26 April 2016

How to rebuild South Africa's economy after the ANC is gone

By Mike Smith
26th of April 2016

One of the most sobering books any South African can ever read is The Lexus and the olive tree: Understanding Globalisation by Thomas L. Friedman (1999).

The book is at the same time funny as it is depressing, but it is a chance to benchmark oneself. When I read it I realised that as long as the ANC is in power, black South Africans do not stand an ice cube’s chance in hell of ever making it in a globalized, technological world.

Friedman recounts how he went to the Lexus luxury car factory in Japan where he saw 300 cars being produced each day by 66 human beings and 300 robots. “From what I could tell,” he writes, “The human beings were there mostly for quality control. Only a few of them were actually screwing in bolts or soldering parts together. The robots were doing all the work”.

Now bear that in mind when you look at the South African economy.

South Africa’s economy is mostly mining and agricultural based with a bit of manufacturing in the automotive and armed sectors. What made it competitive in the world market was the source of relatively skilled, but cheap labour.

However, for years the ANC told these black workers that they were being exploited and oppressed by the white man. So when they came to power they instituted high minimum wages and made it almost impossible to fire a black person.

The unions through Cosatu became more and more militant. On top of it they introduced draconian and racist Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in education, sport, etc and did nothing to curb the crime wave sweeping the country. A “brain drain” followed as hundreds of thousands of skilled workers left the country.

The ANC’s answer and attitude were...”They are just racists who don’t want to live under black rule.”

The result was that infrastructure collapsed, the electricity supply became unreliable, education was dumbed down with Outcomes Based Education and the ridiculous SETA system reducing skill dramatically, reducing production and as unemployment grew, so did crime and social ills. Mass action strikes became the order of the day.

Under the ANC our health services and hospitals collapsed, doctors and nurses left the country, HIV, AIDS and TB increased exponentially and workers became more and more unreliable.

In fact the ANC did everything in their power to destroy the economy of South Africa with their failed policies such as RDP, GEAR and NEPAD.

Today South Africa struggles to attract new skills or investments. In trying to work around the skills problem, the existing mines, industry and agriculture had no other choice but to mechanise and computerise causing even more job losses.

As globalisation and technology marches on, black South Africans find themselves more and more marginalised; overlooked and redundant...they are truly like fish out of water.

Black South Africans still have to realise, as Allister Sparks says on page 218 of “Beyond the miracle”, that in today’s global market the only thing worse than being exploited is not being exploited at all. Even a poorly paid job is better than no job at all.

Yet when you point out the reality and the truth to the ANC, you are called a “racist” who wants to see blacks fail.

Can it be reversed what the ANC has done? Can one get the economy back on track after the ANC is gone?

We can try, but first some basics.

What is Globalisation?

Sinister conspiracy theories aside, globalisation is a natural process of Darwinian evolution. It started when the first cave man traded an animal skin with a cave man in the next valley. Through the ages it marched slowly, but by the Renaissance in Europe ships became bigger and faster. Gun powder was developed and the global spice trade kicked off. The Americas were colonised and the world mapped.

The Dutch East India Company that started the colony at the Cape of Good Hope was the world’s first mega corporation. This developed into the British East India Company and as trade boomed, technology boomed.

The steam engines in locomotives and ships shrunk continents and the distances between them. Suddenly goods could be transported quicker and cheaper. The industrial revolution propelled us into the modern age of globalisation. The telegraph, telephone, radio, television and computers made communication ever simpler and faster. Airplanes made us cross many borders and put us on the other side of the world in a matter of hours.

Globalisation is simply a fact of life and cannot be reversed any less than the industrial revolution can be reversed. One can only accept it, find ones place in it and develop with it. If one wants to make it big one must have some kind of advantage or leverage.

What should a country do to attract investment?

The Washington Consensus is a set of 10 economic policy prescriptions by the IMF, the World Bank and the US Treasury before they will help a country or cut debt.

In order for a developing country to get help, they need to conform to good governance, respect for individual property rights, privatization of state enterprises, remove restrictive labour laws, introduce tax reforms, market determined interest rates, stable currency, etc...in short, “stabilize, privatize, and liberalize" as Professor Dani Rodrik of Harvard called it.

Thomas L. Friedman, known for his colourful metaphors calls it the “Golden straightjacket”, countries who wear it might feel a bit uncomfortable, it might pinch a little, but will be rewarded amply. The only way to feel more comfortable in the straightjacket is to grow big inside it. The only way to grow big inside it is to wear it tighter.

Countries who don’t wear it at all or slip out of it will find themselves with sanctions against them or even worse...simply ignored and overlooked.

Friedman says that when you wear the “Golden Straightjacket”, two things will happen; Your economy will grow and your politics will shrink.

Of course the paranoid Marxist ANC is too scared of this straightjacket. You mention it and they get visions of capitalist white men oppressing and enslaving them. Their game is “power forever”. There is no way they will let business take power from their hands.

Of course investors do not simply invest in a country. They only invest once they see growth, but to have growth you need investment. So the ANC finds themselves in a “Catch 22” situation.

The “Electronic Herd”

In another one of his colourful metaphors, Friedman sees the world’s millions of investors as a herd of Wildebeest which he calls, “The electronic herd” concentrated in the great financial capitals of New York, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Hong Kong, etc.

Like any herd of animals on the great plains of Africa they may sniff the air, and catch the scent of something likely to eat and begin moving there to the great benefit of the country they converge on. However, they might just as likely sniff danger, take fright and stampede away leaving financial devastation in their wake.

No one is in control of the herd. It operates entirely by its own instincts based on information it receives and how it interprets it. There is no sentiment involved and no special circumstances are heeded. The herd is impersonal and purely driven by its instinct for profit.

Friedman divides the herd into two categories of investors. The long horn and short horn Wildebeest.

The short horn ones are the portfolio investors, who buy and sell equity stocks, bonds and currencies. They can quickly take their money out.

The long horned ones are the foreign direct investors who build factories and enter into production contracts with local manufacturers. They have a more long term commitment to the countries they invest in. However both types can move much quicker than ever before.

The trick is therefore to attract an ever growing herd of investors and retain them. Easier said than done if you are little Lesotho who only has water flowing down the Maluti mountains to export or Malawi who has a bit of tea and coffee and a pretty lake.

‘Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s are the bloodhounds for the Electronic Herd. These credit-ratings agencies prowl the world, constantly sniffing over countries’ and identifying those that are slipping out of the Straitjacket.

These credit-rating-agencies can make or break a nation’s economy. For example, when these agencies downgraded the credit ratings of Brazil and Venezuela in September 1998 the financial markets of those countries collapsed.

Problem is that South Africa is currently on the verge of a downgrade to junk status. Economists predict that when that happens we will see R30 to the dollar or worse. The ANC of course do not take these ratings agencies seriously.

What do investors look for?

They want to see growth where they can make a fast buck. They want a cheap and skilled workforce with “Labour flexibility”.

“Labour flexibility” is just a euphemism for being able to hire and fire at will. An investor who knows he will have problems retrenching people during hard times will not hire extra people in the good times. For his company to grow, he needs to be able to hire extra. So in the end, “labour flexibility” leads to more jobs, not less. Trying to explain that to the paranoid and useless ANC could prove a challenge.

Nobody feels sorry for blacks

The ANC likes to preach their nonsense of how bad Apartheid was for them, because back in the 1980’s it worked for them. However times have changed. These young investors in the world financial centres probably have never heard of Apartheid. They were born after it.

If they have the opportunity to set up a sweat shop in Pakistan or Malaysia where there is skilled and flexible labour, why would they consider South Africa with labour laws, collective bargaining and lazy, unskilled workers? Because they feel sorry for them about Apartheid?? No.

These investors will move to Indonesia or the Philippines next year if they can make more money. It is not personal. It is business.

Globalisation means a computer company can design its equipment in Germany, have it manufactured in Taiwan, have the software written in India and even have the company’s accounting done in Bangladesh.

That is the reality. Where does South Africa fit into it?

First sort out crime and education

South Africa has a lack of skilled workers on the bottom tier and excessive high crime rates.

If you want to, for instance, do a South Korea and establish a ship building industry, you need highly skilled engineers. You might have to import them. They need to be safe. There needs to be education for their children. You need proper hospitals, etc, etc.

You need welders, fitters, electricians, riggers and an entire army of skilled personnel, artisans and technicians. They don’t fall out of the sky. As Allister Sparks points out, it takes 21 years and nine months to produce a single skilled worker. How many has the ANC produced?

As far as sorting out crime goes. You have 120,000 policemen of which 30% are illiterate. 11,000 officers do not have driver’s licenses. At Police headquarters in Pretoria there is a staff compliment of 14,000 – whilst the streets of Pretoria is bare of patrolling cops.

How to kickstart growth

To get past the Catch 22 situation of "investment follows growth" and at the same time develop skills, one has to start at home.

Instead of having 16 million people on grants, South Africa needs a big, state driven “public works” enterprise similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” which employed millions of Americans during the Great Depression.

The ANC has destroyed enough infrastructure to employ everyone in South Africa. The ports need to be bigger. Build new dams and power stations. The railroads can be increased. National parks tourism can be developed and expanded.

Such programmes can be combined with on the job training and skills development.

In the case of pre-war and post war Germany, we can see that Hitler also embarked on a public works programme employing close to 100% of Germans. These skills were essential after the war for the next public works programme to rebuild Germany namely the “Marshall Plan”.

In fact all these successful post war economies such as Japan, Western Germany and Korea started with a public works programme.


South Africa is a difficult country to govern and the ANC have proved that they were always out of their depth. Rebuilding South Africa after the destructive ANC is gone will be a huge task. We need to start thinking about it now if we want to create growth and make this country great again.


  1. Thank you for a very enlightening and informative post. Lots of food for thought. Thanks Mike.

    1. Anonymous9:59 am

      "Where is the better lyf you promise us?"

      Why don't those cunts join their local gym if they want a better lyf.


    2. Globalisation can be replaced by White Globalisation: the Unifying of Whites world wide into a planetary IMPERIUM. Whites trading amongst themselves and bartering their surplus food for anything they need from outside the Imperium. Explained here: www.imperat.org

  2. Anonymous9:15 am

    The problem is that the ANC uses words that they do not understand, words like white minority capital.

    They think that the white minority in this country is in charge of the capital, not understanding that this capital is INTERNATIONAL.

    Classic Dunning/Kruger cases, the whole lot of them.

    1. Anonymous10:02 am

      References to white capital is pure Marxist speak. The problem for Marxists is that ALL capital, all over the world, is owned by whites and a couple of Asians.

  3. Anonymous9:16 am

    A brilliant write and a great read!!

  4. Anonymous9:34 am

    Thanks for this instructive and constructive post. One gets sooo depressed listening to and watching the local news. SARU general manager Rassie Erasmus is off to manage Ireland's Munster team after June. Everyone who is anyone is leaving.

  5. Anonymous9:44 am

    SO you in bed with the globalists now?

    1. SO you still got your head up your arse?

    2. Anonymous10:35 am

      What is that supposed to mean?

    3. Anonymous11:07 am

      The world is a globe dickhead,live with it.

    4. Anonymous1:06 pm

      Maybe he means it in the sense that the globalists love to stir up the shit in a country (Libya, Iraq etc) and then when the country is down and out they buy everything for penny's to the pound. You see privatization is good, isn't it, especially if you get it basically for free.

      Why do you think the Brits are sponsoring the EFF?

    5. Anonymous4:15 am

      Yes Globalists are shit stirrers and are against nationalists.

      This is what confuses me. Mike Smith claims to be a nationalist but nationalists try and preserve borders and even create them like apartheid did with the bantutans where as globalists want to erase borders.

      Globalists hated the apartheid nationalists because the NP tried to implement separate development which is essentially a multi sovereign system.

      Globalists dont want more than 1 sovereignty.

      YOu cannot be a nationalist and a globalist at the same time. Either you are pregnant or you are not.

      Are you a nationalist or a globalist, Mike Smith? Simple question

    6. Anonymous10:58 am


      @Anonymous4:15 AM

      I will answer this.

      This is what I THINK Mike was referring to.

      That if we wish to participate in the world, the world is a smaller place compared to 50 years back, then this is what we will have to do, under the circumstances we find ourselves in.

      I stand to be corrected.

      Under these circumstances, as they are, if the ANC go and there is no war and we find that blacks embrace whites, love them, dont want their land, accept us as South Africans - then this is how we could approach it.

      Time will tell - I think blacks hate whites more now than in the past judging from their comments.

      During apartheid, did whites ever when in power run articles about killing blacks, sending them back North? NEVER - today they do this all the time at their rallies, speaking about killing us, destroying us, kicking us out the workforce.

      I suggest.

      1. Go back to our roots, the scriptures.

      2. Outnumbered we have always been - we will have to fight our way out and when that has happened complete eradication of the parasite, as should have been done 100 years back.

      We know now they cannot be trusted.

      3. Open borders to pure Europeans, in the sense that they are white. Remove their liberal heads.

      4. Get to 40-50 million whites living here where we produce/manufacture our own goods/products, so that we dont need the world or their factories.

      5. Whatever we need, we produce.

      Initially we can operate in the global world while we build our factories but once they are producing, we gradually shut off and make sure we produce such great goods/services/products that we are in demands and decide who to trade with.

      We can then control our own destiny.

      Then it will be time to work out a plan to pay back all those nations who put the ANC in charge of us, actually I think the Lord is doing that judging Europe's situation.

    7. Anonymous4:32 pm

      Anonymous 9:44 AM
      Very strange question indeed! Nowhere can I find that Mike has ever declared himself to be a globalist or in support of their agenda. However he has mentioned them and clarified their true intentions for the “know not’s” on a number of occasions. I would suggest then that in future the accusers who bare false witness against him refrain from their excessive alcohol intake and the smoking of the local wild weed prior to reading Mike’s comments on the blog! There is a vast difference between a verification of and being in support of but that in the majority of cases can only be recognized by the sober minded. Even highly intelligent people can and do make mistakes but the WISE never foolishly follow in their footsteps. Intelligence has its limits within each and every individual but within the wise their wisdom has no boundaries and is constantly expanding. For those of us who also read Mike’s Political Comments from way back on “Sarah Maid of Albion’s” blog you will know and understand exactly what I am talking about!

  6. Anonymous10:25 am

    Great read Mike, thanks.

    A mammoth task ahead, "many hands make light work"
    Stay focused and positive.

    1. Anonymous11:22 am

      Marx emphasized the nee­d for total destruction of the existing system in order to move on to Phase 2.

  7. Anonymous10:36 am

    Good news for the RSA taxpayers = I heard on the news that the brilliant ANC top brass has now decided to cut the basic “training time” for the future police force recruits from 24 months to a mere 8 months. With the total collapse of the ignorant existing law enforcement and the massive increase in the crime rate at present running rampant throughout the country it is the perfect time to do so. More instant cops on the job will mean less crime in the future of course! It is yet another brilliant way for the ANC to add to their wonderful black job creation strategy. Well after all said and done why pay a trainee for a job and he/she is actually doing nothing of any immediate benefit for it. As usual the good ANC approach will once again reduce the state costs and remove the massive amount of criminals on the street all in one swift act of them introducing their new brilliant policy. Excuse me while I go and have a puke and thereafter I will need to shoot the arrogant kaffir who is pissing on my front stoep. Who needs efficient and good qualified cops these days anyway?

    1. Anonymous7:34 am


      See the parasite is genius when it comes to destroying, robbing and gaming the system.

      They are robbing the system.

      But how do they pay those salaries when the downgrades come?

      Where will the money come from?

      Eish, they havent thought that far. Those same cops will be sitting on the sidelines with no money and join the likes of the EFF.

      The downgrades are coming - there is nothing they can do about that.

      The food insecurity hasnt hit them yet and the only reason the US Dollar weakened against the rand, rather than the Rand strengthen against the dollar, is because the FED said they will reduce their most recent interest rate hike...

      Not good for investors.

  8. Anonymous11:04 am

    A little less breeding by the great unwashed might also help.

  9. Anonymous11:10 am

    In a perfect world, everyone would have food and shelter, and a true utopian society would be devoid of sexism, racism and other forms of oppression. But for most of the world's population, this perfect society just isn't possible. Communism is one proposed solution to these problems.

    Most people know what communism is at its most basic level. Simply put, communism is the idea that everyone in a given society receives equal shares of the benefits derived from labor. Communism is designed to allow the poor to rise up and attain financial and social status equal to that of the middle-class landowners. In order for everyone to achieve equality, wealth is redistributed so that the members of the upper class are brought down to the same financial and social level as the middle class. Communism also requires that all means of production be controlled by the state. In other words, no one can own his or her own business or produce his or her own goods because the state owns everything

    1. Anonymous1:08 pm

      Ahh yes, but actually communism means that those that control the state ownes ABSOLUTELY everything, including the right to life.

    2. And how does that motivate growth? It doesnt because you can not pull someone down to a lower level and expect him to be happy about it.
      He will then just go and sit under the tree and not use his skills or hard work and ambition if you are going to reward him the same as a bumb.

    3. Anonymous 11:10 I don't mean any disrespect but you sound like someone from my brainwashed generation using terms like oppression, racism, sexism etc.

      A true Social Justice warrior.

      Fact is some people are better looking and become models while others sit in R & D their entire lives, some people have hair on the tops of their heads others do not, some have high IQ's and some are retards, some have nice calf muscles and others have to cover up in the gym to use some random examples.

      Some are tall, some are short and so on.

      If the talents have not being distributed equally to begin with, how can you expect to distribute the fruits of those talents equally?

      The only way is to take from the haves and give to the have nots using some vague concept of the greater good.

      Those with more talents get more and those with less will have what little they do have taken away from them - sound familiar.

      Equality in your sense will never work because we are not equal to begin with and in fact the natural hierarchy which results from people being blessed with different talents and thus being unequal is the only true equality that will ever exist.

      I don't mean to be a dick but this is the best way I can explain it.

      The strong will always dominate the weak in Nature so quit this equality train ride because it always derails itself and get with Nature and use what talents have being given to you before they get taken away.

    4. Anonymous1:59 pm

      Agreed JP none of those terms belong in human language at all. All of them made up by Communist handlers for their liberal retards to spout to further their agendas. Racism? So is the Eagle that refuses to breed or cohabit with the Crow a racist? Is the Shark that refuses to shoal with the Tuna a racist? Is nature guilty of racism for causing the hybrid mule to be unable to breed? Is nature sexist for giving each human one of two sexes?

      Communists and their Useful Idiots have introduced these terms and with them at a word believed that they can change reality. Now you have people who believe that these are legitimate concepts introducing them into otherwise sane debates.

  10. Anonymous11:12 am

    According to the philosopher Frederick Engels' "Principles of Communism," the plan for ultimate financial and social equality is built on the principle that the system should spread around the world until all countries are on board

  11. Anonymous11:15 am


    Mike, first we get rid of all the parasites. EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM.

    Then we open our borders to Europeans fleeing Europe. We make sure they are educated and go through a 6 month review, learning our history & culture and seeing footage of why we had Apartheid.

    We open the borders to millions but on condition they learn our language, everyone should be able to speak Afrikaans FLUENTLY within 24 months and they have 8 months to learn basic Afrikaans or we send them back.

    They have zero voting rights for the first 2 generations.

    Then we go back to the gold standard and with enough people here, we will not need to trade globally with the world for 2-3 decades.

    We finance our own growth with our gold.

    After the 2-3 decades pass, we will be the richest empire on earth!

    Setup a 200-500 goal plan to totally dominate the entire world financially. No parasites, zippo, no feeling sorry.

    There will always be problems here with them, there can never be peace - I have looked at it from all angles, they will always hate us because we will always shine brighter and have more than them - thats just the way it is.

    I trust the bible when it says they will always be a thorn/snare in our sides - history, the present confirms this. The more I read/listen to the good book, the more everything makes sense.

    Im going to sound like a real dictator here but I believe it will work. When the shit hits the fan here, we do what these corporations/businesses have done to the whites, we nationalize EVERY single company/foreign owned company that implemented BEE/AA.

    We freeze their accounts/businesses until they pay us for the loss of lives, the loss of work - they must pay up.

    1. Literally rolling on my back with laughter, Boers and Saffas are truly delusional. You are the ones who are going to be refugees running to Europe.

    2. Anonymous7:30 am

      Shaka3:19 AM
      Keep on laughing Shaka because he who laughs last laughs best. Have you ever heard the story about the guy who played the fiddle while his city burned? Your ignorant black nation has murdered a former thriving first world country and you ere "Literally rolling on your back with laughter". That sums up the exact extent of your great ignorance and says it all! Enjoy the roll because your kind are always on their backs flat on the floor.

    3. Shaka please stop talking and start doing, I am so waiting for your specific virus to start acting but you are all talk and no action.

      Unless you're 100 to 1 you're weak and the truth hurts your species for you lot have always been weak, retarded and stupid.

    4. Anonymous1:46 pm


      Laugh all you can and will. I rather die here than run.

      I have seen my fate and accepted it, nothing ventured is nothing gained.

      We are already victorious, you can see it in the making. The pillars around the ANC are crumbling.

    5. Anonymous8:10 pm

      Please leave us alone Shaka you freak. No one wants anything to do with you and your kind.

    6. @anon1:46PM BN. My friend you are not alone, all men die just some never want to admit it.

      I agree that best go down fighting for a cause than to suffer the death that these retards will give you after you have tried to talk nicely and be buddy with them.

      Call the jihadist what you like, his belief in his war is admirable, even if we disagree with it.

      You do not see a western power just take over and Islamic country, they bleed, pay and have to fight for it, then they run away when the realise that theyre not winning.

      The Russkies made the same error in Afghanistan that the British made and the yanks just were to ignorant to study history before they tried those goat herders.

      If we the white people here could have the same passion for our cause we would win this war. A war of attrition is the most devastating when combined with passion and good tactics.

      Killing the enemy is easy, bleeding his finances is debilitating and demoralising.

      Our foe counts number to bring against us,we need to make the cost to cause to expensive for him to tolerate.

    7. Anonymous12:27 pm


      LTMA.11:49 PM

      We never have to lose a single battle or even be concerned about losing if we will go back to the bible and how to defeat this parasite.

      Joshua 23:10 One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the LORD your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you.

      I wish I could convince this beautiful nation to simply go back to what led us here and made this country what it was.

      Its so simple and so obvious but this generation is a new one, they are like the new generation of Israel mentioned in the book of Judges that turned their backs and were rebellious.

      Each time they went back on the law, they were defeated even by armies that were weaker.

      The parasite can only be defeated, with his numbers if we will work as one and if we will go back to our good book.

      The war is won or lost before it begins - it is over for the parasite tomorrow if a few hundred thousand of us will pray.

      Can we agree that a certain time of the day that we will all pray?

      Mike perhaps you can ask the readers on this blog to say a prayer at a specific time of the day where we in this country pray and our brothers overseas pray.

      Everyday I am going to pray for this nation going forth to be delivered, join me!

      Hmmm hmmm the parasite will soon see what happens.

      Let us make a pact to pray together for the deliverance of the parasite into our hands.

      You are all Christians, you all come from strong roots - lets go back to them as a nation.


  12. Anonymous11:15 am


    If they dont, we simply run their businesses here and take not just 20% but 100% of everything and take a % of that and give it to the nation.

    Worry about sanctions? Nope nothing! We did it before without sanctions and with a population of 20-40 million, expanded borders, rich farms, rich in everything. We become a producing nation.

    The nations on Earth will be more concerned whether we decide to trade with them, rather than the other way around.

    First trade with ourselves, then if we decide to trade with other countries WE decide. We hold the keys.

    Follow the laws that God gave to Moses regarding how the Israelite's should run their affairs. Now that might sound immature but let me ask you....

    Who is right? Our laws or Gods laws?

    I saw F*** all those nations who have businesses here that screw our people over! They pay up for the sanctions during the apartheid years, they pay up for the past 22 years.

    Every single white persons house/debt be cleared. No debt, all paid off.

    If they dont like it, no problem - thank you for your business keys and thank you for your bank accounts. We do it so fast that they dont even know what hit them.

    Let them grovel on their knees.

    Globalization is important, trade with other countries is important but I take my chances following Gods law and having millions here so we can stick it to those bastards who put these heathens in charge of us.

    Everyone leaving school should have a trade and we have hundreds of trades for them too choose from and each year it rotates, as not to over-saturate the economy with anyone trade.

    Instead of a benefit system, a % of all mining, business goes to mothers to raise a healthy society, a society that is clean, respectful and lets hope they have as many children as possible - we sure need it.

    If you have everything the world wants, then they need you more than you need them. Let me tell you, if we will follow our good book we will have more inventions, better technological breakthroughs, medicine breakthroughs, scientific breakthroughs, financial prosperity that the world has never seen.

    I know, it sounds like a fantasy but doesnt most of reality start with a dream?

    Its not like it would be a first.

    Joshua 11
    For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses.

    You can see the heathen is not in control here, he thinks he is. Wait, the day is coming...

    I believe the modern church has been taken over by Marxism/communism, they hit us where we were strongest. We must go back and follow the laws.

    I dont mean to preach, Im not a pastor, we can never break or make one of these laws, if we try break them or disobey them they will break us.

    Numbers clearly tells us what the Israelite's should do to remain prosperous. Let us follow those ways.

    Those laws are their for a reason - I just wonder what is going to happen to the rest of the world when they catch on that this fiat currency is worth zippo and the US exports its dollar - their largest export.

    When that crashes (they always do - history has ample of examples Greece, Rome, China) the ENTIRE global market will crash, Babylon will fall.

    It is my sincere hope, prayer, desire that each and every single white family in this country be financially compensated for the sanctions against us, the ANC ruling us, for BEE/AA, having to build up the locations/houses for blacks.

    Im hoping there will be many like minded people who want the same.

    All I can do is pray and if enough of us can do so, then I believe it will happen.

    1. Anonymous3:13 pm



      "Mike, first we get rid of all the parasites. EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM.

      Then we open our borders to Europeans fleeing Europe. We make sure they are educated and go through a 6 month review, learning our history & culture and seeing footage of why we had Apartheid."

      I fantasise about that all the time. Imagine that, letting in a melting pot of the best Germans, Dutch, French, Scandinavians, celts etc to rebuild and advance. Also like the Israelis had the right to return law, we could have the same for expats, we lost many great minds/workers and I don't blame them for going.

      Good article Mike. I like your views, and you are right, I just feel that history has been repeating for thousands of years, and will continue to, until we just close our boarders to the Nubians once and for all.

    2. Anonymous9:26 pm

      Ninja, I believe you have another 1000 or so of these posts coming? :P It's the only way, but the egos of our fellow whites worldwide are too big to admit that they were wrong all these years. But I sense that is changing rapidly.

    3. Europa is natuurlik besig om mag oor te gee aan die "dier wat uit die aarde opkom" (Islam).
      Die europeërs het ook maar bietjie sag geword van al die jare se estrogeen in hul drinkwater jong, wonder of hulle enige hulp hier gaan wees...

    4. Anonymous10:49 am


      @Geselsie Grootbek9:55 PM

      Hey Boet, now you are on to something.

      I have read about this - its dead true. I have watched a few documentaries about it.

      I always wondered why I had womens nipples.

    5. @ ninja
      Weet nie of jy al die ou se boeke gelees het nie: Micheal D. Fortner.
      Dis die eerste van sy soort wat ek lees wat nie net soos spekulasie klink nie!

  13. Anonymous11:16 am

    Marx described three necessary phases toward achieving his idea of utopia.

    •Phase 1: A revolution must take place in order to overthrow the existing government. Marx emphasized the nee­d for total destruction of the existing system in order to move on to Phase 2.
    •Phase 2: A dictator or elite leader (or leaders) must gain absolute control over the proletariat. During this phase, the new government exerts absolute control over the common citizen's personal choices -- including his or her education, religion, employment and even marriage. Collectivization of property and wealth must also take place.
    •Phase 3: Achievement of utopia. This phase has never been attained because it requires that all non-communists be destroyed in order for the Communist Party to achieve supreme equality. In a Marxist utopia, everyone would happily share property and wealth, free from the restrictions that class-based systems require. The government would control all means of production so that the one-class system would remain constant, with no possibility of any middle class citizens rising back to the top.

    1. What's your point.? A utopia of Communism.?

      You must be really ignorant or just plain stupid..!

    2. Anonymous11:14 am

      Dis Marx se doelwitte wat ek post om te probeer verduidelik hoekom ons land so fokop is....nie my siening nie.
      Ek is nie stupid nie ,ek dink jy is ongeskik

    3. Anonymous11:16 am

      Ons het met n klomp kommuniste te doen en as jy jou vyand ken.....

    4. Wel jy post net n blok skrif van Marx se skryfwerk sonder enige byskrif wat jou siening verduidelik, wat verwag jy.? Enige iemand wat dit lees gaan dink jy's n Kommie.?.? Natuurlik gaan ek dit bevraagteken..

  14. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Great read Mike. How can the most obvious facts elude these criminal ANC goons?

    But Mike I fear we have the elephant in the room that not a lot of people want to recognize, this elephant is the black of Africa. I'm afraid if we want to be successful we must completely escape from them. They only bring misery and crime with them. We have to get rid of them before any rebuilding can happen. We have to clean all our existing and coming new systems of the Negroid if we are ever going to make it in this new world.

    1. Anonymous6:36 am

      The blacks are not running the show, the criminal cabal does.

  15. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Most of us came to these conclusions 10 or more years ago, South Africa is ungovernable due to one simple fact, it is infested with a parasite. In a globalized world which competes on every level there is no place for a talking monkey.

    You can read as many books as you want to, come up with as many high faluting theories as you want to, at the end of the day it boils down to one inescapable fact. There is no fixing South Africa without exterminating the parasite.

    So stop avoiding the problem, you cant pick up a turd by the clean end, at some stage your hands will have to get dirty. You may not like Hitler, but the man had a lot of bright ideas, a non smoker, animal lover, vegetarian who wanted the best for HIS PEOPLE,---isn't that what you want?

    He identified his "parasites" and cleansed Germany. He got all his people working and in a very short time built a country from nothing that was very advanced, in fact a lot of the major technological advances in the world today are due to the efforts of those "nazi" scientists.

    So don't throw out the baby with the bathwater, Nationalsozialismus is a means to an end.

    1. Hitler wasn't a "man with a lot of bright ideas". He was a schizophrenic, psychopath who dabbled in the occult.

      Apart from the 6 million Jews he killed, he also killed 5,5 million white German soldiers and 4 million white civilians. After the war another 2 million white Germans died of hunger and cold.

      Then on the side of the mostly white allied forces 16 million white soldiers and 45 million white civilians died.

      What I cannot understand is how you as a white nationalist can glorify a psychopath that was responsible for the deaths of almost 80 million white people.

      Yes, Hitler built the country up in six years. It was his only claim to fame...then went on to destroy it completely in five.

      You are right, "Nationalsozialismus is a means to an end"...that end is complete destruction. Why do you conveniently ignore that?

    2. Anonymous2:00 am

      I didn't know Hitler, neither did you, we read and learn about him through the lens of the victors. The winners always get to write history. I grew up reading those comics of the evil nazi's being beaten by the heroic allies. The brainwashing started young. Just remember that Hitler wasn't fighting with himself, --it always takes at least 2 people to have a fight,-lol.

      Much later in my life I realized there is always more than one side to a story, and yes WW2 was a major fuckup for everyone, but it would never have occurred if the Germans weren't so badly punished after WW1. As far as the 6 million jews go, that's been proven over and over again to be a huge exaggeration. I'm not anti-Semitic, but will confess to having very little time for jewboys, but then I don't much like charra's either. Its neither here nor there, I'm not proposing we gas jews, strangely enough the jewish population according to census information pre and post ww2 showed nothing abnormal occurred as far as death rates in the war, --they died at more or less the same rate as everyone else.

      I mean you only have to look at our own history and try and debate apartheid with a foreigner, he /she will be convinced the apartheid government murdered thousands of blacks. Its when I traveled the world and read the shit and spoke to brainwashed people that I realized that what I was told about Hitler and the "nazis" comes from the same people who try and tell the world apartheid is a crime against humanity and that the Cubans kicked the shit out of us, so maybe a bit of skepticism is warranted.

      No system that can build up a country in 5 years the way Hitler did can be totally without merit and needs to be looked at. Its got to be better than whats going on now.----and I'm all for gassing 40 million parasites.

    3. Anonymous2:29 am

      Bull shit.

    4. @ Anon 2:00 AM

      You said, "No system that can build up a country in 5 years the way Hitler did can be totally without merit and needs to be looked at."

      What system is that? National Socialism? Bollocks. As I pointed out, Hitler had a public works Programme, so did the USA at the same time. It was this Public Works Programme that built up the Country not the political system of NS, which BTW is a leftist ideolgy.

      The end result is all that counts. Your beloved NS destroyed Germany and caused the death of millions of Whites.

    5. Anonymous4:12 am

      Hitler killed off the secret societies in Germany because they would not let him join.

      SO say the conspiracy theorists. Is that true?

    6. Anonymous7:18 am

      I rather suspect the rise of Germany after the Weimar repblic has something to do wtih Hjalmar Schacht ?
      Hjalmar Schacht, Mefo Bills and the Restoration of the German Economy 1933-1939


    7. Anonymous11:59 am

      I'm not a Hitler fanboy mate, I dont buy into the whole deathshead, aryan supremacy, jackboots and sieg heil but labeling something leftist or rightist and making a choice based on a label is no different to calling people boere, dutchmen, rockspider etc,-its designed to evoke an emotional response without a logical thought process. You should perhaps ask yourself if your closed mindedness is not perhaps something you are unaware of, a kind of psychological Dunning/Kruger effect..

      Maybe you should ask yourself what the world MAY have looked like had Hitler won, I'm pretty sure we would not have a black government is South Africa. At this stage of the game anyone who can combat the worldwide anti-white agenda is a good guy in my book, I don't really care if he's called Hitler, Jones or Van der Merwe.

      The last name was a joke,lol.

      Funny thing, Hitler did't drop atom bombs on a civilian population or deliberately fire bomb a city, both acts which were war crimes.


    8. Anonymous12:13 pm

      The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy Paperback – February 26, 2008
      by Adam Tooze (Author)


    9. Anonymous9:14 am

      No he liked old ww1 technology, like the 800mm Schwere Gustav or the 520mm Karl Gerat guns to pulvarise cities like Sevastapol and warsaw, a lot of German works programs was rebuilding the German armed forces.

  16. Anonymous12:35 pm

    These kaffirs do not have the technical know how ,all they become are doctors (GPs),lawyers and political scientists.The ones that are Mechanical and civil engineers they are F**king hopeless and useless.Young Kaffir wants to sit at university but when he/she is finished there,there is no job.You cannot teach these kaffirs the high skilled jobs you talk about they do not have the IQ like the Asians or the Arabs or the Europeans.

  17. your leading photograph is incomplete...I suspect that the photographer did not want to include the few, honest ones out there begging for work. Their posters read "useless cANCer voter will do anything for food, please baas help"

    1. Wat eintlik op daai "werkers" se bordjies moet staan is: dief; inbreker; moordenaar; verkragter; ens. Want as jy nou moeilikheid wil he vir jouself en jou gesin moet jy een van daai dagloners langs die straat probeer help en na jou huis toe bring vir werk!
      Hulle kom kyk net wat daar is om te steel en moor, want vandag het hy dalk werk by jou maar more is hy weer HONGER!

    2. Anonymous5:04 am


      @Anton12:55 PM

      While in the other hand he has his coat covering the goat its shagging.

      bbbb ba blacks are bbbbb baaaaad.

  18. I've been an avid follower of your writings for years, even back to SA Sucks, and every now and then you raise the bar - this posting is a Gem. Thanks.

    Unfortunately, what happened in Europe, Russia and Asia in their rebuilds didn't involve blacks. Even in my most optimistic state of mind I simply can't imagine a successful South African rebuild with them - they're too primitive.

    1. Anonymous5:35 am


      Thank you - you get it.

      The word "build" and "africans/blacks" dont go toghther.

  19. Anonymous3:01 pm


    What say the Israel haters now?

    1. Shows you exactly how the terrorist ANC is in love with their Hamas terrorists buddies. Always have been always will be. I fully support Israel. I wish they would point a missile straight at the chest of that Mandela statue. Personally I cannot wait for the day that we will go around the country and pull down every single one of these statues to the terrorist god, Mandela. That one in Sandton and the one in front of the Union buildings will be publicly destroyed and blown to smithereens.

    2. Mike, you will not be alone and do not try do it without me, that retard fucking terrorist should have followed that Biko into the same hole, that statue is a disgrace to my country. I really hope that one day Israel wakes up with a clear fucking head and exterminates those fucking Palestinian desert retards as well.

      It goes to show that this black virus of ours will alway support terrorism and disorder and uselessness, those desert retards are a virus to israel and just as fucking useless as these local retards.

      We must start taking our country back.

    3. Anonymous7:20 am

      NOW who is a "Nazi" and a fundamentalist
      Blowing statues up
      Can you not see that you are as stupid as the idiots you hate !

    4. Anonymous10:46 am


      Had a chat about this with my father last night, I said dont worry those rag tag towel head sand jockeys 1. Dont know who this kuffir is (their words - all blacks are kuffirs to them) 2. It wont be long before its used as a shield to protect them from being hit by rockets.

      3. I cant wait, just cant wait until all these statues are moved.

      When they bring them down, the ones here will take a lekker dump in its mouth and then blow the shit up.

      London also has one - we know who our enemies are.

      But now they are also our Gods enemies, I wouldnt like to be on that side.

    5. Cunt 7:20AM if you're white stop sucking retard arse, if you're black go crawl back into that mud hole you crawled out of.

      No retard statue will disgrace my country when we have taken it back.

  20. Anonymous4:08 pm


  21. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Nice read but in reality, South Africa is becoming another shitty third world country where the locals have a mentality of entitlement, whats in it for me and not how can i serve my fellow man. Also compared to the rest of the world SA has a bad work ethic,no pride and joy in their work or service delivery, lazy workers. So who in his right mind would want to invest in kind of attitude and mentality?We have to first change the mindset, the attitude and have a willingness to work before anything else positive will happen

    A slack hand causes poverty,
    but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

    1. Anonymous5:16 am


      And a diligent hand requires planning.

      Have you ever seen a black plan?

      Plan and black do not fit in the same sentence.

      These things are useless, you can (we did) hand them a fully functional economy (south Africa/Zimbabwe) and come back in 23 years time and its collapsed.

      This is no longer theory...

      A Wise man listens to his creator.

      For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous. John 5.3

      Go read people what it mentions about the Canaanites. Those people exist, they traveled from that region of the world and arrived here.

      There is plenty, more than ample evidence to point to this. These ARE those people and read what it said about the canaanites.


      Deuteronomy 7:2 And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them (De Klerk), nor shew mercy unto them (All the liberals):

      ------>>> What is the result of not doing this?

      Also Kham. Literal meanings are hot, burnt or dark (father of the Mongoloid and Negroid races - Hamites). He was the progenitor of:
      (1) Canaan "down low" (sons were Zidon1, Heth, Amori, Gergashi, Hivi, Arkee, Seni, Arodi, Zimodi and Chamothi) - also Canaanites, Cana, Chna, Chanani, Chanana, Canaana, Kana, Kenaanah, Kena'ani, Kena'an, Kn'nw, Kyn'nw, Kinnahu, Kinahhi, Kinahni, Kinahna, Kinahne (Mongols, Chinese, Japanese, Asians, Malayasians, AmerIndians2, Eskimos, Polynesians, Pacific Islanders, related groups3);

      (2) Cush "black" (sons were Seba, Havilah, Sabta, Raama and Satecha) - also Chus, Kush, Kosh (Nubians, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Ghanaians, Africans4, Bushmen, Pygmies, Australian Aborignies, New Guineans, other related groups);

      (3) Mizraim "double straits" (sons were Lud, Anom, Pathros, Chasloth and Chaphtor) - also Misraim, Mitzraim, Mizraite, Mitsrayim (Egyptians, Copts);

      (4) Phut "a bow" (sons were Gebul, Hadan, Benah and Adan) - also Putaya, Putiya, Punt, Puta, Put, Libia, Libya (Libyans, Cyrenacians, Tunisians, Berbers, Somalians, North Africans, other related groups).

      Tribes in other parts of Africa, Arabia and Asia, aboriginal groups in Australia, native Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Eskimos were birthed from descendants of Canaan, Cush, Mizraim, and Phut.
      If this nation, you are serious and I mean serious that you want this country back then I suggest we all go back to the book which lead us here in the first place and allowed us to rule this land.

      That is the only way - you cannot break these rules and expect utopia. They will either wipe us out or ..... read what the bible says to do to these parasites.

      You dont need to trace the parasite back to these regions, you can visit the govamunts website and there they claim it - they are from up north.

  22. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Leaders inciting violence against black and white, a self-imposed boycott on international sport, whites threatened with even more severe AA and BBBEE... and yet some people believe that SA can be restored???

    No...SA as we knew it will forever be lost and turned into yet another failed third world shithole...

    I am out of here ASAP...

    1. Anonymous4:08 am

      ok leave. GO live with the globalists in the North

  23. Mike you are an idiot if you think Thomas Friedman has any credibility. If you want to know how to develop a country read Joe Studwell's how Asia Works or Ha Joon Chang's Bad Samaritans. Till then humble yourself.

    1. BWHAHAHAHA!!!! Joe Studwell and Ha Joon Chang are both Communists not Economists. They hate capitalism. Joe studwell's idea is to start with communist style small farms then use the surplus to develop exporting factories.

      Tell me, Sparky...where the fuck is the Surplus going to come from with small farms? You need big commercial farms to create a surplus.

      These small farms was what caused the famine in the Ukraine and China under Communism.

      It Shows me clearly that Studwell has no farking idea of farming let alone economics. These small farms are what the ANC wants to do in SA. It is doomed to failure. It has never and will never work. Definately not in Sub Sahara Africa with an average IQ of 67.

      The difference between Capitalists and Communists is that Communists read Karl Marx. Capitalists understand him.

    2. Smaller farms have higher yields dumb ass, undeveloped countries have a surplus of labor with which to work the farms. It worked in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. I guess you didn't read the books did you to label them communists. Its called infant industry protection if you want to get technical read Alexander Hamilton's report on manufacturing to get the gist of it. I have never heard anyone call Ha Joon Chang a communist except for you. You do realize that he is South Korean? IQ 67 got that from Richard Lynn's book which was never peer reviewed and has no credibility huh? Neoliberalism is not capitalism but you're too stupid to realize that.

    3. Anonymous4:08 am

      errrr... The famine in the Ukraine was caused by people being executed?

    4. Anonymous5:02 am


      2 of the best economists in my mind which should be studied very closely are.

      Milton Friedman -

      The oupa of Economics - Adam Smith

      In Adams Smiths book the wealth of nations, I encourage everyone here to read the colonies section of his book.

      These parasites will say its a white mans perspective but he is dead right and in fact Milton Friedman did a study regarding the colonies in Africa.

      The conclusion was that the colonies whether India, African countries or any country settled by Europeans had MORE put into it then ever taken out.

      All we have to do is ask - Did those countries have more in terms of infrastructure before/after the Europeans? Always more, its not our faults their brains cannot operate trains and modern technology - they should complain to the racist God about that.

      The other thing which no one seems to comprehend is that ECONOMICS is European just like all inventions, in the hands of non Europeans, non whites you always see them try rig the books and fudge the system up.

      Economics is like an Eco-system, anytime you try break it, fudge it up, it always ends in disaster.

      You can witness this right now in the US, in the US during 07 they tried to rig the system by bailing out the banks, they did so.

      9 years later when they raised interest rates for the first time, the dollar increased in value and then lost its value. This was a first, reason is you cannot fudge economics, it always comes back to haunt you.

      SA, what BEE/AA has done is the same what Mugabe did but just in the business sector, when it collapses like it did in Zimbabwe, it will be GIGANTIC - and with it Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Angola will ALL feel it.

      Its coming, you can feel it already when you shop and see how inflation (thanks to handouts to millions of parasite) and billions vanishing.

      What happens here is going to be like nothing we seen since WW2, people dont realize that the largest trading SA is the largest trading partners with ALL of Southern Africa.

      When Junk bond status comes around, its coming! You will see very quickly how this further effects Zimbabwe and all these countries.

      God is great, we will have our vengeance. Sorry but I need to repeat, a free, fair, Southern Africa with NO parasites.

      This is a failed experiment and we now know we cant trust them. Time for phase 4, fumigation time and no mercy.

      Joshua 11
      For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses.

    5. Anonymous5:18 am


      Anyone calling himself Shaka after the gay shaka zulu, probably also a goat shagger is an idiot.

      Shaka speared more little boys than enemies.

    6. That's where you are wrong Mike. Being economist is just a profession and not a political ideology. There are many economists who are communists by heart. So, you see the difference. Just like myself, I am studying to become an economist but I am a die-hard supporter of socialist economic policies because of all the Economics school of thoughts it is socialism which is the best system to make wonders. Even the christian God preferred socialism when he called for tithing, as a means to help the Levites, widows and foreigners who never owned the land, so that they may live as well. Tithes were not only meant to help israel but as well foreigners among them. The political and economic ideology that I hate the most is that of conservativism and separate development because is destined to fail and is not even supported by any religion. It is the system of hypocrites and anti-christs.

    7. Anonymous6:28 am

      @ Shaka 3:15 AM

      "Smaller farms have higher yields dumb ass"

      Perhaps you are the dumb ass as please explain to me how 1 hectare of maize would produce more than 100 hectares of maize???

      Interesting to see how you use other overseas countries as positive examples of surplus labour.
      Please identify just 1 African country where their surplus labour has been positive or successful?

      Furthermore I wouldn't call Taiwan, Japan and South Korea underdeveloped, I have an excellent machine made in Taiwan made in the 1970s, still going strong. Japan have some very slim mense, Panasonic was Japanese amongst many others. South Korea have docks where they build oil rigs, ships all sorts of engineering feats.

      Do some research, Africa should be booming however...


    8. Well Shaka then don’t come on here and show your staggering ignorance. Your problem is you think we are just dumb, mindless racists.

      No doooos. Ask any farmer if a smaller farm yields better. I cannot believe you actually believe this Commie crap. Here is a rule of thumb for you. If the ANC does it; it will be a fuckup. Look what happened in the Ukraine, Zimbabwe and now in SA. They take big farms and divide it up into small farms where people farm small scale collectively.

      Not a single one of the small farms can produce a surplus so no collective surplus. Comes a drought everyone starves. It is simple mathematics mate. Apply your two brain cells for crying out loud.
      Of course I know Ha Joon Chang is a South Korean.

      Does that mean he cannot be a Communist? I was born in Africa, does that mean I must be black? Jeez, but your fucked up logic is staggering.

      His book in German, the one I read, is, “The 23 lies they tell us about Capitalism”. Shows you he hates Capitalism although on the first page he says he still clings to Capitalism and that there is no better system. However his whole book is a critique on what capitalism is all about. He also does not believe that Africa is predestined to economic failure. Only liberal idiots believe that. 40 years in Africa tells me he is wrong.
      His logic is as simple as that of Karl Marx in Das Kapital himself.

      He believes that washing machines put domestic maids out of a job and forced women to go work. What a fucking idiot!! A factory building washing machines employ thousands of people. Technicians repairing them, people selling them, people transporting them now all have jobs.

      Creating washing machines doesn’t kill jobs it creates jobs. Only simpleton Commie idiots like you believe his junk.

      In the last chapter he calls for an end to “The love affair with Laissez-faire-liberalism” (Laissez-faire-Capitalism).

      Ha Joon Chang studied under Bob Rowthorn, one of the biggest Marxist Economists in the UK ever. Hi ideas of heterodox economics are nothing new. It has been known under Mao and Deng Xiaoping as „The Third Way“. Nietzsche called it the Hegelian dialectic of “Thesis, antithesis and synthesis”…of course the root of “Dialectical materialism” of Marx and Engels.

      IQ 67 - Why do you choose to ignore the evidence produced by Prof. Lynn and Prof. Tatu Vanhanen in “IQ and the wealth of nations”?

      Lynn has other books such as IQ and Global Inequality 2006 and “The Global Bell Curve”, published in June 2008 and reviewed by John Philippe Rushton. Why do you ignore Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray's book "The Bell Curve"? Is it because you are a conformist liberal idiot who ignores works not conforming to the mainstream liberal bias?

    9. @ Sello...Why are you still here? I thought I banned you? Suka wena!

    10. Right wingers are out of their depth when it comes to economics.Friedrich List debunks Adam Smith rather easily. Economics is politics not a science, its original name was Political Economy. Boere Ninja to say the colonies had more put in than taken out is staggering ignorance that I'm convinced that you are a retard.

      Anon read How Asia Works or review of it, I won't spoon feed you basic information. Mechanized farms produce higher yields but South Africa's farms aren't mechanized read the damn book.

      Mike it seems I have overestimated your intelligence. 23 Things they don't tell you about Capitalism is a great book that refutes free trade neoliberalism not capitalism. Neoliberalism is not Capitalism you show a lack of understanding of Economics, there are actually 8 schools of economics, as I said before economics is politics not a science. The book shows the effects of successful industrial policy in developing nations.

      He never said washing machine put maids out of jobs that's a damned lie, he said the washing machine reduced the time it took to complete household chores exponentially and that's why undeveloped countries have a higher proportion of population as maids than developed ones. This makes me convinced you've never read the book and merely skimmed the chapter headings as he neatly explained the washing machines significance and he never said it killed jobs anywhere in it.

      Ha Joon Chang follows the Historical School Of Economics which studies how countries actually developed and not half baked theories. This school quickly shows that all the developed countries used protectionism to develop their industries.

      I believe Ron Unz does a better job of questioning Richard Lynn dubious methods than I ever could. He pulls figures out of thin air and makes estimates without convincing data. I don't take IQ reductionism seriously especially from people who ignore other significant factors.

    11. I see the retard twins have appeared on the scene together, both brain surgeons now. Must have come from " So fuck my gat toe" med school.

      Carry on with your line of thought you retards.

      We know that you cannot maintain, you cannot set an improving standard and cannot think further than those flat noses. So please continue showing the rest of the world how really stupid you two actually are.

      The Russians and the Chinese love your fucking stupidity, it makes it so easy for them to manipulate you retards. Oh! In case you missed my drift this is for Sello and Shaka.

    12. Anonymous9:29 am

      @Sello: tithing is not a Christian ideology, it was pulled out of the Old Testament by "prosperity" churches to make loads of money out of the ignorant. Tithing on income, even according to the Old Testament, is completely unbiblical. You fell for a pack of lies invented by fundamentalist shysters.

    13. Anonymous3:06 pm

      Shaka 3:15 AM
      It appears that the “Shaka thing” from the black lagoon is back with its thick kaffir lips, thick boned skull and thick skin and also with its big mouth that it uses as an auxiliary arsehole when it is jammed up at the bottom end. My message to you is plain and simple. When you know and understand what we are talking about idiot then open your big loud mouth because every time so far your comments that have appeared here on the blog have been complete and utter useless garbage. Get some intelligence Shaka thing or get lost and if you have missed the gist of my advice to you previously then how about a plain and simple … “FUCK OFF YOUR BREATH STINKS”!

    14. Anonymous5:37 pm

      Sello what do you understand about tithing? Giving ten percent of your money, earnings? But what if you do not have any money to give? Okay then what about your labour and time, you can give ten percent away of that.

      Read Mark 12:41-44.

    15. As usual resort to insults when you can't refute my superior logic. That's why you guys aren't taken seriously anywhere and just bloviate on the internet.

    16. @Anonymous 9:29AM

      That's true, tithing thrives from old testament and it is not emphasized under new covenant. I merely quoted it because many Afrikaner polical and economic ideologies are still glued to the orthodox churches' practices. They would normally see themselves as holy, representative of children of God which should be protected from parasites or heathens who are seen as black.Those are the premises upon which their ideologies are based. So, in order to beat their backwardness you have to quote the bible.

    17. Anonymous12:39 am

      Tithing was an ancient Jewish custom under Old Testament laws. Jews are under no obligation to give 10% of their money to their synagogue today; donations are purely voluntary.

      In the very, very olden days of the Old Testament:

      Tithes were never collected in cash (livestock and crops only);

      Tithes were collected only by Levitical priests;

      A Levitical priest must be Jewish;

      A Levitical priest must own no personal property; (Have you seen any pastors lately who own no personal property?)

      There are presently no more of these priests in existence today so we know we have lots of counterfeit Levitical priests running around;

      Tithes were often mandated by God for other uses such as giving to the poor. Tithes were sometimes to be used for the personal needs of the person who tithed. (When have you ever seen a pastor give the tithe back to the giver?)

      The same men who teach the tithe gladly eat pork (which is OK for any Christian to do). But anyone who keeps any Old Testament ceremonial law (such as tithing) must keep all the Old Testament ceremonial laws (including the law that states that eating pork is forbidden).

      Jesus never said that people must tithe. There is only mention of the widow who gave all her money to the synagogue coffer. All donations to any church can only be voluntary. If you get kicked out of or censured by any church that demands your money, be glad that you can walk away. NOTHING bad will happen to you if you don't tithe. Parasitical churches who use these methods of extortion want to make you afraid that your car will break down, you will lose your job, etc etc. It is okay to make donations of time and money to keep your particular church organisation going, but don't see it as a law written in stone.

    18. Anonymous7:05 am


      @Anonymous12:39 AM

      Need to correct you here, sorry but the modern Church is hopelessly confused about the old testament.

      If Abraham was a Jew that would make him a time traveler, he would be the the son of a Jew not yet born that went back in time.

      Abraham - Hebrew, from eber ( Iberia modern Spain means Hebrew, Hiberia modern Ireland means Hebrew)

      Isaac his son was Hebrew.

      Jacob was Hebrew and later renamed Israel - he who wrestled with God.

      Jacob/Israel had 12 sons.

      Those sons begat sons and those sons formed different tribes. 12 tribes in total but the half tribes of Josephs children Manasseh and Ephraim.

      Judah is but one tribe of Israel/Jacob.

      The laws given to Judah after the Exodus from Egypt were given to ALL the tribes, they are laws for all the tribes.

      All 12 tribes followed the same laws, Judah / Levi simply didnt accept Christ which is why the old testament they accept and we do should accept both.

      Christ mentioned - "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil."

      Where was the law given and to who?

      The laws were given during the Exodus from Egypt and to who?

      The 12 tribes and the 2 tribes of Josephs children. Judah is BUT 1 tribe in the bible - I have no idea why people have such a hard time understanding this, it is clear as daylight.

      Even the Jews claim it is not biblical to mention old testament and Jew. Josephus the historian makes numerous mentions of these facts and also where the tribes were.

    19. Anonymous7:05 am


      Christ came for those 10 tribes that were taken captive, he sent his disciples after them. Remember God never breaks his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel.

      He says....

      But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Mathew 15:24

      House - Judah is not a house, but a room within a house. You will read in revelations that there are 12 rooms, for who? Judah? No the 12 tribes.

      The only nations on earth, that as nations have fully accepted Christianity are the western, white nations who the disciples went and preached to.

      The Christian Church that missioned in other countries were not listening to their Master who told them to go but unto the house of Israel - the Church, high up is connected with secret societies, a globalist, new world order - you can scratch and you will find the truth regarding this.

      So the old testament is valid to ALL the tribes not just Judah.

      Guys need to stop listening to the Church and read the bible.

      The bible will always remain a mystery if one cannot tell the different between the house of Judah and the other houses of Israel.

      Then one has to understand the difference between a religious convert Jew and those of the house of Judah.

      If a Jap/or China-man converts and accepts the Jewish faith, will he then be able to claim Jerusalem as his own country, can he claim that as his country? - NO - he is not genetically speaking an Israelite Jew but only a Jew by religious belief.

      Belief and Birth right are 2 different things, this is what the war on earth is about and why the attack on the white man is raging in these hours. 6 days to make the earth, 7th to rest, it is 6,000 years + since Adam - the signs are all around now.

      Remove him and you remove the light, Christianity practiced among all these other nations always involves some Ritual from their pagan past before introduced to Christianity -they have not fully accepted the gospel as a nation.

      Anyone referring to the old testament being Jewish simply doenst or hasnt read the bible or cannot hope to understand it.

      Revelations and all the other books will seem confusing and people can make what ever story they wish out of those verses, hence the thousands of Christian denominations.

      The old laws apply - no where does Christ say " Forget the old testament"

      This is what the Jews accused him of and killed him, because they believed that this is what he was preaching, when in fact he wasnt - it was more like they used that as an excuse to kill him.

      There are more mentions of Israel (12 tribes) in the bible than there are actual pages in the bible.

      The modern church is weak and destroyed for preaching false hood about the old testament because people cant hold their feet to the fire and follow the commandments, so they told the masses what they want to hear.

      Very stiff necked people!

  24. Stephen11:23 pm

    Hi Mike

    Posts like these (of yours) , convince me that you have to be up there Mike .for starters well have you as a PUBLIC PROTECTOR .
    It would be great if we can just get common-sence like this in our government.

    There is also another even greater reality ,which I've seen in my own life and many others.We must start honouring God more than we honour men again.Give Him more rghts in our lives instead of our own carnal desires , every one knows what I am talking about.if we can just seek first the kingdom of God , then all these things will be added unto us.

    Now I know there a are those that will say I'm a dreamer , ha!
    That's okay , I like this dream because once you've realised this then it doesn't matter what the flappies do or say its a win-win for us....if we live , we live for Christ and if we die we be with God .

    1. Anonymous4:07 am

      You forgot the part where we return in the millenium reign.

      We get to make like Arnie and go "I'll be back" :D

    2. Anonymous5:31 am


      We have no future with the parasite among us.

      They out breed us, they hate us, they have no brains, no inventions.

      Even if by the mercy of God tomorrow we had our own republic, with borders around it, how long would it take for the parasites to be launching rockets at us demanding?

      It will be an Israel situation. There is no future with the parasite here.

      Im not sure how many times someone has to say it. If there was, I would have mentioned it.

      I have thought of every plausible situation where we could share together, live together, sing kumbaya together. It will never work.

      They NEED us to survive, we dont need them to survive. They need us to feed them, we dont need them to feed us, they need us to stop them from butchering each other, we dont need them.

      They know they need us more than we need them.

      I said, this thing is a smart thing, a genius BUT ONLY when it comes to ways to break into houses, steal etc etc

      Which is why we cant see their plans in the making of how they are going to slaughter us, they have been working on this for 50+ years, they are so sneaky, so conniving, that we will not even see it coming.

      Which is why I wont need to convince a single soul that this thing has to go. When the whites wake up after a 200,0
      00+ cruel, barbaric, heinous, slaughter the parasite will have done it.

      People will just remember these words years before. Just like we said they will fuck this country up, others laughed. Now they are silent, so let my warning go out to those who can hear.

      They are planning one of the fastest, most grotesque genocides the world has EVER seen and if you are into HD TV you will see all the details up close and personal.

      What they will accomplish in 1 day, the Hutus took 2-3 weeks to accomplish.

      This lot - dont underestimate them when it comes to evil. They will and can walk circles around the most intelligent white BUT only when it comes to evil.

      And dont forget, after the slaughter they will say the tokoloshi made them do it.

      If you will not arm, if you will not unite, then write it on your hearts.

      There is one sure alternative - pack your bags and leave and then wait 20 years and the things will be clinging onto some life boat wanting you to rescue them and provide food/shelter again.

      There is a reason God mentioned totally destroy them, he knows them.... they are of their father the devil. Wherever these parasites go, Haiti, Detroit, new York, Anywhere they will always live in strife and be a thorn in our sides.

  25. Mike, to me, the simple answer is that there is no greater sign of the political impotence of Zuma and his ANC than this one issue – job creation. If Zuma and his lackeys, who is with him, are pushing this so hard, the fact that they are failing so badly must make one wonder if they just don't have the power to make it happen. Granted, like you pointed out, governing is hard, and creating jobs, even at the best of times is difficult, just ask Barack Obama. But in his case, as in Europe, there are structural reasons, there has been a long period of boom, and this is the inevitable bust. What we have is something different. We have a failure to prioritise, to make hard choices, to make decisions and to make things happen. The ANC is currently in a political lock, a holding pattern if you like. Everyone is jockeying for position internally, and yet no one is actually strong enough to make something, anything, happen. And this is where we now lie. Politically at least.

    As the private sector is loathe to take on any new workers with all the red tape, the potential for strike that "decent work" entails, the only option open to Zuma is to use government to create jobs. We’ve seen enough jobs funds being created from time to time! Essentially, as you correctly point out, the only way jobs can be created is for government to start building things, to find any excuse to employ people.

    So will this lock be broken? Not likely. Business itself is hardly unified, never mind the ANC. And no matter what any talk-shop might decide, in the end the ANC, or whichever particular faction happens to be in "control" that week, could simply overrule it. The party has that power, even if individuals within it often seem utterly powerless. And the party, as we know, tends to use the power it has. What could possibly work is some kind of massive campaign to show what could happen if business was just left to do its thing. If the magic of real, healthy, entrepreneurial capitalism were to be let out of the bottle. But business doesn't have the political legitimacy to make such a message stick. If you're poor and have never worked, and the ANC has always blamed apartheid for this, you cannot be expected to listen to business with a completely open mind.
    In the end, I keep returning to this poem...

    I am Mr Market
    I live by certain rules,
    Those who seek to coerce me
    Are little more than fools.
    Those who let me have my way
    Have understood the cure
    In doing so will benefit
    And prosper - that's for sure.
    This may not suit the ideologue
    My comment - "well that's tough",
    The error of your thinking will
    Become clear soon enough.

  26. PreatorianXVI11:58 pm

    The myth of cheap labour with these black creatures in Southern Africa needs to be dispelled, they are not cheap labour, full stop.

    Lazy, thieving and destructive, unless you keep a boot up their arse, nothing will get done, as soon as they get paid they go on the piss. Get paid on Friday then totally useless on Monday and forgot everything they were thought the prior week.

    Got rid of the Maid and Garden boy many moons ago, I clean the house faster and better, household appliances magically lasts forever, so does the Lawnmower and the groceries last much longer, plus point you don't have that smell hanging around the house... You know what I talk about...

    1. Anonymous3:09 am

      still begs the question: Why did you have them in the first place?

    2. Feel free to go back to Europe, nobody invited you here.

    3. Anonymous5:38 am

      Exactly, the sick situation in South Africa that we find ourselves, whites love cheap labour that is why they will employ blacks and blacks love the whites because the baas will give a job and free stuff, what a fucked up set up and today we as whites are paying for it, it destroyed our economy and destroying white heritage in sa!

    4. Anonymous6:34 am

      @Shaka 3:16 AM: Shaka, we are not going back to Europe, and nobody invited you into the country either, your tribe ran away from fiercer tribes in the north.

      Small industry protection. I've been in China and Indonesia and Taiwan where you see miles and miles and miles of rice fields, little milk cows that are kept like pets, etc. Small scale farming could work provided people are prepared to ... work. The Chinese are hard working. Forgive me for sounding racist, but for the most part sub Saharan blacks still prefer to sit around drinking sorghum beer while their wives do all the work. But no matter, if the women must do all the work, so be it. The problem is when other blacks who choose not to work come and steal from the productive ones.

      In any case, something along these lines has to be done. The productive ones can go knock the crap out of the ones who only steal. Then it won't matter so much if we don't have so many trained policemen anymore; the people can police themselves. The main problem is to get the corrupt ANC government out of the way. And social grants and a bloated public sector can no longer be maintained by a dwindling tax base. Productivity will have to take their place.

    5. PreatorianXVI7:03 am

      @Anon : The Ex-wife came with them, disposed all 3 of them in one go as unwanted goods.

      @Shaka, why don't you and your ilk move north of the Fish River and leave white people alone, your kind are like parasites, never able to build-up anything, burn, rape murder and pillage is all your culture consists of.

    6. Anonymous9:52 am

      'Shaka', we didn't come here, we were born here.

      Maybe you should go back up to Congo where your ancestors come from. Maybe they will welcome you with wide open arms and eat you.

    7. PreatorianXVI6:44 pm

      @Anon, they came with the Ex-Wife, all 3 disposed of as unwanted goods long time ago, hence the I in my comment

      @Shaka Already left due to your ilk destroying the country and the economy, found an excellent job and place to live that appreciates engineers and technical people, provides a safe environment for its citizens.
      You and your tribes, should head back north of the Fish River and leave white people alone and stop feeding of them like the parasites you are.

    8. You Euro trash were run out out of Europe, and are going to be seriously stranded when we extirpate you.

    9. Anonymous4:54 am

      Shaka3:16 AM & 11:01 PM

      Why don"t you fuck-off back to Sudan??

    10. Anonymous8:35 am

      Shaka hates himself and projects his feelings of self-hatred towards whites.

      Bad news though, whites aren't going anywhere.

      Murdering and raping women and children in their homes have obviously given some self-hating black racists a false confidence.

      But that's obviously the only way you cowards know how to fight. Challenging whites directly is too shit scary for you snakes to contemplate.

    11. @ Shaka, listen, read well and understand. You retarded creature. I wish I could call you human but that is impossible for a human is an intelligent species, I wish I call call you primate but that will insult evolution.

      So I guess retard is the best I could do for your type.

      I am going to start printing bumper stickers that say " if you don't breed em don't feed em" and " if we don't infect them why treat them" I am going to campaign against your retarded belief that a white man must look after your type and accept responsibility for your type.

      You think that you have the right to claim and take, let me inform you of something that your retarded species seem never to have learnt. Nature has no safety net, there us no space for the weak and retarded. Your type are the weak and retarded.

      Now get this right retard, stop hiding behind your falsely attained superiority, that was given to you by weak and stupid white people, get off your lazy black arse and come and remove me from my country, who coward. I challenge you and I dare you

      When you see my bumper sticker know that this white man wants to obliterate your type from this planet, all because evolution bestowed upon me the ability to.

    12. Anonymous12:01 pm

      Shaka, bring it on man, bring it on, we are waiting you coward!

    13. Anonymous6:15 am

      Shaka is a coward.

  27. Mike in the previous blog, somebody posted about retard Oliphant (fucking insult to such a clever beast that a retard carry that name) wants to fine companies regarding BEE.

    Does that not prove the failure of these retards of evolution, 22 years of political power and you still have to rely on the white man to provide for you, shame you poor little black retards of evolution. ( true examples of a weakness, evolution never forgot them it meant for them to become extinct, they're to weak to survive)

    As for that moronic retard Shaka, go into the African continent, you dumb fucking retard and see what your fucking commie ideology has produced.

    Fuck you retards are stupid.I do not see any of your species moving North into Africa, everyone of your retarded type moves to SA or to other white man lands.

    Why don't you join a fucking retard blog and suck up to other retarded cunts. You're a fucking virus all of you black things.

    1. Anonymous2:33 am

      The point Mike is making is if you have a government and a system that works you won't have so many unemployed, uneducated, unskilled retards living on grants or stealing to live.

      Where I live in north KZN I see young white people so fucked up by unemployment that they beg and steal for drugs and stagger around stinking and zombied out. You don't dare give them any work because they will steal anything that isn't bolted down for drugs.

      We had a break in at our house a month ago - left the garden beams off one night because we thought the neighbour had security at his property so didn't fear anything coming over the common garden wall. Well he just had an old Chubb sign at the front of his property, fuck all security. Zots scaled that side wall and went for the study where one of the barred windows was open. One of them managed to get his flat head and skinny frame through the burglar bars and snatched a computer. Just that, the computer only. Quick bucks.

      Amazingly, the cops caught them breaking in at another house and found our computer among the stash the cops forced them to reveal. Dongle still in and all. My husband went to the cop shop and met the three black gentlemen who had invaded our property. The black cops there were going ballistic and screaming at these guys, "Why did you do this? What for?" They said they do it to get money for drugs. They were emaciated, starving dogs, using drugs to forget the reality of their horrible lives. No jobs. Only the cadres and the elites get the jobs and the moola.

      That has to change.

    2. Anonymous6:45 am


      Mike systems is perfect for a white country but we cannot do it while we have parasites here.

      For a white country sure.

      If there were 5-15 million whites here - sure.

      I suggest we open the borders for Europeans - check their gums, hair and DNA test them. 75+ Caucasian DNA -

      Only the purest can enter. We rewire those liberals from Scandinavia, those liberals have a few screw loose.

      500k - 1 million from each European country. They can settle for free, we provide them with assistance so long as they will abide by our laws/rules/regulations/stipulations.

      All different languages, they cant form their own schools, cultures etc etc here.

      They should learn to speak Afrikaans, basic Afrikaans within 8 months, fluent within 2 years. We reward those who do and they take a vow and cannot hold two passports.

      We educate them in the most honest way about the parasite. Show them photos, video footage. We have a goal for to have 30 million within 20 years, offer free land like in the US North of our borders.

      We send our armies and take each parasitic strong hold, 1 by 1 and then hand the land to the Europeans subject to our rules/regulations.

      In 40 years we could have 30-40 million whites in Southern Africa = paradise on Earth.

      Oh and only Christians! No other religions thank you very much.

      South Africa will be the new frontier. Then we can set a goal to be the greatest nation on Earth within 200 years.

      We produce/manufacture/consume all our own goods. At first we dont trade with other countries, we become totally self sufficient.

      WE should be in a position to always dictate terms that are favorable to us. Never again will we be held over a barrel by trade.

      All foreign companies audited in SA and pay tax + % of profit which goes to the welfare of the country. Encourage high birth rates - instead of a benefit system which pays less per child, we pay more for every child birth.

      The benefits of parents can be reduced if those children are not brought up right in terms of morals, ethics, behavior and their interaction with society.

      If we are going to dream, let us dream big, let us map out everything for when that day comes. Let us think Looooong term - 300-500 years. This is how we defeat the parasite, for it cannot see further than tomorrow.

      Verwoerd, De Klerk, you name them, all thought small - no more than 50-100 years.

      I think we should also reform politics, no more democracy shit we see in Europe/West, that doesnt work. Democracies as plato mentioned will always be reduced down to handing the poor what they want for votes.

      We need a new system, for a new nation, for a future great Christian empire.

      You will find that if we run the country something like this, that we even have millions of white Americans wanting to settle here. The white man has lost his way world wide.

      Let us think far into the future, for a future generation.

      Let them never go through what we have gone through.

      If only our ancestors thought this way, many of our people would not have had to leave this country, be murdered in their beds, have no stake in a country they built up.

      We must plan now, this will happen in the future.

      Let us turn the past 50 years into a lesson, a lesson on who to trust in the world and how they can derail us.

      N Boere Ninja Maak A Plan!

    3. Anonymous9:21 am

      You are crazy if you think white Christians will come here in their millions to speak Afrikaans only, and that the country can revert to a gold standard. We live in an international community - unless you have a viable plan for Christian Afrikaans speakers to emigrate to another planet. In your own way you are just as daft as Malema. I suppose you want to chuck out all the Muslims, Hindus and Jews as well. Only fundamentalist Afrikaners with Afrikaans bibles.

    4. Anonymous10:05 pm


      Nee nee nee, I won't even dream of being a citizen of that country. Dictatorship is something of the past.

    5. Anonymous10:09 pm


      Not everyone is Christian or wants to be. Also, not everyone wants to speak Afrikaans or specifically, be forced to. Freedom of religion, freedom of language etc is I believe what most people on here support.

    6. Anonymous3:08 am

      As an English speaking non Christian, I would be happy living in Boere Ninjas future South Africa. I would suggest that everyone be fluent in both English and Afrikaans, it's good for the brain to speak 2 fluent languages. As far as the religion goes, I don't think every single individual has to be a hardcore bible bashing person, ur spirituality levels are up 2 you. But if the nation is based off of Christian principles, and we have prayer before parliament etc, I'm cool with that, it will give the nation as a whole a strong backbone.

    7. Anonymous8:46 am


      Anonymous9:21 AM

      Yes I will kick out anything non Christian - The Democraticness of the world will come to and end, it doesnt work because it always resorts to giving out free handouts which attracts parasites from other countries which dont want to work.

      White Christians will come here if you make the terms right - they will come because there will be peace and prosperity.

      They will come here because it will be like the Ark, the last bastion of a white country, the last country with morals, the last country with a nation that does not conform to the bullshit in this world.

      Sure there might be a world system but the maker of all things is still the maker - where there is a vision, the people shall prosper.


      And Im not talking hard core Christians, Im talking about a nation of Christianity. Not like heavy Amish or anything like that but not also this luke warm Christian crap you see where every vile thing in the bible they accept.

    8. Anonymous10:33 am

      That sounds like a Christian version of Iran and other Islamic states. A place with moral police and such things.

      Personally, I wouldn't want to live in a system where religious groups are forcing me to follow their ways.

      This blog is obviously compromised of a very diverse group of people which different beliefs and ideas of the future.

  28. Anonymous1:15 am

    Very hard to achieve anything with our workforce, If don't employ a darkie then you are a racist and when you do employ a darkie then you are exploiting them.

    Again attitude needs to be changed then we can move forward.

    1. Anonymous5:34 am


      Only one way - fumigation. No parasites, 22 years has proven we cant trust them.

      We now can see why we had to have a firm hand with the parasite, if not you are its lunch!

      Hire them and they steal, hire them they dont show for work, hire them and ask them why they are late and its all on African time, hire them and they tell you that you exploit them, hire them and you have nothing but problems.

      I know God did not make this thing, the reason I know is because God doesnt make useless things.

      This thing is useless. Leave this thing alone and within no time it will not even know what year it is.

    2. Anonymous6:04 am



      We have to ask ourselves why the ANC is running this country like this, what is their goal?

      Their goal is to wreck the economy because that is how they will hit us hardest before they slaughter us.

      They will use our economy to get rich and then use our economy against us to make us poor.

      Like I say, this thing is the most barbaric, savage thing, it is capable of coming up with the most ingenious ways to do evil.

      It knows that to destroy whitee, you have to first demoralize them, destroy their history, then culture, then their lives by destroying the economy and the final phase which is now building up is physically.

      Physically removing us.

      What they have done to us economically speaking, they intend to eventually do physically.

      They cannot do it physically while our mental/psyche is still strong. They have to weaken us.

      They did this to our youth first by removing prayer from schools, business, organisations. Then they removed our history, our language, cultural things which we hold dear to our hearts and that form part of who we are.

      Now they want to hit our hip pocket bank where it hurts the most, if you have no culture, no language, no history, no money then you have nothing to live or fight for.

      When you have no more fight in you, they go on the attack.

      This is why they always attack and prey on the weak and old first.

      This is all part of their plan.

      Hurt us most where it hurts. Our Culture, our history, our sporting, our faith, our religion, our economy which effects our livelihoods.

      When you have all those things taken from you, you have no future, no vision of the future.

      When you have no vision what then?

      I believe the good book says....

      Where there is no vision the people perish.

      If we as a nation dont have anything left, there will be no vision of a future and we WILL perish by the parasite.

      Hence their attacks not just on our history, monuments, language, culture, schools, universities and now economy.

      Its planned - they want us out of here which is why they formed a party which will do it - dont be fooled by the smoke and mirrors.

      The EFF are here to do their job, remove the constitution enforced on them by the west and to remove us from this land.

      May this parasite pray that someone with a similar sentiment like that which I share does not rise up.

      I see right through this satanic bastard of a creature.

      All it knows is evil and thieving.

      For every 1 of them that are honest and good, there are 5 million + evil of them - deep down, even their most honest, most noble, scratch and you will find something which we consider evil.

      They wised up, they first had superstition but that didnt work in driving us into the sea.

      Then those bastard missionaries taught these things to read and write, casting pearls before swines and within 50 years of learning to read and write they latched on to communism which has been proven to work in getting rid of the opposition.

      You guys need to open your eyes! You need to unite while we still have time, arm, train, prepare.

      You will not need to go to war, the war is coming to you whether you unite, prepare or unite.

      You can see it in the making. If you could make a video with time lapse photography and see Mikes blog posts from 5 years back, you will see how far we are down this road.

      Whether you decide to unite or work together for what is coming is something you will need to think about - you can fight back or you can become a statistic or skull on the walls for future tourists visiting this place like people do in Rwanda where they see hundreds of bones/skulls in places where the people were massacred.

      If you have a white skin, they are coming for you! You now see it daily, the worst part is we have become desensitized to their utterances of getting rid of us.

      Im a realist, someone who looks at history, someone who understands our people and this thing. Im not saying go to war or make war, Im saying prepare for the war thats coming for you!

  29. Anonymous4:24 am

    How to rebuild the economy after the anc?

    As an artisan I would take a technical approach similar to troubleshooting a problem on a machine.

    Use the "Fault - Cause - Solution" method.

    One would identify the fault, then one would see what could be causing the fault and what can be applied to solve the fault.

    Lets use unemployment as an example:

    Fault = Not enough jobs

    Cause = Too many people available for the amount of jobs that are vacant, lack of sufficient skills to fill skilled positions, unfriendly climate to invest within SA, poor work ethics and attitude.

    Solution = Family planning and stop paying people to reproduce another useless generation, train people in skills that are required (Everyone seems to be studying politics, we have more than enough useless politicians),
    Ensure an investor friendly climate with securities, people need to change their attitude and work ethics.

    Once you break it down into manageable sections it becomes a lot easier to fix. Its very possible, we just have the wrong people making the wrong decisions. Unfortunately their fuck ups become everyone else's.


    1. Anonymous1:09 am

      You are absolutely right, and we don't have nearly enough artisans. Most people should learn a trade, not join a trade union.

  30. Anonymous4:34 am

    South Africa seems to be hopelessly and utterly screwed. Even if things are turned around today and are being run by competent people with intelligence it will probably take years or decades to build it into something resembling prosperous nations like those in Europe or the west. The unbiased truth is that if you’re stuck in SA you are hopelessly screwed.

    The story of Africa is that 54 out of 54 countries in Africa are all third world cesspits. Not even one country comes close to the prosperity of a first world country ran by whites. What are the odds that South Africa would be any different? Africa’s problem is genetic in nature. The genetics of intelligence is mostly absent in the populations of Africa. Africans simply cannot create prosperity or build anything of note. The crux of the matter is that the rest of the world refuses to acknowledge this big fat elephant in the room.

    As long as democratic majority rule is the end all and be all on planet earth, SA will be doomed.

    What else is left other than making your exit from SA? It makes absolutely no sense to stay in SA.

  31. Anonymous5:57 am

    Very interesting read, thanks, Mike.

    First sort out crime and education

    Problem is Africans are genetically incapable of being educated or law abiding. Whish I was wrong but history proves it beyond a doubt.


  32. Bad news Mike. South Africa will never, ever be great again.

    1. Anonymous7:46 am

      Sass, I agree!

    2. I suppose you two voted yes in 1992. You are the type that sold you fellow countrymen for thirty pieces of silver and a position in the new government. I think we call you De Klerkers.

    3. Anonymous3:32 am

      LTMA.10:39 PM

      You must be joking!

      I NEVER voted yes, NEVER! So you assumed WRONG!

      LTMA, you sound like such a DOOS!

    4. Maybe I am a DOOS but I do not give up without a fight. You must be the DOOS that lays down spreads out and gets fucked over for nothing or thirty pieces of silver.

      You're negativity breeds desease and we will never win when we are deceased with negativity.

      So I do not mind being a DOOS just take your shit attitude somewhere else. I want my country back and I will fight to have it back and I do believe that it will be a great country again.

    5. Anonymous10:44 am

      Fuuuuck anon 3:32 you know LTMA is right, right?

    6. Anonymous12:12 pm


      LTMA.4:42 AM

      No boet - you have heart.

      Something I wish more of our people would have, they would have it if they read this.

      One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the LORD your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you. Joshua 23:10

      100,000 men like you, with the Lord and our nation going back to the good book will chase out 100 million - The entire Southern Africa.

      100,000 men without the Lord will not win a single battle.

      Lets go back to our roots.

      You, I, We as a nation can have this country back if we are serious. If we will all pray out, each day and night - I can GUARANTEE it, like the sun that will rise tomorrow that you will see things happen here.

      If only my prayer was answered that more of us will pray and do this - who knows perhaps in time.

      No you are right, you fight for what is yours!

      Call me greedy but I want SA, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, half of Mozambique to start off with.

  33. Anonymous7:02 am

    Fuck off you defeatist cunt

  34. Detroit Refugee9:04 am

    Men, I wish you all the luck in the world!
    Over here the insane are running the asylum, this summer is looking like it may be the "Summer of the Negroe".

    We have black rappers and gangsters promising the riot nationwide if Trump gets the nomination. The Republican Convention in Cleveland is going to produce a major Chimp-Out. Watch & see!! I say that because the cops that shot a juvenile gunman in training walked free.

    Combine the non guilty verdict with their hatred of YT, a Republican Convention in town and warm weather. Perfect storm.

    1. Anonymous6:40 am


      @Detroit Refugee9:04 AM

      All parasites need to be wiped off he face of the earth.

  35. Anonymous10:42 am


    Reading/judging the comments it confirms everything.

    We are hopelessly confused, we are hopeless and there is no future.

    But there is when you go back to your Christian roots.

    As you can see, unless there is some sort of miracle there will be no future here under these conditions.

    This (according to the scripture) confirms to me that this is something totally out of our hands and affirms to me that the only way out is via prayer!

    I know it sounds all "holier/biblical" but its the truth, go back to the early books and see what was told to the Israelite's if they broke the commandments.

    Sorry but thats the only way out or we get taken out.

    You can see from the comments, we as a nation are hopelessly confused!

  36. Anonymous11:05 am

    The only reason why SA became so stuffed up is because during apartheid the anglo capitalists refused to open factories in rural & tribal homelands.

    Blacks flocked to the cities away from their homelands to find work in the white cities & have no looked back ever again.

    1. Anonymous7:03 am

      Border Industries
      CRAZIEST ever kind of economic thinking
      NEVER going to work in a zillion years

      Companies go into business to MAKE money -- not throw it away on mad ideologies !

      Economic rationale said business was in the big WHITE cities -- the stupid NP government understood ZILCH about economics.
      Whites too lazy to do the work themselves -- too stubborn to import WHITE labour -- too mean to pay a proper skilled wage

      The rest as they say is -- HISTORY !

  37. The british & americans took a decent country like SA & wiped their backsides with it, the anc were the toilet paper.

    The anc were HQ in London from 1978- 1994, the americans had the anti apartheid act, israel also sanctioned & boycotted SA in 87.

    Why are whites blaming the blacks & anc here ?
    They (blacks) were better off under apartheid.

    1. Anonymous9:02 pm

      Shhhh don't tell anyone, it's the world's best kept secret you racist. :P

  38. There will always be differences between people but those differences can be overcome with determining what the parties end goal is.

    I read here, people that attack the host because he supports Israel, because he makes mention of a globalist phrase or idea. This chap, Mike Smith doesn't need to have this blog going but he does. He is making an attempt to unify people with the same problems and allowing us to vent our frustrations and swap our ideas. I do not have to defend him he is quite capable of doing that himself. But.

    Our biggest challenge that faces us, is ourselves, our inability to recognise one man choice over our own, if somebody supports Israel, allow him his views as long as you have the same end goal and that end goal is not Israel then let Israel not divide your combined strength.

    We face a problem here, we know we are not wanted and that our common enemy is slowly knocking us off one by one, we are allowing him, because we all do not want to stand up for our brother in arms, when I say stand up I mean physically up and show a combined front. We all are to busy with our own lives to show unity with a brother in arms.

    We worry more about ourselves than we worry about our country, guys there will be no more ourselves if we carry on like this, look around you we are getting less by the day.

    So stop the shit of believing that one is your enemy or an agent if he supports Israel and uses what some consider globalist ideology. Get with the program of saving ourselves and retaining a country that's worth something, then once we have achieved that then you can fight about what should happen to globalist and Israel and who the fuck likes rugby and who likes soccer.

    1. Hear, hear LTMA!
      Well said my mate. Get those ResistANCce stickers on your vehicles and let's start pulling together.

  39. Anonymous12:39 pm

    NAZIs are an off shoot of globalism,

    The British funded Hitler. Hitler was a stooge and the war was a screw job by the globalists.

  40. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Mike please educate us about the other Friedman Milton was his name and his Chicago school of economics where he developed the theory of economic shock therapy in order to change the citizens of a nation states behaviour, thereby placing countries in the awkward position to privatise national assets and nationalise "to big to fail" financial institutions deb. Oh yes globalists are firm believers of socialism but only for the super wealthy and for the rest of us it's raw pteditory capitalism.
    Think for a minute Mike why is big capital backing malema, of course they want him to nationalise the mines, but monkey boy doesn't realise that he will be pilling onto the shoulders of every South African is the entire international debt of Anglo American, possibly the biggest transfer of debt in world history.

  41. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Unfortunately I have to agree with Sass Kloppers. SA is finished for ever. Get your family to learn Spanish or Russian and try to get into Argentina or Russia in the future.

    1. After the Boer War hundreds of Boers emigrated to Argentina. Two generations later they were completely Spanish and could hardly speak Afrikaans anymore. Only some of the old people could. It was only after South African Afrikaners looked them up, made contact with them and visited them that they rekindled their Boer roots. However, they identify more with Argentina than with South Africa.

  42. Trump's foreign policy speech today was scathing on globalism, he said nation states bring prosperity, Now Mike you say you want SA to be great again, presumably during apartheid? When the country was nationalist self sufficient and prosperous? Where was investors then?

    The people that rule this world are egalitarian, they don't care that you're white and I'm black, they will impoverish all of us, don't shill for them.

    1. Anonymous11:53 pm

      My old South Africa was a victim of globalisation, Henry Kissengers visit to PW Botha in the 80s had nothing to do about 1 man 1 vote and everything to do with free market, import tariffs, South Africa's price control on maize etc, and most importantly the reserve bank and the Rand gold standard remember our old Jan money had a gold value.

    2. Anonymous12:31 pm


      The world hated South Africa because we shunned the world system and actually did what the good book said.

      Keep yourself separate from the heathen, we did that but still wanted to use them for labor - They will always be thorns in our sides and stumbling blocks for this nation unless they are dealt with like in the books of Deuteronomy, Numbers, Joshua and judges.

      This new generation of South Africans born during the 70s onwards is EXACTLY like the generation mentioned in the first few chapters of Judges - read judges the first few chapters and see where we are...

      The parasite Canaanites also ruled over Israel 20 years before they were defeated. We are now 22 years and so is the beginning of their end.

  43. Crystal clear, hopefully after like-minded chavista Venezuela finally sinks to the gutter as nearly everyone predict, South-Africa would consider changing pragma if only no to follow suit . Large race diversity and unskilled workforce , highest crime rate , vast natural resources , white past ruling class barricaded at home, similarities are striking .

  44. Anonymous12:48 am


    1. Anonymous6:17 am


      I mentioned this a while back, just looking at events.

      Last year, I also said we will see regime change come to Zimbabwe and South Africa faster than most think or expect.

      Look whats happening to Brazil.

      If Brazil is knocked off, Russia hit with sanctions, Chinas economy down and SA down, then Brics will be finished.

      Good read.

    2. Anonymous10:33 am

      You left out the I in Brics. India is doing well.

    3. Anonymous8:41 am


      @Anonymous10:33 AM

      India is not doing so well, their entire economy is built on outsourced labor.

      Many companies are now rehiring in their own countries and their inflation is rampant.

      They are also going to have Muslim issues with their ultra hindu far right government.

      Watch and see.

      Indias economy is like Chinas economy - built off the backs of whites.

    4. Anonymous9:35 pm

      India is another country run by the Zionists

    5. Anonymous4:27 am

      Oh Jeezus will you lay off the Zionist conspiracy theory bullshit. India is getting its act together.

  45. Anonymous5:10 am

    Hi Mike, further to you post on Cuba, I came across this. http://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/3098/20150215/new-hiv-strain-in-cuba-has-researchers-rushing-to-stop-fast-progression-of-aids.htm. A new form of AIDS which only takes 3 years until HIV instead of 10. With those trainee doctors over there, we can expect it here if it isn't already.

    1. Anonymous6:19 am


      Link didnt work - below is another article


    2. Those "trainee doctors" probably exported it to Cuba???

    3. Anonymous12:06 pm


      @Tomkat's Tribulations6:39 AM

      Lol I thought the same thing - mix the bantu with a cubano and you get a bantucubano.

      A brown version of a jalpeno.

      hot from far but far from hot.

    4. Anonymous1:11 am


  46. Off the topic for today, but applicable to ike's previous blog regarding the idiot Fikile Kaffir.
    That's telling the idiot?

  47. Anonymous7:01 am

    Anyone else think its a good idea to buy dollars?

    1. Anonymous8:11 am

      Anon 7:01

      For the moment it is what I have bought.

    2. Anonymous10:32 am

      Not if you don't want to go insane. Put half your money into offshore stocks and bonds and keep the other half in South Africa where it earns higher interest rates. There are some good dual listed shares on the JSE too.

    3. Anonymous11:35 am

      Viking king

      absolutely not. Dont trust any Funny money (paper money)

      besides i tried that avenue to invest in a few months ago. banks will allow you to open a Foreign currency account where you can trade rands for all major currencies. but you have to withdraw you money in Rands (that didn't suit me)

      when i went to a Currency Trade kiosk at my local shopping center in JHB they wouldn't let me buy euros unless i had with me a plane ticket, with the departure date less than 2 months. The commission you pay to convert this way is exceptionally high.

      I believe it's to prevent exactly what you want to do. If everyone in this country just deiced that the Rand was Worthless and that all trading would take place with Dollars, Well then SA would loose financial sovereignty.

      I like silver and gold personally. silver just had a spike a few weeks back. the Value of silver has gone up 25% in the past year. That blows the 5% per year i was getting with my investment account at NedBank.

      For everyone worried about the crumbling rand defiantly look into silver (and gold of you got the money). There's tons of info about it on the web

    4. Anonymous4:16 pm

      too late mate, you should have done it years ago, being in South Africa you are better off buying illegal gold,---dangerous and you need a test kit and some experience, but believe me,---the US dollar is another house of cards, do some reading on fiat money.

    5. Anonymous9:14 pm

      For a few cheap gold bars just contact Jacob Zuma and his cronies c/o of the ANC government RSA. AUTHENTICITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

    6. Anonymous1:14 am

      If you want to compare local and rand denominated offshore funds, this is a good site to start:


      You can compare five funds at a time. For more info on any particular fund you can google it elsewhere; you will find loads of info on the net.

    7. Anonymous11:58 am

      buy silver

  48. Anonymous8:10 am


  49. Anonymous12:02 pm


    Not yet, the fed just announced it will not be raising interest rates which is not a good sign for the dollar.

    With interest rates this low in the US and not moving higher, we can expect the USD to decline more.

    The morons on news24 ran an article (probably some BEE/AA parasite) the rand is back to the same levels it was at before Nene.

    Well it isnt.

    It looks strong against the dollar and so does the Yen and other currencies because the Fed lowered the overall outlook of the economy.

    This is what was happening in Rome when they were simply melting copper, gold, silver and mixing any metals to mint more coins.

    Eventually bread traders decided to stop selling in the markets because inflation was so rampant.

    I would not buy it yet. I think they are doing this because they would like to prop up the economy by creating an environment where America goes back to manufacturing.

    If the dollar is strong it props up the Chinese chinese yuan renminbi and then this will pick up the BRIC nations. They need to keep the dragon in a state of hibernation while they sort out Africa and Russia.

    This is why Mugabe will go and Zambia as well as other dictators in my opinion. In order for them to prop up their economies they will have to go back to the west and beg - China already last year declined to lend Mugabe money - its how they control the world.

    Remember the #1 export of America is the US dollar. The Fed owns more than 50% of all the stock exchanges and all these "democracies" in Africa who we were told thanks to Henry Kissinger, all have central banks and they all got them after independence and they all opened up bank to lend to other banks using USD.

    For the short term, until they raise interest rates I would expect the dollar to decline against all major currencies.

    The only real way they can revive the US economy now is through a war. If they dont have a war soon inflation is going to beat them up.

    I have never seen a country reverse an interest rate so fast as they did recently in the US and they released a statement just yesterday about them not raising the rates for the near term. I think most of 2016, especially with elections coming up will keep it down.

    We wont see too much action I think either of them fighting a war this year, perhaps next year - that is what I think but I would not be buying just yet - Lost quite a bit of value against the Jap yen today.

    Just remember when you are buying a currency, you are actually buying into an economy unlike buying stocks / equities.

    In other words, when these things move/trend - they trend for long periods weeks/months some cases years. We can expect the dollar to be in decline against all major currencies for a few months.

    When the dollar is down, investors/speculators rush to silver and Gold as a hedge against inflation and war.

    Also with political uncertainty, investors rush to these 2 commodities.

    2016 has seen silvers value increase quite a bit.

    Not too many people know that there are fewer silver mines than gold mines and there is a chronic shortage of silver. Silver is used in most digital devices/phones/microwaves/IT equipment and some think in the future silver will be more valuable than Gold.

  50. Anonymous2:44 pm

    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. – Marcus Aurelius

  51. The ANC’s answer and attitude were...”They are just racists who don’t want to live under black rule.”
    They got that right

  52. You guys might find this interesting
    Venezuela , Nationalise everything socialistic recipe outcome
    Will someone tell Malema ?


  53. Interesting read. (((WAR))) Now almost a given reality for the future of SA.

    Also another Boeremag false flag operation in the making. Just a warning. Remember it was white traitors (national intelligence personnel) who infiltrated the Boeremag and in many cases planed and motivated the operations. Be vigilant in your groups and watch out for these spies.

    I dont think we can turn this country around while sharing it. Impossible!

    1. Anonymous8:39 am


      Thank you - we will hang those traitors, we will hang all traitors.

  54. Anonymous12:55 am

    You can't just walk into a bank and buy dollars or euros or sterling, but you can open a unit trust account and invest in those currencies in a rand denominated account i.e. the currency you buy will be reflected in rand value. The rand is expected to devalue to R15 to the $ within a year. I had some money in a $/Euro/Sterling 90 day Libor account but although it didn't go down, it didn't go up either. So I took it out and invested it in Momentum Flexible Fund which has been giving an annual return of 14%. Bear in mind that past performance is not a predictor of future performance, however we can benefit from high interest rates and there are a couple of shares that benefit from offshore earnings.

    1. Anonymous8:49 am


      Unit trusts can nail you when you want to take your money out early, better would be to invest or use ETFs.

      Unit trust have a lot of hidden fees & then you have to pay your adviser also.

      I would rather use an ETF over a mutual fund or a unit trust.

    2. Anonymous8:58 am

      Wont mean shit when you have to take the globalist's mark of the beast.

    3. Anonymous10:28 am

      Some ETF's also can have high fees so it's something to watch out for.
      But overall they are a good option.

    4. Anonymous12:01 pm

      just buy silver. physical, 1kg, 99.9 fine, raw bars. not those fancy, polished ones. ask the people at metal concentrators

    5. Anonymous4:24 am

      ETF's are fine. I am an adviser so I don't charge myself fees. There aren't any penalties taking your money out of unit trusts, that only applies to endowment policies.

  55. Anonymous5:22 am

    Thanks ninja for sorting out the link. And tomkat thanks for the lag, hahaha, I honestly never saw it but yeah...take one of the worst commie shit holes on the planet, where life expectancy is 32(if u lucky), where disease is rampant. Such a dump you would think u could never make it worse but send them 50 of 'south africas' 'finest' and BINGO! New strain of HIV ooh rah, lucky cubans, I'm betting they're cursing the day they set foot in africa. Anyway fuck all commies everywhere, you reap what u sow motherfuckers.

  56. Anonymous12:02 pm

    just buy silver. raw, 1kg, 99.9 fine. check daily spot at kitko/silver.

  57. Anonymous3:26 pm


    Had a chat with my farm workers, said to them if they want to patla patla with my goats they best wear condoms.

    Dont want anything coming out like this


    Poor goat, never going to be the same.

    Please guys, for the love of mother nature - wear protection.

  58. Mike and followers of this blog, all remarks, entries and comments by myself onto this blog past, present and future are my own opinions, views and beliefs and are posted by myself as such.

    In no way are they sanctioned or the views of the host and the validity of my entries are personal and purely my right to exercise my freedom of speech of my own opinions.

  59. Anonymous11:18 pm


    1. The retarded cunt has an average IQ lower than an ostrich, what do you expect, he cannot see that there would be none of these retards left if it wasn't for whites that were stupid enough to feed the dumb fuckers that now want to claim land that doesn't belong to them.

      He thinks he is clever, fucking retard picks his nose to change a thought. The black stinking dirty cunt could only pick on a waitress he would not try that with a white man, get this you retarded black cunts, come and start picking on people that will retaliate. You cowardly stinking black retards.

      The woman the compared you to monkeys was kind to your species and rude to primates, you retards could even be monkeys, you're to stupid and dumb to be a monkey or any other primate or beast. Youre a forgotten species of evolution that stinks, fucks up whatever you touch and steals whatever you can.

      Cunt retard that wants your land back, come and take it you dumb,stupid, stinking mass produced retard.

    2. PreatorianXVI6:44 am

      More public display of this TNB is required, it will show today's progressive liberals how their pets behave even with an Oxford education.

      You can take the Kaffir out of the bush, but not the savage out of the kaffir.

  60. Anonymous2:00 am

    Hi Mike , here is something interesting , what happens when Blacks take over , http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3566777/City-destruction-Stunning-photos-New-York-City-writhing-debt-death-transformative-tumultuous-1970s.html

    1. Anonymous7:14 am

      Rather go find some images of what "MoTown" looks like these days Detroit , Flint etc etc

  61. Message for the Rhodes must fall retards out there, chew on my version of must fall statements. " black will fall, stopping white rounds" and those that are not going to oblige, then I hope that virus that has permeated your body and you're to ashamed to say you have it. I hope it eats away at you slowly, painfully and progressively and that your end is a misery of unimaginable proportions.

    1. Anonymous5:13 am

      @ LTMA

      I had to read the article twice, he is one of the wankers in the UK from Rhodes must fall. What a fucking little coward. He is another one who should join any woman's league as he has no balls. The waitress should have dragged him outside and hit his face into the "land"

    2. Anonymous7:15 am

      Instead of getting all worked up -- just donate some bucks to the "reparation" fund.
      Easy enough to show your solidarity

  62. Anonymous4:33 am

    BREAKING NEWS:Now (and all of sudden) the same black ANC predator who previously exonerated Zuma of the 938 fraud charges against him has openly admitted to his past mistake. Another black ANC marauder has now seized upon the opportunity to gain some limelight and vainglory by resuming the call for Zuma to appear before the court on those identical past charges. The black ANC marauders are now hungrily devouring each other and the EFF black commie marauders are all ecstatic and will make expedient use of it to gain more black votes for their communist party. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will support it whole heartedly. That will be the final shot to remove Zuma totally but it will only be the beginning of yet another disastrous future for South Africa in the wicked and evil hands of Malema and his worthless scummy communist EFF political party

  63. Anonymous5:00 am

    South Africa needs to market itself as an investment hub, with laws and low taxes which make it attractive for them to invest here.

    The problem is the labour unions and Marxist-Leninist policies of the ruling party. China is ruled by the Communist Party but even they realised Marxism was dead and embraced capitalism.

    Economic growth and jobs is what will keep the masses happy. If this goes, then chances of revolution and mass protests are higher.