22 March 2016

Saturn pays Helen Suzman a visit

By Mike Smith

22 of March 2016

The French journalist Jacques Mallet du Pan once said, "A l'exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants" (Like Saturn, the revolution devours its own children).

Du Pan was obviously referring to the Greek Titan Cronus (Roman: Saturn) who overthrew his own father and feared that his children might overthrow him so he devoured them one after the other.

Therefore it is not really ironic to see the liberals who supported and assisted the ANC to overthrow Apartheid to be devoured by their very own creation today.

Comes to mind the likes of Max du Preez, Helen Zille and Allister Sparks being called racists by their darling ANC.

Another one is that LWB Helen Suzman who worshipped Mandela and frequently visited him in prison. She was by his side the day he signed the new SA constitution in 1996. It must have been the highlight of her miserable life.

For 36 years she tirelessly used her tactics of Marxist Critical Theory in the SA parliament where according to her, the white NP did everything wrong and the angelic black terrorists in the ANC did everything right.

Whenever the NP did something good to the blacks, built them schools, hospitals, houses, etc it was never enough. They should do more. Should do better. On and on this witch dug at the NP.

How they could never see through her tactics is beyond my comprehension. They must have been complete political dunces and judging from their eventual capitulation to the ANC, I am sure they were. They should have silenced her a long time ago.

Instead they tapped her phone. Her answer was to blow a Rugby whistle into the phone every time she answered.

However Helen Suzman’s love affair with the ANC started to crumble when her beloved Mandela praised Muammar Qaddafi who was almost Hitlerian in his anti-semitism and once called on the Arab world to wage continuous war on Israel. Of course Suzman was originally a Lithuanian Jew.

The ANC and the SACP hated her guts even more than the NP. They blamed her for not backing sanctions against SA, called her “an agent of colonialism” and “part of the system”.

Nevertheless, this ignorant cow and lover of terrorists was eventually awarded 27 honorary doctorates from universities around the world and was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a British interview in 2004Helen Suzman criticized the ANC’s version of democracy and said that it was better under Apartheid

After her death, the Helen Suzman Foundation which scrutinises elections, voter choice and the conduct of political parties in South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries carried on her work. However they went a little bit too far.

Three days after the Helen Suzman Foundation and Freedom Under Law launched an urgent application in the Pretoria high court calling for the suspension of Hawks head, Lieutenant-General Mthandazo Berning Ntlemeza, the Foundation's offices were raided in an armed apartheid military-style operation on Sunday afternoon.

Documents and computers seized in armed, apartheid military-style robbery at Helen Suzman Foundation offices

Notice how the ultra leftist “Daily Maverick" just could not resist taking a sideswipe at Apartheid, which obviously had nothing to do with the raid.

I wonder if sick tit Helen Suzman would spin in her grave if she knew what her beloved ANC did to the country, namely turn it into an East German Stasi state, or whether she would rejoice. Afterall, it is what she wanted. It was her biggest wish.

All I can say is, “Carry on Saturn. Chomp away, mate. Eat them all!”


  1. Anonymous1:06 am

    Amazing isnt it?

    These revolutionaries, always helping each other overthrow and destroy, to gain the power they seek, and then, when they win, they always, always turn on themselves...

    One only has to think of just how the world's most famous despots achieved this, by having a dedicated core of followers, who then get rid of all their own internal opposition.

    Makes one wonder if sexwale hadn't taken the money, whether he would have ended up like hani?

  2. Anonymous2:46 am

    Is marxist critical theory the same thing as cultural marxism?

  3. Yes, this old woman was a typical liberal. Only she knows what's right. Everybody else is wrong and everybody should do what she wants them to do. And nobody else is allowed to have an opinion that differs from hers. And Freedom of Speech is only for her and people who think like her. No one else is allowed Freedom of Speech. Yah, liberalism is definitely a sickness

    1. Anonymous4:38 am

      Oh, totally.

  4. Libs are saying that if you get zuma out everything will get better.

    To me Zuma is a symptom of the real problem and they can not see that it is actually their own system that they fought for that will keep spawning symptoms like Zuma.

    The more i read about anti white systems and behaviour the more it seems like their is a jew lurking behind every corner.

    1. Anonymous5:39 am

      Thanks for another good article Mike and also your insightful comment Donny. As Siener said, the Jews will be among those fleeing for their lives when the time of reckoning arrives -- not long from now, according to updates on the Suiderlanders. Adriaan Snyman's Stem Van 'n Profeet, 1993 (translation by Julie van Rensburg and Michael Viljoen available free of charge online), is a life-changing read.  Tom

    2. Anonymous9:56 am

      Donycero. I am shocked that Mike never deleted your comment. But I see the same thing now. Look deep enough, and you find a Luciferian or a Yid.

    3. Anonymous3:14 pm

      They have been playing us all from the very beginning:- DEVIDE AND CONQUER.

    4. Anonymous3:45 pm

      You are correct.
      Most terror attacks if not all are state manufactured and sanctioned, with the express purpose to impose more draconian laws to deny you your rights of freedom of speech. The latest attacks were manufactured to justify NATO's move into Syria. Read up on "OPERATION GLADIO" false flag terror is nothing new, it has always been used by the Cabal.

  5. Anonymous4:38 am

    Helen Suzman, Nadine Gordimer, Ruth First, what did these three have in commonn? They were all Lithuanian Jews whose ancestors fled the horrors of communism in Eastern Europe and Russia - only to come and foment communism in South Africa. Jews think they know everything better than anyone else and seek to impose their views on others, which is why they are seldom tolerated in a host country for any length of time.

    1. Oh really? And what do These People all have in common apart from being Anti-Apartheid?

      Bram Fischer
      Beyers Naudé
      Fritz Gaum
      André P. Brink
      Antjie Krog
      Van Zyl Slabbert
      Prof. Willie Esterhuyse
      Tienie Groenewald
      Constand Viljoen
      Johannes Kerkorrel
      Koos Kombuis
      Elsa Joubert
      Breyten Breytenbach
      Max du Preez
      Ds. Albert Geyser
      Carl Niehaus
      Derek Hanekom
      Prof H.W. van der Merwe
      Hein Willemse
      Dalene Matthee

    2. Anonymous6:10 am

      Mmike that Tienie Groenewalt was the worst sort when it came to traitors. A classic double agent pretending to be on the side of the conservative white by releasing limited insider intelegence, then at the same time DMI (owls) the unit that he so called retired from as general were time were running house clearing opp of gear and personal against the commando units.

    3. Don't tell me they're all port polishers! ha ha ha. Just kidding.

    4. Anonymous6:12 am

      Part of the so-called afrikaner elite/intellectuals, Funny thing, is i actually know old willie

    5. At least old Ralph Rabie /Johannes Kakorrel did the honourable thing when he saw himself off. The rest of them on the list should follow his shining example and save us the trouble.

    6. Now I know. It's finally dawned on me. They've all got borrowed white skins. As a doctor mate of mine in Bloem is fond of saying, hulle is geleende witvelle.

    7. Anonymous7:40 am

      The media says a woman and two men seized a computer and documents. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you; mission impossible african style.

    8. Anonymous7:50 pm

      Helen Suzman, Nadine Gordimer, Ruth First, what did these three have in commonn?

      *** They are the same as Helen Zille?

    9. Anonymous3:46 am

      The 20 people listed above represent a collective of some of Communists useful idiots.

  6. Anonymous6:12 am

    I see brussels have plucked the fruit of multiculturism. But when the anc were bombing us they were freedom fighters, funny how that works. Vaalpens

  7. Anonymous6:16 am


    Mike, Readers you need to listen to this historic speech. This is probably the most defining speech of this century which has gone unnoticed.


    With todays bomb blasts in Europe we can see the pots boiling which Siener mentioned.

    France, Belgium, Ukraine - Believe these are the 3 in Europe bubbling over.

    I cannot stress what a historic speech this was.

    Amazing, David vs Goliath.

    1. Anonymous9:59 am

      Boer Ninja. make up your mind around the 3 pots. YOu keep changing countries.

    2. Anonymous10:54 am

      I almost fell for the speech until I saw the globalist agenda in his speech where he called for European response to the problem.

      You see, this is how it works. The elitists (like the speech speaker in the video) create the problem of mass immigration then they stand on youtube and the soapbox and call for a globalist police force or something along those lines, to solve the problem that they created in the first place.

      They then piggy back on the global police force and create a global administration to finance the police force, and out of that comes a global government that strips us of our sovereignty. Something the muzzies were not able to until we voluntarily gave up sovereignty for safety.

      I was almost fooled by the speech.

      The only speech that I will accept is one where the elitists are put on trial and hanged by the neck for crimes against the peoples of Europe.

    3. just watched it, there is hope when folk like him, Timo Soini and Geert Wilders speak up for Europe.

    4. Anonymous7:48 pm

      Those three are irrelevant. They would have to be bigger people in the game. I would place Egypt as Pot#1. The other 3 would have to be giants such as France and Germany.

  8. Anonymous2:28 pm

    You know what? if that bitch had been disappeared or sent a once in a lifetime gift by the CCB, then. No doubt today she would have been declared a struggle hero by the anc. Ja but it's lekker to witness all those liberal ecc/black sash communist bitches that the old security were to afraid to touch because of international backlash now getting dealt with by the anc.I will laugh myself out of breath when zapiro gets a dose of normal crime he has been warned. May the reign of terror eliminate every liberal in its path before it gets to my driveway.

  9. jaaaa jongggg old boere ninja is what we used to call a "useful idiot". They are found on the left and the right, the only thing they share is a lack of grey matter and critical thinking.

    1. Anonymous6:38 am

      @anony4:59 PM

      Sure used tampon.

  10. Anonymous2:28 pm


  11. Very deserving, and more to come.

  12. Jews invented communism. Keep ignoring that fact like the coward or shill you are. No one outside of SA has ever heard of anyone on your list, whereas Gordimer, Suzman and the other big jews are mentioned everywhere. Jews are behind white genocide, but you keep focusing like a retard on the cape, because you dont have the courage to acknowledge the matador.

    1. @ James McClaren: Kindly don’t come onto this blog and show your shocking ignorance. Your stupidity is fucking embarrassing. Please go to your beloved dimwitted Nutzi website, Stormfront. You will fit right in there.

      You claimed that Communism was invented by Jews and that I am ignoring this “fact” because I am either “a coward or a shill” or both.

      So let us examine your claim. If you were familiar with what Communism really is, or who Marx really was, you would know that you are talking utter crap. Marx was not a Jew and he did not invent Communism neither did he coin the term “Communism”.
      Read Dr. Richard Wurmbrand’s book “Marx & Satan” and you will see that Marx was a Sabbatean and raised a Christian although his father was a co called Rabbi, but that he converted to Satanism at the age of 18. According to his housekeeper, she often caught him practicing Satanistic rituals. BTW. Wurmbrand was a Jew himself who converted to Christianity.

      Further. Sabbateans (Frankists, Dölmeh, all the same) are not Jews and are not recognized as Jews by other Jews. They are Satanists pretending to be Jews, just like Jesuits (current Pope) are Satanists pretending to be Christians and Nizari Ismailis (Aga Khan) are Satanists pretending to be Muslims. Sabbateans only find out at the age of 18 who and what they really are.

      Further if you knew anything about Marx, you would know that Marx was a despicable human being who hardly washed himself and bullied his wife and children. He was also a thieving plagiarist who never wrote a single original thought down. His books are riddled with plagiarism from cover to cover.

      Now…As for the origins of Communism.
      If you have read Plato’s work “The Republic” then you would have realized that he already dreamt of a Communist Utopia where people share everything including their wives and children.

      Look at the history of the USA and you will see that the Quakers practiced a form of Christian Communism about 200 years before Karl Marx wrote about it and their miserable failure was the reason why the founding fathers opted for a free market, democratic republic.

      About 20 years before Marx, the Welshman Robert Owen came up with an idea of “Utopian Socialism”. He bought a section of land in Indiana in the USA and called it “New Harmony” where he let people work and stay and share their goods. A year before that his disciple Abram Combe tried a similar experiment at Orbiston, Scotland.

      In fact there was an entire Owenite movement in the 1820’s with other experimental communities at, Macluria, Feiba Peveli, Blue Spring, Forestville, Yellow Springs, Wanborough, etc…

      One of these London Owenites was John Goodwyn Barmby, who started a Utopian community on the Channel Islands. Barmby was the first to coin the term “Communism” in 1840 after a visit to Paris where he spoke to followers of François-Noël ( Gracchus) Babeuf, who called themselves “Equalitarians”.

      Babeuf felt betrayed by the “Directory” (French revolutionary government 1795-1799), because to him the slogan “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood) meant, that true equality could only be achieved if everybody had the same amount of money and the same share of property.

      Nevertheless, Barmby was the man who corresponded with other Utopian Socialists such as Friedrich Engels and that is how the word “Communism” was passed on to Karl Marx through his friendship with Engels.