21 March 2016

Zuma's survival (yet again)

Not scared. Zuma arriving at the NEC meeting with 15 body guards

By Mike Smith

21st of March 2016

The repulsive snake, Jacob “Inyoka” Zuma, has once again managed to slither out of the grip of the long arm of the law.

Despite strong allegations that Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas, Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula, Minister of Mineral Resources Ngoako Ramatlhodi and former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor being offered top government jobs by brothers Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta, Zuma survived the ANC’s three day National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting at the Saint Georges Hotel in Irene, Pretoria.

Instead of spending millions on a useless mock enquiry into the allegations that would come up with zero evidence anyway, like it always does, the ANC outright reaffirmed faith in Zuma and showed the public and the opposition parties the middle finger.

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe, called the allegations “Reckless journalism” and wants proof of the allegations before he will act, but personally took charge of the situation in the ANC and said all info and questions should come past him. It is just a safety measure to prevent Zuma from overshooting his mouth and shooting himself in the foot again.

Nevertheless…The message is clear. Zuma is still their man and he is still untouchable. He will survive at least his term…unless…

As I have always said and wish to reiterate, because it cannot be said enough, “Zuma and the ANC feel ZERO for this country and or any of its people. They are simply in this game for the money. “

The only way to get Zuma and his cronies out of power is to march to parliament and the union buildings and physically arrest their arses.

Zuma has survived South Africa for now, but the question is, “Can South Africa survive Zuma?”

South Africa will face junk status by the end of the year

Zuma and his cronies getting the license to steal further


  1. Anonymous9:10 am

    ...unless...is what will get that champaigne flowing and put me in better mood! Soooo sick of all this BS!

  2. Anonymous9:11 am

    Another farm murder.
    When are the Boers going to get it. They are being taken out one by one. They may as well save their lives and leave the farms as there does not appear to be a plan of action to protect themselves. Farmers are committing suicide staying on the farms.
    Farm murders are such a regular news feature that we have become cold to this news = we seem to just accept it as the norm now.


    1. Anonymous12:55 pm

      Why dont these Farmers take out 2nd Mortgages or access Bonds they deserve that dont they ?

  3. Anonymous9:13 am

    Zuma received a standing ovation. He is a hero.

  4. There's still room for things to get far worse. Let's see when the election date is set.

  5. The biggest problem in my mind is the ever increasing number of youth reaching workable age .The ANC /big business in actual most people dont talk about this problem.Perhaps there is a short term gain for all in power whether govt or business .Fuck who knows

  6. Anonymous10:48 am

    Whatever you do, please don't quote satanist Saul Alinsky's work again

  7. Anonymous11:13 am


    Zuma will have to be physically removed!



    How clever they are to keep using racism as their umbrella & shield, why havent the whites, Indians and coloureds stepped up and asked why we have BEE/AA when we are the minorities?

    They want to make out that everyone is a racist who disagrees with them or an agent, lets see how the blacks start reacting now when their freedom is slowly also being eroded.

    I have a feeling Zuma is the president Siener spoke about that would be killed, he mentions 2 politicians when the blue letters arrive in the future.

    I can also see now with the finance leaving the country they will need to speed up their nationalization program much faster and also remove more and more of our rights to win over more of the blacks to their side.

    Just would like to know why Malema is so quiet and where is Winnie Mandela in all of this, dont trust that one.

    South Africa cant survive with a black in power, no nation can. Its like exploding a nuclear bomb above a city and hoping that everyone walks away fine.

    With black rule, the only outcome, like 2+2 = 4, the only outcome with black rule is starvation, corruption, misrule, no law and order and eventually the white man has to step in.

    I believe these are the last 24 months of black rule in this country as we know it. Zuma might survive locally but when you have the international media against you, oh that is a different thing.

    If he will not step down, then the elites will have to play the downgrades game and then we will see the games begin.

    1. Just a thought
      After a simple google search "define racist" the results show the noun to mean: a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

      The adjective: Having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.

      Note, the important word in both descriptions is the word "belief"

      Now, after Jacob's "warnings" and mutterings over racism, yet again, I know wonder, how do you punish someone under law for "believing" something.

      They may as well then punish you for being Christian or Muslim

      Ironically, these contra-human rights values and warnings are dictated on human rights day, what a joke

    2. Ninja, I'm afraid you're right, Boet. he ain't gonna leave politically.

  8. Anonymous11:33 am

    Have now upped it to THIRTY bodyguards

    The crowd, mostly wearing ANC T-shirts, erupted and cheered when Zuma walked into the stadium flanked by about 30 bodyguards. When he waved the crowd chanted his name and waved back


    One wonders IF anyone sees or notices the IRONY
    Wonderful cheering BUT THIRTY bodyguards
    WHY are they needed ?
    WHO ( or what ) is Zuma scared of ?

    HOW would they protect him if someone flew over the stadium with a crop sprayer filled with "XXXXX"
    NOTHING in Durban to shoot it down with ?
    Except perhaps whatever it is "they" cart around in the official state blue-light vehicles ?

    SA is now another Nicaragua / Honduras / Columbia / El Salvador

    1. Anonymous12:36 pm


      My question exactly, why 30 bodyguards?

      Who or what is such a threat to him that he needs so many?

      I think there are threats from within.

      It is always the threat within

      Blacks never murdered Verwoerd, a white traitor paid by a white, who handed the country over = whitee, who implements BEE? Whitee

      Whites are the problem.

      Blacks are easy to deal with, easier to deal with than animals.

    2. Anonymous2:05 pm

      "filled with XXXX" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm0R1ft1yzs

      just add phosphorus for some more oomph

    3. Sorry but that is a bollocks recipe for Napalm. Try Sunlight liquid and diesel. Ten times better.

    4. Anonymous1:01 am

      Why 30 bodyguards? Because it makes him feel almighty. The more bodyguards he has, the more important he feels. They feed his insatiable ego to no end!!

  9. I will give Zuma this much. He's got skin thicker than a lizard and is as slippery as a snake.

    Eventually all creatures meet their end.

    Yip all those bodyguards isnt a power statement it is a there is trouble statement.

  10. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Mike since the take over from 94 there has been nothing but a downhill trend . Blacks have been given positions that they not even remotely qualified to do through Racist policies of AA and all BBBBEEE s . Hence the support of this illiterate surposed to be in charge Goat herder. His garble about racists , when he and his anc party practice it , they seemed to forget that.
    The most useless in all the big white built corporations can never be dismissed for negligence or incompetency because of the policies that their peers have implemented.
    So when they Fuck Up they are still kept on to practice their self destructive ways, even those with false qualifications are kept on , to carry on with their ways. Another thing why they confident in Zuma with his Brainless utterances that the corruption can carry on unhindered. So as the draining continues , so the masses will get the shit end of the stick eventually with their own full SUPPORT. How f ignorant is that ?

  11. Seattle12:58 pm

    If you want to be thoroughly depressed about South Africa's future, watch the lengthy 2015 CATO Institute lecture by Frans Cronje (YouTube). He presents alarming chart after chart while tactfully trying not to directly say what's on his mind - SA is in for a great deal of pain, chaos and sustained violence. It is a fascinating lecture and I'm starting to realize why the rand has fallen so much and why real estate looks so bloody cheap to us foreigners.

    1. Anonymous1:32 am

      It was a really worthwhile watch.

      What is interesting is his projection of an EFF/ANC alliance majority government in total control. The creation of the EFF seems to have been a strategic move on the part of the ANC as it became evident that the ANC vote was decreasing. Creating the EFF provided an option for the disgruntled masses with the ultimate objective of combining the two for a majority marxist/communist rulership.The people of SA have been fooled by this 'slight of hand' move of the ANC using the 'good guy' 'bad guy' tactic to fool people that Malema is the enemy of the ANC.

      SA has had it. Full blown communism here we come.

  12. Zuma most likely is still in the top spot simply because he must have plenty of rather uncomfortable info on the other ANC big wigs.

  13. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Its really quite simple, the ANC steal, deny and then lie.
    They have done this up until the point where everyone is gatvol. Just like Zim, they save the land issue for when they have totally fucked up. Seeing that they would lose votes in the upcoming elections...the farms will be promised to votas. Obviously one cannot use logic to understand how things work, next best thing is to fuck it up / burn it / whatever...

  14. Anonymous1:17 am

    Very worried times we are facing. Its gone from bad to worse. Be strong people, these times will be in the history books of the future.