05 April 2016

Dankie vir hierdie dag Oom Jan

By Mike Smith
6th of April 2016

This year as every year I just want to thank our Dutch founding father, Jan van Riebeeck for this day in 1652 when he brought civilization to this Godforsaken land. 6th of April 1652, Founder’s day, the birth of our country, we will never forget. Danke wel, Oom Jan.

Cape Town 1652

Cape Town today


  1. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Your 'Cape Town' today is a pic from the seventies. It does not look like that today. That dream is over.

    1. Anonymous4:58 am

      Anonymous11:48 PM
      Go fuck your Mandela statue black cock sucker! Oom Jan founded the only country on the continent of Africa that ever became rated as a genuine first world country. That was a REALITY! MINDLESS Mandela had the DREAM of turning it into a free, fair and equal DEMOCRACY and he and his beloved ANC turned it into a NIGHTMARE OF HYPOCRISY AND BLACK ON WHITE GENOCIDE! Today a black rainbow of death hangs over the country and the grim reaper is grinning with glee and freely swinging his scythe with the meanest of destructive intentions. Oom Jan had a good dream but Mandela's dream turned out to be a horror show of massive proportions and that's only reality that he took to his grave. Mandela was just used as a cheap puppet by the ANC and was also a broken victim of his own philosophy before he departed.

  2. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Dankie Oom Jan.

  3. Anonymous12:06 am

    Here is a more accurate pic of Cape Town today:


    1. Anonymous4:33 am

      That's not Cape Town. It's Kayalitsia.

  4. Dankie Oom Jan en fok die barbare. Hulle het geen Stigtersdag nie want die donnerse goed het nog nooit iets gestig nie.

    1. Hulle het nasionale opvok dag, en dis elke dag..

      Mar ja, dankie Oom Jan

  5. Anonymous1:26 am

    Tomkat, al wat die donners kan stig is 'n brand.


  6. Anonymous1:53 am

    The 'Western Supremacist/Imperialist/Capitalist technologies' comes to the rescue of Africa again. Why doesn't the 'West' hear the call from Africans to stay out. Well this is the call from the EFF/ANC anyway.


  7. Anonymous2:14 am


    Ja, dankie oom Jan!

    Ek stem saammet Tomkat, hulle het geen Stigtersdag nie! Elke dag van hul lewens het wel die woord afbreek daarin.

    1. Ja nee en as hulle 'n Afbreekdag wou vier sou dit elke damn moet dag wees! Miskien is dit 'n idee om te keer dat hulle alles opdonder waaraan die gespuis vat?

  8. Anonymous4:15 am

    Jammer om van die onderwerp af te donner maar het jy die gesien Mike?
    Lyk of die jong manne hoopeloos raak.


    1. Anonymous7:22 am

      Anonymous4:15 AM

      Maar waarom?

    2. Anonymous2:42 am

      Could be from cyberbullying. Teenagers are notoriously cruel to each other on the internet.

  9. Anonymous6:33 am

    I don't know that I want to say thank you to Oom Jan. It is so sad watching the country getting trashed that I sometimes wish no white person had ever come here. I curse my ancestors often!!!

  10. Anonymous7:14 am

    Om te dink, die Kaap was gebruik as "poskantoor" en skepe het om die wereld gevaar en die poskantoor was uiters sukselvol. Vandag met hope tegnologie en al die moderne hulpmiddels kan hierdie NSA barbare nie eens 'n poskantoor bestuur nie. Oom Jan, jy het 'n fout begaan, jy moes maar die eienaardige diere wat jy tee gekom het, uitgeroei het. Hulle is toe al die pad wrede wilde diere van die veld volgens die Woord.

  11. Anonymous8:36 am

    It's too bad Riebeeck didn't land at Cape Horn instead as you wouldn't be dealing with hordes of superstitious violent blacks with their hands out demanding whitey pay me.

  12. Anonymous9:35 am

    Oom jan was n foken cvo amptenaar wat die eerste boere uitgebuit het

  13. Anonymous10:11 am

    Aanvanklik moes die Vryburgers saai en plant wat die VOC voorskryf en die lae pryse van die VOC aanvaar. Reeds in 1658 het die Vryburgers in opstand gekom teen die VOC se ekonomiese voorskriftelike regeerwyse. Die Vryburgers was nie net pioniers wat deur landbou die kontinent moes tem nie, maar ook ekonomiese en politieke pioniers. Hul stryd om ekonomiese vryheid was die voorloper vir die latere stryd vir politieke vryheid. Hier is die eerste grondslag gelĂȘ vir Afrikaners se politieke en ekonomiese vryheidsideale.

  14. Anonymous11:06 am


  15. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Civilizations come & go, whites were here long before Jan.
    We had the Phoenicians in Cape Town who were based in Cadiz, Spain many moons back, after them the Portuguese, Dutch, French, English & all other whites in between.
    The same was true for the rest of africa, where are they today ?

    We whites are technically working ourselves out of africa in the big picture of things.
    The dutch & english in SA will be no diffs.
    Under black majority rule, the house always wins, like at a casino.
    The west can manipulate the economy in an attempt to bring sipho in line, but ultimately sipho is still king in his kingdom.
    Farm murders are rife, so is corruption now & forever.
    Pull the plug on shitville.

    1. Anonymous3:51 am


      The majority are actually the minority.

      The 3 largest groups are Zulus, Coloureds and whites.

      All want Zuma out - the king said things were better during apartheid, the colourds say the same thing, the whites know it was.

      The majority is beginning to fragment and factions forming again.

      The west will eventually have more on their minds than SA with Russia & the multi colour nightmare in Europe.

      We pull the plug with a nuke, then we call it quits, until then we fight with our backs against the wall, against all odds.

      If SA falls, the rest of the white nations will fall - whats happening here will happen there.

      After all, if we are speaking about minorities and majorities, then we must say ALL whites are the minority in this world.

    2. Anonymous6:30 am

      Well we whites might have critical mass in numbers but that is dissolved when comes to individual ideology and viewpoint

  16. Anonymous2:37 am

    "Dank je wel" not "danke wel".