15 March 2016

Reminding the Looney Left that the Right was always right

By Mike Smith

15th of March 2016

Lo and behold. The Überliberal twat Max du Preez ‘s eyes have opened. At least a little bit. Finally Max admits that South Africa is burning

Twee-en-twintig jaar…twenty two flippen years it took him to realize he was in a pot and there was a flame under his arse getting hotter every day.

Ja, Max…Agteros kom ook in die kraal.

This country has been burning since his verraaier-maatjie F.W. de Klerk unbanned the ANC and the SACP and it hasn’t stopped burning since, but nobody is as blind as a Max who doesn’t want to see.

Says Maxie, “Three ratings agencies are presently watching our economy and politics like vultures and are wondering whether it’s time to downgrade South Africa to junk status.”

And, “It would mean investors would shy away, it would mean an even weaker rand, higher inflation, higher interest rates, weaker growth and more unemployment.”

And more still, “It would not be alarmist to say that South Africa has already started to burn.”

Ja, Boet…that revolution you said would never come is on your doorstep now. Zuma’s solution is to set his goons in the Hawks on the Finance Minister who is at least trying to prevent a downgrade. Don’t get your hopes up, because the Finance Minister you are praising is a Communist to the core. He is part of the agenda.

According to veteran journalist Allister Sparks, The ANC is with its back against the wall and won’t last until the second coming. He foresees a return to a government of national unity.

He called Zuma an incompetent and disastrous leader but was proud of what the country achieved since 1994.

Ja, well…Sparks is old. What can I say? I mean…what exactly is it that the country “achieved” since 1994? Year on year it has just gotten worse. We have “achieved” the status of crime capital, rape capital, AIDS capital, corruption capital, etc. of the world. Mutual racial antagonism is worse now than ever before. We achieved nothing. We have gone backwards in every respect.

Nevertheless he recalled a meeting he had with Dr. H.F. Verwoerd in a hotel room once when he was only 19 years old and Verwoerd told him, “Look here son, there is never going to be peace in this country unless the black man has his own land.”

Sparks says, “I immediately thought it was nonsense. It could never work”.

But last year Sparks created a shit storm when he said Verwoerd was one of smartest people he ever knew. See what I mean? First the dementia comes and then the Alzheimers. Terrible disease.

Today we see the ANC are passing expropriation laws to get ALL the land and the EFF wants to take it by force. Maybe Verwoerd was right.

Let me remind these leftist butt-lickers like Max du Preez and Allister Sparks about something else:

When the rightwing said blacks will never be able to run South Africa you laughed and said they were ridiculous. When the rightwing said that the blacks will destroy this country you laughed some more and said they were stupid. When the rightwing said the ANC will dump this country in a racial civil war you scoffed and laughed even more and said the right didn’t know what they were talking about.

Now today that the country is tilting over the abyss of junk status, the infra structure crumbling, the schools and hospital destroyed, the state coffers stolen into bankruptcy and racist violence at universities threatening to spill over to the rest of civil society…who was right Max? Tell us Allister, who was right?


  1. Ou Max is digter as 'n donkie - die donkie stamp nie sy kop twee keer teen dieselfde klip nie. Of is hy nog heeltyd besig met "Hardegat word sag"?

  2. Hi Mike, good post again. I really do hope that Max reads your blog. They can switch the comments sections off in any "news paper" where he works, but here he gets what he deserves.
    On the views of left and right, it has always fascinated me how come the left believe in the impossible. They really believe that blacks would all of a sudden , access their frontal lobe of their brain. Instead of spending, fornicating and breaking like there is no tomorrow. They are all of a sudden going to go into planning mode. So in 10 years based on current growth there will be x people in the country, keeping in mind Zim and Mozambique with the brewing of another civil war (who would have thought) the influx will be y. Therefore Sipho you will be in charge of electricity. How many new power stations would we need ? What would the total infrastructure have to look like to accommodate the extra people? You really think blacks would do that? I think the left is not just naive, they are flipping stupid.

    1. Anonymous4:09 am

      Our Country has at the moment about 42 Giga Watts of power capacity on the national grid. In the next 2 decades roughly 40% (18 giga watts) of that capacity will be decommissioned due to facilities aging, (power stations are only designed to work for about 40-50 years).

      The National Electrical Grid is already being strained at the current population and with a pitiful economic growth of 1% per year.

      The Connection Between Our Economy growth and the amount of electricity generation capacity we have are directly proportional. Meaning that When you have more electrical capacity (spare Electricity) there's room for your economy to grow. IF the generation capacity goes down it puts a constraint over the economy. as potential earnings are lost and running costs are higher (Think big industry like mining and manufacturing). Idle machinery and labor Still cost money but no economic process is happening during loadshedding. so IF our energy sector doesn't grow, neither does our economy.

    2. Anonymous8:14 am

      Correction, current capacity is at 26GW

    3. Anonymous11:57 am

      In 1994 he die ANC 'n Eskom present gekry met 'n kapasiteit van ieet soos 34 GW wat as gevolg van hulle onnoselheid en versuim om dit in stand te hou verminder het na iets soos 25GW in plaas daarvan dat dit moes toeneem het dit afgeneem !!

    4. Anonymous1:15 pm

      "...the left is not just naive, they are flipping stupid." --Dingo, above

      Spot on, mate. We've seen the same thing in the U.S: Our Constitution-raping emperor, Obozo, swore he was going to make it economically ruinous for any electric utility to build any more coal-fired powerplants. The Dem front-runner for next president agreed that "We're going to put a lot of coal miners out of work." But what would make them think China and other countries will *stop* using the cheapest means available for making electricity?

      You can't explain this to a lib/leftist--they lack the background and attention span to comprehend it.

  3. Anonymous10:55 pm

    "When treated as our equal they fail miserably" (Somebody's quote) Such a true statement. The problem is our masses are basically mentally retarded and therefore cannot think logically. What did anyone expect would happen. You can show these cunts all the evidence and hard facts about their fuck ups but they will never see it. Just like Zim, starving, malnutrition, unemployment, no currency to call their own however Cunt dog Mugabe is their hero...see mentally retarded...they haven't even learnt how to use a dustbin.

    1. I just heard on the news that there are 33 000 children in dire need of treatment for malnutrition. Now, taking into account this jungle-bunny governments normal inefficiency, I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that it's probably ten times that number. And, to my utmost delight, I can only see it getting worse [as far as I am concerned, better] given the drought and food shortage.
      The subsidise and encourage illigitimate breeding with their child grants without a thought to what the things are going to eat. The illiterate think they can raise a child on the grant and then find out the can't and invest the money in booze. Great! and, while drunk, they breed some more and so it goes on and will continue to go. You cannot educate something that firstly, doesn't want to be educated and secondly, is not capable of being educated. Hence we have "lanners" and not scholars anymore. Now, how can a "lanner" become a student of the finer arts and sciences? I ask you with tears in my eyes. So what is this fucking specie of creature doing in a university??? Fucking it all up for those who want to study, that's what.
      Nee wat, hulle almal se moer!

    2. Anonymous6:05 am

      Tomkat spot on my friend. Could not have put it better. If it were possible for some damn clever scientific whites that could discover some chemical that can be put in the water or mielie pap or something else zots eat or drink and it wipes the whole fucking lot out after ingesting it, but all animals and white people it does not have an effect on so we can drink water and will not die. Imagine 100's of millions of these fuckers dying one after another what a lovely continent Africa would be. Now once these vermin are eradicated Wow peace and quiet and cleanliness will prevail.
      Now for the real fun part, there will only be white people alive in Africa and very empty and un populated we can now focus all our attention on the White Liberals and make them disappear by any method that comes to mind. Never forget what damage and suffering the libbys have done to mankind with a brain and common sense. I wonder is it possible or just a pipe dream, or do you guys think that I am racist and evil to have such thoughts.

    3. Anonymous11:18 am

      Anon 6:05 by all means, carry on. You have intrigued us. Carry on soldier, carry on!

    4. You will still be exterminated, I don't know what Europeans are doing in Africa. Walkerville showed how invaders should be treated.

    5. Anonymous1:22 am

      Keep flapping those lips lib. Tick tock skaka tick tock.

    6. Anonymous1:25 am

      WTF are blacks doing in Europe etc etc? Whites have been in Africa for than 350 years! You do realize how stupid you look? I know you cannot count to 10 let alone 350, but try and understand fake kaffir lib, we are here to stay fuck face. And you stand in the way you will die. Come up with something new, you say the same lame shit on every one of Mike's posts. Fucking imbecile.

    7. Anonymous4:21 am

      'Shaka, your Zuma puppet is controlled by Indians, the government is a pathetic joke. You know it, but deflect your own self hatred and disappoint to whites as a scapegoat. You have only yourselves to blame.

      Instead of wanting to 'exterminate' people you should work on improving yourselves.

      And if you try 'exterminate' whites there will be war and you people will kack big time. You're forgetting some very obvious things which is obviously beyond your intellectual capacity.

    8. Shithead Shaka, I've told you before to fuck off. Now be a good little kaffir and listen to Die Baas and do just that?
      Now, to speak to someone with intelligence and not an indiscriminately breeding, destructive and murdering parasite.
      Anon 6:05, I am sure the good doctor, Wouter Basson, could come up with something. The mass extermination of the parasite would, I am sure, induce a multiple orgasm in me. As my landlord is fond of saying; the only problem with Africa is there are too many Africans [meaning the kaffir variety of course] in Africa. Imagine how the wild animals would thrive and populate the continent again? Absolute bloody Heaven on Earth!
      And no, your are not a racist if you can't abide the kaffir. You can't be because they are not a race. They are a specie, some sort of vermin or insect. They are much more destructive than termites. So, at worst you could be termed a "speciest". There is no such word.
      So, relax my friend there is nothing wrong with your thinking.

  4. Anonymous10:55 pm

    The right was right.

    1. Anonymous5:20 am

      The Right is always right. Only problems with timing

  5. Anonymous11:01 pm

    One of those trademark Gedleyihlekisa chuckles. “The one who laughs at you while physically hurting you” is the meaning of Zuma’s second name.

    1. Anonymous12:19 am

      Van lekker lag kom lekker huil.

    2. Anonymous4:56 am

      Ek lag liewers laaste as eerste.

    3. Anonymous12:29 am

      Anonymous11:01 PM
      That's not a human language mate its pure worthless monkey chatter. I wouldn't waste a good piss on it let alone looking it up on the net.

  6. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Pielstywe post Oom!!

    1. Anonymous1:51 pm

      I agree. Excellent Onkel Mike.

  7. Anonymous11:45 pm

    The words and articles of the scum that is Max du Preez and Allister Sparks have already caused so much damage in the past towards whites, it has infected so many white minds already that it is almost irreversible. This new article of his cannot undo all the other BS he wrote. He will be left alone with no one to side with

    1. Anonymous6:08 am

      He/they will be left alone with no one to side with ..... No buddy, take them out or torture them slowly like we are tortured slowly daily. For fuck sake.

  8. Anonymous11:47 pm


    Farm grabs: We were wrong, Min admits
    ZIMBABWE is considering ways to compensate foreign farmers who were evicted from their land, saying the government ignored international treaties on foreign investment during on often-violent farm seizure campaign that triggered a decade-long recession.

    1. Anonymous12:58 am

      Waaaay too little, waaaay too late. Actually why even bother. The damage is irreversible. For as long as the Naledis are in power nothing can be fixed and nothing will work. And never forget the demented liberals, the cause of all the problems in the world.

    2. Anonymous4:58 am

      The African circle:

      1) They have nothing.
      2) You come and build something
      3) They take
      4) You leave
      5) They destroy and have nothing again.

    3. Anonymous9:00 am

      Yip Always making the same f mistakes, and SA is doing exactly the same . Hawu ! why dis now ? eish iss broken !! STARVE...

    4. Anonymous10:00 am

      The African circle.....

      Now that sums it up perfectly.

    5. The Civilisational Circle:

      1. from bondage to spiritual faith;

      2. from spiritual faith to great courage;

      3. from courage to liberty;

      4. from liberty to abundance;

      5. from abundance to complacency;

      6. from complacency to apathy;

      7. from apathy to dependence;

      8. from dependence back into bondage.

      The signs that the West is already at Stage 8 are clearly visible to those who have eyes to see.

    6. Nailed it Mate.! African cycle.....

  9. Anonymous11:48 pm

    The problem is does this liberal and ignorant man Max and Allister read this site. I doubt it. Do they know how dumb and ignorant and if they were told they would as liberals do ignore these truthful comments. Liberals are mentally I'll idiots period. They will also never admit they are/were wrong, never/ever. I think the biggest doos who never gets mentioned it the chief doos liberal by the name of John Robbie ex rugby player and liberal doos from Ireland. Fuck that man he is on radio 702 every morning. I cannot stand that man. Liberal piece of shit. I try not to tune in anymore bit now and then to hear the latest news on radio. Boy are his ilk thick skinned. And all the white libbys that phone in. Ag man we right are farting against thunder.

    1. 11:48 I have to agree with you totally, but John Robbie isn't just a doos, he's 'n halwe doos, goed vir fokkol!

    2. Oh they do read this site. They will just never admit it. They won't comment either, because they know that on here they will be slaughtered.

    3. Anonymous7:10 am

      @Mike Smith12:27 AM

      When we interrogate them, we will find out.
      If they have been reading this site and still have not changed their minds, all the more reason to use them as croc bate.

      Thats why they must know, if you are a liberal traitor you will be put to death, Gillian Schutte is #1 on my list, If I knew where that thing lived I would set her house alight.

      We must hunt these dogs, including activists against us during the 80s/90s like the Israelis hunt Nazis.

      After all, they are in the same boat, both were/are extremists in their views. We hunt down every, every single bastard liberal who spoke out against us but refused to speak when we were being murdered.

      A task force should be setup in the future. Bastards.

    4. @ BN...I already know where she lives and her brother who is high up in the Hawks (one of Zuma's goons) who lives right next door to her.

    5. Anonymous9:08 am

      The only diff between JR and the ones destroying SA is his colour. Remember him lauding Pallo Jordan as highly qualified and clever. It turned out Pallo faked his qualification. Some just think alike.

    6. Anonymous5:36 am

      @Mike Smith7:18 AM

      See white traitors that Siener spoke of, he will have to go as well.

      The whole lot of them.

      The time is not too far off, waited 22 years, can wait a few more years.

      But it will happenm

  10. Anonymous11:51 pm

    We are called right because simply "we are right" simple. Pun intended.

  11. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Max is too much of a fucking coward and useless cunt. Lets see if he has any balls, come on Max please reply to Mike's statements above, see if you can refute anything Mike have said. I doubt it very much, we all know these liberal pussy's- worth less than a used condom!!!

  12. Anonymous12:03 am

    YIP, we're in a sticky situation alright folks! In fact,its the stickiest situation since 'Sticky' the stick-insect got stuck on a sticky bun!
    As for this 'Max' dude, he's clearly MADDER than
    'Mad Jack McMad'.....winner of last years "Mr Madman" competition!!

  13. Anonymous12:11 am

    Die dom liberals glo vas in wat hulle glo. Ander se insette en opinies tel nie, hulle is arrogant verby wanneer hulle jou laat verstaan jy's dom... fok, laat ek liewer ophou want ek gaan n gasket blaas.

    1. Anonymous5:01 am

      En wanneer die kak spat sal hulle by ander mense skuiling wil soek en dan tipies sommer wil leiding vat.

      Dit gaan n knie skoot kos om hulle stil en op hulle plek te kry. Ten minste sal ek n bottel water los, vir sy groot een been loop, wanneer ek verder ry.

  14. Seattle12:20 am

    As a foreigner I really enjoy reading this blog Mike. It's a refreshing uncensored outlier. I feel South Africa portends what will happen here in the U.S. if unchecked black/brown immigration is allowed to continue. South Africa has an utterly amazing history I am only just now learning about later in life. Watching YouTube of Malema and the EFF act like immature brats in your parliament while calling for seizing white-owned farms angers me to no end as does that thug Zuma. At least Zuma appears to be all about stealing money and marrying obese wenches whereas I fear the EFF will attract the angry youth which will soon result in another Zimbabwe. I suspect the spark will be a financial downgrade > investors fleeing > epic unemployment > funding crisis > EFF in power > white genocide > widespread cannibalism.

    1. Seattle, they are going to have to start eating one another. There is a famine in the making, due to the drought, which you can add to the list of motivating factors for the civil war that IS about to happen. See an earlier comment of mine about the children already suffering from malnutrition.
      We are going to relive our history. The Boere will rise and ride again!
      We have no choice if we want to survive and I, for one, have no wish to suffer the ignominy of perishing at the hands, or due to the gross ineptitude, of a kaffir.

    2. Anonymous1:16 am

      Read Anthea Jeffery's 1 March report on Genocide watch. She is also Head of Policy & Research of IRR. The Land expropriation Bill was sneaked in and approved 1 day before the Budget speech. The truth is that they are not transferring seized land to black citizens either. This is typical communist Mao tse tung style. From political platforms they are blaming poverty, unemployment and lack of land ownership on the white man, falsely accusing us of stealing land. Yet the ANC own a lot of the land already. Fact is their admin and record keeping is chaos. No one in this country actually knows what has already been nationalised? Mineral rights,yes. So which Mining company will want to invest in a country with labour issues and unsecured Assets? Our farms, houses, cars, all assets required by the state may be seized under they new Bill. They promised the sheeple that they will be handed the white man's assets on a plate, because I do not deserve it and they do. Why? Because they are black and have rights and I am white, racist and without rights. A thieving colonialist. What happens next? They do not keep their promises and the masses starts burning down the country. Any rating agency that does not downgrade SA is stupid or blind to the truth. A revolution is in your face.

    3. Anonymous6:39 am

      Seattle in the US of A " At least Zuma appears to be all about stealing money and marrying obese wenches" No my friend you are incorrect, You think Zuma is only after money and fucking fat ugly so called woman, no he is very cunning and sly, yes he is fucking stupid and dumb regarding his education, or the lack of, but dumb he ain't. He wants lots of money, power,and keep himself out of jail. But then as an American you don't know or understand our breed of niggers. They are all subhuman, lazy, liars thieves, rapists, sullen, arrogant,smelly, stupid, dumb, pathetic, need I carry on. Oh yes and very violent, dangerous and vindictive. Trust me on this. Read Dr. Albert Schweitzer's diaries on the black race. Yours came from Africa long time ago as slaves or servants, but you are well aware of your history of the civil war north vs south. The liberal north against the confederate conservative south. Your darkies are different in many ways because they have been out of the bush a long time but I know the shit your dark breed get up to as well. They also speak a different English to our sub humans. They also speak differently to white Americans too. Black lives don't matter. Tell your beloved President. Mr.Obama bin Laden.

  15. Anonymous1:40 am

    May I suggest that the spark that will ignite this war will be the assassination of Julius Malema...

    1. Anonymous2:35 am

      So you think I can start licking my lips for that champagne in the fridge after all..!?...it sounds so cool: " the assassination of JULIASS" AND I love it!

    2. Anonymous5:16 am

      Or Zuma....?

    3. Anonymous5:26 am

      For the assassin...Please don’t shoot for the head. It won’t penetrate.

    4. Anonymous5:26 am

      @Anonymous1:40 AM

      I agree. I believe it 100%

      This is the guy who will die a violent death. We are looking at a Rwanda/Tutsi thing here but worse.

      This is why for so long, I have prayed, I have pleaded put your language differences aside and work together.

      But it will be the blacks who kill him, the Zulus from what I saw. I saw the Zulus attack them when they attacked us.

      Time will tell.

    5. Anonymous12:59 pm

      At 5:26 am, Sak Sarel, dit is 'n houtkop, nie 'n klipkop nie....hehee.

  16. I just read the Sparks article in the link above. Fuck me! He says, despite Zuma rotten leadership SA can be proud of what the country has achieved since the end of Apartheid. Fuck me, again! Dementia, indeed! Where do these libtards live, in Cloud Cuckooland???
    The country has come apart [not is coming, but has] at the seams and that is something to be proud of?
    I think they're worse than the kaffirs they worship. At least, the rioting kaffir has come to the realisation that he's fucked, yet this libtard still holds forth that there is something to be proud of in the ruins of a once great country. Their stupidity defies believe.
    They kaffir's resentment is just being channeled in the wrong direction by its rulers. The white man is being blamed for the cANCer's mismanagement and, being a kaffir retard, is to stupid to see where the problems originate from.
    No, I give up. There is no more hope. It's gotta go down to the wire and, in Mafia-speak, we'll have to "go to the mattresses".

    1. Anonymous6:42 am

      Well said again Tomcat

    2. Anonymous10:10 am


      We are in this situation because of these whites! Please the munts have never been able to organize anything.

      The liberal, the liberal in Europe, the US has to be taken care of.

      If we put to death all these liberal dicks in this country, tomorrow we could have our own stake or cut out half of this continent for us.

      The liberals man! There should be a law or teaching which gets rid of these things or identifies them so we can feed them to crocs.

      We the whites are our own worst enemy.

      First of all, why the fudge did we even listen to pricks overseas who have never lived here? Never been here?

      If you believe anything on the news, you might as well believe in Micky mouse. The same producers behind the same shows.

      Makes me want to throw up when I think what we gave away but wait, this is the silence before the storm.

      Our weapons will arrive in time.

      Also those mercenaries wasting their time up in Africa, give me a break. You want to get paid? Come here, start here, you want gold? Here, here is a mine for all of you guys.

      Now come sort these fucking things out! Waste your time fighting baboons in other countries when your generations dont have a country of their own?

      This thing is all coming apart - when it comes apart I want to be on a bakkie pulling that Mandela statue down and take a kak in its mouth.

      And then all these other pricks who erected it, like those in the UK, bastards will pay.

      All just a huge test, separate the wheat from the chaff.

  17. Anonymous4:44 am

    The number of views on media such as the one below is indicative of the awareness of SA citizens - specifically the whites. Why is there only 2600 plus views on this? Not saying Johnson is the b-all but most people continue to exist with their heads up the behinds:

    yes I know that most on this blog are awake.


    1. Anonymous7:27 am

      I'm a big fan of RW Johnson, and when he talks about how SA is not likely to go the same way as Zim, I am somewhat reassured. Not totally reassured, because the ANC and EFF will try to give the International Monetary Fund the middle finger the same way Mugabe did. But there is no further south to go. Millions of Zims ran into SA when Zim failed, but Saffricans don't have that option. There is going to be huge conflict and rioting, the rand may cease to exist, we may have the American dollar for a while, who knows the finer details. The ANC has been having a wonderful party for the last 22 years, but now the party is over. It will nice to watch these ANC clowns have their arses bushwhacked.

  18. Anonymous5:16 am


  19. Anonymous5:20 am


    Read what the Siener said about these liberal scum bags in this country.

    Mr. Mussmann states further: “There are other visions related this

    I asked the Seer: ‘How is it possible that we cannot convince the ‘Afrikaner-sappe’ (liberals) with the best arguments and facts?’

    Seer replied: I saw their eyes—they are white like those of a blind animal and they pop out.

    We cannot convince them.

    I then asked: ‘So how will we Afrikaners ever come together then’ the Seer said:

    I have seen the divided nation: two pieces of wood, one
    with pegs in it and the other with holes.

    The red pickaxe goes over them.

    The pegs are then in the holes and the two pieces of wood join so neatly that one cannot see the joints.

    I then asked Van Rensburg what this pickaxe meant, which he then explained: War troubles or a furnace... it is the Lord who will unite us again with that red-hot pickaxe.

    And there (at the hillock north of Lichtenburg)
    we turn back and trek down here again just as we did in
    1914, but in our own time.

    Western Transvaal, Southern Free State and Eastern Cape meet at Grootrivier (Orange River) where we will meet the Germans and get all the guns and cannons we will need.


    Now if these weapons arrive, I want to hold two AKs in each arm like my oh pal Vernon koekemoer, Im silent but the day will come when we meet these fuckers and they will pay so badly for every murder, rape, robbery, corruption they inflicted on us.

    But its not time yet, this place must burn our peoples asses that they cry out for a radical leader, someone who does not care about anything or bullshit UN/Geneva conventions because these barbaric savages sure dont, nor does the UN or have the UN said anything about our farm murders.

    Let us pray for this nation and for the uniting of our people.

    No the time will come, just prepare your hearts, minds and unite as one group. Already we see the black cracks, the black factions beginning.

    Without the white glue holding together 12 tribes, they will resort to what they were doing before we arrived in the rest of Africa.

    Who will rule with the Afrikaner gone? The Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Venda? See, they have only thought as far as getting rid of us and nothing further and because they know they have not even kept agreements with us, then how will they keep agreements between them.

    Last year I mentioned there is an international campaign now launched against the ANC, we see Zuma now in the yahoo us, uk, western media all the time. Even zimbabwe, I cant believe how much this turd is mentioned.

    Oh well the monkey was put in power by them.

    1. Anonymous9:31 am

      "that they cry out for a radical leader" I am not sure if Donald Trump will be president, and I am also not sure if he says he is what he says, not sure if we can trust him, but he certainly looks like a radical conservative and the fucking liberals hate his guts and are afraid he will become USA president. Imagine that LWB Clinton clitoris becomes president, hate that woman. I did not think Mr. Trump would have got so far and last, but look he has a chance at the presidency. As for Barrack Osama bin Laden, liberal and a useless president. Big mouth in the beginning now not so big. YES WE CAN. bla bla bla

    2. Anonymous12:40 am

      Anonymous9:31 AM
      The current President of the United States is a fairy and as gay, or even more gay, as Elton John. It might take ten years or so for him to finally come out and hold court on the circuit party scene, or this might be a case like with Rock Hudson and Liberace where the truth only comes out once Barack Obama has passed on far into the future…but there’s just no reason for guys like Bill Clinton, Kal Penn and Reggie Love to play the strange roles that they have played in Barack Obama’s life unless they were/are his boyfriends.

  20. Anonymous5:42 am

    22 years Mike, 22 year while it got hotter so did I. Hornady's, Corbon's, Gold Dot's SJHP's, semi wad cutters, Wad cutters, Hammer heads, p & + p's, stingers, blitzers (sadly no more),sub sonics, Emerson, ASP, Cold Steel, water purifier's, extra light, camping gear, real mountain boots, and very cool when going for a long walk in the heat. Ja 22 years mike 22 years.

  21. Moody's can downgrade this banana republic's credit rating to junk 20 times for all I care. Won't make any difference, in fact the sooner they do it the better. Let the masses who voted ANC suffer. Max's stupid little article won't change a thing. We all know whats coming and it aint pretty. I hope the Hawks and their masters derail this country completely.

    1. Anonymous9:18 am

      Exactly Heinrich. 100% correct. Jawol mein Herr.

    2. Anonymous2:29 pm

      Totally, the sooner the better. We must then resist and kick out the bankers and the likes of Soros and co. once we clear SA and Zim of these black vermin.

  22. Anonymous6:58 am

    I don't think there will be a government of national unity because the ANC will never allow it. We have the dumb black voters to thank for this. It is only when there is no more social grant money for pap that the riots will really begin and that is when the whip will finally come down hard on their backs. The black voters will get exactly the same treatment as the blacks in Zimbabwe.

  23. Anonymous9:27 am

    Why wait for another 2,000 whites to die mate? There are more than enough white deaths and crimes against humanity already to propel the retaliation process into physical action. WHY? WHY? WHY? Is nothing at all being done about it? How much longer are the black Neanderthals going to be allowed to continue their black on white genocide and the total destruction of this country?

    1. Anonymous2:32 pm

      until whitey turns off the rugby and turns off the television and MSM and turns away from immorality, until then you have slumbering warriors who think themselves safe sheeple.

    2. Anonymous2:32 PM

      We should paste your response exactly like that to everyone asking this question. I see this question a hundred times a day on social media and other forums.

      That being said you can call me i am a hypocrite because my DSTV is payed in full(rugby included) and i am one of the most ready for war guys out there.

      I believe we need to be shocked before we will take heed to our own advice and take action.

    3. Anonymous8:55 am

      Donny I'm not speaking about the so called awake people, rather to the sheep that think everything will be all right if given enough time, hell I'm a MotoGP fan all the way myself. But it's those branna people we need on board, but they choose to bury their heads in the sand, I know quite a few of them personally. But I hear you brother.

  24. Californian9:46 am

    I feel South Africa portends what will happen here in the U.S. if unchecked black/brown immigration is allowed to continue.

    South Africa is a microcosm of the Western world as a whole. A minority of whites facing a larger hostile racial demographic. Within the white world, there is a sector of (a) traitors and (b) deluded liberals. They are selling out the rest of us. Today, we see this at work in Europa where the floodgates have been opened to third world invaders.

    The critical thing is in getting white people mobilized, and mobilized internationally. The struggle of white people in SA is part of the struggle of nationalists in Europe to save their countries, and of Americans to regain control of their country.

    1. @ Californian. You know what I cannot understand? How any white South African can still be a liberal.

      I mean I can still understand a European, an American or an Australian being a liberal, because there blacks are in the minority, but a White South African who grew up in the country, who knows the history, who knows what it is to be a 9% minority and being discriminated against with AA, BEE, etc...How such a person in this day and age can still be a liberal is simply beyond me. You either have to be a butt-kissing traitor for niggers or you have to be a special kind of stupid.

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm

      Mike liberalis is nie prakties of realisties nie en kan eenvoudignie rasioneel redeneer nie - hulle het allerande mooi klinkende terme en teoriee van hoe hulle dinge sien en verklaar en as dinge nie werk soos hulle voorspel het nie gaan hulle doodgewoon in 'n staat van ontkenning dan is dit weer ander mooi klinkende terme en verklarings waarom dinge nie werk soos hulle voorspel het nie en dan word die regses vir die mislukkings blameer.

    3. Anonymous12:59 pm

      Mike, ja wragtag, ek hoor wat jy se! Die klomp linkse libtards is net eenvoudig ongelooflik onosel! Is is dit onooslik! Ja, dis nie so eenvoudig soos onosel nie!

    4. Anonymous2:35 pm

      Mike, I have given this some thought as well, they choose the path of least resistance, the mainstream. They take the easy way out. That is the sole reason, they lie to themselves because the truth is much harder to bear. They must be either killed or shocked into reality once more. Kill enough of them and the sheep will start to think twice. We will have to kill some of them to have an impact.

    5. Caveman Neanderthals are being exterminated. In reality we are doing you guys a favour in the long run. Whites don't belong on African soil.

  25. Anonymous10:10 am

    A few days ago there was a discussion about Boer Traitors, which ties up very well with this topic.

    Recently, I came across, probably the best definition of "BOER".

    The Difference Between A Boer and An Afrikaner according to Piet 'Skiet' Rudolph:

    "The difference between a Boer and an Afrikaner is the strive for freedom. The Afrikaner groups want self rule and a piece of ground or Volkstaat that they can call their own. The Boer people want the old Boer Republic that their forefathers had and fought and suffered for. Not more or less. Those who don't know the Afrikaner history won't understand this struggle or quest, therefore the Boer and the Afrikaner can never be the same."

    I see the Old Boer Republic as nothing more than the RSA, that got it's independency from the kween and formed a republic on 31 May 1961.

    We want RSA back. And these parasites breeding on our hard earned taxes can just go back North. And all the whites supporting them, must please show them the way back to the Equator.


  26. even if the likes of maxxie and alister reads your posts (and other similar blogs), the mental barriers that they have in place will prevent the acceptance of reality and the truth, that is: maxxie you dumb doos, your whole life has been a waste of time, your industry and efforts barren, your importance dwindled to in obscurity, and unfortunately, mother nature failed you in making a direct connection between your sphincter and your mouth.

    1. Anonymous2:36 pm

      Nice one Anton!

  27. Anonymous11:01 am

    which one of you bitches has read this?


    1. Ignorant, illiterate, superstitious savages - witchcraft and evil spirits! That is the way to terrorise them psychologically. That is the first phase of attack. They believe in the kak so we'll use it against them.

  28. Anonymous1:17 pm


    See how blacks react to a white person for the first time they see + meet one.


    This is why they dont want us around, they know that we know, that when we arrived this is how they were.

    All the world we know was more or less like this.

    You can just see these things are devils, blady parasites doesnt matter here, the US, Fiji, Oz, all the same wild, primative savages.

    Again some liberal wankers trying to change mother nature and her pets.

    1. That video pretty much sums it all up. A great share thanks. Haha the way they were touching that white okes skin and his hair. He should have brought some skin bleaches and weaves so they could start becoming white haha

    2. Best was when the white dude tried touching the monkey's hair in return. The monkey pulled away he just knew. He knew exactly.

  29. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Classic, I love the way Max & Sparks have both been proven wrong.
    Remember they are both puppets of anglo capital & the zionists.
    Im glad the ANC have harmed them both in the UK.
    If you play with fire you get burnt.

  30. Africans are just taking their rightful land back. Dutch can fuck off back to Europe. There is not a damned thing you can do about it.

    1. Anonymous1:11 am

      Ja shaka you doos. Your time will come.

    2. Anonymous1:20 am

      Wanna bet?

    3. Anonymous1:50 am

      Taking land back to sell to the Chineese? Sounds like a lot of thinking with a void between the auditory canals

    4. Anonymous2:49 am

      "Shaka" kaffir - you are scared already. There is a lot we ARE doing already - you are just to stupid to see it, you baboon-boy. ps. Look in the mirror - why are your ears lower than the white man's? It is because you are still not as far evolved. Where will you be without the white man? Kakking in the bush - oh ... Even with houses. You still kak in the bush. Idiot!

    5. Anonymous3:24 am

      As expected, you kaffirs do not know your history again. It is time for kaffirs to go back to Nigeria and Sudan and Congo!There was not one single kaffir here when Vasco da Gama landed in the year 1497 or when Jan van Riebeeck in 1652 got here!

    6. Anonymous3:52 am

      What land?.. it is going back to the government you fucking black sub human retard. They are the custodians of the land, not you and your ilk. You will always be a nothing, own nothing, it will all belong to the Marxist government. You really are extremely fucking retarded hey, you filthy piece of sub human shit!!!!!

    7. Anonymous4:12 am

      Trying to get rid of white people will not make you feel better about yourself. We're here to stay and there's nothing you can do about it. If there no white people in SA you will starve, fact.

    8. Anonymous5:39 am

      Nothing we can do about it? Your government is collapsing by itself and we don't even have to do anything.

    9. Anonymous6:05 am

      Just taking i what you always do, try working for it.

    10. Go fetch all your cunt cousins in Europe to make space for us...

    11. your comment does not create any emotion in me, or I would guess, any person reading these blogs. Your utterances are what one can expect from an organism so far out of its comfort zone (and on a subconscious level realises that it is useless), that it strikes blindly at anything in reach. If there is any "travel" advice that applies,it is this: Long ago your ancestors were given the privilege of association with the white man, the "computah" you use to write your shite did not come from your ongo bongo drum beating forebears, but rather through the thoughts and efforts of a white man. You should be eternally grateful for that privilege, and rather than suggesting a departure to a place none of us white folk would call "home", consider the other many gains you have had through association. Now, I realise that this is a long reply, and you more than likely exceeded your two second attention span by now, but in parting...try to think before your next prattle and chimping (I also realise that this activity will cause some pain, as un-excercised muscles tend to ache after first use)Now call your mummy for a nappy change....

    12. Anonymous11:41 am

      Remember, before the whites arrived, blacks hadn't even invented the wheel. They had no writing and could not count, had no money or concept of ownership and a stabbing spear was considered as revolutionary new technology.

    13. Anonymous11:09 pm


    14. Anonymous1:45 am

      Shaka11:32 PM
      You stinking piece of smug black hog shit shake your peanut and dislodge your single brain cell. You blacks didn't take the land back you just fucked it up. If it wasn't for the few whites still left here today who are managing to keep it from going completely under you blacks would all have been communist fertilizer today. Get a real life kaffir your snippets of ignorant sarcasm indicates that you should start with a bit of good education. Hope you can still find it before you black hog turds have completely destroyed that as well.
      Shaka11:30 PM
      Your disguise has been broken wide open you idiot. You made a fatal slip and revealed your true identity. Get a life numbskull we don't need a mindless pimple like you to tell us what to do and when to do it.

    15. Anonymous1:49 am


      @ Shaka 11:32 PM & VB 9:15 AM

      Please go and try and read @Antons 11:36 AM message again, this time try and concentrate and focus on the content thereof and try and read with comprehension. I really do not know if you will be able to do it, but in any case...

      Ons gee régtig nie om oor die gal wat julle hier probeer braak nie kaffers, dis soos water op 'n eend se rug (Oh maggies, weet nie of julle daardie een gaan snap nie). Ai my kaffer, die witman is hier om te bly. Ons sal nie tóélaat dat julle die land en eiendomme waarvoor ons gewerk en betaal het vir dekades en eeue lank heen, net so van ons vat nie, ja, julle kan en is besig om dit te probeer, maar dit gáán terugkom na ons toe. Ons gaan julle verjaag soos nog nooit tevore nie my kaffer, die toekoms is reeds bepaal, dis hoekom ek met soveel erns en hoop en positiwiteit daaroor kan praat.

      Julle kaffers het julleself (nou) baie lelik in die voet geskiet. Julle wil áls en nog meer in net 22 jaar hê, rykdomme wat ons dekades en eeue geneem het om op te bou. Ai, hongersnood en ellende sal maar weer eens jou voorland wees.

      Shakatjie en VB'tjie, regtig, begin maar solank aanstap na die Port van Natal, moet julle nie vandag vir één oomblik mý volk onderskat nie! Die kak gaan spat, julle twee kaffers kan maar báie seker wees daarvan.

      If I can give you sound advice, rather keep quiet, hey?

    16. Anton doesn't care that he wrote a novel about it. I'm just setting the record straight with you Neanderthals. We are trying to exterminate you and I make no bones about it, more than 3 000 invaders dead since the reconquest began.

    17. Anonymous10:57 pm

      You fight the war of the coward. Professing peace with murder in your hearts. To cowardly to openly declare war. Satanspawn.

      This is why we do not respect you.

  31. Noddy, ja, I agree with you. The parasite kaffirs baljaar al te lekker met die baas se geld. Who the fuck gives them the right!?!?
    I must stop this. I am getting far too emotional nowadays. One should not get emotional, just observe and plan with cold and calculated detachment. No prisoners or mercy this time around; man, woman & child.
    It's going to be intereseting to hear what Msholozi Showerhead is going to have to say in parliament this afternoon regarding the Guptas. I wonder if he's still chuckling or if the doos is starting to feel the heat yet.

  32. Anonymous1:48 am

    There is always comment on here as to how FW de Klerk sold us out to the blacks. He made a comment recently which makes me wonder what knowledge he had that the common populace didn't. What was on the cards for the whitey unless he handed over. Was there some serious threat of military (international) intervention or something. Why would he have made the comment that whites would have died in the streets 10 to 1. What would the alternative have been? things could not have continued as they were. What did he know that we don't? what was the threat. It was clearly not just continual black unrest.

    1. What ever it was if there was something was his and his party's own doing. America wont just attack North Korea even though the would like too, because the dont want another nuclear war. I doubt any country would have tried their luck on our soil but who knows.

    2. Anonymous4:32 am

      Donycero2:12 AM
      By all accounts America appears to be ahead of the communist countries in advanced nuclear technology but not one of them so far has been able to contain a nuclear explosion to explode within a specified area. Uncontrollable radio active fall out after the explosion has taken place is a huge and major dilemma. If some whacko does push the button then there won't be a living thing left upon this planet.

    3. Anonymous8:54 pm

      @ Anonymous1:48 AM

      America has threatened to invade the country -- twice to my knowledge.

    4. Yip i see CNN reporting the way you said. North Korea claims to have detonated a hydrogen bomb and also recently launched a rocket as well as Kim Jong-un standing next to a miniaturized war head that can be fitted on to rockets.

      Now there is no argument about USA capabilities and CNN playing the North Korea nuclear capabilities down.

      But they can not be 100% certain and would not risk it. For the USA to nuke another country would detract from their morally high ground card they are using to topple other governments.

      Russia and China are watching the USA with hawk eyes to make a mistake and they can not play North Korea and lose moves against other giants such as Russia and the east.

  33. Read this article and to our overseas correspondents who do not understand Afrikaans, in short what it says is that the liberal whites are actually a very small minority. The problem is that the mainstream media is infused with liberals. Therefore we are only exposed to their retarded opinions. Recent events, however, at ground level; like at the varsity rugby match in Bloemfontein and at the Parys court, where the two farmers were being charged with murdering two farm attackers, proved that conservative whites are actually in the majority and starting to unite.

    1. Anonymous8:18 am

      Tomkat's Tribulations1:52 AM
      True "Tomkat" my mate those ignorant black communist bastards must be totally destroyed without a doubt before we can rebuild a new first world country. The sooner they are destroyed the better.

  34. Anonymous4:25 am

    and on a lighter note......



  35. Anonymous6:42 am


    I notice how news 24 is jumping on this incident.

    Not sure what happened before the incident, some claim it only fuels the ANC.

    Well the ANC dont need any fuel but this sort of thing should not be filmed :) or put online

    Again its racist but when a taxi driver hits/runs/mows over a white, then its just an accident.

    These indians that run the show in this country, inciting violence all the time with their news sites.

    Kikc these curry munchers all back to India in the end. Smuts should never have given them the option, he should have just send the fuckers back

    1. Anonymous8:30 am

      Those curry munchers still got a big surprise coming mate. They always choose the side who they think is going to be the winning side and they haven't fully realized the fact that the kaffirs are just using them.

  36. Anonymous9:11 am


    Mike you did mention this.

    Oh how I enjoy seeing Europeans get .... liked they did to us. Shame, bet the boy will be councelled by some liberal " nein, nein das was nie his fault nein nein, he is victim of oppression, nein nein not refugees fault"


  37. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Anybody notice the quire singing that the junk status wouldn't be as bad as everyone thinks? Citing examples of recently junked countries like Brazil and Russia...

    1. Eating pap made on a fire every day also wont be as bad as everyone thinks according to these munts. They are just getting you mentally accustomed to lower your standards while making you think it is normal.

    2. Anonymous3:57 am

      What I found suspicious is that I read it in an article and then heard (almost verbatim) the same thing out of a radio presenter's mouth on that morning's show. They are feeding the masses bullshit from the same source over a variety of channels. It gave me shivers witnessing (first hand, without being educated) obvious propaganda. The worst feeling is that nobody notices it...

  38. Ninja, Mike, JP and all others, I have just heard a rumour that the parasites have something big planned for the 6th April [obviously to celebrate Oom Jan's arrival that signified the first step in uplifting them out of their pre-historic primitiveness].
    Keep your ears to ground, manne.

    1. Saw the video of Umkhonto we Sizwe announcement but it might be fake because the monkey speaking (English) is rather hilarious. Will keep an eye out anyways.

    2. Anonymous7:44 am

      @Tomkat's Tribulations12:10 AM

      Tomkat would not surprise me, they would want to use a momentous day like this to set an example and show the world.

      I just pray to God that when what happens that we remove every single damn parasite from the Cape to the Equator, no feeling sorry, not for a single parasite.

    3. Dankie Tomz, ears to the ground...

  39. The MK veterans (hehehe...) video is available here. Apparently hasn't been verified yet....whatever that means..


    It's about the 3rd video down the page.

  40. Anonymous4:30 am

    The trouble with the Max types is when common sense takes over the pay cheques stop. It really is that simple.