14 March 2016

The Massive Melbourne Chimpout

By Mike Smith

14th of March 2016

Ahh yes. Cultural enrichment. Australian Anti-Apartheid demonstrations coming home to roost. When our blacks were running amok and planting bombs in shopping centres and restaurants, Australians were telling us that WE were wrong. They already have their Abbos on reserves, but had a lot to say about our Bantustans. They will still be begging us to show them how to introduce Apartheid. Watch.

The armed Sudanese Islamist gang “Apex” went on a riot and punched people and destroyed cars and property on and arround Federation Sqaure. Police said that earlier reports about a rival gang were false. It was just the one gang.

I just always ask myself, “Why does Australia make it so difficult for white South Africans to emigrate there, but so easy for these militant black Sudanese Islamists?”

Violent black gang in massive Melbourne chimpout


  1. Anonymous4:36 am

    Haha gotta love multiculturism. Vaalpens

  2. Britain's case, they feel sorry for them and see them as "poor" refuges, only to find these refuges are indeed insurgents. How I wish we, in SA, have a very strong immigration policies that prevents refuges. Look now, foreigners make 2/3 of our population we are heading to 100 million.

    1. Anonymous5:19 am

      Thanks to your god mandela

    2. Anonymous10:50 am

      Actually it was Mbeki the globalist Shill that opened the borders with SADC

    3. Anonymous2:54 pm

      WE kaffir? We? You are nothing of us, you are not one of us, you will never be one of us. Fuck off ape!

  3. Anonymous5:07 am

    The only things that these apes can do( and it is anywhere in the world) is always burning, breaking, raping and killing.

  4. Anonymous5:15 am

    The global elite's foundation motto for their global rule agenda is 'order out of chaos'. Their plan can not be pursued until the world is in total chaos. Then the masses will be crying out for their global government with all the entrapments of dictatorial ruler-ship - a global police state.
    This is why their is a global war against whites. Because history has shown the whites to be a formidable force that will not be easily dictated to or controlled. White power bases (western white dominated countries) need to destroyed.

    This will happen after much resistance. The Elite will have their day - Babylon will rise again, but only for a very short time until the patience of the Almighty runs out.

    And we can all shout with the Messenger:

    'Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.' Rev 14:8

    1. Anonymous10:52 am

      We already figured this out dude. This is the real reason why they attacked apartheid. Because Apartheid was a society that created borders and created multiple sovereignties as opposed to the globalists that want the opposite.

    2. Anonymous12:19 pm

      @anon 10.52
      well I am over the moon for you then dude - that you get it. But many readers don't and therefore the comment is for them. People need to understand the extent of their enemy. Doos.

    3. Anonymous6:12 pm

      You reckon these New World Order, globalist sycophants are aliens? Or some sort of alien-human hybrids? it must be the case, because I'm not really sure who it is you are actually blaming.

      Could it not just be down to the natural changes in the global socioeconomic landscape coupled with a growing sense of white-guilt brought on by our past successes and mental superiority? Could greedy politicians and the outclassed brown people not just be using our own civility against us to try and get ahead? Why read more into it than that?

    4. Anonymous2:41 am

      @anon 6:12
      there is an old saying'ignorance is bliss'. This is very true. There are many things that I wish I did not know. You go and gooi another wors on the braai and pour yourself another klippies and relax on your stoep. Life is great in bliss.

  5. Anonymous5:25 am

    Welcome to the communist supporters club Ozzies and don't forget to kiss the rioters arseholes with your great compassion and gratitude before your country goes belly up and your white folks all go under. IT IS NOW YOUR TURN FOR YOU "DUMB COMMUNIST LOVING IDIOTS" TO SUFFER THE CONSAQUENCES OF YOUR BETRAYAL TO WHITE SA! THERE WON'T BE ANY STABILITY LEFT IN THE LAND OF OZ NOW AND FROM HERE ON FURTHER IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE! SO HOLD TIGHT YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

  6. Anonymous5:30 am

    Good day Mates , would you not want any of our Black Guys Mate , we got Professional Poo flingers ,Looters , Burners , Breeders, Haters, Civil Society Destroyers, Mate we got em all , at your service ready to do what they know best. Hell we got Millions of them come see what they are able of , no charge mate !

    1. Anonymous7:07 am

      Another Thing that we have Mates are WORLD Record Breaking Murder rates and unlimited Rapes .

  7. I ask myself, why do I enjoy reading this?

    Chickens? Home? Roost?

    How sad.


  8. Anonymous6:04 am

    KRY VIR JULLE, and the British must let the winds of change blow more of them across the English Channel, bastards

    1. Anonymous7:31 am

      Anonymous6:04 AM
      Hulle is alreeds daar my maat! (In Full Force)en hulle wag net vir die regte tyd en daarna gaan die kak volop begin spat.

  9. Anonymous7:06 am


    Yip, kry maar vir julle!

    Let's put a schrimp on the barbie mate, dan kan ons lekker dik stukke oor die kaffers vir julle vertel!

  10. Stupidity has no limits. Savages and idiots, what a great combination.

  11. Anonymous7:36 am

    Doz dis mene weez can frow bricks at dere afletes?

  12. Consider that a lot of Ozzies are rather rather conservative with a sprinkling of "fair dinkum ". The left wing noise generally is produced by a minority. Just like in Europe. The Ozzies are light years ahead of protecting their borders compared to South Africa and Europe. They also are able to deal with the minor dark rubble a left wing government sadly allowed in.

    1. Anonymous5:31 pm

      In the not too distant past we in south africa also knew how to protect our borders from the hordes but thanks to liberal western governments for example aus who said to us it was wrong and we had to change or else. The canary in the coal mine has been dead for a long time, too late, now their turn.

  13. once again, the world has to face the barbarism of the unfetterd naledi in its element. Hopefully, history will record that there was once a subspecies that acted like kaffers, but were wiped out early in the 21st century.

  14. Seattle10:58 am

    I wish more whites here understood what happened to Rhodesia and South Africa as they wouldn't be so nonchalant about letting in the hordes of smiling locusts "just looking for a better life."

    Off topic: South Africa is a new interest of mine but I'm having a difficult time locating an uncensored news source or forum that allows discussion of daily breaking news, crime, farm attacks etc. Everything seems censored to the point I think there must be a law that prevents News24, for instance, from showing crime pictures or describing wanted criminals by race. A brutal quadruple murder at a farm and the story is half way down the page for one day only with no pictures, no family background and no discussion allowed.

    1. Stay on this site will post links. They are not just hiding the news from you but us whites here too.

    2. Anonymous1:32 pm

      No mate. There is no law preventing News24 from reporting facts. They do it by choice, because they are owned and controlled by the libtards.

      They deliberately distort events, when they cannot hide it. Just recently a whole family has been viciously murdered and a young girl of 9 raped and then had her neck broken.

      News24 and it’s affilates, the Beeld newspaper, blamed it on a wage issue and racist remark from the white guy, which is total bulshit. No of the wages where stolen.

    3. PreatorianXVI5:50 pm

      Don't bother with the official news sources, Stay with Mike and you will get all you need, read Pandora's Apartheid Box, it will explain a lot if you need background on South Africa.

      Lots of readers will post links to other useful sites.



  15. Anonymous11:22 am

    ZIPF9:39 AM
    You don't say hey? Well then I am sure they know how to handle it then.

  16. Anonymous11:35 am

    Hi , your time has come , lets see how you are going to handle what we had to do many years ago , and guess what , all this has happened here with your support to the poor commies (disguised in black poor ppl)be strong , it will only get worse .

  17. I find it being "narrow-minded" to arbitrary similarise ALL blacks to other blacks (who kill, rape, steal and fraud) that is done by some detestation-filled whites. First of all, I'm not politically affiliated to any organisation and I despise anc and zuma and politics as whole. I have news for you, NOT all blacks are barbaric, lazy, corrupt and uncivilised, certainly not. I'm the living example, ironically I was raised by a grandmom who for many years worked for an Afrikaaner farmer, Oosthuisen family till she died. I know boeres very well and their psyche, it was politics that made some despise black people, all in all it is unfair to anachronistically hate all (even innocent) blacks who respects white people. Our main challenge is to fight for our country's dignity....not futile hatred generalised at all blacks who ironically detest anc or zuma!

    1. Anonymous1:32 am

      Mfanafuthi Mbatha1:12 PM
      You have made a good point but unfortunately you blacks haven't proved it. Get rid of the black racist scum in power and only after that we can all talk some productive and positive political business.

    2. Anonymous5:31 am

      Anonymous1:32 AM
      Make sure that you are fully armed Anon and remember what happened to Piet Retief and his men at the last "peaceful pow wow" that the murderous Zulu namely Dingaan arranged for them. Remember also that since 1994 there are 80,000 plus innocent whites who are also now dead. The weren't politicians either but they paid the ultimate price for trusting the wrong people.

    3. Anonymous2:51 pm

      Kaffir, we don't believe a single word coming from you, we have seen with our own eyes the caliber and savage we are dealing with. You approach me kaffir and you will die.

    4. Anonymous11:03 pm

      Some 90%~ of blacks voted for communist parties in the last election

      Most whites voted for the DA

      Most white south africans who read this blog did not vote for the DA however so I don't know what you expect to accomplish

  18. Anonymous2:22 pm

    "It is beyond me that people can set out to cause this sort of trouble."
    No shit you fat Ausie fuck, not used to boons are you? How's a gun free Australia working out for you?


  19. @ Anon 11:35
    Are you referring with : what we had to do many years ago to the Yes / No vote of 1992 ? Two thirds of the whites scoring serious own goals ? And yes - you are right. I and my family still have to handle the fall out of this referendum and subsequent cave in of NAT politicians every day.

  20. These are the statistics of Africans in Australia during the 2006 census. Currently there are some 176 000 people born in South Africa living in Australia
    Major countries of birth of African immigrants to Australia (2006 Census)



    Main city and proportion who live there

    South Africa 104,128 Sydney (27.3%)
    Egypt 33,497 Sydney (48.5%)
    Zimbabwe 20,157 Perth (24.7%)
    Sudan 19,049 Melbourne (31.0%)
    Mauritius 18,175 Melbourne (48.6%)
    Kenya 9,940 Perth (26.9%)
    Ethiopia 5,633 Melbourne (53.9%)
    Somalia 4,316 Melbourne (60.1%)
    Zambia 4,082 Perth (30.7%)
    Ghana 2,771 Sydney (51.0%)

  21. Anonymous2:17 am


    @ John Andrew Bothma

    Wow, they are still lucky to have so few, wait till they start breeding.

  22. Anonymous11:00 pm

    The funny part is that black Africans are only 1% of Australia's population yet they still manage to cause so much trouble.