25 March 2016

Watching the pillars of support crumbling away from underneath the ANC

By Mike Smith

25th of March 2016

My readers will remember how I mentioned the development of a revolution in some articles last year and how one can recognize certain “milestones” being reached in order to judge how far one is from revolution.

For instance, there is the turning of the academics and the media against the state. All along student and other protests get worse, internal strife and divisions in the ruling party will increase…etc.

Over the last few months we have seen many of these milestones being reached. One pillar of support after the other was crumbling away from underneath dictator Zuma…and it spelled nothing good for the ANC which itself is losing support by the day scandal after scandal.

That is why I laughed when I read that Zuma told the ANC that they should tell him to his face if he should step down rather than stab him in the back

As if he has a choice.

As I have pointed out in the past, Gene Sharp said that when these pillars of support are eroded away from underneath the dictator he doesn’t even have the power to resign. He simply falls!

Denis Goldberg with his god Mandela
Nevertheless…it was therefore not surprising to see how the ANC’s struggle hero and arch Communist scumbag Denis Goldberg called on Zuma to step down.

”Step down”: Dennis Goldberg tells Zuma

Denis Goldberg is of course a big cannon amongst the Communists. After the Apartheid government banned the SA Communist Party, Denis Goldberg founded the Congress of Democrats, an organization of about 200 white Communists and around 500 useful idiots and apparatchiks that supported the ANC.

When the ANC formed their armed terrorist wing Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Goldberg joined them as technical officer. Goldberg was arrested by the Apartheid Security police and at the Rivonia trial, he was convicted of high treason and sabotage and sentenced to four life terms that he partially served in the Pretoria Central prison in solitary confinement. Goldberg was released by P.W. Botha in 1985 after serving 22 years. In 2009 the ANC honoured him with the Order of Luthuli (silver) for his service to fullfil their Marxist dream of a Communist Utopia in SA. He is still a member of the SACP which is in a Troika with the ANC and COSATU Trade Unions.

For him to withdraw his support from Zuma is catastrophic for the dictator.

For a long time the ANCYL was one of Zuma’s biggest supporters.

However now we see that they have become another pillar of support crumbling away from underneath the dictator. The ANC Youth League also called for Zuma’s resignation saying that if the NEC does not want to remove him then society should remove him. In other words, the ANCYL is calling for a revolution against their own party leader and president they helped to bring to power.

Johann Rupert
The withdrawal of support from the business community came when Super-Afrikaner, billionaire and drinking buddy of the Rothschilds, Johann Rupert, told Zuma to resign for the sake of the future of the children of the country. ”Resign for the kid’s sake”: Johann Rupert

As if Rupert gives a flying toss about any of the children of South Africa. All he cares about is his business interests. He is just worried that the Rand will fall to R30 to the dollar and his billions will shrink.

Zuma said that Rupert specially flew in from London to depose him after his disastrous sacking of Finance Minister Nene and appointment of Van Rooyen. Rupert denies it saying he flew in for a graduation ceremony at the University of Stellenbosch of which he is chancellor. Ja, right.

However, Rupert called on other business leaders and told them to be prepared to “become unpopular”.

He was shortly thereafter joined by a chorus of Super-Afrikaners such as Dr. Michael Jordaan, CEO of Montegray Capital and former boss of FNB, and Russel Loubser, former head of the JSE.

Johann and Gaynor with god Mandela
Others who supported Rupert were Bobby Godsell, former boss of Anglo Gold Ashanti and currently chairman of Business Leadership SA and Cas Goovadia MD of the Banking Association of South Africa.

Top Business leaders say JZ must fall

Interesting to note was that many black business leaders remained neutral, but others like Sandile Zungu of the Black Business Council said that Zuma’s fall will cause division in the ANC and that would not be good for the country’s economy. I wonder why not? Maybe the start of a revolution or civil war?

Sandile Zungu

However, this brings us to the point why Zuma has NOT fallen yet.

Like I have said many times before, the ANC all have dirt on each other and if the one opens its mouth it will be like opening Pandora’s Box, because then all will open their mouths and cause an avalanche of skeletons falling out of the closets.

Bathabile Dlamini, South Africa’s Minister of Social Development, and also President of ANC Women’s league made the following comment in New York on March 19 2016 when she was there on an official visit:

Bathabile Dlamini
“Even that family (Guptas), if people feel it has to be brought to book, structures must do that, the officials must call them and talk to them and give them a marching order not through shouting outside because all of us in the NEC have our small skeletons and we don’t want to take all skeletons out because hell will break loose.”

ANC members must raise issues within structures: Dlamini

You see? This is how all Marxists maintain discipline in their ranks. Everyone knows of everyone else’s skeletons.

Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana wrote an interesting article explaining what is actually goin on in the ANC ranks at the moment.

SA Governing ANC buys itself time as the unraveling begins

Mcebisi Jonas
In it he explained that The Guptas threatened to expose Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Mcebisi Jonas who claimed that they offered him the job of Finance minister. Of course the Guptas have dirt on everyone in the ANC and then some. As far back as 2013 it emerged that The DA’s Helen Zille accepted a R300,000 donation from the Guptas

See? Corrupt to the core, all of them. Scum of the earth. Not only did the Guptas capture the state, they also captured the opposition. They run the show.

Nevertheless when we look at the development of the revolution and the crumbling of the pillars of support from underneath the dictator then we know that the turning point comes when the armed forces (police, army, etc) join the opposition. So far that has not happened yet. Therefore Zuma still feels secure.

Until now:

The MK generals and veterans wrote an open letter to Zuma in which they said that the “recent events” have “saddened and outraged” them and they called on Zuma to step down.

MK generals and veterans call for Zuma to step down

They also welcomed the steps taken to get Pravin Gordon appointed as finance minister. So basically they are supporting big business to get rid of Zuma.

This is quite significant, because as we know, all Marxist dictatorships have their own private armies, because they do not trust the normal armed forces. The normal armed forces serve the people, not the regime and although they club a few demonstrators in the beginning, will eventually join the people to depose the dictator.

That is why you normally see that the ANC regime will not spend any money on the regular army or police. To the ANC our regular army is just a group of mercenaries they hire out to their dictator buddies in central Africa to bolster their tyrannical regimes. Or they use them as private security guards to guard their private oil and mining interests in central Africa.

They rather spend their money on the “Green Bombers” like Mugabe did or “Umkhonto we Sizwe” and “Narysec” in South Africa. Those are the ANC’s REAL soldiers. They are literally spending billions on them while the armed forces wither away. Once you understand how the Marxist minds in the ANC work and how they fear a counter revolution it all becomes clear.

So when you see MK and Narysec turn against their corrupt masters in the ANC, then you know the end is nigh. Not just Zuma, but the entire ANC will fall. It is just a matter of time.

We are truly living in interesting times. Very interesting to see the pillars of support being eroded from inside by the termites. Interresting to watch the ANC stumble from scandal to scandal doing the bulkhead shuffle like a drunk Kaffir in the dark on a sinking ship in stormy waters.


  1. Anonymous4:34 am

    Interesting stuff Mike, one can see the desperation in Ramaphoza drivel that Whites have owned SA Economy for too long , that the BBBEEE must be prop t up , after saying to many Racist in SA bla bla, (and here I was thinking he had a business mind, owning McDonalds with all his acquired SHARES he got gifted with ) has he owned that for to long as well ?
    Zuma .." I dare you to recall me " because he will spill the beans like you dont believe.
    It wouldnt make a diff what who got to the masses because they want the same. FREE FOR ALL !
    Its just that the outside investment wouldnt wanna share.

    1. The only way out is by a bullet, then he can't spill the beans.

  2. Anonymous5:07 am


    I thought the same thing when I Read this. The main concern I have is do the the ANC have a choice in leaving?

    I mean if they know they are out, then who

    1. Replaces them?
    2. Will they sit on the sidelines and keep quiet?

    I say no. This recent racial thing brought up is to actually get rid of the whites in the chaos of all of this.

    Why has Malema been so quiet lately?

    We see not just in SA but also in Zimbabwe huge international attention on them in the media.

    I saw this happen last year, I believe even that entire Cecil the lion killer thing was to bring attention to Zims - Cats are the #1 loved animal in the world according to studies, what better way to bring the spot on Zims?

    I personally think this could all happen within a year from now and the way it happens, how it happens will leave South Africans shocked. I dont think many people will have thought of a South Africa without the ANC.

    Perhaps De Klerk bought us time in the long run - sometimes I think it was better he chased skirt, when people think they have won the war but forget the battle, this is dangerous for them.

    IMO if the ANC fall apart, then we will 100% have tribal, black on black violence. It is then unavoidable.

    As you mention interesting times, now tie this in with Europe, Mass 3rd world migration, Mid East, Turkey, all things Siener said.

    I have to keep going back to that because if we see whats going on then I am still on guard for a mass black on white attack here.

    It is being built up in the media and I believe it will be just prior to the ANC fall and then Zulus will attack the others in this country and work with the whites.

    How much longer Zuma can be in charge, I dont know. This Gupta thing is now international, its on yahoo us, uk every week. Sometimes several times.

    There is not 1 day that goes by now that Mugabe & South Africa are not found on yahoo news. Where the spotlight shines, we can expect change.

    Something is happening internationally, the boys who put them in charge want them out, the question is...


    Coalition government?

    Where do the whites fit in with this entire thing.

    If only this country right now could have a competent government, this country IS still the best place to live in the world. There is no better place.

    It would be like the sweetest revenge for us if we could walk out of this rainbow abortion with only a few scratches and then to see Europe going through what we warned them about...

    Oh how I would love that.

    Enjoy your Easter guys/gals.

    Great commentary Mike, thanks for the work!

    1. Anonymous7:39 am

      Ja, Ninja, like those white tents from Cape to Mozambique that Siener mentioned where the Europeans will live when they fled Europe. Doesn't seem so far fetched now.

  3. Anonymous5:45 am

    This is undeniable proof (to me at least) that Zuma is not a globalist.

    Globalists are the most evil and corrupt out there. Zuma is an angle boy compared to the Global Cabal and their satanic eugenics programs.

    They want him out because he wont further the globalist agenda. THAT is the real reason why the globalists want him gone.

  4. Anonymous5:59 am

    Bravo Mike! Bra-fucking-vo! They all fall down like toy-soldiers. I cannot wait for these white libs to fall over themselves in an effort to save their own asses. The dragon is hungry and he will eat all who played this sick and twisted game we have witnessed in horror for the past 25 years. Black or white, you will get eaten in the end. Great stuff 'ol Mikey.

  5. Anonymous7:47 am

    I still cannot believe how Rama Bullshitter can still come up with that the Economy being in the white mans hands , its such a Racist rhetoric then to say in the next sentence that BBBEEEEs must be stepped up.
    Black previous Colleague told me he lives in a White suburb and has houses in sweatoe that he lets out for income.
    I remember Rama when John Robbie was in ecstasy about Pallo Jordan being a highly educated candidate (false Qualifications BTW ) Flyfishing while waiting for his share of shares. Sexwale also was gifted with mega amounts to be the Main man.
    While we slogged off to be where we were.
    Then the White guys were replaced in the Big Companies , wonder how the production is going with all the Corruption ? AHH yes !! Not so well hey ?
    Wait for a House or more after squatting then let it out , move on to the next. or riot smash and trash everything then clean it up . Real productive Job creation.

  6. I'm sure if you follow the money the Guptas are connected with the Rothchilds, Rockefellers in some way. These elites are smart, they use intermediary after intermediary to confuse the shit out of us. The rabbit hole goes very deep.

    People who think Zuma is 'opposing the plan' are wrong.

    Everything is going exactly according to plan. This is an ANTI-WHITE race war. You can call me crazy, I deserve it, I used to think the same of those guys I first learnt about this RACE WAR stuff from. The goal has always being to exterminate whites. Simple. The spoils are war are merely an added benefit. Whites have being getting chased around for thousands of years. There's nothing new here under the sun.

    Zuma is simply another intermediary put in charge by the anti-white elite that will be used with precsion to get a full scale race/ tribal war going.

    If kaffirs kill whites or kill each other and whites, it still serves the anti-white agenda. The ANC was always going to implode on itself, whites were always going to be the scapegoat even though not in political power, a system with more takers than givers will always collapse.

    With the drought hitting hard, we will have proper food shortages by September:


    The mad kaffirs are openly calling for revolution. They don't even know they are being used, which is perfect for the puppet masters:


    'Land claims/ reform' is going to be the psarkthat will light this powder keg. When Zuma is on his last legs, which was always part of the plan, he will say 'here, take the land now' which was also always part of the plan:


    This whole thing is about to get very serious and very quickly.Thanks for documenting it so well Mike! It truly is an amazing time to be alive!

    This is like one of those Quinton Tarantino movies - say Palp Fiction or Inglorious bastards - there is a build up build upbuild up then BOOOMMM!!! All hell breaks lose.

    You will go from New SA la la land to chaos in a matter of days when it all comes to a point...

    1. Remember that the 'rabbit hole' has tunnels, and those tunnels lead to more tunnels...

      Here's my R50's worth.. The Super Afrikaner's are obviously in bed with the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. They are pulling the strings on the people who we think are pulling the strings.. The Ruperts and Oppenheimers' wealth quadrupiled since they put the ANC into power. This would have been impossible under a Nationalist Goverment. Anyways, both these families were beign investigated by Verwoerds special team, and Verwoerds blood is on Anton Ruperts hands.

      Here's where it gets sticky. The Guptas were influential in India but not is SA by the early 90's. These Koelies did what they were born to do best and schanived their way to the top and this is becoming a problem for some people... The Super Afrikaner's can't have such a threat coming their way, the Guptas are aquiring wealth and power at an astounding rate..

      Remember that people like the Ruperts don't share, they take every last crumb, and share with a Koeli.? Not a chance.

      The Guptas are in over their heads on this 1 and their going to get a hiding real soon. I for 1 don't believe they were invited to the NWO party and they are like trailer park lottery winners trying to book into a 5 star hotel, it just aint gonna work Lani..

      But yes Mate, the rest of your comments spot on.

    2. That's interesting, will make sense when we see this koelies get smacked then it will confirm what you saying about them being outsiders. This could get messy quickly as these elites will always use the cannon fodder to fight their battles...

  7. Seattle8:39 am

    One thing SA seems to have in abundance is a very young and increasingly angry black population that can be easily swayed to the EFF. I spent some time on Google street view cruising around a giant squatter camp neighborhood and the one thing that struck me, besides their complete disinterest in maintaining what little they have and sewage oozing down the hill, was the sheer number of children roaming around. So many black kids with with no future other than drugs, crime and pursuit of sexual conquest. These kids will fuel the EFF's growth as they are promised their 'fair share' after they dispossess the rich and kill the Boer.

    It is fascinating to watch South Africa from afar. It's like a slow motion train wreck as the rand loses half its value every ten years and the growing welfare burden consumes the shrinking tax base. The place is going to explode in violence, particularly anti white violence and property seizure. They're already testing the waters smashing university buildings and burning artwork perceived as being white. Hell, they're even shooting at Pickitup garbage trucks in Johannesburg and stripping the copper electrical cables from working traffic lights at busy intersections - in broad daylight. I see an ANC/EFF coalition government forming after which it will be open season on Whitey using direct violence and a series of outrageous land appropriation measures in the name of 'fairness.'

    1. Anonymous8:31 am

      Seattle, You have learnt quickly I see - very perceptive

  8. I think what Rama should say is: what's left of the economy is still in white mans hands..

  9. Anonymous2:01 pm

    The question is: where is safe to keep our life savings....?

    What are the options to prevent against Rand devaluation? EFT's or just moving money out?

    If the Rand collapses, then we are all dirt poor by international standards.

    1. Seattle11:29 pm

      If I were South African, I would have a discrete portion of my wealth in gold or silver recognizable coinage - U.S. Gold Eagles, SA Krugerrand, Australia Kangaroo etc. These items are easily hidden and readily transportable across international borders, or used as bribes at a closed border checkpoint if SHTF as may eventually happen in South Africa. Alternatives include electronic Bitcoin or simply holding a large amount of debt denominated in rapidly devaluing rand - repay your mortgage loan with devalued currency. I have a remote buried stash of coins, cash and weapons that would easily see me to, and across, the U.S. border and sustain me for 2+ years in Asia, South America or India where my coins could be exchanged for local currency with relative ease in the typical tourist environment. That's a pretty extreme scenario, but one should realize the SA rand is going to collapse with the current regime at the helm. The near term projections are 20+ rand/dollar. Get out of the rand any way you can unless it's rand denominated contractual debt. God bless South Africa. I worry about our white people remaining there.

    2. Seatlle is right.

      You have to hedge your cash pile against Gold and Silver.. Spread it out on different platforms and methods of holding it. Have your tangible goods like Kruger Rands and 1Kg Silver bars. Then have some gold in Absa Gold ETF and also in Bitgold online platform. Lastly, Gold mining shares, which have gone through the roof the last 4 months. Some Mines posting 320% share price gains

      Our Gold price get's paid out in Rand, not Dollar. The Rand Gold price went sky high the last few months where as the Gold Dollar price remained stable.

      If we're looking at R20 to the Dollar, you'll have Gold at over R750 per gram which in return if you're lined up right will make you a small fortune and at least protect the buying power and overall value of your money. Dollar at R30.?. Let's just say you'll be well sorted and able to buy that .50 Cal sniper you've always wanted...

      Gold and Silver has always and will always until the end of this age be the original form of money. The Gold market is also another powder keg to go soon.

      Remember The Golden Rule. He who has the Gold, makes the Rules...

    3. Anonymous11:38 am

      Crypto Currencies are also an interesting option not being dependent on the Bank for issuance and thus cannot be confiscated not manipulated by them.

      Just to have the expertise to at least know which are the good up and coming block-chain currencies as bitcoin already seems ridiculously priced.

  10. Very well written Mike. You can smell the fear and see the panicking. They call it the rabbit-look.

  11. Excellent piece Mike.

    It's good to see that things here are moving to a point and not standing still like in Zim and other African states.. Imagine we had this Kaffir for 30 years as president like Mugabe..

    The pillars are indeed crumbling for Jacob..