26 March 2016

Zumas take on the Ruperts

By Mike Smith

26th of March 2016

Just yesterday I mentioned how the ANC Youth League’s leader Ronald Lamola said that if the ANC’s NEC does not want to recall Zuma, then society should rise up and remove him. They even picketed outside of the hotel in Irene, Pretoria where the NEC gathered with signs that read, “Save the soul of the ANC” and “We want Zuma out”.

But after billionaire and Super-Afrikaner Johann Rupert, called for Zuma to step down for the sake of the children, the ANC Youth League’s KwaZulu-Natal provincial secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo Slammed Rupert’s call for Zuma to resign calling him a “racist imperialist who wants to continue looting the resources of our country”.

Sabelo also claimed that Rupert was funding the opposition Democratic Alliance.

How do you explain this two sided behaviour of the ANCYL? It seems to be OK if THEY call for Zuma to resign, but when a white man does it he is suddenly “a racist imperialist”.

Maybe the Youth League is just factionally divided, stupid, confused…or all of the above.

However, we have seen both the EFF and Cope calling for the arrest of Zuma and the Guptas . Two weeks ago COPE laid charges of corruption and treason against Zuma and the Guptas at the Brooklyn Police Station in Pretoria.

Are they “racist imperialists” too?

We have also seen that finally The Hawks will investigate the Guptas and Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma after DA leader Mmusi Maimane and MP David Maynier laid corruption charges against brothers Atul and Ajay Gupta as well as Zuma's son Duduzane at the Cape Town police station last Thursday.

Are they “racist imperialists” too?

However, in a counter attack Jacob Zuma’s oldest son Edward Zuma opened charge of corruption against Johann Rupert

Foaming at the mouth, Edward has labelled the luxury goods mogul "an arrogant white racist who has been looting unabated".

"Whiteness is on steroids these days. For him to call for President Zuma's resignation is a confirmation of what we have always known: that he and others have been funding the opposition‚ plotting and orchestrating conditions favourable for the defeat of our National Democratic Revolution‚" he said.

Edward said he agreed with the criticism that "we spend more time criticising black business and less time disrupting the accumulation path of real white monopoly capital".

"This should renew our efforts and commitment to transform the colonial apartheid ownership patterns. Rupert Must Fall! I'm disgusted by his arrogance‚" he said.

He also wants Public Protector Thuli Madonsela to investigate other ANC leaders and opposition parties “who have ties with wealthy families in this country”.

Meanwhile deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa (who said white control of the economy must end) has denied meeting with business people including Rupert‚ Maria Ramos and Trevor Manuel following the appointment of Van Rooyen and the subsequent appointment of Gordhan as Minister of Finance.

To tell you the truth, I think Daddy Zuma, Mini-me Eddie Zuma and uncle Caril Ramaphosa are getting a little bit too big for their shoes. If anyone is racist and arrogant it is them. They might be rich, but they are not THAT rich. They should be very careful who they go up against. Does Eddie Zuma really want to go up against Rupert and the Rothschilds? Maybe he’s got more balls than brains. I hope he doesn’t complain when they wipe the floor with him.


  1. Kaffir arrogance and double standards at it's best. Always loud till they get smashed in the face..

    The 'Super Boere' are gonna grill these kaffirs back to 1948 when Apartheid started. That son of Zuma is going to get the suprise of his life when these people go to task.. Seems like they forgot who their masters are.?. Silly kaffirs,,didn't they know the Super Afrikaners were still in charge and owned everything.?

    Is gonna be a good one this..

  2. Anonymous11:26 am

    Just another smoke screen if you ask me. Every time this sort of shit pops up, something else is going on behind the curtain.

    You can bet the Zuptas are busy scheming the country out of another few millions or billions while nobody is watching!

  3. Anonymous1:28 pm

    ...but Rupert is not white, he is Jewish!! And they is the very problem, because these Jews look white it seems as if the whites have all the riches and that is jus not so!!!!

    1. Rupert Jewish? Are you fucking simple or what? They are as Afrikaans as they come.

      BTW they are number 272 on the list of the richest families in the world so they are under the Committee of 300.

    2. Anonymous2:03 pm

      http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-leaders-list-of-jewish-millionaires.html. /Johann Rupert Number 390
      Since when does language matter in all this? It is the genes that matter since this is a race war!
      You know Mike, you are too clued up not to know this!!!
      Nobody is as blind as the one that does not want to see!
      Jews are pinch hitting as Afrikaners while they have screwed the Afrikaners and you are playing stupid! The Jews are in control of the ANC. How can you not know that??? Sorry but you sound fucking simple!
      No go along and call me the doos!

    3. Anonymous2:15 pm


      So what is this then?

    4. Anonymous3:31 pm

      If Johann (typical Jewish name, that, isn't it, Anon 1:28 PM???) pulls all of his dual listed businesses off the JSE there will be nothing left except some bankrupt mining companies.

      One gets tired of bywoner type Afrikaners who regard anyone who has made it in the business world with distrust and brand them Jews. Such arseholes always come up with the Bible story of the rich man not getting into heaven, as if the possession of a bible, a syphilitic brain and a gun automatically qualify one for eternal bliss in the afterlife. Not much different from an ISIS jihadist, then.

      When white trash Afrikaners come to my house looking for work I tell them to fuck right off because on every occasion I have given a white trash Afrikaner work to do he has stuffed it up and sulks when told why. They are worse than blacks. When they don't come with posses of blacks to do the actual work they want "advances" for work they have no intention of doing. Never again!

      So fuck you, Anon 1:28 PM, your anti-semitism, and your "jammergat" jealousy of Afrikaners who are not afraid of hard work. It helps to be well connected, but Johann Rupert has worked his fair share to get to the top. Definitely not just a rich man's son or lazy scrounger.

    5. Anonymous11:24 pm

      They are Crypto Jews and they have milked South Africa dry.

    6. Well said Anon 3:31PM

      @ Anon11:24 PM. You are an idiot. Piss off @ 2:15PM Afrikaners have worked together with Jews since before the Boer War. About 300 Jews fought and died on the side of the Boers. Jews even helped Afrikaners develop nuclear weapons. Your point is?

      2:03PM Your link does not work. You are a doos.

    7. Anonymous3:01 am

      In a nutshell, you never make billions, you are given billions and of course there are strings attached to your supposed new found wealth.

      Anton was university friends with then Prime Minister JBM Hertzog nephew for example and such connections cannot be ignored.

      So when billionaire Johann has a few things to say, it doesn’t mean he is wrong, but it is always wise to realise he is a bought man and their are conditions attached to the 30 pieces of silver he has taken.

  4. Anonymous1:28 pm

    While the rand is still south of the dollar, many more billions are quietly being taken out of the country. I give it two weeks before the rand/$ is 16, and by June all odds are off. I look forward to the IMF laying down new rules.

    1. Anonymous11:29 pm

      Then all the Greeks and others who you mocked for not paying taxes, are going to welcome you to the club :)

  5. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Rupert has a direct partnership with Rothschild in Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons. As a frontman for Rothschild, Rupert was a founding member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), instituted to create trans-frontier parks worldwide; and he founded the 1001 Club to fund the venture.

    1. Common knowledge as I pointed out.

    2. Anonymous3:23 am

      And that's a bad thing? Loop kak man.

  6. Anonymous4:33 pm


    I also heard the other day one of Zumas sons call white liberal doos Max du preeze a stupid white old man.

    I agree with him!

    Why is it though that when they are challenged they feel the right to pull the race card, insult us whites but yet if we paint our faces yellow or purple we are called racists?

    Why is it that we are greedy, steeling, imperialists that want to make money but Zuma caught with his hand in the jar is quite fine?

    Ja ja, we all know - the real racists are blacks. Far more racist than even the most "racist" white person in this country.

    The other thing is, each time they now want to score brownie points we are called racist.

    Well let them say what they like... Their days are numbered. They will not be in for much longer, the signs are all over the place.

    Mugabe is out, he will not be in power for too long. Dont forget their is also a Zuma high up in the African union who was the leading person to put Mugabe in power/in charge of the AU.

    If we follow the Zuma empire its very fast and I believe all ties back to India.

    Zuma elected --- Zuma sons with their mines---Zuma elected to AU --- Zuma appoints Mugabe ---- Zuma disobeys his master by not arresting bashir --- Zuma now in the international news all the time.

    The signs, the signs, the signs - he is gone.

    The problem with all of this is it will come back to the whites. Each time they feel provoked they are going to incite the masses against whites.

    This is going to turn the heat up high in the coming months. Perhaps this is why the furnace period is going to be so dark because we have those in power trying to be forced out against their will?

    All I know is that this period of peace is over. When we look back, connect the dots we will be annoyed that we never took action.

    @Anonymous1:28 PM
    I agree. I think by June this currency will lose another 15% or more of its value. With election time comes violence, with violence, weaker rand, recession, the scandals, higher food prices, instability in the country, township riots - you will see this country in total but total free fall.

    I think by the end of 2016 we will see the rand lose more than 30% of its value. Downgrades + violence + food shortages + political unrest + all attention on Zuma to fall...

    How long can the ANC continue to survive? We know how communists work, they might stick around for now but when they think their loot will be lost they will kick him to the curb.

    But we all know Zuma showers with tooth picks in his ears, this is why the turd hasnt been flushed while jiving under his shower.

    1. Anonymous3:25 am

      "But we all know Zuma showers with tooth picks in his ears, this is why the turd hasnt been flushed while jiving under his shower."


  7. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Just more useless black logic. How many contradictions have we seen this past week alone? These blacks are as illogical as they are dumb. Nobody takes their statements serious anymore. From the President to the street sweeper they all act as if they are in a preschool for mentally retarded children. What a circus, what a disgrace! My advice is to have nothing more to do with these munts.

    1. They do not use logic. Trying to use logic responding to them is futile. You are right, we should have nothing to do with them at all.

    2. Anon 7:21 Precisely my point as well. I don't even take note of their vitriolic and insensible diatribe anymore. I simply rely on Mike to put it into perspective and catch up all the relevant news here on the blog.
      All the fucking talking in the world is not going to help because as Dawid quite correctly points the creatures are totally devoid of logic. So what good is there in trying to debate with the things?
      Their is only one conclusion to this mess and that is the violence IS going to erupt and we, Boere / Afrikaners / Whiteskins [call me what you will, stick & stones . . .?], must be prepared for it and fuck them over, once and for all.
      Lock & load, Manne!

  8. PreatorianXVI7:50 pm

    These Chimps never learn, that you do not bite the hand that feeds you.

    They are only in power because of a deal they made with the Financial Elite, picking a fight with the likes of the Rupert's, the Financial Elite, you are asking for it and boy will they get it. Know your place N!@@er....

  9. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Zuma, ramaphosa, first rule of leadership, everything is your fault!


  10. Anonymous12:30 am

    Clearly symptoms of the SHTF,
    The only form of defence is to attack, darkies are shitting themselves as they want that gravy train and if they cant have it be sure as shit they will do everything to prevent anybody else getting on that train.

    A simple solution to all these Gupta and Zumas and gravy train free loaders would be to simply show the people of SA their bank accounts, yes and the ones you have in Switzerland. An valid excuse as to how they accumulated such wealth in a short time. Black privilege.

    1. Anonymous3:49 am

      Anon 12:30 AM: the average black cannot comprehend how much money the Zuptas make. They don't know from Switzerland. They can only count to amakhuku khulu. It's when winter bites and electricity prices are 10% higher combined with all other increases and non delivery of those promised free houses that blacks will run riot.

      Why don't whites take to the streets and riot? We are just as screwed. Why submit to all this crap.

  11. Anonymous1:56 am


    Johann Rupert is 390

    1. See? This is the problem I have with your Neo-Nutzi idiots. You spread your bullshit propaganda, lies and half truths and cause more harm to the cause of whites than your supposed "Jews behind every bush" crap!. The top of your list states, "LIST OF BILLIONAIRE JEWS AND SOME NON-JEWS..." and then carries on to point out who are the Jews and who are not. That list is made up of mostly NON JEWS. Like the Rupert family. Take number 16 for instance. Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong. A Jew? or Takei, Yasuo, Japan. A Jew? You must be a fucking moron. You just proved me right. Nutzi idiot.

    2. " You must be a fucking moron. You just proved me right. Nutzi idiot."

      Kyk Ouboet, nou het ek my amper dood gelag! Kan 'n mens so onnosel wees? Maar aan die ander kant: hierdie fanatici kom vorendag met dinge wat mens se mond laat oop hang...

    3. Anonymous8:43 am

      I see it's going hot here again today with all the Dooses, Morons and Nutzis.
      However, I do not care about who is a Jew an who is not, but when you make a pact with the Devil/Satan and you rub shoulders with Banker Jews in London which you have married into, then you are one of them. Especially when Billions have fallen into your lap like this in this case, because you will not convince me that you get thĀt rich with 10 pounds to start off with like Wikipedia is saying.
      Furthermore, it bothers me that Johann Rupert is now endorsing the EFF because it just proves my point, he got his orders from his masters in London seeing that Malema went there just the other day where he was anointed by Renwick and others and now the writing is on the wall for the current bunch of criminal Communists.
      The other thing that bothers me is that with about 1 million poor whites in this country due to AA, BEE etc. Johann Rupert hasn’t made any effort to give one cent toward that cause.
      That in my mind wipes out the whole of this “Afrikaner thing”, because if he cannot give to his own people in times like these, then he is not an Afrikaner!
      It is not a noble thing to get rich off getting people hooked on cigarettes and drugs even if you are also the hospital king, or perhaps that was the idea. Make them sick and then let them pay you to get better or selling the hope that they will, but you pocket anyway.
      You see this is the way the Jew works and if he does that then he is one of them!

    4. Anonymous10:32 am

      Jesus was a Jew and his name is not even on the list. I wonder why? Perhaps he wasn't rich enough to target for a political scam. Honest business is good business above all things but when it is coupled with politics the two combined together will create a very nasty can of slimy worms. Don't forget the Jew and remember the rescue mission to release the Jewish hostages at Entebbe

    5. Anonymous2:10 am

      Rupert is not Jewish, do not be ridiculous.

    6. Anonymous3:26 am


      @Anonymous8:43 AM

      Well put.

      Dont worry, dont fret because in the end they all lose, them + their puppets here running the show or those new wannabe puppets.

      It will not end well for any of them.

    7. @ Anonymous 8.43 You'd be a damn sight better off keeping your mouth shut about things you know nothing about. A year ago I completed a building project in the area where I live to the value of R1.5 mil to help and provide amenities for the children of a poor white community. Very few people knows where that money came from, but I do - you should actually apologise to Johann Rupert. He does not give to charity so that people like you can be impressed with him. He gives with an open hand and it is mostly only God who sees it...

    8. Anonymous8:29 am

      So Willempie, if that is the case, why are there still white people living with their small children on a rubbish dump in Munsieville which is the backstreets of the black location in Krugersdorp?. If his wife grew up there according to what I read here, why? I will tell you thatif that was my hometown where I grew up and I had that kind of money those people would be put up elsewhere, far away from the rubbish dump where they are being harrased every day of their lives by blacks that are actually living under much better circumstances!

    9. Anon 8:43 go to the Suidlanders website and read the article on the "Doringbos Regering" then you will understand.

  12. Anonymous2:26 am

    Going directly against Johann Rupert...?

    These people are going to fall very hard.

    Imagine, this man mingles with the worlds richest and most powerful elite, which will include politicians, CEO's of the biggest corporations and banks.

    And these clowns are deliberately pissing him off? What a joke!

    1. Anonymous4:56 am

      Anonymous2:26 AM
      The whole of the ANC and EFF philosophy is a joke and they are all clowns in the S.A. black political circus circle. Are they really racists? Nooooooooooooooooooooo they are just little bunch of "BLACK COMMUNISTS" trying to rob an extra buck or two here and there along the way! Ignorance and stupidity is always better to support when it's a political folly to be a follower of the wise.

  13. Anonymous2:59 am

    "When you see pictures of Mr Rupert with Nathan Rothchild and David Rockefeller there is little room for doubt as to who he was really backed by and it becomes very clear that Anton was a puppet used by the Global Elites to destroy Afrikanerdom from within.

    Classic infiltration and subversion tactics. This is why Anton was endorsed as a candidate for Prime Minister by the Cape Province section of the ruling NP, in 1966, coincidentally one month before Dr Verwoerd was assassinated – by one of those all too common ‘lone nutters’ – or so we are told."

  14. Anonymous3:31 am

    The fact that Johann fatty is married to a Rothschild should be a red flag.

    1. Anonymous1:29 pm

      Pull another one. His wife grew up in Krugersdorp. About as likely to be a Rothschild as my left nut.

  15. Rupert spoke out and good on him How many other whiteskins spoke out?When it come to fronting up the majority of whiteskins are gutless .Fact

  16. Anonymous5:10 am

    Rupert will get his 299 friends to turn the screw on Zuma and tribe, there will frozen accounts due to some or other investigation into laundering or links to a corruption scandal, there will be new visa travel restrictions, and of course the Spartans will most definitely turn the markets on Zuma's financial investments with wrecking ball Soros leading the way. It will be fun to watch if only I can also afford the genetically modified popcorn from the USA because there are no mielies left in SA.

    1. Ruoert and friends are not responsible and therefore will not prevent the whiteskins from withering away in RSA

  17. Anonymous11:47 am

    When people talk about jews,they are talking about the free masons which is a secret satanic zionist organization.All colours and creeds.deKlerk,zuma,mbeki,mandela,vorster,van den berg,pik botha,jan smuts,rhodes and the english throne.If you dont know that you are part of the sheeple or the false flag mike.

    1. When people talk about the Freemasons they normally do not have a cooking clue what they are talking about. 99% of the conspiracy bullshit on the internet you can throw out the porthole. Took me about two years to read through Morals and Dogma. One of the best books I have ever read in my life. All this crap about Freemasons being satanic, etc. is complete bullshit. The higher you go in masonry the closer you get to God. If you want to find out more about Freemasonry ask a mason. It is as simple as that. Also read Manly P. Hall's book "The secret teachings of all ages". It only touches the surface, but will give you a better idea. And no...I am not a freemason.

    2. Anonymous3:23 am


      @Mike Smith11:52 PM

      I agree, I have studied it from an biblical perspective.

      The original builders of the pyramids were from the line of Shem, the Shepard kings in the middle east. Before the Ottoman empire the regions were still named after these kings.

      Enoch gave the dimensions to these kings who then built the pyramids. Those pyramids, the main one when the dimensions are added up come to some remarkable dates, times and point to the exact location Christ was born, his death and how old he would be.

      The final stone will be returned upon his arrival. I believe these were the first stone masons and from which all masons I believe come from and the original churches built in Europe.

      The Grand Gallery starts at 33 AD, and lo and behold, the Well Shaft is right there as adequate witness to the burden of Law being lifted by Christ.

      A lot of the shit put out there are from a few American sources which others have continued to repeat over and over and now its become somewhat gospel that they are evil.

      I dont get people sometimes.

    3. Mike, i would like you to have a look at the following presentation, Mark Woodman's series called God's final call, episode titled Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jadaism - all roads lead to Rome. Its a 2 part program.

    4. When people quote YouTube videos to moan about Easter/Christmas/Pyramids/Aliens/Nibiru/Black Hebrews/YaHWeH/flat-earth/whatever else... I always comment that the Internet Church struck again... until I found out there is actually an official "Internet Church," hahaha! So much for my supposed witty comment :P
      However it's so easy to get discouraged with all the stuff happening out there... until I remember God knows the outcome, and whatever should happen, will, and what has happened, had to happen. Just keep the faith and prepare, prepare, prepare!

    5. Anonymous2:53 am

      Come closer to witch GOD Mike. Freemasons is lucifurian.

    6. Anonymous10:24 am

      So "Mike" is n bokryer!

    7. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL21A22457A3D8B8E6&params=OAFIAVgK&v=aeTcxlxG6SE&mode=NORMAL

  18. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Anonymous 5:10 AM

    You mean... mealies!

    1. Anonymous2:48 am

      Nee het jy nie gesien nie? DIS MIELIES!

  19. PreatorianXVI8:16 pm

    A bit off topic, though its quite relevant, who the real problem is and yes it can be your own family members.

    KATIE HOPKINS: The real threat is not the far right – it’s the smug left! When did it become acceptable to water cannon people standing up for their country while turning a blind eye to the destruction of Europe?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3511654/KATIE-HOPKINS-real-threat-not-far-right-s-smug-left-did-acceptable-water-cannon-people-standing-country-turning-blind-eye-destruction-Europe.html#ixzz44ADreeZZ
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    1. Anonymous2:34 pm


      I maintain here in SA along with Europe, all our issues can first be dealt with by getting rid of the left, loony, whacky left.

      The left are crazier than the Muslims, after all they let the dogs in.

      Tells you everything.

      Europe has been brainwashed by communism with their liberal political correcness, PC is liberalism for the brain.

      It blinds people but when people can see even with the blinkers on, then you have big shit coming.

      This is what is coming to Europe.

      Europe is going to go so far right that we will not be able to comprehend it. Imagine how far the right were in Germany, I forsee an Entire Europe like this.

      Imagine a far right Europe...united against a common enemy and it will be then that they look our way.

  20. On another note. It seems like Zuma has been ousted unofficially. Seems like Ramaphosa is running things and taking charge there in what is the ANC circus.

    Reading all the news over the last couple of weeks a picture has formed.. If someone did not tell you Zuma was the president of SA or you were an alien from another planet you would have thought that Ramaphosa was the president by the way he is being portrayed.

    Maybe just speculation on my behalf but if not then it just shows the power of the mainstream media.

  21. Also my 5 cents on the Jew thing.

    For long i thought i was a Jew myself a faith passed on by my long ago diseased father, actually from childhood until i tried to join a synagogue as a grown man.( Jewish version of church )

    You can not just join or convert like in Christianity, Islam or even Buddhism. You have to be a Jew or have some very very special permission.

    Being a Jew foremost and first most has got nothing to do with religion. It is about race, a bloodline.

    Even when you look at the immigration rules of modern-day Israel you will find that it is the bloodline that is the main factor in granting citizenship. You can even be an atheist and get in as long as the dna is good.

    Today i see myself not as a Jew. I do not carry the genes nor do I approve of sucking the penis of a circumcised Jew baby. I see myself more as a Hebrew and come to think of it when I asked my dad if we were Jews when i was 6 he said NO its Hebrew. He died before i could understand the difference.

    Now i have nothing against the common Jew. I had Jew friends in school but i do believe that their is a Jewish movement behind the curtain of religion that aspires to control the rest of humanity.

    My opinion on the research that i have done on their rabbinical teachings is that they do in fact believe them-self superior to the rest of humanity with the right to control all other tribes on this earth.

    For me personally the fun in life is tracking down the truth with an open mind, but sure as hell if you can not see the Jewish face and influence in the mainstream media, banks, Hollywood and universities then you just dont want to see it.

    You can differ in opinion to me and i will leave you to your own research and findings but to me i do not believe this tribe with the long nose and curly black hair looked anything like David or Jesus.

    1. Anonymous6:29 am

      This is what Christ looked like (according to some kids who died temporarily and went to heaven and came back and used her painting talent to depict the Christ)


      Green Eyes, dark blonde hair.


    2. Anonymous6:30 am

      Correct.... A Vision she saw...

    3. Anon 6:29. Sorry, but there is NO immortal soul carrying on after death, when you die you sleep a dreamless sleep, have a look at the following presentation, Mark Woodman's God's final call titled What happens when we die. And if you doubt it, watch his first episode titled Who is God?, Mark explains his own personal history there. Well worth a look at the whole series.

    4. Sorry, the first episode is titled, Is it the end of the world? That is where he explains where it all started for him and how the heavenly Lord guided him to truth.

    5. Hi JP , I can assure you there IS most deffinitly a afterlife
      Either to eternal damnation or to eternal life with God.

      Don't be so quick to deny the thruth JP , your still young and there's so many reasons why you think what you think now , don't let books be the reason you beliwve or not
      look at yourself mate , look at the majestic universe and get real honnest instead of pushing some athiest story

      I'm not here to condem you , just think you need a little guidance,JP God loves you even thou you deny Him , He will keep you mate just like He has your whole life , like a wise man said , you can try and live without God , but don't dare dying without him.

      Do you really wanto wait till you dead to find out that God is indeed real,I pray that you will openthe eyes of your heart mate.....Hope to see you on that day

    6. Stephen, what i meant was that when you die, you sleep untill Jesus comes to fetch his children, the first ressurection. If you died in Christ, you will be ressurected with a new eternal body, then only will you get to see heaven. There is no afterlife glimpses like mentioned by the earlier poster. Doug Batchelor's "The final events of bible prophecy" explains this quite well. I do know the truth and i'm not "young" at this, i have been following the teachings of Mark Woodman, Walter Veith and Doug Batchelor, all of then guided by the holy ghost for a long time now and have done some good bible studies thus far. What you mention of looking at your inner self and your feelings and emotions instead of following bible truth is exactly what satan wants you to do, which is wrong. Not condeming you either by the way. Also hope to see you on that day.

    7. Okay JP , I see what you meant to say , also when I said look at yourself I didnt mean to find that inner buda thing, ha no! Its supposed to lead a person to realize how great God is.
      And I said nothing about feelins and emotions and certainly not that bible truths must not be followed , wow man you gathered that yourself , ofcause the bible is the ultimate truth but these other teachings your following I'm not so sure.
      I have had an experiance that puts an end to the question of aftwr-life , its a no-brainer to me , so when your first words was 'theres no soul carrying after death' ...I beg to differ young man , have you been? Out of this realm to the dark pipe and have you been down in it have you smelled the dripping filth , I have JP , Jesus saved me from going to hell , that's why I said I can assure you there is because I've been and I know its real.

      Okay so let's not get our wires crossed , sorry if I was abrupt its just when people say look at this view that its usually not the bible they point to but mens interpretations of the bible.

    8. Cheers Stephen. :-) I think we drifted off the original topic a bit anyways. Sorry Mike.

  22. Anonymous4:38 am

    Have you seen this yet? Julius Malema tells a bunch of lies because Johann Rupert won't pay his tax debts or give money to the EFF.

    Malema blames tax woes on Johann Rupert

    Cape Town - Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has lashed out at billionaire businessman Johann Rupert and blames him for his troubles with the taxman.

    According to the Sunday Times, Malema told a group of supporters at a rally in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, that “Rupert and friends” controlled the ANC and the Democratic Alliance.

    He reportedly said Rupert had ordered the ANC to deal with him while he was head of the ANC Youth League and that the businessman controlled the South African Revenue Services.

    The EFF reportedly requested to meet Rupert in February but was turned down. Rupert’s office is said to have told Malema that he did not fund political parties.
    - News24

    1. Anonymous2:42 pm


      Blacks will still kill Malema, wonder what his new line will be considering that his master Muntgabage of Zimboonwe is asking for money to feed those pot belly pekininis....

      Wonder what he is going to tell his people, take those drought stricken farms and grow crops on them.... Amandla.... silence... haibo we er not going to tek eny farm with creks in da ground haibo....

      They want lush green farms like they want lush white women, the minute the thing has cracks and dog ugly they wont touch it

      haiwbo thet is too much e wek, We want e free stuffs, fams must e hev food, fruite trees end e enimals but haibo, we ken neva ekcept fams withe creks in the grownd.

      before we tek the lend, the whites betta put it in the stet it was before thet thing elniyo kem along, if they dont they prove the er recists

      You can just hear it...

      Put it in the sem position it was when it was e producing food, dont tell us now thet we want it thet it is not producing, we ken neva accept such e conditions put it bek like it was.

      Think Im joking?? - wait until election time and the shit is flying out their mouths like in the exorcist, makes my head spin thinking about this parasite.

    2. Anonymous12:35 pm

      hey, Jan Brits jy praat net soos kaffer gooi weg daai pyp wat jy rook anders gaan jy swart word.

  23. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Stuff him & his dad for supporting the anc & mandela.
    I hope the anc cost him plenty money still.

  24. Curious to know what fellow whites think of todays Concourt decision which bloodied the nose of the Nkandla kaffir