08 April 2016

After the ANC...which radicals will rise?

By Mike Smith

8th of April 2016

What never ceases to amaze me is that many people just take the shafting dished out by the corrupt and useless ANC scum. They shrug their shoulders and carry on. Fair enough there are some people working hard to get the regime out, but the majority is just status quo sheep.

During the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) there were a lot of these fence sitters. Status quo wishers and maintainers. They did not want to get involved in any fighting on any side so they signed a treaty of neutrality with the British authorities. They were called “Hensoppers”.

Some went further and actively joined the British and signed an oath of legion to the Queen and turned against their own Boer people. These were called “Joiners”. Joiners were normally killed on the spot by the Boers. No mercy.

After the war there was a lot of bitterness amongst the Boers. Families of Hensoppers and Joiners were shunned, ostracized and spat on. It carried on for decades.

Nevertheless, today we still have “Hensoppers”, who would rather see the status quo being maintained. In other words, leave the ANC in power to carry on stealing as much as they want and we keep on paying. They don’t mind if the ANC fucks us all over and all our families suffer. Whatever their reasons are, the biggest reason I have heard was, because it’s a case of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.

These people fear the unknown. They fear what will happen when the ANC is gone. Who will take over? They suffer from Stockholm syndrome. I prefer to call it the “Concentration Camp Syndrome”.

See, human beings are funny. Their greatest survival tool, their ability to adapt, can also become their greatest weakness. People can become so used to their miserable conditions that they become comfortable with it. In psychology it is called “Learned helplessness” and Prof Martin Seligman did a lot of experiments with electric shocks on dogs about it. I once wrote an article called: Resistance to resistance - Learned helplessness and the psyche of White South Africans by Mike Smith

This explains why people in North Korea, former East Germany, etc can/could tolerate their horrific conditions for decades without resistance and without trying to escape. However, Martin Seligman also discovered that dogs that were once free could never be subdued and never suffered from learned helplessness and would always try to escape or become free.

Nevertheless, these people who are worried about who will replace the ANC or who will replace the president want to know from me who will take over and what will happen next. I am not a clairvoyant prophet. Frankly…I don’t know.

And there is no need to worry about the problem. It is like Captain Jack Sparrow said in "Pirates of the Caribbean".... "The problem is not the problem; Your attitude to the problem is the problem."

If only they could use all that energy they waste in worrying about who will take over from Zuma and BE the ones who take over from Zuma South Africa will be a better place.

Nevertheless...All I know is what I can see and how I can connect the dots.

Take this poll on TimesLive for instance asking the question. “Who would you prefer as SA’s next president?”

Choice: “Cyril Ramaphosa, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Kgalema Motlanthe, other.”

I mean what kind of herd mentality allows itself to be manipulated and conditioned by the media into accepting ANOTHER ANC president? Look at it! They are all ANC and they are all BLACK.

I find the poll extremely racist. Why is there no white name there? There are many whites in the ANC (and IFP, DA, ACDP, FFminus) far more competent than any of those useless ANC blacks. Why MUST the next president be black? It is as is if a white person is not even being considered. Why?

Is it because blacks are racists and won’t accept a white person no matter how good he/she is? Shouldn’t we be going for MERIT instead of RACE?

So who will come after the ANC?

In the classical study of revolutions we see that Dr. Crane Brinton mentions in “The Anatomy of Revolution” a certain sequence of events that takes place during a revolution.

The spark is almost always a financial crisis. The governing regime is bankrupt and introduces severe taxes or raises taxes unfairly.

Then, following the initial deposition of the “old regime”, comes the so called “rise of the moderates” followed by the “rise of the radicals”. The “radicals” are also the ones who will bring in the “Reign of terror and virtue”.

The same will happen in South Africa.There is no escaping it.

How far are we?

In South Africa, on Wednesday the 6th of April, we saw that petrol rose by 88c/liter when petrol prices worldwide are on an all time low.

How is this possible?

This is due to a new fuel levy announced by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in his budget speech before Parliament on Wednesday, 24 February 2016. The minister announced that the country’s fuel levy would be increased by 30 cents to R2.85 per litre of ULP/LRP fuel and R2.70 per litre of diesel

This means that between 34% and 42% of the petrol price is pure tax.

The ANC knows that if they increase income tax directly, they might spark a revolt, so they do it indirectly through tax on fuel. The result is that transport costs rise and EVERYTHING else rises. Food prices are currently soaring through the roof. Fuel is part of the inset costs of the farmer and part of the transport cost to get the food to the consumer.

In short, the public has just, once again, been fucked over by the ANC and what drives me nuts is that you still have Hensoppers who want to maintain the status quo.

Nevertheless, couple the fuel increase with a weak currency due to an idiotic president and a looming ratings downgrade to junk status and you will have a financial crisis. The spark for the revolution.

Getting the dictator Zuma away is just one step. That will go fairly quickly once the machinery of revolution kicks into high gear.

After him will come the “moderates”. These can be from within the ANC alone or a coalition government of ANC, DA and IFP moderates. However they will not last long. The moderates are always short lived. At most a few months.

Reason for that is that the moderates will have too much to do. They will have to fix everything the dictator stuffed up. They will have to fight corruption and try to please everyone’s expectations. In short they will have way too much to do to simply govern. Therefore they won’t even see their enemies, “the radicals” rising.

In the background is a small, but highly efficient and organized group of “radicals” who do not have to worry about pleasing anybody or governing the country. Their sole focus will be to snatch power from the moderates at the earliest opportunity and when they do, they will ring in the “Reign of Terror” where you will see the mass executions of traitors, collaborators and enemies of the revolution. The streets will flow with blood.

Here comes the interesting part, because everyone is focused on the EFF or the Communists as the possible groups of radicals to take over from the ANC. Even Crane Brinton says the natural movement in a revolution is from right to left.

The Hensoppers are shitting themselves already, because in their minds all they can see are hordes of panga wielding blacks coming to chop them up.

But what if another group of even better organized and more efficient radicals rise? A group nobody expects. A group so radical that they will make the EFF look like kids on a Sunday school picnic. A group willing to do what should have been done 360 years ago.

So this is how I see the rise of the radicals after the ANC:

The South African situation is unique in that there are two groups sitting cocked like wound up springs waiting just for the right moment to usurp power from the moderates.

On the left side you have a highly visible populist group wearing red berets, red T-shirts, red overhauls…and shouting out loud. There is no doubt that they are radical and will take their chance to snatch power from the ANC as soon as the opportunity arises. They might even be the ANC radicals in disguise. Be it as it may, they will be thirsty for blood and will want to cleanse the country of their enemies…the ones they call “settlers”, “imperialists” and “colonists”.

This group I call the “Leftist-majority radicals”.

On the other side, the right side, there is a small group of invisible individuals who hardly know of each other. Hardly radical at all…at the moment at least. In fact one cannot even speak of a group yet, but they exist.

However, this group is not so vocal. They are just quietly making individual plans and setting contingencies in place. Make no mistake; they are as “gatvol” of the ANC as anybody else and as wound up. When the time comes, they will come together with lightning speed, organize and they might just prove ten times more radical than the Left.

In fact if I consider Lanchester’s Laws and if I have to bet any money, I would say THIS group, the “Rightist-minority radicals” will kick leftist butt all the way to the equator when push comes to shove.

Whichever group wants to survive will have to be prepared to be more radical than the other and take the battle to its logical conclusion, because there can be only one. The country will never be big enough for both.


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  2. Anonymous9:08 am

    Long live the “Rightist-minority radicals”!!

  3. Anonymous9:15 am

    Mike, you give these blacks and libturds way too much credit.

    1. Anonymous3:58 am

      Anonymous9:15 AM
      Yes perhaps he does but Mike is a wise thinker and when you read between the lines with your own eye of wise understanding then you will see that he has a very good reason to do so. Cunning is mainly used by the ignorant for the purpose of concealing their evil deeds. But the wise use cunning to put the ignorant at ease and to expose them. Thus the blacks and the libturds unconsciously and willingly supply their own rope for the wise men to hang them. The only way to beat them is to use their own weapons against them and with wisdom as an advantage the wise will win every time. Guaranteed! Therefore a little wise undetected sarcasm thrown in here and there also helps to lure them closer to their own self destruction

    2. Anonymous2:02 am

      It was tongue in cheek and I agree with you fully.

  4. Anonymous9:30 am

    In the previous article I said: Yip, I am one of those who would rather maintain the status quo. Better the devil you know.
    Why? Because at this stage we are still out voted. There have been a couple of people who are being made an example off. Those poor Boeremag guys come to mind. I think most of them have died in prison already.
    None of us here are prepared to go that route. At this moment in time we gladly rant and rave on the net, but we not prepared to stand up yet. We have too much to loose.
    We can't imagine sitting in jail while our wives and kids walk the streets.
    There will come a time in this country, when ALL the whites will HAVE to stand together. And the only way that is ever going to happen is when we ALL get removed from our comfort zones. Now until that day, it does not matter who is president. The democrazy we have now, gives the blacks the majority, and they will never vote for a white.
    No, I am not a handsopper, I see that we can't fight this while we each doing our own thing. Again, those AWB guys that where gunned down, come to mind. Geez, lets be honest. How many different Afrikaans movements are there? Why don't they all become one. Because each one is dependant on the income.
    We need to loose that. We need to be in a situation where we are all forced together. Where we have no option but to accept each other and work together. Not through various organizations, but as one.
    Sadly, guys, we not going to get there until we out our comfort zone, and lost it all.
    That day will come.
    Better the devil you know.....!!!


  5. Stephen9:31 am

    Hi Mike

    Agreed , there is no problem for us after the fact .

    This snow-balling collective contiousness is going to gain momentum and weight and reach the eventual edge-of-the-cliff.

    Mike these current events could be that crux in the storie , that changes things in a way nobody thought possible ?

    Call me optimistic but damn I see a Light !

  6. Anonymous10:41 am

    It was we who suffered from "Concentration camp syndrome" who did not want a revolution or change from the "white dictatorship" and voted NO in the referendums.

    the rest of you wanted change, a change to the ANC so you voted JA!.

    Now you want us to do the same again?

    If you want change, make sure you know who replaces them

    1. Anonymous12:16 am

      Your coment is so upsetting to me. This is exactly what Mike is talking about. You scared of change because of the unknown.

      It is not a destenation it is a path. We have to walk it so that our children can be free in the destination.

      "Better the devil"
      What you fail to see is that this devil is going to kill you if you stick with him.

      Look at it like this. You have two options A and B. Now B have multiple subsections and A doesnt.

      A. ANC stay on - only one outcome. The eventual demize of the Afrikaner tribe.

      B. This one have many different outcomes. Death, destruction, victory, self determination, well many many posibilities.

      Now do you want to be the frog in the boiling pot and stick with option A or do you want to jump out of the pot and see what else is in the kitchen - option B.

      Same with staying in a job you hate. Only one option same salary same life same holidays. Same everything.

      On the other side of the coin you have billions of other opertunities many much much better then the situation you are in. Why do you think all the great people preach risk taking.

      Think Nike.

      Dont think just do it.

      Jump out of the boiling pot.

    2. Anonymous6:44 am

      I am replying to you, I am not scared of change. But I have connected the dots and I can see that the change we are going to get will not be better.

      We cannot allow the globalists to take over and you, like many dumb white Americans, are inadvertently jumping into bed with them.

      We need to go BACK and undo the globalist agenda by recreating sovereignty..

      Not FORWARD. Going FORWARD is a commie motto.

    3. Anonymous8:06 am

      You are currently in bed with them in the rainbownation abortion and sorry but traveling back in time hasnt been invented. Going forward through time is the only way time moves and the only way out of this mess.

      I dont understand why guys like you read this blog when when you are clearly fence-sitters. There are DA blogs out there.

    4. Anonymous11:57 am

      WEll, ok then go forward and enjoy the globalist prison planet that is in store for you.

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  8. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Thanks Mike, another great read and full of facts.

    Here is my take on the situation:

    Carrying on with the current status quo, everybody has everything to lose.

    A new canvas is fantastic to paint over, so what is everyone scared about? The right "painters" can make this country a work of art that actually works.

    My fellow "painters" be prepared, lets paint the best South Africa and rub out all that horrible status quo.

    The kaffirs are telepathically saying "ROEP DIE BAAS"

    Lots of love TP

  9. Anonymous1:04 pm


    Agree Mike, total clean up.

    This is when the Afrikaner/white man is going to go back to his roots and not give a shit what anyone else, nation or company thinks - its his destiny, in his own hands, he is going to realize this more and more in this country now.

    We know this method works, 99% of all South Africans go settle in lands where this was done, we are the only ones who never did this and yet we are the ones in the fire.

    This is not a theory, this shit works when implemented! Just do your research. We must once again resume our role like Albert Schweizer eluded to.

    It worked so well that many of these nations forgot how they became who they were and left their borders open to mass immigration from all these other nations, so they are going through the same realization or will end up with the same realization as we are.

    Albert Schweitzer.

    "I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race.

    They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization.

    I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior.

    For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. and they will
    destroy all of his work.

    Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach.

    Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

    Take note!

    Racism = survival now.

    They will either devour you or vice versa.

    I take Gods law....The heathen must go!

    Let them bitch about it, cry about it - who cares! We need our own homeland, I am not into sharing.

  10. Anonymous1:44 pm

    If the EFF will get in power one day, you will be able to watch what its Cummander in Thief is after https://youtu.be/ljXBooe9U3A

  11. Great stuff Mike but sjjjtt, Don't advertize the part of the right radicals.

  12. Anonymous2:16 pm

    The ANC are probably not going to last...even RW Johnson proposes the possibility of a DA and EFF alliance which at first sounds completely insane but if the ANC collapses it perhaps seems a possibility as a sort of interim government.

  13. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Yes Mike there are people quitely waiting for the right moment.

  14. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Back in the days of the generals and the farmers rocking up in Pretoria on their tractors, Oom Jaap Marais tried to persuade them that it was still possible to take over the government without shedding any blood and one of the generals (maybe Constand Viljoen, I cant recall) opposed the idea - his argument? "What if we win?" Can you believe?

  15. Anonymous11:36 pm

    I want to agree with the reasoning of this post,not out of any ideological or philosophical point of view but actually from what I have witnessed by purely being in the wrong place at the right time or the other way round I cannot say. Right Wing? I have been a adventure biker for many years and have traveled the length and breadth of SA mainly back roads /dirt biking and mostly alone from time to time I have joined up with pals at rally's or have ridden some trips. Well what I am about to say is not something I noticed immediately it was only after some years that the penny dropped and realized what I had seen and experienced. on a the odd rally and late at night having to walk the tree toilet -I walked in amongst a group of bikers and there family who had set them selves apart from the rest which one could see as normal but I noticed what seemed to be a clandestine activity (everyone up sitting around the fire in animated conversation) whilst just about everyone else in the camp had passed out for the night, been an extravert and never afraid of having one last drink - i actually walked in on the group and what was unusual was the total silence that descended and attracting the stairs of everyone - this is unusual to the standard open your arms to a stranger -i had the distinct feeling that I was trespassing on something - the scene however was grabbing everyone was dressed in a semi military fashion with badgeing not typical to the biking fraternity any how i saw this more than once - been a conspiracy it did perk my interest at the time -i noticed that this happened more than once. On a bike trip travelling alone through farm lands one day I passed a forest and i caught movement through the corner of my eye,and immediately got a sense of fear excitement and curiosity -I stopped my bike as I was only ambling along Lifted my visor and stared into the forest -but saw nothing - I knew i had seen something. Anyhow I moved on but not much further I came to the end of the Forrest and the felt was open in the middle of a very isolated place far from public activity dozens of vehicles 4x4 bakkies and such all parked - this was really un-usual when i have seen some thing like this it would be a few cars maybe and very close by one would see Black ZZC holding church.- These cars where expensive - My heart was racing -I was super curious now - I could not spot any human activity and sat there for sometime watching -nothing . I got the idea to turn and pass the trees / Forest again and did so I stooped where I thought I had seeing something the first time . Put my bike on its stand and stood at the side of the road for a pee. I took my helmet off and just stared into the forest - it was like something out of a movie (I do some hunting in the Karroo and your eyes need to adjust to pick up deer in there natural surrounding, It was has if the Forrest was moving but yet not till my eyes really adjusted -what I was watching was dozens of men and woman in full and very serious camouflage doing what can only be described as military drill/outmaneuvers fully armed - I spotted a woman with a cross bow - well as this dawned on me -i suddenly and quickly realized I was once again trespassing on something. -It was only some time later when i rode with a tottaly unknown group of men on a trip to the lower karoo that I once again overheard a late night conversation, where they were talking about "The night of the long knives" all these observations came to me and the penny dropped (I have you know these are not toothless bikers these characters are money boys with serious toys) I have been bumping into clandestine training operation.Since the awareness was woken in me to this - I have come to observe some other very interesting experiences.

    1. Anonymous1:59 am

      @ Anon 11:36

      What a rambling bunch of codswallop! In the end, what exactly is your point?

      Hunting deer in Africa? There are no naturally occurring deer in Africa.

    2. Anonymous5:56 am

      @ Anon 11:36 I agree. It would be good if this was the case re rightwing training activities but this author is clearly on some substance. Deer in Africa: a dead giveaway, i.e. it's bullshit^10. And he/she can't spell for shit either

    3. Anonymous6:26 am


    4. Anonymous6:31 am

      Anon 1:59
      ...and you are sure as hell a DOOS!
      Why was it necessary to insult somebody like that???
      I have seen plenty of Deer in South Africa nogal.

    5. Anonymous6:37 am

      Deer? In the karoo? Sure buddy, just like there are tigers naturally roaming in Africa. ROFLMAO!

      (Stoopid yank)

    6. Depends on what you are smoking. You can even see pink elephants in the Karoo.

      Like the stupid Zulu Zot, Solomon Linda, who wrote, "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight."

      Where have you ever seen a lion in a jungle? Lions roam the plains of Africa not the jungles.

    7. Anonymous7:43 am

      I believe that there are a cat or more on Marion Island. I wonder how it got itself there.
      I also know there are takbok/ke roaming around plots on the outskirts of Bloemfontein.
      I know there are white tiger/rrrss on a private game farm in O.Free State.
      How did dem get dere, smokers???

    8. Yes, and don't forget about the Himalayan Tahrs on Table Mountain. Ten years or so ago they had a plan to kill them all and some liberal twats wanted to save the Tahrs and deport them to Himalaya mountains. They had an online website "Save the Tahrs" or something. I called them up and after listening to the bleeding heart liberal for about 30 minutes about the poor tahrs I wanted to know how I could join the hunt and if one could make biltong from the meat. The guy just put the phone down ;-)

    9. Anonymous8:54 pm

      Anonymous11:36 PM
      Thanks for blowing the whistle on the blog. Now Zuma and his ANC goons will also be glad to know about the undercover operations!

  16. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Hey Mike

    Nice article. I want to see the ANC fall hard, but I also am worried about what comes after that. But never the less I still want to see them fall.

    At the end of the day I don't really care who comes next, as long as the final result ends up with us once again reclaiming a white RSA, the Zulus can have their own small country like Swaziland, and the rest can go back North.


    1. Anonymous4:17 am


      The Zulus can go back North as well. The only reason they settled in Natal is because the Portuguese would drop off maize to them.

      This is how their numbers increased so drastically by the time the Boere trekked in land. This by the way is also a historical fact and can be read online.

      If they stay who feeds them?

      They must ALL go back North - The parasite moved down following where the ships would go. Just like today they are trying to get into Europe after Africa has been decolonized, so they all came down South before the colonies were fully established.

      They are parasites that will follow whites, like a tape worm they will find you. This is why God told the Israelites to totally but totally destroy them.

      They will out breed us, devour us.

      None can be left behind.

    2. Anonymous12:03 pm

      this is very interesting could you possibly give a link to this info please

      Hurr Durr

  17. Anonymous4:19 am

    Dear Mike...

    Very interesting that you made that observation... A certain American prophet (Rick Joyner) wrote about a vision he had of South Africa, where a 'very well organized group of whites killed of many blacks'... I believe that this prophet are one of the most accurate prophetic voices out there. His teaching is also very scriptural... according to the Bible... People may dislike him. I think the book he wrote, explaining this vision, is called 'The Call'...


    1. Tell us more. Never heard of him.

    2. Yip give details. Would like to read.

    3. Anonymous11:51 am

      HE must be talking about this :


    4. Anonymous11:52 am


      Rick Joyner (name sounds like a henshopper joiner hehe)

    5. Rick Joyner, an American, had a dire vision about South Africa in a time when it was very unpopular to say anything negative about the New South Africa.

      Whatever your feelings about Rick Joyner, this is the vision he had for South Africa.

      A Vision

      On May 16, 1993 I had a vision of racial violence erupting in South Africa on an unprecedented level. Whites were killing blacks and blacks were killing whites by the thousands. The government completely lost its authority and there was anarchy throughout the nation.

      I saw a white supremacists group that was as organized as a modern army, and fought with the strategy, discipline and efficiency of an army. They were very confident of victory, and I knew that they would kill as many as it took to prevail. I felt that they would never surrender. They were more powerful than anyone believed that they were. However, the blacks were overcome by a rage that would also never quit, and the conflict grew beyond anyone’s expectations. Quickly, the strategy of both sides was reduced to simply killing as many of the other side as possible.

      The killing was so widespread throughout the country that the United Nations expressed helplessness, confessing that the situation had deteriorated beyond anyone’s ability to intervene to bring order and stop the killing. The entire world sat in disbelief day after day as reports of the slaughter came in, each one seemingly surpassing the horrors of the previous day.

      Even though the vision only lasted a few minutes I felt that I had watched the scene for weeks. I was then given a view of the effect that this tragedy had on the rest of the world. World leaders everywhere rose up to address the issue of racism, but it was too late. In a short time much of the trust and interchange between races that had been gained over decades was erased. A deep racial paranoia began to sweep the earth, which worked to exacerbate every racial conflict. This fear was so deep and gripping that men were having heart attacks when they happened unexpectedly upon those of another race. As this vision ended I knew that racial violence and killing was spreading around the world, with a thick darkness sweeping over entire continents.


      I believe that the interpretation to the vision is literal, that what I saw will happen just as I saw it. I was not given any timing for these events, but I did feel that it was eminent, within the next few years. The Scripture that came to me was Matthew 24:7-8:

      For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. [2]

    6. Anonymous4:27 pm


    7. Anonymous4:56 am

      Dear Mike...

      Yip, that's what I was referring too... Thanks for the other readers to include the links.


  18. Anonymous5:49 am

    I so fuckin' hope you are correct in your prediction about the "Right" radicals mate...really, really I do

    1. They are out there i can confirm this. It wont help for you personaly to rely on them. You need to join them. They need their numbers to increase but wont advertise because of traitors.

      If you search hard enough you will find them.

    2. There's 4 books that's really worth reading written by Rick Joyner.

      - the vision
      - the final quest
      - the torch and the sword
      - the call

      These books are his old writings, and was written when he was still in fellowship with God,

      since then Rick Joyner has in the last 8 years been completely corrupted by the devil and his ministry has turned into something not inspired by God.

      All his books before then are worth reading if you understand the Spiritual battle us Christians go through. The Final Quest and The Call especially, will blow your mind.

  19. Anonymous6:23 am

    Has anyone done any SERIOUS research into what motivated the "hensoppers" and the "joiners" ( National Scouts ) ?

    This was not just a small segment of the population but really rather quite a lot of people.

    Perhaps truth be told they did not really mind or hate the English as much as we are led to believe?
    There was as much effort ( propaganda ) put into getting the Boers into a war mood as there was on the British side. Strange how easily people can be "persuaded" to go and kill each other !

    What exactly was it that the "bittereinders were still fighting for ?

    Did the country go backwards OR forwards after the ABW -- under the British ?

    A HUGE difference between an English government and the ANC ( and what the future war may look like )

    1. Read Albert blake's book "Boereverraaier".

      He explored the same question about what moved these people to become Joiners. Almost all of them did it for financial reasons. The Joiners were paid handsomely by the British. The Boers were no angels either. They would regularly raid the farms of hensoppers, those who declared neutrality. The Boers saw them as free game and stole their sheep and cattle.

      Nevertheless, why would you keep on fighting to the bitter end?

      I always remember that line in Karate Kid where Daniel asked Mr Miyagi "what if I loose?"

      Mr. Miyagi told him “Win, lose, no matter. You make good fight, earn respect.”

      The Boers officially lost, but after the war every single Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa up to DF Malan was a Boer General. Every Prime minister and President after that up until Mandela was an Afrikaner.

    2. My 5cents

      The reason for the first main group of setlers was to escape religious persecution from Europe.

      The groot trek again was for this bunch of religious boers to escape the afrikaner/british money worshippers.

      My view is that these were the bittereinders and the joiners and henshoppers were merely afrikaans/semi-afrikaans speaking fakes.

    3. Anonymous1:07 pm

      Saying that traitors aren't really your people is just a coping mechanism. In reality there actually are people stupid enough to embrace their own demise for the sake of avoiding hard choices.

    4. Anon, the reason the Bittereinders kept on fighting, was pure hate. Their farms were burnt down, their women and children dead in Concentration camps. Even today one can observe the remnants of that hate in the old people.

    5. Anonymous2:46 am

      I wonder how the nation was persuaded to fight for the British/ Globalists against the Germans so soon after the British war, where the Germans had been staunch supporters of the Boers. Twice.

      It shows just how insidious indoctrination can be. Lets look at today: Many white South Africans regard Russians as "evil communists" forgetting that this was a period of time in Russia and and also that the Russians had supported the Boer fighters with ambulances and medical personal during their war. Yes they were once our allies yet that fact seems to have been largely forgotten.

    6. Anonymous3:56 am

      Anon 2:46
      Fuck off troll.
      Putin and Zuma love each other.

  20. Anonymous1:06 pm

    The problem with the EFF being the radicals who take over theory is that it assumes they have anything resembling the competence of the bolsheviks. Additionally it assumes there aren't even more radicals such as zulu nationalists that will seize the opportunity to make their empire sovereign when thing start to fall apart. Overall South Africa will more likely go the way of Zaire than the Russian Empire- and the whites have the resources to capitalize on this downfall, or at least those white groups like the AWB that have been preparing for the downfall for decades.

  21. Anonymous2:47 am

    The Gupta's have fled to Dubai. Will Zuma and his family be next?