23 March 2016

Zuma wants reconciliation. He can have this...

By Mike Smith

23rd of March 2016

According to Msholozi Showerhead, the leader of Planet Zupta, “White South Africans have not reciprocated black people’s attempts to reconcile South Africans across racial lines.”

Zuma’s appeal to white South Africans

Continued the Great Number One, Numzana Zuma…“It seems it is only black people’s responsibility to reconcile. We need to discuss this and deal with it head on.”

So let us then deal with it head on.

You see Mr. Zuma…I can only speak for myself and with me any and all attempts at reconciliation ended around 1996 when your party set up the TRC also known as the “Des and Alex show” where you paid 20,000 black “victims of Apartheid” R30,000 each to come and spin a few yarns in front of the cameras in a Communist show trial and blatant one-sided witch hunt on whites, especially Afrikaners, that reminded of the Nuremburg trials after WWII.

None of these people were ever taken under cross questioning. Their bullshit anecdotal evidence would never have survived a simple court of law and 4000 ANC terrorists were granted amnesty by De Klerk so never needed to appear in the first place to tell how they bombed, killed and maimed innocent people, many of whom were blacks. The few who did appear were granted amnesty before their full stories could come out and the evidence of ANC, APLA atrocities were swept under the carpet. All of this, you ANC bastards paraded as the “truth”.

So pardon me if I have to break it to you, Mr. Zuma, but your Truth and Reconciliation Commission did not tell the truth and did not cause any reconciliation. All it did was cause resentment on both sides and divide the people of South Africa further along racial lines.

Further, when the whites wanted to help you run the country in a unitary government, your predecessor, Thabo Mbeki, slapped the hand of help away, kicked the whites in the teeth and instead of working together actively worked out the competent and efficient whites in the civil service with your racist Affirmative Action.

You did the same with private businesses by instituting draconian BEE laws. You actively worked whites out of their own businesses, stole their farms with expropriation laws, stuffed their sports up by introducing racial quotas so that people who are fifth or six best in their positions get appointed over more deserving whites and coloureds. On top of it you deny white school leavers an education or trade through racial quotas at Universities, colleges, apprenticeships, etc.

Black criminals are raping, robbing, torturing and murdering whites in their homes and on their farms. Their homes have become virtual prisons. About 1,2 million whites have fled the country and our now living overseas in self-imposed exile.

You and your party, Mr. President, have destroyed everything whites have built in this country. You have destroyed the army, the police force, the navy, the air force, the SAA, hospitals, the electricity networks, the water and sanitation infrastructure and the roads. The towns and cities have been reduced to rubbish dumps. Now you are coming after our schools and universities.

You and your useless Marxist regime have stolen old people’s pension funds in Transnet. You have stolen trillions of taxpayer’s money to enrich yourselves through cronyism and nepotism in state tenders.

Sorry Mr. President, but you, your party and your idiotic voters are scum. Wonder no more why I am not interested in ever reconciling with you or any of you lot. All I want is to see you gone; dumped in the rubbish bin of history. Your party’s misrule will go down as the darkest period of South African history and your presidency as the worst. So with all respect, Mr. Zuma, take your “reconciliation” and stick it where the son doesn’t shine.

And as for your stupid comment about bloggers, cartoonist and satirists being "racists"...You can count on a lot more from me.

Have a nice day.


  1. Anonymous3:29 am

    Yip, these guys have done nothing for us. Just taken from us.
    But I notice the money is running out, and junk status couldn't come faster.
    We need it.
    As a honest law abiding citizen, I have been paying taxes for 30 years. Recently I got an assessment from SARS, dating back to 2000 for PAYE that is outstanding.
    YES from 2000. Now add 15 years interest to that, and you in debt for some serious money. Why don't they send a statement on a monthly basis if there is outstanding money?
    No, no, no. I don't need this chit in my life. I shut the lot down, and go sell hamburgers on the beach.
    Or even better, like my mate. Register your house as a guest house and get a liquor licence. Then serve a nice meal on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and get the locals to come watch sport and support your bar.
    On the same terms as our local Portuguese fish shop. No cards, only cash.
    And viola, no more tax.


    1. Anonymous5:49 am

      Isn't there a statute of limitations of three years on how far SARS can go back in your tax records ? I know they want to increase this to ten years, but not 15 years. E-mail them a copy of the Prescription Act. Tell them to sue you in a court of law in your magisterial district. They will not want to see their negligence on public display - plus the costs of litigation and being forced to pay for your own legal fees - and will give it up. No need to sell hamburgers on the beach.

    2. Anonymous6:19 am

      Hulle het my ook aangeslaan vanaf 5 jaar terug terwyl my opgawe alles in orde was. Ek wonder of hulle nie dit met die meeste wittes doen nie om sodoende hulself uit die verknorsing te help nie. Terloops ek praat nie van min geld nie dis duisende.

    3. Anonymous7:45 am

      re Anon 5:49

      The Prescription Act 68 of 1969 ("the Act"), provides for four extinctive prescriptive periods:

      Thirty years in respect of –
      •any debt secured by a mortgage bond;
      •any judgment debt;
      •any debt in respect of any taxation;
      •certain debts owed to the state in respect of any share of profits, royalties or any similar consideration payable in respect of rights to mine minerals.

      Keep all your PAYE and VAT payments, mate.


    4. They are doing this because the money is gone the state coffers are empty.

      I got out a couple of years ago. Only thing weird is when i hear other people complaining about their tax being wasted because i dont pay them anything anymore. Not even tv license.

      I know this sound unfair to those that do pay their taxes but i wont be taken for a doos by this government and watch their ANC, filth on SABC. I payed them a lot for long but no more.

    5. The prescription of debt law in SA.


      What you do is this:

      -Go to your bank and make the biggest lone you can on all your accounts. Ask for the largest credit possible on all your credit Cards, including Edgars, Foschini, Truworths, etc, etc...

      - Now you max out all those Cards...

      - Emigrate. Don't tell anyone where you are.

      - After three years you debt is written off. Your bank sells the debt to debt collectors. Don't answer anything from any debt collector. If they say you can pay ten rand a month and you agree, they have you. Just tell them to fuck off.

      - If anybody Comes to you and say that you are liable for debt, just break out laughing...And tell them the debt is "prescribed". There is absolutely nothing they can do.


    6. Anonymous10:21 am

      I didn't know you could emigrate with all that debt in your name, Mike. One guy I know who emigrated had to pay the SABC a big bullshit amount of "arrears" in TV licences before he could leave the country.

      A word of warning: as the country's economy tanks you will get more and more letters of demand and phone calls from debt collectors for Edgars, Foschini and Truworths for people you have never heard of. Blacks go up and down streets making notes of addresses in viable residential areas. If they can get hold of your mail they can look up your phone numbers and tell the EFT (Edgars Foschini Truworths) triad they work there as domestics. These retail stores are not fussy about checking whether they actually work at your premises. They just want to sell on credit because that's where they make their real money. So the "maid" makes two or three payments before stopping paying on her maxed out account and changes her cell number to become untraceable, Your phone number will land up with the EFT retailers' debt collectors who will phone you looking for these "maids" working for you.

      What you then do is put the whole story up on Hello Peter because neither the retailer nor the debt collector will cooperate with you in any way. The debt collector and the retail store will pretend not to know each other, there will be a mix up on the debtor's real name, everything to stall, because naturally the debt collector wants to keep their claws into you and they have a business relationship with the retailer who sold the debt to them so the retailer will be of no use to you either.

      They will eventually leave you alone when they realise they will get nothing out of you. It is very irritating all the same. So watch out for this.

    7. I didn't know about it either until I read an article on IOL about it about 2 years ago. I bet you 99% of people don't know about it either.

      Problem is the banks don't want you to know about this law, because then you can rip them off, and they don't like that. Ripping people off is there job.

      Fuck them. Max your credit card out. If they are so stupid to give you credit and charge ridiculous amounts of interest then they are guilty of reckless lending.

      Besides they employ actuaries at great costs to work out exactly the risks involved. They know that by reckless lending they will lose some money on the left but make double up for it on the right.

      What it comes down to at the end of the day is whites paying the interest and debt of blacks who don't pay at all.

      It is about time you start playing the system. They have ripped you off for years with interest. Now it is time to get your money back. Have no scruples. It is not stealing. It is a like gambling game. All you do is gamble along. The bank is the expert who knows all the rules, the casino so to say. They make their money through your ignorance. They bank on it (pun intended) that you will play along and lose all your money to them. What they forget is that in a gamble game they could also lose and there is nothing they can do about it. The law protects you.

      You see it works like this. You lend money or buy on credit taking a gamble that you will keep your job and will be able to pay it back. The bank takes a gamble on that same job of yours and hope you are a nice hardworking Christian guy who will pay all the money back. Only problem is they charge you ridiculous amounts of interest so your lone takes longer to pay back. So you keep on paying and paying and paying. 20 years or longer to pay off a bond amount you actually paid off in five years already. They are ripping you off and you fall for it.

      I reiterate. Fuck them. Beat them at their own game. Take as much credit as they are willing to give. Take it all. They are gambling so shouldn't cry when they lose.

    8. Anonymous11:56 am

      Debt collectors can try to collect a debt which they bought which has not prescribed yet, but they are stuffed there as well because a) it is not their original debt and b) they must be prepared to take you to court. Very few of them will ever do this and only if the debt is worth it. Which it isn't, because debt collectors buy debts for 10 cents or so in the rand. It's all bullshit and fake intimidation. A numbers game.

    9. Anonymous12:11 pm

      I don't think anyone in their right mind will go and run up a shitload of debt, though. Interest rates are high here because the money is worth so little. Try to rent instead of buy until you have saved up a huge deposit for a place of your own, and then pay in a lot more every month than the minimum instalment. The banks will hate you for this, but stuff them. Work on paying off the property in five years. Don't buy the most expensive car. Buy something that works and is on the list of least stolen cars. Like a 2003 Nissan Almera. Don't laugh: nobody steals those cars and they're very reliable.

      Differentiate between assets and liabilities. An asset is something that produces an income. Your own business or job is an asset. You need a roof over your head but your house is a liability because nothing sucks money out of you like your home. Your car is a depreciating liability that does not generate an income.

      But if you want a nicer car for less than market value, wait for the jungle bunnies to default on their house and car loans. There are going to be kazillions of flashy cars for sale for next to nothing - if you happen to like that sort of thing.

    10. Anonymous12:52 pm

      How to keep records?

      Records must be kept -
      in their original form;
      in the form, including electronic, prescribed by the Commissioner by public notice; or
      in the case of a request by a specific taxpayer to retain records or documents in a different but acceptable form, the form authorised by a senior SARS official;
      in an orderly fashion;
      in a safe place; and
      open for inspection, audit or investigation by SARS.

      How long the records must be kept?

      ​Person Period​
      A person who has submitted a return​ ​Five years: counting from the date of submission of a return until the last day of the period.

      ​A person required to submit a return but has not complied. ​Five years: After the end of the five years period, indefinitely until the return is submitted.

      A person who is not required to submit a return, but has during a tax period, received income, has a capital gain or loss or engaged in any other activity that is subject to tax or would be subject to tax but for the application of a threshold or exemption.​ ​Five years or until the audit is concluded, whichever occurs first.

      ​A person who has lodged an objection or appeal against an assessment or decision under the TAA. ​Five years or until the disputed assessment or decision becomes final, whichever occurs first.

      ​A person who has been notified or is aware that the records are subject to an audit or investigation. ​Until the audit or the investigation is concluded.

    11. PreatorianXVI2:11 am

      Should one wish to subscribe to the above mentioned method of acquiring vast amounts of Credit, use it and emigrate.

      RULE 1, DO NOT TELL ANYBODY, SOMEBODY and NOBODY even FAMILY, they will not keep your intentions quite and you can get on a plane with a clear conscience...

      RULE 2 on the way-out park your car at the finance company, who will now be the proud owner of a quality used vehicle.

      RULE 3 Ditch your broken sim card from your new mobile phone before departure at one of the airline trash bin's

      RULE 4 DO NOT LEAVE or GIVE a forwarding address or Number to anyone until you have arrived safely

      RULE 5 DO NOT plan to comeback and visit for at least 3 to 5 years until you have your new Citizenship....

    12. Rule #2 - Rather sell the car for as much you can get and pocket the money.

      You take everything from the bank or creditor and leave them fuckall. All you need to do is stay away for three years.

    13. Anonymous3:51 am

      When you sell a car that you still owe money on you are obliged to inform the buyer and the creditor. The buyer then takes over the payments to the bank or finance house.

      There is no prescription on fraud. If you come back you will be had up for fraud and you will have to pay back all the debt you left behind. Which effectively means you can't come back because even if you were to settle all your debt, you would still have a bad credit record (and possibly a criminal record) so you would battle to get a job or start up a business.

      No my friend, diddling the banks and your creditors is not a game you can win, unless you can prove the debt was never yours to begin with or the creditor supplied you with bad goods, was negligent, etc.

    14. Anonymous4:12 am

      My wife's uncle is a debt counselor.( Easy startup business with a high turnover if anyone is interested.) You credit record has got to be clean though.

      Never the less i considered starting such a business, did a lot of research and even played agent for an extra income.

      The three years Mike is talking about is fact. I married out of commune a couple of years ago(with a plan). Left my job took the pension fund (before the ANC steels it) and started a business while at the same time dumping over a million in debt back to the banks. I even went to claim my UIF.

      The debt collectors phoned me a while back to reduce the one R6000 installment to R50 a month. I simply asked them where must i get R50 if i dont have a job. I asked them if they will give me R50 a month to pay the account. Now i just dont answer any calls anymore.

      One more year to go then i can borrow another R20 million with my new income and start the cycle all over.

      Be careful though. Use the money to acquire assets that is untraceable and that they cant take from you. I wont mention the tricks but you can find any info if you search in the right places.

    15. Anonymous1:18 pm

      Let me tell you what happened to me. Had a credit card which I paid off. About 4 years after this bank starts phoning me telling me that there was a residual amount which has now accumulated interest and is now sitting on 17 odd thousand. I tell them to fuck off because the debt is prescribed and they do - for about another year. Then collection agencies start to harass me I tell them to fuck off too. Another collection agency eventually starts to harass me whom I also tell to fuck off and summons me because the debt does not exist and even if it did it is prescribed. Next thing I get a notice that there is a judgement against me via e-mail. I request copies and sure enough there is a judgement and a collection order to the sheriff.

      I note that the address off the summons is an address that I moved from 2 years BEFORE I ever signed that Credit Contract and the Domicilium citandi et executandi which is on that contract was not used nor my current address which they had on record. It is obvious that they purposely conspired to use an address they knew I no longer resided at in order for e to not pitch up and defend myself and have the magistrate simply rubber stamp an uncontested default judgement.

      I see a lawyer who demands a down payment and then takes two hours to tell me that fighting the bank is going to cost me more than the debt which by this time has risen to double the "residual" amount.

      So now I sit with a judgement and the moral of the story is don't think just because something is against the law they won't do it.

      The sooner this shit-hole erupts and we can sort out these parasites and then rebuild it with Common Law as the base the better.

  2. Anonymous3:32 am

    We have a reference line namely prior 1994.
    During this time the Rand was strong, not much crime, cheapish fuel and generally things worked efficiently in most government departments.

    Now today 2016 all of the above is the opposite, bluntly put fucked.

    The simple solution is to ask yourself "What has changed?"
    The darkness pulled in and the rest is history!

  3. Hear, hear, Mike! Scum they are. Filth of the Earth, rubbish and anything else derogatory you can think of. Nothing is too base to describe them.
    See the Bronkhorstspruit farmer who has been locked up for supposedly "inciting violence of murder" on FB because he posted "Die Boere is gatvol." Well, theis "Boer" is also gatvol and I say fuck them.
    Noddy, you're 100% right. Turn your place in to a cash only Pub & Grub and don't give the scavengers a cent. Not only the Porra Fish & Chip shops, but howmuch tax do you think these Chinese invaders pay? I want to shit myself when I hear that fucking SARS ad on the radio!

    1. Seattle11:58 am

      It took me quite a while to find the 'Die Boere is gatvol' image he posted as Google images is probably censoring it here. It's incredible one can be arrested and held for such a thing as there's 10x worse imagery on DVD covers or adverts for cop shows.

    2. Anonymous1:18 pm

      People like you were mocking the Greeks for not paying taxes just 2 years ago. Welcome to Greece.

    3. Anonymous3:39 am

      Tomkat's Tribulations5:00 AM
      Dead right Tomkat and lets also keep a keen eyeball on the court case against Transnet for stealing seventy four billion Rand from the Transnet pension fund. From the outcome of that supreme court judgement we will know exactly how much justice is left within the justice system. I am surprised that the pensioners even managed to get their valid law suite/claim into the supreme court at all. But I wish them the best of luck anyway.

    4. Anonymous1:26 pm

      Anon 1:18
      there's a big difference between paying legitimate tax to a government to uphold defence and public service and paying tax to a terrorist regime intent upon destroying your race and your culture. So fuck you.

  4. Anonymous5:16 am

    Mr president, I gave you my country and above that i offer a hand of friendship in reconciliation. So mr president, what did you do? Apart from kicking me in the teeth you're dancing and singing to your followers that you're going shoot me with your machine gun. Mr president, therefore I also suggest to you to GFY.

  5. Anonymous5:43 am

    Looks like they are panicking because "when all fails, attack the whites" policy is being applied.

    The international community is against them and local business is against them. And the media is now (finally) against them.
    Sound familiar?

    The writing is on the wall for these clowns.

  6. They just creating JUSTIFICATION now in the minds of the munt masses. Just in time for the and grabs which will be facilitated by all the legislation now finally falling into place. An honest question now. Say they grab 50% of whiteys farm land and give it to the 'wekkaz', how many whites do you really think will use this an opportunity for go time? I'm not being sarcastic, but I really think white blood is going to have to be first shed before any real counter offensive takes place. Just something I've being thinking about...

    1. Anonymous1:06 pm

      Hi JP 5:52
      I see that yesterday Belgium had three Islamic “suicidal terrorist” attacks and two of the terrorists blew themselves up but one escaped alive and so far he has managed to elude capture! This world has three massive problems on hand at the moment to face and eradicate and communism is the biggest dominant threat of them all. Terrorism by communist trained Islam terrorists is deliberately claiming the lives of many innocent and defenceless people all over the world today. The so-called peaceful Muslim terrorists have adopted it and so have the ignorant blacks in Africa.They also pander after very similar rewards of fantasy that their communist leaders have entrenched in their ignorant pea sized brains. What is so very astonishing about it all though is the fact that these idiots don’t even seem to realize that they are just dispensable pawns in the dirty game of global politics and ask themselves “WHY”?! WHY MUST I SACRIFICE MY LIFE SO THAT A MAD POLITCAL LEADER CAN CONTINUE TO PROMOTE HIS POLITICAL IDEALS ENGULFED IN FANTASY AND THEREAFTER ALSO DESTROY THE COUNTRY? Very strange indeed when one considers that there is an alternative known as “REMOTE CONTROL” which can be freely utilized. However it appears that the communist leaders are the only ones who utilize “REMOTE CONTROL” over their communist compatriots. “SHAME IT’S A GREAT LOSS TO THE WORLD WHEN SO MANY GOOD INNOCENT LIVES ARE ALSO DESTROYED BY THESE COMMIE CONTROLLED ZOMBIES”! Communism is the final stage of conversion from the normal person into a raving lunatic dwelling within the realms of satanic fantasy and they ultimately all become the “WALKING DEAD”! Zuma and Malema are perfect examples of such a worthless mental state of mind!

    2. Anonymous1:20 pm

      With Occultic mind control they can do as they wish to white. Look at Germany. German men (the same ones that required the entire planet plus 2 nukes to stop 79 years ago) are laying down and meekly watching their women get raped in front of them.

      And people laugh ...

    3. Anonymous1:35 pm

      JP I agree with you. Whitey has in general and except for a select few become a pretty passive pathetic bunch. Just like the Germans in fact we allowed ourselves to subconsciously buy into the same feminist ideals that has devastated Europe.

      I don't see anyone doing anything until there are actual co-ordinated strikes against whites en mass and even then just like that video of the ATM queue robbery most will simply be frozen in disbelief. In fact it has to happen like that because if people start doing things now whilst Government still has control they'll get taken out of the game before it even starts. Once this happens it can be assumed that there is no more 'rule of law' for want of a better expression and all bets are off.

  7. On a side note, Zuma's son Edward calls Maxie boy a bitter old man lol


    1. The left is starting to eat it's own. I like it!

  8. Anonymous6:22 am

    Read and look at this on news 24.

    GFY. They will rub our noses in it till the end of time, or South Africa which ever comes first. 134 political hanged during 1902 to 1989, fuck only 134. And they call it the worst crime against humanity. Ha Ha. How disappointing 134 in all those years, the ANC have murdered hundreds of thousands In a mere 22 years. Man if the hanged 1,134,000 I still would say not enough, fuck 134 only.

    1. Anonymous1:43 pm

      Anon 6:22AM
      The (white)woman co-ordinating this was on 702 this morning waxing lyrical about the "thousands upon thousands" who had been hanged there and how they were "Actiivists who had given their all for the cause" and "what a terrible terrible way to die" and how sad.

      I almost caused a pile-up on the highway, this bitch making out that thousands were hanged and that these were hanged for simply being "Activists"

      The absolute bullshit propaganda continues and its being disseminated by whites and white women to boot. I tried to call in to say that unlike today there was actually a functioning justice system in SA during that time and if they were hung they bloody well deserved it for being terrorists and murderers. No one was simply arbitrarily hung for being merely an "Activist".

  9. Anonymous6:33 am

    Mr. President, I realize you are standing knee deep in the shit with a cup of tee in your hand speaking with your forked tongue. I have news for you, your friend, the devil, also has double standards, soon he will announce that tea time is over, and you have to stand on your head.

    1. Anonymous7:55 am

      Good one haha

  10. Anonymous7:10 am

    Got a shotgun loaded FULL of reconciliation, just for you...Zoooma

  11. Anonymous7:29 am

    Yes f the anc they have f-up so badly that the whole world knows. No they are coming up about the barbaric Hanging of the past. Making out that they were all a bunch of "innocent boys" . Murderers and Violent Rapist were HANGED high and good f riddens to HELL.
    Since Zuma got the chills seeing and picturing himself at the gallows , who knows why he was scared ? Is there something hidden...? The fear that the Gallows exuberated kept everyone in check and there wasnt the Evil that is practiced to day. So f you anc and all your f support for messing up SA.

  12. Anonymous9:44 am

    This was entirely a cynical PR exercise to try to make foreign countries believe the mess the country is in is all the fault of white people. We are less than 10% of the population, we can't get jobs, our universities have been burned down so none of us can get a tertiary education along with all the blacks who don't qualify in the first place. So where does this white privilege come from?

    There is no white privilege. Blacks have taken everything. Go fuck yourselves. Enjoy your government bonds relegated to junk status so you can't get any more money to steal, you bankrupt cunts.

  13. Anonymous10:58 am

    Haha, they are running shit scared from a handful of Whites. Of course they will bash us, of course they are reading Mike's blog. Jirre ladies/gents, can you imagine being a kaffer in ZA today. A fucked prez, country in sy moer in. Maar die Boere oorleef, staan nog steeds sterk. I reckon this frustrates the k@k out of them


    1. On the button Hoekvlag.

      The Boere are still standing and the kaffirs are baffled... Yes, they are VERY frustrated about this. They don't have the capacity to comprehend life on a higher level..

      It's called human capital. Something they want so bad from us but can never take.. They won't in a 10 000 years move us.

    2. Anonymous1:47 pm

      Ja Hoekvlag and now they'll do the African Thing. Steal the farms in order to starve themselves just to try fuck the white man over. But the farmers will just fuck off to Eastern Europe and carry on while the zots starve and beg white Europe for help. (Well non-white Muslim Europe aint gonna do shit for them so they better hurry!)

  14. Anonymous11:29 am

    Whites in SA - five years from now:


    1. Anonymous12:14 pm

      I know all about people who are "mamgobozi". I live right next door to the fuckers.

  15. Anonymous1:04 pm


    Few things come to mind.

    1. The money is running out and they want a witch hunt to distract everyone.

    2. They are relying on their old white support in Europe/America to say " yes those whites owe you a thing or two" bad news, the whites in America & Europe are more "racist" now than EVER in the history of white Europe/America.

    3. Zuma looking to distract his party from his curry buddies.

    4. Siener mentioned that we would have problems when the money, economy, parliament is in session. Parliament is in deep shit, with the EFF now allowed to participate + do what they want and what blacks do best in white built up countries, destroy it.

    5. This entire race war cry is going to usher in the racial tension which is there to distract the masses + also for retribution.

    6. The ANC never intended to run this country, they had no end goal plan other than do what all African dictatorships do - steal, destroy, create factionalism and hold onto power for as long as possible.

    7. They are/were banking that whites in this country would keep quiet, keep very quiet but we see now more and more whites are becoming vocal and this is pissing them off.

    8. We see an international setup to get rid of the ANC including Mugabe, we see South Africa + Zimbabwe now in international headlines weekly - they know the internationalists want them out now. They never followed protocol with Sudan & arresting baboon bashir - I never call any of these parasites presidents. They are leaches.

    9. Expect chaos, this is what the ANC will do. Now that they feel the threat internationally, locally, expect them to unleash terror on us as they try to stuff their overseas bank accounts with as much cash as possible before the crash.

    These are for sure the end days in SA

    Anonymous11:29 AM
    Whites in SA - five years from now:

    In 5 years time you wont recognize this country & the ANC will not be in power anymore.

  16. Anonymous1:21 pm


  17. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Zuma doesn’t have a rightful/legal argument to base his cunning false accusations of white non participation in reconciliation in SA upon. The ANC has for the past 22 years utilized white Apartheid as a propaganda mechanism to cover up their black on white genocide. It’s an old communist tactic and complete denial and shifting the blame for their failure to succeed in delivering a true free, equal and fair democracy is all part and parcel of their communist propaganda philosophy. Instead of delivering that which they originally had promised they have launched their own form of black Apartheid policies within this country. They broke their promise of a united country and now that they and the depleted country are heading for junk yard status they expect us whites to applaud and assist them. No Siree Mr. Fugface Zuma you haven’t got a leg to stand on because a referendum on ending apartheid was held in South Africa on 17 March 1992. The referendum was limited to White voters (only), who were asked whether or not they supported the negotiated reforms begun by State President F. W. de Klerk two years earlier, in which he proposed to end the apartheid system that had been implemented since 1948. The result of the election was a large victory for the "yes" side, which ultimately resulted in white apartheid being fully scrapped. The whites started the reconciliation process 2 years before the 1994 election on the bases of a free, equal and fare democracy but you ignorant greedy black ANC thugs didn’t keep the reconciliation ball rolling. What could have been the greatest country on the continent of Africa is now a catastrophe and dying in chaos and poverty. If you have the slightest doubt about the failure of the ANC then take a look at the UAE today and you ignorant black ANC thugs will see exactly what the new South Africa could really have become in unity. But alas it is now only just a far off wishful dream!

  18. Anonymous10:32 pm

    From a bus cleaner or dish washer in Durban to a president how did this Zupta manage that,shows one what the cANCer is really about,they vote with their feet these intelligent Ks with their degrees and education at these worthless now fucked up institutions of higher education or learning.

    1. Anonymous2:22 pm

      Well it doesn't matter his qualifications. What matters is that he was their useful idiot. Now he is biting the hand that fed him and that hand wants him out. He is trying to clutch on to power by using racial segregation and tribalism to stir mass opinion among the proles. His chilly feeling around the gallows are starting to haunt him again but this time he is thinking about pangas and how his mate Qadaffi met his demise, not to mention the plundering presidents of Seirra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda etc at the hands of vengeful enemies.

    2. Anonymous1:58 am

      Anonymous10:32 PM
      Fortunately some Universities are still uncontaminated by the black plague so if the black Zot flashes a certificate from one them make double sure that it is not a forgery.

  19. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Human Rights In South Africa Continues To Be Problematic As Farm Murders And Genocide Ignored...

    Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/2766062/human-rights-in-south-africa-continues-to-be-problematic-as-farm-murders-and-genocide-ignored/#sCR3raSTTMQSIvos.99

  20. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Oh shame, my heart bleeds fucking paw paws for you cunts.

    Lets look at No. 1 famous statements: (Off the top of my head)

    1. Having a shower after sex prevents HIV,
    How many showers did you build Jacob?

    2. SA doesn't have a crime problem,
    Why do you have such expensive security at Nkandla and also the only killer cattle and chickens in the universe.

    3. I didn't know what they were building at Nkandla,
    If you don't know what's happening in your own back yard, how can you claim to know what's going on in SA.

    4. Its always white peoples fault (Universal excuse)
    Who is in charge fuck face

    5. Eleventy, twenty and some thousands
    Firstly eleventy doesn't exist as a word, secondly how the fuck can you run Africa biggest economy when you cant count.

    6. The international markets over reacted on the Nenegate affair.
    Well seeing as you cant count and the international markets can. You are clearly out of your depth.

    7. SA has a good story to tell.
    Really, perhaps you, your family and buddies have a good story to tell but the rest is lies. People are still without running water and the ANC pays a million bucks per borehole. (Ripped off even R100 000 is expensive)

    8. Land claims, we should go back to the 1800s.
    Your ancestors swapped land to boers and English for Martini Henry rifles, cases of whiskey and livestock. If you want to go back to the 1800s just bear in mind SA wasn't SA. You will now have to deal with the rest of Africas borders too. What is to stop Zimbabwe claiming Limpopo, what is to stop Namibia claiming the northen cape. Mainly how do you prove it?

    9. Afica is so large all the worlds continents could fit into it.
    Oh for fuck sakes, have you ever looked at a map, do you even know where SA is, You have been to Russia several times have you seen how big that country is.

    There you have it folks, this from the man who is running the most complex country on African soil.
    It could only be a fuck up.

    Mike I think its time for them to "Roep Die Baas"
    (That was a excellent article too, thank you)

    1. Thanks for that great comment ;-) You just can't make this shit up. The whole country is a mental asylum run by the inmates. A complete circus run by the clowns.

    2. Anonymous6:34 am

      @Anonymous11:49 PM

      8. Land claims, we should go back to the 1800s.
      Your ancestors swapped land to boers and English for Martini Henry rifles, cases of whiskey and livestock. If you want to go back to the 1800s just bear in mind SA wasn't SA. You will now have to deal with the rest of Africas borders too. What is to stop Zimbabwe claiming Limpopo, what is to stop Namibia claiming the northen cape. Mainly how do you prove it?


      This is a very good point and the #1 reason Africa is in the situation it is.

      How could they build or map out a border if they did not have a clue where they were when the whites arrived? To draw a border you must know where you are, then you must make marks and write on it.

      They had no form of writing.

      Debunks all their bullshit.

      Then we have to ask, who arrived first? Which black tribe?

      Where did they settle?

      OLD communistic tactic - somehow I doubt this shit is going to have the same impact it has had in the past. The reason being is they have run and used the race card too many times.

      Blacks in SA have moved on. People fight completely differently when it comes to survival.

      Today blacks really have nothing to fight for and anytime you try fight a war with nothing really to gain, you land up losing what little you have gained.

      Watch in the coming weeks/months 3-5 months the cracks in the ANC will be running so deep they will be assassinating each other & tribal violence will begin, along with black on black violence for the country and power.

      Even though whites have been in the cross hairs now for quite some time, I think the real issues going forward will be black on black.

      They will lose grip of their unity which they formed to end apartheid, this will cause distrust among them, this will cause many of them to actually work with the whites or win them over to their side, making promises.

      I see it already happening. This is what I believe Siener said when he saw the blacks planning against us and then things go wrong for them.

      11-12 nations in a country that is burning, going bankrupt cant survive. English + Afrikaans speaking whites have more in common than these tribal factions and yet you see even on this blog how difficult it is for them to see eye to eye, now imagine 11 different black tribes with different customs, goals and ambitions on a sinking ship?

      Throw in the white powder, some toothless wonders from the cape and some curry powder and you have a recipe for disaster.

      But what is amazing is that you still have liberals who are in denial. That shocks me more than these statements.

  21. Anonymous12:07 am

    Anonymous1:20 PM
    It is nothing short of shameful and disgusting behaviour mate! What has happened to reduce them to be such lowdown cowards?

  22. If all the whites still clinging on to hope of a rainbow-nation can just open up their eyes. It is not Zuma or Malema that is the problem. It is the black beast.

    For any business, company or institution to be successful you need to do market research. You need to know what the customer wants and what he is willing to pay for the product or service. They spend huge amounts of money on this.

    Now when you look at politics it works the same. The ANC, EFF and DA also do market research to see what their voter want and then promise the sheeple this in order to win the majority vote.

    So by way of policy and promises you can see exactly what the black majority wants.

    They want to hear the song bring me my machine gun, shoot the boer. They want your property. The ANC and other black parties wouldn't be voicing these concepts if it did not appeal to the masses.

    Suidlanders have a piece on this that puts it nicely in to perspective.

    1. http://www.suidlanders.co.za/?p=11145

    2. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/dogs-maul-suspected-housebreaker-to-death-20160323

    3. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/full-text-mk-generals-veterans-call-for-zuma-to-step-down-20160323

    4. Poor dog. Now he has to lick his arsehole for a week to get the taste of nigger out of his mouth.

    5. Yes Mike. Also apparently one of the dogs was shot. Like one guy said a good dog doesnt live long. Always where the danger is.

      Watch it here

    6. Mike.. That comment of your's.Haven't laughed like that in months. Thanks Pal..

    7. Anonymous6:08 am

      True that Dony. Ultimately blacks...are the problem. We will never have peace and prosperity as long as blacks are in the equation. There is no other solution, the black simply has to leave our society. There is NO other solution.

  23. Anonymous1:01 am

    Whether you like David Duke or not he has a very large listener audience. His broadcast of farm murders is good exposure:


  24. My one worker told me his sister-in-law's 2 year old daughter was raped 3 weeks ago.

    This tells me that there is clearly under reporting or hiding of this behavior in the mainstream media. It did not even make the local news.

    Another thing that comes to mind is that this behavior is more common than anticipated.

    1. Anonymous4:34 am

      Even the libtards know very well what's going on but they will never admit it for fear of playing into the white racist's hands. The rape pandemic in South Africa is beyond devastating but dare you say a word about it and you are racist. Look around, the tell-tale signs, at all these (not-so-subtle) campaigns aimed at creating awareness on the rape scourge... But to avoid offending the 'nobles' they always have to bring into the equation the white male as the main perpetrator...

      I came across this UNICEF's video on child marriage just the other day


      People that see this video would think that this abomination is a 'white' thing, when we know who are the real culprits...

    2. Anonymous6:46 am

      Blacks are beyond redemption. If we could just get them above the equator once and for all and then put up a high electric fence with guard towers then I think we can all go back to normal. I get so gatvol of their barbarity that they simply have to go.

    3. Anonymous11:08 pm

      Anonymous4:34 AM
      That's why we use the blog to get the truth out into the world. The difference between truth and propaganda is that with truth you don't need to twist the words and facts of your statement because the truth is the truth whichever way you look at it. Propaganda is false and can only be made to look like the truth for the ignorant idiots who want to see and believe it. We know the truth and with the continent of Africa belly up and now lying in chaotic ruins on its deathbed we don't need more than that to prove the truth of our words. Here on this blog we will continue to destroy the tower of lies and deceit created by the communists (both black and white) within the ANC and EFF! Their evil false propaganda has no truth and can be destroyed as easy as a “Jackhammer" cuts through the hardest of concrete. Truth is fact with a solid foundation and is indestructible whereas propaganda is lies and deceit and is without a solid foundation. Nothing solid and worthy was ever built on/in this world with false propaganda. “The Truth shall reign supreme forever”!

  25. Anonymous3:10 am

    The black supporters of Zuma are so fuck stupid they don't realise he is making them all considerably poorer.

    They would rather have a moment of animalistic satisfaction against whites and then ruin their entire future prospects and be poorer with a shit economy and worthless currency.

    You black supporters who are reading this, look at the BIG PICTURE.

    If more anti-white and socialist anti-business policies are applied, you WILL BE MUCH POORER.

    Why are you focused on a moment of revenge to make you feel better, and then have the future fucked up for you and everyone....?

    Look to improve the country and everyone and look to successful comparable countries for inspiration.

    60 years ago Thailand and South Korea were some of the poorest countries in the world. Instead of blaming people they made a plan to DEVELOP by learning from other countries. Now they keep their culture but are prosperous too.

    When you have failed, admit it and learn from them.

    The reality is that the entire world views Zuma and the ANC as a failure, a joke, corrupt, inefficient and inadequate.

    This is the reality, so instead of blaming others, look to yourselves and DEVELOP.

  26. Anonymous3:14 am

    Hi Mike, I recently stumbled upon your blog. I have been reading the various articles you have published over the years.

    You should be the RSA advisor, as you were warning people about this years ago...now it has materialized.

    Thanks Mike for the wonderful articles,
    Mike and everyone...Happy Easter weekend, if you travelling, take care on those roads and be aware of your surroundings.
    Best Regards

  27. Anonymous7:06 am

    Zuma's time is up


    1. Anonymous8:55 am


    2. Anonymous8:58 am



    3. Anonymous9:29 am

      ...and the majority of South African people will continue to vote for them as they're too stupid to do otherwise. THIS is what democracy brings. This is what one-man-one-vote brings countries which have a majority of uninformed, easily-manipulated and easily-frightened people. This is what Marxist Communists use to push their agenda....democracy!

  28. Their turning up the heat...


  29. Anonymous9:25 am

    Make no mistake when this numba 1 eleventy- seventy terrorist opens his mouth, he lies. This heathen ape can't even spell reconciliation! ...bring me my machine gun, they are going to run and reconcile...please!!!

  30. Anonymous1:06 pm


    Ramaphosa said the time of white business monopolies was over. Government was hell-bent on making sure blacks owned and managed the economy.

    “For far too long this economy has been owned and controlled by white people. That must come to end. For far too long, this economy has been managed by white people. That must come to an end.

    "Those who don’t like this idea - tough for you. That is how we are proceeding,” he said.

    From Cyril the squirrel

    Happy that blacks are getting off their asses, can also stop blaming whites for all their fuckups, means more employment for whites as well.

    Who is going to work in these black based businesses and keep them afloat?

    I say good, let them build, them them fund their economies. I think it is time they stop relying on whites.

    What they cant see is they are promoting apartheid. It is a form of apartheid, instead of saying lets build the economy, they are saying there is a white economy, there is a black economy.

    So now we can clearly see again, they have no intention of an inclusive, all in one south africa, nothing new, we always knew it and now it is becoming more evident.

    Also election time, empty promises again.

    Now the question is, if blacks were from South Africa how come there wasnt an economy when the white arrived? Where was their economy if they had been here all those centuries ago?

    So we can see they were not from here from the comment above (we already knew this) if they want to debate this and win then they agree they are from homo naledi - now we all know they will never say that.

    So its a no win for them.

    Either you were not from South Africa - evident by migrations, maps, language, economy.

    Or you are from South Africa and are the descendents of homo naledi.

    Personally I think its an insult to naledi, she would have probably done a better job at keeping my house clean than this lot.

    Time for them to run the economy, time for them to show us they can manage business like they manage their well run farms.

    I wonder how long it will take to build those factories with BEE stolen money from the tax payers?

    How long before they run into bankruptcies? How long before they turn a profit?

    How long before on farm produces enough for a community to eat, how long you going to keep on complaining while you are in charge, how long is it going to take you to run one state owned company, how long to get one road fixed, how long to even get etolls implemented properly?

    Perhaps we should ask their Chinese friend Mr how long....

  31. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Cyril quotes "White control of business will come to an end".Ja Cyril your day will come you SOB we will remember you.

    1. Anonymous6:02 am

      Oh we will remember them all. This situation in SA is consuming me. We will never forget this injustice. We will hunt them down, all black and white monsters.

  32. Anonymous2:24 am

    One of those trademark Gedleyihlekisa chuckles. “The one who laughs at you while physically hurting you” is the meaning of Zuma's second name. At some point in his life, Zuma decided to literally embody that.