17 April 2016

ANC cries as they lose eleven votes

By Mike Smith

18th of April 2016

An ANC bus crashed. 11 African National Congress volunteers died and 59 were injured when the bus they were travelling in left the road and rolled several times.

The incident occurred on the N1 between Ventersburg and Winburg in the Free State on Sunday morning.

Condolences pour in after ANC bus crash

One would think that the DA would be happy that the ANC are now minus eleven votes, but no…Democratic Alliance national spokesman Refiloe Nt’sekhe extended the DA’s heartfelt condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of those who died in the crash.

I don’t know why people are in schock and crying. They should all be happy. These ANC members are in heaven now.

'Vote ANC, go to heaven': South African President Jacob Zuma accused of blasphemy after claiming supporters will be rewarded in afterlife

Said JZ: 'When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven.

'When you don't vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork, who cooks people.

'When you are carrying an ANC membership card, you are blessed. When you get up there, there are different cards used but when you have an ANC card, you will be let through to go to heaven.'


  1. Well its a start. Eleven down.......It never ceases to amaze me that nothing gets said about all the grusome murders and torture of whites (recently 9 in3 weeks in Muldersdrift alone) but let a black (especially a celeb) die or be killed, its in the news for days. The attacks on whites are clearly being done by trained soldiers (?) Going by the modus operandi and the weapons being used. Malema is busing in 1000 zims per day. Why? And who and what are they?

  2. Some people believe anything. Going to heaven? Bwhahaha!

  3. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Reasons to be cheerfull #19293

  4. Glo het die twee bestuurders probeer om beheer vir mekaar oor te gee terwyl die bus in beweging was...seker lekker jooolig geraak daar binne.
    Van lekker lag kom lekker huil..

  5. Anonymous10:46 pm

    The ANC cooked people here on earth.

    Tyre Braai style.

    1. Anonymous11:20 pm

      And put them in the pot!

  6. Jamie, spot on.

    ANC, eish mababa, shhhheme, is that all you could achieve 11 you useless bunch of rabble rousers, you cannot even kill you own kind properly, fuck and then you want to drive me into the sea.

    BTW, please keep on not maintaining the roads, I truly hope it was a pot hole that scored a hit on your bus if not mabye a drunk unlicenced driver, if not that then maybe a poorly maintained, road worthy bribe bus. It just shows your incompetence.

    As for ANC badge and card holders going to heaven, yes you do but remember you need to be dispatched, I am a willing candidate to dispatch all of you, so please just say when.

    Mike, please stop being amazed at the DA(darky alliance) you seem to think that they are different from any other darky, they're not and if they do come to power you will see the common trait appear.

    Mike, you Jew loving, censor screening, apartheid loving blogger, just to let you know. I love this blog and keep up the good work, life is so much more interesting with you in the ethers.

  7. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Ek wil begin deur om eers die bus maatskapy en die bus bestuurder te bedank vir die goeie bestuur werk wat gelewer is maar...11 ? Rerig? Jy kon better doen as net 11 laat ons maar hoop hulle doen beter volgende keer

  8. Anonymous12:51 am

    ..en dan se hulle wonderwerke gebeur nie meer nie, wat is die dan al is dit hoe klein.

  9. Anonymous1:03 am

    Obviously this idiot has no clue about anything... heaven included. He probably thinks its a Gupta mansion in Dubai.

  10. Anonymous1:15 am

    Ja a good sign the anc wheels are starting to come off, and we haven't even started the funnies yet. That's for the 11 whites murdered in one week.

  11. Anonymous2:35 am

    So desperate for some extra faces in PE. There is a god after all. May all their buses go up in flames.

  12. A classic occurance of the reverse Midas touch?

  13. Anonymous2:39 am

    Roep die baas!

    Durban hostels turn to UN for help

    Residents of the Glebelands Hostel in Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal have called on the United Nations to help end the violence in the area.

    The call comes after activist and ANC councillor Zodwa Sibiya was shot and killed at the hostel on Saturday. Sibiya's death is the seventh such murder since January this year and according to Times Live, the 62nd death since April 2014.

    The Glebeland residents fear that the violence will not end.

    Residents held a press conference on Sunday where they claimed that a hit list had been circulated in the area recently and that the names of several of those killed in the violence this year had been on it.

    "We are appealing to the UN because we have been abandoned by our government. Our constitutional rights have been ignored by our government," an activist was quoted as saying by Times Live.

    The residents also claimed that little has been done to protect them from the violence and that the measures already put in place, such as CCTV cameras, security fencing and police deployment have been inadequate.

    In December last year, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela did a site inspection of the hostel following a number of complaints of violence.

    Madonsela said that the congested living conditions may be contributing to the violence. She was expected to meet with the security cluster at municipal and provincial level on that same month to brief them on the situation and find out what is being done about it.


  14. Anonymous3:45 am

    The communist government of Brazil fell . In overthrew the communists . The current president of Brazil is a classic liberal , and the next to be elected may be extreme right. His name is Jair Bolsonaro.

  15. Anonymous3:52 am

    Mike Im sure there are quite a few carrying the FORK making its minions burn and trash and destroy . Then you have those in Leadership talking about the Fork who couldnt give a fork while he forks the country down the drain. Zumi still has not had his fill , otherwise he would have stepped down.

  16. Anonymous3:56 am

    It still amazes me how the educated in SA just sat back and allowed this take-over of the country to happen. Where is everybody???

    This is going to get worse still. We are not watching a horror movie - we are the cast. We are going to be totally destroyed if no proper resistance takes a stand soon. How can Malema get away with making these remarks?

    Malema sê hy gaan ‘alle blanke besittings vat’ sodra hy aan bewind kom

    1. Anonymous5:13 am

      In English:
      ‘We’re taking everything whites own’ Malema tells crowd commemorating terrorist Mahlangu

    2. Malema is a brain dead evolutionary retard and please let him come, we need something to kick this off. We know its coming so lets get started.

      What really amazes me is that we as the resistance and I am including myself, have not used this retards big voice against him yet to our benefit.

      We need to seed it to the Zulus that he was responsible for the down fall of retard zulu daddy. He was of course the mouth piece, Pey bek the maanie. Somehow we need the Zulus to focus their attention on him.

      He knows that eventually the Zulus will get the roach back onto the stick and figure it out, that is why he is making white noise again. Retard 2 is scared, he is shitting himself.

      Who can help get a bit of counter propaganda going on the retard 2 front? This will take the IT dudes and media dudes to sort it out.

      We can fuck both tribes over with this.

  17. Anonymous4:27 am

    A Question To The President


  18. I see the papers have already confirmed that 11 ANC members are in heaven, I suppose they asked pastor Mboro to take a quick trip up and just confirm thier arrival, he was in heaven for a quick visit over easter and took a couple of pics while there. His bosses got a bit jealous and hauled him over the coals, they did not have to go to hell for that because they have already created hell here in SA. I supose they will drop the enquiry on the good pastor now that he has confirmed that the ANC,s 11 best are settled.

    Christians have heaven, Islam paradise and now the ANC has also got heaven. Christian heaven is eternal life with god, no worries easy living and harmony, Islam is 70 virgins and a good life. ANC,s must be potholed roads, overflowing sewage drains, power shedding, toll roads, corruption, thievery, bribes, rigged elections, bocked storm drains, dirty water, burning schools and varsities oh and before I forget, lower standards so the place sounds clever.

    News flash dark side you're in your heaven, just look around you, you have managed to create it right here on earth since 1994 to now and it just carries on getting better for you lot, there is even garbage filled streets with rats and other vermin now. The things your type love.

    True heaven for you was apartheid, admit it, come now. You had homes, jobs, schools and establishment to wake up to in the morning and when your dark side got a little to clever there was a god to sort you right back into place, that gods name was mlungu. Remember him? He is the one that you thought you could take over from, shit! You lot did fuck it up, didnt you.

    1. If as much as ONE ANC fucktard is in heaven I will refuse to enter. I am not spending the eternity with ANC scum.

    2. Anonymous10:09 am

      Quite. We have put up with the ANC for an eternity already.

    3. Godless heathen will NOT go to heaven. Thank God for that.

  19. Anonymous8:30 am

    Pissed off PE residents tell ANC Women's League president to fuck off.


  20. Stephen12:00 pm

    Hi Mike
    aha ! Now I know why it was so hot today - hell briefly Opened for these new transfers.....I thought it was srange for a wintersday

  21. Anonymous12:33 pm

    I am glad to hear of these Anc scum dying and getting injured. Its shear karma for their stupidity and the havoc their party has caused this country.

    I sincerely hope to see this happen more often,as i cannot stand them anymore.

    The writing seems to be on the wall for the white people that remain. They are planning a dark future of persecution and I cant believe how people around the world just accept this and stand back.

    Whites now face discriminatory and racist laws and are targets all over SA.

    I just dont know what the point is anymore: You work hard and build up a few meager possessions over several years, get robbed, hi jacked and taxed by a government that discriminates against you.

    You work hard build up a few meager things and then the government prevents you from getting better jobs, they intentionally de-value the currency and flood the country with illegals to do more stealing of jobs and other crime in general, then you get the fucking stupid mass population who have the worst education than ever and hardly any services from this dictatorship to loot and rob any honest hard working foreigers shops and stores.

    Then they dismantle the narcotics beareau and flood the streets of SA and the world with bad chemical drugs, they then allow the triads to destroy the coloured communities with Tik and violence and make the Western Cape a crime infested hell hole which becomes harder to govern.

    How much more can we take?, It amazes me how incredibly de-sensitized we South Africans have become! Its all so normal to us,yet we take it and take it and some more.

    The Anc is like a slow CANCER that is eating the whites left here up, but not fast enough to create any alarm for the world, they also do their best to keep the murders and plight of the whites out of the media.

    The truth is they dont want all the whites to bugger off out of here, as they want to milk and rape us and take whatever we have right until the bitter end! They plan to gradually phase us out of businesses,jobs and industry, so they can get enough power to oust us.

    The plan will be complete when the tables have turned almost entirely and they no longer need any whites in SA. By that stage most would have left or been murdered.

    So what do you do in response to such an evil plan? How do whites survive and stay strong and claim back what was naturally theirs?

    I feel we are going backwards and dont see an immediate solution? Sure there may be a few arse licking liberal whites and traitors left over if their plans succeed, but they will be betrayed and screwed over too eventually.

    Please offer advice, as im just not seeing a future that will work out for the whites here anymore and i fear the good old days will never return.

  22. Anonymous12:34 pm

    And I see the ANC has appointed a commission to investigate the bus accident.
    Caterers better get ready.
    Booze shops better get ready.
    This will be expensive.
    I dont know why they want investigate. The moent who was driving was probably drunk.

  23. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Yes Mike, the media coverage of this incident nauseates me to the point of 'throwing up' and yet an incident such as this for example, remains swept under the carpet by these commie bastards and their leftist MSM. - Mom & son critical after black hijacker fled with family in the vehicle & crashed - http://stopwhitegenocideinsareports.blogspot.co.za/2016/04/attack-family-of-4-mom-marilize-bright.html

  24. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Dont forget these a-holes going to have a couple of ox spits on the funeral on our account.

  25. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Zoo-ma talks out of his arse and they just lap it up.