08 March 2016

The new "scorched earth" destruction of South Africa

By Mike Smith

8th of March 2016

Like rats from a burning, sinking ship, Millionaires from SA are leaving in droves . 950 Dollar millionaires left South Africa last year, up from 600 in 2014. “It said the exodus was similar to that of the very wealthy who fled Zimbabwe before it s economy collapsed.”

But the useless ANC regime is not worried. The government wants rich South Africans to pay tax on assets shifted abroad secretly. Colen Garrow, an economics analyst at Lefika Securities said that, instead of clamping down on these transgressions, the government should ask what policy mistakes it had made that caused the wealthy to flee.

“The top reasons for leaving included worries about their children's safety and future, crime - in particular rape and hijacking - the quality of the education system and broad-based black economic empowerment.”

“Leon Isaacson, Global Migration SA's managing director, said immigration lawyers had noticed a spike in people wanting to leave South Africa over the past few months who cited "political and economic uncertainty".

Now think about the knock on effect. All those domestic workers and gardeners out of work. Most of these millionaires were business people. They are closing their businesses down. More blacks out of work. If each of these 950 millionaires who left last year and the 600 who left the year before, employed on average just ten people, that would be about 15,000 people without work now. These are 15,000 less tax cows for the ANC to pay their debts to the international banks. 15,000 people that will have to be supported with grants by the rest of us paying taxes.

This is then 15,000 people with less money to spend on the remaining businesses. The economy suffers. The currency falls. More people emigrate. It is a downward spiral on its way to Zimbabwe junk status.

But the useless ANC regime is not worried. Their New (Old) Communist Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhand said, A ratings downgrade will not be the end of the world

Burning down the factories that employ them
He said it took many years to get to the edge of junk status and it will still take a while before we are really in the dwang. In other words: “Carry on stealing ANC…the pot is not empty yet. Skêp hom die pap!”

As the people of South Africa are praying that Zuma should call off his goons in the Hawks just to prevent Gordhan from resigning and plummeting SA in an economic crisis of epic proportions, Protestors are burning down the last remaining factories that employed them and dashing their own hopes of finding employment by burning their universities down

TUT students proudly filming their handiwork
Pics: Factories torched in iSithebi north of Durban

Stealing, killing, burning…All’s well in the New (improved) South Africa. Why is it that nobody can see the common denominator here?

The man responsible for it all


  1. Anonymous5:08 am

    Zuma isn't "the" common denominator, he is merely "a" common denominator. The mistake everyone is making is assuming Zuma is "the" common denominator. Mike, you are sharper than this, why are you holding back? There is way more to this than Zuma. Many of the country's problems come from Zuma blinkers, where people only see Zuma as the root cause. If Zuma wasn't the man, then Ramphosa, Dlamini Zuma, Maimane, Malema and many others would've been the man. If Zuma goes I bet my left nut that only the semantics will change but the outcome would remain much the same.

    1. Anonymous6:41 am

      You are so right. Kaffir Zuma is only one spoke in the wheel. The whole fucking lot of them are looting the cuntry. DA is also fucked with black management and as for miesies Zille she couldn't deal with her kaffertjies anymore. Threw in the towel idiot bloody liberal. Yes I am afraid this country is solidely fucked. Any black leader and government will exactly the same. Destroy burn break steal. I rest my case.

    2. Spot on.

      Liberals would like to believe that should the DA be elected as the new government things would change for the better. It wont and it cant because we are sitting with 50 million and eleventy zombies that hate us. Dumb as shit, ugly as shit and they want what you have including your skin. A parasite will stay a parasite doesnt matter what clothes you put on it. It is the nature of the organism.

      My opinion is that SA is gone even if the FF wins. Nothing can save this place while it is being controlled by people and societies with foreign interrests.

      The only thing we can save is ourselfs and start from scratch.

    3. Anonymous8:00 am

      To hell with the DA http://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/da-would-speed-up-land-reform-says-maimane-1994560

    4. Anonymous8:06 am

      Communism can only exist in a society of poverty. This country needs to be completely destroyed in order for the rulers to become effective dictators reporting to the global head office. The masses must become poor and desperate in order to bring forward the revolution and total destruction.

  2. The ANC looting will continue. They simply do not know or care about real wealth creation. Just looting. Zuma and fellow looters simply steal enough to last for at least 3 generations of their huge families. Not too different from many of the political figures in the West. Just that it happens in South Africa more bluntly. Nothing can stop the result of generations of Commie indoctrination. We will recognise that we reached rock bottom when less rubbish will infest our streets. Hardly anything around to wrap any longer.

    1. The problem is that you are just a lay person in economic terms.

    2. Anonymous9:53 am

      Sello Puo: the dumbest people I have come across have called themselves "economists". You are no exception.

      Capital gains tax has increased over the last 15 or so years from 10% to an eye watering 16.4%. However, the tax free portion of capital gain has remained at a paltry R30k p.a. Donations tax still stands at 20% - for the time being - but the tax exempt portion of annual donations has remained at R100k since the beginning of the century.

      The ANC is killing off the middle classes by accelerating the elimination of roll over of estate duty on matrimonial assets.

      The Marxist justification is that not to do so is unfair on single parent households who don't have a pot to pis in and will never leave anyone anything except a sexually transmitted disease and some bad memories.

      It has finally come to this. An AIDS infested brood sow with eight different children by eight men is now entitled to a slice of the money that married people want to leave to each other. Money that it has taken decades of frugality and self discipline to get together. Estate assets exceeding R6 million in value that spouses wish to leave to each other are now to be taxed. (Estate duty is set at 20%, same as donations tax - for now.)

      You may think I'm ridiculous, R6 million is a lot of money. But it's really not when you take into account that we have no state welfare system comparable to that of Europe. R6 million is going to be worth even less when our bond markets hit junk status. There is no bottom to the extent the rand will devalue.

      Furthermore, that 20% is going to rise just like capital gains tax rises every year. We will see estate duty and donations tax rise to the same levels as income tax.

      You want less capital? Simple. Tax it to death.

      And that is why not only "dollar millionaires" are getting out of the country, but the middle class too.

    3. Anonymous8:53 pm

      Lol! Sello so I see money is also your god! No wonder. I've been preaching to the choir.

    4. Anonymous2:28 am

      Once they've taxed everyone to death and there is nothing left to tax then the system collapses. So in one respect it will at least accellerate this show.

      Its iether that or live Death By A Thousand Cuts.

  3. You can see how they all know this junk status is coming, so they are pushing out this propaganda now to get people used to it. Just go on Property 24 and do a search of Sandhurst, Bryanston etc to see how many houses are for sale in these wealthy areas. You will get a shock. And this is just Joburg.

    Na, let this place collapse, let these monkeys really start burning everything then let us start from fresh. It's like farting against thunder trying to stop what's coming...



    1. Good vid on the AB today. I will call dips on one of those mansions if they are still standing or maybe i will wait and get myself a piece of land on the coast of Mozambique when we have the border on the equator.

    2. Anonymous8:10 am

      Too late Donycero. The world is being carved up into regions according to the global rule plan. It is not just the ANC that needs to be overcome but the African Union.

    3. Yip was referring to after the overcoming.

  4. Anonymous5:20 am


    We are dealing with a monster that we always knew was behind the mask. Same monster behind Zimbabwe, Marxism.

    This is all by design. South Africa is a pawn among empires and will continue to be one because it has the richest gold mines and minerals in the world.

    Not even the US could compete with this tiny country which is why they dropped the gold standard to end apartheid by killing the value of gold. You can find charts online 1973 Gold price before/after Nixons announcement and then see when they called a state of emergency here in SA - all planned.

    In a world where the US is increasingly losing face, where the dollar is seen much in the same light as the Zimbabwe dollar the world will once again search for financial instrument backed by gold.

    There is a bitter fight between the US now and SA + Zimbabwe. I said last year when I first saw the first signs dont be surprised if you see regime change come to Zimbabwe and then South africa. These days in the west, all you read about now is Mugabe and Zumas corruption.

    They have a plan, it is mentioned in Edward Snowdens leaked documents and Julian Asagnes wiki leaks that they want regime Change in Zimbabwe + South Africa.

    The nations making up the BRIC nations need the S more than ever. If China + Russia can bankrupt South Africa using their puppets, then they can refinance South Africa with their currency backed by the Gold in this country making it the strongest currency in the world and moving away from the IMF.

    That is why China + Russia + Brazil + Indias economies are suffering, it is orchestrated west vs east.

    SA is also the battlefield between India and China, whoever wins SA over between the two wins in Asia.
    Dont forget the British now funding Malema.

    Dont forget the US who put the ANC in charge - Funny how a CIA operative reported to the NATS where the ANCs weapons were that landed him in prison and funny how they helped them during the bush war and at the last moment told us when to stop. Play both sides.

    Dont forget Russia who supplied them with weapons.
    And never forget those liberals bastards in Europe being flooded now by immigrants who now are slowly implementing segregation policies.

    South Africa is a pawn between empires.

    If they dont put blacks against whites, they will cause blacks to fight blacks. Divide and conquer.

    This is how they operate, the British did the same to the Americans during the war of independence. All the countries mentioned above are empires, empires know how to run empires, we are just a pawn.

    The good news is, all their plans for us here go pear shaped and you will see, it will seem impossible but he said - we will be the last to enter this and the first to exit it in terms of these Marxist dictatorships.

    Wait until the food shortages kick in and further downgrades.

    Dont forget....

    Plan prepare and unite

    Most importantly get on your knees and pray!

    1. Anonymous6:49 am

      You say plan prepare unite. The bloody whites no nothing about unite here. The boere afrikaners turned out to be fucking backstabbing bastards and cowards. Let's not bother about the English and afrikaans liberals.

    2. Ninja, my mate, go and check this out:
      Stop when they start the typical Yankee sales-pitch.

    3. Anonymous7:23 am

      Pray! Do you think it will help??? Its never worked for me in the past. The churches are amazingly quiet too hey. The more they prey and worship and praise and sing unto the Lord the more crap piles up every day. Don't get it. Amen brother and sister. What about at he Jews and Muslims praying every day too. Which God is going to answer their prayers, which God. God forbid the Muslim god. Kill fight and destruction and terror. Our Jewish and Christian God ??? He looks on like he does in the rest of the planet and in Auschwitz Birkenau etc. Sorry I don't do the church thing anymore. My late dad was a jew and my late mom was Catholic and myself brought up Christian. I miss and loved them dearly.

    4. Anonymous8:03 am


      @Anonymous7:23 AM
      Pray - its never worked? Really? Ever heard of blood river? The red sea parting? The Exodus?

      Even the Israelites who walked through a sea, where today coral grows in the shape of chariot wheels, where you can find bones of horses, they prayed to baal.

      @Anonymous6:49 AM
      There is the problem. Name calling, divisions. Dutchmen, sout peels, Rock spiders, dutchies, all this just further divides an already divided nation.

      Tomkat - I will have a look, I have read many different sites. I just so wish this tiny nation could just stop their infighting and bitching for a few months and just work together.

    5. Anonymous10:17 am

      CWG (Central White Girl)

      Anon 6:49, ag no man, I do not know many of the bloggers but I try my best to unite with my fellow brothers and sisters, you can do the same, move Forward and unite with us! Don't be like the Kaffirs that cannot move on from Apartheid.

      Mike, Boere_Ninja, Donycero, Tomkat, JP Viljoen, Noddy, Krokodil Z.A. and a few Anons and maybe some others who I am not going to look up now, we are already united. Already a small army if you ask me! Yes, things are going to get tough as hell for us, but as I said, I will fight, even for you!

      Ons ís nou hier aan die Suiderpunt van Afrika, kom ons maak die beste hiervan, vir ons ouers, vir ons kinders, vir ons mede landgenote!

      Eendrag maak mag!

    6. Anonymous1:53 pm

      Praying is not going to save you. The first step to winning the battle is getting out of a state of denial. Expose the real enemy and you are half way to saving the country.

    7. Anonymous7:24 pm

      Sê hom sus, sê hom. :p Just remember, there will always be the guy who just wants to take the easy way out and try and convince everyone that everything in life is hopeless, but in terms of us uniting against these blacks? Nothing can stop us, we will get there, not just here but across the whole world where these Marxists has invaded our countries and our minds with their multi-culti filth. Every step taken in the right direction is an investment into our future. Don't stop, keep knocking, keep digging, we will be victorious in the end.

    8. Anonymous9:49 pm

      Well said!

    9. CWG - join us at the Voortrekker Monument on the 16th December? That goes for all right-minded people on this site.

    10. @Tomkat

      If the Voortrekker Monument still stands by Dec 16th this year, I will definitely be there

    11. Anonymous10:03 am


      @Tomkat, under Mikes post of Wanted: A stoep for our Zulu, Anon 8:46, that was me, I just named myself in the meanwhile. On the 16th of December 2016, I will be there. My accommodation is sorted as well. I am tall, blonde, difficult as hell, you will not be able to miss me in the crowd.

    12. Hoorie Boere Ninja en Mike
      Voorstel: Soos Mike die Pandora blogs aan die kant gesit het, wil julle nie ook BN se goed bymekaarmaak en langs die kant sit nie? Dis dan net makliker om 'n geheelprentjie te vorm. Seblief, ouens!

    13. Sorry Helizna, but I have enough to do already. BN is free to start his own blog. I will put up a link if he asks me.

    14. CWG - I'm a tall grey, easy to miss, but look out for JP, I'll be with him.
      Look forward to seeing you [and many more] there. If we can still get there by then and the shit hasn't hit the fan yet.
      Take care.

    15. Anonymous11:14 pm

      @ Anonymous7:23 AM

      You obviously don’t know who or what the White man is in GOD’s eyes, as you admit to being of mixed seed (late dad was a jew and late mom was Catholic) There’s only ONE GOD and He’s not a jewish god, never was and never will be. Take some time and search the Web – it’s all there out in the open, it will be useless for me to quote Scripture to you – you most probably don’t read Scriptures.

      And if you still believe in the HoloHoax where Hitler had 6 million jews killed, when there were – according to the Red Cross – not even 6 million jews worldwide, you definitely believe in miracles – as Hitler and the Germans would have had to kill all the jews, resurrect them and kill them again a couple of times.

      Besides as long as the White man allows the beasts of the field, the jews, the homosexuals and the liberals to live and run their countries and mix (inter breed) with them, they may just as well know that all the plagues of Egypt and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra will come down on them.

      We the Whites are the battle axes of The Lord of Hosts, not the weepy love all, huggie, huggie turn the other cheek lot – so fight we will as soon as we all realize that we’ve already turned the other cheek and there’s no further instructions for us to follow after we’ve turned the cheek.

      Ruth House

    16. @ Ruth House
      "the weepy love all, huggie, huggie turn the other cheek" is Liberalism. Liberalism is Christianity's logical outcome. God loves his creation, but is also righteous, and thus cannot stand the unrighteous. I believe when he said turn the other cheek, it's after you klapped the zot on one cheek, you should turn it's head and klap the other one as well. And by zot I mean the unrighteous, whatever race they may be. And by zot I also mean the regular definition.

  5. Anonymous5:23 am

    I don't think Zuma is responsible for it all. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a corrupt idiot, but this decline will happen regardless of which "leader" the masses choose.

    This is Africa, that's the reason for this decline.

  6. Anonymous5:38 am

    Als is nou in sy moer. The anc have fucked this country right up the sphincter without lube. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous6:53 am

      Als is nou in sy moer. And what are you/we going to do about it boet. Asseblief see vir my. Fockall.

  7. The ANC is formenting this unrest for their own nefarious needs - remember they said the revolution is not yet finished. This may turn out badly for every one in South Africa.

    Jacob Zuma placed the ANC above the country, and the ANC is still controlled by him, so far at least. Their will be factional fights in the ANC - Pravin Gordhan is the tip of the iceberg.

    If the ANC has now interest in stopping the growing violence, we could see open warfare before the end of this winter.

    1. Dawid, this is not ANC inspired but rather EFF & others.
      London is funding the EFF to bring about civil war in SA.

    2. Anonymous8:05 am


      Krokadil - EFF is a faction of the ANC. The ANC is not one party as many believe it is.

      It is a faction of factions and as this divide in the country spills out, so to will we see the divide.

      Why are the EFF so silent?

      This entire thing in this country, the ANC, EFF, COSATU all different heads but the same body.

      You cant even trust the public protector, Thuli Mandonsela whos daughter is a big shot in the EFF.

    3. Anonymous2:10 pm

      Boere Ninja,
      We are not interested in the other factions now.
      Focus on the clear & present danger within the EFF, that is a great faction to watch.

    4. Anonymous7:27 pm

      Yeah Ninja, all smoke and mirrors.
      This snake we are dealing with has many heads. Evil Hydra.

  8. Anonymous5:53 am


    Wat 'n skande dat hierdie skilpad gevreet (het eintlik baie beter name vir hom) nog altyd net die beste vir homself en vir sy makkers wil hê, ons weet hulle voel niks vir ons blankes nie, maar hulle voel nog minder as niks vir hulle eie swart gepeupel. Dis vir my ongelooflik hoe baie het Hendrik Verwoerd vir alle volkere in Suid-Afrika gedoen. Dinge was reg en op koers gewees.

    Hulle gaan sekerlik hierdie land nog verder deur hulle gatte trek, ek sê net vandag een ding; ek is hier om te bly en wees versígtig vir die dag wat ons blankes begin uitdeel want daardie dag kom nou met 'n spoed nader.

    1. Anonymous6:58 am

      Dink jy dat die blankes sal iets doen. Jy droom van vissies in die winter/see. Ek is teleurgesteld. Please man the afrikaners have become a weak and cowardice nation. Sies tog. Shame on you.

    2. Anonymous8:09 am


      The Afrikaaner have become a coward race? WTF do you come from? As I see it, they are the only ones left on this continent with still something?

      Where are the Rhodesian? Mozambiquen/Angolan Portuguese, the French?

      If they were cowards, they would all be beating the same drum asking for ships to go back to Europe. Despite living in a war zone, where more deaths occur through crime, they still have hope and want to be part of the new SA.

      Thats like sky diving without a parachute, yet they still have hope. I think the Afrikaaner nation is one of the bravest nations for its size.

      Remember (my definition) Afrikaaner is a white man who chooses to live here, it is not a language. The Afrikaans of today is not the Afrikaans of even 90 years ago.

      The whites who choose to live here are the bravest in my opinion. They are also the last whites on this continent who number more than 100,000

      Please stop the divisions.

      He who divides is not a friend of this nation.

    3. Anonymous8:12 am

      Ek sal vir joy se Wat die blankes sal doen fokall bulle hardloop oorsee fit is way hulled doen. En die wit mens Wat hire bly sit agter hulled 6 voet mure en house hulle mode toe. There I said it. It's the fucked truth.

    4. Anonymous8:19 am


      @Anonymous5:53 AM

      Very true - here until the bitter end. We leave it the same way we found it. If we have to make and turn the buildings into dust, then dust they shall go.

      Everything will go back to how it was before we arrived.

      Im more afraid of white traitors than the blacks in all honesty, the whites are to blame for this more so than the blacks.

    5. Anonymous8:42 am


      Wat bedoel jy met sies tog, shame on you? Hou op teleurgesteld wees en staan by jou volk! Jou swak houding gaan jou beslis distansieer. Begin weer vertroue in jou volk kry, stop met jou slapgat houding en sluit aan by die Suidlanders! Ek het niks maar fok weet ek sal baklei, al is dit met my rug teen die muur! Come on now, pick yourself up!

    6. Anonymous11:15 am

      @ 8.12. Is jy gesuip?

    7. Hehehe...het ek ook gedag.

    8. Anonymous7:29 pm

      Die ou dink almal kruip weg agter mure. Maak oop jou ogies tjomma, jy sal verbaas wees.

    9. Mike, 11:15; 8:12 moet goed gesuip wees. om daai gebabbel te decipher was bietjie moeilik.
      Ninja & CWG, I agree; to the end boys. I ain't going nowhere, even if I had somewhere to go. Born here, die here.

  9. There should be absolutely no doubt in anybody's mind that this country will collapse. If you haven't prepared yet you should start quickly. Do not be the boiling frog. It is definitely coming.

    It doesn't matter how much you have in the bank, if there is no food on the shelf your money is going to be worthless.

    Take whatever precaution you can. The death of the rainbow nation is already in the past and the coming anarchy is inevitable.

    I cant stress it enough. Link up with groups. You will not get a fair fight if you do not organise. These savages attack in groups and target the vulnerable because they are cowards.

    If you do not know where to start, start with the Suidlanders.

    1. Dony, there will be no bank and the money will be worthless anyway. We will revert to the law of the jungle; possessionis nine-tenths of the law?

    2. Anonymous8:20 am

      Tomkat - I have this vision of a hundred plus panga wielding thugs storming down the street.

    3. Mike Miller8:41 am

      Water purification.
      Canned goods.
      The List goes on.

    4. Anonymous11:43 am

      Ok no problem I will go to the Spar tomorrow and buy all these items. Easy peasy. Not sure about ammo ars Colts AKS etc.

    5. Mike Miller4:55 pm

      Here in Tennessee the ARs, AKs, SKSs, I've seen in private hands would make the Quartermaster of the SANDF cry, drool and shit all at the same time. But I can barely locate 22 long rifle ratshot to kill snakes this spring. Go digger.😯

    6. Anonymous7:34 pm

      Our meager start is about twenty 2L bottles of maize meal and twenty 5L of water stacked in our pantry. Our little backyard garden is also coming along nicely, thinking about de-grassing my back lawn to expand. Bug out bags, maximum amount of ammo and all important documents are already good to go.

  10. Guys, I was in Angola in '75/6. Do you know what a country that's involved in a civil war looks like; there is NOTHING. Nothing that works anyway. Forget about civilisation and concentrate purely on survival.
    No quarter asked and none given, must become the mindset as far as the enemy is concerned and for ourselves; united we stand because as sure as shit, divided we will fall.

    1. Anonymous11:45 am

      Hi Tomkat I too was there 75/76 up until 85 then put on reserve. We are ou balle now hey!!!

    2. Anonymous12:41 pm

      I was there too. Operation Savanah. Outoppies but stil fighting fit

    3. Anonymous7:37 pm

      You are not ballies, we need your knowledge and experience to help us. More than you think. Link up and get involved. Everything counts, nothing is lost. I have immense respect for you ou manne, a lot of us do.

    4. Anon 11:45 - Ou balle for sure, my mate, but still too good for these savages. Hang in there bud, this time we'll do it properly and without the Yanks who backpedalled at the last moment. Fuck 'em.
      Anon 8:20 - Jip, bud and you facing with a 12-bore auotmatic loaded with buckshot. One can only dream. My dream is that I will wake up one morning and there won't be a Kaffir in sight; that the Lord simply removed them from the planet during the evening. But, I suppose we have to do our part. Brinn on, Zots!

    5. Anon 7:37 - Thank you and you can be sure we'll be there. We were thwarted by the "traitors" the first time around, but this time there is going to be no stopping before the job is done properly. I'm sure there are thousands more like us who are just dying to get a cecond bite at the cherry.

  11. I am almost at the point where i want to help with the burning. They are taking forever and i want to get on with it now. They are so retarded it is taking them forever to burn the country down. Useless pieces of shit. Cant do anything properly.

  12. "Destroy white South Africa & our influence, and this country will drift into faction strife, chaos & poverty"

    PW Botha 15 Aug 1985.

    1. Anonymous11:48 am

      Never a truer words spoken. My ex and late minister of defence and then state president.

  13. Home sweet home. They can run but they cannot hide. They always shout about relocating to other countries but very often you see them visiting in South Africa.

    Since, I have studied economics and currently doing my masters, I have to realise that no conditions are permanent in economics terms. South Africa might be limping along a thin layer of ice today but that will not remain forever.

    In economics we call business just a game. Losers will always jet off to look out for much weaker competitors else where to defeat. The exodus of the super rich is not prompted by security issues because wherever the rich live in South Africa is safe and let just one of them come and tell us that indeed his kids were harassed. Millionaire just as investors are opportunists. Their exodus has to do more with the ANC. These people like to play politics with their business. I have a full report with me that by 2019 the economy of SA will start recovering and once it start florishing again, it will only be then you will start seeing them coming back in the name of home sweet home. It will only be then you will start seeing a lot of them jetting into the country wearing proudly South African colours. How I wish that the government be it ANC, DA or EFF then hit them with heavy tax if they would want to ship their assets back into the country or even to start business in the country.

    1. Anonymous7:59 am

      Hi Sello Puo,
      Just great to have such a learned man visit this site.
      Do you mind looking into your crystal ball and tell me when the rest of Africa also will be having this massive upswing in business. Seeing that they dependant on handouts from the rest of the world. And the more handouts they get, the more they breed and the problem just gets bigger.


    2. Anonymous8:12 am

      @Sello Puo7:30 AM

      True. These investors are simply moving their nest eggs, doesnt mean collapse but sure the country will go to shit and until the ANC dont move out or are hung, then it will be in the shit.

      This country has huge potential in the right hands. There is enough gold in the Northern cape for another 250 years.

      Again I say, SA is a pawn caught between empires, those empires are fighting now for #1 spot - you cant have #1 spot without controlling the gold.

    3. Anonymous8:20 am

      Sello, you're a funny guy. The fact that you are being seriaaas only makes you funnier. Please don't stop commenting here.

    4. Anonymous8:26 am

      You are a complete retard. You sound young and have no life experience. If you had children you would not make such stupid statements. I know of many people who have left including myself. Why - to protect my children. Of course we miss SA. I read this blog because I want to come back. But unfortunately SA is the no longer what it was. The natural beauty/climate yes I miss dearly but at what cost - rape, murder? You are complete liberal minded dick.

    5. I said before. These monkeys can learn like a parrot they can even do their masters but understanding, seeing a point from someone else's perspective or even contemplating and preparing for the future accurately is not part of the gene make-up.
      They can pretend it and talk it but they lack it.

      The rich are not running because of what is happening now alone, they are running for what is about to happen. The arrow points at R1 to the dollar to R16 to the dollar losing a third of its value in 2015 alone let alone ministers, liberals even the news predicting civil war.

      When the monkey see a chicken they kill it and eat it today fuck tomorrow. The white man see a chicken they look for the nest. You can not teach this because delayed gratification is not part of the gene make-up.

      This is why they have such high rape counts. They have to have it now. It is only about now. No consequences, no tomorrow just the now satisfying of impulses.

      I tell you it is a different creature. These things pretend to be like us. They are masters at pretending and learning like a parrot. Not even a wheel or a boat before we showed them but apparently now they are experts on the matter because they are parroting for their masters.

      Sory I said we should not give these things attension but i couldnt help myself.

    6. @ Sello...You have studied economics? Don't make me laugh. It is clear from your idiotic ramblings that you are a troll who hardly passed matric in a Kaffir township school. What the fuck are you doing on this blog? It is a white man's blog. Don't you have a statue somewhere that you can go and fling poo at? You contribute nothing meaningful to the conversation here. All you do is irritate.

    7. Thanks Mike for your comment. Ek waarder dit my baas and baie dankie hoor. Ek sal nooit vir jou kan pla nie. My advice though is that a talented writer like you need to be objective and reasonable. I have seen that you as well aspire to write a book in English so I thought I was helping you to look at anything in different angle just as so to become a professional.

    8. Anonymous10:45 am

      Sello just because you see white adults having a conversation about English and writing it doesn't mean you can butt in with your IQ of 67. Nobody here gives a shit what you think, even if you wear glasses with the lenses knocked out because you think it makes you look intellectual.

    9. Anonymous11:00 am

      Sello Puo9:31 AM
      The time and patience for being objective and reasonable with the ignorant destructive kaffir is over arsehole! You ignorant blacks don't even know the true meaning of such words yet you demand that other nationalities must succumb to your black racist desires. Like Mike said you contribute nothing meaningful to the conversation here. All you do is irritate. Therefore go and get a proper education before open your mouth or put pen to paper. There is nothing more arrogant on this planet than an ignorant dumb black kaffir striving to be an intelligent white. Your ignorant and sarcastic remarks have clearly revealed your true intentions here so without further ado just "F" OFF!

    10. Anonymous11:27 am

      Sello, you know nothing about economics. The little you know came from anc education. Economics in Verwoerd time was proper economics when the Rand was twice as strong as the British pound.

    11. Anonymous12:23 pm

      Sello Puo, you yourself will not know what you want? Just fuck off!

    12. Anonymous7:39 pm

      My masters and my BMW. My money and my gold...

      Still does not make you human you filthy black.

    13. @Sello

      "One masters degree in economics with a large ego amn chocolate milkshake please, make that take away"

    14. Anonymous9:16 pm

      Sello Puo9:31 AM
      You can at least say one thing that’s true and quite remarkable though and it concerns you black kaffirs. It is that within only one century of you ignorant idiots receiving the political power you were able to politically, financially and physically destroy the entire continent of Africa. One after the other each and every black country has methodically become financially bankrupt and a chaotic unstable disaster. It is a vast rich continent that had the potential to become totally self sufficient and even to become an integral part of the first world. Shame on you kaffirs! Your GREED and IGNORANCE has bitten you in the arse and is now on track to completely destroy you and the Dark Continent together!

    15. For a degreed man your english is shoddy, please explain...why so many former white run countries have continued on a downward spiral, by your thinking these countries should have turned around some time ago.

      on aownward spiral, by your thinking/education these countries should have turned upward by now

    16. Economics studies has nothing to do with the Rand in particular. It has everything to do with the currency at large including how the world markets trade in general.You should as well recall where I have studied for my first degree and it was not in Africa at all. It was in Europe in the UK. However, that will not mean I cannot analyse SA economic trend in particular because that's what I am doing most of the time for my masters. It will first have to start from the world point of view and decrease downwards to Africa up to South Africa. People cannot understand that the world economy is dented not only that of South Africa. Even if Verwoed was alive and in power today he would have suffered the same economic hardship because South Africa does not exist in planet Mars, it is part of the planet earth where this economic turmoil is currently ravaging.

    17. Hi Sello ,
      You are right : I definitely am not a economist. Quite happy about this, considering an experiment where some monkeys chose better performing shares by throwing some darts on a board with names of listed companies than the so called experts. Seeing that you have the blueprint to the miraculous 2019 beginning of the RSA economic recovery just be happy and no doubt you will use this to the best advantage. I just wonder who the compilers of the wonderful positive report are ? Hopefully not the brainiacs that promised 5 million jobs not so long ago.

    18. Anonymous4:54 am

      Yes Sello F -OFF . We dont wanna hear K propaganda , we cannot be brainwashed like you and your brothers and sisters.

    19. Anonymous8:26 am


      @Sello Puo12:17 AM

      Sello a countries currency is a reflection of the economy.

      The highest level view is looking at the currency. Currencies deal with the most important economic indicators including.

      1. Interest rates - which effect business, which effects jobs.

      2. Manufacturing output.
      3. Unemployment.

      To name a few.

      The currency is an integral part of a countries economy, it is a reflection, what happens first happens in currencies and then the economy feels the effects.

      I.E the rand lost 30% of its value in 1 day, the effects will only be felt about 2-4 months later why?

      The goods being imported had already been paid for and the food, clothes, goods on your shelves first have to be sold and then once new items bought, then only will the effects of the value loss be felt when importing these items.

      The huge commercials as they are known that purchase oil, commodities, grain, meat, etc etc, huge hedges, billion dollar boys, huge companies first look at currencies because they will make or lose on their investment before they even take delivery of their investment if the currency moves in or out of the favor.

      IE companies here importing cars from Germany will have to now pay 30% more per car imported due to a loss, so now if they were about to put an order through or had put an order through before the loss, they either win or lose on their business before even doing business - currencies are the highest view point in the global economy.

      But the thing which has slipped so many of our minds is this, why is Jacob Zuma laughing about this currency devaluation?

      Simple, remember his plan to build BEE/AA factories? Well who or where will these goods land up that we manufacture here?

      A weak currency will make these fat cats super rich because they will be paid in foreign exchange selling to foreign countries and are using tax payers money to build the factories - of course whitee will have to run the things and when they are failing they will be taken back and accused of racism.

      IT is also now cheaper in most cases to produce goods in SA rather than China.

      So the future will look bright if you have BEE/AA contracts or contacts - just dont put pipe to get tenders, they say once you go black you dont come back!

      The currency is in my view a leading indicator of the economy, the other forms of economic talk/commentary are lagging indicators, talking about what has already happened.

      The currency markets are on the look out every week for small clues as to what will move the currency, therefore effecting trade which effects local business which effects employment, which effects buying power, inflation, which effects who gets voted in based on how much free shit they offer - ie Malema is coming in next whether we like it or not - his number one promise is Freedom, during these periods, the people will lose all rational thinking because they will be in survival mode and whitee will be put in their path between freedom and Sufforing!

      Go ask any money manager out there that is about to invest in a country or a company what will they look for before investing...

      The currency will tell you what is really happening in a country because countries with strong currencies have lower inflation, a larger proportion of the working population working, higher output.....

      You cannot speak about modern economics without discussing currencies because currencies reflect what is happening within the economy and in this day an age - $7 trillion is moving from one economy to the next EVERDAY in the currency markets.

    20. Anonymous8:50 am

      @Sello Puo: Have fun with your masters degree on SA economic trends. Demand for commodities will stay low for a long, long time now that the Chinese party is over. How much time do you intend spending on your master's?

      You mustn't go around the UK saying that Great Britain is part of Europe. On the other hand, the English make great allowances for blacks. They will think you have just arrived from Uganda or Sudan and have never heard of Brexit.

      Sello, you know next to nothing which is even worse than knowing nothing. Yes, the world economy is not in great shape right now. However, first world countries outside of Europe will weather the storm. Europe will never be the same again, it is well and truly messed up and they have the socialists, Angela Merkel and their own stupid selves to thank for that.

      The Federal Reserve Bank gives hope by raising interest rates, and I hope they stick to it. North American equity markets are overpriced because interest rates are virtually non-existent, and that needs to be corrected. Nevertheless, US businesses with far higher price to earnings ratios than those of SA companies are far more likely to attract investor interest for a variety of reasons, which you very well know. They don't have the problem of Jacob Zuma or the next Big Man of Africa running the country into the ground. The trouble with Africa is corrupt African leaders and stupid people, and that is why Africa will always be poor - unless it is run by white people. You needn't think you can rely on the Chinese. They have been bluffing about their own economy for years and have nothing to offer. They have no desire to colonise SA - all that trouble with the natives - so the Department of Education can stop their ridiculous Mandarin classes right now. English and French are the languages that Africans should be learning.

  14. With disdain I will throw my gauntlet
    Full in the face of the world,
    And see the collapse of this pygmy giant
    Whose fall will not stifle my ardor.
    Then I will be able to walk triumphantly
    Like a god, through the ruins of their kingdom.
    Every word of mine is fire and action.
    My breast is equal to that of the Creator.

    Karl Marx - ""Human Pride" (published in "World Revolution" by Nesta Webster, p. 167)

    1. Anonymous8:30 pm

      Klink of die Karl ou se ma hom n paar keer hard laat val het op sy kop toe hy nog n jong doos was

    2. Anonymous10:11 pm

      Off topic, but an interesting find..

  15. Anonymous9:50 am

    Hello Chaps, lots of talk again, problem is as white fellas we are divided. I wear my plakkies, shorts and pants and many white folks around me dis me due to my appearance (I also hear the skinner in our small town) To unite we need a miracle, enough of each others wankers ego. Wake the fuck up people. Until we can help each other out...fuck all will happen. Recognize your friends and neighbours. It may be your life line, regardless of their choice of lifestyle.

    1. There will be a wake-up call when thousands of Whites are massacred. Unfortunately, that is what it is going to take to open their eyes and force them to unite with us who believe and know what's going down.
      Like Donycero and others here I can only urge people to join Suidlanders. It's the best we have. I live in the sticks so am definitely not in a high risk area, but to people in the cities I can only say, open your eyes. I beg and I pray

    2. I go on to some fb pages that share our vision and believes but the people(our brothers and sisters) fight so quickly with one another over petty shit or difference in opinions so much so that you wouldn't be able to fight next to such a person in battle.

      This is an old problem of the Afrikaner. Every one asking for a leader but wanting to be a leader dissing every other person aspiring to be a leader. Looking down on other people and always competing to be the better over others.

      To unite we need to teach each other how to unite and not to be over critical of one another and to compliment each other ruthlessly.

      How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the first best-selling self-help books ever published. Written by Dale Carnegie. Can find it online for a free read. One of my most influential books i ever read.

      Teach others around you how to unite and how to teach others too. It works like a pyramid. It might be to late already but like Tom said we will unite very quickly when the massacre happens( those of us who wont be in denial.)

      I wear my shorts and plakkies every day. Used to wear a tie, shaved everyday and drove a sportscar. I am much happier now and even wear the beard proudly.

  16. Anonymous10:48 am

    I am reluctantly scratching South Africa off my list of possible retirement countries after a week of intensive research. There's crime everywhere of course and we have it here in the U.S., but crime in SA seems to be coupled with a sadistic desire to rape and torture and generally inflict as much suffering as possible. Some of these accounts I've read include baby rape, disembowelment, burning women with a hot iron, burning children with oil, tire necklacing, making children watch while they rape/murder the mother. There's something inherently wrong with people who want to rape a dead body or look at a person's guts all pulled out. I'm an unqualified outsider, but I see the African population is set to QUADRUPLE by 2100. Literally billions of new starving blacks does not bode well for the white African, particularly the white farmer nestled into a sunny hillside with a stately home complete with swimming pool and recreational horses. Africa is projected to be responsible for nearly all the world's population growth and will account for 40% of all people on earth. Once the locusts eat their way entirely across Africa they will move on to destroy Europe and the U.S. Fortunately, we are armed to the teeth and many are aware of what is coming.

    1. Anonymous11:14 am

      The Western Cape and Cape Town area are still great places to live and with an income in dollars would provide an excellent living standard.

    2. Why is the rest of the country not a "Western Cape" as well? But I agree. The WC is still semi OK. In fact it should be independent and all of those who lived on the other side of the Fish and Kei rivers in 1770 should all fuck-off back there. Willingly or forced; I don't care.

    3. Anonymous11:50 am

      You obviously haven't read about farm murders where farmers are thrown to their own crocodiles or old women having crosses banged down their mouths and through their spines. Or suffocated with bible pages stuck down their throats. These things are cowards one on one, but boy, in packs they are brave. You are welcome to come over after we sort these animals out. Provided you guys and the rest of the world leave us to clean house. When the starting gun goes, hell has no fury like revenge for 80,000 plus murders by torture. Not to even mention all the attempted murders, rapes and lives and families ruined.

    4. Anonymous12:04 pm

      Then my friend maybe Donald Trump is the right man for the job. I hope he like the conservative whites in SA. Just a question are you an ex pat from SA.

    5. Anonymous1:13 pm

      I literally just read about the crocodile murder today. Utterly sickening. There's something genetically wrong with these people. Is there a good SA website that reports all the crime and murder that actually reveals the race of the criminal and victims? It seems like all the SA news stations refuse to show pictures or report race even if a cop was murdered and a perp is on the run.

      I'm a U.S. citizen, never lived in SA. Just looking to get out of the U.S. eventually and have an interest learning all about Rhodesia and South Africa.

    6. You're right in describing them as locusts.

      After the genocide/civil war has weakened SA, you'll probably see armies move south from Angola, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe for food and plunder.

      South Africa is a fat country with a useless army. Hell, SA troops were routed in the Central Africa, and their conduct under the UN Flag was atrocious.

      SA's local population of blacks are a bunch of semi-literate strike-prone slogan-shouting sadists, and they really think they can protest themselves into prosperity.

      They are used to violence, but not war. It's the difference between killing for sport, and killing for survival.

      North of SA the blacks are learning to kill for survival - a process that focusses the mind, warps the emotions, and punishes theatricality.

      And that is something the local variety of blacks is at odds with - for them killing is a drug-trip, an emotional high, a chance to show off.

      The grasshoppers of this country will be overwhelmed by the locust swarms coming from the north.

    7. Anonymous3:01 pm

      Trump and Clinton serve the same Master.

    8. Anon 10:48 There won't be any of them left if things go according to plan. As 11:50 has said, payback time is fast approaching and this time we will clean house. There will be no fucking liberal media coverage allowed.

    9. They are already pouring into America with the help of your government, America 1975 when I first was there and now two different countries, sadly.I have family there and in the UK, I don't see any " safe " countries at this time, countries are being flooded with false refugees, those not yet sorted plans are underway to do so, maybe China.

    10. Anonymous 1:13 PM
      Go to Censorbugbear.org but only if you don't mind a lot of gore...

  17. Anonymous11:29 am



    Now will BEE/AA also be listed as racist, since this is what it is?

    I love how they try spin their racism into whites being racists.

    This entire thing is so staged that there is no way out of it, the massacre will be blamed on whites being racist and not wanting to give in.

    Can you guys not see it in the making.

    It would be like Jews in Germany claiming that all Germans are Nazis and so anyone who is of a different opinion to theirs is now a racist and because the world knows 100% for sure that Nazis are evil, then there can be no debate.

    I honestly cant see out of this one!

    Perhaps this is what Siener meant when he said things will be so dark - how the fuck do you even begin to move out of this one when you have been cornered on the international stage and the local stage?

    They convinced BEE/AA was just and now we its normal but everything whites say is racist - to me, this is the darkness, the confusion, the bullshit, this is what makes seeing past ones hand so difficult.

    You cant even debate it because being white automatically makes you a racist, so now which European countries will want to take racist whites when they register you as being racist aka you are white, so you will be put on the register in any case.

    Man, oh man, I cant see out of this one. We can say these things are doff but when it comes to evil, rape, robbery, crime, you will see innovation like none other, its a shame they never put it into being construction and moving the human race forward but then again that would mean hard work and thinking for the good.

    As I say, when it comes to evil - they can figure out how to get over a 6ft wall with razor wire, electric fences, burglar bars, alarm systems, kill the dogs and all just for a cell phone. Hand them seeds, water, fertilizer, soil, land and the things starve.

    Now a trick question is - what kind of creator would make something like this? Imagine being born on the most fertile lands of Africa where you can take a kak after eating corn, come back 6 months later to maize fields that rival the US and the things still starve.

    Let them play, let them keep pushing, let them enjoy this, when we say enough is enough we want out - then dont kak in your pants cause no maize field will protect you or hide you, we will hunt them down.

    1. Anonymous12:52 pm

      Let me elaborate on your point. According to their warped reasoning: You need power and privilege to be racist; thus blacks cannot be rascist; it follows that only whites can be rascist; and since "all" whites benefited from apartheid ie. power and privilege , (even if you were born post 94 but your family had an income) it follows that all whites must be rascist. So when Zuma say 21st March is Anti-Rascism day, and " let's deal a devastating blow to rascism ", in their warped reasoning he is actually saying "let's deal a devastating blow to whites". Just a point.

      Besides that people have shared dreams before on this blog. I had a dream of blood and water referring specifically to the night of 21 March. Which normally wouldn't have bothered me, except for a waking vision in November. Tell everyone you know. If nothing happens consider yourselves lucky. If something does happen, being forewarned is being forarmed. I for one hope its the first and not the latter.

    2. Anonymous1:49 pm

      Now you will be electronic tag on a blacklist. Come to mind the yellow star the Jews was wearing during the Nazi regime, so those accused of racism will be available to any individual / embassy that you are racist and will be denied any job opportunities, housing, credit, freedom of movement/ travel and so on. The only thing now is missing is the concentration camps. Hmmm, every day we are closer to a totalitarian regime. Read this post of Mike in 2011. (“Look at the end result…it is all that counts. Look at Zimbabwe and you will see South Africa’s future”)



    3. Ninja it is quite obvious to anyone not brainwashed by the rainbow abortion. It is the last stage of genocide before the killing start.

      I say let them come. They have gotten so arrogant. I hear them talk."They have the numbers, the army, the police"

      The queen sent her super power army with their superior weapons and redcoats against barefoot boers outnumbered 10 to 1 in many cases and got embarrassed. So much so that they had to stop their usual battalion custom way of fighting and go after civilians.

      We will wait and not act until we have the moral high ground. Then we unleash the beast.

      It is boggles the mind that we haven't seen any boeremag groups or rogue boer individuals letting loose on the savages of late.

      I mean tensions are running high and you would at least expect one crazy afrikaner to go out there locked and loaded but nothing.

      I believe Suidlanders are playing a major role in controlling and absorbing such individuals.

      This is what we need in order to gain the moral high ground and keep the international community of our backs when we start fighting back without showing mercy.

    4. Anonymous5:05 am

      How much longer are we whites going to exert patience before this once thriving continent finally takes the topple into a bottomless pit and irretrievable disaster?

    5. Anonymous5:58 am


      @Donycero12:01 AM
      @Anonymous12:52 PM

      Yes to both of you.

      In the 2 visions I had in Dec/Jan - Now remember, I have never met a suidlanders member, I have NEVER been to a meeting, I have no idea who is in their ranks or what their ranks are.

      I know of friends of family who have gone there but they are not "members so to speak" they have gone to a meeting but are not staunch members - so I know of people who have gone but dont know staunch members.

      All I saw was the number 3.5 million and saw this organization grow to become a voice for the people and the beginning of a state for the people.

      I saw it clearly swell to a white South African party as of the old SA but with a new vision. 3.5 million + - 3.5 was the figure I saw

      As I say, I dont know them, they dont know me, in the past I said I dont trust them but I can only say what I saw.

      There will be a gathering of this nation in what I think could be the free state or some place where the land is very flat and been very badly effected by the drought.

      On this day, I saw thousands upon thousands of whites being addressed, so many that the ones in the back could not hear what was being spoken about by the speaker, with speakers - it was just an echo.

      From left to right when you viewed that place, it was like a sea of white. A gathering this nation has never seen before.

      The cover used to protect the speaker on the day was black, like a black sheet material not plastic, this was for protection from the sun and a black flag flapping in the wind - no idea what it is.

      The white guy speaking on speaker was not scared either and not playing politics, he was addressing the nation regarding SA and about taking / doing our own thing - abandoning the gov - Now I dont know who this person is but there where he speaks, the terrain is flat + cracked but where he speaks from, it goes up like a mound or koppie.

      Must have been a hot day, people were in shorts, wearing caps/hats - many English speakers there as well, didnt see divisions but saw the gathering of one nation.

      That is what I called the vision - the gathering not because of the gathering of whites I saw here but I saw the gathering of many white nations through the Afrikaaner nation in the end.

      This nation was prepared from day one in Europe for events that will happen in this country which will change the course of history.

      The nations will be gathered and go back to their roots and abandon this what we see going on today and the nations will come and settle here as mentioned in revelations but not Israel like so many expect - the gathering happens here my brothers/sisters.

      So much I saw that I deleted 3 blogs because I was so afraid of this monumental thing happening and being sent to the nut house.

      I tend to be very skeptical of any dream/thing I see, I put it through 3 tests. This vision has passed 3 of them + 2 others and still I wont put it up, I am waiting for more confirmation because I have to be thoroughly convinced that is it true.

      Will it happen as I saw - I have no idea but I believe that this nation has been used for the world to see something they will not believe and that all forms of communication up until this point have been invented to show what is going to happen here.

    6. Anonymous6:50 am

      Problem with Suidlanders is its all over the country. There are other groups as well. More disciplined and other thoughts on this whole thing. All above board and professional. If you use your brain you will find them by using this link. Think outside the box. https://m.facebook.com/SAVESOUTHAFRICANFARMERS/posts/453531648139916

    7. Anonymous10:36 am

      I have to say I never believed in these things because it has never happened to me before. And in my profession I would also be sent to the nuthouse. So I've waited for "confirmation" which I have yet to get . It is a constant stuggle between faith and a scientific mind.

      Nevertheless people must know. Make what you want of it. And maybe I'm wrong. But if you were warned and you aren't ready, you have only yourself to blame.

      A night in Oct or Nov I had been awake for about half an hour sitting on the side of the bed. I looked to the right and saw outlined in white a clock with hands on 11'o'clock. I hung my head and shook in the affirmative. I knew what it meant. And it should be obvious to you guys too.

      Then Jan I had a disturbing dream. I was in a room with people I do not know. But I was the only one who wanted to go into a specific room. As I entered and turned to close the door behind me, there were windows on the back of the door. On the window right above the door handle there was a mix of blood and water. I thought they must not have cleaned properly so wiped it off with tissue. Underneath was written 54 days. And then I woke up with a shock. I prayed for confirmation but got none except Isaiah 4:4. Scary in itself. 54 days exactly will be the night between 21 and 22 March.

      I think my confirmation came 2 weeks back. With another disturbing dream. I saw two guys hiding behind a tree in front of our driveway while it was still dark, as the walls and gate are such that you can't see out. For 2 weeks I walked upstairs every morning to check if there was anyone in front of the gate but nothing. We were moving at the end of those two weeks. Due to roadworks we decided to move one day earlier to miss traffic at the roadworks. The Saturday I went back to hand over the keys and found out they broke in through the gate of the old lady next door and tried breaking into her house.

      As I say. Make of it what you will.

    8. Anonymous10:38 am

      FYI: anyone noticed the weather lately? "Net na die geelperskereën" acc to Siener.

    9. Anonymous11:05 am


      Let me afford you the courtesy which you seem to not have afforded me.


      I see a disturbing trend in the comments here, perhaps its a sign of the times, signs of distress where we see so many of our people attacking, losing faith not with the enemy but their own people.

      People if this is how you lose your faith among your own kind here on this blog, then how do you walk among those that plan on murdering you?

      If you walk in a spirit of distress, they will smell it on you like a dog smells fear.

      Let us agree here as one nation, one people, een volk - united we stand. Die Vierkleur is our aim, flying above us.

      That is it. Freedom.

      Did I say I know them?

      I can only say what I have seen, all these other groups will gather with them including this nation.

      Suidlanders I saw becomes the largest group and eventually a peoples party but without the politics.

      I dont know them, havent joined them, never met them, never been to a meeting, never been to a retreat - I can only say what I saw twice.

      This is a Godly organisation and they know who the Afrikaner (the white man in this country is) - They know the Afrikaaner is an Israelite nation.

      This is what I saw and have not been told this.

      Again please read - Me no know Suidlanders, they know me not, I have never registered with them, I am not a friend of theirs, I am not a foe of theirs.

      All your groups will come under one group in the end - you will see.

      It will number 3.5 million+
      - 3.5 million is the figure I saw.

      A gathering will occur first here in South Africa and then then gathering of nations will happen in South Africa. They will be under the Afrikaner nation.

      Can you not see Gods plans in action - go back to your bibles, read the book of Genisis, Exodus - what is happening here to this nation is the same what happened there.

      Read the last few versus of Genesis, the first 17 verses of Exodus.

      This nation is surrounded by the enemy on all angles, here in the land, overseas. The only way out is first through prayer, then by action.

      Action without prayer will not work, prayer without action will not work, action, prayer, unite and that my friends will work.

      Hold your heads up high, you want a strong leader - you will get one but then dont curse later on when you see what this leader is all about.

      Before apartheid, the people cried for a separate policy, they got one. Then they soon were not happy with that, then they got their "freedom" but soon they were not happy with their freedom under the rainbow, now they cry once again - Freedom and all this comes at a price.

      Be careful what you pray for, you just might get it.

    10. @ Boere_Ninja

      I'm posting this from a survivalist forum. Can you comment on this ?


      "A vivid astral travel from about 10 years ago, was related to middle east, in a valley i felt was Israel or in that vicinity. A great war took place there, with soldiers on one side dressed in red and gold (they were roman soldiers), other side dark clothing, they were fighting with swords, this war was going to affect the whole world. It was a religious toned war. Maybe today's Isis issue?"

      "A vision from about 6 years ago, was about the "Red death". This name was what I got from the vision. I saw people bleeding from all orifices, bodies piled up high, my family included. It killed rapidly, there was nothing I could do to help people. Very scary. The red death did not infect me though, which made the vision more disturbing."

      "My knowing / visions has instilled an urgency in me, to prep and to find a way to go underground instead of bugging out. Im convinced that going underground is going to help me survive what is coming."

      "Anyway, im not a seer or anyone special, but my inner "Knowing" has served me well in the past, saving my life quite a few times but its also very painful sometimes, especially when i see something thats gonna happen to a loved one or friend and im unable to prevent it from happening, as im not allowed to interfere with another persons destiny.
      So I live my life completely according to my inner voice, listening to and heeding what is revealed to me. As such, I prep according to what I feel may happen. I may be completely wrong in what I think may happen, but I will be stupid not to heed my inner voice."

      And later he said this :

      "Probably silver, but to be honest I did not see a cord (yip I know they say you are supposed to see a cord, but I've never seen a cord during my occasional travels), instead what I remember the most, is the flight there, the very vivid colors, the green hill I was standing on, the plants and the valley below where the battle was taking place.The brilliant bright red and gold of the soldiers uniforms and armor. Oh and my late gran was with me, she took me there, but she was much younger looking. She wanted to show me what is going to happen and in her words "look at what they are doing to the world".

      At first I thought that I travelled backwards, as the one side's soldiers were clearly Roman, plus gran was with me and much younger. But it was about a future event. Was it a vision or astral travel? Imo the latter as I saw my body leaving, gran grabbing my hand telling me she wants to show me something. Us then soaring upward and flying through the air super fast, landing on top of the green hill, overlooking the valley. The brightest colors I've ever seen, so very clear and so very real."

    11. Anonymous1:34 pm


      @Anonymous10:36 AM
      @Unknown11:12 AM - Had Astral one about 5 weeks back not very nice experience for me at all, went some place was not meant to go.

      Freaky shit happened the week before but we will leave that for another time - believe it ties in with what I have seen as well.

      Thank you for sharing!@Anonymous10:36 AM

      Yes had the same thing happen with my mother. I had a dream 2 days prior and warned her and low and behold it happened like I said.

      I have no idea why they happen or how they happen.

      Dec 2015 / Jan 2016
      I saw this nation attacked but I cant say for sure if they attacked us literally or we as a nation were attacked ie what we see going on now.

      Then as we got attacked, they began attacking each other and completely forgot about us. I saw an alliance between the Afrikaners and Zulu form, I saw the King give the nod but he was pissed off and ashamed at the country and how the whites were being treated.

      I saw them sharing power. This happened around election time, I dont know whether municipal or main elections.

      In Soweto or Alex. The road long if you look at it left/right in total about 3-4 kms, road with low cost housing, no shacks.

      No trees on that road either. Just at the last minute when we think everything will go south for us and our nation lose hope, they will attack each other.

      But the thing is, I saw them doing it up close and personal and with a desire to kill each other like the Tutsi and Hutu.

      Again, the whites were like completely forgotten about, ignored like they did not even exist in their minds.

      The one vision, which was the 2nd vision I saw the nation fighting but the Lord with his hosts going before us, these bantus are led by spirits which lead and fool them into doing evil.

      They are like under some spell, the hosts slay those things which are leading them. Our Lord will be here leading it.

      I saw this - confirmed the 1st vision and the one I had in Dec 2014 about a covenant being everlasting. The Dec 2014 said clearly " this is an everlasting covenant"

      That vision I saw people calling each other from all over the world regarding the miracle they saw in SA. Somehow In Aus they were calling the UK, many people from all over the world were phoning and speaking about this/these events.

      I need to check the email I sent a family member, but I heard the one women say who called from Australia that where the white man goes, safety or Christianity goes.

      But the sense I got was that the country had landed in our hands again but it happened in such a way that it shocked the world completely.

      These people felt ashamed and now weary of the whites in South Africa - how wold they treat them now since they have gotten back in power. They didnt think they would ever get or be back in power and the English were the most afraid.

      Also they were the ones in the most disbelief. The ozzy women seemed quite happy.

      In this vision 2014 December, at a gym mid day believe it was a Friday, I saw as if I was transported to blood river before the battle - WTF!!! yes, I saw people there praying, their faces and the language they spoke not like our Afrikaans nor dutch, sounded more like some dialect of German.

      That is when the voice said or what I heard " The covenant will always be remembered" and I knew what that meant - this nation will never be forsaken.

      This vision, including all others are recorded with family members via email + over the phone.

      The most recent one I had regarded family 5 days ago but about 3-4 weeks back I had a dream that said to me "things are much closer than you think"

      Regarding blacks flooding the UK and the EU collapsing, in that dream I saw the UK flooded by blacks, proper blacks not these other things from the middle east and soon I saw the EU collapse but very fast without too much signs of collapse.

      It was during this dream it said " things are much closer than you think" and that goes for our situation here in SA - could tie up with your March event?

    12. Anonymous10:19 pm

      Ninja is right.

      To those who say prayer won't help.


      This whole thing has been designed to prove the incomprehensible greatness of God. If you watch this video you will realize that our human minds can and will never be able to understand the greatness of God. And then you will develop a healthy fearful respect for him.

    13. Anonymous11:01 pm

      For people who don't want to believe only in what Siener or Johanna Brandt have seen:















    14. Anonymous11:10 pm

      Notes on Siener:

      He said when the grass is green, turns white and is green again. If he was referring to winter and summer it would mean nothing as it could be any winter and any summer. But if he was referring to early rain (like we had in August) and then severe drought and then again rain which has the grass turn green. That would be now.

      He said all the dams were full. They are usually full so this would also have no significance. Unless he is talking about them being full after being completely empty. And with the current rains we are having it is quite possible.

      And he said after the "geelperskereën ". The last rains of summer which lasts for a week or two.

      All of this is quite suspicious. That would be now.

    15. Anonymous3:34 am

      Is there any way I can contact Boere_Ninja? I would like to ask him something that I don't want to post on a blog.

    16. Anonymous4:34 am


      @Anonymous11:10 PM

      Put his visions to the tests by looking out of SA.

      1. He spoke about Russia coming back.
      2. Turkey vs Russia spat.
      3. A severe drought in this country - we having one of the worst.
      4. Problems in parliament - you see how the problems start there.

      5. A black consciousness movement - EFF
      6. EU immigration problems from Africa.
      7. Violence in Germany

      All these events happen at more or less the same time.

      We have been in the furnace period he spoke of now for about 6 months but think we will be here for many more months and confusion will be order of the day for whites.

      The attacks on the whites will be a surprise - only if you dont know the signs and cannot connect the dots.

      Also when the winter thaw begins to melt the snow in Eastern Europe. I thought it was last year - battle lines make me think its this year.

      Violence is slowly once again picking up in Ukraine + we have NATO now in just about every country around Russia, while Russia builds up on Turkeys borders.

      IF someone asked me, all these events for sure happen in less than 3 years. 3 years is a safe mark - a huge safe mark.

      I would not be surprised if most of these final events happen within the next 6-18 months.

      After these elections we will see because depending on the results, its going to put this country on edge because me thinks the EFF will have gathered so many people in their camps that this will put the ANC on guard and you will again see black on black violence begin.

  18. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Ja, Sello die Poo Ou - go fling turds at some statue! You are not welcome here. You are just as brainwashed as the rest of the populace. It's useless to make you try see sense.

    1. Anonymous4:57 am

      Anon12:00 On the Button ! These brainwashed wannabe s think we will fall for the same .

  19. Anonymous12:14 pm

    I just looked at property 24. Never mind the houses for sale look at the houses to rent in Branston. The most beautiful mansions magnificent I tell you. From R30000 to more than R50000 per month. Why because the dollar millionaires couldn't sell those mansions so they ducked overseas and have no option to rent them out. Who has R50000 per month to rent a house here on this site.

    1. Anonymous1:00 pm

      It was the beaches, fine weather and presence of a white population that first interested me in retire to SA. I found much of the property I looked at for sale in the Western Cape rather reasonable and some downright bargains with mountain views and established formal gardens and swimming pool. Houses here in Seattle rent for R30-50,000; in fact, you would be living in the rougher parts of town (black/latino) for R30000 or be driving an hour from outside the city. An odd thing I noticed about the SA property listings was that almost all the homes and small farms for sale appeared as if the owners had already moved out and the homes were completely empty with maybe some scattered native artwork/pictures left on the walls.

    2. Anonymous9:10 pm

      Anonymous12:14 PM
      Who has R50000 per month to rent a house here on this site?
      WHAT A STUPID QUESTION TO ASK MATE! ... THE ANC POLITICIANS and their CRONIES of course and then the EFF not long thereafter. Have you ever heard the story about the fiddler playing his fiddle while Rome was burning?

  20. Anonymous12:38 pm

    I'm not fond of charous lately. I've never really liked them, but things have taken a turn for the worse. Hindus, especially, are like the Indian mynas who were first introduced to these shores in the 1900's: loud, cheeky and they throw their shit everywhere. I was at the shopping centre this afternoon where I normally go to draw cash. I usually park in the disabled bay right in front of the entrance because I had a back operation recently and still walk with a hand crutch. I have a bright red disabled sticker from Protection Services stuck right in the middle of the windscreen. Someone not disabled, and without a disabled sign, had parked their car in that bay, so I thought, stuff that, and parked the idiot in. Just after I got out of the car and was walking towards the entrance a chubby Hindu guy and his wife came out, each with a PnP bag of groceries. Chubby Chetty tells me I can reverse out now, they're getting out. So I said, no, don't worry, you can have a nice rest in your parked car, I am just going to do some shopping myself. So he says, "You think your red sticker makes you special? You are just making things difficult for yourself." So I said, no, don't worry, and walk into the mall. I draw my cash and slowly walk back. I walk even more slowly when they can see me coming out of the entrance. The charou's wife has rolled down her window and is on the point of saying something rude to me when I say to her, "That red dot in the middle of your forehead, tell me, do you think it makes you special?" The Hindus in this country have become terribly uppity. It must be the Gupta influence. They should go back to Uttar Pradesh or Bangladesh or wherever the hell they came from.

  21. Anonymous12:59 pm

    The negroid Bantu race are a perpetual curse unto themselves. Now people start realizing that apartheid in the past, was implimented out of nececity and not race-hatred. Then again its hard to love murderers, killers, thieves and rapists. They keep showing themselves to be more animal than human by their actions and word.

  22. Anonymous7:13 pm

    These communist blacks and their little white communist masters are despicable. This country is a disgusting and filthy place. Our once beloved Fatherland has become a whorehouse and a crack den. The country burns while the MSM and politicians are telling everyone that life has never been better.

    No wonder no one wants anything to do with these blacks, they kill everything they lay their hands on. Everything withers and dies under the black hand. It is our moral duty to help kill this country as quick as possible now, this is no place for our children.

    No food, no water, no medical care, no education, no police, no army, no prospects and no future.

    But we have murder, theft, corruption, filth, ,death decay, destruction, lies lies lies, immorality and total disregard for any laws and reason in extravagant abundance in this hell hole. Oh that we have plenty of, but dare speak out against it and you are an instant white supremacist and dirty nigger hating racist, and the whole measure of civil and state laws squash you before you can say "I hate this place South Africa has become".

    Well my fellow blacks and libs, you are going to get exactly what you helped to bring into this world, your own hopeless future and miserable demise.

    Enjoy drawing your millions and millions of Rands into a black bag to buy a poor quality stale piece of bread, you fucking dumb apes.

  23. The way forward is self determination. Its the only solution for whites wanting to stay or those who have no alternative but to stay. It will have to be the creation of a volk staat, Boer land or Afrikana. A white homeland would not work, purely as the "west" will be down on it quicker than a Kardashian on a black for a dollar. However if it gets sold as a Afrikaner or Boer Volkstaat then it will have have legs in the same way as Israel is seen in the wider community. Some understand the need while others want it destroyed but it is recognised. There people can regroup and decide the way forward. Personally I believe that this is just the beginning, because of interference Africa's population is going to explode and no amount of golf estates is going to keep them out. A demarcated area where whites rule is needed. If it is decided that its the Northern Cape, purely as there are less munts there than anywhere else. A infrastructure can be build over there as whites do and the laws will be enforced. The blacks that currently reside there will be able to stay but they have to abide by the laws of the land.( So if you get caught for rape / murder/ child molestation - you get a nice rope around the neck.) Even though its barren compared to the rest of South Africa , a Boer maak 'n plan, and a lot of emphasis should be placed on growing food. With technology and Boer knowhow it will work. Imagine even a place where old people can retire to, with no fear and being looked after by fellow white people. I know its going on a bit but there has to be a goal and then some movement towards a goal. So self determination , the only solution for white South Africa or loads of guns and heaps of bullets?

    1. Anonymous6:28 am

      Problem is these people won't give us an inch of this country to run independently. They won't afford us the same respect we did them in apartheid. Their Chiefs had a budget meant for developing the homelands, but instead it ended in their own pockets. And the greed took over. They had to have more. They gambled and low and behold won, thanks to sanctions by the rest of the world. Unfortunately they are getting greedy again and are gambling again with their land expropriation bullshit. This time they are gonna lose it all. Just because they don't wanna share. They don't want Afrikaans or English universities or schools. They want to be taught in their own languages but at the same time want to destroy schools and not allow other people to be taught in their own languages. How selfish is that. You can only gamble so many times before you go home empty-handed. Unfortunately there won't be a home to go to either.

    2. Dingo, I am with you on the NC. The niggers wouldn't survive here so would have very little objection to us taking it off their hands. But with the Orange River miracles are possible as the grape, other fruit and date farmers have proved. There are minerals, we have a long coastline which can be used for tidal energy production plus the existing solar farms. Just look at what they've done in Orania.
      Self determination is the only way, but fear we'll have to take it by force because the parasite will never let its host escape. Whatever will it leech off?

    3. Anonymous11:14 pm

      More whites should move to the Western Cape.

      Imagine if 70-80% of whites were settled in the Cape...?

    4. The problem with self determination is not that the government can deny us this. They absolutely can not. It is international law that a nation may govern itself. They know it we know it everyone knows this.

      The problem is that you need to have a movement with enough support to get the UN to approve this. You need enough volksgenote voting in favor of this.

      Most of the people dont want to give up their homes and jobs and relocate to a new place. We are scattered around the country and to tell you the truth people would much rather have a braai with the rugby this weekend after a swim in the pool. That is our problem.

      What the people dont know is that we can get self determination without moving immediately but we need to follow the correct channels. You will find the path to do this on the Front Nsionaal site.

      The problem however is that many white Afrikaners do not want to be associated with the concept of self determination because they are still to liberal and view it as racist

    5. Anonymous3:58 am

      Donycero 12:10

      There already is an influx of people moving to the Western Cape and a propety boom. The roads have become very congested because of all the new middle-class security complexes, so it seems a lot of people are moving to the Western Cape.

      Whether they are mostly white, I'm not sure, but I have met a lot of white people originally from other parts of the country who never want to go back.

    6. @ Donycero

      It's true, people are in a comfort zone. It will soon change though. Even those liberal types will wake up, let's just hope Front Nasionaal can garner enough support before it's too late

  24. This is disgrace....black people are insanely brainwashed to see through anc's bullshit. Our opposition organisations are not strong enough to take anc on! Having lived pre and post 94, I cant help calling for apartheid to come back, 2019 and 2024 are like a century away.....

    1. Anonymous9:50 am

      We only had apartheid in order to keep you blacks from killing each other by creating multiple sovereignties.

      If we wanted a system to kill all of you off, we would not have had apartheid, we would have joined with the Bilderberg group and the New World Order (like the Australians, canadians, and the Americans did) and participated in the Eugenics program that is designed to reduce the 3rd world population.

      Why do you think that SA is only country where whites fled to and did NOT wipe out the indigenous population? You think it is because you are tough? ROFLMAO...

      It is because we whites respected soveregnties, including black sovereignty whereas the NWO wants to erase sovereignties. The NWO found a useful idiot in the form of the black man.

      Why do you think Goodwill Zwelethini praised apartheid last year? It was because the white apartheid system respected black Zulu sovereignty

      You blacks will lose your sovereignty to the white elitists in the NWO. The same white elitists that the Boer battled against circa 1899-1902

      Stuff you and your NWO ass licking kind

    2. Exactly. The Boers were a bit shortsighted. If they allied with Rhodes and Milner, Africa would have been White today from the Cape to Cairo. That is why These NWO guys hate the Boers till this day. They stood in the way of THE PLAN.

      But it is not too late. We can have another go at it. Let's ask George Soros for help and reduce the African Population from 1.1 Billion to 5 Million in two weeks. Mr. Soros, Mr. Rothchild...if you are reading this. I am your man. Give me some money and some weapons and I'll gladly do the Job for you.

    3. Anonymous11:12 am

      Yup the boers stood in the way. Sad but true there are exceptions but generally I find the boers stubborn
      Immature no political savvy and not too good at debates especially in Engels. And many are backstabbing bastards and veraaiers. Doff.

    4. Anonymous8:15 pm

      @Anon 11:12 AM

      Stop sowing division amongst whites. If you dont't have something constructive to say, kindly keep your fucking flap shut.

  25. Anonymous11:30 pm

    The current spate of protests at South Africa’s university campuses was not a genuine student revolt, but a “largely artificial” movement fomented to destabilise the country, Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder claimed in a parliamentary debate on Tuesday. He said it was whipped up by the “likes of the EFF to create a revolutionary climate” in the country.


  26. Monkeys fighting again in the legislature:


  27. Anonymous6:11 am


    The signs Siener spoke of where we know we will be close to the end.

    He said watch parliament, it will be in session and that is where the problems start.

    We can see since the EFF were allowed in parliament it has virtually collapsed and now we are back debating 1994/Apartheid/colonialism


    Here is the start of it all - from here it goes South fast.

  28. Anonymous9:43 am

    If George Soros and the NWO want Zuma out then we must support Zuma and keep him in. The NWO is far more evil than the ANC

    The ANC steals your:

    The NWO steals your:
    immune system

    1. Bible People will differ with you. The longer you postpone the NWO takeover of the world the longer you postpone the second coming of the Messiah and the defeat of the anti-Christ. So the NWO is actually rushing towards the Satanic control of the world, but at the same time on the side of the Christians, because then their saviour will come quicker. Which means you should support George Soros and kick Zuma out.

      Personally I don't care...Just get that idiot of the Presidency.

    2. Anonymous10:50 am


      NWO ends with the miracle that will occur here in South Africa. All their plans come to an end.

      They will not succeed.

      Through the Afrikaner nation which before their inception, they were chosen for these final moments. Not for South Africa but for the world to see the Lord work through his people - still when I compare this nation to many nations, with all their faults they are a very Godly nation.

      The Afrikaner nation, through their covenant - you will see what happens when these nations try put out their light.

      If the British Elite/Empire (dont confuse the British citizen with those who exert power) could not succeed - sure they MURDERED our women + children 36,000+ (May God bless their souls) with their 800,000,000 - 1,000,000 soldiers, with their war costs of £250,000,000 back then, which is more like £25-£35 billion, more than most wars in the 20th century.

      If this nation will simply unite, simple come together as ONE nation before the Lord and prayer, May the Lord have mercy on our enemy because you will see the heavens open - we, little nation do not and have never fought alone.

      Your former presidents may have lied to you, your former soldiers may have deserted you, your neighbor might have moved over seas, your friend may have moved away but let me tell you the Lord never ever forgets a covenant.

      Join me in prayer every night for this nation and its salvation and restoration.

      Most importantly forgive this enemy, he is being controlled and only thinks he knows what he does, may the Lord be with him that day when the nation come together - the earth will quake.

    3. Anonymous11:48 am

      A snake has got a forked tongue Mike and that Malema son of Satan is just as corrupt and just as evil and deadly as Zuma. They have raped the minds of their ignorant followers and the spawn of their seed is still forthcoming. They will also have to be totally destroyed and the sooner the better.

    4. Anonymous12:07 pm

      To:Anonymous9:43 AM
      Open your minds eye wider and you will see that the ANC have also got exactly the same amount of evils all hidden in there. However George Soros is another evil jerk and he will not be receiving any support from me.

    5. Anonymous12:26 pm

      Anonymous9:43 AM
      There is no difference between them mate the ANC black on white genocide includes all of the evils you mentioned.

    6. Anonymous1:05 pm


      @Anonymous11:48 AM

      Now slither away slowly....

      Now how did you arrive here old wise one?

      If you dont like what we say, go hold hands and sing kumbaya with that rainbow nation scarf around your neck.

      Make sure you carry some condoms for when they want to rape you.

    7. Ninja - I refer to "your soldiers might have deserted you". I don't think our / we soldiers deserted anyone the soldiers were deserted by our politicians? Remember Willem Ratte's gift of 30 pieces of silver to de Klerk?

    8. It might refer to Adriian Vlok, who used to helicopter around the operational area at Christmas telling the troops what a good job they were doing and bringing them his personal "Thanks".
      Now he's washing feet...

  29. Anonymous10:51 am

    Madagascar would make the ideal white country in Africa. Whites could start mass immigration and soon take over much like the blacks did to SA. There's 23 million people currently there but they could be financially incentivized to relocate to Mozambique as 90% of them live on $2/day. The peaceful Christian ones could stay on to work and prosper. Excellent farming, sunlight, plenty of fresh water, sea ports and would soon become a major tourist destination once the whites took over. The best part is the minimum 200 miles of ocean separating the productive from the black locusts. One can dream.

    1. Anonymous1:03 pm


      @Anonymous10:51 AM

      I thought about this the other.

      Too close to these things, they will quickly learn to swim when the farms run out...

      No like I say, give it time phase 4 is the only option.

    2. Anonymous9:41 pm

      Ja if South africa was an Island just like Madagascar or kiwi land it would be very prosperous to day the blacks would have been pushed out long ago.I mean how does NZ do well in these times we all know that the whites are still in the majority over there but for how long before the China man fucks it up for them.Look at China its very prosperous but would you want to live there.I for one do not want to set foot in these bloody Asian countries no matter how good they look.Why do these Chinks allways immigrate to white countries or western countries.Do you see us whites doing the same no you do not.

  30. Anonymous11:07 am

    Excellent comments everyone, except you blacks...I do not read your 67 IQ shat.

  31. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Anonymous10:51 AM
    Good idea mate and if they started any more shit with us after we moved we could zap them with the greatest of ease. There is only one problem with your idea though who is really going to take over here ... The black Zots ... or Russia/China?

  32. Anonymous9:50 pm




    South Africa is ready now for its spring - the writing is on the wall.


    How the world is turning.

    What will be left in SA in 20 years I dont know but I sure as hell know Zuma will be taking cold showers either in prison or when the rain is running down his tomb stone.

  33. Anonymous11:26 pm

    There is only one major problem with Christianity today and that is that it also protects the unrighteous as well as the righteous folks. Sinners are offered grace and mercy while the righteous are continually told to forgive and offer up their lives in sacrifice to God. The bad folks play on that and even get away with murder (80,000+so far). I am a realist and believe wholeheartedly in righteousness but if you cross the line of separation between good and bad then it's an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

    1. Our God is a righteous God who hates the unrighteous. He HATES them, so why shouldn't I? I am increasingly becoming sceptical of "Christianity" as currently interpreted: liberal forgive them love them help them crap. I help my own, love my own, and forgive my own, but only because I was helped, loved and forgiven. In the end, I don't have the answers except the one where my friend asked God why he doesn't intervene already and his response was, because he knows the outcome. As a (reformed) Amillenialist, that is my only hope at this stage.

  34. Not only Siener prophesied what is going to happen:

    1. Anonymous4:24 am

      @Tomkat's Tribulations12:32 AM

      This one makes for a scary horror scene but I believe it.

      Why wouldnt it take place?

      What baffles me and is going to disturb whites for centuries here in South Africa is not that this will happen, it will be that whites knowing deep down this would happen simply handed over their country knowing it would happen.

      That is what still makes me shudder. To think that the whites lived on hope handing over. Still baffles the shit out of me why whites did not negotiate the western cape as part of the negotiations.

      It could have been negotiated but all left to luck.

      Time is now ticking and they are living on hope fumes.

    2. Anonymous4:41 am

      @Tomkat, check the list of links towards the top. About 10 or more saw this. Not only Siener.

    3. Ninja, my bru, because we were bullshitted [myself included]. As I said the soldiers were betrayed by the policticians, and in the end the whole goddamn country was. You know I read a book once [yes, seriously, I did!] about a war between NATO and the USSR [very prophetic for these times?]. In the end, the two opposing commanders shake hands and the one say to the other, "It is not we soldiers who make war. It is the politicians. We soldiers make peace." So true?
      Well, "us soldiers" are going to have to make peace again for the war these fucking kaffir politicians are inspiring. So the start of hostilities is the beginning of the peace, that's all. And we will ensure that this time the peace lasts for ever. No fucking libtards allowed.

    4. Anonymous6:06 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations5:54 AM

      I agree

      To be honest, Mike may not agree with me but from my own research I dont believe communists in the sense of Russia were ever really behind the decolonization of Africa.

      Its was the yanks, they funded the rebels, used Russia arms paid for with American dollars to supply Africa to bring them under control.

      We were the last to go without a colonial power, which is why it went more smoothly.

      We had the Boer war still fresh in our minds. Thank God! But I dont believe communism this or that, same side set up two different fighters paid by the same money/currency.

      I red CIA/FBI was setup with many from the SS in Germany - Perhaps the communists during WW2 did win, perhaps our free western society actually lost the war and its all been an illusion.

      Fuck knows, the more they confuse, the more war they can make and then soon Reptilians will jump down from the heavens and turn us into them as well.

      Where is David Icke when you need him, he can make sense of this all ;)

  35. Anonymous2:36 am

    Black men Built NOTHING period.

  36. Anonymous9:03 am

    BOOM > BUST > WAR > RESET > BOOM > BUST > WAR > RESET > BOOM > BUST > WAR > RESET. With each cycle the international powers that be get richer and consolidate more power, Mr Soros role is simply "The Wrecking Ball" sent in to destroy small economies when they don't submit to conditions.

    1. Anonymous11:41 am

      True True

  37. "You will have to kick the goddamn door down. You will have to climb onto their chests with a baseball bat and MAKE them listen and at the same time be able to role with a few blows yourself."
    Gordon Liddy, in his highly readable book Will, made the point that if your response to provocation is wildly disproportionate and unpredictable, no one will fuck with you. Yep. This is why reporters are afraid of Moslems, and governments are afraid of blacks. Journalists know that Moslems will not hesitate to kill them and their families if they criticize what's-his-name, and governments know that blacks will burn whole cities if provoked. Both groups get their way.
    To put that into practice the next time a white farmer is murdered whites should simply march to Parliament and burn the place down or set fire to Zuma's residence or kill black parliamentarians, they will get the message real quick.

    1. Anonymous4:27 am


      rivoniaboy 2:13 AM

      I like your post very much and also agree. I think we must start to put our decency aside and start acting pro-actively in these situations.

      Ons volk is te skaam, ordentlik, verdraagsaam en beskeie, goed opgevoed (daar is niks fout met hierdie eienskappe nie, dis eintlik eie aan ons), ons moet net leer om amok te begin maak in die publiek, sonder om om te gee wat wie ookal van ons dink. Ons sal dit móét begin doen terwille van ons toekoms. Ons volk is nie vernielsugtig en aggressief nie, maar ek het óók die vermoë om petrolbomme te begin gooi en ander dinge te begin doen.

      We must start to make our presence clear!