19 April 2016

How the ANC could never make any plans or honour any commitments

By Mike Smith
19th of April 2016

Professor Ali Mazrui of Kenya was an intelligent man. As an African “Clasical liberal”, he was as critical of Communism as he was of Global Capitalism. As a devout moderate Muslim he was also anti violence, anti terrorism and believed that Sharia Law was incompatible with democracy.

However, in his 1980’s BBC series called “The Africans: A triple heritage” he said three things were influencing Africa: Western Colonialism, the spread of Islam from the East and the own black African culture.

Nevertheless he blamed a lot of African problems on the Western World saying to his critics, “In a fair telling of history, the western world shouldn’t be expected to come out looking good from the African perspective.”

He also believed Africa should find its own solutions to its own problems and he believed there were six paradoxes central to understanding Africa and finding solutions:

1) Africa was the birthplace of man, but is the last to be made habitable in a modern sense.

2) Although Africans have not been the most abused group of people in modern history, they have been the most humiliated.

3) Africa is the most different from the West culturally, but is westernizing very quickly.

4) Africa possesses extreme natural wealth, but its people are very poor.

5) Africa is huge, yet very fragmented.

6) Africa is geographically central, but politically marginal

So Mazrui believed that if you could get around these paradoxes, Africa would and should be prosperous. Easier said than done.

Mazrui also believed in “The internal re-Colonisation of Africa”.

He believed that the strongest country in each of the continents four regions – South Africa in the south, Egypt in the north, Nigeria in the West and Kenya or Ethiopia in the east - should assume responsibility for establishing order, democratic rule and economic upliftment in its region.

Good idea, big words, but of course at the time Egypt had a dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak, Nigeria had a military dictatorship under Sani Abacha, Kenya was plagued by misrule and corruption, Ethiopia was in a brutal civil war and South Africa had Apartheid with unrest.

But then things changed. South Africa had Mandela and Thabo Mbeki as vice president running the day to day show.

Mbeki had big dreams of uniting Africa. At least that is how it appeared on the surface at first. He wanted to be for Africa what Jan Smuts was for the United Nations.

And so it was that from this original idea of Mazrui that Thabo Mbeki got his idea of an “African Renaissance”.

And this is where the alarm lights started to flicker, because Mbeki attempting to “think” and come up with “plans” can only spell disaster.

Nevertheless, sipping Johnny Walker Blue late at night, Mbeki set out to draw up a kind of ”Marshall Plan” for Africa which he called the “Millennium Partnership for the African Recovery Programme” (MAP).

At the same time, President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal proposed the “OMEGA Plan” for Africa developed.

In 2001 the Organization for African Unity OAU (now AU) decided that the MAP and OMEGA plans should be merged and thus came about what we know today as NEPAD

NEPAD set ambitious goals. It spoke to the West and asked for Western investment. The four primary objectives were: to eradicate poverty, promote sustainable growth and development, integrate Africa in the world economy, and accelerate the empowerment of women.

NEPAD pledged a commitment to good governance, democracy, human rights and conflict resolution. It wanted to create an environment conducive to investment and long-term economic growth.

In July 2002 the AU held a summit in Durban and supplemented NEPAD with a Declaration on Democracy. It stated that NEPAD ‘believe in just, honest, transparent, accountable and participatory government and probity in public life’.

The signatories committed themselves to the “rule of law; the equality of all citizens before the law; individual and collective freedoms; the right to participate in free, credible and democratic political processes; and adherence to the separation of powers, including protection for the independence of the judiciary and the effectiveness of parliaments.”

They even went as far as introducing an “African Peer Review Mechanism” APRM, a kind of “carrot and stick” approach, that would put sanctions on rogue countries and rewards on those complying with NEPAD commitments and the NEPAD Secretariat was/is based in Midrand, South Africa.

Sounds nice…Good objectives, big words, big commitments, but from the start Thabo Mbeki discovered that all these African leaders so committed to NEPAD were all talk. Everybody wanted to meet at expensive hotels, and eat expensive food, but nobody wanted to fork out any money towards NEPAD. So South Africa (white taxpayers) ended up being the major donor and sponsor.

Further…all these promises of “democracy” and “good governance” were just the kind of things that would convince the liberal idiots in the West to throw money at Africa…and boy how they did. They poured billions into NEPAD…about US$ 64 billion a year.

Between 2005-2007 the Dutch government alone poured US$ 14.5 billion into two NEPAD programs one, an APRM in Ghana and the other, the totally useless South African institute of International Affairs that is supposed to ensure “good governance” in SA, but under whose watch Jacob Zuma and the corrupt ANC stole the country into bankruptcy.

Who is Deputy Chairman of the SAIIA? None other than Thabo Mbeki’s brother, Moeletsi Mbeki.

Yet if you ask the average Dutch person if he knows what NEPAD is, he won’t be able to tell you, neither does he have the foggiest idea that his government is pouring his hard earned tax money down a bottomless pit in Africa, because nobody in government ever asked him if they could. They just do it and the citizens just have to shut up.

Yet when Jan Hollander is old and goes on pension he finds out that he is living on the bread line, his pension is not enough, because his government pissed money down a black hole in Africa. Thousands of old people in the Netherlands are living on a starvation pension and has to turn every cent around whilst corrupt black leaders in Africa are wasting their money away.

The Dutch aren’t the only ones. The Danes, the Germans, the British, the Canadians, the Norwegians…are all funding SAIIA and therefore NEPAD.

What did NEPAD achieve up until today? Simply put…Fuckall. Good governance in South Africa? Don’t make me laugh.

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, one of the original drafters and supporters of NEPAD, accused it of wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and achieving nothing. He doesn’t even go to their meetings anymore. Senegal president slams NEPAD

"Expenses adding up to hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on trips, on hotels. But not a single classroom has been built, not a single health centre completed. NEPAD has not done what it was set up for," he said.

See? NEPAD was never supposed to succeed. It is a racket…a criminal scheme to separate Western liberal fools from their money.

I realized this when Allister Sparks interviewed Thabo Mbeki about his “Quiet Diplomacy” towards Mugabe driving 4000 white farmers off their land. (Mentioned also in Beyond the Miracle; Inside the New South Africa, pg327).

“What about NEPAD?” Sparks dared to ask Mbeki, because according to NEPAD Mbeki should have brought Mugabe to heel.

Mbeki responded angrily saying that Zimbabwe was a preoccupation of white racists…”because white people died, and white people were deprived of their property.”

When Sparks told him that Zimbabwe was a test for the credibility of NEPAD… Mbeki continued foaming at the mouth,

“A million people die in Rwanda and do the whites South Africans care? Not a bit. You talk to them about the disaster in Angola, to which the apartheid regime contributed, and they’re not interested. Let’s talk about Zimbabwe. Does anyone want to talk about the big disaster in Mozambique, from which it is now recovering? No. Let’s talk about Zimbabwe. You say to them, “Look at what is happening in the Congo”. No, no, no, let’s talk about Zimbabwe. Why? It’s because 12 white people died! I am saying Zimbabwe is a big obsession in this country. It isn’t anywhere else on the African continent.”

Actually it becomes clear who has the obsession with what. Mbeki is a total racist with a hatred and an obsession with whites bordering on the fanatical.

He had no problem with Mugabe killing 20,000 Ndebeles (Matabeles) and he had no problem with 4000 white farmers being chased off their land causing the economy to collapse and making Zimbabwe the poorest country in the world with millions of blacks starving to death.

The only thing he is happy about is that Mugabe showed those damn whites who is boss!

Mugabe is a total psycho and narcissist. Watch how Mugabe bows down to his own portrait but Mbeki loves him and the EFF proclaims that Zimbabwe remains an inspiration to the SA liberation struggle . Blacks love Mugabe. They don’t care if all the blacks starve to death, as long as the whites are gone.

That is the reality of Africa. Despite fancy words, phrases and slogans, all the plans of the Africans are and always will be useless failures just like NEPAD.

That is, when they can stick to the plan, but when it comes to admitting the failure of the plan they rather shift the blame to “white racists”.

For instance, you can see it in all the excuses the ANC have for the low turnout at their election manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth. “Bad logistics, the heat, internal sabotage…”

The plan failed, but it is never them. It is never their bad governance or misrule. It is never their corruption or their shenanigans with the Indian Mafia. Always someone else. Always whitey.

Instead of doing some introspection and bettering themselves, anybody trying to complain about them not honouring their own commitments, undertakings and sticking to their own plans is simply called, “a racist”.

Just as the ANC couldn’t stick to NEPAD, they couldn’t stick to their own Freedom Charter and least of all…they couldn’t stick to the Constitution.

No matter how clever they think they are. No matter how intelligent they believe they are, they have proven over and over that they cannot make any plans, they cannot stick to any plans and that they cannot govern with plans. Totally useless at everything. That is why the ANC has to go.


  1. Anonymous9:55 am

    Africa, the bottomless pit of the universe. Actually Mike, any endevour a black is involved with is certain to fail. Look at how they operate worldwide, look how they drag all the standards down where they are, look at the decay and destruction they bring with them.

    There are just too many of them who are lost to civilization and those lost ones are multiplying exponentially. This black-hole black Africa has to be isolated and must be allowed to destroy itself and not drag a single white person/country in with it.

    1. Visiting a state in west Africa a few years ago, I wandered onto a beach and marvelled at the golden sands and at the sunlight catching on the Atlantic surf. It allowed me to forget for a moment the local news that day of soldiers seizing a schoolboy and pitching him head-first into an operating cement-machine. Almost forget. Then I spotted a group of villagers beating a stray dog to death for their sport. A metaphor of sorts for all that is wrong, another link in a word-association chain that goes something like Famine… Drought… Overpopulation… Deforestation… Conflict… Barbarism… Cruelty… Machetes… Child Soldiers… Massacres… Diamonds… Warlords…Tyranny… Corruption… Despair… Disease… Aids… Africa.
      Africa remains the heart of darkness.

    2. If this species can treat each other the way they do, examples,necklacing, Corsican neck ties, stonings and the array of other shit that they get up to, imagine what they do to other living creatures. They do not consider us they same as what they are.

      We know we are not the same as them and we have proven it, they naturally fear us and therefore they want to destroy us because we are everything they are not. Fear drives these creatures and by us trying to talk sense into their heads they see it as a weakness.

      We need to start turning on the screws and like somebody said in this blog, sjambok, chain and a steel cap size 12 rightly placed in there head.

      These retards think mercy, kindness and compassion is a weakness, we have shown to much weakness, let's start showing some perversion and cruelty, maybe they will understand that better.

    3. Anonymous5:50 am

      White Oak. There in the the Africa problem lies the solution. Do to them as they would do to themselves, instead of us whites always trying to move away from them we move them away from us, a few hundred armed Janjaweed militia in hiluxes were able to herd hundreds of thousands Kaffir Sudanese into the dessert so they could reclaim the Darfur back. That is our solution we drive them into barren areas or into existing large townships, deny them logistic access and leave them alone to themselves. Within a few months there will be thousands of snotty nosed kwashiokor babies sitting around in the dirt with brommers crawling around their faces.

    4. Anonymous9:22 am

      Good money to be made during war incited humanitarian crisis. Those Oxfam rich kids will pay hard cash for a selfie opportunity with one of them snotty nosed kwashiorkor pekkies, I reckon can make at least $500 a day for protection and transportation.

  2. Anonymous9:57 am


    Rule #1 IGNORE the constitution - So long as Zuma is in power, it doesnt apply to us.

    What I can see happening & which the ANC are realizing, is that the "masses are not as doff as they thought they were".

    The ANC thought the masses would forever be grateful for "freeing them" that no matter what they did or do, the masses would come out for them.

    Well that would have worked!

    The BEE/AA thing once again has worked in the white mans favor in this country. BEE/AA has given a few a taste of the good life, the western life even though they do vok all!

    These 4 million blacks want the high life and know with the ANC/Zuma in charge, it aint gonna last.

    The masses which were promised shit have all but scattered - sure they still have millions of voters but their eyes are now open, more are literate (not that that ever helped) but we can see that all the snares the ANC has put before us in this country have backfired on them.

    Just like God punished the Amalekites for attacking Israel, so now we see the plagues on the ANC, this continent for attacking them them when they had agreed on terms.

    This in my mind is proof once more that we are these people mentioned in the book. Israel always throughout the bible never broke agreements or terms, it is always the other nations and we know how that ends for them.

    They fooled us into thinking that they would uphold the constitution and because they feel that they are in charge now, they think they will be in charge forever.

    But their days are now numbered, including Zimbabwe and we will see regime change happen now fast in these countries.

    First Zimbabwe and then SA. Zuma said the worst thing, he mocked our Christian God, mocking and making a mockery of the whites and Christianity by saying " We will rule until Christ comes", slaughtering goats to spirits etc etc.

    Dont test God.

    The perfect storm, from a perfect God to a nation that remained faithful. A covenant is a covenant.

    We see the food shortages, the ANCs problems, the issues in this country all converging now, just like a perfect storm.

    Now as whites we can ignore this constitution and should do so. We should unite & know for sure that our freedom is closer than we think. We have to first unite, work as one.

    What we have seen go on in the economy I believe Siener mentioned, the whites would prevent the ANC from nationalizing, they would gain the upper hand, they have been stalled & the constitution brought forth - they cannot continue to do as they like.

    It is game over for them - never again will they be who they were which is why it is so dangerous for the whites now & imperative we unite, get good leaders/leadership and work as one.

    They have 2 choices.

    1. Stop the stealing - never going to happen.

    2. Speed up the stealing before the bottom falls out - this will happen.

    Wouldnt it be poetic justice in the new Republic, if we could hang every one of these thieving, racist, barbaric, savage bastards that should have been hung in the old South Africa?

    I hope we do and when it happens...

    That will go down in history as the most remarkable story ever told - a miracle in and of itself!

    Now lets make it happen!

    1. Anonymous11:32 am

      Agent Provocateur much?

  3. Whites have a strength that these munts have turned into a weakness. We are a people of honour where our WORD counts and when we say something we do it - in generalised terms of course.

    Non-whites learnt this I don't know when, but that is why whites - liberal generally - will always fall prey to the fancy words of these communist terrorists. They really know how to draft great plans and sugar coat everything and whitey - liberal whitey albeit - falls for it every single time.

    Whites need to wake up on mass that a creature with a baboons frontal lobe can never be taken seriously when using white man's words.

    Words have a powerful effect on us whites.

    Just like the sjambok does on the kaffir!

  4. Anonymous10:54 am


    NEPAD was never supposed to succeed. It is a racket…a criminal scheme to separate Western liberal fools from their money.

    Western liberalism will end now and so all the money going to Africa, which will cause more wars and tensions. These liberals use democracy to actually further their own agenda.

    Mike I dont believe any of them want it to work. Its just "shell companies" + bullshit talk and everyone is a winner. The politicians who sign off get to make money, the parasite gets his fix & the citizen been brainwashed about not rising up or being called "right wingers"

    Africa will be under white rule within 30-50 years, they need to pay back all this money, they need to pay back for the development of Africa, remember bone head from U2 got banks to cancel debt in Africa.

    Time for them to pay their white baas!

  5. Anonymous11:00 am

    on the contrary, I would postulate that they must stay. Why?

    The Beast, the false prophet and the anti christ will not be able to implement the technologically advanced "mark of the beast" technology with these idiots around. They will find a way to fook it up, THEREBY BUYING US TIME against the beast

  6. Anonymous11:58 am

    Another great article Mike. Many thanks.

    One wonders why these liberals continue to pour money into Africa. There are no guarantees for any kind of a return or investment. The Chinese are deeply entrenched in many parts of Africa but this comes with colateral. I understand a large portion of Kruger National Park is such colateral. Who knows how much more of our heritage is up for grabs!
    So who wants Africa... the Liberal West or China? Sounds like a recipe for another World War. Lets also not forget about Russia's interests.

    If the whites are the major stumbling block in acquiring Africa then it is no wonder that the blacks are so arrogant because they believe these empty promises from the East/West of unlimited wealth etc.
    So the ANC and any other communist blacks are the immediate threat. Is there really a future for whites in South Africa even when these communists are gone? I'd like to believe there is a future and I remain eternally optimistic.

    Many on this blog have mentioned that whites need to re-group with the common interest to rescue South Africa. I believe this is our only chance but I fear too many sit on the fence.

    Sure is a tangled web!

  7. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Why would you like to buy time against the beast???

    1. Anonymous10:23 pm

      Because the great tribulation is only 7 years.

  8. Great article. The ANC is badly split right now. On one hand there are the anti-Zuma urban elites, who want JZ to go NOW. On the other are the rural bumpkins who love his whole clownish, populist persona.

    It looks like the elites are resigned to Zuma staying till past the municipal elections. If they try to remove him now, they risk a popular revolt of the masses, especially in KZN.

    But if he stays on then the ANC will be hit hard in the big cities. Besides Cape Town, they will probably lose Port Elizabeth and maybe Pretoria and JHB too.

    So they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Now is the time to come up with a plan to fully exploit this split within the ANC.

  9. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Wherever the plague invades filth and crime accompanies them. Welcome to our world of the parasite France.


    1. Anonymous1:20 am

      TYPICAL.....Absolute bloody filth!
      It's so dirty, it would be unacceptable to a dung-beetle that had lost interest in its career and really let itself go!!

    2. Anonymous11:24 am

      The French are the same people who drove the French Hugenoit (fore runner of the Boer) out. They campaigned against Apartheid so let them eat cake as the saying goes.

      So France? Hows your multi culti crap working out for you?

  10. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Tja!!!we all realise that nobody can relay on a boon. If there is one constant in the world it is that a boon will let you down.And -lekkerlag- this includes the ayencee. They will fail because they rely on their own shit hued brothers. So take heart one and all,we will win.

  11. The PE turn-out is a sign of the times. The fuckers' days are coming to an end. We can only hope that the Zulus, seeing the epitome of thieving and corruption that is Nkandla, will start having second thoughts and begin turning to the IFP.

  12. Hip-hip-hooray! I see some cANCerous knucklehead said in some parliamentary committee meeting yesterday that the Springbok must go. I fully support him. Let it disappear before our proud record gets blemished any further.

  13. Mike and followers of this blog indulge me please. The Zulu readers of this blog I have a message for you. At 0105 hrs this morning is was woken and urged to go and meditate. I am of spiritual nature and meditate daily so I therefore obey the great divine spirit. My medition was guided by the amathongo ( ancestral spirits) they appeared in the form of isikhova( the owl) and imvukuzane ( the mole) the owl with its all seeing eye and infinite wisdom sent this message from the resting place of Zulu in the Ntonganeni valley.

    The amathongo are restless and wail in the wind, the house and race of Zulu has been disgraced for the induna, the leader of Zulu who led not only Zulu but all of South Africa's people has been deposed, he has been unseated and dethroned. The lowly Sotho has shamed the pride of Zulu for no tribe has ever dethrone and removed an inkatha from the head of Zulu.

    Amathongo in the voice of isikhova states that like those Zulu who fled the mighty Shaka, namely Mzilakazi and Shoshangane who were eaten up in foreign lands, the Zulu peole are now going to be eaten up and swallowed by the lowly Sotho.

    Imvukuzane spoke on behalf of the great spirit Nkulunkulu, the great spirit says that no more will Africa respect the house of Zulu and Zulu will become the lowest of all tribes in Africa and be jeered and laughed at by all, the earth will no longer shake and rumble with the sound of Zulu feet and the song of Zulu voice. Zulu will no longer be able to giya his pride of manhood and victory, for Zulu is beaten. Beaten by the Sotho who Shaka dominated and thrashed into submission.

    Imvukuzane speaks thus, the pride of Zulu lies as a forgot carcass of ingoyama,s ( lion) kill and will be picked on by impisi (hyaena) until all that remains is the faeces created from impisi,s fill.

    The amathongo in the dual voice of isikhova and imvukuzane state, that for the Zulu to rise as a nation again and withstand the domination of the Sotho, the people of Zulu must turn to the Induna of inkatha and heed his voice, for he will lead his people , the proud nation of Zulu to victory over those that wish to destroy the house of Zulu.

    1. Anonymous8:45 am

      Pietermaritzburg is the most dangerous city to live in in South Africa. Could it be because it's the capital of KwaZulu-Natal? Disgusting cesspool of a town. It used to be quaint, clean and crime free.

    2. Anonymous12:07 am

      Anonymous8:45 AM
      Most Dangerous? Realy?
      I fail to see how you came to this conclusion.

    3. Anonymous2:51 am

      Try walking the length of Smith St from dirtbin city hall to beachfront. Then we will compare

    4. Anonymous4:20 am

      @Anonymous12:07 AM

      I was rather surprised myself. But it seems to be so.


  14. Anonymous5:23 am

    There are many fathers to the failure.

    1. Transfer pricing is a major problem;
    2. African leadership is non-existent;
    3. Greed kills but then again pick your poison (Rich Whites/Rich Black, same shit different spread);
    4. The West thinks that Africa is the same as Europe and treats them as such;
    5. Blacks dont Westernise, they imitate (big difference);
    6. Blacks only function with a boot on their neck;
    7. Blacks cant plan and only care about their family, political prostitutes and their circle. (same as the West)

    Sit back, watch laugh and watch the wheels fall off.

    1. Anonymous7:13 am

      What does a nigger have in common with a bicycle (other than that niggers steal bicycles)?

      They both need chains to work.

  15. Anonymous6:19 am


    @Tomkat's Tribulations12:55 AM

    Tom the Zulus & Afrikaaners will sign a deal, watch and see.

    That old one who sold us out has already made a deal with the king :)

    1. Ninja, I think I know what LTMA's doing. He's sowing the seeds of distrust & superstition.
      Good for him!

    2. @TT. In the words of Bily Joel, " you maybe wrong but maybe right" nobody except myself will know the origins and purpose of the message.

      The question I pose is if you were Zulu would you want to hear, read and digest what I scripted?

    3. LTMA, I respect the fact that nobody but you will know, but I hope it works in anyway that you intended it to, my mate.

    4. Anonymous5:04 am

      That's it tell the Zulus at work that the Pedis & the Shangaans are trying to oust Zuma so they can get that kwere kwere Malema in. Sow it in deep. DA is for stabaans, Xosas are crafty not to be trusted, Sothos are cattle thieves, Tswanas are busy bodies and lazy, and Indian don't pay and treat Zulu women as cheap prostitutes. Oh and khalaad is a drunkad phusa face with no front teeth.

    5. @anon5:04 I hope you're busy following your own advice, we need to let the Zulus know they are been shafted and that their Zulu country will be filled with despicables and that the Euphorbia trees in the valley of Zulu are starting to die because the ancestors of Zulu are preparing to depart from their resting place.

      The Zulu still has a sense of pride because they were a nation all the rest of the tribes were clans and had no unity, that's why Shaka routed them so easily.

      We need all the assistance we can get to tame the loose cannons and box them.

    6. Anonymous9:38 am

      LTMA I keep the Zulus listening to Maskandi, eating burnt meat on Friday and voting for Zuma.
      But they are just the same as any other kaffir tribe on this continent, Thieving, raping, murdering, liars.

    7. Anonymous8:07 pm


      Anonymous5:04 AM
      That's it tell the Zulus at work that the Pedis & the Shangaans are trying to oust Zuma so they can get that kwere kwere Malema in. Sow it in deep.

      DA is for stabaans, Xosas are crafty not to be trusted, Sothos are cattle thieves, Tswanas are busy bodies and lazy, and Indian don't pay and treat Zulu women as cheap prostitutes.

      Oh and khalaad is a drunkad phusa face with no front teeth.

      Brilliant but very true.

  16. PreatorianXVI6:39 am

    There should have been a way lot more stick than carrot to their approach, but die baas should have carried the stick, its the only way these savages get anything done.

  17. Anonymous7:11 am

    Hooray! Notice how it is by far black MALES who want to get to Europe. Raperugees.

    Witnesses tell UNHCR about 500 dead in Mediterranean shipwreck

    The UN refugee agency said on Wednesday it feared around 500 migrants from Africa had drowned in the Mediterranean after witnesses said their overcrowded boat sank.

    UNHCR spokeswoman Carlotta Sami said in a statement sent to AFP that survivors from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt who were rescued from a small boat had described seeing "a large shipwreck that took place in the Mediterranean Sea claiming the lives of approximately 500 people".

    The survivors -- 37 men, three women and a three-year-old child -- said between 100 and 200 people had set off from near Tobruk in Libya in a large, unseaworthy vessel.

    "In the middle of sea, the smugglers brought in more passengers, transferring them with a smaller boat. Due to the overcrowding, the large boat sank," the statement said.

    The survivors drifted at sea before being spotted and rescued on April 16 and arrived the following day in Kalamata, in Greece, the UN agency added.


    1. Anonymous11:07 am

      so when whites drift past somalia they take us hostage. We they drift past us we rescue their black asses.

      Fuck... let Europe sink.... Fuck em... Psychologically, they are gone.

      Its all up to us now...

    2. Detroit Refugee1:44 pm


      B.S. The only urgency would be in moving my vessel in the opposite direction, whilst making sure any Libtard passengers cannot reveal our position.

    3. Anonymous11:21 pm

      "In the middle of sea, the smugglers brought in more passengers..." Uhm...how does that work...?

    4. Anonymous4:25 am

      @Anonymous11:21 PM

      "... transferring them with a smaller boat ..."

      These smugglers are not the finest citizens of the world.

  18. Anonymous7:36 am

    We all know the famous saying

    " n Boer maak n plan"

    Finished & Klaar

  19. Anonymous9:18 am


    War cries - oh little nation, if only you will but open your eyes and see what is coming - you really need to unite now.



  20. NEPAD is miss spelt...it should be kneepad (with begging bowl presented), as this is the African way

    1. Anonymous3:44 pm

      Anton11:53 AM
      Right on mate they beg for everything that they can see on this earth. But good intelligence, wisdom and foresight have been the only three things that have and always will be way beyond their sight.

    2. Anonymous4:30 pm


      LOL I thought the same thing, knee pads they need indeed from all the begging they have done and will forever do.

  21. Anonymous7:26 pm


    Sieners Vision

    98. Earthquakes Destroy Japan

    Mr. Mussmann recalls how he often sat on the little field-stool in
    front of Van Rensburg’ home at Riet- kuil, listening to the Seer
    describing the lots of nations.

    “And to think he was an illiterate
    man who never read a magazine or newspaper; he also knew
    nothing of the histories of nations, but he knew everything about them.

    “Ah, what joyous times I spent there! He often told of events which
    still had to happen here and in Europe, and one day, while he was
    speaking about that again, I asked him:

    ‘But what about Japan,
    ‘Oom’ Klasie?’ His reply was: ‘We need not fear Japan, for the Lord
    will fight it with earthquakes.’”



  22. @Mike

    No matter how hard you try to paint blacks as reckless and irresponsible being who would always blame their woes on the whities, but the reality that we see everyday can never be changed that the economy of SA is controlled by whites. How many black billionaires in dollars do we have in SA? You further blame ANC for not sticking to their freedom charter but you forget that the same document provides that mineral wealth and the land should be shared equally among the people of SA. If the ANC stick to the freedom charter, a whole lot of you will cry, but the same ANC is still sensitive and it is stuck to the resolutions made by Nelson Mandela in CODESA that "you leave whites with their wealth" and instead you must look for something else that will empower you. Ooch!! But what is that Nelson? The minerals and the land has been illegally taken away. There is virtually nothing left we can pin our hopes on, all the bread has been taken away and only remnants are left. How do you feed the nation with just remnants Nelson? Have Nelson meant blacks should go around robbing people and commiting crime everywhere in order to empower themselves and put food on the table? I now believe that whites are indeed bright because they ensured that before they came out of power they would have taken everything which will sustain them throughout their lives and would be in control of means of production.

    Education in SA is no longer important anymore because we have two spheres which offer jobs in SA, that is, the Government (black) and private sector which is largely white. If we ask whites to come and help us to look out for ways which will help alleviate poverty and empower those who are powerless, they brand us as Mafias, Communists and Shenanigans. At the same time they forget that people suffer today because of them. The reckless decisions which they made in the past have affected the multitudes.

    1. Anonymous7:37 am


      The private sector does not hire blacks unless they are forced to do so because blacks are just not very innovative or productive. You dont need that in government so blacks flock there add on AA which favours you lot.

      Mandela sold out in the end to big money and not to whites in South Africa. Go see where Malema went to get an idea where Mandela went - London.

      Freedom Charter

      1. The People Shall Govern!
      (Nope Anglo governs)

      2. All National Groups Shall Have Equal Rights!
      (Tell that to Coloureds who are getting screwed with whites)

      3. The People Shall Share In The Country's Wealth!
      (Tell that to Anglo)

      4. The Land Shall Be Shared Among Those Who Work It!
      (How did that work in Cambodia ... they starved)

      5. All Shall Be Equal Before The Law!
      (Nope...blacks cant be racist)

      6. All Shall Enjoy Equal Human Rights!
      (Must be why there are so many anon users here)

      7. There Shall Be Work And Security!
      (That is impossible)

      8. The Doors Of Learning And Of Culture Shall Be Opened!
      (Paid with what?)

      9. There Shall Be Houses, Security And Comfort!
      (Pipe dreams)

      10. There Shall Be Peace And Friendship!
      (Looks more like a low-level civil war going on)

      The freedom charter is pie in the sky rubbish meant for those who are simple minded. This is why whites will never buy into it and the only Coloreds to buy this are the bottom end papsak types who dont matter.

    2. Anonymous8:03 am

      Every country has price lagged groups and people. Look at Brazil, they never had Apartheid yet the blacks are still the poorest and whites control much of the capital.

      Taking away from the whites will only hurt the economy even more and make blacks poorer. The only thing that will work is to focus on creating NEW black businesses and expand the middle class in general.

      BBE and affirmative action are designed to be anti-white in order to weaken whites as a political force and therefore as a challenge to the ANC.

      The government does not care about the black masses, only to keep most of them dumb and poor and to make sure a capitalist black elite connected to the government stays in power. That was the whole idea behind BBE.

    3. Anonymous9:35 am

      Your cANCers reckless decisions have caused widespread poverty from the moment first it took over 1st world (now 3rd world) SA. Whites uplifted you out of your cannabalistic animal existence. We have nothing to be guilty of. You lot OWE US big time. You tolerate crime amongst your own and you collectively encourage white genocide. Then you come and whinge "that blacks also suffer from crime". GO AND SORT IT OUT YOURSELVES.

      Your kind IS reckless and irresponsible and you have proved it time and again.

      There are many black billionaires' who have stolen their way there.
      Go do your research. Why do you expect us to spoon feed you?

      No we don't want to educate you anymore as its a complete waste of time and us helping and trying to uplift you lot has backfired on us

    4. Anonymous9:43 am

      I haven't finished.
      Go and help your self. Why must you keep coming to beg at the white mans door moaning about empowerment ad nauseam. Ask billionaire Cyril ramaphosa tyre braai Winnie zupta etc to spread their stolen wealth around for your useless rat breeding brothers and sisters.
      Remember. Every white your kind kill means more of the poverty you whine about. Always suffering. Its what your kind does best and you bring it all upon yourselves.
      You truly are satans children.

    5. Anonymous9:45 am


      How to school a parasite, let me answer your dumb houtkop questions & sue me in the constitutional court for insulting wood.

      the reality that we see everyday can never be changed that the economy of SA is controlled by whites. --- YES IT IS - they brought the economy from Europe to SA and tried their best to uplift the poor bantu who only bartered. No whites = no economy, ask your local Zimbabwean when ordering your next coffee at a coffee shop.

      How many black billionaires in dollars do we have in SA?
      600 Billion rand has vanished, not our faults blacks are better at stealing than building things, the question is why werent there any millionaires before the whites arrived & can you show me 1 industry that was here when we arrived?

      You further blame ANC for not sticking to their freedom charter but you forget that the same document provides that mineral wealth and the land should be shared equally among the people of SA. If the ANC stick to the freedom charter, a whole lot of you will cry, but the same ANC is still sensitive and it is stuck to the resolutions made by Nelson Mandela in CODESA that "you leave whites with their wealth" and instead you must look for something else that will empower you. Ooch!!

      Well ignore all of that shit and try come take our wealth - you will quickly see who controls the strings in this country, you touch the whites and you remove 4 million jobs from the service sector, useless incompetent black bastards not doing their jobs employed by the ANC via BEE/AA - complete stuff up from police, schools, hospitals, SAA - you name it, its fucked because of YOUR PEOPLE Not whites! They all functioned EVEN with sanctions against us in apartheid, blame El Nino like bob moron!

      I dont care how they feed THEIR nation - That is their nation, their chiefs problems NOT MINE - your nation only find it appropriate to ask us to consider them, when they can get something for free.

    6. Anonymous9:46 am



      When have you ever thanked whites for uplifting you from the stone age? OH and There is not 1 nation in SA but several, around 13 all in all. I dont care how the blacks feed themselves, dont care if they eat cow kak, they deserve it, their numbers only increased thanks to whitee farming & you murdered white farmers, go ask Zuma and his cronies how to feed them or best yet, ask Mugabe, his success according to Malema should be replicated.

      Blacks commit the highest crime in ALL countries where they go. USA, UK, the rest of Africa, Africa is stuffed because of the black skinned thing that walks on its hind legs like a human - they are not human.

      You hate whites, so why do you want their education? You dont like economies which is why your kaffir friends want to steal our business + wealth, in that case you dont need education - you only need education when you want to work for something not when it is given to you for free.

      Blacks cannot ask whites for help while calling them racists, you cannot say they are the solution on the one hand and their blame them for the problem.

      The problem is there was nothing when we arrived and then you looked at us with envy thinking you can steal your way to prosperity, ask mugabe again,he will tell you how that ends.

      Apartheid / Segregation is natural. The Zulus want their own kindgom, I want my own land. I wish the blacks luck, I might even give them a hand once WE have our own republic but we dont want blacks in that republic - no thank you! Been there done that!

      Yesterday they were killing foreign blacks, now they want to take away everything whites have, then who will be next on the list - with whites out the picture you will quickly see that there is no such thing as a black south Africa -

      You will quickly see how the Xhosa try make SA theirs or the Zulu make SA theirs, you will have blacks attacking blacks - this is how it is...not because of apartheid.

      But because this thing that carries this black skin operates.

      It cant build, it cant progress without whites, it accuses the whites of all the problems yet asks the white man for the solution.

      Fuck off - find your own solution, our problem is you! I hope these dumb whites have learnt their lesson and go back to the bible and see what the Lord commanded to do to these Canaanites -

      But thou shalt UTTERLY destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee:

      Commanded thee - you guys never listened! Hopefully this time we will get it right

      Guys - Utterly means everything, just in case you dont know. Utterly, so no you cant keep gardeners or maids, your choice, keep the maids/gardeners while enjoying this great SA under black rule or you can go back to the book that led you here out of Europe.

      I promise you, I never told God to say these things! Im not radical, just reading my book without some dom pastor trying to interpret it for me -

    7. Anonymous9:53 am

      @Anonymous8:03 AM

      No, BEE and AA is there to create a fake black middle class. This is why government gave them massive increases in government to sit still.

    8. The anc is not sensitive to whites it is scared of retaliation.

    9. Freedom Charter is failing because of greed. People are more concerned with accumulation of capital than they are with the lives of other people. Those who stole from the people do not want to give back because of greed. The world is suffering from terrorism today because of the same greed. Capitalists are sponsoring rebels and terrorist just to see arms manufacturing industries flourishing. It is all about Greed! Greed! Greed!!! Non-stop. The era when capitalism shall fall is near.

    10. Anonymous11:28 am

      Sello: "but you forget that the same document provides that mineral wealth and the land should be shared equally among the people of SA"

      Sello, how many white SOUTH AFRICANS own mines? I tell you that there are more black mine owners in South Africa today than white ones.

      Do you know that it takes about 6 billion dollars to develop a mine? Development would NEVER have happened without investment from abroad. Now Africans just want to take.....typical.

      Now look at the farms. We have 30,000 commercial farmers and about 4.5 million whites. This means that only about 0.6% of all whites actually farm.

      So how do the over 99% of whites make their livings? By utilizing knowledge that they gained through education AND this is the black man's true reason for remaining poor. His inability to get educated, generation after generation.

      Now ask yourself why do the over 99% of whites that do not own any land or mines not support the EFF in their quest to just take?

      If you can figure out the answer to that, you would be thinking like a white.

      LOL, actually let me rather tell you, because as much as it is a pain to see people with more than yourself, taking the mines and the farms WILL lead to economic ruin and starvation.

      Blacks are insane, for they do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result every time. This is incidentally the very definition for insanity.


    11. Anonymous11:52 am

      Hey Sellout, the only reason that there are so many blacks employed in government and parastatals is because they are funded with tax payers money i.e. sheltered employment for dummies. None who work for any government dept has earned their position on merit - well maybe a handful.

      Blacks are just not creative/entrepreneurial by nature. They have to steal or be handed something already in working order. Look at the shacks that you live in. Surely you can do better than that - even with no earnings. Why do they all flock to the big cities - looking for handouts/freebies.

      They are 'takers', 'destroyers'. Locusts.

    12. @Everybody.

      I don't really know if Mike would let this to pass through. Let me relate to you a little history about My family. I would first start it from my great grandmother who is said to have been born in the 1880-90 as I don't know the exact year because my granny who was born in 1929 never went to school. I just estimate it because my granny was a second last born in the family of seven. My granny used to tell us that her mother from infancy used to live in an informal settlement, which is of course a village in the free state/northern cape region near Kimberly. They used to have a lot cattle, my granny said. All the villagers had plenty of cattle and my great grandmother's father alone were said to be in the hundreds. One fateful day, the whole village was invaded by white men carrying guns and ordered the whole village to leave everything on the village and go to work in Kimberly, perhaps in the diamond mines. They resisted trying to explain that they are farmers and were not interested in doing trade. Others explained that they had to look after as well as cattle. That's when the Boers got angry with them and tell them that their cattle were sick and there was no need to hang on them any more. They resisted and the Boers left. The Boers went to reinforce and visited them at night and this time they applied violence to push them out. They never cared about small children, they just only pushed to achieve their selfish ends. That cold night in the dark, the whole village slept outside in the bush with their babies and my great grandmother's younger brother was never to be seen again until to this day. After three days of searching, they still could never found him. All that they could see was that their mud houses were demolished and their cattle were now having a new owner because the fence was being erected around to where the village was. They all moved to Johannesburg ridding on the back of horses and using donkey carts to seek for new beginning and little did they know that it was even worse whever they were heading to.

    13. @ Sello...what a bullshit story and fantasy you just thought up. You are like a child telling his mother about the monster under the bed. Did you really think we were going to believe your rubbish?
      I tell you what you do. Take all your anecdotal fantasy bullshit and go lay charges of assaults, intimidation, theft, etc. at the police. Let them investigate and see if you can together come up with some evidence. Not stories...evidence that will stand up in a court of law.

      Then when you are finished come back here and listen to our evidence of the truth. We can show you about 4000 cases of how black men went onto white people's farms, raped, tortured and brutally murdered these people. Your ANC government does nothing about it. In fact farm attacks are getting worse by the day.

      So take your lying stories and fuck off. Open your eyes and see who are the real victims in this country. Who are being racially discriminated against in the workplace with AA, BEE, sport and university quotas? Which race is being tortured and killed by which race every day?

    14. @Mike.

      Bwahahaha… I will as well suggest that the land act of 1913 never existed. I will as well suggest that Land Redistribution programmes and Land claim is just as well a fantasy from people who are claiming fantasy. Do you even know that over 70% of blacks you see in South Africa have a story to tell about the forceful dispossessions of land and not just a story but the truth. Like it or not. I know that you live in your own world of fantasy which will never accept the truth even when Jesus comes yet the truth is open for everyone to see. Who owns land mass of SA today? Our granny couldn't lie to us, she was a church going uneducated kaffer or should I say Christian Kaffer who devoted her everything to the Church. My mother was as well a Christian Kaffer as she used to be called then, who attended missionary schools. So, I grew up in a Christian Kaffer family. That's why if you call me kaffer it does not break my moral at all. If you call me kaffer, you are just wasting your time and instead it makes me stronger. Just like one Peter Hogan said: If you call me nigga, you are wasting your time because it won't kill me, what will only kill me is when our struggle and revolution is compromised. He further said that, I will not rest until you will bow down and refer to me properly as Mister. Today their struggle is achieved.

    15. Anonymous7:45 am

      The FACT is that whites are the ones being persecuted and brutally killed by blacks every day. The government also talks hate against whites people and seem to want to instigate violence and racial problems.

      The current black racist regime are not only illegitimate but also incompetent.

      Their racist policies are intended to weaken whites as a threat to the ANC. That is the only reason for all quotas etc.

      With these illegal racist policies there can never be reconciliation. The government hate whites and want to destroy us so how can we not hate them?

    16. Anonymous11:44 pm

      Sello: "Bwahahaha… I will as well suggest that the land act of 1913 never existed. I will as well suggest that Land Redistribution programmes and Land claim is just as well a fantasy from people who are claiming fantasy"

      Sello do you know that taxation was first introduced to South Africa in 1914. So regarding the land act. You can go to pre 1913, but know this....pre 1913 there was no taxation. Prepare for a tax boikot.

  23. This is INTERESTING: http://www.renegadetribune.com/real-humanitarian-speaks/

  24. @ Sello, please Mike allow me. You are black, I can see that. Oxford dictionary has removed the word stupid and replaced it with black, I wonder why?

    Let me give it to you as plainly as possible, your species doesn't want empowerment it wants to be fed and given. You lot are not intelligent enough to run an economically viable country, look around you, look North, into Africa. Africa is largely a failed state.

    Name your Country under black rule, everyone a fuck up, starving populations, all receiving food aid, all running on NGO investment and all corrupt, volatile and military run states. The dictators do not give a fuck about the country they just steal the maanie. Hau baas! That what you are saying now, I am telling you the truth but you would not know what the truth is because, truth, integrity, honesty and fact doesn't exist in your species.

    Just to to prove a point, look at your black leaders, Mbeki, arms scandal, corruption, AU deception. Zuma, arms scandal, rape, Inkandla, Gupta's and he was hoping and is still hoping to be SA,s first dictator. Your idol Juli arse corruption, tax evasion and what else will be revealed in time. My point is that nothing and nobody can empower your species because it cannot evolve and cannot learn.

    You lot are a lost and forgotten species created by evolution and evolution has moved on and just left you behind to die out, thanks to some stupid fucking white liberal idiots that stepped in and kept your species alive we are saddled with your shit. If those whites never stepped in, Africa would not have a black left in it.

    Now stop trying to be clever and go do something useful.

    1. Anonymous9:55 am

      Blacks are like a condom. They want to pull themselves over other peoples erections and call it their own. Once the erection is lost so are they. Kicking whites will get them nowhere.

    2. @LMTA

      Racist tendency will always make your voice to grow faint and detach you from reality. If the truth, honesty and integrity were really your friend you would have gladly admitted that you stole your wealth from the weak. You blame Africa for being backwards but you cannot admit that imperialism that was brought to Africa by your kind pushed Africa what it is today. Your kind raped Africa of its minerals and wealth and left it fruitless but now you come here boasting about your evil deeds and calling blacks the effects of evolution as if you are the only human race in the world. One day, just one day you shall pay for the weakedness of your past.

    3. Anonymous1:22 pm

      70% or is it 60% IQ....a waste of time trying to educate Sello. No perception and brain dead. Just like his brothers and sisters in crime..
      A hopeless case.

    4. Anonymous2:40 pm

      sello, the problem that all you blacks is that you generalise on the colour of skin by accusing the white race of imperialism etc.

      yes there is a 'global elite' that exploit across the world and maybe most of them have a white skin. the reality though is that we are all victims of this situation and until the human race recognises this and unites to jointly identify and remove this 'elitist' group things will not change and in fact the enslavement of mankind will only get worse.

      The blacks would do well to do some research into this to understand who is really the guilty party for exploiting the wealth of the world and to stop pointing fingers at every white skinned individual.

      These 'elitists' rely on your stupidity in this regard and whilst you continue to blame the wrong people they carry on the looting game. These 'elitists' have paid off your government and continue to loot here - not all whites in SA are part of this and never have been. Now please go and enlighten your brothers and enable them to wake up as well.

      Most whites work hard for their their standard of living and want to live in peace. This blame game is counter productive and will only result in a loose/loose result.

      Democracy across the world is a system used by these 'elitists' to utilise the vote of the dumb masses to put a puppet government in place who can be manipulated and controlled in support of their agenda. look how wealthy the top ANC cadres have become.

      Why are you guys not seeing this??????and doing something about it. Do something - you masses have the vote.

    5. Anonymous3:04 pm

      Sello, where did you find that word 'weakedness'? and what does it mean?

    6. @Sello, I smelt your shit through the ethers, you are a fake, you're a fraud, you're a retard that takes us for retards. If your home is in Ireland what are you doing here, on this blog?

      You're a lying retard, I suppose that is no different to retard species in mass.

    7. @Anonymous

      Imperialists bear white skin and it is not a case of maybe. They even came down to South Africa after they defeated all of Africa. They conquered South Africa as well after defeating Afrikaners. They killed Afrikaner males and held their women and children on concentration camps, raping them and starving their children to death. Those are the once who have done a real damage to the Afrikaner race and not blacks who you go about calling kaffers. They killed you in hundreds thousands without mercy, yet some of you do not want to admit that truth.

    8. @Anonymous

      Obviously, that would be "Wickedness". It is a typo, that's why even the best writers in the world have a tendency of commiting such errors. Their publishers would normally go through their work to check for spelling errors as well as editing wherever they see fit. My predictive text settings could as well be a factor. I just thought all whites were intelligent to see that error.

    9. @LTMA

      There is no a greatest liar in the world than your kind. Where do you think propaganda come from? On the contrary, there is no honest man in the world like a kaffer. It has always been a taboo to them to tell lies because if you do you only invoke bad spirits to your life. So, it has always been easier for white man to tell lies even to this day. That's why you wouldn't even tell the truth because propaganda is in your DNA.

    10. @LTMA

      Lol- I see that you find it hard to believe my claim that my home is in Dublin. I was born in Soweto just some few years after 1976 Soweto uprisings, but my sisters were already born then. My sister was even involved in the riots and post the uprisings they left the country en mass to neighbouring countries. She went to Botswana where she studied nursing and during her stay there she met a British women, also a nurse and became close friends. That white lady's father was a missionary from Ireland and when they left Botswana they took my sister with them.

      In Ireland, my sister got a job as a professional nurse and met some Irish business man who happened to be one of her patients and they got married and had children. Her husband requested her to ask her parents in SA to come because the situation in SA was bad. Blacks were treated bad just like slaves. My parents managed to cross over to Botswana and met my sister and hubby. I was young then in the 80s and we flew to Ireland as refugees. My sisters husband bought my family a house and even paid for my other sister's education until she became a doctor. She is now married to an English doctor and lives happily in London. They are blessed with two kids. My parents died but all were burried in SA as they requested. However, their other home is in Dublin where I often visit you know. It is a family home now. In SA, I don't live in our old Soweto house because I am renting it out. I have renovated it and further built a double storey apartments at the back yard to accommodate more tenants. I am as well renting a flat in Sandton. Thank you.

    11. @ Sello 11:28 PM who said, "Imperialists bear white skin"... Oh really Sello? So only whites can be "Imperialists"? What about the Great Zulu Empire where the gay Shaka murdered 2 million blacks in the Defecane?

      Then how about the Moor Empire that controlled North Africa, Spain and Italy for almost 800 years and was only kicked out in 1492 when King Ferdinand of Spain and Queen Isabella of Aragon combined their armies. I take it you do know that the Moors were a black/berber mixture. Moor comes from the Greek word Moro which means "Very Black". For 800 years white people were kept as slaves by these Moors.

      1492 was the year Columbus discovered America and the great Empires of the Inkas and the Astecs. The Chinese and the Mongols had Empires.

      Again you have no idea of history. In your blind hatred of whites, you overlook the facts. It is called Confirmation Bias by psychologists. You are mentally sick from your hatred of whites.

      Go look up the Bloukrans massacre and the Makapaansgat massacre and see what you blacks did to whites. Smashing baby's heads against wagon wheels and skinning white people alive.

      Lying is not a taboo to blacks. They do it all the time. Especially when they have broken something. "Philemon, why is the lawnmower broken?"

      "I don't know Baas"

      "Philemon, did you brake the lawnmower?"

      "Me? Never Baas."

      And so on and so forth.

    12. @Sello, so your blec struggle family are fucking cowards that ran from the fight, typical, you come back after the fight to come live. Those white Irish cunts that harboured you will receive the same treatment as any other coward will from me.

      I suppose you are the rage when you tell you heart sopping story to liberal retards in the UK.

      I have been through Africa and I see how your species try bullshit their way into foreign lands, you lot are viruses and true viruses because you kill the host and by doing that you kill yourself.

      Your type were fucking born liars, so take you bullshit elsewhere, let me give you example.

      Malema, with millions in unexplainable assets, " I only earn R20 000 a month. Well explain the assets then, eeeh! I don't know.

      Zuma: I did not intentionally disobey the constitution, I was given the wrong advice.

      Rhamaphosa, I had nothing to do with the Marikana massacre.

      Sello, I hev a special programme to detect Photoshop.

      Lying, thieving, murdering, dishonesty deception and cowardice in so much a part of your make up you wouldn't recognise it to be wrong because its inbred.

      I do not believe your heart sore tale in the least of my bullshit believing conscious mind, you're and upstart trying to be something, you're so thriving for recognition and so wanting to be accepted that you will try to even endear yourself to us on this blog.

      You are a nothing, born a nothing doomed to be a nothing, to fearful to fight for what you want and unable to run so you're worming your way around the ethers looking for recognition.

  25. Anonymous8:23 am

    @ Sello

    Everyday I see many things, positive and negative. I draw methods out in my head on how to solve the negative specifically poverty.

    Here is an example: Why not build different styles / shapes of RDP housing (It would certainly look more attractive), add bigger garden areas so people can have more privacy and create fruit and vegetable gardens. Make a proudly SA company that manufactures roof sheets out of solar panels (Job creation too and feeding Eskom with power), put water tanks to catch the rain water.

    Create a data base for unemployed people, they should be able to upload their CV etc... Every town in SA should have this implemented. Imagine having a website where you can choose various people according to their skills, location etc...

    But no everyone and the government seems to be waiting for someone else to do something.

    We should also create a database for solving SA problems (I contradict myself however that's a job for a IT guy not me) We could have millions of great ideas coming through to solve many issues. But alas we are indeed going nowhere slowly

    1. Anonymous9:56 am

      What are you a liberal? Blacks are like bicycles they work better in chains.

    2. @Anonymous

      Thanks very much for your positive contribution. I would most of all like to commend you for your intellectual aptitude and courageous step you took other than bringing negativity in the whole discourse. South Africa needs people like you.

      Well, I see that you recommend the government to build better houses that have more space, but there are challenges with regard to what you have suggested.

      1. The land.

      -Do you know that the land that is surrounding townships always appears to be owned by certain Mr Gert who always has to sell a piece of land to the city council if it wants to expand the township?

      2. Money.

      These project cost billions of rands. I know that corruption also act against the progress of this project, but what do we do in order to revenue base. Our budget is too small and it really has to be doubled. At least our budget has to be around $200 to $300 billion so as to ensure that we always give the best. How would it be if the mines were under control of the government? Do you know how much do they make? They make lot of money that is being repatriated back to Europe and as a result we are only left with peanuts said to be paid for royalties.

      If we cancel corruption, BEE and we expand our revenues through claiming back our mineral wealth, I believe we can make SA work.

    3. Anonymous11:40 am

      first things first Sello. Do something constructive and get all your homeboys to vote out the stupid useless existing ANC. Then we will see that you mean business.

    4. @Sello, again. Your type hates us so much, declare war on us, come I challenge your species to declare war on us, then we can sort this shit out finally and see who really owns this land

      Come you fucking big mouth, ever threatening cowards, do it the proper way.

      If you declare war on us it means we can battle without interference from Usless Nations and other fucking ignorants.

      We can close SA off for a short while and do the right thing.

  26. Anonymous9:24 am


    Where is South Africa header?

    ANC dont care about the constitution and the EFF claim the constitution is a western/imperialist/capitalist thing

    So ANC will follow/do the same as the EFF as they gather support, as the EFF grow, so the ANC will make sure their policies match the EFF to gather the votes they have lost.

    Like one egging the other on.

    So there is no constitution.

    I am relieved, I didnt think it would end this soon.

    The rainbow is finally over.

  27. Anonymous11:29 am


    You cant make this shit up.


    Now whites must prove they own the land because blacks cant prove the land is theirs because of apartheid - you just cant make this shit up.

    See its all in their plans.

    When the tide turns, these bastards will pay.

    We need to dispel this "black" thing in this country, there is no black south african just black people from different black tribes.

    They must tell us who we stole land from, which tribe and when that tribe grew out of the land.

    Like I said in the past.

    If they say they are from the land, then they prove evolution exists and are from naledi.

    If they cant prove this and say the land is theirs, then we must ask from where did they come from?

    We know where they came from, it is them who dont know or so these sly bastards pretend.

    No they want SA.

    Communism won because they prayed on the weakness of the Christians, to turn the other cheek. This is our weakness, this is what they are playing on.

    It is not going to be too long now before they try nationalize everything in this country, as they lose seats/power in May, expect them to speed up everything out of fear of losing.

    Please work together, unite each other and train!

    Winters coming!

    1. Anonymous2:12 pm

      The "smart" thing to do would be to sell the land and assets, buy some other land and open a new farm and then buy back the old one as well once it goes under and becomes worthless.

      But what would probably happen is that the blacks would claim that whites used evil juju to curse them and the africanized courts would rule in their favor, or the government would just take both farms after whites made both prosper again.

    2. Anonymous2:50 pm

      hey BN, did you see who wrote the article? Naledi herself - check it out. Right from the root of mankind.

    3. Jip, hierdie gaan n laaang winter wees!

    4. Anonymous12:34 pm


      I would not buy a single thing in this country, have family who basically sold their place and renting it from the people who purchased it.

      I would not own a farm or anything.

      If anything, I would re-finance everything because we aint seen nothing yet.... Just wait until its nice en warm in die nuwe Suid Africa with nationalization or the soon junk bond status that is still looming -

      We will see our future after these elections, what we see will be a glimpse of what is to come!

  28. Anonymous11:45 am

    Not even the most gullible liberal now believes that the ANC are not anti-white racist corrupt lying thieving incompetent criminal pieces of shit.

    This is a view now echoed by the international community.

    'Collective guilt' as practiced by the ANC regime is 'a crime against humanity' according to the UN. Mike has outlined this before.

    The ANC and its 'BBE' and so-called 'affirmative action' policies are designed to punish and economically and politically weaken whites as a challenge to the ANC.

    The ANC's practices are therefore illegal and they are an illegitimate and illegal government.

  29. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Its a little difficult being sympathetic towards whites when whites attack me in unprovoked road rage attacks.

    1. @anon12:18 pm. Your unproved road rage attack. Allow me to relay.

      White cyclist attacked by your species because they are soft targets, I ride with 3 of those that have been attacked. No news broadcast on the attacks.

      White teenage school girl driven over by taxi outside school while crossing road.

      Man shot when confronting taxi driver for cutting in on traffic.

      White farmers murdered in homes.

      White store owner shot in front of wife during robbery.

      Husband shot in front of family in botched hi jacking.

      Unprovoked attacks? Your species has provoked us to the end of our tether, we now will retaliate, talking does not help, you see it as a weakness, carry on pushing and we will push back.

      You most probably tried to intimidate those whites and found that they pushed back.

      We will not go quietly into the gathering night, will will rage against the dying light. Hear me, for I am sure that I speak for most white South Africans.

      Now we have your leaders verbally threatening us, is that not provoking retaliation?

    2. Anonymous4:41 am

      LTMA.9:59 PM
      That's the truth LTMA and they expect the whites to just sit placidly and peacefully on our bums without any anger and in full acceptance at the genocide being waged against us. Eighty thousand plus intelligent and productive white lives wasted by blacks is of no great concern or consequence to the blacks. Looks like this ignorant kaffir just opened his mouth without thought and just had to say something.

    3. Anonymous10:29 am

      Ok, Then I will simply take your women for myself. I will spare them because they are not racists like you.

    4. Detroit Refugee8:32 pm

      Over here it's non-stop chanting, " We want equality"!
      No. The blacks want submission.
      They desire to collectively place a boot on Whiteys neck. Only a Libtard could deny this.

    5. Detroit Refugee9:00 pm

      Here's another lie out of the blacks mouth. Unprovoked. What a joke!
      Glad to hear YT's fighting back. You do realize Skunk Ape, those whites could produce a list of black atrocities miles long? Everyone they know & everyone those people know, could tell a story of black on white crime.

      I'm way over here, and could do the same. But whites victimizing blacks is super rare. We've handed over entire functioning cities in the name if equality.
      Only to see them collapse into third world, crime ridden cesspools.
      Just a couple days ago in a black high school, a pack of feral black females beat a 15 yr old black female to death.
      In the girls bathroom.

      Now she can't breed more freeloaders, and hopefully the pack of sheboons get locked up for decades.

      Chicago; black male blindsides black male. Black male is down & out cold 4-8 seconds. Pack of blacks run up out of nowhere & run his pockets! Help him?
      Hahaha that's funny! No, he's run over & killed by a taxi. All on camera for the whole world to witness TNB.

      Blacks. Different paint job, but just like us? No.

    6. @anon 1029am. Retard, stop talking start doing, come you cowardly evolutionary retard come, I dare you, I invite you and I beckon you. Come!

      You're such a coward you and your whole species of retarded dim wits. If you cannot come 1000 to 1 you will not accept the fight, you black arsed yellow belly.

      I will use your weakness as my strength and I will defeat you on any field at any time. So bring your army and your battle cry, for you know not your opponent as he knows you.

  30. Anonymous2:10 pm

    If the ANC goes the country will collapse though

    1. Anonymous8:53 pm

      Anonymous2:10 PM

    2. Go ANC go, we the whiteys will rebuild something worth calling South Africa and worth having.

    3. Anonymous9:52 am


      @Anonymous8:53 PM
      Anonymous2:10 PM

      Very true, yet few realize it.

      That was the end of South Africa, now we just living through the nightmare.

    4. Anonymous3:00 pm

      If the ANC delivered parcels like their namesake, no bugger would receive anything. They are 100% useless and should clear off.

  31. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Anonymous12:18 PM
    Are you sure it was unprovoked? Blacks are well known for their downright arrogance and lack of courteous behaviour on the roads. Sheer ignorance and the non compliance of the safety rules of the road is a common trend and the illusion and feeling of “We blacks are now ruling the country therefore we blacks can do just as we please on the roads” is omnipresent. It all actually stems from an inferiority complex that creates a constant rebellious attitude within them. The annoying reality is that the ignorant blacks are forced by necessity to control their white man's invention upon the road that runs beneath it. Even the road and the rules that must be applied upon it were created by the whites.
    So your black resentment under such frustrating circumstances is somewhat quite understandable but it is definitely not morally acceptable!

  32. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Anonymous12:18 PM
    Just blame it all on "Apartheid"! That will surely remove all racial misunderstanding and replace your sympathy for the whites. Thanks for nothing anyway and have a good unprovoked day!

    1. Anonymous9:29 pm

      Anonymous12:18 PM
      Heard on the news yesterday an armed gang of black thugs (12 in all) attacked and murdered another two white farmers and a third white farmer is lying critically wounded in hospital. That's the of mindless black ANC and EFF insanity ruling and wanting to rule the country. So when the all round food supply disappears off the market and the poor blacks are dying of starvation rather give your worthless black sympathy to them instead. In the meantime the black on white genocide carries on unabatedly.

  33. Humans fooled in to believing that the smartest primate is also human.

    I hear many religious people saying to turn the other cheek but you dont turn the other cheek when a lion charges you. You shoot it or run like Forrest.

    These people have been fooled in to believing an animal is a human and science proved otherwise. Blacks are closer related to primates than to white humans and not just closer, blacks share 50% genomes with bonobo and not even 2% with Europeans.


    They say for a reason you should not feed baboons and i understand the reason for it, and agree with it, but those same people are trying to feed bonobo at the robots, parking lots, in their homes and gardens while expecting a different result.

  34. Anonymous2:26 pm

    The ANC make plans and honour commitments? This is how they behave in parliament. Disgraceful.


  35. Anonymous2:47 pm

    No wonder the ANC gets frig all done: