01 March 2016

Revisiting the question whether liberals should be sterilized

By Mike Smith

26th of February 2016

My regular readers know how much I despise liberals and why.

Last year I took Überliberal Max du Preez to task when he created an “Us” and “Them” scenario again, like he always does, saying, ““My political values are, however, broadly liberal: tolerance, respect, accountability and the separation of powers.”

So that must mean that we, “the rightwing racists” are intolerant, disrespectful, unaccountable and want a fascist dictatorship.

At the time, Max’s solution was that the poor liberals were getting a bad rap and that they should change their name to Social Democrats.

I asked him, “What would that help Max? Doesn’t matter what mask you wear, your Communist petticoat is still showing.”

You see…To me everything to the left is Communist. Just different degrees of it.

Now look at this Bullshit from Sweden:

Incest and necrophilia 'should be legal' according to youth branch of Swedish Liberal People's Party

You can only wonder what goes on in those kid’s minds? What homes do they grow up in? What kind of sick brainwashing are they going through in their schools, homes, and on MSM every day? This is child abuse of the highest order. Liberals should not be allowed to have or raise kids. They should be neutered, sterilized and the children they already have should be taken away from these sick fucks.

No wonder Anders Breivik shot 69 of the Norwegian “Worker’s Youth League” that is a full member of the “International Union of Socialist Youth” and has a Syrian Muslim, Mani Hussaini as president.

I don't know...Maybe nature sends a wolf every now and again to cut the sick from the herd.

Also read my piece:

The weird case of LWB Rachel Dolezal: Why stupid liberals should be sterilized and prevented from raising children

There you can see the dangers of white children being raised by liberals. See what a confused, brain damaged, piece of trash Rachel turned out to be and her older white biological brother, Joshua Dolezal (a professor) is a child molester. He was arrested in 2014 accused of sexually assaulting a minor at his parent's Colorado home "over twenty times" between 2001 and 2002. The alleged victim was 6 or 7 years old at the time according to the arrest warrant.

In fact Dr. James Watson who won the Nobel Prize for discovering DNA and Dr. William Shockley who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the Transistor without which laptops and PC’s as well as the internet would not be possible, were both supporters of sterilizing liberal idiots and anybody with an IQ less than 100. I am becoming more and more of a convert every day. You?


  1. Anonymous1:32 am

    Yes me too Mike! Its about time we righteous minded folks got together and started to clean up this filthy unrighteous world.

  2. Anonymous2:02 am

    A bullet costs far less than sterilization. Publicly execute a few and the rest will think twice

    1. Anonymous6:10 am

      A rope costs less in the long run as it can be used more than once

  3. Anonymous2:23 am

    White squatters

    Hi Mike, this is off topic (could be a separate listing) but how do we as whites tackle this white squatter situation. Shouldn't we intervene as a white 'group' and work together to bring these people out of the gutter. I know that Sunette and a few others are putting in effort but we should all, as a white group, lend a hand. This way we could show the blacks how it is done and how poverty is not un-avoidable. As it is this 'white squatter' situation is just serving as proof that when you remove 'white privilege' we are just the same as them - useless squatters.


    1. Anonymous5:17 am

      What? You want us to tell ousie to leave. Nooooo......

  4. Anonymous3:07 am

    Always the same old denial story tactics. It reminds of the program on TV called "Baite Car". They are all as guilty as hell but they deny it with excuses that stretch to the highest of heavens.

  5. Anonymous3:17 am

    "Social democrats", indeed! Anything that starts with "social" is bound to be all about communist interference and denial of personal freedom. Same way that any bank called "African Bank" will go under curatorship. Max du Preez is so sour and grouchy these days he even gets into hectic verbal fights on Radio Sonder Grense with oh-so-bland Jan-Jan Joubert of Beeld.

  6. Anonymous4:05 am

    The warped mind of the Liberal makes me sick to my stomach, other thing, they are such an irritation on earth. Love the idea of sterilizing them, but will rather also choose the bullet proposed by Anon 2:02.

  7. Anonymous4:13 am


    Can anyone tell me WTF happened here?


    Is this thing now boiling over so fast?

  8. I agree on the sterilisation question Mike. People can bitch and moan but give it two generations of culling/ eugenics and the 3rd generation will be in a race realist paradise.

    It will be a requirement in the new Republics we create.

  9. Anonymous4:17 am


    Can anyone tell me WTF happened here?


    Is this thing now boiling over so fast?


    1. It's just a mimic Ninja, that kaffirs heart is beating I can guarantee you and watch how that façade melts when shots get fired. It's called the African bluff.

      Thank you for sharing though.

    2. Anonymous5:18 am


      But is this for real?
      Who shot who first?

      That is some serious shit - man people need to keep calm until this nation is united.

      Really dont know but seems like things now moving fast, too fast.

    3. They should have beaten 7 kinds of shit out of that fat, cynical, lazy piece of shit.

    4. Dont know if the woman in the car is his wife? Very deermekaar video.

  10. Anonymous5:37 am

    Off topic but good for a laugh. Quote from scribblings at "news" 24...

    "Earlier this month, protesting students at University of Cape Town burnt a collection of art works from the institution that included at least one, and possibly two, paintings by artist Keresemose Richard Baholo.

    In the 1990s, he painted a series of pictures of protests at the University of Cape Town featuring Jameson Hall in the background."

  11. Anonymous5:58 am

    Hello my new found like minded friends: (Recently found these various blogs, Thank you Mike, JP and the Ozziesaffa)
    (apparently I needed help (Straight jacket help) The above bloggers - Realists as I put it, have confirmed I am not the one who needs help) Thank Fuck for that...


    The above is a link to exactly what we are already aware of...another useless fucking generation that will breed another useless generation(their only creation is another fuck up) I live in EC...its bad. In actual fact its mind blowing, they booze whilst pregnant too, in order to get more money from the grant system. Alcohol foetus syndrome.

    We are sitting with over 50% unemployed. Trust me they don't work, only money.

    Many years ago my Mother had a fantastic idea...we all know the saying "Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, Her idea was murderers, rapists and yes the liberals and a few more I could list. Send them running across the landmine infested countries. Its a win - win situation...very cheap too!

    1. Anonymous9:55 am


      Welcome. don't worry we are not few and in between. Mainstream media and liberals just hiding the facts and closing down comment sections on news sites to try and hide us from the world.

      We are rising and fast.

  12. Anonymous6:55 am

    That sign was changed. The original was "will trade racists for refugees"

    Examine the letters of the second word. You can see they are identical to the first.

    1. Anonymous9:15 am

      WE know that. But its the same thing. Rapefugees.

  13. Anonymous8:48 am

    Yes Barclay's PLC has ditched their 62.3% investment stake in ABSA. It is official and out on the net. WHO WILL BE THE NEXT MAJOR INVESTMENT TO GO? The Mandela "Rainbow" fantasy is now no more and the total destruction of the country by the ignorant ANC and EFF black idiots is imminent. The fantasy and bullshit is over and the truth and reality is now taking over. They will soon learn that their ignorance and dumb arrogance is the root cause of their own destruction and failure. The signs are all there and their party time is definitely now over.

    1. Anonymous9:58 am


      Cant wait!!!

  14. Oh wait...the blame game will begin. Will it all be the fault of apartheid?.....or Jan van Riebeek? ?.........or world events? Or all of the aforegoing? They will never admit it's all their doing. And the stupid sheeple believe it every time. It's time. SHTF soon.

  15. Anonymous4:25 am

    This is what happens when stupid liberals let blacks work in banks. They are genetically programmed to steal. This didn't happen on such a scale when whites worked at the banks. Maybe occasionally, but nowhere like this.

    Thousands of rands lost in ‘FNB, MTN scam’

    Johannesburg - A forensic investigator has alleged an inside job at First National Bank (FNB) and MTN in a SIM-swap scam that pilfers customers of hundreds of thousands of rands.

    Private consulting forensic scientist, Dr David Klatzow, says his client, Cape Town audiologist Gail Jacklin, lost over R200 000 from the scam earlier this year. Dr Klatzow said his client hasn’t been reimbursed by FNB.

    Dr Klatzow told Fin24 that MTN failed to prevent an unauthorised SIM-swap of Jacklin’s phone, which resulted in fraudsters stealing from her FNB accounts.

    But Dr Klatzow said he knows of at least another 20 cases of the same scam with the same modus operandi, and he has alleged an inside job at both FNB and MTN. Cape Town talk radio station Cape Talk has also reported that a number of its listeners have also reportedly been victims of this scam.

    "The evidence seems to show that there is somebody within the bank and within MTN who has access to your details,” Dr Klatzow told Fin24.

    “And what happens is, in many instances, and in my particular client's instance, her phone went on the blink,” he said.

    Dr Klatzow explained that the scam typically involves a banking customer’s phone becoming inoperable, after which money is stolen from the victim’s bank accounts.

    Dr Klatzow has further alleged that an unknown insider at FNB targets “a certain strata of bank accounts”.

    This insider then allegedly works with somebody at MTN to put a phone “on the blink” and thereby arrange for a SIM-swap to aide the crime, explained the investigator.

    Once the SIM-swap has been completed, the scammer can then access sensitive details such as internet banking One Time Pin (OTP) codes to carry out the crime, said Dr Klatzow.

    “Once they know you've got significant funds in there, they target you - that cannot be done without the assistance of the bank,” he told Fin24.

    FNB, in its response to Fin24’s query about this alleged scam, did not detail the circumstances around Dr Klatzow’s client’s experience of fraud.

    However, the bank, in its response, said that “phishing as a means of fraud has been a problem for many years”.

    “We continually warn and educate our customers to never release their confidential banking information, or to respond to unsolicited email including threats to close their accounts if they do not ‘update’ their information via a link provided or offers of prizes/refunds via a link in an email,” said the company.

    The bank further urged customers to “protect their login details at all times” and to contact the bank if their phone suspiciously loses connectivity.

    FNB further said that it employs “a robust security framework which is multilayered”. [BULLSHIT! SIM SWOP SCAM DOES NOT RELY ON PHISHING! THEY WANT TO WEASEL OUT OF IT.)

    Fin24 contacted mobile network MTN for a response on Tuesday afternoon, but the company on Wednesday at the time of writing had not yet responded.

    Dr Klatzow, though, said he doubts FNB’s statement that phishing is to blame in this instance.

    "The two companies involved would love you to believe that this is phishing and that people are inadvertently giving out their banking details. That is not so,” said Dr Klatzow.

    "Now, there is no way that somebody on a phishing scam could put your phone on the blink,” Dr Klatzow told Fin24.

    The forensic investigator further said that if FNB and MTN fail to address the problem, a class action lawsuit could be initiated against the companies.

    "It's got very bad, it's become chronic and there is a very serious outbreak of this epidemic now. But the banks have known about this and they've created a platform which is ultra vulnerable,” said Dr Klatzow.