19 March 2016

Why we call them the Looney Left

By Mike Smith
19th of March 2016


  1. Anonymous4:17 am

    Yikes, Looney it is! But so lesbo and vindictively nasty!

  2. OH-MY-GAD...totally loony. There's no way you can talk sense into such a person. Why are all these liberal women so fat with glasses on. I'm sure she also has a high sugar count as well as an eating disorder.

    1. Anonymous3:47 am

      She would call her high sugar count "hyperglycaemia" to make it sound like a real medical condition. When her blood sugar crashes, she's not hungry, she's "hypoglycaemic". One morbidly obese woman I know can't believe her constant munching of boiled sweets is what's making her fat. "Boiled sweets? How can that make me fat?" She thinks boiled green sweets are instant cooked broccoli.

  3. Anonymous4:45 am

    I think she is sexually frustrated... Frustrated that no wealthy white alpha male wanted to pair up with her. White males who pair up rather with white volley ball player girls :D

  4. Anonymous5:00 am

    Imediate action drill in event of crazy liberal lady

    1.Put gun against her head
    2.Pull trigger
    3.Drop mic
    4.Walk away

    Hur Durr

    1. Anonymous6:28 am

      Anon 5:00
      Rather use blunt force trauma or strangle the lesbo...less messy! You can also drop and walk away!

  5. All talk, no action. This is what you guys do all day with your circle jerk. Mike is a false prophet who's been saying the end is nigh for years now.

    1. Anonymous9:08 am

      Ag shaka, fok-off tog net!

    2. Anonymous10:16 am

      Haibo Inja ! Im sure you like dis one ne ? Your matondo must be up with glee. Its a real pity that its always the whites no matter who that has to find some excuse to pick up your lazy sorry ARSE .

    3. Mr Mister3:15 pm

      Hey Shaka, why don't you go and ask that blonde LWB out ? I reckon she'll drool over you. We know you darkies don't even like your own kind and would prefer blondes.

    4. Anonymous9:23 pm

      Shaka6:41 AM
      Here is a poem especially for you Shaka!
      "Winnie Mandela The ANC Stripper"
      Julius is the king of pricks with his "anyone for politics?"
      And beseeching all to come and hear his flapping jaw...
      And Jacob says "Oh Lord! I'm so terribly ignorant, uneducated and bored!"
      I really can't even understand myself anymore...

      I'm even going out to dinner, with a horrendous ANC swinger,
      To a little place I've found down by the bay;
      Her name is Winnie Mandela, she calls herself Delicia,
      And her reason isn't very hard to see at all...

      She says the ancestors allow her to be a sinner to keep all ANC thugs thinner,
      And they tumble down in heaps before her fat nobly black feet.
      They hang around in groups like shell shocked monkey troops,
      And one can often see them queue right down her scummy street...
      You see Winnie Mandela, or Delicia, not only is an ANC swinger
      She also removes all of her gaudy ANC clothes...
      For Winnie Mandela is the most infamous black stripper around,
      And with a swing of her fat hips she started to strip,
      To tremendous kaffir applause and a flick of her claws she took off her drawers,
      And with a lick of her thick kaffir lips she undid all of the clips,
      Threw it all in the air, and exposed her sagging tits and everyone stared,
      And as the last piece of clothing fell to the floor,
      The bungling police farce were banging on the door,
      On a Saturday night, in December nineteen ninety-four...
      Take her away boys!
      And bad Winnie Mandela was arrested and every good person in the land protested,
      At the manner in which she had blatantly exposed,
      And later on in court, well, every good person would have thought,
      A very long term in jail would actually be imposed,

      But the black judge said, " Winnie Mandela,
      Or may I say, Delicia,
      The facts of this case lie here before me...
      Case dismissed! ... This fat ANC hag was actually in her working clothes!!"

      And with a swing of her fat hips, she again started to strip,
      To tremendous applause and a flick of her claws she took off her drawers,
      And with a lick of her thick kaffir lips she undid all of the clips,
      Threw it all in the air, and exposed her sagging tits and everyone stared,And as the last piece of clothing fell to the floor,
      The bungling police farce were yelling out for more!!!
      It was on a Saturday night in December nineteen ninety-four...

      It was on a Saturday night in December nineteen ninety-four!

    5. Anonymous7:43 am

      Did you hear old Jakes offered one Vytjie Mentor a quick knee trembler, but she refused? He shafted her anyway.

  6. Anonymous6:55 am

    Interesting. If you had to protest in Mexico with an American flag. The muds are the same all over. Its like England where the Pakistani immigrants (2nd generation) protest with Pakistani flags. They will never assimilate.

    1. Anonymous12:30 pm

      why would you want them to assimilate?

  7. Anonymous6:59 am

    Hoe de fok stry jy met iemand wat nie n argument het nie. Dit is die rede waarom n mens so maklik moer slaan, nie omdat jy nie kan stry met die bliksem nie maar omdat hulle jou op hierdie manier aanval.

    1. Mustafa12:59 pm

      Ek stem saam.

  8. Anonymous7:01 am

    What a skrik!

  9. Anonymous7:20 am

    If you want to achieve something for yourself in life here in the RSA today then just become a kaffir politicians main arse licker.

  10. Anonymous7:54 am

    Bet you a nine inch black cock would shut her up,for a while.

    1. Anonymous10:03 am

      Yes and also shove it down the throat of that clever "Dingaan" kaffir.

    2. Anonymous10:11 am

      Thats already been done , thats why its mouthing, her brain downstairs has already overridden the cells upstairs.

    3. Anonymous12:30 pm

      which is why they advertise dick enlargement creams in just about every black area in South Africa.

    4. Mr Mister3:18 pm

      And don't forget to put some duct tape over that trap.

  11. Seattle9:36 am

    These types are everywhere in Seattle and have become increasingly bold as they discover no resistance. Conservatives here are terrified to speak out publicly for fear of violent retribution, racist allegations or immediate job loss. They're one of the reasons I am looking at other countries for retirement - South Africa's Western Cape being briefly of interest.

    1. Anonymous12:31 pm

      CApe is filled with Clique white british liberals

    2. Anonymous6:54 am

      Anon 12:31

      Don't be ridiculous.

      The Western Cape is still a great place to live.
      Would be better if it could be fully independent and have our own currency too.

  12. Anonymous12:53 pm

    The way I see Settle the liberals have taken over the west a long time ago. The conservatives have been too scared or too weak to fight back. I also think many conservatives became liberals for many reasons but some are seeing the light what false and nasty liberals are like. That's why they hate Donald Trump and fear conservatives running the USA. EVEN the republican contestants don't want him in power. He is too straight and not PC and calls a spade a spade.

    1. Anonymous7:43 am

      Anonymous12:53 PM
      Right on mate let the "TRUMP" in and begin! After all said and done living under the ignorant racist anti-white kaffirs on earth is more horrendous than a third world war.

  13. Mr Mister3:31 pm

    Perhaps I'm shallow but to me liberal women are repulsive and ugly looking, while I believe conservative women to be much more attractive (e.g Angie Harmon, Megyn Kelly, Tomi Lahren, Dana Loesch, Sarah Elizabeth Cupp).

  14. And that my dear friends is exactly what is wrong with South Africa.

    1. Anonymous10:30 am

      Dingo4:07 PM
      Who's side you on mate? State your case so we can see in which direction your comment is actually pointing!

    2. Anonymous12:47 pm

      @ 10:30 this new twisted philosophy which is now called liberalism. Disease of the mind. This my dear friends are the REAL zombies.

    3. Who's side am I on? 10.30 am. Goeie moer man!! Ok I will go slow so you can understand.
      The lady or ladies like her during the 80's used to stand on Rivonia Drive with Black Sashes on them. Protesting about Apartheid. Where are they now?
      About 15- 20 years ago you had woman like her going on about "throwing guns into the Zambezi" The Gun Free South Africa clan. Where are they now that whites have been disarmed ? Do they realise the huge mistake they made or have they now moved onto a new worthy cause?
      Unfortunately a lot of crazy old bints like the woman in the video, protest and carry on about stuff that they think is wrong with the world. Everything is about feelings. They want to be the saviour of all things that is supposedly oppressed. In fact they don't want to look at things without their blinkers on. That old cow is going on about white privilege when it should actually be white liability. To make a long story short, I am on your side, just assume sometimes that everyone gets it

    4. Anonymous12:08 am

      Dingo9:17 PM
      Thanks mate baring the cursing you have been very clear and precise in your reply. Furthermore you gave a good few facts that were very interesting to read indeed. Keep it up mate and maybe we will all be able to get rid of the black plague in this crippled country together.

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq8nG_ZMhA8


  16. PreatorianXVI6:22 pm

    In the event you have to deal with filth and scum of the earth like this Self hating, own Race Loathing overly privileged feral female Individual and sometimes effeminate males. Educated yourself to call BS on their argument, oh and don't get angry with them, state your point to put them on the back pedal and smile, remember they are the real racists, creating the perpetual Victim class for ever.

    And do check what the education system is teaching your kids at school,they will turn them on you on a dime.

    Lauren Southern: 'White privilege' is a dangerous myth

    White supremacy a myth -- black privilege is real!
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/1946255/#MzvRXoIOSG5Xc4Wo.99

    The Myth of White Privilege

    1. Anonymous1:32 am

      Pretorian , Lauren Southern Clip is so on the Button and explains this social justice accident is nothing but a RACIST trying to justify one group and trampling others , and man is she UG...LY .

    2. Anonymous2:08 am

      @ PreatorianXVI

      I couldn't agree more. You have described this cow to an absolute, "Tee".

      What a disgusting, repulsive, self-hating, foul-mouthed and vile piece of work she is.

      Imagine waking up next to that creature every morning, immaterial of one's preferences.

      Bloody Bitch...!!!!

    3. Anonymous4:40 am

      When ignorant blacks and white liberals learn that in the real world privilege is "EARNED" by a nation and not seized or stolen they might just have enough sense and guts to accept the truth. However it appears the "TRUTH" will always be "BEYOND" them.

    4. Anonymous9:32 pm

      @ Anon 4:40 by ignorant blacks you mean 99% of them? You might as well just say blacks then no? Call a black spade a black spade please. Whites and blacks have nothing in common.

    5. Anonymous6:06 am

      Anonymous9:32 PM
      What ever blows your hair back mate and by the way have you ever heard the words "white kaffir"? White on the outside but black on the inside so what's your colour equation got to do with it anyway? That is a good enough description of a white traitor/libtard being a black minded imbecile for me!
      N.B. You stick to your views about the colour of the skin and will stick to my views on the colour the mind OK!

  17. Anonymous7:20 pm

    The problem is people have become infected with the 'bug' of cultural Marxism and like a computer they need an antivirus which is called 'TRUTH'. So keep on dishing it out Mike and remember one thing - If liberals were logical they wouldn’t be liberals.

  18. Anonymous10:55 pm

    What an ugly bitch!

    While her outside appearance does not look great, that hatred inside her manifest on the outside, and boy that is UGLY with capital letters!

    The same is true of all libtard women, even if they look after their body with exercise and diet. No amount of plastic surgery can remove that inner ugly.

  19. Anonymous11:59 pm

    One can see she is a lunatic just by looking at her crazy eyes.
    Eyes are truly windows of the soul.

  20. Anonymous12:05 am

    Debone them and make wetsuits from them.

    1. Anonymous7:13 am

      Fuck, ja!!!

  21. Anonymous12:15 am

    Ek sou ha net da in ha bek geslaan het. Sy weet nie wat n man is nie. Sy het seker nie n vader viguur in haar lewe gehad nie nou is sy kwaad en dink sy kan mannetjie raak met mans. Kort net n poes klap om reg te kom.

    1. Anonymous7:12 am

      That's not very subtle but one can relate to your sentiments. :)

  22. Mike have you seen this? https://video.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xfl1/v/t42.1790-2/12863520_1577810515842691_1574762628_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjMwMCwicmxhIjo1MTIsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoic3ZlX3NkIn0%3D&rl=300&vabr=154&oh=0f253f1feab64284e52218ac5f5aa818&oe=56F10E57

    Would like your thoughts?

    1. Not sure what his intentions are, but seems a bit crazed.

    2. Hierdie terroris se naam is is:

      Neo Manase Sefatlhe
      Tel nr.: 0832768195 (op Google gekry)
      Werksaam by die Dept van Water en Sanitasie
      Lid van MK opgelei in Uganda
      Het opleiding as 'n joernalis
      Steeds betrokke met MK bedrywighede

      Miskien wil iemand bel en hoor wat is die konsistorie? :-)

    3. Anonymous7:10 am

      He is an amakwere-kwere from Tanzania. Foreign black locust.

  23. In the UK there are DIY stores, and one of them is called B&Q. One of the stores had employed a pensioner to stand at the doors and welcome people into the store. One day a foul mouthed woman woman with 2 equally foul mouthed children come into the store. He then proceeds to politely greet them and welcome them. The woman then curses him, and the children join in to curse him as well. He politely stands and takes the slander. When they are finished, he says to the woman 'Madam, I am a bit confused, and have a question for you. Wherever did you find someone to have sex with you twice? She went to management and complained. He lost his job.

    Reminded me of the delicate snowflake in the video clip. All her rights are being infringed, but she's too arrogant to see she's being a hypocrite.

  24. Anonymous4:21 am


    The arab spring coming to Europe. The world is being plowed under.

  25. Detroit Refugee6:04 am

    Had the misfortune to live near or work with Feminazi's like this Beast over the years.
    No stand up, decent White Man wants anything to do with her & her ilk.
    And for that she's bitter. To get " even", she will take up with a Negroe. Usually, it's a Negroe locked up in prison or recently paroled. She works a job, and the Negroe doesn't. While she's at work, the Negroe smokes weed & tries to screw any & all women it comes across.
    What a nice life. They're made for each other

    1. Anonymous12:02 pm

      Sounds exactly like Gillian Schutte. Christ, that woman is ugly.

  26. PreatorianXVI6:09 am

    A quote by the great Walter E. Williams .."Why should a white man of today apologize to a black man of today for what a white man of yesterday did to a black man of yesterday? That just doesn't make sense"!

    1. Anonymous8:15 am

      Thanks dude, Walter E Williams is spot on!

    2. Anonymous9:40 am

      I gotta know ... what did the Whiteman of yesterday do to the Blackman of yesterday? or lets rather say what did the Whiteman do for the Blackman of yesterday? Lets also say what did the Blackman do for the Whiteman of yesterday or for the civilized world as a whole ? I gotta know .

  27. Anonymous7:31 am

    When ignorant blacks and white liberals learn that in the real world privilege is "EARNED" by a nation and not seized or stolen they might just have enough sense and guts to accept the truth. However it appears the "TRUTH" will always be “WAY BEYOND THEM"! Privilege is a gift from God in Spirit and in truth and not a gift from man. Those who look up to a “pie in the sky god” will never see or know the true meaning of “privilege”! Those who believe in “God in Spirit and in Truth and within the mind of understanding” will know that all Holy and Righteous privilege is based entirely on mankind’s level of humbleness and virtue and God’s measure of grace and mercy in return for all righteous and Holy services rendered! Fickle and false worldly minded politicians are drenched with self gain and glory. The evil intent of the godless politicians is clearly revealed as being weak and worthless when it is based on their political promises of the so-called promised privilege and lack of delivery. Peace on earth will never occur while mankind continues to serve and glorify Satan and his band of dark angels. Satan is mighty but “God in Spirit and in Truth is “ALMIGHTY”!

  28. Anonymous10:44 am

    Just off topic. The ANC ,NEC AFFIRMS they have full confidence in kaffir Zuma. What did we expect. The Guptas have no undue influence on the state. Yup people we are truly fucked but we knew that. The sheer blatant lies and arogance of the kaffir terrorists. Ag fuck who gives a damn. The only way is a fucking bomb or mortars.

  29. she suffers from an overdose of fugly, compensating for this with her left leaning pinko views of the world...useless coalburner...shaka would like to shag this methinks

  30. Anonymous2:01 pm

    I have said this before on this blog, but you can forget about the rand making a comeback. Not only will the rand not recover, it may very well become history within a short space of time.

    "... on Monday when Gordhan stated at the press conference in Johannesburg that ‘the country was being watched carefully’, perhaps what he really meant was: ‘I convey a message, in particular to the ANC’s National Executive Committee ahead of its meeting this weekend.'

    "The world’s financial capitals are not convinced the real issues behind December have been confronted, and thus the City is expecting another attempt to subvert the Treasury – or the equivalent.

    "When this happens, they wish to assure you, the response will be executed with a clarity of intent designed to leave South Africa lying unconscious at the doorstep of the IMF."


    1. Anonymous7:03 am

      What would the repercussions be of a ratings downgrade and an IMF bailout?

      Would an IMF bailout probably mean the end of BEE and Affirmative Action and the following of free-market capitalism?

  31. Hi Mike

    Jislike this world is one groot gemors .
    Normal life seems to be a vague memory , day by day I feel more and more dis-connected to the world , almost like I'm embarrest to be here.

    And I agree with anon7:31 , we all know who their master is.
    That's why we are somuch different to them , God even painted us a 3-D picture so we can't get consufed,not just the colour -the whole shebang from dna to mental capasity ,

    just like He painted evry man and woman a 3-D picture of what sex they are , yet still we get peolpe with real life 3-D male parts thinking they are woman and visa-versa.

    The labels God places on sin have all been swopped , as simple as that , but we can decern easily and boy things have never been more clear to us believers....now can we understand how easily the inhabitants of this earth take the mark and raise their fists in hatred towards God .....they are allready doing it

    1. Anonymous3:02 am

      Wrong has become the new right, that's for sure.

  32. Had a dream this morning. It was about a meeting where someone points out to Zuma all the things the government has done to double cross the USA. This person(white or Indian) was also giving examples of other African countries that have tried this and had their governments toppled, leaders assassinated or leaders disappearing in flights gone missing mysteriously.

    Zuma then goes in to a scared frenzy and want to change his stance towards the USA. He shouts orders to phone US officials to make amends and have policies changed back in favor of USA. He did not expect this, but want to gatkruip back to his western puppet masters.

    His informant then calms him down and show him that it is to late. He tells Zuma that you do not play games with the USA. They dont make amends they take you out and they have the resources to play this game with plenty of countries at the same time.

    He then also points out certain things how you ca see that the USA have already started with actions in SA and that a government toppling chess game have been initiated and is in progress. This scares all the top ANC members in this meeting.

    Zuma then points out that SA should ask Russia and China for help. The adviser then tells him that these counties have bigger fish to fry and support can not be guaranteed in the capacity required. Zuma is panicking now and so is his cronies.

    This person also points out that it is inevitable that the ANC will lose power from this point on and do not have what is required in its party to prevent this. There will be a split and the ANC will become a regime instead of government. SA will split in to the different tribes as of old. Something drastic is required.

    Zuma then looks our way and ask his adviser what about the boers(the conservative ones) cant we cut them a deal and they help us to keep power?. I woke before the adviser answered but the look on his face was not positive.( The munts know we cant trust them and they have used that card and that it has expired)

    There was a boer representative in this meeting. Dont know if it was me just hovering in the dream or someone but i could here thoughts of plans to negotiate.

    The thoughts were to bargain for military weapons and gear among other things but the feeling of the plan was to use Zuma and play friendly but to betray the bargain because we have already learnt that you do not negotiate with them.

    Also the preview of the toppling presented in the meeting shows that it will happen quick, effortless and clearly points out the fact that this is a walk in the park for the experienced USA.

    Maybe just a dream but thought i should share. Was kinda vivid.

    1. Anonymous3:05 am

      Not a dream, that's all going to happen. The country might well be broken up into federations along ethnic lines. Dr Verwoerd had it all sorted fifty years ago, and then the libs came and smashed it up. Makes you want to to weep.

    2. Anonymous3:08 am

      I dreamt that the remaining whites in South Africa got into boats to Robben Island to get away from the blacks. The blacks followed, screaming, "Baas, gee vir my die job," but because the whites had taken all the boats and the blacks couldn't swim, they all drowned 2 km off Camps Bay.

    3. Anonymous4:09 am

      Many thanks for your prophetic dream and insightful comments Dony. I recently read Snyman's book on Siener and have the highest regard for information of the collective unconscious / vacuum state / Divine. Tom

    4. Thanks Donny for sharing. We will do what they did to us. They saw our willingness to negotiate as weakness, and we must also see there willingness now as a weakness too. We go for the jugular when they least expect it. Time to fight these coons on the same side of the coin...

    5. Anonymous6:47 am

      Sounds like a realistic assessment.

      The fear of Western reprisals is perhaps also why the ANC is going to fire their SACP ministers. A purge of the Communists and perhaps more of a divide.

      Cosatu are also talking about nationalizing SARB (reserve bank), which might cause another split in the Tripartite Alliance. The whole alliance could fragment.

    6. Anonymous8:49 am

      Never underestimate the yanks as they had the cleverest scientist that ever lived upon this planet. Furthermore American scientists have just recently proved that Einstein's theory of invisible gravitational waves/warps existing throughout the universe in outer space is quite correct. This is something that has opened the door for future space travel between the many different planets in every corner of the universe. Take note Einstein was not black he was white! But our friend Shaka and his black mates won't understand this but they will soon understand when the nuclear missiles from outer space start the final shindig!

    7. Anonymous10:45 pm

      Anonymous8:49 AM
      Ja! That's something that they have been working on for a long time now. I am not a scientist but I am glad to hear that they have managed to prove it. From what I have read about it this definitely opens the door to so many other possible space operations and inventions in the near future.

  33. Anonymous1:59 am

    There it is again...ugly and slobby white bitch not knowing if she is Arthur or Marthur.Sy gee my n vet f@kn pyn in my gat!

  34. Anonymous2:39 am

    Definitely a severe case of "Picking up stompies"
    The camera man asked the Mexican girl a legitimate question and received an embarrassing legitimate answer.
    Then fucking lesbian liberal rug muncher steps in and makes a complete fucking mess of things. This is happening on a huge scale and hence why most people on this planet are indeed insane.

  35. Anonymous3:20 am


    1. Anonymous10:49 am

      Sorry, but why would you want to hurt your knuckles on that baksteen? Sies.

  36. Anonymous1:34 pm

    What a kaffir loving libtard. Wouldn't it be great if her and her kaffirs would all piss off back to Africa. I long for a world where the libtards, muzzies and kaffirs would all go and settle somewhere, and we could all head the other direction. The reality is, the kaffirs, libtards and muzzies can't live without us. As much as they hate us, their very existence is because of our people. If it were up to me, I would expunge the whole fuckin lot of them.

  37. Anonymous2:05 pm


  38. Anonymous10:44 am

    Privilege is just a pejorative term used against whites because even all the unfair advancement conferred by BEE and Affirmative Action hasn't produced results. So the liberals had to find something else to blame.