25 March 2016

The Butcher of Marikana and his anti-white hate-speech

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2016

According to billionaire Cyril Ramaphosa aka “The Butcher of Marikana” Whites have owned the South African economy for far too long

He promised black business that government will spend R24billion on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in the coming years. He also admitted that “the government is obsessed, hell bent and fanatical about it”.

This is what he said:

“For far too long this economy has been owned and controlled by white people. That must come to end. For far too long, this economy has been managed by white people. That must come to an end. Those who don’t like this idea - tough for you. That is how we are proceeding,” he said.

Now to put it into perspective, just replace “white people” above with “Jews” and it will sound like a black Hitler speaking.

It is blatant hate speech against an already oppressed white minority who make up 9% of the country.

Ramaphosa's uppity slaves shot dead by his goons
According to Forbes, Ramaphosa is worth $US 675 million. Before 1994 he was a poor trade unionist. How did he get all that money? How did his brother-in-law Patrice Motsepe and friend Tokyo Sexwale become billionaires overnight?

They did not work hard for it likeHerman Mashaba who owns “Black like me” who became rich during Apartheid selling products like hair straightener and skin creams to make blacks look more like whites. Mashaba, who admitted that he hated whites and were deeply suspicious of them, started his business together with a white Afrikaner pharmacist Johann Kriel who came up with a perm lotion that substantially reduced the normal production time which meant they could produce quality hair products in a factory 20 times smaller than the opposition.

No Ramaphosa, Motsepe, Sexwale and others were given shares and directorships by traditionally white companies.

You can read the shocking truth and origins of BEE here: Fools Gold. The story of BEE

None of these blacks have grown rich by creating entirely new businesses. All they did was steal and take over businesses started by whites through legalized theft backed by the Employment Equity Act of 1998 and the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment “BBBEE” act of 2003.

"See? These hands are clean"
Ramaphosa, a Champagne Communist, sits on boards of Coca Cola, SAB Miller, Bidvest, Standard Bank, Mondi, MTN, many more and of course…Lonmin, the owners of the Marikana mine where he ordered the police to slaughter 34 miners who complained about the $300 a month slave wage they earn.

BEE and BBBEE has nothing to do with empowering blacks. It is all about disempowering whites. People like Ramaphosa are not scared of the rightwing. Ramaphosa knows that there are still a few companies owned by whites and there are still a few white businessmen and billionaires with enough clout like Johann Rupert who could raise a counter revolution against the ANC. This is what they are scared of.

That is why the ANC regime is so obsessed, hell bent and fanatical about BBBEE.

Heaven help us when this guy ever becomes president.


  1. Mike the way things are moving there will be 1 to 2 white kids entering the workplace out of every 100 around 2030.Whiteskins are withering away. Secondly what you looking at is the future its just not widely dispersed yet.Its the frog syndrome but will accelerate just like Moores Law . Proelio Procusi-32

    1. Anonymous12:46 pm

      Kevin Johnson10:06 AM
      Mike the way things are moving there will be 1 to 2 white kids entering the workplace out of every 100. Sorry mate with very highly qualified white people at present walking the streets in search of jobs your future estimates are already with us. The blacks are using every evil racist trick in the communist's book to get the whites out of S. Africa. Its a blatant ANC racist statement of get out now whites or die in the gutters of poverty and starvation. Mugabe used exactly the same tactics in Zimbabwe.

    2. irmão aplausos ;-)

  2. Anonymous10:19 am

    Hoe platter en dikker die neus, hoe dommer en wreder word n houtkop. Wat a blerry cheek het die een ook, nadat hy homself al die jare dik gesteel het! Fokken tor in die kop het nou eers weer omgeslaan,en daar is geen einde aan die Boerehaat en witmens bashing nie. Maar hulle dag sal kom!

  3. Anonymous11:30 am

    IF he becomes president. I have my doubts about another succession. The country is bankrupt, IMF time.

  4. Same old same old, eternal black victimhood and eternal evil white male patriarchy.

    It's what the black masses want to hear, far better than accepting they are simply stupid baboons. In a normal world they will always we the slaves and in a perfect world they will be eradicated...

  5. Anonymous12:16 pm


    Election time - Election time = white bashing.

    Its good, they can show us how they run their businesses. Let them run it like their farms.

    I think its good, for far too long whites have had to maintain South Africa. We did it without a helping hand and got off our asses.

    Let them do it.

    Tribal shit/political shit is coming one way or another.

    They never had their day in the Rivonia trial, they will have their day against a wall someday.

    @Kevin Johnson10:06 AM

    At this rate there will be no economy by 2030 nor even a South Africa, by 2030 with these current conditions their population will have shrunk by about 10-15% - Im not sure what they are going to eat with farms scorched by the Sun & a weak Rand.

    There will be no econmy. The reason they want to invest so much here in SA is because no one will accept their Rands overseas - they have to put it somewhere and steal as much as they can before the currency is devalued like the Zim Dollar.

    Without the white mans economy they would still be living in mud huts and would be swapping goats for chickens like barbarians.

    Leave them, everything they touch is a total stuff up.

    I enjoy watching them, they take farms and they fail. They touch electricity companies and we have a shortage of electricity, telephones and we have an issue, they touch an airways we have an issue, let them try factories - not sure who will work in them and make them productive.

    Their own people will still turn on them - you will see.

  6. Anonymous12:20 pm

    This greedy coon's ass will still be handed over to him on a platter, despicable vile creatures that are not even human, parasites at its best, never created anything, never assited or did something kind to alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings, lower than shark shit on the sea bottom!

  7. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Hasn’t that black ignorant Ramaphosa kaffir got enough stolen money in the bank and former white businesses in his possession yet? It doesn’t appear to be that way at all and it proves that he is just another ignorant greedy black kaffir using his position in the ANC government to totally destroy the last surviving and productive white owned businesses in the country. I bet you his ignorant unqualified cronies will be more than happy to have a job when he gets his wheel of total black destruction of white owned businesses rolling. Foreign investment will take the best offers on hand and immediately pack up and go. Thereafter another lame black duck will take its place on the ANC’s list of their multibillions of disastrous racist inspired failures.

  8. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Thanks Mike for this Article , it gave me great insight as to who and what this Rama is all about.

  9. I for one believe that the phoenix can only rise from the ashes, so the sooner the better...even better, vote juju in as nambah whan...that will accelerate the process massively.

  10. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Judging by the very clear vocal opposition by SA business and Johann Rupert, counter-revolution might have already begun.

    Which is as you say, is probably the reason for the stepping up of white hatred, following the same model as Mugabe's last ditch effort to hold onto to power when it was clear it was going to be over for him.

  11. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Johann Rupert visited his Rothchild family and they advised him how to stir the shit on the political and economical front.

  12. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Now to put it into perspective, just replace “white people” above with “Jews” and it will sound like a black Hitler speaking.

    --- I saw what you did there.

  13. Anonymous12:14 am

    In other words 24 Billion Rand will be syphoned off into my buddies accounts without a trace - when questioned upon the whereabouts of this missing money, blame the whites.

    They always tell us that blacks are so poor blah blah and whites own the economy and have all the top jobs.

    Look at the facts:
    Some small rural Eastern Cape towns sit with unemployment up to 90%. The problem is that 90% is busy breeding as many kids as possible to secure the child grant. They then steal the money and get pissed. Kids don't finish school as they are pregnant. Basically the darkies are creating hell for themselves. Breeding more unemployment and un educated kids. Majority of them are unemployable, (Had 8 different workers in the last 8 months) Lets be honest they have fuck all chance of success in life, self inflicted misery.

    The other fact: Whites have all the top jobs (Like Zumas lawyer)
    We have an estimated 3.5 million whites. There must be an X amount that is retired, X amount that are in school, university etc... X amount are unemployed, X amount are homeless, X amount work for themselves and X amount work overseas and up in Africa. How many whites are left to have all these top jobs? Bullshit blacks are working everywhere. The other thing is the more the ANC fucks things up they are actually creating opportunities that whites see the need for services. A fine example is Eskom, many people have started solar / green companies to fill the void they created, another one is the post office look how many post nets are around now.

    Now here is the best advice for Africa in general: You can throw as much money as you want at Africa it wont solve anything, what is needed is an attitude change.

    A quote from Captain Jack Sparrow;

    "The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem"

    1. Anon 12:14 :
      "The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem"

      It is really all about your attitude - if you see it as an opportunity you are halfway to the solution already. I see great opportunities lying ahead of us all. It is only a matter of grabbing them at the right time.

  14. Anonymous1:38 am

    @ Anon 12:14 AM
    I went to buy some Craft Beer at Makro the other day, as they have quite a nice selection. When I got to the counter, there was a black woman counting off R70 000 in cash for liquor she bought for her shebeen. The person at the till told me she buys every week.
    So if she makes 20% on sales, she is getting about R14 000 a week, cash. Sure, she pays the VAT when she buys, but then pockets the sales, and never pays income tax.
    And the money she makes here, goes to her family in central Africa.
    It will be interesting to know how much of our money goes into Africa every month. These people don't employ locals, or invest in bigger businesses, they just rake in as much as possible and send back home.
    Nope, the black people here can starve. I don't give a chit. They got all the opportunity, yet they still rely on taking more from the whites.


    1. Anonymous11:24 am

      If you look at the average IQ's then you can see that the the countries across the border are brighter than the local blacks. South African blacks are just arrogant as they think they built South Africa and not the white man.

  15. Anonymous2:34 am

    Anon@12.14am. Comment of the week. Mike should take your comment and frame it.

    1. Anonymous6:28 am

      @ Noddy & Anon 2:34

      Noddy, the darkies have loads of cash, furthermore as you say the opportunities. Ignorance is bliss.

      @ Anon 2:34
      Thanks, Im sure Mike would need a huge wall to frame all the great comments here.

      Keep the truth coming guys

  16. Anonymous7:01 am

    What Ramaphosa actually means is that the thieving ANC kaffirs haven’t managed to gain access and steal all of the money in the country yet. Fuck the country and the people it’s of no concern to them so it and they can go to hell without a care. As long as the ANC can gain access to the money they will steal it including the very last cent of it. Such is the huge scale of black greed that has erupted under the so-called ANC democratic rule and racist laws that are blatantly enforced within this almost dead country.

  17. Anonymous7:23 am


    Oh Mike, I am so behind on reading all of your posts. Will see that I do catch up this weekend. I feel left behind already. Cannot happen in future again!

    1. CWG, I was wondering where you'd got to. Welcome back.

  18. Anonymous9:50 am


  19. Unless this is some very well orchestrated smokescreen this Houtkop just fu*ked himself bigtime.

    The 'Super Boere' are going to grill him. Rupert and Oppenheimers own 50 times more than what Cyril and all his cronies put together own + the Boere have European Royalty backing..

    The same group is gonna gun it for the Guptas as well. Cyril is out of his depth here, so also his buddies, Motshepe & Sexwale.

    To me it looks like he made a call to grab SA for himself and Co. and stuff the real people in charge..

    His a sly piece of shit this Kaffir. Watch out..

    1. Anonymous11:26 am

      Spot on. This is why they have started looking East. The problem is the Chinese want it all and they dont want blacks with it. China in my view wants the land and its resources as China is running out of food as they fucked up their own soil. The Rupert and Oppenheimers are going to fuck them solid.

  20. Anonymous10:18 am

    Ai tog, did someone mention 9% Whites against the moerse klomp Kaffers in a post ???. To my mind once again, they are really scared, shit scared of us handful Whites.
    Someone also said, x% in school, x% retired, x% in White Squatter camps, oh and x% liberals .... I love a fair fight.

    Stop asking why, be ready.

    Kilo Juliet , I read you 5/5


  21. Anonymous4:26 pm

    some blacks can see through the bull:

  22. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Rama-Poser has basically declared war on big business with his recent statements. What I don't get though is that he enjoys directorship on many big 'white owned'corporate boards along side many whities. How does he face them after making such aggressive statements that challenge their very own business development. I know that his comments are politically motivated but I can not get my mind around how stupid and short sighted this tactic of ruining white business is. Surely he is not this dumb. What is the bigger picture then?? total SA destruction to coincide with other globalist plans? because destroying white business will bring about total destruction of the SA economy, and even he must know this. So what's the game?

  23. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Anonymous12:42 PM
    Sorry mate I don't want to take that chance because as evil and as rotten as the ANC is now the EFF will be a million plus worse. Even if we do manage to repossess the country the blacks will again deploy and repeat every cunning method that they can to again repossess and destroy it. The very same old kaffir commie bullshit will just start all over again. Therefore It will have to be “tit for tat” and the very same genocide operation that they have ruthlessly and mercilessly launched upon the whites must therefore also be launched upon the blacks in return and in the very same manner. Ultimately there is no other alternate or viable solution but to totally eradicate them and remove them permanently from the face of this earth forever.

    1. Anonymous2:49 am

      I am sorry my friend but you have become so engrossed in the 'movie' plot that you don't see reality any more. Thinking of destroying the blacks and returning to white domination is the ending for stories like 'lord of the rings' not reality. Get with the bigger agenda.

  24. Anonymous1:12 am

    Who gives a fuck what this lying fat slob kaffir spews. More election shit coming out of his mouth, right on queue, as usual. Sick fucks.

  25. get out or get armed.Many a great nation spilt blood for peace.When a dirty kaffir talks about taking away wealth from whites....It is a lie.This loser black thief wants to steal more and kill more.Rermember...Head shot.

  26. Anonymous11:39 pm

    settle down chaps. You all getting your knickers in a knot. Have you learnt nothing in the last 20 years. What politicians say in election times and what they actually intend to do is rarely the same thing. Cyril is just saying to a certain group of people what they want to hear. Next week he'll be speaking to a group of white businessmen and he'll tell them exactly what they want to hear. ANC politicians have been doing this for 20 years. Cyril has been in business long enough to know exactly on what side his bread is buttered. If you don't believe me ask any of his white staff members, who coincidentally, are not a minority in his top management.

  27. Anonymous5:23 am

    Mike what does it help when we say "you see years ago we told you so, we were right" I remember stupid idiot whites said Ramaphosa is clever and educated and speaks well, he will make a great president. Fuck o said that man is a dirt fucking lying and dangerous kaffir. Be careful what you wish for. I rest my case. He'll most whiteys are fucking ignorant and dumb.

  28. Sarel Rama Poser despite being the son of a Venda Policeman was born a kaffir and will die a kaffir