28 March 2016

Is this the alternative to Orania?

The alternative?

By Mike Smith
28th of March 2016

While the ANC is stealing billions and billions of taxpayer’s money, ruining the country, and crime is skyrocketing, lots of whites are becoming more and more despondent. In their attempts to find solutions for the tragedy and crime ridden hellhole South Africa has become, they
are building their walls higher and get more armed response security.

Some saw the answer in coalescing in the whites only Orania or Kleinfontein. However successful Orania is, it has simply not attracted large amounts of people.

What is the alternative?

Douw Steyn with wife Carolyn
Take the eccentric Afrikaans billionaire Douw Steyn’s idea for instance…

First he offered President Thabo Mbeki a Billion Rand to stop crime with high tec drones, helicopters satellite equipment, etc, but after Mbeki declined it he offered the same amount to Zuma in 2009, who also declined it.

Said Steyn: "Mbeki told me that I had got it wrong. He said: 'We don't have a problem with crime in this country. The problem is, we have a perception of crime'.

He is also known as having made several donations to the ANC. Nothing helped. It did not make them rule better.

So he decided to build his own city. Steyn City. Free of crime and where children can play in the streets without fearing to be run over by minibus taxis.

Steyn, now 64 years old, grew up in Johannesburg and went to the university in Potchefstroom. He launched Auto & General Insurance in 1985, and moved to the UK in 1992 where he replicated the model with Budget Insurance, car rental and ComparetheMarket insurance. His mother company, “BGL” employs 2,400 people at its Cambridgeshire HQ plus offices in Sunderland and Coventry. Douw Steyn is behind the fake Russian meerkat, Aleksandr Orlov, in the Comparethemarket Meerkats advertisements in the UK. He also owns the 25,000 acre Shambala game reserve in the Waterberg mountains.

Upon his release from prison in 1990 Nelson Mandela’s was Steyn guest for several months in his home in Sandhurst where Mandela proof-read and finished his autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom.”

In 2000, Steyn converted his home into a 26-suite hotel, the five star “The Saxon Boutique Hotel” in Sandhurst Johannesburg, where wealthy international stars including Oprah Winfrey stay when they visit SA.

Nelson Mandela, US president Bill Clinton and former SA president FW de Klerk attended Dow Steyn’s 50th birthday party.

When Steyn appeared in court after two of his ex girlfriends had a catfight he cut his sleeves and trouser legs off with a knife and poured water over his head, because “it was too hot“ in court.

In 2013 Mandela’s widow Graça attended his wedding to Carolyn, a charity worker.

Steyn's house in London
In 2014 he bought the ten bedroom, £62 million London mansion, in Belgravia which used to belong to billionaire Wall Street investment banker Bruce Wasserstein, who died in 2009. This house is just a stone’s throw from Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich’s home and practically in the centre between several countries’ embassies.

He has about 13 cars (he thinks), several boats and helicopters. His personal fortune is estimated at about £600 Million (R13 Billion).

His house, Palazzo Steyn, stands on a 2 hectare property between Johannesburg and Pretoria, and is surrounded by a ruined aqueduct from which water plunges into a lake below.

It is South Africa’s biggest and most expensive house (worth R250 million), with seven bedroom suites, a wine cellar and a marble garage with space for 33 cars.

It makes President Zuma’s house at Nkandla look like a township dwelling.

Mr Steyn's house lies at the centre of what he hopes will become Steyn City, a luxury country 'lifestyle estate' built on 2000 hectares of land north of Dainfern and will be four times the size of Monaco.

The marble garage with space for 33 cars
Around him he is building 11,000 homes, a private hospital, two private schools from grade 1 to 12, shops and office parks. The property is being 50% developed and 50% woodland with more than 200.000 indigenous trees with a 26-mile pedestrian walkways, 9 individual workout stations, skateboard tracks, running and cycling tracks around and through it. It has children play parks, picnic areas, horse stables and an 18 hole golf course designed by Jack Niklaus. It has its own petrol stations where people can tank up themselves, a water reservoir capable of storing 30 mega liters and it has state of the art electronic security and security guards with dogs who patrol the area. A plot is about R2million. The average house costs around R20million

The costs? So far it has only cost R6 billion. Less than a tenth the ANC stole with the arms-deal scandal alone.

South African Billionaire Douw Steyn builds his own city

Steyn City

However there is already opposition to his plans. The poor township of Diepsloot is on his doorstep.

Why Steyn City is not the answer for Johannesburg

What is it that Dow Steyn is actually building? A personal Utopia? Is it a longing back to the time when he was a child and children could safely play in the streets? Is it just a return back to Apartheid or an example of how the entire South Africa could have looked like if only the ANC governed properly instead of stealing the country into bankruptcy? Whatever it is, I take my hat off to him. In a country where the ANC is just breaking down or building monstrosities like Nkandla, at least his building something spectacular.


  1. Anonymous7:29 am

    My opinion is go for it! If the ANC cannot abide by or provide the contents of the constitution (My main point is safety), Mr Steyn will build his own because he can.

    I have made my own place, I further encourage people to do the same. I could never afford the above +- R22 million.

    This is what I did: I found a +- 10 Hectare small holding in the Karoo, I paid less than R200 000.
    I have fenced it, built a house, workshop, drilled boreholes, currently putting up shade net structures to grow food. Have a few wild game running in my place (Food security) I catch about 15000 L of rain water, I have solar power (Eskom wanted about 300K to bring me power despite it being roughly 50 meters away - fuck them too) Solar power cost 70K and it does everything household, for my workshop I use a generator. Life is great. My point being this is the way to go!!! In actual fact you save money living like this. Its way cheaper to live in the sticks. I understand people are concerned about farm murders, money earning, health etc... however its perhaps better in the smaller towns. It takes me about 10 min to get my vehicle license disc, Government hospitals are relatively quiet, there are private medical places too.
    I plead with you guys here to follow suit and do it - there is fuck all to lose only gains. Put it this way if you live in any large city in SA, when the shit does hit the fan you will be duck curry, fact...If you do not see the subtle signs to get the fuck out of the city you will be left trying to defend your home from a invasion of parasites (Locust plague killing and stealing) You will be on your own wondering if you can legally shoot the locusts invading your home, that's if you have a firearm. I have signs saying no entry, trespassers will be fucked up, no jobs here. I fired all my workers as bluntly put they were complete pissheads and they break everything, everything.
    I am having an ice cold Windhoek draught right now and will braai a chicken later, as I do most days. Get out of the city people...check the house prices around the Karoo its still pretty good and you can get a big enough garden there too, or a huge farm up to you, but do it sooner rather than later...your life may depend on it.


    1. My question is that when people have R20million for a house in Steyn City, then why do they not simply emigrate?

    2. Anonymous8:59 am

      Its just over a million euro's so its not a killer price. Its rather cheap considering what you will be getting. A small apartment in Skies Miltonia in Singapore cost us a little bit less and we are talking about 125 SQM on a 99 year leasehold.

    3. Anonymous9:21 am

      Exactly! R20m will buy you a very good property in central London. And a mere $500k gets you into a luxury resort in Mauritius for the retired. But don't wait if you want to move - the rand is R15.57 to the $ today on Easter Monday when the markets are closed. The fun and games of the next couple of weeks haven't started yet.

      I like the way one end of Steyn's swimming pool sits on top of that steep cliff. Just the thing if your current wife is a bit accident prone.

    4. Seattle11:08 am

      I agree 20M rand isn't shockingly expensive, higher end certainly, but nothing outrageous. That's only about $1.3M USD and typical of the better neighborhoods in any major U.S. city that haven't yet succumbed to the ongoing black and latino invasion.

      Still, investing in this Steyn City oasis next to major black population centers and a giant squatter camp doesn't seem very wise. At least not with the crashing rand and anti-white leadership who can expand Diepsloot at will to completely encircle the development while inciting violence. Diepsloot - what a name - it contains both 'die' and 'loot' and likely the future outcome for Steyn City residents. I wish the project well, and perhaps the situation on the ground is stable and peaceful, but it's not hard to imagine a different possibility.

      "Diepsloot is now home to about 150,000 people; many of them live in shacks 3 m by 2 m assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal."

    5. Anonymous11:11 am

      They dont emigrate because in France they tax you at 100%. In other countries, you hand over that 20 million in socialist taxes and all you get is an apartment while somalian refugees live in luxury.

    6. Anonymous10:21 pm

      Amusing for us South Africans as Foreigners talk of 1 million dollars and Euro's as 'not a lot of money'.

    7. Anonymous11:22 pm

      One needs more "Oranias"
      Home grown from the bottom up places where whites can form communities
      Loosely scattered in the Karoo is good but better is for a whole community to work together.

    8. I agree with Anon 11:22. We need more Oranias, taking the country back bit by bit before uniting and fucking the parasites forever.
      But, I fear there is no time left for such a subtle approach.

    9. Anonymous9:58 am

      @TP 7:29am
      I like your plan, but cannot figure out a way to generate enough income in your setup to pay the inevitable bills.
      Do give us more info.
      Thanks BOB.

    10. Anonymous10:13 am

      The reason why they built it next to Diepsloot is because #Iluvmymeid... Thats why. These lazy white women cant live without their black slaves. Lazy men too.

    11. Anonymous1:18 pm

      Reply to Bob @ 9:58AM

      A complex situation. I think the best is to weigh up the pros and cons of city life versus rural life. If you are a outdoors person who enjoys camping and are hands on then you are half way there.

      You would be better off getting a small farm as the opportunities to make cash increase as opposed to buying a house. You also need to look at it differently, as in a few days time I guess you will have to pay the following bills: rates & taxes or rent / bond, Eskom, water, security, cell phone contract and car payments.

      Do the following and sacrifice: Get a reliable bakkie paid off, pay as you go cell phone, solar power, boreholes and rain water, all of a sudden you start to save cash. It would be best to already buy an established place that has most of the above items already.

      High value game animals (Sable, roan, bontebok etc...) 5 bontebok are worth around 110k after 3-4 years you have a bit of cash running around. Grow stuff to sell, garlic, Lucerne.
      Depending on what skills you have you may be able to put them to use for money. Open a guest house on the farm. Diversify.

      If you go for it Bob, choose a town that has money flowing through it. Spend some time thinking about the pros and cons.
      The main reason I did this is because my Dad worked his whole life doing the "right thing" paying tax, retirement etc... and Mugabe stole it all, we lost everything. My Dad said to me one night son do what you want to do, live your life the way you want to.

      Good luck Bob
      Regards TP

    12. If I was a robber / farm murderer I would have lots of targets in remote places , especially all you city people who have no guns and romantacise about the small holdings in the countryside . I would stalk you anytime and clean you out . You are alone out in the sticks and no one will hear the gunshots . When you are gone for the weekend I will load your solar system , empty your cottage of valuables and do my next round 6 months later . The locals whom you think nothing of will tip me off on anything I want to know .
      What about the family ? Where will the kids go to school? or is the plan to leave the city for safety sake only for bachelors and the elderly ?

    13. Anonymous4:14 am

      Reply to Michael @ 3:09 AM

      Michael you should open your eyes, exactly what you have said is indeed happening in the cities. FACT!

      Tell me Michael how safe will you feel in the city behind your high walls when the lights go out, water stops running, cell reception stops?
      Because it will happen and the locusts will come shopping!

      Your family? You would obviously take them with you, Kids can go to boarding schools or do home schooling.

      Good luck getting in to my place, there are a few very nasty surprises awaiting people that think like you!

      Further more I don't romanticize about it I am doing it right now.
      Michael good luck when MAD MAX comes to SA, hope you can hold out in the city. (3 days without water = 72 hours - game over)


    14. Anonymous8:37 am

      Hi TP ,
      I agree with you
      However look at what happened on the Eastern Frontier during the Christmas invasion of the Xhosa in 1819
      The idea of a farm turned into a rural housing estate is the correct one.
      A sort of Kibbutz but everyone with their own land for profit.
      IF I had Douw Steyns money i would buy more land along the Orange have a look at vanderKloof
      The problem with all these places is that they must be self-sustaining.
      Just like in the old days -- baker soldier sailor candlestick maker.
      As a matter of interest where in the Karoo are you ?
      I have had a good look at all the towns --not many that are in the "right" places are "inspiring"

  2. Anonymous8:13 am

    Good luck with Steyn City being 9 Km from Diepsloot!

  3. Anonymous10:13 am

    The Steyn City youngsters will go to Diepsloot to buy drugs and get themselves into shit. They might occasionally take an axe to their parents' privileged heads. The parents are not exactly the nicest psychopaths you want to live next door to. The nicest neighbours are no neighbours at all, but this lot will start feuding and suing each other over the smallest territorial disputes.

    Then you have nouveaux rich blacks mixed with nouveaux rich whites - no white with "old money" will consider living in this glorified concentration camp - and you have a recipe for interracial conflict, sexual intrigue and murder galore.

    Ideal place to set the plot for a murder mystery novel.

    1. Anonymous4:59 am


      I agree.

      I would not want to live near houts!

  4. Anonymous10:59 am

    People like Steyn didn't get rich by being charitable or caring about their fellow citizens. At the heart of everything this man does is GREED. There are places similar to this in all the poor shitholes of the world, you will find them in Panama, Mexico and the thing they all have in common is that YOU NEVER STOP PAYING. People who believe this is anything other than a BIG gated townhouse complex are delusional. At the end of the day places like this are just targets for the parasites. The only solution is to get rid of the parasites, fencing yourself off from them whilst they breed like flies will only make it harder in the long run.

    1. Anonymous4:58 am


      Is it not greedy to want a better house? Car? The whole point of business is profit, this allows us to use the internet.

      Abraham - was he greedy to become so wealthy and have thousands of cattle?

      Or how about that the disciples caught thousands of fish to feed the people?

      Is it not greedy for Christians to want to be the majority religion in the world?

      Greed is subjective.

      It is greed that drives innovation. Greed at the expense of others, or having other suffer for it, that I Dont agree with but in business, you are either making sales or dying.

    2. Anonymous1:50 pm

      You can only sleep in a space approx 3x7 and eat a certain amount of calories. Having a bit more than that is fine, the problem comes when the pursuit of more and more becomes your sole reason for existence, THAT is greed and its whats wrong with many people. Its why they don't raise their children properly or communicate lovingly with their partners, its why they are mean, nasty, sarcastic and a 101 other vices. God did tell you "its harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle". What do you think he was trying to tell you?

    3. Anonymous10:33 am

      Douw Steyn has ripped off hundreds of thousands of people and you can be certain this Steyn City piece of megalomania is going to be another confidence trick. Go and look on the Hello Peter website and see the screeds and screeds of customer complaints about the lack of service they have experienced from Steyn's Auto and General and its subsidiary First for Women. You don't want to get into any kind of business dealings with this individual or his companies.

  5. Anonymous11:29 am

    This guy like so many other whites wants to be near JHB so him & his ilk can engage in state capture.
    The best option is to separate yourself as far away as possible from the government, JHB, pretoria etc as possible.
    Move to the Karoo & never look back.

    1. Why not just take your country back and chase all the kaffirs up to the Equator where they came from? Then you don't have to move anymore.

    2. Anonymous12:55 pm

      That is not possible, Mike.
      The state have an army, police force & many other departments that will use deadly force against anybody or any entity that tries their luck.

      We have seen them all, from awb, B.A.T, Willem Ratte, Boeremag etc etc etc, they all end up in jail or dead.

      The business sector all support black majority rule, so do the international world who even funded them to power in the first place.

      The numbers also do not add up, too few.
      Lack of arms too.

      On other fronts, the DA & EFF are fkng kVnts lying to whites & funded by the same people in London.

      We are in a real sorry state here in SA.

  6. Anonymous1:08 pm


    @Mike Smith8:34 AM

    My question is that when people have R20million for a house in Steyn City, then why do they not simply emigrate?

    Been there, done that!

    It aint fun, your entire life you sit looking/hoping/waiting/reading the news.

    There is no place like SA - Im sorry, there just is not a place like SA anywhere in the world.

    Not all our families can leave and Mike to be honest no other people really like nor understand South Africans.

    I have been to many countries, stayed in a few.

    Oz is hot, Ozzies are so so - seems like SA on the surface but If I said to South Africans there they could come back to SA without crime, BEE, 99% of them would jump tomorrow on a plane.

    NZ - nice but backward in someways, like the UK in the late 80s/90s, Whites will be a minority in major cities in 5-10 years.

    US - is nice but you have serious crime, I think worse than SA and the race thing is worse albeit low key. California is nice & those warm Southern States but you are a minority there & also high crime.

    UK/Europe - we see where that is going. War clouds + gimme grants in their millions - Europe is like those fallen cities in Lord of the Rings destroyed by awks.

    Canada - cold, whites will be the minority in 20-25 years

    Where do you run? How long do you keep living on the run?

    Perhaps Georgia but then if we listen to Siener, Russia will storm through there on their way through to Turkey.

    All white countries will be minorities in 20-30 years or sooner and possibly be wars in/around Europe.

    I say move out the main cities or make a plan. There are more of us today than a 100 years back, there was nothing 100 years back. I think more along the lines of Siener...

    We will see, the ANC will not be in as long as we think. Their days are numbered and the count down has begun.

    1. Anonymous3:47 pm

      "US - is nice but you have serious crime, I think worse than SA and the race thing is worse albeit low key. California is nice & those warm Southern States but you are a minority there & also high crime."

      1000% sure you've never been here. California itself is huge anyway. The southern states are all majority white. High crime is just downright untrue- the overwhelming majority of all crime is in the black ghettos in the cities. Chicago without the black parts of town is one of the safest cities in the world. And even the nigger ghettos don't have worse crime than South Africa at least comparing crimes per 100,000.

    2. Anonymous3:49 pm

      "Canada - cold, whites will be the minority in 20-25 years"

      At a rate of -10% every 20 years and Canada being 77% white in 2011 it will be 2061 when Canada becomes majority non-white. Even then the bulk of their non-whites are various kinds of Asians who are civilized. I have to guess South Africans, having few Asians, don't know how to react to them.

  7. Anonymous1:08 pm


    @Mike Smith8:34 AM

    The blacks will sort each other out in this country - I dont believe in Sieners visions, I just watch them happen.

    ‘I see the earth here being ploughed—what was

    above is below and those who were masters are now below.’

    Reform—the Time of Darkness

    Van Rensburg prophesied the total reform which would take place

    in the country before the Boer nation would get its own republic.

    The Afrikaner does not really know why reform must take place, or

    what it boils down to. He blindly agrees and hopes for the best.

    He allows everything to be taken from him and everything to be

    changed. He prefers doing nothing to stop it, for it may be ‘offensive.’

    “However, before that day arrives, ‘dark times’ await South Africa

    when drastic reform will ‘uproot’ the land... who was the master is

    now the servant. During this time our leaders will attempt to

    establish a new government in a helter-skelter fashion. However,

    it will not be the long- awaited Boer republic, as there is still too much strife.”

    He said he saw many Boer-lasts (on which shoes are moulded):

    “Now I see so many lasts on which the future republic, will be
    moulded. Almost all the little organisations and groups want a
    share in this.”

    During that time the Boer nation will be fighting with its back to
    the wall, seemingly without hope.

    But for those who knew that reform would only bring about harm
    and humiliation, there will be no fear, for their salvation is at hand.

    This period will also ring in the start of WW3.

    Rivers of Blood In Eastern Europe

    We have gone through most of the reform, the last reform will come from nationalization as Zuma scrambles for money like he is doing now.

    Then the economy will crumble, crime increase, black on black violence increase, black on white racism and we will then see the world go up in flames.

    If you run now, you will be running back here in less than 10 years. All that money wasted to only come back.

    What happens to NZ & Aus when the UK is finished & the US is bankrupt? Who protects them there?

    The future is here! As hard as it seems to accept in these dark times, as hard as it is to comprehend- I believe this is a spiritual battle and like Siener mentioned, we will be the last to go through this thing in Africa but the first.

    I dont believe Sieners visions, Im just a spectator looking at events checking the box, yip he said that, yip he saw that, hmmm interesting now I see this player entering Ah yes he said that, check, hmmm he said drought - hmmm now we have the worst drought - I know most could guess this but who could have guessed this so many years ago?

    We know his visions, we must work as one nation. We must unite, there are more of us this time and we will fight differently.

    Pray, unite and arm.

    1. Anonymous3:09 am

      I was in Auckland for 3 months last year. Walking through certain parts of the city (CBD) one would think one is walking through some Asian city. And many of the whites you did see were tourists as well!

    2. Anonymous5:55 pm


      @Anonymous3:09 AM

      Thats why I say, they can run, hide, enjoy the sun for now but their children will be on the run again. What is happening here will happen there.

      I was thinking about it, without being blasphemous but Christ killed the white man. I dont mean Christ himself but the way the modern Christian churches spread the gospel, clearly ignoring the message.

      I believe that Christianity is our weakness and because of this compassion, eventually (as we see already see) the entire western world will be destroyed either by Islam, Multiculturalism which is in contrast to Christianity.

      Multiculturalism is a killer, minorities will seek equal rights for their religion which will kill Christianity.

      In the end we will have to make a stand.

      Sorry but its the truth. Yes we are outnumbered here but then arnt whites outnumbered throughout the world?

      OZ, Sydney, the main cities, Auckland - all finished in my opinion. I know right now they are safe alternatives but for how long? 15-25 years, almost as long as the ANC have been in power and time flies!

      I think those governments have underestimated how long it will take them to be minorities. I imagine within 15 years in most of these countries the white man will be close to a minority or a minority.

      Here he is not a minority in the sense of how whites think, it is only whites who think of blacks as one group of people here in SA, blacks themselves still for the most part see their cultures as unique pedi, Xhosa, Venda, Sotho, we are the 3rd largest nationality in SA behind Zulus, coloureds and both of them prefer white rule.

      We can run but when you go down that path, just remember it will keep on happening. Like a bully who beats you, you either fight back or die a little everyday.

      We must work together, those in those countries who would come back if the situation was different here, support us, pray for us, be with us in your hearts and minds.

      We are 7.5 million strong world wide, almost double the population of NZ and larger than some European nations. As it stands in SA right now, we number more than some Eastern European nations like Latvia - we are a nation, if we stand together the earth will rumble.

      The enemy know it which is why they have to mention "white this or that all the time" it is only us who have forgotten our power.

      With God by our side, going back to the way we should handle the heathen, no nation can or will keep us down.

      I just hope our people catch a wake up, seems like Max du preez is finally waking up, this is what Siener mentioned when he saw the liberals finally waking up.


      The days of whitee keeping quiet for much longer are gone, get ready for the silence to break and for a rumble.

      Finally the liberals seem to be growing a spine, they have finally caught on 40 years too late but atleast they are waking up from their liberal voyage - when a liberal awakens, you find something scarier than a right wing.

      I had family that were uber liberals, today they are uber the top about these parasites. I for one have always known, they will either wipe us out or vice versa, Im not alone in this thinking.

      Notice all these outbreaks in Africa lately? The west found a new way to colonize and tame the parasite. I wont be happy until every last parasite is cleansed from this continent, only then will we know peace & I know God agrees because he mentions them - trace back the bantu tribes and you find them in Canaan and Phut, see what the God told the Israelites what to do - that should have happened, probably some liberal stopped it back then.

      I know, Im considered a radical but soon you will see the liberal jumping to this idea and embracing it - its coming!

    3. Anonymous3:55 pm

      "I think those governments have underestimated how long it will take them to be minorities. I imagine within 15 years in most of these countries the white man will be close to a minority or a minority."

      No, NZ was 75% white as of the last census and has one of the healthier white fertility rates while their immigrants are relatively poor at reproducing. It will take 50 years for them to become a minority.

  8. Anonymous1:18 pm


    I came across this verse the other day and thought my oh my, if only someone could make a before/after of all mentioned here in this verse of SA.

    I paste it here for you the reader to read and see for yourself what is happening here, rather than just mentioning the verse.

    Leviticus 26

    Leviticus 26King James Version (KJV)

    26 Ye shall make you no idols (rugby, sport) nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.

    2 Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord.

    3 If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments (today gays/lesbos everything unclean is ok to do in the new SA), and do them;

    4 Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

    5 And your threshing shall reach unto the vintage, and the vintage shall reach unto the sowing time: and ye shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land safely. (SA once fed, light up half of Africa)

    6 And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid: and I will rid evil beasts out of the land, neither shall the sword go through your land.

    -- Today we now have the highest crime rate in the world under the new SA.

    7 And ye shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you by the sword. ( so all the tribes bowed down to us here)

    8 And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword. (with only 1 million they ruled everything from SA to the equator 120 years ago)

    9 For I will have respect unto you, and make you fruitful, and multiply you, and establish my covenant with you.

    10 And ye shall eat old store, and bring forth the old because of the new.

    11 And I set my tabernacle among you: and my soul shall not abhor you.

    12 And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.

    13 I am the Lord your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; and I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright.

    14 But if ye will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments;

  9. Anonymous1:19 pm


    Leviticus 26

    15 And if ye shall despise my statutes, or if your soul abhor my judgments, so that ye will not do all my commandments, but that ye break my covenant:

    16 I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. (You sow but BEE/AA devours it, your tax is taken and given to the enemies who kill you)

    17 And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you. ( how many continue to immigrate?)

    18 And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.

    19 And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: (our sports proud, we now lose to the weakest nations and hang our heads in shame but still we continue)

    20 And your strength shall be spent in vain: for your land shall not yield her increase, neither shall the trees of the land yield their fruits. ( we have the worst drought in history)

    21 And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.

    22 I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number; and your high ways shall be desolate.

    (The high ways running into major cities are empty at night, no whites drive there anymore, your childrens futures robbed of their inheritance)

    23 And if ye will not be reformed by me by these things, but will walk contrary unto me;

    24 Then will I also walk contrary unto you, and will punish you yet seven times for your sins.

    25 And I will bring a sword upon you, that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant: and when ye are gathered together within your cities, I will send the pestilence among you; and ye shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy.

    This night of the long knives is building up to this.

    26 And when I have broken the staff of your bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight: and ye shall eat, and not be satisfied.

    27 And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me;

    28 Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins.

    29 And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.

    30 And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you. ( all our white images, statues, high places in society all GONE)

    31 And I will make your cities waste, and bring your sanctuaries unto desolation, and I will not smell the savour of your sweet odours. ( Look at all the inner cities in this country! Destroyed)

    32 And I will bring the land into desolation: and your enemies which dwell therein shall be astonished at it.

    33 And I will scatter you among the heathen, and will draw out a sword after you: and your land shall be desolate, and your cities waste. - See now how our farmers, people are being scattered?

    34 Then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths, as long as it lieth desolate, and ye be in your enemies' land; even then shall the land rest, and enjoy her sabbaths.

    35 As long as it lieth desolate it shall rest; because it did not rest

  10. Anonymous1:23 pm


    Leviticus 26

    35 As long as it lieth desolate it shall rest; because it did not rest in your sabbaths, when ye dwelt upon it.

    36 And upon them that are left alive of you I will send a faintness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies; and the sound of a shaken leaf shall chase them; and they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword; and they shall fall when none pursueth.

    How many whites now in this country are terrified day after day?

    37 And they shall fall one upon another, as it were before a sword, when none pursueth: and ye shall have no power to stand before your enemies.

    38 And ye shall perish among the heathen, and the land of your enemies shall eat you up.

    3,500+ farmers, 1,000,000+ black on white attacks, our numbers decrease

    39 And they that are left of you shall pine away in their iniquity in your enemies' lands; and also in the iniquities of their fathers shall they pine away with them.

    40 If they shall confess their iniquity, and the iniquity of their fathers, with their trespass which they trespassed against me, and that also they have walked contrary unto me;

    41 And that I also have walked contrary unto them, and have brought them into the land of their enemies; if then their uncircumcised hearts be humbled, and they then accept of the punishment of their iniquity:

    42 Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob, and also my covenant with Isaac, and also my covenant with Abraham will I remember; and I will remember the land.

    ----Pray, unite, arms ------

    43 The land also shall be left of them, and shall enjoy her sabbaths, while she lieth desolate without them: and they shall accept of the punishment of their iniquity: because, even because they despised my judgments, and because their soul abhorred my statutes.

    44 And yet for all that, when they be in the land of their enemies, I will not cast them away, neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break my covenant with them: for I am the Lord their God.

    45 But I will for their sakes remember the covenant of their ancestors, whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt in the sight of the heathen, that I might be their God: I am the Lord.

    ---- As was at blood river ---- Our Lord remembered his covenant with Abraham our Father.

    46 These are the statutes and judgments and laws, which the Lord made between him and the children of Israel in mount Sinai by the hand of Moses.

    We will lose this battle even with the best weapons, we must as a nation pray first and then the mightiest weapon will be unleashed on the enemy.

    I truly hope and pray that I live long enough that what remains of the white population will eventually unite and go back to their roots. That is what I truly hope to see one day.

    1. Boere_Ninja, baie dankie. Dit is so waar - voor ons nasie nie terugkeer na die Here nie, sal dinge net slegter bly gaan vir ons. Dit is hartseer om die oppervlakkigheid in vandag se mense waar te neem. Om 'n insiggewende gesprek te hê moet jy deesdae ver soek, want die soeke na plesier verblind mense vir die waarheid en die toekoms.

    2. Anonymous11:29 pm

      Boere ninja - one must read Leviticus 25 first to understand this. I have mentioned this on here before. The boers/farmers are supposed to comple with the land sabbath which I am sure has never happened in SA. YHWH sent the tribes of Judah into Babylonian captivity because of their transgression of the this requirement. I believe that what has happened in SA is largely because of our farming practices, and the lack of keeping the Sabbath/jubilee. Not to mention the other ways prescribed in Scripture.
      Also by observing the weekly Sabbath, friday sunset to saturday sunset, we proclaim who our Creator is. Why have we ignored/forgotten this?
      Most don't like it when 'religion' is mentioned but we can not escape Truth and reality - what is written will be.
      Faith Walker

  11. Anonymous7:40 pm

    I am renting a Karoo house for R90 a month. No jobs here unless you start a business but the property is cheap.

    1. Anonymous9:44 am

      Are you being serious about the R90?

      I could doll out R90 to a farmer for a cheap bug out location in the karoo. Cheap insurance

    2. Anonymous12:36 pm


      Dead serious. Many empty houses and gost towns.(spoorweg) The problem is finding the owners of the properties.

      I spent time looking and it payed off.

    3. ...I have been looking for a place like this in the Karoo for three years now. I hope you will share the knowledge with me. I'll sent you an email address if you are willing to share.

  12. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Last I checked this was "MikeSmithspoliticalcommentary" and not some crazy doos and his biblical fantasies.
    Kindly fokof Boer_Ninja.

    1. Anonymous4:22 am

      No, why don't you...?

    2. Anonymous4:55 am


      @Anonymous9:40 PM

      LOL - Mike would not have a site or a blog if the above had been done.

      The reason you are on this site is because of the above.

      Biblical fantasies - sure go ahead, enjoy multicultural Europe and soon to be non white Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand.


      Dont let the web browser hit you on the ass on your way out!

    3. BoereNinja been on this site for years mate. Longer than most. Some people enjoy his comments and others dont. He shares the same goals as most on this blog and i am sure his posts have boosted the numbers as i have seen many appreciative and positive interactions with him.

      Lets not call on people to fokof who share the same ambitions for this country but uses a different angle in communicating it. Lets respect different opinions.

      I am not saying that you cant disagree with someone but at least disagree in a communicative and productive fashion with integrity instead of simply trying to assassinate the character of the person.

      Now is the time to unite not keep on with this bashing of brothers like we are used to. If we cant unite regardless of personal differences then we are stuffed.

    4. Anonymous8:29 am

      Anonymous 9:40 PM

      What a DOOS you are, aggressively fuck off Anonymous 9:40 PM!! Leave Ninja alone!

    5. Anonymous2:31 pm

      To Donycero5:24 AM and Anonymous8:29 AM
      Well said Donycero and Anon that ugly uncalled for remark made by Anonymous 9:40 PM was definitely not made in the right attitude and frame of mind. Unity, respect and love thy neighbour is the way to go on this blog and his/her remark was not required here. Unfortunately the world is full of misfits and they blow of a little steam now and then just to ease their little immature minds. So bring it on Ninja my brother this dumbo got no authority to make such a disrespectful kind of say so here on this blog at all.

    6. Anonymous2:55 pm

      I quite enjoy ninjas posts, and I'm not even into bible stuff.


    7. Anonymous1:08 am

      At 2:55 Ninja's posts sure beats the shit coming out of the MSM and their little libs and black pets mouths.

    8. Anonymous2:13 am

      Ninja, I can see that you want to help make things better in this screwed up place! Thanks for your time and efforts!
      As for Anon 9:40:SHame on you!

    9. Anonymous10:14 am


      @Anon 9:40 PM

      You are way out of line Mr.

      Gelukkig weet ek jou aanmerking is soos water op 'n eend se rug vir ons Boere_Ninja.

      Ninja, ek waardeer ál jou insette op Mike se Blog! Jy maak net elke keer my oë nóg meer oop.

  13. Thanks Mike, the meerkat add is on daily over here in Ozz. Now I feel a bit prouder thats a South African behind it. The gent in the Karoo anon 7.29 , I love the way you are thinking.

  14. Anonymous10:50 pm

    On the button again Mike and as always delivered straight from the shoulder. UAE is another example of what working together in an organized and orderly law abiding manner can be achieved. Unfortunately S.A. is a political farce and financial disaster. S.A. is now going down a black hole just like Zim and the rest of Africa. Thanks to the ANC there will never ever be a hope in hell of ever creating a democracy or anything like a Utopia.

  15. Anonymous12:02 am

    How many people has Douw Steyn ripped off

  16. Anonymous2:20 am

    Steyn and his investors are banking [pardon the pun] on apparent non-discovery of Fannie Mae and Government Neighborhood Stabilization Programs (NSP). In that part of the world however, outright armed seizure is more likely the outcome. Yes, you have it right. The term "stabilization" has indeed yet another meaning.

    Suburbia will survive only if governments permit it. Government in the U.S. is already on to such residential schemes designed for safety, convenience, and crime free environments. These enclaves generally vote conservative and have become targets for integration and assimilation. Who knew ?

    Best of luck with your effort Mr. Steyn. Keep an eye on the racial make up of your schools football team. It hasn't worked here, perhaps you'll be more successful.

    Regards, Besoeker

  17. Anonymous2:24 am

    The ANC now wants all businesses to be 51% black owned. Previously it was 25%. It's a hop and a jump away from 100% black ownership. Whites, coloured and Indians will have to hand their businesses to blacks and will not get jobs either. Without jobs or businesses, why would any white, coloured or Indian want to live in Joburg? Unless you are older and have invested your money offshore by now so you can live off foreign income, you are stuffed. Nobody lives in Joburg unless they absolutely have to i.e. if you work there.

    You can rather go to the Karoo and be self sufficient. I agree with Anon 7:29 AM. Get out of the big cities, that is where the coming troubles will be worse. Get your children out of the country. South African capitalism is finished. You can't even call it a communist country because at least under white communism the people had rations, measly as they were. Under a black regime the poor will starve, there is no relief for them.

    You want the wretched of Johannesburg on your doorstep? I don't think so. Rather go to the smaller dorpies.

    1. I agree with you and Anon 7:29 that's why I live in the Kalahari. There's a huge desert out here where we can withdraw to and regroup.
      A lady friend of mine was mugged by a Kaffir with a pistol in Pep Stores Randfontein yesterday, but when I warned her about the dangers I'm overreacting???

    2. Anonymous6:08 am

      Anon 2:24

      What is the source for this proposal of 51% black ownership?

      These pieces of shit are really trying their best to ruin the country.

    3. Anonymous8:24 am

      This is because when black ownership was 25% they sold the shares and wanted another 25%. What are they going to do when they get 51%, sell it and want another 51%? Or will they take the remaining 49%?

      51% ownership means the blacks call the shots, the whites will be in the minority and cannot block bad management practices. Fuggedabowdit. Sell your shares and get the fuck out.

      I don't think capitalism is something that blacks should be involved in. However, very soon they won't have any more businesses to stuff up and they can all go back to living in their simple kraals. Worst decision ever was to let a black into the boardroom.

  18. Anonymous4:22 am

    Doesn't sound like a solution. As long as the same people are in charge, the problems will be the same or worse.

  19. Anonymous4:36 am

    Ja as if we all have 20 million lying around to buy a house in Steyns utopia while the average white south Africans languish in Mandela dystopia. It looks like it that the once noble aspirations for a nation state are ideals of the past in this new world Babylon where money (lots of it ) is the new identity. I did a small bit of looking into national freedom songs and found that every small nation that has bought its freedom with blood has songs or poems to commemorate the events, the Greeks in its struggle against the Ottomans, the Serbs against Ante Pavelics Ustashe have songs, but what have we. This week is the Republic Of Irelands centenary celebrations of the Easter Rising. Here are two Songs Foggy Dew, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsgfUcB8pCI , and Come Out ye Black and Tans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT0yoo9B2Bc. May your Hearts Burn with real Aspiration

    1. Seattle10:27 pm

      Props for mentioning the Irish struggle for independence. I have been following their plight for many years and listen to their freedom songs regularly (alongside downloaded podcasts discussing South Africa's future).

    2. Anonymous11:27 am

      Living in a smaller town is fine for retired people but even then you don't want to overdo the isolation bit. My husband wanted to retire in Clarens because of the beautiful mountain views. However mountains will not help you when you need to see a specialist, they just stare back at you because that's what mountains do best. So we are living in a smallish town with advantages like living close to a private hospital. We don't get load shedding. We have a coal stove for winter warming, and a water tank as we do get occasional water outages.

      If you have children you have to live in a bigger place. You can't just pack off your children to boarding school which is in any case just an expensive form of child abuse.

      For people who have lived in bigger cities living in a small town requires a couple of adjustments. Since people became ruder and ruder in public cinemas and the limited refreshments became ludicrously expensive I stopped missing going to shopping malls a long time ago.

      Do you remember when going to the bioscope used to be a special experience and your parents dressed up to go? There were usherettes with intimidating torches who tore your ticket in half and you didn't dare lose your seat ticket and there was an interval and the men smoked Rothmans Pall Mall or Peter Stuyvesant in the foyer and the ladies would each get a box of Black Magic (!) chocolates to eat during the show. The discreet rustle of chocolates being unwrapped. These days people don't hesitate to have loud conversations in cinemas which is why the sound volume is set to ear shattering level.

      I can live without Woolworths Food and Fruit & Veg. Most of Woolworths Food is overpriced rubbish and PnP or Spar fruit and veg is fine with me. The one thing I've noticed in this town where there are a lot of Afrikaners is that the local butchery is rubbish. Terrible boerewors, horrible sosaties. Quite surprising. PnP and Spar also sell lousy boerewors. So we eat pork sausages which, to be honest, have always been tastier than medium quality wors.

    3. Anonymous3:59 pm

      The irish don't have a plight. Their goal is to take Northern Ireland and then fill it with nigerians. The Irish are anti-white.

  20. Anonymous4:51 am

    Very apt to have a garage that can house 33 cars... considering when you are a 33rd degree Freemason.

  21. Anonymous4:57 am

    Wow, what an extravagant estate! Absolutely mind-blowing. A town planner and urban designer's wet dream.

    At least Mr Steyn talks the talk and achieves results.

    20 square kilometers of land. How do they intend to keep Diepsloot's noble savages out?

    What are the benefits of building an enclave like this so close to Diepsloot and Jo'burg other than soothing Mr Steyn's little big ego?

    1. Anonymous12:20 am

      In the words of Donald Trump "build a wall"

  22. Anonymous5:18 am


    The revolution & what we have witnessed in SA since Zuma took over...

    President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo had invited Zuma to attend the country's independence day celebration.

    I did not know who the jet belonged to

    The former Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) leader said Zuma had invited him and Nzimande along so they could discuss the "state of our revolution" ahead of the 2009 general elections.

    So on his way to independence celebrations discussing a revolution here in South Africa.... hmmm sounds like a plan to get rid of whites.

    I read Vavis shit and see he always mentions this white monopoly capitol.

    what is it about white monopoly capitol that pisses them off? Is it because they cant get away with further stealing more money out of SA or fully nationalizing the country?

    Mike what is your take on this white monopoly capitol? How influential is it really and how much money do they really control all together?

    I hear it all the time or is it just to mention whitee again, creating the bogyman and a scapegoat?

  23. The ANC will be looking to change public opinion on farmers discrediting their ability to produce food for the country and to dehumanize them as devils in order to legitimize land grabs.

    I came across this article title and heading and i knew something was off by the way they played it all so emotional. This is gonna get worse in the coming days.


  24. The problem with the Asterix and Obelix village is that the villagers have to come out at times - and there , on the outside are the Romans who multiply much faster than the villagers and are by nature destructive..

    1. Anonymous4:52 pm

      Yes but the gauls have the magic potion which the romans do not have.

    2. Anonymous12:34 am

      Brandy or red wine is not magic potion my friend

  25. Anonymous7:50 am

    Hey maybe some of us more radical ones can gate crash steyns pad and set up a mini terror state with nightly mortaring and homemade kuyutshas being sent in the direction of Diepsloot and other places. I see our once good Ally Alfonso Dlakama has returned to the bush, least he has learnt the truth about frelimo what's taking us so long to get our act together. Money won't buy us out of the mess we are in. Anyway who is to stop the ANC from land grabbing Steyns utopia

    1. Anonymous11:33 am

      Sounds like good clean fun to me. CC your plan to me. Mike has my e-mail addy.

  26. On a different topic, and for your reading pleasure... http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2016/march/24/how-narratives-killed-the-syrian-people/

  27. Anonymous9:17 am

    This kind of development does work in some places. While helping a well-to-do friend, I was lucky enough to spend some time at his house in Manila, Philippines, located in a 694 hectare gated community called Ayala Alabang Village.

    There are about 4,500 houses in the Village, which is completely walled off, and has only 2 or 3 entrances with 24 hr armed guards. No one gets in or out without a valid ID card and/or car sticker. The guard posts call residents to verify the identity of any visitors. Guards patrol the streets of the village on motorcycles 24 hours a day. The few crimes reported are typically petty thefts by maids (who usually live-in).

    There is a shopping centre, several gas stations, city utility offices, schools and a clinic in the village. It certainly is a place where the Philippine elites live, but probably no more expensive than the top security complexes in SA.

    1. Anonymous5:43 am

      How are the property prices in the Philippines...?

  28. Anonymous10:05 am

    you guys actualy watched the ad? this is just a secure area he wants to build for whites and blacks havent you all learnt from the history we share with them.sooner or later it will all go to shit just like the rest of the country .you can build the highest fences if they want in they will get in.

    Hurr Durr

    1. Anonymous1:54 am

      And think of all the cars that will be hijacked at the entrances. You will need heavily armed guards to keep that lot under control.

  29. Any sane white person would not build or buy such massive property in these days on South African soil, especially not with the prospect of land grabs on the horizon. With junk status on it's way as well, very few South Africans and even less foreign investors will invest in this endeavour. If there is demand, it will last 2 to 3 years max.

    Wonder if Steyn thought this through.

  30. Anonymous12:07 pm

    The Republican Romans used to consider outward displays of wealth and extravagance as a 'lack of virtue.' They would consider such a man as not suitable for public office or leadership.

    What type of vain person names a city after themselves...?

    1. Anonymous12:02 pm

      Off the top of my head...

      Alexander the Great - 70 cities

    2. PreatorianXVI7:56 pm

      Romulus > Rome

    3. Anonymous4:18 am

      Anon 12:02

      Alexander the Great fought from the front lines and took the known world.

      There is no comparison. This guy is a small fry joke who thinks he can compare himself to the true Greats.

      And wants people to worship him in his city like they are his subjects.

    4. Verwoerdburg, Pretoria, Krugersdorp,Kruger Park, Piet Retief, Harry Smith, Durban, Port Shepstone, Hermanus, Graham's Town, etc.

    5. Anonymous11:46 am

      If other people decided to honor him by giving the city his name, that would be different, like the cities mentioned.

  31. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Nope. Bad idea. Even if you had the 20 million for the plot and plan, the monthly levies will eventually clean you out.
    Better idea is everyone secures their own environment. Whether you on a farm, small holding, house, plot or caravan. You need to get neighbours involved and start a patrol. And don't sell. The BEE Black Diamonds can only buy in your area if you sell. So stay put, and secure.
    This is the way we will survive. Not in some BEE/AA controlled security complex that uses security that makes notes of when we come and go.


  32. Anonymous2:34 pm

    The way things are going , at this stage it seems only the Corrupt politicians will be able to afford a place in steyn s paradise paid by us.
    I ask myself if the Farmers are worried about their Land being scaled why dont they develop them into housing projects , fenced off and each home owner will have a bonded House.

    1. Anonymous12:56 am

      Great idea. I also thought that we should buy large tracts of farmland and develop housing estates.

    2. Anonymous1:04 am

      I don't know what they are going to do, but we must put distance and barbed wire between us and the blacks as soon as possible. We have to eject these animals away from us.

    3. Anonymous8:53 am

      @anon 12,56AM
      Well WHAT is stopping you ?
      What about an English version of Orania ?
      Lost of empty land still in the Karoo
      Let me know when someone gets this together and I will buy a plot

  33. Watched a clip on YouTube where Douw says as well that there isn't a crime problem its a traffic problem. Damn, must be nice if money changes your view of reality. No Meneer Steyn you don't have a crime problem in South Africa, you have a black problem.

    1. Anonymous2:58 am

      Dingo8:20 PM
      Right on Dingo and all of the other black crap that goes with it. All nicely disguised and gift wrapped in a huge black power package. I can give you a never ending list of the crimes now being committed by them. One thing that you have to really commend them for though is their massive amount of cunning. Even with their pea sized brain they have become the masters of crime and sheer destruction.

  34. Naah, I don't think I'd fork out 20 Bar with the possibility of an IQ 67 moving in next door. No matter how much money it's stolen it is still a Kaffir.
    Always was and always will be.

    1. Anonymous11:36 am

      So, so true.

    2. Anonymous1:32 pm


      Especially when the thing got your job and picks its nose...

      Nice concept, would have been nicer if he made it affordable to those who made this country what is was.

      Dont worry, it will land up once more in its rightful owners hands, who care more for the land, the people, the animals, the environment than this lot.

    3. Ninja, my bro, as always I can only agree with you. For that amount of money Steyn could have developed a few Orania-like settlements with a supporting commercial & industrial infrastructure to inspire people to relocate their businesses from the cities?
      Just a thought.

  35. Anonymous2:04 am

    Owning a fortune of R 13 tells me we are paying too much for insurance.

    1. Anonymous10:24 am

      was thinking the same thing.

  36. Anonymous6:38 am

    Well I am seriously thinking of moving to Orania.Do not know if I will qualify to be able to live there but I cannot take the apeshit anymore from our fellow landsgenote.Today I am just fedup.Fedup with my black colleagues thats so racist it makes an onion cry.I am just fedup.I cannot take this kaffirkak anymore Mike.I am serious.I am a white woman and I am going to boil over and then I am going to be fired.

    1. Anonymous8:11 am

      Anonymous6:38 AM
      I would not mind to move there myself except that nobody can stop this ape govamunt to go and make kak there any time they want.

    2. Anonymous8:30 am

      EK kry die vroumense en kinders so jammer.
      EN dit gaan moeliker raak.

    3. Anonymous11:46 am

      Anon 6:38, you really have my sympathy. I am retired and am sooo glad I don't have to put up with any of that office politics kak anymore. However, when I was at my busiest in my private financial advisory business I was very straight with black clients and took no shit. I still have these black clients on my books and I look after everyone's interests equally. You pays your money and you gets your service. Dealing with black women is another story, they are such bitches. At least with a black man if you are a white woman you can call him out and he knows you know better than he does, because you certainly do.

    4. Anonymous11:31 pm

      Very true Anon 11:46.There is no bitch like a black bitch.My "teamleader" is a black woman.BUT all she does all day is do nails put on false eyelashes take selfies and tell the white women in our office how they don't have dress sense.fuck the actuall work.Me and my male colleague will do everything in any case.even her work.I despise the sheboon...

    5. Seattle12:12 am

      Move here to the U.S. We desperately need more Whites with your experiences and insight.

    6. Anonymous12:58 pm

      Hey Seattle,
      the USA is impossible to move to with their green card crap. No whitey can get in there - not easy anyway. And you know that.

    7. Anon 6:38 Dear Lady, at least contact Orania and find out. They are very accommodating will assist you in any way they can. Shit, 'd move there tomorrow if I had anything to contribute to their community. It's Heaven on Earth there.

  37. Anonymous8:10 am

    It is the very first time in the histoty of the world where a nation has given their country lock stock and barrel over to criminals to run into the ground so that they can face genocide.

    1. Anonymous10:39 am

      It is also the first time in history that a tiny race of whites DARED to defy the globalists and Satan by creating a society that was diametrically opposite to a singular sovereignty (apartheid was a multi sovereign society... 1 country per tribe)

      So naturally it would incur the wrath of the world that hates Jesus.

      Stand proud that we went where no other nation went and had the daring and BALLES to shake our fists at world powers, at the commies and others.

      The Rhodies stand just as tall as us...if not taller

  38. Anonymous8:26 am

    WHAT does the sane and normal average white man/woman appreciate?
    They love nature, peace and quiet, simplicity, animals and the Earth, and also their homes. They may be a little fascinated by the things about the supernatural and the unorthodox but only to a limited point. However in reality they are true believers and partisans of every righteous theory and discipline that will contribute to the human race´s further development and the wellbeing of their country. It is called patriotism, and they have no qualms or hesitation in making the first move when they know that something worthwhile is going to or needs to be done for the betterment of their fellow human beings, and also for their country. The white majority is taught from birth about positive habits such as love and respect for all things upon this planet. Therefore they are the best of examples at controlling all/any negative or disparaging elements or emotions. They are taught to be faithful, loyal, true and dependable to their country of birth and its peoples. Therefore later on when they grow up to be adults they become first class loyal citizens.
    The ANC government is definitely not conscious and aware of the responsibility of what such a positive and exemplary role that good leadership entails. Leadership is definitely not a glorious honor or privilege. It is all about being a positive, constructive and a good productive example of virtues for all of the people to follow. Unfortunately the black evil minded greedy ANC government and their followers have no honor, virtue or respect for anything but themselves. Their bank accounts are now bulging with the poor honest white patriotically minded taxpayer’s money.

    1. Anonymous4:39 am

      Anonymous8:26 AM

      Well said!

    2. Anonymous6:55 am

      Anon 8:26
      Correction: they did not 'slip up' that implies a certain attributable innocence of having made an unforeseen error possibly due to naivete or inexperience. Something that they could possibly correct if given the chance.

      No They have done what they have done on purpose and when the time of reckoning comes there will be no mitigating circumstances.

  39. Californian11:09 am

    Is it just a return back to Apartheid or an example of how the entire South Africa could have looked like if only the ANC governed properly instead of stealing the country into bankruptcy?

    Or perhaps what the entire country of SA could have looked like if it had a white majority. You can see the same thing in the USA. Look at old photos of Detroit when it was white majority. It was known as the "Paris of the West." Today, after several decades of black majority rule, Detroit is a bombed out ruin.

    Much of it goes back to demographics. You have a white majority, you get advanced civilization. Today, I see the population of black Africa is exploding (in part due to Western food and medical aid). So what does the excess African population do? Migrate north into Europe. And bring Africa with them--more crime, squalor and race hustling.

    It's like a race war, except only one side appears to be fighting these days, though we do see some Eastern European countries waking up to the threat.

    1. Seattle11:27 pm

      Excellent post my friend. I have vivid memories as a young child in Detroit of my 5'2" Scottish mother screaming out my bedroom window at a dozen blacks attempting ignite petrol poured through the open window of the neighbor's house - a white family with 4 young sleeping kids. We were literally the last white family to move out in my neighborhood and I distinctly remember the changes - no longer being allowed to go to the play set one block away, graffiti appearing everywhere eventually to include our front door, litter all over the place. My dad had his car totaled in the street outside our house by a black drunk driver with no insurance. Afterwards, poor Dad had to walk 4 miles each way to work for months until he saved enough money for another car. Days after a white family moved out, a black one would move in. They would bring 8-12 people all shacking up in a house intended for a family of 6. At least 4-5 non-working cars would soon be parked on the now overgrown lawn and there was a constant police presence for loud parties and domestic violence & drugs. I have never forgotten the experience to this day am very leery of blacks, wherever they may be.

      I weep for South Africa. You're spot on about the predicted explosive growth in African black population. The numbers are truly staggering, BILLIONS of new blacks, and I think most people are clueless as to what is coming. Nearly 400 years of Dutch, French and British culture is about to be torched and seized without compensation à la Rhodesia. Eastern Europe and Russia may indeed be the last remaining White stronghold. It's not too far fetched to imagine oppressed Whites fleeing the U.S., and certainly South Africa, for Poland, Hungary and Russia. Interesting times.

    2. Anonymous1:59 am

      Malawi has a food crisis because of the drought yet the average Malawian woman still has five children. World aid agencies give vulnerable people 50 kg of meal every month. Vulnerable people being old people and pregnant women. For the rest they scratch some vegetables out of the ground and the men get piece work or jobs in South Africa. You are not doing yourself a favour hiring a Malawian. They have more than one wife and each wife has five children. Yes it is cruel to let people starve but I will not help them if they don't do something to control their numbers. Why help the poor if they just create more and more poor people who blame their poverty on whitey and rob and kill whitey. We had a spate of house robberies in our area spearheaded by a Malawian syndicate. Women were kicked and dragged around and tied up and husbands beaten up and stabbed.

  40. Anonymous11:21 am

    Military Spec, Signal Jammers being used in farm attacks.

    1. Seattle11:59 pm

      Very disturbing video. If I were a local and survivor of a farm attack, which I am not, I would be inclined to flee SA for good or at least go out in a blaze of glory Janusz Waluś style on the leadership. Please come to America if you can - just walk across the border and get handed a driver's license and food assistance (EBT). The average idiot here has no clue about history or foreign affairs and would likely mistake your accent for an Australian anyway.

  41. Anonymous1:19 pm


    I love this...

    Now comes Dave Stewart’s contribution republished below which incorporates, as we must, Government’s own share of the economy. Whites account for under 9% of the SA population. As a consequence of history and efforts of world class entrepreneurs, their slice of the economy is around double that. That’s a long way from 93%.

    But their share is also falling fast as discriminatory laws make whites feel increasingly unwelcome in their homeland, encouraging emigration or the export of capital. Other developing nations compete aggressively for capital needed to fund growth. Here, self-serving South African politicians persisting in spreading falsehoods that chase away a tax base that is the envy of others on this capital-hungry continent. That’s sinful. – Alec Hogg

    Whites are becoming more vocal the days of talking shit to whitee and lying are OVER.


    1. Anonymous2:16 am


      The last two paragraphs is actually a warning of legitimate regime change if you read between the lines.

      The more agro they(ANC) get the more they play in to the hands of the broederbond elite who is initiating the regime change.

      The elite need them to go all bobbejan. Burn down protest steel and murder to contravene international law. The more the better.

      As for me yes let them go ape. I am also starting to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

    2. Anonymous10:06 am

      I have also recently come to the conclusion that Alec Hogg is a Doringbos/ NWO shil.
      JP Viljoen - another name for your list...

  42. Anonymous2:45 pm


    Front page US yahoo - 250 million view this home page

    I mentioned last year, the signs were so evident of regime change in Zim + here in SA.

    I dont think boys and girls you know how close we are now, that freedom which seemed impossible is actually closer than 99.99% of the people think.

    Sure we will enter dark days in the days, weeks, months but this party is out - the ANCs days are now numbered. I guess Zumas statement about "ruling until Jesus returns" is closer than he thought literally.

    The signs all around.

    We can expect a lot of turmoil in the coming months but compared to what we gain, it will be worth every bit. Unite, arm, train, prepare and most importantly pray.

    Many are going to give up just before the sun shines bright here, remember what Siener said and see for yourselves now....The signs are now all around us clear as daylight.

    Stay safe, hold those heads up - another sign below.


    Fighting in Angola, Eastern Europe, Europes black problem, problems with the Economy here, parliament problems all give us a clear indication (at least for me) where we are on the map.

  43. Anonymous3:20 am

    1. Lead by being and setting the example.
    2. Coach, don’t preach, demand or command your team.
    3. Manage your energy. Be kind, gentle and humble on the outside but as strong as steel on the inside.
    4. Empower a team of enthusiastic leaders.
    5. Create a culture of ownership right throughout the whole leadership team and their related members beneath them.
    Having an engaged and motivated team isn’t just about offering cushy benefits and extravagant salaries. When people feel like they’re part of a team, they work harder, get better results and feel happier. Give your team the gift of motivation by channelling your energy and leading them by your energetic unsoiled example and intelligent use of empowerment.

    1. Anonymous7:49 am

      WOW! Annon 3;20 Maybe in utopia. This is the real effed up world and especially South Africa. You must be an IDEALIST. Are you a young teenager, because adults normally aren't as they have been around to know the real world. Maybe a super Liberal. Shame.

    2. Anonymous10:05 am

      If Sipho wants to do you...

    3. Anonymous8:23 pm

      Some folks believe and say that you can kill an enemy with kindness but I am absolutely sure that they didn’t have the African blacks in mind when they said that. The blacks believe and say “Ubuntu for the black Muntu only” and they only see that all/any white kindness is a sign of white weakness. There’s a full blown black on white ANC genocide now in operation here and the time for white “soft talking” and offering deeds of kindness by the hopeful whites is worthless. As far as I am concerned my visions for a true fair and equal democracy has completely ended from a long ways back in time. Apartheid was never the true issue in the old RSA but due to insatiable black greed it was denounced as being evil and cunningly used as a political tool to gain access to the white man’s valuable possessions and money. Africa is now a dead beat continent and the only way for the whites to save it is to wipe the blacks out completely and then start all over.

  44. Hi Mike, could you please give this dominee a piece of your mind: http://www.kathradafoundation.org/speech/involvement-white-people-struggle-against-racism

    1. Adam, this doos is net lus vir kak praat. I didn't even read the whole thing, just the closing sentence made me want to puke; "let us all work together to being white Africans". Where does he live? We tried extending the hand and where has that got us?
      No, they must all fuck off with this reconciliation bullshit. It's time for extermination, not reconciliation.

  45. This is for the not so far right but for the average joe waking up. Suidlanders sa prepper

    The government has recently had a lot to say about racism and how they are against it. New legislation is to be passed in September 2016 which will make derogatory racial comments or discrimination a crime punishable by imprisonment. Even cartoonists have been warned that “subtle racism” in their drawings will not be tolerated.

    What hypocrisy! It is of the highest order. If a white person dare make any “negative” racial comment it brings the “wrath of the gods” down on them. Try singing “De La Rey” in public and see what happens but the president of the country can continue singing his “bring me my machine gun” struggle song, black groups can sing “kill the farmer kill the boer” (i.e. whites) and display placards with this slogan with impunity, black students can walk around on campus wearing T shirts bearing the slogan “kill all whites”, the social media can be filled with vitriolic white hate speech and incitement to racial war and the government does little or nothing about it.

    Black politicians continue to inflame racial tensions by repeatedly reminding their electorates of the injustices and crimes perpetrated by the whites during apartheid – instead of – if they were really sincere about bringing about reconciliation and unity – bringing closure to the past, putting it behind us and moving on. It would appear that the last thing they want to do is “bury the hatchet” – they WANT to perpetuate racial hatred and intolerance under the guise of being “non-racist”. The present government IS and will continue to be racist.

    Whites are told that they take up all the good jobs and for this reason Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action policies are being pursued. What a farce! How can the whites of this country that make up only 10% of the population take up all the jobs – even if every single one of them was employed! It is a mathematical impossibility! This exposes BEE and affirmative action as nothing less than racist discrimination and a mechanism by which to impoverish whites and contribute towards the white genocide that is taking place in this country. Take away a person’s right to earn an honest living and they will eventually starve. This is just a different form as genocide which “complements” the white murders which continue to increase on farms and in urban areas. The fact that the government has done little to acknowledge this is a reflection of their depraved indifference when whites are the targets of racism and discrimination.

    Only when the government puts an end to BEE and affirmative action and allows whites to compete for jobs on a level playing field, only when they stop making inflammatory statements of the past designed to fuel racial tensions, only when they come down as hard on blacks who make rabid anti-white statements as they do on whites, only when they stop singing their “struggle” songs, only when they allow Afrikaners to have Afrikaans institutions (including schools and universities) and allow for white diversity as part of their so-called rainbow nation, will the current government be worthy of any credibility. Until then the “one-sided” racism where blacks are allowed (encouraged) to openly demean, threaten, disparage, insult and kill whites will be exposed for what it is – hypocrisy of the highest order. One sided racism (blacks targeting whites), it would appear is and will be tolerated in the future. Whites are being deprived and robbed of their jobs, property, language, faith, culture and lives. If this is not racial discrimination and genocide then pray – what is? We are being driven into a corner where we will be left with only two options.

    I am more in to shooting the shit out of the lot.

  46. Anonymous11:52 am

    I am sure the greater number of White South Africans realise that it is now a numbers game and the Whites just have not the numbers. Orania is mooted as a safe redoubt for Whites but if thousands of violent hungry Blacks turn up and demand to be let, what's to do. Many have mooted living in some hide away in the Karoo, nothing more than a temporary fantasy . I am sure those of an older generation know the Black man takes, he does not give. Soon there will be a General Election in America, comes the hour comes the man Donald Trump is certain to win if he offers White South Africans refuge in America, TAKE IT, TAKE IT.

    1. Sounds like you have already given up. Having a bugout area doesnt meen we are scared and are going to hide. It is a position to regroup.

      The chances of Trump winning and coming to rescue us is not something i will bet all my chips on.

      We have formed groups. We are prepared and we know what is coming. Number is an important factor but more so is intelligence and competancy.

      You should join groups you cant leave your fate in the the hands of speculating about another countries outcome in elections and whether or not such a leader will come to our rescue. Doing that will cause you to relax, watch sports on the weekend and watching 7nde laan all week. Dont be a frog in the boiling pot.

    2. Anonymous10:34 am

      not interested in liveing in the USA with the GMO foods and chemical water and chemtrails. No thanks

    3. Anonymous1:14 am

      The Karoo is a good place to live because it's vast and sparsely populated. The blacks are completely dependent on government services for survival, in the event that the blacks cause a societal breakdown and those services will shut down they'll be starving within a short time. The whites in the cities will bear the blunt of it, then the whites and blacks in the countryside areas- it will end up being an anarchic bloodbath on all sides. In the Western Cape where whites are in charge and blacks aren't a majority and generally in conflict with coloureds over jobs the DA will probably not do anything major beyond keeping order, but that means the Western Cape will also be a nice refuge- at least assuming that Helen Zille doesn't just let all the rampaging blacks flood in after they've destroyed everything in eastern South Africa. In the Karoo whites living in small communities will be isolated and protected from any societal breakdown because it is so far from everything else- the blacks will starve to death walking over there before they get anything and even if they come in numbers they'll just be an emaciated horde on death's doorstep- too frail and weak to actually fight.

  47. Anonymous4:11 pm

    How can you hate people in a continent which is inherently full of those people if I "hate" Chinese people God forbid I would not dare live in China.If I hate so called black people I would not dare live in Africa.

    If apartheid was good for South Africans why did they revolt against the system? Crime, corruption, bad roads etc affect everyone. If it was the apartheid regime in power do you think you would openly criticize them year in year out like you do with the ANC and you would still exercise your freedom of expression? Would you revolt and call for treason against the NP and still be free? Check your privilege.....

    If you do not like it here, maybe you should leave and go find "peace" in those places that are better than Africa, do a scorched earth policy if you have too, trace you roots go back home and go leave there in peace! No so called savages or monkeys to worry about where you come from I presume.

    How do you question people's way of life, "primitive" as you feel it is, in there own backyard. Would you do the same in North Korea..........I dare say go to Russia or North Korea now and ridicule everything about them !

    Saying you would be still in mud huts ! whatever the fuck that is, is the same as saying Africa would be better off without settlers from the sea an unknown unknown....racism would not exist in Africa period ! another unknown unknown no cars no computers fair enough maybe life would be better ? another unknown unknown

    Stop using "white man" tech okay fair enough if I stop using it will you go back to where you came from ? Fair deal if you ask me.........you take back the technology back to Europe and I stay here and drink sorghum beer and re-build great Zimbabwe.

    Sometimes people talk biased sh!t !!!!!

    1. @ Anon 4:11 PM

      "unknown unknown"

      Whatever logic you have, is laughable

    2. Anonymous11:15 pm

      Anonymous4:11 PM
      Go back to your mud hut you black idiot. There is not an iota of level headed truth in your dumb comment. Things then and the disaster now taking place here is beyond comparison and nothing to what is still coming in the future. Blacks can only destroy and they have only proved that they are all still more backward than monkeys. I feel more sympathy for real monkeys than I do for your ignorant black kind who are just brainless imitations of the ape species.

    3. You dont have a clue what you are talking about. 1st this land was EMPTY and dont come with this Africa for blacks crap to me. Eurasia have many different races. China is not a continent you twat it is a land in in Asia in Eurasia like SA in Africa. It has whites, Chines Japanese and many others races.

      Blacks came here from central Africa we came from southern Africa and we met at the fishriver. Africa is also connected to Eurasia so who are you to come and say this is the backyard for blacks only.

      We told them this is Africa for they did not even know what the concept of property or land was. We could have said it is Euafrica for that matter and claimed it all.

      Land to them is something you can mix with water to rub on your face or on your stick house. Now it is something you can steel because the great white brain gave it value.

      Racism existed before the black met the settler. How many million other races did Shaka and the zulus kill and genocide. Not just the number but the brutality worst then the most terrifying horror movie ever. Why do you think they ran to the south in the first place... because the horrors in central Africa was even worse than the horrors they brought here.
      The black humanoid creature is the most racist, barbaric, vile creature to walk this planet. It is a parasite that can only live off of other things without maintaining the sustenance where after it moves on to a new host.

    4. Anonymous3:00 am

      Anonymous4:11 PM
      The ANC has got your one and only miniscule brain cell fucked up good and proper. That's for sure and with regards to your comment about the "great Zimbabwe" is a further definite proof of your ignorant failure to see the real truth and reality of the dismal failure that has taken place in the southern part of this once thriving continent.

    5. The truth be told we don't hate black people. We hate them for what they are doing. Any black man who acts civilized, automatically becomes invisible and part of normal society. But the majority of black people does uncivilized things and we hate that.

      If you were actually there in those years you would find that people didn't have that much of a problem with apartheid. The majority of black people were forced to take part in marches and other resistance against the system. If you didn't take part your house was burned and you could have been killed.

      There were many non white millionaires, many non white professionals. If you didn't like the system at all, you had full freedom to leave the republic for better shores. The majority who could easily leave chose to stay.
      The NP and the system were criticised from within the republic on a daily basis and even in parliament.

      We would not say North Koreans or Russians are primitive, because they are not. For example the North Koreans are dirth poor, due to communism, but they have the knowledge to develop nuclear weapons. Blacks didn't even invent writing or the wheel yet. We are all still waiting for blacks to at least invent that. Hehe...

      "Saying you would be still in mud huts ! whatever the fuck that is, is the same as saying Africa would be better off without settlers from the sea an unknown unknown....racism would not exist in Africa period ! "
      Above is a bit of gobble gook and doesn't make sense. How can the two things be the same?

      The thing is that if whites didn't come to Africa, then blacks would still be living like they have been living a thousand years ago. Blacks are not progressive. They never invent new things or move forward. Everything they have is something that came from white ingenuity.
      Plus blacks are the most racist people on the planet. There is not one place on this planet where blacks can live in peace with other people. Not even with other blacks.

      The white people of South Africa didn't come from anywhere. They were born here and belong here. Check the Freedom Charter and you will see it accommodates EVERYONE who lives in the republic, not certain groups. EVERYBODY is suppose to have the exact same rights and it doesn't say anything about Affirmative Action or BEE.

      Keep cool, my man. On this blog you are dealing with people who have much more knowledge than you will have in a million years, whether you are a liberal or a black...and look, I didn't use even one swear word and I still drove you up the wall...hehe...

    6. Hey, Woodhead @ 4:11, why don't you just fuck off, Kaffir? Nobody give a continental shit about your worthless opinion.

    7. Anonymous11:18 am

      hey guys come on im sure he is ENTITLED to his own wrong opinion

      Hurr Durr

    8. Anonymous3:06 am

      I have nothing against black people, just the racist and corrupt ANC regime which most of them support.

      If the ANC were not racist, were serious about protecting all citizens and were creating a prosperous economy I would vote for them.

      All that everyone wants is to live in a safe and prosperous society.

      However, the ANC regime are a racist regime who openly talk hatred and hostility against whites.

      They are not promoting nation building and reconciliation, but rather division and economic decline.

      They are evil, racist and corrupt, the world is now against them too.

    9. Anonymous1:17 am

      Great zimbabwe wasn't in south africa. You don't have a claim to the land just because you think your ancestor was there first (because you have no proof because you never invented writing). The cities did not build themselves, the mines did not discover themselves, the farms did not plant themselves. Nothing in south africa of value was inspired by blacks.

    10. Anonymous8:35 am

      Anonymous4:11 PM

      Blacks hardly "revolted against apartheid" they were manipulated into it by outside forces and then forced into it through the necklace by the ANC SACP etc who wanted a "Bloody Revolution" Go ask the leaders of other black organisations what they think of the ANC reign of terror against moderate blacks.

      Just like the blacks have been and are being manipulated to keep voting in the same party that impoverishes them and leaders that blatantly steal from them. Trying to plead logic has long since lost any form of credibility when coming from blacks or liberals.

    11. Anonymous8:36 am

      I checked my privileged and guess what it was stolen by c*nts like you. As for leaving I'll be here long after you've buggered off back to East Africa.

  48. Anonymous10:32 pm

    @ anon, 4:11 PM

    Check your privilege? Why don't you check yours?

    The fact is darkies are allowed 2 cultures, their own black tribal culture and the western culture. You can duck and dive between the 2 when and where it suits you.

    Whites are limited to their own culture, when trying to absorb any of the black tribal cultures we face discrimination.

    I took Zulu in STD 8, the black Zulu teacher refused to teach me, purely because I was white. The white Afrikaans teachers taught all colours with out question, I ended up being the only white in the Afrikaans class! I was already fluent in Afrikaans so what was the difference between blacks that couldn't speak Afrikaans and whites that couldn't speak Zulu but both were prepared to learn?


    Check that out, if that had been the other way around it would be headline news. Besides dreadlocks came from India not Africa.

    The other double standard is African Americans now have this double identity that I mentioned before. White south Africans according to blacks will always be western despite being born here.

    Tell me one more thing if blacks are in love with Africa's soil, why do the descendants of slaves not move home to Africa and why are so many darkies risking their lives fleeing African ruled countries?

    I will tell you why, deep down they are grateful from slavery because of all the white mans goodies they can now get. From the horses mouth, a African American once said to me "thank God for slavery, Im so glad I don't have to live in this shithole", that was in Angola during a work contract.

    By the way the Phoenicians built Great Zimbabwe, if blacks built it they would still be building in that style and maize comes from Mexico.

    The crux of the matter is many whites have tried to unite with darkies but our fingers keep getting burnt. For me personally I was not a racist, never. The more I tried to learn your language and culture the more I was pushed away from you. I have tried and tried however you helped me make up my mind and I thank you for that. When you helped me change my mind I also stopped giving car guards money, beggars, no more jobs for blacks in my house or garden.
    In short fuck you cunts, you are your own worst enemy.

    Read the constitution and you will see how your beloved black leaders have fucked you good and proper more so than any white could ever do!

    1. On the slave thing.

      I just love it how they bring up slavery and have slave month and racist debates but get amnesia when you aske them who sold them to the white masters.

      I would say the black slaves of America got it good because they had it hard under their black masters who would cut their body parts of and eat it. They actually got lucky when they got on a boat.

    2. Anonymous5:51 am

      honourable 10:32 So accuratly said and written.

    3. Anonymous9:08 am

      Anonymous 4:11 PM

      Looks like you don't know anything about human rights kaffir! The majority of whites here are born South Africans and according to global UN human rights law this is also our rightful country. Try giving your cheap skate deal and soft soap advice to all of the illegal blacks who are now freely living in this country. IDIOT! THE LIKES OF YOU CAN GO TALK TO THE NEAREST BANANA TREE FOR ALL WE RSA PATRIOTS CARE ABOUT YOUR FALSE ADVICE. SO DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOUR GO AND GET YOURSELF SOME FUNCTIONAL BRAIN POWER AND SEEK SOME GOOD ACURATE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE GLOBAL LAW OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE TRUE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. THEN DO YOURSELF A FURTHER HUGE FAVOUR AND GET A REAL LIFE BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR TOOTHLESS MOUTH TO SPEAK.
      There is none more blind than an insignificant ignorant kaffir who WILL NOT OR WHO ARROGANTLY REFUSES TO SEE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH. Such idiots of your kind and making are the worthless spawn of the DEVIL which thereafter comes out of the septic womb of a black political whore known as the ANC.

    4. Anonymous1:03 pm

      @ Donycero 12:27 AM

      This is I again from my comment @ 10:32 PM.

      Regarding the slave story I also did work contracts in Nigeria. I had to fix some mechanical equipment in the harbour in Calabar. The clients I worked for showed me the slave masters mansion. (Slave master was black) As you say they conveniently forget that!

      Biggest place on the hill overlooking the harbour so he could monitor the sales and shipments of his slaves. However as we all know its more than OK for blacks to do whatever they want to do to their fellow black brothers and sisters (Including genocide, for sale, rape or anything goes)

      This is something I refer to as the "K-factor"
      Yes Kaffir factor does not mathematically work at all in the whites world. Everything in existence has a mathematical or scientific formulae to determine everything we are aware of except the...yes...wait for it...yip you got it...Kaffirs! (Well the IQ test says it anyway)

      A classic example is the bushcats complaining that they live like pigs in the squatter camps. For fuck sakes who forces them to throw rubbish everywhere and who forces them to have 10 kids and build shacks everywhere not considering fire hazards, escape routes, sanitation blah fucking blah blah.

      I rest my case...as we cant compare apples and faeces.

    5. Mike Miller10:47 am


      Whites did not enslave blacks, they merely purchased legally from black slavemasters.

      And off on the distance came the sound of PC SJW heads exploding.


  49. Anonymous11:38 am

    Ja well, finally privilege is something in the genes and exactly that is what kaffir can never have! Therefore all this CRAP is going on!
    You can NEVER get what God has not bestowed on you! So terefore we are lucky, US!!!! Think about IT!!

  50. Anonymous5:41 am

    God alone knows what a huge failure and disaster the greedy corrupt blacks and their inept worthless political leaders ANC/EFF have plunged this country into. But perhaps God doesn’t even know either for it appears that (by what pastor Zuma proclaims) that God has deserted the whites and has now signed up with and supports the ANC. I wonder??? Then if that is the case and they are so close to God have they put Him on their overloaded governmental payroll with full luxury benefits as well. Perhaps they could also arrange for God to spend a good few days and nights or so in luxury at Nkandla. Then then Zuma can claim the cost of such and all of the expenses will be paid for by the taxpayer. The ANC government paid out R205, 000,000 on their last expense budget account for meals claimed for by luxury dining establishments and also to feed their previously disadvantaged starving black mp’s at all of the ANC governmental functions. An enormously large portion of the bill was splashed out on the best and most expensive imported brands of liquor and cuisine on the market. May God bless the ANC while he enjoys the ANC privileges with them. In the meanwhile the poorest of the poor (both black and white) will just have to continue to starve and carry on begging

  51. Anonymous11:13 am

    In my final year at high school/college one day and on the request of the head/college master a very highly educated and renowned financial expert came to speak to us about economics and the important role that high-quality finance would play and how it would affect our future. He would also speak about small and big business opportunities as well as increasing the economy growth on the open market place and in government institutions. Economics was and definitely never will my cup of tea but I soon became engrossed and during his lecture I noticed that he repeated several important points/portions of it over and over again... yes and even over and over again after that! At the end of it all my classmate who between my nudges had been continually dozing off next to me said “I personally thought that except for all the repetitions it was a good lecture”! So much for that I thought but then some other high flier put up his hand and asked for the reason and importance of all the repetitions that were made during it. The guest speaker up front replied “That is a good question and if you are a wise man remember them and think continually about them but if you are a fool then sweep them under the carpet. Every man comes into the world born as a fool and only the highly intelligent depart from it with knowing many but not all of the of the correct answers. However the few wise are never ever satisfied short of perfection and depart from this world knowing the few highly intelligent correct answers but yet still probing the same correct answers even further to determine any additional necessary solutions! Are there any further questions”? DEAD SILENCE and one could easily have heard a pin drop.
    After he stepped down I approached him and asked him to put those same words down in writing for me he did so and thereafter he asked me for my name and address and said that he would send me a written copy of it and also the written copy of the lecture he had just given. I told him my address and because he had not written it down I never gave it a further thought. Lo and behold a big brown envelope arrived in the post a few days later and the words that he had written down for me were identical to the original words that arrived in the post. As far as I could remember so were the words in the main part of his lecture also the same.
    O and by the way before I forget he was a white pure bred out and out Afrikaner and studied English at night school and could speak English fluently and without a trace of Afrikaner accent. That man to me was a true leader and builder of humanity and his country I salute him for it and I will never ever forget him.
    Wrap your peanut brain around that one kaffir and give us a better answer! So far only the whites have managed to keep the SA financial boat afloat. But remember the continual ignorant black ANC ruthless ever more stringent racist restrictions enforced on whites are going to be the noose around your own black ANC necks and the inevitable sinking of the financial boat due to your deplorable mismanagement of it.

  52. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Ahhhh !!! I hate ad hominem arguments, why are you attacking my race ? Like really......anywho what did I expect from people who hate us.

    @Heinz whatever sorry if I mispronounce your name......
    Sigh.......Known unknowns result from phenomena which are recognized, but poorly understood. On the other hand, unknown unknowns are phenomena which cannot be expected because there has been no prior experience or theoretical basis for expecting the phenomena.

    Take away colonialism,slavery, trans-atlantic slavery to be exact and racism would Africa be better I do not know but what I do know is that it is not better now and for the last whatever years we as a continent we have been fighting a man-made concept of colonialism and racism like why [and fucked up leadership by African leaders truth be told] but the other two are just a burden on top of the shit we have already.Can I live in a mud hat, grow crops and look after my cattle in peace? I really do not mind such a life of course I will deal with marauding tribes and drought but anything but colonialism and racism.

    If you say Africa is fucked up so is Eastern Europe, Portugal,Greece,Iceland, Italy and Ireland but of course they are better but still fucked nonetheless.All am saying is all the western ideologies of corruption and racism have not done Africa any good. Maybe our "primitive" way of life was okay not better but okay because best believe what we have now is not okay or better.

    EMPTY LAND ? Really empty land then who was Jan trading with in the
    cape when he made his pit-stop ?

    China is not a continent fair enough and racism can't be between so called "black people" you twat !!! Tribalism and Ethic fights is what you looking for like the English* and Scots you twat !!!

    How are we a parasite, what have we done? to who? when? We lived in mud huts and drank sorghum beer we never sponged off anyone.Name one European country we occupied and we called the inhabitants Kaffirs, lazy and stupid !! Name one continent we almost killed off all the people in that continent/country name one !!! We had internal fights fair enough but we have never ever killed millions of people based on the ideology of we are better than them.

    The one people we welcomed into Africa ended up.....yeah whatever never mind you know the story.

    Again I state if you hate Africans in South Africa in a continent full of African people how do you survive or deal with such a burden, don't you feel maybe where you come from is better because well they are not so many African people e.g Why complain about white people in Orania or complain about the Afrikaner language in a Afrikaner university just leave......go some where you will not find black people because trust me Africa is a wrong choice if you hate black people.

    Eurasia or whatever again western concepts/ideologies compared against African ideologies, we believe in the collective use of the land no borders no boundaries....I believe they call it ubuntu, you can not have one person own land it belongs to us all that is a African ideology on land.

    So black do not know the value of land, interesting enough primitive people actually value land because the land feeds and their goats,cattle and chickens. So we actually value land in a primitive way of course. Without the land we die literally.

  53. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Shapo Great Zim was not in Azania but Mapungubwe, Stone Circle, Adams calender are all in Azania besides remember we are primitive we do not believe in borders, actually Tswana people build compounds like the aforementioned, check out the exhibition at the Museum in Newtown JHB to see Tswana compounds, we can go together.

    Maybe i should ask Africa, North America, Australia and North America which parasite invaded their land.

    @Anon 10:32

    You smart.Anywho Dude discrimination affects everyone, black people had a system called Apartheid that discriminated against them....Ao !!!! dude selective amnesia.

    Dreadlocks !!! Ok I don't care about dreadlocks you can have them together with racism and colonialism.

    You will always be considered western because you compare and ridicule Africa against your true ancestry THE WEST !!!

    ahhh....Dude if Europe was so good they why did Europeans come to this primitive land ? I would never leave luxury to go live with "savages"

    Migration is for everyone you twat !!! hehehehe twat WTF is a twat ?

    White man goodies.....I wonder what are white man bad-ies

    Bra that was his opinions like this comment this my opinion, not a fact but an opinion with certain facts of course but it is not an absolute fact.

    I would love to drink sorghum beer with you you come off as racist but smart, but I don't judge.

    Iyoooo !!!! Lord Phoenicians really !!! Ahhh shapo dude Phoenicians and Egyptians built the mud dwellings found in the compounds of Great Zim....please if you have the time David R Maclver

    UNITE !!!! really with who? people who hate everything about us people who build a prison on robben island to imprison us instead of building a nice lodge on that island come on bra.

    Sure thing Slavery was a blessing.... calling us Niggers & Kaffirs was a blessing, lynching people for being black was a blessing, me getting slapped in Hatfield because I was black [they called me a kaffir] was a blessing.....my/our biggest sin in this world is being black we not terrorists or call people names because of there inherent differences we just black and we are hated for that...*shrugs* I fail to understand this hate sometimes.

    You people are misunderstanding my analogy !!!!

    You can't be African and illegal in Africa....dude wait why are you shouting? [CAPS] Global law of human rights really where was it when we were getting killed for being black, forced removals, dompass, curfews and getting beatings for being black !!!

    The Barclay Brothers were slave masters whats your point ? Leopold was a master and America is rich off hundred centuries of cotton money from free slave labour grand shapo.....you need a hug from your best white man invention A BOOK !!!!

    My biggest question which I always grapple with is that WHY DO [SOME] WHITE PEOPLE HATE US ? What have we done to white people in the past, if ever,that makes them to hate us so badly? What grudge do you have against Africans ? Did you come to Africa to hate on the people ?

    Answer this question with the knowledge that the hate does not start now, I cannot go to Ireland and the hate them because they love to drink, India because they worship cows, native Americans because they believe in their own Gods[Totems] or the Netherlands because they have a red light district, I cannot go these places and hate the people because of what I find there and I do not agree with it that is absurd. You cannot hate Africans in South Africa because of how you found them living their "primitive" lives.


    Your "value system" is not a universal moral yardstick and you cannot hate me for not following your value system period.

  54. Anonymous3:38 pm

    You hate black people because they smell, pay lobola, marry young girls, kill a cow with their bare hands, believe in there ancestors and apparently act crazy when they see a ......REALLY you hate these people because of those reasons NKosi Yami !!!!

    IF YOU HATE US BECAUSE OF THOSE REASONS THEN WHERE SHOULD GO ? I mean after all you came here at your own free will NO one called you or invited you to be here......I can't come into your house/mud hut and tell you how to live !!!!!

    You can never justify apartheid, if it was good why was there resistance in the first place ? Why did the regime kill Biko and imprison Mandela who believed and preached the freedom charter

    Again writing and inventing the wheel are not measures of intelligence as much as education or a degree are not measures of intelligence.

    When you arrived in Africa did you find people who were in poverty and needed your help ? Nope it was people living a primitive lives that's all.

    Dude the tools Africans used then were their own inventions and they survived perfectly fine with those tools.

    Shapo dude we are not progressive and we do not have white ingenuity, I propose you keep your white ingenuity and I keep my mud hut so we both live in peace. You in Europe where you don't have to deal with savages because if go to Africa you will see mud huts and savages.

    Sure why not blame us terrorism, global warming, global economic crises, child porn, inflation and depleting resources blame us.

    Why did you not adopt the freedom charter then when it was first proposed if you believe in it now ?

    I hate colonialism and racism because it has ruined and fucked up my life !!!! I wish both never came here period.

    Fuck racism and colonialism

    It was better to live in hell[mud hut] than to be now living in heaven[so called civilization/white ingenuity] I have to share with the devil.

    1. Anonymous1:55 am

      hey stoepaad, you hate yourselves.
      "Sure why not blame us terrorism, global warming, global economic crises, child porn, inflation and depleting resources blame us." .....ok, we will,.../.have it....psssst global warming is the biggest farce ever!!!! it now changed to climate change. Blixem cant you see this?
      The freedom charter was written by 3 WHITE Lithuanian Jews, you cant even write your own theft document. Who made the PC that you are writing on?........just asking. Did you know that the white supremacist aka Roelfie is Cyril's BBEEE partner...isch you are screwed again. Guess what idiot, your anc government is still run and controlled by whites....ask Rupert, Wessels, the AB, FW, the Poms in the UK (now chatting to your black, fat, red, beret wearing,) Bit complicated for you, better stop reading the Drum, it is a kak mag. idiot,....al la la la la smell your Mague it is rotten.

    2. Come on my man, no rational person hates people because they are black. You are hated because of what you do. Blacks themselves asked: Judge us not by the colour of our skin, but by the contents of our character. Blacks are being judged by the content of their character and found wanting. There is no doubt about that - just open any SA newspaper and start reading.
      You didn't invade other continents and colonialized the people there. True. The thing is you couldn't, because you didn't have the means to do it. Blacks don't have writing and mathematics - both essential elements in inventing and building the tools necessary to go over the sea and visit other continents. Blacks never looked up at the sky and watched the moon and sun and the stars and worked out things on earth relevant to the movements of the heavenly bodies. Blacks never looked down at the ground beneath their feet and wondered how it all came about. Any black who might have tried that was probably killed as a witch on the spot.
      If the whites didn't come here to help blacks and teach them and try to uplift them, there wouldn't have been blacks left on the continent, because they would have died of disease or wiped each other out through war.
      The white people living in South Africa has got nothing to do with whatever the white settlers who came here three - four hundred years ago, did. They might be related, but the whites living here today are South Africans and they didn't come from anywhere. Only the first generation can be called Settlers, from the second generation they are inhabitants or natives of the land where they are born. They are home grown baby and you better get used to it.
      You say you would have been better off living in your mud hut and drinking your beer. Who exactly is stopping you from doing that? Remember, that means no Western clothes, not Western computers (to take part in this discussion), no Internet, hehe, no cellphone, basically nothing that you are currently using. Put on a loincloth, pick up a stick in the bush and go sit in front of your mud hut. Don’t forget to collect wood to make a fire tonight when it gets cold. And weave a karos from grass, because soon it will be icy cold in the land.

      Doesn't look so marvellous if you look at it in that way, does it?
      Like I said before, whether you’re a liberal or a black, you can NEVER win this argument by using facts, because all the facts are against you. That’s why blacks ALWAYS have to lie. It must be terrible to always be wrong and to always feel inferior…wow!

  55. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Did the settlers come to Africa to kill us all ? Really ? What have we ever done to you that you would come with ships to Africa to kill us all ? For what so good reason ? The ten commandments say thou shall not....ahhh fuck it. You still wanna kill us all but we never did anything to you !!!! Before you came here we never knew you people so why kill us ? for what ?

  56. Anonymous1:48 am

    Pragtige huisie by Sodom.........no self sustainability....when the food drys up, blixem daai mure is te laag vir die sprinkane

  57. Anonymous1:09 am

    At the end of the day inequality is the main source of most of the issues people have living in South Africa. If you look at a city such as Johannesburg you will realise that the wealthy and middle class have fortified themselves and there properties with high walls, electric fencing etc. They do not really care about ordinary peoples safety and security. People like Steyn can build there own city to protect themselves and those who can afford it from the encroaching townships and poverty all they like, however eventually the masses will get in there and loot! The truth is that those less fortunate will suffer first and the poor will Continue to rob easier targets first and no one really cares... Billionaires will never tackle the source of the problems as they themselves perpetuate inequality and got wealthy through exploitation. So continue to build your high walls so that your neighbours get robbed first, eventually the masses will come over those walls, unless the source of the problem is solved.

    1. Do you think it is at all possible for somebody to study hard, work hard, take some risks and become rich or do you believe that all rich people got so by exploiting the labour of poor people?

    2. Do you think it is at all possible for somebody to study hard, work hard, take some risks and become rich or do you believe that all rich people got so by exploiting the labour of poor people?

    3. Anonymous11:11 am

      I do think that its possible and don't believe that all rich people got there by exploiting the labour of the poor.At the end of the day the poor need work to earn a living and big business and entrepreneurs provide employment. Inequality and exploitation definitely occur for the most part and its not always a fair deal for the workers, but thats capitalism! Do you think that its fair or right for 1 percent or less of the world to control nearly all the wealth? Surely a more equal and fair world would result in less poverty,hatred,suffering and crime in general. I'm just upset that I cant afford to build my own city to shield myself from the trouble outside those walls and its simply not a fair world...good on those who got there through hard work and study, yet many work hard and study and are struggling to get there, especially in SA.