09 April 2016

Dom Houtkop shocked by spark plug

By Mike Smith

9th of April 2016

How can you put your tongue to a spark plug? The ignition coil pushes out about 40,000 Volts.

"Hau, baas hy byt!"



  1. Anonymous3:56 am

    Mike the link is broken

    1. Try a different movie viewer

  2. Replies
    1. Anonymous8:28 am

      More like this zupta is the missing link!

  3. PreatorianXVI5:41 am

    Africa's intellectual GIANTS...

  4. Adrem6:37 am

    ...that's because he didn't have an iPad when he went to school. Why didn't he have one? Because of colonialism, apartheid and racism. That's why...

  5. As jy dom is gaan jy sukkel.

  6. Anonymous9:01 am


    Now we know why EiShhoeKOM - is broken!

  7. Anonymous11:48 am

    Hy het seker gedink dat sy houtkop nie krag gaan gelei nie
    Nou as hy nie die skool afgebrand het nie sou hy geleer het dat die hout moet droog wees vir dit om so te werk

    Hurr Durr

  8. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Hau baas link is broken!

  9. Seattle11:47 pm

    I recently watched the most disturbing "We Come As Friends (2014)" which is a documentary about South Sudan's independence. It's a long somewhat interesting affair filled with the typical colonial-bashing/White man evil rhetoric. A filmmaker flies his home built microlight aircraft around Sudan landing whenever he spots people or activity below. Upon landing it is clearly evident that the native blacks are severely lacking basic intelligence. One almost felt sorry for them because they appeared 250 years behind in evolution as they gazed at the camera in bewilderment and begged for Chinese-made trinkets. Of course, this being Africa, the film shows utter destitution, mass graves, war and litter everywhere - always litter. What is with black Africans and wind strewn garbage? Black areas here in the U.S. are renowned for litter too. The movie is on putlocker.is if interested.

    1. Hi Seattle..I may have an answer for the garbage question!
      I grew up on a small farm near Pretoria. Like many other farms we supplied housing for our black workers. I remember one day my dad asked this same question directly to our housemaid (also staying there), why do they litter and why not keep their homes neat and clean like us?
      She argued that by displaying the garbage and leftovers of all the stuff they consumed it becomes clear for their people to see that they have lots to eat and have a good life. Their neighbours can see they have enough maaney to buy KFC.
      So to them its a status thing, almost like we love to decorate our homes with flowers!

    2. Seattle11:20 pm

      Thank you for you informative reply. I see similar patterns of behavior all around the world wherever blacks live in significant numbers.

    3. Anonymous12:05 am

      Some time back I asked a refuge collector the same question. Why do black folk litter so enthusiastically? The answer was that littering "creates employment" cos someone has to pick the shit up right? Municipal workers'/street sweepers are employed in a futile attempt to keep the streets and parks clean, so by discarding their trash to the street it helps keep the 'workers' on the pay roll!
      In other words, a pathetic excuse to do what comes naturally to them. The words 'Totally Incompatible'spring to mind!!!

  10. Anonymous12:39 am

    Rick Joyner visions of SA. https://www.morningstarministries.org/resources/prophetic-bulletins/1993/coming-catastrophe. On May 16, 1993 I had a vision of racial violence erupting in South Africa on an unprecedented level. Whites were killing blacks and blacks were killing whites by the thousands. The government completely lost its authority and there was anarchy throughout the nation.

    I saw a white supremacists group that was as organized as a modern army, and fought with the strategy, discipline and efficiency of an army. They were very confident of victory, and I knew that they would kill as many as it took to prevail. I felt that they would never surrender. They were more powerful than anyone believed that they were. However, the blacks were overcome by a rage that would also never quit, and the conflict grew beyond anyone’s expectations. Quickly, the strategy of both sides was reduced to simply killing as many of the other side as possible.

    The killing was so widespread throughout the country that the United Nations expressed helplessness....

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