe. Not a minute sooner you got that ape?

    8. Anonymous2:42 pm


      Anonymous12:20 AM

      Whites are a minority.... please these are old tactics used in an age when people didnt have the internet and facts.

      1st of all whites were the majority during apartheid ,there were 7.8 million at the height of apartheid.

      2nd there are no blacks. Saying black denotes the fact that there is 1 group of blacks - there is no such thing as "black South Africans".

      This is term the liberal media used to fool the world. They liked to compare the rest of Africa that WAS colonised, to this part of Africa which was SETTLED.

      They used the bullshit from the colonies to spin it and sell the world on also handing to blacks in SA because they are blacks.

      11 tribes, with 11 kings, with 11 official languages - enough said.

      If the blacks were 1 people, they would have 1 king, 1 language, 1 culture - they dont!

      So as we are all minorities, we would have to go back to Europe and they up to the nguni river where they came from because, they will not be happy when we leave, just ask the zimbabweans.

      There is no such thing as "black South Africa"

      I really wish someone would educate the whites. The whites today are now the 3rd largest group but were once the majority - dont let anyone bullshit you - the facts/figures/cultures are there.

      The reason its so easy to say "blacks" is because only morons listen to the news and cant think for themselves. 90% of the world prefer to be spoon fed, rather than using their brains.

      The whites as a group, nation were the largest in SA. They shared the same traditions, spoke the same language English & Afrikaans and had the same history/identity.

      Not so with the other tribes. Dont believe me? Google it.

      Let me repeat


  3. Anonymous10:33 am

    The ANC must fall eventually, they have proved that they can run the country into the ground,if they carry on at this rate.I doubt Mbeki will be able to make a comeback as the Anc has changed and is more ruthless than ever. Perhaps he is trying to get his last little bit of the limelight and some free drink.Lately the ANC is proving to the world that the constitution that they struggled for is being used like a piece of toilet paper.A president that violates the constitution is no longer president and has completely lost legitimacy. SA is now a dictatorship.The plan to make others resign to protect Jacob is pure evil, he needs to follow suit.Getting rid of the Anc and starting fresh would be a miracle as the parasite has laid its eggs.start praying.

  4. Anonymous10:46 am

    The elephant in the room is that these incompetents and crooks are voted in over and over again by the electorate, so "South Africans" DO allow them to misgovern.

    The problem is NOT the ANC, -its the people who vote for them. Once you get your head around this simple inescapable fact any thinking person will realize there is only ONE solution. We tried to avoid it by disenfranchising them and we all know how that ended up.

    So the only way forward is to destroy the parasite or make its host inhospitable. Isis have shown the way,it has made the territory it controls inhospitable and millions of people have left. We need to do the same.

    1. Anonymous11:26 pm

      Anon 10:46 This is exactly what they are doing, the whole country is becoming inhospitable. We cannot do it because our brain tells us to fix it , our lawn over grows and it bugs us to cut it. So its very difficult. When carjacking became a big fear I even thought of wrapping certain parts of my car with differnt shades , so the car looks dented and old.

    2. If you get the death sentence in Texas and you are the proud owner of an IQ below 70 the sentence cannot be implemented because you are deemed not having the minimum intelligence to understand the consequence of your actions. Many of our voters fall into this category. They function on emotions have short attention span and short memory. With a voter caliber at that level only charlatans that know how to press their buttons will be the result.

    3. Anonymous1:19 pm

      @ZIPF,-Exactly right, so do not feed them, do not employ them, persecute them for everything from loitering to littering, set curfew's, roadblocks checking licenses with immediate impoundment, crackdown on roadside stalls, etc etc etc. Its not hard, start with a small area where you are the local government and expand it. Decent people will move there and the parasite will leave. At some stage some forced relocation. Its all doable, --just requires some will.

  5. Stephen11:21 am

    Hi Mike

    Gees ja abselutely , the next kaffir will still be a kaffir , and thats the real problem.
    No matter how they cut it , there's a reason why God placed blacks in africa and every one else far far away,seperatist in design,and this the outcome of going against that design,we sit with their screwed-up mentality and blasphemy as the order of the day.
    Its actually so basic its freightnin

  6. Anonymous11:59 am

    Jeez dude, take a chill pill. Put on your pointy white beany and and burn a few crosses, maybe you will feel better. .

    1. Anonymous9:39 pm

      Jeez dude, take a lead pill the the head or wake the fuck up...idiot much? Educate yourself before you make shit comments here.

  7. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Ah. ..I see you moderate the comments yourself.. I bet you will not post my commentary on your childish rubbish..oh wait, maybe post it and then your 3 followers will go ape sit. .loser

    1. Anonymous9:43 pm

      Lol 3 followers...enjoy your sad life.

    2. Anonymous10:50 pm

      Anon 12h02 Sit ape and cry some more. You winner!

    3. Anon 11:59 & 12:02 I presume you are one and the same fuck-knuckle, bone-brained, delusional twat who is probably shacked up with a nanny. Do us all a favour and go and get fucked. We do not need stupid comments from brain-dead idiots like you. You contribute nothing of value here and, I would venture to suggest, neither to society in any form.

    4. Come on Anonymous 12:02, what exactly is childish or racist on this blog? Everything here are solid facts, with links to the sources. The opinions given here are all in tune with the facts of what is actually happening. If you have counter facts to proof the blacks are running the country well, please give them.

    5. Some of the facts I cannot dispute, but jeez come on, some of the comments are pure racist and reckless. Do you really believe the global community will take the Afrikaner plight for self determination seriously if they read this blog? How will the UN take farm murders seriously when idiots around here pose as Afrikaners but insult black people all the time? Let me tell you something, I have met lots of people from all colours and backgrounds, and some people around here are among the worst there is.

    6. So why do they take blacks seriously who shout "Kill the Boers; kill the farmers"?

      Why do they take a president seriously who shout "Dubula iBhunu" or kill the white skins and "Bring me my machine gun?"

      What does he want to do with that machine gun? Kill blacks?

      Tell you what. I have met lots of racists in my life, but liberal Afrikaners like you are the worst. At least racists hate other races. You hate your own race. In my book you are lower than kaffirs. Plain filth. Now shoo. Piss off.

    7. Stephen12:42 pm

      Listen 'trots africaner' , the problem is not the comments - the problem is your attitude towards the commemts.

      Firstof all ' racist and reckless ' ? Piss-off please
      and we don't care about what the UN thinks , were not hoping theid come rescue us , haheha..your a whimp .

      By the way , that person your refering to ,is a reflection of yourself.

    8. Call me what you like dude, but people like you are sit behind a blog and spew your rubbish like a coward.

    9. Anonymous9:10 pm

      trots afrikaans you are even more delusional than I initially thought when I read your comments, you are insane if you think the UN is going to come help us. You still believe that the very same people who helped dumped us in this black shit is coming to rescue us? Rather keep you ignorant mouth shut and go and sing Kumbaya with your little BEE/AA rainbow blacks and FW traitor super Afrikaner rainbow abortion libs. You are an embarrassment to the white race. Black arse kisser and appeaser, GTFO!

      I'm a proud Caucasian purest (your vocab it means racist) and there is nothing wrong with it and there is absolutely nothing you or anyone can do to change that, you weak piece of shit, believing the world lie like a good little unthinking brainwashed automaton. You are going to try your "we are all one, we are so beautiful in unity" shit with the wrong people one day, that will also be your last day on this earth. Step very carefully with your kaffir/non-white appeasing attitude.

    10. Yes, trots afrikaans, but give us an example of a racist comment. Most people on this blog are just ordinary people. We really just want to go on with our lives. But we can't. Then we look where the problem lies. It is with the black government who messes EVERYTHING up - even the simplest thing. So there is no way that we are going to be praise singers for them, just because they are black. All our problems comes from the blacks in charge. Blacks are nothing special, if they want to be treated like everyone else they should be able to take criticism. Blacks are incompetent. As soon as someone points it out, he is called racist. Why? The people on this blog are not the worse there is, when you meet the worse there is, you and the blacks are going to cry.
      Afrikaner self determination is to be initiated by Afrikaners and not the incompetent UN. I don't dislike people because they happen to be black, but I really hate liberals. When the revolution comes, I will be going after liberals. Once the world is rid of liberals no one will ever have problems with blacks, because they will then be easily kept in their place.

    11. Anonymous4:44 am

      trots afrikaans8:59 PM

      Call me what you like dude, but people like you are sit behind a blog and spew your rubbish like a coward.
      OH! ... Wow is me ... What a huge tragedy! It looks like the ANC kaffirs have corrupted your mind and destroyed your sanity. Your days are now numbered pal and eighty thousand plus whites murdered in an ANC black on white genocide since 1994 doesn't add one iota of support to/for your "kaffir loving" fantasy. "Fight fire with fire and the pen is mightier than the sword" are only two of the wise white quotes that you apparently don't know anything about. You and your ilk are the real cowards here and your thirty pieces of silver are not ever going to erase the blatant truth of eighty thousand plus whites calling from the grave who were murdered by the treacherous black racist ANC and the majority of the other ignorant commie loving kaffirs!

    12. Ou Trots Afrikaans, I am a racist, in your view of things, but I prefer to see myself as a culturist or classist. Racist, however, has become the catch-word so I am happy to be called that then. Whatever you want to call me, the fact remains I have no desire to mingle with things who do not possess the basics of even personal hygiene, morals, empathy, etc., etc.,. I could go on and on but words fail me. Not all Blacks are like that, I grant you, but what percentage have managed to elevate themselves to a civilised lifestyle; 0.00001% I venture to suggest?
      The rest have no desire to. They want to live and behave like savages and the parasites that they are and breed indiscrimminately with no thought as to future and the well-being of their spawn.
      So, "my dear supposedly enlightened Dutchman", vat jou goed en trek Ferreira. In other words piss off. You're boor [not Boer, note] and a delusional libfucktard.

    13. Anonymous7:34 am

      Leave us and Africa alone. Plain, pure and simple. Go find a piece of land in Europe and blind your whatever the fuck you call it there not here. You will be surrounded by white people, cold weather and NO black people.

      We do not owe you anything and you do not owe us anything. You were not invited here by anyone and you are not welcome here by anyone so best you FUCK OFF !!!!! back to your Europe and leave there in peace with NO monkeys,savages, animals and parasites. You are not a God you way of life is not a blue print to how others should live do not dictate to us as to how we should conduct ourselves. Leave us in this cesspool called Africa we happy with this cesspool. So when are you leaving I can help you back the tar on the roads the bricks, books and all other white man stuff, I do not mind. Just as long as you leave I will stay with my mud hut and drink traditional beer.

    14. Anonymous9:55 am

      trots afrikaans10:50 AM

      "Some of the facts I cannot dispute, but jeez come on, some of the comments are pure racist and reckless. Do you really believe the global community will take the Afrikaner plight for self determination seriously if they read this blog?"

      First let me get this right.

      You agree with things posted on this blog yes.

      But then you call the bolder statements racist. Well let me tell you this entire blog is racist and you are racist too and so is every natural creature created by God, but you are a scared racist, hiding it so you can give your responsibility away to a mickymouse dream of the UN coming to save us.

      There is no self determination. It is impossible. The only way to get it is to take it by being racist.

      Get some balls because the international globalists are working on the genocide of the entire white race. You can forget about help, no one will save you and your family. You need to man up.

      I know it is difficult for some people and if you dont want too, just go and hide in your home and stop trying to mindfuck people who are waking up and actually do have balls.

      My maat dit is die slapgat houding hoekom my nasie vermoor word elke dag deer die grootste rassiste wat bestaan. So vergewe my as ek kwaad raak vir jou.

      Ja jy kan my vra wat doen ek daaraan. Wel ek gaan jou nie se nie want miskien is dit so erg dat jy weereens bang raak en my piemp omrede jy nie wil he ander nasies moet dink ek verteenwoordig ons nasie nie. Wel miskien doen ek nie maar ek verteenwoordig my tipe in `n nasie van slapgatte en bangatte.

      En my tipe is besig om meer en meer te word om rede ouens soos ek die balls het om rasisties te wees en die geduurtes uit te wys vir wie en wat hulle is

    15. Anonymous11:30 am

      Phoenix I'm with you on this. I'm going to enjoy hunting these libfucks into extinction when the time comes. We all know them.

    16. Anonymous1:18 pm


      Ag suustog, "trots afrikaans" kom op vir die arme ou kaffertjies, ai, om met 'n liberaal te redeneer is net so goed as om met'n kaffer self te probeer redeneer. Gelukkig het ons reeds 'n meesterplan met al hierdie joiners en hensoppers.

      Wie de hel dink hy is hy om my mede-Bloggers en eie volk te beledig en te vergelyk met ander rasse?

      Fokof Dude! Jy is duidelik nog baie nat agter die ore!

      "some people among here are the worst there is": Bhwahahahahaha! You aint seen nothing yet you pathetic fart!

    17. Love you, CWG. You should change the "C" from Central to Cool!!!

    18. @anon 7:34 you will live in your mud hut and drink traditional beer, you are a typical example of your race all fucking boom voice and noise. What the fuck are you doing on a computer or I phone you brave little dark man. You are quick to jump onto a white mans invention and walk with those ear phones in your ear listening to the crap that you listen too. You are the walking contradiction. You like our jeejaws don't you? Maybe some fucking dumb cunt liberal will give you more of our stuff for nothing if my type was not here to manage your type and keep you in check. Just BTW if we were not here with our technology and advancements, little man you would most probably not made it past 5 years old because the mozzies, tetse fly or one of the other would have got you and if they didn't you would have either had aids from your mother or syphlis or one of the std,s because your race cannot control their urge or discipline themselves to hygiene. So big mouth go climb into that hut and stay there, but I bet you live in a house that is built according to white mans standards, drive a white mans car and just cannot get enough white mans KFC and SAB. You a liar like the rest of your tribe, go bullshit them and come to me with facts not lies.

    19. Anonymous11:29 am


      @ Tomkat 11h37 PM:

      Ha-ha, thanks for making me feel good! Remember you and me and the others all have a date on the 16th of December this year! Mike already has my mail address...

      @ LTMA 11:49 PM:

      We need you, we now need petrol on fire more than ever.

    20. Anonymous5:42 am

      Anon 7:34

      It must be quite frustrating for you to realise that we are not going to leave our homeland.

      This is our land. We made South Africa. And there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

    21. Cool White Girl, the date stands, Honey. Never fear.

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Yip, thought so, if a comment don't sync with your racist rubbish you refuse to post it..why don't you grow up dude. Anyway, cheers, always a pleasure to wipe the floor with cowards like you.

    1. Anonymous9:06 pm

      Anon 11:59 12:02 12:15 If you don't like the blog then just fuckoff

    2. You see they come on here because they are starting to get afraid and are looking to find the light. They havent switched of that liberal self destructing switch in their brains yet and then get shocked by the articles and comments but believe me they, these ignorant liberals are starting to see what they have created.

      It is quite simple.. All races are racist, every single one and it is a natural thing and even excepted worlwide without any renounce. They only see it wrong when white do it because they deep inside believe that whites are above such a thing.

      My question though.. Doesnt this make these idiotic liberal more racist than the racists little right devils they make us out to be?

  9. Anonymous12:35 pm

    We all knew back then that these criminals cannot run a country, but they were put into power by the 😈 devil, and his cronies here on earth!

  10. the thin veneer of "civilisation" does not hide the stink of natural hate, propensity to violence, stupidity and downright evilness of the majority. We cannot co exist, and i dare anyone to name a place where such forced multiculturism has worked / is working. We are oil and water..best be left separated.

  11. Anonymous12:53 pm

    After having proved themselves over and over...WHO CAN TRUST CRIMINAL BLACK RULE?

    1. Anonymous10:48 pm

      Brain-dead godless Libs?

  12. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Not for getting Minister for Safety and Security from May 2002 to September 2008 Charles Nqakula the one and only useless Motherfucker , with his famous words "They can continue to whinge until they're blue in the face, they can continue to be as negative as they want to or they can simply leave this country"
    Safety and security ???
    These are only famous for being utterly useless at their Jobs , perhaps he can get the Honour of London west end and knight cross of to take bribes for concessions and betrayal. So many have died and are dying , but as long as these are OK Jack f everyone.
    Mbeki s aids denial only shows that he wants that the masses to reduce, , if you cannot behave civilized fok voort and kry vir jou.

  13. Anonymous1:31 pm


    Nothing they touch or any of them ever touch will yield fruit.

    They are from Canaan and phut/put, cushites settled in Canaan & phut/put modern North Africa.

    What do those words mean?

    Cush - black / terror - sums up Africa!
    Phut/put - Afflicted - yes the entire continent is a black afflicted with terror.

    Canaan - Trafficker.

    So we have Afflicted blacks causing terror and who traffic humans - see who sold the slaves? Who sells them today?

    To understand our present we must first find out who this enemy was back in the day....

    They must have come from somewhere, unless they claim they are from Monkeys and Naledi?

    I will let them choose and if they disagree with me, then they must show me their history book :)

    1. Anonymous10:47 pm

      BN they are the blight of mankind. Proven facts will support that statement.

  14. Anonymous5:04 pm

    They are running out of options in who should be in charge of the anc and SA. Boss juju and his merry band hoodlums seems to be the new outfit to try and run the show, who is going to muscle and strong arm their way to the food trough will be interesting to see!

  15. haaai, kyk hoe mooi spring daai flappie....dis maar seker net in hulle bloed om soos dom doose rond te spring..

    1. Anonymous10:45 pm

      Dommer as grond Anton en die hartseer deel is hulle kan nie eers dit sien of verstaan nie.

  16. "If forced segregation is wrong, why is forced integration not wrong?" Ek wonder net.

    1. Anonymous10:44 pm

      Because segregation is the only way to solve the problems worldwide. Our globalist banker and big bucks masters are not in the business of solving problems, they thrive and profit from war and chaos. That is why, but know one thing; segregation is the only right and pure way forward for the human race.

  17. Anonymous10:41 pm

    I heard on radio this morning some zupta kaffir minister said racism is a ticking time bomb in SA (will be their excuse to chimp out and kill whitey) and we all should endeavour to stamp it out and uphold the constitution. Imagine that? BEE/AA, quotas, no funding for white orphanages, 51% black business ownership etc etc, but somehow whites should stop racism? The biggest racists in the world calling the kettle black? I guess somethings never change with these blacks, quick we have crisis in SA and the ANC blame it on the white racists, quick shift the blame. Fucking dumb apes, we see through their age old "go to" tactic without even looking anymore.

    Read some interesting comments on an International blog about the crisis in SA and I'd say about 90% of those people sort of know by now with what we are dealing with here. They know.

    Wakey wakey whitey worldwide you are next.

  18. Anonymous10:44 pm

    The fact and reality of it all is that the blacks haven’t got the intelligence in them to run a country and they have proved it right throughout the continent of Africa. All they can finally show for it is a devastated and dead continent. In fact they have really proved that they are a curse and a burden upon this earth and should all be removed immediately from the face of it. The blacks will always be a worthless nation and their foresight and inventive capability is pegged at a big fat zero. The sheer agony of seeing, touching, knowing and using every single thing around them that was/is invented and manufactured by the whites must be one hell of an inferior complex to bear. Their only reaction to truth and reality is complete denial of the white nation’s great inventions and achievements. Therefore they blindly live with the false belief that the ignorant black kaffirs are the ultimate masters of all things both in the universe and especially upon this earth. GET RID OF THEM BEFORE THEY DESTROY THE WHOLE PLANET!

  19. Anonymous10:56 pm

    There will come a day in the future when whites worldwide will say "You know what? Those SAFFAS were visionaries with the Apartheid mechanism they perfected. They had the right idea, these blacks cannot be civilized. They were right all along."

    1. ...I think many right thinking people are already thinking that. And when I say "right" I mean intelligent people who think logically...

    2. Anonymous12:31 am

      SAFFAS were not visionaries. They were observers of Biblical principles. To be 'set apart' is a teaching/requirement of Scripture.
      Faith Walker.

  20. It might be the EFF or the DA or a coalition of the two that eventually take over from the ANC if the ANC do not decide to go all dictator on us. I dont think that it will play out democratically or in this way but many whites do. They day-dream about a DA government.

    Probably 90% of whites will vote DA. Believe me when or if it should appear that the ANC is falling many of their cadres will simply walk over to the EFF/DA and they will be welcomed with open arms

    What they fail to realize is that the black public will never except whites sitting in ministerial or big positions. Therefore we will sit again with blacks in all positions of authority and the corruption will resume.

    DA already calling for fewer whites and more blacks to occupy positions in their party.

    This land and the Afrikaner will not survive if we do not at one point take things in to our own hands.

    Personally i dont think that Mbeki really considers himself for the presidency but instead is just rubbing it in after he was humiliated by the Zuma takeover in 2007. But who knows what goes on in that black abyss of a mind they have.

    1. Donycero, Dan Roodt sketched a scenario of an EFF/DA coalition government in an article. Someone posted the link on the blog yesterday. It's quite a chilling prospect and seems to be completely feasible, I am afraid to say.
      Here it is again, in case you missed it: http://praag.co.za/?p=37625

    2. Anonymous12:24 am

      Black abyss? Sex, money, KFC and bling bling - nothing else.

    3. Anonymous12:44 am

      Dony, almal praat van koalisie van DA en EFF wat moontlik kan wees maar die waarskynlikheid is dat EFF n koalisie met die ANC gaan vorm. Die ANC het jare gelede al besef hulle sou in die nabye toekoms swaarkry by die verkiesings en toe n "skans party" op die been gebring by name die EFF.

    4. Thanks Tom will check it out.

      An 12:44

      Jy kan reg wees. Ek het dit nie gese nie maar juis so n uur terug met iemand gesels oor die konsep van EFF/ANC koalisie as n ander alternatief.

      Malema kan onderhandel met ANC maar dan gaan hulle hom moet fast track na die presidensie. Ek dink nie hy sal vir juis minder onderhandel nie, maar dit is n baie goeie punt wat jy maak.

    5. Anonymous11:35 pm

      Just a question, I read somewhere that the DA and ANC would join together in the near future because of similar policies(think it was an article by Max), do you think it's a possibility, and doesn't that mean that if you vote DA now your actually voting ANC?

  21. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Why complain?

    1. BEE/AA was brought in by SANLAM not Mbeki;
    2. Mbeki killed more blacks than the 'right wing';
    3. With no treatment more blacks have AIDS today as it spread.

    Why do you complain?

    1. So if I complain about Mbeki I am a "racist" and if I support him I am a worst racist. Damned if you do; Damned if you don't.

  22. Anon 12:02 and 12:15, 3 followers... LOL, must be a troll. If the poepol is still around, notice the media when Mike makes a couple a statements. No mate, there is quite a few more than 3 followers.

    From when white man stepped onto african soil until today, the black man has remained the same and will always remain the same. When people go and "vote" do they really believe that even if the DA wins, that things will change? Maybe libs had such a sense of superiority that they actually believed that getting rid of apartheid, they will change blacks into becoming westerners with western values.
    Black will be back, you can dress them in the finest clothes and even put a Hublot watch on their wrist, they will still revert back to their culture.

    1. This blog gets 3000 to 6000 hits a day. One man. No advertisements. No soliciting for donations. No sponsors. Just the truth. Eat your heart out.

    2. Yet you refuse to post comments that don't sync with your point of view. What is the point of the blog if you don't accept people challenging your believes and views? It's called robust debating.

    3. I publish 99% of comments. Especially the ones that "Don't sync with my point of view". The ones I normally dump are kak comments like yours above that do not contribute anything to the debate and are just silly name calling bollocks. Comments like, "Oh you are so racist on here"..."O, I cannot believe how ignorant you racists are"...

      BTW you are welcome to piss off whenever you want. Go comment on the ANC's webpage.

    4. Anonymous1:04 am

      There is a lot to be said for living simply. We may not all want to live in mud huts and drink sorghum beer - which life style choice I see nothing wrong with - but German luxury cars, for example, even if they are locally assembled, are too expensive and in any case vastly overrated. In addition most of them are stolen to be sold north so you pay another arm and leg for insurance. Drive a Nissan or Korean car until it falls apart. If you want to live in Africa, be an Africa realist. The country has its limitations, but it has a lot of space and freedom. I would hate to go back to Holland. Germany was a well run country until Angela Merkel stuffed things up. The southern European countries all have messed up economies. So do we, you may argue, but live with it.

    5. Norman5:19 am

      I have not commented on this blog for about two years because I am too busy reading it. I also only commented when comment was due. I will be commenting more frequently from now on to dispel the myth of there being only three followers. That's all for now, I need to get back to reading Opening Pandora's... for the fourth time.

  23. Democracy in Africa is the election of the incompetent and corrupt by the "breed at the price of a paw paw " ignorant and illiterate.Nothings gonna change - nowhere on the planet is there evidence of a successfully run country by blacks. They struggle to run a bath

    1. If running a bath came easy to them the fuckers wouldn't smell so funny.

    2. Anonymous1:22 am

      Many blacks still don't have access to reliable running water. I machine wash my gardener's overalls every week and give him antibacterial soap to shower with. I also pay Joburg rates living in the country. I get remarks of, "Why don't you pay less since you don't live in Joburg anymore." A loaf of bread costs more or less the same at every Pick 'n Pay in the country, and so does a bag of mielie meal.

      I am not a liberal white, I just like my garden to look good. If I have contented staff I don't have to endure sour faces around me.

      In Europe a garden with masses of trees, shrubs and flower borders is a luxury hardly anyone can afford.

    3. Anonymous12:08 pm

      Anon 1.22
      And neither should you have a huge garden with borders - unless you are willing and able to do the work yourself. You lazy sloth. Get off your arse and do the work yourself and stop exploiting the poor and desperate.

    4. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Ja well ok Anon 12:08 PM. Our stand isn't that big, only 900 sq m. I am, however, beginning to realise my comment was a bit silly. Who are we to criticise blacks for stinking? Maybe they like the way they stink same as a skunk. On Tuesday the gardener comes in to be trained again. He gets trained over and over and over and over and over and over and over again every goddam week because he has a lower attention span than a mosquito and is even more of a blood sucker.

      I wish we had access to a garden service that employs whites. They don't exist in this country as far as I know. Certainly not in our town.

    5. Anonymous5:13 am

      On our enclosed stand of 900 sq m we now have three sets of sensor alarm beams at the front and back. The high brick back and side walls have razor wire on top. To our right we have a pair of idiots who believe that Jesus will protect them and so they leave their gate open and create a security risk for their neighbours as well as themselves. To our left we have a pair of tenants with an ancient faded Chubb sign on their front wall, a sure sign to any burglar that they are not subscribed to any armed response company. Predictably they are hit by burglars who smash a car window in the carport, find nothing in the car to steal, and then decide to jump over the boundary wall to see if they can't do better at the neighbour's place. (This was before we put up the Camp Guantanamo style razor wire fencing.) This is all in the early hours of a Saturday morning. Forget about horizontal burglar bars keeping three zots out. The melanin rich have flat, narrow heads, like aliens, and once they can get their head through the bars the rest of the body slithers through. Thank fuck they only stole a computer from the study where the windows were left open and the door closed. The cops caught the same zots breaking into another house not from us. We actually got our computer back. No insurance claim then, yippee, our insurance premiums won't have to go up. So the razor wire came up.

      Our properties are potential war zones, people. Deal with it.

  24. I read your blog and your followers responses daily, I have not commented on it for a while now. Just a couple of questions please. How many WHITE South Africans do you think will actually stand for what they really believe in? How determined do you think these that are prepared to stand are? I have been out of country for sometime so help me right here, as there any active resistance cells in existence?( maybe not the right question to answer on this form on media), why do I see no sigh of solidarity within the white population? A quick note here the ANC was banned in this country for so many years but yet they operated under the noses of the security forces and they eventually succeeded in their aim. If we cannot bind together as a race and culture, even if we share different opinions then we are doomed and the battle is lost. I might not agree with what Joe Soap says but should I not unify with him to defeat a common enemy? Lets look at Ireland, the IRA was banned and physically hunted but that did not stop them from waging a war where they set the ROE. The ANC did the same to us, we fought them on there terms, why do we not engage them on ours? Why havent the DA and all these supposed oppositions cried for sanctions and embargoes against the ANC? Retorical question that, let me answer it though. Because whether they are DA. COPE,EFF, PAC,I do not know how many there are or who they are the fact remains that the supposed opposition is still there brother and my brother is black and we have a common, HE IS WHITE. I want to know how many South Africans will stick the old flag and old coat of arms on their motor vehicles as a sign of resistance to black on white racism and as a sign of solidarity to each other. Very interested to see this happen as then we as a resistance to getting fucked over and rail roaded can actually see how many us there are that are prepared to do something about whats been done to us.

    1. Let me try and answer some of your questions.
      As for White Associations, for want of a better description. Suidlanders is purported to have something like 800 000 members/followers. I can't substantiate that number but that's what I've gleaned. They are a defensive organisation because as you quite rightly remarked concerning "Armed Resistance" organisations, that would be illegal activity. But, having said that, logically by extension of the defensive/protectionist intentions there must be some form of armed defense involved. It's no use evacuating large numbers of people to safe areas and having no means of safeguarding them? Then there are also outfits like the Kommando Korps, AWB, etc.
      The ANC didn't win this country [although they got it]. It was gifted to them by the bunch of traitors in charge at the time.
      As for the so called "Opposition" parties, you are spot on. They are merely different forms of the same demented ideology designed to disenfranchise the Whites.
      I have, on my vehicle, Mike's "ResistANCe" sticker and another one that says, "You can't scare me. I was born in South Africa." with the old flag on it.
      I think each one of us like-minded, straight thinking people should at least have the former displayed on our vehicles for ID purposes and fostering a spirit of solidarity. I think the problem is that at the moment people are insecure because they have nothing to identify with so they try and remain anonymous rather. If they can be assured that there are others, like them, out there they will be encouraged to come out of their shells.
      That's my twopence worth's anyway.

    2. Anonymous5:38 am

      I have been reading this blog for quite some time and there are only really a handful of useful people who comment. Most comments are from the same handful of individuals. This just shows that there is no real unity with the broader readers or willingness on the part of the larger group to take part - either in discussion or anything more.

    3. Anonymous5:44 am

      Tomkat's Tribulations1:59 AM
      Keep those pennies coming in and don't underestimate yourself my mate. Your intelligent "two pence worth" here is worth more than what the combined ANC and EFF ignoramuses could ever have to offer!

    4. Anonymous9:36 am

      whites are too stuck on their meids and ousies, thats why

    5. LTMA you need to join groups. They will give you more clarity on the direction on things we cant mention on sites like this. You need to attend meetings too. I am not saying go ballistic but it will sooth the questions dramatically.

      Like Tom said.. Suidlanders is a good starting point- nothing as big as it exist elsewhere for our cause. They seem to be responsive but believe me they are being proactive in ALL areas and will be able to react with military precision force. They have closed leadership positions in order to prevent agents from infiltrating.

      There are other more hardcore groups ass well and i cant mention them on here but if you look hard enough you will find them. You dont have too if you dont want too because they are or most of them are already linking up with the Suidlanders.

      But be proud because though, not many people know this, we actually do have a strong resistance lurking underneath the detection radar.

      Also that element of surprise will be be a plus point no doubt.


    6. Anonymous10:35 am

      Anonymous5:38 AM
      Quite so my mate but yet because a modern progressive nation knows what economic hardships, tribulations, and destruction an internal civil war can bring to a country. They are still living in the false hope that the crisis situation will change for the better. However when they personally become a direct target and victim they will soon come a running to the blog with all of the support and unity they can offer. Our time will come believe you me my mate and they will be screaming their support.

    7. Thank you fellows, with TTs response this morning I have found the Suidlanders and am taking the necessary steps. I believe that being prepared is where we all should be. Thanks again.

    8. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Can i just post a like to your comment.


      (Mike take tips for your page) ....Likes...

    9. Anonymous10:50 pm

      When they decide they are gonna kill every white person in sight and take all they have, (like zim) we will all have one thing in common. A fight for survival. Then it won't matter who is rich or poor, or Afrikaans or English or, or, or. We will all stand together as one. We will have nothing. Except our lives and one another. And unlike Zimbabwe, we will have nowhere to go. It's the death, the sea or fight. That is no choice. How determined would you be if you had no choice? It's inevitable that we will all unite and fight.

    10. LtMA, you're more than welcome mate. You've done the right thing by taking the first step. I have a mate whose favourite saying is, "It's a good thing." and what you've done is. I am a member of SL even though I live in the Kalahari which I think is definitely not even a low risk area. A no risk area might better describe it, but things can change overnight.
      From the ambience or atmosphere that is starting to pervail on the blog it's obvious that decent thinking people are coming together. Keep it up manne and spread the word!

    11. Anonymous12:36 pm

      Anonymous5:38 AM
      Start the call for a more intense and momentous unity rolling mate and spread your call for closer unity at every available opportunity. Don't let it be of concern only here upon this blog but wherever else upon this earth you might happen to be. Only a minority of human beings are born to be leaders and the rest are born to follow. Many of the sheep out there that follow are still too dumb to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

  25. Anonymous4:03 am

    BN "Imagine if one of our previous leaders just planner or mapped out a something for this nation 500 years into the future - ". We did receive a plan, it is in the Bible,it is called "separation". The reality of the situation is: Thank God we are white and our enemy not. Thank God they are ruling now and not us. For they will reduce numbers among themselves first, they are not happy with their own ruler. Factions will first fight each other. We will not get involved this time. Previously we got involved, we separated them into Homelands. Typical African style, they were unhappy about this. Why? Because they could not get any industry going and got hungry. We are aware that ultimately they will be told by the NWO that they should be killing us, not each other. We are prepared, aware of the hidden agendas with Africa. The joiners that still think they can negotiate with them will meet their death and will only understand what we have been telling them at the last moment. We will never be able to kill them all without Divine intervention. This will happen. How do we know all this? We were giving a clear plan and map by the ONLY King. However, we have to follow His rules. This is where we are still failing hopelessly,we fear the unknown and cling to what we have. Our faith will safe us in the end. We will unite. Many will be killed, we are willing to die for our children who are dispossessed of a heritage,future and religious freedom. Africans want to live in luxury one day, and the next day they want to live according to African culture and worship their gods. Most of them want grants,not work. They DEMAND more and more all the time. They do not understand economy, a balance sheet and living by rules. Does Africa belong to blacks? No, Earth belongs to God, He planted us here in Africa, He drew borders and created nations. What we do not know is when the revolution will start,for that we have to be prepared. Any day could be d-day. Apr-May? LTMA, no need for a flag at this stage, the color of our skin is our flag. Those who read the signs are wide awake. Groups do exist. Those with skeptical views, are aware of the groups,will come running. A lot of folks, got the "feeling" and left the cities. That is already a sign that abnormal forces are at work. Any one that has not joined a group yet can only blame themselves if tomorrow is the day. Mark 13:36, is THE only motto to live by.

    1. Anonymous8:04 am


      Anonymous4:03 AM

      If we followed the plan we would not be here.

      It mentions in Numbers to destroy the heathen among Israel and not leave a single enemy behind. Or they will become snares and thorns in your side...

      That is what was meant to happen, not the way we did it.

  26. @ TomKat, The biggest issues we have are purely based on numbers. We are just outnumbered. I mean ja we can all move to the Cape and secede from SA, but we Europeans all over the world cant unify. Its our nature to be individualistic, its a postive and negative trait. Im 28 years old. I see no point or hope for this country, I love hearing the old folks talk about the good old days, sadly myself and other young have never experienced it. We all grew up with darkie presidents, high crime rates, outnumbered at schools, universities. Im sure if the older saffas decided to fight for our right to this land, all young people would gladly join. But most saffas have their head in the sand waiting for something. We are just eaking out an existence in an ever increasing dark world. Imagine SA 100 years from now, 100mill blacks, and say roughly 2mill whites who refused to leave.. its a scary thought. And we must remember the issue isnt with blacks directly, it is their puppet masters, the elite of this world, the only people who are not allowed to be criticized. ZOG. @ Mike, I love your blog, I read it daily. Always glad how many commentators there are!

    1. Why so negative Tyrone? My scenario in 100 years is 50 Million whites and 0 blacks.

    2. Anonymous5:58 am

      I hear you. But the numbers they got is of the back of our world class farmers. That has changed now. Substance farming can’t support 100M people. I dont think it cant even support 10M people.

    3. Anonymous8:02 am


      The Israelite's have always been outnumbered.

      Not even the greatest armies in this world can compare to the Lord.

      Go back to the war book, the bible. The bible is a was book for when Israel are in trouble.

    4. Anonymous8:50 am

      Tyrone, ons ouer garde het eens op n tyd lank gelede geleef met n mate van nasie-trots en patriotisme. Ons was mededeelsaam en het omgegee vir ons naastes. Ons het soos n eenheid op die grens en Angola saamgeveg. Ek onthou hoe ons as geharde soldate gehuil het toe ons ons dooie makkers uit n lykshuis in Angola moes dra. Dit is wat jy n eenheid noem.
      Ons het grootgeword in n bestaan waar die woord "misdaad" nie eers deel van die woordeskat was nie.
      Op 28 jaar oud het ek twee huise gehad wat klaar betaal was(bygese ek het baie hard gewerk daarvoor en twee jaar diensplig gedoen) Ek noem nie hierdie dinge om jou jaloers te maak nie maar as ons saamwerk, jonk en oud , kan dinge terugkeer na tye soos voorheen.

    5. Anonymous9:33 am

      0 blacks? You arent even going to keep at least 1 black tranny to remind us about the good old days? lol

    6. Tyrone you can be 28 and it doesn't matter what you have experienced. The white man or most have an inbuilt mechanism that tells you what is right and wrong. We dont need posters at swimming pools to tel us it is wrong to rape girls or sodomize young boys.

      I know the younger generation have been indoctrinated in schools and when such young ones wake up to reality and the evil of it all they can feel overwhelmed.

      Just know that as a white young man you need to take ownership of your inheritance and fulfill your obligation to act upon it.

      We have been blessed with these traits and to just roll over, run or give them up is not what we, me, your forefathers, our nation and our descendants are about.

      Dont sound so put down. Empower yourself and take charge. We can win this and we will. Even the puppet masters need gold and we are walking on the biggest load.

    7. Anonymous11:17 am

      Anon 8:02

      The Israeli's also now have America backing them.

      And don't forget the 2000 years they were without a nation.

    8. Makes me think of this forwarded recently...lol

      Russian Military Academy

      The commanding officer at the Russian Military Academy (the equivalent of a 4-star general in the U.S. ) gave a lecture on 'Potential Problems and Military Strategy'.

      At the end of the lecture, he asked are there questions?

      An officer stood up and asked, "Will there be a third world war?

      And will Russia take part in it?"

      The general answered both questions in the affirmative.

      Another officer asked, "Who will be the enemy?"

      The general replied, "All indications point to China".

      Everyone in the audience was shocked. A third officer remarked, "General, we are a nation of only 150 million, compared to the 1.5 billion Chinese. Can we win at all, or even survive?"

      The general answered, "Just think about this for a moment: In modern warfare, it is not the quantity of soldiers that matters but the quality of an army's capabilities. For example, in the Middle East we have had a few wars recently where 5 million Jews fought against 150 million Arabs, and Israel was always victorious."

      After a small pause, yet another officer from the back of the auditorium asked:
      "Do we have enough Jews ?

    9. Haha thanks for that Donycero, I dont mean to sound down. Just when you realize how much crap we are in, it is overwhelming! I can put it like this, im sitting with a loaded gun, feet itching waiting for the moment we rise up!

    10. Tyrone take heart young man, there are still enough of us Oumanne left here to guide you youngsters and fuck 'em, we were always outnumbered, but never took a backward step. As Anon 8:50 said ons was 'n eenheid met trotse waardes. We were a unit and worked together; Dutchman, Porra, Engelsman whatever and we won. The odds against us are not so heavy. They're just numbers and numbers don't count, capabilities do. Relax and get prepared. You should maybe get in touch with JP Viljoen, if you live in Jo'burg.

    11. eehhmm...Portuguese people do not like to be called "Porras". It is a very ugly word in their language.

    12. Mustafa9:41 am

      Porra! I did not know that. Thanks. I looked it up.

      And to think of all the portuguese I've unwittingly insulted over the years. 😂

    13. Shit! I apologise to all the Iberian peninsula expats.

    14. Anonymous1:25 am

      The wealthiest people by far in our town are Portuguese. They work long hours and are generally good Catholics who benefit their community.

    15. Anonymous6:29 pm

      Tom don't feel bad I had a Portuguese friend who insisted we all call him Porra. Good times. He was a good guy.

    16. Anonymous8:55 pm

      Anon 1:25
      If they are so great they can fuck off back to Portugal and fix it then.

    17. Just a note on the Portuguese. They are our canary in the mine. The day they've silently disappeared overnight, we can know shit is about to hit the fan. They all remember Mozambique...

  27. Anonymous4:54 am

    The reality is that us whites do not understand the power that we have. To us the measure of resistance is defined by means of some form of illegal act or by an armed or physical conflict. We may well make up about 9% of the population; but we control a vast number of living and breathing parasites who would not be able to survive on a daily basis without us and our resources. One does not have to break the law in order to affect small but meaningful changes which will harm many mouths that feed off of us. It just requires a mind shift. It also requires one to stop viewing them as humans and to become hard and ruthless on the inside whilst being polite on the outside.

    REMEMBER: When they call you a "RACIST" just respond by saying the following: "you are saying that because I am white and racism is a code word for ANTI-WHITE".

    1. Anonymous9:27 am

      Anon4:54 I maintain that those that see racism in everything little thing is riddled with it.

    2. Anonymous10:55 am

      Exactly. When whites stop employing the 'meid' and the 'gedner' and let the government provide the jobs then they will have to stop flocking to live attached to the whites skin like a parasite. But will the whites give up on there cheap labour? NO


  28. Anonymous5:19 am

    The Criminal Cabal have given the kaffer free rein to run the country into the ground, then they will come in an take everything for bugger all. They do not care about the white and even less for the kaffer.

  29. @Anon my skin colour is the same as that Suzmann woman that made the traitors of a proud nation paint the Caspir yellow with a blue stripe, its also the same colour as the turd that took a white mans vote given in faith to lead, protect and defend our country and use it to give him authority to give away a country that he had no right to, I want something that tells the white liberals that they can face the same treatment from me as what my enemy who they support will get. My own belief and i say my own because i cannot force my belief onto anyone else, is that if somebody is not with me they are against me and the old adage of the enemy of my enemy is my frend is a lie. For the emeny of my enemy can turn against me as quick as he turned against my enemy. I would like to see a show of strenght displayed by whites in SA because all i have heard from people here since getting back is how we are been paid back for what we did to these par,s with aparthied. I respond with saying that if it wasnt for aparthied these par,s would not have anything to steal, break or lose and democracy would not have anything to blame for its failures. If we start displaying our unity( remember these words, you men of old " UNITY IS STRENGTH") with the coat of arms and flag that we served with pride, honour and integrity, these par,s are going to start showing respect because when 20 cars in a traffic line show a symbol of resistance, taxi will not try push in, cut off or drive like a pig.that is my opinion.@ Tomkat, thank you for the information I did not know that the preparedness and number was so advanced, if we do go head to head I know that the loses will be far greater for the agressor than for the defender, I now understand why there was a need to disarm the white pop and bring in stupid gun control because with the numbers you state, booi knows he is going to bleed and that he hasn't the determination, skill, courage, tenacity or intelligence to defeat the resistance any time soon.

    1. Anonymous6:40 am

      Agreed LTMA 6:21 AM and their total destruction must be our final deed of resistance and we must send them all into the hereafter as soon as possible.

    2. Anonymous6:28 pm

      Absolute total destruction. These parasitic animals may not infect the world any further.

  30. Anonymous7:52 am

    Have you read the latest in news24 Mike , an attack on Zums is an attack on us , so all who rally with zumole are with him as crooked as he is . Shows everyone what they all used to . CRIMINAL ACTIVITY !!

  31. Anonymous8:11 am



    "Why is it that under the black government there are so many problems? How can we sit here as blacks and watch this happening? The apartheid police used to arrest the suspects," the man said.

    He was addressing Hawks head Major General Berning Ntlemeza, Police Minister Nathi Nhleko, Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha and National Prosecuting Authority boss Shaun Abrahams at an imbizo in Durban.

    "When we give the police information about suspects who do crime in the area, the police take the information and give it to the suspects in exchange for money. Police get paid, but they don’t arrest suspects," he told the delegation.

  32. Anonymous10:15 am


    Something all anc presidents can be proud of in their legacy.

    I miss the mellow yellows.

    1. Anonymous4:44 pm

      Ja, the good old days.


    2. Ja - nee..

      Watch this. The 'taakmag' from the early 90's.


  33. Anonymous11:21 am

    I blame Grant,Child Grant,looking after Child Grant,unmarried Grant,non working Grant,old Grant,ex veteran Grant,just being a kaffir grant.The sooner we can get rid of Grant the better we will all be.Except those lovely fat fucks of mothers that iron their daughters tits (a big thing now in the UK) to make them ugly,for fucks sake is that overkill or what??

    1. Indeed, Grant, is the source of all evil.

  34. Interesting..


  35. Anonymous12:08 pm

    You made one mistake, it should be "elite". You forgot the quotation marks.

  36. Learned Helplessness
    The Misconception: If you are in a bad situation, you will do whatever you can do to escape it.

    The Truth: If you feel like you aren’t in control of your destiny, you will give up and accept whatever situation you are in.

    Mike first address this issue way back in July 2014...reading through the comments here seems nothing has changed. White people should never allow themselves to become pathetic. We are builders and warriors. We created civilization and the world as we know it. Why are we allowing this political BS to get us so negative. There are still many opportunities out there. Go do it!!

  37. http://www.strike-the-root.com/slavespeak-part-i

  38. While at Sussex University, Mbeki banged at least one white girl. One he was especially hung up on, a Canadian, apparently got cold feet at the prospect of having to introduce her black boyfriend to her parents, and elected to go back to Canada alone. What part this rejection has played in Mbeki's lifelong grudge against whites is impossible to say.

    1. Well I shook hands with Mbeki once and spoke to him for about ten minutes. He is very small in stature. Maybe the small size of his dick had something to do with his rejection by the Canadian girl. Maybe he just suffers from little man syndrome. His father Govin Mbeki was very distant to his children. Mbeki was raised by his uncle and sent to misionary schools. He didn't want to go to Sussex. He was forced to by the party. If you meet him then you will realise that he is in fact quite clever. He thinks he knows everything about everything. He loves the internet and sitting up late at night with a glass of Johnnie Walker surfing the internet. He is an avid reader of this blog. He loves it. Cannot stay away from it. It is the first think he dreads in the morning and the last thing he reads at night.

  39. Anonymous5:48 am

    How do you know all that stuff did you join him for a walkie and a few rollies, Transkei reds no doubt after all he is a Pondo, anyway where is my comment about the kwashiokor babies.

    1. "The kwashiokor babies"? Where?

      Try posting it again. Blogger has an automatic spam detector and sometimes drop comments in the spam folder.

    2. Anonymous7:59 am

      Just finished a 16 hr shift need to eat then sleep don't post this one will re type of the comment

  40. Mike have you ever noticed how Mbeki models his appearance on the JC Smuts?

  41. And I do believe his brother is the truly smart and intelligent one in the family and should have actually been the president, not him. But Africa surprises all the time.

  42. Anonymous7:48 am

    A good guest knows when to leave, certain people on this continent need to leave. We can help you pack the laptops,tar on the roads and paint because the land and the soil belong to us they can stay......oh! and also the clothes we can wear Egyptian cotton or Ashanti clothes it is cool, take everything you feel it is western ingenuity and pack it on your ships the ones you came to Africa UNINVITED and go to wherever you cane from do not stress you can take the statures and your colonialism and racism all that you feel belongs to you and ship the fuck out then we good. You go live in a place full of your kind and we stay here with our kind. Problem solved ao !!!! mxm I have started packing the tar, laptops and books around Pretoria You know to speed up the process so that at least at least by December you out of Africa. I bet you happy hey !! Trust me I am jealous but I will stay in this hell hole don't stress. Shapo

    1. Anonymous11:07 pm

      And then maybe you should go live back in the mud hut where you came from, in a world where your people did not know what a wheel was, had no writing, money or civilization.

      Without whites you would still be the same. Your clothes, electronics, TV, computer, electricity, Internet, lights, cars etc all invented by whites.

      And if you people ever try anything against us, it won't be like Rwanda it will be like Yugoslavia and you can kiss 'South Africa' goodbye.

    2. You just proved your stupidity by posting that..

      Rean LTMA's comment below. What then are you kaffirs doing by running to Europe.? Best is, you go there with the same self entitlement attitude and believe they owe you something.?? Tipies kaffir.

      Please be so kind and bring me your 'Written' history starting from 1650, not the shit you talk about around a few milk stouts. When we docked here you were still in central Africa eating your brothers... Literally.!

      Now doos. You got what you wanted, that is you got the rulership of SA, but thanks to your greed and arrogant pride you fucked it up in just 20 years. That's probably a new record for destroying 350 years of work..

      Buy hey, I'm probably wasting my time typing this cause you idiots can't reply when the truth hits you in the face.? You people like to take a shit on someone's doorstep and run away...

    3. Anonymous11:45 pm

      And you kaffirs are unwelcome in the Republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State. I tell you what you monkey, why dont you come and make me leave my country of birth swaapo? Please try it. That will be the biggest and final mistake you kaffirs will make.

    4. @Anonymous7:48
      Hehe...you are going to help pack the laptops, tar on the roads and paint? What is that all about? If you mean that you want to get rid of all things Western in your society, you will find out it is basically EVERYTHING that you currently have around you. Hehe...if the civilized people of South Africa leave and they take everything civilized with them, there will be nothing left. We didn't come here with ships, we were born here. We have as much right here as anyone else. Blacks are currently running to Europe in their billions, because as soon as the Whites leave their country, its only a year then they have nothing and starve. So now they are running after the Whites and invading Europe. So you see its not "problem solved" when the Whites leave. Its "problem begin". Look around in the world and you will see blacks are total flops, wherever they are. All black ruled countries are hell holes...you don't even have to look far, just look how stupidly blacks had ruled South Africa. Where we had high international regard before, we are considered a joke on the international level now. So keep cool my man and don't stress so much

    5. Things will and are getting worse. First-world countries are brain-intensive. Automation eats rapidly away at the low-end jobs for which blacks are usually qualified. In a technological society, people at the bottom at some point become economically unnecessary, unemployable for anything at any wage. This happens now to blacks, and soon will to unintelligent, dumbed-down whites. The unnecessary will need, do need, to be kept in custodial care, however disguised. The alternative is starvation.

      On the one hand, in the black communities hatred of whites is strong. It is not resentment or mere anger. It is hatred. Things are lousy, and it is Whitey who did it. Life is going nowhere; people live meaninglessly and don’t know what to do about it. There are no jobs. The economy doesn’t need them. They do not know why they are in the mess they are in, so, they blame whitey. Everything is always someone else's fault. Whatever is wrong in their lives, whatever woes and miseries they bear these are the fault of whites. The impression is of an angry people who, in isolation from historical reality, weave a world that isn't there and then live in it. And so they protect the grievance, shield it from thought; cherish it as others cherish their children. To suggest that blacks need to solve their own problems brings cries of racism. When blacks demand reparations, a white, acting in the European tradition of logic and analysis, is likely to point that he has never owned slaves, that blacks under 30 years of age have never known discrimination, that he never supported grand Apartheid, that his ancestors arrived in SA in 1923 from France/Poland /Wherever. None of this makes the slightest impression on blacks. They can't look at their position rationally because it doesn't hold together rationally, and would threaten the grievance.
      And on the other hand, whites are giving up on blacks. Ritualistic talk continues about poverty and ‘closing the gap’, and AA/BBB, etc. is accepted as entitlement, but no one does anything or knows what to do or has much interest. Many whites are quietly angry while others revel in flagellating themselves over White Privilege, but chiefly for the joy of narcissistic self-abasement. It has little to do with blacks.
      But things are getting explosive. Black extremists have often called for it, thoughtful blacks have worried about it, and a lot of whites think “bring it on.” The media carefully will call it “civil unrest” when what is meant is “race war.” They don’t really grasp that the human animal is savage, cruel, vindictive, and murderous. This diagnosis may seem excessive if you are well-fed, content, and more or less in control of your life. It is not excessive.
      History, and especially present day Africa, are full of groups butchering each other for reasons of race, ethnicity, and nationality. The real danger in South Africa is that blacks, favoured by the media and liberals, accustomed to intimidating whites, may push too far and find that they have made a very serious mistake.

    6. @anon7:48, I cannot claim to be astounded by your ignorace , so I will not. Your Egyptian cotton is exactly that. Egyptians were not black they were actually Arabic by origin and really intelligent progressive, something that your type wasn't. When they first discovered the Nubian which by the way is black people, they discovered hm in the Ethiopia of today. They realised that the only use for him was slavery. They did not at that time know that the Nubian was only interested in cock and cunt and bred like fucking flies and destroyed everything they touched. Sadly for Egypt they realised to late and the Nubian bred themselves right into Egypt status. Now you want to claim that the Egyptians were black and they discovered cotton, that's like telling me that your the also invented hieroglyphic writing, please hold on and hour while I control my hysterical laughter. You truly are a fucking liar you people still cannot write properly. The San and the Khoi who actually own this land that we live in recorded their history in paint and art before your type came here and drove them out or fucked them out like you did the Egyptians and are busy doing to the Europeans and Americans now, truth be told you would like to do the same here that way you will retain a tiny bit of intelligence. So stop you crap slat and tell yourself the painful truth that your type is only good for living off intelligent beings but so wants to be intelligent themselves that they cannot actually see their ignorance. As for white stuff you want to pack up, why the fuck do your type want free education, its white stuff that, isn't it? Go crawl back into your hut and stay there because progression isxwhat they words means your type is a regressive species and would not have made it this far if intelligence had not put foot into Africa. You would have eaten each other long time ago just like in the mfecane. So please stop talking crap. Please on my behalf make it before December because I really am tired of hearing your empty threats and bullshit bravado.

    7. Stephen12:42 pm

      Shapo jou kaffir doos - fokof !
      Why don't you leave this cyber-space created by europeans.
      Have your mud then, us whites can turn barren land into a paradise , you're just showing how stupid you ate so carry on rumbling , see you got some fetish with tar and books,,,o fok .

      See you - wouldn't wanna be you .

    8. Anonymous1:58 pm

      @White Oak - great comment, mate.

    9. @ White Oak 6:44 Fuck! mate, youre good. Carry on like this I will vote for you to be president. Hear me out here. Presently this country is going into a fammine created by the ruling party, this will create more anger towards us pale faces from the dark side. So what you have just stated above is now being fuel by a government engineered starvation, not that there is no food available, its just to bloody expensive to buy. Now put this together with your thesis on the unemployable and the existing hatered that prevails, boy! Have we not the perfect recipe for a bloody and when I say bloody I mean the true runny red stuff civil war. The dark side as you see will not blame their leaders they have not the courage to stand up to their leaders so they are going to come at us for we will be blamed for the high umeployment (Ramaphosa already told them that whites have to much control over business in SA, JZ thas told them that they must ignore law and order, not quite in those words but close enough) so the leaders have pointed them in the right direction. The masses are going to first start on us and apart from racial hatred by natural order, they also believe our fridges and cupboards to be filled with food, that is what will drive the insanity to start. So mate what you state is the introduction to a catastrophic event unseen on this continent because my opinion is that the dark side has already pushed passed the line of tolerance from the white side. Let me thumbs up your response and hope that lots of people read it because it puts things into perspective in a manner that even the dark side can understand. As for me I will now go back to the whetstone to hone the machete edge because you have just dropped the penny on realistic time frame, I was hoping that anon somewhere would pack us up and ship us off by latest December, I think we might see some action by mid winter now. So best you have your teeth checked out because you might just be needing them. May the Force be with us.

    10. Anonymous5:27 am


      @Anonymous7:48 AM

      Hey kaffir! We will do that, first turn off your laptop & throw away your phones, take off those clothes & head back to the Jungles from where you came from kaffir!

      Western Cape, Northern Cape, Part of the Eastern Cape, Part of Natal, Orange free state & Natal ARE OURS - no kaffirs in this country were there when we arrived.

      Next time, I will make sure that what is mentioned in the old testament about these Canaanites actually happens.

      If its good for God, then its good for me.

  43. @anon7:24 am, I hear you, the problem is that when we go back to Europe we find that your kind has already infested Europe and continues to infest it, you do not know what the fuck you as talking about when you tell us whites to go back to Europe. You blacks will starve without us and you will not have the motorcars that you now drive, you will not have the clothes that you wear and you will definitely not have the infrastructure that your kind are busy destroying at the present time. When you sit in SA with a dictator like Mugabe you will do the exodus like the Zimbabweans have done and run to white mans country. Why don't you admit it to yourself that without the mlungu your breed is fucked, you will all be bush dwellers within 2 years, too scared to stand up to a dictator as we are now seeing your spineless numbers doing with Jacob Zuma, you will start killing and eating each other and that is the nature of your beast. I will make a deal with you when you pull all your brothers, sister, cousins, aunty, uncles and the rest of your black tribesman from Europe and stay the fuck away from White mans country, I as a white person will consider dropping my view point of you and your kind and maybe going back to Europe. You seem to think that white people are afraid of you blacks well mate why do you cowards attack the old and defenseless and woman and children? The truth is you're shit scared of the whiteys because you know we are not going to give in like the liberals and traitors gave in and give into you. So I and I Alone say to you come and put me on that ship, I beg you because just my passion for this land overcomes your greed I will not even talk about my determination, skill or desire. Your cry for the us to leave these shores is as old as I am and as empty as that KFC box that you throw on the ground.

    1. Anonymous3:22 am

      LTMA. 8:22 AM
      RIGHT ON MATE AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE HUGE VOLUME OF EMPTINESS/VACUUM WITHIN THEIR GREEDY MINDLESS KAFFIR HEADS. According to scripture God created man after His own likeness and image but these mindless black imitations are definitely a worthless false replica created by Satan somewhere in a dark pit downstairs!

  44. Anonymous10:07 am


    Listen to this shit

    This is why I will not watch, sponsor this sport.


    Racists at their best!

    Anyone who supports such policies is a traitor.

  45. Anonymous10:11 am


    It thinks socialism is nothing more than being social.... Fuck but these things are dumb! They learn to speak English but make no sense, they take everything so literally.


    Socialism is being a parent and looking after your community, if this is the best and brightest they have from university..... We know there is no hope here with this lot.

    Follow the book of Deuteronomy, I dont want to live with these things please, no more God!

    This is their best & brightest! Just proves education is useless when a nation doesnt educate itself. They cant apply thinking/logic to text written by a Caucasian.

    Hence why they never ever formed their own education, off their own backs!

  46. Detroit Refugee10:33 am

    I know that Die-versity is the greatest thing on earth,& multiculturalism is the best thing since sliced bread.
    I know these things because they are taught in school & Obama said so on TV.

    1. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Fucking sheeple I tell you by bru!

    2. Anonymous9:37 am

      Detroit Refugee10:33 AM
      Obama is a "bum fairy" and you USA folks must have been real screwed up to vote for s half cast powder puff like that "thing" as your president. What are you guys now going do to rectify and restore the former greatness,admiration and respect of the western world to/for your country? However by the election results of the votes so far you folks still don't know the true reality and difference between "Arthur and Martha"! Perhaps if you all knew more of what's happening here in SA you will get a better picture of what the democrats have in store for you. Stay tuned into our blog mate because there is still much more black shit coming both here and the world! TAKE NOTE THAT IT ALSO INCLUDES AMERICA!

    3. Anonymous10:05 pm

      Anon 9:37

      'Former greatness'? They'll have to go back in time about 50 years.

      Bush was no better, the illegal war in Iraq only caused far more problems.

    4. Anonymous3:43 am

      Anonymous10:05 PM
      Agreed mate but I was referring to the good honest folks who built the most powerful, productive and advanced country upon this planet. I never talk to fools I only piss on them. There are still a good few left who have originated from the old stock and thank God for that!

    5. Anonymous7:17 am

      To: Detroit Refugee 10:33 AM
      Well according to some highly qualified medical practitioners they believe that good sex or even a blowjob is good for a person’s heart. The Clintons and their democratic cronies also believe in something very similar to that. I have downloaded two separate images of Bill and Hilary from the web that can actually prove it. The democratic point of view is that ... “A GOOD BLOWJOB is better than NO JOB”! ... How’s that for good thinking and “JOB CREATION. So girls if you want your man to be strong, healthy and to live much longer yes and even love you more than ever you now know exactly what to do in future. So girls don’t ever be stingy with your sexual favours! However on the other hand if you need some good quick money then starve the bugger to death without the life-giving sex and cash in on his life insurance.

  47. Anonymous3:00 pm

    It will not be Mbaardbekkie next. It will be another damn Zuma. This is planned and she will be marketed as the first black woman president bla bla bla. And will protect Stortkop and the rest of these idiots. http://city-press.news24.com/News/dlamini-zuma-to-step-down-from-au-in-july-linked-to-anc-leadership-20160407

    1. Anonymous11:53 pm

      They are already rooting for this! I don't know who is dumber!

  48. Anonymous4:57 pm



    Same will happen here with the ANC any day soon.

  49. If you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent. [the skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is.…]-David Dunning

    Likewise, Mark Twain pointed out that nothing astonishes people more than to tell them the truth. Deep down, everyone knows the truth about Blacks, but a vital requirement for respectability is to pretend you don’t. The fact is, there are things to like about Blacks - and it mostly have to do with lack of inhibition, a kind of cheerful spontaneity you don’t often find in Whites. Blacks are:
    •more emotional-quick to anger, quick to laugh;
    •impulsive, deficient in self-control;
    •compelled to act out feelings, to dramatize their emotions;
    •unable to distinguish reality from fantasy;
    •in need of a strong authority to enforce proper behaviour.

    One of the great, historic frustrations of liberalism is the failure of Blacks to behave like Whites, no matter how many role models we set up, laws we pass, racial preferences we hand out, or welfare programs we pay for. Blacks are not going to change, so we have to treat with them as they are. I don’t know anyone really who hates Blacks (certainly not like Blacks hate Whites). Instead, all the Whites I know just want to be away from Blacks and it’s entirely due to the well known problems of crime, moral turpitude, state dependency, and hostility. That some Blacks are wonderful people isn’t in dispute - it’s the totality that matters. And invariably, I find that it is the people who have the most experience among Blacks who most want to avoid them. Probably most people in this country would just like to get on with their lives, have a job, raise children, watch or play a bit of sport without racial quotas.

    1. This is a good post, yes. I worked in a black area for more than ten years and I was suprised to learn all the things you mention in your post for myself. I started working there with the idea that all people are the same and equal (thanks to four years at university) But once you are actually amongst blacks, working with them every day, going to their houses and moving in their residential areas you start seeing what you mention in your post. That nice gardener working in your garden is a completely, but completely, different person when he is amongst his own people in his own residential area.
      That's why I never argue with a black, I just give him facts on anything that he says. Drives them up the wall. I love it when they get violent, because I can also get violent. Hehe...I think many of them hate me...but really, we should live seperately. I would really prefer that.

    2. Anonymous11:45 am

      The first thing you notice when a black family moves into your previously white, Indian and coloured neighbourhood is that they don't mow their grass verge. "She be da myoonisipalitees job." So you start getting rats and snakes near your house. That's only the start of it.

  50. I have it on good authority that the IMF & World Bank are meeting in the uSA to discuss the growth of conservative leaders, like Trump, and the ever increasing sustainable groups of conservatives resulting in a drastic increase of action against Christians.
    Smaak my, they are getting worried, but the Zuptas remain oblivious to the kak that's coming, probably believing there's safety in their numbers.

    1. I meant " which is going to result in a drastic increase of action against Christians"!!!!

  51. Anonymous6:35 pm

    hi mike
    what is your personal email address need to ask you something.

  52. To all the dark side and dark siders who read this blog and put your 2 Bob mafeefty cent Worth's comment here, please tell me when you do come to take your country back from us, will you act the proper manner and declare a war on the white man or will your cowardly dark nature be true to form and start the shit then cry to the world when we the white side start really laying your type our on the street and in the bushes and wherever it is that you choose to take us on. I do know that your predecessors where to shit scared to declare war on the old SA government and you ran to other white men to fight your battles, I am talking Russia, Europe the States your type fcked off so quickly to those liberal cunts that you left a fresh shit trail for us to see where you ran. So now will your cowward side win out again. I will tell you another truth the only reason this country was given to you is because you had the backing of white men in foreign countries won over with you bleeding heart fucking down trodden soppy cries, your weakness is pathetic. A quote From Hannibal" spare not the man that begs mercy, spare the man that begs the sword for he be worth 100 of those that beg mercy" . So will you man up to the fight that you want to bring to this land or will you hide behind the cries of your crutch and beg the intervention of another whites man army to assist you. I put my money on the latter. You are cowards and will remain so until the creator of all things removes you from his creation. I will rather be labelled brave but dead than a coward and alive. I await an answer from you lot be it the dark side or your little liberal buddies of pale skin that feel the need to turn against their own to stand up for the pathetic weak and cowardly.

    1. LT. There's no chivalry in kaffir land. They're cowards..

      The only real face to face battle we had with them we knocked em' solid, and the Monument in PTA stands there as proof.

      It's not for us to decide when, but stand firm, the day is coming brother..

  53. Anonymous3:26 am

    LTMA.1:09 AM
    That is telling them black ANC political cheap whores off for sure LTMA. There is nothing lower upon this earth than a political scumbag whore that gives out cheapskate fucks in order to deliberately destroy their own country and only for the sole purpose of enriching themselves by robbing the honest law abiding citizens. So giving them the label of being "COWARDS" is far too kind a word to use mate. However to me they are nothing being worthless political "SLUTS"!

  54. Anonymous5:05 am

    New post please Mike. The thread's becoming a bit frayed...

  55. Anonymous5:41 am

    Folks, I am not promoting violence. Not at all. (Disclaimer). I just think that this video clip is very interesting and would like to share it with you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPJMk2fgJU

    1. FSP Russia Pappi'.. Gotta love it.!