01 March 2016

Wanted: A stoep for our Zulu

By Mike Smith

1st of March 2016

For a change Max du Preez wrote a useful piece. The Sars dossier that could spell trouble for Zuma and friends

It is not often that you see him do something like this, seeing that it took him about 22 years to realize his beloved Noble Savages in the ANC are all a bunch of corrupt and thieving terrorists who feel nothing for the country or its people, including its black voting fodder.

Nevertheless, it sums up quite well the dilemma Zuma is facing and basically, although Max is not saying it in so many words, Zuma is fucked…but only properly.

It also gives an insight into how the ANC works. Everyone has dirt on everyone. They all hold together out of fear for each other, because if the one domino falls, all will fall.

Make no mistake. Pravin Gordhan is no angel. He is a member of the SA Communist Party. In his time at SARS he set up a task team to investigate big corporations, banks and mines and anybody else withholding big tax from the ANC, because stealing is what the ANC does. It is their job. Nobody else is allowed to.

Pravin Gordhan stumbled on some dirt going all the way to the top. To ZUMA and his cronies. They were stealing the country into bankruptcy. Pravin Gordhan chose to do nothing and just sat on all the evidence.

When Zuma found out about Gordhan’s little file on him, he demoted him from finance minister to minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.

So Zuma appointed Nene as finance minister who fell out with Zuma’s girlfriend at the SAA, Dudu Myeni over a bailout for her airline she destroyed. Fact is Nene discovered that she was about to allow a Gupta takeover of SAA.

Nene also discovered that President Zuma wanted to buy a R4-Billion jet that costs a lot cheaper, but would ensure massive kickbacks through companies associated with...You guessed it. The Guptas.

Nene also did not want to approve the R1 trillion nuclear deal with Oakby and its main asset it bought in 2010 Shiva Uranium supplying the fuel saying it would bankrupt the country. Of course, chairman of Oakby is…Atul Gupta.

Problem is that most people do not understand the power the Guptas have over Zuma and the country. The Guptas is a a criminal syndicate masquerading as genuine business people.

They have de facto colonised South Africa, with Zuma being the chief colonial administrator

The Guptas have so much control and influence inside the ANC that they call the shots when it comes to cabinet appointments. That is why Zuma appointed his backbench crony Van Rooyen.

Unfortunately, it was a massive mistake. The Rand fell to record lows. Senior managers in the treasury threatened to resign and financial experts like Maria Ramos and Trevor Manual advised Zuma that he could face a real revolution unless he reappoints Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister.

Zuma hated it, but he had no choice. It was either that or he could kiss his ass goodbye. However he didn’t forget about his little file that was still being held by his mate and head of SARS Tom Monyane.

Further, Gordhan joined the revolt against the Guptas by cancelling their New Age breakfast meetings and announcing that their coal deals for power stations would be investigated.

So just in case Gordhan got clever and saved some copies, Zuma started to intimidate him by putting the Hawks on his ass. The Hawks sent Gordhan 27 questions six days before his Budget Speech about his knowledge of a rogue unit at the SA Revenue Services and are giving him until Wednesday 2nd of March, to answer the questions and to consult with his legal team.

“This is a well-calculated destabilisation plan with all the elements of disinformation, falsehoods and exaggerated facts,” said secretary general Gwede Mantashe.

Gordhan called the letter “totally outrageous” has said that the Hawks are trying to destabilise his department, and has equated it to a “second attempted coup on the powerhouse department”. However he will say something after his budget speech tomorrow. He wants to come clean.

It was reported earlier this week that Gordhan threatened to resign from Cabinet, saying it was either SARS head Tom Monyane or him. The finance minister later denied this, but reiterated that Monyane would be redeployed.

Today, Barclays announced that it is pulling out of SA. The DA wants the corruption cases against Zuma reinstated. South Africa is hovering over the edge of a downgrade to junk status and the Jewish reporter Howard Feldman is saying the Doomsday Clock representing South Africa edges closer to midnight I tend to agree. Food prices are soaring, electricity prices were raised, junk status looming…Recipe for revolution.

What choices does Zuma have?

If I was him, I would start asking my mate Omar Al Baschir for a place to stay, because soon, he will be without a country…and Baschir will have a Zulu on his stoep.


  1. And the rate at which this is happening is mind boggling.

    A few more pieces need to be slotted into place and bang!

    2016 is the year...

    1. Anonymous11:13 am

      Nope not time yet. Give it a few years as things are not that bad as yet. Julius Malema fresh from London has not performed yet. If he is the official opposition or president then we have a sure ticket to the end.

  2. Anonymous9:11 am

    Very informative article Mike. I try to keep up with whats going on but was not aware of many things you have mentioned.

    Didn't realise Guptas were the SAA "middle-men" and just how deeply entrenched they are within the ANC. It now all makes sense. Thanks.

    When Gordhan was demoted I wonder why he did not spill the beans then?

    Seems there is a faction of ANC heavyweights that are gunning for Zuma so, I concur, Zuma's time is up.

    Thank God!

  3. Anonymous9:42 am

    The revolution may be the best option, trying to deal with these idiots is not possible, 22 years of trying and we still have the communist agenda to deal with.

    An interesting quote I saw in comments on IOL, "Communism only works while you are spending someone else's money"

    An uprising would at the very leased get the point across that the seem to have forgotten.

    1. Anonymous11:16 am

      Revolution is not the best option, extermination is. You have to sit back and let the blacks exterminate themselves. Look at Africa, they are Nobel Prize winners in the category of chaos and mayhem. Why do you wish to interfere with nature?

  4. Anonymous9:57 am

    Hi Mike, thanks for the article, excellent reading and factual as usual.

    I think we would all start vomiting if we truly knew how corrupt and insane our "govermunt" really is. It is very sad but in reality...what the fuck did "normal" people think would happen. Yip that's right a total fuck up. The very near future holds 3 things.

    1.Fit in or fuck off (Cocksuckers)

    2. Fly away to greener pastures (I love my home, love my garden, I worked for it, No Im here)

    3. Eat or be eaten. (Given time this will materialize)

    1. Anonymous10:33 am

      Greener pastures are greener for one reason - the bloody rain. I am sick and tired of this rain in England. I want to come home. But not to the mess.

    2. When the race war erupts, blacks will have their natural instinctive aggression to their advantage, but lacking in brain power, they will bring rocks and stones to a gunfight. The white man's humanity is currently its biggest weakness, but as civil war erupts, civil liberties curtailed, and libbies shot on sight, the great unwashed will feel the wrath and anger of a powerful race that have beaten the shit out of the savage before. I just hope that, this time around, the job is done properly.

    3. Anonymous1:53 pm

      Anton, I don't think blacks and whites hate each other all that much. They probably don't have the time or energy while they are scratching out a living. The ANC are the ones stirring up racial hatred. It's the only card they have left to play.


    4. Anonymous5:32 pm



      I hear you, Anton our people must unite. We are a small nation but small with the right numbers with our Lord it will be delivered back to us.

      The war or build up to it will be with whites BUT the main war will be between the Zulus and other tribes / political parties here.

      It will seem like our world will be over but just as we think it is about to be the end their fighting will start.

      Those who try to attack us will be severely destroyed by the Zulus. The war is brutal, this is what I saw brutal for them.

      They are so concerned who gets what when the white man is out the picture, that they jump in at each others throats before even getting rid of the whites because they do not trust each other and to settle previous scores.

      It will be like they have forgotten about us, we will watch them annihilate each other while our nation is pretty much left alone, their focus is no longer on us.

      @Anonymous10:33 AM
      Are you a missionary?
      Are you British?

      If not, then your place is here. I hear most people say this or that about SA and sure they have their right but home is home, our people are our people.

      Those who dont come back, please pray for this nation. You all know very well there is no place like home, Oz might have nice beaches, boab trees but there is no place like this.

      I have traveled the world, been to some of the best places, lived in safe places, lived among Europeans, Japanese, Indians, Africans, Americans and I can tell you without a doubt that there is something special about SA.

      Its not just me, I speak to people who have been here, people who are here - there is something here, perhaps its the minerals beneath our feet but all I know - I honestly, if it came to it would rather die in battle next my brothers here than live 18,000 days of safety, sunshine in another country while my heart grows cold.

      I have been there, done that and it is not a nice life.

      Those in SA will always say the grass is greener sure, but greener comes at a great price - sacrifice, if you are happy then stay but if you are not happy then you know where your heart is.

      Lets pray for peace, pray for safety but prepare for the storm on the horizon and give thanks for this land.

      Lets thank God for what he has given us and ask that we once more can renew our wedding vow - God doesnt make covenants that vanish, they are everlasting.

      The drought is but another sign - take heed, wake our people up, shake them, kick them, beat them but wake them up you must.

    5. Anonymous11:03 pm

      Anon 13:53 the races cannot live together in the same society. That is the problem all along. Separate the races and you will have peace. Look at the massive drain these blacks are on society, look at their work ethic, look how they live. Separate them, it's the only way. It doesn't mean that I hate you when I don't want to live and work next to you, it just means that we are better off apart. And that is a proven fact. Multiculturalism has failed, big time.

    6. Ninja.
      Along with you, JP and Mike we must inspire a Boere saamtrek at the Voortrekker monument on the 16th December to reaffirm our covenant. That's the problem; the nation, we have forsaken our vow.
      We aren't going to get through this thing without God. He who thinks otherwise is bullshitting himself.

    7. Anonymous6:59 am


      I believe it Tomkat.

      Now this nation must WORK BITTERLY HARD to unite our people. I am going to do my best to unite us, to bring us together.

      But I am only one person.

      If we get through this, from South Africa to the equator, we will build a monument to God in every land we land up re-taking, as a testament and proof of our heritage. The 16th December will be a holiday from here to the equator, many other distant nations will join in.

      This continent cannot have God or Christianity while the heathen rule, where the heathen rule misery reigns.

      Where there is misery, there is poverty, where there is poverty there is no hope and where there is no hope there is nothing but destruction. Where there is destruction you know you have found the dwelling place of Satan.

      We have to bend our knee. I cannot ever begin to explain in words what I saw in December. So much so that I will be trekking myself, I am packing up to be with my people at the right time & at the right place.

      What I saw has made me pack my bags and move my friend. To change completely more about this later.

      I am and will be with this nation, what we have here is a miracle, people will give up half way through this, they will lose faith, they will question God but I have seen it as I see reality that what we end up with is far more glorious than any previous.

      But we have to unite, we cannot have people being half coked, cocky, arrogant. We cannot have people being rude to blacks.

      If we do so, it will not be from God. We must unite first, this is what this is all about. A test - can this nation go back to its roots? or shall the Lord pull up those roots as he did with his bride in Israel before her captivity among the Assyrians.

      Only this nation can decide.

      I will be there on the 16th of December and I will be there in 3 months praying for this nation.

      Each day people join me in prayer, ask God to spare this nation, unite this people, protect us and make a new vow with our creator.

      I saw it twice, the fist time I thought I was going crazy, I doubted, I could not believe even after I saw it and then the 2nd time was confirmation about 2 weeks later - Even now I still cant believe what I saw but I know what I saw - When I spoke to my aunt yesterday, she is the only one who knows about 80% of what I saw, I had goose bumps for like 2 minutes on my arms.

      Our people will have some hope now, but many will lose faith just before the sun rises. The most important thing for this nation is to have faith.

      Believe it or not, I believe from what I saw Suidlanders have a huge role to play. I never believed in them but from what I have seen, this is a Godly organization.

      I have a very difficult time believing people, trusting people, especially organizations - check all my previous comments regarding them. I am not apart of them, never met them, they dont even know I exist but I saw their role, they are huge players in this.

      This nation has to unite as one, I believe it is Suidlanders which has started that but that is their role, the other role of taking back is for someone else.

      They get the momentum going but someone else will be the driver in the future of this nation.

      Please people no one must fire a shot, annoy the aggressor, or provoke the aggressor. Smile, be nice, be friendly, hold your head up high - PREPARE!

      What happens here is a testament to the world in the 21st century, what happens here puts the world back in order, it will be like the world goes how it was before liberalism, multiculturalism.

      But it happens here. You have all been born here for a reason, you have your place here, accept your roles. Pray for peace, pray for the enemy, ask the Lord to forgive them and then prepare.

      This is a battle between God & the evil one, we are just instruments that God is using and who the evil one wants to make an example of.

    8. Anonymous8:46 am

      Ninja 6:59: This is absolutely the truth. I definately want to go to Pretoria on the 16th of December. We must make this happen!

    9. Anonymous9:33 am

      Ninja, as far as I know Siener van Rensburg predicted that especially the Free State will suffer ''n vlaag van geweld'. I firmly believe that this is due to the communist statue of Nelson Mandela planted on Naval Hill in Bloemfontein.

    10. He predicted this for joburg eastern cape and many other places. Join suidlanders groups it is the best we have at the moment.

      Alone you will find yourself with big problems.

      I also moved out of the city in to a secluded town with a 7% black population. It is also much closer to my family's bugout position on a secluded farm. We have friends in this group too that will be joining us. We also have other groups bugging out in our area with open comunication.

      We have power generating capability. Radios for comunication. Enough food to last us for a long time and food already growing.
      Medical supplies, natural water resource. We have stored suplies and and valuables to bargain with when the curency crashes.

      We have weapons and amo. We go to this place regularly to camp and get a feel for what we need and how to improve.

      My daughter is in primary school. She can make a fire, prepare food and use a rifle.

      Remember we need to be safe, healthy and alive first before we can hit back.

      Also mind who you trust with the fine print of your plans and info. There were more afrikaners fighting on the side of the english than the boers during the boerwar. Cowards are in the majority.

      Unite, prepare and be safe.

    11. Anonymous11:02 pm

      Thank you Donycero. Already joined the Suidlanders. Also completely agree with your second last paragraph.

    12. Anonymous12:10 am

      Nice one Donycero. I wish we could print that basic guide out to all of our people because it seems most of our brothers and sisters are either fast asleep of very lazy. Maybe most are already numb to the reality in SA.


      Unite, arm up and prepare.

    13. My friends, Ninja, Dony & the two Anons. You guys are enlightened, but the majority reside in ignorance or denial of what is happening in front of their eyes. They think us a bunch of loonies when we talk about this. Well, if ignorance is bliss; in this case I fear ignorance means death. I am "safely" out in the sticks, but have loved ones in the cities who are trapped there by circumstances and I continually urge them to join Suidlanders, but you guys know how it is; "ons jaag spoke op"???
      So if nothing else, we have a date in Pretoria on the 16th December? JP & I will be there [I don't know about Mike?], but spread the word far and wide guys.
      The question is, will we still be able to get there by or will the rabble have overrun the place by then?

    14. Anonymous1:00 am

      @ the "Mad Prophet"
      build a monument to God in every land

      Just shows me how very little you really know

      ALL true Christians know that you may NOT construct a graven image of the Lord


      WHERE do you get your nonsense from ?
      You are beginning to sound more and more like ..

      The FALSE "prophet" you are !

    15. Anonymous2:03 am


      Suidlanders is the modern laager.

      They are an instrument, I saw this clearly.

      I am not a member, never even been to a meeting or seen any members face to face.

      What I was shown is that this thing is going to swell to include an entire nation more than 3 million in the end will join.

      I saw an entire nation come under them.

      But my warning and message to the leaders, it will be so black that even they will begin losing hope and faith, some will even consider jumping ship before the sun rises.

      They must hold steadfast right through to the end.

      People will be so desperate that the leader will feel overwhelmed by the chaos and misery but it will blow over.

      He will be comforted just before this happens which will pull him through to the end.

      Join them, pull others in. Those who do not join will flee the country, join the enemy or be killed. Very few will survive without this organization in the main areas.

      Imagine what happened in Rwanda but now imagine other nations involved, that is how dark it will be.

      They will hunt down whites like dogs, in groups of 15+

      In the past I spoke badly of them, until Dec/Jan and now I am convinced this is a divine, spiritual organization.

      I dont trust easily but Im just basing it off what I saw.

      Mike I even saw you were involved in the end with them - I dont know why, I have never seen you, or met you but I saw you had some role there or in some preparation.

    16. Anonymous2:18 am

      @Donycero8:22 PM

      Amen to you.

      Unite, prepare and be safe.

      Amen, a true brother, sister and lover of this nation.

      Anyone who loves this nation will be uniting it, those who hate it will try to cause divisions, slander us and be against us.

      Train, unite, prepare, pray and then you will see.

      The greatest miracle the world has seen since the dead sea parting is HERE in South Africa! The uniting of the tribes is here in South Africa not in the middle east.

      Right here - you are all born here for a reason! You have been chosen.

      Satellite television, radio, all modern forms of communication have only been invented to show the world what miracle is going to happen here.

      There has been nothing like this in thousands of years what is going to happen now.

      If you are reading this blog, accept your roles. Those overseas, send your prayers on a daily basis. Unite our people, wake them up!

      Join us! You know life is never the same, safety, security, all niceties but whats the point if your spirit is dead.

      If you cant make it here, donate and help your people, send your prayers, unite in prayer and assist if you can.

      At least send us one prayer!

      Your spirits fight something much higher than you, this is a spiritual battle which is why there is so much violence here.

      The sacrifices feed these demons in this land which now as our light and Christianity have weakened want to sacrifice the whites here -

      The battle is on the ground and in the air. You will not be fighting alone!

      You think you will be fighting men but you will be fighting demons. You are just instruments which is why prayer is so important.

      This is a 2 part battle.

      In spirit and physical. Our spirits have to remain strong to win this.

    17. Anonymous4:58 am

      @Anonymous1:00 AM

      Anyone dividing this nation in these times is no friend of this nation.

      No one said build an image of god, I and the others said a monument in thanks giving to God. There is a very big difference.

      Is Church not a body where people come together to pray to the same God? Perhaps the image you have in your mind is something like some monument with a bulls head on it or something.

      No - The monuments will be a thanks giving and an acknowledgment here for what is going to happen.

      These will not be idols.

      They will be monuments, was Solomon's temple evil? Any Christian knows Christ specifically said the old laws apply, he did not come to abolish.

      The Israelite's sinned in the past by praying to false gods, these monuments will not be false gods but monuments like the voortrekker monument.

      This is what is mentioned.

      Why do people jump down with this false prophet thing. Please dont divide a nation by casting stones - rather first ask.

      Brothers what do you mean by monuments?

      And the answer is above.

      See peoples intentions, people seem to get stuck on one word here, one word there.

      Please for the sake of this nation, work for one goal!

      Die Vierkleur.

    18. Anonymous12:22 pm

      Donycero 8:22 - What about people (like us) who do not have the financial means to move out of the city to a smaller town? Any advice for us?

  5. Anonymous10:00 am

    Looking at the dictators of Africa over the years, I can't see that Zuma is in any trouble. And I think the result of the motion of no confidence against Zuma just proves my point.
    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he decides to go for a 3rd term.
    The ANC might loose a couple of votes during the municipal elections, but come general elections and the masses vote ANC.
    I could be wrong, but if he does decide to step down, he will make sure a Zulu takes over. And that could possibly be his ex.


    1. Anonymous10:49 am

      Agree totally, Noddy, but POSSIBLY his ex? Most definitely his ex! African dictators love setting up tinpot dynasties.

      The country's fucked. It was bound to happen. This is Africa after all.

    2. Anonymous3:13 pm


      Nod nod in agreement.

      3rd term here we come! He will not step down, means the ANC will implode and they will never allow one of their own to EVER fall.

      He said, the party before the people of South Africa, so what makes us think he will go?

      Nee man, this thing is another parasite.

      I said, phase 4 is fumigation time. Almal van hulle, van hier tot die ewenaar.

      This is when the tribal shit will start, sit back and watch from your cave.

      Make sure you all unite, arm, train, prepare and come together now!

  6. Anonymous10:29 am

    And of course Barclay's decision is probably following on from the EFF threat to occupy ABSA. Barclay's carry 100% financial risk.

    Will the EFF be hauled over the coals because of this???:


    1. Anonymous2:59 am

      Are they going to take money directly from our bank accounts?

  7. Anonymous10:44 am

    This whole story is becoming a bit too much for Zuma to handle, so I would not be surprised if he arranges to have Gordhan killed in a convenient car "accident". He's murdered plenty of people who wouldn't shut up. A tragic car accident would send a clear message to anyone else who wants to challenge Zuma.

    Price of electricity is going up by 9.4% on 1 April. Isn't that nice for people with bonds who are paying more interest as of today? Every month another price increase. And the best surprise of all will be a junk rating in June.

  8. ...great article, Mike. It's now so close one can taste it. I never thought it would happen this quick. I think it's going to be extra bloody, because everyone is worked up to the extreme...

  9. Anonymous11:38 am

    Dear fellow bloggers, I have reached a bit of an impass for now, there is just so much pain going on with our country and our people that it really starts to drain on me, I am however, still standing strong. Please allow me tonight to give to you a prayer for our nation, with all my love and from the bottom of my heart to every one of you:

    Onse Vader wat woon in die Hemel, wees asb met my volksgenote, ek is Lief vir hulle Here. Help dat ons onsself sal verootmoedig voor U en almal in dieselfde laer sal trek. Help asb dat dit nou 'n daadwerklike aksie onder ons sal word. Hou asb U hand van bewaring oor ieder en elk van ons volk. Ons het U nodig Heer, wees asb met ons nasie en gee ons asb krag, leiding en sterkte, nou en vir altyd. Ek bid dit in Jesus naam. Amen.

    1. Anonymous1:31 pm

      Baie dankie 11.38

    2. Anonymous3:08 pm


      Dont be down my brothers/sisters, use your time wisely thank our Lord for this land.

      Ask him to deliver us from this parasite.

      If we unite, stand strong, stand tall, prepare, arm and one with God - those trumpets in heaven will shake this earth and send these parasites running.

      We will have to work but it will not be as tough as we think.

      Arm, prepare, unite, join together, put away all petty infighting, all petty infighting about language and see yourselves as one nation.

      One nation, one God, armed, prepared and ready - a Vow is a Vow!

      Lets pray for peace, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

      Isnt it amazing that in these days we all realize how much we love this country, our people, our traditions, the little things that make this, our people, this land so unique.

      If you read this blog, can see what is happening your job is not done - you have to wake the people up, you need to whisper in their ears, you need to show them there has never been a rainbow nation, only a rainbow blinding in the form of being gagged, bound by this shit flag.

      All the while your inheritance was squandered and your future robbed.

      The greatest deceit in the past 100 years happened before our eyes. We can see now why we had separation, never again can we allow this to happen.

  10. Anonymous12:25 pm

    All I know is that Satan looks after his children and this piece of shit Zuma is one of them!

  11. As Alice of Wonderland fame put it: "CURIOSER AND CURIOSER...." I - for one - await the next thrilling episode of this real-life soapie, and it follows the same path of so many others - drame, drama and more drama. Thanks for keeping us updated, Mike!

    1. Thats exactly what I was thinking while reading it. Its like a bloody soapie , Igoli on steroids.

  12. Anonymous3:01 pm


    Gods invisible hand is working here or that green stuff you`ll soon see coming out their noses is not guacamole but the snot being slapped out of them by El Nino.

    El Nino is going to puss klap these parasites into touch - the perfect dessert - A plate full of Aids, TB, soon Zikka, water shortages, food shortages & then I say my prayers before getting stuck in.

    But knowing how these things survive, can you imagine if those babies survive Zikka and we have klein hout kop heads the size of tennis balls running around - When they hi-jack you? You dont know whether to laugh or cry at tennis ball heads?

    Guess it might be easier to have a portable shower head to pull out when you have a head that size, another upgrade coming - state funds to supply Zikka babies with portable showers & tin bootroot.

    Last year I mentioned that this drought thing, this sewage thing was going to cause huge shit here but among the blacks. What will Malema say when the farms he wants to take dont have anything on them ? Eish the whites hev e trikked us.

    El Nino is not white, so the racist shit aint gonna stick - God just laughs at these things and puts stumbling blocks in front of their evil plans all the time.

    Its fine, today we see how social security has propped up birth rates, hope they enjoy mud pies cause they aint gonna eat shit, the bread basket in Zimbabwe is not even a basket and the power house of Africa is pap.

    My take on the Guptas is that they are high up even in Indian circles in India. Somehow I think and believe that India and China are now at logger heads over Africa.

    Siener mentioned India would be involved sending their troops/aid to the parasites when the problems start.

    The Europeans made in roads, the Chinese are using those roads and India wants a peace of the Pie.

    This thing in SA would make and provide India with great power - again study the past Hindu empires and see how far they stretched.

    Which is why I repeat, I REPEAT if SA falls and we are gone, so the rest of the light now slowly begins to dim - actually pretty fast.

    If Zuma is kicked to the curb, knowing Zulus, Xhosas and how these tribes act we can expect a huge/moerse battle here - The king will now allow his R53 million salary to be messed with.

    It goes hand in hand with what I saw - The fighting will start in/around election time, out of the blue, out of nowhere they will begin fighting, up close, up person and super barbaric just when we think it is over for us.

    The BRICS nations all need the "S" - that will fuel their banking system like Gaddafi said - Stop accepting dollars, accept Gold.

    SA still to this day is + has the most Gold, Platinum, other minerals. These parasites are so dof, they only think about the now which is why they sell out for Jets, Nkandlas.

    Zuma should have got his Jet financed, with BEE/AA Engineers working on it would have been interesting and we know what those parasites are like, even better if we could have had Mugabe with him on the same plane.

    Perhaps all these munts who took over Europeans know deep down inside that the white man is coming back with vengeance so there is no need to run a country properly - they know intellectually we coming to take it all - so they steal for the now - 50 years of independence is but a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things.

    Previous colonial skirmishes with the Portuguese in Angola where they lost it in the past have lasted just as long as the new SA, Zimbabwe and most of Africa's dictators have lasted.

    1. Anonymous12:04 am

      Oh Ninja, thank God for you and Mike! Jy laat my sommer baie beter voel en lekker lag! "klein hout kop heads the size of tennis balls running around"... hahahahaha!

    2. Anonymous12:25 am

      Good breakdown on the issues. I think you are correct. They know that the "Return of the Jedi" is inevitable. There appears to be an issue with blacks. They cant build anything and they appear to run everything into the ground within 20 years after take over. Look at Angola and South Africa.

      I can see that BRICS would not work as India and China are going head to head for control of Southern Africa. As I stated before they are competitors not friends and neither of them want the blacks either. From the visions of Siener maybe we should just sit back and allow them to have a go at each other first.

    3. Anonymous4:32 am

      The problem is that by the time the blacks have finished, SA will be in such deep debt with the central banks that there will be nothing left here -it will be plundered.

    4. Anonymous6:38 am

      @Anonymous4:32 AM

      Thought. Maybe that is the point. Break the country and put it deep into debt. When the Jedi returns they (India, Russia & China) still get to call the shots based on debt owed? This would mean that any white government will be saddled with this debt. This is why I advocate a break-away or confederation where each pays his own debt.

    5. Saddled with debt? They can fuck right off. The British and Dutch tried that with Iceland in 2009. The corrupt government was bankrupt and the private banks forfeited on $85 billion. Then the British and Dutch banks wanted to enslave the Icelandic people, because the government promised the banks the people's private savings as surety for bullshit loans. They wanted each person to be responsible for €21000 + interest and to pay $150 a month for the next 30 years.

      The people had a referendum. 93% of the people voted against it and only 2% for it.

      The British froze the Islandic assets and waged economic war on little Iceland. They basically made it out as a "terrorist state" on par with Zimbabwe. They wanted to destroy Iceland.

      ONE MAN, Hordur Torfarson started a revolution. He never belonged to any political party. He was just a normal man.

      So the people arrested the Prime minister, kicked the entire parliament out. Nationalised the banks and threw the top banking executives in prison, some in solitary confinement.

      Suddenly the international banks backed off. Wrote off most of the debt and tried to bury the whole story.

      Chances are you have probably never heard of the Icelandic revolution of 2008-2011. Why does the media keep it quiet? Because if we all did what Iceland did, we would be free and the bankers all in prison. If Iceland could do it, we can too.


    6. Anonymous9:05 am

      South Africa is registered as a corporation. The citizens are chattels of this corporation and will share the debt.

      Here is a useful link to the global debt clock:


    7. Anonymous9:19 am

      yeah I read about that. The Icers gained my respect because of that.

    8. Anonymous8:51 pm

      In my opinion. If you are paying a bond or a loan you are already a slave. You are not in chains but you have to go to work for 8hours a day or you forfit your life and become a beggar.

      It was a tough decision for me 2 years ago to give up a manager position and start fresh. It was scary taking this risk.

      I am now the proud owner of my own business. I dont pay tv license have no insurance or medicalaid. I dont pay any debt but i ow the banks quite a lot. They cant put you in prison though.

      I dont pay tax because i cook the books. I wont give this government one cent. I have enough money now to save my own medical and insurance funds. I work when i want to and my time is my time. No more slave to 10% of people owning us with fake money that they print out of thin air.

      Sounds risky right but i have good tooters and have never enjoyed life this much. Freedom is priceless but many will never know true freedom.

      You only answer to the Creator.

    9. Anonymous1:14 am

      Dear Mike ,
      Yes I heard about the Icelandic revolution
      So you like the Icelandic people ?

      Did YOU know that Iceland gave asylum to BOBBY FISHER -- sent and rescued him from a Japanese jail.
      Do YOU know anything about Bobby Fisher ?
      Have you been following the ZUMA Spy Tape saga ?
      Probably one of the most important court cases in recent South African history ( and an indication of what the future holds for us.
      Here is a hint
      NPA counsel advocate Sean Epstein relied on a judgment in the UK, which confirmed the discretion given to prosecution heads when making decisions, even if they're unpopular.


      Advocate Sean Rosenberg is representing the DA in the 'spy tapes' court case.
      Rosenberg said that the Supreme Court’s finding in 2007, that the State’s search and seizure operations, which secured evidence against Zuma were lawful, was a turning point.

      “Prosecution of President Zuma, which had become effectively inevitable after the Shaik findings, have now been significantly strengthened by the additional information and documentation that had been obtained in the wake of the further proceedings.”


      Just like the old days -- the court case of Mandela. ( YOU do know all the personalities involved in that one ? )

      Just history replaying itself out again.

    10. Anonymous1:55 am

      Hordur Torfarson -- is ........

      A man loving man ?

      If there is one lesson that activists can learn from Torfason it is that “persistence pays”. This courageous, gay man is persistence personified.


    11. So what if he is gay? Doesn't bother me. I don't mind gay people at all. As long as they don't come on to me it is their life.

      The man brought out 23 albums already, wrote a biography and brought down a corrupt government and bankers. He has my respect alright.

    12. Anonymous5:31 am

      NO problem
      According to this blogs way of looking at the World he would probably be classed as one of those hated liberals

      Seems some would like to play both sides

      "Liberals"are fine as long as they keep to the correct agenda !

      It is the hypocrisy that is defining impression.

  13. This Zulu will find a way to fuckup the stoep too. From shepherd to president. Unfuckinbelievable

  14. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Good God Mike how the hell has this corrupt to the core Zuma kaffir still managed to side step the gallows pole? Never in the history of the world has a thriving continent such as Africa gone belly up so quickly. To think that less than three decades ago South Africa was rated as a first world country and now we are on the brink of total destruction and an internal revolution. The main horrifying fact of it all is that there is an even bigger fuck up wanting to take over. May God have mercy on us because at the moment these black worthless idiots are all serving Satan.

  15. Anonymous9:28 pm

    All I know is that in the course of history, when evil florish, its destruction is on hand.

  16. Anonymous10:21 pm

    South Africa is the only “so-called” democratic country in the world where 90% of the taxpayers did not vote for the ruling party. How is that for a free, equal and fair democracy hey? ... “BLATANT HYPOCRISY”!

    1. It is like George Bernhard Shaw said: "A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."

    2. Mike,in this case it is 'n klomp poep-pauls?

    3. We are the only country in the world where the majority are protected from the minority . That just confirms what we are capable of.

    4. Anonymous7:23 pm

      @Michael and this cage that currently holds us are starting to buckle. Wait until this beast roars worldwide.

  17. Anonymous10:50 pm

    electricity up 9%
    e-toll up 5%
    beef up 15%
    pork up 25%
    sin tax up 8% ?
    dstv up 10%
    veggies up 15%
    medical aids up +- 10%
    And who knows what else these fucks are raising! Credit rating junk soon.

    How many more people falling out of the bus in March?
    Breaking point has now been reached.
    Good luck boys and girls, we are all fucked now.

    1. Anonymous1:57 am

      Medical aids are extortionate rackets and people are leaving them in droves.

    2. Anonymous3:50 am

      People will rather make sure their DSTV is paid than doing without...Thank heavens we don't have it..

    3. Anonymous4:02 am

      Agreed anon 1:57am. Its only the shareholders who count with med. aid.

    4. Anonymous4:29 am

      I have had to learn the hard way but have learnt a lot about diet i.e. what we eat. A good diet will prevent many illnesses and the need for endless medical treatment. I have eventually become vegetarian and feel much better now.
      Regardless of how we want to spin it, YHWH gave us the seed bearing plant for food - Genesis 1:29
      I lost my father to emphysema and a mother to cancer. The hospitals almost broke the family with their bills and they both still passed away anyway. With a healthy diet and exercise we should only need the medical profession for trauma related cases - ideally that is.
      Faith Walker

  18. Zuma will go in, or by, August and Ramaphosa or Mothlante will take over. That I heard last night from a fairly connected source. The Ninja is also correct that the shit is going hit the fan at local election time because the cANCer is going to lose ground, which they aren't going to like and the EFF is not going to gain as much ground as they thought or would have liked and that will set the two Satan's armies off against one another with us on the sidelines. So, I think, yes, be prepared for the fallout.

    1. Anonymous1:57 pm

      If the ANC lose Gauteng to the DA they would basically lose the country.

  19. Adrem2:29 am

    A little late because of other commitments: Highest appreciation Mike, for another outstanding and informative article which sheds light onto more of the criminal dealings of the Marxist filth that 'governs' South Africa rapidly into decay.

  20. Anonymous3:04 am

    Just a bit off the point, but just to further illustrate the barbaric deeds of some of our citizens.
    A story on Netwerk24 this morning:
    Die karkas van ’n olifant wat vermoedelik verlede week in die Krugerwildtuin vir sy tande doodgeskiet en daarna met gif besmeer is, het tot die dood van 107 aasvoëls, twee leeumannetjies en twee jakkalse gelei.
    What type of Satanic, barbaric f*£"cking creature would do such a deed.
    Geez, enough to make me sick. FFS


    1. Anonymous6:05 pm

      Where animal lover brigade for that, how come it has not made world headlines like cecil the lion?

  21. Anonymous3:04 am

    Why does someone not take out these bastards one at a time.

    1. Anonymous5:20 am

      What you mean one at a time. Hundreds of thousands at a time.

  22. Anonymous3:22 am

    South Africa is the only “so-called” democratic country in the world where 90% of the taxpayers did not vote for the ruling party. How is that for a free, equal and fair democracy hey? ... “BLATANT HYPOCRISY”! Something is definitely in the air when world renowned companies and banks such as Barclay's starts to pull out. These black ignorant misfits are the key to their own destruction and to the continent of Africa. They have proved time and time again that they are a worthless commodity on earth. NUKE THE BASTARDS!

    1. :) That is a silly statement(90% taxpayers) . It's a fact that BEE and AA has ensured that our Government departments are predominately black. Government alone employs 1.3m (2010 stats) .Then we can add in every blue chip,bank,business that has EE targets and very soon we are speaking millions all paying tax.
      Where are all of these non ANC supporting Tax payers coming from ?

    2. Anonymous7:17 am


      Yes it is right, the whites employ all those blacks.

      The government employs them to this day with predominately white tax payers money.

      Again more theft, because they cant do their jobs.

      So we pay tax to employ them, then the tax they pay on the tax money we have paid them, gives this false income/employment statement.

      But now everything is beginning to show.

      When this govamunt employs more civil servants than the ENTIRE US that has a population of 300 million, now we know why the cracks are showing.

      Now that big money has left SA, the cracks are going to show the foundations of the rainbow nation.

      All smoke and mirrors, illusions sold to the whites.

      Every company, local or international is going to pay for implementing the same policy which they fought to get rid of.

    3. Anonymous11:37 am

      The stats are wrong.

      2.161-million SA civil servants
      21.294-million US civil servants

      Most of South Africa's civil servants are black. This was done some time back by Africheck including the numbers above. The tax rates broken down showed that:

      21% came from business
      25% came from VAT
      32% from individuals

      The figures quoted by BoereNinja is fake and was attributed to Solidarity Research however they denied that they provided the information as it is incorrect.

    4. Anonymous12:40 pm

      Arthur O6:21 AM
      Sorry but you have jumped the gun with the time in my statement. I was referring to the first general election that brought Mandela into power. BEE, AA and Demographics were not on the ANC agenda at that time. That racist crap was all brought on by the ANC after Mandela chucked in the towel and went on pension. Read it again mate its correct!
      Thanks mate your comment added more info to something which I hadn't thought about. I picked up the original info on the net a good ways back in time. Like I said that racist crap only came in after Mandela's time but if you read the comment again and think about it you will see that it is 100% correct. (Flawless) Furthermore Arthur don't become confused with the election for a democracy and the election that gave the power to the ANC. Demographics was always going to win with many more millions of blacks supporting the ANC. 90% of the taxpayers were white and did not vote for Mandela and his ANC.

    5. Ninja, you are putting in a lot of effort. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!

    6. Athur. Listen to ninja. Every cent that a goverment official get comes from tax payed by the private sector. They dont create money.

    7. Anonymous10:11 am

      Athur, the government gets all its money through taxation. A government employee get paid from this taxation money and although he pays tax, his whole income was derived from taxation.

      This is why big governments bleed countries dry. The bigger the government the less money their is for service delivery.

  23. Anonymous10:14 am

    Legions will march again. Legions will march on South African soil.


  24. Anonymous11:04 am

    Whites are finished in South Africa, the blacks view them as land thieves.

    The whites like to argue they were here first, yet they were still land thieves in AFRICA.

    Large parts of Russia & Canada are even presently not occupied, does this give blacks the right to steal this land in USSR or Canada ?
    Where are whites in the rest of Africa ?
    They were once also big talk but in the end they are gone.

    Who is killing whites everyday in SA ?
    Whites are not fighting back, they gave the country away in 1994, game over.
    No more rights for white land thieves in africa.

    Do whites in general not want blacks deported from invading Europe ?
    Did France not disperse Calais jungle ?

    So we can agree that Europe does not need black kaffirs so why should Africa accept Europeans endangering their customs, etc ?

    When are white south africans applying for refugee status in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, surely they know that they cannot take on the SANDF, SAPS & the masses, EFF, ANC etc.

    Remember there are no whites left in the rest of Africa, they have all gone.

    How is it possible that whites want to remain in SA under kaffir rule yet do not want kaffirs in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia ?

    1. Is Europe,the US,Canada and Australia part of our white South-African nation or do they have completely different histories?
      It seems you one those retards whom are under the belief that whites are all a homogeneous group that get along fine.

    2. Anonymous7:20 pm

      As soon as all those "kaffirs" in Europe, US and Aus etc come back to Africa we will go, not a minute sooner. Otherwise we stand our ground. You know that will not happen soon, that means we stay. Come take what is mine, I dare you and any other libtard and commie black. Come find out if this is your lucky day...

    3. Anonymous7:36 pm

      Go be scared somewhere else. Whites in the rest of Africa were just whites. Whites in SA are a nation a people a tribe with there own language and culture with over 300 years of history.

      Like you said we were here first. I see your africa for africans mindset. Why do you stop at africa because africa is connected to Europe before we dug the canal. You could literally walk all the way from SA to Russia if you really tried. Where do you want to draw your line with these open spaces.

      What is so special that the African should be welcomed in to every white nation but say Africa for Africans.

      You are only showing your face here because you are a scared liberal using the kaffir word and think that you will find some friends who will entertain your yellowbelly cries of doom.

      Why dont you piss of to australia or some other place because when things heat up here and your kind is stil alive you need not fear the african because you will have bigger problems from whites.

    4. Whoever said whites don't want blacks in Europe, Cananda etc?
      Those dumb fuck liberal morons over there welcome any sort and any kind thrpugh their borders. Even "refugees". Anything! Even the tree huvging queers from that movie Avatar!

      Not all whites are clever enough to block scum, get your facts straight buddy

    5. Anonymous10:25 pm

      Anonymous7:36 PM
      Africa for Africans. America for the Africans. Europe and the UK for the Africans but I don't see Communist China or Russia being invaded by hordes of black scumbags from Africa. WHY NOT? After all said and done they are the black African kaffir's beloved and closest of bum chums. Makes a normal sane person think doesn't it mate?

    6. "The whites like to argue they were here first, yet they were still land thieves in AFRICA."

      Everybody is a land thieve if you go back far enough into history. Even Egypt was white at one point(That will destroy their claim to Africa?). How far back do you want to go to settle scores? Probably only far enough to favor the blacks ne? Catch a wake up.

    7. Anonymous4:27 am

      Donycero12:31 AM
      47 Verses in the Old Testament contain the instruction from God that mankind must go out and multiply. So the so-called "land thieves" you are talking about can clearly defend their actions. They are not land thieves at all but were/are merely carrying out God's instructions. Blame God for the misconceptions by the blacks about land thieves and their land grabs. Today the majority of mankind around the world thrives on natural fantasy and is blind to all true spiritual reality.

  25. Anonymous1:02 pm

    I see electricity is going up by 13%...
    Hierdie elektrisi-teits-voor-siennings-vers-kaffers maak ons net armer en armer...

  26. Hi Mike
    Its deffinitly leading up to something isn't it . Could it be that by next year September we'll see something that the stars anounce found in Revl.12.?

    Yes indeed , at this rate by nexr year Sept. lots would have changed from now , and we know about the place that's been prepared in the desert for the woman of revl.12 , and how we got here , more importanly , why we were sent here ...yes to prepare that place in the desert.

    And Arthur , no need to shoot down the spicifics , the gist is that our tax is being wasted , why don't you defend the truth if that's your pic?

    And yes you have the numbas eehyes , numbas here numbas there , numbas everywhere ,.. but righly so because wide is the path to destruction and many are on that way , few on the narrow path...

    Now in a South AFrican context , who is the many and who the few ?.....

  27. Anonymous1:52 pm

    According to the black workers where I work, Zuma will be out.

    RW Johnson in a recent article also said the 'word on the street' is the same, Zuma is going.

    The question is, who will be next? And will they be any better?

    1. Anonymous3:34 pm

      Fivas- Selebi- Cele- Piyega-etc etc
      It has no chance of getting better.
      Not possible, maybe in the short term but long term, we are fucked under k4's or the DA.

    2. Guys, read Suidlanders' posts of yesterday and today. They sum it just as Mike does [and the majority of us here do]. The revolution and anarchy is now unavoidable. Their premise is that the masses have finally realised that all the promises of a better life have come to nothing and never will so their only avenue of hope left to them is to resort to rioting and violence. And, the cANCer realises what is going on. So to divert the attention from themselves are playing the race-card, convincing the Kaffirs that it is all the the Whites' and Apartheid's fault.

    3. Anonymous3:59 am

      Tomkat, that is very true. This is not going to end well as the negro is too stupid to figure that he is stupid. It will just be a blame game. Suidlanders might be a good option as long as they stay out of politics.

    4. Anonymous5:28 am

      There intention is to stay out of politics or any any other far right groups for now. They are also preaching a reactory approach instead of an attacking one.

      I believe that it is playing out the way Siener predicted. For the world to look this way and see a miracle they have to see us as standing on the moral high ground.

      Genocide is already happening and once it goes on to a full scale onslaught the world will just sit back and moan about another genocide. They will feel sorry for us and think we are doomed due to the numbers and disadvantaged position.

      This is why the world will see it as a miracle. Nobody will give us a chance of surviving the horror which is about to play out soon.

      Once again we will like the Boers of old go in to battle without uniform, without an established army and outnumbered more than 10 to 1. We will shock the enemy same way we shocked the queen and her red coats with a gun in the one hand and a bible in the other.

      Siener also predicted that after this we fight a white government. If you read between the lines and do a little research you can already see the two white groups forming.

      On the one side you have the bible in the hand Suidlanders group who are seperating themselfs from the money giants broederbond(DA,Afriform,Solidarity)

    5. Anon 3:59 - They are apolitical, but I have to wonder if they haven't got an armed wing in the background. They will of course never be able to admit it because if the guvvermunt got a wiff of something like that they would be closed down immediately. hey are far too structured and organised for me to believe that they can see fleeing to safety as the only safeguard? Join up with SL, if you haven't already. I urge everybody in the densely populated areas to do so.

    6. Anonymous6:17 am

      Yes, they do have a plan. Actually they have a number of plans covering various scenarios and sub-plans to cover the detail of the big plans. For example, logistics, communications, camp layout, refugee control, sanitation etc. All very meticulously worked out. Some people have put a tremendous amount of work into these plans.
      However, these plans are kept "Tight to the chest" by the top leaders. The rest of the people involved only get bits of info regarding how everything fits together. But more concerning, a lot of the Leaders at "Grass Roots Level" have NO leadership qualifications or experience. They cannot do a RISK assessment of a situation or a TACTICAL evaluation etc. They are willing but not equipped with the relevant skills set to perform to required managerial / leadership tasks under normal situations. They will crack up when exposed to a STRESSFULL situation.
      As somebody previously mentioned on this blog, there is lots of In Fighting. Everybody wants to be the boss. Afrikaan men are raised this way. Nobody wants to sit and listen to the next person’s ideas or opinions. If you happen to be more fluent in English than Afrikaans, then you are automatically an outsider. Naturally, nobody will admit this, but we all know it is the truth.
      Go to a local meeting and you find mostly narrow minded, poor people, that are expecting Big Brother to look after them in a time of crisis. This raises an immediate concern for those of us that have taken Prepping seriously for a number of years. Will I now have to fight off my hungry white brothers?
      So the Suidlanders have a plan. Will we ever see this plan? Will we see it in time to study it and implement it? I don’t know.
      Another concern that I have is this. The suidlanders could also be a “Set Up” to get hold of the whites that escape the initial onslaught. Just saying. The thought has crossed my mind more than once.
      Then there is the pooling of resources. We all come together in a safe place. Pool all our “Stuff” then the “Bosses” decide who get what and how much. Well, that has merit, to a point. But let me pose this scenario. Say I have enough food to last my family for 12 months. After sharing, there is only enough food for 6 months. Great, everybody is sorted for 6 months. In month 7, I must watch my family starve to death as the food is finished. Could I live with that? No. I could never live with that. So I will not be sharing my food.

      Bob the Builder

    7. Anonymous11:47 am

      I can only see trouble ahead the way you describe this organisation.
      The "Boer" has never been very good at getting organised.
      Neither the Englishman -- but he somehow seems to have a better grasp of things once the chips are down.
      A civilian army lacks the proper training and DISCIPLINE
      Officers go through a whole series of training courses before they become officers or get promotion.
      I am not going to surrender my options to someone that is not at the requisite level or who has not had the correct training
      I see MANY weekend "cowboys" the same as those that dashed off to BOP

    8. Anonymous1:54 pm

      The Suidlanders should look into have English language options on their website to make them more accessible to English speakers and whites of more recent foreign descent.

  28. Anonymous2:53 am


    Read & see...

    England. I see a black snake lying there—this
    depicts England’s black problem.

    Then a multicoloured pig stood in a well (England in dire straits)
    and it was licking the sides of the well. It seemed unable to get
    out. Some aloe stumps lay across the well (The British government
    was attempting to hide its problems from the rest of the world).
    The pig is very hungry, indication a great famine in England in
    the future.

    I believe the hiding of their problems is shown in that they want to exit the EU, which goes hand in hand with his vision of the EU withering and dying.

    The Third Plague
    Famine and hunger will come over England and during that time
    great herds of black cattle (people from Africa and India) will
    enter the country from the east. One beast will stop and look
    back, indicating from which quarter the danger will come; all the
    coloured races from England’s colonies will go there, resulting in
    racial conflict—for Africa and the Orient will be suffering and
    desperate hordes of sick and hungry Indians and blacks will seek
    refuge in England and other parts of Europe.

    Then we have the illegals entering. Night is falling on England as fast as it is falling here, the difference being there is a grand future here!


    EDINBURGH (Reuters) - If Britain votes to leave the European Union in a June referendum, France will allow migrants to move to Britain by ending border controls and roll out a red carpet for bankers fleeing London, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said.

    The Seventh Plague
    “I see a multicoloured pig. Taking the pig by its legs, I overturned
    it. And that is our (the Boer nation’s) contribution to England’s

    This final plague can only come about if this nation unites and fights as one when they incite this lot to attack us.

    Malema has been back now for 3 months and you have seen the violence but you have not seen the end of it YET!

  29. Anonymous11:37 am

    Why do you not go write a book or something.
    You can put out all your ranting there
    Make some money ?
    Spare the rest of us that are still SANE !

    1. Anonymous11:06 pm

      How is Mike 'insane'?
      He's just saying what even the international media are now starting to say about the ANC and Zuma.

      The walls are closing in on Zuma and the ANC and everyone can see this.

    2. Anon 11:37 - Why don't you just put up and fuck off. If you don't like what you read here, don't come here.

    3. Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.

      John Lennon

    4. Anonymous1:11 pm

      Come on guys we know Mike is the only sane one here.
      Although I wonder when he gives so much space to the really crazy one
      Who was originally the one alluded to and in question
      Our resident RASPUTIN
      THE -- ...... Boere_Ninja
      He of the paranoid delusions

  30. Mike, I just came across this quote attributed to Winston Churchill and it's a humdinger. I'd even put it in your site masthead if I were you. These words should have been trumpeted to White South Africans before 1992, when we had that last chance to "fight while we had the power"...

    “Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

  31. Man, I can't get over how dumb you white people are. And that's WITH an education. Imagine what us black people can accomplish if we were all given the same rights as white people

    1. Anonymous2:05 am

      Most whites want to live in safe, modern and prosperous society but the ANC has a racist anti-white agenda and many of its followers preach hatred and deliberately commit acts of violence against whites.

      You sound like just another black racist with an inferiority complex.

      Do you see Japan, Germany and the countries in South-East Asia (which were the poorest in the world 50 years ago), do you seem bitch and blame everyone else?

      No, they followed the best principles of successful countries and tried to overtake them, which some have.

      Blaming white people and wanting more racist laws will just make the economy worse and more blacks poorer.

    2. Anonymous10:45 am

      "Boy" is too bitter and twisted to understand your comment.

  32. All you zionists are misleading each other ,


    1. @Krokodil. First of all. P.W. Botha was an idiot and a traitor of the nation. P.W. was the Afrikaner equivalent of Jacob Zuma. Read Dr Eschel Rhoodie’s books, “P.W. Botha: The last betrayel” and “The real information scandal”.

      As a young man, P.W. Botha’s father was a rich farmer who had some “bywoners” (poor whites who lost their farms and animals during the Anglo/Boer War). He used to ride his horse through the homes of the bywoners and let his horse shit all over the floor.

      Years later he would brag about it at parties and one of the sons of those bywoners was then a MP himself who had to listen to how P.W. Botha bragged about humiliating his family. P.W. was a nasty psychopath. He often physically hit his subordinates with the fist or threatened to “donner” them.

      Remember that P.W. was the one who created the Tri-cameral parliament, created expectations with blacks and were therefore personally responsible for the State of Emergency he created. He was the one who started talking negotiating with Mandela through BOSS/NI and telling us he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. He was the one who moved Mandela from Robben Island to Victor Verster and built him a house with swimming pool. P.W. kne he was going to hand over the country to the ANC, but still kept on sending us young men to the border to fight to keep him in power a little bit longer so his dumb wife could buy more fur coats.

    2. The Israelis were not stupid. They saw it all coming a mile away. Israel was the last of the last of the countries to impose sanctions on us and only because they were bullied into doing so by the USA and Europe. Even after the “official sanctions” Israel never stopped supporting us until the ANC took over. Behind the scenes they were still helping SA to bypass sanctions and still cooperated with SA militarily. The Israeli embassy in Pretoria was physically divided into two sections with a thick wall inbetween: The diplomatic part and the military part. The diplomatic side never knew what was going on on the military side. It was a need to know situation and the diplomats didn’t “Need to know”.

      Now today you want to single out Israel. What about all those whites in the USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, The Netherlands, etc…who actively supported the ANC. Helped the ANC smuggle bombs to kill white South Africans? What About All those East Germans who were training, funding and helping the ANC and Mandela against their fellow whites and blood brothers in SA. Let me remind you that about a third of Afrikaans surnames are German. Albrecht, Engelbrecht, Müller, Schmidt, Meyer, etc…These people in both West and East Germany had sanctions against us and supported the ANC. Same with the UK who housed the ANC and allowed them to have their headquarters in London from where they were able to plan the death of many English South Africans. White blood betraying white blood.

      For every Jew that was in the ANC or the SACP, I can show you ten Afrikaners who were supporting the Marxist terrorists. Breyten Breytenbach, Bram Fischer, Antjie Krog, Marius Schoon, André P. Brink, Elsa Joubert, Johan Heyns, Beyers Naudé, Fritz Gaum and his two sons Laurie and Andrè who is an ANC MP today, Sampie Terreblanche, Willie Jonker, Tienie Groenewald, Hein Grosskopf, etc.

      The list "Hensoppers" and "joiners" is almost endless.

      Hein Grosskopf’s (who went to Linden High School in Johannesburg), father was Professor H.J. Grosskopf, a former newspaper editor and head of the department of journalism at Stellenbosch University near Cape Town.

      No, mate. Israel didn't betray Apartheid South Africa. If anything it was the other way around.

  33. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Mike, you confuse party politics with real politics.

    The fact of the matter id that Israel, America & britain all betrayed SA.
    If you read the letter Botha wrote to Israel you would see this.

    They funded the ANC for years, this is why both London & DC have statues to Mandela today, not the Vatican & not countries like Italy etc.

    PW Botha did hold brief negotiations with Mandela asking him to renounce violence, he could not do it, so he rotted in jail where he belonged, you can thank De Klerk & the Oppenheimers, anglo american & Thatcher for releasing Mandela & unbanning the ANC.

    The meetings between anglo capital & London are well published.

    Margaret Thatcher also said she does not negotiate with terrorists yet sent Botha a letter urging him to release Mandela from prison. During her reign the ANC also held their HQ in London.

    I could also outline the way the unions were used by britain & america to weaken the SA economy & cause a coup by de klerk & others but you would probably deny this too.

    1. You're preaching to the converted. Read all my comments on this thread and My Pandora series and you will see that I already mentioned it all years ago.

    2. Mike (Koos O) does not like PW Botha because the np of de Klerk let him down, he has admitted it in his writings a few times already.
      He is being mislead by Rhoodies books.
      Here is an article to set the record straight with true words.


    3. Who the fuck is "Koos O"? P.W. a great statesman? P.W. only had a matric. He was known to be extremely stubborn, aggressive and boorish. He had no tact and maybe the diplomatic skills of a cockroach.

      He was an NP apparatchik who like scum floated to the top through gatkruiping.

      He was obsessed by looking tough. Who can forget how he said in 1986 “We are not a nation of jellyfish,” wagging his finger in the air...I almost fell off my chair with laughter for this old fool.

      Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, said Mr. Botha’s reforms were the political equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

      The Botha government, hoping to appear reasonable to the world, was looking for a way to free Nelson Mandela without appearing weak to its own Afrikaner constituency. Pulling the wool over the eyes of the Afrikaner, whilst sending their young to die against an enemy you are secretly negotiating with to hand over power is not "Great Statesmanship"...it is treason.

    4. Botha just proves you wrong time & time again.

      I love his one liners, its refreshing to read them since de Klerk gave the country away to the ANC, Israelis, british & americans.
      They have made a real stuff up of it all now.

      "I am not prepared to lead white SA & other minorities on a road to abdication & suicide"
      PW Botha aug 1985.

      Does it get any clearer than this ?

  34. Anonymous4:39 am

    I hope you idiots are also aware of the growing number conscious blacks who are true revolutionary fighters who are ready to take back what was stolen from us.. you are not dealing with the apartheid generation that brought stones to a gun fight, we are much more wiser than that..